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Archived Comment Section - 13 to 19 September 2016

One World of Nations
Comment Section
13 to 19 September 2016

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  1. Part 2 of the 4 issues will be out soon.

    Very deep negotiations are continuing re the Global Elders positions.

    On the GS and RV's the same thieving parasites, liars, and Shysters who misappropriated the funds in the first place have wantonly spent or syphoned off the lot, so we wait with interest to see how they chose to try to settle anything. If they even do, as clear current policy is to do nothing.

    The Fed of course as it already raises quad T's for the Fed Pentagon Program, can always issue more to settle debts,but they have never redeemed a dollar before.

    The vacuous nonsense propagated by so many false dawn Blogs with hands out, each falsely claiming imminent releases, from experience to date, are all false hype. Simply stop contributing to such issues or paying good phone money to listen into garbage on premium rate lines filling their pockets while emptying yours.

    The main GS discussions are bogged down by US intransigence and bogus promises.

    China and Russia have just finished more major War Games with their fleets in the China seas ready for a US war.
    Russia has ever more radar invisible smart missiles in mass production, while China and Russia have raced ahead with EMP weapons and satellite weapons. Russia's run silent Subs surround America, also the US fleets.

    If the Big Dogs are pushed into War, as is visible,for the first time in its history, the US will experience the shock and awful consequences of military action against others in Global conflict erupts.

    The problem this time is because both China and Russia know they cant win a controlled and prolonged war, they have to pre empt on major scale,
    As the Jesuit policy is to collapse America, their equally vast array of missions in China will be increasingly agitating for hostilities to effect a confrontation. For over 200 years this has been their planned intent. Obama going after the guns is to negate public power, but dually to reduce civilian resistance in an invasion.

    Flooding the country with Muslims and illegals, whose side is he on? This Kenyan illegal never stops insulting the nation overseas.

    From his known Indonesian passport which he used to travel to Pakistan with his then known Gay boyfriend, when did he ever nationalise as an American? If not?
    The Clinton saga plays out. With zero known qualities, she still leads but in rigged polls.

    We can all only hope the good American people do get a long overdue Brexit vote to overturn the lot. Which will be no thanks to the US media, and an issue then Trump needs to address with new licensing. A clean sweep out of all Zio Publishers. Remove the lot.

    1. Here's the thing John, you forget the only poll is the election. We who know their games KNOW internal polling has Trump with double-digit lead. Rumor has it that they know Trump will chew her up and spit her out. Contingency plan in motion.

  2. John

    Just to be clear

    Are we to understand that the PPs (private placements) and the "partial release" plan are dependent on and contingent upon the GS (global settlements) occurring first?

    If yes what happens if the GS are never paid?

    Please explain what good is a "partial release" plan if it is still hamstrung by non performance of the other side?

  3. John

    Just to be clear

    Are we to understand that the PPs (private placements) and the "partial release" plan are dependent on and contingent upon the GS (global settlements) occurring first?

    If yes what happens if the GS are never paid?

    Please explain what good is a "partial release" plan if it is still hamstrung by non performance of the other side?

    1. Unknown.
      1. The GS can be partial or total and will stand alone.
      2. The RV again is self determining and can stand alone.
      3. The PPs can be done any time. However, each variation needs a bunch of thieving ,lying, criminal, scheming, devious and totally obnoxious parasites to stop doing any or all of the above.
      Does that sound like a marriage partner to you? Lol

      It is of course possible that any and all of the above are never paid.
      Especially if WW111 can be created to evade the above. Also to collapse America to be asset stripped by the carrion waiting.

    2. John,
      Back in July, you said China was going to back the RV of the Dinar. Has that plan changed? I'm not asking about a Public free for all.

    3. That depends on what rate the Iraqis want and lopping 3 zeros off the notes is one solution. It gives it a base and kills the racketeers. No Iraqis want the US getting rich over this. Their nation was ruthlessly and needlessly destroyed from Shock and Awe onwards. China for sure wont be helping the US feed from its assets. If I were Iraqi Finance Minister I would go for the 3 zeros and it makes sense for China to back that. It kills the overprinters dead.

  4. Anyone else come across this fascinating set of blogs? "Bad Self Eater" is an anagram of Federal Beast.

    Bad Self Eater Countdown Clock

    The website is related to the Facebook page of ThankMrTeeth and the distribution across America of fake "Federal Beast" notes displaying occult symbolism, rather like those issued by the privately-owned Federal Reserve:

    Summary by @engineer at

    "Mystery fake bank notes have showed up across the country. What do they mean? Why do they link to FBcom/ThankMrTeeth and ? Nobody knows. Help us find out!


    > (with countdown to September 14th at 7pm EST)

    >.GOV psyop. see DoD Minerva initiative
    >Wikileaks/Assange f*cking with people (not their style)
    >WW3 with the end result of a one world government
    >Metal dump
    >Fed leak
    >Historical info for McKinley or JFK assassination
    >NEW POLITICO SITE (had info prior to today's article about Clinton Library)
    >CERN opening gateway to Hell to bring Lucifer to Earth

    >Requiem in D Minor by Mozart III. Sequentia: Lacrimosa dies illa (choir)
    >Sacrificial Procession by James Horner
    >NEW MUSIC : Vide Cor Meum - Patrick Cassidy
    Please don't correct this record, it could very well end up being a leak."

    Valdi: We'll find out tomorrow when the countdown ends. Grab your popcorn and beer.

    1. The Bad Self Eater doomsday clock background was green, then changed to red in the last few days and is now black. It expires at midnight, British Summer Time. MrTeeth's Facebook page has disappeared.

  5. Is it possible that Jim Stone has nailed the truth about the Hillary 911 memorial "fainting" episode?

    Yesterday, it was clearly pointed out that something "metal" fell next to her right foot and even made a "clink" sound before she entered the van and many on the internet have been guessing what that object might have been that almost appeared to fall out of her pant leg.

    After reading what Jim Stone wrote below, I surmise it was the KEY to the handcuffs?




    They would never admit it was an arrest, but I'd like you to watch THIS 18 SECOND VIDEO and conclude it was anything different. Between seconds 11 and 13, right before they stuff her into the van, what appears to be handcuffs being released can be seen CLEARLY.

    I went over this video many times. It is not something in the van showing through, or any other environmental item. What really appears to be a handcuff is indeed coming off Hillary's left wrist. Inexplicably, she is waiting for the van with her hands behind her back. If she was in physical trouble, receiving help, she would be held (as she was in this video) But her hands would have been to the front, not clasped behind her back because it would increase physical stress if she really was in trouble and then VOILA! the "handcuff" appears as it is coming off.
    Clearly, CLEARLY, Hillary's hands really are in handcuff position behind her back as she waits for the van, and then what appears to be cuffs appear right when she was stuffed in.

    If Hillary was arrested, don't expect the MSM to admit it, EVER. If she is jailed, it will be a "hospitalization" and no other explanation will ever be given. It would be body double from now on.

    I do not have the bandwidth available right now to watch more than an 18 second video. I need to go over more videos to see what led up to this. But according to others on two different forums, all the other videos show the same context, where she is walked to the van with her hands behind her back, and then the cuffs come off.

    There are rumors flying around now about Hillary being permanently out of commission. Sky News has said she is "indefinitely incapacitated". I guess the morning news has to break for any definite updates, but if she was arrested, they will say she is "incapacitated" or whatever they need to say to avoid admitting it.
    Body double used at Chelsea's apartment.

    The woman is thinner than Hillary and remarks about what a beautiful day it is. She is wearing a coat that Hillary would not be wearing if she just got overheated. They are now buying time with body doubles, BET ON IT.
    Here is a tweet of an ABC news report that said she died. That would be a major OOPS if she did not. But since she will just be a puppet anyway, a body double will do. So they could keep it hush and it would not matter. Or, if she got arrested, it would be better to say she died.

    Today ought to be interesting with the news. My guess: She got arrested and they are going to spew anything but the truth about that.

    1. I don't see any handcuffs nor are they necessary for an arrest. Hillary is surrounded by her team, and gets into her van.

      Handcuffs are made so that they don't come off.

      Stone gets some things right but is equally crazy wrong. This is a crazy wrong time.

    2. She is leaning against the pole that is behind her for support... she has her hands together behind her against the pole... no handcuffs...

    3. Jim Stone - stoned again. I don't even bother to look anymore. He is on the same level as Nesara and Zap and many other poo flingers. MHO.

  6. Alt hypothesis about that metal item

    More plausible imho

    1. Your link doesn't take me to anything specific?

      Why don't you just post the other hypothesis and save us the time please?

  7. I'm not the brightest bulb but it did not come from her pants leg. I summit that the gentleman that past in front of her and came to her right side had an object in his hand. You can barely see it. I believe it was a needle of some sort and he had pulled off the cap and it fell to the ground.
    Watch how fast he moves in place.

