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  2. Why Did Clinton Just Tap a Pro-TPP, Pro-KXL, Pro-Fracking Politician to Head Her Transition Team?
    Published on Aug 17, 2016 - Hillary Clinton has announced former Interior Secretary Ken Salazar as the head of her transition team. Salazar is a former U.S. senator from Colorado who now works at WilmerHale, one of the most influential lobbying firms in Washington. Some groups have criticized Salazar’s selection due to his vocal support of fracking, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Keystone XL pipeline. In addition to Ken Salazar, other leaders of the transition team include former Obama National Security Adviser Tom Donilon, Center for American Progress head Neera Tanden, former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm and Maggie Williams, the director of Harvard’s Institute of Politics. For more, we speak with David Sirota, senior editor for investigations at the International Business Times.

  3. transition team??? A lot can happen between the present moment and nov 8. Stayed tuned.

  4. George Soros And Hillary Clinton - Open Borders? - O'Reilly Talking Points
    Published on Aug 16, 2016

  5. ABC LIVE POLL: Who Are You Voting For?

    Results so far:

    Donald Trump (70%, 107,853 Votes)
    Gary Johnson (11%, 16,744 Votes)
    Jill Stein (10%, 15,481 Votes)
    Hillary Clinton (8%, 12,921 Votes)
    Darrell Castle (0%, 768 Votes)
    Total Voters: 153,767

    1. Valdi, I posted that a few days ago and Nigel pointed out to me that ABC news site is bogus and he was right as the site I got the info from whatreallyhappened confirmed the same and pulled the article.

    2. Oops, Scott. It was on SGT Report today. Bogus or not, I thought it might cheer someone up. It's still live and accepting votes.

    3. I agree, just thought I'd let you know

  6. FBI sends heavily redacted Clinton interview documents to Congress
    Catherine Herridge, Pamela K. Brown | Fox News
    Aug 16, 2016


    A congressional source confirmed to Fox News Tuesday that the House Government Oversight Committee had received a heavily redacted FBI summary of Hillary Clinton’s session last month with FBI agents who interviewed her about her use of a private server for government business. The agents’ notes were provided as well.

    Separately, the Republican chairman of the House Government Oversight Committee, confirmed that even he does not have a high enough security clearance to read the documents in full.

    “As the chairman of the chief investigative body in the House, it is significant I can’t even read these documents in their entirety,” Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah told Fox News. “This shows how dangerous it was to have this intelligence, highly classified to this day, on the former secretary’s unsecured personal server where it was vulnerable.”

  7. Julian Assange's LAWYER FOUND DEAD after being Struck by Train. Coincidence?
    Published on Aug 18, 2016

    Conspiracy against Julian Assange?
    - Julian Assange's LAWYER FOUND DEAD. DIED after being Struck by Train. Coincidence? (Body Count Mounting). Disturbing news since the DNC made a public TV announcement that Julian Assange should be assassinated! Julian plans to leak a Hillary CLinton email in October before the US presidential election, that aims to put Hillary CLinton behind jail bars.

    1. Could be a couple of reasons this barrister is no longer with us ~ curious if the HC camp was running scared way back in April when this "accident" occurred. Is it just Assange, or is it the Libya connection?

      "...Mr Jones was also working with his colleague Amal Clooney to try and halt the execution of Colonel Gaddafi’s son Saif and Libyan spy chief Abdullah-al Senussi."...

  8. 90 Pounds of Cocaine discovered on a boat owned by family of Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader
    Aug 16, 2016

    Mitch McConnell is the Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate. McConnell fast-tracked the PROMESA bill through the Senate. He made sure that a minimum wage cut to $4.25, and the installation of a powerful Financial Control Board, went through quickly – with virtually no debate and no amendment.

    It is therefore ironic, that Mitch McConnell has been linked to the distribution and sale of 90 pounds of cocaine.


    A boat was recently detained before leaving from Colombia.
    During the search, the Colombian Coast Guard discovered 90 pounds of cocaine, in forty neat packets.

    The vessel’s is named Ping May – one of sixteen ships operated by the Foremost Maritime Corporation (FMC).

    FMC is owned by Mitch McConnell’s in-laws, the Chao family.

    But the Chaos are more than family: they also make huge donations to McConnell’s political campaigns.

    For almost 30 years, since the late ‘80s, the Chao family has bankrolled Senator Mitch McConnell. When McConnell married Elaine Chao, in 1993, the Chao family lavished him withenormous gifts.

    In 2008, a gift from the Chao family of between 5 and 25 million dollars made McConnell one of the richest politicians in the nation (congressional financial disclosure reports only require dollar ranges…McConnell reported a gift of “between 5 and 25 million dollars on his 2008 report).

    Shockingly, McConnell is an alleged “anti-drug warrior.” He sponsored the 1996 “Enhanced Marijuana Penalties Act,” which would increase the mandatory minimum sentencing for people caught with marijuana. He also firmly opposes any form of legalized marijuana.

    In other words, McConnell’s family have been financing his Senate campaigns with their cocaine drug profits…so that McConnell can go to Washington, to wage a “war on drugs.”


    1. P,

      Much like the 'ABC NEWS GO.CO' site which is satire, SUPERSTATION 95 is satire as well. Everything from either site is pure fiction.

    2. The guy who runs superstation95, Hal Turner, is a former FBI agent provacateer turned informant.

      From Wiki...Turner was a paid informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for several years, supplying information about right-wing groups to federal agents.[27] The original allegations that Turner acted as an informant for the FBI surfaced in 2008 after unidentified hackers claimed on Turner's website's forums that they had read email correspondence between him and an FBI agent, apparently his handler. This led to a discussion on a neo-Nazi website on January 10, 2008, in which Turner revealed he was quitting political work, was ending his radio show and that he was separating "from the 'pro-White' movement". The FBI has declined to comment on the matter.[28] The Southern Poverty Law Center[29] and the Anti-Defamation League reported on the emails that "a neo-Nazi Website had posted material reportedly found by the hackers, including alleged exchanges between himself and law enforcement agents which indicated that Turner had been providing information to them."[30]

      On July 28, 2009 in a Chicago courtroom, Turner's defense lawyer said that Turner worked as a paid informant for the FBI.[31] In December 2009, The Record published an investigative report on Turner's "complex" relationship with the FBI and Federal US Marshal Service, noting that all parties broke off contact at several points.[32]

      Turner's information led to the arrests of the Hutaree militia, with Turner's FBI handler serving as the prosecution's witness.[33]

      Michael A. Orozco, Turner's lawyer said, "I don't think he was a racist. He was doing a lot of those things at the behest of the FBI.”[34]

    3. Canauzzie, sorry, guess need to slow down a bit. Been trying very hard on some fronts and am seeing progress, just taking a toll on me. No rest for the wicked.

  9. Rackin' frackin' #%*+! These people will never assimilate into civilized society! No wonder they are so evil when grown. Look at the violence in a school.

    Punishment for not memorising and reciting the koran!

    UNDERCOVER FOOTAGE: What They Are Teaching In Some UK Schools For Muslim Women Will Shock You!

  10. Latest news US troops are complaining they are having to survive on food stamps.
    Of course, if they had not been murdering nations, displacing millions and have been the root cause of ISIS, we would not have a world in recession, so why not get out of that mindless Grunt game, get a real job, keep yourselves dam it and save millions by not being part of the Cabals war machine. You ARE the problem,and it not feeding you stops you, it works for us. 990 plus bases are a disgrace while real Americans starve. Poor dears, so you don't get 4 squares a day? Ask millions in Asia you displaced dam you. Karma. Leave!

    Rand Paul calls again for Hilarie's arrest. Is there any Justice left in America?

    Trump" allegedly" leads Clinton by 6 points in Texas. Its by 97 points in the free thinking people world.

    Obama,Americas first Gay President, has been caught lying, again!!!, about paying Iran $400M to free the hostages.
    A good deal for Iran, snatch a Yank break to the piggy bank? Iran is now a Russian Bomber base to hit ISIS and Kazakh Israel. Soon, so also will Turkey be, and Egypt. The US has lost the Middle East,China will take Asia, and Russia will, if forced,take out NATO.
    Lose, lose,lose.

  11. You Tube from Michael Horn, Billy Meier's Authorized American representative., inteerviewing Billy Meier.

    US policies, increased social polarization leading to breakdown and collapse around 2020

    I’ve posted a short new video with an excerpt from my interview with Billy Meier in May 2016. Meier again addresses the situation with Russia, as he did last year, and comments on the US candidates for president and the likelihood of civil wars coming to America.

    This is a short clip and I may be posting other parts of the interview in the future, such as the parts dealing with the subterranean people of the so-called Blue Race. As fascinating as those things are, they are far less important than preparing for coming events, which humanity both created and failed to rectify in time.

    There is also an article here and on other news sites pertaining to Meier’s warnings about the financial collapse, the only way to stop the IS, etc.

  12. JV our new reports in the next 2 weeks or so will open this wide open. We see the whole game plan and who etc.

  13. Fulford's closing 2 paragraphs cuts through the crap and makes it very clear the way forward:

    So, what can be done to prevent China from totally dominating the planet? The answer is very simple, remove the Khazarian mafia from their final power bases in Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United States. Once this horrific infection has been removed from the US and world’s body politic, then the US can start to negotiate with the rest of the world to create a more equitable global architecture. In terms of population, the Chinese account for 20% of the world so that is the percentage of world power the Chinese would get if an inclusive world system was set up. This would replace the Rothschild and Rockefeller owned, pseudo-world government known as the United Nations.

    Many people object to the idea of a world government because they associate it with the New World Order plan for a Khazarian controlled totalitarian world dictatorship. This is obviously not desirable. However, any village or town has certain rules such as do not murder, rape, steal or take a dump on the street. Right now the world does not have such rules (or rather the means to enforce them) and as a result the Khazarian criminals have been acting with impunity. We need at the very least the bare minimum to be able to stop international corporate crime syndicates from robbing and raping the planet at will. It means we could put people like George Bush in jail for mass murder because he invaded Iraq. It would also make it possible to have world peace. This is something we can accomplish as early as this autumn if we make a concerted push.

  14. This morning as I left the house a dragonfly was perched next to the front door. We don't have their habitats anywhere around. My intuition guided me to this meaning that pertains to all of us on the planet at this time so I hope you don't mind if I share:

    Dragonfly has zipped into your life:
    Dragonfly is asking that you pay attention to your deeper desires and be mindful of the outcome we wish to have. There are lessons to be learned and you are reminded that “what you think” is directly proportionate to what you “see on the surface”. In other words your thoughts are responsible for your physical surroundings. Move through these illusions and “think” your dreams into reality.

    Dragonfly can also letting you know that you should live your life to the fullest with what you have. It also beckons you to seek out the parts of your habits that need changing. Use the this totem to guide you through the mists of illusion and toward the pathway of transformation. It will bring you the light and color of transformation into your life.

    1. Aaaaahhhhh dragonflies! Love them. We apparently have 95 varieties in our county. Don't see them real often since we're in urban area. When I do, I think of the sighting as good luck....they're so colorful!

    2. Dragonflies...sorry, but besides being very beautiful, every time I see one, I think of a drone. lol

    3. Hahaha...they do sound like a drone!

  15. One of Jim Willie's best recent interviews:

    The Dollar Will Be Removed From Int'l Trade,Which Will Send Shock Waves Throughout The US

  16. MWP

    How much longer can the Dollar continue to be used knowing it's worthless paper backed by nothing?
    As Eurasia becomes more trade connected, and the alienation with the 990 plus war mongering US bases grows,real new big power nations like Russia and China will move towards non US trading, as is now. America had its chance and time, but blew it all.

