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  1. Trump To Ask Foreign Governments To Probe Clinton Foundation

    Sources close to the Trump transition team told the New York Post the new president will ask U.S. ambassadors to raise the Clinton Foundation’s financial transactions with foreign governments, and suggest they probe their financial dealings.

  2. If that's true, that's encouraging. He does appear to be going back a lot on some of his threats, jailng Hillary, reversing Obamacare, etc. Most disappointing is his decision to appoint Blackwater's Devos to Secretary of Education. She's got to be pure Cabal connect to that group. She's also pro-vouchers and charters which are just veiled segregation. I thought he would disband the department of Education since the States have the last say on that score. Seems like all the adversaries have made up from the election- don't think it's a good sign. Trump says the Clintons are good people- since when?

    1. Hi Joan, I don't believe he has given up on seeing her get prosecuted. There are other avenues for this. Also, not stirring certain waters before he gets sworn in may be why some comments are made.

    2. Trump very well may be planning to disband Dept of Education since he's said many times that needs to go back to the states. Exactly how are vouchers and charters 'veiled segregation?' They are the opposite! Why shouldn't parents have a choice of where they send their children to school or home school?

    3. It sounds like a good idea at first, but the people behind them simply want to be able to send their kids to supersegregated, expensive schools on the taxpayer dollar. Many charters can refuse any students they wish. So if you're average, or overweight, or anything you are out and because they're not public there isn't anything you can do. The vouchers will allow students to go to other private schools which will then raise tuition ( like the cost of healthcare is raised ) to exclude certain populations who can't afford the extra expense above the voucher amount. I'm not saying that public ed is faultless, it certainly isn't, but don't think the 1% give 2 hoots about anyone's education but their own. They don't even really care about education because their kids just walk into jobs. Remember, they are always pushing our buttons by claiming there will be justice or opportunity but there never is, they wouldn't support it if that were the case.

    4. Joan,
      That may be what you experienced in your area. It was a very successful 10 year experiment in our city funded by a philanthropic individual in a poverty stricken area of city. The students applied for the program and, if selected, signed a contract outlining what was expected of them to be able to continue. In addition, it was so successful the individual's foundation agreed to pay college tuition to community or state colleges as long as a B average was maintained. You're correct about admission. Private and charter schools are not going to put up with the gang bangers and other disciplinary problems and neither should the public schools. In our state, those problems end up in an 'alternative' school situation or juvenile detention where there are counselors trained to deal with it.

    5. The problem with vouchers is location. The school must be close enough, and safe transportation must be provided. Each county is unique.

      Privitization has created huge successes and huge failures. There is no ideological solution.

      This is why Trump's local focus makes sense. Vouchers work in some areas, but not in others. The solution needs to be locally based.

    6. Exactly why all education decisions must come back to local level. On the voucher experiment here, the parents had to provide the transportation to private or charter schools since the schools were...for most other areas of town. The parents arranged carpools or used city bus transport. Where there's a will, there's a way.

    7. Betsy DeVos is evil. I do not have the patience to explain why the "charter" experiments have had such mixed results, but let's begin with--many of the people running them do not have any idea what education actually should consist of....because they aren't particularly well educated themselves.

    8. Betsy DeVos is evil because she proposes vouchers and some charter schools? What?

  3. Canauzzie! The artwork with the phoenix rising is fabulous! Any hope you could post a 1920x1080 of that suitable for desktop backgrounds?


    1. Here is the basic background image. We added text, Capitol Building dome and formatted it for our site. If you wish to have our completed image as your desktop background let me know and we will generate it for you.


    2. Hi C!

      Yes, please. I was hoping for the whole Phoenix+DC combo....

      Thanks so very much.


    3. Tino,

      Let me know if this is suitable and you had no issues getting it. Right click on image and select "save image as". I can add more if you like or remove text.

      Phoenix with Capitol Building dome and text

    4. No issues at all! Installed just fine, as you can see here. Patience, slow server on a 5MB picture. Looks magnificent across 4 monitors!


    5. Tino,

      I had to crop the image to span it, use different text and different placement for Capitol Building. But if you use this in tile mode with all three monitors active it will span all three if 3x 1920x1080. I had to guess placement as my center monitor is 1920x1200. Let me know if it needs adjustments.

      Phoenix with Capitol Building dome and text 5760x1080

    6. Beyond the call of duty. Thank you. Will test it out in the morning.

    7. Tino,

      You will have to use the above link as a sample of what the image looks like. Where I am hosting them does not like the full image size. You will have to contact me through the contact section so I can email it or use alternative for full 5760x1080.

  4. There are two parallel universes here. In one universe negotiations are still ongoing with China and in the other universe China has already offered to back US currency with gold, but it will not be accepted by the Western elite for as long as they can as it would imply a loss of control.

    In one universe most of the corruption comes out of the USA and it is the USA which defines policies for other nations. In the other universe the headquarters of the New World Order are located more in Great Britain and the City of London than in any other place on Earth. In this latter universe it is the Royal Institute of Internal Affairs which created the European Union which it controls via the Institute of International & European Affairs and the Bank of International Settlements. Here control over the USA goes via Rupert's Land and the Hudson Bay Company and the City of London's Livery Companies which bankrupted the USA and took full control over its carcass aka corpse aka corporation.

    The great heroes of one universe are the greatest miscreants of the other universe. Be careful on which race horse you place your bets. Not all alliances show their presence, but a lack of visibility does not imply a lack of power. Real power often does not seek or desire visibility. All sides will portray themselves as charismatic, but not many are. Be aware of the Masonic checkerboard and realise that whilst you turn against the black and side with the white that the key according to Masonic (and Jesuit) tradition always has been to control both the black and the white by means of the grey. Being one step behind one's opponent is enough to lose every game every time. For those who do not play only the option of being played remains.

    Power has a history. The common language spoken by all does not happen as an accident. Neither is it an accident that Zurich is a financial centre of power as the House of Habsburg and the Roman Cult created their monopoly on lending by banning usury. Ancient Londinium aka the City of London became the new headquarters for the Venetian Empire and built Great Britain into what it is. New York's land is controlled by British royalty and it is not surprising that this is the centre of financial power (Wall Street). Those events all took place long ago, but the power remains.

    1. Look at the Global havoc they cause when we give them a presumption of control. New Global changes will be enforced via Eurasia and a new focus of power, but London will remain supreme as the Global banking City. It will outlast them all.

    2. Saturnalia, Tavistock is also in London, isn't it? I think that we all need to be very afraid as an ancient drama is about to be replayed.

  5. The new article out today raises many issues. But also, hope! Changes are coming, and if they need to be enforced, so be it. What a Downer for the LA Airheads. We give the Film Industry Muppets a scripted life of false illusions, next they presume to try to think of script lecturing others? Muppets! What a joke, you lost now choke. Every thinking American voted for change. Their RIGHT! Damned right!

  6. A Word To The Criminal Migrant

    Remind me again why destroying our own culture in the name of diversity and multiculturalism is a good thing?

  7. PIZZAGATE: The Whole Wicked Conspiracy Is Exposed

  8. The following transcript has been taken from the single most important video on the Internet today regarding PIZZAGATE. It has been prepared by listening to the following video: The Most Important Video Exposé on the Internet Today
    Prepared by SOTN Investigation Unit

  9. Published on Nov 27, 2016 Andrew Breitbart left an eerie message about John Podesta before he died: Podesta was the GATEKEEPER to a secret world the average person knows little about. It has to do with child trafficking among elite circles, and Hillary's "33,000" emails may be the tip of the iceberg into a massive crime syndicate.

    C. Ervana has discovered new Wikileaks from a "global intelligence" firm called Stratfor that unveil bizarre and disturbing details: that the firm is closely linked to Hillary and appears to be involved in trafficking. In several of the Stratfor emails there are key terms of "pizza" "hotdog" and "waitress." Like the Podesta emails, there appears to be a pattern to the language used in the Stratfor emails: it is encoded with key words and phrases. Based on research, "pizza" and "hotdog" may be street terms related to trafficking children, and "waitress" may be a street term related to trafficking women. In the Podesta emails, there is strong that "Pizza" is related to a child. This is disturbing for several reasons: Pope Francis was depicted at a "pizza party" for Tony Podesta; and 2 women were arrested in North Korea while reporting on human trafficking. A picture of these two women with a child was sent to Podesta, Huma Abedin, and others at the State Department. The file was entitled "pizza." We have seen the MSM and Snopes come out in recent day, defending the Clintons and accusing alternative media of being "fake news."

  10. by An anonymous citizen journalist researcher joins me to break shocking news about the astonishing number of children missing from the Virginia-Washington DC area. In light of #PizzaGate and what appears to be a child trafficking and pedophilia ring in the area, this researcher known as “Mark” wanted to see if there was a correlation of a large number of missing children in that area. What he found shocked him. ** Virginia is second only to California in total number of missing children.**

  11. Dear President Putin
    November 28, 2016 | Categories: Articles & Columns | Tags: | Print This Article Print This Article
    Valdimir Putin
    President of Russia
    28 November 2016
    Dear President Putin,Now that CIA agent Craig Timberg posing as a Washington Post reporter has blown my cover and exposed me as a Russian agent, I was wondering if I might ask you for a Russian passport and a bit of diplomatic cover, perhaps assistant press officer at the Russian embassy in Washington, until I can get out of the country. I saw that you gave a passport to Steven Seagal, so I am hopeful that being a Russian agent is as important as teaching martial arts to Russians.
    I don’t know what the pay scale for Russian agents is, but whatev

  12. The Pedofilic Meaning of “Pan Pizza” in the PIZZAGATE Scandal
    Posted on November 28, 2016 by State of the Nation

  13. BIG CONNECTION & POSSIBLE LEAD:How the Hampstead abuse scandal is linked to #PizzaGate

    "The Hampstead abuse scandal is basically the UK's version of #pizzagate but with testimonials from children and hard evidence (medical reports) that they had been a abused.The overlapping themes until now were satanism and a blatant cover ups by the media & legal system."

