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  1. Watching positive moves is good and encouraging, and well done the team.Also all of you who voted to help this happen. Let's all hope for a return back to prosperity for all Americans so much in need, but also a major cutback in funding conflicts, let's fund Industries for a better world for all.

  2. Valdi
    got your post about “Candice the Cuckslayer” Nice!!!!

  3. John

    Talking about funding

    Anything on the horizon for the groups (sovereign and organized) ??


    1. A new discussion was active today, but can't say more. If successful it will help real causes. Remember there is a huge gap in liquidity so money is so scarce. It needs kid gloves to progress. Nothing is easy, and any fool can dream big. Real world steps today are in minefields.

  4. French Businessman Confesses to Delivering $5.36Mln From Gaddafi to Sarkozy

    Read more:

    "In the spring of 2012, following Sarkozy’s failure to re-elect for a second term, the website released the documents proving that Libya allegedly contributed 50 million euros to Sarkozy’s 2007 presidential campaign."

  5. Rob Kirby: Massive Fraud 8,000 Tons of Paper Gold Dumped on Market, Globalists Will Crash Markets and Blame it on Trump

    Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby explains the violent moves in the markets by saying, “We really do not have markets anymore. We have interventions, and we have massive fraud committed on a daily basis in what we call our capital markets. Our capital markets have become nothing more than a crime scene.”

    1. Yup. Absolutely. Now, we will have volcano of fraud

  6. P, Texian, and St John, thanks for the feedback on the hemp articles. I really dislike seeing hemp so victimized from past misinformation. Nice to hear that it helps with cancers and pain from you all. Will add that to my cancer folder.

    1. Biffie,

      Cannabis, tumeric and liquidised fresh pineapples plus a low-carb diet. The core of a pineapple contains a chemotherapeutic agent more powerful than 5-fluorauracil:

      I never understood why crushing a healthy immune system with radio- or chemotherapy could be justified, with a few exceptions, when it makes more sense to allow it to do its job of eliminating cancer cells.

    2. Valdi,
      Wonderful information that will help so many! So happy to see the "war on health information" being dismantled....

    3. Thank you for sharing Valdi. This could help many and far cheaper than many current cancer treatments.

    4. Yes Valdi, I appreciate that information. Thanks

    5. The answer to Valdi's question on why chemo or radiation is very simple: little else works. This doesn't mean the cannabis, tumeric and others, can't be effective. It is very VERY hit and miss. Vitamin C, by intravenous, at the 100 Gram per infusion level, has stopped cancer many a time. Throw in dysfunction of the medical/fda/cdc system(s) worldwide, and cancer therapy is a mess. Please, don't quote me the studies on the various substances -- most are bad, most are wrong, and in the Real World [tm] most die. For each of those survivors that swear X-saved-them I can bring you 4 where X-failed-them. 10 years ago I developed a derivative immunotherapy removing soluble TNF receptors from the bloodstream. Worked perfectly in dogs. The 3rd generation of same has STILL not made it to market, barely entering FDA trial in the proximate future. Of all the substances, tumeric has the greatest preventive effect and for men, a boron/lycopene supplement regimen is most preventive for prostate cancer. Hope that helps.

  7. Well, I am watching the situation closely. You all know that I would not vote for Hillary because she was a crook, but I considered Trump to be an equally unpalatable option. We will see what we will see. I do NOT hold out much promise for Trump to be anything other than a con man intent on installing his own REGIME populated by his family, neocons and bimbos. Apparently, this may be more prescient than previously noted.


    1. That headline coming direct from a quote from a former Bush official

      "Knife fight" from CNN (Clinton News Network)

      Other sources quoted were The New York Times and Politico, both extreme left.

      Cohen a Bush operative also being quoted.

      When this article was posted there were lobbyists in the Trump transition team, today Pence ordered them removed.

      I am not Trump lover by no means, but we need to be fair and unbiased. We cannot fall for MSM conjecture from the likes of the sources quoted in that article.

    2. I believe we are in a time to take all "news" stories from both lamestream media to alternative media with a grain of salt until we, ourselves, have a bit of time to take it all in before making judgement calls...just one girl's opinion.

      There will be plenty of time for Monday morning quarter backing. Until then, meh...

    3. Agreed. I've never seen such biting at heels of new President one week after election. The liberals have gone berserk and 'establishment' or more correctly Bush Republicans nearly as bad. That group are trying to infiltrate to throw agenda off track. I'm confident there are enough patriots around Trump to prevent that group from getting a stronghold.

      DeBlasio, communist mayor of New York City, threw a bunch of shots today literally across Trump's bow by staging a press conference in front of Trump Tower after a meeting with Trump.

      After the subversive and incompetent administration of last 8 years liberally infiltrated with Muslim Brotherhood operatives and every other special interest group imaginable including the Clinton Crime Cabal, I say it's time to step back and give the transition team a chance to vet potentials carefully and not pay attention to the pundits claiming to be reporters spewing disinformation to stir the pot.

    4. Amen Canauzzie....2 thumbs way up!!

    5. Actually, Obama was gnawed at from day one. Bush Jr. should have, but it took a couple of years before people noticed that he had no brain cells.

  8. p: Turns out Kerry was sleeping in Christ Church when this earthquake hit. Bless the people of NZ who have to deal with the recurring after-quakes and cleanup of land and lives.

    Was NZ Earthquake Man Made? World’s Biggest Seismic “Blast” Ship Was Parked Above Fault
    Published on Nov 15, 2016

    If you were planning to do seismic blasting off the coast of a country, the best time to do it would be with the full moon wouldn’t it? That way people only discuss that as the possible reason for the quake.

    The worlds biggest seismic blasting ship the Amazon Warrior was photographed off Rarangi Beach in Cloudy Bay last night. Right on top of a major fault line.

    Green MP Steffan Browning reported it on his Facebook page for hours before the giant quakes.

    The ship was met with protests when it arrived on the 13th

    1. Here's more on the NZ Earthquake...
      New Zealand earthquake: One of the most complex ever recorded on land

      The very long time it took for the faults to rupture (over one minute) meant that the standard methods of calculating magnitude were insufficient to capture the full energy released.

    2. New Zealand's earthquake was so powerful the sea floor lifted TWO METRES and exploded through the sand

      Photos show the scale of the devastation of New Zealand's seabed after the earthquake early on Monday
      Scientists say seabed lifted about two metres on the foreshore and say they have never seen anything like it

  9. Why is it impossible to post with wordpress? I'm sent to some bizarre site that does nothing. My post is lost. So frustrating.



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  12. Sorry, error in the posting.
    Vets Today says that the Administration has been sold out by the Ruskis. Who knows what the truth is anymore?

  13. Expose' of elite pedophile rings

    1. FBI Sting Frees 82 Child Sex Slaves, Captures 239 Pedophile “Masters”
      Nov 17 2016

      The FBI says dozens of pimps, prostitutes and associates have been arrested under international efforts to combat underage human trafficking. The FBI says 239 child-sex traffickers and their associates were arrested and 82 children were rescued from Oct. 13 to 16 as part of Operation Cross Country X.

      “This is a depressing day in law enforcement,” said FBI Director Comey, “because this is the world we live in and the work we have to do.”

      But it is also a proud day for law enforcement, he added, “because there are people who spend every day worrying about how to rescue these children. They are true heroes.”

    2. P
      Thanks for this article.
      Why are they busting these low level criminals when this problems stems from the top level of our government? Without cutting the head off of the snake this problem will continue to persist without any real impediment. So the FBI goes after the "little guys" to make good in the public eye about this deep dark evil problem...I just don't get it...with all of the proof that has been published over the last two weeks via Wikileaks- everyone of those elite have no worry???? The swamp runs deep and it must be drained down through the mud!

    3. Satanic Pedophilia Network Exposed in Australia — It Starts at the TOP, Just Like in the USA and UK

      The New World Order cult that rules the world administers a Satanic Pedophilia Network, including top-level politicians like Australian Prime Ministers and US Presidents.

      The Satanic Pedophilia Network which underlies the New World Order was again exposed in the last few months by another brave whistleblower. Australian woman Fiona Barnett showed a ton of courage in going public at a Sydney press conference in October 2015 and naming names.

      Fiona, a former victim of Satanic ritual abuse and part of an international VIP pedophile ring, not only exposed the existence of the Satanic pedophilia network and its international child trafficking ring, but actually named 3 former Australian Prime Ministers and 1 former US President as perpetrators.

      She reveals that this network, composed of famous actors, celebrities, judges, politicians and other high-flyers, has infiltrated all the key organizations and institutions in Australia – just as it has in the US and Britain.