    1. Of course you are, you read the site, and that alone sections you out as a thinker. Feel good about yourself. Your fine.

  8. Trey Gowdy Finds Out FBI Withholding Information About Hillary Clinton's Interview

    Trey Gowdy will be Trump's Attorny General. Having this man as Attorney General is reason enough to get Trump into the Whitehouse! He is the ANTI-Loretta Lynch!

    5 minutes of MUST SEE interrogation by the FBI agent who handled Hillary's interview

  9. All good Americans, we REALLY DO WANT your own BREXIT to free you from this Cabal and to destroy the Jesuits plans for you all. Each section of the new report is to give you the Silver Bullets. Each gets ever more enlightening and damning. We want to protect you and your Constitutional Rights. Who else will stand up for you? Free, anything is possible if all Free peoples work as one for all humanity. Truth sets you all free just to be all you can be. Together we can change this world so all can belong in dignity and freedom to live without oppression or State /Religious doctrinaire lies. We must re focus true education. A human awakening and good Soul values. Stop child mutilation, forced marriages, and 4 CULT wives! All on Welfare!

  10. During an interview with Charlie Rose, Bill Clinton actually said, while referring to his wife... "she's worked like a DEMON, as you know".

    Hear it for yourself:

    Now, that is a REAL Freudian slip, eh?

  11. On the run! Clinton email chief goes AWOL!


    Bryan Pagliano, a former information resource management adviser at the State Department that was in charge of setting up Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s controversial homebrew email servers, was scheduled to appear today at a hearing before the Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

    However, he decided to skip out on it — and it could mean BIG trouble for him.

    Pagliano had spoken previously to the FBI under immunity. However, Pagliano refused to answer questions last year before a House panel investigating the deadly 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya. His lawyers said at the time that Pagliano did not want to relinquish his rights under the U.S. Constitution’s Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination.

    After being summoned to appear again Tuesday morning, Pagliano simply didn’t show up.

    I guess Mr. Pagliano elected to stay alive and not show up? We know the Clintons history and what they do to those who squeal!

  12. ABC News New York Reported ‘Hillary Clinton Dead’ at Local Hospital

    AJ: I wouldn't normally succumb to this BUT in this article from the event chrinicle there is a screen shot and a video of ABC news usa reporting Clinton's death before being cut off the air. Suspicions abound that a body double is being used. Check the link to see the sources yourself.


    1. It was read off a teleprompter by the one of the ABC nightly news programs but was a mistake. ABC claims they don't know how that got on the teleprompter and that it is inaccurate, unfortunately.

    2. Hmm still *unusual*. It also appeared on the tickertape so there were two sources. It reminds me of Gore being declared winner, which promptly changed. Or the BBC reporter reporting the collapse of WTC 7 before it had done so. Still, it does add to the spotlight on her health, maybe that was the intention.


    3. I seen the video, I did not see a "tickertape".

      Not that I like Info Wars, but they have the video and called ABC News for confirmation, which they were told it was a "mistake".

      ABC Nightly News Reports Hillary’s Death

  13. Haven't been over for a visit in a while. Hope everyone is doing well. The war rages on. So many people are asleep and do not want to wake up.


    1. True, but we reach more everyday. Hello again Neo.

    2. Hi Neo great article you did on Fracking it helped a lot.

    3. Glad to help out. Have been doing a lot of sustainable research on everything from food production, health care models, to architectural design. We have simply got to get all this straightened out.

    4. Yes Neo, and all you share with us will help. Your Fracking article is a permanent help and called on when needed. Reports please so we can use them. Guidelines?

    5. Hey Neo, Hope all is well out your way, long time no see :)

    6. There are 71 articles over on the blog we set up. Your welcome to use them. There are 15 articles on the Fracking issue alone.

    7. Please share this blog address. I can't seem to get there. Would love to read these articles. Thanks.

    8. Biffie, you can get it from Canauzzie. He is one of the administers with me. I don't want to appear self-serving or self-promoting in my comments here. I'm sure you understand.

  14. Will the elections be postponed? This Harvard expert says "yes" and the reasons why...

  15. Looks like the US is losing a friend.

    1. Good job. Go Rodrigo. Wonder if there will be some sort of attack on the Philippines now after the President has so clearly expressed himself regarding the US recently.

      Now, if we could just remove the US bases in the land down under. Oh, I forgot, a previous defense minister stated that there are no US bases here and they are always so incredibly honest. LOL. What a crock.

    2. The best thing possible for real Americans is for the nations to kick out all these war mongering and terrorist supplying bases and to force the US to feed and educate its own people. No countries will take US Hegemony any more, and Eurasia will crush the Cabal head on. Be assured, if the US and Israel get smashed in a Nuclear war, the Vatican will go to remove the Jesuits and all Jesuit Missions and Colleges will be targets.
      Its time the war mongerers are sent packing. They are mass murdering nations.

  16. SERVED: Shadow Government Subpoenaed

    Published on Sep 13, 2016
    The cult of Hillary was called in to answer for their privatized investigation into Clinton’s emails. Facing the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, spokespersons for the DOJ, State Department, FBI, Department of National Intelligence, The CIA, The Geo spatial Intelligence Agency, and The NSA faced a frustrated Congress that had been given the cold shoulder when it came to the sharing of key details of Hillary Clinton’s endangerment of U.S. National Security.

    The mouthpieces of the Shadow Government betrayed the American people in full daylight. Representing a decades old Shadow Government that answers to a well established network of global multi corporations that view Congress and the American Constitution as meaningless. And the hubris is strong, as global government has just a few more building blocks to set before we are all under a one world government. Teddy Roosevelt once said “ Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.”

    Published on Sep 13, 2016

    Sub for more: | Lana Clements for Express UK reports THE European Central Bank (ECB) has shocked markets by today taking no action to prop up the eurozone, despite warning signs the economy is struggling to cope with Britain's vote to leave the European Union (EU).

  18. The whole Hillary "medical incident" was staged. Why? In one video clip the black SUV pulls in from the right and Hillary or her body double gets into the passenger side; in other clips the SUV pulls in from the left and she gets in on the driver's side. The MSM is now claiming she was poisoned by the Russians. Will the Presidential elections be cancelled or postponed? It's going to be a turbulent September. Prepare to grab your popcorn or your ankles.

    1. Heavens above! The poor Russians get blamed for everything these days.

    2. Valdi, if the us elections are postponed, does government go into caretaker mode?

    3. Ankle grabbing is not a good idea within reach of San Francisco, Hampstead Heath or the Vatican.

  19. Wikileaps DNC Data Dump

    The password is (GuCCif3r_2.0) - including the parentheses.

  20. This is the first video I have posted. I am posting it because it is very different from most financial videos.

    There is a lot of talk about a financial collapse. This gentleman's opinion is there will be no collapse. Instead, the central banks will continue to print money until their cronys can purchase controlling shares in all important equities.

    It's a very different, fascist scenario.

  21. For WHA and all

    The latest epistle from Zap is stomach churning. Speaking as a person who does feed the homeless and poor, who does put a vast amount back, allow me to make a few key points.

    1. Power is about credibility. No face, no power. No power, no face.
    2.We allowed you all to see the real inner workings at the very top. Full views.
    3. Does anyone think credible Elders or London key REAL Masters of the Universe will do business with the skid row diatribe of the Bum Meister we see pleading gimme, gimme,gimme again.
    4.Does fantasising 18 hours a day qualify as working? Bum Meisters don't get bunged billions.
    5. His daily activities follow SNAFU protocols then return to base to repeat SNAFU.
    6. Clearly there is no pride and certainly no sense, as even 2 grey cells would have one saying to the other stop this crap- Dumb Zap. Sounds to us he's down to his last cell by now.
    That's just one more of the old carrion crew dying off as each of their poor, badly laid out and quality Intel lacking rags, each fold. Times change and these types need to find their own level as Janitors or Car washing. Send for the DumbBot destroyer. Wire his Weanie to the Charger and switch on. Now are you hearing us?
    ZZZZHHHZZZZ crackle,ZZZhh!,
    Yep, I think he hears us. You burnt that little hot dog? Sell him the Vaseline.

    Whhaaahh, Ahh want Maaahhh moneeeyy!. Charge and shock him again!

    1. Dumbot Slayer at your service Sir. Ready for my next 48 hour shift ridding the world of unwanted weanies. I just love the smell of burning Zap flesh in the morning. LOL.

  22. Is Hillary's Health A Big Deal?
    Published on Sep 14, 2016

    Phoning in to her favorite news network CNN Monday, Hillary Clinton said that she didn’t publicize her health problems because she “didn’t think it was going to be that big a deal.” Then again, what is a big deal to Clinton?