    Valdi: The investigator found a link between Ricky Dearman, the man accused of abusing the Hamstead children; Haiti, the Clintons and a cult headed by "Supreme Master" Ching Hai, "suspected of working for the CIA". The cult runs "‘Supreme Master Television’, a television station airing from 14 satellite platforms and reaching hundreds of millions of households around the world; and a global network of 'Loving Hut' vegan restaurants. Note that the restaurant two-heart logo is similar to one depicted as a symbol used by paedophiles who prefer young girls: Revealed: The symbols that paedophiles use to signal their sordid sexual preferences on social media

    According to Wikipaedia:

    "Supreme Master Ching Hai International is the corporate entity behind Guanyin Famen / Quan Yin Method. It is affiliated with World Peace Media, Oceans of Love Entertainment, Supreme Master Television, and several cable television series, all groups and businesses established by Ching Hai. Her organisation runs a string of vegetarian restaurants around the world, some of which sell her merchandise.

    In late 2008 Ching Hai launched a media campaign in Australia and New Zealand asking people to "Be Green, Go Veg, Save the Planet". Veganism, clean energy, and tree planting were promoted as a solution to climate change and pollution. The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association also made submissions to the Garnaut Climate Change Review advocating large cuts to livestock production.

    According to political scientist Patricia M. Thornton at the University of Oxford, the Ching Hai World Society's heavy reliance on the internet for text distribution, recruitment and information-sharing, marks the group as a transnational "cybersect."

    The source of wealth behind the group's charitable efforts and its media empire is a mystery, according to Thornton. Like the Qigong organisations that came to the fore in China in the 1980s and 1990s, Suma Ching Hai International adopted the structure of a business enterprise early on.

    Much of the media produced by Suma Ching Hai International is heavily self-referential and promotional, according to Thornton, and aims to "build a public record of recognition for group activities." In 1998 the organization staged a concert for donating to several prominent children's foundations in the U.S., while highlights of the event were captured in a coffee-table book. Ching Hai has had local authorities in various countries declare particular dates "Supreme Master Ching Hai Day."

  14. To all our US readers, be positive now is a time of hope and new thinking. It gives the Donald a real swansong in life. Also for all of you. Cabal and 7th Floor free, all is possible. The 7th floor has to go. How dare they! Restore real values. Put it back.


    Valdi: Pause and look at Hillary's eyes between 7:10 and 7:28. Do they look human to you?

    A comment of interest was mention in the Stratfor emails that Hillary killed Vince Foster and most likely Commerce Secretary Ron Brown in a plane crash (as her preferred method), under the subject heading of "Polish plane crash". Was that another one of her wetjobs to bring about a "regime change" in Poland?

    Also of interest was the comment in one of John Podesta's emails that non-violent ET's in a contiguous universe were willing to reveal free-energy technology but were not willing to tolerate any military violence on Earth or in space.

    We have been sold out by our governments and the MIC. Wasn't there enough blood shed in the last century?

  16. UN ruling to free WikiLeaks’ Assange to stand after British appeal rejected

    Valdi: A bit late, considering Julian Assange was removed from the embassy in a raid and is now either dead or incarcerated in some CIA location.

  17. Up to 4 London Underground stations evacuated due to ‘overcrowding’

    Valdi: Never heard of that happening before. Doesn't explain why Kings Cross was evacuated and TfL employees had to leave. Was this to foil a terrorist attack or set up a false-flag?


  19. PIZZAGATE is so BIG it will take down the U.S. Federal Government, as well as the World Shadow Government

    1. We hope so but under which Sheriff? Total US Justice is sold out.

  20. “Why isn’t the Drudge Report posting PIZZAGATE exposés?”

  21. Thanks A44L91 for keeping this story in the headlines. What kind of evil preys on innocent children in this way? SGT has posted more updates. Please watch the videos and read all the comments.


    1. This needs full MSM exposure. Truth?

    2. I came across this comment made last night. I am withholding the person's name as I have not asked to share it, but I don't feel that she would mind my sharing the bits that speak to this. R says:

      For 23 years, I have been exchanging psychic predictions for world events in the coming year with my only sister whose birthday is Jan 1. That's when we exchange our predictions...Then, on New Year's Eve, we reckon them, to see what percentage we get right. My percentages have been getting higher every year, but 2017 is one year I wish that weren't true. I tag each annual predictions list with a title, so, 2016 was The Year of the Dead Celebrity. This year's tag is much, much darker. It's in two parts this time: The Year of the Unbelievable Scandal, and The Year of the Abused and Exploited Child. It's not even 2017 yet, and this past month the underground media has been peeling the ugly layer off a phenomena of #Pizzagate. Please don't Google that unless you have a heart or stomach made of is the WORST kind of child abuse you can (or can't) imagine, and worse, it will be in the headlines all year next year.

      End quote.

    3. My Girl

      Please, DO push this because if Man's inhumanity to Man and Children is ever to end, we can only confront it by facing it. Voices raise awareness, voices stopped the Bushes and Clintons, and your voices smashed the system.

      The more you raise it, the better it can be confronted.And sooner. Yes it's horrible.
      More is coming for Clintons over this. Next week France will start cracking open. You are all so needed.

    4. John,
      In all the Pizzagate disclosures, the Hampstead children coverup has resurfaced. With every woman's, mother's and grandmother's intuition in high gear, I told you long ago that child's testimony was real...and the truth as far as she knew how to describe it. Please push that too. From what I've read, Theresa May might have had some part in dismissing it before.

  22. John

    On Wednesday dave Schmidt claimed the money for currency purchases of the whales has started with the moms and pops who already turned in their currency at the tail end

    Further dave Schmidt claimed O stopped it last week on murder threats of O's daughters from soros. Moreover according to Schmidt trump called O and got the movement of money back on track.

    Can you please address Schmidt's claims


    1. Unknown

      Sorry, but total fabrication.

      I. Where are such amounts coming from?
      2. Neither China nor the Elders will fund this. Fact!
      3.The Elders ONLY have Off Balance Sheet funds, or AU. One can not be used and the other is not to bail the Wests fiscal greed.
      4.So who will fund it? ONLY the Fed can print money to do this. They have never bailed you before, so why now? For what end gain? It makes no sense.
      6. Iraq can not be saddled with this debt fantasy. Nor Vietnam. Zimbabwe is worth about 67 cents as a nation, with change. And they expect how much ?????? Zimbabwe at best could get c$200B from the IMF, but for what? To fund this Lot? What of beaten, tortured, starving Zimbabweans? Or a million murdered Iraqis? Vietnamese left to die as US cowards ran away? That shame will last a century. As will the Asian hatred for a sick, depraved nation who prostituted their poor children. Somewhere between MSM, Disneyland and reality is truth.

      Switch the lights on upstairs, they will do what for Americans? Really?

      Truth is, for most Santa is not coming. Kids grow out of it. Dinarians not. Any notes redeemed have to be funded by the Iraqi nation. Seen Iraq? Hello?

      Happy endings are nice. But the Bucks stops with the Fed as Funder.

      Start with the Fed. Even seen a Zio in a Santa suit giving it back? Sure like Leprechauns Gold.

      Any quiet deals done for the Big Battalions will empty the tills fast. All have hollow legs. Who is there for the Gullibles? Who promised? This paper chase has been the second biggest Fantasy Hype only to Soetoro sucking these Mugs into giving him the Presidency. Only an America can not see it.

      Disneyland lives in 330 M believers. Hi Ho, Hi Ho and off to work they go. Paid in Dinars? Contractors were. OMG Justice has humour?

      Show me the money? The Fed will choke at $2B. You want how much?

      Sorry, I'm not being disrespectful.I know the hope it carries,but just trying to retrack you to finding real hope. Not conference line Rope A Dopes.

      Goyims don't get paid. Goys pay retail. Or Goys, just- Pay.
      Iraq is not able or willing. If Soros had any such Power to stop it the Pentagon would take him out. Seen how much they hold? Suckers born everywhere, 4 squares a day and brain dead.

      Hope, where?

  23. John

    Dave Schmidt was talking ONLY about the big battalions (i.e.: ppl who had already turned in their currency many months and years ago)

    Schmidt claimed the money is coming from the dragon families the Rodriquez Trust and the elders.

    1. Way too much hype from those who don't understand.

  24. Dolly Parton is offering all the families who lost their homes in the fires this week in Tennessee $1000/month until they're back on their feet. Rather imagine there's a need criteria and not just for someone who lost a vacation cottage. She's lovely...inside and out.

    1. Agreed as a Brit keeps telling you. I see the inner Soul. Dollys journey.

  25. Real Estate in San Fran has been tanking...not it would seem that it is also sinking.

  26. It may just be coincidence, but they just medically evacuated Buzz Aldrin from the South Pole... really? At 80+ we chose Antarctica as a tourist destination?

    1. Tino,
      That is really weird. WTH is going on down there? 😳

    2. Perhaps a structure seen on the Moon is a structure in Antarctica?

    3. Tino,
      Do tell! That's one rabbit hole I haven't crawled into yet. Now all these people are heading to Antarctica on VACATION? John Kerry took off all of a sudden for there also to watch a 'science experiment'? And that's code for what?