    Now we are just seeing the spiralling end game like a sad, fast ageing and bloated hooker,now consigned to street corner trade as no one pays to come and visit, and Karma is catching up.

    You have to be non American, to understand how alienated nations are with the crass, brash arrogance of a Washington Cabal, Fed and really obnoxious Wall Street combined regime which has practiced intolerance, regime changes, Sub Primes and soon Derivatives Frauds,and whose Global image has paralleled with Clintons. Even Disneyland will wain as nations simply stop coming to America.

    The UN, NATO, IMF and other US vehicles are declining in trust, as will be replaced by more representative Eurasian entities.
    Obamas free access of millions of Muslims, and Hispanics will have devastating economic consequences, as will the failed US Federal system as Retirees Pension systems and Welfare will become un affordable and simply fail when the Fed printing presses have to stop. This is the beginning of the end game of the big Con Game that has become America.Of course the dollar will be dropped, who wants to be paid in Monopoly money for real trade?

    When America has to buy foreign currencies to fund its imports,and no nations will extend it credit, what then? We have forewarned you for years what is coming. Americans will take a c35% cut in real income living standards, and if creating a WW111 scenario,at least 65% of the nation will simply be erased, but no less than NWO will bring also. In a few weeks we will show you what has been done against you for decades,by who, and the end game coming as their single focus for America,is the collapse of its fiscal power base as the US did to Russia. Americans blindly meander through, with no concept of what is already deeply penetrated within your entire fabric of society,like a tapeworm eating you alive from inside.

    Their agenda is Americas collapse and it's far ahead now towards succeeding. All planned with dedicated focus and fanatical operatives gatekeeping on every key role corner working to orders.What you are facing is far and away the worlds most sophisticated Intelligence operation which has deep penetrated America so completely, the nation has no concept of the enemy within, as with Rome when the Vandals inside turned and ransacked the lot. End of Empires always come. So Yes, the dollar standard will go, and incoming is a c35% cut in all US living standards. For many it will be worse. Federal jobs and Welfare will go. As will food stamps and Welfare checks. Who pays the rent?

    Those 2 Billion hollow head bullets are for a purpose. Those in control know what's coming. Including population reduction. Can't pay will rule. It's all visible for those who care to open minds. The rest, reality will be a cold day in hell as it unfolds. Always failing Empires end this way. The US can not survive as a Military Industrial Cabal. Clinton will be a disaster if elected. She will be coerced into war by those within who seek US destruction, working to a Foreign Ringmaster. And, as happened in Germany it has already been pre planned to blame it on the Jews with terrible consequences. All planned, all in play and all live in America today. But a nation with no culture and no Global education, sees none of it as the tapeworm inside grows ever larger. What is happening has been developing for centuries. Karma is a bitch.

    1. John, I have a question for you. You keep talking about these bullets, and yes, I've read about them. But this collapse wouldn't be the first the country has seen; I'm thinking the Great Depression. Back then no one was hauled off to a FEMA camp, nor were any bullets used. Sure, sadly some took their own life, but I wonder the talk about hollow-heads etc is this fear porn that is drilled into us by the internet?

    2. Of course they plan to use them! They've been weeding out the military who will not agree to fire on Americans...both commander level and troops. This has been going on for several years. Human life means nothing to these monsters.

    3. So a bankrupt government is somehow going to manage to round up civilians with a military on food-stamps when the civilians have conservatively 400 million weapons with about 2,500 rounds per weapon on average? Do the math... and we are pyschologically post-WW2 here with a tradition of liberty here. Noone is going peacefully once it becomes obvious that they went to the DarkSide. Nor is the Marine down the hall from me nor my Navy father. Nor I. And I'm good with a long-range scope to boot. (Never forget Bracken's What I Saw At The Coup) And since they don't even know how many hammers they have, am I supposed to believe that when the pushing and shoving starts the Postal Service isn't going to "be relieved" of the 10 million bullets they have? And every other non-military agency...

      To me (and yes, I am the Minority Opinion), the only sequence of events that make sense is economic-collapse -> weapons roundup -> inner city ops -> Camps with secession/civil-war or all out nuclear war or a bio-weapon.

    4. Bioweapons have their own problem, in that they can boomerang and mutate. The idea that they can be deployed "safely" is pure hubris. It is unlikely anyone deploying a democidal weapon would ever be free of it even if they "won".

    5. Tino,
      Please notice I didn't say cabal plans are going to work! And they know it. That's why they're so desperate to confiscate guns. They thought they were winning when they made ammo scarce. They planned if they bought all the ammo, the civilian guns would be as good as gone when they were out of ammo. People just bought it all up as soon as it came in. In Texas there were lines at all Walmarts and any other source of ammo each morning to scoop up whatever was delivered.

      This nefarious plan is also why they decided to arm all TSA agents. They aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer anyway, so planned to use them as the "armed civilian force" to fire on Americans. They would be sent in as first fodder to deplete American's ammo supplies. The "Black Lives Matter" and "New Black Panthers" bunch (more rather dull knives) have all been worked up into a frenzy so they'll be ready to shoot any white people they see. The cabal have divided Americans along whatever divisive lines they can....and many Americans are playing into it. Keep in mind the cabal think they have virtually most of the black community under their control already because of welfare and cell phones gimmes. Cabal plan should work pretty well in "gun free zone" communities under control of Democrats. Those people won't have a chance.

      Expect that some hideous viruses will be released in the red state areas. Think they were practicing that couple years ago with the West Nile virus released around Dallas with a bunch of mosquitos not even native to America! Now they're working on ZIKA with more mosquitos. Probably will pull out Ebola again too. Remember folks, any hemorraghic disease can be controlled with massive does Vitamin C.


      This is why the troops are on foodstamps. Catherine Austin-Fitts and others have brought this to the attention of everybody since 9/11. The day AFTER Rum-filled announced that the Pentagon had "lost" 1 trillion dollars or so...the jets allegedly flew into the towers. This unmitigated and unstaunched theft needs to stop along with the war machine which, as the Pope correctly pointed out, only enriches a certain class.

      I tire of the games that the 1 percent is playing. They are no more fit to run this planet than a hive of hamsters. Their thinking process is about as complex as a hamster and mostly driven by urges to feed and copulate. They apparently think that they can trash this planet and escape to the near earth planet recently found. Good luck with that...they have neither the will nor the strength to survive in such a world...and who knows what species already lives there?

    7. By the way, to those debating the ammo issue, most people with serious firepower have already purchased reloaders, power and primer components. They don't need to BUY ammo. They can make it.

  17. Hi John

    been awhile...

    Course folk on the internet always talk of truth like 9/11 or Kennedy or King yet I am with Pilot on that matter of truth....

    What is it?

    Who is it?

    And that is just for starters.

    Just love you so.

    That alone overcomes.

    What if who you want in as far as the President goes does not get in?

    I am retired from the Postal Service on a great Pension.

    the work of sorting the mail continued in spite of who got in

    the work continues

    so ignore them and just get on with the work

    whatever it is

    I believe the heart of the Christian faith and all faiths for that matter is simply remember that I loved you....


  18. Sounds like London has trouble of it's own
    London’s new Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, is allocating over two million dollars (£1,730,726) to an “online hate crime hub” enabling police to track and arrest “trolls” who “target…individuals and communities.” There can be no doubt, given the nature of the British political establishment today, which “trolls” these new Thought Police will be going after, and which “communities” will be protected from “hate speech.” “Islamophobia,” which David Horowitz and I termed “the thought crime of the totalitarian future,” is now going to bring down upon the hapless “trolls” the wrath of London’s Metropolitan police force -- and this totalitarian new initiative shows yet again how easily the Leftist and Islamic supremacist agendas coincide and aid each other

  19. End of EU? Italian Referendum triggers SHOCK ALARMS across USA & Europe.

    Published on Aug 19, 2016

  20. Follow up to my question about why Obozo's executing executive orders at this late date on succession in Treasury, EPA, etc. Rob Kirby addresses that issue, fake polls, metals suppression, and globalists.


    1. Texian,

      Was just getting ready to send you over to WHA, glad you brought this over. In fact, I posted your post
      of the 3 exec orders in ? There's some digging to do here, most curious, timing on this is suspect.

    2. EWO...thank you! It's more than curious. There are obviously big plans in making!

  21. Replies
    1. Scott...Rob Kirby and Jim Willie don't duck, do they? Love the transparency!

  22. Soros has been hacked.

  23. Powell: 'No Recollection' of Book's Clinton Email Tale
    Aug 19, 2016

  24. Republican Donald Trump told a campaign rally in Charlotte, North Carolina on Thursday that the media spends too much time covering him, and not enough time covering the things that matter:

    “The establishment media doesn’t cover what really matters in this country, or what’s really going on in people’s lives. They will take words of mine out of context and spend a week obsessing over every single syllable, and then pretend to discover some hidden meaning in what I said.

    “Just imagine for a second if the media spent this energy holding the politicians accountable who got innocent Americans.

  25. Forget Solar Panels, Tesla Announces Plans to Build Stunning Solar Roofs
    August 20, 2016

    1. This would certainly be an improvement over the panels.

  26. Neil Keenan fans should not miss his latest video. He says he has a "poison sac" in his brain, and he cures it with the help of a modified Asus laptop.


    1. Strange. I thought he treated his "poison sac" by letting it drain out through his mouth.

    2. I really must learn to not have a mouthful of 'beverage' while perusing comments in here. Thanks for the laugh, even if it does mean I have to clean off my keyboard.

    3. Strange,
      I always thought he was his imaginary M1's anal lapdog.

    4. Keenan is a hoot! I like his story where he was abducted and made M1 under ultra double plus security at a private villa, then afterwards they sent him off unguarded to a hotel in a taxi. The Phillipine novelty note presented as the new US currency was great, and then the video of him destroying that nifty box with a screwdriver and ball peen hammer because he never heard of bolt cutters.

      The man is a comedic genius.

    5. Yes, but you have to admit that Casper had the best comedy routine for years with his traveling prosperity packs that managed to go everywhere except to the intended recipients.

  27. Great interview...

    Larry Nichols (former Clinton insider) talks about what he thinks might be wrong with Hillary AND what would happen to the election should she be deemed unable to complete the presential race.

    The October Surprise Has Come Early! A 2016 Election WildCard To Be Played—Clinton Insider Tells All

    1. MWP Sanders will take her place when she's forced to stand aside.

  28. This is not nice. Zen Gardner Don Ferguson exposed as pedophile. Saturday, August 13, 2016
    Parasite Alert Saturday, August 13, 2016
    When Heroes Fall The Vatican Has Paid Close To $4 Billion To Settle Child Molestation Lawsuits. The thing about pedophile predators is that they tend to be like the energizer bunny; they just keep going, and going - until they are stopped. Even when locked up many have said they would offend again if released. The only way to stop them IS to lock them up. There is no such thing as pedophile rehabilitation. You cannot rehabilitate predators. These deviant sociopaths as we've seen, come from every profession, every religion and every station in life. They are, in fact, everywhere.

    So now today a few million people are feeling that kicked in the gut and shat upon feeling with the emerging expose, and admission that Zen Gardner spent nearly three decades working his way into a leadership position of a child abuse cult. Not only that, but his primary job was that of media chief; in charge of public relations, "image management" and press releases. Followers and fans of his across the planet are collectively dealing with the sense of loss, anger and betrayal over these revelations. Some of them are going to be needing some serious help considering he is running an online cult. Some of his followers even now are in full-on denial, spouting every excuse in the book. Yeah some of them are gonna need some real help, so let's remember to be gentile with them, OK?
    We all need to remember here that when it comes to Zen Gardner, he did not willingly post his "missing years" mea culpa confession. He was given an ultimatum by a peer professional; to come clean and admit the fullness of his involvement in that child abuse cult~ or it'd be done for him.
    So the artful dodger brushed off his image management tools and offered up
    a severely diluted version which painted himself as one of the victims.

