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  1. Jim Wille says "get ready"...

  2. It would seem that people are getting distressed over the "out of control" police forces. Not only are they killing civilians, they are WAY OFF THE RESERVATION with some unauthorized spying....

  3. Please listen to the song on the bottom right re don't bite the hand which feeds you, it's funny. How the Aussies sort the muzzies

    1. With spring here we've been sorting the mozzies too! Bloody little buggers.

      Now are you talking about that fully muzzy guy who arranged aussies to go fight OS? In his defence he said he sings waltzing matilda to his niece. The judge gave him 8 years.

      THEN his two wives, black head to toe scurried away to a taxi outside the court. Two wives??? Our law is one. The news said 'his two wives'.

      I gotta have my wits about me here so I'll be gentle: Adopt the culture of the country you move to. Its their choice to adopt that religion. But also their choice to let that affect others.

      I'd like us to take genuine refugees if they want to become aussies.. not I'd they want to turn this into a muslim country. Heck we do great pork crackling it'd be a shame to let that go.

      BTW you know that Qantas was banned from serving bacon on its flights to uae when it tied up with emirates? Those bullying bastards.


    Published on Sep 1, 2016
    Sub for more: | Sputnik reports With ongoing tensions in the South China Sea and on the Korean peninsula, Beijing has deemed its third-generation surface-to-air missile combat-ready. In the latest sign of a new arms race between the United States and China, Beijing’s Air Force has announced the completion of a new missile defense system.

  5. Massive Cover-up – BLM leases Hammond ranch land to Russia through Clinton Foundation donors for uranium
    March 8th, 2016

  6. I need to work this muslim thing out. This article in zerohedge is helping. An extract:

    "The consensus can be summarized like this: Religious beliefs cannot belong to the public sphere without risking tyranny or civil war. If French citizens want to live in peace democratically, all disturbing subjects -- especially faith in a country of multiple faiths -- must remain strictly private.

    For almost 30 years now, Muslims organizations in France have been telling everyone they do not accept this old private-public rule. Even at public schools, there are constant attempts to remodel the curriculum to align with religious faith.

    In 2002, a group of teachers published a book, The Lost Territories of the Republic ("Les territoires perdus de la République"), about daily life in school classrooms where Muslims were numerically the dominant group. The general environment, according to the book, was violence, sexism, anti-Semitism and Islamism. The book was such a shock that everyone in the media boycotted it.

    In June 2004, Jean-Pierre Obin, General Inspector of the National Education, gave the Minister of Education a written report, entitled, "The signs and manifestations of religious beliefs in schools of the Republic". The report was mostly about the behavior of Muslim secondary school students. In every school where Muslims were dominant in number, according to the report, boys refused to mix with girls in the classroom and at sports. The Muslim students understandably refused non-halal food at school cafeterias, did not come to school when there were Muslim holidays, such as Eid el Kebir, Eid el Fitr, Ramadan -- and virtually all of the students displayed a virulent anti-Semitism.

    More problematic was that many of the Muslims in secondary schools began objecting to the school curriculum, according what is halal (permitted) or haram (forbidden):"


    Seeing it through the secular prism made me realise that it wasnt a racist activity, but a civic one.

    1. Andy,
      You have to realize if there's anything about your country that you like and want to retain, it will go away with a Muslim population. They intend to make the entire planet an oppressive caliphate just like what they left behind. They multiply very rapidly. You quoted 2 wives...that's an understatement by a factor of 2. They DEMAND changes early on...long before they become a majority. They are loud and very aggressive about it. Listen to the Imams! And they will vote! You will have nothing left of the culture you enjoy. It's a fact. Look at what has happened to France, is happening to UK, Canada, US, Germany, Greece and Nordic countries too. It's a blight, but can be stopped with aggressive actions.

    2. Have to ask what is happening in Canada regarding erosion of Canadian culture that can be directly linked to increased Muslim population. I've seen very few things that were true, only bits intended to instill fear and mistrust. What is needed is fact.

    3. Here's one example that I know of personally. This older man has a small shoe shop where he's the only one there on most occasions. He also makes beautiful belts for a group I'm associated with. The rest of the story is after these incidents, he was targeted by the Muslim cult and threatened for several months. His shop is in a mall so other shopowners walked with him at end of day and generally watched out for him. The case had a lot of publicity and the non-Muslim population increased his business so much he had to hire help. He still doesn't feel 'safe' however. There are other incidents reported by others I know in various areas of Canada from Vancouver to Nova Scotia. The lady friend in Nova Scotia, a published author, had a serious incident while on a book tour. These are all FACTS from first hand accounts.

      Store Owner Gets Huge Surprise When He Asks Whiney Muslims To Remove Burka

  7. Whoa! Look at how corruption, misdeeds, have taken their toll on Hillary!

  8. Trump is making the news again in Europe , but only for the threat of his Law Suit against the UK Daily Mail newspaper which published an article alleging that his current wife once worked as a "Hostess,Escort?" in her earlier career. The paper has offered to retract it but it's already gone viral. The media will print anything defamatory on Trump, but not Clinton? It's hard on his wife if not true, but shows they will leave no stone unturned.
    Why can't they give him a fair shot and expose the Clintons also?
    We all know Trump is a windbag idiot, but Clinton who could fill volume,s has no dirt exposed. Trump will probably only be a one termer but is even that possible in Cabal Land? It may just swing a sympathy vote for Trump. He needs to be given a fair shot by the US Press and to take her out head on in open debate by exposing her criminality, lies and duplicity, starting with Vince Foster, to Benghazi, her support to threaten and Blackmail parties litigating against Sleazy Bill,and debate head on the Clinton Foundation, bribes and so much more.
    Trump needs all the help possible.

    1. Didn't see original story which was probably much larger, but found a very small retraction leading to this story at Daily Mail...

      Melania Trump: A Retraction

    2. Good for Melania Trump. Now she is suing both papers.If this is false, her reputation has been permanently scarred, and she's a very unfortunate victim then of unfounded allegations. That is then a very bad place for her to be, and if innocent? For such tabloid rag articles, both the newspaper and Reporter, plus Editor for allowing it, should be held Jointly and Severally liable and each one hit with vast punitive damages,bankrupting gutter press reporters, and if repeated, jailing them.
      Good luck Melania, and be assured, if they are wrong, a British Court will nail them to the wall for this. The retraction looks to be -Oh God, deep doodoo. So be loud, be proud, get justice. Why attack his wife, she's harmed no one. For sure the Mail will be bricking it right now.

  9. New interview with Kerry Cassidy and Simon Parkes

    NEW UPDATE: THE BANKERS want to start WWIII. See Simon’s announcements indicating there is a marshaling of troops in Europe along the border of Russia.

    There is also a strong indication that the recent ITALIAN EARTHQUAKE was the result of a targeted hit via HAARP. This may indicate that the ILLUMINATI and their Anunnaki handlers issued a warning to the Italians to get them on board with the War agenda. The TECTONIC WEATHER WARS WEAPON was likely the shot across the bow to Italian illuminati and the Vatican….

  10. Space X rocket carrying Facebook satellite blown up by UFO. Must have been something special on the rocket.

    1. It looks like an insect flying between the camera and the launch area, probably very close to the lens. If an an advanced intelligence wanted to take out the satellite, it would be easier to do so from space, and not so close to the ground. All that aside, it's a clever marketing technique that will certainly get a lot of views. Hell, I watched it. LOL

    2. Have y'all seen the analysis and picture Jim Stone has? Scroll on down at this website:


    3. I'm not as sceptical. The focus was on 'infinity' and not close, so an insect would be quite blurry and not that defined if visible. It wasn't a straight line trajectory either. It points to an object not near the camera.

  11. Aurataya WHA

    Be careful not to judge the accoutrements of office as the inner man. There are standards to meet, but what's inside matters. Especially to deal with the complex and myriads of daily, and weekly issues. Sam Elliot and our Bulldogs are always to heel waiting. And Dolly for end of day wish lists. Bot, Bot, Bot all may be coming good.
    Remember only passing those multi layer protected gates and defences can you even start to contemplate what is reality, from the Pap Fed Matrix conditioning of the Wannabes. Truth is multi -layer and conditional. Who merits it? Who can handle it? Who is worth the time of day to avail it?
    What does it take do deal with Constitutional, Corporate and Ethereal reality? Multi tasking, multi directional and multi dimensional?
    Who sets the bar, and based on what? Who protects the Protectors and Truth Seekers?
    Knowledge is Power, when to share, when to shield.
    And knowing always, when to protect the Lil Fella from a Bot power surge.

  12. This CIA-Backed D-Wave Quantum Computer Will Change Your View of Reality Forever
    Meanwhile as everyone was busy arguing over the bread and circus elections, the CIA was busy funding a computer so powerful that it is described as “tapping into the fundamental fabric of reality” and the man who owns the company says being near one is like “standing at the altar of an alien God.”

    What exactly do you suppose they are doing with it?

    You have to take a few minutes and watch this. It will change the way you look at “reality” forever.

    Biffie: This 20 minute video is interesting. Let's see if his three predictions come true.

    1. Biffie how cool. The quantum realm is beginning to open up which means healing is also coming, as well as manipulation of mass. This isn't the time or space to elaborate (pun unintended!) but I'll point out 2 things:
      1. The 'junk' DNA is quantum. It allows us to have quantum consciousness and to build and be affected by quantum healing machines. Eg cancer-gone.
      2. Atomic Phase Displacement. By changing the distance of the electron cloud from the nucleus you alter the 'time' of the atom, which effects its location. Ie teleportation. This is done using oscillating magnetic fields of certain waveforms. That is what the Philadelphia and Montauk experiments were about.
      Govs will use this tech for encryption. But others will use it for things that help us.
      If you're intetested Kryon talks about this a lot.

  13. Replies
    1. I know.Assume the position?

    2. Ha ha! How did I miss this until now. Bot.... bot..... must I??

    3. Better than a Bot, but may not outcompete Bot,Bot, Bot.

  14. Is this more evidence that the New Madrid fault line is waking up?

    This is a very large earthquake for that area. However, the the introduction of fracturing, aka fracking, in the area, the number of earthquakes in this area have increased 10 fold.

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Residents across the Sooner State were awakened by a massive earthquake on Saturday morning.

    Shortly after 7 a.m., a 5.6 magnitude earthquake was recorded by the U.S. Geological Survey near Pawnee.

