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  2. Any chance people can just post links rather than whole articles?

    It would be greatly appreciated


    1. That is actually our TOS. Quoting a paragraph or two is fine, but we do ask that links are used and not posting whole articles. Our mobile followers find it very frustrating to scan past full articles over and over again to comment.

      We do understand how passionate people can be about certain topics so we don't fully enforce that part of our TOS. Perhaps we need to reconsider that stance.

    2. I agree only sections be posted. It's not just frustrating but posting an entire article without link may violate fair use policies.

    3. To all those complaining about Capt John's commentary, it arrived in email without a link. With his qualifications on subject matter, I thought it important to disseminate quickly. The subject matter is very topical now and people need to know who has covered up for terrorists whether you want to call them radical Islamists or not. It's also instructive that the current administration has removed from records the names of known terrorists or those being watched. As for 'fair use policies,' it was stated in communication that it could be disseminated with attribution.

    4. Texian, I have NO idea why you think that people are complaining about the post about Capt John. I think you take things here a little too personally. I am not shy, if the post was about Capt John I for one would have said Capt John.

    5. That post up there by "Gloria" was me. I guess I learned his morning that it is important to check that you're signed into your account. Sorry for the confusion. The "perils" of sharing a computer.

    6. Gloria/Constituionalist,
      Wasn't a paranoid reaction since the plethora of complaints came immediately after Capt John's commentary.


    7. Texian,

      A plethora of complaints? 3 does not equal plethora.

      Rather than looking at it as "just after Capt. John's commentary", you should look at it as it was intended, the beginning of a new comment section. It was mentioned at the beginning as a reminder so as not to repeat the same mistakes in old comment section in the new comment section.

      I would suggest when dealing with emailed articles doing Google search of the title. I will use Capt. John's commentary as an example. A search would have given link:

      Muslim Brotherhood “Massive” Government Infiltration While Stigmatizing Government Employee With "Islamophobia" By Capt Joseph R. John, June 29, 2016

  3. Look at the solid number of daily comments growing. Your site goes from strength to strength. Only you have the correct Brexit position from our new article, and how it will affect you all.
    Worldwide you are read. Much of your own intel contributions is fascinating. Your voice is heard. Your views resonate. In a fast changing world, where all is failing,where else can you get truth?

  4. VIDEO: ‘3 Amigos’ look more like 3 Stooges during botched handshake

  5. If interested, here is a link to the Mayor of London's twitter account:

    1. MWP,

      The Lord Mayor demands greater autonomy for London but disapproves of Britain seeking autonomy for the whole nation by opting to leave the EU. Hypocrite, much?

      The Government must move fast on devolution for London. We can't wait for the outcome of negotiations

    2. One thing I appreciate about all of these ego bloated politicians using twitter is that now, millions of people have a chance to see first hand how often they lie and flip flop on their "beliefs" based on the morning's polls.

      Sadly, most have attention spans of a gnat and seldom even remember what they had for lunch much less what a lying politician said in his/her own twitter account from day to day. It would be really interesting if some OCD type person enjoyed scouring these tweets and posted the self proclaimed lies in a "twitter truth or consequences" type blog.

  6. John, in reply to your comment re: Hillary and Huma - I had to skip breakfast at the thought of it LOL.

  7. More crap from Obozo today. Ass Carter announces trannys will serve in military services 'openly.' (Can't even dare think what that might look like) Ass further states that they will be provided with "full medical care." WTH does that mean? Military and veterans now can't obtain "full medical care"....or hardly any medical care! They're determined to bring further embarrassment to America by making F Troop look like a well-trained fighting force. I would rather shut down the military or put them on border duty.


    1. Texian, it's preparation for conscription. No more 4F. Women, non-citizens and the entire alphabet soup of genders will now all be eligible to unwillingly surrender their lives to protect Cabal privilege. The Cabal will steal their human rights and call it equality.

      Carter is simply ensuring there is no escape from the war machine.

    2. Monty Python, ahead of its time:

      Monty Python's Military Fairy

      (This may not be politically correct but some of us need a comedy break)

    3. Valdi, :)
      Politically incorrect I can handle, humanity is funny. What gets my goat is when ppl pile the shit non heteros just because they don't like them. The whole thing about trannies is way overblown. Limp wristed? John's references to this are acurrate, not only in the 'man up man!' way. Who cares if Hitlery is a lesbo? Who cares if Bazza goes to bath houses or whatever - that's like saying you can't visit a hooker. The hysteria over non heteros needs a hysterectomy.
      But laughing at ourselves and our stereotypes? Cool, it's good to laugh at ourselves.
      Now, I'm off to use the Unisex bathroom in my office where to the aussies is as normal as dropping the soap in the shower.

    4. Andy,
      Your point is taken. I'm outspoken and hope I haven't offended you with some of my comments. If so, I'm sorry. I have long time friends who are not heterosexual and respect them as much as other friends. The problem I have is when people hide who they are and pretend to be something else. This happens very frequently in US, particularly among politicians. To hear Barry Soetero...or whatever his name is...tell it, he's a hetero family man, Christian and an American. None of that is true. There are many others in all political parties.

    5. Oh Tex I LOVE your outspokenness and that of others please don't stop no one has offended me. This is a free forum not PC-limited. If politicians lie, tell it. You know my city is sister city to Austin? :) we share values, family values being one of them. My partner said he looked at Austin and he said it looks beautiful and so much like Adelaide. We talked about the people there and the bbqs and cowboys and how texans dont take no BS. Home, family and good cooking. In fact I'm off to spend the weekend with my Mum n stepdad up on the River Murray for all of that. :) if i had a cowboy hat i'd tip it to you ma'am, have a great day

    6. Andy,
      Austin is very nice city just north of us a little over an hour drive. We go there frequently since our preferred Doctor is there. San Antonio has about 10 sister cities although none in Australia. Maybe someday because Texas and Australia have a lot in common IMO. North of San Antonio up through Austin is the beginning of the Texas hill country...very rolling, rocky and pretty to us...continuing up to the caprock at about Lubbock. Panhandle up to Amarillo is flat, few trees with fields and fields of grain called 'golden spread' and lots of oil wells. West Texas to El Paso is very desert like with interesting rock formations. East Texas is full of pine trees and oil wells heading to flatlands near coast. Something for almost everybody.
      Have a great visit with your family!

    7. Andy,

      I too hope I haven't offended anyone with my postings. I am not against anything that consenting adults get up to in private. I don't care if Obama is homosexual and Michelle (Michael) is transgender. I do care about whether people treat each other kindly and with respect. I object to deceit and hypocrisy.

      What annoys me about the LBGT agenda is having it thrust in my face all the time by the media. When I was attending college a couple of years ago, there were prominent posters on display promoting LBGT Celebration Month. Never once have I seen one celebrating heterosexual relationships between men and women or celebrating families with children. Not once. Prejudice can work both ways with the gay community deriding those who are straight - just another cause of division exploited by the ruling class. Seeing the funny side of any stereotyped behaviour or relationship helps to defuse that. What's the world coming to if we can't laugh at ourselves and each other? And I agree, stuff political correctness. It's gone too far.

      PS: Reading what you and Texian wrote about the beautiful countryside where you live made me envious and longing to be back in rural New Zealand. *Sigh*

    8. Totally agreed Valdi, i feel embarrassed about all of that. Not required.
      NZ is so beautiful beyond words! That country and its people are an example to the rest of the world how an indigenous and pakeha population can live well together.

  8. Replies
    1. Disney. Fantasmagorical architecture and standing in hour long queues to pay double for second rate food.

      It's sort of like dropping acid in Soviet Moscow.

    2. You have that correct! Years ago a friend with 4 children was leaving soon for another summer trip to Disney. He said he starts flushing $100 bills about a week ahead to get the hang of it again!

    3. This terrorism at Disney rumor is every summer going back to the Arafat days, just like the Black Sunday Superbowl terror rumor pops up in February.

      Have no fear. Harry Potter et. al. are next door at Universal. They are full-blooded Brits and have a "special relationship" with the rodent kingdom.

  9. AG Loretta Lynchpin announces she's going to coverup for Clinton Foundation. Nothing to see here...just move along for at least 27 months!


