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  1. fascinating stuff.. who knows if it is true..Hall of records in Eastern Europe
    Hall of records from advanced civilization in Eastern Europe

    1. Thank you for sharing Writeously. There is much coming to the forefront.

  2. Let us agree on this point--we need "public servants" who truly serve something other than their own interests. We have had too many people in public office who got there to either advance their own interests or those of their patrons. This is occurring on BOTH sides of the aisle. I believe that we need to be looking at more than TWO solutions at this point.


  3. I want to make one other point--I lost someone that I loved deeply to this system. His recent death was unnecessary and attibutable to the entire mess created by the Globalists. I am very upset at what fighting this mess has cost all of us.


    1. Agreed Writeously, and this is why OWON is groundbreaking because it tries to espouse the need not only to truly serve society, but with a perspective of economic reality,and pragmatic experience of the need to earn before spending. Not the lunatic left who are the curse who spend us to hell and debt servitude with their limp wrist ideologies,and no concept of the mass cost of their lunatic policies. First, we have to EARN the right to spend other peoples money, or to interfere in their rights and freedoms.

      The UK is now the most monitored, camera covered, phone and email tracked nation and its dreadful intrusion, all because the Agencies are out of control and the MPs have no idea it's gone so far. Even the EU has just told the UK it's illegal to mass track so deeply. Politicos uncontrolled.

      We need to control Politicos back to basics. More to the point to determine how to serve, what for, and not themselves. Tony Blair is a glaring example of what is rotten about Politics. As is Clinton. Both! As for the Bushes????

      Trump needs to be watched with care or else. He's never been a philanthropist, and was only one of 2 truly rotten choices. His role was only to stop Clinton while America gets chance for a decent Leader to emerge from the degenerate quagmire that has become American politics.

      Politics have cost all of us. Unless we deal now with these Islamists, it will get worse. Their mass invasion of the West is a big mistake. One day we may have to face it down, or go the way of Rome with the Barbarians loose inside the gates. Who now, and when sways enough? Merkel is an East German Commie fool who will cost Germany dearly.

    2. Agreed, J. The and all...need to be faced down.

  4. Replies
    1. The Spice must flow: oil, drugs, arms, money; children, slaves and their organs.

    2. Who knew Frank Herbert's Dune would become the bookend to 1984...

  5. Sadly, it's all about the abuse of power. In 2,000 years post Rome nothing has changed.

  6. The Berlin Terrorist suspect has been shot dead in Milan. Only 100m left to go in Europe and however many the Muslim Usurper in the WH let into America.Madness. A Commie lying crook has filled his pockets, and will leave what behind? Yes Trump- Deport! Dealing with this lot means no more Mosques to be built and no more immigration. Start mass deporting. Get real! Merkel has a lot to answer for. The EU right wing will grow now and ugliness with it. History repeats itself. Societies turn on them. Societies need to educate Islam OUT of the children. Start there hard. We reeducate your kids or you go!

    1. And it's everywhere... a long-time poster on a blog I follow is from Australia -- his latest comment:

      1. Someone drove a van of LPG bottles into the Australian Christian Lobby but no one was hurt except the driver when they exploded.

      2. A news channel has released footage of an African trying to light a petrol hose at a service station (gas station for you yanks) but a tradesmen saw him and doused him with a fire extinguisher and then chased him away. Police are not bothering to try and catch the guy.

      3. Five muslims have been arrested for planning three bombings in Melbourne on Christmas Day. One at St Paul's Cathedral, one at Federation square and one at Flinders station.

      I don't know whether any of this has made the international news.

  7. Energy Wave Blasting Earth From UNKNOWN Source! 12/23/16
    Published on Dec 23, 2016


  8. Trump is now protected by his own 11 different security groups as he can not trust the Neocon Cabal Secret Service goons. He knows now the NWO lot will not stop trying to set him up for a war with Russia they hoped Clinton would start. War is profit. Destroyed cities are large new contracts. As are arms sales. They need War and are terrified of peace. Peace is not profit for them. They only have the Bush and Clinton Crime families left to play with. The Bumma Usurper is gone. His cronies with him.

    So now they have a corrupt system about to disentangle. They had so long planned that war with Russia. All the Military Goons pouring bodies into bases surrounding Russia. If Trump closes them, what then? Military spending does not make America safe.

    STOP Messing with OTHER Nations then WARS THEY CAUSE END! Peace makes profits for GOOD businesses. Only the Cabal and Israe Hell want wars. Israe hell will keep on expanding it's borders land stealing, until it's stopped -DEAD!

    Kill the cause, let nations live. Close the bases, bankrupt the Cabal. That is Trumps real threat. Him doing good.

  9. John

    Does war mongering retard and delay the GCR?

    In other words, if money is released is there concern the money may be used for war related aggressive actions?

    If yes, then what level of actions by Trump would satisfy those deciding on releasing the GCR he is a dove rather than a hawk and has no intentions to start war?

    In this scenario what is reasonable protection against foreign enemies on Trump's part?

    1. I can't see the GCR until well after March. Money is finite. It will be restricted, not a mass freebie. It will be controlled and conditioned. Way too many are in Cuckoo Land. Why would a seriously constrained system want to blow the last pot funding visible parties who've already lost the lot? It makes no sense. Whatever do they think the GCR is? Alice in Wonderland money? Why feed those we don't need? Sorry but, that will be the real GCR mantra. For who?

      It will be focused for Projects and valid regional needs. Not Freebies. It will be used to underpin new Wealth Generation. Not fund lost causes. Way too many with nothing, are speculating fantasies with OPMs. Reality will disappoint many. Hard decisions have to be made. What and who to save. What and who to let go.The cupboard is bare. We have to be selective with new money. When herds get overstocked they are culled. Also higher selective breeding programs introduced.

      We are guiding Elders daily. Firm pragmatic views. Trump will only have input. Priorities are higher. The world is not just America. It had the lot and lost the plot. Eurasia is now coming and will lead. The US influence will shrink, as the new Empire takes over, the US will have to live with its allocated Rice Bowl.

      The Americans who will thrive are those educated to serve. Within 20 more years 40% of all current jobs will be replaced by Robotics. Only those educated and skilled to serve what is emerging will have a value. Who feeds and funds the rest? Why? There will be real herd problems and it's coming. Santa is not.

      Those able to cash out via the currency swaps need to do so fast and really have a good plan for use. Blow that and the gutters beckon. Deservedly next time. No one is owed. No one will free ride for long. De lousing is coming and a must.

    2. If any of it was going to happen, it would have happened already.

    3. Unknown I agree that it's only going to go after the km has all its teeth knocked. Why has it been repeatedly blocked when money floodgates would benefit the crooks, yet the crooks are in charge? A higher level power play above even the km? It's something to think about.

      John, yeah you identified a problem we need to zero in on: "Who feeds and funds the rest? Why". Logically robotics replaces the need for people to work. Imagine if owning a robot became an investment, one that brings in income? But that's myopic. Using robots brings down the cost of goods. A large deflationary cycle in manufacturing beckons. As you say, services in areas robotics can't perform (notwithstanding Aurataya's London cafe) may attract premium $.

      Despite all that we have a paradigm shift in labour. Under a new monetary and robotics-enabled system, 'the masses' are no longer unwashed. The released tech removes the need to pay for energy across the entire supply chain. Desalination becomes cheap. Water, irrigation everywhere. Sanitation and food for all in one blow.

      Once money is revalued to support this system enabled by robotics, free energy (release the Tesla tech!) we will have a system where not everyone HAS to work in slave jobs and those who do will receive extra as service income. The next generation is transition time in my opinion.

    4. Technology should be used only to enhance the spirit. Not enslave and destroy.

      Everyone has it backwards. We are spirits learning through physical lives. Not the reverse.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. JV

      Correct, but the KM control as per Scrooge has destroyed all spiritual values, and complete arse about face political leadership has no concept pf how to evolve in human evolution towards ethereal values, how do we reverse it?

      By and large, the conditioned brain dead are redundant surplus worker drones now about to pass their sell by dates, with a system simply not geared or planned to house or accommodate them.

      Add to that longevity, and the huge social consequences to come.

      Care homes are dreadful places as family units implode in an ugly spiral of self interests and loss of all values. We live in a Me, Me, Me society.

      But when Me ages, and becomes redundant?

  10. John notwithstanding, I'd like to wish everyone else a Merry Christmas.

    1. Thanks Palladin

      Jeez if only your Dad had used a Condom instead?


      I always tease him mercilessly like this. Hes expecting it.
      Some guys pay for S & M. He just comes to me.

    2. p: Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year for Canauzzie, John, Paladin, WH and OWON family.

      Killard House Special School choir singing Hallelujah
      Published on Dec 19, 2016

      The choir from Killard House, Donaghadee, singing Hallelujah led by Kaylee.

    3. John...

      You're the only one I know who can turn a snub into a sex joke....forever the Larry Flynt of blogs....


    4. P; magnificent ... these kids make beautiful music!

    5. P; a moving performance. Thank you.

      "this was a video taken of a performance at a school concert that's been uploaded - from a phone, of kids with special needs... this is why choir are fidgety and lighting is awful, the piano is a school piano in a school hall..."

      A reminder that a child's value does not lie with their SAT scores.

    6. Thank you Valdi and Merry Christmas to you and yours, your statement is exactly why it was posted.

      "this was a video taken of a performance at a school concert that's been uploaded - from a phone, of kids with special needs... this is why choir are fidgety and lighting is awful, the piano is a school piano in a school hall..."

      A reminder that a child's value does not lie with their SAT scores."

      Have had a long issue with glass ceiling, the club and the insistence that the masses have no value.

      We never know what jewels, true value, may be found in those most humble with their own challenges to overcome.

    7. P,
      Thank you so much for posting that video. As you may know from my posts, we have a 10 year old vaccine damaged grandson on the autism spectrum. It's so heartwarming to see these beautiful children enjoying music. The 10 year old lead singer, Kaylee, is amazing. Our grandson loves music also. His favorite gift is an iTunes gift card to download songs to his iPod. There's a long commute to his school and the iPod keeps him entertained for the round trip.

