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Families of soldiers killed in Iraq vow to sue Tony Blair for 'every penny' in ground-breaking lawsuit

OWON: Nothing is more pleasing than to see Blair dragged through litigation and sued for all he's got.

Just the metal stress will break him.

Families of soldiers killed in Iraq vow to sue Tony Blair for 'every penny' in ground-breaking lawsuit

The Telegraph
By Robert Mendick
7 July 2016

Tony Blair will be pursued through the courts for "every penny" of the fortune he has earned since leaving Downing Street, the families of soldiers killed in Iraq vowed.

Mr Blair faces a civil law suit over allegations he abused his power as prime minister to wage war in Iraq. The damages, according to legal sources close to the case, are unlimited.

A well-placed source told The Telegraph that the Chilcot report appeared to provide grounds for the launch of a lawsuit.

“It gives us a lot of threads to pursue and those threads make a powerful rope to catch him,” said the source.

So far 29 families of dead soldiers have asked the law firm McCue & Partners to pursue a claim against Mr Blair. Others are expected to come on board.

The firm is looking at bringing a civil case of misfeasance in public office, which would see Mr Blair dragged through the courts for the first time over his decision to take the UK to war.

Legal sources say for any case to be successful, lawyers would have to show that Mr Blair “had acted in excess of his powers” and that in doing so “harm has been caused and that the harm could have been predicted”.

Sir John Chilcot, in his findings published on Wednesday, said Mr Blair should have seen the problems that resulted from the invasion in 2003 and came as he could to suggesting the military action was illegal.

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  1. We are so active on this and he is already in tears. But the dead don't cry. Their poor families do. If he is tried, and sued, it sucks in Bush and all. The whole can of worms will be ripped open. Blair with it.We said we would get the Pedos and did. We said we would get the Socialists out and did. We said we would fight to exit the EU and won.
    We said whichever way the vote went we would get Cameron out, and did.
    Now onto Blair!!!!! Watch what comes down.


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