  15. Note the date of this article...over 20 years ago...and the idiots still don't get it!

    Essay;Blizzard of Lies

    1. That's is surely why they say a leopard never changes its spots. Once a liar, she is always going to be.

  16. Aurataya WHA

    At all times we try to respond with dignity, some humour, and respect for parties when possible. Only occasionally does the bulldog need to be let loose. Lol.

    Let me give you a key piece of real advice for life. You never lose until you give up. That is why real power players win, because we don't. Total focus and determination you will be surprised how many fold.
    No offense taken here, truly, when possible it is an honour to be allowed to serve mankind and help our nations evolve. Always with humility. All do matter.

    The edge is kept for idiots. Even then we give chances. Don't be deterred wanting to raise your game. You have the right to reach for the stars.

    Think also ethereal values, and all perspectives change. Now watch the Rednecks ask whats the conversion rate for Ethereals. Hope Tony's got the Twatting club ready.

    1. So that's final? There won't be a trading platform to trade in dinar and dong for ethereals?

  17. Just out and all over the newswires...I know that Bloomberg is running this:

    On the Friday afternoon before everyone took off for Labor Day weekend, the FBI released the summary of its interview with Hillary Clinton.

    Here is the damaging evidence you NEED to know:
    A Clinton Foundation aide used a hammer to destroy Hillary’s old phones
    Whereabouts of Hillary’s old phones would “frequently become unknown”
    Clinton's emails were erased just after it was exposed that she used a secret server
    And WORST of all, she told the FBI she couldn’t “recall” being trained on how to handle classified material even though she signed a form acknowledging that she received the training.

    Hillary Clinton has lied to the American people, lied before Congress, and jeopardized our national security. She cannot and must not become our next president.

  18. From VIRAL LIBERTY....

    Welfare fraud is a bigger problem than liberals want you to believe.

    Food Stamp benefits costed $74.1 billion in 2014 and supplied roughly 46.5 million Americans with benefits, which comes out to an average of $125.35 for each person per month in food assistance. Even a fraud rate of under 5% amounts to billions in wasted funds. The most popular method of food stamp fraud isn’t fraudulently claiming benefits, it’s recipients trading in their cards for a fraction of their face value for cash.

    Luckily, the government has actually made some wise steps in counteracting that kind of fraud. Back in April, the USDA passed a rule that allows states the option to require SNAP recipients to make contact with the state when there have been an excessive number of requests for EBT card replacements in a year. Requesting excessive replacement cards can indicate that a client is exchanging SNAP cards for cash or other prohibited items.

    On the other hand, it doesn’t take many people to do millions of dollars worth of damage when the system is abused in a major manner. In a recent story out of Baltimore, fourteen people were arrested in raids that related to a total of $16 million in food stamp fraud.'
    More than a dozen retail store operators in and around Baltimore have been charged in connection to a huge food stamp and wire fraud scheme.

    The indictments allege the retailers received more than $16 million in federal payments for transactions in which they did not provide any food, a fraud scheme commonly known as “food stamp trafficking.”

    As a result these transactions, they allegedly obtained more than $16,482,270 in EBT deposits for transactions in which food sales never occurred or were substantially inflated and split the proceeds with food stamp recipients.

    Here are some of the names of the defendants:

    Walayat Khan, 36, of Reisterstown
    Shaheen Tasewar Hussain, 60, of Ellicott City
    Mulazam Hussain, 54, of Windsor Mill
    Mahmood Hussain Shah, 57, of Catonsville
    Muhammad Rafiq, 58, of Reisterstown
    Mohammad Shafiq, 50, of Gwynn Oak, Maryland; and his daughter,
    Alia Shaheen, 24, of Baltimore
    Mohammad Irfan, 59, of Nottingham
    Muhammad Sarmad, 40, of Nottingham
    Kassem Mohammad Hafeed, a/k/a Kassam Mohammad Hafeed, 51, of Baltimore

    See the trend? Ten of the 14 are Muslim. Makes one wonder where those millions went. Did they send a portion to terror organizations? Things that make you go “hmmmm.”

    The fact that so many are willing to trade in their benefits for cash at a discount reflects another problem with the system; that money with strings attached is worth less than money without strings attached. On the market, food stamp benefits tend to sell for between 50-70 cents on the dollar. If that’s the case, why doesn’t the government just cut out the middleman and pay out 30% less, but in all cash benefits? That way Muslims can’t screw the system and use our tax dollars for terrorist attacks.

    1. Probably unrelated to this story, BUT did you see where the USDA had to close because of threats received into their offices last week?

    2. Constitutionalist,
      Had not seen that report previously. Only found 2 stories about it,,neither of which say much. There are so many in this country causing trouble, making threats...or is it our own 'government' instigating all the crap?

      Threats Prompt USDA To Close Offices In 5 States

    3. Texian, I didn't see your reply before, so I'll respond now. I would bet on the latter, our own gov. instigating all the crap.


  19. Fifty States Claim Update

    "Yesterday, September 2, in the Three Days of Grace following September 1--- the "Time of Resurrection" in the Year of Golden Jubilee--- the actual States recorded Non-UCC liens against the bankrupt "State of_______________" organizations."

    "In comments made July 4, 2016, President Obama expressed the hope that the Republic would finally prove to be "dead".
    Yesterday we proved that rumors of the Republic's death have been greatly exaggerated.

    With the UNITED STATES, INC. under liquidation and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. under Chapter 11, the federal side of the original equity contract was "vacated" last year, leaving international trustees --- the United Nations--- in charge. We protested and made new arrangements for new federal service providers, establishing new Sovereign Letters Patent and issuing a new Declaration of Joint Sovereignty, naming the Native American Nations our international agents for the American States.

    This countered any claim that we were not internationally represented and also kept the original Constitution in full force and effect."

    Judge Anna: State Filings ~ The Way You Want It

  20. And now Japan pivots away from the KM:

    Japan’s PM calls for ‘new era’ in relations with Moscow, wants economic ties boosted

    Get this from Abe:
    “Let us overcome all difficulties and leave the people of the next generation a world in which our two countries will reveal their powerful potential. Let's put an end to this abnormal situation, which lasted 70 years, and together launch a new era in Japanese-Russian relations,” Abe said.

    An end to this abnormal situation... Sure ostensibly he's referring to WWII but i reckon also KM hijacking of Japan.

  21. So many people use terms incorrectly. Thomas Jefferson was a liberal. I am a liberal. JFK was a liberal. Are we bad people? Shitty business people. No. Do not confuse who is stealing from the government with their politics. Most of the theft is being done by CONSERVATIVES. That has been demonstrated over and over. Cheney decided that the poor and middle classes were cheating on their taxes, so he commissioned a 5 year study. Guess who was cheating? That's right, the highly affluent MOSTLY conservative people in Bush's base...not the poor.
    Another example of a very wealthy person who is a thief--Hillary Clinton and her policies ARE NOT LIBERAL...THEY ARE CONSERVATIVE, BUT MANY ARE CONFUSED BY THE FACT THAT SHE IS A NEOLIBERAL WHEN IT COMES TO ECONOMIC ISSUES. Neoliberal is another term for extreme right wing economic views. read the history.

    1. I am afraid not. You are in point of fact using the terms improperly. The word "liberal" in Thomas Jefferson's time would be indistinguishable from "libertarian" today. As the root of "liberal" implied at the time, it was about liberty as outlined by Locke relative to the Rights of Man. Alexander Hamilton, compared to a modern liberal, would be a stark-raving libertarian. If you had been alive at the time, you would have been in the duel instead of Aaron Burr. JFK came to power on a platform that overlapped the Marxist manifesto to the tune of 7 or 8 points. The concept you are reaching for, to make sense of it all, on both the Left and Right, is the neo-cheater -- someone who cloaks himself in the mantle of good (of either side of the artificial divide) -- to transfer values by force to himself thru the working of government. Any consistent observer of the United States would notice that the Victory Tax (Form 1040 anyone?) of the IRS never went away and that we are downstream of a war-per-generation (Democrat initiated incidentally), culminating in the Neocon Perpetual War on Terror for the last 15 years. In the Mafia of the Left and the Mafia of the Right, the foreign policy of the United States has been more or less consistent with what the Dulles brothers kicked off, so it is hardly surprising that Hillary-as-Godfather makes common cause with the RINO Neo-cons and is every bit as anti-individual as any modern liberal/progressive/socialist/communist/fascist. So, what you will have to decide is which liberal you want to be. The divide between Jefferson and Kennedy is vast and between Kennedy and Clinton vaster still. Jefferson to Clinton is insurmountable. If you want to really understand the founding, work your way thru Rothbard's Conceived in Liberty.

    2. Just wanted to chime in here...why do we willingly LABEL ourselves? Liberal-conservative? These are labels the elitists created so that we would willingly put ourselves into a category THEY created. This gives us yet another reason to "fight amongst ourselves" which is their plan just like the establishment of religions, political parties, and basically, all beliefs that were DOWNLOADED into us.

      Have you ever asked yourself a simple question..."Why do I believe what I believe"? Ponder that a while and when you realize that almost none, if any, of your beliefs are ones that you created through experience, then and only then, will you REALLY UNDERSTAND the power of the MATRIX.

    3. MWP, that is something I have wondered most of my adult life. I struggle to understand how, especially (from my vantage point) the USA seems to tie political affiliation to absofrickinglutely everything. It's everywhere. Is it because so many positions are voted in (sheriffs, DA's, etc) rather than hired or appointed on merit? I know by the time you reach a city council or similar position political affiliation becomes more important for some reason. Coming from a small community what I know works is governing by committee - who gives a rat's patootie how I, or anyone else, voted in the last election? I'm about as apolitical as they come. Only twice in my life have I ever been a card-carrying member of any political party, and in both instances I phoned and had my membership cancelled after a few days - I couldn't sleep at night as long as I had that membership! I think the world would be much better off without two things - religion and political parties. How much would the control factor & the matrix be reduced without them?

  22. John you work so hard here's something light n easy for you...

    Me and the muse: Dolly Parton on her inspirations

    1. Andy,
      Really enjoyed that..what a collection of golden oldies! Reminded me of my theme song in 1965 as I married...although didn't even come close to leaving after a year or since! Lol


  23. Thank you AJ.
    Dolly has earned her iconic status. Taylor Swift and the like are just passing media creations. Dolly was born down,ground down, let down, and rose up. Determination, soulful and a real home grown talent for music and fun.My time is for Dolly the person. The wigs and inflatables I leave to the Red necks and low end of our Male species. Dolly, the Soul woman, is my woman. The rest we both send up. I'm behind the ground down seeking up.

