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  1. There are many key issues in the new news updates. The rest of the forums are yours. You make the site. The world keys into YOU.

  2. p: Another example of how little we know of our world.

    Mysterious Object Washes Up On New Zealand Beach, Baffling Locals
    Published on Dec 11, 2016

    A “washed up whale,” a “sea monster with dreadlocks” and a “beach Christmas tree” are just some of the guesses about a strange seaweed-covered object that washed up on a New Zealand beach. People are scratching their heads to explain what it is.

    The large phenomenon was found on Muriwai Beach in Auckland by local resident Melissa Doubleday.

    She posted photos of the strange barnacle covered object on the Muriwai & Waimauku Area Community Group Facebook page asking: “Just curious to know if anyone knows what this is??! Washed up on Muriwai Beach.”

    “I actually thought it was a washed up whale as I approached it, so weird,” Doubleday told

    The post was inundated with a variety of wild suggestions which ranged from a Maori canoe to a Rastafarian whale to the Predator from the eponymous Arnold Schwarzenegger film. “Alien Pod time capsule?” one person suggested.

  3. Trump challenges CIA over Russia election hacking claims

  4. We are all PIZZAGATORS! PIZZAGATOR Wear it like a badge of honor
    As it distinguishes you as a PIZZAGATE truth seeker who is genuinely concerned about the children of America.

  5. P, I like your post about using mindfulness and meditation/yoga for discipline in the last comment section. Great idea. Much better than getting the paddle or sitting in a corner.

    1. Agree Biffie, we need much more of this than what is often considered discipline in schools these days. How can we progress as a species if we are always demoralizing our children rather than teaching them a positive way forward?

  6. Pedophiles in Politics: An Open Source Investigation

    November 11, 2016

  8. What is sexual cannibalism?
    What are the different types of behaviour for these people normally considered to be sociopaths?

  9. PIZZAGATE: The Truth Is Out There
    You just need to search a little


  10. CHERRYGATE: Is This Really Why New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key Just Resigned?

  11. Football sex abuse investigation probes 100 clubs as list of victims as young as seven soars to 639 at 98 clubs

  12. A Message from President Elect Donald J Trump Published on Dec 10, 2016 @Wikileaks

  13. Promo Video for Aspiring Political Pedos Published on Dec 11, 2016
    Attention YouTube and all your paid trolls!! This is for satirical purposes ONLY. It is NOT to be taken seriously…or is it??
    Have we gotten so seared in our conscience that we can't speak up for the 800,000 kids that go missing EVERY year in this country?!? That's over 2 THOUSAND kids a DAY!!

  14. James Alefantis answers questions about Pizzagate
    2 weeks ago (viewer comment)
    James Alefantis, you are a businessperson in a high profile position in your community, and you posted on publicly accessible social media, for the world to see: many many 'jokes' and references to graphic sexual acts, 'cum,' images with sexual nudity, images with two guys clearly engaging in homosexual fellatio taken from pornography with a slice of pizza photoshopped over a man's penis, references and 'inside jokes' about the walk-in cooler being a #killroom, photos of private parties which were then publicly shared for the world to see of party-goers covered in 'blood' wearing thongs and rolling around on the floor directly underneath the same ping-pong tables that you want kids to come play at with the hashtag #sex added, 'jokes' posted about #cumpanda and #cumhole with a photo of plastic toys inside a red painted tire, repeated photos which you may have thought were kitsch but were of a graphic sexual nature and were posted to market your restaurant. BUT you posted these things alongside many photos of babies and small children. YOU did, no one else, but YOU. YOU painted a degenerate scenario which may be fine for adults, but when combined with what you were trying to market your establishment as being (wholesome and child-friendly) resulted in people wondering: what the hell you were thinking?

    And beyond that, what the hell were you doing? Don't blame others for this--YOU created this, no one else. The social media posts that people have pounced upon are one sexual image and sexual text after another. They were not one-off jokes, but a repeating pattern that created an image of YOU and your environment as being hyper-sexualized and reveling in the types of dirty jokes that are construed as being degenerate and definitely NOT family and child appropriate. They are juvenile at best, and disturbing at worst. All of this is bad enough, but when the same three logo signs released by the FBI as coded signifiers used by the pedophile community are to be found prominently displayed on the front of three businesses located within yards of each other on the same block, incorporated into the logos of these businesses on menus, websites, and signage--people see this and again wonder what the hell are you thinking, and what the hell are you doing? Coincidence? Maybe they are completely coincidental, but what an outrageous coincidence, what are the odds that three businesses on the same block use these logos? A zillion to one? So add that to the social media that YOU put out there, and yes, people have flipped out. But don't blame THEM, or try to act like they are crazy. You are an adult, and you should have been circumspect, shown some restraint and dignity, and had the good sense to realize that overtly sexual content in post after post, when juxtaposed with small children featured online in your restaurant, was INAPPROPRIATE. Does Hooters market themselves as family-friendly and base their business on breasts--AND children's entertainment? Does a strip club that hosts private parties also have a playground and jungle-gyms in their buildings? Would the average person find something like that freaking insane? You could have set your posts to private to share amongst your friends and co-workers. You could have made it clear that while you and your circle might have a gay/kitsch/provocative/dirty sense of humour and shared jokes, that they should have respected the business and kept them off and away from anything to do with the ping-pong and birthday parties for kids. This is common sense, and YOU failed to use it. Host drag acts, have private parties, do whatever you want--it is your business. But put it together in your mind that you are also claiming to be a family-friendly establishment where babies are welcome and little kids are running around, and the two things do not mix.

  15. Surely you realize how sensitive it is to most people--adult sexuality and small children--and by now you've seen what people were shocked by and pulled from your wide open social media accounts. Use your fucking head and get your act together. But don't dare blame others for causing a freak out and don't dare imply that they are the crazy ones.

  16. Google Graphic Proves How The MSM ‘Fake News’ Strategy Was Implemented To Short-Circuit PIZZAGATE Scandal Perfectly Timed MSM ‘Fake News’ Narrative Was Cooked Up As A “Necessity” By The Ruling Elites The hard evidence is shown in the graphic above PIZZAGATE Investigation Unit

    Published on Dec 6, 2016 Many in alternative media are now denying that PizzaGate is a scandal. Some are calling it a "psy-op." Meanwhile the MSM is calling it "fake news." There is an extraordinary attack on this story now. I believe, as Christians, we should strive to protect children from any harm that could come to them. That is why I am investigating PizzaGate.

  18. The Darkest Secrets Revealed - Ole Dammegard & Carine Hutsebaut Published on Dec 7, 2016 My friend Ole Dammegard joins me and child trafficking researcher, author and expert Carine Hutsebaut to discuss the global pedophilia and child trafficking epidemic. Carine's work in this area has been ongoing for 30 years, and neither she or Ole are surprised by the Pizzagate Podesta email revelations, it's just "standard operating procedure" in nations all over the world, Ole says.

  19. Biden says he’ll run for prez in 2020 because he’ll be stronger than ever! Is that because he’s receiving blood transfusion from children?

  20. We've witnessed the upsurge in "Russia blah blah election blah blah" news.

    MSM. Nobody is listening. You are about to sink below 0% credibility. Just. Stop.

    In related news, Wikileaks is revealing how Hillary+DNC pushed some two dozen fake stories into the MSM via MSNBC.


  21. PizzaGate: A Comprehensive Guide

  22. BREAKING: 'Nuremberg-Type Trial' for George W. Bush Begins In California Court Includes Cheney, etc.

    George W. Bush ‘War Crimes’ Trial Begins In California Court
    Posted on December 10, 2016 by State of the Nation

  24. The Michigan recount shows serious signs of Clinton rigging. It shows again the Democrats are up to the neck in crime. Stealing America!
    What will be done? Perpetraitors need to be found and jailed. 15 years on the block as new meat hard time for all. Females to be sent to a mail jail. All rights lost.
    Treat your countrymen with malice, come out as Slack Alice!


    Jim Stone writes:
    "Closing down of communications mentioned above

    No, I will not say how I know or what communications. Let it suffice to say the opposition is being neutralized. REASON, I ASSUME: Because they do not want people to be able to resist a takedown of Trump on false charges. I am beginning to once again think Trump is going to be blocked from the presidency.

    WHY would they block Trump? Because they are going to be held accountable for too may crimes if he is not stopped. And they still have the levers of power. Like any gang, they are going to try to destroy any attempt to bring them to justice. I did not think they would actually be this audacious but it looks like they are going for it. THE SHUT DOWN OF COMMUNICATIONS PROVES IT. The CIA spewing openly debunkable lies, and then giving the lies full enforcement power PROVES IT.

    I have a hunch the ONLY thing that is truly working now is the message window, and know that ALL communications for the good side are under serious assault. The elite are preventing connections to stifle their attempt to take the nation by fraud and force. I know this is real 100 percent. This does not affect me directly because my communications are always screwed anyway. I won't say how I know it is happening to others because I do not want that avenue of gaining insight cut off.