  10. Cabal is trying to claim America again under a new name....'Neu Republique' Repost of declaration from American people:

    Repost: We THE People Interim President Dejure Republic On Dunford, the New Republique, and Gold Backed Money

  11. Trying to grasp UK politics. Cameron resigns because he was in 'Remain' group and it wouldn't be appropriate for him to continue since Brexit won. Now Theresa May, who was also campaigning for Remain, is now best choice to replace him. Hello?

    By the way, for those who decide to search Theresa May images to see who she is and check out her fashion sense that J mentioned, be sure not to forget the h in Theresa. The other spelling brings porn star images of person with same name...or something.

    1. Its nothing really, just ask how would apes act in the forest. Works in any nation.

    2. Texian looks just like politics doesn't it? But being descended from them it's not surprising we still operate this way..

      Chimpanzees in the wild fight over who's in charge of the jungle - BBC wildlife

    3. Andy....very amusing! Yes, the resemblance to herd mentality is amazing! LOL!!!!

  12. Replies
    1. Bingo! Sorry Tex I didn't see this when i posted my reply to your post above.

      Do you reckon Bill had any cigars on board, a noose or a briefcase??

    2. problem! Maybe it'll be noticed. Think you've come up with a trifecta the Clinton Cabal Capers.

    3. Just remember Bill's recent throat issues, which I suspect may have been cancerous cells and sores appertaining to possible HPV which is rife in America across the loose playing section. The difference between love and herpes is only herpes lasts forever.
      So many entertainers and the one night stand set have it. With Bills gutter level sleaze history,how could he avoid it? If hes been long time infected, what if he's given it to the bitch from hell? Wow you can see the plates flying. No wonder she switched sides. But they carry also, and throat issues are prevalent. With sleaze comes disease. Payback. See, morals keep you safe. I only saw how bad Herpes was when I researched it after talking to a party with it. What a horror story. Guys need to keep those zippers locked. There are no protective injections for adults. Way, way to hairy a risk. Stay off the one night stand scene. Risk reduction. Clinton is a prime target.

    4. Actually, there's quite a few reports from college days that she hasn't switched sides, but always a lesbian. All indications are just a political union.

  13. And while everyone has been focused on Brexit....More stripping of choice is going through our dirtbag congress!

    1. Whole Foods will regret the day they double crossed their customers in favor of whatever $$$$$$$ Monsanto was offering. Don't forget the bastards in Congress who will vote for this obfuscation! There are other choices like Sprouts, Trader Joe's and some regional. As a long time WF customer, I won't be setting foot in that establishment again. I can pay high prices somewhere else.

  14. Special Note:
    The BREXIT / BREMAIN rumors are flying in every direction so fast and so furiously that they require some sort of response. That Cameron & Company purposefully staged a successful BREXIT in order to strengthen their hand with the EU (especially Germany) is quite inconceivable. They knew that Merkel & Company would first request that Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty be triggered before any negotiation whatsoever could take place. Secondly, that Cameron secretly colluded with his good friend Boris Johnson is very plausible … and probably true. However, that the whole referendum idea is some part of a much more grand Zio-Neocon plot makes no sense whatsoever. The Neocons Zionists always work toward the concentration of power over the collective (e.g. European Union) and Merkel is their top agent within the EU leadership. There is no sane justification to dissolve what the globalists have worked so hard to fabricate. The EU edifice is the centerpiece of their New World Order and particularly their planned One World Government. Lastly, there is the growing rumor that the BREXIT vote outcome was engineered very closely so that Parliament could harpoon the initiative at the end of the day. This could only happen after the citizenry was scared out of their wits by the free-fall collapse of the pound sterling (which is occurring in real time) as well as the tanking of the British economy. Now that’s a very good possibility as the following discussion illustrates.

  15. A44L91


    No one foresaw Boris losing his bottle, but he did. The Brexit vote was the will of the people, not a Machiavellian strategy, way , way too OTT. Ochums theory.

    The UK does have a very vibrant economy, and Exports just got cheaper.
    We will not lose our Financial clout. We will remain the number one.
    Cutting huge EU subsidies will be a saving, as will be needless EU red tape.
    This now enables us to deal with illegals and Welfare not bound by Brussels nonsense.
    But, as regards Leadership, as Hague has gone, we have none left.
    Cameron was wet. Theresa was a remain so not good.

    Gove is a Muppet who stabbed Boris from behind as a worm who turned. The lesser lights are a joke. Politics today. All mediocrities.

    Leaving the EU was always a good thing. But Leaderless?
    It brings home how the dearth of quality affects the top echelon, a point we have debated before. A Global problem.

    What we all now face is chaos.If Italy gets its referendum France will follow via Le Penne. Then what? The EU could never work full of basket cases and conniving French.
    What is left is a union of chaos. Fiscally and intellectually bankrupt.
    A Grand Plan.Don't believe it. The UK just walked the plank and we need to update our Surf boarding fast.

    Cameron and Dave colluded on nothing. Dave just lost his train set and Boris his bottle. Theresa will probably get it as safe hands for a few years while a new Power Grab develops. Welcome to the London/ EU Senate. Power corrupts. Wimps with power even worse. Gove has the personality to run a Welk stall. A country no. Theresa voted to stay, so how can she be trusted for exit now? Labour are in free fall and Eagle too bad a birdbrained joke to be trusted.

    Organised chaos awaits. Yes Minister time.

    A perfect storm of mediocrities. How to run a country? The EU is even worse and the US entirely criminal. The EU is facing collapse. East versus West and we are not in good shape right now. Eurasia has a clean run soon.

    What next, the deck of cards is in free fall right now. Wild West rules. Where are the new card sharps? Britain just jumped first. Who next and what next? Now Brussels will be told shut up or be shut down. Expect no Leadership there. A total fiasco.

    Sterling is not collapsing but adjusting. With 160 countries now to sell to,don't write the UK off. Neither German nor France can afford a trade war with us. We would smash them. Nor can Spain survive without our Tourists. Wriggle room is small.

    What will emerge in reality is a common sense cooperative trade off. We do hold the cards.But with idiots to play them it seems. Yes Minister time again. But with an ever more savage media watching.
    Truth, this is all disorganised knee jerk territory right now. Unplanned chaos. Gove too wet to be true, but he backstabbed Boris who ran way under fire.

    All the world's a stage.

    1. "All the world's a stage."...

      And we are just actors. And the Matrix continues...

    2. As a scientist I didn't give much interest to the Big Game. I was, content, to keep learning about how Reality works. Then the Big Game took a lethal interest in me. Sadly, the more I learn here and elsewhere, the more disappointed I become in how Humans have handled the continuity of their affairs. At every step there was a simple choice to be made, expand value production and value creation for massive profits distributed over masses of value producers/creators , or drive matters into a sequestered corner to garner the profits of the luxury market and the derived power of the enforcement mechanisms on impoverished/cheated/frozen-in-place on subjugated populations. The latter also creates the bureaucracy of uncaring functionaries at all levels, passing petty, useless, mind-numbing regulations that make Byzantium a walk in the park, increasing the cost of living for all.

    3. Tino,

      "The Budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed, lest Rome will become bankrupt.
      People must again learn to work instead of living on public assistance."
      - Cicero, 55 BC
      So, evidently, we've learned nothing over the past 2,071 years.

    4. John,
      In Texas terms, sometimes you have to look beyond your own stable for the perfect stud.

    5. Hell that's no way for a Texan to get laid.

    6. Good grief John! I was talking about horses!

    7. I was joking about Texans boasting about being stallions.

    8. Well that's not a joke, it's true! :-0)

    9. But the real joke is them believing it.

    10. Hahaha! Our British cousin is too clever!

    11. Texian

      I used to spend millions each year at the Lexington Kentucky Horse Sales buying for my own Estate and reselling to Arabs. I knew most of the Carpet Baggers trading as Stud Farmers, the margins, and after a good few hard drinking sessions, I knew many who couldn't get the Lil Fella to stand for a week. I've had a few pass out on me. The big talkers are not the real deals. The quiet, smooth ones are. Brash and no class pulls nothing. Real guys have nothing to prove. Nor wish to. Class is silent. We dress down.