  24. From MINA Ex World Bank member: USA Coup in Brazil is to steal Natural Resources
    Saturday, 03 September 2016
    Thousands of people took to the streets in Brazil in protest against the impeachment of suspended President Dilma Rousseff. Massive rallies in support of Rousseff took place in ten states after Brazil's Senate voted to oust Dilma. Radio Sputnik discussed the situation in Brazil with Peter Koenig, former World Bank member and geopolitical analyst.

    “What amazes me most always is that this so called progressive media do hardly mention the long and bloody hand of Washington in this coup. Just about a year ago international lawyers were very clear about baselessness of impeachment of Rousseff," Koenig said. He further said, "They also mentioned the illegality of launching such a procedure because there was really nothing that could be reproached against Dilma Rousseff except that she may have manipulated the government’s accounts, not stealing but just to make the accounts look better. Exactly what Europe is doing all the time, what the US is doing as well,” Koenig said. “Nevertheless the neo-nazi oligarchy succeeded with the help of the US of course.”

    The analyst further spoke about how for some reason Michel Timer, who allegedly has high corruption crime charges, in excess of $40 million, is likely to escape criminal prosecution.

    1. Scott two days later, Temer passed a law so that he could do exactly what they are accusing dilma of.

  25. The SUN
    Cops told: Top Labour MP is paedo

    18th July 2015, 11:01 pm

    HORRIFIED MPs have called in police after receiving information that a top
    Labour politician is a paedophile who preys on young boys — and has a liking
    for “young ragamuffins”.

    Detectives have been passed details of a string of alleged offences spanning
    at least 12 years.

    It is the latest in a series of sex abuse scandals to rock Westminster — and
    the most serious because the accused is still a serving MP.

    Two other MPs independently reported the former minister to police after being
    shocked by information they had received. The allegations, from a variety of
    sources, “made their blood run cold”.

    The two have accused their Parliamentary colleague, who cannot be named for
    legal reasons, of a wave of sickening offences.

    They have told detectives they believe that the MP:

    — HAD lads “delivered” to his room at a hotel near a police

    — ABUSED boys at a hospital’s mental health unit

    — LEFT one so terrified he fears for his life if he ever speaks

    — SHOWED an “unhealthy” interest in the two young sons of a local

    — DISPLAYED a liking for “young ragamuffins”, and

    — WAS seen as untouchable by police because of his revered

    1. Labour has no Clout or power, Tuesday we take Keith Vaz down. If this is another Perp get his name and hes g0es down Nonces here go to Belmarsh Prison and the Cons deal up Justice. There are no untouchables. They cross the line, they do the time. This is not America.

  26. There's a lot of Blog info breaking re the RV and Senator Paul Ryan backed by Dunsford.
    There is no mention of this at the G20 today in China, nor is it likely yet.
    Way too much false info floating.

    1. That info about Rep (Speaker) Paul Ryan and Dunsford has been circulating for perhaps a year. It seems to be from those who believe NESARA is coming to save us...if only. Paul Ryan, from all appearances, is another cabal stooge and Aspen Institute Fellow. No way will he be doing anything for the my opinion.


  28. From whatreallyhappened, this is awesome. China forces Barack Obama to emerge from Air Force One's 'ass' in sharp diplomatic snub
    Unlike the warm reception given to other world leaders like Theresa May and Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama was denied a red-carpet welcome.

    1. Found a photo earlier...apparently did happen. Narcissist-in-chief doesn't look happy.

      No red carpet....or stairs

    2. Loved the O snub, long overdue.

    3. Texian of course he doesn't look happy, with the American people rejecting them and now the world making it obvious that they're not the "sweethearts", he can't be happy. Now I'm thinking Mooch is telling the big O that she hates everyone.

  29. This morning there was mention of the Obama group leaving their plane and a Chinese official yelling "this is our land" or something like. Will see if can find the link, but it seemed it was directed at Ms. Rice.

  30. Different than what found earlier, but gives a good detail of the events after touchdown of Air Force 1

  31. Chinese official shouts at White House Press AID before G20(VIDEO)

    Published on Sep 3, 2016
    This is our country!': Furious Chinese official squares up to press and White House staffers traveling with Obama to DEFEND the President

    Chinese official shouts at White House Press aid before G20
    The U.S. aide insisted that the journalists be allowed to stand behind a rope line, and they were able to record the interaction and Obama's arrival uninterrupted, typical practice for U.S.

    This is our country!': Furious Chinese official squares up to press and White House staffers traveling with Obama to DEFEND the President - because he thought they were standing too close to him
    President Barack Obama landed in China for his last trip to Asia as POTUS
    Security personnel in China took issue with reporters with the president
    Chinese officials attempted to rope off the journalists from Obama
    One personnel member felt they were too close and screamed at them
    Secret Service clashed with Chinese security before the motorcade left
    Obama is in Hangzhou, China, for the final G20 summit of his presidency

    When president Barack Obama arrived in China on Saturday, typical pleasantries were spoiled slightly after a Chinese official began shouting at U.S. White House staff.

    Chinese authorities have imposed extremely tight security precautions for the G20 summit.

    1. China rolls out red carpet for Vladimir Putin at G20. Obama forced to exit Air Force One from emergency door
      Sept 4, 2016

      No red carpet for US President Obama at the G20 summit. Red carpet extended for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

      Read More:

  32. Looks like Merkel has been defeated in her home state, anti immi party trumps her:

    Merkel Stunned By Defeat To Anti-Immigrant Party In Her Home State

    Wilkommen to the collapse of the kontrol of europe

    1. Loved waking up to this news. While I have great appreciation for the British (go Brexit!), my genetic roots are Italian and Austrian, and nothing would please me more if Europe shook off the Jesuits. Tossing out the uncivilized hordes would be a good start, and a first step IS kicking Merkel in the teeth.

    2. Thanks for posting this most important event.

      The tide is turning and the term "useless eaters" is going to be what WE call the elite! After all, they provide almost no real value to this planet with a few exceptions. They mostly just take, take, take. That's exactly what cancer does. It eats it's host until it kills it. The people will look back on this time as the (R)evolution of real humans stepping into becoming the magnifcent beings that is their destiny.

  33. Not a fan of Sorcha by any means, but there may be some truth to at least part of this.The purchase of Spacecom (an Israeli communications satellite operator) by China’s Beijing Xinwei Technology Group was in process. It was contingent on the successful launch of the Amos satellite.

    September 4, 2016
    China Enraged After Obama Orders SpaceX Rocket Destroyed On Florida Launch Pad

    1. P I'll precis this by saying I don't know. But some elements don't add up to faal's report.
      1. they say Obama exited from the ass/back of the plane. The photos clearly show him exiting from the front. Just behind the front landing gear. So many internet intel gurus have stuffed this simple detail up so why not others? They have no brain filter.
      2. These same goo-roos say it was a (trinagular) unmanned drone from the USN. Looking at the video, it is clear that the object is not that shape (it seems more round to me) and secondly it displays a speed so fast as to hardly be visible to the eye - literally blink and you'll miss it, even faster. It also displayed a momentum change so rapid that I doubt it could be from chemical propulsion in an atmosphere. For this reason I don't believe it was a us vehicle of the type stated. If it was terrestrial, it is something totally unknown and not public with inertial cancelling tech on board.
      3. I thought it was zuckerberg's sat? Then they say it was israeli? Oh yeah, sorry :/ Seriously, was it a FB sat or israeli?
      4. Michael Salla reports Corey Goode's testimony re the battles between the secret space programs. Two factions - one wanting removal of the KM and the other opposing it. It was stated a month ago we would likely see visible escalation of this in our skies. Salla is credible to me, see his report here if interested

      Note how the intel gurus bring us the usual "us vs china" rhetoric making clear errors, including which door obama exited from? People really swallow some sh*t without engaging their braincells and faal is a vehicle for this kind of disinfo. The Salla report is consistent with over a year of info from Goode, and also with the look and speed of the craft used (see Salla's link for good pics - its a sphere not angular triangle).

      As for the chenanigans on the tarmac - i have no idea. Is it connected with the satellite? I think it's a red herring. The sinos are simply up to here with the KM from washington, so they gave him a bit of flack. A public signal that there is a new boss in town. No more I reckon. As with dinar, we need to take care what these intel gooroos come up with to confuse us. I believe there are secret space programs and they are actively slugging it out. I do not trust zuckerberg's satellite one bit - no doubt the good guys took it out because the KM's time is up.

    2. For those that don't know, NASA blew up many a rocket in its day when it was learning. Video here. At 0:34 I have no doubt that Occam's razor suggests that SpaceX is simply learning. (But since it was Zuckerberg's satellite, let the schadenfreude reign free!) While Peter Thiel may be a good guy, those of us who were never allowed to launch because of Orbital Sciences Corp stranglehold on the industry-via-gov know that some palm or other corruption took place to open up the advanced transport industry to Thiel and Musk. Of course, Elon is definitely a made-man in the mafia sense, as his businesses would collapse over-night with out the $billions in tax favors doled out to him.

    3. Just adding to the muck with another usually unreliable source, but what do you think about the comment on the VT story:

      "Here’s the snippet of interest from the comment section:

      Pyotr September 4, 2016 at 4:29 pm: Youtube channel (mlordandgod) has it that the space X rocket was taken out on Pres. Obamas’ order to prevent the energy transfer inherent in Israels plans to sell their communications Co to the Chinese (Xinwei Co.). So an X47B navy drone equipped with a GE airborne systems laser did the job, launching from an aircraft carrier operation off the eastern seaboard (George Washington). The channel reports that this is why Pres Obama got such a bad reception from the Chinese at the G20.

      Ian Greenhalgh September 4, 2016 at 4:38 pm: Hmm, sounds like someone leaked some info because that sounds like exactly what happened – a drone with a pulsed x-ray laser did it, no aliens, ets or ufos remotely involved."

      EXCLUSIVE: Why did the Israeli satellite blow up on the launchpad

    4. AA, you are correct that it is not the back of the plane, but it is not the traditional entrance that the POTUS uses when exiting for these types of events. This particular exit he is using is a cargo hold exit directly below to the right of the main one.