    Of the many questions I want answered, the foremost on my mind is this:
    Zen's entire family was there in the Children of God cult, including his children of course. When his children were taken to be housed, raised, abused & brainwashed separately, away for 6 months at a time; What actions did "Zen Gardner" take to defend and protect his children? He may well deny knowing what was happening to his kids, but I do not, cannot believe him. Not a single word of it, because I have seen his propensity for warping the truth to suit his desires.

    "See the paid off local bottom feeders Passing themselves off as leaders"Bruce Cockburn~ OK, here's another pretty good question.
    According to records & documentation; the cult leader "Moses" Berg died in 1994. Why did "Zen Gardner" remain a leader in the cult for 5 additional years? Just exactly what was he doing? Why didn't he take that golden opportunity to get his family to safety? I'm only curious because as you may recall; it was after their leader died everyone said the cult descended into even deeper depths of depravity. Who was at the helm from 1994 to 1995? Inquiring minds want to know! (more here)

    1. Agreed but who will arrest the Bushes, slimy Bill Clinton with Epstein, half the Catholic /Jesuit Church priests and Bishops,and the vast array of known offenders about which the establishment does nothing. Add to this the incessant attacks by Muslims now arriving,and the problem escalates.

      The UK has now arrested hundreds and its increasing. Deporting the Islamists after sentences are finished is a must. No more Human Rights nonsense. Children's rights matter more. 4 wives for Mormons, really? Which says?

      The sheer scale if very deep and worrying. Sickening when reviewing the cases.

      The Muslims are a horror story. But that started with poor little Aeisha at only 6 molested by Mohammed. What a Prophet. A disgusting and sad forced marriage Cult.

      The penalties do not fit the crimes. 8 years for a Pervert means 4 years with remission. It needs to be 20 years hard time on chain gangs doing road construction or other infrastructure projects with electronic destructor neck chains so if they try to run, or lose the central control signal passing out of approved range, they detonate.
      Or underground forced labour in mines etc. Preferably locked up with Human Rights lawyers who defend such creeps.

  29. The author of the following piece is unaware of the hidden forces that manipulated socialism, but the part on sociopaths and pyschopaths is most instructive.

  30. Courtesy of Slashdot (and the BBC), the Chicago experiment in Minority Report is going down flames. Free will prevails, unsurprisingly.

    The U.S. will phase out private prisons, a move made possible by fewer and shorter sentences for drug offenses, reports the BBC. But when it comes to reducing arrests for violent crimes, police officers in Chicago found themselves resorting ineffectively to a $2 million algorithm which ultimately had them visiting people before any crime had been committed. Quotes Ars Technica: Struggling to reduce its high murder rate, the city of Chicago has become an incubator for experimental policing techniques. Community policing, stop and frisk, "interruption" tactics --- the city has tried many strategies. Perhaps most controversial and promising has been the city's futuristic "heat list" -- an algorithm-generated list identifying people most likely to be involved in a shooting.

    The hope was that the list would allow police to provide social services to people in danger, while also preventing likely shooters from picking up a gun. But a new report from the RAND Corporation shows nothing of the sort has happened. Instead, it indicates that the list is, at best, not even as effective as a most wanted list. At worst, it unnecessarily targets people for police attention, creating a new form of profiling.

    The police argue they've updated the algorithm and improved their techniques for using it. But the article notes that the researchers began following the "heat list" when it launched in 2013, and that the program has saved no lives at all."

  31. There are a few key issues.
    1. China and Russia now setting up joint new markets excluding USD currencies open the lough gates to do to the US what was done to Russia. DC will be "Freaking". It won't register in the US because of media blocks and, frankly, because way too many American nationals to be healthy, would have to be smashed head on by a 20 ton truck to have a clue what the implications are in the real world. As we have forewarned, a c35% drop in US income and failure to fund Welfare and Retirees. The entire fabric of this Ponzi scheme Fed is faltering. But Archie Bunker, cross bred with Bubba ( definite back door jobs) does not get it. Ball games, 6 packs of cheap booze, and reality TV mugs way too many.

    2.Russian forces now flying out of Turkish Air bases gives Russia the chance to carpet bomb Syrian extremists, then ISIS and US Contractors murdering Syrians can be blitzed 24 hours a day non stop until nothing lives. Iran will soon help Russia also. The whole Middle East is changing fast. China is committed with Russia to rid the world of this predatory Cabal. Game changers.

    3. The incoming collapse of the USD will force action such as the GS or RV's. If not, the bloody noses coming soon given by Russia and China will be coming to the Motherland for once, then see how fast it wakes them up. Only then will this Reality TV sub-species understand how gross this Cabal is. No one wants to harm America's good people. But a taste of real war may get those blinkers off fast for many who are truly clueless of planet earth. This is done every day to others, and no one cares.

    The economic leveler is coming and it will be a game changer.
    The Hillary groupies are just unbelievable. In the UK she would have been torn apart by the media long ago if trying to run there. Slimy Bill also. Just how dumb are these voters? In the next few weeks a lot is coming out. Major veils are coming off.
    It won't be pretty, and Global parties will be exposed also.

  32. John

    How do the reno groups fit into your 3 points, if at all?

    Can to update current thoughts on what you previously called the "partial release"?

    1. It can help those groups as the US will need to pull a Rabbit out of the hat in Taxes soon and to create enough non funny money. That will be partial. A quiet start for volumes and discrete.

    2. John,
      It seems like the PTB are preparing for an economic collapse. People such as Jim Willie, Rob Kirby and Lindsey Williams believe that a collapse could occur this Fall. It doesn't seem like the PTB are looking for an infusion of tax revenues in order to keep our economy afloat. Obama's most recent executive orders establishing a chain of command for multiple agencies, as well as the fact that DHS has over 2 billion rounds of ammunition gives me the impression that the gov't is preparing for the worst. IMHO, if the partial releases have not occurred before October, I don't believe they will occur. Any insight from you would be greatly appreciated.
      As always, thank you for all that you do for us.

    3. Terry

      The most powerful Financial and Intelligence organisation in the world is planning to collapse the US as a dual part of its long established focus to bring about NWO to serve its own purpose of control and domination. We will release it all in a September article.

      Russia and China know what's playing out.But Brexit really caught them out as a curved ball, as will a Trump victory if thinking Americans vote. But are there enough?

      Putting yet more missiles into Poland is a threat the Russians have to act on soon. How much more will they take? China also.
      It will take less than 12 minutes for Russia to take out every NATO base and Israel at the same time. The lot will be gone and then Russian and Chinese Subs, plus a hundred Cargo freighters with hidden missile launchers around the US West Coast,will be in place to take out everything within 200 miles of the coast within 5 minutes and all inner bases and Cities within 8 minutes. Following that would be the ICBMs taking 18 minutes, and each capable of breaking up into 20 or more sub missiles. Behind would come the Bombers and parachute divisions yet to come. The Paras will take down the CIA and NSA. Plus Washington center if any remains. In such a scenario if forced, thousands of missiles will get through, many now also Stealth. Madness stalks, and there are real plans for the collapse of the US, be it Military or economic. A real agenda is playing out. Long planned and focused.Very real.

      We live in crazy times. Never having fought a major war on their homeland, the Pentagon has no idea how to cope if it erupts. Nor do the people have a clue of the real world consequences for them. The fantasists will get run over. This, if launched, won't be a Hollywood home run of Disneyland heros, but terrified, mentally traumatised vast millions getting their own taste of a reverse Shock and Awe campaign.

      Behind then, will come China.Fight one, you get both.

      As with Napoleon and Hitler, each found when you launch a major war on 2 fronts, you lose. Genocide follows.

      Will it be an economic or Military collapse? Or do we muddle through? Who stops the arrogant and mindless pigs in Washington and the Pentagon from endless Hegemony? Any half decent Military Leaders have almost all been removed by the Commie Bummer and his Commie Czars as he works to the directives of his handlers. So does Soros. There is a bigger picture and power. There is an agenda playing out. These are dangerous times. Behind truly evil people are at work, totally networking the US ready to launch both economic and offensive weapons on command.
      The US has been in play for more than a century.
      There are still options and hope, but all is so fragile. At best it will be economic collapse, but even behind that, the force responsible still has a major follow up agenda. Their people hold all key roles. The US has been out played and totally subverted. The scale is awesome. The US has been used for a purpose, and its demise has been planned for a purpose. Their agenda is finite and total. The question, can we avoid it?

  33. The comments on the FED's new Facebook page are priceless.

    "Luke Peets The Federal Reserve is the root of all problems in the United States. Market-controlling, currency-manipulating cucks. Most people threatened with an audit would let it happen if there were nothing to hide. Don't want all the insider trading to become publicly known?"

    "Steven Kozel So when are you going to be having talks about returning to the Gold Standard? It would be great for world stability. Also, do you take direct orders from George Soros? Or is it more of an implied relationship?"

  34. Replies
    1. Here to help where possible. And Free!Lol


    2. Also, the purchase of a "medical device" not required....

  35. "For the first time since the end of the Cold War, the German government plans to tell citizens to stockpile food and water in case of an attack or catastrophe, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung newspaper reported on Sunday."

    By this time next year, more and more Germans will be gratefully supporting anyone who promises a permanent solution to the invasion.

    1. Tino this is the plan of the KM: to divide the people, produce social strife and chaos, and for the people to beg for a solution which surreptitiously involves more nwo apparatus. They did not count on the increased nationalism and closing of borders though and so to prevent Europe becoming the staging ground for unelected federations worldwide, nations must take control of their own borders and leave the eu. This isn't leaving Europe. It just means giving 2 fingers to the unelected mess in Brussels.

    2. AA,

      Hear you loud and clear. Old strategy to seed the problem and proffer the solution. ZeroHedge title sparked the thought.

  36. AJ

    In September we will release a series of deep hitting articles with all the facts. You are close.

  37. 'I don't give a sh*t about them’: Philippine president threatens to leave ‘stupid’ UN

    Lol this guy. I love that more and more are facing up to centralised control. But then there's this cracker:

    "Calling the UN “inutile", Duterte said the Philippines could invite China, African nations and other countries to create a rival international body. He went further, slamming the UN’s response to other global issues."

  38. I thought this was significant because it shows that the technological advantage enjoyed as a result of tech handed over by the Greys since Eisenhower has pretty much reached its limit. Also, where to from here KM? It seems they are limited to firelighters and some kindling, which never seems to take.

    Foreign hyper-glide weapons ‘challenge’ to American Defense – media

    "The top brass of US Strategic Command acknowledges that hypersonic glide weapons developed by other countries are a serious challenge to Washington’s defense capabilities."

  39. Let us give you some good news on the Pedo front, at least for the UK. We are relentless in our searches to get them, try and jail them. No one is too high unlike the Clintons. Dirt like that is not tolerated.

    Another, Oh God not again more Catholics?, yes another scumbag Priest, Father ( of what) Laurence Soper, 72, escaped while on bail in the UK. He was then hidden by the Vatican Mafia in Rome,( time this circus was stopped and arrest warrants have powers to enter and take them,) and slipped into Kosovo.

    We tracked him and got him. He was extradited back to the UK, and now faces trial,where hopefully he will die rotting in jail, and as a known Nonce, will have his head kicked in by the Cons, and his genitalia re arranged with razors as a Cons exercise. Let Jail justice work. Cons hate Nonces.( A jail term for Pedos!).