  23. Man waiting with iPhone on record follows Hillary as she falls towards van | Strange
    Published on Sep 12, 2016

    SEPTEMBER 13, 2016: A man holding an iPhone in what appears to be a recording position seems to be waiting for Hillary to fall towards the van as he just walks up right behind her recording the 'incident' as soon as it starts to unfold..he seems to be waiting for it to happen!?

  24. Millions of Americans are living on the streets in unimaginable poverty while they do this.
    US To Provide Israel With Record $38 Billion In Military Aid

    by Tyler Durden
    Sep 14, 2016 8:03 AM

    While the US relationship with Saudi Arabia can be described, perhaps courtesy of the latter's donations to the Clinton campaign, as one of preferential treatment when it comes to arms deals, observed most recently a month ago when the US approves the sale of 130 Abrams tanks, 20 Armored vehicles and various other equipment to Saudi Arabia for $1.2 Billion, when it comes to America's other "anchor"mid-east ally, Israel, the relationship is even simpler.

    As Reuters reported overnight, the US and Israel reached an agreement on a record new package of at least $38 billion in U.S. military aid and the 10-year pact is expected to be signed this week.

    1. That is truly disgusting as far as I'm concerned.

    2. Hitlary and Bush Sr naked comes close, and Soros for a 3 some?

    3. Now the thought of that is what I call disgusting

  25. So a million more Arabs die because of US arms in Israeli and ISIS hands? And how many more poor people will be slaughtered by iSIS allowed to live while it keeps the US Heroin lines going? The most gruesome cause of wars and mass murders on the planet are the Cabal and Kazakh Zio trash. Manipulated by the Vatican Black Popes and Jesuits. What an ugly web. If not stopped NWO will come and game over. Chipped and zipped!

  26. John, Does the Black Nobility control The Vatican and the Black Popes

    1. Yes and the whole top US Political spectrum. Parts 2, 3 and 4 take you right in. Also the nations they infected and prices paid. Each part gives you more and the consequences if they are not stopped. Now!

  27. I don't talk like this, although Pebble has perfect message for cabal, Jesuits, Zionists and all their minions...


  28. Anna has been very busy. Check this out.

    Estate Claim Filed with the Pope

    This is also a lien. This has never been done before.

  29. Replies

    1. All comments are now held for moderation before posting so there will be a delay before it is posted. Unfortunate, but a sign of the times.

  30. Our Uni is holding its 2nd round of graduations and the future is clear.

    Most engineering graduates were asian, a decent amount of them international students with chinese families.

    The caucasians dominated the 'arts'.

    And bets on how this century will unfold?

    It's clear that in 100 years Australia will be as much asian as anything else.

    The west is lazy and indulgent. 'Sure honey go do a useless degree on history. McDonalds needs more staff.'

  31. We Caucasians are seriously myopic, ignorant, self-important and act life a space-occupying lesion. Why is there no outrage over the national guard arresting native americans as there was for the Bundys?

    Riot Police Begin Mass-Arrests At Dakota Access Pipeline; Facebook Censors Video

    As a note of evolution, caucasians do themselves no favours. Socially we have dropped our attention from the 'meta' of ourselves and have lost the ability to see ourselves in relation to others. This to me is an evolutionary cul-de-sac.

    1. Andy,
      There is outrage! The big difference between now and when Bundy issues happened in Nevada and Oregon is that Fakebook, Twitter and Google pull down reference now much more and you won't see anything about it on major media. North Dakota is also a much more remote and sparsely populated area.

      There's also outrage over the Chicago massacres where every weekend blacks are killing each other. Death total this year so far is over 3000. But Chicago is the epicenter of Communists in US and they have always run everything there. They don't seem to be outraged. Chances of survival for a black child in Chicago have to be pretty low...for the ones that make it to cradle. It's a mess and could be made much better for all involved. The school system is abysmal.

  32. We are sending billions to IsreHELL, the traitor that sits in the WH uses tax payer $ to take lavish vacations while this goes on. ZERO HEDGE Desperately Poor Teens In America's Impoverished Inner Cities Are Trading Sex For Food

    by Tyler Durden
    Sep 14, 2016 7:45 PM
    Submitted by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog,

    When people get hungry enough, they will do just about anything for some food. According to brand new research that was just released this week from Feeding America and the Urban Institute, there are millions of teenagers in America that live in “food insecure” households, and researchers were stunned to learn what some of these teens are willing to do to feed themselves. Some resort to shoplifting, others deal drugs, and there were a surprising number of participants in the study that actually admitted to trading sex for food. It wouldn’t be a shock to hear that these kinds of things are going on in an economically-depressed nation such as Venezuela, but this is the United States of America. We are supposed to be the wealthiest nation on the entire planet. Sadly, even while the stock market has been soaring in recent years, poverty in America has been on the rise. For those on the low end of the economic scale, things have gone from bad to worse since the end of the last recession, and millions of children are deeply suffering as a result.

    1. Scott,
      Sadly this is going on all over the country....children without enough to eat. In our city, there was a couple who were preparing food every day for starving children in their general area of city. They needed help with expense of food so some groups were donating $$ to them on regular basis to purchase. The city shut them down because food was being prepared in a home...not an approved commercial kitchen!

      Same thing was happening in Louisiana during recent flood. The "Cajun navy" volunteered to rescue people from their homes. They were turned down because they didn't have "license." Cajuns don't take no for an answer so they went right in and rescued more people than "licensed" FEMA types. Same with food. People were preparing food and bringing it for distribution, but they wouldn't take it because it didn't come from an "approved contracted source." That's the BS that goes on every day in America.

  33. Thank you Scott and Texian. Also WHA

    This is why we try to get the truth out and expose the nasty varmints responsible. There is something deeply wrong and sad in what has become America today.The dumbing down and deceitful media has wreaked havoc with lives and is creating what is becoming a Zombie nation. Self satisfied and indifferent stupefied, or self deluded as to the shambolic no hope nation for the real masses.

    No hope is a terrible place to be.

    Each time we give to the homeless on our streets, that real touch of the hand, and kind look showing them in our eyes they matter, is the only hope for most, that life for them is worth going on, and that a break may come. Human compassion for each other. Soul value.

    But behind this all, be absolutely assured, both NWO and Agenda 21 are very real, and clear Jesuit / CFR Tri Lateral plans if not stopped.Read each part of the article we are bringing you in stages, and see what has been in play for 2 centuries for America and 4 centuries for the world. Where you have a Knight of Malta or Columbus, or a Skull and Bones member, or a Mason, you have a Gatekeeping Spider placed with care on a vast Global Matrix Web stretching right back to Rome and the Luciferian Jesuit Command. Beware the Wolf in Sheeples clothing.

    People matter, and when they don't, all humanity is gone.

    It the Cabal and Jesuits are not stopped, not just America will fail, but the entire Western world. The Me, Me, Me, is not just America whining, it is a Global problem.

    When we chose not to hear or see,
    I always think, what if one day the were me?
    So knowing the vanity road is a false ladder to climb,
    When I see lost and homeless, I make the time.

    For those alone, cold and hungry on the street,
    What does it take each day to go on facing only defeat?
    Their life is real, so don't just pass them by,try to stop and reach out for a while,
    What is a moment, a few bucks and a smile?
    Do you really want to be a sharp suited Wall Street or Political conniving Spiv,
    Or a switched on Soul giving our sad lost fellow Man a reason each day to live.

    See out there is a new light in the sky as a new start each night,
    Because we spawn hope with people like you each day reading the site.

    1. That was a truly beautiful message John. Thank you so much for sharing those words with us all.

      I actually found myself homeless for a brief period of time at the age of 15 years. It was an experience that truly opened my eyes to the big wide world out there. Not many people desire to have much to do with a homeless person and most times refuse to look into your eyes under any circumstance.

      You words above reminded me of the situation I was in at that time and I'm pleased to report that one man did stop to speak with me, he did look directly into my eyes, offered me support and guidance to help me change that situation. A man I will never forget.

    2. Aurataya,

      Each lost person on those streets could be our own family, or us.
      From Special Ops I know the raging heat and the freezing nights dug in out of site, parasites, flies and gut rot. I know hunger, thirst and total isolation where a single wrong move could bring a patrol and the torture cells. Yes, we were hard trained to both experience and give. Clandestine life is a world of its own. Deep, deep, deep cover.

      You learn how to mold your body to the cold earth or floors overnight. How to half sleep to track any danger.

      I know the feel of the streets, but they have the despair.
      Everyone, however poor, or destitute, is someone's child. Which is why I could never use a Hooker, it's a Soul Crime. Each person is someone's daughter. Using a woman for that is at a huge costs to us later. Give money, give a hand, don't take. You both feel better and swerve Herpes! Everything has a cost!

      We are all one. Well bar the Bushes, Clintons, Soros and the Zios because they are all one special species of Roach!

