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  2. Hey John,

    Do you mean the Paris comment? Lol. As if!!!

    1. I thought it was a lovely curve ball he would not see coming. Fun for the family. Laugh at life, it's not serious.This is only a pit stop. you will see.
      But I agree.
      Why let him watch free? Bums on seats need to be paying. Lol
      Another curve ball. Just take it all in humour.
      Italy has illegals problems. Do Paris or London, much safer this time.

    2. Okay, that was funny! I don't take much seriously anymore other than surviving the upcoming tsunami. Life's too short.

      Paris used to be lovely. London is fun! Maybe I'll just come visit YOU! Kidding, don't worry.

      I would be going on a genealogical trip to find any existing relatives in Southern Italy. I'm just a fraction Italian, as recently discovered, so don't hold it against me okay? Lol.

      Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it.

    3. Cal Girl

      That part I take it was by a Nun.Was it with or without consent? Lol

    4. You could be right, but that's what I'm trying to find out. Lol.

    5. If you find the link, teach the family to teach their daughters how to wash stains from dresses. So your great grandmother Nun had to confess Beny Dictus?

    6. You are so naughty sometimes. Had to refer back to the Latin Mass days for that one. Your humour knows no language barriers, John.(smile) Probably just Communion wine stains from Mass, or not??? Lol.

  3. EX CIA Agent Pissed at James Comey! Undercover CIA Will Hurd Confronts FBI Director

    Published on Jul 30, 2016
    EX CIA Agent Pissed at James Comey: Undercover CIA Will Hurd Confronts FBI Director.

    On 7/7/16 Congressman Will Hurd who is an ex undercover CIA Officer got pissed at James Comey for not recommending indictment of Hillary Clinton over her private email server scandal. Will Hurd makes us realize the severity of the extremely classified and confidential information found and transmitted through Hillary Clinton's private email and private server; which were completely unprotected and lacked even the basic security of a regular email account available to the general public. CIA spies and operatives could have gotten caught, tortured, and killed because of Hillary Clinton's actions. FBI Director James Comey doesn't provide a satisfying answer Will Hurd's concerns.

    Fox News - Congressman Will Hurd (EX CIA AGENT) - FBI Director James Comey Testimony - July 7, 2016

  4. Your site has an ever growing Global following as all read your comments daily. Your voices are heard and YOU are the voices of the people. YOU all are the real news. The freedom site of Real Leaders talking. You matter, so do your views.

  5. A very guarded comment. Those linked to the West Coast Teams may find a sudden Week-End move when least expected. Just watch the space, can't say more. If and when will be off radar and fast. Special deals would be done without disturbing the markets, and volumes satisfied. If any public chances are created we will advise when safe to do so.

    1. Good to hear, John. I really hope that move happens over the weekend. We all are rooting for you and the Elders, John. Stay Strong.

  6. Wikileaks DNC Voicemails Confirm Racketeering For Hillary Clinton
    Aug 1 2016

  7. Thank you P. The more we can all do to expose Clinton for the dangerous, treacherous and lying psychopath she is, the better. As the disgraceful and disgusting US media betrays the nation, any truth to protect the culture and freedoms of the American people can only be saved by civil resistance and cooperating parties who do care about Democracy exposing truth for all.

    Obama has been a disastrous economic failure for America. This dysfunctional Clown has pursued a reckless Immigration policy allowing vast numbers of unchecked Muslims to flow in. With it crime and depravity. The last thing America or the word needs now is an unhinged lunatic like Clinton in office.She is a criminal and deranged mental case who needs to be doing life in Belle View not the Oval office. Every effort needs to be made to expose this dangerous crock and wake up the stupid. The Democrats did enough harm with lying O Bumma. They knew and betrayed America. They are- Unfit for office.

  8. What The Media Is Not Telling You About The Muslim Who Attacked Donald Trump: He Is A Muslim Brotherhood Agent Who Wants To Advance Sharia Law And Bring Muslims Into The United States

    1. No, on Fulford it was explained that there was no attack, just a retired military guy wandering around a Trump Tower with an unmarked gun. Not a muslim. Unless we're talking about different incidents, in which case, I apologize.

  9. The FBI agent, discussing Hillary Clinton:

    FBI Anon on 4chan - Just the Q&A
    July 2, 2016

  10. 7000 Turkish Forces With Heavy Equipment Surround US Air Base In Turkey
    Published on Aug 1, 2016

    Sub for more: | Walid ShowBat reports, The massive presence of pro-Erdogan armed police supported by heavy vehicles enforced a lock down at the Incirlik base means that no one from inside the base is allowed entry and no one allowed exit.

  11. look out the Keenan team is going to save us all.

    s e c u r i n g . t h e . g l o b a l . a c c o u n t s

    About Neil’s Mission
    History & Events Timeline
    Sign Up To Volunteer

    Internal Secrets: New Financial
    System To Save The World
    From The Globalist / Obama
    Doomsday Plan:
    A Real Ball Of Confusion
    August 1, 2016 / Keenan Team | GroupK / 29 Comments

    Another Piece of the Pie

    The New Financial System

    Depopulation Agenda Continues – EMP Attack Planned for North America

    UN Would Decide Who Eats and Who Starves (Obama signed the orders if that means anything)

    A Call to Action

    For seven long years plus Neil Keenan has chased the Cabal / Globalist thieves around the world in his attempt to bury them. With one swift stroke of a pen Kathy M., who is Ray C. Dam’s right hand, corrected many wrongs.

    Neil now has the information he needed to move forward in many respects.

    The re-filing of the Financial Tyranny Lawsuit was never so far away, and this action pretty much puts what happened and how in its proper perspective.

    The re-filing of this lawsuit is the much needed action that will take down Western Tyranny, and it seems as though it has done exactly what Ben Fulford and David Wilcock stated years ago.

    The Exclusive Meeting of Three

    As most of us are now aware, Neil recently took a business trip when invited to attend an important meeting. The requirement was so urgent that the initiators of the meeting sent their own private jet. Under heavy security Neil and M2 met with one of the leading figures at the very top of the Globalist / NWO movement.

    For those who would like additional detail, Neil thought that this trip was going to take him to Switzerland but it actually took him to a much closer destination. Security was 60+ strong and the meeting took place in a very secure Hotel where no more than four people ever sat together at any one time.

    One of the key items on the agenda at this meeting was to discuss the establishment of a New Financial System such as Neil has been moving toward with the assistance of his associates and friends.

    Much of the basis for this meeting is the established matter that Neil will have access to (not ownership of) between 400,000 and 600,000 metric tons of Gold to create the foundations for a solid world financial system that will keep us all alive and well, and it will replace the former NWO / Globalist / Cabal system. (Meanwhile there are others who wish Neil would use the access he has to prop up the old system. He has far easier options than helping the World which would not cost him a cent).

    According to Neil, this would mean no more FIATs and goodbye to the Western Bankers; there will be no World Bank, IMF or BIS.

