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Archived Comment Section - 25 to 29 October 2016

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Comment Section
25 to 29 October 2016

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    1. The fraud WON'T be by votes. Every study has shown that. It will be at the ELECTRONIC, EASILY-HACKED voting machines.

  2. C rooked
    L ying
    I nept
    N arcissistic
    T raitor
    O pportunistic
    N efarious
    This spells out what a Clinton presidency would be like! Use freely

  3. ...continued...

    Even though the stories are hoaxes, the right is still forced to respond to them. If you control the news cycle, you control the election. The left controls the news and thus picks the winners and losers.

    There is no money in journalism. I am one of the few people who can earn a living doing journalism because viral stories translate (poorly, there are far more efficient ways to move books) into book sales.

    The average right-wing journalist doesn’t have a chance.

    Imagine a college student wants to do real journalism – not this churnalism stuff where you “report” on what other media others covered. I mean real journalism where you fly your ass out somewhere to interview people and cover an actual issue like the fake refugee “crisis”?

    How are they going to do that? Last I checked, journalism requires money.

    Media will always be run at a loss. The left gets this. They understand that investing in media is an immediate loss leader, but you get to make the world in your image.

    The left is re-making America into its image – one of depravity.

    Children are now given “hormones” at a young age to convert them into another gender. Charles C.W. Cooke of National Review agreed with Salon and wrote that pedophiles deserve “respect and compassion.”

    The left wants to import “refugees” because those same “refugees” bring with them terrorism and rape.

    Yes the left is winning. They deserve to win because the right’s response is another cruise where “non-profit” think tankers earning $500,000 a year rant and rave about the biased liberal media!

    Meanwhile “conservative media” attacks me.

    There are 5 or maybe 10 people on the right who create news cycles rather than respond to the left.n.

  4. Site response is so enormous the Comments site now has to be changed every 3 days. If you fail to check daily, you are losing access to a minefield of key information. Watch Global releases here daily. Great job everyone. Free truth. Global reality. The voices of all nations.

  5. Early voting indications are indicating the Trump bandwaggon is faltering because of poor planning He simply does not have the resources in place, or boots on the ground to round up voters. Poor organisational skills and no foreplanning. Like so many of his business failures. Less ego, more real thought. So far, not looking good. The Nearly Man?

    This is why the Bookies have Clinton as hot favourite to win. Trump talks a good fight, but where is the detailed resource planning? Boots on the ground? Key advertising? He appears way under resourced. Not looking good Trump. Action Man with no detailed plan. Resources. It's looking sad. Where are the Trump support teams? Clinton is swamping him with resources.

    1. John,
      That is not what we're witnessing on the ground. Polling places are PACKED with obvious Trump voters. Many reports of people standing in long, long lines for hours. What the voter cannot control is the FRAUD of the machines defaulting to Hitlary, tearing up paper ballots and all other methods of fraud being employed! Americans can use some help from well-meaning Brits if you can 'tend your garden' over there and help us get rid of this ilk of yours as described in article below.

      Looks like some BRITS are in the smack dab middle of this with SOROS including a member of the LORDS!

      "The chairman of Smartmatic is Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, who sits in the British House of Lords and on the board of George Soros’s Open Society Foundations. He was formerly the vice-chairman of Soros’s Investment Funds and even the deputy secretary-general of the United Nations when he worked as chief of staff to Kofi Annan.

      Malloch-Brown’s resume includes stints as vice-president of the UN World Bank and in British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s cabinet.

      In addition to a close relationship with Soros, Malloch-Brown has worked with consulting firms that are well-connected to Bill and Hillary Clinton. He was an international partner with the Sawyer-Miller consulting firm and was a senior adviser to FTI Consulting.

      One of Sawyer-Miller’s alumni is Mandy Grunwald, who ran the firm’s communication contract for Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential run. She was also the head of communications for Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful 2008 presidential bid.

      Jackson Dunn, who is a senior managing director with FTI Consulting, spent 15 years in Washington where he worked as an aide to President Bill Clinton and Sen. Hilllary Clinton.

      Smartmatic has already encountered controversy in the ongoing presidential contest. It ran the online balloting for the Utah Republican caucus last March, when many critics said it was impossible to secure personal electronic devices that are used to register and vote."

      Soros-Connected Company Has Provided Voting Technology In 16 States

      Wikileaks SHOCKER: If You See This Logo on Your Voting Machine – DEMAND A PAPER BALLOT ASAP!

    2. John,
      'Boots on ground' are part of each party's troops. Trump is the GOP nominee IN SPITE of the GOP party bosses and the GOP is clearly NOT supporting Trump even to the point of many of the party hierarchy committing PUBLICLY they are voting Hitlary. Trump is obviously NOT part of the CLUB. This is a wild card race like no other I've ever witnessed (and that goes back a long

      There are many 'organizations' trying to do what they can to 'observe and record.' They don't want publicity exactly who.

      Yesterday, as an anecdote, Teamsters' Union announced they were not 'officially endorsing' in this race because much of their membership supports Trump. That's about as big a non-endorsement Trump could get from of all groups---TEAMSTERS' UNION. lol!

    3. All of the GOP turn coats have much to lose with a TRUMP PRESIDENCY...the determination is to avoid prosecution. We the people are accountable for what we know and don't act on...whatever we project to the universe does not comeback's positioned to do that which is right regardless of what we see...fear is the defector. We cannot fight evil with fear.

    4. Fedup,
      You're exactly correct...thank you! Turn off the boob tube folks, stop listening to 'polls,' media non-stop suggesting it's all over, Hitlary wins so don't bother to go vote, stay on your couch, blah, blah, blah. Take responsiblility to call out what you see going on, report, document, upload evidence. I've always heard 'anger is fear turned inside out.' If that's true, turn fear into anger and get moving to help. There are over 320 million Americans in this country. Why are less than 10% calling all the shots? We've allowed them to run amok over two centuries now...isn't it time to stop this charade?

  6. Hi John, There is so much on this site, I can't find Part 4 you were talking about.Could you please post a link?

    1. Hanlo, to the right hand of what your reading. Its big and real. Ugly!
      Also very, very worrying. And it's now!The election of Clinton, with the Jesuit mole as VP, is the worst possible result for all the Western nations. What stalks behind, is the cost of Political ignorance and indifference. Sheep ( le) will get corralled.

    2. Aurataya left a comment on the WHA site. Did she stay in the UK for a Layover? Lol

    3. That is very obvious, John. That's why I sent an excerpt with the link to the Trump camp. I really hope and pray American voters will be different than our local voters, who just stand by their party, no matter who leads it.

    4. We all need to try to help Americans right now.

    5. LOL John. You are in one of your cheeky moods again I see. You had better behave yourself or I will come over there and place you in detention until you learn how to be a good boy and stop trying to lead all the ladies astray with your naughty antics. LOL

      Hope you have a wonderful day John. Be good.

    6. Leather boots and handcuffs?

  7. 7 Insidious Ways the Elite Are Making Americans Dumber (Video)

    In this sickening deception, the elite’s carefully orchestrated plans have two specific purposes.

    The first purpose is to deceive the populace into believing that their manufactured lies — psy-ops, falsehoods, distortions, manipulations — are real.

    To prevent any of this from being found out, a number of deceptions and distractions have been manufactured to take the populaces’ attention elsewhere.

    The second is to advance their agenda for total global domination with minimal resistance, because the populace doesn’t know that they’ve been deceived by the first purpose.

    There is a minority who is wise to these tactics, such as those in alternative media, but to prevent the ‘sleeping masses’ from waking up in numbers and causing protest, the elite are systematically working to make our society dumber.

    Here are 7 examples showing how this is happening and how you can counter act them.

    1. The main ways are through fluoride, aluminum in vaccines/vaccines with genetic modification potential, GMOs which STRIP nutrients from the body--particularly sulpher needed for hormones and reactions in the body and chemtrails. All of these SHORT out the brain, reduce the ability of the body to repair and stabilize itself and disrupt G-Proteins (inter-cellular cuing and communications)

      Detoxify with clays and zeolite on a continual basis. Consume MSM to replenish your sulphur and eat organic. AVOID GMO corn in particular.

    2. Great advice! Anytime corn is being sold and grown more for ethanol production than for human consumption says a lot about its nutritional value.

    3. Great advice there Writeously re the clays, zeolite and MSM. Top products for good health.

    4. Yup. I also take a lot of supplements including aminos to keep my health and my brain strong.

    5. Be careful with zeolite. One popular company will not share lab tests on their product to see if it contains heavy metals. Make sue of your source.

  8. p: Pretty good synopsis of where we are and where it's going

    Jim Willie WORLDWIDE PANIC HAS BEGUN and Economic Collapse
    Published on Oct 25, 2016


    In paper ballot areas they are printing out ballots on the spot. And after the polls close, they are going to go through the log books, take all the people who did not vote, and fill out their ballots for them!

    There is absolutely no check or balance in place to stop this from happening.
    E-vote machines are doing a good job for Soros"

    For more fraud reports, go to (you may have to access by using just these numbers in browser: )

  10. Ready for a little comic relief?

    Father O'Malley rose from his bed one morning.

    It was a fine spring day in his new Washington D.C. Parish.

    He walked to the window of his bedroom to get a deep breath of the beautiful day outside.

    He then noticed there was . . . A donkey lying dead in the middle of his front lawn.

    He promptly called the White House.

    The conversation went like this:

    "Good morning. This is Barrack Obama . How might I help you?"

    "And the best of the day te yerself . This is Father O'Malley at St. Ann's Catholic Church.

    There's a jackass lying dead in me front lawn and would ye be so kind as to send a couple o'yer lads to take care of the matter?"

    Barrack , considering himself to be quite a wit and recognizing the Irish accent,thought he would have a little fun with the good father, replied, "Well now Father, it was always my impression that you people took care of the last rites!"

    There was dead silence on the line for a moment . . . .
    Father O'Malley then replied:

    "Aye,' tis certainly true; but we are also obliged to notify the next of kin first, which is the reason for me call.

  11. Little lies lead to big one according to a recent study. That certainly explains the current election situation.

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    1. More Hillary Clinton Staff Forced to Step Down...


  13. Update from


    Finally it happened. You can register your vote in a massive public registry. If the votes do not match what is reported in the precincts, election fraud will be BUSTED. Put your vote here It will not tabulate anything if you are not a registered republican or if you did not actually go out and vote. Records of this are kept, and this web site can cross check who actually voted and provide confirmation of how people voted. Don't let this make you lazy, because we still need to overcome the dead voters and scam voters who are going to vote more than once.
    October 26 2016

    Hillary will choose Obama for Supreme Court!

    Reliable sources in both Sacramento and Southern California have verbal assurances from Mrs. Clinton that her committed choice for the vacant Supreme Court Judge seat is BARACK OBAMA. He is committed to living in DC. This is a lifetime appointment.
    Voters who backed losing candidates in the Republican primaries AND WHO ARE BACKING THIRD PARTY CANDIDATES or are threatening to sit out the November election because they don't like Donald Trump should reconsider their decision. We know Obama's track record of atrocious decisions and putting him on the Supreme Court would take decades to correct. A no-vote or third party vote is the same as a vote for Hillary Clinton and future rigged ideological Supreme Court decisions.


    They are calling this voter error! HA HA HA, that's LAME.

    UPDATE: They are saying the Texas voting machines that were doing this have been shut down. PROBLEM: THIS WAS CAPTURED IN VIRGINIA!

    They cannot possibly scam this off on anything other than willful intent.

    IMPORTANT: They are calling this type of problem a voter error, and sometimes a calibration error, but if you look at the screen, the check box vanishes when selected, thus proving the correct box was checked and that this was NOT a calibration error. This is proven vote flipping and there is no way out of it.

