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Lil’ Ol’ Airstrip in Arkansas

OWON: Nasty smells... So how bad is the Cabal corruption and when will this Bush Nazi Crime Family be brought to justice and hanged as Traitors, Criminals and Murderers? Clinton with them.

Americans can not be free while they live.

Lil’ Ol’ Airstrip in Arkansas

Left Hook
By Dean Anderson
10 October 2016

* Excerpted from Chapter: Nicaraguan Contraband: Big Oil & Their Bankers

In 1982 citizens of Mena, Arkansas began wondering why the town’s airport was experiencing an unusually high rate of nighttime landings. Police there began to suspect drug trafficking, but were kept away from the planes by federal agents. When cops started asking questions, they were stonewalled by federal agencies including DEA, FBI, Justice and even the IRS. Scores of witnesses to the strange events began to show up dead.

Pilot Barry Seal says he flew Medellin Cartel cocaine into Mena for the CIA from 1982-1986. Seal was busted in 1983, then began working for Vice-President Bush’s NNBIS. He was sent to Nicaragua to take fake photographs supposedly depicting Sandinista soldiers loading cocaine onto Seal’s C-123K cargo plane. Those loading the powder were actually contras. According to at least seven other pilots, Seal also began training contras at Mena.

The planes used to ferry weapons from Miami to the Honduran arms supermarket belonged to SETCO and Hondu Carib. Suspected drug trafficker Frank Moss worked for both and claims he often made drops at Barry Seal’s farm outside Baton Rouge, LA. Retired Air Force investigator Gene Wheaton says Seal was also flying between Mena and George Bush Sr. oil buddy William Blakemore III’s West Texas ranch, where contras were also being trained. Wheaton says the plane Seal was using was the same Southern Air Transport aircraft that Eugene Hasenfus later crashed inside Nicaragua.

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  1. Great article OWoN, thank you so much. Another load of evidence to pile onto the heap.

    When I think about these sort of actions I always wonder about all the people, including children that have become drug addicts thanks to their own governments greed. Absolutely disgusts me.

    All these government criminals should be lined up and shot. That would be doing the world a great favour. And let the mothers of all the children who are drug addicts pull the trigger too. I'm sure they would want to put more than one in the mongrels.

  2. Robert O'Dowd has written two books about this same drug operation and the involvement of Marines and El Toro Base in California. Recently published is "Treachery: Murder, Cocaine, and the Lucifer Directive" which is a follow up to "Betrayal: Toxic Exposure of U.S. Marines, Murder and Government Cover-Up"


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