    4. Without revealing means and methods, I have it on good authority that Buzz answered a pointed question about the Moon with "You don't think we went to the Moon just for a bunch of rocks do you?". Who knows what happened on that first Moon landing? And he is on video talking about the light flashes of the return trip. Also, dig up the press meeting and notice the body language of the Astronauts. It's all wrong. Some reality was driven home that eclips ed the achievement.

    5. The increase in sightings, speeds of such craft, reported sightings of craft way beyond our technological capability to power, and increased sea sightings raises a lot of questions. Now greater focus is on Dimensional gateways, what is real? What is happening?

    6. One report inferred Aldrin was a celebrity tour leader. An occasional retirement job gig.

  27. While we are at it, a HAARP anomaly? The deep freeze... Or regular weather?

    1. Expect a long winter this year. And ever colder. Forecasts are not good. Long Johns and hot Dollies.

  28. Watch Wells Fargo in January as the culpability of its actions comes home to roost.
    Certain major RV allocations are being replanned for HSBC, and the consequence will likely be such a collapse of operational capacity as to create an HSBC acquisition of WF from January or soon thereafter, unless as with Lehmans, the books just don't stand up.

    First will be the PP settlements long owed. Currencies later. All a step at a time and Tier driven. Parties are all wasting time funding hypsters on bogus conference lines.
    When decisions are made, full release guidelines will be printed for you all. You will have days, so just follow the sites and hope. Free TRUTH!

    1. This is the first time various blog info has correlated w OWoN.

    2. John thankyou. I was wondering how this sits with what was said earlier:

      Iraq can not be saddled with this debt fantasy. Nor Vietnam.

      I'm just trying to reconcile these two streams of info so I can understand what's going on. There seems to be some $ coming from somewhere. Is it a massive printing press operation or some other source?

      Thanks for helping w the printed guides. Best AJ

    3. AJ

      Governments do NOTHING. They fund NOTING and are just full of parasites taking and contributing nothing.

      The only way things happen is when ,WE, the people make it so.

      Everybody wants to spend big with other peoples money. Or, the I am owed crowd. Jesus wept. They need to earn money, then dream.

      Money IS finite. Blog sites and Gurus talk garbage and achieve nothing. Talking heads, all empty.

      We are working 24 x 7 on Self help with Real people, real assets, real money. But huge issues and problems with it.

      These Drongos expecting Santa with sack fulls for them???? How? Who cares?

      Tier one will be the Sovereigns, and Special Interest groups. No point explaining that to Drongos. Let them wise up first. The site does help and try.
      Tier 2 will be Big Battalions. Simply not for Joe Public. Nor will it fatten the Wannabes.

      Tier 3 will be the Triers. Real PP cases.

      Tier 4, maybe Joe Public. If any is left. Trickle down.

      Way too much false info is circulating. Money is finite. We have to stop wasting it.
      Our time is finite, and still we keep wasting it chasing false goals.

      Time to feed need, not greed. But we keep on breeding surplus poor and Welfare cases in a vicious circle. Nobody is owed, and no one has the right to descend like locust hoards to be kept by the West. Everyone is talking through somebody else's pockets. We can't carry them! Its trashing our nations coping.

      TV programs are full of basking Welfare reporters. Ass holes the lot! They contribute nothing and espouse crap. They contribute nothing. We all KNOW what the problems are, and are working on it. The Third World has Generals who will let nothing leave until their dirty little hands are greased and we both can't and won't! Laws need to exterminate these whores. Then, the Politicos. Hello Clinton Foundations and Epsteins Island.

      While we try to do good and make a difference.

      Any we can generate we will use for good causes. BUt that funds our own. What are others doing for self help? There is just not even 10% of the money in the world to meet what is needed. Too many people, too little money,and far too many in the way.

      Yes to a Printing Press, but not for Public debate via us .Sorry. To do good we have to keep it off radar. Dreamland freebies are not coming. A step at a time. All need to make wealth, or make way.

    4. John,

      IF there is a public shot for a few days, does that mean HSBC will be the only bank handling this now.

    5. We can't say.

      They are fronting only a large PP possibility now. Not yet Public currencies. Those are just a public nuisance of fantasy expectations with expected returns which are out of Bongo land. No one is handling currencies right now. Nor yet Public issues, nor profiling.

      No one wants the trouble or admin doing the history of those funds statutory checks. Over $10K questions will be asked. Bought them from a site which offered overprinted notes. Really?

      How did you EARN these funds?

      You bought them from a Boiler Room site where the Promoters are doing time.
      It's Xmas, I won't ruin it.

      Some PPs are moving. Currencies God knows. Nothing sighted. Only what Iraq needs matters. Way too much dissino is floating. It's all nice toilet paper.

      Sorry but, until we see real signs, we have nothing to help with. But infuriating as it is, that could change in a day. Or more likely a year.

      The PPs will soak up what is available and those are not for public use or offers. They are forward dedicated. But all Private. We see the dissinfo sites pumping phone line rubbish. Here they would be in jail.

      The desperate are gullible and its cruel. When good people need, they over reach. Sharks are waiting.

      Truly , sorry but treat currencies as 100 to 1 horse bets with the old Nag trailing last approaching the turn in. So, you want Sea Bird? Dreams happen.

      Just watch the sites and if the Mutt grows wings we will advise.

    6. John,

      Thanks. If I lose money, then so be it. This was never food money for me. I was always prepared to lose, but I thought the risk was worth the reward if it ever hit. I'm a black or red guy in Vegas so what's a few thousand for 5 years of rush.

    7. You never know in to win,Good luck.

  29. Let's give Donald a bit of light relief. He needs to ask the media who Monica voted for?
    Give America a laugh and muzzle the Clintons now. Throw a DT curved ball. Launch a new comic era to follow. We know it left her with a bad taste.

  30. After Trump, Brexit… December 4 is the Next Flashpoint in the Global Populist Revolution
    by Nick Giambruno | December 02, 2016

    On December 4, Italy is holding a referendum that will determine the fate of the entire European Union.
    Donald Trump’s victory—which shocked Europe’s political and media elite—gives the populists backing the “No” side of Italy’s referendum the political rocket fuel they need for a virtually guaranteed win.

    That momentum will be all but impossible to reverse. Anti-elite sentiment is rising on both sides of the Atlantic. And I bet the global populist revolution will continue.

    If Italians buck the establishment—and it looks like they will—it will clear a path for a populist party to take power and for Italy to exit the euro.

    If that happens, the fallout will be catastrophic for global markets. The Financial Times recently put it this way:

    An Italian exit from the single currency would trigger the total collapse of the eurozone within a very short period.

    It would probably lead to the most violent economic shock in history, dwarfing the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy in 2008 and the 1929 Wall Street crash.

    If the FT is even partially right, we’re looking at a possible stock market crash of historic proportions. This is why we’re watching the December 4 referendum so closely.
    The referendum is meant to concentrate more power in Italy’s central government. On that point alone, everyone should oppose it. The centralization of power never leads to good things.

    A “Yes” vote is effectively a vote of confidence in the current pro-EU Italian establishment. This is what the global elite wants.

    A “No” vote is how the average Italian can give the finger to the faceless EU bureaucrats in Brussels, whom many blame—quite correctly—for their problems.

    Trump’s win has been a double whammy for Italy’s pro-EU establishment.

    First, it emboldens the populist forces fighting the referendum.
    Second, it humiliates and politically castrates Matteo Renzi, the current Italian prime minister. Renzi took a rare step when he openly endorsed Hillary Clinton. He was the only European leader to do so.

    As one of Renzi’s rivals said after Trump’s victory, “Matteo Renzi is politically finished from today, he’s a dead man walking.”

    Other Italian politicians are furious that he weakened Italy’s standing with the new Trump administration.

    It’s hard to see how Renzi could get himself out of the hole he’s dug.

    1. It Started as a Joke

      In 2007, Beppe Grillo, an Italian actor and comedian, launched Vaffanculo Day. “Vaffanculo” is Italian for “f*** off.”
      Grillo and his followers used V-Day to bluntly express their displeasure with Italian establishment politicians, using imagery from the movie V for Vendetta.

      Now, what started out as a joke has become Italy’s most popular political party…

      V-Day helped organize Italians frustrated with their political system.
      It gave birth to the Five Star Movement, Italy’s new populist political party.

      Grillo’s Five Star Movement—or M5S, its Italian acronym—is anti-globalist, anti-euro, and anti-establishment. It doesn’t neatly fall into the left–right political paradigm.

      According to the latest polls, M5S is now the most popular party in Italy. It won mayoral elections in Rome and Turin earlier this year.
      M5S is riding a wave of populist anger at entrenched political elites over economic stagnation. Italy has had virtually no productive growth since joining the eurozone in 1999.

      M5S blames Italy’s chronic lack of growth on the euro. A large plurality of Italians agrees.

      M5S has promised to hold a vote to leave the euro and return to Italy’s old currency, the lira, as soon as it’s in power. Under the current circumstances, it would probably pass.

      After the Brexit vote and Trump’s win, M5S has joyfully predicted that Renzi will be the next casualty in the global populist revolution.
      Grillo recently wrote:

      It's crazy. This is the explosion of an era. It's the apocalypse of the media, TV, the big newspapers, the intellectuals, the journalists…

      This is a wide-ranging F*** off. Trump has pulled off an incredible V-Day… There are similarities between this American story and the Movement.

      A “No” vote in the December 4 referendum means M5S could come to power in a matter of months.

    2. With Italy,anything is possible. They all keep a threadbare suit for meeting the Tax Man. They hate the State. They have seen what the EU has done to all, and want out.

      Britain opened the door. Even if Italy fails to leave, others will!
      Brussels is a dead fish and needs to fail.