    Also there would be two home bases: One in Asia which will hold the Assets, and the other will be in Europe which will represent the West.

    1. Between that Dam stuff and Kim Goguens games, dream on. Both have wreaked havoc with a trail of wreckage. All this will end up with is Dam all. It's all old hat. Sure, the Universe moves to collect them. Scooping up is one thing, but that's only Poop scooping.
      They know nothing and have access to nothing. They will be allocated- nothing. If you rated then from zero to 100, zero is far too high.

    2. The alleged Hilton-Green agreement that Keenan keeps waving as the source for this Ray C. Dam stuff is BOGUS. Kennedy never signed in BEFORE he died.

  12. Independent Media Heads to New York to Confront NBC Over MSM Lies
    Aug 3, 2016

    ...yet another provable lie circulated by anonymous military sources through their propaganda arm, the US mainstream media. This story is a pretty straightforward example of a psyop designed to be spread throughout Turkey and used to defuse the Turkish public’s violent counter reaction to the coup.

    Read More:

  13. European bank rebound not enough to save world stocks from further losses
    Aug 3, 2016

    World stocks fell for a third straight day on Wednesday, depressed by growing nervousness surrounding central bank policy and the spike in world bond yields, although European bank shares rebounded after two major earnings reports.

    Read More:

  14. Judge orders key Bundy evidence in Bunkerville case withheld from the public
    July 16, 2016

  15. * Khan happens to be Muslim lawyer Hitlary hired to trash Trump from the DNC stage last week.


    OK, this is TOO BIG to ignore now:

    Fat chance it will matter with our kangaroo banana/4th world government and court system, but here goes:
    Hillary got busted AGAIN - Hillary's E-mail server was set up by a wealthy lawyer Muslim, *(Khizr Khan) with deeply rooted foreign interests. Ok, so what? well, Khizr Khan's law firm handled Hillary's taxes, too. And Kahn's law firm works closely with the government of Saudi arabia. And after getting busted, Kahn deleted his law firm's entire web site.

    Yep. All too cool. And as people look into what makes Hillary tick, more and more people end up dead. The Clinton body count has risen YET AGAIN, with the murder of an American Free Press journalist who happened to be investigating Hillary. Same old "self inflicted gunshot wound" crap we see so much of from the Clintons.

    UPDATE: Prominent AFP Clinton Researcher Found Dead


  16. Deceased FBI Agent Found At Trump Tower With Silenced Pistol

    August 2nd, 2016 – Brian Michael (New York)

    A source within the NYPD has reported that an armed 62 year old man tried to sneak in to the Trump Tower late Tuesday night. Interestingly the suspect who was found with a semi-automatic handgun fitted with a silencer has been identified as Barry Lee Bush, a former Newark NJ FBI agent who has been dead since 2007.

    A Secret Service agent discovered Bush after he had circumvented a security partition on the bottom floor of the Trump Tower. Questioned by Secret Service at the scene, Bush who initially identified himself as Barry Franklyn, remained silent offering no explanation for why he broke security at the Trump Tower.

  17. If the Donald, as is rumoured, drops out of a rigged election what then for Cabal country? Do they really elect another criminal after the Kenyan Usurper Con Man? America, has become a nation of Wallmarts voters running DC. Welfare checks and food stamps, sign as directed.
    Why don't thinking Americas re address the Demos as the Dummies. Mass advertising let it catch on. Why vote for Dummies? A vote for the Dummie party is a wasted vote. Humour works Trump that. Car stickers, do Dummies deserve a vote? Run advert send ups of the Dummie party. Ending only those too stupid to vote chose to vote stupid.
    If Trump drops out because of rigging, what then? The Hitlery Freak walks it?

    1. He won't drop out. Nothing bur rumor really; a psych-op of sorts from the establishment if you will.

      Oh and John, can you do me a favor by toning down calling Americans dummies?
      We were smart enough to win the American Revolution. And from across the pond it absolutely doesn't look like Brits are ad perfect as you try to depict.

    2. Constitutionalist,
      If you don't vote for Clinton,how does it apply to you? My case is the current Demo Dummies. A good case.

    3. I would not vote for Hillary if they paid me and I am/was a Democrat. I am extremely glad that Assange revealed her perfidious nature, but seeing nobody doing anything about it is really getting my ass chapped.

    4. Dems are fine if good ones, but this whole sewer pack bunch? The lot needs sanitising. Then correct, a free vote. No issues, but first, rodents out.

    5. I agree that the party needs to be cleaned up. It is filled with liars and cheats at present. However, when people who serve well-deserved lawsuits end up dead as do witnesses, the likelihood is low until things actually blow up. Everybody seems to forget that HITLER was supported by a coalition of BANKSTERS. His "plans" and empire building were their plans. The parallels are SO DAMN OBVIOUS including the behavior of Hillary's Brown Shirts, the false flags against Trump (and I don't even like Trump, but at least I am fair) and the rest of the calculated pseudo-Reichstag activity staged by the DNC. The problem is far too many people do not read history.

    6. Why do we even need 'parties'? Seems to me that's where the evil starts. Political parties are just a half step better than secret societies. As it is, the same entities control the parties and there is no difference. Now Ryan being supported with Clinton cash. That should tell you all you need to know about parties.

  18. Putin's Revenge?

    A Syrian town was attacked by a helicopter dropping toxic gas just hours after a Russian chopper was shot down nearby killing all five on board, local rescuers have claimed.
    Graphic pictures yesterday showed the burning remains of a Russian helicopter which crashed down in Idlib province before a crew member's body was dragged through the dirt.
    The Kremlin claimed the aircraft had been returning from war-torn Aleppo after delivering humanitarian aid.
    Hours later another chopper was seen dropping containers of toxic gas on the nearby town of Saraqeb affecting 33 people - mostly women and children. Syria Civil Defence workers, who went to the scene of the attack, said they suspected it was chlorine but could not verify that.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  19. Say hello to Southeast Asia’s New Silk Roads

    A good article tying up the south china sea business and quite big picture. Of course its way above the heads of the MSM.

    1. AJ

      We will cover all of this for you after we hopefully conclude what is in very high level dialogue.
      Imagine , IF,a Private, very private Brit did a JV directly with the Elders vast assets, and instead of a Rotten Child's family, instead one of ancient lineage and acceptable to the Elders, one who the Elders see as Visionary and no fools, IF such a party then ran the whole new show? One highly Politically connected, but free to chose. One with OWON vision. Understand? This group would then OWN everything in the chain, but for good. It's also, very much in play. I can't say more. You connect the dots. The video?

    2. Understood and dots connected. So let's make this happen ASAP. Easier said than done of course, but awesome that it is very much in play.

      Here's an extra "L" for good luck.

      Cal L. Girl

    3. Call read my last response to you re Benny and the Italian side. Lol

    4. Connecting dots has always been a favourite past-time. I especially like the ones that need almost all the dots connected before the big picture emerges - gives a great sense of satisfaction to get it ahead of 'the masses'. Ditto Cal L. Girl's comment.

