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'Iraq war WAS illegal' admits former Deputy Prime Minister Lord Prescott

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'Iraq war WAS illegal' admits former Deputy Prime Minister Lord Prescott after Chilcot report savaged his old boss Tony Blair

Mail Online
and Abe Hawken
10 July 2016

John Prescott now believes the 2003 invasion or Iraq - carried out when he was Deputy PM to Tony Blair - was illegal, he admitted this morning.

Lord Prescott made the admission in a newspaper column just days after Sir John Chilcot's report into the lead-up to the war was published and savaged Blair.

The Labour heavyweight used his strongest language yet to condemn Blair's decision to take party in the Iraq War, a decision he supported at the time.

Prescott, now a member of the House of Lords, wrote in the Sunday Mirror: 'I will live with the decision of going to war and its catastrophic consequences for the rest of my life.

'In 2004, the UN secretary-general Kofi Annan said that as regime change was the prime aim of the Iraq war, it was illegal.

'With great sadness and anger, I now believe him to be right.'

On Wednesday, the Chilcot report returned a damning verdict on Britain's role in the US-led war, finding it joined the conflict before all peaceful options had been exhausted and that judgements about Iraq's capacities were 'presented with a certainty that was not justified'.

It also disclosed Blair had written to then US president George W. Bush that 'I will be with you, whatever' eight months before the invasion.

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