      Greece just refused to block the Russian Warships from docking, so that is a mighty 2 fingers up to the US. Russia is now seen as a serious Allie and no threat. The US has lost Iraq, Syria, Iran, Egypt and all EU credibility. Times are changing. We must hope under Trump, the potential and the excellence of US Pioneering companies, are encouraged and allowed to thrive with new Global venture and to re build great trade links again. Stop wasting Trillions via the Boys with Toys in the Pentagon. Jets which don't fly and Warships which break down.Make Trillions with a strong economy instead.

      Yes, an EU crunch seems likely and well needed. One way to scratch that Crab infestation. Lol. Sorry , it's hard reality based day job. Need some light relief and off the wall humour.

      Next year could even see France elect a Non EU leader and Merkel lose her control. Many Germans want out. We need an EU Muslim Wall and Exit Chute out. Otherwise if the EU fails, the Continent has ways of dealing with them.
      A massive backlash is boiling.

  31. Wikipedia has a new competitor. Wikipedia is as bad as MSM. Go InfoGalactic!


    Pizzagate may refer to:

    Pizzagate, pizza thrown at former football manager and player Sir Alex Ferguson by an Arsenal Football Club player in the 2004 "Battle of the Buffet"
    Pizzagate, a 2016 conspiracy theory falsely claiming the existence of a child trafficking ring involving the Washington, D.C. restaurant Comet Ping Pong


    Pizzagate is a crowdsourced investigation by citizen journalists into an alleged connection between child trafficking and people closely associated with Hillary Clinton. The investigation began in October 2016 after Wikileaks released the Podesta emails, which contain 58,660 emails[1] from the Gmail account of John Podesta, who was the chairman of Clinton's 2016 U.S. presidential campaign. Investigators exchanged information online via Twitter, Gab, 4chan, Reddit, and Voat.[2][3]

  32. The BBC website does not allow comments but the BBC Twitter account can't avoid them. Here are some tweets in response to the BBC hit-piece...erm, I mean news story...titled The saga of 'Pizzagate': The fake story that shows how conspiracy theories spread

  33. ALERT: The Labor Force Participation Rate Hits a 40 Year Low! By Gregory Mannarino
    Published on Dec 2, 2016

    1. p: A prior video does a good job of describing where we are, not just the US as Gregory focuses on, but many other countries also.

      America: A Path To Ruin Or Prosperity. By Gregory Mannarino
      Published on Nov 15, 2016

  34. p: With Biden mentioned, don't think we need to look at N Korea for the culprits.

    Hackers Hit Russia's Central Bank, Stealing More Than 2 Billion Rubles
    Published on Dec 2, 2016

    Hackers stole 2 billion rubles ($31.3 million) from correspondent bank accounts at Russia’s central bank, a spokeswoman at the central bank confirmed Friday, adding that the country was devising new measures to be prepared for further attacks.

    “We can’t say exactly when, but we can say today it was stolen,” Ekaterina Glebova, an official in the central bank’s press office, told The Wall Street Journal.

    The incident is the latest in a string of high-profile cyberattacks, including a $81 million theft in February from Bangladesh central bank’s account at the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank in New York and others in Vietnam and Ecuador. The global money transfer network Swift was caught up in that theft, because the Fed acted on fraudulent, but authenticated payment instructions sent over the network.

  35. Xmas is coming, the Zap begging notes are in full production. Ditsy Dolly will be pregant, One Shoe Sue, the permanent Pisshead,will have fell off the wagon and broken her hips, all 3 of them???, the parrots pregnant, the Cats Grannie just died,the 49th Lap Top is on the blink again. but the money is coming, and so it sounds is Slack Alice fast, send funds or Mad Hairy Mary will move in with you. Worse, bring redundant Hillary with her, Zap needs money, or the Elders will stop unveiling to him the secrets of the universe, and the mystical potion he is working on with Puff the Magic Dragon will fail incomplete. Zaps in need, for Mad Maries feed, and it's a hard slog keeping up with Slack Alice's Grog. Hard to know if Zaps 49th lap top is blinking at him or winking at him. Go on buy him another one, just like the other one, and Sydney needs a new kidney.

    Poor Zap, running out of crap. How many times can these limp cons be pulled. But he keeps hooking. Anything but work for the Jerk.Wait for it Sunday, off to the Bible Belt full pelt. Who needs to appeal to the nation, just go hustle a congregation.

    Just wait for it folks,another week gone , Zaps in need and the Cats off her feed.
    Slack Alice just gave birth to twins, as payback for her sins, then what a Con, he just found another one. One Afro, one Muslim, one Mexi, she's multi denominational and takes credit cards. Not the only thing it seems.

    Pass the begging bowl Zaps on the prowl. Gimme, Gimme,Gimme, I can't feed and I need. Some nasty jerk just told him to try work.

    If down in life, just look at Zap. Fail at everything you turn into that. What a motivator not to give up. What happened to the last 97 it's coming, but our lights are about to go out. Hear that howl it's Mad Mary and Slack Alice on the prowl. Slack Alice does Group bookings while Zap does the single hooking.

    A career in politics next?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Another billionaire IS IN THE CLUB!

    If these people are so proud and not hiding who they are, why do they all keep changing their names? He says below "I'm proud of being Jewish"...really? Why the name change Mr. Cuban aka "Chabinsky".

    Mark Cuban is in the club...surprised?

    Date of Birth: July 31, 1958

    Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

    Mark Cuban is an American businessperson, investor, film producer, author, television personality, and philanthropist.

    Mark is the son of Shirley (Feldman) and Norton Cuban. His family’s surname was originally “Chabinsky”. His family is Jewish (from Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and Moldova).

    He has said:

    I’m very proud of being Jewish. It’s part of who I am. But I’m not very religious.

    Mark’s paternal grandparents were Morris Chabinski/Cuban (the son of Nessel/Nathan Chabinsky and Leah Kostinsky) and Fanny/Fannie Janoff/Janout (the daughter of Max Janoff and Pessia Madoroy). Morris and Fanny were born in the Russian Empire, with Morris being from Kiev.

  37. Trump, Obama and the Current State of Affairs
    Current State of Affairs | Commeth the Hour

  38. Hearts, kidneys, livers and spleens are all treasured by the organ brokers who reap tremendous profits from such a devilish racket. However, it is often the blood of children that is the most valued because of its highly rejuvenative properties and life-extending qualities. The blood is likewise harvested after the child has been sacrificed according to specific Satanic protocols which have been passed down through the ages.
    Many an aging king and queen, president and prime minister, billionaire and corporate CEO has benefitted from this type of body rejuvenation process through regular transfusions with children’s blood. This demonic practice has certainly gone on since the ancient Egyptian pharaohs were controlled by the priestly class.

    Post-modern society has taken satanic ritual child torture and murder to a whole new level

    Many have heard of snuff films but really do not understand what is going on. For those who are unaware of this perverted genre of movie-making, Wikipedia provides the following description.


    Some snuff films are made for the perverse enjoyment of the rich who watch them in the privacy of their hidden alpine lairs and seaside villas. However, there is a much darker reason as to why they are made with children in particular. The films where children are literally hunted down in a form of blood sport are produced to amplify the fear that is experienced by the child as he runs or fights for his very life. The hormones and other biochemicals that are secreted in this intensely fear-generating ritual are coveted by the rich who seek human immortality.
    Field McConnell Has Warned Trump About Clinton Snuff Films On UK Zulu Bridge With Hotel Serco 8(a) SCIF?
    This subject is way beyond the scope of this article and will be discussed in much greater detail in a subsequent essay. Suffice it to say that a growing number of children are now routinely kidnapped and trafficked and forced to participate in these gross movie productions of torture and murder. Those who produce snuff films do so with great purpose as to the place and time, as well as the methods and rituals that are employed. The actual ‘scripts’ vary according to the type of blood they wish to ”produce”, which is used for distinctly different purposes.

  39. Satanic Ritual Child Sacrifice on Oprah Winfrey
    Published on Aug 27, 2016
    Over 25 years ago Oprah Winfrey recorded a shocking interview of a 29 year old Jewish woman who stated that her family, and many other Jewish families throughout the USA, routinely practiced Satanic rituals in which incest, human sacrifice and cannibalism occur. The interview on May 1, 1989 also revealed that these practices were a common occurrence since the 18th century and that they were practiced by certain Jewish cults.
    The Jewish woman that made these revelations was "incognito" during the interview and was identified only as "Rachel." Today she has been identified as Vicki Polin and she now runs a center to rehabilitate Jewish children who have been sexually victimized by Jewish Satanists.