    5. My Girl56 you won't have a problem getting it. Lol

    6. Its very exciting. Vietnam has a 200B gdp and 100M people while its currebcy is at 20,000:1. Even at 5,000:1 its gdp equals Australia's with a middle class 5 times larger. Watching with interest. The high speed trains give joy to the boy within me :))))

      For what it's worth pls pass on my good luck and support.

    7. AJ

      So what IF you got a Dong rate of 1.2 and a Dinar rate of 5.3? Just "Guessing"??? But are you in the big battalions or Sovereigns to get it?
      The public? Who knows. Good luck AJ. Dream big. Watch this site.

    8. John,

      What is a big battalion? Is your money already in Reno and counted if you are in a group? Just curious as I am not in any group. The only groups I have heard of are Admirals and Generals 64. How many groups are there?

    9. It's not how big it is but how you use it apparently. I'll come out swingin don't worry. Community effect will be key to my decisions.

    10. JV
      Think Reno or Sovereigns. There is no infrastructure planned or time for the rest. 4 or 5 large groups plus the Sovereigns does the job. The rest, who knows? Or how they can get out. At least with Dongs you have some existing structure. Dinars it's a quandary. The details for Public issues are still in debate. The Public holdings are small inconsequential amounts,so do they try to accommodate it over time,or just view it as a S*** fly swarm and spray it.
      The Big Battalions are the ones who got organised and went into syndicates ready to do mass volume redemptions. They sit with audited mass volumes ready.They and the Sovereigns are first. They mass convert in Reno. Done.

    11. AJ

      Hhmmm, you obviously have not met Slack Alice yet. Lol

  20. WikiLeaks Exposes Stunning Connection...
    Published on Aug 3, 2016

    WikiLeaks Exposes Hillary’s Stunning Connection to ISIS,
    Mainstream Media Blackout Ensues

  21. SHOCKING: Wikileaks Email Links Hillary Clinton to Bohemian Grove & Sacrifices to "MOLOCH"
    Published on Aug 3, 2016

  22. What is coming out now from Wikileaks is no surprise to those of us who have been aware. The seeds for true destruction of the world are being laid in the bankster segment.

  23. Author Victor Thorn found dead of apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound

    ed note–at this point the info is scant, but the ‘official’ story is that Victor apparently took his own life.

    Published on Aug 3, 2016

    Sub for more: | Geoff Earle for the Daily Mail UK reports Julian Assange, whose Wikileaks site published the thousands of emails that rocked the Democratic National Committee on the eve of the party's convention, says his group is in possession of 'a lot' of material related Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and that it will come out as the campaign proceeds.


    Published on Aug 3, 2016
    Sub for more: | Sputnik News reports A stress test conducted a few days ago by the European Banking Authority confirmed the poor condition of many credit institutions in Europe. Italian banks and Germany’s Deutsche Bank are doing the worst.

  26. WHA and parties Re Hudes

    Well as regards Ms Conehead EX BANK terminated employee many, many years ago, and well out of the loop, just use your own judgment and balance the statements emanating from there with reality. She is well out of any real loop action,and after her Conehead Secret Leaders controlling all fiasco, needs to keep taking the meds paddling away in the backwater S! creek she is in.

    The IMF is a small capital controlled US run semi Cabal operation. Previously run by Straus Khan, he of hotel Chamber raping and numerous sordid orgy case fame. The IMF is only a US minion of higher powers.
    Without discussing the real power play in development, the viable Global recovery Capital via Elders co family ownership, needs no IMF, BIS or US Fed. No Scumbags or Rotts operations. The parties who failed before, and lost the plot,will not be allowed to emerge as controllers of the Recovery Pot. Would you? A Chinese member is now becoming Deputy MD of the IMF, and then MD.
    New powers are taking over.

    That faeces pack have zero credibility with emergent powers behind the scenes. Each is viewed as a, sorry to put it this way- but, a Turd in the soup.
    In other words, we ain't Swallowing! Lol

    The new Global collective powers taking over behind the scenes are fully aware we need to deal with both the Cabal and the Illuminati special interests, and with full awareness of the contamination risks.
    The UK has gone for Brexit for good reason.

    As Bankers to the soon to be Emerging New World,it suits us better to take a Global view, one distanced and immune from Washington Tri Lateral interests or Vatican, Jesuit and Illuminati accords. The constantly quoted Rotts are in disarray and decline. We need no Docked Todgers playing power games. With that lot the Shivas threw the best part away by mistake at birth.

    What is playing out is part of a new Eurasian controlled design looking a century ahead. One waiting to see if we need to allow the altercation in the China Seas to send a message home or not. Is it necessary to atomise the US fleet there as a warning or not? The US fleet is just a pawn on the new board where the US has to decide if to sacrifice it or not. To determine will China really take it out? The old Bully on the block is now facing a whole new Chess Game and out played on ever more.

    They are now in retreat and need to borrow new funds to stay in the game. The Elders can wait, and will. But the US is now a Lobster in the pot. One wondering what the hell is happening to it.
    What is in play is a whole new, far bigger game plan.

    Most of the blog speculation is wrong. The new Eurasian powers neither need, nor seek exposure.

    The new Grand Plan will not be publicised, nor US controlled.
    Unlike ever before a whole new Global Game Plan is unfolding which will balance equitable interests considering all, and will no longer allow the US to swallow up such a vast proportion of Energy waste and Mineral assets, at a disproportionate cost and balance to the Global community emerging.

    The US had a century of Self Interest and blew it. Mass swamped by Hispanic and now Obama induced mass Islamic invasion, Northern America is now facing a serious Club Membership crisis. Is it fit for purpose for the new world coming? Who wants a Turd in the soup?
    New times, new thinking.
    What's cooking is pre -determined by new Chefs. Who eats and who gets the scraps. New Big Dogs decide. And they are both getting bigger and with a half century of planned education, a whole lot smarter.

  27. Anonymous GLOBAL AWAKENING Message 2016
    Published on Jul 31, 2016
    Anonymous Message 2016 - You have to watch this!
    Something big is going to happen!
    This is the latest Anonymous message to the global public.

  28. BREAKING: Massive Arrest ROCKS Hillary’s Campaign, Macau Billionaire.
    Published on Aug 4, 2016

    BREAKING: Massive Arrest ROCKS Hillary’s Campaign with Macau Billionaire Ng Lap Seng whose trial is set for early 2017.


    Published on Aug 5, 2016

    Victor Thorn and Shawn Lucas.
    - Lucas personally serving the Democratic National Committee and Debbie Wasserman Schultz with a nationwide class action lawsuit at the DNC HQ accusing the DNC and its former chairwoman of committing fraud by favoring Hillary Clinton and rigging the primary process in her favor over Bernie Sanders, was found dead from so-far “unknown causes”.

