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Move over, Terminator: Russia rolls out Vikhr Combat Robot

OWON: Now a new war comes of machines versus man. All ready to use now against US Contractors and Terrorist groups.

Combat tested in Syria. A wide variety of weapons systems tested and analyzed for refinement and feedback. Lessons learnt quickly adapted across their inventory and incorporated into production. All ready to roll out the US / NATO body bags.

Move over, Terminator: Russia rolls out Vikhr Combat Robot

Sputnik News
10 September 2016

As self-sufficient combat systems gradually become more common and transition from the realm of sci-fi movies, Russia has unveiled the Vikhr robotic system which to a certain extent looks like the T1-8 from the film Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

There is, however, a tangible difference: the Russian Vikhr already exists, unlike its fictional analogue, and was exhibited during the Army-2016 forum near Moscow. It was terrifying to see the robot’s turret moving and aiming automatically – no tech-noir movie can hold a candle to it.

The 14.7-ton Vikhr is a scout-attack unit tasked with engaging ground and aerial targets, reinforcing operations, protecting strategic facilities and decreasing human losses. “This is a robotic system. It means, it can be either controlled by an operator or accomplish certain tasks autonomously. For example, it can reach a set destination without any human control and avoid obstacles on its own,” Dmitry Bogdanov, deputy CEO at the Sevastopol-based Impulse-2 Scientific and Technical Center, told Sputnik.

The robot is based on the BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle’s track, has an action radius of 600 kilometers and can move at a speed of 60kmph on land and 10kmph in water.

The Vikhr is armed with a 30mm automatic cannon 2A72 (500 shells), a coaxial 7.62mm machinegun (2,000 rounds) and six anti-tank guided missiles Kornet-M (three on each side of the turret), touted as the best in the world in their class.

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  1. I thought weapons and war were going to end on this planet

  2. Samantha
    Yes, when America stops illegally invading nations for profits and regime changes, and stops murdering millions as well as arming training and funding ISIS to keep its Defence Contracts fat, then our poor world has no chance. Until the world closes their bases and packs them off, we have a world under siege Articles 2 , 2 and 4 coming up will show you how its all going to end unless we stop the US dead. America IS the cause of 98% of all wars and why nations have to fight to stop US terrorism. America IS the Ugly face of world Imperialism. Rendition centers and Clinton.


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