  11. Merry Xmas John, Canauzzie, Paladin and the WH's and all associated with the site.

  12. Canauzzie & John I'm trying to picture a cold xmas.. My city has the dubious honour of being forecast the hottest city on the planet on Sunday, 40°C. We're heading to a spot on the Murray River, kayaks there but do I dare? The aircon will be pumping. So I'll down a few cold prawns for you, no shrimp here, and no Yorky puddings either! Best wishes to you and yours in the coming year. And thankyou. (And y'all too, my sisters and brothers in the good fight!)


    1. Actually we are quite warm here considering.... only -14.

      To be honest, I would rather -14 that +40. Your mileage may vary.

      Best to you and yours AjnaAndy.

    2. All the very best to you as well AJ. It's be fun sharing with you and I look forward to plenty more next year. Keep smiling beautiful.

  13. What a year this has been. John and Canauzzie you have both contributed so much during this past year for which I sincerely thank you. Thank you also for maintaining this brilliant platform here for all of us to share, learn and grow.

    John, so many times you have personally offered me a generous portion of your time to assist my understanding in certain areas and lighten my mood, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to communicate with and learn from you during 2016. Thanks for all the giggles too, they were fun.

    Canauzzie, I know you do a great deal behind the scenes in maintaining this web site and I am most appreciative of your personal effort in that respect. Thank you for speaking up and sharing your truth and offering a friendly guiding hand when needed.

    To all contributors to the site, I thank you for the education you have provided me with. In my opinion each of you have stood tall and fought hard and for that I respect each of you enormously. Thanks for the moments of fun we have shared as well, those touches brightened many of my days.

    May each and every one of you enjoy a magnificent holiday season and may 2017 be the year each of you are touched by the many beautiful gifts this life experience has to share with you.

    1. Life in Ozz now wont be dull,
      As Auratayas on the pull,

    2. No John, Oz will be safe as I'm relocating to Dorset next month. LOL. Be a good boy now or Santa won't visit you tomorrow night. LOL

    3. Dorset is a nice country and its Santas wife I need to visit me as he only gets switched on one day a year. Someone needs to flick her switches for the other 364.

    4. LOL. I was just mucking around with you John, trying to give you a little fright as payback for all of your cheeky comments. Stuck in Oz for now but Dorset does look like the type of environment that I would like.

      Good luck with Santa's wife. Hope she doesn't have a big butt and gets stuck in your chimney tomorrow night. Not too much switch flicking either or you may miss christmas. LOL.

    5. Aurataya,

      That's great news! If dinosaurs are your thing Dorset has the Jurassic Coast to the south, me to the north and John to the east. Would be happy to meet up for a drink any time. :-)

    6. That would be absolutely fantastic Valdi, thank you so much. Dorset looks like such a beautiful part of the country. Just feel really drawn to that area for some reason but I'm sure there are many beautiful lush country areas that are just as appealing. Really looking forward to leaving the land of Oz and starting a new stage in my life.

      Thanks so much for all of your amazing contributions to the site this year Valdi. I have very much enjoyed sharing this space with you and learning from you. Be well always.

    7. Thank you for your kind words, Aurataya. England sure ain't Kansas.There's much to love about it (and Australia) but boy, have they veered wildly off-course at times. They need a gentle nudge (or sharp elbow from John) to get them back on track. It's my honour to have made your acquaintance through this site and I look forward to welcoming you here for a new stage in your life. Please let me know if I can be of any help from this end. I don't mind at all if canauzzie shares my email address with you.

    8. Valdi, thank you so much for your lovely message, you have brightened my Christmas day immensely. I think all countries have issues but I'm sure John will offer those sharp elbows when needed. Your offer of assistance is enormously appreciated Valdi and so incredibly kind of you, thank you so much. It would be fabulous if we could share email addresses, I am more than happy to do that as well if Canauzzie does not mind assisting us with that when he has a spare moment. I hope you enjoy a magnificent Christmas day Valdi and thank you again for being so generous and offering me such kindness.

  14. Everyone have a very wonderful Christmas and great times with family and friends...

    1. You too Texian, thank you. It's been fabulous getting to know you this year. I look forward to sharing more with you in the year ahead.

  15. Rumours are circulating that Obama will"Come out of his closet" after he leaves the WH.
    Like the world does not know? Just watch his attempt to run with his Sissy Boy gait. No wonder his arranged wife has anger issues.

    1. John,

      I find this more than interesting that your circle has access to this kind of intel. Although I'm not surprised. LOL

      Perhaps Barry will be welcome in the UK after he "comes out"? *snickers*

      Surely the truth about Mike will soon follow if this occurs.

    2. Sorry, you specialise in that sector Palladin. Isn't it compulsory in DC? We keep track on who to let in, and who not. He can retire to San Francisco. Near you? Lol


    Twenty years ago I was working at a Spinal Injuries Unit. My contract was coming to an end and I wanted to give each of my colleagues and patients an Advent Candle in appreciation of their friendship. The candle would be wrapped in a scroll upon which was written: “Two thousand years ago three wise men brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the infant Christ. These candles has been sprinkled with frankincense and myrrh: you are the gold. This Christmas, light the candle, turn your thoughts to our Creator and in time, something special will surely happen”.

    At the end of the scroll I wanted to add the passage in the Bible that commends us to love our neighbour as ourselves. It was on my mind all day because I hadn’t studied the Bible, didn’t have one with me and couldn’t remember the passage.

    That night I brought the computer from the doctors’ study back to my on-call flat, intending to install Windows 95, Windows Office 95 and compose the scroll using Microsoft Office Word. The computer was running Windows 3.1 and there was then no Internet connection at the hospital. It was about 02.00 a.m. I uninstalled Windows 3.1 and totally reformatted the hard drive prior to loading Windows 95. As the installation proceeded sentences were flashing up on the screen. I was exhausted, rubbing my eyes and trying to make out what they said when suddenly the monitor displayed in a large font at the centre of the screen, “ROMANS 13”.

    The next day, having learned that nothing happens by chance, I found a Bible. Turning to St Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, Chapter 13, I read:

    Owe no man any thing, but to love one another. For he that loveth his neighbour, hath fulfilled the law. For Thou shalt not commit adultery: Thou shalt not kill: Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness: Thou shalt not covet: and if there be any other commandment, it is comprised in this word, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. The love of our neighbour worketh no evil. Love therefore is the fulfilling of the law.

    Happy Christmas, Everyone.

    1. Nice message Valdi and thank you.

    2. As much as I'm against anything related to the bible or religion of any description, I have to admit this is a wonderful story you have shared here Valdi, thank you.

    3. I can't stop reading your Christmas Tale Valdi. It is truly amazing and utterly beautiful. I sincerely appreciate you sharing this with us all. Thank you.

    4. Valdi,
      Beautiful message! Thank you for all of your wonderful's inspiring!

    5. Valdi,

      A very sweet and touching story. Many thanks for sharing.

  17. Palladin

    Fund your own S & M , stop coming to me to get flagellated free you KM cheapskate.

    Have a good Xmas,Lol

  18. What a hoot this site is, love it!! Merry Holidays to you all.

  19. The Christmas Truce
    Uploaded on Dec 9, 2011

    Christmas Eve 1914. Enemy soldiers lay down their guns and fraternize in no-man's land. A chance for peace in a world at war.

  20. Merry Xmas Canauzzie,Paladin,John,Tony and the WH's and all associated with the site.
    John Lennon - So this is christmas with lyrics

    1. A44L91

      Thank you and let's hope next year provides the breaks our nations need.
      That key word, NEED, not Zio trash, KM, Bush or Cabal greed.

      Remember the current Governing entities are unfit, or not fit for office.
      Sleaze and corruption have had free reign for 50 years.

      But Brexit and Trexit signalled change. When Bush 41 lost control of the voting process, it signalled their Achilles Heel. Concurrent was a groundswell of not just anger and despair, but an awakening Electorate realising if we could just awaken the masses, we could shatter the Cabal Gatekeeper barriers.

      Brexit shook them.Trexit even more.
      Now we have to try to shape their new direction.

      Trump is a protest vote, no more, and no quality. We have to try to influence and refine his moves. Already the chump is off base talking of an Arms Race. The last thing needed. The Clueless leading the Blind is no solution.

      Too many of the Clueless, think the Trump step is now the end. It's not even the beginning.
      Educating the masses starts next year. The MSM won't do it. Relentless positioning and key releases will.

      To go forwards we need you all behind us. One united voice. The power of alternative speech. Truth. For too long it's been buried.
      If we want to see a change of direction, we have to lead. Trump, at best is a one eyed man. A stepping stone with a limited attention span. So grab it.
      We need to educate and focus minds. Where to Tonto?

    2. A44L91,
      As a Lennon fan, you may be interested in this. Could It Be? Miles Mathis has done some fabulous research on various things including studies of famous celebrity "deaths."

      John Is Alive, Magic Is Afoot

    3. Miles is a fascinating character, Texian; a Renaissance Man. I hope he's right about JL still being alive but I don't go with his assertion that Kennedy's assassination was staged. I think it's more likely that the staged assassination was staged as a possible plan B to the Oswald lone gunman explanation to put people off further investigation.

  21. Very interesting piece on German intelligence services, Merkel, and overt knowledge of ISIS (can you say 'treason'?) with the implications and plenty, plenty of links. Also, tangentially, the EU Army idea, which truly must be abandoned if we are to see any kind of EU renaissance.

    1. The EU army will need reverse gear tanks. What a joke.

  22. And of course, Merry Christmas to all those men of Good Will, trying to preserve and advance the future...

  23. Some motion on the Clinton Foundation front, with its foreign transactions being scrutinized. Me and mine would still prefer seeing them all go down on RICO and Treason, but it's a start!

    1. TINO,

      It's worse...much worse than RICO. It is not just criminal, it is pure evil:

      Day 61 - Where is Eric Braverman?