    1. Well spotted P. We have been discussing it today. So far beyond coincidence, if I raise it I get slagged for Yank bashing.

      So I say, with great sensitivity, ( for me) WTF is she still walking around for ??????????????????? Both of them!


    Published on Aug 4, 2016
    Does HILLARY CLINTON Have MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES? Terrifying Future If She Becomes President


    1. At this point it is my clinical opinion, the Hillary is suffering the downstream effects of a brain insult. Whether it was a concussion or stroke, who knows? However, she shows startle, confusion, and transient, focal seizure with minor disorientations. The fact that she covers with exaggeration and humor and that her staff shows no surprise, means these have been going on a while. Her recent speech with a startle-panic response and confused rambling requiring Secret Service input for re-orientation, is concerning. Dig up the youtube with her bobblehead exaggerated humor response post a startle-plus-seizure and look at the difference between her staff and the friendly-onlookers. It speaks volumes.

      If I were Trump, I would go after her mercilessly at debate time. If they hyper-medicate her he will eat her alive. If they don't, she will panic-startle-seize on national tv. Either way...

    2. Tino

      Any time you offer her the chance to be eaten ( alive or not) she will go for it. But just use female staffers. Lol She has Huma ( double pun intended)

      But yes, good point and lobby Trumps minders.

    3. Oh goodness, I was drinking a protein shake when I read your reply and laughed so hard... the cleanup here will take a while. :)

    4. John, John, John. I would say something about how saucy you are, but I know there would be yet another comeback. LOL

    5. Hmmm a fetish on sauces also now?

  31. In other news, a fascinating light [UFO] was filmed over the St. Louis arch. Multiple videos can be found easily and at the bottom of the web page.

    Article with video.

  32. Is it erotic Friday it's been stuck on comment 69 for the last 4 hours.

  33. It's better than national sex week ( Don't let the meat loaf ) 😎


    Published on Aug 5, 2016

  35. Canauzzie, can I ask here if anyone has any info on G64 group? I have just tried to post a more detailed inquiry on WHA and the blog isn't taking comments at present for some reason. If cleared to ask, I will post it here.

    1. Our blog is open for comments 24/7. You may have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to find the comment space for your text.

      That being said, WHA has no knowledge of G64 in terms of who is behind it, or if it is a legitimately sanctioned group. We would have to defer to our friends here for anything on that matter, if possible.

    2. Hullo WHA - I know the blog is always 'on' - for some reason when I clicked on 'post comment' I was getting a message that the comment couldn't be posted. I was logged in properly (hadn't logged out since my last comment a few days ago) but after four goes had given up. I had copied the comment so that I didn't have to rekey it, and thought I'd give it one more try before retiring for the night. Voila - posted. I know you don't know and will leave it at that as the comment 'at home' will explain. Thanks, and g'night all.

    3. And rereading this, it's about as clear as mud. Well past my bedtime, obviously. Long story short: comment would not post at WHA for whatever reason, but now has, and (I think) makes a lot more sense than what I just wrote above this. Over and out. Or rather, over and in - to bed.

    4. Re My Girl 56's comment if she is not able to access G64 does any reader have an access point to help her please?
      If this thing moves at the speed envisioned, she needs to be RWA ( I know she always is) but she needs site help of how to contact them to protect her assets and cash flow fast.
      These Groups have a Duty of Care, but there have been some absolute Monkeys down there who sold notes to fund staying in the game. Hopefully not yours.
      It would be a cruel irony to find yourselves denied a maxi gusher at this stage. Any parties with coordinate access please let MG56 know perhaps best by private email to either site,so we can help her?
      There were a lot of skanks in play so hopefully shes ok. Life has enough cruel ironies. Bill Clinton, deservedly, is married to one. What goes around comes around, and for him every day. Try starting a day facing that. Monica help???

    5. I can point MG56 in the right direction if she wishes to contact me directly.

    6. Derby girl is in the same boat can you share

    7. Ditto here Derby Girl & Fliptheboard, right direction to G64 would be greatly appreciated.
      Canauzzie, permission to share email or ask Fliptheboard if we can contact. Signed on in
      2012. Many thanks!

    8. Thank you Flip the Board.
      That is where the site cross helps all of you and the nations.
      Flip the Board if you supply Canauzzie a contact ID he can circulate it for you.

    9. Thank you John, for asking, and Flip for offering - appreciated SO much more than I can convey here.
      Canauzzie, please forward Flip's contact info to me, or mine to Flip - looks like s/he might be busy with a few of us! (If you have two email addresses for me, the one that isn't gmail would be preferred, simply because I use it more.)

    10. John,

      It was my impression from your previous post that a group in Reno would have been audited, meaning the currency is there and counted.

      G64 is just a bunch of names and emails. No currency has been audited, meaning it would put you on the same level as a public offering, albeit a very large pool of people.

      Unless, they are estimating volume for this group in Reno.

      I suppose it would be worth a shot to try to get in, but based on your comments, not sure it will help anyone.

    11. JV

      Unless G64 are totally organised then you face a complete SNAFU. In which case, why be pooling assets with no structuring?
      Parties in need to check and request clarification of full status.
      Its profiling like a Brokers paper chase.

    12. Apparently, this is the "Wells Fargo" group. So maybe something was structured, but nothing has been audited. No private contracts or SKR's have been issued. Once again, just a pool of names in some server.

      So yes...probably a paper chase.

      Then again, at this point, it's a paper chase for ALL.

    13. Just keep faith and watch your site.
      It could trigger in a heartbeat. There is so much I just cannot go public on. Huge Geopolitical implications,an army of Pentagon Grunts looking for freebies,as usual, and the Cabal Goon Squad henchmen seeking to feed.
      Beyond that the Sovereigns, and very genuine PP Groups seek resolution, many with good intent. So many interest seek resolution. Let it play out.

    14. I had joined that same group around 2013, but did not hear back either. Then was forced to change email address when we moved from roadrunner. Subsequently, with discussions here and at WHA about bogus groups and shills decided it was probably not a 'legitimate' group. In any case, I divested Dinar when advised here so have VND now. Still wondering if there's still any indication VND will revalue for public.

    15. Am also in Gen 64 group, but my last response to canauzzie bounced, saying that gmail account no longer existed. That wasn't to long ago, but been busy with work which am heading off to in a very few.

    16. Texian

      VND have much safer potential. But things are happening in Iraq right now, so who knows? When the top scumbags feed, how for trickle down.


    17. P,

      Same account as always. Use the Contact Form to prevent any mistyping.

    18. Thank you Canauzzie, may try that sometime, but the next month my work load is going to change drastically and will need to stay on top of things. If things happen, will be very happy, but at this point am working to help create opportunities for others that need it. Too many broker teases over the years and too many good people struggling that have no idea about currency or any of the programs. These are just regular Joes trying to support their families in places where the economy has already dropped out.

