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Theresa May would authorise nuclear strike causing mass loss of life

OWON: Theresa May asked would you launch Nukes if provoked just knocked it out of the Park. YES!

The only Balls in Westminster.

Theresa May would authorise nuclear strike causing mass loss of life

Asked in Trident debate if she would approve attack that could kill 100,000 people, PM answers with a decisive ‘yes’

The Guardian
By Rowena Mason,
Anushka Asthana
and Rajeev Syal
18 July 2016

Theresa May has said she would be willing to authorise a nuclear strike that could kill 100,000 people, as the House of Commons voted overwhelming to replace Britain’s Trident programme.

The prime minister confirmed she would be prepared to press the nuclear button if necessary as she opened a debate about whether the UK should spend up to £40bn replacing four submarines that carry nuclear warheads.

After more than five hours of discussion, parliament voted in favour of Trident renewal by a majority of 355 in a motion was backed by almost the entire Conservative party and more than half of Labour MPs.

It was opposed by all Scottish National party MPs, the Lib Dems and Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, a lifelong unilateralist who spoke out strongly against the plans during the deabte.

Other members of Corbyn’s frontbench team, including the shadow defence secretary, Clive Lewis, and the shadow foreign affairs secretary, Emily Thornberry, abstained after claiming in a Guardian article that the government was turning an issue of “national security into a political game”.

However, around 140 of his MPs - including leadership challengers Angela Eagle and Owen Smith voted in favour of renewing Trident, with many highlighting Labour’s historic position in support of a continuous at-sea nuclear deterrent. Forty-seven Labour MPs joined Corbyn in voting against Trident, while another 41 were absent or abstained.

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  2. Not balls...Stupidity. Let's end all life on the planet for 100 years. BRAVO!

    1. If the US Cabal pulls its war mongering bases out of Europe there will be no wars left to face a head on missile launch alone for a change. The War Risk right now is US meddling in Crimea threatening Russia while the Agency continues funding and agitating the Neo Nazi thugs in the regions , its ALL US conspired Sabre Rattling down there.For that reason, YES, if pushed Russia absolutely will annihilate the US head on, and only that is stopping a war right, now because Russia has made it clear,invade Crimea and its gloves off.

      Close 990 US Global cases and the world has a chance of peace. NATO wont last 48 hours in conflict. They are a joke.
      Its time the US focuses on recovering America and protecting its own people in real need. The US Cabal IS responsible for the Middle East and Islamic disaster, for the displacement of tens of millions flooding in towards Europe,the collapse of nations and cultures, the increase in Drugs production from Afghanistan, and South America,and the financial turbulence by Wall Street Derivatives racketeering.
      Theresa May is simply telling Russia, leave the UK out of it or it will launch. Take the fight to the US head on alone. The EU is not attacking Russia the US Cabal are. If War comes a total fireball taking out the entire US will result. The EU needs to close all US bases. Kick them out.
      We need Trade, not arms Trade and Contractor / Agency thugs.
      No one wants this,and no one in the Media is calling out the real problem. If the overall good American people had a clue how real the risk was to them,maybe then the wake up call would come. America needs to rebuild but peacefully.


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