      They know nothing.When they pass through to the new Dimension awaiting,those Higher Ascended Souls will judge with your history of life on full playback.
      No Attorneys or plea bargains.
      What waits beyond, when you return to your journey, is truly amazing for 98% of you.
      But for that 2% when graded out- Oh Shit! You will see!

      You take nothing with you bar your Book of Life. Nothing left out or hidden.

      Retribution comes and Atonement is for the truly deserving.
      Immortality is an awful long time in deep shit paying back!

      If you truly deserve it, you WILL truly get it! You earned it! Soul energy is power you can not conceive yet. Cosmic judgment, ethereal love, and Kinetic energy force! Belief, disbelief, it matters nothing. Those who Know know all and keep quiet. All life is sacred. You are all part of what you call God. One Cosmic life force of all. This Human life is just a Carbon Life journey you chose to make, and not more. You are far more and will see. Live each moment and take it with you. Memories are value. Make them good.
      You all- Have a choice. Good ones when possible? With humour.

    3. Heavens John, your experiences as described in your opening paragraph made me realize even more so the situations you have known and endured.

      You have so much to share and contribute, just astounding really. I would imagine there would be many takers, including myself that would love to sit down with you for hours on end and listen to the knowledge and wisdom you possess. This is why I love and cherish many of those hints you offer on various subjects. You make my mind tick over at a speedy rate with the possibilities of everything I am still unaware of at this stage in my life experience. You are truly fascinating.

      And I always want to give you a big hug when you speak of the homeless as you do. Your kind and generous heart just flows so beautifully in those moments. Thank you for sharing that precious part of yourself for us to bask in.

  34. Lord James of Blackheath Speech on Foundation X House of Lords 01-11-2011

    1. Parts are missing David dropped his papers,and control, I wrote it! Lol.

    2. John, although parts of your speech are missing, the job still got done. Am thankful for Lord Of Blackheath's courage in the face of what many would call lunacy. Yes, you were there and helped tremendously. Between you two and the House of Lords, dialogue began. These are good things.

      Lord of Blackheath has showed a number of times he'll take a tiger by the tail if need be. Many won't and haven't. Am very glad we have stalwart stewards watching out for us all. And yes, a sense of humor is sometimes needed.

    3. He's a Team Player and when you see what's above? Out of view for a reason.

    4. Lord Blackheath has resolve of steel. What a precious man with a humble heart for truth and bringing it to the forefront. He cares not what others think, obvious in his willingness to come before the noble House of Lords, with stuff that only shows up in James Bond movies :) This is AWESOME, go Foundation X !!!!

    5. It was Pureheart and we ripped it apart by the guts. We have all their internal records, links to Russia, fraud in Nigeria,the bogus passport and false graves, false IDs and the Luciano link today. The scale is staggering and now in freefall. Over time we will expose the lot. As we are doing now with the Cabala and Jesuits. You will have part 2 out tomorrow overnight. More to follow.

  35. Excellent post John, thank you

    HSBC case blows lid off Clintons' offshore empire - article by Jerome Corsi

    Posted By: glasc
    Date: Thursday, 15-Sep-2016 02:19:01

    HSBC case blows lid off Clintons' offshore empire

    NEW YORK – The arrest of the head of global foreign exchange cash trading at HSBC bank may shed new light on suspicions the Clinton Foundation has been involved in illegal offshore money-laundering operations on a massive scale.

    The investigation into HSBC currency trader Mark Johnson and associate Stuart Scott for their alleged role in a “conspiracy to rig currency benchmarks” by front-running customer orders has escalated to the point where the Department of Justice is threatening to tear up a 2012 agreement to fine HSBC a historic $1.9 billion for money-laundering violations in lieu of criminal prosecutions.

    At issue is whether or not HSBC has honored the 2012 deferred-prosecution agreement in which the bank agreed to establish internal review procedures to catch and punish potentially criminal activities by employees.

    The bank’s failure to discipline the two currency traders will make it difficult for HSBC to convince law-enforcement authorities that the massive Hong Kong-headquartered bank has complied with the 2012 agreement. An internal investigation in 2013 cleared them of any wrongdoing regarding a $3.5 billion currency trade that U.S. prosecutors now believe was criminally fraudulent.

    HSBC money trail leads to Clintons

    1. Also massively to the Bushes, Deutsche, Herzog and Ackermann.

  36. Judge Nap: Ex-Clinton Aide's Decision to Skip House Hearing Is a 'Head-Scratcher'

    Published on Sep 15, 2016
    Former State Department staffer Bryan Pagliano ignored a subpoena to appear at a House hearing earlier this week, so will he face any consequences?

    Judge Andrew Napolitano said on "Fox and Friends" this morning that it would have been "legally proper" for Pagliano to attend the hearing and assert his Fifth Amendment right if he didn't want to testify.

    He said it's a "head-scratcher" because there's no legal basis for Pagliano, the man who set up Hillary Clinton's private email server, not to show up at all.


    Published on Sep 15, 2016
    PAY for Play and more HUGE CRIMES! Even selling off Senate Seats and Ambassadorships, etc.

  38. New WIKILEAKS: Huma Abedin Email on Hillary’s Life-Threatening Blood Clot.

    Published on Sep 15, 2016
    WIKILEAKS: Email From Huma Abedin On Hillary’s Life Threatening
    Sinus Thrombosis, Blood Clot in her Brain.

  39. While many American children are starving....

    Funding announced just before Obama’s plan to increase number of refugees by 30 percent

    Feds to Spend $4.6 Million to Give ‘Emotional Wellness’ to Refugees

  40. Donald Trump campaign admits Barack Obama was born in US

    Donald Trump’s campaign has admitted that Barack Obama was born in the United States.

    In an emailed statement from senior communications advisor Jason Miller late on Thursday night, the campaign stated: “Mr Trump believes that President Obama was born in the United States.”

    1. It's nice that he believes it, the question is, has he seen proof that he was? I for one don't believe that he was born in the U.S. But even if he was born in the US he still was never eligible to be President. His father was not an American citizen. And aside from where he was born, it is clear that he had no loyalty to the US

    2. He is eligible to be President, the UNITED STATES is a corporation Barry is the CEO and their corporate charter says nothing about being born in America. Its a fraudulent foreign corporate government that has operated this way for a couple of 100 years. Thats a fact

  41. John,

    I picked the following up from the comments section of another blog.

    Can you confirm or deny if this is true please? Thank you.

    UK Follows Iceland’s Example As Mass Arrests Of Bankers Begin

    The UK is set to follow Iceland’s footsteps as the first group of top Bankers are to go on trial. Authorities have now begun the process of arresting and prosecuting the bankers who were responsible for the crash of 2008, the first group to go on trial is HBOS bankers who are charged with fraudulent trading, money laundering, and corruption.

    The first trial of its type will be heard at Southwark Crown Court. Some predict that this will open flood gates for similar trials in the UK and around the world.

    More on site:

    1. MWP

      Yes, and following us first blowing the Pureheart operation in the Lords, and the US Fed Scam,we have been quietly locking onto Banking, its perverse direction, and sheer scale of anti social criminality.
      We have identified the scale of Agency use, the drugs money laundering, LIBOR rigging,Terrorist funding, money laundering and multi level market rigging all to force fast profits, with reckless disregard to social consequences.

      When you read the new article out today, realise how deeply we are going for the throat of those perpetrators. These who go for your throats daily!

      It takes time to turn around drunken State Tankers of Lunatics, so allow us time to highlight and get the Bankers, but we have a full time process now taking down the Child Molesters, and thousands are now going down. Even for offences 40 years ago, we are still getting to them. Disgusting vermin.

      Do understand, in State operations, this takes time to organise.

      We need the Elders fully on board, and if and when so, then watch the consequences. If that succeeds our State needs very special access. Then we hard bargain for our terms, which will be a full clean out of Perps, Jesuits, a registered control of Masonic affiliations, intense new educational thinking and the end of Church Schools with Perps at the helm, and a rethink of Banking.

      Bankers need to be here to serve the nation, not help themselves.

      So, post Elders, very hard bargaining will follow. One family is Lead Counsel for Elders access here, and one with deep social convictions. One ascended way beyond Political snake oil salesmen, and one here to help make a difference.
      One who can not be bought, but who would then have the Fiscal power to get those changes, and get the vermin behind bars.

      We got the Socialists out, we got the Liberals out and we got Brexit taking us the hell out of a dysfunctional Jesuit run EU. Now we have to get the Bankers and smash NWO. Also to bring forwards Eurasia and be major players.

      Multi tasking, multi dimensional thinking, and to grow a Global awareness group with the help and support of all of you. Re tracking the minds of the sheeple.Opening consciousness to let you all fulfill your full potential.
      Your site grows, you grow.We need all of you. We need to make a difference.

    2. The pedophilia and Satanic Ritual Abuse used by The Order is what helps them maintain their power.

      When children are abused from 2, they fracture into all different kinds of programs (alters).