    4. fedup, it will happen, the ones at the top being exposed, charged and jailed. For now most those eager to do their job are being prevented from doing the deeper digging/exposing by political puppet masters or by the DOJ. That will soon change, we are seeing the steps towards that happening now. It may not seem like it,but the very depth of the depravity and its ever higher reach into top politicos and elite will see the light of day. Sooner rather than later.

  14. November 14 China fires its first warning shot iPhone sales will suffer if Trump starts a trade war iPhones and other U.S. goods could suffer sales hits in China if President-elect Donald Trump goes through with his "naive" plan of slapping a large import tariff on Chinese products, a state-backed newspaper warned on Sunday. During his election campaign this year, Trump spoke of a 45 percent import tariff on all Chinese goods while failing to outline how it would work. Should any such policy come into effect, China will take a "tit-for-tat approach", according to an opinion piece in the Global Times, a newspaper backed by the Communist party. "A batch of Boeing orders will be replaced by Airbus. U.S. auto and iPhone sales in China will suffer a setback, and U.S. soybean and maize imports will be halted. China can also limit the number of Chinese students studying in the U.S.," the Global Times article read. Nick Note: How is this going to work. You pay the duty increase. It’s a tax on the buyers not the sellers. Are you ready for a 25% increase in costs for goods from Asia? We can’t make cell phones in America, can’t even make a flat screen TV. Can’t even make sophisticated computer processing chips. Trump is the most powerful spin-master ever.

  15. Super Snowflake Melissa Zimdars Labels 50% of Alt-Media ‘Fake News’
    Posted on November 16, 2016 by State of the Nation
    Zero Hedge Targeted On Liberal Professor’s List of “Fake News” Sources

  16. A Serious Post-Election Disorder Has Finally Been Named
    Posted on November 16, 2016 by State of the Nation
    Are You Suffering From Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder (TARD)?
    Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder is a pattern of pathologically dissociative and psychotic behavior, first observed in the late hours of November 8th 2016, and increasing in severity with passing time. Sufferers of Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder often exhibit pronounced cognitive dissonance, sudden bouts of rage, uncontrollable crying, suicidal ideation, and extreme sadness.
    Signs and Symptoms:
    People with Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder are characterized by a persistent unwillingness to accept that Donald Trump is going to Make America Great Again.
    Individual sufferers often display signs of paranoia and delusion; in acute cases psychotic episodes have been observed. Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder is different from being upset about the results of the 2016 presidential election; People with TARD are unwilling or unable to accept reality, despite irrefutable evidence.
    According to the DSM-V, individuals with TARD exhibit most or all of the following symptoms:
    – Telling others they are moving to Canada
    – Fixated on fantasies about the Electoral College
    – Protesting an election no credible source contests the outcome of
    – Exclamations that “Someone” should do “Something”
    – Acute change in demeanor from pompous and arrogant to fearful and combative
    – Claim that anyone who disagrees with them is some combination of Racist, Sexist, Bigoted, Homophobic, and actually some sort of Hitler persona
    Causes and Mechanisms:
    Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder was directly caused by the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America. For many, both in America and worldwide, this was a shocking and unexpected outcome; their preferred news sources having failed to inform them that the alternative candidate was a criminal parasite in such ill health she got chucked into the back of a van like a kidnap victim.
    Research is ongoing, but TARD appears to correlate closely with the following environmental and behavioral factors:
    – Membership in the Democratic party
    – Identifying as a Feminist
    – Currently enrolled in college, and/or
    – Possession of a Liberal Arts college degree
    – Cuckoldry
    – Living in a densely populated metropolitan area
    – Massive student debt
    – Spotty or non-existent work history
    – Hipsterism
    Diagnosis of Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder is straightforward. Ask the patient if Donald Trump is going to be the Next President of the United States of America. Some patients will become agitated, and may attempt to deflect. It’s critical you press them on the issue, even if they start babbling about ‘muh triggers’. A sufferer of TARD will begin to ramble incoherently, often displaying three or more of the symptoms within a short period of time.
    The only known effective treatment is exposure therapy. The patient must be repeatedly exposed to reality, and should wear a Make America Great Again hat as long as they are able to tolerate it.
    Each exposure should increase in length, after a week the patient should be encouraged to be seen in public wearing the MAGA hat. Coach the patient to refer to Donald Trump as President-Elect Trump.
    Patients with TARD are very resistant to treatment, and dangerous in large groups. Any possibility of treatment requires that they be separated from their hive-mind support apparatus; they cannot begin the process of accepting reality in the presence of encouragement towards delusion and irrationality. Separation may require the assistance of law enforcement.
    If you have a friend or loved one suffering from TARD, urge them to seek treatment. Together we can beat this scourge, and Make America Great Again!

    1. The chronic form is Recurrent Extensive Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder or RETARD: a well-known side-effect of overdosing with MSM Blue Pills, fluoride, tainted vaccines, GMO's, stratospheric aerosols, the Kardashians, Facebook, Farmville, Hollywood Celebs, Dumf Beer and porn. There is no known cure for this dreadful disorder.

  17. Escape Google With These 12 Search Engine Alternatives
    Chuck Price
    Search Engine Watch

    1. Nice, A44L91, I use Bing. Thanks for sharing.

    2. It's all becoming a giant Soap opera now as the Barnum carnival has come to town.
      Some good moves, a lot of acts competing,and every so often crocks get dumped. All live, all free, and fingers crossed for all he makes progress, but overall good so far. It may become a radical administration. Old Newt and others know the system and are good assets to have on board.
      Task one among many will be gutting Obamans Muslim League radicals and dealing with the vast alien mess Obama has imported in. Banning any more mosque building is not a bad idea. If they want mosques, go home- please? Clearing out all of Obama's Muslim hangers on is one key task and soon.

      So far the new team seems capable and good for America.

      Free trade will help job creation, and getting military spending under control will be a huge challenge. Making viable products to create jobs will recover America. Charity begins at home.

      A new First Lady is in town, and I'm sure will try hard to represent America,without armies of hangers on. The team are trying and only the likes of Soros are harming progress now. Once in the Oval office a Task Team for Soros is no bad thing. Russia would like him gift wrapped.

    3. Bing is good. I usually use Duck Duck Go for more privacy. Not because of subject I'm searching, but it prevents much of the obnoxious popping up of things, for example, if you were shopping. Startpage is also a good one that wasn't mentioned. If you're researching, be aware google hides results someone has paid them to bury so it's practically useless for truth searching. Try it. Use a controversial keyword, see what comes up with google, then go to DDG or another and you'll be amazed.

  18. Bill leaned over to Obama and said behind his hand, with a giant smile, want to know a secret, I voted for Trump.

    Obama leaned back covering his mouth laughing and said- So did I!

    The trouble is so did most thinking Americans.

    This is a journey of discovery well worth testing. So far, overall good moves. It's good to see a united family, but just keep nepotism at bay. As much for their sakes.
    Good news so far on Immigration and Muslims.
    All positive. If common sense now rules America it can all be recovered. We hope for the best.

    1. Except for the cities and universities/colleges that are crying about becoming a 'sanctuary' for illegals. They need to grab their binkies and sit on the bench.

  19. Comment on ZeroHedge, from
    Australia Snubs Obama, Dumps TPP, Opts For China-Sponsored Trade Deal

    "Here is a summary of the Obama legacy:

    Sino Russian military and trade alliance.

    Failure in Syria brings Syria Egypt Iran Lebanon and perhaps Iraq into Russian orbit.

    Libyan adventure a total failure. Weakened NATO with migrant crisis.

    Pivot to Asia a total bust. Everyone aligned with China.

    Ukraine gambit was a total bust. US got nothing but bunch of useless NAZI allies. We see Hungary Moldova and Bulgaria realign with Russia. France and Britian pursue independence from Empire. Merkel stands with Brussels clown possie.

    Obama presided over 5 strategic catastrophes. Honestly, he has done more to end the empire Trump ever would. We should thank him."

    AJ: Yes I do thank him because his effect was to ultimately bring down the KM. Through his efforts many visxerally hated him and a distrust of (over)government grew to the point of counter-coup.

    I do not think this was by accident. It all dovetails together. And, I hear he had higher tactical advice as does Vlad. This is why I called him a double agent. The irony of OWoN is that even though he delivered this outcome everyone here hates his guts. I think that is because people have not seen through to his true methodology, or is it becaused he was from the reviled dnc? Just as the snowflakes can't see through to trump's potential. Folks this is the product of division which we have been conditioned to follow. Obama gave the establishment the rope it needed to hang itself.

    My two dong's worth.