    12. Beautiful horse farms in Kentucky. Dad's family bought a ranch in South Texas which brought them from Illinois to Texas in early 1920s. It was small by Texas standards...only about 20,000 acres. Grandfather was a lawyer and tired of ranch life after a few years so they moved to the city. I've always been a city dweller, although I love the beautiful wide open spaces, the animals and quiet of the countryside plus the people are so genuine. For the most part in Texas, the ranch owners are quite humble...particularly the biggest names when I've had occasion to meet them. The entertainers, sports figures and other new rich are the most obnoxious.

  16. Replies
    1. Sovereigns and major Creditors promised on Wednesday have not been paid or contacted. Including today.
      With pre advice needed its not looking good. Does it ever? We watch it hourly. Zero is showing.

    2. Texian

      These sorts of reports come out each month. All stillborn.
      We talked with key sovereigns and major big hitters this morning. Nothing in sight yet, or heard.

  17. In the scheme of things, it doesn't much matter what Loretta Lynchpin and Bill Clinton talked about on her airplane. If they're such good friends that Clinton waited an hour at airport to depart to await Lynchpin's arrival, she should have recused herself a long time ago from Hitlary's investigation which also includes Bill and their foundation. She should have appointed a special prosecutor immediately. Clinton appointed Lynchpin in 1999 to her first big job as US Attorney.

    More putrid stink coming from DC!

  18. US AG Lynch steps back from Clinton email case over conflict of interest

    US Attorney General Loretta Lynch has stepped away from deciding whether Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will be charged in the classified email investigation, following outrage over the AG's private Monday meeting with Bill Clinton, the justice department announced Friday morning.

    AJ: Finally people power being felt in the usa?

    <a href="></a>

    1. AJ, a friend sent this to me and am posting. It would be ethically correct if she did. They have simply made it sound like she has.

      Jeanine Pirro reacts to Bill Clinton's meeting with AG Lynch
      July 1, 2016

    2. Just watch! They will play this off past the Democrat Convention and Hitlary's nomination.

    3. P it's sad isn't it.. but i reckon it'll tarnish her like a fart at dinner.

  19. We should name an operating principle of the current corrupt globalist agenda. The globalists genuinely believe in free trade because free trade destroys nations and national sovereignty. That's ANOTHER reason why Brexit hits them where it hurts.

    1. More to the point, "free trade" implemented as "managed trade" by unresponsive bureaucrats destroys nations and sovereignty.

  20. Keep this in mind when they come at you with their poison needle and the latest 'vaccine.' Classic Rappoport!


  21. Merkels worst nightmare is breaking.
    The German people are now demanding a referendum to be rid of this tbird world shit around their necks and an end to immigration. So, the German jackboots will sort the EU. Thank the Brits.

  22. Judge Anna's very busy on this holiday weekend! Sounds like there's plenty going on...none 'on the news' however.




  23. You all may appreciate this cartoon of Vlad, Angela and Barry....


  24. World’s First 24/7 Solar Power Plant Powers 75,000 Homes - Nevada

    SolarReserve’s Crescent Dunes Project in Tonopah, Nevada is quietly providing clean, green solar energy to 75,000 homes in the Silver State even when the sun isn’t shining.

    Crescent Dunes is the first utility-scale facility in the world to use molten salt for power energy storage capabilities, a technology also known as concentrated solar.

  25. Czech President Calls For EU, NATO Referendums

    The seeds of European disconent are spreading. One week after Britain voted to separate amicably with the EU, the president of the Czech Republic, Milos Zeman, called for a referendum on his country’s membership in the EU and NATO.

    "I disagree with those who are for leaving the European Union,” Czech Radio quoted Zeman as saying on Thursday evening, according to Reuters. “But I will do everything for them to have a referendum and be able to express themselves. And the same goes for a NATO exit too,” he added.

  26. Excellent piece by Gary North on his view of Brexit and 'free-trade' implications of the NWO.

    1. Thanks Tino, great historical perspective!

    2. Excellent article, TINO. It made me feel my vote for Britain to leave the EU was a vote for every nation's sovereignty and the freedom of its people.

  27. Following the release of the Chilcot report the same MPs who gave you Brexit will debate the Blain and MI6 collusion, with false war consequences. Their intent is to seek to use ancient laws,( Why not) to jail Blair for mass genocide. Bush can then follow, and who knows, Clinton may at least beat all of them this time if a gutless FBI does its own job. MI6 will get a serious hiding for this also. Deservedly so. Big questions and heads will roll. The cover up is backfiring now.

    1. JOHN, if only.....

      I can imagine Miranda sharing a cell in Wormwood Scrubs with Jacob and Alactraz re-opened for the likes of Rocky, Bush, Clinton, Obama, Cheney and all their fellow scumbags. The end of the Rocky(feller) Horror Show.

    2. Alcatraz would be perfect...and off shore...let them screw each other instead of us. Then perhaps out of sight will translate to out of mind.

  28. A possible shock contender, Andrea Leadsom, an Anglican supporter, is moving forward in the polls to become the possible next British PM.
    1. A women, remember Thatcher, she didn't do so bad.
    2. She recently hardlined and sorted the guilty Bankers in the Libor Inquiry, so no friend of Bankers.
    3. She's Anglican and free of Israeli and Masonic influence unlike now devastated Cameron, who fell from grace and now is in dis- grace. How the mighty have fallen.
    4. Boris ran and bottled it when faced with the top job. The blonde buffoon.
    5. She's young, only 53, with good all round experience, and with humour, unlike May or backstabbing Gove, who each have the charisma of a dead fish. Gove will have to fall on his sword, as Andrea will overtake him quickly in the the contest.
    6.She is a firm Brexit supported and best to face down the EU rat pack.

    If elected, this one will be throwing the Lead - some. The best of the pack on offer.
    Hopefully she gets it. Theresa's dress sense is no place for a world stage. Her shoes are carnival stage props. No place for her. Who knows the Brits may throw another curve ball.

    1. That's what went through my mind when I saw Andrea Leadsom was in the running. She seems to be the best candidate so far.

    2. History is now judging Thatcher pretty harshly for protecting all those pedophiles and Satanists. Why would she do that? Is it even possible that she didn't know?

      Women, in general, develop skills to manage many diverse things at same time so it's a natural progression. These days women manage the family including arranging for everywhere they're supposed to be at any given time, their job or company outside the home, still manage to put dinner on the table, take care of sick children and keep hubby happy.

      In comparison, running a country would be a piece of cake. :-0)

  29. It's like a dark incarnation of a soap opera "As the World Burns". Not getting full traction yet, but we can definitely add some flavor of insider trading and additional mishandling of classified information relative to her son-in-laws hedge-fund.

  30. Happy 4th July weekend to our former colony!

    You may like to know this is today's top definition at Urban Dictionary:

    A fantastic country that once ruled the world (yes, literally) and is much cooler than the USA because it is older and cleaner. Also has amazing music such as Muse and Radiohead and Biffy Clyro and Arctic Monkeys and Mumford and Sons and Marina and the Diamonds and Florence and the Machine and so much more. However, none of this amazing music ever gets in the charts for long because music charts have been hijacked by chavs and their fake RnB which actually is badly disguised pop (see JLS). However, amazing venues still exist across the UK, the best including the Hammersmith Apollo, the Brixton Acadamy, The O2 Arena and many, many more. Even Wembley Arena has its merits, despite their 'confiscating staplers at Arctic Monkeys concerts' policy and the fact that I was hit on the head by a condom-balloon there.

    Also very prevalent in the UK is clever people. Many students learn Latin and are teased mercilessly about it and amazingly avoid being 'binned' by jealous chavs.

    The UK is incredible, and should be worshipped by all those people in the USA who think they're bigger than us.

    by GothicDuck April 22, 2010

    (But just so you know it, we still love you. No hard feelings)

    1. Actually as Anna Von Reitz writes, based on her 30 year research of documents, we're still a colony. We declared independence on this date, but it never happened. As long as the Queen is in charge of the finances and our Social Security Retirement System, now veiled in deceit as a 'welfare program,' we're still a colony for the time being.

      We have declared our independence again with the United Nations, IMF, BAR Associations, Northern Trust, Vatican and many other entities to head off France, Rockys, Rotts and others from picking up another ALL CAPS fiction as if we aren't here as living people perfectly capable of managing our own country for ourselves. If we decide to contract for government services, it won't be with that crowd. We will not be saddled with the bankruptcy debts of the Federal Reserve again!

      You may access all of these affidavits referenced above at The Native American tribes have joined in this action.