    Chris Denning, age 75, ex DJ,is also now on trial for 21 cases of molesting boys as young as 8 and further gross charges.
    This shows the UK will not stop, whatever your age, wherever you hide, however long, that hand on your shoulder is coming.

    For the avoidance of any doubt, for all Nonces, we are disgusted by your depravity and nothing will stop the relentless pursuit of each of you. The Pakkie filth operating in gangs go down each month. Public figures go down as a process. Those on the run, as with yet another bent Priest,find that we have the resources and teams tracking you down and we WILL get you. No mercy. Be very afraid because we know who you are,where you are, and you are in the process, so when that knock comes, don't waste your time pleading, we hold you each in total contempt, and no suffering for each of you is too much. As you each name others, we will take them also, as we are coming for you named by others. Pedos, listen for that bell, it tolls for you.

  40. Breaking news.

    The US occupation of Syria is now official. WTF???? Who gave them the right to occupy, INVADE another persons country? Look at their appalling history of failures and losses of life. Who pays for this while America falls apart? Hopefully Russia will atomise them in Syria for the world's sake. Russia and China needs to take them down in Syria. Murderous scum.

    Guiliani wants the Clinton Foundation indicated. Yes, but what about the 2 Slags at the top?

    The Podesta Foundation is now coming under DOJ investigation money laundering for the Slags again.

    This country is so seriously F Up, who gives them any credibility to mess up the world further?

    Officially America IS the most F Up nation on earth, go home! Clean up the domestic filth first. From Prohibition onwards, has it ever been clean? It's hard to find when.

  41. Trump is now calling for the Clinton Foundation to be shut down.

    Why not call for it to be independently audited by an International Firm, for Forensic Analysts and a DOJ Task Force team to work, in conjunction with the Auditors,to analyse the entire history of transactions, sources and why endowed with such funds, full email and other records,any side line trade deals linked, legal or illegal, any misuse of Presidential or State office? Any complicity by Chelsea.Face it the father in Law is a convicted crook, her husband is dodgy as hell, her mother is a conniving crook, and as for Sleazy Bill?

    So Yes,Trump ask the RIGHT Questions! Demand action and answers. The FBI say she's a Crook. The world knows she is.
    When will Trump expose and closer her in public. Be loud, make America proud.

  42. News breaking

    Hillaries Huma lady worked for a radical Islamic group before Clinton. Like Barry, how did she clear vetting? WTF? Either of them!!!!!

    The FBI have just uncovered 14,000 more Clinton emails. Military boys are kicked out and jailed for 1% of this. She is off the wall in transgressions, bribery, corruption and incompetence. How low is the bar? How dare the US lecture others?

    1. Not only did Huma work for a radical Islamic group, her family are very tied to Muslim Brotherhood. Her mother was one of founders of Muslim Sisterhood. Her brother and more connections...

      Rep Michelle Bachman, Rep Louie Gohmert and others were shunned for even suggesting that Huma and other Muslim Brotherhood operatives appointed to Obozo's administration be investigated. Leading the charge was none other than McCain.

      Proof - Huma Abedin Ties to Muslim Brotherhood: Countless Documents Surface

  43. The investigation needs to start how Obama ever cleared to get appointed. Then from him down, if only Trump offers to take down the lot once elected, that can swing it for him.

    Trump say what you are going to do in office if given the chance. Give the people hope of payback.
    And change Huma's tongue and toothbrush.

  44. This is an amazing display of magic. It reminds me of how the Cabal can cause our minds see something that is not real and, from my perspective, everything they do is "sleight of hand". Don't miss the message at the end.

    4 minutes

  45. The Real Hillary Clinton

    Biffie: Current summary of the hitlarygate mess.

  46. watching.
    The universe’s constant balancing act provides ways to resolve a blockage in an energy field, and that is what’s happening here. The preponderance of energy generated around Sanders is positive even though he is not a presidential nominee; the energy generated around Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, who are nominees, is predominantly negative. The overall energy investment, which comprises the thoughts and feelings of the populace, produced countless streamers and they are darting about in the collective consciousness. To bring order out of that chaos, the energy coalesced into various scenarios that represent the total investment and each has the potential to unblock the field and enable the energy around Sanders to flow in the direction it was given, toward the presidency.

    1. Good find a44l91. Have known Suzy Ward for years now, and not just a few. High on my list of friends. Matthew is one of the few channeled that is pretty spot on. Suzy has shared Matthew's message to help bring positive change to our troubled world. Can't say enough good about Suzy, she's a true gem.

  47. With Yellen asking for another 4T that's the devaluation signal right there. No need for the gokd standard to trigger, it has begun.

  48. If anyone knows a philanthropist here is an idea for them:

    Mobile shower van for homeless hits Brisbane streets thanks to Orange Sky pair

    1. AJ

      If the Cabal are not reigned in radiation showers are coming to America. Washington has truly no idea of the worldwide revulsion felt, or that they are considered on a par with Genghis Khans marauders.

      We are now in a more dangerous place than even the old Cold War. Both Russia and China now stand as one, and both have one ultimate agenda, to finish Ameria. But worse. each are committed, highly educated and growing ever stronger. Both Russia and China are way smarter than the US politically. They are each becoming more sophisticated in weaponry,and growing towards the time the big dogs will fight. No nation ever has, or can, win a world war fighting on 2 world power fronts. No nation has ever built up the enmity felt towards US~Global Hegemony,or the hatred towards the Cabal.But worse, one real power, both economic and tactical, has an unfolding agenda for the collapse of America,and the very people in place at all levels to do it. Then, just as they did in WW11, they will come for the poor Jews.History is repeating itself.

      Look on, look in, you will see the US just cant win. Out of money, out of allies, almost out of time. The last people seeing it coming are the Americans. If forced to war, the sheer scale of ferocity which will unleash will be as gruesome as the arrogance of Shock and Awe on the poor defenceless iraqis. Only this time it wont be 2 weeks of relentless bombing, what will come from Russia and China will be weapons of true mass destruction. They will trigger the San Andreas fault and sink California. They will create such Tsunamis by HAARP as will wipe out both the East and West Coats for 200 miles inland, and the thousands of Nukes timed for the East and West Coasts, plus all Global US and NATO bases, plus the US fleets who will be atomised, will change the planet forever. What survives will need a total rethink. It would be Apolitical. That's the shower to fear because none will escape, and the acid rains? Radiation will travel and life as we know it will perish. Knowing this, will they still launch? Yes.Sadly, Yes.
      Or the least dangerous option may occur, the economic collapse of America now unravelling, from which a new dawn without war is possible. Neither will be pleasant, but the latter, you live. Or, if a certain species as long planned, they won't. What the Third Reich could not finish, the Fourth Reich will. Every key role, anywhere, everywhere, their people are in place. Totally organised, just waiting to be orchestrated. The Nazi SS built their model on this group, so did the CIA. Now they are 200 times bigger and more powerful. This is centuries of planning. It's only time. Which route do they take?

    2. John what would happen to KM power as a result of GS or reset occuring? I'd think it would cut funding to the point that they can no longer go on and allow them to finally be removed. My hope and expectation is that the asset based system would be swiftly substituted as the fiat collapse occurs to stave off global doom and initiate a kind of renaissance. Chinese and Russian actions indicate they wish a global community based on trade and so have more interest in proceding as I've described instead of decimating the planet. Am i on the right track? I reckon china could 'do' this before nov 8. It really shits me that voters in one country affect the whole planet. It's time the rest of the world turned the tables.

  49. AJ

    The world is subjugated to the antics of a criminal, war mongering, bribe taking bunch of despotic filth in Washington and Langley. The Criminal CIA Military Industrial Cabal hiding its arms sales behind Blackwater,now survives only by ever expanding its Afghan Drugs networks, addicting more Americans and other poor victims, increasing crime,filling more jails they own for profit,and forcing more debt on Americans and the world.This has become a very ugly Empire in rapid decline.

    Putin and China KNOW that terrorism is funded by US Drug Trafficking and the crime it encourages. They are building relationships with Turkey to cut off US drug routes. The Arab world now sees US Hegemony for what is is and is leaving. ISIS IS a US created, funded and armed US CIA vehicle. The Cabal at its worst. As Kissinger has stated,the US Military are mindless morons who are used as expendable body bags for US Foreign policy.Like Beghazi, betrayed and left to die to hide US corruption.

    China and Russia will wait for the US to collapse. The Jesuits have planned the collapse of America for over a century as part of its grand plan for Global domination. Even the KM's are only foot soldiers for the Black Popes. There are 2, Klovenhoof is now in hiding because of public exposure.

    What is planned, and probably necessary, is the collapse of America to clean up the filth. The downside however, is that following that, they are quite clear, they will come for the Jews. Most are innocent, and what the Third Reich could not finish, the Fourth Reich will. They are implacably focused on removal of the Jews. They have to collapse America to take them out.

    The rest of the world will step aside.
    This is why now they are setting up non US dollar trade platforms. Removing the US from all Trade equations. No cross US dependency. The Soviets and China know the Jesuit Plans. Jesuits were behind a lot of Jewish camp assignments in WW11. Lives callously assigned to the end game for extermination. They believe there is only one way to deal with the Zionists. When Churchill forewarned in 1936, no one listened. Even loaded onto the Cattle trains Jews still did not even think they were going to the Gas plants.

    Some of the FEMA camps with the marshalling yards, tracks to the Red Zone,and sealed no window buildings with ugly pipes extruding questions, what the hell are those for? With probably 6M Jews now in the US, plus Israel and Russia, what is the grand plan?

    For the Jesuits, they have only one! Hitler had not planned the volumes,the Jesuits have. The Jesuits will never accept the Jews. That is why Britain needs to be out of the EU. Out of US linkage. Eurasia has no place for certain Cult sects so it will continue. Sanitisation. I do not justify it, just state what is coming if not checked.
    Do I support it? No, but I am one voice against reality. The Jews treatment of the Palestinians does not go unnoticed,their cynical and corrosive exploitation of all in Banking, and exclusion of non Jews in Banking, the Fed,and Treasury,will all create attitudes if the Jesuits achieve what has been long planned. Who will fight for the Jews if the round up starts? They have been set up. Stitched up as Fall Guys. Shaping public attitudes as in 1936. The populations colluded and jeered.

    What's coming will be ugly. All that can sustain the US Military is drugs money and Arms sales. Nasty! As Russia and China cut that off? It gives the Black Popes scope to choke the US. As long planned.

    Don't expect a short term saving grace for America. The world has issues to sort. Scores to settle. Payback.

    1. I'm watching a doco on 1945 showing the most graphic footage i have ever seen from the camps. Despite what they have tried have they ever succeeded in wiping us out? Never. This is not new, it's just their last gambit. I think it's only a matter of time. This business of one nation's hegemony has shown humanity: never again will we let one group screw us over. From now it's multi national and we go forward together.

  50. Thanks and congratulations to Brazil for hosting this summer's spectacular Olympic Games despite all the economic, political and Zika-virus fabricated health scares. Well done! Your nation has a lot to be proud of.

    Thanks and congratulations also to all the participants who brought nations together in noble cause; and to Team GB for coming second in the medals table.

    1. Valdi

      What we need for a more healthy and coordinated, all inclusive world,
      is an Olympics maybe just for coming?

      Lol Most will vote to come second.

    2. Hardly the Brits voted to pull out!

    3. AJ

      The Brits only pull out afterwards.

  51. Interesting new developments.
    Unlike Clinton, Christine La Garde, IMF MD, now has to face a trial for alleged corruption and fraud. Rapists, Fraudsters, corruption, is she running for the US Presidency next once qualified?