      These programs (alters) are then used to further the agenda and many times they don't even know when they go into these other alters.

      I would encourage all to read the Svali reports. She was a "Trainer" for the The Order. The things these kids go through is hell. Being locked in cages at 2 and shocked. Forced to stay in dark rooms with no food, water or stimuli until will breaks, participation in ritual sacrifices of children.

      It's sickening.

      Here is Bill Clinton is a stay program and in a child alter.

  42. The whole NEW YORK TIMES interview with Julian ASSANGE !!
    Published on Sep 15, 2016

    Economic collapse and financial crisis is rising any moment. Getting informed about collapse and crisis may earn you, or prevent to lose money. Do you want to

  43. Today's issues.

    Warren Buffet's just lost a billion over the WF scams and is not a happy Buffet.

    Deutsch are just telling the US to take their $10B fine against the bank and shove it.
    Many more will follow suit. This crass arrogant propensity for US Agencies to level Global fines at will has to end. The world needs to stand up to them.Reject their crooked courts, and laws, and tell them remove their bases and F off home. We need to rid the world of DC hegemony. Germany telling the US to close its bases would be a good start. Stop wasting billions arming and funding Israe hell.

    Michael Jacksons poor young daughter suffers daily vomit hell from vile Trolls sending non stop messages to the poor kid. She's in a sad and lonely place right now. She needs good friends and her own hope. Life on her lonely street is not good. Living among that predator family will not be easy. Others have life issues.

    But Hitleries problems grow- hopefully.

    Trump is on a run it seems. Good luck to all Americans for your own Brexit. Get rid of Cabal fronts like Clinton.

  44. Pauline Hanson endorses Senator’s call for ‘OzExit’

    "ONE Nation leader Pauline Hanson has endorsed a surprising call from her Senator Malcolm Roberts to withdraw from the United Nations. Making his first speech in parliament on Tuesday, newly elected WA Senator Mr Roberts argued Australia needed an “OzExit” from the “insidious and unelected swill” of the UN."

    Valdi: The Aussies are waking up. Very encouraging news coming so soon after President Duterte of the Philippines proclaimed, ""Maybe we'll just have to decide to separate from the United Nations. If you are that disrespectful, son of a whore, then I will just leave you."

    Yay!! Good on ya, mate.


  45. This is a comment by P that was missed and did not post:


    Published on Sep 15, 2016
    New York Post reports, Colin Powell wrote in a jaw-dropping e-mail that he doesn’t want to vote for his pal Hillary Clinton because she’s a greedy defender of the status quo whose husband is “still ¬d–king bimbos at home — the New York Post. “A 70-year person with a long track record, unbridled ambition, greedy, not transformational, with a husband still d–kng bimbos at home (according to the NYP),” the former secretary of state, Colin Powell wrote Democratic donor Jeffrey Leeds on July 26, 2014.

  46. Would Bill pass an HPV test?

  47. Your next part 2 is up. Truth hurts.

  48. WHA

    that jim willie vid you posted is from 2014

    just because it has a recent YouTube pub date does not mean it is recent, you make this error more often than not

    put this msg here since it is hard to figure out how to comment on your WHA site

    1. Thank you, I will remove it. I don't think the majority of the JW articles are old, and I am aware of the forward dating of videos by Youtubers to get traffic to their monetized channels. Everyone wants a piece of the action.

      To comment, just click on the red reply button at the end of each comment. To enter a new comment, scroll down to the bottom of the comments and you will see the field for a new comment.

      Thanks again.

    2. WHA, to avoid sharing old JW reports, bookmark this has links to his current stuff:

    3. Yes, thank you. I do have it marked already.

      I had mistakenly seen his comment on the upcoming interview with Elijah and thought it was that one. I have been particularly busy this week and rushing caused errors on my part.

      No more old Willie, I promise.

  49. Linda Alamonte, largest whistle blower on mortgage fraud in the nation, has agreed to come on board and she is blowing the whistle like you will not believe!
    We ARE going to hear what the SEC and CFPB hid and it is all public now as Linda is pissed that they buried it in all the hearings and more.

    BUT she has the proof and it is all in the depos and more that she was in.

    Gloves are off and the truth is going to set us free, and the work Anna has done, combined with proving the departments are ALL acting through fraud upon the court is going to be the golden ticket that brings all this together! HUGE FOLKS!

    Since our call last night the reverberations are happening in all the right places!

    ��Starts at about 1:50


    1. This is groundbreaking information. This whistle blower knows her stuff. I encourage all to listen. Thank you for posting this link.

  50. New documents obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation show that more than $9 million of State Department money (i.e. taxpayer dollars) were funneled through the Peace Corps to a non-profit foundation created and run by Dr. Vanessa Kerry, the daughter of Secretary of State John Kerry. Awarded in several tranche mechanisms, the arrangement appears eerily similar to what the Clintons had in place. Where the Clintons appear to have been much greedier, the result is the same.

    EXCLUSIVE: John Kerry’s State Department Funneled MILLIONS To His Daughter’s Nonprofit

  51. Introduced MonSatanFarben

    The combined name, of course, should be "MonSatanFarben" because Bayer is an offshoot of Interessengemeinschaft Farben, the Nazi-era chemical company that worked with Adolf Hitler to develop and deploy deadly chemical weapons against humanity.

    o be acquired by Bayer, the Nazi-era IG Farben 'crimes against humanity' poison chemical company

    1. Texian

      Its the Nazi family of Rumsfeldt who also sold gas to Saddam Hussein for profit.
      These Nazi families like the Bushes hiding under English names run the Agencies and State, and Skull and Bones are full of them. Nazis who assimilated. The top Germanic hidden Nazi monsters in the US are appalling. Bush Sr is the DKVD Reich Martial and all kept secret.

  52. "Because Scott Walker Asked": Leaked Docs Suggest Wisconsin Gov Illegally Raised Corporate Donations
    Published on Sep 16, 2016 - An explosive new report by The Guardian reveals the extensive influence of corporate cash in U.S. elections through third party groups that do not have to disclose their donors.

    It is based on 1,500 leaked court documents from an investigation by Wisconsin prosecutors into possible illegal fundraising by Republican Governor Scott Walker for the third party group, Wisconsin Club for Growth. A conservative majority of Wisconsin’s Supreme Court halted the investigation last July before any charges were filed, and ordered all evidence from the investigation to be destroyed. But at least one copy of the documents survived. We speak with Ed Pilkington, chief reporter for The Guardian US, who used the files for his report, "Because Scott Walker Asked."

  53. Jason Chaffetz serves subpoena on FBI

    Valdi: This is wonderful to behold - Jason Chaffetz and Trey Gowdy making mincemeat of the FBI and other agencies investigating Hillary Clinton's misdeeds.

  54. Replies
    1. Yes we SHOULD!. It needs to be compulsory. LOL

  55. John,

    Jim Willie claimed in one of his interviews that the Department of Homeland Security corporation is registered in England. Manta has it listed as a privately-owned corporation and it has a DUNS number. If that is true, then wouldn't it come under British regulatory authority which would have the power to investigate its involvement with Pureheart?

  56. It seems the UK "PTB" are still in bed with the US "PTB"?

    1. Valdi and MWP

      When we brought this to the Treasury and 6, there was apoplectic panic.
      We were advised if we publicised this is could lead to a severing of US /Anglo relations. What? We published in hope!

      Lord James was found a fast track special slot to speak in 72 hours.
      Pureheart was then a Swiss Special Purpose Vehicle,run by Homeland Security, as as Fraudsters and Con Men like Wilfredo Saurin, listed by the Fed as a villain but protected by HS. Double dealing liars.

      We exposed Purehart and the company was dissolved in panic from sight.
      The Drug dealing CEO was moved to a CIA Safe House in Stockholm.

      Similar to when we exposed Michael Herzog as a Mule Money Laundering Con Man for Bush and the Clintons using Ackermann for Bank Programs and laundering profits via HSBC and Barclays. He was moved fast to German Safe Houses, and each time we exposed him again was moved again. We exposed his conspiring wife and she went ballistic. The free riding bitch freaked to be publicised and ran in panic.

      My view is that certainly 6, SIS and part of the Ministry collude with the US PTB, but we Political Overlords stick it right up them. There is a slimy compromise which we rejected and caused them to run for the hills. Is it controlled via London? No! Our useless limp wrist lot allow DC far too much latitude,and its a one sided crock. If only so we would do a damned site better job of it for sure.This is another pure US SNAFU.

      Be assured, if it had such wings we would smash it out of court.
      Whatever the paper trail it is entirely a US Cabal operation. Whitehall panicked to hell when we ripped into it all. Major denial,and genuine naeivity. My view, London got used until we ripped the heart out of them. Its changing ever more as we send the US packing and make integrity rule over Politicos. The " Special Relationship " is long gone. The Wookie is a standing joke here. As was limp brained Bush 43. Crass, low class, both!