    5. It was reported that the it wasn't the usual exit door due to the Chinese not having a set of steps readily available that were the correct height (high enough) for the prez's exit. Whether or not that was intentional only the Chinese know. But it was obvious looking at the photo that it wasn't the 'ass end' of the plane. When the BS flies from both sides, it's twice as hard to know where to look for truth.

    6. All reports of O indicate he prefers the rear entrance and was definitely delivered via it.

    7. Thanks for making me spit my nightcap all over my desk. LOL

    8. Head on in the real world slammer, it helps to have hard nosed humour to P on Obama!

  34. AJ, that's been my thought, that the satellite, something wasn't right. I did watch the video in slow motion. Whatever it was did take out the satellite for a reason as you suggested. The other events associated may be actually just be consequential.

  35. From ZERO HEDGE, things just keep getting worse for this phony puppet you gotta love it Who Is He To Confront Me?" - Philippines President Unloads On "Son Of A Bitch" Barack Obama

    by Tyler Durden
    Sep 5, 2016 8:51 AM

    What was an embarrassing weekend for president Barack Obama, whose arrival at the G-20 summit in China was a case study in diplomatic humiliation, just turned even worse when on Monday, Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte warned the US president not to question him about extrajudicial killings, or "son of a bitch I will swear at you" when the two presidents meet at a summit in Laos in the coming days.

    The topic of Duterte's killing spree, supposedly involving mostly criminals and drug-traffickers, without due process has raised eyebrows most recently by the United Nations, which urged the Philippines to stop executing and killing people linked to drug business and threatened that “state actors” could be punished. As a result, two weeks ago Duterte lashed out at the UN and threatened that the country could leave the UN. "Maybe we'll just have to decide to separate from the United Nations. If you're that rude, son of a bitch, we'll just leave you," Duterte told reporters in Davao, quoted by Bloomberg. “I don't give a shit about them,” he added. “They are the ones interfering. You do not just go out and give a shitting statement against a country.”

    1. There was a great story on this topic on KPFA from Phillipino activists who said that the CIA has been running a con in their country for decades and the people are tired of it. According to them, Duterte is killing off CIA drug runners to shut down the money flow. I think that I will send a donation to KPFA just for that show.

  36. Hillary Is Either A Liar Or She's Grossly Incompetent: "There Is No Other Interpretation Possible"

    by Tyler Durden
    Sep 5, 2016 4:00 AM's Mac Slavo rages...

    In the latest FBI document release we have learned more about the tangled web being weaved by Hillary Clinton and her cronies. As it turns out, the Secretary of State of the United States apparently had no idea how Confidential and Classified documentation was marked. Never mind that the Secretary is one of the few people in this country with the authority to actually determine what can be classified and on what level. And if Clinton’s unsecured email server debacle wasn’t enough, it turns out that the former Secretary misplaced mobile devices and laptops containing highly sensitive material. This is the person now running for the highest office in the land. In the following article Karl Denninger of the Market Ticker succinctly explains why

  37. After Le Pen saying she'd offer a Frexit referendum we have this:

    US Faces Major Setback As Europeans Revolt Against TTIP

    The apparatus that nearly was complete is crumbling before our eyes.

    1. Bloody right we should ram it right back up the US. This a a F lock out if we dont come to a DC heel.Its all a Jesuit lock in for Vatican cartel control. Huge dangers for all. The EU is better out. Screw TTIP.The EU needs to trade with Asia and break the DC claws. Time to say thank you, but no thank you.

  38. Who wants a laugh?

    “Part of what I’ve tried to communicate to President Xi (Jinping) is that the United States arrives at its power, in part, by restraining itself,” said Obama in a CNN interview.


    PS To my US friends, when I see 'US' I read 'KM'. we all know they aren't the same thing.

  39. For WHA also.

    The new 4 part exposure coming soon will rip apart so many illusions, and link you to the reality of what is really happening and why. Each issue needs time to contemplate and each following issue will expose more and answers. The entire world is under real siege and no nations are safe, nor can Leaders be trusted. Each week we will put the jigsaw together for you. Exposure and truth is coming. We are not anti any parties, just the collusion and betrayal of humanity. Disclosure is exposure.

    1. Hi John, as always thank you to you and your team for your tireless efforts to expose the truth and negotiate for the greater good for all mankind. Are you at liberty to discuss what was really negotiated at the G20 meetings? Were the PPs discussed and agreed upon? Are gold backed currencies on the horizon? We all look forward to your reply.

    2. The PPs are in direct dialogue not G20 and our clients are head on.

      The Gold backing is way too sensitive to discuss as we will bypass the Cabal and Zio Banks. Just watch what breaks. More important watch the next 4 key releases as we blow them apart in public.

  40. This is America's biggest looming election problem that must be fixed before machines!

    The "Shocking" Truth About Election Rigging in the United States


  41. Julian Assange says “1,700 emails in Hillary Clinton’s collection” proves she sold weapons to ISIS in Syria
    In Obama’s second term, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton authorized the shipment of American-made arms to Qatar, a country beholden to the Muslim Brotherhood, and friendly to the Libyan rebels, in an effort to topple the Libyan/Gaddafi government, and then ship those arms to Syria in order to fund Al Qaeda, and topple Assad in Syria.

    Clinton took the lead role in organizing the so-called “Friends of Syria” (aka Al Qaeda/ISIS) to back the CIA-led insurgency for regime change in Syria.

    Under oath Hillary Clinton denied she knew about the weapons shipments during public testimony in early 2013 after the Benghazi terrorist attack.

    In an interview with Democracy Now, Wikileaks’ Julian Assange is now stating that 1,700 emails contained in the Clinton cache directly connect Hillary to Libya to Syria, and directly to Al Qaeda and ISIS



  42. "Any doubt on the question of TC goals is answered by David Rockefeller himself, the founder of the TC, in his Memoirs (2003): “Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

    Who is Obama’s boss? And why it matters.

    Published on Sep 6, 2016

    Sub for more: | Natalie Johnson for the Washington Free Beacon reports House Republicans sent a letter to the Justice Department on Wednesday demanding the agency create a counsel to determine whether Clinton Foundation donors were provided special access to the State Department while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.

    Published on Sep 6, 2016

    Sub for more: | Sara Nassura for the Washington Journal reports Wal-Mart Stores Inc. plans to cut thousands of back office positions around the country, a sign that the retailer’s effort to make its cavernous stores more efficient is also changing the face of its workforce.


    Published on Sep 1, 2016
    Sub for more: | Hillary Clinton's worst nightmare has come to life in this exclusive interview with her former Secret Service Officer, Gary Byrne. For the first time on the Next News Network he reveals the inside story of the filthy truth she doesn't want you to know, that he witnessed first hand while assigned to the Oval Office as her protection detail. The media is censoring this truth - please share.

    1. P, that was a very revealing interview. Does someone still have the Trump link so we can send this to him?

  46. Jw jim willie claims in his most recent spate of vids

    That the chinese intended to launch the gold backed yuan in March

    But the US declared that doing so would be considered an act of war

    So here we sit

  47. It's a slow day. A friend sent me a link that has had over 86 million hits on YouTube. Of course I had to see what it was about. Aren't you curious? just 2 minutes

    This proves to me that the dumbing down with a common core curriculum, fluoride in the water, laced vaccinations, gmos, chemtrails, is working in spades!

    Wouldn't it be a different world if 86 million people viewed the documentary on the truth of 911, or if any youtube presentation about the truth of the Fed, vaccinations, chemtrails, gmo's, etc. was viewed 86 million times.

    If you haven't seen the movie called Idiocracy, you must. It is coming true now, not 500 years in the future.

  48. Replies
    1. If so, it means Putin will have to send a message back. (crosses self)

  49. Tony WHA

    The next 4 specials we release will name the key Cabal power players, Obamas real handlers, the true and very real horrifying agenda, and why the Third WW is in play with full consequences for the US if it goes wrong.
    Now Tony, do the right thing by Zap.
    Send the Bum a plastic seat to go park his Butt on Times Square with a begging placard and a collecting box with a simple appeal Placard

    "A Simple Bum needs money, a life wasted getting everything wrong, no hope, a complete Dope, not a single projection right, so unemployable and a waste of space seeking sucker funds, it worked before. Buddy spare me a few dimes to spare me from a life of crimes,mugging old ladies, and Keenan Shadies, because I'm worried soon I may need Nesara to come good,so I can be steady as a rock, and not depend on that crock. Ok, Buddy bail this Bum, I'm Zap, full of crap ".

    1. The panhandling savior of humanity brought a fellow on his conference call today, claiming to be main signatory Dr. Alan Kohler (sp?) of the "Rodriguez Trust". This was probably done to brush up Zap's image which has been strained more than usual of late, since his weekly funding targets have been shunted down the road in almost infinite fashion, and donations usually dry up as a result.

      Dr.Kohler claimed to be an expert in bond redemption, and gave a brief talk about the process and the almost 90% rate of fake bond submissions.

      I came away from this call feeling like I had just attended a broker chain convention. Whatever. Time will reveal all.

  50. Here are the links to a couple of new videos from Anonymous. The information is interesting. The second video discusses the difference between Zionism and Judaism.

  51. Goldman Sachs bans employees from donating to Trump. I'm sorry "bans"? It would be a cold day in hell before anyone told me who I could vote for or donate to.

    Goldman Sachs has enacted a set of rules that bans the firm’s top employees from contributing to certain campaigns, including the Trump-Pence ticket.

    The rules kicked in Sept. 1 and will apply only to partners of the firm. The memo detailing the rule change was first reported by Politico. The firm says the rules were meant to remove any implication of so-called “pay to play.” Four years ago, the bank paid $12 million to settle charges that a former Boston-based banker had picked up bond underwriting business in the state while working for and contributing funds to the campaign of a then Massachusetts state treasurer and governor-hopeful, Tim Cahill.

    1. This might very well be illegal under NY law.

    2. Well, we've learned anything and anybody remotely tied to that b*tch is above the law.

  52. Texian: Please indulge...already the permalink Stone put on this is not working, so I'm posting entire transcript.


    EXPUNGED: Fired Huffington Post reporter David Seaman speaks out

    Hillary will destroy the world, and has elite protection

    Huffington Post reporter David Seaman got a real conspiracy wake up call after he spoke out about Hillary's health. He was living life like the rest of the blind sheep until inexplicably, mysteriously, his life got vaporized for simply saying the truth and having it be the wrong thing to say.
    The following is a transcript I did of a video he posted - his "wake up" video which I figured would be wiped today, and sure enough all reference to this has indeed been expunged from the web.