    1. AJ,
      Love ya', although think you give Obozo way too much credit. He did one good thing IMO...awakened some of the sleeping masses that our country was being destroyed from within. He was placed in that job. Not because of qualification to run a country, just the opposite, he would just be the face. I doubt he could successfully run a lemonade stand. There was no accomplishment in any of his previous elected offices...even on rare occasion he was in attendance to place a vote. He usually didn't vote because of absence or abstained from voting. WTH? He was much in favor of partial birth and very late term abortions. Other than that, he didn't seem to take a position. All records of his past were sealed, not just birth records, but ALL records. So there wasn't anything to be proud of there either...apparently. Occasionally some small thing would be uncovered that they didn't manage to destroy or seal like a brochure produced by publisher regarding their various authors. Obozo's bio claimed he was born in Kenya. Then an ID surfaced showing he was foreign student. He has accomplished nothing that the majority of American people approve of and most are very anxious to see an end to this embarrassing period of history and are looking forward to a repeal of the whole mess before it's too late. Even with the massive fraud, Trump won in a map that looks very red across the country. OK, Obozo did 2 things...he also spurred the people to get out and try to reclaim the country which was natural result from his 1st accomplishment. As for his actions with Zionists, as a Muslim he doesn't like Jews, Christians or any other faith group.

    2. OK maybe I should have given it only one dong's worth. Regardless of the causes I feel like I'm in a new world. Frankly I don't care how we got here anymore, just glad we arrived. Kind of like a dog after a car trip :)

    3. Hahaha...exactly. If you listen to Obozo, he sounds good. Problem is what he says is not what he all...more like opposite. So you have to look behind the curtain to see what's actually going on. Plus we didn't sign up for a dictator with a pen and a phone!

  20. John,

    How long before the shadow Gov (7th Floor group)Bush & Clinton crime families threaten trump and his families lives, I believe that they all ready possibly did, in his interview on 60 minutes he said that the Clinton's are GOOD PEOPLE and while campaigning he called them the worst criminals in American history. I think that they made him an offer that he couldn't refuse.

    1. That IS the nightmare which is America. Once in office he has to close them down. With Gitmo. Global Rendition sites and FEMA he has lock down facilities.
      He needs the will! Or does he take $5B ? Others did. What price?
      Is he for real, or just a Buy Me deal?

  21. Reports coming in indicate that China has been carrying out between 60k to 100K organ transplants a year. Mainly ripping them out of Christians, Buddhists and other prisoners of conscience. They strap you down, ,no anaesthetic, rip you open and take what makes them a Buck. Some regime? Eurasia is coming. Horrible deaths and no one cares.


      Just as the establishment politicians and media in the U.S. tried to cover up and hide the Planned Parenthood trade in baby body parts after it was exposed by undercover journalists, the Chinese government and media have also denied any such trade exists in China.

      But two investigators who have spent 10 years researching evidence of forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience in China told the Canadian Parliament’s human rights subcommittee that the practice of killing for profit-driven transplants continues unabated in China, the Epoch Times reports.

  22. Interesting consensus on the Donald today. City judgment is he's a good wild card to drain the swamp,but no depth of experience to build the infrastructure for a new nation, or the sensitivity for a fast changing Global village. So, a Stopper but who's next? Many of his plans are good sound bites, but workable in reality?

    For sure he's got watchers. But the swamp is good. Even that is huge.

    1. Well, now that the US has dropped the DEFCON position a couple notches, that alone has bought time. I'm sleeping again not worrying a thermonuclear SATAN warhead isn't in the proximate future.

      I agree that he is not a Founding Father for the future. But if all he does is disarray the plans of the criminals and builds a Cloaca Maxima to the Potomac that will be enough. The Republic will find someone for the future.

    2. DJT is in the midst of chaos. Chaos can be reduced to minimal levels by positive moves; some of which will look negative to the video game and dole set. Once he gets his footing and sinks roots (by February 2017) prosecutors need to go to work starting with 911. We can help him with that since we have enough evidence to get high level convictions. At the same time any investigation with intelligent people and Executive Branch support will expose the vermine involved with CGI and various non Profits controlled by Clintons et al. My crude research found >20 501(c)3/4 vampires sucking money and putting it where they wanted it. They are still fencing, stealing, laundering through the not so transparent world wide banking system. A few good treatys can bring an end to shadow banking which is making us worker bees slaves worldwide. Trump will have to have a few whores next to him and encourage them to turn to the Light and reward that behavior. Those who are invited to leave the synagog of satan. Many sos people are more greed than evil but turn a blind eye to evil to gain wealth. Once people see bad guys exposed and punished by a real justice system. Now to take out those who foment crime by funding it like Nazi Soros. There is a simple remedy/solution. Set up an extradition Treaty with Russia. I will negotiate if they cannot. So we say "Hey Vlad; you want this creep soros ... let's make a deal") Bingo; no more soros and the many others who escape.

      For decade, enemies have jumped over the Yellow River, into North Viet Nam, China, Iran etc and gotten away. Let's plug that hole right now with a simple treaty and a few other strategic moves. Since a real Republic would seek Truth and Justice we can have less expensive peace but still be strong enough to remain sovereign and safe. Without a world domination agenda with globalist Nazi sos et al ease of operation and total cost will be much more manageable..

      Now we have the sources of funding of rioters and demonstrators so arrest and prosecute. WE all need to support law enforcement and manage those who defy good an support evil as in sanctuary cities etc. The morons will quickly learn that free food and $100 - $1500/day has huge repercussions and the leaders get worse and the fomenters-funder-enablers get a plane ride if needed. WE have to bend a few rules in the short term.

      Do not piss off Russia and China for starters. Clinton gave China everything he could of our secret technologies. I have that from first hand intelligence sources. It scared the sheet out of me. I have enough experience in RU to assure any doubters that their science and technology is very advanced, very very advanced. Do not piss off the Bear. Instead, work with the Bear and as with China, hold each other accountable. Accountability is of major importance as in who has the $$$ and where did it come from. Those Who fund evil must be exposed and prosecuted-convicted and sentenced to time or death.

      All this while they continue to drain the proverbial swamp. Call this a first step in problem solving = significantly less chaos. We also have to repair the sos mainstream media issues. There needs to be standards of reporting news while navigating the 1st Amendment etc.

      by 2018 the US should be able to take what they have learned and put the Plans together to build a meritocratic form of our Government for the Republic - USA (legalities are above my paygrade). Qualified candidates are selected to enter the process of high office by knowledge, natural born citizen, above top secret security clearance etc. and sign a pledge with teeth that bite violators. We can do this.

    3. Along those lines, we certainly should consider Nuremberg II. The perfect spot would be Nuremberg, Pennsylvania population 434. Lots of trees for the gallows. Their only real defense has been conning the rest of the Useful Idiots and a Patriotic subset by fraud, that they will be on top when the NWO comes as opposed to being put into an early grave. History has shown how duplicitous they have been on this topic. As people get a clue, and they are, it will be more and more difficult to sell the NWO concepts.

  23. Whitewater: Twelve Versions of Hillary Clinton Draft Indictment, 451 Pages, Withheld By National Archives

    In the National Archives Vaughn Index for the case, we learn that the government is sitting on at least twelve versions of the the draft indictment of Mrs. Clinton, including one “listing overt acts.” From the public record, we know that the Whitewater case centered around whether Mrs. Clinton, while First Lady, lied to federal investigators about her role in the corrupt Arkansas S&L, concealed documents (including material under federal subpoena), and took other steps to cover-up her involvment. Prosecutors ultimately decided not to indict Mrs. Clinton, concluding that they could not win the complicated, largely circumstantial case against such a high-profile figure. (Read more at link)

    1. Well, since she lost the Presidency, their is no harm in releasing it now, is there???

    2. FED, today I was thinking about all the emails erased by the Clinton Whitehouse - slick willy and slimey hilly. As Yogi said "It's like deja vu all over again." Would it be justice served if those emails could also be retrieved. There is a high probability they could be recovered!

    3. Some "air heads" don't understand that once information is footprinted in electronic media it can be retrieved through hidden code at the root level of the hard drive...everything done on that computer can be razed as original...
      Nothing is destroyed...

  24. It’s Time to Stop Spending Taxpayer Dollars on Elon Musk and Cronyism

    The Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee have launched a probe into tax incentives paid to solar companies, according to The Wall Street Journal. The committee probes, led by their respective Republican chairmen, Rep. Kevin Brady of Texas and Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, have found an appropriate and disturbing target to begin this work.