      But now look at Israe hell. According to Russian files hacked from Colin Powell,the Kazakh Terrorist scum have over 200 Nukes, armed and funded by the complicit US. This is madness. They now threaten Europe,that if attacked they will nuke Europe. This Kazakh marauder hell hole needs ripping apart,and real Jews integrating back in peace to live as before with their neighbours in harmony. The Kazakhs need to go back to Kazakhstan, or hell, does it matter?
      Good Jews will be accepted by Arabs, just not terrorist Kazakh Zio trash.

      Jews are not a problem, Zionists?????????? Ask Jewish Israelis. Real Jews. No one means real Jews any harm. Or should. Zionists however are what we step on sometimes by mistake. Who wants that lot mixed into the soup of humanity?

    2. Thank you John for your reply. Is there anything that can be done by the House of Lords or some authority that can right this wrong? It breaks my heart that another brave person who dared look into the eye of the beast and share what he found to be punished in a foreign land run by Nazis.

  57. Aside from the selling of their wealth building, this is a good and recent report.The guest is spot on with what is occurring concerning central banks buying mining stocks and increasing those holdings to a point of control.

    Central Banks Buying Mining Shares - They Plan to Own the Planet: Louis Cammarosano of Smaul GLD
    Published on Sep 16, 2016

  58. MWP

    If you study the new report you see step one. First, it is a Jesuit plan to dismantle your nation and acquire you for dimes in receivership as a failed State. All the sacrifices and nation building, your lives and history, will all be lost left to Rome.
    Be clear, they do NOT want you as a Flock, as people. No way. They want you dead. They want the land, assets, minerals and technology. Then one world religion and to rule all from Rome, using their KMs, and KC or Masonic task masters as Gatekeepers for the Slaves.

    When the Vatican then conspired with the French King Philippe,to steal all KT Gold and land,families were mass murdered, tortured and all stolen. The big problem was the Galleons forewarned had left with the Gold─ some to Basle, some to Asia and some to London.

    Big problem. The most advanced culture group on earth, Founders of Banking as you know it today, had a few families fully installed in England as Crown Protectors for King Richard the Lionheart. French KT Barons who Anglicised,but that is a shame we keep hidden, ( French); Lol.

    A remaining cell of key families survived, and have waited 700 years for payback.
    All the history, knowledge, powers and secrets are held in a special bloodline. With eternal hated for the treacherous, thieving, conspiring, murderous Vatican. Keepers of truth and Justice.

    All Barristers in London who vow to uphold the Law and Justice have to swear that Bar Council oath on the Templers Church alone. And the Temple Bar? KT's don't exist????? OK, it keeps the cover safe.

    Read the article. It shows you what is even now is being faced down.

    When the vast wealth controlling Queen of the Elders will only stand with one English party by her side in the Lords it says what? Bloodlines! Ancient dynasties alone know its value. Inner knowledge as families.

    IF, this non existent KT group were alive, hidden from all public view for good reason but silently waiting,imagine IF the Elders and KTs combine with the world biggest Gold and cash holding, what is possible? Real men of honour and integrity? Not Bush/Clinton or Zio trash.

    Vast trillions are held in cash but locked by US criminality. That is being " assessed" by London!
    IF the vast Gold holdings were moved to the care and Trust of a hidden family, who then rebuilds a whole new Eurasia with it, unlike the RottenChild's, it then reverses what the Vatican did to the KT's because 2 big Dogs can not live off a meal for one. The day comes when they have to fight.

    But we live in a world where the Jesuits are so deeply embedded on a foundation of lies, and fanatical plans to remove 90% of humanity. Real truth! While mass ignorant Sheeple sleepwalk.

    Christianity started with 12 men. Look at it now.

    If we achieve what is in play,with open and enlightened hearts, plus real Knowledge standing us apart,what is possible if we remove the Roaches?

    Eurasia and a whole new Gold backed currency, will destroy the Cabal. Then with China and Russia we focus on the Vatican and Terrorist Kazakh Israe hell. We will protect the Jews. Its the Zionists and Kazakhs who need sorting.And the Jesuits by the throat.

    A lot is in play but first we need the cards. Reversing history takes time. Digging out Jesuit tapeworms is core to so much. Money drives the rest. Collapsing the pack totals the Cabal and Zios.
    Then a new real word has a chance to rebuild. But in harmony as one race of all people. Taking back all schools from Religious shapeshifters and educating values, culture, and statesmanship principles. Hate and prejudice is not bigotry children are born with but a perversion of the societies which surround them. That we have to change. Ignorance needs to be educated out. We need to lift the bar. Change the rules, and give all children the right to reach their full potential, enlightened and free of Dogma.
    Our enemy is ignorance.
    We need to help release the true Soul richness in all of you. Within is so, so much more. Your real new frontiers.

    1. That was a brilliant statement there John and quite exciting too.

      You know what has my head spinning a little? The fact that you share and communicate with us, the ordinary people, so directly and unselfishly when considering the reality of the position held by you in all that is currently underway. That is a huge and most generous gesture on your part and confirms more firmly for me the wonderful man that you are. More and more each day I realize what an incredible honour it is to know and communicate with you. Thank you so much John.

    2. We are all just individual people. Each just contributing to help try to make a difference. There are no White Hats here, just Global consciences, and people who try.
      No place for egos here.
      We are all, ordinary people, just some in extraordinary positions and needing the respect for all our fellow people to use it well. Our role is to be, and stay, humble.

      Otherwise we morph into the very parasitical Elitist trash we need to remove. We either help mankind, or help ourselves.

      We take nothing with us, bar what we chose to become.
      To serve others is quiet, discrete honour enough. No egos here. All are equal. All matter.

    3. That was beautiful. Thank you John for all that you do and are.

  59. This is how you make lemonade out of lemons....


  60. BOMBSHELL, Haitian President said Hillary tried to bribe him he has documented proof. Former Haitian President of Senate is speaking out to tell the truth about Clinton Foundation at a Trump event! The former president said that Clinton was trying to buy him. She tried to appeal to him (bribe him).

    She defrauded the people of Haiti. He spent 4 hours with Bill Richardson to tell Bill Clinton not to invade Haiti. A week later the embassy called him and told him that Bill Clinton has a messenger for him. He came and told him to sign with Bill Clinton, join his movement and Clinton will make him the richest man in Haiti. He told him he is a principled man and he will not sell out. He just challenged Trump to ask Hillary Clinton to publish the audit of all the money they have stolen from Haiti in 2010. He is explaining it very detailed.

  61. Very inspirational comment John, I hope 3, & 4 reveal as much as 1,& 2

  62. US Admits It Made A Mistake After Syria Accuses Coalition Of Killing 62 Soldiers In Act Of "Blatant Aggression"

    Valdi: A genuine mistake; the two F16's and A10 "Warthogs" were aiming for a civilian hospital and school.

  63. Replies
    1. Texian,

      I've worked in Intensive Care. The Progress Notes appear to be genuine and compiled by a medical professional. It's not possible to confirm whether they are Hillary's actual notes, those of another patient or completely made up. One thing's for sure following the use of Hillary's body double and blue-screened appearance at North Carolina - the real Hillary is not available; either because she is too ill, already dead or has been arrested.

      Here is Jim Stone's assessment which may be close to the truth:

      "September 18 2016 (posted late on the 17th)
      I hate to say it, but it looks like there might be war with Russia

      1. Here is how it all started: Hillary got arrested last Sunday (if not arrested, incapacitated) and they blue screened her in North Carolina, no ifs or buts. Even the trolls are admitting it was blue screen now because of the glitches, which they can't argue against in any way whatsoever, so their fall back is that Yes it was blue screen why does that matter? Well, it matters BIG TIME in the real world.

      2. With Hillary no longer available in the real world to kick off world war 3, the U.S. openly attacked Syrian troops and killed between 63 and 200 of them (reports vary), along with a few Russians, possibly to get the war going early while Barack Obama is still in power because they know Trump won't start a war.

      3. As a result of the attacks, Russia has gone to the U.N. stating in unambiguous terms that ISIS is a defacto branch of the U.S. military.

      4. The United States pulled out of the U.N. security council over the comments by Russia, which would be done as a precursor to war. CNN blacked out over this.

      5. To squelch all sympathy for Muslims in the run up to a huge war, a rash of pipe bombings in the name of Islam were set off on the East coast, and a gasoline pipeline was probably attacked as well.

      6. NOT A HOAX AS TROLLS ARE SAYING: "Russia is demanding a full and detailed explanation for the attacks on its forces in Syria from Washington, along with an explanation for the U.S. supporting ISIS. That explanation must be given at the UN Security Council."

      Rather than give an explanation, Samantha Powers instead opted to insult Russia, which triggered a walk out. So things got interesting. They even did a machete attack at a mall in Canada to frame up Muslims. Pipe bombs here, machetes there, and let's all wait for act 3.