    The video was a 20 minute video, where he has obviously newly awaken to the New World Order conspiracy. He missed the Soros topic, but to have this come from former MSM so soon after firing is one hell of a dig. He meandered a bit in the video, so this transcription has the meandering taken out and delivers only the message. It was difficult to get through and my time was limited because my internet was cut off the moment I tried to get this and I had to go to a "totally random computer" where I only had an hour and a half. This is minutes 0 through 15:30

    David Seaman speaks out: Hillary will destroy us, and has elite protection

    Transcribed from video by Jim Stone on Sep 6 2016
    After this videocast, my work is pretty much done. My only intention was to prove beyond any doubt that Hillary Clinton has serious health problems that make her unfit for office. Both mental health problems, memory problems and other problems physically, serious serious physical problems.

    That was my intent when I went through the Wikileaks Clinton e-mail archive at And it is worth noting that everything in there, as strange as some of the discussions are, we have to take it at face value, because this is not a hoax, these are not fake e-mails, the Clintons were not playing around with us, they had no idea that these communications would ever be compromised.

    These are the real e-mails, they were obtained through the freedom of information act requests. To be fair, most of these e-mails I did not find myself, other researchers did and then I just happened to have a larger platform and I am happy to signal boost a little bit and now it is your job to take things to the next level.

    I'll tell you which media outlets are compromised, again this is not a theory, this is not something I read from somewhere random, this is from the e-mails themselves. We have to be smart, we have to stop being dummies, certain media outlets will not listen to you when you talk about this corruption because they are literally in the bag for Hillary Clinton.

    It is important to remember that what is happening right now is a real globalist agenda. Not just to get a democrat in, not just to get a liberal person in, or to promote a progressive agenda, no - Hillary Clinton specifically - some of the most powerful people in the world have colluded on a globalist agenda that has been in the works for many many years, and step one or step two was silencing the media and making sure the media is on their side so that when this day comes, somebody like me who has the facts is not even listened to.

    'You have to keep in mind that I know I proved Hillary's health problems only because Huffington Post deleted my articles about this, and then deleted my access to my own account, to my own column with no explanation, this is now more than a week after it happened, not a word of explanation, not a single response from Arianna Huffington, the founder of that web site, and going through the Wikileaks emails it is clear that Hillary Clinton herself is very close to Huffington Post - she has had breakfasts with Ariana Huffington, she reads the Huffington Post closely, her staffers look at it closely, creepy stuff.


  53. Cont'd.....

    And I understand that Lady Rothchild, that is where she contributes some of her articles, to the Huffington Post.

    was not planning on finding out Hillary Clinton was owned by an extremely secretive European banking family that makes money from financing wars, I had no idea that I was going to come across that but then again it is not my own research, it is other people that found those exact emails and it just was not getting much attention because they were posting it on random blogs when it should be on the home page of CNN, it should be on the home page of the New York Times, it should be talked about by every American in every coffee shop and diner in the United States, it is the biggest thing in the world. The fact that it is not (front page news) on CNN and the fact that if you bring this to them they will laugh at you is because they were compromised in 2012.

    We know that the editorial board of the New York times is compromised, but we do not know to what extent. We know that CNN and ABC are compromised, the New Yorker is compromised, the New Republic is compromised, and that is just from one email. I am sure there were many dinners set up over many years.

    Julian Assange stated the following - "The American liberal press, in falling over themselves to defend Hillary Clinton, are erecting a demon that is going to put nooses around everyones necks as soon as she wins the election which is almost certainly what she is going to do."

    I do not understand why the FBI has not already ordered her campaign to be shuttered. I do not understand why they have not hauled her in for real questioning, - the FBI, - I thought what they did was record things and then investigate and yet they did not record any of their interviews with Hillary. Several conspiracy people believe the FBI has been bought. I don't know what that means but I can assume it means they have been bought the same way the media has been and there is probably enormous unimaginable amounts of money changing hands. Hillary's backers are not billionaires, they are trillionaires.

    Donald Trump is a billionaire going against a cabal of trillionaires who have a globalist agenda and they want it in place soon. Why do you think the media has gone so crazy orwellian on us and won't even invite Trump guests on, Trump surrogates are not even invited on, the Reuters news agency the other day, during Trump's speech at a black church they cut it mid feed, this is orwellian stuff.

    I have been on cable many times and I have been on many national radio shows and up until last week I was a columnist at Huffington Post, I am not just some guy who just came out from under the rocks, this is extremely weird and it is happening fast and according to some of the people I have consulted the reason it is happening fast is because there is a true agenda, they want someone who will start their wars. Hillary destroyed Libya because Ghadaffi was interested in switching to a gold based currency which would have been bad for the Rothchild cartel which wants people to continue using paper money and continue using central banks, they don't want people using gold, they probably don't want people using crypto currency, they want people using their debt based made up money so they remain multi trillionaires.

    Hillary Clinton, as their stooge as the Secretary of State is their stooge who promoted war with Libya to punish Libya for seeking out a gold based currency. That is insanely criminal and there is plenty of other stuff in the email archive that is criminal enough for the FBI to haul her in and I am going to have to lend more credence to the view that the FBI has been bought because you would think the feds would want to deal with this woman who is an organized criminal.


  54. Cont'd...

    There is a growing stack of dead bodies around her and around the DNC in this election cycle which is un American and unacceptable. Within the email archive itself, if you search for the name Michael Hastings that was a buzz feed and Rolling Stone investigated the journalist and he was going back and forth with one of Hillary Clinton's advisors. The email archives show they got quite angry, quite upset over something so much so that Hastings had to send them an email apologizing and then later Michael Hastings died in a car crash that had no explanation whatsoever and his body was cremated after that, without his family's knowledge or permission. He was clearly not suicidal, and even Huffington Post was informed by Richard Clark, - Former U.S. coordinator for National Security who said that the Hastings crash was consistent with a car cyber attack. He stated that major intelligence agencies, including those in the United States know how to remotely seize control of a car, it is relatively easy to hack your way into the control system of a car. He concluded that whoever did it would probably get away with it. Hastings practiced a type of no holds barred journalism that tended to anger powerful people.

    When I went through the email archive, they were very angry with him over something, clearly he was stepping on somebody's toes there. and again the email archive itself shows enough wrongdoing to have a trillionaire running her foreign policy to such an extent she was able to track Tony Blaire's whereabouts. __________________

    This is where I ran out of time. Obviously David has just come out of the darkness, and it happened because of the way in which he lost his position at the Huffington Post which was done in a way that was so obviously Communist. He never got around to discussing George Soros, probably because he has not woken up that much yet. But to hear this from him is a real eye opener, which strongly indicates that much of the MSM operates under a veil of deception it does not even know exists.

    1. Thank you Texian, here's Zero Hedge from 8 29 2016 about the loss of David's job and a link to the one of stories that may have gotten him fired. Link is in Zeros Hedge's article.

      HuffPo "Revoked Publishing Access" Of Journalist After 'Hillary Health' Story: "It's Orwellian...I'm Scared"

  55. John, did you have something to do with this? :) Seems the Brits have taken a play out of Trumps playbook?

    UK To Build A Wall To Keep Out Calais Migrants

    Just two months after voting to leave the European Union (EU), the UK has announced the construction of a “great wall” near its most porous border in Calais, to keep illegal migrants out.

    The new 13-foot (4 metre) high wall will be built of smooth concrete, making it hard to climb, and will line the roads into the port town of Calais where the entrance to the channel tunnel also sits.

  56. Tear Drop “A Gift From the People of Russia to the USA”. Why were we not told about Tear Drop?
    Aug 15, 2015

  57. It wont stop there. Illegals without papers or job offers wont come in. Those in for 6 months not working are leaving head first. No Welfare until Tax Payers for 4 to 5 years.
    Unemployed, becomes undocumented workers so follow Bumas path and go to the the US and sign on as President, No checks, no experience, no integrity, Commies organise for them to marry a Mutant Dog as cover, and sign up for monthly checks.
    We exit them,the US soaks up any old crap. Ex Pakkie boy friends no problem. Gay bathhouse memberships in Chicago, all meat a real treat. Only in America. Jeez, what a mess heh? We are Brexit out. Calais that trash is your problem now, YOU exit the crap. We are done with them. Return to sender. Address unknown. It's a Wookie, send it home.

  58. WikiLeaks' Assange: Significant Info On Clinton Campaign May Be Released 'Reasonably Soon'

    Published on Sep 6, 2016
    The founder of underground information sharing group WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, told Sean Hannity that his organization has significant documentation that could be damaging to the Hillary Clinton campaign, and that WikiLeaks may release some “teasers” from the collection soon.
    Assange said his group would likely be releasing “batches” of documents pertaining to Hillary Clinton’s campaign “reasonably soon—as early as next week.”
    Assange criticized Clinton for saying she did not know that a bracketed [C] on a document meant it was classified information.


    Published on Sep 7, 2016
    Sub for more: | Zoie O'brien for Express UK reports DEUTSCHE BANK is 'refusing' to hand its OWN customers gold they have purchased through an investment venture. Germany's biggest bank has been accused of breaking the terms of bond sales by financial experts.

    Published on Sep 7, 2016

    “Using a central bank to create alternate periods of inflation and deflation, and thus whipsawing the public for vast profits, had been worked out by the international bankers to an exact science.”
    This “science” is not the business of the president or Congress, let alone presidential candidates.
    It’s the business of the private banking cartel.
    Clinton knows the score, that’s why she told Trump to keep his mouth shut.

  61. George Soros admits: "Donald Trump will win the popular vote."

    Biffie: Wow, when I watched this three minute video, I was thinking that toxins and GMO's have sure taken their toll on Soros. He seems a mess and rambles. It's a wonder he can function.

  62. It is the business of the President and Congress who always have to pick up the losses, when Banks screw up and the vast amounts syphoned out by the Rotts and Cabal for money raising. The Central Bank needs to belong to the People. Clinton is a Cabal Jesuit Clone, who, as they own all Justice,works to orders to protect their hold on the US Slave colony.

  63. Wow. Very important should it prove to be true. From Fulford:

    "In fact, in a clear sign things have already changed, flags of the Republic of the United States of America were clearly visible in the background of a speech Obama made in China at the end of the G20 meeting. This can be confirmed in the first seconds of this video.