  40. Pedophiles in Power: Congresswoman Nancy Schaefer says U.S. Child Protective Services is a threat to children everywhere

  41. Corey Feldman: Pedophilia Is Hollywood's Biggest Problem

  42. By Anonymous Patriots
    SOTN Exclusive
    When we first saw the Reddit thread in early November 2016 there were unsettling, bizarre pictures of children, so disturbing that we had to dig deeper and check all the links to make sure that the contributors were reposting from original sources. Everything seemed to check out and we knew without hesitation that this important citizen discussion needed to surface at the top of alternative media as soon as possible.
    In this article you will also read about the real reason Matt Drudge and Alex Jones will never lead us to full disclosure, along with suggestions of topics that citizen investigators and journalists might undertake with their own articles and videos.
    It was one of those moments that you knew you would remember for a lifetime, like where you were when you heard that John F. Kennedy had been assassinated or when the World Trade Center had been hit by airplanes. This time we knew that we could not stand by and let the main stream (fake) media grab the story and create their own narrative, propagandizing citizens so that their neural networks would echo “conspiracy theory” before the truth was exposed. Many of you probably felt the same and, in time, you will post your own stories of how you reacted to the pedophilia, Satanism revelation.
    The first weighty article to hit on the D.C. pedophilia trended long and hard and citizen journalists wasted no time in creating messages for their own audiences—around the world.
    Once the article started trending, we started working on research that might help fellow citizen journalists in seeing how deep the crime went, including the participation of the Catholic Church, law enforcement, charities and foundations:Backstory of World-Wide Pedophilia: Whore of Babylon Revealed In another article, we gave a shout out to the hard work the alternative truth community was doing in reporting the story, while the main stream media was calling us “fake news.”
    Alternative Media is the New Guerrilla Warfare: Citizens Expose Globalists
    Community of truth seekers: the videos and articles you are producing are amazing. Articles are being researched, cited, and written better every day. Videos are looking more interesting than anything the MSM produces on their so-called news channels. People are genuinely concerned about truth and transparency, calling each other out for poor sources, hoaxes, disinformation, and trolling.
    Thinking Outside of the Box
    As we move forward in redefining the way we report, distribute, and consume news, let’s think out of the box. Let’s be entrepreneurial in how we use our sources. For example, did you see how bounties and rewards are now being offered for investigations and research?

  43. Natural News just announced a $10,00o reward for information leading to the source of PropOrNot news hoaxers behind the Washington Post Russian conspiracy fabrication. PizzaGate Urban Explorers just announced a bounty to establish if there is a tunnel system under the Comet Ping Pong area. If you are an urban explorer, you might check out the hyperlink.
    The Reddit thread investigation moved to Voat, a place where you can collaborate with others in your research and findings. What talents and ideas do you have that you can contribute to the movement?
    Our open-source citizen investigation has become a BLACK SWAN.
    PizzaGate Can Take Us to A New World Awakening
    In January 2016 we wrote an article entitled False Flags are Legal Propaganda by the Department of Defense. Those of you who are familiar with the article will know that we exposed the sophisticated psyop weapons that have been used against Americans to literally brainwash us into believing the state-controlled messaging. Participation by the main stream media is a key component in this narrative. Just an examination of the media’s blatant participation in the lies of 911 and Sandy Hook will show the lengths to which the shadow government will lie to people around the world to support their agendas. KEY POINT: Many of our fellow citizens are still under a form of mind-control. They are still brainwashed.
    Call it what you will: Stockholm Syndrome, mind-control, brainwashing, propaganda, cognitive dissonance. Our job is to continue to wake them up, whether they are family or friends, colleagues or associates, with our voluminous posts, articles, and videos. We cannot leave this important work even to old alternative media outlets like Alex Jones or Drudge. Your article or video might be the very one to wake someone from their media stupor. Plus, we know that our new Commander-In-Chief is getting intel from alt media. Maybe it will be your article or video that gets his attention. We ask our leaders to guide us to a NEW WORLD AWAKENING instead of the Bush-Soros-Rothschild New World Order.
    (At the bottom of this article we have suggestions on key topics that need attention by citizen truth seekers.)

  44. Why Old Alt Media Won’t Get Us to Truth
    Last week the Mothership queried us about an article that they were reviewing. (Drudging Up Jesuits) We were asked our opinion of the Drudge Report and InfoWars, specifically why we thought they never seem to take the alt media stories seriously, or “all the way.” For example, even as of today, Drudge Report has not mentioned PizzaGate. Or how about Alex Jones’s investigation of Antonio Scalia, just to mention one of Jones’ stories, where his reporters seemed to go “all out” with their on-location reporting at Cibolo Creek Ranch, but never carried the story any further than where Jones’ handlers probably permitted him to go.We read the article and gave this summation:

    “We don’t know what to make of this article. It seems convincing but it uses spurious sources for quotes, Spear of Destiny-Albert Pike, etc. It never gives us the direct provable associations it is trying to make. We are not convinced about Drudge or Jones being Jesuits. But remember – as the article correctly insinuated – some Jesuits are Jews and some Jews are controlled by the Jesuits who rewrote the Masonic rite of Fratres Lucis – The Illuminated Brothers — basically a Jesuit Masonic order written for elites including Jews.

    Just because Drudge and Jones have Catholic associations doesn’t mean they are consciously doing the Vatican’s bidding. We notice that neither Drudge, Breitbart or Jones ever really “hit the target” and name the Jews or Jesuits or CIA. Are they blind to the truth that you guys have been posting? It doesn’t take a genius to see the different cabals, charities and organizations that try their best to run the world. They all fight viciously with each other for control of the flow of money. Jews join the Knights of Malta and vow allegiance to the Pope. Jewish bankers feed the charity fraud of the Catholic church. Sometimes they scratch each other’s backs and sometimes they are in open war. The mission of Drudge, Jones, Savage, Breitbart, Limbaugh, and others like them are manifold. They have some good intentions, but they will be killed if they openly state the truth. We have watched Jones read our articles on the air up to a certain point, and then he drops the bottom line – He fails to follow through to name the culprits with the details that could prosecute them. Their job is to make you get upset, but also to discredit everything they say by running “crazy” articles that supposedly “prove” they are nuts.

    1. They're not blind it's just that there are Jewish handlers involved. Alex Jones' wife is a Jew, can't say about Drudge and Breitbart, but I'll bet if you dig, and probably not very deep, you'll find talmudic connections. When this is the case, the reporters are allowed to get only so close to the truth, they are advised about how to present their findings and essentially, the news is massaged by the handlers before its release. never forget, these people are everywhere and they control the media- NEARLY ALL OF IT!!!

  45. Thus, the Department of Defense Board of Broadcasting Governors must approve everything that is broadcast in America now – including “fake news.” They, the military (plus Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, NIA, etc.), know exactly what these “fake news” outlets are saying. They want people to focus on the enemies that the news agencies are “allowed” to attack. They broadcast Propaganda using “spin” as a caricature or cartoon of the “real” to distract from the real and make themselves look foolish in the process. Thus, the truth that they do reveal is negated by their angry approach that takes no consequential actions. Alex Jones is a cartoon that basically vents the anger of Americans. He can’t be believed by most listeners because he yells all the time like a mad man; the same is true of Michael Savage. Both mad men have 50% of the truth and love to scream it out, but they effect little in the real world except to vocalize the fears, anger and frustration of their listeners. Drudge and Breitbart have yet to pick up a State of the Nation article that tells the truth (with evidence) about what they are supposed to be “all about,” but never really get there. When Breitbart announced he was going to blow the lid off of a big story – he ended up dead before he could release it. Then, Steve Bannon moved over to Breitbart to continue the exact same agenda – but again – never really revealing the truth as the death of his colleague probably had him concerned, as it would any of us. So, either we, you, and the readers of these articles are the only people who know the simple truth – or all of the above named “news agencies” have an agenda to reeal half the truth and obscure the rest. You might not like to hear their true agenda.
    Since virtually 96% of all major news outlets in America are owed or run by Jews (Ted Turner being the exception). Therefore, anyone who doesn’t see that there is an American Jewish media cabal is simply blind. There is only ONE main stream medium outlet for news – it just comes in different packaging. All MSM is scrubbed cleaned by the NSA and other federal agencies before it is allowed to be READ ALOUD by supposed newscasters. Investigative journalism is not allowed by the media cabal and is often met with mysterious deaths. Therefore, no competition is allowed unless it is sanctioned: remember the untimely death of Breitbart. Only the internet gives some information freedom beyond DoD approved “broadcasting.”
    Alex Jones is not interested in winning the war he is leading because he has no plan. We – Anonymous Patriots, State of the Nation, The Millennium Report, the Mothership know the truth. We need to stay focused on our purpose.

  46. Trump is smart enough to have had a sense of the truth, but now he is learning the awful truth of the dark government that is in control of America. The war for the future of America is happening profoundly in Trump’s own heart at this moment. Usually, the CIA and its accomplices only tell the president the truth about the CIA after he enters the White House. But with Trump, he is finding out now through alternative media investigative journalism and through interviewing evil CIA operatives (Mitt Romney, Henry Kissinger, etc.) and finding out that the CIA is a non-American cabal that controls America and drives the war machine throughout the world and manipulates all markets with the stolen gold of numerous wars. Even the U. S. Treasury, the Federal Reserve, IMF, World Bank, Exchange Stabilization Fund and other federal agencies are under the control of a CIA cabal that was developed by George Bush Sr. and the evil corporations that have arisen from his direction. Presidents are told that a full-scale economic war is being waged and that he has little or no power over the direction it will take. Either presidents comply – or die. This has been the reality since Kennedy. Presidents are groomed through CIA training and indoctrination established by George Bush Sr. who has been in control of the cabal since before he became head of the CIA. Obama was like putty in the hands of the CIA cabal and that is why he has committed so many war crimes and atrocities and killed hundreds of thousands through his illegal bombing which has displaced tens of millions. Obama’s grandparents, mother, both fathers and Michelle (Michael) were all CIA trained and indoctrinated. Obama’s personal records were sealed due to “National Security issues” because he was a CIA agent who was “planted” in the American “Weathermen” terrorist group, his father’s Muslim terrorist groups in Kenya, and his step-father’s Indonesia Muslim terrorist group, etc. Obama’s records will never be unsealed because his entire life story used in the MSM was fake. Obama was a “fake president” who used “fake media” to prop-up (propaganda) his “fake biography”, including a “fake birth-certificate”, “fake wife” and “two fake children.” As an astute business man, Trump would be learning as much as possible from the people he is interviewing for cabinet positions. That is how he “sucked” this knowledge out of Mitt Romney who was a major CIA player with Bush Senior in taking down Russia. Mitt is CIA through and through and is a true Brush Crime Family Kingpin.Have you ever heard any of these alternative media cites who are so called “revolutionary fighters for American freedom” ever call out the Jewish cabals or CIA or the true culprits of 911, Bush Sr. and his Iran/Contra gang? Have they mentioned the dual citizenship of 70 congress members with the state of Israel? Have they ever reported on pedophilia in the way alternative media has done recently? It isn’t like this just started happening; it has been around for decades. Why are the pedophile circles of Washington not being highlighted by these “freedom fighters.”
    Why aren’t the culprits of 911 by called out and the evidence offered so that true patriots can carry the work further? Surely these news agencies know the simple truth because they read your sites and quote parts of articles that were originally posted on State of the Nation and throughout the Mothership. Thus, there can be only one simple conclusion. Some alternative media sites, like the ones noted, are truly “fake media” just as are the traditional MSM sites. They are all scrubbed cleaned by the cabals that want Americans to remain asleep as their rights are eroded and their country hi-jacked by global forces of imperialistic fascism through the CIA and it accomplices.