    2. Texian,

      The United States are not united, and of all the major 1st world nations, you have the lowest level of Democracy of all. Visibly apathetic.

      Corruption permeates through at every level, from the selection of so called Representatives owned by the Jewish Lobby, to the rank stench of State services bid tendering. The current appalling inability of the FBI to arrest the Clintons says it all.

      The history of the Treasonous Bushes goes unpunished, even eulogised.
      What you have, is a Crock.

      No question you need a break, but until someone cares, until a true Patriot emerges, whats a Social Welfare fund as part of an equation where everything in the State is rotten from the head down?

      The people deserve better, but are neutered and indifferent, living in a childlike Social Order where all rights have been subordinated to the Cabal which governs you. Looking on, looking in,this is no longer the America we knew, or had mid 90's respect for.

      George HW Bush was the anti Christ of American demise in standards and integrity. Followed by the truly abysmal trash Clinton's, then Barmy Barry.
      Only in America.

      At least the Brits had a system to overturn their Elites and have.
      We feel for the Native America tribes. To survive the mass genocide perpetrated against them, by this invasive low sub culture, the dregs of Europe and the poor enforced African Slaves, who has even tried to build a meaningful nation from this post the Founders?

      Why should Trump worry about Mexican borders? Most of them are already there. Counterbalanced by the millions of displaced Muslims flooding in unchecked, courtesy of that illegal Soetoro and his Iranian Commie Slum lady.Where is even a semblance of law for the poor, overall mass decent people, subjugated by the incessant flotsam of sloth and the Cabal running America?

      Yet this is the nation meddling in Planetary control, with its 990 bases, displacing nations,devastating cultures. Physician first heal thyself.

      Agreed, you deserve better, but who will cast off the joke of a Cabal Yoke controlling Americans, where Education has become a PhD in mass ignorance?
      Why lecture others on Democracy with none at home? Clean up the filth in Washington and the caucus of corruption in the Jewish Lobby. Fill the FEMA Camps with this lot.

    3. John,
      Thanks for your perspective. It is most definitely a crock.

      I particularly mentioned Social Security because it is depended on by so many in US. For last 8 years, it's among first things Barry said would not be paid if he didn't get his way on whatever his scam was at the time. In US, it is not a welfare program. Welfare is separate and food stamps or EBT card are separate programs for people at poverty level. Social Security is a mandatory program of contributions by an employee and matched by their employer. It is currently about !5% total. If self-employed, you pay 'both sides.' It was never a well run program, nor were funds invested to build as would happen with private retirement funds. I don't care for myself and will never live long enough to recoup what I was forced (or thought I was forced) to pay into it. So many have very little else and they are deserving of the paltry sum because they paid into it their entire working lives. The same with Medicare. Working people have paid a Medicare tax all their working lives long before eligible to use the program. Medicaid is similar to welfare...a program for medical care for impoverished of any age.

      FBI is just another corporation controlled by cabal as are all of the alphabet soup of foreign owned corporations here pretending to be whatever. Do you really think the Rotts and Rockys are going to allow one of their favorite puppets to be arrested? Go to jail? ¿Hola?

      You're right! Most of the Mexicans are already here. They've been using 11 million illegals number for at least 20 years! It has to be 50 million by now! In San Antonio, Caucasians have become minority. I don't have any problem with the Mexican people. Their values are very similar to ours. I just want them to come legally. Among the illegal crowd we get the gang bangers and worse. Many others from anywhere also come through southern border. All of us know we must regain control of border and expedite deporting a lot of criminals at a minimum. Obozo just orders them released into our neighborhoods! You will note, however, Obozo has a fence around White House that has been ordered to become taller, dozens of armed guards, and the public can no longer tour the WH owned by the people. So individuals around here have to maintain a private armory to survive the massive problem with home invasions and other more heinous crimes. Even when my children were growing up here, we seldom locked our front door during the day, usually only at night...if we remembered. A few years ago we decided we had to move to a gated neighborhood complete with cameras around the house and other security features. This is not the way it should be living in a 'civilized society.' Perhaps that will give those of you who can't imagine why Trump sounds like he might be good. (Canauzzie~Please don't let San Antonio Chamber of Commerce know who I am, it's truth without the sugarcoat)


  31. Breaking News: The Democrats have just released their agenda for first day of Democrat National Convention!
    11:15 AM: Free lunch, "medical" marijuana, and bus ride to the Convention - Forms distributed for Food Stamp enrollment.

    1:30 PM: Group Voter Registration for Illegal Immigrants.

    3:15 PM: Address on "Being the Real You” - Rachel Dolezal, former Head of the Seattle NAACP and Caitlyn Jenner

    4:30 PM: "How to Bank $200 Million as a Public Servant and claim to be totally broke” - Hillary Clinton

    4:45 PM: How to have a successful career Without ever having a job, and still avoid paying taxes! - A Seminar Moderated by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson

    5:00 PM: Medal of Freedom presentation to Army deserter Bo Bergdahl For serving with Honor and Distinction -
    National Security Advisor Susan Rice

    5:30 PM: Invitation-only Autograph Session Souvenir photographs of Hillary and Chelsea dodging Sniper Fire in Bosnia

    6:30 PM: General vote on praising Baltimore rioters, And on using the terminology "Alternative Shoppers" instead of “Looters”

    7:30 PM: Breakout session with Bill Clinton for women on avoiding the upcoming draft

    8:30 PM: The White House "Semantics Committee” Meeting General vote on re-branding "Muslim Terrorism” as "Random Acts of Islamic Over-Exuberance”

    9:00 PM: "Liberal Bias in Media“ How we can make it work for you! Tutorial sponsored by CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, PBS, The Washington Post and the New York Times - With Guest Speaker, Brian Williams

    9:15 PM: Tribute Film to the Brave Freedom Fighters Still incarcerated at GITMO - Michael Moore

    9:45 PM: Personal Finance Seminar -"Businesses Don't Create Jobs” (You didn't
    make that!) - Special guest Pocahontas aka Elizabeth Warren

    11:00 PM: Short film, "Setting Up Your Own Illegal Email Server While Serving in A Cabinet Post and How to Pretend It's No Big Deal” - Hosted by Hillary Clinton

    11:30 PM: Official Nomination of Hillary - Bill Maher and Chris Matthews

  32. Germany wakes up and smells the coffee!


    The tidal wave of refugees that crashed through Germany’s doors last year has long turned to a trickle, but the costs of the inflow will remain a burden on the country for years, budget figures released on Friday showed. The German finance ministry expects to spend $86.2 billion over the next four years feeding, housing and training refugees as well as helping their home countries to stem the flow.


  33. Election outcome in Australia.

    Aussies have wiped out the conservative's massive lead which we have them 3 years ago losing 25 of its former 90 seats. It will be a hung parliament with independents likely deciding what occurs and who will be the next government and PM.

    In the Senate it's the same story. We have re-elected a xenophobe and racist Pauline Hanson and also highly intelligent Nick Xenophon who is not aligned in anyway and bkocks radical stupid ideology.

    Aussies have joined the global zeitgeist to stick it up the established political toffs and voted for those who voice local concerns.

    It's the result I wanted. They will ALL have to talk civilly and compromise on issues for anything to pass both houses.

    The people have spoken and just like in the UK, we turf bullshit quickly and hold our pollies to account.

    1. Well done the Aussies. See, all that Criminal Colony inbreeding teaches you how to control Democracy. Only Sons of Crims know how to rule themselves as a Social order. Smiling.

  34. EU Unmasked: After Brexit, Plans for Full EU Superstate Revealed
    James Corbett,, June 28, 2016

    Well, that didn’t take long.

    The graphite was hardly dry on the Brexit ballots when TVP Info, a Polish broadcaster, leaked a 9-page document drawn up by the German and French foreign ministers calling for an EU superstate complete with an EU army, integrated border controls and common taxation. The German foreign minister discussed the plans — which are being described as “an ultimatum” — with his counterparts in the Visegrad Group of countries (Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia) this week.

    The document, bearing the Orwellian title of “A strong Europe in a world of uncertainties,” lays out the exact tyrannical plans that the EU’s critics have been warning about for years. After identifying key areas of uncertainty and concern affecting Europe — from spreading [false flag] terrorism to [manipulated] cultural tensions to [engineered] economic hardships — the document proposes three new areas for expanded EU cooperation:

    1. Thanks, Andy. I never learned to read or write in Polish, my mother having insisted on our using English at home; but I had no problem translating that for myself.