    Until now Obama has typically spoken with the gold fringed admiralty flags of the US Corporation in the background. This may mean ownership of house slave Obama changed hands during the G20."


    "The Israeli Satellite that was supposed to be launched was intended to beam only Facebook controlled internet data to Africa. Since Facebook is a Rockefeller outfit, clearly somebody powerful did not want Africa to be subjected to Rockefeller/Facebook mind control"

  64. Aurataya clawed her way on board. Welcome. Subscribed- in blood?

    The new big series starts today. The first is one of 4 where we strip apart the farce of the Inquisition, Child molesting, mass murderous, multi layer Gay Vatican and Child molesting Jesuit secret societies, with the true stranglehold they have over 5 centuries over Justice. As we name names, who controls Obama, who controls the Zionists, who is subordinated to who, and who runs the whole mad zoo, watch each feature open up the whole Goon Squad of creeps.

    1. Hi John, thank you so much for the welcome note, much appreciated. And you are certainly correct that I had to claw my way on board, such a devil of a time attempting to log in here but all good now. Just heading over to catch the new article and looking forward to it very much.

  65. Eminent Domain? Iowans Sue to Stop Dakota Access Pipeline, Say It Provides No Public Service

    Published on Sep 7, 2016 - The Dakota Access pipeline is also facing legal resistance in Iowa, one of four states through which it passes. We go to Des Moines to speak with Bill Hanigan, an attorney representing 15 Iowa landowners who are contesting the project’s use of eminent domain under the guise that it would provide a public service, even as it threatens to pollute the state’s farmland and water supplies.

  66. Who's Investing in the Dakota Access Pipeline? Meet the Banks Financing Attacks on Protesters

    Published on Sep 7, 2016 - We continue our conversation with Hugh MacMillan on his new investigation revealing the financial institutions backing the $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline project.

    The investigation, published by research outlet LittleSis, names more than two dozen major banks and financial institutions helping to finance the Dakota Access pipeline. It details how Bank of America, HSBC, UBS, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase and other financial institutions have, combined, extended a $3.75 billion credit line to Energy Transfer Partners, the parent company of Dakota Access.

  67. Chessboard Earth, Part #1 ~ Excellent disclosure of puppet master faces, names, pulling in Jekyll Island betrayal of American people, our tax dollars supporting military protected drug trade and on and on....this must goes viral....

    Maybe this was posted prior, is worth a repeat ~ Politician Flips Out/Exposes Central Bank Scam

    Thank you John, Canauzzie and any other anonymous contributors, looking forward to #'s 2, 3, & 4 !

  68. NYPD: Hillary Was Wearing ?Invisible? Earpiece To Receive Stealth Coaching During Live NBC TV Town Hall


    Hillary Clinton was sporting a mini earbud wired to receive stealth communications from her campaign handlers during Wednesday?s Presidential Forum carried live on NBC, True Pundit has learned. While Clinton was fielding questions from NBC?s Matt Lauer and the public Wednesday night on live television, a quiet buzz started circulating in New York law enforcement circles about Hillary?s left ear. NYPD sources confirm Clinton was wearing an ?inductive earpiece,? the same technology employed by almost all lead Broadway actors to receive forgotten lines and stealth off’stage cues from directors

  69. insiders say that the FBI is literally on the brink of chaos. Many agents now appear ready to leak information that expose the con job of the botched investigation into Hillary.

    We have word that there are senior agents who are now asking for Comey to step down, and details of the actual investigation are being leaked, along with even more details to Breitbart news and Sean Hannity in very near future.

    There are two men leading this effort to get FBI agents to leak important Clinton information, according to our insiders. The two are both former assistant directors of the FBI named Jim Kallstrom and Ron Hosko.

    Our insiders give a DIRE WARNING that they are aware that Julian Assange will leak something HUGE between September 22nd and 25th.

    “In conclusion, the FBI is experiencing a crisis never seen in its long history. They want Lynch prosecuted and Comey removed. Many plan to quit if nothing is done and you can expect 30% of the FBI to quit if Hillary gets elected !!!!!”

    The above quote is straight from our insider. He further says, “Expect huge leaks to come within the coming weeks.”

    Our FBI insiders have made it very clear that many agents will do their best to make sure Hillary is not elected.


    As of approximately 2 hours after this article went up, Jim Kallstrom gave an interview on Fox radio.

    There are now over 1,000 agents ready to quit FBI if Hillary gets elected. They call it Operation Stop the Cabal.

    These strong and brave FBI agents are going against the Zionists and are now refusing to share intel with Israel. Now, money- as in a HUGE amount, has been laundered through Israel via Mossad and ended up in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and, of course, Israel. Netanhayu is very involved and the FBI knows this. Netanyahu is in cahoots with Soros, according to our insiders. This does not mean the people of Israel are evil. The Likud party is. Netanyahu is. The FBI knows this plan is a power move to rule the world and is being actively built via central banks and media.

    This plan is called Greater Israel and it’s literally what the true name of the Cabal is. Goals include:

    Creating war by Muslims on Christians.
    Fooling Evangelicals to support Israel, then turn on them
    Fool Putin into befriending Turkey again and then get NATO to war with Russia.

    Israel can stay out of the conflict and pick up the spoils of WW3. The FBI is aware that Netanyahu and Soros are in on this, as are the Clintons. The FBI also has proof the Clinton Foundation was used to launder stolen money from Pentagon!


  70. Keeping with the theme of secret history from the new article, I came across this from Nov 2014.

    Secret History Revealed — Putin Played Critical Role After The Pre-Planned Collapse Of The USSR


    The fall of the Berlin Wall and collapse of the USSR were not the spontaneous series of momentous events that the Mainstream Media (MSM) would have us believe. Neither were they the result of President Ronald Reagan’s request: “Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall”; although, his Hollywood background certainly made for some great (and convincing) political theatre.

    In fact, the entire dissolution of the USSR was the product of numerous top-secret meetings which took place with very high level (as in highest level) representatives from the USSR, USA, UK and other major AAA nations and WSG controllers. By and large the most important of these meetings concerned the meticulously engineered business and commercial, banking and investment aspects necessary for an orderly breakup of the USSR republics and its eastern European satellites.

    By 1989 the pendulum of power had swung from those who wished to see the USSR and her satellites controlled by communism to those who wanted to directly control her prodigious natural wealth, industrial base and other national assets by way of naked predatory capitalism. Toward that end the many notorious Russian oligarchs were each selected and appointed by the Western coalition of bankers to oversee the outright theft of all major assets and natural resources from the Russian people. This unique form of corrupt predatory capitalism was at first hidden from public view as it was implemented to strip everything of value from both the state and the citizenry.

  71. Thanking Amy Goodman and Democracy Now for hanging tight and filming these incidents.

    Anonymous #OpNoDAPL #OWS #OpFunKill

    Published on Sep 8, 2016

  72. "Still looking for America. Would be nice to get home." says Thomas Pastore



    Published on Sep 8, 2016
    Sub for more: | Lachlan Markay for the Washington Free Beacon reports A lobbying firm founded by Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman and run by one of her top fundraisers represents the business interests of a Serbian oligarch accused by U.S. and Serbian authorities of widespread corruption, public records show.

  74. We Americans must use jury nullification as a tool to defeat the United States Corporate agenda until we can get our country back from the sea pirates!

    Elias Alias: Jury Selection In Bundy Trial Already Rigged

  75. p:Applies to far more than just Permaculture

    Building a Profitable Permaculture Business

    Published on Feb 12, 2016
    Jack Spirko's presentation from PV1 in March 2014.

    As more and more people learn about Permaculture a new business segment is developing.

    There is a strong desire in many individuals to do Permaculture as a full time business, either as a consultant, a teacher or as a small farm holder or even do all three.

    Can it be done and by more than just a few of Permaculture’s “rock stars”?

    Join this discussion to learn how a Permaculture business can be established in any part of the world, how to develop multiple income streams, earn a good living and still remain true to permaculture’s ethics.

    For more great permaculture content visit

  76. In Brazil, Temer is introducing a law to change the working day from 8hrs to "up to 12" hrs a day. Of course this wont be for the ones who voted him in.

    I can see it now: hourly rates to drop. The only way to make ends meet is to work 12hrs a day.

  77. Hillary Is Being Thrown Under The Bus! "Death By A Thousand Cuts" Wikileaks, FBI, Health Issues!

    Published on Sep 9, 2016
    “Death By A Thousand Cuts” This Is Why Hillary Can’t Win! She is Being Thrown Under The Bus!
    Hillary Clinton is being “thrown under the bus” by the elite or some power above the elite. The polls are swinging dramatically and will continue to do so as the leaks keep coming. When MSM starts turning against her and is covering her health in detail it is clear the tide has turned for Hillary. Even Paul Ryan is now getting on board. Wikileak’s Assange has promised at least 3-4 batches of damning leaks are still coming before the election. The FBI has said more information is coming in several weeks. Hillary is being waterboarded. Even with the protection of Obama and the DOJ the information just keeps coming.

    Things are spinning out of control for Hillary. I hope the plan isn’t for Hillary to ultimately drop out for health reasons creating a crisis allowing Obama to declare a state of emergency. I believe there is something much bigger going on behind the scenes.

    1. I listened to the entire 21 minute video. It's a slam dunk case against Hillary.

      However, she certainly HASN'T been thrown under any bus. She's STILL driving the bus, SPEEDING along, and no one has the balls to stop her and give her a speeding ticket and put her in jail! The ENTIRE group, including Comey, Lynch, her attorneys, her aides, her husband, and anyone who has obvious knowledge of her illegal shenanigans should share a cell with no windows and a hole in the floor for a toilet.

  78. Toney and WHA

    The new article may help attributed on site because so many good Americans have no idea what is being planned against them. The 4 part article needs to wake up the world, it's a battle we are all in together.

    1. We will be watching.

      I was just waking up when I read this post, and as my eyesight was still a bit blurry, I thought you referred to me as "Tory".

      Well, I guess that would kind of fit. LOL

  79. This comment has been removed by the author.

  80. "A courageous physician has stepped forward and made an extremely compelling diagnosis about the serious medical condition (actually terminal disease) that Hillary Clinton suffers from."