    As the Chinese are now Deputy CEOs and Second in Command at the IMF,we must assume they will not take over, and that is another nail for the US. If not China will go ballistic. The US is losing all control now. About time. Tried and failed. Nothing but an Arms selling Drug Running, criminal Cabal. Ugly and unfit for the role. China will open the books and OMG?

  52. This happened Saturday and not on mainstream media:

  53. Trump: ‘Special prosecutor needed to investigate Hillary Clinton, FBI & DOJ whitewash her crimes’

    The Clintons made the State Department into the same kind of pay-to-play operation as the Arkansas government was: Pay the Clinton Foundation huge sums of money and throw in some big-speaking fees for Bill Clinton, and you got to play with the State Department,” Trump said during a speech to supporters in Akron, Ohio.

    “The Department of Justice has acted very unethically, particularly the [US] Attorney General’s [Loretta Lynch], private, lengthy, 39-minute meeting in the back of an airplane, before the Department’s [of Justice] decision not to prosecute her for crimes that would have been prosecuted against any other citizen of our country,” Trump said.

    “Some former prosecutors have even suggested that the coordination between the pay-for-play State Department and the corrupt Clinton Foundation constitute a clear example of a RICO [Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization] enterprise,” the Republican candidate said.

  54. Stanford scientists map poverty… from outer space

  55. I would not take much of what is leveled against Nazi Germany at face value. Auschwitz was an uranium enrichment plant....all the labour was needed for that. It was not purposefully an extermination camp like it is made out to be and neither would it have facilities for babies if that were the case. There is a reason why Auschwitz used more power than Berlin! It was the enriched uranium that the US captured at Auschwitz which allowed them to complete the nuclear weapons which were used against Japan! Germany was in that sense ahead of the US in the development of nuclear weapons. It seems such weapons have been used during the war by Germany against Soviet Russia, but not against the West.

    1. I have known Auschwitz survivors and they would seriously disagree with you. It may very well have been an uranium enrichment plant, but it was PURPOSEFULLY an extermination camp.

    2. Agreed, I knew a Polish husband and wife couple who were sent to Auschwitz and traumatised for life, as even non Jews. It was total brutality and combined Slave labour plus mass extermination. I saw enough post war Military films of the state of the victims, children, and all, and the appalling treatment by the Nazis who were beasts unleashed. Mentally disturbed, physically impaired, dissenters, anyone denounced, all were processed, and young girls prostituted if selected. The Nazis, were vile, like the Neocons, Bushes and Clintons today. Homos had terrible disembowling treatment. Many Nazis post war were sent to the US and took English names. Many Nazis became Americans. Why else is it so utterly F up? Bushes etc! Many were extermination camps. I saw enough recorded films from Nazi archives for their final solution. Twice the Huns did this.

      But apart from Jews vast millions more died. All we get are the incessant wailing of the Jews. What about the 20 M Russians? The 40M more Stalin killed? The 30 M more Europeans? So non Jews don't count, again, can you wonder why the nations all handed them over? Their own,Soros took their property, so did the Swiss.
      But left to the Jesuits, they will take the lot down.
      How about all who died and truth? Still, they will come again. The Jesuits will unleash them. The report coming will expose the vile lot. And today.
      It all hides in plain sight. No one is looking. After the holidays we will let it roll. Then, you will see reality.

    3. There will be no discrimination.

      If round ups start, it will be whole streets of families marched onto buses.

      It won't matter if you can pay or not. Only if you have access to a private plane and can make it to the airport. Or can get to a very isolated area and survive for any length of time.

      Other than are shit out of luck.

    4. Agreed and the Jesuits selection criteria will be simple.

      Protestants gone.
      Jews, gone.
      Muslims, gone
      Afros, gone
      Dissenters, gone
      Sick or aged, gone
      Infirm, gone
      Minorities- gone

      Non contributing wives and children. Organ donors or exit tickets.
      At best the Jesuits will keep c75M of the current c330M. The Ghettos will just be hosed out. Neocons like the Bushes will be suited and booted. As will the Masons and KM's. Fourth Reich lives again.

      This has been 5 centuries in the making. Those who don't learn from history pay for stupidity. Ignorance is no excuse from processing.

      Who needs stupid? Tick the box, another Bush Useless Eater gone!
      Why feed those who don't read?
      As with 1936 it was clear, as now. 1939 nations howled to hand them over.
      1945 no one wanted them back.

      In the real corridors of power , many believe and state that Adolf should have been given 2 more years to finish the job first. So do many quietly.
      That is the Neocon / ]esuit mind set today. If that is unleashed ???

      Every time they exclude others as with the Fed, Banks and Treasury, they buy consequences. Worms turn. As will the Goyim with fury if unleashed. It would be so ugly. Let us hope not.

    5. Those Nazi concentration camps were first and foremost labour camps. If their primary purpose was to exterminate people, there would be no survivors. The Nazis could have been driving the trains for 4 days around Europe without water or simply used bullets if extermination was the primary purpose. I am not saying those camps were wonderful, because obviously they were not and prisoners are never treated nice (even in experimental settings involving normal students). It certainly was brutal slavery. Nevertheless enriching uranium required tremendous resources which does not combine well with exterminating people. The consequences of war are never nice and especially when people are fighting for their lives in any setting. Likewise the Allied Forces did have a choice after the war and still killed 1.5 million German prisoners of war in concentration camps and they took away Germany's sovereignty in 1945 and even to this day, these allied parties still have not signed a peace treaty with Germany and thereby denote that Germany still is an occupied state. These events happened more than 70 years ago. Even at present Germany is often being blamed for 'controlling the EU'. Seems pretty difficult when it is not even a sovereign state. How about parties in the United Kingdom, City of London, the Vatican and Borgo Santo Spirito give back Germany's sovereignty? And whilst we are at it, we still want the Cestui Que Vie global slavery system gone or the bloodlines who control it will be gone. We can be attacking Jesuits and of course they do deserve most significant blame, but let's be honest here. The Society of Jesus was created by powerful Venetian parties and whilst everyone can pretend that they have nothing to do with the Jesuits (and the Talmudists), the fact remains that the Netherlands and the UK are also merely Venetian outposts. Mansion House, where the Lord Mayor of the City of London resides, has Venetian architecture and even groups such as the Knights Templar made strategic alliances with the Venetians at various points in time. Trust is about much more than mere words. Words are a currency that can be paid by any politician and therefore have as much value as fiat currency. Remove the Cestui Que Vie global slavery system as a gesture of real sincerity.

    6. Saturnalia.

      20M Russians dead. 6M jews ( If True) dead. 30M Europeans dead.
      Britain bombed and Blitzkrieged into Oblivion.Twice they set Europe aflame. tens of thousands of girls seized for German brothels.
      So, they don't have Sovereignty? Who cares. That they even live is a blessing.
      Our Commonwealth Allies gave their lives and fought with us from all over the world to stop the Nazi scourge that Europe many live. God bless you all.
      Had we not smashed the Luftwaffe it would all have been over. Holland enslaved for ever. The Brits like the Dutch. You are respected. Even as the Dope and Red Light Capital of Europe. We value your goodness of heart.
      We get on with Germany, but always watch them. Smashing them twice cost us our Empire. Wars cripple in cost. The Yanks and Jews cleaned us out. We have not forgotten, Nor forgiven. We watch. We wait. We play our cards close.
      It was not the Knights Templer but the Knights Hispitalliers who lay down with the Vatican dogs. The real Knights, ( Who don't exist) have a 13th century Church in London in which all Barristers from the Temple district swear their barrister oath to the Knights bar. Who don't exist. LOl.
      The Vatican, we watch, and wait.Not one Galleon was seized and all the gold was lost. So, who funded the Temple Banking district, the Knights Quarter, Lincolns Inn, the Bar,Basle, Zurich, UBS, CS, Barclays, Documentary credits? The Obelisk by St Pauls is for what? Who funds the Temple Church? Who are the Crown Protectors? What is the Swiss Cross and Red Cross symbol for?
      The English Cross of St George Flag? Templer? An invisible order free of Vatican rule?
      Keepers of what truths?
      Nothing is as it seems. Lift a layer and more is below. Real power, is knowledge. Ancient families. If a few weeks we will release more. It will surprise you.
      Keep up the good work. Its appreciated. Don't mind my side remarks when I deal with the Nazi race. My Jackboot stays firm on necks. Neocons also. We WILL stop the Fourth Reich. We will not submit to the Jesuits. You only lose when you quit, Never!

    7. I would assume you are a Plantagenet as most in the House of Lords are too, but it seems that between the lines you do admit that the Knights Templar run the Cestui Que Vie slavery system or at least have significant influence over it. Parties can be stated to be free from Vatican rule as the Vatican is not the greatest power, but merely a vehicle for very significant power over the planet. Talk about being free from Jesuit influence seems unrealistic as it was for example Shakespeare who introduced many English words via the Jesuits. Take the word Shakespeare's word 'government' for example....ago-ver-menthe...meaning to span a cart in front of the mind....defining the minds of men to be ruled by the government and then people find it strange that the government sets out to do exactly that when that is the definition that has been given to it? The framework defines the results that come out of it and the same goes for Black's Law dictionary which is the black book of spells. Nefarious frameworks create nefarious results. The Franciscans brought the greatest wealth into the UK and they financed Westminster Abbey on Thorney Island which is their sovereign land and in Westminster Abbey the Kings and Queens of the UK are crowned. They seem subject clearly subject to Franciscan power and the Franciscans are another Venetian power who also had great control over the seas. John 'Lackland' Plantagenet handed over sovereignty of England to the Roman Catholic Church in order to protect his own hide from French powers (even though that was the result of his own dismal behaviour). This provided a counter balance to the waning influence of the French over the Roman Catholic Church which they created. The Protestant Revolution was brought about by Venetian powers. If they were not to control Roman Catholicism, then nobody would. The rise of the Anglican Church was in that sense the rise of the Jesuit's very own Church where they had complete power. Who came up with that for Henry VIII who clearly could not keep his sexual desires in check (a weakness which was exploited)? Thomas Cromwell aka Thomasso Morosini, one of the greatest Pisans and great ally of Venice. The Cromwells also brought in all the Jewish influences. Is that good or bad? Depends on one's own position, but Pisans and Venetians build empires time after time, albeit over the backs of others.

      If the sovereignty of Germany does not matter, then how can the sovereignty of any entity matter? How can the sovereignty of the people matter? Obviously none of it then matters. The most quintessential aspect of law is that people are not to be held liable for the actions of others. The people who live presently should not be held liable for what others did more than 70 years ago regardless of what happened.

    8. The Netherlands is not free now. Whether I speak German or English makes little difference. It comes down to the same thing. The last true common law constitution of the Netherlands or better said of the Batavian Republic was created in 1798 and it was ratified by the people by means of referendum. Napoleon on behalf of Jesuit powers interfered and replaced this display of democratic rule with an invalid constitution. Similar powers interfered against France and the USA when attempts to implement common law constitutions were made. Each one was struck down by the Roman Catholic powers and its allies. Who were their allies? Royalists. Monarchs and their supporters. The greatest Dutch statesman and greatest republican was Johan van Oldenbarnevelt and he was executed by Maurice, Prince of Orange. Extremism replaced moderation and tolerance with the death of Oldenbarnevelt. The Dutch at present only have these enemies of the freedom of the people in power. The republic died.

