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  2. John what about the Italian banks starting the fuse that lights Deutsche Bank, once that monster goes...TIMBERRRRR. The ones below need to run for cover.

    1. Agreed but Deutsch,Santander and the Irish Banks are on the precipice.
      Ackermann got too close to Bush and hoovered up dirty deals and derivatives for the Agency and Mobsters. HSBC is a laundering dirtbag operation.
      B of A, JPM, Goldmans and others tread a fine line on the precipice.
      Many are sick. Derivatives is the poison pill. The B of E is trying to build up UK reserves. But Banking nowadays has become a fast buck operation, bonus driven,and no concept of loyalty or care. Sharp suited and booted hustlers. What do you expect?

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  3. Anonymous - Hillary Clinton: Root of all Corruption
    July 17, 2016

    1. P, good video. I hope this one gets passed on and on and on. It needs to. It makes me ill to watch how she is.

  4. Interesting to see that Slag Usurper in the White House is rising to support Islam but is capable of doing bugger all to support Americans and the complex fragmented society within. Not a word of helping address the breakdown of Afro Americans or their disproportionate propensity towards crime, their single parent birth rate issues,dysfunctional lives all too often, and the state of confusion all too many experience. Interesting, he fits the profile well. Disfunctional mother, alcoholic fathers, way too many " Uncles" and raised by Gay male nannies with Commie Tutors.
    How did he ever make it through the night? Any wonder why he's the most useless President ever,and after Carter,Ford and George W that takes some doing. No point in saying, he's the Man. That he isn't.What a farce and God help America if Clinton's next.

  5. Contrary to all the Dinar Gzillionaires spouting last week was release time, as of opening hours not a deal in sight this week again AND,contrary to Guru rags, indications we are getting is that any Public resolution may only be from September 2017 onwards. PPs are OK but Public wannabes have no patronage. Take care out there.

    1. John it sounds like the PPs are as much wannabes as any. Nothing wrong with that. We all want something, nothing to dis on bc there wouldn't be any wannabes if the cabal weren't around. In any case we make our own luck, if it comes cool. I'm building my career further and encourage others to do the same if not already. Coz god knows as your post shows again, the wealthy take care of themselves only. Make sure your life counts. Hanging off of the coat tails of the unseen money movers who do no benefit is a worthless use of a life. Get out and start living folks! Don't wait for some maybe oneday BS. I'm over it. Life beckons.

    2. John, just for clarification, so the thought that China and NOT the elders might have moved is no longer on the table? HOw does this affect if at all all, the GCR?

      I feel sorry for the good folks here at times, what a roller-coaster, with disappointment after disappointment. Me? If I had gotten in on this investment, I would have long ago taken the currencies and exchanged them for dollars and moved on with my life.

      I think AJAAndy's advice is sound.

    3. China has a perverse interest in keeping the US rolling as they are also owed big time. The only way we can get the vast Cash pallets cashed out is to bring it back into use.
      But now we hit the real problem.

      Every nation has its own Government bar yours.
      The US is run by a Criminal Kleptocracy and Cabal.
      How do we persuade those of sole criminal intent, to put back?
      How do we get the Cabal to conceive of humanitarian ethos issues?

      Our own Governments don't get it. No one sees how bad DC has become, or the Agency powers.

      How can we deal with vermin?

      I am trying my Heart and Soul out to get it rolling. Often talking with Asia from 04-00 hrs up to midnight later in the US. Time zones.

      If we can just get the first breaks,we have plans to unlock it all. It CAN be done! Believe me, the worst Delusionals are Politicos.

      See the new report coming out as Exodus. See what we just did as a nation.
      Epoc changes.
      Watch the waves as consequences. The Think Tank of hope is here.

    4. John,
      Please forgive me, but I am more confused now than I have been before. In the White Hat Reports, O said that he would never sign off on the GCR. In one of WHA fact checks, Tony's contact said that congress was not involved. Are you now saying that nothing can be done with a partial RV, unless the world governments agree, including the US? I thought if the Chinese took control, the US would be bypassed. I am not talking about a Public exchange, but just Sovereigns and Big Battalions.
      Thank you again for taking your time to keep us informed.

    5. A lot is going on to try to get the PPs our first. The US needs the Taxes and society needs the infrastructure injection. The problems are as below.

      1. How do we keep on propping up a leaking Global banking bucket unless they keep on using those reneged on PPs to patch and fix the Fed and Banks mess?

      2. How do we break funds free to fund need, when a vast criminal Military and Agency Octopus intercedes to feed 990 plus bases, vast fleets and Jets which can't fly?

      3. How do we redeem what's owed on the PPs.when they want to continue using every trick going to lie, cheat and keep funding derivatives games for funny money bonuses?

      The Chinese are taking control, but it takes time.
      All the above is for the PPs - real debt.

      All this RV scenario is a myriad of buckets of worms with interchanging issues weekly. Each week , hope then scuttled.

      Congress is not involved and powerless.

      Those involved are the Zio Fed, Zio Treasury, crooked Agencies. Military overlords and crooked Banks.
      Sorting this????

    6. Thanks for your reply. I know you and your teams are working hard.I am just hoping that something gets done. Maybe I can catch a drop of water from the trickle down.

    7. These are sewer pipes make sure its water. Lol

  6. AJ

    The difference is this.
    Once we get the PPs done, as we will be the key Think Tank Trustees, we WILL be helping the valid Wannabes, switched on enough to read the sites, ( Both!) to help us make a difference helping many. Then you will be well rewarded on Project deliveries.
    These funds WILL be put to work to redevelop a new society. One compassionate, caring, and educating. No Elitists, Islamabaddies, or Cabal criminals, and no Zios on board. Real people serving real needs. Reshaping our own future. Money will make the world go around.

    1. John,
      Why are derivative holders being protected? Isn't the age old caveat 'buyer beware?' It's all fraud! Just a Ponzi scheme on a larger scale.

    2. Because there is no effective working law at the top its ALL compromised. All BOUGHT!

    3. John thanks for that. It's true that the kind of money you are talking about is required to do the proper job via projects - what a great way to use one's life, for global good. Many thanks and good luck.

  7. Why not "hire" the recipients of said money?

    At least getting out a monthly stipend keeps the receivers afloat and safe while the thorny issues are worked out.

    Or would they try and steal small weekly salaries too?

    1. Which recipients? If only simple or logical solutions existed. This is High Level organised Crime. Rotten from the top down.

  8. Rob kirby claims the ESF of the UST is the major user and promoter of derivatives

    1. Partially Yes, but with Agency and Fed hooks free riding to keep the whole ponzi scam in play. The trouble now is, Calls exceed profits.

  9. John

    The recipients of the money from PP currency exchanges or whatever else they are blocking.

    at least weekly salaries would keep the recipients safe and in the game.

  10. Unknown.
    Getting a Thief to pay back is the first step. How? So many minds are focused daily.
    The Law will not act. Bankers get overrides. The rot is total. So how, we try each day?

    PP Beneficiaries are dying waiting. Cruel, inhumane and no compassion or guilt.

  11. John

    some of the money supposedly already set aside for the PP recipients can be spun off into a job offering.

    Perhaps the jobs offered could be "reporter". For example reporters posting valid reliable reports on local regional state national and international corruption. Exposing corruption by a citizen's reporter bureau.

    Help the recipients be part of the solution now by at least hiring them so they can do something more than being an unwitting pawn in a huge power struggle.

    Had this been started years ago more people would be able to help.

    1. Those living off the Lawless use don't care.

  12. How many years have you been waiting for the cabal to cooperate? Perhaps it's a lost cause waiting for cooperation at this point? I would suggest there are many parties who have means to put into effect the last resort...take them out.

    1. As the Military, Law and Justice have all sold out, who?

    2. about a bug in the ears of a couple BRICS members...thinking of 2 particularly who have access to mercs?

  13. Gee, Tony Blair isn't looking too good lately, is he?

    'Please stop saying I was lying,' says ex-UK PM Blair after Iraq war inquiry

    Article is dated 7/6/16

    1. MWP

      Liar, Liar, Liar.
      What a loathsome skank.
      And, unfortunately, one of ours. But despised by most.

  14. Theresa May as the new PM was just asked in Parliament,will you use the Nukes if provoked. No sidestepping, head on - Yes she declared.
    Iike Maggie before, the only Balls in Westminster.
    Now it's official. Attack Britain, it's nuclear war.