  24. Once upon a time, there was a farmer in the central region of China. He didn't have a lot of money and, instead of a tractor, he used an old horse to plow his field. One afternoon, while working in the field, the horse dropped dead. Everyone in the village said, "Oh, what a horrible thing to happen." The farmer said simply, "We'll see." He was so at peace and so calm, that everyone in the village got together and, admiring his attitude, gave him a new horse as a gift.Everyone's reaction now was, "What a lucky man." And the farmer said, "We'll see." A couple days later, the new horse jumped a fence and ran away. Everyone in the village shook their heads and said, "What a poor fellow! "The farmer smiled and said, "We'll see. "Eventually, the horse found his way home, and everyone again said, "What a fortunate man." The farmer said, "We'll see." Later in the year, the farmer's young boy went out riding on the horse and fell and broke his leg. Everyone in the village said, "What a shame for the poor boy." The farmer said, "We'll see." Two days later, the army came into the village to draft new recruits. When they saw that the farmer's son had a broken leg, they decided not to recruit him.Everyone said, "What a fortunate young man." The farmer smiled again - and said "We'll see.
    "Moral of the story: There's no use in overreacting to the events and circumstances of our everyday lives. Many times what looks like a setback, may actually be a gift in disguise. And when our hearts are in the right place, all events and circumstances are gifts that we can learn valuable lessons from. ~ Author Unknown

    1. What an incredible reminder you have shared here Valdi. I absolutely love Alan Watts. My mind always has trouble settling when I read or hear the words/expressions of this brilliant man. Thank you so much for sharing this Valdi.

    2. So sorry A44L91, I did not realise that Valdi was responding to your comment introducing this wonderful story when I commented initially. It truly is brilliant and I thank you for sharing your version with us. The moral of the story offers an important reflection and one I needed on this day. Thank you so much.

  25. Paladin says:
    December 23, 2016 at 9:22 am
    I wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone here a Merry Christmas, happy holidays and Happy New Year. I also want to publicly commend Tony for keeping up the good fight through this website.
    As we go forward into 2017, for the first time in a long time, we have reason to be optimistic about what is before us. We will have a businessman in the White House, someone who understands numbers and the bottom line and how it all affects the economy. Expect him to be challenged at every turn, by not only the Democrats but the Republicans as well.
    A couple of reports back I mentioned the ironies of this past campaign and the ironies continue to come in bunches as we go forward. Many, many devices the cabal has created to use against us have backfired in a big way, a prominent one is social media. Trump has been and continues to be vilified in the media. This will continue as the last remnants of Orwellian control will be exposed every day for exactly what they are……disinformation. They are the main cog in the cabal’s control over us all. People think “if I didn’t read about it in the paper or see it on TV then it must not be true”. This thinking is changing and we need to keep it in mind EVERY time we read something in the MSM or see it on TV. The media is the only thing standing between us and the controllers and puppet masters who stay in the shadows and pull the strings. Like the Wizard of Oz, they are the curtain that blocks our view of the real power and control of the world. And that power is a group of satanic deviates who need to be eradicated permanently from the earth.
    Trump, in actuality, is neither a Dem or Repub, don’t allow yourself to be caught up in this illusion. He’s an American, a businessman and very patriotic. He’s accomplished more in the month since the election than the Kenyan sissy boy has in 8 years. He will continue to use Twitter to bypass the MOP (Ministry of Propaganda) known as the MSM. Don’t expect him to act like a politician because he isn’t one. That’s why he has people like Pence and Reibus and a few others around handle that part of the job, the rest are business leaders who are badly needed in the government.
    We can only hope he exposes the satanic ritual worshippers and the pedophiles who have controlled this planet for far too long. Until he does, we will endure more madness until we can emerge on the other side of this.
    I will leave the speculation and information regarding the GCR and currency revaluations to OWON. However, be heartened because if HRC would’ve won the election, no chance. Paladin

  26. Video and Full Text of Putin’s Annual News Conference


    "Nathan Hodge: On a personal level, what interests me is the production of new kinds of nuclear weapons. We know of course how hard it is, since nuclear tests are banned. Perhaps you simply could not help but respond to Mr Trump’s statement yesterday on nuclear weapons?

    Vladimir Putin: Regarding the US President-elect, Mr Trump, there is nothing new here. On the campaign trail he talked about the need to strengthen the US nuclear capability and armed forces. So there is nothing unusual here.

    Honestly, I was quite surprised by statements coming from other official representatives of the current administration, who for some reason started to argue that the United States has the most powerful army in the world. But nobody suggested otherwise.

    If you listened carefully to what I said yesterday, I talked about strengthening the nuclear triad and in conclusion said that the Russian Federation was stronger than any potential – and this is key – aggressor. This is a very important point, and not an incidental one.

    What does it mean to be an aggressor? An aggressor is someone who can attack the Russian Federation. We are stronger than any potential aggressor. I have no problem repeating it.

    Valdi: What did President Putin mean by this? I assume he means Russia has the technology to defend itself effectively against a major missile attack. Could it be a Tesla shield?

    1. Valdi, with the abundance of very ancient sites in Russia, Putin does not need nuclear. The weapons of the distant past are far more deadly and toxic. I just ran across a site that includes much on megaliths in Russia along with the evidence of melted granite from around the globe.

      I would dearly hope that our new president quits the dumb a** act and realize the way forward is peace. We do not need an example set of what these weapons do again. It doesn't matter how many million years it's been, the hit locations are still very radioactive. Time to wake up and grow up.

      If the leadership of this planet needs to see what has been and why peace is the way forward, I hope that the galactic family opens that door for all to see. Maybe then can it be understood why humanity has been wiped off this planet so many times and needed reseeding.

      We need to move forward and learn from the past, not keep making the same damm stupid crap of war mistake even one more time. No reason, no amount of money is worth destroying ourselves and our environment again.

      The Gigantic Megaliths of Ural Mountains in Russia
      Published on Mar 25, 2016
      This is simply an audio improved version of the video called "Bigger than Baalbek...The amazing megaliths of the Ural Mountains". While the audio is much better, there will be no new information for those who have watched the original video. Actually the new information about these megaliths could be found in the video called "Cyclopean megaliths, main characteristics of the category, the forgotten type of megaliths" and there will be a bit more new in the next video about the pancake stone where I will publish the opinion of A.Koltypin about them.


    2. P,

      I shall look into that. Thank you. What came to my mind when I heard Putin's answer was that Russia has some kind of spiritual protection; either way, using force in self-defense is more acceptable than using it for attack. The United States Corporation has operated with an 'attack is the best form of defense' doctrine even against nations that are no threat for the sake of plunder and control. Governments that act in a legally and morally correct manner do not have to resort to lies and propaganda; mass surveillance, intimidation, assassination, torture, unlawful imprisonment, censorship and heavy-handed social manipulation.

    3. Thank you Valdi, have run across so much lately, just haven't really been sharing what have connected on the dots. Whether it's recognizing Petra is not only much older, but also much was obliterated or that even Moscow has had it's issues with getting a melt down treatment back in Napoleon's day or, or or. India's Valley of the 7 Dead men, Siberia's Death Valley and again...

      There's so much evidence for those who would see. It all points to the need for a lasting and real Peace.

    4. Found another website worth looking at that helps fill in the blanks of our history. Russian researcher.

  27. Residents celebrate Aleppo’s full liberation
    Published on Dec 22, 2016

    Scenes of jubilation on the streets of Aleppo; the residents of the Syrian city celebrate its full liberation following the evacuation of the last batch of militants from Aleppo’s east. The Syrian army spokesman says Aleppo liberation has ushered in a new era of fight against terror. He called on all militants to lay down arms pledging to carry on with anti-terror operations until the full liberation of entire Syria. The army’s announcement came after the last convoy, carrying militants and their families, left eastern Aleppo earlier on Thursday. The United Nations says more than 34-thousand people, including four-thousand militants, have left the area since mid December. Anti-Damascus militants seized Aleppo’s eastern side back in 2012.

  28. We just gave you all, and for those lost or in need, a message of hope, on the new peace message for all.

    1. And do not miss the comment John has shared below the message as it is absolutely gorgeous.

  29. Ex-Subway pitchman and pedophile Jared Fogle faces hurdle in ... Proxy Highlight
    14 Jan 2016 ... Pedophile Subway pitchman Jared Fogle requests appeal extension ..... after shedding more than 200 pounds as a college student, in part by ...

  30. From Al Hodges's. Hodges and Associates - December 25, 2016

    It is the time of year-end holiday celebration; as has become my custom, I wish each and every one of you Happy Holidays and a very, very Happy New Year. I know many care only about “WHEN,” etc., but first let me say a few other things:

    1. As I have said before, “….the Supreme Court Justices are fully aware that the World Global Settlements (WGS), the Global Currency Reset (GCR), and all associated/reliant programs are in the final completion process; therefore, there being no need for the Court to grant Certiorari as a means of keeping the pressure on the politicians who had been so aggressive in delaying this.“

    2. I know, understand, and empathize with your angst, frustration and anger engendered by the outrageous delays which have occurred; I feel the same. However, it is a fact that CMKX is a relatively small part [minute in fact] of the pay-out scheme. The overall WGS and GCR, with particular focus on the GCR have been the primary cause of these delays; not because of incompetence or similar reasons, but because of the vicious tornados generated by the ‘cabal’ which have previously been referred to as ‘headwinds.’ These people represent the vilest, most intransigent, most contemptible, well-financed forces of evil on the planet. Although we have in fact won, securing the peace has become a near impossible task. More at

  31. Well, I mean, the real attack on truth is tabloid journalism in the United States. Julian Assange
    Read more at:

  32. “Live quietly in the moment and see the beauty of all before you. The future will take care of itself......”
    ― Paramahansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi

  33. Day 63 - Where is Eric Braverman? 13:47

    George Webb continuing his in-depth investigation of the Clinton Foundation corruption ring. If his report doesn't make you angry, nothing will.

    1. Thanks for posting these Valdi. I have been watching them each day while jumping on the trampoline. They are the perfect length for that exercise. Details some of what has really been going on in the middle east and Haiti. Follow the money and pipelines.

