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FOR REAL PEACE | Our Xmas message to you all

One World of Nations
24 December 2016

For all our many readers and contributors throughout the world, for the coming New Year, we wish you first and foremost, Peace on Earth.

- Peace to be free of fear.
- Peace to be free of debt.
- Peace to be free of persecution.
- Peace to be free of your illnesses of those of your loved one.

To feel the love of someone who cares for you. To just be special to someone who needs you, for yourself.

Hope. That next year, with a new President, America can cease its Global War Mongering, and stop its evil Hegemony which is the cause of most wars - Change direction.

Hope that Trump realises that the verminous and treacherous Zionist American Cabal profits only by Wars, Arms proliferation and plundering the wealth of the world for venal self gain.

Hope that this new President realises that to help America he must first rid it of the mass corruption by which all appointees to key roles have all been compromised prior to office, and can not serve the nation as required, because they sold their Souls for a false God of greed, profit and sordid acts. To realise the Big Apple is worm ridden and must be changed.

For the new President to realise the true destiny of all is via intellect, to educate and emerge with an agenda to serve humanity not enslave it.

To realise the true destiny of all is via intellect, to educate and emerge with an agenda to serve humanity not enslave it.

To understand and accept in his heart that every child born into this world comes unprotected, needing the love and safety we must help guard and give it. Help him understand.

- Every child has a right to life.
- Every child has a right to love.
- Every child has a right to grow, flourish and be free to try to fulfill its dreams and destiny.

Every child matters. Animals matter. Ecology matters. Mother Earth matters. All life matters. All life is as one with its creative force.

Our world is what we chose to let it be, or by doing and saying nothing, allow others of evil intent to steal and destroy.

They can take nothing with them, so why let them take anything when it costs us all - everything?

Brexit. Trexit! The people are awakening. We are all Star Matter. You all Matter. Touch a life. Make a difference. Be humble, care, that is knowledge of all and that is real power. That is what you take with you, Your life helped others feel they matter. Touch lives. Make others feel life has a point and someone cares. Giving is goodness. Taking is theft. Give hope. Give love.


  1. Thank you OWON team for this Peace message.

  2. For all those alone, suffering, persecuted, feeling all is hopeless. If you're free, try to walk to a park or the Countryside, look at nature. study the majesty and awesome beauty of flowers, see the birds, the sky, feel the peace, see the trees reaching for the sky. Time changes everything,just be a part of all, and your time will come. Live for that moment as one with nature. Close your eyes. Feel, be a part of the whole of what you are. You are a living part of the entire Universe. It lives in you.

    Take any job, go anywhere, just start back in the process. Freedom is a process. Once back on that ladder,doors will open. Barriers are what you set. Open all doors, let chance guide you. Good luck to all, and no, you are not alone, we are thinking of you.

    You are all human spirits, and TRULY, you WILL pass beyond this place, just try to hang in and take more with you. It's really ONLY a journey, and no more. But there, is more so much more, and when your time comes, you will understand all.False realities don't matter, you do. Every human life is a spirit part of all. You are the Universe, connected to all and all is part of you. Just be as one and let life bring opportunities for you. Timing and patience is all. False Gods, mutilating children for false religions is not what is needed,false people,false ideologies are of no value or consequence. But every life is value, because you are each eternal Souls, and all part of one. So called human class status is an illusion. Not real.

    You are. To be alive, is all. Consciousness. You are here. Live it. Awaken. Realise you HAVE value, and you were formed with love. No one can take your Soul, and when this journey ends, you will enter a new one in a dimension beyond human comprehension.

    To see, is to know, and to understand. Those who experience the path and return are changed forever. To know, is all. In time YOU will see all. Just think, I am free, I am me, I can do this journey. I am alive. I can feel, it is enough. More will come. Be clear, you are here,it is where you chose to be. You are part of us all. You do matter. Trust your Soul, it is greater. And it is YOURS. Priceless, to live.