    1. There is nothing special about that. Any sports hooligan or drunkard at the bar likely would have said the same. It does not even require balls....stupidity is requirement enough to threaten with weapons. Let her move against derivatives.....let her move against HSBC and other corrupt banks.....let her move against unacceptable behaviour by Israel....let her move against the support of Gulf dictators and related weapon deals.....let her move against the Cestui Que Vie slavery system.....let her move against the monopoly on the creation of money by central banks and fractional reserve banking......let her move against intelligence agencies and secret societies who have created this 'Islamic threat'.....let her move against the climate change any of that and she will have real balls. Will she do but a single thing of all that? Of course not....the only thing that might happen is that she will move against the Gulf monarchies when the US plantation desires to remove its debt against the Gulf monarchies coinciding with the release of the 9/11 papers.

      Obviously the real greatness has left the empire long ago. It never could accept the Hamiltonian/Promethean system operated by the Russia, Germany and the USA of old and it cannot legitimately accept it now. We still see the same hedging of bets. The advantage is that the headquarters of the empire allows itself to position itself well for a new economic world order whilst the subjected 'plantation nations' will suffer the brunt of the losses of the collapsing empire. Great Britain and the City of London are still two of the six greatest aggressor nations. The 'attack us and it is nuclear war' rhetoric might have meaning if these nations at least respected international law and the sovereignty of other nations, but instead they wage warfare of all kinds including military, financial and legal warfare.

    2. Saturnalia,
      As usual you are correct. Anyone even whispering nuclear war is not concerned about humanity. Makes me shudder to even think of it. We all must turn our anger at the 'systems' into plans to defeat the cabal by working smarter. We need a targeted plan not a nuclear disaster. We already have nuclear disasters around the planet that have yet to be cleaned up.

    3. Saturnalia,

      See what is about to implode with the new article and the profound structural market and economic policy changes which will evolve from it.
      As the UK goes East, the UK - US Special relationships will go West. Something has to give. It will be the Anglo American accord. Cabal cooperation will decline,as will the Cabals take out from the Global Fiscal feeding bowls congregated via London. Changes will be seismic,or 70 M alcoholics will be left clinging to a windswept rock in the Atlantic alone.
      The needs of Eurasia will predicate the future. There will be no place for Washington's predatory Agencies ruling. Choices will be made, and new partnerships will evolve. The Anglo America whore will be superseded by a new model. Integrate or disintegrate will be the new rules of economic survival. A rice bowl shared. Or a lonely rock.

  15. The Exodus article out soon will take you to a whole new world.
    An explosion of consciousness. Where possible to try to use lap tops or desk tops for graphic power. It puts you way ahead of the field now.

    A Thinking Persons overview.

  16. The Nice Terror Attack: Towards a Permanent State of Martial Law in France? Brings To Mind “Operation Gladio” By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
    Global Research, July 18, 2016 Commentators who have learned to distrust official explanations, such as Peter Koenig and Stephen Lendman have raised questions about the Nice attack. Addendum:

    This large collection of photos from the UK Daily Mail of the Nice attack — does not seem to show any blood in the streets where the carnage is reported to have happened or any blood associated with what are reported to be bodies.

    The white truck that is reported to be the murder weapon does not seem to show any blood or damage. A colleague once hit a deer, and his car was totaled. How can there be 186 people hit and no damage to the truck?

    Also, among the photos is a video of police standing exposed a few feet from the truck cab firing into the cab. For the police to expose themselves to a lunatic reported to be armed implies that he wasn’t armed or that the truck cab was empty. Why didn’t the police just open the door and capture him, or if he was armed wait until his pistol ran out of ammunition? In all of these attacks, the alleged perpetrator is always killed. Note also that already there are names and photos of the victims and a history of the perpetrator. How can so many photos of so many different people be so quickly collected and so much information collected about the perpetrator? The media never ask public authorities such questions or ever provide answers. It seems the story is prepared and ready to go when the event occurs, and that story is all we ever get.

    And what do we make of this regarding the Bataclan attacks :

    Why would armed French troops on the scene capable of stopping the Bataclan carnage be told to stand down?
    The original source of this article is Paul Craig Roberts
    Copyright © Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts, 2016

    1. Check out photos on Everything is fake these days until proven real.

      JIM STONE: Bullet 'stickers'

    2. "....The white truck that is reported to be the murder weapon does not seem to show any blood or damage. A colleague once hit a deer, and his car was totaled. How can there be 186 people hit and no damage to the truck?"

      As a former accident investigator I can explain this. A car hitting a deer is most likely traveling at a higher rate of speed, hence the inability to avoid hitting it in the first place. This creates more impact force and thus more damage to both the car and the deer.

      The idiot truck driving jihadi had control of a larger vehicle that moved slower than a car at speed would have encountering Bambi. The resulting injuries were more under-wheel crushing type than frontal impact. Any persons hit by the front bumper/grill were unlikely to cause significant damage to the truck as the speeds were not high enough to create deformation against the weight of a human frame.

      Human bodies under the tires would be crushed, and there would be little if any damage to the tires.

      I think the idea that this was staged is ridiculous.

    3. Correct, it was genuine.


    4. The questions that need to be asked is who orchestrated it and why? These questions are not answered to any degree of certainty. Therefore speculation will rule.

  17. UNITED States of America - It can now be reported that the U.S.-French Joint Intelligence Task Force operating on American soil for over 200 years, along with the U.S. Military Flag Officers, have concluded that the alleged civil rights group Black Lives Matter (BLM) is nothing more than a domestic CIA-DHS sponsored terrorist group that is linked to ISIS and operates on American soil as British Intelligence linked G4S domestic assassination team.

  18. German economy on a knife edge: Struggling Deutsche Bank closes nearly 200 branches
    GERMANY'S economy could be on the brink of collapse after its largest bank announced it will shut one-quarter of its branches.
    By Tom Parfitt
    PUBLISHED: 17:31, Mon, Jul 18, 2016 | UPDATED: 18:29, Mon, Jul 18, 2016

    Deutsche Bank will close 188 branches across Germany in the coming months, with 51 of them in the North Rhine-Westphalia region.

    The lender has been forced to implement dramatic austerity measures after share prices plummeted by a staggering 48 per cent, marking an all-time low.

    It has also pulled out of 10 foreign markets, including Russia and Australia, and is poised to cut around 3,000 full-time jobs.

  19. John,
    What's going on with the London Stock Exchange?

    Deutsche Börse nabs majority support for LSE merger

    The planned merger between the London Stock Exchange and the Frankfurt-based Deutsche Börse is moving closer towards reality, despite concerns raised by Brexit and stock market competitors.örse-nabs-majority-support-for-lse-merger/a-19398583

  20. The Germans wanted to merge both exchanges and offered terms acceptable to the shareholders. A commercial deal.

  21. Exodus is now up, and with it a vast array of questions and issues. Your forum. Your voices.

  22. Can someone please take Exodus over to WHA to help support Tony's effort for you all. Updating America and the Brave New World.

    1. I am on it. Can't sleep anyway. LOL

    2. Become a lookalike Muslim 4 will get you sleeping. Lol.
      A look alike gets the benefits,without the cut.
      Lots of issues now Tony. Waking up the Zoo time.

  23. David Icke on Sydney's Triple MMM radio, yes, a mainstream radio in the prime morning slot, 7:20 am for 10 mins. Obviously, the dam holding back disclosure has some broadening cracks now. I don't care if some refute him on certain points, what matters is that the big picture is emerging and being actively promulgated for public discourse.


    1. Those trying to reveal the big picture will only find it more difficult trying to retain credibility when you have the likes of that lunatic using the same talking points. Icke would do far more for disclosure if he just stayed at home with his mouth shut.

      When a man or woman publicly states that they are Jesus Christ, it is time to exit stage left. Leave him to the reptilians, he does us no favours.


    2. Seeing Icke was Down Under, why didn't he ask why your capital, Canberra, is its own entity, the Australian Capitol Territory. No different than District of Columbia, City of London or Vatican City. Funny thing it also has an obelisk dedicated to the US military and unveiled by HM Queen Elizabeth no less. Was HM handing the US a prison colony to be used as a vassal state? I guess what is an obelisk, naval base and whatever this place is (just communications my ass), among friends?

      Carry on nothing to see here.

      Icke would rather talk about "Hybrid Royals". That's right.... lizards....

      Don't get me wrong Ajna Andy, Canada has been tossed around more than a Gilbert at a State of Origin game. Under definition of Vassal State the example is Canada..... so don't take it personal....


    3. Sorry for the typo, its Australian Capital Territory.

    4. You're absolutely correct about the ACT. We have been told the position of the Capital was a compromise between Sydney and Melbourne (which I think was a tad bigger at the time). But obelisks? Makes sense.