  25. Little-noticed law gives Trump unexpected power to undo the mischief of bureaucrats

    Dozens of major regulations passed recently by the Obama administration — including far-reaching changes on health care, consumer protections and environmental safety — could be undone with the stroke of a pen by Donald J. Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress starting in January, thanks to a little-used law that dates back to 1996.

    And it comes with a scorched-earth kicker: If the law is used to strike down a rule, the federal agency that issued it is barred from enacting similar regulation again in the future.

    The obscure law — called the Congressional Review Act — was passed 20 years ago at the behest of Newt Gingrich, then the House speaker and now a member of Mr. Trump’s transition team.

  26. NO
    Romney for Secretary of State?

    Get the pitchforks ready....

  27. Anyone else having strong reservations about Jamie Dimon/JP Morgan Chase being considered for Secretary
    of Treasury.....even though Dimon says he is not the man for the job, don't understand why the Trump team
    would even go there....he's part of the banking swamp that needs draining ! Just sayin' :)

    1. Just say NO BANKSTERS for Treasury Secretary!

    2. I don't have much faith in the Donald actually doing anything against the very people who have made him rich.

  28. Media is putting out all this crap about Romney and Jamie Dimon being on Trump's team. These political hacks are just showing up to kiss the Godfather's ring. They will not be on his team.

  29. Replies
    1. TINO, how about adding a few to IRS ... SEC, FED, FDA, EPA, FCC, CIA, FBI FAA & SES!

    2. Agree, but a deep precedent needs setting, and the IRS is the most vulnerable. Start there. Back in the day (1990s) they were brought down for 10 years by sending daily IRS-ABUSE REPORTS #xxxx by email, fax and hardcopy to every Congress-critter. It triggered the hearings that put them in a straight-jacket for a decade.

    3. How about a few more....CDC, Dept of Education, BLM, DHS, TSA?

    4. TSA needs to be completely eliminated and security returned to its previous baseline. And all the body scanners need to go.

    5. They need to be investigated and evaluated ... prosecute bad actors. The IRS, SEC and FDA has gone out of their way to make my life miserable and I have NEVER committed a crime. WTF! I love my Country and believe in God and Pray for our Constitiution-Republic! Not a saint but I am a loyal American ... it is easy to conclude that many colleagues of mine receive similar abuse (I am not complaining - just stating factoids) that the SOS is the root cause!

  30. Why did FBI Director Comey boast about the child trafficking and pedophilia sting operation just before the election? And just prior to Pizzagate blowing up?


  31. Julian Assange Isn’t Done With Hillary, Reveals Hidden Human Trafficking Network
    Posted by Elliot Bougis | Nov 16, 2016 | Breaking News


    Masters of fake news attempt to smear real independent journalism

  33. The thieves are on the run

    (CNN)Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told the House Select Committee on Intelligence Thursday he had submitted his letter of resignation on Wednesday night.
    "(I) submitted my letter of resignation last night, which felt pretty good," he said before the panel of lawmakers, in response to the top Democrat on the panel joking he hoped he would stick around for another four years.

    "I have 64 days left and I'd have a pretty hard time with my wife going past that," Clapper told California Rep. Adam Schiff, who also paid his respects to Clapper's service as the hearing opened.
    All members of an outgoing administration must submit a resignation at some point.
    Clapper's announcement wasn't a surprise to those around him and was expected at the end of his term. For months, the intelligence director has been updating those around him on his own personal countdown clock, telling them exactly how many days he has left until retirement.
    "He signed his letter as required by all appointed administration officials but is finishing out his term," said a spokesperson from the Office of Director National Intelligence. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence announced via Twitter that the resignation will be effective at noon on January 20, 2017.


    Jeff Sessions Accepts Trump's Offer To Serve As US Attorney General
    by Tyler Durden
    Nov 18, 2016 7:32 AM


    Some background on the Sessions appointment, courtesy of Bloomberg, which elevates one of Trump’s earliest congressional backers, and one of the most conservative senators, to serve as the nation’s top law enforcement official.

    The 69-year-old, four-term Alabama Republican is a hard-liner on free trade and immigration, arguing that prospective immigrants don’t have constitutional protections. He has opposed efforts to overhaul prison sentencing, back off the war on drugs and legalize marijuana.

    Sessions, a former federal prosecutor, was one of the few lawmakers to defend Trump after he proposed a complete shutdown on Muslims entering the U.S. He told Stephen Bannon on a radio show in 2015 that Trump was "treading on dangerous ground" but it is "appropriate to begin to discuss" the issue.

    The attorney general represents the U.S. in legal matters and gives advice to the president and government agencies. The Justice Department’s broad portfolio includes prosecution of white-collar crime and enforcement of antitrust and civil rights laws. Sessions would oversee all the U.S. attorneys’ offices.

    Sessions was born in Selma, Alabama, the son of a country store owner. An Eagle Scout, Sessions received his undergraduate degree from Huntingdon College in Montgomery and his law degree from the University of Alabama. After some time in private practice, he became the U.S. attorney for Alabama in 1981 at age 34. Sessions has served as a captain in the Army Reserve and Alabama state attorney general.


    This one is iffy

    Meet Mike Pompeo, The New Director Of The CIA

    by Tyler Durden
    Nov 18, 2016 8:23 AM

    Moments after Donald Trump offered the Attorney General spot to senator Jeff Sessions (which he promptly accepted), it was announced that Trump had also picked rep. Mike Pompeo as CIA director, who likewise accepted.

    The selection of Pompeo, a three-term Republican from Wichita, started earlier this week when he met with Donald Trump, according to the president-elect’s transition team. Now we know what the meetings were about. Courtesy of McClatchy, here is profile of the new director of America's top spy agency:

    Pompeo originally supported Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s presidential bid. Like most of his Kansas colleagues, Pompeo backed Trump when it was clear the New York real-estate developer would become the Republican presidential nominee, though not enthusiastically.

    But Pompeo was close to Trump’s running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, who served with Pompeo in the House. Last month, Pompeo helped prepare Pence for the vice presidential debate with Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia.

    The most prominent Kansas elected official to endorse Trump early on was Secretary of State Kris Kobach, now a member of the Trump transition team and a possible candidate for U.S. Attorney General.

    Republican Gov. Sam Brownback and recently defeated Rep. Tim Huelskamp are both potential picks for agriculture secretary.

    Pompeo is a member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence and one of the most vocal critics of the Obama administration’s nuclear deal with Iran.

    He’s a supporter of the National Security Agency’s controversial bulk data collection program and sought to restore the agency’s access to the data it had already collected under the Patriot Act from its inception through late last year.

    He’s a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and Harvard Law School. He’s also a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

    Pompeo, who grew up in the traditionally Republican enclave of Orange County, California, founded Thayer Aerospace, a company that made parts for commercial and military aircraft. After selling Thayer, he became president of Sentry International, a company that manufactures and sells equipment used in oil fields.

    He was elected to Congress in 2010 on a wave of tea party support and with backing from the Koch Industries political action committee. The Wichita-based conglomerate’s PAC is well known for its support of conservative candidates.

    Though Pompeo is generally known for his opposition to Obama administration policies, he’s occasionally given heat to some fellow Republicans. Last year, his name was floated as a potential rival to Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin to become House speaker.

    Earlier this year, he briefly flirted with a primary challenge to Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran after the state’s junior senator appeared to break with Senate Republican opposition to Obama’s Supreme Court nomination of Merrick Garland.

    Joe Romance, an associate professor of political science at Fort Hays State University, said it makes sense for Pompeo to consider a job in the executive branch, given the way the stage is set from Kansas to Washington in the next several years.

    “He’s ambitious,” Romance said. “Jerry Moran just got reelected. Roberts is not up until 2020. So where do you need to move? And I don’t think Ryan’s going anywhere as speaker. So why not?”

  36. Whats this all about John

    Theresa May shelves plans to strip House of Lords of veto powers… for now

    14 hours ago

    The government has abandoned plans put forward by David Cameron to strip the House of Lords of the power to veto legislation, but has warned peers that it may reconsider its decision.

    In 2015, then Prime Minister Cameron instructed former House of Lords leader Lord Strathclyde to carry out a review into curbing the powers of the second chamber after peers had voted to block George Osborne’s plan to cut tax credits.

    However, on Wednesday the government announced it had no plans to bring forth legislation on the issue.

    Commons leader David Lidington said: “I can confirm this morning that, while the government found the analysis of Lord Strathclyde compelling, and we are determined that the principle of the supremacy of the elected House should be upheld, we have no plans for now to introduce new primary legislation.”

    Under Strathclyde’s proposals, peers would have been limited to asking the lower chamber to reconsider planned legislation, leaving the final decision to the Commons.