      Are ultimatums consistent with freedom and self-determination? I knew this was coming whether we had Brexit or not. The EU may have worked as a republic of sovereign states like the US was meant to be, with a similar but enforced constitution and bill of rights. The EU has neither: it was tyrannical from the outset.

    2. So Valdi is be interested in your take on Poland now.. I would have thought it's a natural ally of the russian culture as much as eastern europe. Are they under the control of an artificial gov or what's going on there?

    3. Andy,

      Poland became Washington's bitch after the CIA did a wet job on the Kaczynski government with the Smolensk air crash in 2010. Many Poles have a deep hatred and distrust of Russia after what the Soviet Union did to them during the Second World War, and as a vassal in the Warsaw Pact. They used to worship the West as free and democratic. Not any more. Poles are waking up.

      Communism was set up by the Jewish bankers, who also funded Hitler. The Russians were fighting fascism; the Germans were fighting communism; and the bankers were making fortunes and rubbing their hands in glee at the stupidity of the Pan-European Christian goy slaughtering one another. The last thing the Zionists want is for Christian Russia and Europe to unite, which is why they are flooding Europe with Moslim immigrants. All for the glory of Greater Israel and Khazarian supremacy.

  35. The building housing the Bank for International Settlements in Basel used to resemble a Templar Knight's helmet

    It now resembles a nob with the helmet missing

    Those bankers have such a wicked sense of humour! I bet Jacob (Jacob = Jack = Joker) Rothschild is a real laugh at every dinner party. The current premises are more representative of the bank's global role - screwing We the People for all we're worth.

  36. For all Americans.

    Happy Independance day. One day, Cabal and Zio Rat free, you may actually get it. Now won't that be a first? But who will shake you free of the Cabal and your enslaved role as worthless Goyims to your Zionist overlords? First, get to grips with the real world,and fight for the freedom you deserve, for which the forefathers sought to leave you, then July 4th may have a meaning instead of a days break leaving the Goyims a fantasy they have meaning. July 4th proves you truly can fool all of the people all of the time. But one day, with true respect, we all hope you get to make it real.
    Until then, it's just a day to fool all.

  37. John,

    Since you are working very closely with Chinese Elders, do you agree with what Kyle Bass is saying? In the article, after the excerpt below, there is an interesting exchange between Bass and Hugh Hendry.


    “They’re going to do everything the U.S. did in our crisis,” said Bass, who has gone public with his China views since at least October. “Every single thing the Chinese central bank and central planners have to do is currency negative for them.” He added that the Chinese government wants a devaluation, but “they just want to do it on their terms." By this he is of course referring to the vast exodus of domestic capital as the local population sees the endgame and is scrambling to park its funds offshore (mostly in UK, US and Canadian real estate as well as US M&A, and more recently, in bitcoin), something Beijing is terrified of and is doing all in its power to prevent.

    An interesting theme here was Kyle Bass's devaluation thesis as a contrast to Hugh Hendry's recent Chinese optimistic euphoria. This is what Bass told Williams:

    (discussion at site)

  38. Fascinating piece going viral on Facebook relative to the chaos of a Clinton Presidency. And given that the Corrupt News Network has just announced that no charges are expected in the email server, I guess we have to double-down on Trump.

    1. Clinton right now has an 80% chance of the White House.
      She has the media, and an ignorant mass too stupid to vote who will. The support of the Bush Clinton Crime families who know Trump can jail them if elected, the support of Bankers and the Zio trash. All the Jewish mafia are behind them for a fix. As is the entire top criminal element for business as usual.
      She outguns him on running money and media time. Worse, with a mass ignorant welfare mass, how will they vote, as usual? This is hardly an informed pUblic. Reality TV herds at the voting lobby. It's ugly, and it's not Democracy at work here. How can Americans ever get a fair deal? Who helps working Americans who make the cake and get the crumbs? Who acts for the real people? Just listen to the Romney Shyster farce. America needs Trump, whatever his problems as Clinton is a vote for Crime,Sleaze and a real WW111 risk. Putin has said Clinton is asking for war and Russia is prepared if she gets in. Will only missiles raining down wake up Americans?

    2. I'm not so sure about that.

      Sheldon Adelson, a world class zionist, has supported Trump. And now, it looks like he is set to make Newt Gingrich his running mate, who happens to be who Adelson supported when Romney won the nomination and is a close friend. I think one of his top lawyers is Cohen. His daughter is married into a very well established jewish/zionist family.

      I like some of the nationalist views of Trump, but he is in the zionist pocket now, in my opinion.

      They will get what they want with him as well. But, agreed, she has to be stopped at all costs. The real question is what will a Trump presidency look like.

    3. JV

      Agreed as neither are fit for office but Clinton is worse. A terrible dichotomy for America.

  39. found this in a skype room. The largest mass shooting in the United States was not in Orlando last week.

    The largest mass shooting in the United States occurred December 29,1890, when 297 Sioux Indians at Wounded Knee Creek on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota were murdered by federal agents & members of the 7th Cavalry who had come to confiscate their firearms “for their own safety and protection.”

    The slaughter began after the majority of the Sioux had peacefully turned in their firearms. The Calvary began shooting, and managed to wipe out the entire camp. 200 of the 297 victims were women and children.

    Wounded Knee was among the first federally backed gun confiscation attempts in United States history.It ended in the senseless murder of 297 people.

    The Second Amendment, gives the people the right to take up arms in defense of themselves, their families, and property in the face of invading armies or an oppressive government. The Second Amendment was written by people who fled oppressive and tyrannical regimes in Europe, and it refers to the right of American citizens to be armed for defensive purposes, should such tyranny arise in the United States.

    Wounded Knee is the prime example of why the Second Amendment exists, and why we should vehemently resist any attempts to infringe on our Right to Bear Arms. Without the Second Amendment we will be totally stripped of any ability to defend ourselves and our families.
    WOW how easily we forget, and what the left doesn't want us to know..... I guess GUN CONTROL really works.......?

    1. A44L91,

      I read Dee Brown's "Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee" as an undergraduate. A heartbreaking account that should be on every bookshelf.

    2. For those still grieving over Orlando, you can relax. From all reports...except on lame stream was a drill hoax. What are the odds of 40 gay guys who are actors with resumes on IMDb just happen to be in Orlando at same time in same club unless they were hired for a 'gig'?

    3. A44L91, thanks for highlighting how we all forget about the indigenous and it's only newsworthy if the whites are harmed.

    4. valdi I happen to have that book. Also saw the incident 500 nations,hosted& part produced by kevin costner.

    by Patricia Cota-Robles

    July 1, 2016

    2016 has been a year like no other. Day by day, we have been experiencing shifts of energy, vibration and consciousness beyond anything Humanity or Mother Earth have ever been able to withstand at a cellular level.

    All of this preparation has been designed to strengthen Humanity and Mother Earth at a cellular level and to recalibrate our DNA structures so that we will be able to receive NEW patterns of perfection for the Earth.

  41. "PRO-WAR" I think NOT. A school teacher EHHHH!!! Trudeau stressed the special US/Canadian/Mexican relationship, transcending their leaders, he said.

    America, Canada and Mexico, like EU nations, are fundamentally pro-business, pro-monied interests, pro-war, anti-populist, anti-worker, anti-democratic, anti-societies fit to live in for the vast majority of their citizens and residents.

    Deplorable policies they endorse assure greater harm to millions than already.

  42. Published on Jul 1, 2016
    Dhaka cafe in Bangladesh False Flag
    The Vigilant Nation

    They slipped up on live TV and called them actors. Thanks to Silas Curry for this video.

    Here is the original link for this video:

  43. A44L91,

    Are you familiar with the "Mandela Effect"? It has become apparent that some of us have experienced a change in timeline. This is not the world in which I grew up. My world either merged with this one or I somehow slipped over into a parallel dimension. The differences were trivial at the beginning but are becoming more pronounced. The most recent ones are apparent in the bible: The Lord's Prayer has been changed from "forgive us our trespasses" to "forgive us our debts"; and from God's Will be done ON earth to God's Will be done IN earth. Isaiah now says the wolf will lie down with the lamb instead of the lion will lie down with the lamb. Wineskins has been changed to bottles; money exchangers to the bank; the womb to matrix; Luke says two men lying in bed, not two men in a field; women grinding instead of women grinding wheat; Jesus is now supposed to have said in Luke: 19:27 "But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me." You are kidding me! Jesus said love thine enemies, not slay them!