      All of this is, as I see it, probably a jump start to war after Hillary was eliminated for one reason or another at the 911 ceremony. They have to get it done before Trump gets in. They tried desperately to take Trump out by saying Trump poisoned her, but that was a laugh that did not fly. So now we have this."

      Valdi: Please could sanity be restored as soon as possibe?

    2. I've seen viewed a pretty convincing video analyzing the amazing video from 9/11 that just "Happened" to be filmed. It seems it may have been a mannequin being loaded into the van. That makes more sense to me. How could someone have filmed it without secret service shielding better than they did or just getting in front of person filming? Why wasn't it jerky? Many indications it was a photoshopped video put up on YouTube.

      Then there's another scenario that's very possible in these cartoon capers....what about "Exit Stage Left?"

      Hillary – Health Drama…Or Planned Escape?

  64. Tex, I'd love to hear what dr's say about this but a few things don't add up for me:
    1. to have encephalopathy and pneumonia and be in a benzo infusion - it is difficult to imagine she'd be conscious so how could she speak to anyone? Pneumonia isn't a cold, you are bed ridden and very ill.
    2. Why the tracheostomy?
    3. An obvious error: Arousable vs Rousable. The former refers to being sexually aroused, the latter refers to level of consciousness. Drs do not make that error.
    4. The progress report, while using medical terms and links things together pretty well, aren't written in standard format of a formal review or typical progress note that I have seen. Of course I'm only going on Australia as my experience in this area.

    I am wondering if this is disinfo. I'd go with the vascular dementia / parkinsonian perspective rather than this infective immune system perspective, especially as she is on a benzo infusion.

    Valdi or any other drs care to comment?

    1. AJ, I was thinking these notes were written by nursing staff, not by a doctor. She would be vented for the hypoxia caused by severe pneumonia and on a benzo-drip to sedate her and possibly prevent seizures. I wouldn't place too much emphasis on the semantic difference between the terms 'arousable' and 'aroused', having seen what some nurses write in their progress notes - although with Hillary's past sexual history, one can never tell, lol.

      Some comments don't gel which one wouldn't expect to see in a progress report, such as mention of her talk with Anderson Cooper of CNN; it seems like this was cobbled together by someone anxious to get the word out. I doubt it was an attendant physician. Also, it's not the Mayo Clinic but supposedly an ITU in Chelsea's condominium.

  65. US Led Coalition Airstrike Kills 80 Syrian Soldiers; Emergency UN Meeting Called!
    Published on Sep 17, 2016
    Sub for more: | US Led Coalition Airstrike Kills 80 Syrian Soldiers

    1. Someone really wants WWIII. Pray cooler heads prevail. If I were Putin, I'd activate the S400 batteries and tell the coalition to get the hell out of Syria. They were never invited and have no right to be there.

    2. Valdi, the PTW need war to continue. It's praying that Mr. Putin has that cooler head, knowing these are the last days for such atrocities.

    3. P, that's why they don't want Trump as President, either, in case they don't get a war to cover their crimes, fill their coffers and on which to blame the economic collapse.

  66. Powerful Blast Injures at least 29 in Manhattan; Second device Found

    Valdi: Half a mile from Chelsea Clinton's apartment. Coincidence, much? A distraction while Hillary was moved out? How long will this charade continue? Will the Presidential race be continued with a plastic, inflatable, rotating Hillary elected into the White House? You just can't make it up.

  67. China deploys 2nd space lab into low Earth orbit (VIDEO)

    China has successfully launched the Tiangong-2 space laboratory into low orbit in the latest step of the country’s cosmic ambitions to build a permanent modular space station. It may become humankind's only space hub after the ISS retires next decade.

    1. China is now slowly taking over as Eurasias SuperPower. End of days Washington.
      Who feeds the 990 plus bases of Global marauding troughing Pigs and Contractors?

    2. The rolling out of Washington ridicule continues as the gruesome, deviant, abysmally criminal, low class Clinton's continue to evade Justice while a submissive FBI, and slop bucket Justice system, allows this abysmal Trailer Park Trash to continue posing as US Royalty.

      America is abundant with Patriotic and talented people. Why are you all not ashamed and screaming Not In Our Name! They don't represent you or care about you. In fact, they despise you as weak. To them, you deserve to be victims of population reduction because you allow it.

      America was the worlds greatest 20th Century Industrial nation. A powerhouse.

      Now it's just a 60 year old flatuent whore street posing as a bang for a Buck.See how many bypass it?

      Change the model. Stop whoremongering with Americas future, its people deserve better.

      The Vatican Jesuits plan is to bankrupt America, to bring down the Protestants, and remove their Eternal Arch Enemy the Jews. They wish to finish what Hitler started. Now the Fourth Reich Cabal marches you to it again.

      As Europe in 1936 ignored the warnings it repeats again. The FEMA camps are just holiday camps, the Red Zone marshalling yards with train tracks are not for public display????? Just the end of YOUR line! The windowless buildings with visible vast tubes are for what? High tech processing.

      Ex Jesuit boy Trump is the best of 2 appaling choices for America. Neither fit for office.

      The President is supposed to be the zenith of the best of American ideals and integrity. The ultimate model of Americas finest. These 2???????

  68. Anyone else confused also? So which Hitlary is this??? LOL! I do realize it's not kind to laugh at pathetic creatures, but this is such a clown show...more Clinton Cartoon Capers!

    ‘Zombie Hillary’ responds to NYC bombing sounding ‘drugged’, looking sickly

    1. Texian, look at the comments below and also following the ABC15 Arizona video of her speech in North Carolina (or more likely, the Rita Katz Studios). 78 'Likes' against 1353 'Dislikes'. Hillary for President? way.

    2. Getting crazier by the day!

  69. Harvard MBA who exposed financial fraud at GE and AIG says Bill and Hillary are the richest couple in America with hidden assets of over $100 Billion

  70. The US Government cannot withstand the disclosure of much more
    vidence that proves so much ongoing corruption, premeditated
    murder, grand theft, warmongering, misappropriation of tax
    revenue and other extremely serious law-breaking.
    The whole world has been treated to an unprecedented spate of disclosures regarding high crimes and felonies perpetrated by the highest levels of American Government. These unparalleled crimes have been committed by individuals in high office as well as by the institution known as the U.S. Government

    These crimes range from genocide to crimes against humanity, from war crimes to acts of terrorism, from unprovoked acts of aggression against sovereign nations to outright theft of foreign national property. The true list is actually endless and only grows longer with each successive hack.

    What follows is a short list of truly dramatic revelations which have occurred in 2016. Each of these compilations constitutes highly organized criminal activity at a level which far exceeds the petty corruption associated with Watergate. So, why is none of it ever prosecuted? The Millenium Report

    1. It's never prosecuted because the judges, courts, law enforcement....literally everything posing as American's actually a cabal, mostly foreign-owned corporation with sub corporations/franchises. There is NO ONE to initiate any prosecutions. This is all what Judge Anna has been practically standing on her head to try to inform Americans and those who want to blame Americans for all the violence and thievery committed in our names. The U.K. has also been complicit in this long-standing fiasco as has France, The Vatican and others. The BAR Associations, and other corporate structures have raped and pillaged the world and continue unabated to do so. Obviously the Pope's Motu Proprio of Jul 2013 requiring the corporations to come into compliance within their charters or be liquidated by Jul 2016 was just another false promise from The dastardly Vatican to clean up the mess they created!

      We need the White Hats, good military and anyone else with weaponry to finally step in and take these critters down in as peaceful means as possible. It's obvious they are not going to step aside without...let's call it insistence.

  71. Russia Vitaly Churkin response on Obama actions in Syria [full speech]

    1. Terry601,

      Vitaly Churkin was struggling to compose himself following Samantha Power's speech attacking Russia and the Assad "regime":

  72. Not as important as current topics, but for those following the Theranos saga, more nails for the coffin...

  73. Wars must stop. They are an incredible waste of resources and funds designed to funnel everybody's money (except the 1%) into technology to kill instead of bettering life here.

    1. Part 4 of the Jesuit exposure will take you beyond the Vatican LUCIFER telescope into Transhumanism,and Jesuit NWO plans to simply remove the surplus stock species beyond the c500M approved to live.
      The odds are most won't tick the enhancement approval boxes any way,so will be considered unsuitable to sustain.

      Things could get far worse than you realise. The Jesuits are not sleeping like the Sheeple you are being lined up and set up. Worse, clueless. Part 4 will help jump start a lot of Sleepers. We care. But 6 M walked into the Camps in WW11 too stupid to see what was coming. Still they never learn.

      6 B would be processed if NWO succeeds. 275 M Americans alone would go.
      What? See, now they get it! It needs a crow bar but it does sink in.
      Not personal, just helping give you a reality lead.
      They will cure pollution by removing the polluters. Real intent!
      Jesuit command is targeting the Singularity. What would the Sheeple know, or care? Until the knock on the door. 1941 again.

