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RAISING THE STAKES: Putin slams US nuke threat with ultimatum

OWON: Total, utter madness. Russia has built and is testing Nuclear Shelters for 40M of its own people. The US shelter only the Elites. Which means YOU die, but Why? You will have caused none of this.

Russia will buy time until it is ready and then state the terms. It will never bow to US hegemony without a fight. What has happened is just that, and what happens next maybe become very interesting or very frightening. As the old saying goes, "if you want peace be prepared to go to war". Be assured, if War comes, both China and Russia know, they have to finish America. Will any life outside of the Stone Age be left? You won't live with radiation. Radiated water and air? Eat what? Survive how long? The enemy is a combination of the Cabal, Zio rats and the Vatican. lslamabaddies will mainly be gone.

Who gave them the right? Be assured, Russia will NOT back down. Unlike Khrueschev, Putin will total America if pushed and take their chances. Why die for a Cabal or Zionist lie?

RAISING THE STAKES: Putin slams US nuke threat with ultimatum

Fort Russ
5 October 2016

- Rostislav Ishchenko, RIA Novosti - translated by J. Arnoldski

Following the president of the Russian Federation’s decree on suspending Russia’s compliance with agreements with the US on the disposal of weapons-grade plutonium and the submission of the corresponding bill to the State Duma, disputes have begun in the media on whether this is connected to the rupture of the Syria deal. The second stumbling block is a question: Why is Russia, having known that the US has not fulfilled its part of the deal, only reacted now after a few years?

Some nuclear experts argue that the deal was objectively beneficial for Russia. Maybe. I’m not an expert in this sphere and it’s difficult for me to say how objective they are. Moreover, that which is beneficial from the standpoint of the nuclear industry might be disadvantageous from the point of view of security.

In principle, I think that there were no particular security problems. Russia has a sufficient nuclear arsenal capable of inflicting a deadly blow on the United States. Washington recognizes this as well. There was also more than enough material for the production of new warheads. In the event of full-scale nuclear strike exchanges, the production of another batch of weapons would already be redundant and, indeed, physically impossible. The real problem would be physically preserving the remains of civilization at least at the level of the stone age.

As for the Syria, this is not the first time, and not only in Syria, that the US concludes agreements only to disrupt their fulfillment and then conclude them again. The form of the Russian reaction is clearly not comparable to Washington’s public rejection of cooperation which, in fact, it has yet to do.

I think that in order to understand the scale of this incident, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that Putin has not simply taken Russia out of a contract. He has announced the possibility of returning to it, but he has furnished certain conditions.

Let’s look at these conditions: (1) the US must lift all sanctions against Russia; (1) compensation should be paid not only for the losses from American sanctions, but also for the losses incurred by Russian counter-sanctions; (3) the Magnitsky Act should be repealed; (4) the US’ military presence in Eastern Europe should be sharply reduced; and (5) the US should abandon its policy of confrontation with Moscow. Only one word fits in determining the essence of Putin’s demands: “ultimatum.”

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  1. Great article OWoN, thank you.

    "Given such dynamics and turn of events, we might see hundreds of representatives of the American elite at the dock in the Hague not only in our lifetime, but even before the next American president serves their first four-year term in the White House." Now that's a rather big statement right there.

    Unfortunately, it seems it's make it or break it time for the people of this world. If the idiots in DC are as mentally unstable as I believe they are then God help all of us. The gloves are off.


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