    The disturbing aspect is not that familiar words have been altered on digital media and the Internet; but that they have also changed in hard copy. My neighbour lent me his copy of the King James Bible, given to him as a prize at school sixty years ago --- and it has changed!!!

    Are the Satanists now going to try to convince us that Jesus was the Anti-Christ; that good is evil and evil is good?

    What gives? Is this an effect of the end of the Mayan Long Count with the solar system crossing the galactic plane? Can it be explained by the Many Worlds Hypothesis of quantum physics? Is CERN somehow responsible? Are the military up to no good with their psychotronic dominance of the human domain? Or was it something I said? lol.

    Supernatural Changes in Your Home AND Bible! (The Mandela Effect)

    Is this the way to heaven, or are we on The Road to Hell?

    1. I've read that all timelines are collapsing into one now that humanity has decided, on higher planes, to end the 3d duality game and become a species in the reality of the One. Very interesting Valdi.

      I think we can all change timelines at will. Just resonate your consciousness with the one you want to be in. I've used that method to manifest certain things on occasion.

    2. 6 pints of Irish Draught Guineas and 6 Jack Daniels has the same effect.

    3. Hahahahahahahahaha....I've heard that too!

    4. Valdi,

      This is REALLY creepy. I purposely looked for, and found, my mother in laws King James Version that she got in the 1940's. I looked up all the passages she mentioned and YES, they are not what I was taught. What's going on? NEVER, have I heard the phrase "wolf lying down with the lamb"'s lion damn it!

      Then I found this little piece where lots of very famous movie lines are not what any of us remember:

      Parallel that where we all stepped into? Does anyone who is over 40 and studied the bible as a child and young adult remember wolf and lamb? Or, any of the other examples?

    5. Everything has been and is being rewritten constantly! The Bible has been 'retranslated' or 'reinterpreted' many times. History books not only add new history but revise old history to suit current desires or goals of government. Even well known novels have been rewritten to take out or add for same reasons. It's all a farce! Ever wonder why Vatican Library doesn't even allow serious researchers to access?

    6. I need to find that timeline that says 'Do not drink Starbucks coffee. It is abomination.' Or that women should be stoned so they can get their medical marijuana for free. Hilary 3:16 For Bush loved the oil so he sent his poorest sons to Zion, and they walked in the valley of the shadow of death and hukkah smoke. Pope 6:11 Lead them not into temptation but deliver the alterboys from evil.
      Where's that timeline???

    7. Andy,
      We must be only ones on planet who don't like Starbucks coffee! I think they take the worst beans they can find, burn the hell out of them and call it coffee! Now a dark French roast like LeMadeleines, Dunkin Donuts coffee, Costa Rican or my all time favorite Kona coffee floats my boat. Became addicted to Kona coffee while living in Hawaii long time ago. They know how to grow coffee! What's your favorite?

    8. Oh i want to try Kona! Another blogger KP lives it too. We have lots of Italians here so I love any barista made but it has to be as smooth as me 😎

    9. Have to warn you again it's addictive...and expensive! I have to order it to get the 100% Kona. Usually it's just available as a blend that has just 10% or so Kona.


  44. Judge Dale commentary. Same thing is happening again with even more subterfuge apparent!


  45. Charles Ortel has investigated Clinton Foundation and discloses what you imagined...and much more!


  46. WHA and OWON

    Movement has started via HK and the Rouble. Watch your sites.
    RV's and GS ahould track behind. Activity on Rouble so far, we will advise on each once seen. ONLY Ruble yet but its a start. China is helping Russia first. We will advise on each when seen. Check on conditions when we advise then. There WILL be conditions. Ignore market hiatus, or the idiot ramblings, just check your sites and have clear real facts as and when it starts.
    Including the July 4th stupidity zone. Don't miss a day if it kicks off. No time to be at the back end of a Grunt queue. Ruble ONLY so far, but clearly more is coming. Its when, how much, conditions and who. So use your heads and make sure if it breaks it also includes you.

  47. Message for aurataya at WHA.

    I don't know about tidbits, but I can assure you that titbits won't be the only thing going down to help Tony spill his coffee. I must set him up with the wife on phone camera. Imagine his face if that screens up on site.

    When roubles flow, it catches the US markets off guard,and shows China's support for Russia. They can't now decline Vietnam's need,and we now already have the Chinese overdue US debt redemptions calling, as well as the multi T US debt to Taiwan and others. When a certain US Patriot wakes up I will activate him to sabre rattle also.

    Just ignore Broker waffling, we will give you the facts at each stage. As multi Ts flow via us, no one is closer. Or better placed. I must get Tony's wife to ask him French Toast or French kisses, and a morning run or knee tremblers, let's see what he's made of? No room to waffle now, better options to come. His eyes will pop and watch his heart rate soar. Now that's a real start to the day. See if she's game Tony. If not, try next door? It is Independence day. Lol

    1. Well, it's 4:30 in the bloody AM and I am up but she is still asleep. Does that answer your question? LOL

    2. Russia & China Met Twice Last Week to Propose Monetary Reset

      Russia and Chinese leaders met twice during last week and called (again) for an end to the current (dollar) system.From my contacts with Chinese insiders I know they really understand our problems well and are clearly preparing for The Next Phase (a monetary and geopolitical reset…

    3. Tony

      Go next door for a sneeky freebie.

  48. Election 2016: Pauline Hanson not backing down on call for royal commission into Islam

    And now for some entertainment. Australia is in chaos. We won't know the results of the election for up to a month, maybe a week. The pollies are out like rabid dogs, especially the right. They reckon that the PM Turnbull, after overthrowing right Abbott, that he wasn't rightwing enough! Haha. It was the right puppeteers who gagged Turnbull, a centrist. So we ditched him.

    Now for something truly entertaining: Pauline Hanson, some would call her the xenophobe, even as we have also elected Nick Xenophon. Yes, we love irony.

    Pauline Hanson has called for a Royal Commission into the Islam Religion. A few choice quotes below:

    Pauline Hanson is not backing down on her call for a royal commission into Islam and a ban on new mosques, however it will not be her first priority once in Canberra.

    She said she was "not sold" on climate change, would prefer a "referendum rather than a plebiscite" on gay marriage, and was "very, very" against the sale of Kidman station, and foreign ownership generally.
    [AJ note: she doesn't understand that it is impossible to have a referendum of gay [sic] marriage - referenda can only be held on matters concerning the constitution. Marriage does not appear in our constitution.]

    Ms Hanson also wants zero-net immigration, so the number of people coming to Australia equals the number leaving, and a royal commission into Islam.

    "You have our values, culture and way of life, you don't have a full burka," she said.

    "You don't keep putting up mosques. You cannot deny the fact that in these mosques they have been known to preach hate towards us.

    'Swamped by Asians'

    After making headlines during her 1996 maiden speech to parliament, Ms Hanson again raised fears over immigration levels.

    "You go and ask a lot of people in Sydney, at Hurstville, or some of the other suburbs, they feel they have been swamped by Asians," she said.
    "A lot of Australians feel that Asians are buying up prime agricultural land, housing, you ask the people in Melbourne how they feel about it as well.

    "As far as work, increased immigration is not the answer to creating jobs in Australia.

    "The 457 visa-holders, we need to address that, the numbers that are coming into Australia."

    Haha. Popcorn times ahead.

    1. If Palin and Trump had a lovechild Hanson would be it. If she stands on top of Mt Kosiusko she can see Tasmania, so she has a good grasp of foreign policy. I love her guts. And her ignorance of the constitution and legal process - and now she's a Senator! She may as well dog whistle at a paddock of sheep.

      And now the punchline: she started out as a fish n chip shop owner in Ipswich in working class Brisbane, which has been taken over by an Asian making a mint!


    In a speech before the European Parliament discussing the consequences of the Brexit vote, the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, made the stunning comment that he had spoken about it to “leaders of other planets.” Juncker’s comment suggests that world leaders are in communication with extraterrestrials, which closely monitor global events and assess their geopolitical and ‘exopolitical’ impact.