    However, current House of Lords leader Baroness Natalie Evans told peers that the decision to drop the plans was “reliant on the discipline and self-regulation that this House imposes upon itself.”

    “Should that break down, we would have to reflect on that decision. This House has an important role to play in scrutinizing and revising legislation and the government recognizes this,” she said in a statement.

    “As we find ourselves considering the legislation resulting from the decision of the British people to leave the European Union, the constructive approach this House has so far shown will be ever more important,” Evans added.

    1. Certain parties in the Lords have been threatening to block Brexit. We have over 100 lunatic Liberals in the Lords. The PM has advised the Lords if they do delay Brexit by mischief, they will review the Lords again and go for a big numbers cut. It's a pissing contest.

    2. John,

      BREXIT vote was several months ago. Why is U.K. not quickly exiting? Why still talking about in or out? The referendum/vote of the people has spoken. Why aren't borders closed already and deporting migrant criminals? Are the politicos being allowed to sabotage the people's vote?

    3. The House of Lords served as a counter-balance against the other house, because they were not elected. Blair, I think, stripped them of their powers. I think that restoring that power might be quite helpful.

  37. Replies
    1. Is this cross-confirmed...? Sadness... On a statistical basis alone we place these matters at the feet of the Clinton group(s).

    2. Yes, I found these notices at Human Trafficking Center Facebook page:

      "Human Trafficking Center
      20 hrs ·
      A Memorial Service for Monica has been set for Friday, November 18th at 12:30pm. It will be held in Maglione Hall, 5th floor of the Sié International Complex, Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver, 2201 S. Gaylord St., Denver, Colorado.
      The Human Trafficking Center has established an annual “Monica Petersen Memorial Lecture.” In lieu of flowers, the family has asked that donations may be sent to the University of Denver with the designation “In memory of Monica Petersen.” The address is University of Denver, P.O. Box 910585, Denver, CO 80291-0585.
      Parking will be made available in Lots H1 & H2 starting at 11:00am. H1 & H2 is a parking structure located at the NW corner of Iliff Ave. and Gaylord St.
      The Memorial Service will be lived-streamed through the Human Trafficking Center Facebook site:

      Human Trafficking Center
      November 13 at 6:38pm ·
      I am heartbroken to report that Monica Petersen died today in Haiti. She was a recent graduate of the Korbel School, a Research Fellow and an Assistant Director at the Human Trafficking Center, and had moved to Haiti to teach and start an NGO. Monica was a scholar-activist committed to serving the dispossessed and a clear and critical voice in the human trafficking field. She was also a dear friend and colleague to many of us.
      I will post the time and date of a memorial service soon.
      --Prof. Claude d'Estrée
      Director, Human Trafficking Center"

    3. Tino,
      Plus a link embedded in previous article posted above links to questions Ms Peterson was asking and alluding to what she was investigating....


    4. How many more people have to die before these cretins are shut down/taken out?

    5. From on Monica Peterson....there are several hot links in the paragraph, but you'll have to go to Stone's webpage to click on them:

      "Huge story on the web that might be true:

      Monica Petersen, a woman who according to her friends who are searching for answers, was investigating the Clinton foundation for child trafficking and was found dead from "suicide" in Haiti

      I thought it would be hoax news. On the surface, it does not look like it. Monica Petersen had a friend named Bella Robinson who has confirmed that Monica was investigating child trafficking under front cover of a "gold mine" in Haiti that was affiliated with Hillary's brother. Monica was a truther, who wrote this blog post. I have confirmed that Monica really did have at least loose ties to the Human Trafficking Center, which investigates child thefts and that the Clintons really were likely to have been running a child trafficking ring under the cover of a false front gold mine in Haiti. However, the Child Trafficking Center has yet to comment on this. Monica's family has not been able to get any details, but Bella claims to have information and is refusing to give the details on how Monica "committed suicide" saying instead that "it is inappropriate to post it" and to message her. So we have a key source of info who probably voted for Clinton that just can't get a grip on the fact that if this is real she had better blow it open now, or she's going to be dead too.
      People are speculating that Monica was killed after Hillary lost because she was onto something and was going to land the Clintons in jail once they lost the protective cover under Trump. However, people also need to be cautious because the globalist Jewish community is seeding alt media with fake leads and stories for the sole purpose of creating a reason to smash alt media and call it fake news. Therefore, as real as this may look, people need to proceed with caution."

  38. From JIMSTONE...

    Wikileaks confirmed gone, I believe this is 100 percent real

    15 of the top people at Wikileaks were nailed at the same time Julian Assange had his "internet cut". I watched the live cam all night and they took Assange away in a black armored van. If he was still at the embassy, he'd have appeared at the window and has not. Now it appears one of the top wikileaks staff has spoken out, and I believe this is 100 percent accurate because it matches my own observations PERFECTLY:

    Click the image to enlarge it and read it.


    1. Thanks, Valdi. Don't think I can do that from iPad...seldom use desk top anymore.

    2. I wonder if they're attempting to discredit the Wikileaks files so that they can claim that all of the information released is bogus? This is the most massive data breach in history revealing the criminality of the entire world...

      With FAKE news being exposed they will go to any length to recover from the implosion.

  39. More from really dangerous to be an elector in Electoral College this year

    "Hillary camp is issuing death threats to electoral college voters

    This story is 100% confirmed.

    "Vote for Hillary, or get a gun in your mouth."

    The linked article is already captured and saved, this one is not going to get buried.
    Not fake news. It is confirmed that Hillary's team is so desperate that they are telling electoral college voters to vote for Hillary or "get a gun in their mouths." It is not an isolated incident, team Hillary is sending out "dozens and dozens" of these threats that have been read, and hundreds more deleted because the deluge is so extreme.

    So now we know what Hillary's support is really like. Politics via the gun. Not surprising, given past history and the Clinton body count. That is not the America I would want!

    From the The Detroit News

    Michael Banerian wants to show that young adults still have faith in the political system, but he said his selection as one of Michigan's 16 Electoral College voters has prompted emails urging him to vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton and even threatening death.
    On Dec. 19, the 22-year-old Banerian is scheduled to join 15 other Michiganians to cast their electoral votes for Republican President-elect Donald Trump. But Trump's opponents have deluged Banerian and other GOP electors with pleas and nasty emails to reverse course and cast their ballots for Clinton, according to the Michigan Republican Party.

    "You have people saying 'you're a hateful bigot, I hope you die,'" he said. 'I've had people talk about shoving a gun in my mouth and blowing my brains out. And I've received dozens and dozens of those emails. Even the non-threatening-my-life emails are very aggressive."

    The Detroit News verified one message containing a death wish and another containing a death threat, in which the person told Banerian he would "put a bullet" in his mouth. Banerian said he deleted the rest of the emails and messages "because as you can imagine they're clogging up my email."

    "Even if I could, I wouldn't be remotely interested in changing my vote," said Banerian, a political science senior at Oakland University and youth vice chair of the Michigan Republican Party. "The people of Michigan spoke, and it's our job to deliver that message."

    Considerably more is here.

    The above is not a fake news report. I thought it was so overboard it could not possibly be true, but have confirmed that the Detroit News is a legitimate web site that is associated with Gannet media and that yes, Hillary's camp really is making death threats.

    According to this report they are not taking the threats seriously, but if you consider Hillary's history, I really think they should."

    1. I'm confused. I thought the election was over. Are there still enough contested EC delegates to swing the result for Hillary? It's been over a week. Can the delegates change their minds? This is ridiculous.

    2. Joan,
      It is supposed to be over; however, electors don't meet to vote until Dec 19. Another article said 29 states require electors to vote as directed. If they don't, it's not clear what the penalty is. Some other states seem to allow elector to vote as they please. I have not confirmed any of that information. It's rather ridiculous in 2016 we need 'electors' to go to a designated location to fill out a ballot on a pre-determined vote. Since each candidate earns so many electors according to a designated rule book, why not call it 'points,' 'votes' or 'straws,' eliminate the need for a living elector and be done with it now.

  40. Britain has passed the 'most extreme surveillance law ever passed in a democracy'

    "The law will force internet providers to record every internet customer's top-level web history in real-time for up to a year, which can be accessed by numerous government departments; force companies to decrypt data on demand -- though the government has never been that clear on exactly how it forces foreign firms to do that that; and even disclose any new security features in products before they launch.

    Not only that, the law also gives the intelligence agencies the power to hack into computers and devices of citizens (known as equipment interference), although some protected professions -- such as journalists and medical staff -- are layered with marginally better protections."