  36. Vladimir Putin Just Issued A Chilling Warning To The United States

    Zero Hedge
    by Tyler Durden
    Aug 5, 2016 2:50 PM

    Submitted by Darius Shahtahmasebi via,

    As the United States continues to develop and upgrade their nuclear weapons capabilities at an alarming rate, America’s ruling class refuses to heed warnings from President Vladimir Putin that Russia will respond as necessary.

    In his most recent attempt to warn his Western counterparts about the impending danger of a new nuclear arms race, Putin told the heads of large foreign companies and business associations that Russia is aware of the United States’ plans for nuclear hegemony. He was speaking at the 20th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

    “We know year by year what will happen, and they know that we know,” he said.

    Putin argued that the rationale the U.S. previously gave for maintaining and developing its nuclear weapons system is directed at the so-called “Iranian threat.” But that threat has been drastically reduced since the U.S. proved instrumental in reaching an agreement with Iran that should put to rest any possible Iranian nuclear potential.

    1. Scott F,
      Here is a link to a youtube video of that speech


    It could all start coming down today.

    1. Interesting Lucy. I love this anonymous hacker stuff.

      Let's just hope those videos of Hitlery actually show up today.

  38. After initial oversight on GEN64, OWON needs to decline further response it's clear there are direct issues way outside of our remit,and needing time we don't have, nor on reflection now chose to pursue. As such we will not comment or respond to further issues, or it opens the gate to more Prosperity type dog packs. We looked, saw enough and decided NO Thanks. Not for us. Sorry but, it's other parties train wrecks.
    Diligence saying no. Not for us.

  39. John, Please comment on the following if you have any input or knowledge. Thank you.

    A Brit tackles CAFR disclosure and government financial theft in the UK – Recommendation for those in the USA


    An individual on the CAFR1 National email list for the last several years of whom I have spoken with on several occasions over that time just launched a website to tackle CAFR disclosure and government financial theft in the UK. He is doing this effort through an entity he created called the CYMRU in which he is getting an exponential membership growing of formidable UK residents to effect positive change for disclosure and public benefit moving forward in the UK.

    I just read trough his website and he gets a 5-Star / A+ “as a basic start off site” for disclosure and presentation. The initial basic layout of the site is good being one can from reading the 1st page, at the bottom of that page click on the next page in a set format that guides you through the site in a progression that sums up the “Big Picture” of what is taking place per government exercising the “Greed” and “Opportunity” principle through financial tricks that equates to non-disclosed theft from the taxpayers amounting in to the billions of Pounds (UK currency) done right under the noses of the UK populace. This being done without that same populace having a clue this massive theft was being facilitated by their local governments.

    Walter J. Burien, Jr. –

    1. The Lough Gates were opened for this when we allowed Private Interests to run Government interests. It opened kickback alley.

    2. Is your country cleaning up the "kickback alley" thieves as well disince they've made a good starts on the pedofiles? The CAFR accounts at every government level in the US is hidden money and they continue to raise taxes because they won't use the CAFR accounts. Same problem in England or are these funds used differently?

  40. I thought he was the president of the new republic??

    1. I am unaware of any real evidence of a new republic. Please share sources. Please don't refer to websites like sovereign man as a source. I've read about the "new republic" for years and all I can find is that it is wishful talk and a way for some website owners to garner "donations".

      Any sources that are verifiable in any way?

    2. We are qualifying if any is true or wishful thinking and hoping. .

    3. MWP,

      That's called sarcasm.

    4. So sorry JV. The sarcasm wasn't obvious. You posted a simple question which implied you believe the General Dunford BS. Thanks for the clarificaton.

    5. Puzzle me this Batmen. When was the last time you have seen a chairman of the JCOS travel to a foreign country, such as Turkey, to unruffle feathers instead of a President, Sec'y of Defense or Sec'y of State? And, how many times in your lifetime have you even been aware of who the JCOS chairman even was? Just ... Curious ... Here.

  41. Curious...any truth to this from Heneghan today

    Secret CIA proprietary accounts tied to the Bushes and Clintons, along with Obama-Soetoro, current U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden and the Bank of Israel, have now been frozen by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and U.S. Treasury officials loyal to the patriotic U.S. Military Flag Officers.

    1. Just one girl's opinion JV. I've NEVER read anything that Heneghan wrote that has proved to be true. I guess we can assume that maybe someday he might have a hit? Even a blind pig finds an acorn from time to time.

  42. I saw when this tweet was posted with the comment "it's time " Now this

  43. Just a note that there has been no contact info exchanged as yet. Canauzzie must be a busy Canuck today. :)


    1. MG56,

      Busy always, but not AWOL. I have no contact information for FlipTheBoard to share.

    2. Thanks for sharing, both of you :)

  44. FlipTheBoard, I think the ball is in your court. :)

    Thanks, Canauzzie.

  45. Clinton, Saudi Arabia & jihadists

    “The US government at the times when Hillary Clinton was in charge of the foreign policy did use Libya as a conduit to get arms to jihadists in Syria. That is well-established not just by a range of raw materials but also by … investigative reporters in the US, some of which were even published in The New York Times.”

    “La Farge, which is … giant transnational concrete company was involved in Syria. There are more than 350 La Farge related emails in our Syria emails release. The investigations by Le Monde reveals that they paid ISIS money, taxes for their operations in certain areas, were engaged in a variety of business deals with ISIS.”

    “Money from La Farge in 2015 and 2016 went to Hillary Clinton foundation. There is actually a long-term relationship between La Farge and Clinton; she was a member of the board.”

    “There is also an extensive relationship between Hillary Clinton and Saudi Arabia , between the Clinton Foundation and Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is probably the largest single donor to the Clinton Foundation and you can see Clinton’s arms export policies when she was a secretary of state favoring extensively Saudi Arabia.”

    More at

  46. Since the opening ceremony's claim that Santos Dumont discovered powered flight I checked it. While the Wright Bros claim to be the first, they needed a rail and catapult. Dumont's plane was independent. A propaganda war ensued:

    "Orville died on January 30, 1948. As part of the Smithsonian's final deal with his executors, the Flyer was returned to its native America and put on display. A clause in the contract required the Smithsonian to claim primacy for the Wrights, on pain of losing the prize exhibit.[11]

    Whitehead's advocates have fought an equally bitter battle with the Smithsonian in an attempt to gain recognition, in which the Smithsonian's contract with the Wright estate has been subject to heavy criticism. Although Whitehead's advocates have gained some following, they remain in the minority.[citation needed]

    It is most widely held today that the Wright Brothers were the first to make controlled sustained heavier-than-air flights. Brazil still officially regards Santos-Dumont as the first successful aviator because his craft did not use an external launch system."

    For a brazilian inventor to build a self-powered plane and fly it over Rio when the wright bros built a catapult with wings, we now know that many were involved. It was not just one nation. The propaganda-esque Wright Bros myth is popped. At least for me. But Australia stole the pavlova and Russell Crowe from NZ so why shouldn't others do the same with Brazil?