    According to Dr. Ted Noel, a medical doctor who specialized in neurological diseases while he practiced, the most likely diagnosis for Ms. Clinton is Parkinson’s disease.

    Courageous Physician Ends Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Aspirations

  81. John

    Any movement on the "partial release" plan?

  82. Unknown

    Intense daily contacts, lot of daily promises, usual DC agenda,delay, obfuscate, lie, procrastinate and always same ending of redemption day for lawfully owed funds date unknown. All parties go around in circles, because there is no law, justice, or integrity at the top.

    We, in the meantime, have a much larger agenda and one which can achieve a far more valid end game for the world overall. It's no time to forewarn the Cabal, but their time is coming to a full on confrontation and parting of the way with the rest of humanity. The next 3 articles will give you a full insight,and if events move as anticipated,we may lose one wasted generation, to at least underpin a new future for those to follow. Economic logistics will rule the future Capital Markets highway, and once Cabal parties are neutered, the new world ahead can establish new orders. The American era is dying and its role ending. New Empires are emerging,with entirely new game plans. People need to get in to win. Eurasia will be 10 times the size of the entire US GDP. The US will simply be phased out of the emerging realities. Those up to speed will move with opportunities. Those Welfare Beneficiary minded, will find their illusory rights won't pay the bills,power has moved on. Look at Detroit. America next?
    Reality is for those willing to see it. Empires end.No money means no use. You know how that ends up. Like Detroit?
    Reality rules. But in the background, as articles show you,all is unfolding to Jesuit plans.
    Those gaining partial release will leave. They see reality.But those "owed"? Time for the herd to find new grazing. The Jesuit plan for the US is clear. The rest is just a front.

    1. John, I'm assuming this has to do with the reset? I thought you had said earlier that your group and the elders were going around D.C.? Perhaps I'm wrong or you were talking about something else. But if I am correct, how can they stall you?

  83. Whales are not ai,They are CC. A BLESSING FROM THE WHALES

    When the final Divine Ceremony was complete the captain of the ship announced over the intercom that there were pods of Whales surrounding the ship. He said that they estimated that there were at least 150 Whales following the ship and that he had never seen anything like that before.

    The Company of Heaven confirmed that the Whales were absorbing the Light from the newly opened Portal then diving down into the deep waters of Alaska to anchor the Light in the Violet Sun. Whales are capable of diving as deep as 6,000 feet.

  84. Friday stock/bond downdraft does not bode well for Monday after 9/11 memorial events. Following close on heals of G-20 meeting and pending SDR inclusion of Remimbi are the wheels starting to lurch forward? Have the "conduits" finished their DD and identified the vast majorities of counterfeit currency bills and historical bonds that have been presented by "holders"? My little birdie says it goes Tuesday but I seem to have heard it before......

    That said, the election got a little more interesting this week with the spotlight shown(unintentionally by Mike Barnicle the plagiarist)on the only legitimate alternative to Hilary or The Donald. I was lucky to catch the whole Morning Joe broadcast and saw Gary Johnson's brain cramp live, the rest of the show was just an amazing display as none of the participants seemed to realize that they had just let the genie out of the bottle and the resulting continuing national coverage was the best thing that could have happened to the Johnson/Weld candidacy.

    Lastly, I'll point out Tom Delonge, a skateboard/punk rocker who somehow connected via the rabbit hole with a number of "advisors" in the US black ops space. Very interesting back story and outline for multimedia work rolling out right now.

    In the meantime, pray for rain.

  85. Clinton Campaign stunner!

    Take a look at the audience 30 minutes before Clinton was to make the key note speech!

  86. OMG!

    Now, this is getting REAL...

    The very popular, and very long running, CBS Sunday Morning Show just aired a long piece about Trump supporters and it was in a VERY positive light. They even interviewed a black supporter wearing the "Hillary for Prison 2016" tee shirt.

    This is the strongest evidence that lamestream media is getting it!


    Could this be the excuse when they pull her from the race? Just sayin

  88. See which Austin, Tx based company supported the 911 attack and horror.

    The most important 15 minutes of truth you'll ever see...and on a most auspicious day...

    If you have limited time, start at the 5 minute mark

    1. Wow. Thanks for posting this video MWP. This needs to be widely seen by all who can.

  89. Fox News analyst and Clinton operative Doug Schoen took millions of dollars to agitate for War with Russia. Insane isn't it??? This hasn't gotten the MSM play it deserves -- Hey Trump team -- go to town on this!

  90. Video of the 9-11 Clinton illness episode. View it before the sanitation folks get to it.. Something is VERY wrong with her health. Please note the insanity of major networks having to ask strangers for permission to use video, why is it that the majors don't use their OWN cameras....

    1. Too late's already been "washed". I got the message saying "this browser does not support video playback". However, if you scroll down a bit on your link, you will see other videos it plays back just fine.

    2. Video shown on CBC national news (CDN) later last night showed video of Clinton being assisted into a vehicle - there was no 'collapse' as you see or do if you fainted/were overcome with heat or something else. It was a straight-up indication of some type of seizure - jerky, robotic movements. Totally spastic. I've never seen anyone with heat fatigue or pneumonia 'collapse' in spasticity. (Might not be a word, but you know what I mean.)


  91. Hillary Clinton Collapses At 9/11 Ceremony – Rushed Out With Another ‘Medical Episode’

    On Sunday morning, many around the nation were honoring those lost in the 9/11 attacks from 2001, and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was doing the same. That was until she suffered what is being called another “medical episode” which forced her to be rushed away while in New York.


  92. I just received the following from a very awake friend. It was in an e-mail so I have to post it instead of link it:

    Hillary Clinton Has 1 Year to Live,” says Medical School Professor

    “I am a professor at a medical school. I have taught at three institutions (currently in my third). I will not provide my exact credentials because several people who have tried to speak out against Hillary Clinton have been killed (look up “Clinton Body Count”).”

    “The Clintons have also ruined the lives of others who have spoken out, including Drew Pinsky. Drew Pinsky had his show canceled and received death threats, and Huffington Post writer David Seaman was terminated and is living in hiding for his columns about Hillary’s health. Thanks for understanding the reason why I do not disclose my exact credentials.”

    “Hillary Clinton might actually have 1 year to live based on medical records that were leaked indicating she has a disease called Subcortical Vascular Dementia. While many videos have been made about her health, all of them have missed the severity of her illness. She could die very soon, since Vascular Dementia is progressive and has a 3-5 year life expectancy. Clinton actually has a severe form of the disease that impacts the subcortex region of the brain, which includes the brainstem.”

    This might explain why Clinton is dry-coughing so much. The brainstem controls primitive functions of the body like breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure. When there is ischemia to this region, B/P, HR, and breathing won’t function correctly. Hillary’s cough is so noticeable because she can’t seem to get over it. Most people only need a couple of coughs and they are able to overcome what is in their throat. But not Hillary. Hillary has tried to explain that she has an “allergic cough.”
    This is completely false and a lie. Based on her medical records, it is related to her Vascular Dementia, which she is dying of. She could rapidly decline if circulation is weak to the brainstem. I am very concerned about Hillary, and if her VaD diagnosis is true, she would likely face increasing difficulties over the next few months.

    Hillary’s health record also states that she has “complex partial seizures.” I have witnessed many people who have had seizures, and I believe Hillary is definitely showing signs of seizing activity. With complex partial seizures, one can show signs such as head nodding or lip smacking.

    “Hillary, has had several instances where she appears to have had a seizure, the most well-known is when she was in front of a group of reporters. External, noxious stimuli can trigger seizing in certain individuals. Hillary had a seizure in front of the reporters. Not unsurprisingly, they are trying to control her seizures using a Diazepam autoinjector.”

    “Autoinjectors are used with urgent drugs such as Diazepam and Epinephrine in order to stop an life-threatening event from happening. If Hillary has seizures, they could cause an oxygen deficiency in the brain, resulting in damage and further progression of her VaD. An autoinjector is needed to control the seizure.”

    “Many doctors are not speaking out about Hillary’s health, but trust me, they are thinking about it and talking amongst themselves. If you specialize in neurosurgery, neurology, or neurovascular specialities as a doctor, no doubt it is quite obvious that Hillary has a big problem. She can barely walk up stairs and can’t stand very long, has to hold on to side rails, etc. This makes sense, because she has VaD of the subcortex which involves the cerebellum (involved in controlling gross motor movements).”

    “Hillary, for the most part, can still deliver scripted speeches on green screens, so she still has some function. However, VaD will result in a rapid decline in function of the patient. VaD has a average life expectancy of 3-5 years (about 4 years according to the NHS). Hillary is entering into her final year of life since she was diagnosed with VaD in 2013. Why is she running for president if she is going to die soon? Does it have to do with Obama’s Third Term?



    A federal appeals court on Friday blocked Kansas, Georgia and Alabama from requiring residents to prove they are U.S. citizens when registering to vote using a national form.

    The 2-1 ruling is a victory for voting rights groups who said a U.S. election official illegally changed proof-of-citizenship requirements on the federal registration form at the behest of the three states.

    People registering to vote in other states are only required to swear that that they are citizens, not show documentary proof.

    The three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia acted swiftly in the case, issuing a two-page, unsigned ruling just a day after hearing oral arguments. A federal judge in July had refused to block the requirement while the case is considered on the merits.

  94. John

    Constituionalist has the same question as myself

    After i read your recent comment, john , i got the impression somehow the partial release is contingent upon DC the cabal and their performance (or non performance as it seems in this case)

    Can you please clarify


    1. As they are behind the failure to redeem lawfully owed money,who else should pay? They recently tried to get a large AU mt Elders deal allowed which I stopped dead. There will be no more AU loans to the Cabal. Nor control on who we issue to or how. There are growing pressures on them, and it's not pleasant.
      If we should allocate Beneficial AU use for the RMB Bonds and Cash, the Fed,Wall Street and the Zios will be crushed in the rush to the Wailing Wall.
      We have no qualms how to deal with Sewer Rats. They pay the preferential PPs, who are our clients, or the lot comes down.

      As it stands they have zero chance of London acquiescing to their demands or Pleas, nor support. The Zio Rats are on notice now. If they fail, the Jesuit KMs in place everywhere, will simply be used to spotlight the Zio scapegoats, and Martial Law will follow. But one with Zero Zio protection. This is a century of planning and the arrogance of the Zios toward the Goyim misses the reality of payback. Hitler was used before, but they won't fail again in their minds.