  41. Green Berets Murdered For Thwarting CIA Led ISIS Training Program
    Published on Nov 18, 2016

    This truth about the 3 murdered CIA Green Berets has finally come out. This was no accidental discharge or mistake. This was a hit by ISIS to keep the CIA's secret ISIS training program from going public

    1. So another 'friendly fire' or 'hit' like Pat Tillman, Extortion 17, and many others? 😭

    2. Texian, Extortion 17 was an assassination to cover up Bin Laden fake hit ... killed a body double. OBL has been dead for years. E17 broke too many rules not to be murder. 1. CH47 used instead of MH47-CH like a greyhound bus -MH super advanced tech machine. 2. E17 CH lined with Smacsonic insulation which burns at 5800F after remote ignition. 3. 8 Afghans were replaced <2 minutes before takeoff .... = suicide bombers. 4. No Spooky cover fire or similar allour. 5. Seals seldom have >6 in one aircraft - nearly all of S Team 6 (16+ and >8 0ther special forces + crew ... never done prior. 6. RPG's not that accurate. Bodies were goo ABSOLUTELY AN INSIDE JOB-ASSASSINATION. PARENTS ARE JUSTIFIABLY LIVID ESPECIALLY VAUGHNS.

    3. Whoops ... I meant UBL !

  42. I'd like to thank this Ass Prof for alerting me to more news sources :)

    Meet leftist prof who wrote 'hit list' of 'fake' news sites

    The mainstream media are going wild circulating a viral list of so-called “fake news” websites – and the list includes established news sites like WND, Breitbart, Red State, the Daily Wire and Project Veritas – but WND has found a leftist, Trump-bashing assistant professor in Massachusetts who specialized in “fat studies” is behind the effort to target and discredit legitimate news organizations.

    Meet Merrimack College Assistant Professor Melissa Zimdars, a 30-something self-identified feminist and activist who has expressed great dislike for President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence.


    1. “I mostly focus on media representations of fatness, or any kind of body that deviates from the normal health prescription,” she said.

      AJ: Holy jeezus. This is the rot people. Firstly she doesn't realise the tautology that the media is a fake enterprise in the first place, and her PhD, which was awarded only last year, was on the portrayal of fat people on TV. So she writes a polemic OPINION piece about how fat actors are portrayed in a fictitious TV series and some dufus 'college' awards her a doctorate and promptly instates her as an ASS Prof.

      I cannot speak. It goes to show that 'education' is no guarantee of independent meta-cognitive skill, intelligence, upper level blooms or worth.

      I once wondered what 'decadence' meant as a descriptor of a declining society. I think I found my answer.

    2. AJ,
      There are so many of what I call "fake studies" leading to a degree or advanced degree and this is certainly one of them. Colleges and universities seem to have developed ludicrous fields of studies over last few decades. My guess is to attract the venal, rather low IQ individual who would not survive a real college curriculum. You'll find these people studying "social engineering," various feminist studies, community organizing, etc.

    3. Presumably they either work at McDonalds or go into politics.

    4. Yes, except count McD's out. They're putting in self-serve kiosks to order, pay, etc. in large cities. Won't be many employees there.

  43. European Union Orders British Press Not To Report when Terrorists Are Muslims

    AJ: well then here we are. Now that Ass Prof Snowflake has provided us all with the division between 'real' news and 'fake' news, presumably this prohibition would only apply to the 'real' press.

    Double plus good.

  44. It is shocking to find that human trafficking, sex slavery, pedophilia and pagan human sacrifice rituals still continue to this day and are fostered primarily in the halls of power from the Vatican to the U. S. Congress and even the White House.
    Whore of Babylon
    Drunk from the Blood of Her Victims
    An article to fellow Patriots for a call to action to expose:
    Corporate spoils of war- assets, slavery, and pedophilia
    Warlord banker lobbyists providing politician’s their secret desires
    Charities as the richest false flags of all
    Imperialism and human trafficking in government agencies
    Catholic charities complicit with human trafficking and pedophilia

    By the Anonymous Patriots
    The Millennium Report Exclusive
    Patriots are waking up to a nightmare that is only being revealed by alternative media. We are no longer able to rely on the broadcast, cable, and print media to report the news accurately, much less any mention of the heinous crimes that seem to have been committed by Washington power-brokers, global elites, world-renowned charities, the Vatican—just to name a few. For this reason, PizzaGate, the popular moniker given to the first-ever citizen OPEN SOURCE INVESTIGATION of world-wide pedophilia and human trafficking, is getting huge support from citizen investigators using non-conventional media channels to reach their audiences.
    Maybe for the first time since the practice of slavery and sex abuse started in the days of Babylon, humanity has a way to break free from its enslavement by bringing these heinous crimes in the open without media and other powers covering up the truth. We simply cannot move forward in our spiritual development as human beings until we slay this dra

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. A44
      This was a massive leaked exposure. If anyone is still asleep their meant to be that way. Otherwise, the masses is awake and fighting!


  45. Ten mind-blowing, historic events you will likely witness in the next 100 days
    Friday, November 18, 2016
    by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

    1. a44 this is the 2nd alt site to now appear completely white on my samsung device. Are others able to access? Censorship?

    2. I couldn't get to it either. Try this link. If still a problem, go to - the story is near top. Yes, censoring IS going on.

      Ten mind-blowing, historic events you will likely witness in the next 100 days

  46. Whilst we do constructively raise issues to keep Trump on track,whoever he appoints who will support him with the very agenda the majority of thinking- Taxpaying!!!! voters want him to undertake,it is clear the MSM Jews Propaganda rags,and their predatory Zionist Banksters Cabal,will attempt to derail him on every turn.

    Having previously rigged an election for an illegal undocumented Usurper, how can Trump achieve the Justice the nation wants if Obala misuses the power of office he illegally holds, to Pardon these same predatory, vile and ruthless criminals?

    We all need to show support for the new team, and encourage them to stick to the very agenda that roused so many Americans to go out and vote him in.Time for the American majority again to say No, we will not allow you to derail the very process that WE THE PEOPLE WANT!

    As regards small issues of occasional speech and probity, who brought Glitz and Glamour to the White House, yet lived the most unscrupulous lives as glorified whoremongrs but thevKennedays. Yet JFK is a legend. Give Trump and the team a chance.
    This is what YOU, the People, elected him to do on your behalf.

    While we still have free speech left, use it, because that itself is under huge attack right now. Thought Police will be next.

    1. I received an e-mail from the Trump team today asking me to take a survey as to what I think is either Highly important, somewhat important, not important or no opinion.

      Here are the question statements I was asked to rank in importance:

      Begin constructing the wall along the Southern border.

      Repeal and replace ObamaCare.

      Appoint a strong constitutionalist to the Supreme Court in the mold of the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

      Sign into law the Senate’s existing bill to build the Keystone Pipeline.

      Introduce an infrastructure package to modernize our country.

      Unleash the Middle Class Tax Relief and Simplification Act, which will cut taxes for middle-class families and simplify the tax brackets in order to streamline the process.

      Announce our official withdrawal from the TPP.

      Renegotiate NAFTA into terms that protect the American worker.

      Propose a constitutional amendment to impose terms limits on all members of Congress.

      Lift the restrictions on the production of $50 trillion dollars worth of American energy, including shale, oil, natural gas, and clean coal.

      Cancel billions of dollars in payments to U.N. climate change programs, and use that money to fix our own country.

      Allow Americans to deduct childcare and eldercare from their taxes.

      End all federal funding to sanctuary cities that circumvent the law in order to provide protection to illegal immigrants.

      Begin removing the more than two million criminal illegal immigrants.

      Suspend immigration from regions compromised by terrorism and where vetting cannot safely occur.

      To be continued...

    2. Continued:

      Introduce plan to defeat ISIS.

      Set the standard for an “America First” foreign policy that ends regime-change, nation-building, and instead focuses on a motto of peace through strength.

      End bans on offshore drilling in order to end our dependence on Middle East oil and make America energy independent.

      Cut the government regulations that lead businesses to leave our country in the first place.

      Enact a five-year ban on White House and congressional officials becoming lobbyists after they leave government service.

      End the defense sequester in order to rebuild our depleted military.

      Pass the Restoring Community Safety Act in order to reduce crime, drugs, and violence in our cities, and provide funding for programs that train and assist local police.

      End Common Core and bring education supervision to local communities.

      Pass school-choice measures that redirect education dollars to give parents the right to send their kids to the public, private, charter, magnet, religious, or home school of their choice.

      Reform the Department of Veterans Affairs in order to provide proper treatment to America’s forgotten heroes.