    1. Heavens John, you totally blew my mind when I read your opening paragraph above this afternon. That is exactly what I did today. We had a cloudy, showery Christmas day today where I live, which was actually a huge relief compared to the usual unbearable heat we have on this day. I was feeling a little strange today so decided to sit in my backyard and just spend a some quiet time with the birds, the trees and the lush green grass. When you really pay attention to your natural surroundings and block out all the usual distractions, the beauty is simply magnificent when one is completely immersed. It makes my heart feel like I have found a safe, peaceful and sacred space.

      John, your entire comment above is so incredibly beautiful. I really love it when you express yourself in this manner. And if I was over there now I would give you a big cuddle for being such a big sweetheart and sharing such a tender and beautiful message with everyone. Thank you so very much.

  3. John, Canauzzie and the OWoN team, thank you all so very much for this special message.

    "Touch Lives. Give Hope. Give Love." No better advice could be offered. Thank you all.

  4. The problem is, if we try to reach out and touch a Bird, you get locked up for it. Lol

    1. LOL John, trust you to blow the mood you cheeky fella. Well I suppose it depends what type of bird you are trying to touch. I was referring to the feathered variety.

      Go and enjoy a lovely Christmas lunch John. And leave those birds alone or we'll end up having to bake cakes with files in them to get you back. LOL

  5. That was inspiring, John. Thank you. Don't let this go to your head but as I was reading what you wrote the clouds parted, the sun came out and blue sky appeared! Ah, a miracle!!

    1. Valdi

      Never underestimate the power, and more, Majesty of the human Soul. Anyone who has transitioned, no longer believes, but knows,and nothing is ever the same afterwards. Those like Dr Alexander Eben,experienced this in later life and wrote a book to offer hope to others.

      Those who were born knowing, know when to keep it quiet most of the time. Life can be hard for a kid who is different. Valdi, beyond and awaiting all, is a whole new dimension of no ends. But life within it is all encompassing and all knowing. Beyond, as ethereal light, all knowing is all inclusive. Then, all has meaning.Hope is all people need. Religions really don't matter. Cutting pieces off children is man created. Gruesome and cruel. Seriously deluded and mindlessly STUPID! HIV and Herpes infected Shivas sucking the blood off their sons, are they mad? Truly!!! I would take a crowbar to them. These are the ceremonial chants of a backward and gullible species. Special- kind of idiots!

      All humanity is equal, lacking only educational opportunity. We must upgrade man. No more My God is better than YOUR God. All are wrong!

      Now about this Potcheen you were drinking? Any left? Lol

    2. I'll fire up another still, John; but I have a feeling you don't need Potcheen, acid, ayahuasca, DMT, magic mushrooms or a near-death experience to trip out. I didn't. Lol.

  6. John,

    While awaiting family this morning, there's been time to enjoy the busy bird activity in back yard. In a maze of crushed granite paths are beds of flowers, bushes, bird houses and feeders, and fountains. There's always a variety of small and large birds visiting. This morning are about a dozen cardinals and they're a spectacular sight. An "old wives' tale" says when you spot a cardinal someone is visiting from Heaven.

    Thank you for the uplifting message this Christmas morning. Best wishes to you and your family and all the OWON family of commenters and readers from south central Texas!

    1. Welcome Texian and thank you. The one "Religious " experience we need from Texas is a burning Bush.

    2. We don't have that bush variety in our literal backyard or be assured it would have been taken care of long ago. 😉

  7. Wonderful message John truly inspiring, makes the journey ahead a lot less rockier and our goals more achieveable. Thx

  8. Thank you for the beautiful and inspiring message. Indeed, there is finally a blue sky here today and I am taking my two doxies to hike the trails around the lake. Something I haven't had time to do in quite awhile. I enjoy this truth site so much and have grown quite fond of you all and several posters in here. A wonderful day to you all.


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