      I think the way Icke explained the layer (s) behind elected governments was clear enough. It's a seed.

      As for hybrids.. I think we do have a variety of sources of our DNA. For some that will be a bridge too far i agree. They will go back to their hidey holes. The rest however will open their minds a bit at the information and perhaps it's those that icke is talking to.

      Now you guys have the French colonies on your east, I think I'd prefer that. At least they had the decency to nuke beautiful virgin pacific islands instead of right on your doorstep. :)

  24. Reg Keys and Roger Bacon have formed a UK Crowd Funding Appeal to raise funds to take Tony Blair to court for his illegal war activities which killed their sons. Many will contribute. Soccer matches alone would raise millions. If indicted, Bush would follow.

    1. Can't be soon enough for me. Time to cut that bush down.

  25. Another Obama executive he setting us up for martial law like France has done?

    Executive Order -- United States Policy on Pre- and Post-Strike Measures to Address Civilian Casualties in U.S. Operations Involving the Use of Force


    By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, I hereby direct as follows:

    Section 1. Purpose. United States policy on civilian casualties resulting from U.S. operations involving the use of force in armed conflict or in the exercise of the Nation's inherent right of self-defense is based on our national interests, our values, and our legal obligations. As a Nation, we are steadfastly committed to complying with our obligations under the law of armed conflict, including those that address the protection of civilians, such as the fundamental principles of necessity, humanity, distinction, and proportionality.

    The protection of civilians is fundamentally consistent with the effective, efficient, and decisive use of force in pursuit of U.S. national interests. Minimizing civilian casualties can further mission objectives; help maintain the support of partner governments and vulnerable populations, especially in the conduct of counterterrorism and counterinsurgency operations; and enhance the legitimacy and sustainability of U.S. operations critical to our national security. As a matter of policy, the United States therefore routinely imposes certain heightened policy standards that are more protective than the requirements of the law of armed conflict that relate to the protection of civilians.

    1. I see this as setting up to round up the KM while staking out claims to protect the citizenry. There may be conflict. The military will go after the squid and not the people.

  26. MWP

    It's the pending crash with mass containment and terminal force authorised against the Slave Stock of the Colony where required. You All are simply Live Stock Assets of the US Corporation a Colony farm to be reared and sheared for profit!
    The wheels are coming off the waggons soon. What are the Rules- Just shoot the fools!

    Alternatively riot control for Civil War or WW111. All ways up, trouble is coming and the Rules of Engagement are being laid out.

  27. Quite a few additions for bounty hunters...they're calling for retired 'special forces' to go get them!


    1. Retired Special Forces to also get YOU!

    2. Yes, they could, but won't get all of us. Also, couple things you may not have factored in. US special forces are spitting angry at this administration both over Benghazi Butchering and fake Bin Laden Fiasco. They were so angry that this administration took out Seal Team 6 in an operation called Extortion 17 where 30+ seals and a dog named Bart were transported on a rickety helicopter in Afghanistan all together (completely against protocol) along with about 7 Afghanis that were replaced on manifest at last minute. They were sent into an ambush. Those not killed during downing of copter were shot...all immediately cremated and given some Muslim 'prayers' which when translated made the parents spitting angry. These forces will not be coming after American people IMO. The ones we have to fear are the thugs recruited by DHS and TSA out of prisons plus the UN forces who are definitely cabal minions. Special Forces people are supporting Trump, the outsider. There are many retired special forces among bikers who have traveled en mass to Cleveland to protect convention goers since they know local police aren't up to the job or might be directed to stand down.

      Further, it seems if any of the alternate 'powers' to cabal are halfway serious, we wouldn't be seeing the cabal perps walking around flaunting their freedom to do whatever they please.

      John, yesterday you asked 'who'? Today, perhaps it's special forces. I know I wouldn't be betting against their ability to do it.

    3. Texian

      I know a number of your key Special Forces and Ops boys and have for 40 years. We are close! Occasionally we run articles on the site to help their case.
      Patriot Special Ops guys, ( Male and Female nowadays) I have all the time in the world for,and respect. It's the low grade Contractors I question. Booted grunts with weapons and no IQ or judgment. They have trashed nations, and what if it's next yours at home?
      The Pentagon is now full of Wimps and Desk Jockeys,few real men among them.
      Stanley Mc Crystal, who WAS a real Patriot, led his men on missions, and went off base on Obuma. Stan shot Wookies, and yours worried it may be him next!
      If you get Civil War conflict, you will get a lot of help from here. O and the Cs disgust me. But so do the Bush crap. Filth.

      America deserves better.
      When most needed, we will be there for regular Americans.
      Just have to teach you to spell so you can read weapons instructions manuals correctly. Joking!

      See how we fought to give Theresa a break and chance. We joke about skirt issues it's just humour. But when the few ultra feminists not able to understand Brit humour rise to it, the game is on for Bull Baiting. Lol

      We have no sex barriers. More of it! Please? Humour!!!!

    4. Love Brit humor. We watch many of your comedies and won't miss Masterpiece. Actually, we love humor of many types. If we can't laugh even in dire times, stress takes over.

      Our military are for the most part very fine people. There are rotten eggs in any group, although most are good people at least in the days I knew many of them. Who knows under Obozo? Can't vouch for that because he purged the good ones. I was raised in the military. My dad was a P-38 pilot stationed in Sicily during WWII. My husband was AF. Many of our friends were among military leaders. One of my bridge partners is wife of retired 4 star. I know they are good people. Many don't know what I know now that all wars were staged to happen for profits. I'm relieved my dad and mom passed before they had an opportunity to learn that.
      But I'm focused on the future for our children and grandchildren. We must come together to make the suffering of so many a thing of the past! So let's come together and take out the trash!

    5. Agreed on all above.
      And always allow for our humour. Nothing is better than taking down those parties so up themselves.We work and live under tortuous stress with blood pressure which could launch a missile attack. We know both the sacrifices and real world. We care!
      Humour is the nectar of life to keep us sane. If we can't laugh at ourselves, get a life.
      I will explain the truth of the to floor one day to you. Absolute reality of all.

      Understand why I get so frustrated with the now America from the heights and hopes of JFK and a world who rode with you.
      Now it's becoming a Dog and Pony show.

  28. Americans, if you're still on fence about Obama and Congress and can't believe they're working against you, can't believe your "Government' is trying to kill you...this should convince! Why else on God's green earth would they decide you can't know what's in the food they want you to eat?

    Monsanto’s Dark Act ready for Obama’s signature Jul

  29. Fellow blog members. I know John is hoping Trump gets elected because he has inferred that Trump is our only hope. 17 years at Goldman Sachs AND financed by George Soros. I wanted to believe that since the stench of Hitlery Clinton makes me want to vomit.

    However, alas, I read this...Trump is playing for the same team. Do you know anyone who wants yet another GOLDMAN SACHS lackey as Treasury Secretary that isn't part of the 1%?

    Donald Trump has told prospective donors that, if elected president, he plans to nominate former Goldman Sachs banker Steve Mnuchin for U.S. Treasury Secretary.

    Another article:


    Mnuchin, the CEO and chairman of hedge fund Dune Capital Management LP, was appointed as Trump’s national finance chairman in May despite being a onetime donor to Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama.

    Mnuchin spent 17 years at Goldman Sachs, becoming the company's chief information officer in 1999 and leaving in 2002. In 2004, he founded Dune with financing that included $1 billion from George Soros, a prominent Democratic donor.


    1. OWON does not endorse Trump. It is simply the lesser of two evils. No Clinton at any cost is accurate.

      Trump may have some up sides if he walks the walk and just not is talking the talk.

    2. Correct, We can only pick the lesser rotten apple on show. Buy time!
      But agreed with all concerns.

    3. Lousy news although not surprised with NY background. Maybe Trump will eventually get a briefing from a London Elder contact who will set him straight? Right now T has a tight rope to navigate carefully avoiding sharks.

    4. Green party candidate Dr. Stein is a valid choice.

  30. John I hear the English trains have been grounded, something about the tracks melting in all of 31°. Mate, if you want some Aussie steel that handles double that in the great southern land give us a hoy. The first trandaction in our new free trade deal. :)

  31. Replies
    1. The United States are not United,this is just a Federal scam with as much integrity as a Treaty deal reneged on for the poor Native Americans. The same filth are now doing it to all Americans and the world.

    2. Yes, sir. Most Americans don't know this yet.

  32. AJ

    Will do, and its yet another climate change issue.
    I lived for a while in South Africa and the ground at 40 degrees centigrade plus was so hot it melted our shoe leather walking and caused havoc with car tyres.
    Yet the Africans walked bare foot and felt nothing with feet like an elephant hide.

