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MP calls for Tony Blair to be 'stripped of all honours'

OWON: The momentum is building to bring down Blair. If only America had such Democracy. Every jail would be full.

MP calls for Tony Blair to be 'stripped of all honours' after long-awaited Chilcot report into the Iraq War is published this week

  • Tony Blair facing calls to lose right to sit on Privy Council and his title
  • Tory MP Sir Davis Amess said the former PM 'should not escape justice'
  • It revolves around claims he 'misled the public' over the 2003 Iraq War

Mail Online
By Robert Verkaik
2 July 2016

Tony Blair is facing demands from MPs to be ‘stripped of all honours’ in the wake of the long-awaited Chilcot report into the Iraq War.

The inquiry’s findings, due to be published on Wednesday, are expected to criticise the former Labour Prime Minister for misleading Parliament and the public over the 2003 conflict.

Calls for Mr Blair to face a war crimes trial have so far been rejected, but influential politicians including senior Tory MP Sir David Amess are determined he should not escape justice.

They say he should lose the right to sit on the Privy Council – the formal body of advisers to the Queen – and the ‘Right Honourable’ title that comes with it.

Writing in today’s Mail on Sunday, another senior Tory MP, David Davis, says: ‘From the evidence presented to Chilcot, it seems clear that Blair lied to the British people and to Parliament… we must stop presidents and Prime Ministers from casually killing thousands without thought for the consequences. No one can be immune from justice.’

The disastrous conflict – condemned as ‘illegal’ by critics – sowed the seeds for the rise of the Islamic State terror group.

Nearly 7,500 Iraqi civilians were killed in the first two months of the war, which also claimed the lives of 179 British servicemen and women.

The UK’s six-year military mission came to an end in May 2009.

Sir John Chilcot is expected to report that Mr Blair sidelined experts and the Cabinet to make the case for war.

Calling for Mr Blair to be ‘stripped of all honours’, Sir David said: ‘I suspect the report will be shocking and a damning indictment of that Government and particularly Tony Blair who was in charge.

‘If Chilcot finds that he did lie then I’m sure the families of those servicemen and women who died in that war will want to see justice done.’

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  1. "
    Calls for Mr Blair to face a war crimes trial have so far been rejected"

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