    Texas governor Greg Abbot has issued a warning to voters that the machines are flipping votes just like you see above (which is from Virginia,) because the MSM is refusing to report this!"

  14. Texas County Enacts "Emergency Paper Ballots" After "Software Glitch" In Voting Machines

    Just yesterday we noted several social media complaints from Texas voters who alleged that when they voted a straight republican ticket that voting machines were switching their presidential selection to Clinton/Kaine. While most undoubtedly dismissed these reports as conspiracy theories, new official reports from Chambers County, Texas suggest that there might be some truth to the voting machine "irregularities". According to an NBC affiliate, polling stations in Chambers County had to enact emergency protocols yesterday and revert back to paper ballots
    after a "glitch" was discovered in the county's voting

    The issue was actually discovered on Monday morning when Chambers County Clerk Heather Hawthorne was casting her own ballot and the voter next to her noticed that one of her votes was not filled in when she reviewed her electronic ballot Hawthorne told 12News on Tuesday.

    An error in the voting machine programming by Election Systems & Software (ES&S) caused votes for one statewide court of appeals race not to be entered when a voter tried to vote straight ticket in either party according to a release from Chambers County.

    ES&S is the vendor that Chambers County contracts with to program their voting machines.

    The Texas Secretary of State's office informed Hawthorne to create emergency paper ballots to continue voting until the problem could be fixed according to the release.

    1. Software glitch....hahahaha. They've been saying glitch or calibration error for years anytime someone notices!

    2. Good job. Way to go Texas. Now just be careful who is actually checking and counting those paper ballots.

    3. Aurataya,
      That's where whole process collapses....much of nefarious stuff happens behind closed doors. Here are a couple video examples. First is primary this year, second from 2008 (illustration of how Muslim Wookie was placed in):

      Democrats Busted: Ballot Box Stuffing Caught on Camera

    4. My God Texian those videos made me so angry. How dare those horrible criminal deceitful people pretend they are so innocent in what they have just done. I would jail every single one of those mongrels for a minimum of 20 years hard labour for what they did in those videos. And that includes those wicked woman running around like a pack of stupid puppets rigging the votes. Their body language gave them away before they even performed the actual acts. It was so obvious they were about to do something criminal. And those weak arse men pretending to be so innocent just made me want to smack each one of them across the face as hard as I could. What absolute punks these disgraceful excuses for human beings are. They should be so ashamed of themselves.

      I know that's only the tip of the iceberg so to speak but I have had enough of all this criminal behaviour. How dare they take away your right to vote as they did. I would hunt each one of these bas???ds down and confront and harass them for what they did.

    5. Aurataya,
      You make me smile! If I were younger, think we'd make a serious butt kickin' You'd be the velvet glove and I'd be the iron hammer. After 8 years of rabbit holes trying to figure out what has been going on while I raised kids and ran my company for 40 years, this type of stuff is why I can't seem to move on beyond "pissed off" stage.

    6. Actually Texian, that was the polite version of what I'd like to do to them. Have to behave myself so sweet Canauzzie does not send me for a hike lol.

      I agree with you on the brilliant butt kickin team we would make but heck girl, you would have to let me have a go at that hammer every now and then to relieve some of this built up aggression that fills me with jerks like those in the videos lol.

      I hear you on the rabbit hole journey too. It's impossible to return to what most consider a normal life when you have started peeling the layers back.

      And you are never too old for anything my feisty friend. I'm no spring chicken either but if I'm faced with an out of control situation that cannot be dealt with using civilized dialogue, then I say bring it on.

      You should be so proud of yourself Texian for what you have achieved in this life. Properly raising children in this world is a mighty task and one that I never took on as I was too busy keeping myself on track.

      Stay strong beautiful, your country needs you now more than ever.

    7. ES&S is owned by an ex-felon friend of the Bush family as is Hart Intercivic.

  15. We Need to Clean This Up': #Podesta18 Exposes Obama's Lies Over Clinton Emails

    Read more:

    It appears US President Barack Obama lied to the US public when he said that he found out about Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's email scandal on the news, with new leaked emails from Clinton's campaign manager John Podesta seemingly contradicting Obama's version of events.

  16. The World is Waking Up and it’s Magic to Watch

    More and more people now understand that we are ruled via a corporatocracy where the money supply, banking, governmental policy and other vital public infrastructure has been hijacked by the oligarchs and the corporate elite. In addition, public discourse and the official narratives are dictated by the corporate media who are owned by the same people who control macro public policy via their political puppets, as well as the unprecedented wealth they have at their disposal.

  17. Anyone have any confirmation on this report?

    "What you see up there was a screenshot taken from the site as it looked for about 23 minutes last night at around 2 PM. Apparently sabotaged by a staffer fired without pay (and they say Trump does that!) the site was quickly turned it back to its normal, horrible facade but for a little less than half an hour, something with Hillary's name on it was finally telling the truth.


    Because sources inside the campaign indicate that it has, in fact, catastrophically crumbled from within in the final two-week stretch leading up to the general election. The top officials (more on that in a minute) are fleeing the sinking ship, some of them even trying to get jobs with the Trump campaign. Apparently the barrage of damaging leaks, lack of faith in a falsely adoring press, and bad behavior by Hillary's body double (who went to an Adele concert in Miami despite being ordered not to) has caused them to lose all faith in being able to hold all this together for even another 10 days or so.

    Chairman John Podesta: Rocked by WikiLeaks scandals that released his phone number, his email password, and some of the (grotesque) pornography sites he visited, has tendered his resignation. Only Hillary's current (incapacitated) state has stopped it from being accepted.

    Chief of Staff to the Chairman Sarah Latham: Her own organization, the Latham Group has distanced itself from both the Hillary campaign and its own founder (Sarah) due to fear of contamination with criminal indictments. Apparently she is currently stranded in the Middle East as her campaign credit card was canceled and she can no longer afford a flight home.

    Senior Advisor Minyon Moore: Forced to change his name by a tyrannical Hillary who, at one point, felt "Despicable Me" 'Minion Jokes" were funny, she is still officially working for the campaign but apparently his resume has been circulated with Feminist Frequency as a multi-cultural adviser to businesses targeted by SJW attack.

    Vice Chair and Personal Chief of Staff Huma Abedin: Placed on the no-fly list for her ties to radical Islam, she was found harboring the Orlando Shooter's wife and has been detained by the FBI. According to sources she is ready to "roll over" on Hillary Clinton and is in protective custody. The Orlando shooter's wife, somehow tipped off, has yet again evaded capture.

    Campaign Manger Robby Mook: Indictments pending for "murder-for-hire." Mook has been charged with conspiracy to commit multiple murders on behalf of the Clinton campaign. He is allegedly in custody.

    Chief of Staff to the Campaign Manager Heather Stone: Unknown. Apparently she is currently listed as seeking opportunities on LinkedIn.

    Chief Strategist Joel Beneson: Missing. He has apparently disappeared and is not answering cell or email.

    Clinton For America COLLAPSES - RATS FLEEING SHIP!!


    Wikileaks just released this email which proves that the Saudi’s were the ones that ordered Hilary to leave the men behind to die in Benghazi.

    Just in case you have been living under a rock for the last few years, not only did Hillary ‘lose’ $1,5000,000,000 that was sent to Libya, she also got 4 servicemen killed after she abandoned them like a box of stillborn puppies.

  19. I just checked the stats on the latest weekly PollMole tally.

    Gary Johnson is in a dead heat with Hillary Clinton at 2%.

    Trump has 93% of the votes

    Jill Stein, undecided and other all have 1% so they are nipping at Hillary's heels.

    This is from total votes cast this week of 2,263

    1. Yahoooooooo! Keep kicking that ass US citizens. So good to know that MWP, thank you.

    One World of Nations
    Chessboard Earth Series
    24 October 2016

  21. More interesting postings from the web. A money man supporting Trump.

  22. How to get Hillary Clinton's deleted emails...

    Step 1. Go to

    Step 2. Contact Mike Rogers

    Step 3. Ask Mike to open X-Keyscore

    Step 4. Input this Selector

    Step 5. Access all emails Clinton received or sent in the last 7 years. They are all stored in in the NSA spy cloud in Utah. Congress or Senate can request emails from the NSA.

    Happy Birthday Hillary.
    Kim Dotcom

  23. "globalists and their mouthpieces will argue that by refusing to associate with those who might undermine our values, it is WE who are violating THEIR rights. See how that works?"

    AJ: many of my friends would be horrified to know that they have been hoodwinked by the PC agenda.

    1. Good article AJ. Programed to think backwards from very young contributes to them making a mess of this world and it's future. Turning the Hiram Key by Robert Lomas and Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper helped me to understand more of this type of mindset.

  24. How can Trump supporters accept the outcome of any Clinton count when the sheer scale of Electoral Fraud and blatant box filling is evident.
    When there is no recourse in law, there is no nation.
    It's time now for the non alert sector of the Americans to be baseball hammered into reality.

    Your nation has been systematically stolen and your hard earned wealth looted. Clinton is so far beyond criminal its a disgrace Justice has not taken her in a log time ago .

    How can a blatant, lying Usurper like Soetoro expect to be appointed to the Supremes. Now a job for life for the biggest Con Man in American history. Why is he not in jail?

    Who will demand a recount in each state Clinton wins in and an audit check with Voters to see how many Trump votes were switched and how many dead voted? Once the scale of it is seen, how can Americans who've had their vote stolen get redress?

    It is clear now, America has been STOLEN! There is no Law, there are no Patriotic officers, just an ugly , malignant Cabal and Zio Trash Banksters. America has left the rails. Wno now protects the 95% of good Americans? Law is based on Trust. Like Virginity, when it's gone it's gone!

    Who restores America?

    1. If ever we needed a miracle, it is now. Please everyone, pray for that miracle for the United States 🇺🇸
      Our future depends on it!!!
      Thank you in advance for your prayers.

    2. Hi Karen,
      I'm not one for prayers but I sure do care a heck of a lot about you all in the US and will cheer you all on endlessly to win this battle you are currently facing. And I'll most certainly do a major happy dance on Nov 8 if it goes the right way. Keep fighting hard and beat those criminals that are trying to crush you all over there. My thoughts and very best wishes are offered to you all.

    3. Thank you for caring!!! I appreciate the thoughts and kind words.

      GO DONALD!

    4. The following is an invocation that has been given to Humanity from On High at this time so that we can join our Hearts to cocreate with the Company of Heaven a Forcefield of Light that will greatly assist in bringing the Divine Plan for the Presidential elections in the USA to a God Victorious conclusion. If you have the Heart Call to do so, please affirm this invocation daily until November 11th – 11:11. God Bless You for your willingness to add to the Light of the World in this powerful way.


      The DNA codes that are being activated within every person’s Heart Flame at this time by his or her I AM Presence contain not only the unfolding Divine Plan to reestablish Divine Government in the United States of America and the rest of the World, they contain viable solutions for the distorted and corrupt patterns of government that are surfacing to be healed and transmuted into Light.

      As you affirm these words either in the silence of your Heart or out loud, know that you are joining in consciousness with thousands of Lightworkers all over the World who are invoking this Forcefield of Light with you. Together, through our collective consciousness and our Divine Intentions, we are cocreating a Chalice of Light that will serve as The Open Door through which the Light of God will flow to anchor the Immaculate Concept which is the Divine Blueprint for the Divine Plan now unfolding within the Presidential election taking place in the United States of America.