    HEADS UP FOLKS: I HAVE A BATTLE PLAN READY TO GO. IT IS NOT TIME TO POST IT YET, BUT IF THEY EVEN CREEP 1 STEP FURTHER THAN THEY HAVE TOWARDS DESTROYING TRUMP, I'M GOING TO LET IT OUT AND IT ABSOLUTELY WILL FORM THE BASIS FOR TAKING THE NATION SUCCESSFULLY BACK. It is the only plan that fully addresses the problem of rogue intelligence agencies, and it will neuter them. Just wait, and keep your eyes on this site for it to go up. They will not succeed in taking the nation by force if people follow the plan, and NO ONE will need to sacrifice their life to make it work."

    1. Valdi

      The Agencies now not only own the Intel Chains, but vast Corporate Organisations they trade with for profit. They are privatising all large Government services for profit. Service does not matter. It's about screwing the public for profits and for them syphoning it off.

      Look at the Afghan Poppy Drugs trade. CIA!
      The CIA have been milking Iran for a year or two with contracts. What a two faced con!

      The Police are virtually useless now and most don't care. They just look to fat early Pensions. Obama just syphoned off the CIA Pension fund, which is what they will do with State and Federal workers next.

      Nations are being raped from inside because the febrile numpties passing as citizens are so disinterested in current affairs, it's Thanksgiving each year for the Cabal as Turkey Farmers. Sorry but Yes, the Politicos really do see the Public as being that stupid.

      Brexit was a presumptive, arrogant move by Cameron which backfired. Trump the same so the Turkeys are waking. Good.

      The MSM are a disgrace. Intel truly rules all. Trump turning down Daily CIA meetings is a good start. Clip their wings hard. The UK has fully sold out to the US Agencies, believe it! It's sickening. The spying now on everyone is appalling. No one tries to stop it.

    2. Reagan started all this with creating a mechanism for the intel agencies to create "cover" businesses through which to conduct their activities. BoA in the USA is a CIA cover business. It was funded by the US taxpayers, taken public and guess who benefitted? Yup.

      I could go on...but it upsets me too much.

    3. Bush, Sr. furthered privatization with executive order 12803. Privatization causes an explosion in fees charged to the public for services THAT they can ONLY procure from these "fake" government agencies--the vast majority of which are not actually public at all. This all started a long time ago when the Rockefellers took over the postoffice in contravention of the Constitutional mandates that it be a public institution. True public services are cost-effective. What we have now are these fake public services which gouge citizens while providing shitty or non-existent services. The explosion in intelligence work (privatized), crappy schools (privatized), university fees (privatized) and military activity (privatized) can be traced directly to Bush's executive order as well as that of Reagan who created fake business fronts (many which were financed by citizens, went public and the profits given to the intelligence agents who dreamed them up and not to the treasury that funded them).

      I laugh at those that say that our government is bloated and inefficient, because it is public and unaccountable...that is far from the truth. Stiglitz wrote about this activity in New Zealand and Argentina--probably because calling attention to the same pernicious fraud in the USA was dangerous.

      Those who keep lauding things like Charter schools DO NOT KNOW what has really happened nor how really valueless dreck is being sold to us (citizens) as a cost-effective solution. Privatized activities CANNOT be as cost-effective as public ones for the simple reason that they have a PROFIT IMPOSED ON TOP OF THE ACTUAL COST whereas public solutions DO NOT.

  26. This is the reason for so many visits to Antarctica. The km have been forced into a disclosure they hope will remain partial.

    The Lost City of Antarctica: Shock claims massive CIVILISATION exists beneath mile of ice

    And Corey Goode + David Wilcock provide info they have now been encouraged to release:

    ENDGAME II: The Antarctic Atlantis and Ancient ET Ruins

    1. Go to youtube and search for "Orion Conspiracy" and look at the videos. The original site had some cool photos that are no longer able to be found. One was of buildings under the ice...

  27. Well, well, well. Bolton emerges kicking the MSM-Administration-Democrat narrative on Russia in the teeth. Unexpected. All previous [public] reports on the man *seemed* to put him in the Neo-con NWO camp.

    In other news Japan allegedly ratified the TPP. This is intrinsically bad because it will certainly be used as a means of keeping it alive to then ratify it here in the United States. One can only hope that the Trump team will continue to say "Hell NO" on the TPP.

  28. Trump takes on Lockheed. Makes me wonder if Trump had OWoN's back issues stacked on his desk and is working his way thru them, given the OWoN take on thee F-35 project...!

  29. Trump definitely on the move! From Express UK:

    Europe WHO? Trump's snub to Brussels as he names Britain but NOT the EU among key allies

    DONALD TRUMP delivered a major snub to the beleaguered European Union today in a further sign of the marginal role Brussels can expect to play in his foreign policy plans.Mr Trump was a frequent critic of the beleaguered bloc during his campaign to become the leader of the Western world, and has described his shock White House victory as "Brexit plus, plus, plus".

    But he conspicuously failed to mention a single EU state in his roll call of global players, further indicating that relations with the European Union will be low down on the new US administration's list of priorities.

    And responding to media reports criticising his contact with global leaders today, the billionaire tycoon hit back: "I have received and taken calls from many foreign leaders…Russia, UK, China, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and more. I am always available to them."

  30. Tino

    Good for Trump let's hope he will become a true Patriotic own man American now.
    And Yes, to dissing the EU and NWO Vatican control games.

  31. 11 o Clock Monday morning both Barclays Bank and Natwest Banks Cash ATM were out of service.Why?????

    They close the branches to automate them. Now their electronic service does not work.
    Both major banks down at once? You service overnight.
    It profiles like something much bigger is up. What? When 2 of the top 5 are knocked out and it's now weekly, something rotten is lurking.
    Is it a mass hacker attack?
    Is it solvency?
    Why weekly now? It's no way to run a bank. What is wrong?

  32. The destruction of the grandest, most important temple in the ancient Syrian town of Palmyra has flung so-called Islamic State's (IS) barbarous actions back into international consciousness.
    Why IS militants destroy ancient sites

  33. corbettreport: What I Learned From the “PropOrNot” Propaganda List December 10, 2016
    WashPo and the NY Times were recently forced to make retractions about their PropOrNot stories and admit that it was the latter that was likely publishing “Fake News”. This retraction may not have occurred if another website published on that list, hadn’t threatened to sue them for defamation and damages,
    unless they made those retractions – which they both did.

  34. McDonalds are now moving their HQ and Tax base from Luxembourg to London. Trump is making the UK a Special Allie and not the EU.

    Trump is declining daily meetings with the CIA to curtail their power and influence.
    All the Clinton recounts are failing.All showing false Clinton rigging and Democrat collusion. The Stink goes back to the WH and its usurper in charge.

    The MSM have lost all trust with the Electorate. Trump simply has no need for them. He now needs to remove them from WH Press meetings. Let new media in. Crash the trash.

    They can't hurt him now. Time to pay back! A good move. Erase the lot. Do the world a favour. No more Jews News and rigged results. No more Zio Lies!

    Trump needs to stop funding and arming Israel. Also, post Clinton, to stop Saudi influence fast. Russia and Iran will protect Syria and Egypt. Russia and China will protect Iran.All the CIA Saudi games just failed. So has the Israe Hell brutal hegemony across the Middle East. Despite having a Jewish Son in Law, will Trump be suckered by him? His family record is not good. Just look at how many Non Jews now surround Trump. Long overdue. It's clean up time.

    Time to examine the Clinton Foundation. Who paid in and who they paid off?
    The same for the Bushes. Payback! Let it out. Let Justice run.

  35. Children of God.wmv (not nice)

  36. Bigger And Uglier Than PizzaGate (Pedo-Gate) - The Real Number Of Child Victims Will Shock You

  37. Sunday, December 11, 2016
    Google Graphic Shows The MSM ‘Fake News’ Strategy was Used To Short-Circuit PIZZAGATE Scandal A story first found @

  38. Pedophilia is Central to Illuminati Agenda December 10, 2016 The promotion of pedophilia is prime evidence society is being inducted into the Illuminati (Masonic Jewish) satanic cult. Pizzagate is just the latest sign that pedophilia is practised
    by this satanic cult that is devoted to degrading and enslaving humanity.
    Sex Ed programs adopted by public schools
    are designed to prepare children for sexual exploitation which is satanic ritual abuse.

  39. Pizza Gate Exposed in 14 Minutes (Code, Symbols, Death of Breitbart)

  40. There's a lot of conspiracy blogging about the Cabal intervention to stop Trump now at any cost.

    On balance of probability it's unlikely.The Public fury erupting would as likely rip their doors off. The nation would face Global acrimony with Russia /China and Brics distancing themselves. WW111 would crank right up. Then clear that the Cabal have seized power it invites a full on pre emptive. You don't get to do a test run against the US.

