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Afghan asylum seeker 'rapes boy in toilet at German migrant centre'

OWON: Why oh why do we continue letting this trash into Europe?

And you wonder why ordinary Europeans are becoming pissed at foolish immigration?

When the Europeans wake up and turn, Merkel will be gone, and the Right Wing will sweep into power. There will be blood.

Be in no doubt, once nations do unite, another sanitisation program will be launched. 

Islamabaddies have no place in Europe and will face the wrath of the nations.

Afghan asylum seeker, 22, 'rapes four-year-old boy in toilet cubicle at German migrant centre'

  • Iraqi father of boy, 4, found son with 22-year-old man in a toilet cubicle
  • Afghan asylum seeker, 22, and accomplice, 29, on trial in Germany
  • Prosecutors say traces of boy's DNA was found on man's private parts
  • Incident happened in Boostedt, one of Germany's northern most states

Mail Online
By Isabel Hunter
16 August 2016

An Afghan asylum seeker is in the dock accused of sexually assaulting a four-year-old Iraqi refugee at a German asylum centre.

A court heard that the 22-year-old was discovered in the toilet cubicle by the child's father, after he spotted his son's shoes outside the door alongside an adult pair.

When he knocked on the door, his young son's pants were down, but the older man said he was just helping the boy go to the toilet - an account the relieved father initially believed, reported the Holsteinischer Courier.

It wasn't until later when the boy revealed to his suspicious mother that he had been forced to perform oral sex on the man, who is in court along side a 29-year-old alleged accomplice, who is accused of 'keeping watch'.

According to prosecutors, an analysis led by experts reportedly showed traces of the boy’s DNA had been found on the man’s private parts after a penile swab.

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