      Call For Divine Government

      I AM my I AM Presence, and I AM One with the I AM Presence of all Humanity. As One Breath, One Voice, One Heartbeat, and One Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of Pure Divine Love I invoke…

      My Father-Mother God and the great Beings of Light associated with cocreating Divine Government on this blessed Planet. I also invoke the Mighty Archangels and the Ascended Masters guarding the evolutions of Earth.

      Blessed Ones, blaze the most intensified frequencies of Divine Will, Divine Love and Divine Wisdom from the very Heart of our Father-Mother God in, through and around every person involved with the governments of Earth in any way. I ask that you exponentially expand this Divine Light within the Heart Flame of every man and woman running for office in the USA at national, state or local levels.

      Now Beloved Legions of Light, blaze these intensified frequencies of Divine Will, Divine Love and Divine Wisdom in, through and around every single registered voter in the United States of America. Awaken the entire electorate to the profound opportunity at hand and Enlighten every person to the profound Truth that it is time for Divine Government to manifest NOW!

      Let each person tangibly feel and experience the Power, Love and Wisdom of our Father-Mother God flowing through their Heart Flame as they vote for each candidate and all of the issues before them.

      I now invoke the I AM Presence of every person who will be elected during this Presidential election season and all of those who are presently serving at national, state or local levels to take full dominion of that person’s thoughts, feelings, words, actions, beliefs and memories. Help that person to hear and to listen to the “still small voice within” that will guide him or her unerringly toward the fulfillment of the unfolding Divine Plan for this sweet Earth.

      Now Beloved Ones, SEAL the Activity of Light I have invoked this sacred and holy day in the Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame anchored within my Heart and the Heart of every person on Earth. Expand this Activity of Light daily and hourly a thousand times a thousand fold until Planet Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her have God Victoriously completed our Ascension into the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the New Earth.

      Now through all Realms of Consciousness I decree:


      And so it is, Beloved I AM.

  25. Geez John, you are slipping a bit there mate lol. Have you not heard of the latest cosmetic surgery some woman are undergoing these days to have their virginity restored? LOL. I'm serious too. Heck, seems a bit pointless in my opinion lol. But each to their own I suppose.

    All jokes aside now John I would like to say this. Even though I'm not from the US I personally really appreciate all the encouragement and education you offer to assist in the citizens taking their country back and fighting against the corrupt system there. I know the US people can be incredibly strong but I feel the current issues there are so overwhelming that it's going to take outside assistance to get things back on track if Trump does not get elected. At least there is a chance of change with him but if that other psychopath gets in then I would be incredibly concerned for the welfare of all US citizens and the rest of the word for that matter.

    There is a portion of the population that are aware of what's happening and that are prepared to fight but against the current system they practically have no rights to enable them to be effective in that fight. If they protest, they get arrested on trumped up charges. If legal action is commenced, they get destroyed due to the corruption within that system. If they speak out in any manner I'm sure they are placed on a watch list of some sort being prepared for a round up and fema delivery.

    John, basically my whole point here is to ask you this. If you were a US citizen today what exact steps/actions would you personally take that you would consider would be effective enough to have a major impact and turn the country around?

    I don't mean to take up your time asking the above question John but if you feel you would like to reply and have a few moments to spare, I'm sure there would be many more beside myself that would be incredibly interested in what your response would be to that question and appreciate that very much. I sincerely thank you in advance for your consideration John.

    1. Simple,
      If I were a US citizen and Clinton gets in, I would move. The Cabal and NWO will impose its will. Who wants to live in a Zionist Stalag?

      Many Americans have great abilities. Those able to survive the Tempest, fine. Those not need to review life.

      Aussies and Americans. You're all basically immigrants. If the wheels come off,return to compatible nations, it's only land. Start again with a common language. I empathise with nations affinities, but it's all a myth. Nations are an invisible line on a map and captive slaves. Switch Slave camps if needed. Look how fast Aus is going down the tubes. Asia will swampt it, what then? As regards turning around America, if Trump loses, it's fly blown. Sorry but, if then only WW111 may sort it. Clinton via Russia? The US will soon become the most politically corrupt First World Nation on earth. Looking on, looking in, it's truly appalling what has gone wrong. Worse, all too many Americans appear to be living in a Reality TV bubble, and sadly, all too many are educationally sub normal. Crime has become Industry for the Ghettos.

      Unemployment has left the rails and a vast, disproportionate number of hard working Americans can't even achieve achieve a living wage, while Wall Street Bankers are earning gross amounts for feckless Derivatives gambles.
      Land is stolen from farmers for mineral rights, and a gross criminal like Clinton is Teflon.

      If I were American, right now, I would be too ashamed to admit I was linked to the trash running the Zoo, and go.

      Only Trump offers hope. For all Americans faced with only those 2, we must hope for Trump. Those supporting Clinton are criminally reckless. Trump will cut back the Cabal. Clinton will risk war. The consequential risk of Clinton is horrendous. America is a great country going to the Dogs. All Americans must do all possible to help Trump. Agreed,a Clinton vote will adversely affect the world. America has so much to offer, but faces a world of hurt.
      Only Eurasia can face it down, but thats a century away.

      If Americans do mass leave,can seating priority please be given to hot chicks first? Lol.This is a desperate time to be an American. One giant FEMA camp awaits.

    2. John what do you mean 'Look how fast Aus is going down the tubes.'?

      I have maternal London ancestry and Brazilan access so I personally have options. But what of Aus? (Finally we get in the news lol)

    3. Thank you so much for taking the time to offer that reply John, I very much appreciate it.

      You are correct about Aus John. Very sad to witness I must say. This country was a great place to live years ago but is going down the tube quite swiftly in my opinion. I feel we have become like a mini US in many ways. I have been considering leaving Aus behind for some time now and probably will as soon as my personal responsibilities have ended here.

      Well US citizens, I sure hope you can pull the big one off on Nov 8. I will definitely be cheering you all from the land down under if so. It's getting pretty close now, only 12 more days. My God I hope you guys and gals can do this. I might even chill a nice bottle of champagne to crack open if things go the way I hope they do for you all over there. If not, I'll have to drink it anyway as I'll be seriously depressed if I see that other criminal making an acceptance speech.

      And John, you will not be permitted anywhere near the hot chicks arriving in the UK from foreign lands because you will lead them all astray and you have to be placed in detention again. LOL.

      Thanks again John. Have a fabulous day.

    4. John,
      For all your above reasons is why Americans are fiercely protecting their 2nd amendment rights for guns and ammo! If there's another Civil War coming, it will be about finishing what was started with the last one....getting rid of tyranny! This time it won't be north vs south, but rather American state nationals vs corporate cabal and their minions. My prayers everyday for all our families is that it will not have to come to that. Also Americans, who are now aware of what the cabal has done IN OUR NAMES to our brethren around the world, will not stand for it any longer.

      You're correct. There is no rule of law or justice here any more and hasn't been in a long's all been an illusion which Anna vonReitz has pointed out and explained frequently. 'Paper tiger' or whatever derogatory label thrown at her, I admire her tenacity and decades long study of the issues. She has educated an enormous number of people here and around the world. IMO, the education has to happen first. It's such a convoluted system full of layers much more complicated than an onion...more like onions in a mouse maze...all designed to deceive. We can't begin to unravel and take down a system without clear understanding of the parts. Various organizations are now trying to educate the police, etc. Here's an example today that I received. Most of these people don't even realize who they actually work for and the jeopardy they are in!


      By the way, think U.K. Police are the same working for a corporation with no more real authority than a mall cop or security officer at a department store. Aussies, Canadians, too!!!

    5. AJ, I have a video for you and all your friends! YOU'RE IN SAME BOAT AS AMERICANS...some slightly different wrinkles!

      WHAT THE FUQ? Frequently Unanswered Questions of the "Australian Government" - Documentary

      Enjoy! This is well done and presented in as entertaining a manner as the subject matter can possibly allow....

    6. I know that video well Texian. An excellent recommendation there.

    7. Thanks Texian will watch after work. I know our givs are cabal shills. We also have a trump-like politician called pauline hanson. Hmm i guess the AUD might go the same way as the usd.. or that we will become an annex of china.

      So long as we can still wear our thongs to bbqs id be happy ;)

    8. AJ...hahaha....what kind of thong are you talking about?

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. My husband and I went to vote yesterday at the early voting location. It was mid afternoon on a Wednesday so we didn't expect to be there over an hour! However, the parking lot was full and people were having to park blocks away. The line waiting to vote was as long as any I've experienced at an airport when going through security. The line moved pretty quickly but it still took over 45 minutes to get to vote.

      The best part was listening to the conversations of people standing in line. We struck up a conversation with the couple in front of us and the first statement out of his mouth was "George Carlin would have loved to see this scene." I said "I have a favorite George Carlin line". Before I could even get it out he said "I do too...IT'S A CLUB...AND YOU'RE NOT IN IT!"

      I nearly fell over because that is exactly what I was going to say. He was a man of about 40, an architect and investment advisor as well so he was no dummy. He told me proudly that he began to wake up about 5 years ago...those were his exact words. We talked about fiat currency and few other topics while waiting to vote. We exchanged cards and he said he'd love to continue our discussion over a glass of wine.

      So, that will be a fun evening and you can bet I'll give him this website address to get him up to speed as much as possible.

      One other quick sharing as well. Just as I was signing the sheet to vote, I overheard 3 older black women talking to some of the voting officials. They were talking about voting machines flipping votes and were being assured by the precinct officials that a very close eye was in place and they tried to assuage their fears. It was very encouraging to hear this conversation taking place INSIDE the voting space just feet from the voting stations.

      I'm sharing this because in the last 4-6 months, no matter where I go...even in line at the grocery store...people are showing they are definitely waking up and onto to cabal tricks. It was a good afternoon :)

    2. Fantastic to hear that news MWP. Thanks so much for sharing that with us all, much appreciated.

    3. MW &P that is good news. Experienced like when had some people over this past weekend. People are waking up, at least many are.

      Perhaps, compassion for those keeping the bills paid by being actors or provocateurs for the Clinton crowd. With jobs as they are many will do what they need to do to keep things going for their family.

  27. HIDDEN FROM THE PUBLIC WikiLeaks: Clintons Purchase $200 Million Maldives Estate But For...

  28. From another tenacious Texas!

    Texas-based election integrity organization True the Vote has released a smartphone app that allows users to report voter fraud and irregularities.
    VoteStand, available for both iPhone and Android users, is advertised to be the “first online election fraud reporting app” available to voters across the country “to quickly report suspected election illegalities as they happen,” according to True the Vote. The free app operates much like a social network where users can send updates about polling place issues, voter intimidation attempts and others to identify problem areas. VoteStand incidents can take the form of text or photo reports, geotagged to the user’s location.

    “VoteStand can be used to capture your voting experience,” True the Vote Founder Catherine Engelbrecht said. “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

    True the Vote told Breitbart Texas that it hopes to spread the word about election problems now and leverage the crowdsourced information to help promote various policy reforms in the months ahead when state legislatures are again open for business.

    “VoteStand helps build evidence for a broken process,” Engelbrecht said. “The app helps you get the word out in real time.”

    Read more here:

    Who is Catherine Engelbrecht? She had a full life as a wife, mother, and business owner. Then, she started King Street Patriots, a citizen-led liberty group, and True the Vote, a nonprofit election integrity organization. As a result, her life changed dramatically due to the actions of multiple federal government agencies. Specifically, Catherine Engelbrecht, her business, and the groups she founded were targeted by the IRS. The following video is her testimony before Congress.

    True the Vote Offers Smartphone App to Report Voter Fraud

  29. Thanks Yanks for fighting for Liberty of your nation. Your right not to be a Clinton, Bush or Jesuit Vatican Slave. Nor to be Zionist Bankster indebted.