    So fight over what what with nothing left? There are so many vast US bases the simple logistics of energy needed would turn America into a cinder bowl. But also the Japanese, Australian, Middle East and EU bases.

    What then of the Space weapons? From Laser to nuclear. Could the planet survive the Axis impact and resulting Tsunamis plus erupting geological faults.

    No one wishes or seeks this.
    Reality is Trump will take office. Unfortunately with Goldman's and Zios still in ascendency in the Fed and Treasury. He really needed to de louse. Cop out one!

    The rest we wait, but Zios still claw grope the money.

  41. TRUMP Is Coming Under A LOT Of Fire—A Time for Extreme Vigilance Trump and Inauguration Day The bottom line here is that something is brewing between now and Inauguration Day. The very fact that Donald Trump has taken so much heat from the MSM, Obama Administration, Clinton Campaign, DNC, Republican Party, Eurozone, London press, China, Hollywood, as well as countless insults from across the political spectrum — even after he was elected — shows how much they really fear him and his popular movement.Therefore, it’s critical to not be blind-sided by a 2016 or 2017 9/11-type event or quiet D.C. coup. The criminally insane cabal of psychopaths, who are running for cover from PIZZAGATE, are so desperate that they will do anything possible to hang onto power while Obama is still POTUS— A N Y T H I N G ! ! !
    In an effort to rain on Trump’s parade, the MSM and CIA have already floated the warning that ISIS has planned a terrorist attack on Washington, D.C.—on Inauguration Day!

  42. “To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.”-Sun Tzu -From the Tactical Dispositions chapter of the book, The Art of War

  43. Trump can not assume power and live in a bed containing the Clintons, Soros and Bush Tarantulas. Sorry, but this is a fight he cannot lose, or else! He has to sanitise the lot or face the consequences. He chose his baptism of fire, now it's time to do what he promised, clean out the trash. Never before has a President had so much support. He IS the people's choice, warts and all. The world will not accept a Clinton fix now,or any other creep they try to slip in.

    Reality, the SS now may have a hell of a job on, but now they truly are protecting the man the people mass voted in.

    Trump can't afford any more compromises. His role is clear. He promised!

    1. Let's hope so.

      He has to keep taking it to the People to neutralize the propaganda.

      Beyond that, he bides his time, unleashes Sessions, fires Comey/revamps FBI, gives the nod to the NYPD and cleans house. I would like a roundup and Nuremberg 2 (there are advantages! All the unelected types are just usurped power held illegally in actions of clear violations of the Peace), but I will settle for all-out Federal lawsuits, seizure of all assets under RICO, with full hit-up for Treason where warranted.

  44. With General Mattis as Secretary of Defense, Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor, General John Kelly as Secretary of Homeland Security, a top-of-class West Point graduate in Mike Pompeo brought in to take over and undoubtedly purge the CIA, and a lame duck struggle breaking out over the NSA with Admiral Mike Rogers, the implications are pretty obvious.

    The white hats we have needed within the national security and intelligence departments are responding from a select group within the Defense Department. This DoD surge appears to be why corporate interests are railing against “too many generals”. The DoD generals also appears to be why all of those interests -within all of those corrupted political intel institutions- are going nuts thinking about what lays ahead.

    Mounting evidence supports the ongoing thesis the Department of Defense has actually seceded from the political elites. A wonderfully patriotic soft coup has taken place; and with the election of President Donald Trump, the white hats are poised on the horizon to reconstruct a nationalist-minded defense, security and intelligence apparatus.
    This is the fundamental paradigm shift many have quietly discussed, yet few imagined possible. Elevate your thinking… I mean REALLY elevate. Now, Look closely:

  45. Fake news is the specialty of mainstream media

  46. It appears Jill, the shill for Hill, has been shut down at this point....

    Bill Still: Jill Stein Loses in Court

    1. Pity, a PA recount would have revealed endless DNC/Democrat shenanigans and driven more into our side of the divide...

  47. Hey Republicans,

    How many seats do you want to lose next time around? You pass the tax cuts or there will be hell to pay.

    Do you think the Al-Right, in all its flavors, isn't watching? You think you won't be held accountable? Your MSM has zero credibility with us. We believe nothing and no longer give a quantum of a damn about you. Fail to follow thru on Trump's tax plan and WE WILL REMEMBER.

  48. Tino

    Momentum is with all of you. As long as Trumps team stick to the core agenda he will be ok. Unleashing a full Nuremberg type trial against the Cabalistas and Zio racketeers would be well received and show credible intent. It would be followed by a huge vote of confidence.

    There has to be a huge cut in Agency and Military spending and meddling. Hegemony is over now. Less than 5% of the Global population can not rule the world or squander the energy resources on childlike living standards. Gas Polluting hobbies need to simply cease. Petrol heads are Dick heads!

    Trump and his team can not hesitate to clear out the trash, as promised.
    Epstein needs to be revisited. The Clinton Foundation needs an Inquiry. Take over the Fed. Get tough with Immigration.

    Stop all CIA crimes and jail those involved.

    Have a Congressional Inquiry into the Bush/Clinton Crime families.
    That will be a real Presidency in history.

    1. Is this info true below, if so it is setting the stage for a Nuremberg style trial:

      "A CIA source says that “Obama as the CEO of the Corporate United States, quietly joined the International Criminal Court In 2010. Ten years ago George W. Bush gave presidential immunity to the Bush/Clinton crime family. It is over on 31 December. On Jan. 1, 2017 they can be arrested and brought before the ICC."

    2. Nothing would please me, and countless others, more. And I, and many others, continue to be vociferous. Hopefully Trump won't fold.

      In related news, here are 11 reasons not to trust Brennan and the CIA. (As if anyone needed a reason not to trust the CIA... but it's strange times!)

  49. IMF chief Lagarde goes on trial in Paris on negligence charges

    International Monetary Fund head, Christine Lagarde, has appeared before court on Monday in Paris, facing negligence charges over allowing a handout of $425 billion to a French tycoon, while being the country’s finance minister in 2008.

    I'll put 10 bob on a whitewash...

    1. Just a nit... article claims $425 million handout....

  50. December 11 Saudi hits new oil output record in November amid OPEC cut talk Saudi Arabia boosted its oil production to a new record high in November, amid talks over a global deal to cut production, defying market expectations of lower output on slower summer domestic demand and refinery maintenance. The world’s top oil exporter told the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries it pumped 10.72 million barrels per day in November, an OPEC source said, an increase from 10.625 million bpd in October. Saudi Arabia has pledged to reduce its output to 10.058 million bpd as part of an OPEC cut deal reached on Nov. 30 to lower the group’s total production level to 32.5 million bpd. A Reuters survey estimated Saudi production in November at 10.45 million bpd due to reduced crude use in power plants for air-conditioning, and lower refiner processing. A Platts OPEC survey in November estimated Saudi oil production at 10.52 million bpd. OPEC and non-OPEC producers on Saturday reached their first deal since 2001 to curtail oil output jointly and ease a global glut after more than two years of low prices that overstretched many budgets and spurred unrest in some countries. OPEC has a long history of cheating on output quotas. The fact that Nigeria and Libya were exempt from the deal due to production-denting civil strife will further pressure OPEC leader Saudi Arabia to shoulder the bulk of supply reductions.


  51. December 12 Oil prices soar on global producer deal to cut crude output Oil prices shot to their highest levels since mid-2015 on Monday after OPEC and other producers reached their first deal since 2001 to jointly reduce output in order to rein in oversupply and prop up markets. U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude hit a July 2015 high of $54.51 a barrel. With the deal signed after almost a year of arguing within the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and mistrust in the willingness of non-OPEC Russia to participate, focus is switching to compliance of the agreement. AB Bernstein said the agreed deal "amounts to an aggregate supply cut of 1.76 million barrels per day (bpd) from 24 countries which currently produce 52.6 million bpd, or 54 percent of world oil supply." Bernstein said that "some of the non-OPEC supply cuts will come from natural decline, but most will come from self-imposed cuts." OPEC plans to slash output by 1.2 million bpd from Jan. 1, with top exporter Saudi Arabia cutting around 486,000 bpd in a bid to end overproduction that has dogged markets for two years. On Saturday, producers from outside OPEC agreed to reduce output by 558,000 bpd, short of the target of 600,000 bpd but still the largest contribution by non-OPEC ever. Nick Note: Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha a pigs ass they will cut without cheating. SELL, SELL, SELL. As you know I have been hoping and praying for $60 a barrel oil to SELL. This agreement is toilet paper. They will lie cheat and steal. It’s the Arab way. Insult intended. Come to think of it, you can add the Russians to the list of lying, cheating scum bags. What you say was little more than a bunch of scum bags sitting at a table lying to each other.