      These are very dangerous times. Russia's highly advanced Robotics weaponry being readied right now for border incursions will shell shock the US, and if all your electicals fail, cars stop etc, run for cover because then you have just 4 minutes. The US public simply have no concept of what can come if these DC buffoons are not stopped.

      We KNOW if is NOT the regular US citizens and only the Cabal and Jesuit cells causing this.

      The Beneficial owners of the PP funds know how to protect if fast, That we cant discuss. It's theirs, all of it. It will be put to use for those worth saving.

      America does have a fine mass population who, once free of the Fed, Zios and Cabal Banking,if organised Jesuit free, can build a new America together.
      There are real pressures growing on the US right now.

      Just a few more steps and it will build to a full on face off.
      The next few articles will help you see how and it is. Eurasia has to kick out all US bases, the dollar and all Agencies. Time to clean out the stye.
      It will get bad, but with hope. Read what's coming.

      But after the pending face off, help will come to the right causes. What Americans build before, they can build again . Our fight is not with the people, but the Cabal and Zio trash. That needs sanitising.

  95. A TEDX talk to share

    Hear it for yourself...maybe think twice before you hand that wireless device to someone you love...

    Common wireless symptoms:

    Insomnia/sleep disturbance


    Ear ringing/Tinnitus


    Cognitive Disturbance


  96. We MUST stop the influx of illiterate, intolerant, religious zealots from entering the US and destroying our country. Their forcing of their barbaric ways on the rest of us must stop. Pray for Trump. He is the only chance we have.

    Making women responsible for men’s sexuality – stone age thinking.

    An Egyptian lawmaker has insisted women should undergo genital mutilation because the country’s men are sexually weak – and cannot meet increased demand in the bedroom.

    Elhamy Agina argued in favour of the brutal practice claiming it would succeed in reducing ‘sexual desires’ of women in Egypt.

    The politician said Egypt’s population of men suffered from ‘sexual weakness’ claiming the country was ‘among the biggest consumers of sexual stimulants that only the weak will consume’.

    1. Correct

      Not only do these poor women,even girls in most cases, have no say with arranged Raghead marriages, but then find these Wassocks can even do more than stir their damned tea with it. It seems the only time it gets unpacked is to produce more kids for Welfare claims.

      Sadly, as we will show you, the Jesuit agenda is to flood Europe and the US with them, especially as the US already has a Woookie illegal jumping to order helping flood them in.Welcome future USA a Caliphate State.

      But in fairness to Egyptian men,once you remove that veil from a lot of them, Well would you? Like a lot of US Female Customs and Immigration Officers at the airports, their mustaches and 7 o clock shadow puts you off.

      But joking apart, the case is real. A Muslim woman has a terrible life. The Caliphate needs to meet its fate. Why import this so backward ignorant sub species? The Tri Laterals numbers case has merits. When a guy can only clean his shoes not teeth with it, time to rethink the species. London must have the right water. Servicing male demand is our problem. We never refute that morning salute.

    2. I wholeheartedly agree with you MWP. FGM absolutely disgusts me. These so called men need to learn how to act like civilized human beings and work out real quick how to manage their own bodily functions. And if not, well I'm sure there's a spare damn bullet for every single one of these creeps and plenty of women who would offer to pull the trigger too.

      How dare they even consider, let alone voice this idea to mutilate a woman's body to suit their sickening sub human agenda. These jerks would not even know how to deal with a woman on an equal level and particularly so on a sexual level and that's what scares these puny idiots. Just a situation of control over women in the most brutal manner possible to ensure fear and subservience results. Utter pigs. I know what I'd do to these jerks. Far out this subject makes me so angry.

    3. "well I'm sure there's a spare damn bullet for every single one of these creeps and plenty of women who would offer to pull the trigger too."

      Standing Texas there's a rattlesnake roundup in spring....we can tie it into that.

    4. A lot of guys agree fully and would help. No woman anywhere should go through that. Sub human creep males.

    5. Female genital mutilation is dangerous for women and won't change the problem that this ninny refers to. I am horrified that he would suggest it. Women who have undergone this heinous destruction of their genitals will be subject to a wide variety of infections and difficulty/complications with vaginal delivery. There is NO good reason for ruining women's health to preserve male egos.

    6. So why are they pouring into our countries? We've been seeing this for at least a decade! Is there NO ONE who can stop it?

      And if that isn't bad enough, how much more 'entitled' can anyone act??? This is an apt comparison to the beach bum in California who buys lobster with his EBT card! If this guy spent some time working instead of making babies, taxpayers might get a break!

      Poor Family Of 10 Reject 5-Bedroom Welfare House Because It Had No Dining Room

    7. Well, now that I have calmed myself down a little after reacting to this topic as I did last night and actually read the story at the link, there only seems to be one problem here as far as this article is concerned anyway and it's Elhamy Agina.

      I consider it would an appropriate action, in response to his outrageous suggestion that he be subjected to some genital mutilation himself. After all, should we not practice what we preach. And I would hope that it was done in some sleazy dirty disease ridden backyard shed where some of the women in his own country have been subjected to this brutality with previously used rusty razor blades and even sharpened stone implements as some woman have so callously endured. Let's then see if this twit can handle his body being ravaged by extreme infection to the point of death. Then let's also see how much he enjoys engaging in a sexual act without a penis and scrotum. That may be a bit of a challenge but this superior specimen of manhood would surely be able to handle that I would suggest.

      “If we stop FGM, we will need strong men and we don't have men of that sort.”
      Now this particular statement says a lot. I wonder if there is an issue with the genetics of the men in this country. Have they become so weak and feeble that they cannot keep up with a woman in the bedroom? You have got to be kidding me. Maybe they have two many wives, that could be an issue too I suppose. I'm of the opinion that fear can weaken a person tremendously. Maybe these puny cavemen have realized that they are not the superior beings they have brainwashed themselves to believe they are. Boo Bloody Hoo.

      All this jerk is boils down to an ignorant sub species that has no capacity to act and think like a civilized human being and that to me suggests a severe cull is required for him and those of his ilk.

      Texian, I will join you on that roundup but unfortunately I would not be able to kill any rattlesnakes but provide me with a blunt rusty razor blade and I would sort old Elhamy out with great pleasure.

  97. Napolitano Exposed The Government And Was Fired! Now Obama, DOJ, Hillary, Lynch, Comey!

    Published on Sep 11, 2016

  98. Thank you john for a bit more clarification on the "partial release" plan

    So it appears the other side is still stalling

    And it also seems things will probably get bad and dicey before they get better

    John in your estimation considering your view that the other side continues to drag their feet, when would be a realistic timeframe for the partial release plan to trickle down to those included in the PPs (private placements)?

    Also, can you comment on jim willie's contention or claim the US threatened war in march if an asset backed yuan was released?


    1. Unknown

      The Cabal has NEVER paid back a dime in its its rotten history. So now is a big test. Right now, they and the Banks continue using these funds for profit. Theft and Fraud!

      Trickling down PPs is far more difficult. Only the Principals have cause and merit to be paid. Funds will be blocked for transfer to non accredited parties. Way too many Brokers and hangers on are dreaming. Funds will be policed and only approved parties will be paid out.

      The Yuan will be asset backed in time, and by then both China and Russia will have all the field tested new technological weapons field tested. Attack China, there is a pact. Russia come in. How many wars have Washington fought and lost or wasted US boys lives over?

      This time, within 2 years, the Eurasians will be ready. They know they have to pre empt so it will be massive. Let us hope Diplomacy wins first. China and Russia know the only way they can win is a colossal first strike. Do we want to see such a vast attack? Eurasia knows it will have to wipe out Global US bases and Fleets in a short window as well as atomising c40% of all US Life over an hour. No one wants that. But what chance do they have if not?

      Our PPs are for a selective few only,and will be moved to London. Trading proceeds then will be for Global use. Unless you have the support of a tiny few of the PP main groups,I can't see where most will get anything.

      Once China and Russia go for a metals backed currency, they know the Big Dogs will have to surrender or fight. How do we reason with an arrogant Cabal?
      Eurasia has to face down the US in future it's just when. No one wants the fall out because it will be a huge loss of human life. But some seek just that. An excuse for depopulation. But who plays God now?

      Asset backed currencies are coming, not just the Yuan. The bullying Big Dog has to be taken down, life goes on. But, at what cost?

      If humanity would only share our collective strengths and skills, how much a better world it can be. But who will lead that? Certainly not the Hilderbeast or Zio rats. As for the Wookie? He can't decide if he's Arthur or Martha.

  99. This is two weeks old at this point, and realize someone may have already posted something like.

    Published on Aug 31, 2016
    The Obama administration just implemented a new regulatory change that has set the entire fire arm industry into a tailspin overnight ..This will "tick" you off...

    1. Perhaps his tactic is to overplay his hand to goad/enable the opposition to act. It is a way to hasten the end of the KM.

  100. Civil disorder and Martial Law looming when they can't pay any longer?

  101. The Founding Fathers WERE not libertarians. They believed that everyone's desires needed to be balanced against the good of the society as a whole. They would never have gone for Libertarian schemes that want highways to be paid for by taxes on drivers or legalizing pedophilia/rape/sexual abuse (yes, I have heard this from Libertarians. I studied them as a group for about 10 years. I read Murry Rothbard's writings and while I thought that he was smart...I am not a free marketeer. I prefer the more cerebral and well-thought out economics of a Stiglitz to this oft-disproven idea that the markets will sort things out if left to their own devices. What is going on at the present time after all the deregulation PROVES that the markets are not particularly efficient and certainly are not "free," but controlled by unfettered greed.
    The founding fathers WERE not libertarians. Good article

  102. Excellent article on the stupidity of Alan Greenspan, a devotee of Ayn Rand, and how he tanked the economy.

  103. China and Russia launch BIGGEST ever joint naval drills in BRUTAL show of strength
    MOSCOW and Beijing have begun eight days of naval drills involving Chinese bombers, Russian submarines and marines from both navies in the hotly-contested South China Sea.

  104. p: Is this the woman that came out of Chelsea’s apartment?

    Is this the greatest Hillary lookalike in the world? Advertising executive quit her job to impersonate the presidential candidate full-time

    Read more:

    1. I saw photos of her side by side with Hillary on Jim Stone. She is skinnier, and her pointer finger is shorter than Hillary. You can clearly see it. So now we know for sure that there is a double.


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