      The nation has no freedom and the people have no freedom. I suppose that is a trivial matter for those who have power. I am not naive about power. There will always be differences in the distribution of power and to attempt to apply Marxism to the distribution of power would be ridiculous, but the way it is distributed currently is completely unacceptable. Not even nearly enough concessions are made to the people. All I see are attempts to repackage scams. More traitorous maneuvers to remain in power. History is always written by the victors. Once the new victors start rewriting history, many should feel lucky if they can get away with what they have done if that happens in a similar fashion as what happened to Nazi Germany.

    9. As far as the power of Zurich is concerned, I can state the following:

      Rudolph I of the House of Habsburg entered into an alliance with Anti-Pope Gregory X of the Roman Cult in 1276 by declaring that usury was a sin for Christians. Simultaneously they pressganged wealthy Jewish merchants into working for them in Zurich. They effectively created the largest financial monopoly in history. If you wonder why Zurich is one of the great financial centres of the world, you should look no further than this event. The idea of usury did not exist before this time in spite of tales to the contrary! The House of Habsburg started out as commoners who played out anyone and anything against each other as long as they could benefit from it in order to accumulate ever greater power.

      In that sense it probably is not so strange to see that same Jewish agenda in Freemasonry.

      The Inner Temple of the City of London even has a Jesuit sun with Pegasus!

      Why Pegasus? The Inner Temple of City of London is an essential part of the Crown Temple which controls much of the law globally. Pegasus’ father is Poseidon, God of the Sea, whilst his mother is Medusa the Gorgon which is known to turn the living into stone. No symbol could have been more powerful than this as this is what happens globally. People have been turned into corporations and thus effectively ‘turned into stone’ and all this whilst under the jurisdiction of the sea. Pegasus has been known to stamp his hoof on the earth at times after which a spring would be created there....effectively turning the jurisdiction of the land into the jurisdiction of the water!

      Pegasus is the most perfect symbol of this system of global control. Note the number of rays originating from this seems to denote that this power is greater than that of the Jesuits. There are 81 rays here in contrast to the 32 rays of the Jesuits.

      If select parties did not want this information known, then maybe they should not have put it in front of the nose of everyone in occult fashion. Arrogance eventually catches up to everyone.

  56. The news media today are mass printing alleged reports showing Trump being a bigger psychopath than Hitler.

    Really, and in fairness, as a Non Support of either, I would say the Donald, headcase as he is, would not even score 10% on a benchmark study lined up with Hitlary.

    Is the media so bent it stoops to this, and to whose orders?
    What happened to Truth and Justice,but didn't one of the readers warn about eating Bat shit?
    Be hard, but be fair. Why the hell are both the Clintons not in Jail? Why is the FBI Director not resigning on Principle, not being allowed to indict Hitlary?
    A dreadful miscarriage was perpetrated with Soetoro, not the Bitch next. Save Americans from this.

  57. Pythagoras’ Theorem: 24 words
    Lord’s Prayer: 66 words
    Archimedes’ Principle: 67 words
    10 Commandments: 170 words
    Gettysburg Address: 286 words
    US Declaration of Independence: 1,300 words
    US Constitution and all 27 Amendments: 7,818 words

    EU Regulations on Sale of only Cabbages: 26,911 words


  58. Hillary is NOT out of the woods, yet.

    1. Maybe she will get gobbled up by the big bad wolf. One can only hope!!

  59. Come come now. You chaps are bantering over such old history, when Philip Tilton just announced that General Dunsford and the Chinese agree, and that the RV news is positive. LOL

    1. And that means what for most people here? Maybe you got into some private currency deals (either for free for services rendered at WHA or at a great premium) via Tman, but most do not and will probably get crumbs in a best case scenario. Knowing the elite, they probably prefer not to even leave crumbs behind. Personally I do not particularly rely on any RV, but either way it is a trivial event (especially when it is not qualified what it truly implies and the word RV does just that). The real matter of importance is returning sovereignty to people over their own will and testament if you know what I mean by that and furthermore returning sovereignty to nations. Another critical element is the creation of a fair system of currency which implies no fiat currency, no fractional reserve banking and no central banks with a monopoly on the creation of money. These are the really important matters and important people have a knack of not talking about this as apparently such redistributions of power would make the important people a lot less important.

    2. If General Dunford was such a cool bloke, he would have ensured that there would be no US military in Syria threatening to shoot down Syrian and Russian planes in Syria, even though they themselves occupied that land illegally completely against international law. They would not be blocking Kurds from the negotiation tables, whilst arming them, so the only voice they would have would be the voice of their weapons. The US military knew this beforehand and they did this purposefully. The only one truly benefiting from this in the area is Israel.

      If there is one thing we have learned it is that negotiating with terrorists is impossible and the greater ones are occupying top government positions. The US is victim and perpetrator simultaneously, but most people will figure this out too late.

      The game in Syria is coming to a close. The Chinese presence there also denotes the upcoming victory. Agendas will be shifted to started trouble in Ukraine and possibly Georgia and other nations inbetween Europe and Asia. This would not happen if everything was agreed upon between the US and China. The Western elite is running out of options, but they will stall for as long as they are able. They are not done yet, but neither can they continue for too much longer. Germany shifting East could certainly put a nail in the coffin of this international terrorism, but without sovereignty that is going to be very difficult....far more difficult than it was for Turkey to shift East. A significant part of the command structure of Germany resides in the UK. Once Germany shifts Europe can shift East and with that the resistance to a multipolar world will collapse. Celebrating victory is premature at this stage.

      The good news is that many countries have had enough of the Western elite deciding everything. The Philippines also indicated they could leave the UN and set upon their own body with CHINA and other nations if they did not stop meddling in their affairs. What is the relevance of that statement? The Philippines has enough of Western nations making money with drug trafficking and destroying their country in the process and it simultaneously indicates that the conflict with China is not as serious as it is made out to be as far as the Philippines is concerned.

    3. Saturnalia,

      "The real matter of importance is returning sovereignty to people over their own will and testament if you know what I mean by that and furthermore returning sovereignty to nations. Another critical element is the creation of a fair system of currency which implies no fiat currency, no fractional reserve banking and no central banks with a monopoly on the creation of money. These are the really important matters and important people have a knack of not talking about this as apparently such redistributions of power would make the important people a lot less important."

      PROFOUND! Count me in agreement on this plus the necessity to destroy the Cestui Que Vie slavery system. We should all have our common law courts returned. We should not be under the admiralty law system as individuals living on the land. As individuals we are not corporate personas, but have been pressganged into it without our knowledge.

  60. Well then, I guess none of us are important to you then, because most people would not pull a hair for "sovereignty" of anything.

    What they really want is clean air, water, food, clothing, transportation, more leisure time, medical care, shelter and entertainment. Sovereignty delivers none of those things with any fairness or equality.

    No matter what my personal role in all of this is, you can bet your bippy that trying to return the world to "sovereignty" is not one of them. Why? What good can it do? While I am all for removing crooks from power, the problem is that there is always another one waiting in the wings to grab that vacant power seat. Where there is money, there will be corruption. Always and forever. Hiding behind "sovereignty".

    So, yes, trivial if you think an RV is going to make everything perfect (it alone will not). But not so trivial if enough of those on the receiving end actually SEE what is needed to move our culture forward, and not backwards to the very same underpinnings that got us to this sad state of affairs in the first place. Hence, the wisdom of the Elders to work with those who will see that the new energy is used with as little corruption as possible.

    Hopefully, enough of it will stick so we can push our society over the hump and away from monetary, religious and political folly. Those institutions are impediments to the forward advancement of man. They are simple high towers from which buggery against all can commence, but under the cloak of "sovereignty".

    Go on any blog and post your plan to restore sovereignty, and then offer some free tickets to feel Kim Kardashian's buttocks, and see which pulls in more traffic. Therein will lie your test for which matters most to the plebs.

    By the way, my comments about General Dusford were purely rooted in sarcasm. I thought it was obvious.

    Lastly, I will, for now, ignore your preposterous insinuation that I took an active role in creating WHA solely for special treatment or personal gain. Pure fantasy.

    1. Good article Tony. As the RV is as precarious as ever again, we must assume the Cabal will only facilitate if it suits them. As a Criminal Mafia syndicate in a death spiral, who can use logic to call any of it?

      I'm sorry to hear you may call time on WHA. It still is a good site for many and gives them hope and a voice. But time and costs understood.

      Now Tony, this comment about tickets for Kardashians Butt, any freebies?
      We had Butt head in the WH for 8 years, a Butt chaser for the last 8 years, now Kardashian is angling for attention. All jokes apart the methane from that, and intellectual zombieland characteristics, question who cares? Give me the top Country girls any time. The new AI dolls from Hollywood have a higher IQ than that lot, and are sold to Go. Perfect partners. Lol. Bill will be their biggest customer. And Arabs who will want the head reverse mounted. Yuk.

      That's the future Tony. Bought to order. No Alimony, and they don't pile on 50 lbs when you put that ring on their fingers. No headaches, mood swings, or attention grabs and moodies. Plus you can rent it out if bored. The power of commerce. Move one into the home to get the message home. 7K, ready 24 hours as needed, and never complains. Plus it won't out snore the dog.
      Sell one to Trump to save more alimony O will buy so he doesn't have to wake up looking at the other one. Head reverse mounted for sure.

    2. @ Tony

      The vast majority of power is presently derived from the system of law and the monetary system and thus to change that is to change the very foundation of society and with it all matters which you find relevant such as clean air, water, food, clothing, transportation, medical care, shelter, leisure time and entertainment will also fall into place in a most acceptable way. The medical system currently in place fights symptoms, but not the underlying causes and the same is true for the other matters. We have to address the underlying causes. If you think parties infringe upon your water and air rights, it is because you at present do not own your will aka land aka body and this will not be solved properly unless the foundation is addressed which in this case is the system of law. Another example is needing a driver's license due to not having ownership of one's own body and thus by means of license acquiring the right to transport the property of the Vatican meaning your own body. It is true that most people do not care about any of this as they do not realise the importance of these obfuscated causes, but many historic events are the result of a persistent and dedicated minority. It would be nice if such events enjoyed the full support of the majority, but the majority is not absolutely needed.

      @ John

      It would be cheaper for both the Venetians chameleons residing in the City of London and the people if the power players finally made some real concessions. It is quite obvious that there is no interest in addressing the system of law or the monetary system as the greatest power is derived from these. As stated this refusal to be accommodate those who are suppressed will be costly for all, but mostly for the Venetians chameleons. The greatest powers opposing this seek no publicity.

    3. Saturnalia,

      1. Correct, the Real Power Players want no publicity. But that cuts both ways, and one group are absolutely for the good.
      2. Right now, until we get the Elders situation ratified, and fully contracted,no moves can be made as each risk contaminating a very delicate huge exercise. Think ( IF) a trusted family is given the Elders support to develop the lot, with No US dependency, a total alienation to the Rotts, one for whom Rome will never be tolerated, and who whilst totally understanding the big picture and future,has to carry the overall group towards a cogent Global direction. Those vast funds and metals have to leave Asia. At their request also. So, as the Rotts became the Bankers to Rome,what ( IF) a UK family had the same position for the collective Elders, the collective trust and power of the new Exodus, and once armed with successful new Self Trading Platforms using RMB and Euros, not USD, assume 3 years to achieve, what ( IF ) that party then chose, as their Trusted Moses, to develop in stages the Global dynamics for a complete systems change. Enforcing presumptive Laws can only be achieved by the tacit submissions of a subservient population.

      If told to Shove It, with all negotiations declined and facing an emerging force of such Fiscal power, militarily backed if needed by the most advanced Promethion weaponry,with an example given of what will unfold unless old powers acquiesce, what then?
      What IF, a force of Good,True Good, says enough? What IF, with an emerging dimensional access, the force offers humanity other ways?