  52. Has John Key been Implicated in the #PizzaGate Child Sex Trafficking Ring?

  53. PIZZAGATE IS CHILD ABUSE. we ain't gonna take this sitting down!!! EDIT: I made this video before the fake shooting at Comet Ping Pong happened. To all who are watching, I only condone peaceful protests. Please be vocal! Please never ever back down!!!!! Hello all!
    This is Meegs and I am brand new to the Youtube truther community. I am probably the unlikliest person in the entire world to be protesting but I AM SO, SO, SO, SO, SO MAD about the Pizzagate scandal. This video is intended to be a CALL TO ARMS for us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please use this video any way you want! Share it with friends! Get the word out about Pizzagate and MOST IMPORTANTLY GET ANGRY ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTHING WILL CHANGE UNLESS WE CARE ABOUT THE ABUSE OF CHILDREN DEEP DOWN IN OUR HEARTS!!!!!!! Share with me how you plan to get the word out, if you can!! Share videos or pictures of fliers you've posted around town or something, or make a video with someone you've introduced all this information to, anything and everything we can do to show we care about this and are upset about it helps!!!!! Never stop caring and trying!!! Love and peace to you all, friends, and best of luck to you!!!!!!!!!! God bless!

  54. Who is Behind “Fake News”? Mainstream Media Use Fake Videos and Images By Prof Michel Chossudovsky Global Research, December 10, 2016

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. SNOWDEN COMPARES HIMSELF to General PETRAEUS By John M. Curtis December 4,2016

  57. There are no absolute definitive positions on the RVs or GS, but general opinion is that any move is unlikely now until after Trump takes over. Then how long does he need to settle in, and will he approve? No evidence, but probably March plus. But how big is the plus, and who pays?

  58. A cogent comment that explains just how delusional the MSM is in following its current path:

    It’s been my opinion that the alt-right basically started gaining traction as a thing as the progressive Social Justice Warriors began seeking to expand their influence into new areas, such as science fiction (see: the circumstances leading up to Sad/Rabid Puppies), video games (see: Gamergate), open-source software development (see: this post by Our Host), and even heavy-metal music (see: this description of “Metalgate”). Clearly, they’d like to see their brand of political correctness spread everywhere.

    “Always leave your opponent a line of retreat–unless you want a fight to the death.” The SJWs don’t want to leave any lines of retreat. Consequently, it seems inevitable that a group of people, drawing from some of the same groups reacting to the above developments, would decide to band together and proclaim, “If it’s war they want, then war they shall have!”

    The Alt-Right is not going to relent, and many WILL hold to their 'extremist' (read: natural) interpretation of the Constitution rather than let the current state of affairs continue without change. The MSM has over-played its hand.

  59. Michigan Recount -- Bad for Democrats, fraud everywhere

    People have known for years that Democrat-controlled Detroit has been rigging elections. During the Bush/Kerry election they had GOP poll watchers arrested and ran up 100 percent voter turnouts. It was so bad the Federal judges had to allow voter ID laws they had been blocking for years to take effect in Michigan.

    The Hillary/Jill recount didn’t help Hillary, but it has hurt the Democrats' reputations and may hurt them badly going forward. The count has been stopped but the state has now ordered an audit as to how 20 Democrat-controlled locations had a lot more Hillary votes than voters.

    We use drivers license scans now for a computer record poll book, so they know how many voted. The worst location had 300 Hillary votes cast by 50 voters.

  60. So much appreciate the "real news" from all of the OWON supporters and reporters

    How can we get all the newsworthy "links" to go live within each blog entry? You have to copy n paste in the browser on a PC and can't at all on the cell phone. Just don't want to miss the important stuff

    Thanks to all!


    1. Welcome Mak,

      Unfortunately Blogger comments requires special input by the poster to publish a link as live.

      For those interested in doing so, there is a tutorial how to post live links in comments:

      How to post links "live" in comments

    2. Understood Canauzzie - hopefully those with links just may comply
      Thank you

  61. John

    Can you please define the terms

    GS global settlements



    GCR global currency reset

    People need definitions so they do not get confused


  62. RV is revaluation of currencies. The others you have. It is too sensitive a time right now to define GCR. Also GS. Lets wait. It's a hornets nest.

  63. Series of videos (start with bottom one) with a map/play book of how Clinton Foundation works...all about oil and arms by way of regime changes and familiar characters.

    Where is Eric Braverman?

    1. YES, where the HELL IS ERIC BRAVERMAN????

    2. Thanks for these posts Texian. What an eye opener. Definitely one for the truth files. Good to know there are folks on top of this and put it all together so well.

    3. Biffie,
      You're welcome! Astounding to think this has been going on for so long with NOTHING to STOP it!

  64. And now in the Alt-Right, attention is beginning to focus on Graham, McConnell, and Ryan. Treason anyone? Align with Trump or else we will make sure you don't get re-elected. The sleeping Electorate is going wide-awake and the MSM does NOT control the narrative.

    1. Ryan has tried fence sitting, side switching, failed challenges, so right now may be facing survival mode. Political shapeshifters.

  65. Mainstream Media Ignores Largest Child Porn Bust in History
    Dec 14 2016

    One of the largest child sex abuse cases in modern history uncovered by Norwegian police has been shamelessly ignored and covered up by Western media outlets.

    The year-long investigation named “Operation Darkroom,” has so far resulted in the seizure of 150 terabytes of child porn involving young children and babies, with top politicians, lawyers and authorities implicated in the scandal.

    1. P

      This clearly is a Global problem.Child molestation and prostitution is an horrendous problem throughout Asia. Thailand has a vast child sex industry proliferated by the scum of the earth, with most tourists being sex tourists.
      Any Tourist caught using sex services in Thailand needs to go on an Interpol Red List, arrested and jailed on return.

      Muslims allowed in the UK have been grooming young girls as old at 12 for the sex trade, hooked on drugs. It's a filthy, vile trade and Pimps needs to do 25 years hard time when caught. Special jails, real work, forced if necessary, who cares what beatings such scum get. Force them to eat Pork daily, force fed.

      But clearly it is a growing Global worry. Unchecked. The scale of lost children is worrying. Ending up where? Man's inhumanity can be truly Soul sickening. Our propensity for depravity seems bottomless, ending as the final macabre sub being as a slimy Politician.

      The alternative media alone can lead the MSM to get off their arses, do some real reportig,and bust it. MSM rags are all full of copying each other's work. Alternative media's need to lead, and re shape opinions. As seen with Brexit and Trump exit. Opinion re shaping.

      You are read, your voices carry and resonate. We try, or die doing nothing.

    2. John, Thank you for your words. Nothing is unseen, nor forgotten. It is true our world and much money has been made on the backs of these so very young children, with no care for their well being. Just how much cash can be made before they cease to exist from the abuse or to old and used to be useful. An accounting number is often the only remaining vestige of a child.

      For we as a people to move forward as a global race and accepted into the galactic community such practices must see light of day and come to an end. A new beginning for those still existing that leads to healing and betterment of life, while those who would once be brought into the sex trade or satanic rituals now can go onto a "good" life.

  66. A definition of antisemitism

    Valdi: "“To determine the true rulers of any society, all you must do is ask yourself this question: who is it that I am not permitted to criticise? " Kevin Strom; often mistakenly attributed to Voltaire.

    In the interest of universal equality, should we not now apply the same criteria to slurs against any nation, religion, ethnic group or social collective?

    1. Valdi is an important point that leads us down the road to meta cognition which we sorely need. I think anyone who ascribes to common sense would advocate social decency but not this rules based correctness that prevents discussion and calling out anti social behaviour. When we have this freedom to criticize others or a group its inherent to also tolerate others of difference too.

      So with that, check this out from Oxford. Snowflakes melting alert. We have entered the realm of the absurd. A more pernicious trend hides in this development: a manufacture of a universal language devoid of soul, a newspeak. Doubleplus bad!

      Oxford University Joins The List Of Liberal Institutions Urging "Gender Neutral Pronouns"

      The University of Oxford has joined many other bastions of liberalism in the U.S. who, in an effort to endlessly cater to our overly sensitive millennials, have urged students to ditch gender-based pronouns like "he" and "she" for the gender-neutral alternative "ze." Per EAG News, Oxford's behavior code states that inadvertently using the wrong pronoun for someone is technically "considered an offense" while British gay rights activist Peter Tatchell said that giving people the gender-neutral "ze" option is just a "thoughtful, considerate move."

      AJ: on this I think Tatchell can go and get stuffed, even though equality at law is a good thing, on this he's over the top.

    2. I saw that, AJ, and I shall continue to use the pronouns "he" and "she". Nature creates male and female. According to Genesis, God created men and women. He did not create trannies with fake tits and dicks or bull dykes with strap-ons and mastectomies. If a "ze" has balls and a dick, he can use the men's toilet; and if "ze" has tits and a pussy, she can use the women's toilet. I see no reason why the majority of men and women who are comfortable with the gender assigned to them by nature should bend over backwards (excuse the expression) to accommodate the demands of the rainbow coalition.