  33. Texian

    The Monsanto case and stooge Soetoro Obamas role is a damning indictment of the scale of criminal abuse of the innocent American nation. How long can this fool continue?
    A good article and real questions.

  34. I will believe this when I see it. BREAKING: Congress Bypasses FBI, Moves To Charge Hillary With Federal Crime
    It looks like there could be some good news on the horizon for anyone outraged that Hillary Clinton has not been held legally responsible for any of her crimes against the American people.

    According to reports, in a letter to U.S. Attorney Channing Phillips signed by Chaffetz and Goodaltte, Congress has asked the court to open an investigation to determine whether Clinton committed perjury.

    The letter is included below:

    Dear Mr. Phillips:

    We write to request an investigation to determine whether Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton committed perjury and made false statements during her testimony under oath before congressional committees.

    While testifying before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on July 7, 2016, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director James Comey stated the truthfulness of Secretary’s testimony before Congress was not within the scope of the FBI’s investigation. Nor had the FBI even considered any of Secretary Clinton’s testimony.

    Director Comey further testified the Department of Justice requires a criminal referral from Congress to initiate an investigation of Secretary Clinton’s congressional testimony. We are writing for that purpose.

    The evidence collected by the FBI during its investigation of Secretary Clinton’s use of a personal email system appears to directly contradict several aspects of her sworn testimony.

    In light of those contradictions, the Department should investigate and determine whether to prosecute Secretary Clinton for violating statutes that prohibit perjury and false statements to Congress, or any other relevant statutes.
    Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

    During FBI Director Comey’s testimony before Congress, he admitted that statements made by Clinton under oath were “not true” and that her handling of this nation’s classified material was “extremely careless.”

  35. Brilliance in Commerce Radio Show
    Episode 12

    Wednesday July 20
    4:00 PM Pacific Time /5:00 PM Mountain Time/6:00 PM Central Time/ 7:00 PM Eastern Time USA

    Guest Speaker Judge Anna von Reitz will speak on:

    * Progress on various class action lawsuits
    * U.S. is not America
    * Self-protection - non-UCC claim – international admiralty claim – individual sovereignty
    * Newly forming American States and Nations Bank
    * Karatbars Gold
    * Restoration of American Republic
    * Other breaking news

    Anna has over 11,000,000 readers and listeners . . . find out why!

    Participate by dial-up phone:
    914-205-5349 (no PIN needed)

    Participate via Internet:

    Questions can be asked via the call-in number by pressing 1, and also via the online chat room.

    1. About the host of this radio show.

      Full name is Taansen Fairmont Sumeru. Convicted felon. Did time for securities fraud, money laundering and tax crimes. Verify at website.

      Currently sells a "credit card termination" and tax evasion trust scheme. Owes millions in restitution to the Feds and they are very much aware of his new "business" and his unreported trust income.

    2. I have no information on this show or host or his case. However, I do believe that IRS is a cabal-owned RICO corporation which has been harassing Americans since its inception...massive pile of fraud. Most Americans have never owed "income tax" in the first place.

  36. The Clinton threat. I'm not sure the article is as accurate as could be, certainly Guccifer is in his cell in Virginia. (I live in Virginia, we would have heard.) However, nothing would please me more if ALL Clinton emails surfaced. It can't harm National Security at this point but would be corrosive acid on her campaign.

  37. Here's some good info that may help many people through upcoming collapse if it's left to happen...

    Conquer Fear and Live Free

  38. What a fascinating sequence of events for Bill Clinton...

    Clinton's Military Career

    Bill Clinton registers for the draft on September 08, 1964, accepting all contractual conditions of registering for the draft.
    Selective Service Number is 326 46 228.

    Bill Clinton is classified 2-S on November 17, 1964.

    Bill Clinton reclassified 1-A on March 20, 1968.

    Bill Clinton ordered to report for induction on July 28, 1969.

    Bill Clinton refuses to report and is not inducted into the military.

    Bill Clinton reclassified 1-D after enlisting in the United States Army Reserves on August 07, 1969, under the authority Of COL. E. Holmes.

    Clinton signs enlistment papers and takes oath of enlistment.

    Bill Clinton fails to report to his duty station at
    the University of Arkansas ROTC, September 1969.

    Bill Clinton reclassified 1-A on October 30, 1969,
    as enlistment with Army Reserves is revoked by
    Colonel E. Holmes and Clinton now AWOL and
    subject to arrest under Public Law 90-40 (2) (a) -
    registrant who has failed to report...
    remain liable for induction.

    Bill Clinton's birth date lottery number is 311,
    drawn December 1, 1969, but anyone who has
    already been ordered to report for induction is INELIGIBLE!

    Bill Clinton runs for Congress (1974), while a fugitive from justice under Public Law 90-40.

    Bill Clinton runs for Arkansas Attorney General
    (1976), while a fugitive from justice.

    Bill Clinton receives pardon on January 21, 1977,
    from President Carter .

    Bill Clinton becomes the FIRST PARDONED FEDERAL FELON ever to serve as President of the United States .

    1. Clinton obviously had 'fixers' in UK also. Who fixed the rape of co-ed Ellen Wellstone which allegedly resulted in just a deportation?


    2. As much as we hate Clinton, and how criminal immoral that family is, truth matters. What is being said there is only half truths. There is plenty of truth out there on the Clinton's. Let's not spread half truths as it is detrimental to credibility.

      There is no doubt slick Willie pulled off some dirty moves to avoid being drafted, but nothing he did was illegal and he was never a fugitive from justice.


    3. Canauzzie,
      Could you tell us which parts ARE true?

    4. By letter of the law, if he indeed draft dodge, he would technically be a fugitive. I believe the letter of the law on the other side is that the appropriate authorities knew where he was at all times and that bureaucratic abeyance would have over-ridden any other issues. If the post is more innaccurate than that Canauzzie feel free to kill the thread.

    5. Tino,
      Maybe it's like what we just witnessed with Hitlery....many felonies rising to TREASON, but that doesn't apply to those above the law.


    6. Tino,

      We don't want to delete anything. What is the point of debating if we delete what is posted?

      The only time we delete is if a posted comment is malicious or disrespectful to anyone here, including the site and team members.

      No one here knows everything and we are all on a journey of discovery. We all have something to offer and we each can learn from each other.

      We so not have the time to answer to and research everything posted here. We wish we could. That is why we always recommend you do your own research. We will chime in time to time on things we know to be true or not. This was sent to us long ago and was researched to see how accurate it was. It was not accurate enough to post and what was true was not interesting enough to include in what it was being researched for. So it was bypassed. If you saw what was submitted to us on a daily basis it would shock you. It now takes at least 2 days to reply to most emails sent to us. Time is always an issue. We all volunteer and bear all costs personally. No adverts or donation buttons. We truly wish we give more, but at this time it is what it is.

      Here is a quick overview of the reprobate Clinton's draft history:

      Upon graduating in 1968 from Georgetown, Clinton won a Rhodes Scholarship to continue his education at Oxford University. Shortly after his arrival in England, Clinton received his draft notice and was forced to return to Arkansas.

      By enrolling at the University of Arkansas Law School and signing up in the ROTC program Clinton was able to avoid the draft. While at Georgetown, Clinton was an intern for Senator Fulbright, who was instrumental in helping Clinton to enroll in the ROTC program.

      Shortly afterwards, Clinton dropped out of the University of Arkansas and he flew back to England to continue his education at Oxford and then on to Yale where he eventually earned a Juris Doctor degree from Yale. During his time in England, Clinton was also an active war protester.

      Because he dropped out of the ROTC program, Clinton wrote the draft board and requested a reclassification. On October 30th the draft board sent him an A-1 classification, but President Nixon had signed into law a policy change that allowed graduate students to finish the entire year of school. This granted Clinton another college deferment. Later President Nixon signed into law the draft lottery where each day of the year was pulled out of a bowl and assigned a random number. Clinton’s lottery number for his birthday was high enough to keep him out of the Army.

      Clinton's actions were grey area legal.

  39. Replies
    1. Sadly the pages were doctored and still hide the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    2. Andy,
      I doubt that the report had much truth to begin with. There's a long history of shizzle in reports starting with Warren Commission Report that I remember.

  40. Hello,I found this article quite interesting.This might be the elit's worst nightmare.If so a new weapon in Russia's hands which might render gold worthless.