    2. Biffie, I love your attitude. The image of your jumping on your trampoline made me smile. I don't have room for a trampoline but a punch bag might fit.

    3. It's a mini, about 3 & 1/2' diameter.

  34. BP Earthwatch Earth Entering High Energy HelioTail/7.6 Quake

    Valdi: There is incoming He3 and He4 (helium) which Chris Potter attributes to a brown dwarf entering the solar system.

    THIS IS SERIOUS! Energy Waves For Christmas are More Than You Thought

    1. Anything with the mass of brown dwarf would destroy the solar system. Unlikely.

  35. “You must not let your life run in the ordinary way; do something that nobody else has done, something that will dazzle the world. Show that God's creative principle works in you.”
    ― Paramahansa Yogananda

    Scientists used to believe that our DNA was stationary and stagnant. We now know that our DNA is a shimmering, waveform configuration that is moment by moment being modified by Light, solar radiation, magnetic fields, sonic impulses, gamma rays, thoughtforms and emotions.

  37. Mystery as NATO Auditor General is found shot dead in suspicious circumstances
    Dec. 26, 2016

    According to reports, Yves Chandelon, the 62-year-old auditor general of NATO was found miles away from both his home and office.
    His body was found in the Belgian town of Andenne, 62 miles away from his home in Lens on December 16.

  38. Good news from BF, especially the kids.

    The takedown is now entering a mop up phase, Pentagon sources say. “The Cabal’s last stronghold, the vast underground base at Denver airport, was routed by a contingent of US, Russian and other troops, mopping up is in progress with more raids,” the sources say. In another operation “100,000 children and sex slaves were liberated from the underground bases of the Getty center in LA ,” they add.

    And this behaviour from Baroness Hannah de Rothschild is truly ugly and heinous. What breeding?? With a Rottweiler?

    The Khazarians are also planning to counter attack by creating a major financial crisis, multiple sources, including from the Rothschild family, agree. Here is what a twitter account claiming to emanate from Baroness Hanna de Rothschild, the daughter of Baron Jacob de Rothschild, had to say about the upcoming attack:

    “Bss De Rothschild ‏@BssDeRothschild 14時間14時間前 Its going to be a frightfully dismal year for US in 2017. No jobs, hyperinflation, more debt & impeachment. Merry Christmas you fools!”

    1. Sure, if only. Bens out with the Fairies again. When he trips out it lasts weeks. Strong crack down there. It seems to keep people paying to read gibberish. The real problem from the boy whose cried packs of wolves, is that if he even gets one right, no one will believe now.
      To remove the Bush rot, you have to sanitise the lot! Agreed it's needed, but who will get the wolf pack to turn on its own? The rot is total.

    2. WHA

      Well surprise , surprise, Als' 800 numbers mass activation failed to happen yet again as promised pre Xmas.

      As expected! As if!

      Some of the best brains in America and they lost more documents, Really?

      These declarations need to be issued under a banner of Half Wits Fantasies, our 9,675 th wrong scoop again, we surely must get one right one day.
      Keep taking the Meds.

      Wait for this weeks new excuses, Then next. Credibility?
      It's sad the Bar Council can't step in and stop this deranged saga, it's embarrassing to all professionals. So many in need feed Hopium from this.
      Where is the Bar Council Intervention Unit when needed?

      Never mind there's always tomorrow. Then again and again and again. This is at least the last 5 years. That Fulford Dope must be circulating on Discount. So many are spaced out. No need for NASA this lot trip free.
      Al tells the Bar Council no use searching and looking for me. You'll find me sitting on Santas knee.

      Of course I got it from an impeccable resource. Who can challenge this as my highly credible source? The Fairies come free.

    3. John (smile)

      Did anyone ever tell you that you know how to kill a woody? You won't be welcomed at that cafe in Paddington. lol

      I really don't know who AH gets this information from, but for some reason he feels its worthy of publication. I, for one, really cannot understand it. It only seems to be released at the end of the year, then nothing. It's almost guru-esque.

      I have encountered many mysterious things in my "career" as WHA blog admin in trying to help others understand the true nature of all this. But, these annual news flashes from Mr H are most enigmatic and truly curious.

    4. He has a unique habit of self destroying his Global credibility. That whole group of Cluster Fs need to learn the value of silence.

  39. Now we are seeing a Chinese multi Billionaire defaulting on his RMB Bonds,having scalped his trusting Investors. Be careful what you buy into with the Chans they are ruthless crooks. All that Glitters is not Gold from China. Who controls false promises?

  40. 2017 is when we need you all to get after the Epstein Sex trafficking case.

    How many times did Dirty Bill visit on record, or off? Why?
    How many times did Dirty Bill have Sexual relations with under age girls? Who and when?

    How many times did a British Royal visit the Island and why?
    There are reports of his brutal behaviour to the girls. How many were under age?
    How many times were those girls put up for sex with these men? Who will testify fully under oath? When will an independent Inquiry be set up and the girls rights be protected?

    Have the girls been infected by either? Under age and infected? Will the law act?

    If Trump wants to clean the swamp, start here. Name all attendees. Publicly!
    There was only one reason to visit that Island. Who did, when and how many times?

  41. John,

    We need Scotland Yard to pull out all the stops in investigating the Podesta/Maddie McCann connection. We need to set the hounds out on investigating the Clinton Foundation. This is a global crime syndicate; evil to the core. It's what will bring them all down. Then we can rebuild trust and rebuild nations.

    DAY 65 - Where is Eric Braverman? Part 1, The Crime

    DAY 65 - Where is Eric Braverman? Part 2, Coverup

    As for the Baroness - she's heading for a Marie-Antoinette finale.

  42. Agreed on the Clintons but the US Cabal are so rotten they will block it all,and I'm really on the Fence on Trump taking on the Deep State. Look at the man? What Price?

  43. Don't know if this was ever intended as a serious report... but it's hysterical!


    1. Texian, got to give the guy credit, he tried. Maybe,he just needed to wrap his head around the fact that Trump wants to get to work, never mind the silliness and pomp of "official balls". Our country needs help yesterday and Trump knows it. That he's attending 3, one being military for those who have done and continue to so, show just what matters to him.

      Regardless of what the MSM machine shoves out as truth, we've got an incoming President that's getting after his promises, many in the 1st hundred days.

  44. Operation: Darkroom—Shining a Light on GLOBAL Satanic Pedophile Rings, Ritual Torture & Sacrifice [video]
    December 27, 2016 by Starship Earth: The Big Picture

    PizzaGate is not going away—not while I’m still around.

    Here’s an update on “Operation: Darkroom”, with more detail than our first article presented.

    Whether it’s Norway, Washington, New York, Denver, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, London, Brussels, Adelaide or dozens of other locations, these perverted practices are an every day occurrence in a global network.

    Pointing fingers at the independent media and labeling us “conspiracy theorists” as they have for decades will not allow the perpetrators to slink back into the shadows and with their silence, pretend it doesn’t exist.

    It’s real; there is more evidence than the average Human Being can stomach, and more information is breaking into our awareness every day. Victims who survived and became whistleblowers have presented far more evidence than is needed to lock up these predators.

    1. Correct and going after Epsteins Island again will drag back big names and Clinton. He needs to be brought to account, British Royals also. That slob Andrew has a lot of answering to do. Jail time would be a start. For both!

  45. 2017 has to be about Taking Back America, sinking the Deep State Traitors and arresting their arrogant asses. Jailing the Clintons No Mercy! Seizing all political money cheated from the people and accepted as Corrupt Contributions and NAILING the Bankers!

    Going after the Pedos.
    Going after the Child Traffickers.
    Getting control of the CIA and jailing its Drug Runners.
    Investigating Rahm Emmanuel in Chicago for income sources.
    Getting stuck into the Democrats for Election Frauds.
    Investigating the FBI for corrupt cover ups and illegal activities. Sacking its treacherous Heads.
    Closing needless America bases overseas.
    Mass deporting Illegals.

    Help the truly needy but STOP funding the wont work Ghetto lot who see drug dealing as work.
    Dont crack down, SMASH down on crime. Starting with the Cabal.

  46. Oh, the drama. This UN resolution is just another UN resolution. Israel's proper response to it should have been "We don't care." and wait for a Trump Presidency. Instead, what little credibility Israel had on the issues at stake is being squandered by the diplomatic incontinence. Of course, my few NY jewish friends are in a frenzy, all unwarranted, since nothing will actually change.

    1. Tino

      No good family value Jew can condone that murderous Pariah state of Zio and Kazakh inhumane trash. Their treatment of Palestinians, from whom they STOLE the land, is beneath contempt. As is their seizure of other territories. Most Israelis are NOT Judaic Jews but Kazakh marauding scum of the Mongol plains who drifted in from Europe, as no one else wanted them back. As it has been for thousands of years. From Egypt onwards, when have they not been a pestilence to any innocent nation giving them a homeland in trust? Always they bite the hand which feeds them. Israel alone can not, and will not survive. The Zionists are not fit. Jews can, and will be allowed to live at peace with their neighbours across the Middle East and in security. As they always have.

      Palestine is NOT Israel and it's only time before powerful nations flatten that vicious Zio squat. They cannot stop their greed from sequestrating other nations land, and that will end their occupancy. I too have many good Jewish friend, but Israel is a failed abomination of an experiment, with simply no good end possible.

      Nutter Yahoo is a nasty piece of work,as are many of the Mossad criminal gang and their worldwide Bangster criminal dual passport holders. Syria and Iran owe a payback debt to Israel. As do many nations.

      Russia may well back Iran to punch a hole in all of it. Israel IS a Pariah State, and the Jews News is propaganda garbage. Good Jews have no problem.

      Zios ARE a constant problem, a curse on all hosting nations. Look at their criminal impact on America. Be assured, hostile Arabs will be working on DNA solutions and one day? There's more than one way of skinning a Rat. Booting Zionists out of Israel is a good start.

      Arabs and Jews can live well together. Jews are not a real problem if removed from Zionism. Jews by and large have no fear. Zionists have good reason to fear. Deservedly. Zionism is an abomination. Good Jews are tarred by it. Zionism will face its real consequences in the 21st century as nations say- No more! People must not blame good Jews for Zionists. Jews deserve respect and protection. Zionists? The world is changing. Also awakening.

