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IN THE NEWS | 20 November 2016

One World of Nations
20 November 2016

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OWON: Life is more to those who wish to learn.

The top doctor who swears he saw a glimpse of hell: No-nonsense anaesthetist dismissed patients who said they'd had out-of-body experiences until HE went under the knife


OWON: From the Mother of Parliaments, this poorly drafted Bill has sailed through opening the gates for a future repressive Government or Agencies to act with neither due process nor supervision. The UK now has the worst Snoopers Charter on the planet. It's a disgrace and a travesty of Justice. Be assured, the UK will now snoop worldwide and trade intel back to other repressive Agencies like the Cabal.

It's sad to see Britain railroaded into this by inept Governments. It's almost impossible to recover this now.

Other nations will follow.

'Extreme surveillance' becomes UK law with barely a whimper

Investigatory Powers Act legalises range of tools for snooping and hacking by the security services


  1. Important issues with a difference. These answer ethereal questions, but also show the Big Brother Horror Story unfolding unchecked.

  2. Great story from Dr. Parti. I love the ending, breaking the chain of beating his son and "career planning" his son's life.

    Thanks for bringing these articles to the site.

    1. Where the Ell is the L?

      Yes, it's a real experience by a qualified Medical Professional, yet another waking up to the true reality that Ethereal,Cosmic life is vibrant, alive and real. So, it's not "fashionable" to talk of such existences. Why not?

      Those who have experienced, know. They don't need to believe, they know. And once having experienced this, life is changed forever, And if more? How to deal with it and translate it into current living to make a difference.

      But keeping humour. Such as keeping the extra L in Cal Girl on this site.
      Understanding existence is step one. He then experienced the multi tier dimensional existences. Soul progression. But he also evidences his brush with Atonement. It's real. As with all life forms there is order. Hierarchies and reason. Retribution, but only if truly deserved. There is great compassion and tolerance.

      But it also brought your attention to commercial irrelevance. Real wealth, is knowledge and human compassion. The value of our families and being, what we need to start being, Soul Guides to our children or others by acts of kindness or caring. Just that touch of a Soul to one in need brings hope and reason to go on.

      It is why we need to defeat the Cabal,and the deep inherent true Evil of the Fed and its pernicious, Soul destroying Zionist overlords whose only end will be Atonement with Eternity being a very long time. Not religious, just fact.
      Seeing the defeat of the Clintons, and vile Bush racketeers, was illuminating as Americans rebelled. Someone woke up Davy Crocket and the Alamo was the voting booths. So many Patriots flocked in. It washed aside the rigging of Soros, the Agency and Bush. Be assured, when the Diaper Viper in Texas passes through, his own Judgment and retribution will be fearsome to even see. He has bought the ticket and deserves what will be. He won't Plea Bargain what awaits.

      Karma, for every decision, there is a consequence. But also such tolerance to limits. Existence is eternal, so what then? Perhaps each start, by thinking why- am I here?

  3. Good stuff, John.

    I really appreciate how you go into depth in your comments, particularly on karma, our purpose here and the journey following. I'm only 6 years into this discovery but better late than never.

    Cal L. Girl (How forgetful of me) Lol.

    1. For the L I was going to suggest a spanking but you make get to like it.


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