      What IF real education is proffered? What IF the real mistracked Oligarchs of power, are sidelined and ? Time Yes, but the negotiations are all embracing. With power greater than the Rotts, applied for good, what IF?

      Sidelining the Jessies and their Gatekeepers will take untangling and time, but all starts somewhere. They have Achilles heels. If applied?

      3. Be encouraged, IF all goes as hoped, the alternative systems will come. If they did not have absolute confidence and trust in those they are working closely with, there would be no hope in a dark world. They have seen more, and know what is there, is different. In a few weeks we will release the next issues.

      This is a collective free dialog blog for all. Please DO always feel free to debate and challenge. These are all uncharted waters. Jason and ageing Argonauts?

    4. John,

      To clarify, I was referring to closing the FC 131 thread and opening a new fresh thread, not closing WHA in total. Costs are easy to manage, but each year, the time factor becomes more of an issue. I should have been clearer. If we are still waiting for public RV issues in 2018, we will re-evaluate.

      By you writing " the RV is as precarious as ever again, we must assume the Cabal will only facilitate if it suits them...." we presume you are referring to public outcomes, and not sovereign and legitimate big dog PPs. Not meaning to put too fine a point on this, but with every less-than-encouraging comment on the "RV" posted here, I get tons of panic e-mail asking for some clarification on behalf of public dong holders.

      Kim's backside has been known to be huge, in more ways than one. More Internet traffic is generated by her pictures bar none except PokeMan. Some value system we have in place these days.

      Yes I have read about the AI fembots. There are moves afoot to allow marriage to same. You can count on this to pass. LBGTQR (Robot) to come.

      But, the next technology to come forward will be the 3D visual hoods that allow you to virtually be in the same room as a female (or male) "companion". With the addition of coupling with an artificial orifice that responds to the virtual companion, sex will be truly safe. I will leave the moral implications to those who care.

      Porn has been the leading impetus for the development of video technology and on line payment systems, bar none. Now, 3D technology. I will not pontificate without disclosing that I am invested in companies that are developing such technologies. Not for the advancement of porn (which does not need my help), but for the more critical uses of this technology, for medical and other uses where one needs to be someplace, doing something important, and not just helping someone "relax".

      But consider the money to be made by people like Kim Kardashian, on this technology alone. Imagine how much money someone would pay for a virtual night with her, and others like her.

      John, no 3D hoods for you. If the RVs are delayed we will know why. LOL

    5. Tony.
      Amused, beyond. 3 smiles and its only 04-45. So much for wannabes who think money makes itself. If only we could program robots for the daily complex intellectual work.
      No more Robin Hoods, the next income if from 3D hoods. That will drain the Clinton Foundation.

      Now, the RV's. Its about as predictable as Kardashians Butt eruptions.
      Its such a nefarious pit of special interests. Not least Pentagon Generals who bought into the currency wildfire gambles, or the Blackwater contractors part paid in them expecting fat rewards as unearned income. Or the Politicos who chased the dream. Hillbillies who syphoned off the moonshine money to get on on the act, because Bubba said the Bushes were in. Where does it end?

      We,with Show Me The Money is where I start.Who pays?
      The Fed are broke.The Treasury has no money. The vast and ridiculous US MIlitary Agency budgets are now part paid by Drugs trading, racketeering and arms sales. We have, in effect, a Criminal regime. Capone Inc. When do crooks ever pay back?

      Weekly we hear, certain parties were paid out in Reno. More BS.

      Iraq is seriously looking at just cutting 3 zeros off the notes as a market conversion. So, those expecting $5 M will get $5K if that happens.And why not? A nation was robbed, plundered, a million killed and the parasites line up wailing foul? Vietnam a Millennium of shame.

      Why should Iraq bail them? A few million flees can be dislodged by the 3 zero switch. Then the wannabes get out.

      Dongs, apart from being every guys best friend, do have an attendant public value and are more easily tradable. Just not for gzillions.

      Neither China nor the Elders are bailing these things. Not for a heartbeat.
      When I read those Blog items claiming the Elders are underpinning some new Free give away I know the Crack is in use again.

      ONLY if the Fed are printing will these illusions gains get paid out. In whose dreams? The Fed is a Racket.Since when was a Racketeering Jew Crime Syndicate ever Santa?

      If the Cabal need a fix, and order the print run, the Big Battalions feed. Job done. Until then, we sit and wait for the smoke signals.
      Some just staring at Kardashians butt. What else has unemployed Bill got to do?
      Roll out the 3 D hoods. Every guys best friend. Muggers will leave the streets. Power sales will soar.

      Dongs hold their own,and Vietnam is booming.That may be enough for its own revaluation,but they did devalue before for trade gains.
      The Forex game is all gambles. A fast fix at the top will be a scam for the Top Table and may not trickle to the bottom feeders. If done via a note change how does that help Bubba? The Big Battalions and the Sovereigns would be OK. Unless Iraq cuts the 3 zeroes. Why not, it makes sense?
      Or, does the Fed pull off a 3 card trick to reflate the world economy with new funny money? Logic, or chicanery. Reality?

      On the 3D's a lot of Heffers will lose their meal tickets. AI fembots will take off. Part Replacements will be big business. Or just 3 D hoods. Way to go. Bill will be wired up faster than road runner.

    6. ".....On the 3D's a lot of Heffers will lose their meal tickets. AI fembots will take off. Part Replacements will be big business. Or just 3 D hoods. Way to go. Bill will be wired up faster than road runner....."


  61. Anonymous - The Truth About World War III.
    Published on Aug 23, 2016

    1. Anonymous - WW3 Update - Part 2 (2016)
      Published on Aug 24, 2016

  62. Switzerland rebels against central banksters

  63. I LOVE Carl Boudreau's September forecast...just out.


    This surge of eclipse energy from the mutable T-Square will accelerate the demise of global oligarchy and hasten the end of the gross political and economic inequality threatens global stability. The eclipse energies will trigger and accelerate karmic consequences for using dishonest and manipulative language. This will further cleanse our politics and economics of toxic rhetoric and hasten the end of the oligarchic institutions and practices that it supports.

  64. Just watch what happens in the UK next. Note the ever closer relationship between the UK and China. Eurasia is coming. Nothing will stop it and presumed ownership of Germany is a myth. If Russia is forced into conflict over its territories, all NATO bases will be erased withing 4 minutes. It's a farce. With it the last US influence over Europe will go.

    The new multi tier banking systems emerging with No US Clearing or Dollar Dependency, will remove American Banking Blackmail and threats, and once established the US will be told to go by all.

    Russia has technologic Air and Submarine superiority over the US right now. ( Plus Hitlaries emails) and so much more facilitated presumably by Snowden? China now shares Russian technology, and the rest they spie on and steal from the US to cut costs and time. Then improve it further.

    Eurasia is coming. With that there will be no need or role for the Vatican or Jesuits. Islam will not be tolerated, and as Russia is at most risk from Islam, a cogent sanitation and re education program will be program drafted by each power. Look at how China deals with Tibet. We don't support it, simply state as is.

    London to survive will become the new Hong Kong of Europe,not just a gateway to Europe, but a Global Culture and Elites Living Centre.
    Wells Fargo have just bought a major new London Office block and JPM are heavily entrenched.

    The EU is in free fall.

    Religions are yesterdays world. Re education will rid the world of that lot. Islam. Judaism. Jesuits, it's all going West!

    Eurasia will result in new power families, new ideologies, and strategies.

    As Britain with the Industrial Revolution changed and re shaped the whole world, so will Eurasia. The Cabal is dying as its rigged energy markets are in free fall, and only its Drugs and arms income keeps it going. That will be dealt with by Eurasia. With new weaponry, China and Russia will defoliate Afghanistan, and with India's support, will deal with Pakistan,its Terrorist support and Drug Mule routes.

    Europe has to go East to survive in trade. Dependency upon a Drugs and Military Cabal is over. Money talks, the US is broke and slowly will get the poke. The US is building a major new Embassy in London, just to keep in touch with Global reshaping. Reverse ambulance chasing. Look at Macro Economic realities. The Elders massive wealth is coming to London. Huge implications.

    That wealth will be managed by Non US, None Zio families, and parties with Global vision. Even the UK will have to toe the line to participate or else. Economic forces will drive the future. NATO will go, so will the UN. The US $ is heading for oblivion.
    The Cabal is not a sophisticated entity, look at the Bushes. Flatuent dogs running out of free lunches.

    Look beyond today's issues, think big picture, blue sky.
    A new world, new thinking, and no room for befuddled religions or Hegemony.
    NWO will fail. Eurasia will prevail. 25 years from now nothing will be the same. US Leadership will be long gone, as will the Cabal. With the new Banking systems, the Rotts will be evicted, the Zios reigned in and as for Israels grand ambition to steal a third of the Middle East for the Kazakh Turds, Iran and Russia will deal with that. Will Israel even exist in 25 years? For what purpose? Arabia and the Persian Gulf will clean house. Iran and Syria stood up the the US bullies. All US influence in the Middle East is being lost. They had a free ride for 75 years. No one wants it any longer. Nor the US Drugs and Arms trade. If the US push Russia and the Soviets wipe out NATO, which is certain, then what? A face off? Russia and China combined need give the US 10 minutes to surrender, with a warning open those Silos and our Subs will wipe the lot over 5 minutes, and the ICBS will follow. Washington can't even arrest Clinton, how can it fight a war? It can't even deal with crime. Tomorrows world wont be run by Yesterdays men. No yesteryears ideologies. Re education, reformation.

    1. Sounds like Carl Boudreau's September forecast is spot on based on this latest report from you John?

    2. John,
      Trying, trying to picture blue sky. How will all of this happen coming from Londonistan? As you write of everything wrong with America...and I is it that you hold England as a model government? I see almost as many problems there. How do you get the Rotts out when they're intertwined with the Queen for decades as her 'financial advisors'? You write of the Muzzie in WH and all his Muzzie Brotherhood underlings and prospect of a Muzzie Brotherhood sympathizer and enabler as next President with her Muzzie entourage. All of this is true.

      Fact is you have much the same in position of London Mayor and in other government positions. Plus Rotts Hq in City of London. And the skies remain full of Chemtrails here...and there. So we're having a hard time picturing blue sky in either location.

    3. Texian

      We have our problems of course, but nowhere near as bad.
      The Rotts would love to access the Elders. The US constantly tries.
      Who is the "Queen" of the Elders standing next to as all others have to stand behind? That IS real power. But a special world.

      The UK has an " Old Family Hierarchy". True bloodlines. Hidden real shapers.
      The Rotts are not Advisors to HM.

      We cull our bad Governments and beheaded a King who lost his.
      I never say we are a model Government even now. But we are far more Democratic and integrity based than yours. Rotts have a tiny presence in London. As do the Zios. Yes, we are Class based, and we have Glass ceilings, that's all I can tell you. We are not losing it.

      But when I reach out to you, and all nations, it's from the heart. Truly I care. Also I respect many.
      I try to encourage and give credit where it's due. If I kick Butt, its because it's needed. I just don't think my foot is big enough for Kardashians. Also, if I slip will I get it back?

    4. John,
      Thank you for your heartfelt response. It's difficult, if not impossible, to sift truth from fiction. It's all so frustrating when we hear not much progress is made on a year to year basis. There are so many people struggling, if not on the edge at this point, that time is a luxury we may have lost. Thankfully there are good people working tirelessly on turning the ship around.