    We are all behind you pitching in for you. Each little bit we do to drum up support helps. We try.We care.

    Now Robot Slayer, don't interrupt my supply line,if I pay for the rectification jobs who cares? Lol. We know how to repackage goods here.

    But Yes, I know how fast Oz is going down,it's becoming a Drongos Tinny Town fast. Even the Roos want to emigrate. When Skippy want to go, times to think me too?

    What started as a Crim's Colony has had a good run. What the Chans want, they will take. No less than Rhodesia. Populations re engage with homelands and go. Take Skippy as a pet? Populations are moving.
    Do you- move well? LOl

    1. OMG John, you totally crack me up with some of your expressions. That one was a ripper.

      OK, I won't interfere with your supply line if you behave yourself. But I know deep down you are a thorough gentleman so I'm sure you'll win plenty of hearts.

      Yes John, I have pretty much decided to leave Oz but just need to see out a commitment I have made for a short time longer. I have actually been eyeing off some of that luscious countryside you have over there. I'm not into the hectic city life and much prefer a quiet, slightly isolated place to reside. Plus I'll have to try an dodge some of the relatives over there lol.

      And I'm not taking the bait in reference to your last naughty hint either you cheeky fella. LOL

      OK folks, it's nearly 1 am here and I'm off to bed. Hope you all have a fantastic day. Keep kicking ass/arse in the US guys and gals, we are all supporting you.

    2. John,
      We do appreciate your support and support of all those everywhere speaking out to help us.

      When the drone crashes through the glass wall in my family room to kill me, will someone erect a tiny sign saying "Texian died trying"?

    3. Drongos Tinny Town lol! And re Populations re engage with homelands and go..thanks much appreciated. Lining up my uk app. Richmond area looks nice. I do like fish n chips and No. 5 Butter Chicken :)

    4. I always have to go to dictionary when I read y'alls banter....this time to find out wth is a drongo?

    5. Here's a pretty accurate dictionary to assist

      Drongo: idiot
      Tinny: can of beer, small aluminium dinghy/boat, or an outback lean-to shack made of corrugated iron where the drongos live (dingos too).

    6. Perfect! Added to I'm ready. My dictionary said drongo is a blackbird!

    7. LOL Texian. It certainly is a blackbird and a very beautiful one but you can always rely on Aussies to manipulate and stuff up any language to suit their needs and desired interpretation. LOL.

  30. p: Deathbed confessions usually don't come with evidence, but this one seems to have done so.

    BREAKING: CIA Agent Confesses On Deathbed, "I Was Part Of The Assassination Team To Kill JFK"
    Thursday, October 27, 2016

    The CIA Agent Revealed It All On His Deathbed
    The audio tape revealing the truth behind the CIA assassination of JFK was released after E. Howard Hunt’s deathbed confession. Hunt was a former CIA agent involved in multiple operations, including Watergate. In the audio tape, he admitted that he was approached to be a member of the CIA assassination team to Kill JFK.

    This event has gone completely unnoticed because mainstream media refuses to report on this damning evidence of government corruption.

    Saint John Hunt, the son of Howard, aired as a guest on the nationally-acclaimed “Coast to Coast” radio station to discuss the shocking audio tape. Hunt told radio host George Noory that his father actually mailed him the audio tape in January of 2004.

    His father gave instructions that the cassette tape not be listened to until his death, for fear of his own life and the lives of his family and friends.

    The radio station shared four minutes of the cassette tape that reveals much of the damning evidence.

  31. WOW Texan, Catherine is sure one hell of a woman. Totally awesome. Now that's the sort of woman that should be in politics. This situation that Catherine has faced simply because she decided to speak out, is exactly what I was discussing with John earlier.

    Alwaysme shared this info about the reporting app at WHA a couple of days ago and I thought it was a brilliant idea. Evidence is always critical in my book. Let's just hope there is some form of honest person or agency that it can be passed onto to enable action to be taken.

    Don't you just love her words. "I am not a victim. I will not lie down. I will not be silenced"

  32. My opinion is that they're spraying us with their 'patented' ZIKA virus now....part of 'chemtrails' operation...keep us sick. B**#**%S!

    (NaturalNews) The entire leftist media is not merely dishonest and corrupt, their science writers are unbelievably stupid and ill-informed about nearly everything in the natural world. Today, after months of printing fear-inducing "Zika terrorism" stories that scared America half to death while convincing the government to funnel billions of dollars into Zika vaccine research for Big Pharma, the Washington Post now admits it had no idea what it was talking about.

    After terrorizing America with Zika scaremongering, Washington Post now admits Zika virus doesn't cause brain deformities after all

    1. The media is NOT leftist, they are corporatists paid by the 1 percent. Excellent investigative reporters like Robert Parry and others are no longer working for the mass media, because they would not toe the line. Owners of the media vote overwhelmingly REPUBLICAN. I am sort of tired of people not really seeing the big picture. I have a degree in journalism/mass comm and knew many "professional" journalists well. Trying to blame everything on liberals shows a lack of understanding of that term. The people who are so damn corrupt right now are NOT liberal--they are neo-cons/neoliberal which refers not to their philosophy, but their economic policy which is actually super-conservative and wrong-headed as it attempts to give all the money to the top 1/10 of one percent.

      I highly recommend reading David Cay Johnston's book on taxation, "Perfectly Legal" or Catherine Crier's book on the sellout of the judiciary via "elections" which makes judges amenable to bribes.

      Zika has been around for 70 years and was invented by the Rockefellers (look it up in WIPO). It never caused brain damage. What is likely causing this micro-cephalism is the recently mandated LDAP for pregnant women.


    2. WS,
      I think you're conflating terms. Democrats and Republicans are corporatist/fascist; liberal vs conservative is not. Liberals want big government in charge of everything and deciding what's best for everyone. Conservatives want small government and to be in charge of their own destiny. Democrats and Republicans are both CLUBS. Liberal/conservative are ideologies. The 'media' are overwhelmingly left in ideology.

      Correct...ZIKA is old, created by Rockefeller funding and seldom caused anything much more serious than a cold. The problem in Brazil was caused by the new TDAP vaccine that they were shooting into preganant women 'to see what would happen.' The evil GATES FOUNDATION has been going around the world with their toxic vaccines destroying the lives of as many people as possible...NWO depopulation agenda. India, Italy and several other countries have now banned them and filed charges in international tribunals.

      It's getting very scary here also. Had to check myself out of hospital against medical advice last week when they were determined they were going to give me flu, pneumonia and shingles shots in the little port they created while I was there gasping for breath with pneumonia in both lungs from initial illness of Type A influenza. There is little doubt that would have done me in. So while they were deciding if they were going to go with just oxygen or intubate, I whispered to my husband to get me the hell out of there. And he did.

  33. Wikileaks on Paul Ryan via American Freedom Fighters:

    Throughout the election, Ryan has been notably against Donald Trump, and recently he declared he would no longer be campaigning with or defending the Republican nominee.

    Ryan claims the reason is that Trump is so outrageous he can’t in good conscious support the billionaire, but a new email from Wikileaks may lend some insight into Ryan’s true reason for being against the people’s candidate – he’s an establishment hack in bed with Washington elites.

    In fact, his brother-in-law’s wife is a district court judge that Hillary Clinton is floating as a possible Supreme Court nomination, should she be elected in November.

    1. There's a lot more in Ryan's closet too...look at Aspen 'Fellow' and other connections.

  34. Suggestions from Texas election judges:

    Over the last few days we've all seen those reports flying around regarding voting irregularities.


    My dad and I put our heads together and thought we might give y'all some reminders as to how this really works. He's been an election judge for 22 years and I've been an election clerk/alternate judge for 4 years. Pretty sure he knows what he's talking about, and I've also seen quite a bit. :)

    Here we go.

    If you witness ANY problems with ballots while in the process of voting, whether electronic or paper, do the following:

    1. Keep calm. Stop where you are on the screen or ballot.

    2. Immediately ask an election clerk to have the poll site election judge come to your voting booth.

    3. Make sure the clerk assisting you chose the correct precinct number and ballot style for your precinct - do NOT let them be in a hurry.

    4. Politely explain the issue and do not assign blame or make accusations - emotions never did anyone good in the polling location!

    5. Allow the judge to see your screen, but do not allow the judge to touch your screen to clear the anomaly.

    6. Have the judge acknowledge what you are experiencing, with another poll worker as a witness (get the name of the judge and poll worker.)

    7. Ask the judge for a Standard Affidavit so you can make a sworn statement about your experience. Note the time, date, voting machine serial number, ballot style, voting precinct, voting location, name of election judge, and name of election clerk who assisted you. Explain what happened. Sign and date.

    8. Ask the judge to complete a Standard Affidavit as well.

    9. Ask the judge how you can get a copy of the completed Standard Affidavit.

    10. The judge then submits the Standard Affidavit to your Elections Department in your county.

    11. Call the Secretary of State's office immediately. The hotline number is posted at the entrance and exit to the polling location.

    1.800.252.VOTE (8683) (Texas voters)

    ****DO NOT PHOTOGRAPH YOUR SCREEN OR ANYTHING IN THE POLLING LOCATION.**** You can be arrested on the spot! Unfortunately, I have heard people I know talking about doing this. Please don't. :P

    It does no good to rant on social media. Unless you have taken steps to document ballot/voting problems, you are only stirring up strife. If there is tampering or rigging taking place, you maintaining your cool and documenting the problem can be vital evidence in an investigation that might disclose a larger issue.

    Pollworkers are sworn in at the beginning of the day, promising to protect and maintain the purity of the election. Hold them accountable, y'all. But do be polite about it. :) Please feel free to share this information! Be vigilant, diligent, and wise.

    Texian: follow instructions...then rant on social media ALSO! ;-0)

    1. Brilliant information you have shared there Texian, thank you so much for taking the time and making the effort to do that.

    2. Texian, will be sharing this with friends in Texas and elsewhere. Many Thanks for sharing.

    3. Texian,

      This information is much appreciated. Thanks for going the extra mile to post. Step 5 "do not allow the judge to touch your screen" seems to be the highest of importance in preventing the electronic version from "flipping" the vote. Assuming the other steps take on an even greater importance in such a case.

  35. Excellent video primarily about Judicial Watch analysis of Comey investigation farce of Hitlary and Congress' phony dog and pony show. This lays it out in great detail...

  36. America's Brit friend, Pat Condell, weighs in with some words of wisdom....

    PAT CONDELL: America Has A Choice

  37. Looks like France may be tiring of the migrant interlopers in's about time! less than 2 minutes

    Migrants and militant activists in the Calais "jungle" camp burn portable toilets and throw stones at police who respond with tear gas, the night before evacuations from the camp are due to begin.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I watched a show about this situation a couple of days ago where it was stated that those living in this camp were offered relocation and settlement by the government to country areas within France. The migrants were asked if they wish to do that and many did accept that offer. The alternative was being returned to where they came from.

      The bulk of these migrants apparently wish to be relocated to the UK and stated they refuse to be settled in France. They were again warned that if they did not accept the offer given to them for settlement within France they would be dealt with by police using force as the camp was going to be closed down whether they liked it or not.

      The diehards wishing to go to the UK refused to surrender and stated they would fight the closure of the camp until they were granted UK acceptance. So the cops moved in after providing several days of peaceful surrender and assistance with relocation. So those fighting this camp closure, as seen in this video will now be returned to wherever they came from. They were given a chance at a better life but decided the terms offered were not to their liking.

      One thing that really annoyed me in the video was the willful destruction of the facilities provided to them whilst living in this camp. How do they ever expect to be classed as civilized people or the type of person that another country would like to invite into their country to gain an opportunity of experiencing a better life when they behave like disrespectful animals?