      Let veterans receive public VA treatment or attend the private doctor of their choice.

      Direct the Secretary of the Treasury to label China a currency manipulator.

      Pass the Clean Up Corruption in Washington Act in order to “drain the swamp” that has polluted our capital for decades.

      Cancel every unconstitutional executive action, memorandum, and order issued by Obama.

  47. Any chance the death of a congressman's grandson will spur some attention to the sewer pit of Chicago? Naw.

    US Rep. Danny Davis' Grandson, 15, Fatally Shot During Chicago Home Invasion

  48. ‘Swamp-Dwellers’ In Full Panic Mode Over Lack Of Trump “Access” – “A Lot Of Lobbyists Are Scrambling”

    “Anybody who says they know how this going to work is kidding themselves, and their clients. A lot of lobbyists are scrambling, because the biggest issue is access.”

    The lobbying game is simple. The first step is to work on “The Hill” for a while to build up your sphere of relationships and influence. Of course, you don’t have to work in an elected capacity, being a high-level staffer for a prominent Senator or Congressman is more than sufficient. Then, after you’ve hobnobbed with enough people on The Hill to be deemed worthy, you get recruited by a lobbying firm just down the road that’s willing to pay you several multiples of your government salary in return for peddling your newly acquired influence. And, so you join the lobbying ranks where your sole mission is to peddle your influence to rake in millions of dollars from wealthy special interests.

  49. From Operation Disclosure site this morning:

    "Urgent Message from the White Hats -- Attention Cabal Agents
    11/19/2016 02:10:00 AM Cabal, Warnings, White Hats
    This is an immediate urgent message from the White Hats released for publication.

    ***Consider this your only warning***

    One subpoena and your records are on lock.

    18 U.S. Code § 4 - Misprision of felony

    Current through Pub. L. 114-38.
    (See Public Laws for the current Congress.)

    US Code

    Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

    *This applies to all Cabal Government and Banking agents*


    White Hat Ken"

    1. Who is White Hat Ken? Is there a website you can link?

    2. Texian, I received that to and sent it to Tony over at WHA to get it confirmed

    3. That was the entire message and I gave the source....

  50. Reddit's excellent pizzagate links.. includes Epstein's little black book that aint so little. Must see.

    1. I wish someone could get this is the hands of Trump. Do you think he would dare open this can of worms? It makes my skin crawl and makes my heart hurt for those children...all at the same time!

  51. Michigan Congressman's son goes missing...

    He's been found but "he doesn't remember anything"?? hmmm

    HOUSTON - A once-worried mother is now expressing relief after her son was found safe.

    "He doesn't even know where he was, he doesn't know," said Monica Conyers, Carl Conyer's mother. "So we're just trying to sort it all out right now."

    Although, 21-year-old Carl Conyers is now back home, many questions still remain, including where was he and why he disappeared.

    Monica said that Conyers doesn't appear to know anything and will be checked out by doctors soon.

    "He's limping, I don't know what happened to him. I don't know where his mental state is. It just doesn't seem like my child, I just want to get him all checked out," she said.

  52. Really? What business could they possibly have at the Vatican? I'm assuming the Jesuits have a hand in wanting to see this set of Chicago boys?

  53. 1. Lie
    2. Get called out
    3. Panic, blame “fake news sites”
    4. Achieve perfect lack of self-awareness
    5. Lie again

    Step 6 is there is no more lügenpresse. BUH BYE [Courtesy of Chateau]

  54. IMPORTANT! Media silent about "PIZZAGATE." Orgies pedophilia and child trafficking at Clinton headquartersAuthor: Messages Pikio -Nov 19, 2016
    The epicenter of the ill practices and the headquarters of the mafia to be abusers pizza Comet Ping Pong, which is owned declared gay - James Alefantis, he privately in connection with David Brock, one of the most influential people in the party Democrats. Both, moreover, participated actively in the campaign of Hillary Clinton by organizing special collections, etc.

  55. Natural News announces economic boycott of CNN corporate sponsors, including GEICO, WellsFargo, Sprint, Dodge and ETrade Saturday, November 19, 2016

  56. The “Pizzagate” investigation reveals, at best, the disturbing culture of the elite and, at worst, an all-out child trafficking ring. And don’t believe that only Democrats are into this. This is the true culture of the occult elite, a circle of powerful people who operate far above political parties, and far above the law.

  57. Conspiracy of Silence is a powerful, disturbing documentary revealing a U.S. child sex abuse and pedophilia ring that leads to the highest levels of government. Featuring intrepid investigator John DeCamp, a highly decorated Vietnam war veteran and 16-year Nebraska state senator, Conspiracy of Silence reveals how rogue elements at all levels of government have been involved in systematic child sex abuse and pedophilia to feed the base desires of key politicians.

  58. From fulford just now:

    "The word is out that Soros is dead. It is being discussed at the Pentagon as well. He was taken out. One by one the Bush/Clinton/crime syndicate is being removed. I will update you as I have more data”."

    Of course we wont know with so much disinfo no doubt spewing from the twirling dying octopus's head. Do they have a wrinkled red eyed clone to wheel out? Hilary also looks terrible and decaying like a bucket of prawns in the sun, so we just wait and see. Any other intel on this?

    1. Don't get too excited. Fulford's "hit" rate on truth is less than a monkey throwing a dart at a map.


    2. Thinking outside of the box...???How many clones does Soros have? Who knows? What we do know is that FAKE NEWS is prevalent and being exposed.

      It could be that they are razing a new clone and the other was reported "dead/" (i.e. Hillary)???

      When the PTW do stuff they have to tell us...and then they lower the boom...confusion, disinformation, retractions, and much subterfuge to keep us ill informed.

      If we want him dead believe it, if not believe what they say...for the most part none of the swamp rats can be trusted.

    3. This pair of items is a great example of their MO. Real + fake news mixed in. I feel we won't 'know' for a while until more data comes out.

  59. Lady Gaga and Marina at the 20th Annual Watermill Center benefit in a place called ‘Devil’s Heaven’ (can’t make this up). They are partaking in pretend cannibalism.Lady Gaga with ‘a friend’ during the same event. Why are there children there? RUN AWAY KID!

    1. A44L91,

      Pretend cannibalism...or for real? I came across this very disturbing video by Eyes Wide Open on Vimeo:

      The Olymics 2012 Child Sacrifice Tribute on Display

      And in searching for the etymology of the word cannibal came across this article:
      Human Sacrifice & Cannibalism (Origins): Cain & Kronos The Horned One

      The Cyclops were cannibals. Are the celebrities who make the horned-god gesture or cover one eye confessing to having made human sacrifice or eaten of human flesh? The Old English word for cannibal was selfaeta. You may remember the anti-abortion series of videos made by Bad Self Eater recently.

      Nature will often abort non-viable foetuses in the first trimester. My understanding is that in the United States terminations of otherwise healthy pregnancies are legal up to 24-26 weeks of gestation. How is that not murder? During my spell in Neonatology we were successfully resuscitating 22 week-old babies. Now I hear some are campaigning for this to be extended to the third trimester. What next, drive-through infanticide?

      Planned Parenthood sells the tissues and organs of aborted foetuses to drug, food and cosmetic companies:

      <a href=">Aborted Human Fetal Cells in Your Food, Vaccines & Cosmetics</a>

      How low has humanity fallen.

    2. Follow up:

      Famous "Rabbi Finkelstein" Interview is a Jewish Psy Op

      "The Rabbi Finkelstein interview is often cited as proof of the Jewish Conspiracy, but some consider it a hoax because of a ridiculous claim that Jews grind goy children into hamburgers. It is a hoax, but not one by Patriots as you might imagine. It's a Jewish hoax to discredit genuine revelations like The Protocols of Zion and The Hidden Tyranny.

      "Yes, a minority of Satanists -- Jews and non-Jews -- do indulge in human ritual sacrifice but to say that each year after Passover, Gentile babies become part of McDonald's supply chain is ridiculous. "

    3. Valdi no really...McDonald's has been exposed as serving up human DNA in their meats. Also there was an article about a year ago where a woman was eating a hamburger and found teeth, nails and hair in her food. (This is why McDonald's is fighting for sales because the news came out and many people no longer eat from these cannibalized operations. (if we only really knew what we eat?????)

      Anyway, they own all of the meat packing plants...who can say...we can take nothing for granted...these non-human entities actually eat humans! We are loosh (their food).

