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'Blair is world's worst terrorist': families of Iraq war victims react to Chilcot report

OWON: Be very clear a FREE and LOUD English Press are now going for B - LIAR! He is now a Pariah and shamed for life! His hollow words, arrogance and slimy Phony Tony demeanour won't wash as he comes under the Cosh.

Open season just opened up on this Skip Rat, and he faces real worries ahead. The Press alone will hound him now, and the scum associated with him. The families of dead Troops and civilians all want answers. Lawsuits will follow, and hound him to hell. OWON does no favours, you do the Crime we will push for you to do the time!

'Blair is world's worst terrorist': families of Iraq war victims react to Chilcot report

Relatives of military personnel killed in conflict welcome findings while some say former PM must face consequences

The Guardian
By Esther Addley
6 July 2016

Tony Blair was described as “the worst terrorist in the world” by a woman whose brother was killed in the Iraq war, as the family members of British soldiers gave their response to the Chilcot report.

Sarah O’Connor broke down in tears as she addressed an emotional press conference shortly after the long-awaited report was published.

“There is one terrorist in this world that the world needs to be aware of, and his name is Tony Blair, the world’s worst terrorist,” she said, to cheers from some of the other relatives.

O’Connor, whose brother, Sgt Bob O’Connor, was killed with nine other airmen when his plane was shot down near Baghdad in 2005, said her overriding emotion having read some of the report was anger. “That healing that for 11 and a half years I have worked for … I have gone back to that time when I learned that my brother had been killed.”

About 25 bereaved family members were at the Queen Elizabeth II conference centre in central London, where they were given a few hours to read the report before it was published. Several of those present carried pictures of their loved ones, or wore T-shirts or badges with their images.

Most welcomed the report, with a number of family members standing to applaud as Sir John Chilcot left the stage after giving a statement, but there was also widespread anger, while several relatives wept openly.

“Everything he said today, we have been saying for all these years,” said Rose Gentle, mother of Fusilier Gordon Gentle, who was killed by a roadside bomb in 2004 aged 19. An inquest later found that his death was unlawful and that logistics failures had contributed to it.

“Now we can turn and say we have got the proof, we’ve got it in our hands,” said Gentle. “Twelve years of fighting for my son have been worth it. I’d do it again if I had to.”

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