    3. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

    4. Now I suspect the guys with man boobs are really confused.

    5. Well said Valdi. I am getting tired of hearing of the individual, separated, and special treatment expected if you decide you have a physical trend.

  67. Trump needs to get out in front of this as these slime buckets will stop at nothing to steal this .

    By: alexmark

    Thirty additional members of the Electoral College signed their names to a letter Tuesday demanding an intelligence briefing prior to casting their votes for president Dec. 19.

    Read more:

  68. Stomach-turning video by Anonymous:

    Anonymous - Message to the Complacent Masses #OpPedohunt #OpPizzagate 18:08

    Valdi: The American public is the most heavily armed population in living memory, yet it does nothing to defend itself against pure evil. Where were the counter coups to The Federal Reserve Act, the assassinations of President Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Lennon and countless others; the Patriot Act, the NDAA and 911? Where were the protests against all the illegal wars, Wall Street crimes; the CIA abductions, torture, trauma-based mind control, covert experiments on the public; false flags and militarisation of the police? What happened to their conscience? What happened to their souls?

  69. If *anyone* wonders why there is an Alt-Right and another large contingent that is [finally] mobilizing, this paragraph, courtesy of Vox Day, should terrify those who have tried the manipulations, for this is a fully spontaneous "mad as hell and not taking it anymore" movement. And since its aims are restorative in a fundamental sense, 70 years worth of crap is going to unravel:

    The public schools can no longer educate, so people are turning to homeschooling. The universities can no longer provide liberal arts educations, so people are becoming technology-assisted autodidacts. The banks no longer loan, the state and local governments no longer provide basic public services, the military does not defend the borders, the newspapers no longer provide news, the television networks no longer entertain, and the corporations are increasingly unable to provide employment...

    At what point did you think, to borrow and invert a phrase of a great Roman, that we would prefer a just war to a bad peace? Oh, and back of the envelope calculation suggest the doubling time on the new movement is probably on the order of 9 months... Imagine the implication for the mid-Term elections?

  70. And they remain mystified that neither We, The People nor the President-elect need them [MSM].

    “We struggled to find voices that could advocate for Donald Trump’s ideas,” said James Bennet, the Times’ editorial-page editor. “It was really unusual. It didn’t help that the conservative intelligentsia lined up against him.” But Bennet says Trump’s campaign contributed to the imbalance: “He didn’t have the people around him who were prepared to put together his arguments” for publication.


    "Hello and welcome to what was supposed to be a website about gathering & sharing information regarding Julian Assange's disappearance. This site was plagued with many problems that prevented it from ever launching to meet its true potential. However, its purpose has now changed, given the recent actions by the Obama Administration, Democratic Party and the CIA creating and spreading a very false narrative of Russian interference in the US Election process with absolutely no evidence to back up its claims as well as the overwhelming evidence that points to their involvement in the capture, detainment or death of Julian Assange the time has now come to expose the truth. On December 15th at 6:30PM 15,000 John Podesta emails never before released to the public as well as the passwords to two of the Wikileaks Insurance Files will be published here for download."

  72. VIDEO: Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Introduces Legislation to Stop Arming Terrorists

    Valdi: Tulsi Gabbard should be offered a position in the Trump administration.

  73. South Korean President Forced To Step Down When People Find Out She is Involved In Satanic Rituals
    12 8 2016

    According to LivingResistance, South Korean people are up in arms, after finding out the President is part of a satanic cult and is divulging top secret information to her lover, in exchange for favors and money.

    1. These satanists are into sadism, necrophilia and bestiality. I think they're flogging a dead horse.

  74. OK, for Tony Concorde and both sites.
    Read into what I am NOT saying!

    Yes Tony will be there, and hopefully between February and March you MAY see why.
    Having said, NOTHING, do you understand?

    1. Thank you, John. Posted at WHA for Concord and all. We wish you the very best of success on all you are working on.

    2. Ok,

      Now if Trump and his Advisors, want Credit for Settlements for HIS group legacy, and not the Kenyan, his Muslim entourage and Commie Trolls? Timing. Assume, a lot is already in position, but now positioning? Look from above at the board and system being gamed. His legacy, a failed attempt at unisex toilets? Syria a disaster, ass whipped by the Russians. Immigration a disaster. The economy a disaster. Trade deals sterile. Unemployment devastating. Government spending and debt out of control. Beltway corruption endemic. The legacy of a failed small time Commie Union Organiser. So bad he even makes Carter look good.

      What IF, real progress is happening with the new team?

      Huge synergy is visible. Trump is free of Bush and Clinton. Also Soros free and Fed free. Imagine the consternation now behind the scenes as the Diaper Viper loses the gaming board? From Hero to Zero!

      So this new team are not long time experienced Beltway game players.
      They did what? Can new thinkers, Patriots, do worse? How do you cleanse the top if not sanitising it? There are many issues here being resolved. And positioned. The world is a stage.

    3. We still have to make it through the 19th.

      And then to Inauguration.

      The next 34 days are critical.

    4. JV

      Our hopes are with you, and support.
      You have all come too far now to have it stolen from you.
      This time the world is with you. No one will accept a Cabal scam now. The world supports you.

  75. EXCLUSIVE: Ex-British ambassador who is now a WikiLeaks operative claims Russia did NOT provide Clinton emails - they were handed over to him at a D.C. park by an intermediary for 'disgusted' Democratic whistleblowers

  76. Watch the gold prices as the US loses control. $45 market spreads today and rising. As the US slaps in an increase on interest rates,it strengthens the dollar and recipients buying power, so they buy gold. Worth watching.

  77. Comey has confirmed to Trump that the Russians did NOT influence the US Elections, and it is alleged Clapper has agreed.

    YOU, the American people influenced the Election. You voted NO to Clinton, and YES to Trump. GOD BLESS YOU ALL! YOU did it, It's called Democracy, and the Democrats hate it. You WON!

    1. Well, well, well... Comey to the rescue... that's very interesting... throwing in with the newly ascendant God-Emperor? (It's what some call Trump tongue-in-cheek, the honeymoon will end soon enough...)

    2. And... the FBI flips... Again! Now WorldNetDaily is reporting Comey agrees with the CIA assessment. (link) Clearly there's a load of horse manure over at the FBI in the upper echelon. We can only hope that top political appointees all get the shaft once Trump moves in on Pennsylvania Ave.

  78. Replies
    1. Wow, in your face control, and of course, starting with the children and once again, in California.

    2. Perhaps we can get them to secede? I'm serious... let's just lose them. They are completely "converged" as the Alt-Right says, which means without the rest of the Country they will completely implode.

  79. John

    Why, after all these years of no FED rate hike

    Is the FED now raising the rate?

    1. It needs to get control of the money supply.
      Retirees and Investors need a return on their savings and the Fed needs to make a Buck.

    2. We don't want "The Fed." End the FED! We want our own money. Why should we have to pay interest every time the FED creates digits on a screen out of thin air???

  80. And the Atlantic Magazine gets SHUT OUT of the White House...

  81. From Paul Joseph Watson
    2 hrs ago

    AP called up 330 Republican electors. Just ONE said he wouldn't vote Trump.

    The meltdown on Monday when Hillbots fail yet AGAIN to sabotage a democratic election is going to be enjoyable. :-D
    The Associated Press Found Just ONE Republican Elector Who Won't Vote For Trump on Monday » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

  82. Power only works when it holds the moral high ground. This is an exploitable weakness in both Republican and Democrat narratives right now. The Democrats are severely damaged as every narrative gets exploded. With the recounts showing just how widespread the Hillary count corruption was, the collateral damage is the collapse of the 'she won the popular vote' narrative. And since she cheated.... Russians right? Compound the cheating with a bigger lie. So the Democrats are in ruins and will remain so thru mid-terms. But the Republicans aren't immune -- they distanced themselves and then had to be brought kicking and screaming to support the candidate that walked all over them. No loyalty. Bad, bad, optics and actions, and the same Repubs are now doubling down hedging their Trump support. Bad compounded by stupid. With both sides currently out-of-moral-favor, any power they wield is now suspect among us.

    What do you think will happen as the Truth side, as evidenced by OWoN and White Hats et al, gets more and more injected. What if, into this mix, Trump makes some clear statements of where the corruption actually resides? What kind of groundswell could be achieved?

    Timing is everything.

  83. THere is no moral high ground when both parties are owned by the banksters.

    1. But both sides lost the vote because YOU moved the game play and Voted for Trump. He owes no one- but YOU.

      You changed everything. We are all helping change consciousness. It's Global not just America. The rot is the rot at the Top. People are awakening.