  47. Even State Department spokesman can't keep a straight face!

    State Dept Press Briefing

    1. Good thing the joke is really on them in the end.

  48. If you haven't seen this...very interesting.

    Anderson Cooper interviews Assange. "We have proof that the Clinton camp is rigging the election, we will release it soon"

  49. "All 200 Russian Paralympians are banned – a decision with which they waited till last moment – for the pleasure of an executioner to inflict an extra torture on a victim, I can only assume. Only athletes with the most severe injuries or impairments imaginable compete in Paralympics, including missing legs and arms, paralysis, cerebral palsy or Down syndrome. In other words, those people who defeated insurmountable odds to survive and thrive. It seems especially diabolical to do this to such athletes."

    ALL Russian Paralympians banned from Rio2016

    Valdi: I apologise to the Russian people who may be reading this blog for yet another blatant, politically-motivated provocation by heartless, immature and most-probably compromised individuals holding positions of power in the West. My heart goes out to all the Russian athletes who trained for these Olympics, only to be denied a place at the very last minute, on very tenuous grounds. I would have felt exactly the same had any other nation been subjected to as much propaganda, hypocrisy and injustice as the Russian people. You are better than that.

    1. Valdi

      This is a Cabal/Agency mind game. It's to hurt Putin and show US power. Toe the line or else?

    2. Purpose of Olympics and other international supports is supposed to leap over political games. So sad. Other countries could bring pressure if they all opted out until Russians allowed to compete.

  50. "These latest revelations expose the deep relationship between Hillary Clinton and Lafarge — a company proven to be working with and funding ISIS."

    1. This is no longer a political matter.

    2. Allegedly there are some videos that Huma recorded during meetings that will show treason. They were hijacked as Huma was sending to Saudis...allegedly. Blurb I read about it expected they would be released today. Have not seen anything so far...

    3. They probably don't want to step on all the current controversy about paying Iran a $400,000,000 ransom for hostages.

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. Replies
    1. A good article, TINO.

      The power-crazed scumbags may kill the man but they can't kill the idea, as the saying goes. The American people, dumbed down as they are, are collectively sick of being governed by liars, cheats, thieves and murderers. They are sick of the lies, the violence, the wars and the corruption. They are sick of watching their nation being destroyed from within. They want their republic back. They want restoration of the rule of law and the upholding of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. And so does the rest of the world.

    2. Valdi/ Tino

      Hopefully correct. Democracy, if honestly managed,can bring down the power of Tyrants.
      Only 2 years ago, the UK voted out the worst of the Socialist and Liberal free riding trash,but also zoned in on the Conservative ( Republicans) too big for their boots, arrogant MP's and put them out of their seats.

      Westminster felt the wrath of the voters. Recently the Public voted YES to Brexit, we want the hell out of that lot. It brought down the Prime Minister and his cohorts. Post election, the Preppie boys and Elitist set were gone. From Hero to Zero and the cold streets of rejection and nothing.

      America has its chance. If Democracy runs in waves, and Trump gets in, what is possible. Look at the scale of damage that awful, dreadful Usurper has wreaked on America and the world. Truly the most pathetic crock ever in history. No Mandella, just a lazy narcissistic fella, too bad to be true.

      This Mutt has been a tragedy for all, and the thought of the Clintons worse. Is America so fated one crock after another?
      Or the turning point, a Voters lash back and Trump if elected will have a lot of scores to settle. Starting with the Bushes and GOP Elitists. Trump in the Oval Office can wreak untold pain on the Bush scum. Payback in vitriol once Trump gets to see the real books. Now that can be good for all. The Combover King with is own bonfire of vanities. The game can change for all.

      Starting with repealing so much Obama crap. Hopefully then dealing with Obama and his Commie Czars.

      We can but wait. Will the real people vote and take their country back? The real tragedy for America is just how many, are gutter level and so dumbed down they have no idea of how bad Clinton is. Can they be so stupid?

      Apparently Yes. Then there is Hollywood??????? La La Land votes Clinton.
      We must hope, for the sake of all good Americans, the bitch gets what's due.
      Trump could be the wild card and unleash Justice. It can and hopefully does happen. Good luck Americans. Good riddance the Wookie and Clintons.Time then to clean house. A new broom. We can but hope real Americans get a break.

  53. For OWON and WHA

    Both the site and a series of emails to us brings home how desperately in need some people are of a real RV break from pretty shattered lives. Some have been victims of horrible circumstances and just need that one chance to start again.

    Be clear, the major groups are full and closed. We have tried before to help you all, but the groups are self contained seeking just to cash out and go.
    However, with no promises, just best intention, with so many sad but humane cases, we are ever conscious of the need to try again for many. As and when the RV starts, once we clear the first majors, efforts will be made to see how you can best approach exchanges and to advise on the sites any guidelines and procedures with any possible contact points.

    We can not take hundreds of emails so please just check the sites, we are aware and WILL try again once it starts. The Groups will cash and go, so it's self help now. We will try then it's up to you. We are aware and will try when it breaks.

    Please, this time, for once, FOR GODS SAKE KEEP IT SAFE! No more crazy gambles. Lose this and you deserve to. No excuses then, and keep clear of hangers on. Family can be the worst. If lucky, plan your lives and stick to the plan. Remember it's a full time job to get one relationship which works.
    Just don't tell the wife. Lol

    1. Don't tell, or just don't have one? Deadbeat hubbies too!

      I must admit John a few years back I didn't understand the type of help on offer, if i did I may have put my dong in the ring, but I'm not catholic. C of e common sense. Any assistance to wipe mortgages to fiat bankers will be amazing. Interest charged on currency created out of nothing?? Many thanks.

  54. Hiroshima: 71 Years Ago Today, The US Govt Carried Out One of the Worst Terrorist Acts in History

    In the brief excerpt from the documentary below, McNamara explains how LeMay said that “If we’d lost the war, we’d all have been prosecuted as war criminals.”

    “And I think he’s right,” says McNamara. “He, and I’d say I, were behaving as war criminals,” McNamara continued.

    Biffie: I was not aware of the bombings on Japan that took place before they even dropped the nukes.

    “Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.” — the political ideology of the totalitarian government of Oceania in George Orwell’s dystopian 1984.

  55. Fed and State Raid on Union IBEW & Hillary Campaign Office - George Spencer, Journalist
    Published on Aug 6, 2016

    George Spencer, Journalist
    August 5th 2016

  56. From,

    Audit Reveals The Pentagon Doesn’t Know Where $6.5 Trillion Dollars Has Gone

    By Jay Syrmopoulos

    A new Department of Defense Inspector General’s report, released last week, has left Americans stunned at the jaw-dropping lack of accountability and oversight. The glaring report revealed the Pentagon couldn’t account for $6.5 trillion dollars worth of Army general fund transactions and data, according to a report by the Fiscal Times.