    2. I hear you fully John. I get it, it's just we are really tired of the Israel-first crowd here in the U.S. We really no longer care, 70 years out, of the ghosts of the Holocaust and every other flavor of the same and the endless drivel from the NY-cum-KM Jewish Establishment. (Doesn't mean it wasn't a horrific Crime Against Humanity, but 4 generations later, there are other priorities than continued angst over it.) The average red-blooded American wants an end to the endless charade one way or the other. 2.2% of the populations here shouldn't be dictating foreign policy every damn minute of the day. Nor go into a freaking tizzy that the shoe is moving to the other foot. Echoing your sentiment, time to wake up and smell the coffee!

  47. So.... THERE IS SOMETHING under the ice of Antarctica... As long as it doesn't turn out to be a mammal-eat plant with spaceship we're good...

    1. We will give you answers in January.

    2. Oh, you do know how to drive up expectations!

  48. : Special Post on PIZZAGATE
    As you know, The Millennium Report does not send out articles.
    We have no weekly newsletter or daily email blast. However,
    every once in a great while we publish an important piece that
    ought to be disseminated far and wide. What follows is such
    a pivotal post.
    PIZZAGATE: A Special Report on the Washington, D.C. Pedophilia Scandal
    Thank you for your consideration, and please feel free to
    distribute any link above as appropriate.
    Best regards,
    TMR Editor

    1. You need to cross index it with going after Clinton,Epstein and demanding names of all the other Pervs who flew in there abusing those girls and boys. It will then reverse back into Pedo cases, Top names will come out and it's game on. No more Plea Bargains for Epstein, charge him with more and throw the book at him. Drag Clinton in and all attendees. It will all expand. Same vermin.

  49. Tony WHA

    We are working on the Antarctica issue now and it's in production. But more research is needed, more pics and facts. It has huge implications, and Russia also has a huge input.

    1.Gravitational pulls affect Satellites. Thats a lot of high density metals.
    2.The Pyramids, tunnels, crash sites, huge entrance portal,and Russia's delivery plus the Vatican input. We will spell it out for you in January.
    3. The Leaders went down to see. We will explain what for.
    4. Now poor Trump after briefing will have a double whammy. No Santa or Jesus for this Jesuit, but look at what we have got and no it's not Santas sleigh!

    January we will issue. Way too early yet. Let's do it right, then your women will cuddle up closer to you at night. Just be careful to remove any signs before you go home and face the wife? Lol

    Joking Ladies! Always.

    1. John, looking forward to this new report. Karma does have it place on this plain of existence, even back then.

    2. Thank you John. We will be watching.

    3. Ai yai yai... purely out of curiosity... is it that they couldn't realistically keep a lid on it?

  50. Pedogate is Global, Pizzagate is Local====It’s true that Pizzagate is a uniquely American franchise that operates primarily in Washington, D.C., but also includes operations in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and other major metropolitan areas.
    There are many other Pedogates, which have nothing to do with Pizzagate, taking place all over America at this time. Are these related? Yes, some much more than others.
    For instance, the ongoing Hollywood Pedogate is joined at the hip with the D.C. Pizzagate. The very reason that many Hollywooders came out of the woodwork to support Hillary R. Clinton and bash Donald J. Trump is because of this close association of decade-long child abuse scandals in both D.C. and Tinseltown.
    The most critical point here is that Pizzagate is the lynchpin that is inextricably connected to all the other Pedogates. Because it represents the child exploitation operation in the nation’s capital and related power centers, its outing has the capacity to expose the whole bloody child abuse culture. Yes, Pizzagate is that prominently configured within the world-wide Pedogate scandal. It’s not the grand-daddy like the Brussels Pedogate, but it involves a Who’s Who of American society and especially the political class.
    Pizzagate is much more serious than previous Pedogates===That Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and John Podesta are at the epicenter of this “Scandal of the Millennium” makes it all the more shocking and hard for many to believe.

    Nevertheless, it is these and other dramatic elements that have pushed Pizzagate to the forefront of the news cycle. Especially when the NYT, WashPo and BBC are running front page stories to defend an extremely dubious gay pizza parlor owner, the reader knows that there is something not right. And when FOX News’ Megyn Kelly is featuring an interview with Comet’s notorious James Alefantis that not only exonerates him from all suspicion, but lauds him as a hero of sorts who stared down the Alt Right, something is very wrong indeed.

    It’s actually the real back story that is being kept carefully hidden; for were the true details of Pizzagate to leak out to the public, the world would change in a day and a night. The shocking back story of the much larger Pedogate looks like this. Take a very close look at the following excerpt. This short synopsis of the 1980s Franklin Scandal and Cover-up captures the sheer depth and breadth of the crimes being perpetrated against our children.

  51. And then there is the C.I.A., often regarded as the intelligence agency that not only controls the many Pedogates occurring nationwide, but also closely monitors each and every one of them. After all, these unimaginable child abuse operations are implemented — first and foremost — as the primary control mechanism that keeps American politicians in complete check.
    Why is that so very important?
    For the uninitiated, it is crucial to understand that the United States of America has been painstakingly cultivated to function as the military arm of the New World Order (NWO). In this pivotal role the USA takes direction from the financial arm headquartered in the City of London as well as from the religious arm of the NWO located in Vatican. This is why it’s so important for the World Shadow Government to control everything that goes on in Washington, D.C. the high command of the U.S. Armed Forces and military policeman of the world.Pizzagate has simply uncovered what everyone in Washington has always known. That virtually every politician of note is controlled by having been compromised with an illegal and/or outrageous sexual affair, often with underage children. In once Puritan America this has always been the easiest way to bring down a noncompliant elected official. Of course, if the unlawful and lurid conduct occurred in the context of child rape or satanic ritual sacrifice, their political career not only ended, so was their freedom of movement due to imprisonment.

  52. What could possibly be more radioactive than pedophilia in high places?
    Actually, the pedophilia rings are organized ostensibly as a cover for a much, MUCH more sinister business operation. Those criminal activities routinely carried out include the production of child pornography, both photographs and films, as well as the filming of snuff movies. Other criminal behavior falls within the realm of satanic ritual child sacrifice and blood drinking. The most odious crimes, however, involve child organ trafficking, tissues harvesting and blood extraction.===The Clinton Global Initiative is just that—a global CIA operation that interpenetrates every kind of corporation that is necessary to perform a blackop wherever it is necessary to have such a benevolent cover.===

  53. J. Edgar Hoover and the F.B.I.

    In America, there is one reason in particular why crimes of pedophilia “in high places” are very rarely investigated. And, in those few cases that they are, the purpose is to purge Congress (and the like) of someone who has left the reservation, or who is the victim of a naked political prosecution. That reason very much has to do with the first Director of the F.B.I.—J. Edgar Hoover.

    Not only was J. Edgar Hoover a homosexual, he was also known to engage in pedophilia.(Isn’t this really why Hoover was installed as FBI Director for life?) As the nation’s chief law enforcement officer, he was privy to the sex secrets and illicit sexual behavior of America’s political class and beyond. Because of this reality, Hoover knew that sexual deviance could be used to bring down any guilty party in a Washington, D.C. moment. He also knew that if he used such power aggressively, he, too, could find himself in a very compromised position.

    The recent misconduct of current F.B.I. Director James B. Comey is now much more easily understood, especially where it relates to the Clinton Emailgate crime spree. It is quite likely that there is unseemly conduct by those in the top tier of the Department of Justice (DOJ) that could be used to blackmail key player at the F.B.I. and DOJ. This is the way it is almost always done, although there is no hard evidence to support such an allegation.

    However, there does exist a massive amount of actionable evidence where it concerns the Clintons, both Hillary and Bill, as well as John and Tony Podesta. That both Clintons have flown on Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express to Orgy Island on numerous occasions is just one of many highly suspicious patterns of behavior. Epstein is not only a convicted pedophile, he is also at the heart of an extremely volatile case with an opposing attorney because of the extraordinary light conviction and sentencing leniency that he received. The court disposition in his case was simply unprecedented in U.S. history.

    Clearly, the F.B.I. has an unwritten code guiding agent conduct wherein pedophilia charges are not to be pursued unless they have been cleared at the highest levels…way above the lowly leadership of the FBI and DOJ. In other words in this post-modern era of the 3rd Millennium, it’s quite likely that the C.I.A. is directly involved in the decision process to pursue charges or even to proceed with an investigation. As always, in light of the control that is exerted by the C.I.A. over Pedogates worldwide, it’s clear why the F.B.I. almost always chooses not to prosecute.

  54. James Alefantis and Comet Pizza Outed As Classic CIA Operation
    PIZZAGATE: The Owner’s (Of Comet Ping Pong Pizza) Full Name Means “I Love Children” In French False Flag Just Staged At Comet Ping Pong Pizza Restaurant To Shut Down Alt Media This is essentially why Ms. Clinton was never prosecuted by the Department of Justice for Benghazigate, Emailgate, or Servergate, as her entire term at State was defined by gunrunning (see Benghazigate), drug-running, and human trafficking. This is the very reason for the Zio-Anglo-American Axis engineering of the largest mass exodus out of the Middle East in modern history. To a great extent this George Soros-funded human disaster was design to separate the children from the parents. In this manner the unattended children are easy prey for the human trafficking operations for which Turkey is extremely well known.

    Not only is the C.I.A. operationally responsible for the Mideast child trafficking that has resulted from the unlawful wars in Iraq and Syria, they are also on top of the boatloads of war refugees and economic immigrants washing up on the shores of Italy from Libya. Ditto that for every other theater of war where the likelihood of families being split up is very high. This predicament creates the ideal situation for pedophilia rings to swoop up LOTs of unchaperoned children, especially when they are wandering aimlessly in foreign lands.

    The Mexican border is another example where the American people have been shocked to see the thousands of unaccompanied children from South and Central America flock to and across the U.S. border. Even the border states of Texas and Arizona have been powerless to control their own borders–a power that the U.S. Constitution grants them via states’ rights. Very few understand this scam to be a CIA-coordinated and DHS-enforced child exploitation enterprise.