      Thanks for sharing this one MWP.

    3. I agree. Seeing them destroy the provided toilet facilities speaks volumes. I would say "good riddance to bad rubbish"...and I am not referring to the portable toilets!

  38. LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Rally in Geneva, Ohio (10/27/2016) Trump Live Geneva Ohio Speech

  39. Wow, this touched me. Quite a brave lady. I'll bet Donald does something for her unannounced as is his way.

    VIDEO=> Homeless TRUMP Supporter Guards Donald Trump’s Star on Hollywood Blvd. From Violent Leftists

    1. Calgirl,
      When I saw this story yesterday, tears started flowing! If this homeless woman can take a stand in her own way, we can all do something!

    2. Texian,

      Indeed, tears here also. I just wanted to hug her and give her protection, but I'm not real close to Hollywood.

      So glad you decided to get the hell out of that hospital avoiding that poison. My husband went for a physical 6 months ago and I told him not to get any vaccinations if they offered. Well, he declined the shingles and flu vax but took the pneumonia one. FORTUNATELY, he hasn't had any symptoms of side effects from the vax, but he knows now that NO VAX means all of them.

  40. The path to total dictatorship: America’s “shadow government” and its silent coup

    Today the path to total dictatorship in the U.S. can be laid by strictly legal means, unseen and unheard by Congress, the President, or the people. Outwardly we have a Constitutional government. We have operating within our government and political system … a well-organized political-action group in this country, determined to destroy our Constitution and establish a one-party state….

    The important point to remember about this group is not its ideology but its organization… It operates secretly, silently, continuously to transform our Government…. This group … is answerable neither to the President, the Congress, nor the courts. It is practically irremovable.”— Senator William Jenner, 1954 speech

    Unaffected by elections. Unaltered by populist movements. Beyond the reach of the law.

    Say hello to America’s shadow government.

  41. Sadly the Shadow Govt is a sick fact The authoritarian State is fact. Teflon Clintons and Bushes are proof. Made Men rule. Clinton will simply be placed into office to keep up this charade as was Con Man Soetoro. Right now Trump is the only and last chance for Americans to live in a free State. Once Clinton is in, she will end it as Kenyan Soetoro has been doing. Corruption rules. The Cabal has taken monetary control of all, and it's spreading. No country is safe. It's all becoming one large Corporate Superstate. Soon they will own the lot. Once the Transhuman selected Elites arrive, it will end all civilisation as we knew it. Failing now to elect Trump will be the beginning of the end for America.

    The Clinton Camp are confident they have it nailed. This is a bad time for America. Europe will follow.

  42. Trump Wins By Landslide- Deep Data Mining- Cliff High”
    By Greg Hunter’s

    :Internet data mining expert Cliff High says the “naked data” on the Internet shows Trump winning the 2016 Presidential election by a “landslide.”

    High explains, “You can do a search on YouTube that brings back a list of primary speeches by both candidates. I am not talking about Fred Smith’s copy of a video he made of Trump. I am talking about a speech taken officially of Trump, and they released it officially.

    If you take just those, you can see you’ve got Hillary Clinton on one side with 2,165 views, and Trump on the other side with 775,653 views. So, that is not anecdotal. This is a very crude level of statistical analysis, but it is nonetheless statistical analysis, and it is very pointed because it is extremely self-selecting.

    There is nobody watching you when you choose to watch something on YouTube. So, there is no peer pressure or external person polling you. It’s what I call a very naked data set because there is no pressure on an emotional level on people.”

    How big is Trump winning by?

    High says, “Basically, when you go through all the analysis and all the other video archives, you come up with a 25 to 1 ratio (in favor of Trump).

    The Globalist will not be able to hide the overwhelming fact that Trump has the majority of the American people behind him.

  43. Scott

    As with Brexit we all truly hope Trumps wins and the rot stops. The electronic counter rigging and dead voting plus bussing them between voting stations is corruption at its worst. All we can do is hope enough Americans get out to vote and take your country back. If Trump fails, America will be no place to be.

  44. Reports are out of a drunken women taking a photograph of herself topless losing control driving and crashing into a police car. If only that was Hillary. One of Bill's exes no doubt.

    1. p: Front page of Hillary

      National Enquirer Exclusive: Hillary Runs Mafia Organization
      Published on Oct 27, 2016

      Alex Jones talks with National Enquirer editor in chief Dylan Howard about the devastating interview they got with a former Clinton insider.

  45. Glimmer of good news message from....Anna von Reitz

    Late in the Evening Comes the Dawn -- the Bundys Exonerated
    For months now members of the Living Law Firm have labored to bring forward vital information to the patriots imprisoned over the stand-off at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon. They have labored side by side with Bar Attorneys who risked their careers and honored their calling to seek justice for all.
    And last night, just before bedtime, I got a call.
    The Bundys, Shawna Cox, and all the others misidentified and falsely accused by the corporate scum have been exonerated and found "Not Guilty" on all charges.
    This is a true victory and one that was won against a stacked deck.
    The trial was held in a Federal Court--- a court owned and operated by sister corporations of those corporations that brought the charges.
    Imagine that you and Cousin Bobby Sue are squabbling over the ownership rights of a doughnut. She has already eaten hers, so she grabbed yours. You objected. And her aunt from the other side of the family gets to decide who gets the doughnut.
    Not exactly a level playing field. Her Aunt knows her and doesn't know you from Adam. And Bobby Sue is jumping up and down and pointing her finger at you and saying, "It's my doughnut! It's mine! He tried to take it from me!"
    You are standing there as Aunt Bertha comes down on you, knowing full well that you spent your allowance for the weekend buying the doughnut Bobby Sue already wolfed down, plus the doughnut she is trying to steal from you.
    You did your part and more. Without you, there wouldn't be a doughnut to fight over. You were the source of the property from the start, but Aunt Bertha doesn't know that. She's standing there in her Size 11's, glaring at you, moving her tremendous bulk into position to seize the doughnut back, give it to Bobby Sue, and paddle your butt.
    That's the position the Bundys and Shawna Cox and the others have been in from the start of this fiasco. The truth of the matter was utterly obscured and they have had to fight uphill every step of the way against the prejudice of the Court and the Media and the zombie-like ignorance of millions of government slaves.
    Throughout the trial the judge kept redacting evidence and disallowing evidence. Sometimes it seemed like the Bundys weren't going to be allowed to present their side of the story at all. The jury wasn't allowed to know their political status. Historical facts were "disallowed". It was gag order upon gag order.
    The protesters had to stand trial as if they were "citizens" obligated to obey and serve the government, otherwise the government couldn't claim jurisdiction over them, so the government judge just "disallowed" the evidence showing otherwise.
    And the jury? Well, the jury pool was --- you guessed it --- all government "citizens"---- people who at least on paper admit to being employees or dependents of the government and who owe their "allegiance"---- as in serfs and kings, to the government.
    Now imagine the situation.
    Aunt Bertha has you by the ear and is dragging you into the house where all Bobby Sue's other relatives are gathered. They are going to be your jury. And Aunt Bertha isn't even letting you tell your side of the story--- just bits and pieces of it that she deems credible.
    You are being tried as a stranger in a strange land. You are being judged by foreigners who have a natural conflict of interest and bias against you, because "one of theirs" stands to gain if you are found guilty and dispossessed of your property.
    Against all odds against it, that unlikely jury found the Bundys and the others not guilty on all charges. Somehow, somewhere, the truth rang out and they heard it despite every attempt to squelch it.


    1. Cont'd....

      God bless the jurors.
      Even if they weren't actually "peers" of the Bundys and the others, even if they were "pledged" as infants to be stoodges owned and operated by the government and its franchise corporations, like the BLM and FBI, they still delivered the only right, true, and honest verdict possible.
      It was a long, hard, dangerous proceeding, but in the end, the jury prevailed. Justice was done. And it only took six hours of deliberation.
      For the Bundys there is one more challenge to be faced, because there were also charges brought in Nevada. There, again. they will face the same situation, the same false presumptions, the same trial as strangers in a foreign jurisdiction, being judged by people who have a natural conflict of interest.
      But within that conflict of interest lies the germinating seed of truth--- and the realization that in truth, we are all Americans. We all have a dog in this fight.

    2. Thank you for sharing Texian. Had seen they had a not guilty verdict last night, but the rest of the info wasn't there. Thank you for that.

    3. Very happy for the Bundy's and the others and for some true justice in this situation.

  46. New Bombshell Coming: National Enquirer Editor
    Published on Oct 27, 2016

    National Enquirer editor in chief Dylan Howard promises that they have one more devastating bombshell to drop on Hillary Clinton before November 8th.

  47. Barack Obama has been accused of using the Department of Justice (DOJ) to illegally funnel money into left-wing groups such as the Clinton Campaign.

    According to Clinton Cash author and Government Accountability Institute (GAI) President Peter Schweizer, a new GAI report indicates that the DOJ, under direction from Obama, used money obtained by fining financial institutions to fund left-wing liberal causes. reports:

    Breitbart Editor-in-Chief and SiriusXM host Alex Marlow described the report as exposing the Justice Department of “quite literally extorting companies to fund left-wing activists.”

    “When I first joined Breitbart,” Schweizer recalled, “There was a scandal called Pigford where the federal government was basically taking taxpayer money and giving it to people who were claiming to be victims who were not victims and giving them billions of dollars. This is in that tradition.” The money that these criminal banks have been fined by the DOJ is being used to support election fraud.

    1. Scott,
      YES! The Injustice Dept (my term) has an 'Asset Forfiture Fund' where they deposit fines or just things taken from supposed 'criminals.' Think what happened to Gibson Guitar company when Obozo's minions decided to confiscate some expensive woods because Gibson wasn't playing ball with Obozo. I lost track of what happened to the wood, although my guesstimate is that it was sold to another company who would cooperate. Turns out this fund never goes to the victims of the crimes, but has become a slush fund for politicos back pockets and projects. Maybe National Enquirer will do an exposé on that also! LOL!

  48. ZERO HEDGE. The establishment has rigged the system no doubt about it. Is the entire system rigged? Can we trust any of it? Yes and no. Large parts of the current "modern" day system we find ourselves living in is undoubtedly rigged against the little man. This is by design - make no doubt about it - but you should not let it rule your life. Because as history has proven time and time again, the true power lies in the people - we just don't typically know it.

    The establishment is once again learning this harsh lesson. People are "waking" up at a pace that I have NEVER before seen in my life. We are witnessing a once-in-a-lifetime event due to these Presidential elections.

    The reason for this has been well documented by me in the past few months, but it is so important that it deserves mentioning again. The Mainstream Media and their elite puppet master have overstepped themselves.

    They have gone too far and in their desperate campaign to protect Hillary Clinton, a blatant criminal, that they have shown that they are no longer a medium for the truth or even the news. They have shown to the vast majority of people that they are bought and paid for and therefore cannot and should not be trusted.

    This fact is something I have covered for years while following the precious metals space. To anyone that has been investing in gold and silver for any length of time, you know exactly what I am talking about. The manipulation and disinformation that have dogged us for years is exactly what is being used on the American people en masse, in real time.

    The MSM has proven itself to be a powerful weapon, but its control is slipping. The alternative media are rising and rising fast. We are becoming the main source of most people's information, proving once again my point that the power rests in the masses, not the elites.

    For the first time ever, via the Media ignoring important news such as WikiLeaks or the Project Veritas videos, we are seeing the alternative media being forced to take the bull by the horns and cover what the MSM WILL NOT. This in turn has FORCED the MSM to cover this news, begrudgingly, or risk completely annihilating themselves (an outcome I now see as inevitable).