  47. Drudge, Breitbart and the angry alternative media makes sure to stay within the parameters of the agreements they made to remain a news agency. If they waiver beyond those agreed terms, their lives are in danger.
    The article above on Matt Drudge as a Catholic agent is filled with the bias of the writer and doesn’t really bring forth the issues that would demonstrate the true nature of these pseudo-revolutionary news outlets. Drudge is not strictly disinformation – his site provides partial information with given parameters that he will not stray beyond. Plus, Drudge throws in “crazy” articles to discredit his sense of good judgment. In that way, even the truth is disregarded. Angry alternative news outlets are a way to allow “news venting” wherein the reporter and the reader get to vent their anger and frustration that make them feel better but inevitably lead nowhere.
    Calling Your Inner “Mad Dog” “The most important six inches on the battlefield is between your ears.”General James “Mad Dog” Mattis Members of the Fifth Estate, we have lots of work to do as our enemy now is not just globalism. OUR ENEMY IS EVIL. It is as simple as that. You are either with evil or not. There is no fence-sitting, hem-hawing, or neutrality in this apocalyptic war. So if your mega church pastor isn’t preaching about this on Sunday, you need to ask why.

    If we are going to eradicate human trafficking and pedophilia, we will need to destroy the globalists and their EVIL on many fronts, not just the few low-level pedophiles that they will throw to us like meat to the lions. We need to grab the ring leaders, even though they lurk behind the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and political power. Yes, we are talking about asking the real questions that the old alternative media will not ask.

    Like: Is Matt Drudge a Mossad agent, and is that why he was able to get the scoop about Monica’s dress that made his site explode overnight? Why hasn’t Drudge posted anything about Pizzagate?

    There is plenty of truth that needs your special touch. But let’s stay focused on who we are targeting — evil in all its forms no matter how supposedly “high” the person is in the church, government, law-enforcement or other high ranking positions. Choose a field of action that suits your journalistic skill set. Then start writing, blogging, making videos—whatever you can do to wake up those who are still mind-numb-robots. If you like economics and finance, may we recommend these articles to get you started:
    Is the New U.S. Currency Already in Our Money Supply?
    Time to FedExit
    ICE and CME: Exchange Casinos that Control Practically Everything
    If your special interest is the military-industrial complex:
    The Highlands Forum Exposed
    Cutting the Gordian Knot of All Time
    If your audience is interested in the Office of Naval Intelligence Report from 9-11.
    Treason: Who Did 911 and Why Did They Do It
    Armageddon is a topic that appeals to many interested in the Pope, Queen, Vatican, City of London, Knights of Malta, etc.
    All Roads Lead to Armageddon: From Panama to Jerusalem by Christmas
    The Final Steps Towards Armageddon: This is not a Dan Brown Movie
    Human trafficking and pedophilia goes very deep. Let’s keep exposing the charities and churches, synagogues, and temples?
    Deep Backstory to the Worldwide Pedophilia Ring
    We Are All Starships
    Please check in with the Mothership on a daily basis to see where we are going and how you can participate. The team is striving to post the best articles and videos – all from citizens like you. If you have breaking news that needs to be immediately surfaced and you don’t have a large audience, then post your intel to the VOAT thread or contact the Mothership here.
    Let’s put an end to the movement called a “new world order”.
    Together let’s create a NEW WORLD AWAKENING.

  48. It isn't surprising that Masonic Hollywood publishes so many movies about things that are meant to distract from the truth. Western countries are having their basic way of life come under attack from all sides: political, spiritual, emotional, and social. The most powerful nations once existed in the West, but will now be brought down to make way for the new world order.

    The Freemasons are one of the most mysterious organizations in the world. However, there is evidence that they are behind many of the world's "revolutions," the overthrowing of governments, and rebellions against authority. There is significant evidence they are behind the following: the overthrow of the Roman Catholic church, the American and French Revolution, the Italian Revolution of 1830 (they are also behind other revolutions that I did not list in this video), the KKK formation between 1865-1869 and it's reinstitution in 1915 under William Simmons Grand Master of Freemasonry, the Trail of Tears under Grand Master Andrew Jackson, and the detonations at Hiroshima and Nagasaki during 33 degree Freemason Harry Truman's presidency. Freemasonry has a lengthy history of rebellion, revolution, the toppling of entire governments and authorities, and the provoking of chaos. It is all intentional, meant to set up their New World Order.

    I have studied and read thousands of pages of text written by Freemasons. They are behind a prophecy known as the 5776 Anno Lucis "In the Year of Light," which is the time period for the arrival of Lucifer on Earth. This started on September 14, 2015 and will continue through October 2016. During this time the capstone will be ushered in, and they will begin steps to fully eradicate all believers in Jesus from the Earth as a part of the "Quest" and accomplishment of the "Great Work." Believers in Jesus do not need to fear what is coming, and should stand up against this organization.

    Lastly, I have received multiple death threats, stalking, threats to hunt me down and hurt me, my channels have been hacked, I have been threatened with a lawsuit, and on and on. I have been living life in hiding because of what has happened with this channel. Please offer prayers to the Father for my safety. Thank you so much, brothers and sisters. I will continue to work for the LORD until my time is completed.

    Footage from:
    "Gray State" Conceptual Trail
    "2012" and "Contagion"
    The Next News Network interview with David Crowley
    Music from:
    Mattia Cupelli (Royalty and Copyright Free)

  49. Note: Be cautious! Do not to take this information and run headlong into conspiracy theory. Allow researchers to do their work. So far, David Seaman, who was fired from Huffington Post for reporting on Hillary's health, has been vetting this information. He appears to be trustworthy. Make yourself aware of the information, use it to prepare memes and to make the lives of Leftists miserable. Do not run headlong into Illuminati conspiracy, that has been a failing tactic in the past, so we must exercise extreme caution around this topic. However, it has the potential to be an effective weapon, and we may need to apply pressure to the Trump administration to investigate and prosecute. To be clear: We are not advocating violence, or harassment or any form of direct action against any of the businesses or individuals implicated in #PizzaGate.

  50. HighImpactFlix just released an excellent and poignant video highlighting a massive pedophile ring that was exposed in Canada. Project Spade uncovered an entire pedophile movie production and distribution company in Toronto operating online, and nearly 400 children have been rescued, and 348 adults have been arrested. Among the hundreds arrested, there were 40 school teachers, 9 doctors and nurses, 9 pastors and priests, 6 law enforcement personnel and 3 foster parents. Clearly, this is not the phantom “conspiracy theory” that many are attempting to paint it as, but the majority of people know this already. It’s those in positions of power who need to address the very real citizen investigation: #PizzzaGate. The people are simply requesting an appropriate response from public officials and law enforcement, to address the mounting evidence and protect the children of this nation, as was witnessed in this joint operation in Toronto.

    1. A44L91

      The site is widely read worldwide and articles passed on. Many sites also pick up on it for news, ideas, and info not out there. Each will now become more aware and open to discuss and research each case.

      Public consciousness is growing. Awareness expands and awakens.

      This is a whole new Internet highway. It teffifies the MSM and TPTB because it challenges control. It challenges them! It determines truth, and who is fit to lead.
      It exposes crime, and corruption. Look how it derailed the Clintons.

      Protesters shouting send her to Jail at rallies and debates. It unnerved here.

      Slowly there is an awakening and soon George H Bush will be globally exposed for what he is and what his vile family have become, always before above the law. Now, subject to Law it will be payback.

      Clinton was above the Law.

      Bush 41 went out to stop Trump. He failed, His power is failing.

      Notice a trait emerging now?
      The Cabal is Losing!

  51. House Quietly Passes Bill Targeting "Russian Propaganda" Websites

    "Truth is treason, in the empire of lies." -Ron Paul

    “When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty.” Attributed to Thomas Jefferson.

    Valdi: The Fifth Estate and "pizzagate" have the psychos running scared. Satan hates nothing more than the truth.

  52. Valdi, what is The Fifth Estate? Thanks.

    1. Biffie,

      The Fifth Estate is the collection of independent, alternative media and bloggers who expose the truth. In the old Soviet Union it was through "samizdat" - hand-written documents secretly passed around; now it is mostly through the Internet. The Fifth Estate is doing what the corrupt Fourth Estate has failed to do: hold the government and wrong-doers to account.

  53. Ty john for sharing what you can on the current GCR/WGS stage.

    1. Try to remember this is a 3 way battle between the vile and Treasonous Bush Crime family, the Zionists with their deeply perverse Israeli Rott and Vatican agendas, and the scurrilous conduct of the Banks.

      50 years of Cabal chicanery is in conflict. Never underrate the depth of damage Bush has done to America. He deserves to be hung. Preferable weekly and his Spawn with him. The lot are Rot!