    Juncker’s speech was given on June 28 at an emergency meeting in Brussels by the European Parliament. Here is what he said in French along with the English translation:

    “Il faut savoir que ceux qui nous observent de loin sont très inquiets. J’ai vu et entendu et écouté plusieurs des dirigeants d’autres planètes qui sont très inquiets puisqu’ils s’interrogent sur la voie que l’union européenne va poursuivre. Et donc, if faut rassurer, et les européens, et ceux qui nous observent de plus… loin.”

    “It should be known that those who observe us from afar are very worried. I met and heard and listened to several of the leaders from other planets who are very concerned because they question the path the European Union will engage on. And so, a soothing is needed for both the Europeans and those who observe us from … farther away.”

    See the Youtube of what he said, here: one listens to an audio loop of what Junker’s actually said, he very clearly includes the phrase “dirigeants d’autres planets,” which translates as “leaders of other planets,” as pointed out by native French speakers discussing Junckers speech, and also by Google Translate.

    There has been clearly an official attempt to cover up Juncker’s admission to having spoken to “leaders of other planets,” and making it appear as though he was instead referring to “executives” concerned about Brexit. So what did Juncker have in mind when he said he spoke with “leaders of other planets”?

    AJ: This sets the stage for disclosure IMO.

    1. Exciting times, so many historical things happening this year.

    2. AJ, it just may be one more step towards disclosure. This may be the year though. More sitings here locally of some pretty cool stuff.

    3. Well, plausible deniability, it might have been a Freudian slip on "spheres", as in "in other spheres of decision-making or authority". In Latin languages like French and Italian, spheres v planets, are sometimes used interchangeably. OK, sounds weak to me too, but, while Brexit is clearly important, I doubt an alien on Mongo would have any interest....

  50. Inspiring message from Judge Anna on Independence Day....

    I can hear the fireworks starting. It's midnight in the wee early hours of the Fourth of July, 2016. Somewhere out in the dark, Americans are celebrating. Most of them call it "The Fourth of July" and don't use the old fashioned name for it--- "Independence Day"--- but that is what I am thinking about tonight: independence.

    Fourth of July rolls around once a year whether we want it to or not. The bunting appears. The fireworks start. The barbeques flame out. The beer explodes. The dogs and cats head for the basement..... yeah, it's all good, but is that what it's about?

    Independence is something you have to choose. It's an attitude, a mindset, a way of life, a choice. Independence is what you do when you stand on your own and take responsibility for your own life, your own government, your own country, your own planet.

    Independence signals a coming of age.

    And this is Independence Day.

    Looking around me it seems that we have been lulled into a stupor of dependence--- looking to the government to tell us how to live, expecting the government to provide our every need, turning to the mainstream media to tell us what to think and how to think it, parading in lock-step to every new fad of political correctness, conceiving of ourselves as helpless pawns or cogs in some vast machine, hopelessly grinding away so that once a year we can congratulate ourselves on being "free" long after we have forgotten what that really means.

    A young friend of mine called earlier this evening. He said, "What do I have to celebrate?....." and then he rattled off his own long list of things that are wrong with this country and with his countrymen and with everything in general. And then there was a very long pause in which his depression and sincerity stabbed at me like a thorn.

    What kind of world had I given him, this young man who is just starting out?

    Very clearly, he was disillusioned and feeling helpless and overwhelmed and ready to give up----figuring that freedom isn't possible or never was, like Camelot. Stop believing in it.
    Chuck freedom in the bin with the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus, just another silly "tradition" for the amusement of grown-ups and greeting card company profits.

    He had caught me by surprise at the end of a long day. For a moment my mind just whirred around as if it couldn't find any traction----and then, in my memory somewhere, I could hear someone whispering, "Freedom isn't out there, it's in here."

    It was a soft, dusky, female, African voice, sweet as summer rain and she repeated with great certainty ---- "Freedom isn't out there," she said, touching the front of her cotton dress over her heart, "it's in here, child. This is where freedom lives."

    Goldie Williams. She stood leaning on a wooden gate watching the fireworks in another time and place and she came back to rescue me today, from out of my memory of a night more than fifty years ago. I smiled broadly just thinking about her. Blueberry pie for the Fourth of July. Chasing fireflies and twirling sparklers.

    It's not about the external world, I told my young friend. It's about choices. It's about how you live your life. If you sit around waiting for someone or something else to set you free, that day is never going to come. You have to set yourself free, declare your own independence day, and when enough of us do that, there is nothing on earth that's going to stop us. It's in your own heart and mind that freedom lives. It's a gift you give yourself, and nobody can take it away.

    Thank you, Goldie, for reminding me where freedom lives and the real meaning of "Independence Day" ---- just in time to pass it on to another generation of Americans.

    1. Thank you Texian for sharing.But one doesn't have to be young to be as this young man was. Sometimes we older ones just need a gentle reminder. Happy 4th of July.

      Am watching as John has mentioned above. Freedom has been very much on my mind as of late.

    2. That's a good one Texian. I've shared it with my friends and family.

  51. As its Independence day, think of a new reality.
    Tony Blair who caused the needless death of a million, and allowed ISIS in, will not now be charged with War Crimes. But the poor Soldiers who defended Independence from Saddam, will???????????????????
    It stinks like Blair, so we will hound him and the rotten system. Blair IS a war criminal, and needs to go to jail. He and Bush both.

  52. Canauzzie,

    Now I know for sure I'm in the wrong feckin' timeline: the Canadians were never this unhinged.

    "Following a summit in Ottawa on Wednesday, U.S. President Barack Obama received several standing ovations as he addressed the Canadian Parliament on topics from globalization and trade to security."

    Canadian Lawmakers Chant 'Four More Years' to Obama

    1. Just proves to me y'all have plenty of idiots up there also!

    2. Let me see if I have this right...the Canadian lawmakers are so stupid they don't know that Obama has already been in the WH for 8 years and there cannot be 'Four More Years', thank GOD for Presidential term limits.

      However, when the Cabal just trades that office around amongst their membership, I guess it doesn't really matter anyway...alas.


    3. @ Valdi,

      Thanks for the shaming. Can't get anything by this watchful crowd. What you witnessed was an ass kissing and boot licking session which has been repeated over and over again since 2003. When Bush would come we would line the street and give him both fingers up, nobody even bothers to line up for Obama. So a fair amount of people get it, but yet again politicos fail us.

      @ Texian and MWP,

      Stupidity does not recognize borders and runs rampant everywhere, in Canada there is plenty. We are no different and there is the evidence for all to see. The "4 more years" was just an ass kissing gesture, they know the term limit. Everybody here does. We are bombarded with US politics on TV and radio, you can't hide from it even if you wanted to. Even my 11 year old daughter knows this. But they are just stupid in many other areas.

      To all,

      The best part was watching those three idiots trying to shake hands.... priceless.

    4. Canauzzie,

      No shaming of the Canadian public intended; only the sycophantic politicians. I wouldn't put it past Obama to declare Martial Law and have himself installed as Queen....I mean Emperor for life.


    5. But we deserve shame, we voted for these buffoons.

      Obama trying that trick wouldn't wash. It would be this except country wide.

    6. Paper Lace...brings back memories. They're still doing gigs. Proves old rockers never die. I even got to see The Zombies, The Yardbirds and The Animals a couple of years back.

  53. From ZERO HEDGE
    Trump Takes Aim At The Global Elite

    by Tyler Durden
    Jul 4, 2016 11:50 AM

    Donald Trump has always framed his candidacy as providing the average American with an opportunity to vote for an outsider, someone not already part of the traditional political machine. Immediately following Brexit, we asked whether or not this was Trump's opportunity to seize the momentum and use the referendum result as an example of what can be done if the people stand up against the global elites.

    It turned out that Trump wasted no time in making sure that the people of America understood that what had been done in the UK can be done in the United States.

    Recall from Trump's statement immediately following Brexit:

    Statement Regarding British Referendum on E.U. Membership

    The people of the United Kingdom have exercised the sacred right of all free peoples. They have declared their independence from the European Union, and have voted to reassert control over their own politics, borders and economy. A Trump Administration pledges to strengthen our ties with a free and independent Britain, deepening our bonds in commerce, culture and mutual defense. The whole world is more peaceful and stable when our two countries – and our two peoples – are united together, as they will be under a Trump Administration.