    Take heart and know that regardless of the outcome on November 8th, a record amount of people have awakened to the corruption and rot that plagues our Western system. This information is now out there and in the minds of a record amount of people, and cannot be easily forgotten. The truth shall win in the end - it always has, and always will.


  49. This Is Epic!
    Edward Snowden is joining with Julian Assange and WikiLeaks and James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Action to try and shine a light on all of Hillary’s crimes and scandals, REDDIT Users Declare War On Hillary’s Paid Internet Trolls

    by · Published October 28, 2016 · Updated October 28, 2016

    BREAKING: This Is Epic! Edward Snowden Just Stepped Out Of The Shadows And Destroyed Hillary!

    Hillary Clinton can’t catch a break it seems. Oh wait she doesn’t deserve one. If you lie, cheat, and steal your way to being a presidential nominee then you don’t deserve any kind of break.

    Edward Snowden is joining with Julian Assange and WikiLeaks and James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Action to try and shine a light on all of Hillary Clinton’s crimes and scandals.

    Snowden couldn’t have said it any better than that. WikiLeaks has released the transcripts from Hillary’s paid speeches to the mega banks like Goldman Sachs and that they also have donated millions of dollars to her campaign.

    Hillary Clinton is owned by the banks. They scratch each others backs and don’t care about any of us hard working Americans. They just want to make millions off of our tax dollars after we bail them out.

    1. Absolutely brilliant to hear, thank you Scott F. I just love all this ass kicking going on at the moment, it's truly inspirational.

  50. Well done Scott and all of you doing so much to help fight for Justice. YOU are all the silent heroes and last hope for America.

  51. And the day just keeps getting better.

    Paul Ryan Issues Statement On FBI Reopening Of Hillary Clinton Probe
    Tyler Durden's picture
    by Tyler Durden
    Oct 28, 2016 1:52 PM

    In the chaotic aftermath of the FBI's announcement that it is reopening its investigation into Hillary Clinton's server, moments ago House speaker Paul Ryan decided to once again get involved actively in the presidential race, and issued the following statement:

    "Yet again, Hillary Clinton has nobody but herself to blame. She was entrusted with some of our nation's most important secrets, and she betrayed that trust by carelessly mishandling highly classified information. This decision, long overdue, is the result of her reckless use of a private email server, and her refusal to be forthcoming with federal investigators. I renew my call for the Director of National Intelligence to suspend all classified briefings for Secretary Clinton until this matter is fully resolved."

  52. FBI reopens Clinton investigation as new emails found ‒ Comey

  53. Shots fired, 117 arrests made as North Dakota cops remove pipeline protesters from private land

  54. Trump Hopes "Justice Will Finally Be Done" As FBI Reopens Probe Into Hillary Clinton Emails
    by Tyler Durden
    Oct 28, 2016 1:07 PM

    Update: Sentiment is taking a beating after the news that The FBI is reopening the case...
    Donald Trump has opined:

    As we detailed earlier, in a stunning development moments ago Jason Chaffetz tweeted that the FBI's probe into Hillary Clinton emails has been reopened: saying that "The FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation."

    After being briefed by his investigative team, Comey "agreed that the FBI should take appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review these emails to determine whether they contain classified information, as well as to asses their importance to our investigation." Comey said he could not predict how long it would take the bureau to assess whether the new emails are "significant."

    Moments later, NBC News reported that the agency was reopening the investigation and shared a letter from FBI director James Comey informing key lawmakers of the investigation.. .

    “In connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation,” Comey wrote.

    “I am writing to inform you that the investigative team briefed me on this yesterday, and I agreed that the FBI should take appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review these emails to determine whether they contain classified information,” Comey wrote

    The full letter to members of Congress, in which FBI director James Comey said the agency had "learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation" in connection with an unrelated case, is shown below.

  55. has more suggestions...seems like it WILL require video to prove. Otherwise, it's a he says, she says, and election judge rolls eyes and says "I've never seen it happen." Voting booths here are private behind curtains so should not be difficult to film unobserved.

    "Electoral College SCAM:

    Don't be fooled. No one in the electoral college can vote against the will of the people without subjecting themselves to legal prosecution. Sure, they can throw their votes to the wind, but that can be disputed, and a new person will be put in their place who will vote properly and in over half the states that will happen while the scam voter sits in jail.

    Don't be a dufus thinking the electoral college decides who gets in, that's just another scam they will try to get away with if the people are stupid enough to fall for it and not prosecute. The only reason the electoral college exists is to give small states a voice in elections, and not to throw the vote one way or another.
    NOW CONFIRMED: 100 percent of ALL machines in ALL precincts and ALL states are flipping the Presidential vote to Clinton when you vote a Republican straight ticket.

    This is being done at a ratio, which should be possible to catch approximately 45 percent of the time. When people catch this, election officials simply tell them they are too stupid to vote. BUT YOU ARE NOT TOO STUPID TO IGNORE THE WARNINGS AND SHOOT VIDEO OF THIS, ARE YOU? DO IT!
    The warnings would not be happening if they had nothing to hide.




    DETAILS: Though it is possible to have a touch screen malfunction and start to output trash, that is not the same kind of problem as having a touch screen consistently choose an option other than what you have selected. Touch screen calibration issues take the form of having a part of the screen stop working entirely, or for it to become too sensitive and select stuff by itself without being touched, or for it to need to be pushed too hard. Touch screen calibration errors do not just click one box when you check another, or switch the Presidential candidate when you vote a straight ticket. This stuff is happening BY INTENT and there is no way out of it. When is the last time you have ever seen a bank teller machine select options you did not push? I have never seen this happen on a teller machine or any other device, why is it only the voting machines doing it?
    When you see an election machine change your vote to something else, it is your obligation to save the country by destroying it. Don't complain to the election officials, because they know. You will have to do it quietly.

    OPTION 1. Bring a small bottle of salt water (put a few teaspoons of salt in a small bottle of water and shake). Preferably a squeeze bottle if you have one. Find any air vent or opening, as high on the machine as possible (including a card reader port or USB port) and squirt the water in until the machine stops functioning. USE AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE TO AVOID MAKING A HUGE MESS. Bring a roll of toilet paper to clean up any spills so it is not obvious when you leave. SAY NOTHING.

    1. Cont'd....

      If you came unprepared but have a container and can get away with it, any liquid, even urine, will probably work.
      Option 2: Bring a large C clamp and squeeze the machine with it until it malfunctions. Leave quietly.

      Option 3: Your creativity. Whatever you do, it has to be SILENT and not leave obvious damage.

      Tens of thousands of complaints about vote flipping in Texas

      And the media has refused to report it

      They are stealing the election right in front of us, with people screaming about it at the polling places and the media is saying it has never been reported, because the Jews own all the media outlets and refuse to report it. They then use their refusal to report it as confirmation it is not happening. And all anyone does is believe the mind control bullshit that it was "only them" or "only one polling machine" and cry. That won't cut it. The sheer volume of reports proves it is NOT THAT.
      I swear to God . . . . . . we need armor penetration to take this country back from the filthy kikes. I warned about it all along and no one believed . . . .

      If any rebellion does not go straight to the Jewish neighborhoods it will be COMPLETELY IMPOTENT.

      Texian: I don't support the ethnic slurs...Jim is obviously overwhelmed with anger as we all are.





      Evidently, most of the hacked machines (which are now being patched to cover up the fact your vote is being stolen) have only been programmed to steal your vote if you vote a straight ticket. So to avoid this, vote for everyone separately. That's a lot harder to write a last minute patch for.

  56. Aurataya and AJ,

    Looks like it's getting very dangerous for whistleblowers and truth down your way...just like here, UK, Canada, etc. Please try to protect these brave people by educating Aussies that big pharma is trying to kill the alternative practitioners and doing quite a job of wiping them out in US. These nurses/doctors are trying to help you!

    Australia to hunt down anti-vax nurses and prosecute them for disobeying the medical police state

    1. Yes free speech is under attack here if it doesn't align with the official message. One scan through our msm and you'll see it. Our population cannot question. Everyone was so against a us anti vax nurse visiting and giving a talk that her visa was refused. And yet, the sheeple trumpeted free speech of charlie hebdo. Hypocrasy. Conditioned response.

    2. Thank you so much Texian for presenting this material. Yes, the situation here in Australia concerning vaccines is out of control and most definitely heading in the wrong direction.

      I recall hearing a short while ago that they were intending to or may have already, introduce laws where children who are not vaccinated are not permitted to attend school in case they infect the other children who have had vaccinations. Bit of a joke really when you consider that. If their toxic vaccinations were so bloody good how could those children contract any disease from those not vaccinated.

      I also believe the bullshit artists in the so called government were also introducing another law where parents who refused to vaccinate their children would no longer get certain tax benefits and payments from government regarding childcare costs/family bonuses. So, of course many comply to ensure they get their hands on that money. WTF ever happened to parents being the guardians and protectors of their children. Now many just do as they are told to get f'n money.

      Well, as far as I'm concerned they can get totally stuffed. If I had children there is no way in this world I would allow them to have their bodies polluted and destroyed with this crap and would relocate to protect them, no ifs or butts about that.

      I never go to hospital and if I have anything wrong with me I treat it myself and have been extremely successful in doing that by reading and learning from good sources. Even when I get blood tests done with a pathology company to check up on things and am forced to see a GP to gain those results, that GP visit is infuriating and rather loud lol. And I bloody well let them have it too. They try to pump you full of statins even if you cholesterol levels are perfect, try to give you flu shots and try to coerce you into thinking you need all manner of their latest drugs even when one is in a near perfect state of health. I basically tell them to F off after I have thrown plenty of crap at them for what they are doing. Needless to say they never want me visiting their practice again. So, I just go and find a new GP if needed to gain the results I want when needed.

      This government here are just a pack of idiot fools that behave like a bunch of brain dead puppets who actually know sweet F all about running a country and caring for citizens. As I said yesterday, this country is like a mini US now and it is most certainly time to get out.

      In the article at your link we are advised that it is an offense to distribute information/advice that is incorrect to a patient/client and those who do, can be jailed. Well, that just means that every single fool in our so called government should be in the can along with 99.9% of the damn medical profession in this country. Heck, they would not want to allow me to be in charge of that jail. I would give every single one of those Bast????s a shot of every bloody drug and vaccine ever invented and then see how they like their own medicine.

    3. Texian, I just replied to your comment in a rather lengthy and outspoken manner but my comment has disappeared. I must have breached the rules here. My apologies Cannauzzie for that, if that's the case. I just get so revved up sometimes and don't hold back. But I must learn to do that. Very sorry everyone, won't happen again.


    4. Aurataya,

      No rules broken. When you posted the above comment I went looking for your comment that was missing. It was held back by our spam filter and needed approval to post. I have removed it from our spam folder and it is now posted.

      Thanks for your patients, carry on...

    5. Canauzzie,

      Are you a doctor now? lol (j/k)

    6. Hi Canauzzie,

      You are so sweet. Thank you so much for your prompt action in correcting and informing me of that, much appreciated. But I shall still take my own advice and try to calm myself a little more when certain topics hit nerves. Have a magnificent day Canauzzie and thank you once again.


    Hillary's election is an unlawful coup

    The definition of a coup is the takeover of a government by unlawful or forceful means. This country is indeed being unlawfully taken over via proven vote rigging and a press that is ramming it all down everyone's throat as legitimate. If people just passively observe this, it is GAME OVER.

    Don't expect the save face newly opened FBI investigation into Hillary to amount to jack, all they are going to do is say they dug really deep, and a day before the election say she's clean as a whistle. The media will then say GEE, AMERICA FLIPPED FOR HILLARY AFTER HEARING THAT, and they will smash the election into the sewer with a near total election theft. That's my guess, and I bet I am absolutely right because the coup is already complete, and the FBI is absolute trash.