      We have a deep world capital shortfall imbalance. The Rots and the Rats have stolen it all. Will Trump be able to cull this appalling Military Cabal which is destroying the world to justify their existence?

      Who then rips away the dead hand of the Criminal Agencies?

      Its good to see no key appointments to Zios right now.
      He MUST break up the Jewish Zionist Fed Treasury racket! He must rip their snout out!

      But will he?

      The GCRs , PP redemptions and RV's are ALL wild card territory. Unless the Cabal is cut back no RV or GCR can be funded. You cant both have it and spend it.Money is finite and to refund needs removing War waste. Bringing the Agencies under control and cutting State waste. Illegals have to go back, and the Won't Work parties need to be canned. Stop playing God with workers hard earned funds,wastes of space need to be called. Good Leaders have to. If Trump does not scalp the rot it's all a waste.

      Right now if we can just get the PPs redeemed it's a start.
      Money is finite. Now, hoping the Clintons, Bushes and Obamas go into the night,is hope.
      Culling out the rest needs to follow. A lot of big asks after 50 years of Bush and Zio rats rot!

  54. Loving the 'In the news' section

  55. Anonymous: Next 10 Days Will Rock The World
    Published on Dec 3, 2016

    1. As well as the possibility of a beocon shill being installed is that of a true WH. While this is a reaction on the part of the neocons, the WHs would have seen this coming and planned accordingly using the 'give em enough rope' strategy.

  56. Yes but wait, It all needs to stay off reader in case its delayed.

  57. Global Tax Treaty To Be Implemented! – Globalists To Further Destroy Sovereignty [video]

    AJ: while DJT is in the news, soros et al tighten the noose. This was the reason for the limited hangout Panama Papers. Will this lead to supra-national tax? Note also that Switzerland will be sharing its customers' bank acc details with more countries, eg brazil argentina etc in addition to those they already do.

    To the extent this is to stop laundering etc, good. But look at what is happening in parallel: all countries know about your finances, the abolishment of cash, there will be NO CHOICE but to have your balls cupped by the globalists AND to pay for the privilege by way of a global tax. Total control.

    As this marches forward there must be tax treaties enacted so the double taxation does not occur for citizens 'owned' by more than one country.

  58. Something is very wrong at the Red Cross. Direct from the Inside. Bottom line, be careful who you give too and consider bypassing all the organizations and help locally.

    1. Tino,
      They're one of the worst! Agree completely about helping locally. We no longer donate to anything national or organization. Take care to help those you know about personally or have confidence funds/goods will be used by those you're trying to help. Too many scams now.

  59. The door didn’t open again until Iranian physicist, Mehran T. Keshe came to us with his own story. Invited to Belgium, sponsored by the Royal Family, Keshe was introduced to internet guru Sterling Allen and Belgian “fixer,” Dirk Lauressens. Within a short time, it became clear that he was there as a prisoner, not a guest, having fallen into a web of pedophiles that control public life in Belgium and the Netherlands, control corporations, courts, the police and do so rather publicly.

    With Keshe’s story, we traced Sterling Allen, through his work with Belgium’s Royal Family, to his questioning by the FBI, to the seizure of his computers and eventually to his real task in life, webmaster for a massive pedophile ring that supplied children for the members of secret societies that control our daily lives through suppression of technology and the waging of endless war.


  61. Insider Democrat ARRESTED For Pedophilia, 2nd One With DIRECT Ties To Obama And Hillary. Over the course of the long presidential election, WikiLeaks provided thousands of documents that exposed many things. They ranged from money laundering to tax evasion and even proved that Hillary Clinton funded ISIS.
    One of the more bizarre revelations surrounding Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, being deeply involved with “spirit cooking” and his involvement in a global sex ring. It is nearly guaranteed that John Podesta is deeply involved with this gross, disturbing, satanic worshiping practice and we can be certain that Hillary Clinton knows about this and may partake in this herself.
    As disturbing as that sounds, the documents connect many dots to several world leaders that we originally did not suspect. Shockingly, the WikiLeaks documents brought President Obama to the forefront of the issue. These documents indicate that a man named Terrence Bean was a fundraiser and a “bundler” for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. A “bundler” is someone who not only donates money to a politician, but also collects and “bundles” donations from other sources in order to donate one large sum of money to the candidate.

  62. Internet Is On Fire With Speculation That Podesta Emails Contain Code for Child Sex

  63. 20 Disturbing Facts About Human Trafficking


  65. PIZZAGATE Research Links and YouTube Videos

  66. This comment has been removed by the author.

  67. Clintons STUNNED as recount falls apart

  68. PIZZAGATE App Transcript: Quite Shocking If It’s Authentic!
    Posted on December 3, 2016 by State of the Nation
    BREAKING: Comet Ping Pong SMOKING GUN?
    The following text is taken from an alleged Comet Ping Pong computer app instruction and marketing sheet screenshot discovered today by a youtuber.

  69. A new high level investigation has been started again for the Madeline McCann child abduction. God knows what happened to the poor little girl. Whoever did it needs to be caught. Every time I see her smug, self satisfied bastard of a father on TV, I wish only for a truly gruesome repetitive beating for him weekly for what he did. Parents? Self gratifying monsters each of them. Pathetic.

    As for her kidnappers, we can but hope they are found. In the UK mass TV is on every road. We would have your pics and escape vehicle, and an ARU, armed response unit, would be pulling you over within 20 minutes, and off to interrogation. Your pic would be out in detail and any time you showed, a unit would come for you. Every petrol, gas station, rail network, road network, air or sea port,shopping centre, or hospital,all are connected. The cameras have you and alarms are milliseconds.

    Hopefully the awareness of all of you will increase Global demand for Child trafficking and Pedos to be brought to justice. The Bush/Clinton Crime Families have a lot to answer for. Slick Willie and Epstein need to be brought in. Trump needs to direct new charges. Do good for America. Do what is needed to take them down.

    Time to clean out the swamp.

    1. John,
      Check out the Podesta brothers! Sketches are pretty convincing...

    2. If you can all help circulating articles on Child trafficking and sordid issues it can all help build awareness, and be assured, Podesta is only one of many we have flagged for action. Slowly the inept sleeping monster of State is awakening.
      If we can crack the McCann abduction it opens the whole vile EU network.

      Will Trump be a token President, or a real man? Give it time.

    3. I just now learned that Mama Podesta adopted 25 children - most likely between 1950 - 2016. Logically, they would have been registered in Cook "County Probate Court System. The State Medical representative signs all birth registrations. the similarity or dis-similarity of names would be revealing. As an adoptee-orphan; I have insight into this issue. I have a vision with many smoking guns awaiting discovery. Pun intended with work "DISCOVERY" .

    4. That would certainly explain why Podesta's brother who is in the news looks nothing like him.

      I agree...adopting 25 children smells of exploitation. Perhaps that is why Podesta and his brother seem to be involved in that world if exposed to it as children.

  70. Obama is forcing State Judges to take time off or lose time owed to enable him to delay action on Cabal corruption right now. He is delaying the settlements acting to his Organ grinders demands. Unbelievable what is going on behind the scenes. The sooner Trump puts him on warning the better. Also to tell Clinton any more messing on Electoral College games and they get both barrels.

    The American people have said STOP the Cabal. The American people said NO more to the Clintons. Out! Clinton voters, YOU LOST. If you don't like it, leave! This was a major National Consciousness movement where all Patriots rose to the flag. This is the Peoples vote and wish. How dare you Usurp Democracy. Trump IS the peoples choice. Obama and Clinton need to be told, keep up these games and both of you will be going to a locked cage in Gitmo. Trumps team need to get mean now with the Chicago Commies and Soros needs to be told he will be on a one way Military plane to Moscow. No one cares if Soros is handed over. What a good move that would be.
    Send Vald a US Jack in the Box. Open the lid and up pops Soros.WTF?? Vald would love it. Well hello Nazi war crimes thug. See what we have got for you. If only we got the film rights, what a Blockbuster. Playing Tchaikovsky to the sounds of his nuts cracking.

    1. Excuse typos it's Vlad the Impaler. Work loads.

    2. The typos make you real John! Given your known constraints, we are grateful for the time spent...

    3. Ha! Love the idea of sending Soros to Putin in a Jack in the box.

      As they say...POP GOES THE WEASEL! :)

    4. Just saw your correction John. I thought you meant Vladmir Putin. However, I think my idea of sending to Putin is even better :)

  71. John

    Can you explain what the motivation is for O to block the settlements?

    I just want to make sure i/we understand.


    1. So the Cabal can keep on using the funds making gains and propping up the banks.

  72. John, the White Hats have been negotiating the the release of the GCA for years now, and while they have worked diligently trying to get this done it is obvious that the DC SHADOW GOV crooks will not budge. Now that Trump is taking office do you think he will work with them to get this done. I'm assuming he knows about this as someone in his position has certainly been informed about this.

    1. Everyone is assuming he will get to office.

      Yesterday Pennsylvania MIRACULOUSLY found about 25000 votes. NEVER has a recount changed the vote tally more than a few hundred.

      Electors are being bribed and threatened with death. 15 Republican electors have already committed to being faithless electors.

      The FIX may be in.

      Dave Hodges reveals what his sources are telling him.

    2. JV,
      Jim Stone is all over this today. Who would believe a box of 25K votes just surfaced and all votes for Hitlary? Trump's people are going to have to be quick....not Republicans...since they wanted Hitlary anyway and appears conspired to try to make that happen. Bushes advertising they were voting for Hitlary and many others speaking harshly against Trump during campaign.