  55. Not only the C.I.A. but these highly organized child trafficking operations are also protected by the Department of Homeland Security. DHS also does NOT work for the American people; rather, in this instance the agency is enlisted by Corporate America to ensure the free flow of young healthy human beings to work in their factories at slave wages. The US military also takes a lot of the 18-year-old males and conscripts them in the armed forces in return for U.S. citizenship. That is, of course, if they come back alive from their tours of duty.===The real $64,000 question here is why the Obama Administration has literally encouraged the mass migration of thousands upon thousands of unaccompanied children across a very harsh and dangerous border. Why would those in authority put children in harm’s way like this? Certainly when they finally arrive at the various border checkpoints these children are then inprocessed and taken where? Who are the guardians? As wards of the state, where are they housed and fed? What is their ultimate destination?

    That brings us to the county Child Protective Services and Foster Care System that are so abusive to children it’s downright scary. If this is where the illegal alien children are ending up, it is now common knowledge that many are in extreme danger. Adults looking for child slaves and pedophiles desiring young traumatized children are notorious for becoming foster parents. In many instances these children are the very ones that end up in a Pizzagate type of situation—sexual fodder for Washington’s elites.

  56. How is pedophilia or child sexual abuse used as a control mechanism?

    There are multiple ways in which elected leaders and appointed politicians, corporate CEOs and foundation presidents, university chancellors and think tank directors can be controlled by pedophilia. The most obvious occurs when a lifelong gay politician is lured into a honey trap with a young boy. Once he is caught or filmed in the act that, politician can be easily manipulated for the rest of his career. Witness the current plight of Speaker Dennis Hastert who was put into the most powerful position in Congress knowing that he had abused underage boys as a wrestling coach.

    Then there is the common situation whereby straight politicians are invited to a social gathering in which underage girls are made available for sexual favors. There are also those instances when a clean politician is invited to a late night soirée that ends up featuring a snuff film or other odious event involving underage children. There have even been cases reported that have entailed an unsuspecting politician being ushered down into a basement where a satanic ritual child sacrifice was taking place… and being filmed at the same time. Once the camera is rolling, the victim has no way out, except to quit his career in public service or give in to blackmail.

    Lastly, there are those leaders and officials who knowingly and willingly participate in all sorts of exceedingly perverted sexual behavior with children. In some situations the children are left with serious injuries; in more serious ones they are barbarously killed. When a child sacrifice is made, the various organs are sometimes eaten and the blood is drank. When organ trafficking is the main purpose, the coveted organs are quickly shipped off to the attending physician of the latest billionaire who desperately needs a liver or kidney, pancreas or lung. They pay big money to acquire these organs in an expeditious manner.
    Satanic ritual child sacrifice and killing

    There is another dimension to this whole child exploitation business that has nothing to do with business per se. This aspect concerns the deliberate sacrifice of pure babies and unsullied young children for the purpose of propitiating the ‘gods’. First, it is very significant to apprehend the history of the word “Satan”. It actually comes from the same word as “Saturn”.

  57. Why Do Some Jewish Families Practice Satanic Ritual Child Sacrifice?
    Brussels: The Grand-daddy of all Pedophobia Operations
    Why the Torturing and Killing of Children?===There are various inside explanations for the systematic torturing and killing of children worldwide. Children are routinely made the objects of hunting for snuff films as well. In all of these cases the children are ultimately killed after a period of being in extreme fear. The sustained level of fear triggers the release of different hormones and other biochemicals which are highly valued by the aging elites. They actually drink the blood of the children immediately after they are executed on a butcher’s block or killed in the hunt.

    This form of sadistic cannibalism has been practiced for eons by secret societies around the globe. The practitioners of these dark arts and pseudo-sciences firmly believe that they receive great powers from such hormone-rich blood. So much so that they will literally eat the beating heart of a child who is in the act of being brutally killed. Obviously these lost souls are possessed by demons who have compelled them to act like devils with blood lust.

    The other purpose of these satanic rituals is the harvesting of organs, tissues and blood which are now being trafficked extensively worldwide. Some investigations have reported that human meat (and blood) is showing up in the food supply and particularly in fast food restaurants.[2] However, the main use for the young organs are for transplants for the rich and famous whose own organs have failed. A market for intestines, corneas and bone marrow have seen a recent upsurge in demand as well. These black market products are being purveyed to large metro hospitals and concierge physicians alike. So it has become a fast-growing business worldwide.

  58. Child work slavery and sex slavery
    The Pedophilia Scandal of the Roman Catholic Church
    How, pray tell, did such a horrendous criminal enterprise ever get sanctioned by the largest religious institution on Earth?

    Answer: The multi-century enforcement of celibacy within the Church actually made it quite easy for such a pedophilia sub-culture to develop. Because many of the male priests were simply unable to control their sexual urges, it was only a matter of time that they would project them on the altar boys. The whole ritual of the RC Mass starts and ends with the priest and altar boy in the privacy of the sacristy.

  59. Contemplation: Who or What is the “Whore of Babylon”?
    Softening up the populace is critical to TPTB’s stealthy agenda to obtain the general acceptance of pedophilia worldwide
    Childhood Athletics and Teenage Sports
    “Wherever there are children, there are pedophiles.”
    “Wherever there are teenagers, there are adults who prey on them.”
    –— State of the Nation

  60. The former Speaker of the House — Dennis Hastert — was shoehorned into his position of power without the slightest dissent. The Speaker of the House is actually the most powerful position in the U.S. Federal Government. The Speaker has power over the public purse and as such can defund — with the proper consent of the House — any part of government that is so targeted. How then did a wrestling coach get put into such a powerful position except by a deliberate political scheme? How easy is it to manipulate a man with a background fraught with sex crimes against children—4 teenagers in his case have come forward thus far.?
    Who Chose Pedophile Dennis Hastert To Be Speaker Of The House?
    The whole Penn State football brand was forever tarnished because of the scandal that involved the Assistant Football Coach Jerry Sandusky and a number of university administrators who were incriminated in a deliberate cover-up. The most serious part of that investigation was never completed, however, which had to do with a much larger network of pedophiles at the university. Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts

    Is there any doubt that the recent success by the LGBT movement to have gay scout leaders accepted by the Boy Scouts of America was a major coup against Christian America? That many corporate CEOs and Chairmen of the Board also voiced such strong and unwavering support for such a foul initiative speaks volumes. Why would the presidents of Fortune 500 companies ever get involved in a fiasco like this…unless they were ordered to. That the Boy Scouts of America could be taken over so quickly and completely stands as a stark testament to the raw LGBT political power that was solidly behind the takeover. And, the Scouts will NEVER be the same, as religious and respectable families all over the nation immediately removed their children from the once respected institution. Some even know that the legalization of pedophilia is right around the corner, unless We the People are vigilant.

  61. LGBT AGENDA: The Hidden Back Story Finally Exposed
    There are many other hidden purposes behind the thoroughly demonic LGBT movement, but the ultimate legalization of pedophilia remains it’s most important goal. It is therefore imperative that this movement be thwarted by every means necessary. Were the pedophillic/pedophobic leaders of the World Shadow Government to get their way, societies everywhere would be conducting child sacrifices like those of the Pre-Columbian cultures like the Aztecs. Conclusion Quite unfortunately, the world is literally run by pedophiles and pedophobes.
    For many centuries, maybe even millennia, a clandestine cabal has practiced their dark arts and sadistic rituals in the secrecy of hidden groves and dark castles.This large group of rich and powerful leaders, wealthy and influential private citizens, desperately want to come out of the closet. With the gross liberalization that took place under President Barak Obama, they saw an unparalleled opportunity to normalize pedophilia.
    The legalization of gay marriage in one country after another is a stepping stone to the passage of legislation that they hope will legalize pedophilia.
    These psychologically deranged ‘VIPs’ really do not care about the children one iota. They just want numerous children available for their own sexual gratification and for other very sick and twisted purposes.
    Nevertheless, their movement grows rapidly by the day because there are now enough movers and shakers in high places to further advance this societal calamity. The pedophile crowd really does want to come out of their closets. By passing new laws, it is their sincere hope that they can sexually abuse and rape children at will. That they can torture and kill children at will. With the acceptance of state-sponsored abortion, they already have the right to kill fetuses in the womb. So why shouldn’t children be next in line on their list of the abused and misused powerless?

  62. It ought to be understood that the deity known as “Saturn” is recognized throughout many cultures since time immemorial. In Roman mythology he was honored on Saturnalia which was “held on 17 December of the Julian calendar and later expanded with festivities through to 23 December”. This tradition eventually morphed into Christmas which was seen as the culmination day of the festivities. The winter solstice is always the shortest day of the year with the least amount of sunlight; hence, Christmas lights are used to bring light back into the Earth realm. Which is also why this essay was published on December 25th of 2016—to illuminate this dire matter for all to see.Author’s Note This extended essay was written in memory of all the children who have been mercilessly sacrificed and killed by adults who are supposed to protect them. It is also written in honor of those wounded souls who carry with them every living moment the sheer horror of their childhood experiences. Lastly, but not least, this exposé has been released on the Internet in order to enlighten, edify and empower those adults who also lived through the terror and are ready to tell their story. Please know that through the telling (and mass dissemination) of your very personal testimony, that the global Pedogate operations will be shut down—forever!
    Dear Pedophilia/Pedophobia Victim, please know that this unparalleled piece of revelation was really written for you. Draw strength from it. Heal from it. Grow out of your former self and use it to shine your beautiful light into a world that now needs you desperately. Especially at this critical juncture of human evolution, is your liberating truth necessary for those who are still subjected daily to such excruciating pain and suffering. Please take some time to view the following video in which one of your peers shares her very personal experience. One thousand similar testimonies will surely change the world…forever. And, especially how it is run from the very top.
    Editor’s Note The preceding “Author’s Note” warrants further elucidation. From the very first moment that we heard of Pizzagate, we knew that this was the BIG one.============


    They know Nato did it. They are looking at shoot down, or electronic hijacking. I guess I was wrong about electronic hijacking with that plane, Russia is claiming it could have been done. The report is very detailed and well worth a look.