    The Pentagon, which has been notoriously lax in its accounting practices, has never completed an audit, would reveal how the agency has specifically spent the trillions of dollars allocated for wars, equipment, personnel, housing, healthcare and procurements allotted to them by Congress...

  57. From,

    Clinton's private server held emails about nuclear 'spy' executed in Iran: Aides discussed scientist 'friend' and his decision to return home after defecting to the U.S. for $5m
    By: malterwitty


    Hillary Clinton used her private email server to discuss details of the Iranian nuclear scientist who has executed for giving information to the CIA.

    Shahram Amiri, who was hanged on Sunday for 'revealing secrets to the enemy', was in the US and allegedly informing on Tehran's extensive nuclear program during the Democrat's controversial reign as Secretary of State.

    At the time she stressed researcher had been there of his 'own free will' and was described as 'our friend' in correspondences.


    Amiri worked for a university affiliated with Tehran's extensive nuclear program.

    He is said to have had an in-depth knowledge of Iran's nuclear program and was kept at a secret location after returning to the country.

    According to CBS, he told officials in interviews he was being held against his will by Saudi and U.S. spies.

    But American officials said he was set to receive millions for informing.

  58. Aliens, Disclosure, Transhumanism, Mind and Weather Control, the Mandela Effect, Flat Earth Theories and no end of other bizarre topics have flooded through the Internet - but this recent one by a Russian blogger could outdo them all:

    There are no forests on earth! (ENGLISH VOICEOVER)

    Another well-executed psyop to have people barking up the wrong tree? (Pun intended). The producer of the video claims there once existed massive silica lifeforms with trees thousands of metres tall; and that many seemingly natural geological features are actually the result of gargantuan mining activity.

    He describes examples such as The Giant's Causeway in County Antrim and Devils Tower in Wyoming. Where I object to his analysis is that these structures are composed of basalt which contains very little silica, according to that font of human knowledge (/sarc) called Wikipedia.

    I recommend watching the video if your brain has not yet been sufficiently scrambled by politics, finance and religion.

    1. There has to be a word for your kind of humour valdi. You made me smile on a wet tuesday morning :)

  59. From,

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

    BEST POLL EVER: 50,000 people polled in 50 states, 1/3 republican 1/3 democrat 1/3 independent. Trump won 67-19
    Submitted by IWB, on August 7th, 2016

    1,000 people polled in each state

    50,000 people
    Trump 67%
    Hillary 19%

    Bonnie Woolfolk Smith This is a repost:

    Here is what a Real Poll looks like in America. Please take the Time to Read.. A Total of 50,000 people Polled in 50 States….
    Download The Guide. Join The Education Revolution.
    Download The Guide. Join The Education Revolution.
    Sponsored by Capella University

    PG Farnsworth We have just completed our own poll since we cannot get factual information from the mainstream media!! We called 1000 homes in each of the 50 states and asked basic questions on the economy, terrorism, immigration and presidential pick.

    Economy was the number one factor that Americans are concerned about and terrorism was number two.

    Presidential pick was Trump by a large percentage.

    Trump 33478 votes 67%

    Clinton 9788 Votes 19%

    Undecided or other 6739 votes 13%

    My friends and I are all Graduate students from all walks of life we meet to discuss stuff. 13 people who like and have served in the Military. It took us most of two weeks to be sure our calls were to all people and not just one party or an other we called Americans.. our poll is by taking registered voter lists and we accumulated 33% repub, 33% dems and 34% ind.. our poll consisted of 1000 calls per state. all 50 states. 50,000 people are in this poll not the 100 like other polls.

    1. Encouraging! Hitlary's 19% is probably representative of the 'truly too stupid to vote' group.

    2. I get so irked when I read the letters to the editor of the local newspaper and people are so oblivious to reality regarding this election...and so many other things. Sheesh!

  60. China has just offered Russia a Military Support Pact against US driven NATO madness. Which means, attack Russia and you face the vast growing might of China, its weapons and manpower. You lose.
    Which means, naive EU nations coerced into this US Cabal game play of wars on their land need to say - No More!

    The EU nations need to wise up. Kick NATO and its toys and US puppets out of their bases. Yes to Turkey booting NATO. Nations need to realise, NATO for them is nuclear oblivion. A pointless exercise. Dying is no victory.

    Nations all need to make it clear to the US,No More Wars using us as the buffer shields for aggression. That vast array of US bases, 990 plus, need to be closed.
    China and Russia need to make it clear, any more wars and we directly attack the US mainland, all bases, ports, Silo and tracking centres, all known Elites hideouts, Washington and Wall Street Go! total wipeout. Make it clear, no warning, they atomise! Every war mongering Global base has to go.
    That will focus minds. It will reign in tyrants.

    America needs to focus on trade and feeding its own. Smash the Cabal and enrich humanity in peace.Stop glorifying the military ,it's ridiculous and childish. Look at its true vile and murderous history. Mindless low IQ grunts unleashed and millions died.

    Nations and civilisations have perished because this pernicious locust swarm wanted regime change for assets. Tens of millions have lost all, and because of who? The Cabal are the worlds public enemy number one. To a man, their Souls born as number two!

  61. Something IS going on with Hillary's health.

    Two articles , one by Cernovich, the other on the Ralph Retort.

    1. Clones degrade. The next one will have a kardashian butt and new cheek implants. Proof she's not a reptile - they regenerate!

    2. AJ,

      My turn to smile at your brand of humour on this massively chemtrailed Northern British morning.

  62. New materials found that occur in nature. Grand implications:

    1. Thanks, WS, for introducing me to another site worth bookmarking. A fascinating article.

  63. john

    i am watching this vid called "JFK's Women Scandals Revealed"

    it mentions some of JFK's women were supplied by the mob

    is this the start of the mob's mafia's compromising the US?

    1. You refer to Sam Giancanna. Dirty Joe Kennedy, got JFK elected by the mob unions. Lucky Luciano funded the system and his nephew works for Pureheart or its new ID front. JFK shared whores with the mob, like his dirty father Joe.

  64. John is this true
    Cameron Showers Allies With £900K Taxpayer-Funded ‘Golden Goodbyes’
    By: MTJ


    Ex-Prime Minister David Cameron splurged almost £1 million of public money on “golden goodbyes” for loyal ministers and aides, it has emerged.

    Faithful colleagues and advisers, including former Chancellor George Osborne, two other ministers and 21 aides, received payoffs of up to £70,000 (US$91,000) each, according to reports.

    1. He's been a typical Preppie Boy idiot, ruined his legacy, and saddled the Lords with 100 new Peers of very dubious values just to regain a Lords Conservative majority. He is being hammered for it here. As are the appointed Lords. We actually need a big reduction in the Lords, not an increase. We now number over 1,000 and should be cut to c500 max.