    "On 21/6/2016 Russian scientists made an amazing and historical discovery of a technology to transmute the protons of one element into another in the periodic table and beyond, a Chemical transmutation, specifically involving lead into gold.
    In a conference held in Geneva Switzerland: What we’ll have to show you today is
    the transmutation without nuclear reactors, without heavy water, or anything of the kind, to obtain a transmutation of elements. Our approach to transmutation of chemical elements is biochemical in nature.
    The Russian patent RU 2563511 awarded to Mrs. Tamara Sahno and Mr. Victor Kurashov available at Google Patent repository says [in Google translation]:

    More at:

    1. The company that seems to own this is BT-Isotopes.

      A priori I wouldn't have believed this possible. Once again, the world is a wonderful place. I've been letting my imagination roam as to the implications as to why/how bacteria can modulate radioactive particles into and out of atoms. I also think that a portion of this is poor translation out of Russian. (Any Russians around to perform a most accurate translation?) Chemistry is solely about bonds and valence. If elements are transmuting, it's only because somehow the bacteria are moving particles or accelerating decay, which IS nuclear.

      Nonetheless, awesome discovery-cum-invention! May they get a Nobel Prize.

  41. Im sorry but the above was by paintbrushinsummer,cant get my google account to work.

  42. Mr D at WHA

    First, we are governed by strict Insider Trading regulations.
    Secondly, there are huge implications, both political and economic to the knowledge you seek and the consequences of decisions being made.

    London IS not the appointed RMB capital trading and clearing city for nothing.
    IF RMB were to be Gold backed, it would bring America to its knees. But it would also invalidate vast Elders $ holdings. Vast mult Ts would be worthless.
    So, it takes time to unravel from such positions, or its self defeating.
    Timing is everything.

    That negates a lot of Blog fantasies. Real world, steps need and have to be planned with care for both economic and vast geo political implications. Steps we plan with care. Even dumping 50 mts on the open market would sink it.
    AU is beyond sensitive.
    But once we gold back currencies the dollar goes where?

    Timing will not be soon. It is in deep debate and we have to build the new safekeeping and armed depositories first. Think years not months. Slow steps.
    Future prices, we can't say, but up for sure. Once backing currencies assume way up.

    1. A smooth transition would be leasing Sino AU to support a revised usd, after the squid has been eradicated. It isn't in anyone's interest for the organic US to implode. Ditto europe. Once the rats are gone gold should be put under everything and ringfenced, and govs to live within their means. That will force closure of many many military bases. It's the only way.

  43. The growth in daily comments has been enormous. You have become THE MUST READ BLOG because of all your valued contributions. Your intel value has switched the world on.Well done all of you worldwide, you are read.

    1. John,

      Awwww...they're just tuning in for your humor!

  44. John, so the Elders are warehousing Trillions of USD that was paid to them by US INC from past loans they received from the Elders through the years. Were these loans in gold and if so was it all stolen by these crooks and I'm assuming that these multi T's in USD are worthless.

    1. The AU is safe, the cash God knows expect masses to be bogus. A lot is.

  45. Link to Judge Anna's interview last night...very educational! Starts at about 46 min mark.

    Subject Matter:
    Progress on various class action lawsuits
    * U.S. is not America
    * Self-protection - non-UCC claim – international admiralty claim – individual sovereignty
    * Newly forming American States and Nations Bank
    * Karatbars Gold
    * Restoration of American Republic
    * Other breaking news

    JUDGE ANNA INTERVIEW, 20 July 2016

  46. In a world of curved ball consequences is it too much to hope that Trump actually gets in and arraigns the lot of them afterwards? Now THAT is Justice, but good luck Americans and good hunting. Time you got payback.

  47. No Dinar at WHA.

    1.When you understand the theft history of Elders AU, you understand why there is no trust for the locations you nominate. They have tried and lost there before. So, deep mistrust.
    2. Also Tax implications for reasons we will not elaborate.
    For the volumes we are looking at, the Planning Permission, and development time, Yes, it WILL take years. Fact. Location is key. And political support patronage.

    This is not a criteria for limp wrist gambles. It's a Big Boys game. Or lose the pot.

  48. No Dinar at WHA.

    The 2,000 tons capacity at Deutsch, plus Barclays on recent sale, are piddling little vaults compared to the Elders need. Plus you seriously think the Elders would entrust Bankers with their AU?????

    No Dinar, please, with genuine respect, stick to the day job. The real world is for BSD's to sort. Real word volumes need BSD protection.

  49. DoD Creating Virus-Fighting Viruses For Outbreak Emergency

    Biffie: Sounds to me like one wrong (oops on purpose) move will let multiple new viruses out into this world. Still feeling like a lab rat.

    1. Lab rat is right! So they're creating a vaccine to reverse the strains of HIV, Zika and Ebola they previously CREATED and PATENTED? The entire planet's population are their lab rats. You can count on the vaccine being loaded with nasties. The evil is profound.

    2. Or Texian, the vaccine being free of nasties is only available for a few on an "A" list. Taking a page from a recent X files on that one.

    3. P,
      May have to tune into X Files. I've been hearing they're mirroring or previewing events!

  50. Incoming news agenda issues.

    Is Michelle Obama going to run for President in 2020? Hillary a one termer?????

    As Trump plans the great wall, who funds it if he gets in?

    If elected Trump will reduce NATO cover.

    If elected Trump will reduce drugs. There goes the CIA slush funds and Bankers profits.

    If elected Trump will fire Obama appointees.

    If elected Trump will focus on making America great again.
    Will it happen. Can the American people get the chance to get their nation back?

  51. No Dinar at WHA

    First, as stated, my response was and is with genuine respect, just to help with no onerous issues. Each issue responding to help.

    Location and secrecy of vast bunkers is key. Not only are bank vaults of c2,000 mts of no interest with the volumes Elders hold, but banks themselves are giant trust issues.
    Elders have had horrific problems with the US,Swiss,and Dubai stealing Gold. Also the Marcos Gold still held and denied in London and the US causes issues.

    With the expansion of China and the danger of both Chinese and US invasion games if locations were exposed, all safe locations are now under review.
    We can't trust the banks or Politicos. Once we achieve staged relocations we can then build what is needed. Planes only take 90 mts, and LBMA insurance only covers 50Mts.
    Ships risks the US highjacking them at sea. Operation Golden Lilly was typical. The US is nothing but a vast Pirate operation looting nations.

    The scale of Global replanning is highly complex, as is the new infrastructure needed. Especially as it will bypass the Politicos, Zio Banks and Fed.

    The UK has just booted the EU. We need the US to swerve Clinton, and see if Trump can make it. Neither are fit for Office, but which is worse? Clinton is a walking Yuk bucket of lies, criminality, filth and depravity. WW111 material if voted in by an obnoxiously stupefied electorate. Real worldwide connotations.

    It's a hugely complex and delicate operation moving assets and planning a world fit for purpose with assets free of Zio Banks and sheltered from US Agency chicanery. Nations have been invaded for less. Life is cheap for a Cabal creep.

    Gold alone can not singularly cover Global asset backing, unless of course, it is revalued to ????
    See what I am NOT saying? Just- options.
    Good luck with the rebuilding and do keep trying. We make our own luck, so keep pitching. You only need one to land to make a difference. Put a smile on Cal L Girls face. Keep faith in yourself,and keep trying. Breaks do come. Changes coming will be vast and opportunities will follow. Thank you for your contributions. Everyone matters.

  52. Thank for the update John . Enjoy the weekend.

  53. All or nothing.
    With my workload and hours, I wish I got the chance for a weak - end. Lol.

    1. Proverb: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

      Could that apply to John also?

  54. The first thing he will do is get the GCR done if it has not gone by that time.

  55. IMF Leader Christine Lagarde will now have to stand trial in France for a 400 Million euros corruption case, involving funds she directed to be paid to her associate while she was the then Finance Minister. The recipient is now facing a court directive to return those funds and a possible jail sentence.

    That's the French all over. If not White Flag collaborating with Nazis, they are out plundering the EU,robbing anything not bolted down. A Club the UK has no wish to belong to. As with Strauss Kahn, sordid and seedy reprobates.

  56. A society wide problem and not what one might think.


    Published on Oct 29, 2015
    What causes addiction? Easy, right? Drugs cause addiction. But maybe it is not that simple.

    This video is adapted from Johann Hari's New York Times best-selling book 'Chasing The Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs.' For more information, and to take a quiz to see what you know about addiction, go to

    1. P,
      Wow! That was very interesting!

    2. P,

      Could that be why those governments who profit most from drug-trafficking have a vested interest in perpetuating poverty, terrorism, wars and social divisions? Portugal decriminalised all drug use 15 years ago and saw a massive decrease in drug-related problems:

      Portugal decriminalised drugs 14 years ago – and now hardly anyone dies from overdosing

      I don't see the United States Corporation decriminalising drug use - it and the private prison industry would lose too much money, which is far more valuable to them than human life.