    Here is what I now think happened: The plane was electronically hijacked and then forced to make a turn at a g-force that exceeded the plane's structural limits. Trolls are talking about "checking the flaps" and other nonsense. Since it would be the flaps that forced a high G turn, I am betting that is a silent admission that they know darn well the plane was electronically hijacked and then operated to destruction. If it was not destroyed by g forces then the turn that was noted on Russian radar may have been enough to cause the plane to drop below stall speed and fall sideways into the water because it was only going 300KPH and a steep turn would steal a lot of speed. So we are looking at an electronic destruction of the plane either way, whether it broke up in the air or not.

    Here is a quote from the report:

    "French reconnaissance ship Dupuy de Lome had entered the Black Sea on the eve of the tragedy. The ship can send a strong impulse to deactivate all electronic equipment on board the aircraft. Israel resorts to this practice against Russian airplanes in Syria. It was reported that the bodies of the victims of the Tu-154 crash were wearing life jackets. Therefore, the crew had time to warn the passengers, but not the flight control officers. In this is the case, then this is a war against NATO, rather than an act of terrorism."

    From Jim Stone:

    Valdi: Get out of NATO now before they drag us all into war with Russia.

  64. Presidents, Popes, Queen, Elite Illuminati, Pedophilia and Child Sacrifice

    Valdi: The West has sunk into a cesspit of immorality with no Christian values.

  65. Day 66 - Where is Eric Braverman? Part 1, Erdogan Bolts

    Day 66 - Where is Eric Braverman? Part 2 Arms and Oil

    Day 66 - Where is Eric Braverman? Part 3

    Day 66 - Where is Eric Braverman? Part 4

    Disrupting with ISIS Sarin Gas, Hoping for NATO Bombing "Order"
    ISIS Chemical Weapons Stores Found in Aleppo
    What Should Trump Do? Oil and Arms
    Neil Brown, Mark Turi, Fast and Furious
    FBI and Army of Northern Virginia

  66. John,
    I just wanted to know if you had any insight into the UN Resolution regarding the Israeli settlements. Was O following instructions, or was he acting on his own? I thought the US would have blocked that type of resolution under most circumstances.

    Thanks for your all that you and Canauzzie do to keep us informed.

    1. if it helps, replied to me on the topic earlier click here

    December 26 ECB tells Monte dei Paschi it needs to raise $9.2 billion The European Central Bank has told Monte dei Paschi it needs to plug a capital shortfall of 8.8 billion euros ($9.2 billion), higher than a previous 5 billion euro gap estimated by the bank, the lender said on Monday, confirming what sources told Reuters. Last Friday the Italian government approved a decree to bail out Monte dei Paschi after Italy’s No. 3 lender failed to win investor backing for a desperately needed 5 billion euro capital increase. The bank said on Monday it had officially asked the ECB last Friday for go ahead for a "precautionary recapitalization". In its reply, the ECB said it had calculated the capital it believed the bank needed on the basis of a shortfall emerging from European stress test of large lenders earlier this year. The ECB said the lender was solvent but signaled the bank’s liquidity position had rapidly deteriorated between the end of November and December 21, Monte dei Paschi said. "The bank has quickly started talks with the competent authorities to understand the methodologies underlying the ECB’s calculations and introduce the measures for a precautionary recapitalization…," it said. The bank’s problems date back several years but successive Italian governments have failed to tackle the issue, which became a political taboo this year with new EU rules banning state bailouts unless private investors take losses first. The European Commission said on Friday it would work with Rome to establish conditions were met for a bailout of Monte dei Paschi. Nick Note: See the trick… The amount of cash they need keeps getting higher and higher and where she stops nobody knows…

  68. December 24 Israel on defensive after landmark UN vote Israel scrambled Saturday to contain the fallout from a UN vote demanding it halt settlements in Palestinian territory, lashing out at US President Barack Obama over the "shameful" resolution. The Security Council passed the measure Friday after the United States abstained, enabling the adoption of the first UN resolution since 1979 to condemn Israel over its settlement policy. By deciding not to veto the move, the US took a rare step that deeply angered Israel, which accused Obama of abandoning its closest Middle East ally in the waning days of his administration. The text was passed with support from all remaining members of the 15-member council, with applause breaking out in the chamber. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected the resolution as a "shameful blow against Israel at the United Nations". – ‘Biased and shameful’ – "The decision that was taken was biased and shameful, but we will withstand it," the Israeli leader said. "It will take time, but this decision will be annulled." Netanyahu said Obama had broken a long-standing US commitment not to "dictate the terms of peace to Israel" at the UN body. Trump reacted after the vote by promising change at the UN. "As to the UN, things will be different after Jan. 20th," he tweeted referring to the date of his inauguration. The US has traditionally served as Israel’s diplomatic shield, protecting it from resolutions it opposes. Trump has signalled he is likely to be far more favourable to Israel. David Friedman, his nominee for ambassador to Israel, favours moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and has voiced support for settlement building. The resolution demands "Israel immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including east Jerusalem." It says settlements have "no legal validity" and are "dangerously imperilling the viability of the two-state solution." A spokesman for Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas called the resolution a "big blow for Israeli policies". The move was "an international and unanimous condemnation of settlements and strong support for the two-state solution," said Nabil Abu Rudeina. Hamas, the Islamist movement that runs the Gaza Strip, also welcomed the vote. Nick Note: Obama has thrown Israel under the bus. And set up the new Trump administration for all out war with the UN.

    1. Trump is bloody naive over this. The world is sick of these murdering Kazakhs and their land thefts. Iran won't back sit forever. Now will the Arab world. These Pariahs only have time. Payback will come.

  69. Report: TEX prospects questioned on hazing

  70. Sources: Rangers prospects questioned for allegedly sexually hazing underage teammate
    [Yahoo Sports]Jeff Passan MLB columnistYahoo SportsNov 21, 2016, 2:00 PM
    Texas Rangers

  71. Europe Proposes Confiscating Gold, Cash, Bitcoin, And Prepaid Cards To Fight “Terrorist Financing”

    Valdi: If the the European Commission really wanted to stop terrorist funding they would investigate and prosecute HSBC, The Clinton Foundation, Soros, MI6, Mossad, the CIA, NATO and all the governments who have been involved with the creation of ISIS and the destruction and destabilisation of North Africa and the Middle East in accordance with the Oded Yinon Plan for a Greater Israel. If they were serious about preventing terrorism in the EU they would protect the borders against uncontrolled mass immigration and smash those who are intent on the genocide of white European Christians and the destruction of two thousand years of European culture and civilisation through the Coudenhove Kalergi Plan.

    The European Commissioners are traitors and deserve to hang.

    1. Agreed, but Agency Heads also. And Blair?

    2. Tony repealed the death penalty for treason before he left office. I wonder why?

  72. Well, Putin pulled quite a chess move on the Syrian Situation... Admiration where due.

  73. p: I don't name these, but this is good news. 103 federal court judges and possibly the 4 supreme court justices positions for Trump to assign new judges to.

    Published on Dec 29, 2016

    Danny Gold for Liberty Writers reports, America has a very big 4 years ahead of us, however, Donald Trump was just given a HUGE boost to solving our issues. When he takes office, he will get to assign 103 NEW Federal court judges effective IMMEDIATELY! This number dwarfs the measly 54 spots Obama assigned in 2008 which the Democrats were celebrating as a “big win”.

  74. p: For those who need a LOL today. Warped, but it is what it is. The hand looks to belong to a tall grey and the other remains are techs for smaller spaces. Maintenance, mining or technological duties. Emphasis on the mining aspect with location found at.

    Strange “Alien” Hand Found On The Coast Of Peru

    Though easy, initially, to call fake, a Hollywood prop or whatever, the above artifact was seen by us in person recently in Cusco Peru. It was presented to us, along with a small mummified elongated humanoid skull and body by a local person.

  75. Obama has now signed into Law a vast new series of powers with over $650 BILLION of new Budgets to spy on all Americans and Laws to use torture to force confessions,and use them as evidence to convict.

    How do we obtain his Birth Certificate, Passport application, and Naturalisation application, as the last LEGAL passport he had was an Indonesian one he used to travel to Pakistan with his then Pakkie boyfriend? How do we get his bogus passport applications using a false Birth Cert? Has a Foreigner usurped the Oval Office and has a Foreign Con Man issued vast swathes of illegal legislation? How many innocents has a Foreign Usurper murdered, not just alleged ex boyfriends, but Drone attacks and Rendition centers.

    Where does Truth start with the Bumma as American Freedom is ending with him. How can Americans be free with a Foreign Usurper on Soros's knee?

  76. We just gave you a Thinking Persons article on how Trump needs to re shape America.

    But hopefully Obama does manage to get the UN repeal of Israels land theft through and give them the option to settle for what was given, or leave! Leave occupied territories and get the hell out!

    If Trump tries to stop it, there will be mass war in the Middle East. Muslims will unite,and Pakistan will supply Nukes. The Kazakhs have no right, and no place to be in Palestine. That Balfour agreement was treacherous British meddling and wrong! Look at how we and the US just screwed up Iraq and Syria. Iran at least had the foresight to face us all down. And won!

    How many must die for the Zionist lie? The US Zio Jews News has a choice.Go to Israel and man the borders to die for your cause, not just mouth off as cowardly parasitic whores. Who has the integrity to die for your lie? You do the dying for Kazakhs lying.

    Be grateful your silly Cult presumptive arrogance lives in safety in America,while the Kazakhs rape the Middle East in your name. Abraham was a paranoid Schitzo lunatic and you follow that????? Hello???? It's time the UN manned up over Palestine. Ask the Native Americans what ruthless occupation is like.