  74. If this has been posted already, apologies. Considering body doubles, clones, etc anything is possible.

    Sept 14, 2016

    1. Can't watch P. Did a cut paste into google search but it doesn't bring up anything?

    2. Crazy! I am law enforcement and this is totally the wrong conclusion. I blew up the video and something fell but not from her pants leg. It does disturb me when this misinformation is widely distributed. Please be more responsible in your accusations.

    3. MWP, I just copied the title and found it right away. Sure makes you wonder. The slower motion helps.

    4. Maybe I can help as I have arrest over 1k criminals. She is leaning with her hands behind her back to support herself against the pole.
      It is unknown what fell but yes something did. I blew the video up and you can clearly see the object come into site about 1 inch above the bottom of her pant leg.
      What I did find suspicious is a man comes from the other side of her and crosses in front of her. I am unable to tell if he has something in his hand, but it appears to be.
      As he reaches to help her you can see the item in question fall at her foot. I believe he had something he dropped. Did he pull the top off of a siringe?
      You would have been able to see a chain from her foot if it had been shackles.
      I am one that would love it had she been "bagged". But it doesn't seem to be so.

  75. Hello john

    It would be helpful if you could create an abstract or summary statement for your articles

    An abstract is what most academic writers use. It is a tightly crafted blurb about what is in your much longer piece.

    An abstract helps cue the reader about what concepts will be presented and their interrelationships.

    Further, a reader can reread the abstract at a later date and refresh his or het memory about your salient points, leading to greater recall.

    Thanks for your consideration

    1. I will try when possible. My life is 30 hours a day committed. Before I even do the OWON part.

    2. Perhaps UNKNOWN will volunteer to create the Cliff Note's version for you after each article is published!

    3. Wholeheartedly agree there Texian.

  76. Many of these reviews of Kaine & Hillary's book "Stronger Together" are hilarious. They reminded me of much that there is to love about America, once the beacon of freedom and hope for the oppressed of the world: classic Hollywood, Motown, New Orleans' jazz, Country & Western, beefburgers, Disney, Harley-Davidsons, Cadillacs, blue jeans, NFL cheerleaders, Ben and Jerry's ice cream... I could go on. Please bring America back, the America we all loved.

    Stronger Together

    I liked this review: "Nothing new here. The book is full of lies, just like Hillary. I'm leaving a five star review so I don't get straight up murdered." Haha. Check out the reviewers' images.

    1. What a laugh! Thanks for posting that...not to be missed. A few folks know what's going on!

  77. The people have awoken:

    300,000 Join Massive Protests In Germany Against US-EU Corporate Trade Deals

    Hundreds of thousands took to city streets across Germany on Saturday as they marched against a pair of corporate-backed trade deals they say will undermine democracy, attack workers and local economies, and accelerate the threats posed by corporate hegemony and global warming.

    Taking aim at both the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), European Union deals with the United States and Canada respectively, opponents say the agreements are not really concerned with expanding trade but rather increasing corporate power.

    “CETA and TTIP threaten environmental and consumer protection for millions of people in Europe and North America,” said Jennifer Morgan, co-executive director of Greenpeace International. “These agreements will weaken food safety laws, environmental legislation, banking regulations and undermine the sovereign powers of nations.”

  78. New SCANDAL, Clinton's EXPOSED: Stolen Quake Funds & Haiti Invasion - Trump asked to AUDIT.
    Published on Sep 18, 2016

    Former Haitian Senator exposes Clinton Foundation invasion of
    Haiti - Asks TRUMP to have CLINTON FOUNDATION AUDIT for "STOLEN" HAITI QUAKE FUNDS which belong to the People of HAITI.

    1) VIDEO: Haitian President EXPOSES the Clinton Foundation: "Hillary Clinton tried to bribe me!"

  79. Fair amount of entertainment value after the Wikileaks report. October looks good for a large amount of damaging new data concerning Hillary.

    ALERT: WIKILEAKS: New DNC Leaks Blow Hillary’s Health and Obama’s Corruption Wide Open

    Published on Sep 15, 2016
    New DNC Leaks Blow Hillary’s Health and Obama’s Corruption Wide Open!
    The new leaks show that Obama operated a “pay to play” scheme for ambassadorships and other positions and also imply that Hillary has a life-threatening condition called sinus thrombosis.

    List of donors:

  80. John I'd like to talk about education, I think this is a passion we may share.

    Being part of the uni environment these days, it's become clear to me that the paradigm of knowledge transfer is undermining us. We can do so much more.

    When you look at the SOLO taxonomy or Bloom's taxonomy it it obvious that our assessment of students should be based on wisdom and not recall. Wisdom is about how to use knowledge, and it can't be cheated. It comes from doing and using, experience. I encourage you to just check the SOLO taxonomy and pass it on. The blue jpg. You'll know it when you see it. It is the key.

    Our current system is "knowledge transfer + assessment". Our new system needs to be totally knowledge independent. Those who set assessment need to set open book style assessments, you can Google knowledge, but not wisdom. Students should be able to spend whatever time they need to learn how to use the knowledge and show wisdom in each area.

    Our education 'system' needs to change to a wisdom-based approach. Cheating would be impossible. Our young adults would come out knowing how to do, not repeat.

    I'm sure there are many here who'd support you in this if it is a part of your efforts as I suspect it is.

    1. AJ

      Agreed on above and look at Einsteins own deliberations on the learning process.

    2. Andy,
      Yes! Our son was a regional director for a company and was involved in hiring managers and representatives for the region. Interview process he developed and called "EQ"....looking for emotional intelligence. If prospect could take a set of facts, prioritize, analyze and determine best action, that's the employee he was looking for. He was never disappointed in people hired using that method. Schools don't train for that now. Some people have much emotional intelligence (common sense) naturally and others are almost devoid. Rote memory is not even close.

  81. Merkel right now is being hammered in the German elections as the people rebel against floods of illegals, and tell her this is NOT your country to give away. Immigration is killing her. It is collapsing the EU. We need guarded borders. No free movement, it's madness.


    Julian Assange Drops Bombshell Involving Murder on Hillary Clinton


    The following article continues to cover a topic that many in the alternative media have tried to cover (myself included), but it’s a topic that our absurdly biased mainstream media refuses to cover, because they are bought and paid for by the Democrat Party. The issue I am talking about yet again, is how 67 former associates of the Clinton’s have wound up dead after becoming adversaries of the Clinton’s.

    Let’s be clear: This is not a myth, and this is not a “conspiracy theory.” The names of the deceased are all listed below, starting with the six most recent deaths over the last seven weeks. I assure you their families don’t take their deaths as lightly as the mainstream media does. The articles detail the mysterious deaths of the former Clinton associates, followed by a video from AMTV covering the information from the articles listed that all deal with the 67 former Clinton associates now dead.

  83. U.S. Federal Government Coming Apart At The Seams as New Corruption & Law-Breaking Revealed.

    Published on Sep 18, 2016
    U.S. Federal Government Coming Apart At The Seams - New Scandals,Corruption and Law-Breaking Revealed.
    - Latest $6.5 trillion "UNACCOUNTED FOR"
    - "The US Government cannot withstand the disclosure of much more evidence that proves so much ongoing corruption, remeditated murder, grand theft, warmongering, misappropriation of tax revenue and other extremely serious law-breaking."

  84. Mark Cuban is an influential man. He did support Trump and now had loudly changed to supporting Hitlery and, in a widely read rag, Bloomberg.

    Read why:

  85. Russia Condemns Obama’s Decision to Conduct Illegal Air Strikes against Syrian Forces, Washington’s Objective was to Protect ISIS Terrorists
    “It is highly suspicious that the United States chose to conduct this particular air strike at this time,” Russia’s ambassador Vitaly Churkin said.

    “It was quite significant and not accidental that it happened just two days before the Russian-American arrangements were supposed to come into full force,” Churkin added.

    “The beginning of work of the Joint Implementation Group was supposed to be September 19. So if the US wanted to conduct an effective strike on Al-Nusra or ISIS, in Deir ez-Zor or anywhere else, they could wait two more days and coordinate with our military and be sure that they are striking the right people.”

    “Instead they chose to conduct this reckless operation,”

    “So it may well be, one has to conclude, that the airstrike has been conducted in order to derail the operation of the Joint Implementation Group and actually prevent it from being set in motion,” …

    Were I One to bet, I would almost be willing to bet that such US/Israeli/Australian attacks against Syrian forces, and perhaps - soon - against Russian forces in Syria- will be happening as well.

    The goal of these attacks will be to goad Russia into a military response against US military assets, and the moment that happens, we will be looking at war with Russia

    Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never #ixzz4Kj6p8mpw


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