    3. Valdi, that's the point. Until the US corp and it's affiliates like the private prison system are taken down, we likely won't see change. There's just too much money being made. The human element doesn't matter to the elite bankers. Just more bucks and power does.

      Keeping the population isolated also keeps us from finding our true strengths and from working together in making a better world. We as a human race need connection, it's part of who we are.

      My humble 2 cents.

    4. Before he died in 2013 from an aggressive cancer many say was intentionally targeted, former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson spilled the beans on the cabal and their agenda. He speaks to drug business, Dr Jeffrey McDonald, MKUltra, Satanists cults, 9/11, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Pearl Harbor, Oklahoma City and much more. About an hour jam packed with his research.

      Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson Exposed the Conspiracy of the Shadow Gov’t / Satanists / Illuminati [video]

    5. Thank you Texian, will watch later today. Many Thanks for sharing.

  57. JFK Turned to Peace and Was Assassinated
    Posted on July 20, 2016 by State of the Nation
    Paul Craig Roberts

    Researchers who have investigated the assassination of President John F. Kennedy for 30 or more years have concluded that he was murdered by a conspiracy of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the CIA, and the Secret Service. See for example, JFK And The Unspeakable by James W. Douglass. Shortly before he was murdered, President John F. Kennedy gave an extraordinary speech at American University. In the speech he came out against continuation of the Cold War that risked all life on earth for the benefit of the profits of the military-security complex and the budgets and power of the Pentagon and CIA.

    President Kennedy was already marked for assassination. He rejected the Joint Chiefs’ belligerence toward the Soviet Union and their belief that nuclear war could be won. He rejected Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Lemnitzer’s “Operation Northwoods,” a plan to carry out false flag terror attacks on Americans and blame Castro in order to create support for a US invasion of Cuba. He rejected US Air Force support for the CIA’s Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. He worked outside of channels with Khrushchev to defuse the Cuban Missile Crisis. The paranoid anti-communists who controlled US military and security forces concluded that President Kennedy did not serve their career interests and was soft on communism and thereby unable to stand up to the Soviet Union. They viewed Kennedy as a threat to US national security that needed to be removed.

    A new peace movement, NoWar2016 has utilized part of President Kennedy’s speech to build interest in its September 23-25 conference at American University. David Swanson points out the difference between President Kennedy’s approach to the Soviet Union and Washington’s approach to Russia today. There was hope in Kennedy’s approach. There is no hope in the approach today.

    Listen to Kennedy’s speech and despair that such brilliant and fearless leadership was snuffed out by the military-security complex.

    Like almost all Americans at the time, Senator John F. Kennedy regarded the Soviet Union as a threatening adversary. He campaigned for the presidency on “the missile gap,” the presumption of which was that the Soviets were gaining military supremacy over the US. But once in the Oval Office, Kennedy witnessed the extreme risks that US military leadership was willing to impose on American lives in behalf of a war than no one needed. He realized that the US military-security complex was as great a threat to life as the Soviets. He understood that tensions between the two nuclear powers had to be defused, not increased. Once reelected, he intended to cease the US intervention in Vietnam and to discipline the CIA. Kennedy’s approach was not acceptable to the military-security complex, and he was eliminated.

  58. This is a genuine day one DNCleak WikiLeaks.

    "HRC will go into gen election as vulnerable candidate. Clinton Foundation quid-pro-quo worries are lingering, will be exploited in general."

    Translation: she sold out the USA while Secretary of State.

    Advice to Trump: Attack the Foundation deals, everyday, 10x per day.

  59. We will give you more oversight next week in how deep the rabbit hole goes. Who is behind the web. Parties you have no idea even exist. You will see how even the US is Played by the real perps.

    1. Thanks John+team. I am sure many of us consistent readers have no doubt that the rabbit hole is absurdly deep. Let's hope that the truth(s) you are breaking free truly help set us free over the long run.

    2. John,

      Lol, from above "Put a smile on Cal L Girls face."

      About this rabbit hole...are we talking Middle Earth deep? Lol. Are we near the bottom of truth(s)? Just curious, but ready, and family too, for what ever comes our way.

      Cal L. Girl

    3. Heh now Cal L Girl I had a party on WHA who claims Cal Girl takes care of his Dong, so we now have a guy with a very big smile anyway. Daily, weekly, monthly, WEAKLY? Lol

      One hand loaded or two?
      Keeping enlightened minds is key. Who better to help communities in need.

  60. John

    Looking forward to your treatment of the next layer of the geopolitical onion.

    David e martin published a book in 2012 about a consortium purchase of the US presidency. Is it true?

  61. Tony WHA

    Sure the party did not confuse a plane for a white van to collect him, staff with white coats?
    Bloggerville produces them. Did poor Jean ever get paid back?
    As it was a US citizen he would do time for a wire fraud. Deservedly!
    Do you think we should recall our team checking the vaults and depository warehouses on the sites right now? Have we been replaced with a Master of the Universe cleverly disguised as an unmade bed in those pics? So, the mountain comes to him? Strong weed Tony.

    1. Must be very potent.

      At present I see no pics from inside the plane, or of the welcoming committee, etc. Why not?

      No, make sure you keep your teams in place. And make sure you instruct them to report immediately once they encounter Dave Schmidt or ZAP in the vaults. LOL

    2. Any of that lot even near a vault will be Zapped for sure. Just check out of the windows, any flying hoinking?

  62. Leaked DNC Emails Confirm Democrats Rigged Primary, Reveal Extensive Media Collusion

    There are three key findings to emerge from yesterday's dump of leaked DNC emails released by Wikileaks:

    1. There had been a plot designed to smear Bernie Sanders and to hand the Democratic nomination to Hillary on a silver platter

    2. There has been repeated collusion between the DNC and the media

    3. There has been questionable fundraising for both Hillary Clinton and the DNC

    The DNC also made a secret “agreement” with Kenneth Vogel, an influential report for Politico. An email from late April with the subject line "per agreement... any thoughts appreciated" shows that Vogel sent an advanced copy of a story about Hillary Clinton’s fundraising to the DNC even before his editor even saw it.

    Further evidence of the DNC's extensive "content control" over mass media was revealed when Wasserman Schultz sent an email to NBC anchor Chuck Todd with the subject line "Chuck, this must stop," and set up a time for the two to talk about MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski calling on Wasserman Schultz to step down.

  63. Showing tonight for free--Clinton Cash. This movie, coming on the heels of the Wikileak email scandal, is going to do some serious damage to Killary.


    1. Thanks for the heads up. Got it.

    2. Also showing today twice at same link... 2pm and 8 pm EST

  64. How Many Associates Suffered Mysterious Deaths Working For The Clintons? (VIDEO)

    Why is it that no one takes this interview seriously? Why has none of the mainstream media reported it? If it is untrue then expose Larry Nichols as a liar and let’s move on. But the media acts like the interview never happened. Larry Nichols and the Clinton’s should be investigated and likely stand trial. Nichols made these comments on a national radio show and no one seems to care. Want to hear the interview? Listen below. It will shock you!

    Biffie: Also has a list of victims in the article.

    1. the end of that article is the quote below. Do you know anything about that? I presume they are some of the staff who survived Benghazi initially? What happened to them?

      "Then of course, there’s the 15 persons in Libya who were attempting to cooperate with the FBI investigation who are also all now dead too. Isn’t that convenient? Don’t forget to add them to the list.


      62 DEAD PEOPLE?

  65. What's,up with the hand signals??? Is this why May protected the pedophiles???

    Are Theresa May and Angela Merkel in ILLUMINATI?

    1. Texian, creepy with all the hand signals. Too many to ignore.

  66. The Corporation Nation is the United States of America, U.S. Incorporated.

    The United States is comprised of over 185,000 incorporated state, county, city, town, municipality, district, councils, school district, pension fund, enterprise operation, lottery, alcohol monopoly, and many other private and for-profit corporations, which have mistakenly been called our “representative government”.

    The hidden wealth and investment totals for all of these “collective” 185,000 corporations (governments), when added together, equate to well over 100 trillion dollars, over 26 trillion in just pension fund investment assets.

    A trillion dollars is a million million.

    With these investments, the government owns controlling ownership interest in all Fortune 500 companies, most major domestic and international companies, and most of everything you see around you. Malls, mini-malls, strip-malls, golf courses, movie theaters, etc…

    Federal lands include about 87% of all state land, 97% of Utah land, 95% of Nevada, etc…

    This is all easily verifiable by looking at the general accounting system of government, as required by federal law, called the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, or CAFR.