  58. More from Jim Stone...


    The Jury let them off as completely innocent. The judge got mad, and pressed completely new charges to send them all back to jail anyway. The attorney got pissed, and when he was telling the judge he could not do that, the police tazed the attorney and threw everyone in jail. That's a Hillary future for you!
    That is one of the scariest things I have ever heard. That proves beyond all doubt we have completely lost the country. Truly, if that is the way it is only an armed rebellion can bring it back, and it can't be a small one, it has to be the kind that gets millions killed. This reaction from the judge proves the power structure in America will do whatever it wants, rule of law be damned. Don't expect them to ever let Trump in, I really do not think they will, even if absent vote rigging he takes it by 90 plus percent.

    IMPORTANT: If in your circle of acquaintance there is someone saying "I LOVE TRUMP, AND THEY ARE NOT RIGGING THE ELECTION, cast that person out - BAN THEM, because they are a government agent. The public is absolutely loaded with citizen spies. Consider this: Every thread on every forum gets trolled by multiple people. Even threads that only have a few people participating. That takes massive man power. Those trolls are out in the public also, and do not say who they are. Your chances of not getting sabotaged by that type of A-hole is VERY small. The numbers of these trolls used to be published, but when I checked you can't find it now. They number right around 3 million, (including regular citizen spies who do not post to forums but get paid approximately $10,000 per year)

    The Jews are unified in their cause of overthrowing the American public, and number right around 8 million in the U.S. all by themselves, and are working for free to destroy the country. They are manning the polling stations and rigging everything. These same people will pretend to be your friend and destroy any efforts to front a successful rebellion. Only by knowing they exist, and being ready for them, can we have a chance of succeeding.
    The people WON the court case of Bundy Ranch, and all went to jail anyway. That speaks volumes, it is a LOT WORSE than anyone could ever guess.

    1. Good God Texian, are you trying to kill me this morning? I'm already at boiling point just catching up with some of the posts here lol.

      The info you have shared here has me absolutely infuriated. I am disgusted with this. I will come back to this one in a little while after I cool down a bit so I don't get my marching orders expressing what is on my mind right at this moment. But thank you for sharing this information. Catch ya in a bit.

  59. Canauzzie, John & Tony, OWoN, WHA and Zerohedge are now my three main news sources.

    The independent crowdsourced media is as unbeatable as a swarm of mosquitos.

    Congrats and thanks!

    1. AJNAANDY, I do appreciate the equal billing with John, but in all honesty, he's far more accomplished and sought after in manners of high level financial sophistication, etc.. I am not even close to that and never will be.

      I seek out honest answers for a living, and live on it. Gordon Gekko was right. The value of information, and how to get it, is key. WHA was formed for that aspect - to get accuracy in RV/GCR/WGS things. I think I did pretty well in that arena, but it's from these fine folks that information will originate. Not me.

      I just lifted my tail and pointed to the right bush.

      As to expertise with women, John also has the edge. Damned gold rolex. lol

    2. Gosh Tony, you are so humble. I feel exactly the same way AJ does.

      All of you are such an incredible team, each contributing important aspects of the big picture. Your personal contribution is much need and much appreciated, please know that.

      "Damned gold rolex" Ha Ha. Tony, don't forget the nickname I gave you a while ago when the bot topic was on the table. lol

    3. Tony WHA

      Don't forget the Diamond encrusted addition to the watch, it's a great Chick Puller. They come like flies around a honey pot. Diamonds are a Guy's best friend. Lol
      A guy needs every angle it's competitive out there. Otherwise the only thing a guy gets to pull are Dags.

  60. While I'm painfully aware of the colossal distress caused by Khazarian economic policies, theft, media control, and outright lying, I don't believe that all of them are involved. I'm convinced that many of the little ones are doing what they can to just get by. They WILL take advantage of whatever privileges being in the club gets them, but they aren't out for our distruction. Don't forget, they get cancer, use fluoride toothpaste, drift through the chemtrails and probably get the vaccines as well ( although I've often wondered about that ). It's the evil ones at the top who are willing to sacrifice as many of their own as they need to to achieve their own greedy goals and amuse themselves. In the old days, simple money bribes and professional advancement kept the tribe in line. But things have changed, and there's fear now, fear of tax fraud complications, of death or illness, of harm to children. It's not what it used to be. I was surprised to find out recently that the temples are now running programs for the youth where they discuss the implications of world events on the status of Khazarians on a global scale. I always understood that religious institutions were not allowed to talk politics, but I guess this crowd is powerful enough for a waiver.

    The Evil ones ( top 300) have a much bigger agenda than the destruction of America, google the Georgia guidestones, it's all there. However, they're behind schedule, 16 years now and counting. The new projection is for 2030 so we'll see. Let's hope a drug can be found to neutralize them.

    1. Hopefully everyone realizes that it's just the hierarchy causing this distress. Your Jewish neighbor or friend is not what is being discussed. I have many Jewish friends who are kind, loyal, 'salt of the earth' wonderful people.

  61. To those who may be interested...a new, and really GOOD interview by Greg Hunter with Clif High

    Published on Oct 27, 2016

    Internet data mining expert Clif High says the economy is much worse than most people think, and that the bubble is going to pop after Election Day. High contends, “It’s more like we are in a depression now and the illusion that everybody has been manufacturing and they just give up the Potemkin Village on the 9th of November. If the Deep State is confused how things are going to occur going forward, in other words, they know their candidate lost, but they are still going to potentially try to engineer things. That level of confusion on the Deep State’s part is what is going to draw in the collapse component on the other. That will happen instantly on the 9th because the Deep State is so involved in our predatory cronyism financial structure.”

    Inflation is also coming, and that will be very positive for precisions metals. High contends, “Gold and silver are going to rise relative to the falling currencies. Gold and silver in actual purchasing power will also rise. They won’t be saying an ounce of gold bought a good suit 100 years ago and an ounce of gold will buy a good suit now. That’s going to change, and it’s also going to change radically with silver. Also, in our data sets between 2019 and 2024, silver becomes the metal to have. . . . You need to have silver. The reason being the innovations that will be occurring over those next five years. Silver will become much more in demand than we can imagine now.”

    High also talks about energy, war and the fate of the mainstream media in this in-depth interview.

    Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Clif High, founder of

    1. Clif High proves he is a poseur in this interview. He whole con is that he claims to analyze the web for trending word clusters. In this interview he states he cannot drill down into these word clusters for meaning.

      Yet, that is exactly what he does in his over the top predictions. What a scam. Read the internet then rephrase the most common themes as predictions. He is a carnival level huckster, but uses a computer instead of a turban and crystal ball.

  62. p: report is from yesterday the 27th

    Hyper Alert! The Bond Market Is Selling Off By Gregory Mannarino
    Oct 28, 2016
    14:15, begins to repeat after that

    1. This is the EXACT same message Jim Willie is talking about. If the 10 year treasury bond rate goes above out folks!

  63. Anonymous - The Hillary Files
    Published on Oct 28, 2016

    Hillary Clinton exposed for lying - will face perjury charges for lying to Benghazi Committee. Clinton failed to tell the truth about a terrorist attack that killed four Americans in Benghazi.

  64. Tony WHA, Concord etc

    1. Very large USD $ Cash Pallet conversions are taking place right now in certain Asian sectors. That will re inflate a battered US economy, and the subsequential Bank Roll Programs will re fund the Military. Whether the participating Asian parties continue to get paid long term is always tenuous.
    2. China comes cap in hand regularly to the Elders for Gold and asset help. There is a Greenmail accorde. But the Elders fear the march of the Chans and know their asset holdings have to be moved before being overrun to seize them. Thus, highly confidential discussions between key Elders and very Private London Parties. This is way higher than Politics. Also on a strict need to know basis only.
    3.As regards the good Ladies confused diatribe regarding Elders, who, sitting as a presumptive self appointed Judge in Bongoville,could ever expect to grace the favoured halls of the Inner Court, and associate with the true PTB,and be party to real power?
    4.The US has its 7th Floor. The world has its Committee of 300 and numerous Masonic Committees, and beyond that, unseen to Public View, other power Elites have an inner court of power, invitation only, and accorde due discussions only to like type status families. Power and influence is protected. Money talks. Power rules and Yes, buys almost anything. Money is its own Art Science. Power its own Aphrodisiac.

    Public life, is an illusion. Media is contrived, and life for the Sheeple is a bubble.

    We are reaching that Epoch stage now of an advanced civilisation. The support infrastructure can now be achieved and afforded by emergent technologies. The herd has outgrown its usefulness. Do we stock reduce, or create affordable grazing and if so, for what purpose? Resources are scarce and the battle for them is now being determined. Asset accrual is key. Africa and Asia are now being re assessed and carved up. As are the Poles. The PTB have their own Inner Sanctum where right now Century forward strategies are being contemplated, and strategic negotiations active. Do we continue to mass pollute, or shoot? Who funds a herd for which there is no longer need? Have you seen the swarming Migrant Camps and the increasing mass invasions bringing crime, disease,crippling Welfare dependency? Even worse, ugly Tottie?

    Much is in play, power is contemplating options, and the bottom line, is what is affordable? Where is need? Not Humanitarian, but Herd sizing. Migrant herds are issues and a whole new PTB dilemma. Feed need or contain their seed? The Appliance of Science will create options of solutions. Contemplative thinking will determine next, controlled containment. If Clinton is elected, God help America- ns! The 7th Floor plans are CFR and Tri Lateral thinking. But behind, do not under rate either Jesuit agendas or Khazarian Mafia greed. Life now is evolving fast, but Transhumanism will determine future policies. Elites or Lab Rats. Evolution of the Species,towards what?

    1. It is all a matter of perspectives. Many would say the current elite has outlived its usefulness. Humans are the greatest resource on the planet. If an elite does not see that, then they are clearly unworthy of a position of influence in the new multipolar world or they are Venetians or their agents.

      Turkey regained its sovereignty up to great extents. The Philippines has had enough of it too. Egypt now realises that population control programs were only meant to contain it as its population size was classed as a strategic threat to Western parties. They are learning about real economics in Egypt, Yemen and many other countries. It is only a matter of time before Japan, Germany and many other countries switch sides. It is over. The beginning of the end is here and frankly the inability to remove the Cestui Que Vie global slavery system or the lack of containment of derivative risks does not command any respect. No colonial European, North American or Israeli state deserves to be the centre of the world. A multipolar world should by definition not have any absolute centres of power and influence, but a relatively larger portion should be located with its founders. In Asia they can all get along just fine when no European/American meddling is involved as can be seen with the Philippines and China. Divide and conquer has its limits and becomes of less and less use and perhaps the same is true in regards to Taiwan and China. The conflict there might dissolve like those between North and South Korea once imperialist forces are removed. Once again, it is all a matter of perspectives. Who decides what is and what is not a problem?

      Theresa May still supports Saudi Arabia with weapons and training and thereby denotes that British imperialism is still alive and well. Why make a fuss about immigration when British supported wars are causing it in the first place? It really is in no better position than the USA in this regard. Real problems can be solved in no time, but I still see a very very limited real will at the highest levels to do so in most Western countries and that whilst problems are so easy to solve if there was real benevolent intent. No one will care when those who feel entitled more than anyone else lose their empires.

    2. John I feel most of the petspectives you mention are only relevant in a world where the so called elite control a fiat money supply and limit technology.

      The elite are the problem by maintaining conditions that cause the problems you mention.

      Free energy and asset currencies will alone decimate their control. There would be no underclass if the elite didnt stack resources against the planet's people in the first place.