      The Lords needs to end and have appointed Senators on 10 years runs subject to Public re election and no more than 2 terms. No more PMs patronage it's a greasy pole as is. Half the House and Aptitude Test the Buggers first before being allowed to run. At least 50% will fail IQ tests.

      We need the same for MPs. Reduce numbers and IQ test them. The Scots injection of Scots Nats are gruesome, ignorant Plebs with no place for them in Westminster. They scraped the barrel with that lot.

      So Yes, we still have a few warts needing sorting. Politicos the world over are the same. It brings in a special kind of stupid.

  65. JOHN,

    Thank you for your efforts to assist those of us who weren't in the big-enough league. I actually took comfort in that because it showed no-one wanted to be another Warren Buffet or George Soros. Most of us have very modest intentions: to pay off mortgages and our children's university fees to give them a good start in life; to open small businesses or workshops; to engage in personal passions (not of the hookers and blow variety) and achieve something worthwhile for ourselves, our families and our communities.

    Some people work best on their own or in small groups. Imagine what Tesla could have accomplished if he hadn't depended on J.P. Morgan for funding; and he wouldn't have had to if he hadn't waived his royalties to save General Electric.

    I gave up trying to persuade CEO's to fund various projects over the years; there was no Google or Elon Musk. Now when I see those ideas finally being developed and implemented by others twenty years later I at least know they would have been viable and practical. There must be others in a similar position to the one I found myself in; frustrated by not having enough time, money, resources or the right contacts.

    "Here's to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes... the ones who see things differently -- they're not fond of rules... You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can't do is ignore them because they change things... they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do." Steve Jobs.

    1. Valdi

      Take time, learn each day, be humble and watch the mission video. Each time it will help, you will see what's really in play.
      There are no Templers they all disappeared. Yes?

      And the vast galleons with the largest Gold holdings in the world.It all went where? The Templers acting as Guardians for Richard the Lionheart in England who had taken English names as French Barons? Their ancestral sons exist to this day. Quiet cloaked, rocking it out to Dolly,Springstein, Abba, and so much more.
      The 12thy century Templers Church and Temple Mount by St Pauls??????? The Obelisk?
      What if?
      All in its time.

      All Barristers swear the Templers Oath in the Temple Church.
      Masonic Grand Masters report to who?

      So, is there an Elite of Elites, real but beyond Public vision, with an agenda?
      What if?

      Yes, I was touched by certain emails and will try again. Our problem is the US ethos is all I'm alright Jack, I get my lick and go. So how do we yank Yanks back to reality, and say, how about the Little Fellas?

      As every guy checks his zipper. ( Humour) It may be lost on them.

      From the heart, we will try, again.

      They matter.All do. Each is a Soul of all. Each has value and each needs.
      Each day, I see ever more needs and feel ever more humble to all. To serve is its own reward and honour to be able to. But every day for even a one mile drive from Westminster to the Temple Quarter, there are many I pass I could serve -ice" willingly" Lol.

    2. John, to me that was your most revealing and significant qoute to date the message and meaning is substantial thank you.

    3. Ditto Valdi's sentiments. I had to read that post twice yesterday to really have it sink in, because it was so unexpected after the post of the day before, and allowed myself to dream a little dream of getting life back to where it was prior to 2013. That would be sweet! How I miss being able to write cheques to charities and community groups that put them over the top of their funding goals so their project could be completed, or challenged others who were capable of giving much more than they were, to do so. And to be able to take my business to the next level - even sweeter. The large projects I have in mind of course require huge amounts of funding (those were submitted), but there is SO much we can be doing on a smaller scale at the local level. Yes, John, to serve is its own reward. It's why I'm here. literally.

    4. Mygirl,

      Well Yes, many say the second time is better?

      But joking apart,a wave of potential, is building. Timing is everything.
      I am fully cognisant of so much need. But saddened often by so much tyrannical greed.All around me I see need.
      But through it all, I feel.

      What I cannot express for you is the real and deep pain of Cosmic Being I feel to see the cruelty towards the children, the bestiality and sordid abuse and destruction of innocent Souls suffering their tiny pain and torment.Mans inhumanity beggars belief. My very Soul bleeds hurt.

      The Islamists rape of our women across Europe and the Middle East is appalling. The Sex Trafficking of children in Asia deeply affects me and I truly feel their suffering deeply. My Soul cries ethereal tears. Helpless children sold to serve carnal desires of Sex Tourist trash. How dare you?

      I say to all of you who dismiss Prostitution as a choice, is that EVERY ONE is someones daughter,it could be yours or your own sister,and to buy the body of another human, is truly an issue you WILL face in time, and I feel no remorse for the Atonement coming.

      Each body is a Holy Grail of Ethereal Being and a part of all. As you are all part of one,and all part of you. Protect the children and lost Souls. Speak up for the Children and human abuse.Germany now has hundreds of cases of Islamic rape because this tide of Middle Ages ignorant throwback filthy cult has no standards or morals. No, No, No to this backward vermin species infecting our nations and children. We need the Death Penalty back for Wookie Rape and Child Molestation. Sentence and let God sort them out. Bang them up and you just educate extremists to do worse.

      What is devastating Germany is coming to America. Deal out lead.Dead Wookies don't harm twice. There is a moral imperative to clear out the trash.

      We allowed the build up of unchecked tyranny in Europe pre WW11. No one listened but sat on fat asses. 50M died. Why? For what? No Special People just the F Zylon B canisters, or bullets to the head,Children too.
      What are we? Have we learned nothing but to allow that Bush Neo Nazi Agency Cabal filth and the Clinton low life vermin to degrade all?

      Where are the standards still felt in the hearts of so many? There is goodness in the world.There is hope.

      Behind all, WE OF THE PEOPLE, CARE, from the bottom of our Souls, and are working to a quiet agenda in hope to turn around the Tramp Ships of lost States.
      You are each one of you, the only survivor of millions who competed to fertilise that egg and YOU won! YOU alone won the right to Carbon Life. Treasure each day, make a difference. Make it right.

    5. John,
      "What I cannot express for you is the real and deep pain of Cosmic Being I feel to see the cruelty towards the children, the bestiality and sordid abuse and destruction of innocent Souls suffering their tiny pain and torment.Mans inhumanity beggars belief. My very Soul bleeds hurt."

      I too feel this pain for humans and for mother earth and all live things. I look around and wish so that I could do more.

  66. Valdi, Thank you for sharing this quote.

    "Here's to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes... the ones who see things differently -- they're not fond of rules... You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can't do is ignore them because they change things... they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do." Steve Jobs.

  67. I'm beginning to think the 2016 Olympics are cursed? Could this be a portending of a cursing of the "Mount Olympian gods who have been ruling this planet for eons?" We can only hope :)

    The cursed Olympics? Freak 15-foot waves flood TV broadcasting building on Rio’s Copacabana Beach sparking fears it could collapse into the sea

  68. On sociopaths in our midst. Not cabal level, but instructive and at our level, something to keep watch on in our organizations.


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