    The Balfour agreement was a shameful travesty. Now many have suffered and died because of it. Those Palestinian Refugee camps are a disgrace to humanity.Disgusting and inhumane. Why not arm the Palestinians? Soon Iran and Pakistan will, then see who pleads for mercy. America must stop arming and funding Israe hell. US Jews fund this terrorist squat. Palestinians are humans too. Palestine is a travesty of injustice. Yes to all UN Members voting to end it. If America stops funding these illegals, peace will soon come faced with the obvious if not. Already Mossad is active on Trump. He really needs to step back from Nutter Yahoo.

    Russia now has Air bases in Iran and will be sending their S400 and S500s in to defend them. That will be a complete kill screen to anyone trying then to attack Iran. A major Chess Move by Russia and a huge political gain. Pakistan will supply Nukes to Iran, if Russia does not. This Kazakh squat has no place in the Middle East. It faces ending very badly. Nuked!

  77. After NATO obviously downed the Russian plane, America is kicking out Russian diplomats!

    Obama the Nobel Peace Prize winner is doing his damnedest to start World War 3 before leaving office.

    1. Correct, but what waits in Antarctica under Russian control, known also by the Vatican, is a force do destructive as to annihilate America and all life forms inside it.

      Russia has its S400s on route to Iran, and S500s to follow. That now shields Iran and its Russian air bases. Russian and Pakistani supplied nukes, if called for, will resolve Israe hell. Permanently!

      The whole game has changed. Russia knows it cannot win. But it also knows it will totally annihilate America if forced to do so. It knows its Zionist and Israe hell backed. That is what the Agencies just cannot factor in. To die for a Zionist inspired lie. Be assured, if WW111 kicks off Israe hell dies. Totalled!

      Yet in the Antarctic, lie the multiple bases to shelter the surviving Elites.
      However, those left guarding these Varmints, who would by then have destroyed Humanity and nature as we know it, will also in time turn on them and enslave or exterminate them as all their power and use then will be zero.

      In January we will lead you into what may be coming. The risks and why.
      We face a very, very dangerous window now.

      Ignorance and GRUNTS apathy lead to this!!!! We let the Mongrels lead the pack. Big mistake.

      The UN Council now have put Israe hell on the line. About bloody time!
      Trumps subjugation to his Jewish backers has let the Buggers control the Treasury and Fed money chains again as he copped out. Damn this STUPID move!
      Outplayed again. The Fiscal intellect and judgment of a Mutt!

      Now his Jewish Son in Law, with amateur experience, and from a Criminal family, is to lead Middle East policy, A F!!!! Joke! Rope a Dopes are running the Zoo. It won't be so funny if the consequential fall out hits you. Mossad will be right up this pampered kids kilt working him as Soros does with the 0 Bumma.

      We sure now live in dangerous times. And O squeezes Russia Nutts? So not a good move.See what Putin did to them in Syria? The Russians are smart. O is just a narcissistic tart!

    2. Ok. No way in hell did the Russians find an alien Antarctican weapon without help or help to operate it. Did I miss a post along the way? In the scheme of things I suppose it being in Russians hands is better than ours, but it's a revolting development.

    3. To be clear, the revolting development is the weapon, not the Russians having it.

    4. Tino

      In January we will reveal more. Thank God Russia has it not the US. Russia will only use it if provoked. The US would use it for greed. As the entire system has developed to the current Cabal, safe hands were chosen.

      If Israel is not ripped out of the stolen territories,a chain of events may follow, with one end. This is known and a current real issue. Selected Leaders have been appraised, but Obama is too bad a joke to be true. He needs to be stored in the Dog Pound. His She male with him.

      If Russia is forced to use it, be assured, they will. Consequences? It has only one use. And one purpose.

    5. In case it isn't clear enough by now, there will be no war. Sabre rattling or a skirmish is all. Everything else the km has tried has failed! The collective has moved on and with it, capabilities.

    6. Well, it's back to Mutual Assured Destruction, which is helpful in making a lot of folks in power "God bother" as our host(s) would say. In that sense, it's all good. And since this also clearly will be another crack leading to Disclosure, that's good too. Perhaps being wrenched out of adolescence is necessary for the species. Let's hope we survive the instability and danger of this time.

    7. Tino I think you are right: we witness this stupidity and consciously refute it. This focused decision within the group consciousness changes the outcome. The chaos we see now is all about us saying no. We are emerging from adolescence.

  78. PIZZAGATE: A Special Report on the Washington, D.C. Pedophilia Scandal
    Dec. 25, 2016

    P E D O G A T E
    A Global Child Exploitation Crime Syndicate
    Pizzagate Represents Only a Single American Franchise Within
    a Worldwide Child Trafficking Operation Known As Pedogate

  79. P, that's a great article I read earlier this morning and was gonna post but you beat me to it, thanks :). Its a must read

  80. The Russian Embassy in London defuses Obama's latest temper-tantrum with this tweet.

    1. Refreshing to see the Russians have a sense of humor while Obozo's creepy clown car rides off the cliff into oblivion. January 20th can't come soon enough.

    2. Thank you for sharing Valdi, and agree with Texian, it's good to see Russia does have a sense of humor.

  81. Really now, Guardian you don't get to false edit. Brits, take your paper to task!

  82. Replies
    1. This is the sickening and sad reality of just how bad our freedoms are being stolen.

  83. Robert Steele: CNN (Carol Costello) Full of Crap — In Defense of Mike Flynn and the Pedophilia “Conspiracy” — CNN is Fake News Lacking Both Intelligence and Integrity


  84. By John M. Curtis GeneralDecember 28, 2016


  85. By John M. Curtis GeneralDecember 30, 2016

  86. Rise of the War Harpies: The Women Destroying our World Aeneas Georg Wed, 28 Dec 2016 20:20 UTC

    Just to be clear, this is not a witch-hunt, and a more extensive list could equally be compiled of war pimps. But I hope this list will serve to redress an inherent sexism when it comes to warfare: female psychopaths don't get their fair share of recognition.

    So here's a list of the women eligible to be named war harpies. You'll note that they all have one thing in common: at least one war under their belt:

    Margaret Thatcher (Falkland war)
    Madeleine Albright (Yugoslavia, Iraq)
    Hillary Clinton (Haiti, Honduras, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen)
    Condoleezza Rice (Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia)
    Samantha Power (Syria, Yemen, Ukraine)
    Susan Rice (DRCongo, Libya, Syria)
    Michele Flournoy (Syria)
    Victoria Nuland (Libya, Ukraine)
    Kimberly Kagan (Afghanistan, Iraq)

    One other interesting point that links all these women is that all are/were Russophobic. To ensure the Military Industrial Complex gets enough contracts, it's important to pick a big 'enemy' and not just a small country to justify the huge transference of taxpayer's money from the taxpayer to the war-makers and war-mongers.

    1. Without this the Cabal and Banks will run out of money. But will Trump figure it out? Then do what? Having appointed another Dam Zio to run the Treasury again,it's clear they have him by the nose, and Mossad have his Son in Law targeted, so expect limitations. We hope for good, but watch him. Leopards and spots?

  87. 'Yves Chandelon was the Chief Auditor for NATO, and this weekend, he was found dead in Andenne, Belgium. Authorities currently seem to believe it was a suicide, as Chandelon was shot to death, and the gun was found in his right hand. But family members disagree, and are urging for a homicide investigation to be opened. First, they pointed out that Chandelon was left-handed, and therefore, would not have used his right hand to kill himself. Second, they claim that he had been receiving threatening phone calls in the weeks leading up to his death.'

    BREAKING: NATO Investigator Who Revealed Obama’s Connections To ISIS Just Found Dead

  88. The drivel on the MSM on Russia/Putin is beyond the pale. At this rate the only news sources of some reliability will be RT, InfoWars, Breitbart, DrudgeReport and OWoN....

    1. The Global MSM are falling in line with US dicates as PMs and the Zios queue up to grovel to the latest DC dictates. Don't buy newspapers, and use Google news for selective stories. Also the sheer volume of key news YOU the readers contribute is awesome. Right on target.

  89. Vladimir Putin's New Year gifts to President Obama

    "New Year gifts from Russia have arrived to the White House. A button with the word «Peregruzka» («The Overload») printed on it and a T-shirt with the Russian president Vladimir Putin, signed «Аста Лависта» (from «Hasta la vista» in Spanish) are among the presents."

    Valdi: Barack Obama deserves an Oscar for his performance as President - or should that be a Reggie? Please, spare us an encore.

  90. Is there a tiny hope and light at the end of the tunnel? Has the world decided to takes matters into their hands and bypass the sicko US regime? Let's hope!

    France to convene Middle East peace conference on January 15

  91. Interesting. Google suggests at least 30 research stations in Antarctica. However, if you walk the fringes (and I made a couple calls) there is a strong suggestion that there are 60-68 bases, and I count 42 on the 2014 map. For the moment, I am assuming the difference between public numbers and private numbers are Elite bolt-holes. Given potential revelations in January, this also resets credibility metrics on the Nazi base stories and Operation Highjump.

    1. TINO,

      I'm looking forward to reading what John and Canauzzie reveal in January. Meanwhile there's this thread on 4Chan about Antartica:

      Antartica General 2017 a bright future Edition

      My own opinion is that there is an interdimensional portal there which Admiral Richard E Byrd flew through in 1947, giving rise to his belief in an Inner Earth.

      Admiral Richard B. Byrd’s, Diary Feb. Mar. 1947

    2. Oops.. I see Admiral Byrd was referring to the Arctic and not the Antarctic. Never mind, there are interdimensional portals at both poles since the earth is a torus.

  92. Tino

    We will give you answers in January. It's not the ones you do see, it's the ones you don't.

    Whats going on is key. And why. Its the best hiding place om planet earth.

    1. You did say prepare to be unprepared. We expectantly wait.

  93. john

    In your analyses, how much longer can the cabal or TPTB continue on cobbling together the current financial system to avoid the pre-crash incident which will culminate in using the GCR as the parachute?

    seems like all the pressure points to date (Italian banks, etc) have been glossed over and business goes on as usual...?

    how much longer can this "holding pattern" continue in your estimation?

    who are the players who benefit from the holding pattern and who are getting the short end of the stick?

    when will we see the dynamic change, and how?



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