    “The Corporation Nation” documentary proves all of this without a shadow of a doubt.

    It is free, it will never be for sale, and needs to be seen by all Americans.

    Within this documentary is the governments own admission of corporate governance and fascism. It will not only astound you, but it will also answer just about every question you ever had with regards to the question of why… Clint Richardson the corporation nation

  67. Replies
    1. The video url

    2. Hillary is either high on coke or is wearing an internal, erogenous, auto-stimulator device remotely-controlled from Huma's PlayStation (double-speak to evade censure). Here she goes again (*hint: adjust video settings to 2x speed - it makes watching politicians so much more entertaining):

      Software Glitch? Hillary The 'Bobblehead PanderGranny' Couldn't Stop Nodding Behind Bernie Sanders

    3. Wow, I guess you could call her a yes man then. Hilarious.

  68. Continued warmongering by the US:

  69. As the US withdraws from ever failing Middle East positions,Russia and China are moving in and cleaning up the mess left. The US has lost the Arab world.

    How much will Trump stick it to Hillary now as this is his big and last chance?. Americas also!

    Who will protect Trump as there are many with so much to lose if he's elected? They will stop at nothing to stop him. He now is the Peoples hope, warts and all. But with a treacherous Media who lie for Hillary.

    Since Brexit nations are flooding into the UK for trade deals, and to access Uk and industries and banking. So much for the Wookies stupid warning. The UK is well rid of the EU parasites and Illegals. Now it can boom. It was like carrying 10 maintenance orders. Off the lot!

    Now is the time to help America grown strong again for its people. But how with a Cabal who take it all?
    Will Huma humour Hittlery when the real truth breaks out? Big toothpaste and mouthwash sales coming. Are the 2 husbands, including Dirty Bill, now on the pull together?

    The new US Suits series is now back on TV. Next the new Nashville. Also Justified. We have to keep you in play for these alone.

    Now Trump has to take it to her for the nations sake. For all your sakes. If Trump gets it, what a Baptism of fire he will get when he opens the books. Then what? After Brexit who will give hope to Americans?

  70. Not the greatest start to Hillary's homecoming week. Outgoing Democratic Party chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was booed and heckled at a Florida delegate breakfast, with attendees shouting "shame."

    The USA is waking up! Yeehaa

  71. I'm calling a Sanders win. Hitlery will be dumped and Sanders v Trump is on the horizon.

    "Accelerating the post-Trump speech/RNC convention "bounce" we noted over the weekend, CNN today reports that Trump has taken a dramatic 48% - 45% head-to-head lead over Hillary in the latest CNN/ORC Poll, conducted July 22-24. This represents a substantial 6% surge in support for Trump since the last poll conducted on July 16, and opens up Trump's largest lead over Clinton since September 2015. "

  72. An effort is beginning in Ireland to throw out the US military from their base at Shannon Airport. It may not be a first, but the world is getting tired of a never ceasing war cry.

    World Must Support Ireland Against U.S. Wars

  73. Well done all you Americans who are waking up the Rednecks to realise Hilderbeast is not fit for the Oval Office. The Big House she deserves is the State Pen! If she loses America has a chance to breath for all its people.

    We had Vote Leave over our cars, Brexit Badges and a massive media assault on EU waste.
    Car pics of Hilderbeast, and Huma at her feet, proclaiming Hilderbeast out, just look at the Snout, will help ridicule the Mutt.
    Or What is the Clinton Body Bag Count, and Humas another!
    Or Sleazy Bill and the Psycho Mutt?

    Whatever it takes to out them. Ridicule helps.
    Or - She needs to do Time for her many Crimes, but NOT in the White House

  74. Ben Fulford's latest report just is an excerpt: (pretty bizarre if any of this is true)

    The final game plan of the Rothschilds was to reverse the results of World War I by reinstating the German, Austro-Hungarian and Russian monarchies, sources in Germany and the US agree. The plan that is now unfolding in Europe calls for a civil war against a “Muslim” enemy. The so-called “Muslim” terrorists are being financed with money supposed to be spent on fighting so-called carbon induced global warming, the sources ad. This is why we are seeing daily “Muslim” terror attacks that seem to always involve “lone wolves” who die in the attack. That way there is no need to have a messy trial where facts might have a chance of intruding into the public mind.

    In any case the sources say that after a summer of increasingly severe terrorist attacks, European bank ATMs will be shut down, possibly in August or September. It is at this point where the royal families will present themselves as “saviors” and provide the people with huge amounts of fiat money and “security,” in exchange for the reinstatement of their monarchies.

    The reinstated European royalty will be headed by a German “Kaiser” (Caesar) who will have four kings will be appointed under him, they say. The candidate for Kaiser will probably come from either the Habsburg or Hohenzollern royal families, they note. That means Karl Habsburg or the Hohenzollern Georg Friedrich Prince of Prussia. Another candidate they mention is Ferdinand Zvonimir Habsburg-Lothringen.

    The Tsar of Russia would be most likely Prince Michael of Kent

    because he has the most Romanov blood of all the European royals.
    This fits in with what Russian sources have long told us and that is that Vladimir Putin was put in power by a faction in the KGB that was loyal to the Russian royal family.

    This move combined with the push by Turkey’s Recep Erdogan to restore the Ottoman Turkish Empire would, if successful, restore the German, Austro-Hungarian and Turkish empires; essentially bringing Europe and the Near-East back to the situation that existed before World War I.

    So, a hundred year plot to reverse the Anglo-American victory in World War I has now been un-masked.

    The Brexit vote in this context means the British Royal Family will not have to fall under the rule of the restored monarchies of Europe.

    The question of course is, will the European people passively agree to be terrorized and financially blackmailed into restoring these bloodlines to formal power? We may well find out this summer and autumn. In the meantime expect a Gladio frenzy of increasingly lurid false flag attacks and well-financed, violent demonstrations. It is also a good bet that German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande will lose power later this year.

    Meanwhile a serious power struggle is also coming to a head in the United States. CIA sources say that “China has given the secret codes for a large amount of gold (thousands of metric tons)…to be given as a loan to the US Treasury so that the dollar will not implode.” The catch though is that

    “the boys in DC must indict Killary.”

    1. MWP the last paragraph caught my attention. My working premise is that Sino gold will be 'loaned out' to prop up formerly fiat currencies, in exchange for removal of the squid. I think this is how the GCR will be effected, a smooth changeover behind the scenes to asset backed currencies as it is not in anyone's intetests for the US to fall.

      But the quid pro quo is that currency values will need to normalize in order for national accounts to balance to the gold they hold. Exporters will have stronger currencies, importers will need weaker currencies, or more gold.

      As china may well hold the gold purse strings, it now holds the US by the cojones.

      The result will HAVE to be that unnecessary expenses such as military bases will no longer be affordable. Especially 900!!!

      The smoke may be finally clearing on the endgame.

  75. John,

    I would very much like your input on the following...Because of mention of Prince Michael of Kent in Ben Fulford's latest report, I ran a search on Michael of Kent which brough me to the wiki report. My conclusion is that this is PROOF that the bloodlines are, and always have been, in cahoots with each other and that these "blood cousins" start wars for the profit, not for any animosity or real threat reasons as we have all been taught to believe and then agree to send our sons and daughters to be killed and maimed?

    What I would like input on is the paragraph excerpted below. It seems that the British Monarchy is TIED VERY CLOSELY with the Russian Monarchy. If I am reading this correctly, the British Monarchy has more Russian, Greek, Dutch blood than any English blood. Actually, there is no mention of English blood at all. Is this correct and, if not, why not based on this Wiki info?

    Further research, with photos, states "Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany; King George V of England; and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. In fact, they were all first cousins to each other."

    Excerpt from Wiki article:

    Prince Michael was born on 4 July 1942, at Coppins, Iver, Buckinghamshire.[1] His father was the Duke of Kent, fourth son of King George V and Queen Mary, and was killed in a plane crash near Caithness, Scotland, on 25 August 1942, just seven weeks and three days after his third child was born. At the time of his birth Prince Michael was seventh in the line of succession to his uncle, King George VI.

    His mother was Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark, Duchess of Kent, a daughter of Prince Nicholas of Greece and Denmark and of Grand Duchess Elena Vladimirovna of Russia. (The Duchess of Kent's parents were second cousins to one another, being that Nicholas' mother Olga Constantinovna of Russia and Elena's father Vladimir Alexandrovich of Russia were first cousins through the line of Nicholas I of Russia.) As a grandchild of a British sovereign in the male line, he is styled as a Prince of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland with the prefix His Royal Highness.