    3. I thought this was worth highlighting from the above post:

      "Who decides what is and what is not a problem?

      Theresa May still supports Saudi Arabia with weapons and training and thereby denotes that British imperialism is still alive and well. Why make a fuss about immigration when British supported wars are causing it in the first place?"

      ALL war is about money and power. It's never been about protecting anyone or stopping aggressors.

    4. John,
      So exactly when are the 'elites' going to take responsibility for what they have wrought??? You suggest the 'herd' is too large. Who created the conditions where the herd is only capable of making a larger herd??? CLUE: Look to government chicanery everywhere! The herd has been kept like mushrooms in the education, nothing to do but toil in some cases just to carry water and grub for food, no hope for anything better. And this is on the wondrous planet Earth in 2016?

      Why does any other human get to decide what we need to know? We need to know everything to make informed decisions for our families. Anything short of that creates a hierarchy that should not exist in an evolved society.

      Let's take a vote. I vote for 'culling the herd' starting at the top!

    5. With you there Texian a 100% lobotomy. The French got it right.

  65. John I really feel your frustration as well as all of your associates, but I really feel down deep in my heart that there is a solution that can bring us all together firing on all cylinders without any BS Government help. We are not that dependent on them as it may appear. Thanks again for all of your hard work which may go un-noticed by all the sheeples. But we notice and are forever grateful for all of your efforts and will never forget it... ever... may we all aspire to be the best we can be as humans to improve the plight of those who have no voice or are too weak to do so.... Thank you for thinking/caring of the millions of unheard voices globally...

  66. Good points from all.

    1. As perceived, the real fault is with Governments. Correct! Almost all nations are Governed by those neither adequately experienced, intellectually competent, or with a deep personal moral compass. The blind are leading the blind. Governments lack values or direction.
    2. Yes, correct, if is the system itself which is fundamentally flawed.
    3.All is fabricated, built upon lies, as per Religions.
    4. Non accorde a responsibility for each individual to be the bearer of their own Souls,nor help build an awareness of Ethereal reality and values. Life, as conceived by current man, is a Fiscal oligopoly, with you all enslaved within the loop,devoid of real values, or even aesthetic and ecological awareness.

    Which is why, a few key parties are discussing a meaningful phased transition, bypassing Government,rethinking financial programs, and how to fund core ethical re education. Our systems rot from the head up, totally.

    When battling millenniums of propaganda dogma, and perverse Kazakh monetary systems cross entangling all, cross compounded by the same part self interest avaricious aspirations even within key families,each week entails new conflicts of interest to be resolved before progressing.We are dealing with human psyche, with all its flaws and faults.

    Senior Temple Heads, many of whom truly believe if we move the vast AU holdings to Europe, it will cause a planetary wobble and cause the earth to spin off its axis. No less than the Vatican's flat earth beliefs. Daily sensitive issues how to lead a group to a new promised land. So many culture differences and misconceptions. But how to progress past such thinking without offence. Time is needed. Cultural Diplomacy and extreme sensitivity is key. As is time. Raising awareness is harder than raising Lazarus.

    1. "within the loop" is a very interesting expression John.

  67. p: AJ, these are for you

    Published on Oct 18, 2016

    So I was going over the new Wikileaks dump for October 18th and I came across an e-mail that I couldn't read cuz it was in Chinese, well actually it didn't say anything it just had a header that was Chinese. IN ATTACHMENTS IS ANTARCTICA Pictures!

    The link at wikileaks:

    Published on Oct 29, 2016

    We can't find any imagery on the true north or south pole, there's always some kind of brushing or just a big black hole they put for whatever reason

    The following are examples,

    Read here:

  68. p: A bit more. The author has brought some good pictures to fore. There's seems to have been much activity in Antarctica these last ten years or so. Have to wonder why?

    Published on Oct 11, 2016


  69. John,

    How do these cash conversions re-inflate the US economy? What are they converted to?

    Given the track record of our military around the world, I can't imagine anyone desiring to re-fund them and prop them up even more. Assuming some strings attached on that one.

    1. Well done JV you're awake.

      These old old dollars bought back in at c70% which means for each $10T a Free Lunch of $3T to the Treasury.

      Now, the big question, do they use that money to reduce debt, re redeem old debts, to help the economy, or to P it up against the wall with more military grandstanding? Be assured the only reason Asia is taking a knock this time is to have dollars they now at least can use.

      So, WTF will the US do with this vast windfall? It's actually far bigger.

      I have already unleashed good Patriots to go bang the doors down and settle their PPs.
      A queue of Military fat assed desk jockeys are queuing up with currencies in their slimy hands for payback.
      The Dogs are howling. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme.

      Does it inflate the economy or waistbands?

      We unleashed the Dogs so it's in play before they get their sneaky hands on it. Now they are cursing it's leaked. Damned right. We let the Dogs go hunt.

  70. John

    As usual thank you for your candor.

    I note however a seeming contradiction in your longterm thinking and maybe you can clarify.

    On the one hand you state the elites have control per one of your revealing posts today (to concorde WHA etc).

    Yet often in the past you have chastized and excoriated the little people for not responsibly participating in decision making.

    which is it? what percent of responsibility do you assign to the little people for the mess we are currently in? Lastly how about helping a contingent of little people to get a seat at the table?

    1. UNKNOWN,
      Good point although we can all "take our seat at the table" on this forum and propose ideas for consideration of others. IMO, it doesn't have to be a limited, assigned or invited group...or we're soon back to where we are now. The more transparent issues are the better able we are to assess problems, complications and pursue well thought solutions.

  71. on a rampage today....

    Do you think the new Clinton investigation means anything?

    When it comes to politics, if it sounds too good to be true, it definitely is.

    The MSM turned on Hillary. The FBI turned on Hillary. WANT TO KNOW WHY? Because in Florida, where they flipped a HUGE number of votes, Trump still had 68 percent of the vote. Nationwide they did not have the vote scam machines everywhere, and when that got averaged in, Trump took 82 percent of the votes nationwide EVEN WITH THE STOLEN VOTES SUBTRACTED FROM THE AVERAGE. THE FBI, FOX, CNN, EVERYONE ELSE KNEW THE GIG WAS UP AND IS NOW ONLY MOVING TO SAY "SORRY" SO THEY DON'T GO TO JAIL.

    Well, I've got news for you: They are still the same lying despicable malfunctioning trash scum they always were, THEY SHOWED THEIR WORTH and we would be IDIOTS to forgive them no matter how badly they burn Hillary.
    CNN is despicable trash, we all witnessed it, NEVER FORGIVE THEM, because they have proven their worth already. No matter what they do, they can't recover from what they have done, they are garbage, a disease, bleach worthy filth and I hope Trump ERASES THEM. DITTO FOR ALL of the rest of the MSM, including the Huffington Post, Snopes, ABCCBSFOXYOUNAMEIT ALL of them are the lowest of filth that is now heading for the darkness of the nearest sewer to get away from the coming bulldozer.

    THE FBI is a trash agency, along with the rest of American intelligence, which only works to serve the enemy for as long as it thinks it's head will not be cut off. ALL of the FBI MUST BE DISBANDED and EVERYONE in the FBI should be blackballed and never allowed to work again, with the top echelons jailed for life for treason. They lied about 911 AND THEY KNEW IT, and have proven they serve one purpose: To protect evil. Ditto for the CIA, the NSA, the DHS, the TSA and all the rest of the trash. All of it needs to go, there is not one fragment of it that should be salvaged.

    So they are all running like rats for cover, they know they blew it, they know they are going to be bagged for heinous crimes against America now they are putting on the biggest fakest show the world will ever witness. As if they cared! They never did care and I hope to God Trump has a memory longer than the average jar head and bags every last one of them when he has his day. They had BETTER run for the gates and ditch the country just like they said they would if he got elected, because if not, they are heading straight to the gates of justice.

    I would like to thank everyone in the Alt media who made this happen. And I would also like to say that I said it all along as it was and NEVER backed off - Hillary never had more than 8 percent national support, this is something I said repeatedly - that Trump was always 80+ percent supported and I never wavered and never once posted bullshit like OH, LET'S REJOICE, TRUMP IS AT 51 PERCENT! That was always a trap - a scam, to justify stealing the election and I called it as it was.

    Our job is not over

    The rot is there. It is deeply rooted with fungus roots running all the way through the country. One bottle of bleach is not going to do more than spot clean the surface. We won this battle and it is NOT time to sit down. The Alt media cannot rest until CNN and all of the rest of the MSM is either bankrupted or jailed. The Alt media CANNOT rest for as long as Google is allowed to wage war on web sites like this one by refusing to allow it ads. If this web site was allowed ads, it would easily self fund with $12,000 plus per month (and would probably have more than $24,000 per month.) Denial of ads just because someone disagrees and has a monopoly established via full control of various ad firms is a flagrant violation of anti trust laws, and has to be stopped dead cold.


    1. Cont'd....

      The Alt media cannot stop until every last criminal in the FBI is jailed BY THE FBI. I am sick of the bait tactics and false flag psy ops fronted by that agency, heads have GOT TO ROLL, PILES OF THEM, especially since it has been proven that it was the FBI itself that did the first world trade center bombing with the full intent to bring one of the towers down. That's the type of agency that has got to be shuttered or we are all toast, Trump or not. Yeah, I know YOU, at the FBI are reading this. GO TO HELL.

      Our job will not be over until the CIA is cleaned out. Our job is not over until the American Bar Association is disbanded as the criminal blood sucking hive it is. Our job is not over until the top executives at the medical companies that produced the tainted autism inflicting vaccines hang with stretched necks. Our job will not be over until every last liberal arts and womens studies departments of all universities have their staffs jailed for treason. They gutted the home front in a manner which was horrific beyond belief. Our job is not over until all of America's great libraries are fully restored after being totally wiped out by the Jews, and ALL scientific journals and works once again become fully free and public domain. Our job will not be over until the child snatching CPS is shut down and their feed for their slave trade is cut off. Our job will not be over until American corporations begin to fight for America and bring our jobs, and American quality back.

      The list of what the Alt media needs to accomplish now that it appears the first huge battle has been won is practically endless. But I believe the alt media is up to the task, and will succeed as long as ONE THING IS CEMENTED IN STONE: DO NOT FORGIVE

  72. Unknow, Smiling.

    1. The site itself is helping all people get a seat at the table. And helping you.
    2. The case to support all of you is made daily.Of course we care. And respect your rights.
    3. Once we help reveal opportunities, don't blame me for chastising you for failing to go get it. In reality however, if you can all help get Trump in, we can do a lot more.
    4.A good Patriot associate of mine uses us for his Global Trust work. He personally is very committed towards helping his Homeland. He needs no guidance from me how to help America. We are close. I unleashed him as soon as I head from Asis what is now tracking. We cracked it wide open.
    5.Always allow for our use of media to promote issues and to try to motivate mass action. It IS the deep fault of the American people for ever having let it get so far. The Bushes are NOT a smart family, just crooked, but they took you to the cleaners.
    6. Time after time when I am on the front line battering US misdemeanours, I am constantly asked by your countrymen, but don't name me. Don't say I am involved.How do we raise resistance with such a nation of way too many gutless Reality TV cowards?
    7, Where the F are the last John Waynes? Is that big line only for a sex change queue?

    Teasing Unknown,and Yes, I will never stop pushing you all to help do more. It's called - caring!

    I am appalled that a person as venal and crooked as Clinton is even still in the race. America just has no shame. How can THAT represent the WH as Americas finest? Are you all men, or neutered? Anyone still voting Clinton needs fast tracking to a FEMA camp immediately. Wilful population reduction.


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