    3. What is happening is vile, criminal, and typical. Unless Americans take to the streets with nooses, and Bikers by the million, how do you stop it? How do THEY stop a million destroying key Cabal locations, and lynching them if caught? How would a million marching in fury on Washington sound? How would bringing NY and DC to a complete halt for a month go? It needs what it takes to make them realise, this time it's a No!

      If Clinton is forced in WW111 will follow and at least 50M of you will die. Kids too. No one wants this. No one wants Clinton. One evil man in Texas and a Nazi WW11 criminal don't care. A mob marching in Texas with a noose will bring home reality. The same for Soros.

      You all may have to a march and say No More! You voted, now get angry! YOU count not just your votes. You matter! Either live free, or die like a Slave. Which?

    4. Heard today that the more Jill Stein can stall and drag on the recount, the more time they have to 'find misplaced ballots, and destroy real ones that get replaced with new ones'. Trump needs to get on top of this fast. Get republicans in there with eyes on all they do.

    5. Biffie,'s the Jim Stone report (will have to go to his site at to access the links)

      TOLD YOU SO! THE MSM LIED. Another AP report confirms Jill Stein will now file at both the Federal and County level while dems destroy old ballots, re-fill them out in the names of people who voted and CAST THEM AGAIN.

      Just like I said - they are NOT GIVING UP. They want the election stolen at ALL COSTS, including fat paychecks to people willing to risk their skin forging ballots. They can't stuff new ones but they can destroy old ones and re-write them so they go to Hillary instead and that is EXACTLY what they are doing, this is well explained on this page in the links.
      Pennsylvania is GOING DOWN, there is a very good reason why votes keep trickling in and swinging it to Hillary.

      Trolls are writing saying I'm full of it and just fear mongering and that I should "eat crow" after Jill lost at the state level today. Not so, and that's too bad, she's taking it to a whole new level now.


      Everything I mention in this update is fully documented with links in the page below, and I mean DOCUMENTED to the last letter.
      Jill will now continue the recount effort by suing every single major precinct. The MSM LIED AS USUAL. First of all, they are not covering any of the recount issues well at all - many people do not even know it is going on. Now, they are lying about Pennsylvania.

      1. CONTINUE FORGING BALLOTS IN PENNSYLVANIA (where they are replacing genuine ballots with forgeries) until they have enough forgeries to either flip it to hillary or force a recount. This is exactly how they mysteriously came up with over 25,000 more ballots for Hillary and shrunk Trump's lead to 49,000. They came up with an initial 22,000 on Friday and were able to forge an additional 4,000 today. At this rate, they will trip a recount in 3 more days, and steal it entirely in 12 days. And you can watch it happen on Pennsylvania's own vote tabulation web site. The media is lying and saying the vote tabulation is done, all the while you can still see them creep in on Pennsylvania's official web site. The MSM has got to know this, and they are lying about it for a reason. The official web site makes it very clear: The posted results are NOT OFFICIAL because it is still ongoing as of two hours before Dec 4.

      2. CONTINUE THE RECOUNT EFFORT AT A PRECINCT LEVEL RATHER THAN A STATE LEVEL in the hopes of flipping enough to Hillary to either hand it to her outright, or trigger a recount. These two methods in conjunction with each other, are extremely likely to flip it if people sit on the couch and let it happen.

      I AM NOT CLICK BAITING OR TRYING TO SCARE PEOPLE, I AM SAYING IT LIKE IT IS. For some reason Pennsylvania STILL has precincts with "uncounted" ballots ALMOST A MONTH after the election. This is ONLY because team hillary has people forging ballots until the election is flipped. IF PEOPLE GO TO SLEEP AND LET THIS SLIDE, IT WILL BE FLIPPED.

      Look people, I am NOT MAKING THIS STUFF UP. I have all the links and proof this is going on. I am not quoting joe blow or fake news, I am quoting AP directly and proving it is NOT OVER by showing you plain as day on Pennsylvania's own election tallying state web site that is showing the slip to oblivion with updates every three minutes. THEY ARE STEALING THIS, AND YOU CAN WATCH IT PROGRESS HERE The actual page date is at the bottom of the page, the date at the top of the page was put there on election day.


    6. Cont'd....

      IMPORTANT NOTE: All precincts were shown as "reporting" and the graph has shown 100% for weeks now and did within a couple days of the election. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THE COUNT IS DONE, I HAVE CONFIRMED THAT EVEN NOW, SATURDAY EVENING, THEY HAVE NOT RETURNED ALL VOTES (obviously because in the big precincts they are STILL FORGING BALLOTS.

      I am not alone in saying the recount is not over, other credible web sites are saying the same thing! THE MSM WANTS YOU TO BELIEVE IT IS OVER SO YOU GO HOME, GO TO BED, AND LET THEM STEAL IT IN PEACE.

      ELECTION STEALING METHOD IN PENNSYLVANIA REVEALED. SEE THIS. Now we know how Hillary started smashing Trump at the end!


    7. In PA, they have missed the deadline. A judge needs to stop Stein and throw out all her efforts.

      In Wisconsin, InfoWars has just reported (1830 EST) that in Democrat strongholds, the reporting operations had doubled the vote. In the recount, Hillary has ~50% less votes in select Democrat county's.

      I am beyond furious, and though I only have 500 downstream of me, trust me, my 500 are ready to emulate the 300 of Sparta.

    8. Tino,
      They're announcing on FOX that Jill Stein will be filing a federal lawsuit tomorrow. If I understand what's happening now in PA since they haven't certified the vote, they're still counting by REPLACING Trump ballots with Clinton ballots and changing totals. Jim Stone has been monitoring the state website. I can't post the screen shot here, but it's at his site. So that's probably going on in WI and MI as well.

  73. NOTHING like this disturbing instance of fake news about fake news. Courtesy of Slashdot.

    An anonymous reader writes:

    Last week the Washington Post described "independent researchers" who'd identified "more than 200 websites as routine peddlers of Russian propaganda" that they estimated were viewed more than 200 million times on Facebook. But the researchers insisted on remaining anonymous "to avoid being targeted by Russia's legions of skilled hackers," and when criticized on Twitter, responded "Awww, wook at all the angwy Putinists, trying to change the subject -- they're so vewwy angwy!!"

    The group "seems to have been in existence for just a few months," writes Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi, calling the Post's article an "astonishingly lazy report". (Chris Hedges, who once worked on a Pulitzer Prize-winning team at the New York Times, even found his site Truthdig,sites that reliably echo Russian propaganda; Zero Hedge, Naked Capitalism, and the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.)
    "By overplaying the influence of Russia's disinformation campaign, the report also plays directly into the hands of the Russian propagandists that it hopes to combat," complains Adrian Chen, who in 2015 documented real Russian propaganda efforts which he traced to "a building in St. Petersburg where hundreds of young Russians worked to churn out propaganda

    The Post's article was picked up by other major news outlets (including USA Today), and included an ominous warning that "The sophistication of the Russian tactics may complicate efforts by Facebook and Google to crack down on 'fake news'."

  74. It seems there might just be another win for the people...buckle up!

    Italy PM Renzi facing big referendum defeat: exit polls


    Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has lost a referendum on constitutional reform by a wide margin, exit polls and early projections showed on Sunday, throwing his future into doubt and opening the door to renewed political instability in Italy.

    Renzi, who had promised to resign if his flagship project was defeated, is due to address the nation at around midnight (6.00 p.m. ET), government sources said.

    The euro fell sharply against the dollar on the exit polls, slipping to $1.0550 from $1.0625.

    A trio of polls for various television stations saw the 'No' camp ahead by at least eight percentage points. Within half an hour, projections based on the initial counts suggested Renzi could lose by as much as 20 points.

    If confirmed, the result would represent a fresh blow to the European Union which is struggling to overcome an array of crises and was eager for Renzi to continue his reform drive in the euro zone's heavily indebted, third-largest economy.

    Defeat could also prompt fresh market ructions, especially in the banking sector which has lost almost half its value this year on the Milan bourse, hit by fears over its huge exposure to bad loans accumulated during years of economic downturn.

  75. This comment has been removed by the author.

  76. We need an end to the EU State and back to cooperating nations with borders. The EU is a very dangerous place for Sovereign rights, run by unelected Jesuits moles as foot soldiers to a Vatican agenda. The EU has ruined cultures and economies whilst bolstering Germanies. Frau Merkels Commie Super State is failing badly.

    We now have to watch the US criminal attempt to overthrow the will and free rights of its people by rigged ballots. If they try it Trump must arouse the masses and let Civil Rebellion take down this Cabal and DC. Including marching on Bush and Clinton properties and bases. A month of NY and DC locked down will smash Soros and the Bushes. See how Bangsters cope with that. There goes their bonuses for the next 3 years as Wall Street fails. It will bring down all Derivatives and flatten out the Cabal. No money then for wars and 990 bases. The Quad T 's derivatives will have to be declared legally unenforceable and reconstruct Banks back to basics. It's only a matter of when.

    The world is being taken over by a parasitic Global Tax Empire and monstrous MSM spouting vacuous State ordained propaganda. News is suppressed. Reporters are restrained from open truth. Big power now is not about creating but Taxing. Keeping the 0.001% fat on all your backs. Rights they Take! Yours!

  77. Retarded EU Official's Daughter Raped and Slaughtered by Islamic Migrant

    Valdi: Strong language from Styx but he's right - a nation that won't protect its borders, culture, economy or citizens from invading hordes will soon cease to exist in everything but name.


  78. PIZZAGATE: Black Operation in D.C. to Foil Citizen Investigations Doesn’t Even Surprise

    False Flag At Comet Ping Pong Pizza Restaurant Predicted By Alt Media


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