  60. ★ Ray Charles ★ America the Beautiful ★ 2001 World Series ★

  61. The Ultimate Mitt Romney Flip-Flop Collection

  62. Romney is a Bush goffer. If Trump does take Romney on he is letting Bush and the Cabal right into their policy secrets. Romney is part of the very group who need to be sanitised out. Fight their crimes by weeding them all out. None too big to face justice. Romney is way too tainted. What is the stability of a naive man who believes in disappearing Gold Plats ex Hustler Smith? Maybe Santa too? But, as an Elite every day is Xmas. It was when they helped Bush rob Falcone blind and all got rich.

    Start also by removing the Jesuit Religious Advisor, but will Jesuit Trump face this?
    The Jesuits and Cardinals need to be removed from US policies and interest.
    Permatan Romney is not the material Trump needs. Now Wig Wam Kerry.

    1. As Bix Weir speculated he could put a few KMs on and sack them after the college votes.

    2. AJ

      Even lying down with dogs you wake up with fleas. For this revolution to work keep the dogs out.

    3. trump could be setting up romney and the media for a take down which would also include b 41&43 and the rest of the drama players.

    4. The hard evidence to take down the lot exists. Plus the Clintons. paper trails, the lot! Why even get tainted talking to them? Who stops O pardoning them? An illegal Usurper with bogus Supreme appointees. Everything is dirty.

  63. Tweet from Trump about 10 minutes ago:

    Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump · 9m9 minutes ago

    General James "Mad Dog" Mattis, who is being considered for Secretary of Defense, was very impressive yesterday. A true General's General!

  64. Bannon: “The media bubble is the ultimate symbol of what’s wrong with this country. It’s just a circle of people talking to themselves who have no f—ing idea what’s going on. If The New York Times didn’t exist, CNN and MSNBC would be a test pattern. The Huffington Post and everything else is predicated on The New York Times. It’s a closed circle of information from which Hillary Clinton got all her information — and her confidence. That was our opening.”

    JON RAPPOPORT:An open letter to Steve Bannon, Trump’s inside man

    1. I have always liked Jon Rappaports articles. This letter is right on. I hope Bannon reads it and takes it to heart.

  65. Replies
    1. To learn how to unlock a portal by design OK? If our planet fails we need to exit fast and Dimensional offers our best hope of sustainable planets for selective humans. No one can move 7 Billion. At best a few thousand and a vast number of frozen fertilised eggs.

    2. Its a mad, mad, mad, mad world for sure!

    3. Out of curiosity John, what would be the nature of the failure that they are so fearful of? Of course, if we really wanted to save the species you move to the Moon, plenty of us would go to get away from the Elite, and then onto Mars and Venus, both of which could be terraformed in a century or so thru biologics. Anyway, I am becoming inured to the hits at this point. With the moon ringing like a bell with the potential of being a wholly artificial structure why should I be surprised that CERN wants to crack a dimensional gate...

    4. The cost of mass savings is just too great. Enormous even to take say ,5,000 in fleets. Distances are the liller. A Dimensional time portal offers more hope. It's not about saving Humanity, just Elites.

    5. Ah, I guess I raised two points. Thanks for answering that one. I was more interested in the "failure" they feared.

      But in response, I get it, since we have an existence proof somewhere for portal travel, sink a massive sum into cracking the problem, create a lifeboat for the Usual Suspects.

  66. Replies
    1. Yes, no, maybe. Yes, it occasionally cures cancer. No, we can't tell in whom from the outset. And maybe, things that work in the lab occasionally work in humans. Remember, if you were a rat there are at least 12 cancer cures. Not one played out in humans. Has to do with something called "persistent T-cell activation" which is a characteristic of rats but no humans.

    2. Isn't it simply like many other things in the world - it works. It simply doesn't necessarily work for everyone. It won't be the first thing that doesn't work for the entire population with cancer, and it won't be the last either. But why should it be a withheld treatment, when nothing else is 100% guaranteed cure?

    3. Well mygirl56, on the score of withheld treatment I agree with you. The draconian byzantine nonsense which is the FDA should be completely dismantled. In a sense technology will undo it. We are moving to genetic individualization of treatment and the FDA can't keep up with change. One idea that gives too much power to Cabal-style individuals is the funny idea that the government needs to control everything. That is why 1776 is such a dangerous idea. Until the co-option it was very obvious that humans could very well organize under freedom with limited controls. Under a full 1776 entelechy the Cabal/NWO/Trilateralists would go to the wall with heads on pikes as a message to future generations on what not to do.

      In fact, if transhumanism is the next thing on the Agenda, it may very well be time to assert that we ALL go into the future as a matter of principle. The human choice. The right choice.

  67. Natural News announces economic boycott of CNN corporate sponsors, including GEICO, WellsFargo, Sprint, Dodge and ETrade

    (NaturalNews) CNN is the ultimate "fake news" network. There isn't a day that goes by where CNN doesn't deliberately fake a news story, distort a significant event for political purposes, or censor an important piece of news they don't want their viewers to discover.(Read more)

  68. Ron Paul Reveals "The Real Fake Media News List"

    In response to the make-shift "fake news" list created by a leftist feminist professor, Ron Paul's Liberty Report has realesed another fake news list has been revealed and this one holds a lot more water.

  69. Can you say FREXIT?

    Marine Le Pen Takes "Huge Lead" In French Presidential Election Poll Just Days After Being Written Off

    1. If Le Pen gets in, she will mass deport the Muzzies, shut Germany up and leave the EU. It's a giant CROCK!.
      Hope the French break free. Then we all need to seize all Rothschilds Banks and assets in Europe and send the lot to a Rendition Centre. No publicising where,and no exit. Who qualifies to be fed to Pigs?

  70. Mexico just showed the first signs of its "contingency plan" to weather a Donald Trump presidency.

    To save the suffering Mexican peso, the central bank, known as Banxico, raised its key interest rate Thursday, citing the U.S. election as the main reason.

    "The view for the global economy became more complex, among other factors, as a consequence of the election process carried out in the United States and its result," Banxico officials said in a statement.

  71. The Ping Pong Pizzagate pedophilia stuff makes me sick.

    These photos are sickening and the social media comments from others, especially the comments made about the room that looks like they probably sacrifice kids in surreal.

    I can't even imagine living through this satanic ritual abuse for years.

  72. From Billy Meier....

    There would have been a catastrophic global atomic war had Clinton won

    In an excerpt from the 663th Contact Report, November 6, 2016, Billy Meier and Ptaah discussed the recent US presidential election (original German transcript here). While Trump is still regarded as “the lesser of two evils”, choosing him over Clinton avoided a catastrophic global atomic war at this time.

    Following are the main points discussed, which will be replaced with a full translation as soon as one becomes available:

    1. According to the conversation, on June 30, 2016*, Ptaah told Meier about the ultimate outcome of the election and that he should remain silent about it until after it was done.

    2. Because what goes on at the FIGU center in Switzerland is also monitored by various governmental and secret services, had the information been revealed prematurely there would have been electoral manipulations, as well as secret attacks against Trump’s life and also by “Democratic fanatics”**.

    3. Trump represents his own “one-man party”, who though he receives no help from the formal Republican party, is well-meaning and also not bad in regard to Russia and Putin, with whom he honestly desires a peaceful political, military and economic consensus.

    4. In contrast, Clinton already had thoughts of war and even attacks against Russia. A global atomic war would have been inevitable had she won.

    5. While Trump is not the most cultured person, he has good approaches to various matters, such as being against globalization and US interference in other countries, and he truly wishes to rebuild America.

    6. However, there are and will be those power-hungry people who will try to intervene and manipulate him according to their schemes and not allow him to act freely at his own discretion…as was also the case with Obama.

    7. Regarding foreign policy, the EU will try, though new negotiations, to regain the connections to the White House that it lost through Trump’s victory over Clinton. The EU dictatorship will try, very early on, as soon as the first shock is over, to get the US into its own political, economic and military power coalition.

    8. Trump is not the stupid and bad man his adversaries have portrayed him. They were completely unknowing of the evil plans Clinton harbored, which would have triggered a global catastrophe.

    9. Trump’s campaign speeches and rhetoric, while often radical sounding, are only partially or not at all serious because, as is usually the case, they will be modified after entering office.

    10. Trump is misinformed about climate change, Obama Care and other matters as well, but there is hope that he will be able to do better in this regard.

    *In 2008, Ptaah seemed to hint at Clinton’s defeat also in 2016, when he said the world would be spared her destructiveness.

    **The political polarization and violence, mainly coming from the radical left, is already in evidence and could foreshadow the still predicted two coming US civil wars. Those who may now recognize the authenticity and accuracy of Meier’s information may wish to help avert these wars, and other catastrophes, by studying elements of the spiritual teaching, including The Might of the Thoughts and The Way to Live.


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