    2. @Writeously

      You make my point for me. They, the Usual Suspects, could get away with it only so long as they made it all look "like the right thing to do". With trust at zero... banks will slide into the cross-hairs soon enough.

      The full man-in-the-middle attack of the banks on cash and individuals, is going to take surprising turns as folks awaken. The idiocy in India is already waking up people over here to the threat.

    3. Banking will totally change as we knock the Rotts out of Central Banks.
      We must remove all Derivatives gambling from Banks, and rebuild nations via Community Banking.

      As the failing EU comes apart, the Fed tentacles will get dissected. US Banking control will go as nations back away. Iceland threw out the US and IMF. Look how sound it is now. No bank debts. Two fingers to the lot.

      The US must take control of the Fed and cancel Rotts debts. In fact the US needs to seek recovery of Trillions syphoned off by the Rotts and Rocks, and go after the Bushes and Cheney for Govt skim offs via rigged sole supply status contracts. Cheney and the Bushes need to be jailed. Bush 41 as a Traitor, 43 and a War Criminal, and Cheney as a crook. Bush 41 deserves the Chair to prepare him for Hell where he belongs!

  84. Here's something to chew on if, like me, you were undecided about the flat earth debate. Turns out it was all pie-in-the-sky:

    A meaty-oric rise: Pastry enthusiasts launch a PIE into space to celebrate the start of the world eating championships

    The curvature of the earth is plainly visible. Don't give me any of that "it was a fish-eye lens" nonsense.

    1. Valdi I've always thought that the flat earth bizzo was a psyop to make *enthusiastic* citizen reporters look like ijots. On my roku youtube app I see contemporary vids on FE still. I think the whole point of western ed was/is to remove the ability to think!

    2. Valdi and AJ

      I flew Concorde in seat row 1 enough times to see Sunsets, Sunrise and the curvature clearly to tell you, 10,000% for SURE the earth is round, and all Flat Earthers really need to get out more and keep taking the Meds!

    3. For those who do consider FE to be viable, I'll point out that there is enough everyday physics on the surface of the earth to prove its rotating spherical nature. The colour of the sky at sunrise/sunset vs the day (also photos from Mars that show the same), the formation of tornados, and the very telling economic fact that the routes that aircraft fly appear as curves on our flat maps, because on a sphere these are the shortest and cheapest routes, not straight lines. On a sphere these curves are straight. For some reason everything seems to spin in the universe, from subatomic particles right up to galaxies. Angular momentum is a stabilising force - play with a top for 5 seconds to see. I could go on but won't bore you :)

  85. City Of Seattle Dumps Wells Fargo Over Investment In Dakota Access Pipeline
    December 16, 2016

    “After the ‘call to action’ by Sarandon, thousands – if not hundreds of thousands – of activists pulled their money from the 17 big banks which are invested in the pipeline and shared footage of themselves doing so on social media. Critics said the act would do nothing to propel change, but how wrong they were. Yesterday, Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant introduced legislation urging Mayor Ed Murray to cut ties with Wells Fargo due to its investment in the DAPL.”

  86. p: Interesting video as it includes Romney's part in buying businesses with Bush dirty money and breaking them up for clean cash.

    Gary Larrabee -- Kent Dunn Report: Romney's, Clinton's, Bush's Part of Pedophile Ring, Will be Arrested
    12/15/2016 07:59:00

  87. Good video summary to bring people up to date with Clinton Foundation involvement in the Middle East wars:

    Day 53 - Where is Eric Braverman? (16:23)

    1. An eye opener. One for the true history file.

  88. EMERGENCY BROADCAST! Hillary Clinton to Overthrow the Election
    Published on Dec 15, 2016

    In today's video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports in this Emergency message that Hillary Clinton plans to overthrow the U.S Election.

  89. p: What is missed is that the issues related to this anomaly are relatively recent. Unlike places like the Bermuda Triangle that have a long known history of a place to be avoided.

    Human Resonance: Magnetic Basalt of the Baltic Sea Object
    Published on Jun 5, 2015

    The Baltic Sea object is an Atlantean 'firestone' monument dedicated to Jupiter, the One, cast in titanium-loaded magnetic basalt geopolymer exhibiting strong EM vortex effects.

  90. Once that Muslim Commie disaster leaves the WH,preferably with a mop and bucket in his hand training for the next job to suit his talents,the Trump team then have the God Almighty task of dismantling the Muslim Brotherhood trash links permeating right through the WH, curtailing the Muslim commies links all over the Middle East,investigating the Clinton Foundations backhander sources from the Middle East,
    and, working with Putin and the UK, re boring a new Ass in anything resembling a Raghead ISIS or Taliban son of a mother goat bringing insurrection to planet earth.

    The mad Wookie gave them life.Time to go take it back.

    Re writing a new history means taking out the trash he brought in. Is it possible to photograph a garbage disposal vehicle at the WH on the day he leaves office? Of such pics, legends are born.

    1. Along with photographs of several pest control companies....

  91. For Tony

    Imagine the impact of a power surge in the new cafe? A 500% in suction increase? Poor Slick Willie as his cigar gets sucked down his throat as he and his kind go into apoplectic colonics and the Nuts follow? Funny thing technology it always breaks down or gets cross wired. Imagine a cafe full of them when the system goes haywire.

    It will be mainly Muslims, way to go! Poetic Thrustice! Perfect way for Muslim population control. A whole new recycling concept.

    Right Mr Spock bypass Warp Drive re engage Wookie Thrust we have 10,000 of them connected. Engage shields. We will be passing through a Tachyon Nutt Field.

    Unleash Aurataya,Gonad Slayer.

    1. Haha...power surge? That could be a selling point. I predict lines around the block. Fake beards and dark glasses in full regalia. lol

  92. OMG John, you have just had me in absolute fits of laughter. You are in one of your wicked moods this evening I see. Your comment was so funny to read, I'm still giggling. I had a feeling you would share a comment re the cafe Tony mentioned. You are correct too, I would most certainly have some fun being the one in control of the power switch in that establishment.

    Not sure what's happening with the comment reply icon, am not able to reply directly to your comment for some reason.

    Hope you enjoy a magnificent day John. You too Canauzzie if you catch this message.

  93. Discernment and the ability to think is important for the alt-media readers too. How many times have I heard people repeat that acidic foods are bad for you because your blood needs to be alkakine? Too many times. And all because the information comes from an alt-media blog. Finally setting the record straight on this pesky alkaline diet myth:

    Lemon Juice: Acidic or Alkaline, and Does It Matter?

    Zap, flat earthers, birthers, elders, dracos, nesara, gcr, nibiru, the real republic, vaccines.. etc etc. It all needs real thought and thinking beneath the veneer to sort it. If OWoN and WHA have taught me anything it is that. Doesn't mean I'm right in my own conclusions (eg my obama double agent suspicions may be totally wrong) but at least I don't take things as they are given any more. This is the missing element of education we must fix.

    1. AJ,
      Very interesting article! We don't follow alkaline "diet" although our drinking water is prepared to keep our ph at 7.5 or higher. We have to start with heavily filtered water here since fluoride is added to water supply (yuk). To 2 quarts filtered water, add 1 sliced lemon or lime, 1/2 sliced cucumber, few mint leaves and 2 teaspoons pure baking soda. Let sit in refrigerator couple hours. We've been following this regimen for several years and it keeps ph alkaline. Many claim cancer won't grow in alkaline environment so I see it as a good preventative since our environment is full of cancer causing toxins and chemicals.

    2. Texian according to this you might be contributing to farting problems with that recipe:
      "In the presence of water, citric acid [C6H8O7] and sodium bicarbonate [NaHCO3] (aka baking soda) react to form sodium citrate [Na3C6H5O7], water, and carbon dioxide [CO2]. To keep the workers safe, chemical engineers must control the reaction temperature and pressure so no explosions occur."

      From a biochemical point of view though I'd let you know a couple of things. The salt you're drinking contains a lot of sodium and will put a lot of load on your kidneys, as well as upset the water balance between your blood and tissue cells, as sodium is one of the body's main water regulators across cell walls. Also hardens arteries. But importantly for you it is producing CO2. When dissolved in water this is H2CO3 ie an acid. Generally your lungs will clear that acidity though by increasing your breath rate (blows off excess CO2 in the blood). Im scratching my head to understand how your recipe produces alkaline water. Do you measure it with a dipstick?

      If you really want alkaline water just take out the lemon and lime juice and no salt or CO2 will be produced but that introduces new problems. Your gall bladder releases its bile when it detects acid in the duodenum (this is good!), eg after eating and your stomach contents pass through that region. Gall stones form by sluggish bile in the gall bladder. So I sometimes drink a squeeze of lemon juice in a glass of water in the morning to flush the gall bladder as a preventative against gall stones.

      Aspect #2 is by eating only bicarb you're directly neutralizing the stomach's acid, the cells will have to go into overdrive to get the pH low enough to digest your food properly.