  65. Trump Slams Clinton Foundation As "Most Corrupt Enterprise In Political History" After Latest Donor Revelations

    Yesterday's report that more than half, or at least 85 of 154 people from private interests who met or spoke to Hillary Clinton while she led the State Department, donated at least $156 million to her family charity or pledged commitments with at least 16 foreign governments donating as much as $170 million, has become the latest goldmine for Donald Trump and Republicans who finally have a break in the anti-Trump news cycle to pounce on.

    "It is now clear that the Clinton Foundation is the most corrupt enterprise in political history," Trump said in a statement, reiterating a claim he made earlier in the week. "We've now learned that a majority of the non-government people she met with as secretary of state gave money to the corrupt Clinton Foundation. ... It was wrong then, and it is wrong now -- and the foundation must be shut down immediately."

  66. Hillary in serious trouble! Badass Attorney taking over the Clinton Foundation investigation.

    Published on Aug 13, 2016
    FBI and US Attorney for southern state of New York is carrying out an investigation in the Clinton foundation. The reason why this investigation is going to be different is that the attorney in charge of the investigation is Preet Bharara. Google Preet Bharara, you would be impressed with his prosecution record. Please view the movie Clinton Cash in youtube to know more about Clinton Foundation

    1. Still Report # 1113 – NY Prosecutor Goes After Clinton Foundation
      Published on Aug 13, 2016

  67. The mental reports on Clinton are building. WTF is wrong with Congress they have to say STOP her now. You cannot have a head case as President. At least Condi and Cheney rode shotgun on one, a Marxist Moll the current one, no one can trust Pedo Rapist Bill for this now. Huma may be up for it, but she's not up to it. Who needs a Goddam Muzzie ISIS Gobshite supporter as Chief of Staff?

    1. Well, John, I don't know about that. Jr. was profoundly affected by his years of debauchery, but Cheney is not, nor has he ever been, the voice of stability and reason. Condi, well, she likes black boots and sadism. Let's face it, the leadership of America is a collection of derelicts, perverts and pedophiles who need to be caged to protect the rest of us.

    2. Agreed but without them , Cheney robbing the store for Sr, and Condi teaching the mutt to function, it would have been so much worse.

  68. Hillary Clinton Emails - State Department Can't Answer Clinton Foundation Connections

    Published on Aug 23, 2016
    22nd August 2016 - Fox New. State Department Can't Seem To Answer Clinton Foundation Questions!

    State Department spokesman Mark Turner has an extremely hard time answering questions about Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and possible pay to play with the State Department after more new emails expose the corruption. Hillary Clinton Wikileaks emails. Lies.

    Fox News - State Department Responds to Clinton Foundation Questions. Hillary Clinton Secretary of State FBI Investigation Wikileaks emails scandal. Huma Abedin.

  69. A compelling article by Dmitry Orlov on the prospects of war between the USA and Russia (featured by The Saker):

    “Russia is ready to respond to any provocation, but the last thing the Russians want is another war. And that, if you like good news, is the best news you are going to hear.”

    A Thousand Balls of Flame

    Valdi: People don't just have to wake up; they have to grow up and take responsibility for doing what is morally right and not doing what is morally wrong. There is no escape from that obligation.

    1. The Eastern alliance just outplayed and outsmarted the Western alliance of miscreants in Syria. The game plan for a 'Kurd-rael' just fell apart. The terrorists in Darayya capitulated and those in East Ghouta are being decimated. In Aleppo the Eastern alliance has set up a kill zone into which the terrorists keep running. In short, the war in Syria is won by the Eastern alliance, but it will take time to see the results of that.

      In Ukraine attempts likely will be made to set in scene fake Russian aggression to benefit Hillary Clinton in her election. Armed Ukranian Nazis in Russian uniforms can likely be expected or something similar to that. Odds are that Poroshenko will be replaced with Yatsenyuk and that could potentially also take the form of a coup. In time Donbass and Luhansk Oblast will become part of Russia.

      Germany is being militarised on the orders of the Venetian Empire to counter the Eastern alliance. It has nothing to do with terrorism and everything to do with Russia. These Venetians do not care about Germany and would gladly sacrifice it.

      So all in all more things are going in the right direction than not, although there are still significant threats including the creation of new conflicts in between the spheres of influence.

  70. Nigel Farage speaks at a Trump Rally

  71. Recent Billy Meier Contact Report with Ptahh.

    ...And at the present time precisely this is in the foreground as a consequence of the criminal and even felonious machinations of the USA and the EU dictatorship, which is why the concerned peoples themselves have to take measures against it before it is too late. And if nothing is done by the peoples themselves and the might-greedy ones of the state are left to rule and nothing is undertaken against their might-behaviour and their war mongering machinations, then it will indeed come to a fourth world war. However it would mean that, as always, the civilian population will be the victim, because in the so-called ‘normal case’, for each dead soldier as a rule ‘only’ twelve to fifteen civilians are killed, which however increases manifoldly if weapons of mass destruction are used. And if this danger is not averted then the worst is to be expected. However, it can only be prevented if the criminal and felonious machinations and the war mongering of the USA and the EU dictatorship against Russia is stopped as soon as possible.

    Read full report that talks about Obama, Merkel and World War 4

  72. Assange: WikiLeaks to release 'significant' Clinton material

    Published on Aug 24, 2016
    WikiLeaks founder provides insight about his organization's process in a 'Kelly File' exclusive

  73. JV raises good points.

    I note, with growing interest, the calls for anti anti establishment Trump votes.
    US voters PLEASE NOTE, you are not voting for a Democrat or Republican, YOU are voting for YOUR President,the voice and ethos of all of you.

    So how, as a Thinking American can you EVER vote Clinton? Clinton is not fit for Office,and if you vote for her, you condone her so many crimes. It's NOT about voting for Democrats. Get real. It's voting a can of trash into the Oval Office. Has your country not suffered enough?

    Be in no doubt,Trump is not fit for Office either, but the US has sunk so low this is all they can drag up from the garbage heap it seems. No thinking American can vote Clinton now, and anyone who does, is too stupid to have the right. For Americans a sad choice, but essential now to do so to stop Clinton.

    As Trump visibly is not the sharpest tool, the anti establishment vote may save this fool.Which leaves him free to deal with a Kenyan Usurper and his colluding crew, to repeal Barmy Barry's Presidential Pardons as invalid via a crook, to set up a full Inquiry on the Clintons,to investigate the Bushes, and to take back America from the Fed. To deal with the Islamabaddies, and to simply stop the millions pouring in from Mexico. A big stick is needed, and for a probable one termer, the need to hit the ground running. Just common sense will fix most.

    So, fool as Trump is,if he is the price to stop Clinton, tick that dam box. Clinton in office will be the Pits for America. Ignore Hollywood flakes, reality needs to rule, not airheads. Trump needs to keep thumping her criminal history in debates because 90% of her supporters seem too deluded and too thick to be let loose without a leash.

    America is loosing Asia. Loosing the Middle East. Losing Europe, and loosing the plot!

    Follow the Brits, lose the trash. The Brits voted out the Socialists and Liberals. The Brits voted for EU exit. That fired half the Cabinet. Democracy works for the Brits, when the people speak. How about even bringing Democracy to America? Let the Contractor Thugs loose on Washington and defoliate the Poppy fields in Afghanistan.
    Give the growers a choice, next year you either plants crops to feed the nation or we defoliate and you starve. You die as Drug growers, who cares? Will Trump lead the arrest of CIA criminals? Will Trump close the 990 bases? Will Trump stop sending money to Israel? Will Trump stop sending Arms and remove Nukes from these Kazakh thugs?
    Will Trump stop the CIA from antagonising Russia?

    Will Trump help restore America? A nation fit to serve human needs? Will Trump help America take its place again among free thinking nations? How about this better way? Leading with the best, so we can take care of the rest?

  74. Tony,

    As you saw, even at 04-45 the Old Guard are on guard and active responding. Good news to see you qualified your ongoing commitment to the site.
    With the good hearted help of many from both sites, we backed up and re tracked Mike. The voice and good hearts of all of you. Real hands across the oceans.

    When the time comes we can help many. In the meantime, the 3D hoods. If only! Lol.

    We need to feed need, not greed. Real people are hurting. Real nations mistracked.
    Yet a nation with so much potential is funding its pernicious war games from Drug trafficking, and arms sales.
    We need to all work together to change consciousness and be as effective as with Vietnam the voices of Hell No,- We WON'T Go!

    We all need to expose, name and shame the CIA, Blackwater and the thugs behind each.

    If Trump gets in it gives America 4 years to find a real Patriot fit for office.
    If Clinton gets in, I question if many of you will live so long. You saw how she let your boys die in Benghazi. All she can do is betray. This lying Thief is no Commander in Chief!

    Nor is clueless Barmy Barry, or his Commie Islamabuddy Czars. As the millions pour in bringing crime and fanaticism to America. You gave your lives for a dream.
    The Muslims want your wives and children too. Well, apart from the Catholic Church saying hands off, I saw him first too.

    America is so far off the rails. It may need Trump to retrack. Since when, after JFK, have the rest done anything?

    JFK reached for the stars. Clinton trawled the Bars,Barry the Bathhouses, and Clinton now will put you in the Poor houses. If Trump can just break the claws of the monopoly,it gives you all a chance to Yank free.

    Then you can feed the new demand, 3 D hood free stamps. The Kardies will lose their tickets to ride. The Cabal, left unchecked, will turn the world into a cesspool. America needs to break free of their hold and get back to basics. Be in no doubt,there are deep, long established plans in place to cause the collapse of America, and to transfer the blame to who? It's getting ugly.
    Almost as bad as waking up from a bad nightmare and seeing Clinton beside you like a waiting Roach! See, things can get worse. Lol

    People united bring hope. Together we changed a life for Mike. Together we need to re track America and educate. We walk this path one time, to make a difference. Use it well. Bring hope, not Dope.

  75. As the new Ripple System clears testing, the US Banking System and Fed faces nations bypassing the US totally. No more US bullying threats or mass fines to poor banks. Now, with the fast coming Ripple ability to transfer without any US access needs,this will end the Fed and US Banking control. The US will be mass evicted my most nations.
    Who then will fund its military thugs and Welfare armies? No money, no honey. The lot will crash to earth. No other nation has ever managed to alienate a whole world before as badly as America.Billy No Mates won't like how this ends up. Nor will the Beltway told to pull in its belt as 50% hit the road to get a real job.
    With only a Chump in the WH, who failed to see this coming? When it hits, the lot could go in a year.

  76. From ZERO HEDGE

    Nigel Farage Draws Thunderous Ovation At Trump Rally: "I Wouldn't Vote For Hillary If She Paid Me"

    "If you want change, you better get your walking boots on, you better get out there campaigning and remember, anything is possible if enough decent people are prepared to stand up against the establishment." - Nigel Farage

  77. Sounds like Russia may be willing to help shut down global pedophile and human trafficking rings! Starts at about 5 min into video...

    Kevin Annett Announces Major Development in War Against Global Pedophiles [video]

  78. Clintons' 'Bag Man': Middle Man Between Foundation & State Dept ID'ed

    Published on Aug 24, 2016
    Fox News Chief Intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reported this morning that the Clinton campaign's national finance director was previously the middle man between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation.

    Dennis Cheng, before joining the campaign, worked for over three years as the foundation’s director of development and before that as deputy chief of protocol in Clinton’s State Department.

    According to newly released emails obtained by Citizens United, Cheng worked closely with Clinton aide Huma Abedin, particularly after moving to the foundation.

    1. P

      Also remember Michael Herzog with Paul Guenete were the bag men between the CIA, Bush and Clintons racketeering with Ackermann at Deutsch.


    Hardly heard a peep on this report from 2006 in which top scientists revealed the terrible things that fluoride does to the body.



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