    At his christening on 4 August 1942 in the Private Chapel of Windsor Castle, his godparents were: The King (his paternal uncle); the Queen of the Netherlands (for whom her son-in-law Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands stood proxy); the King of Norway (his great-uncle); US President Franklin D. Roosevelt (for whom the Duke of Kent stood proxy);[2] the Hereditary Princess of Greece (who was not present), the wife of Paul of Greece, his first cousin-once-removed; the Duke of Gloucester (his paternal uncle, who was absent); the Dowager Marchioness of Milford Haven (his grandfather King George V's paternal first cousin); and Lady Patricia Ramsay (his grandfather King George V's paternal first cousin). Because of the war, newspaper reports did not identify the location of the christening and said instead that it took place at "a private chapel in the country."[3][4]

    At the age of five, Prince Michael was a page boy at the wedding of his cousins, Princess Elizabeth and Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten.

    1. Two more quick tidbits about Prince Michael of Kent:


      Prince Michael manages his own consultancy business, and undertakes business throughout the world. He is also a qualified interpreter of Russian.


      Prince Michael is an active Freemason. He is the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons, and Provincial Grand Master of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Middlesex.

    2. MWP
      Our Royals are actually Germanic Sax Coburgs,cousins to Russians,and Teutonic Knight families. The Windsor name was created to hide their Germanic roots pre war. It's false. The late Queen Mother was a Gin Swigging, temperamental, foul mouthed Scot who once denied the Elder brother, then married the Younger stuttering family idiot to bag one of them. It's a very much inbred Euro family. The lunacy shows through often.

      Albeit Prince Michael married an a Divorce ex Nazis hairdresser daughter, nicknamed Princess Pushy!! who dumped one limp wrist husband for a Prince, only to find he was a penniless laid back dimwit, aren't most? The bugger will turn up anywhere for a Free lunch. Pushy in tow. Big into the edges of the power circle, she features on many bedposts. As regards Michael a Consultant?? Rent a Name!

      We got lucky with Elizabeth, and thank God for William. Charles is too awful to contemplate with the Windsor madness strain clearly visible.
      Having beheaded Charles 1st, to show the family any more and the lot go, they toe the line nowadays. The runt who married the sexual organ confused Wallace Simpson was packed off to the Colonies, or France. Charles is into horses Asses, as per Camilla. Prince Edward has " issues!".Andrew is just a slob,and Harry, well what do you expect from the horse riding instructors son? He mounts anything on 2 or 4 legs. As does the Spanish King.

      William alone can save the Monarchy. But they are both protected and watched. That Goldfish bowl comes at a price. They are surrounded by watching Flunkies by the minute. It's not the life you think. But then, with No Class at all, who wants Obama's?

      They are not the power, just the public persona with rope.

    3. Interesting take on the "inside" of the monarchies. Thank you.

      Do you agree that the blood lines are ALL related and therefore simply "stage war" for profit as a cohesive unit and not as "bitter enemies" as the world is taught to believe...hence, the groomed idea of patriotism?

    4. They don't STAGE anything they are just ceremonial mascots of power.

    5. Is William's father Juan Carlos?

    6. The House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

      The senior Ernestine branch lost the electorship to the Albertine in 1547, but retained its holdings in Thuringia, dividing the area into a number of smaller states. One of the resulting Ernestine houses, known as Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld until 1826 and Saxe-Coburg and Gotha after that, went on to contribute kings of Belgium (from 1831) and Bulgaria (1908–1946), as well as furnishing husbands to queens regnant of Portugal (Prince Ferdinand) and the United Kingdom (Prince Albert). As such, the British and Portuguese thrones became possessions of persons who belonged to the House of Wettin.

      From King George I to Queen Victoria, the British Royal family was variously called House of Hanover, being a junior branch of the House of Brunswick-Lüneburg and thus part of the dynasty of the Guelphs.

      In the late 19th century, Queen Victoria charged the College of Heralds in England to determine the correct personal surname of her late husband, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha—and, thus, the proper surname of the royal family upon the accession of her son. After extensive research they concluded that it was Wettin, but this name was never used, either by the Queen or by her son or grandson, King Edward VII and King George V; they were simply called 'Saxe-Coburg-Gotha'.

      Severe anti-German sentiment during World War I led some influential members of the public quietly to question the loyalty of the Royal Family, because they had a German or German-sounding name. Advisors to King George V again searched for an acceptable surname for the British royal family, but Wettin was rejected as "unsuitably comic".

      By Order in Council, the name of the British royal family was legally changed to Windsor.

  76. See the new article this week. The Black Nobility.

  77. Texian

    No it's Charles's, poor sod.Diane was loyal until Camilla decloaked and she realised what the hell she had married into. Diana had a tragic , dysfunctional life and role, and was just used as a breeding mare by that bloody Muppet and the sterile, cold Windsor Monarchy. Diana tried. Diana died a wasted life cast off by a limp wristed mediocrity whose not up to the top job. Poor William. The Middletons are not Royal Consort Class as time will tell him so, nice as Kate has been, Pedigree cracks will show. A gum chewing ex air stewardess is no appointee as the Grandmother of a future King. It demands a certain class. The Courtiers are bitches. Males worse Lol . It's a tough role in the Goldfish bowl. As poor William will find, alone. After his poor mother he was looking for normality and Kate was a convenient life raft. But she's not QE 11 material. It will show. It's a hard act, Royalty. The true loneliness of command to come.

    1. Royalty is a hard act as is any 'goldfish bowl' life I would imagine. Diana did a good job of trying to bring some compassionate qualities to the role. I asked about William because of the rumors and striking resemblance.

    2. Texian

      Diana got her own back later,when allegedly she banged him as well as so many more in her final self destructive whirlpool life. It should not have been this way. That complete F of a useless offspring ruined her life and was an appalling father from day one. How can that PRICK take on the job as Defender of the Faith when he publicly defaulted on all of it? Princess Anne herself was regularly "serviced" by Andrew Parker Bowls, and Camilla was legendary across 3 Counties. Poor William has to stay sane with that bunch around him. Prince Philip has "Form".
      The UK has done so well to have Elizabeth herself who has been an outstanding Monarch, but sadly produced 4 useless and dysfunctional kids, with only William from Diana to be a flagbearer now for the entire pack of them.
      Goldfish bowl it may be, but God with humour slipped in a piranha shoal to scavenge from the lot of them. Without William it would be the end of the Monarchy after Qe2,because the rest are flotsam. Hopefully Kate, as with Diana will save the future also. Inside the Palaces and Elitists societies, are a lot of fancy dresses hiding dirty knickers on all fronts. So those who do know, hope only the Queen lives long,and the farcical reign of Chump King Charles, is short. Born to be King, just not fit!

  78. Hillary Clinton Is A Threat To All Of Humanity

    Biffie: Great 12 minute video by James Corbett...The Corbett Report.

  79. John

    phillip has "form"

    As opposed to what;shapeshifter??


    1. Please don't start with the lizard BS....

    2. There is no Shapeshifting that is ALL paranoid blogger hype.
      Form with the women.

  80. With true compassion and respect to our Colonial Cousins across the pond, we can only hope the indications of a real Poll lead for Trump are born out at the Ballot boxes. Just like both Brexit and the previous UK elections, Clinton needs to be stopped by the Voters, and also hope in turn Trump has the character and Patriotism to help fellow Americans by having the lot investigated with the power of the Oval Office. Start by jailing the lot if there are enough Jails to hold them. Treason is a good place to start.

    Restoring the Constitution, and closing the Fed another. Followed by investigating the Clintons, Soros, Rahm, Soetoro, Zio Trash Bankers,the Fed and the Bushes. Now THAT would be a great American President.

    Every week Trump needs to publicly expose the criminality of the Clintons and face down the corrupt and Treasonous media. Use TV debate to ram it in their faces. Shake up and WAKE UP the gullible public. Burn their false images. If elected he needs to bring in new Media Licensing , Publicly accountable, and starting with effective immediate removal of all Zio and Jewish ownership and control of the voices of truth meant for the protection of the people,and to publicly offer newly elected Media roles with Public Board supervision. Albeit with the Jewish Casino money backing him, he is compromised, but in office the worm can turn.

    If only he makes good on so many promises, and it starts with mucking out the Stye! Then a new and real Anglo American Alliance can be formed. Hope for all Americans. Hope for the world. Without, the prognosis for America is really not good. Do Pigs in a stye even realise it's a stye and the end which awaits? Hello?


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