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The United States scheduled war with China for 2025

OWON: They need to look at daily reality. The next 2 to 5 years look very high risk.

Thinking China does not know and is not getting ready? Also war with China means war with Russia. Seems like peace has more benefits than a war no one can win without enormous loss and perhaps that of planet earth.

The United States scheduled war with China for 2025

Katehon News
16 August 2016

Before the meeting even US President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping Rand corporation published a plan of war with China. The paper analyzes several variants of the war.

However, the authors emphasize that "the United States can no longer be sure that the war will be developed according to plan and will lead to a decisive victory. This analysis highlights the different scenarios of the war with China, as well as the possible consequences." The report states that by 2025, China will overtake the United States technologically and that this is important for the outcome of the war.

In addition, it is said that the US should have a larger influence on the governmental circles of China and must consolidate with Japan.


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