      So I think the recipe introduces excess salt and acidity and at the same time does nothing to produce an anti cancer environment. Sorry to say that an alkaline environment is impossible to produce in the body anyway (as the article says) so whoever came up with that gem needs to get a proper biochemistry and physiology degree. If you're preventing cancer, lots of green leafy veges + fibre, no smoking, and low stress is all you can do.

      (I have a lot of respect for well-meaning natural therapists but they need proper physiology credentials.)

    3. AJ,
      Re 1st paragraph: LOL πŸ˜‚ Haven't noted the problem.

      The water creates an alkaline condition in body. Saliva is tested with test strips from drugstore. Reading hovers between 7.5-8.0.

      Recently ordered the Keshe plasma water unit to try. There's a demonstration video online. We'll see how that does. We also do the vege and fiber thing, no smoking...low stress these days is almost impossible! Have you heard of this product (below) before?

      "The Magravs Energizer & Alkalizer cylinder alkalinizes water through the interaction of the magnetic and gravitational fields naturally present in the environment.
      The Magravs Energizer & Alkalizer is the world's first portable system that alkalizes water without getting into contact with it and without ever deteriorating. It doesn't have filters or spare parts. It also doesn't have batteries or other reagents.
      2 liter capacity.
      A non-openable glass-sealed cylinder containing the Magravs is at the center of the container. Water only gets in contact with the external part of the glass cylinder containing Magravs. The carafe is made of Bohemian crystal and the cylinder works equally well with other types of glass or plastic containers.
      Drinking water alkalized in this way allows our body to become basic (the opposite of acidic) and hence able to absorb more oxygen and brings many other health benefits. Just after a day of drinking this water, it begins to bring wellness and energy to the body."

    4. Texian & AJ,

      That's a very interesting conversation you are both sharing there. Thanks so much for sharing what you both have on this subject. I love reading about any information related to health and pH is a good one.

      Off topic here but wanted to share this with you. Have either of you tried liquid or powdered Zeolite. It's amazing stuff. Knocks you around for a few days when first commencing it until you detox but after about 4 to 8 days, depending on the level of detox needed, you will feel utterly amazing. You will have so much energy and feel incredibly vitalized. This is one product that is always in my home. Great stuff.

    5. Yeah Im interested in the keshe stuff. But if theyre selling its benefits on alkalizing the blood via water then its BS. However if water was alkalized then it would be a solution of hydroxyl ions and protons (HO- and H+). If that is what the keshe magnetic fields do that would be intetesting and I have no idea of any benefits of drinking a solution of OH- / H+ ions. Any other biochemists on this forum?

      Check out Dr Emoto's experiments on water and how consciousness effects how the H2O molecules organise themselves. Its the frequency of the intent that does it. Regardless Texian I wouldn't like to meet you in acdark alley - I reckon you're well fit and able to bust my ass and brain in your tight cowgirl jeans and magic lasso.

      Aurataya Zeolyte? Ok. Thanks for the heads up. Sounds like a gonad bot power drink so if I ever visit London's cafes I'll grab some.

    6. OMG Andrew, you and John and cracking me up completely with your cheekiness and brilliant sense of humour. LOL

      You do realize that the pair of you have completely ruined any chance I had of attracting a new male partner now don't you? Do you think there would be anyone now brave enough to go anywhere near a woman known as the Gonad Slayer. Heck, maybe I'll have to turn butch and bat for the other team now that you naughty boys have destroyed my reputation. HAHAHAHA. Thanks for the giggles guys.

    7. Be very careful with Zeolite. Certain brands come with their own heavy metals included. Ask for the lab test results and if the company says no, then don't get that brand. There are many other things that detox the body quite well without possible heavy metals included. Been studying 'back to nature' health for over 40 years. Learned a few things. lol

    8. Aurataya,
      Thanks for info on Zeolite. It sounds almost like magic in the article I read on it. I'll have to do more research.

      Thanks for the caution. As with everything, there are pitfalls. Some people take food grade diatomaceous earth that can cause serious problems also. I love essential oils and use them extensively...but not the ones from grocery store. Same situation with testing. If you can't get GC/MS test results on that batch of oil, don't buy it or use it because it's probably not pure, unadulterated.

      I'm still laughing! As Urquhart says, "You might very well think that; I couldn't possibly comment."

      We are under constant attack from chemtrails, fluoride, GMOs and I would not be surprised if we're being sprayed with viruses. We can't even get true labeling of food contents here...even correct labeling of fresh produce.

      Thanks for your explanations of the bio/chemical processes. That is definitely not my field of expertise...if anything is. I know a little about a lot of things. Just enough to be dangerous! A grandchild is pre-med at Notre Dame now so I may have a close source for discussion in next few years. πŸ˜‰

      This Alkalizer/Energizer might be all hokum, but we're giving it a try. If it works, it'll be easier than what we're doing now. Here's the video explaining it...

      Magrav Alkalinizer

    9. Tex re your comment: "I would not be surprised if we're being sprayed with viruses.":

      Genes for Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Are Found in Beijing Smog

      Now scientists have found the genes that make bacteria resistant to antibiotics in polluted air in Beijing, China. [1]

      From 1 day ago at

      This doesn't necessarily mean actual genetic material is floating around. They would have used a technique such as PCR to amplify targeted sequences after extraction from cells etc, so it points to antibiotic resistant bacteria in the atmosphere.

  94. I don't have a high opinion of Barrack Obama but I like his brother, Malik:

    Now that my brother's term is ending I am free to declare my support for Donald J. Trump President-elect of the U.S.A.

    He even has a photo of a shaved pussy on Twitter (not his bro).

  95. Replies
    1. Tino if they play around intersecting oscillating magnetic fields they will get somewhere.

    Published on Dec 17, 2016

    The Conservative Tribune reports, In Gaston County, North Carolina, a man called the local Walmart, spoke to the manager, and stated that he wanted some help picking out toys for kids for the holidays. Michael McDaniel, the general manager, was more than happy to help — until he heard that the man wanted to buy $30,000 worth of gifts.

  97. BREAKING: At Least 14 US Coalition Military Officers Captured by Syrian Special Forces in East Aleppo Bunker

    “Thanks to information received, Syrian authorities discovered the headquarters of high ranking western/NATO officers in the basement of an area in East Aleppo and have captured them alive. Some names have already been given to Syrian journalists, myself included. The nationalities are US, French, British, German, Israeli, Turkish, Saudi, Moroccan, Qatari etc. In light of their nationalities and their rank, I assure you that the Syrian government have a very important catch, which should enable them to direct negotiations with the countries that have tried to destroy them.”

    1. The most effective, moral, and Globally responsible thing they can do, is expose each on worldwide TV, then hanh the lot on Global TV as a full on show that Cablacorrupon stinks and deserves only one outcome, Name, shame , blame and Hang the Bastards! No mercy!How many died because of them? Dead terrorists,don't terrorise again! Their rotting corpses hanging for a month with names and nations shown, will shame the countries behind it all. It's the only way our Public Morons will wake up asking, what us?

  98. A podcast by Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show, posted by Jim Stone:

    Obama’s Shipping Troops Out of the Country Prior to a Coup Against Trump

    Trump Is Clearly Preparing for Civil War

    The puppet Obama is pushing us towards World War 3. Instead of the Peace Prize he should have been awarded the Piece of Shit Prize.

  99. Astronomers Try To Explain Mysterious ‘Photon Belt’

    "Using data from Voyager, we have discovered a strong magnetic field just outside the solar system,” explained Merav Opher, a NASA Heliophysics Guest Investigator from George Mason University. “This magnetic field holds the interstellar cloud together [“The Fluff”] and solves the long-standing puzzle of how it can exist at all.”

    The Fluff is much more strongly magnetized than anyone had previously suspected,” Opher said. “This magnetic field can provide the extra pressure required to resist destruction.”

    AJ: what galactic channelled information has said for about 3 decades now our scientists are starting to prove. The 'photon belt' is a region of space that our solar system enters regularly that effects our sun's magnetic field, therefore also Earth's and therefore also our DNA. As such these are intense periods of evolution opportunity, and at this time, ascension. A fancy word for escaping the duality inherent in the 3rd dimension consciousness and realisation of the unity of everything as per 5th dimensional consciousness.

    So no need for taxes on carbon. Our climate is changing from quite natural, though extraordinary, causes. This is why I don't discount channelled information. Some is incredibly useful.

  100. John; A simple way to stabilize and bring sanity to the US situation and splat the Cold Warriors might be to connect and co with Glen Greenwald, into The Guardian. Maybe have The Hill or similar participate. If the papers would wade in. The Guardian, as a TRUST would provide a platform for the participants to be engaged. If wikileaks and either of the above two parties can be an alternative to “the Russkies” it could be discussed and debated. A total news ban/fake news classification might not hold up Or might the act be seen as meddling?…Alex Jones and some of Pieczenik’s stuff is a little out there for me, but that is not the issue here. If a viable platform is presented, other media could not ignore. Tough medicine, but certainly required given the situation options and stakes. Let the chips fall where they may. And throw the Guardian a bone out of your pile o’

  101. CB

    1. Most people are not sophisticated thinkers. Which is why a crock of shit like the Bushes rode supreme.
    2. The Media is all Jews News. The will not rock their feed boat.
    3. Truth v Stupid. Seen now often Stupid wins?
    4. As the millions were crammed into the trucks and trains in WW11, finally it started to sink in. As it will if the FEMA camps do open for processing.
    5. NWO, whichever way it breaks, will be heartless and ruthless for most. Horrific.

    Who cares? Too few. Who will survive, will it be you?
    We don't have a planned society,or a society which cares. Indifference rules. People?
    We have a long way to go.

    1. John,
      IMO, it goes well beyond people not being sophisticated thinkers. Many don't think at all...just accept what's being spewed on media. For example, Obozo has been all over media talking about how wonderful everything is now under his leadership last 8 years. By what measure? It's delusional! However, many people will accept that unless they have been impacted by the poor economy. It's a 'normalcy bias.'

    2. Cheery as always I see as we return, as they say, to regular programming. :)

      @Texian, the normalcy bias exists only in the MSM. The Trumpslide (WH AI nonwithstanding) would not have been possible if a good three-quarters of the electorate did not sense things are totally out of whack. The advantage of being an MD is you get to meet a big cross-section of the people. To a man, they are beside themselves with worry and pretty much know they have been lied too. It is the extent that they have cognitive confusion on -- they can't believe a multi-generational plot and a goal of NWO that wants 95% of them dead. But that is just a knowledge error. It's correctable.

      The Bush Cabal rode supreme because of 40 years of post-WW2 lies, deception, co-options, and every closeted form of chicanery/fraud imaginable. Did not Bush himself say what would happen if the American people knew the truth they would hang them from the nearest lamppost. The problem is and remains ignorance. The bell curve of IQ hasn't changed. Agreed, half by definition are stupid. So what? The issue is not a moral one, as one can be stupid and honest. It's a knowledge failure. In a hierarchical species, where time is a premium to survive, appeal to authority works only because we don't have time to check every fact. (And if I had a gold ounce for every false fact John wouldn't need the Elders!) Until this Election cycle, the majority accepted without question the utterances of the MSM. That is in wreckage now. The 98 million out of work are now asking questions. The NYT is going down. The WaPo is ignored. Twitter is about to lose out to Gab on momentum. Facebook is the next piece the Alt-Tech will gun for, and will be replaced in 5 years. One direct salvo of Truth by *trusted* authority* into this tinderbox that clearly states that there are nameable/shameable/treasonable responsible for the Middle Class collapse, and there won't be enough lampposts. Now may not be the time, but this idea that the NWO can still march their way in is no longer achievable. It will be resisted and hampered at every turn.

      Alex Jones for all his faults, has almost quadrupled viewership. And is set to double again. Which will put him, purely on volume, with major MSM outlets. This is a non-trivial number and it will have an effect. The idea that there are Powers That Be that want us all dead for a NWO plan is gaining traction. Given disintermediation... how long before we get a surge...?

  102. Tino

    A lot of key points.

    1. NWO is a multi national, Jesuit driven strategy, supported by CFR and the Trilaterals, with nations falling in line.
    2. NWO has major traction, and China will become a key Global power player.
    3.The US has only c340M people. As such, it can no longer dictate to an emerging 7 Billion.
    4. China and India each exceed 1 Billion. C6.5B will no longer accept 990 plus bases and Yanks Tanks. The US has lost the Middle East. The US has lost all goodwill in
    Asia. Parties post Vietnam, the Philippines, Afghanistan, Iran and Indonesia, who still think the US are revered in the third world need a serious colonic irrigation with jet fuel! Seriously dumb!

    Changes, IF they go forwards as is profiling,could well involve Chinese troops in a decade manning US Fema Camps, and if so, they will be utterly ruthless. No one even part gets how serious a US implosion could be if provoked. The entire cosmetic bubble has been build only on hype. Wall Street and Derivatives are illusions. Backed by nothing. Enforcement won't fund the post crash if it comes.

    The Banking Hymies will be gone, and with them, every last shekel syphoned out as running money.But to where?

    As Israel fills to overflowing and the Iranians come calling, remember us? As the missiles rain down. Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Iran and Russia have issues waiting and if that day comes, we will see what Special People look like when the Neutron waves hit.

    Right now, be assured, we ALL need to think as one and just be people. The religious quacks are disposable. Whose histories have killed more?

    The next weeks will be subjecting parties to a deluge of RV false dawns. Ignore it and wait. The hype is in full flight,with nothing yet in place to cope. No infrastructure.
    Childish talk. Usual guff!

    Yes there are talks, but so far, ALL TALK!

    The nation's need time to reconcile assets with releases. Also to cope with change.

    Trump is not even in office yet, and the Archie Bunker Broker fantasists seem to be unleashing a never ending series of Mongrel Mutts barking to random orders.

    That said, is it all doom and gloom? Of course not.
    With a key change in focal direction, a massive ramping down of Military excesses and boys with toys booted arse first out,reason can prevail, and nations can cooperate in nation building, technological progress, and re establishing a whole new concept of Community Value Banking serving needs and society, and enriching all by cooperation, not confrontation. Hegemony needs to go, and those who don't get it, need to get it!

    Mankind needs to be kind, kill confrontation and practice cooperation.
    Brexit and Trexit are good moves. We stand together, or confront as fools.
    With so much ability, why not use it?

    1. Thank you John! Extremely helpful and sobering.

      Let's hope it doesn't profile in the negative as indicated.

      I am surprised the Elite continue to make common cause on the NWO, but then I am not a sociopath. This planting the flag at Ultima Thule is not going to rebound in their favor.

      Thanks again for the enlightening answer.

  103. The Satanic Sexual Abuse Scandal That Rocked Ponchatoula, LA

  104. John, I wrote to your first reply hare then see your follow on thoughts.....1. As Tino says, 50% can think.
    2. The Arab Spring broke the party line control. More than just Facebook soccer moms want to know if this was a hack or a leak.
    3. The Truth Genie is out of the bottle. From distance healing, Kahn Academy, pay by phone rural water systems in Africa, The Office of International Treasury Control, to death and taxes, the www is the great equalizer.
    4. Good luck on sorting happy campers around here.
    5. Bullshit.
    We are here, but just can’t put the pieces together. The fog of war obscures the battle.

  105. PizzaGate Is A Giant Step For Investigative Journalism–Part IBy Yoichi ShimatsuNone None of those namby-pamby tactics, like speaking in code words derived from pizza terminology, have deterred the online anti-pedophile crusaders, so the idiotic clandestine-ops bosses had to stage a phony lone-gunman attack on Comet Ping Pong Pizza. The assailant turned out to be an unemployed movie actor-writer named Edgar Madisson Welch, who previously appeared in the horror movie “The Bleeding” and worked as go-fer for “A Tale about Bootlegging”. This pathetic a ploy is yet another waste of newsprint and taxpayers’ money.

    1. more from above------So where’s the fake news, if all other items garnered in Parts 1 and 2 of this review of Pizzagate are verified by reports from before the 2016 election campaign? The claim about fake news must be fake. Hillary, you and your intelligence lackeys are hopeless nitwits and pathetic liars. You’ve lost the recount and you’re starting to lose your mind, so why not just take Huma to Comet Ping Pong for some nice hot cheesy pizza? Mmmmm . . .

  106. Are The PizzaGate Pimps For The Global Elite Up To Snuff? Part II
    By Yoichi Shimatsu

  107. -------After combating American and European diplomats who predate on children in the poorest nations, including Cambodia and Myanmar, I am truly encouraged and even thrilled to witness the tidal wave of online outrage against high-level pedophiles and their pimps like the crew at Comet Ping Pong. A new sense of hope follows upon years of listening to the hypocrisy of fakers and falsifiers like Hillary Clinton who dares say that It Takes a Village to raise a child yet allows the village children to be abducted and raped by her closest associates.

    As a journalist and former editor, it is even more galling to see headlines like the one at The New York Times, “Pedophilia: A Disorder Not a Crime” or TIME’s “We Need to Make It Easier for Pedophiles to Seek Help”. When was the last time a pedophile recanted voluntarily when there’s not even a Pedophile Anonymous program like there is for alcoholics, you hopelessly deluded idiots? The fact is, that under the groupthink of a politically correct regime, cigarette smoking is punished more rigorously than the raping a child under 9 years of age.

  108. Pedo-Satanist Alfred Kinsey Behind Sexual Revolution & LGBTQ (UN & Rockefeller Foundation)


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