    Come November, the American people will have the chance to re-declare their independence. Americans will have a chance to vote for trade, immigration and foreign policies that put our citizens first. They will have the chance to reject today’s rule by the global elite, and to embrace real change that delivers a government of, by and for the people. I hope America is watching, it will soon be time to believe in America again.

    1. Thanks Scott for sharing this. I hope the majority of Americans will stand behind Trump so this will happen.

  54. Don`t know if this was posted
    Also from ZERO HEDGE

    Nigel Farage Steps Down As UKIP Leader, Adding To Post-Brexit Political Turmoil

    by Tyler Durden
    Jul 4, 2016 7:23 AM

    Nigel Farage, UKIP leader and passionate advocate for the UK to leave the European Union, announced unexpectedly today that he is stepping down as party leader, just days after he led a successful, and historic, campaign to Leave the European Union. Speaking in Westminster, Farage said the Brexit referendum was about Britons taking their country back, and having succeeded at that, Farage now "wants his life back.” His resignation completes the recent chaos in UK politics which has seen both the Conservative and Labour parties scramble to find new leadership in the aftermath of the Brexit vote.

    1. YES...I would certainly like to hear from John if he has any additional information about this unexpected event.

  55. Farages job is done. We are out of the EU. He simply has no class for London politics, sorry, but? With nowhere to go he's going to have to get a new day job. Simple as. May do as a stand in for a Butchers dog. Lol

    1. No class you say...looooollllll! Maybe you haven't seen the Cameron historical photos I have...

    2. I probably have but Cam has gone also. His day is also over, and the new Leaders will be less flash and more substance. It must be a 95% be the next PM will be a woman. As in Maggies day, whats left does not have a pair.
      Basically though, there is not a top Leader among the lot today. Theresa is too wet for the EU, and the rest lack experience. Tough times. Talking heads only.

  56. "With all due respect, the fact is we have 4 dead Americans. Was i because of a protest or was it because of guys who went out for a walk some night and decided they were going to kill some Americans. What difference, at this point, does it make?" That was Hillary's testimony when she snapped. I wish the person questioning her had simply asked: "Well then madam Secretary, if the reason the attack occurred does not matter, why then did you intentionally lie about it and created a story that it was because of a video? Why didn't you just tell the truth of it doesn't matter? Why the lie?" M.P. July 4, 2016

    1. If Hitlary's nose grew every time she lied, she would not be able to walk without tripping over it.

    2. Biffie, it could make Huma's eyes

  57. 3 Barclays Bankers were found guilty today of Libor rigging. Sentencing Thursday,that will be interesting. What is the sentence for defrauding vast billions, conspiring and colluding? What is appropriate?

    1. If that was happening here, Obozo would be presenting them with a medal...

    2. Interesting question. Their actions changed the length of time folks had to work/slave to repay loans, and of course, malinvestment from reacting to the wrong pricing signal. Since the billions affected tens of thousands, and reparation is only proper, how about they be sentenced to 30 years hard labor????

    3. I found a very easy solution which also fits for Blair Gordon and Cameron. What you all think?

      Blair Gordon Cameron and Bankers

  58. Hello John, I wanted to thank you for the good news yesterday. I had a question when you give a pre-notice to us here in the US will it still be on eastern time? I do know that Eastern time is 4 hours behind GMT time. And if the notice is given, it will have to be before the banks open. Keep up the good work. You guys are doing fine.

    1. It can ONLY be after our Clients have got in and cleared safely. We are not starting a rumble in the jungle while our guys are part cleared. Right now we are working on Project Infrastructures for them. It will all have key project oversight and need to show capability. There are way too many with childishly simplistic views of complex reality. No one is unleashing a Druggie or a low grade bottom feeding mutant loose with millions to cause chaos.

      Checks will be source of acquisition, history of funds, KYC overviews, CIS reports, Project plans, credible histories, Audit overviews and legal opinions of proposed project plans. Full Patriot Act and Anti money laundering BS to delay pay outs.

      No point in arguing with some Simple Simon whose spent maybe 10K and thinks he will cash in for $10M or more. There are going to be so many sore Butts out there when screening starts. So many Forrest Gumps bought in. No wonder they have no plans for a public free for all. Once it starts to get ugly doors will close. You may get 2 days from the off before every wannabe Hillbilly forms a 5 mile queue with spittoons, a dancing dog, a barrel of sipping whisky, and 16 dependent relatives, most cross married first cousins, with that vacant cross eyed look. That's only the Congressmen.

      This has all the classic hallmarks of a South Seas fiasco all over it. We are helping the top tier pass. Then we step back and exit. It's not our fight. Time then to bolt down the hatches. People had a free choice not to buy in. You may get out match betting on the dog fights which will follow. Those 2 billion hollow heads may get issued. We need our parties cleared safely first.

      No Public will mix with Big Battalions or Sovereigns. A couple of days after any possible Public call and chaos may follow. So many don't even have cars or Bank accounts, or funds to even State travel. It has SNAFU all over it. Each are on their own. It may get ugly. Read up on the South Sea bubble.

    2. What is happening to the Ruble? Is it being gold backed and will we see it change on the forex screens anytime soon?

  59. Hot off the press, captured from an anonymous thread and attributed to a high-level FBI agent connected to the Clinton investigation. Please take a look and use discernment. It seems credible and is likely legit:

    AMA about the Clinton Case

    The capture was disclosed on the ATS website:

    Insider Claims Inside Knowledge on Clinton Investigation = "Entire Government is Treasonous"

    1. Click on the image to enlarge, depending on your browser.

    2. The informant said to focus on the Clinton Foundation, not Hillary's email server; and to spread the information as widely as possible. Exposing the massive fraud and criminality is more likely to get her and Bill indicted and keep her out of the White House.

      The Daily Mail published an in-depth review on 29th June by Caroline Howe of the book "Partners in Crime" by Jerome Corsi, recommended by the informant and mentioned previously by MW&P.

      "The Clinton Foundation is 'a vast, criminal conspiracy' and 'a slush fund for grifters' with thousands of honest people who are victims after contributing their hard-earned money to what they believed would be used for philanthropic causes.

      In truth, the money that was donated to help earthquake victims in India and Haiti and HIV/AIDs sufferers in the Third World has mostly enriched the Clintons and their friends through scams spanning the globe, claims author Jerome Corsi in his book, Partners in Crime: The Clintons' Scheme to Monetize the White House for Personal Profit, which will be published in August.

      Driven by insatiable greed while crying they were near-broke, the couple schemed and Hillary used her position as secretary of state to leverage lucrative deals for the Foundation as well as six-figure speaking fees for Bill Clinton.

      The scheme engineered through the Foundation has enriched the Clintons by hundreds of millions of dollars as well as adding $2billion to the Clinton Foundation and raising $1billion for Hillary's second run for the presidency, writes Corsi in his upcoming book."

      EXCLUSIVE: Slush funds to pay 'personal consultant' Huma Abedin, a $34,000 a night Caribbean holiday for daughter Chelsea and payoffs to silence Bill's sex accusers - How Hillary has used donations to the Clinton Foundation as her ‘personal piggy bank’

    3. Valdi,


  60. WikiLeaks rolls out archive of over 1,200 ‘Clinton Iraq War’ emails

    The now-infamous whistleblowing website has published an archive of what is said to be over 1,200 of Hillary Clinton's private emails pertaining to the Iraq War. Julian Assange previously said that the release would be “enough to indict her.”
    On Monday, WikiLeaks tweeted a link to a search aggregate of 1,258 emails that Clinton wrote or received discussing US engagement in Iraq while she headed the State Department. The Iraq War email bundle is part of a trove of Clinton's correspondence that was released by the State Department in February, under the Freedom of Information Act.

    1. Andy,

      Wikileaks is Mossad. There won't be anything in the bundle of emails released by the State Department that could indict Hillary.

      She will get the nomination and the fix will be in to have her elected as President. God help us if that happens; she will make Obama seem like a pacifist. The American people should refuse to use electronic voting machines and insist on paper ballots, volunteer counters, independent international monitoring of the election and exit polls.

      We have duality so we can exercise our free will, which would only exist as a concept were we not given any choices. Those choices should not be limited to the lesser of two evils. The Christ/Anti-Christ meme is a common one at this time. My personal opinion is that it refers to each person's state of mind and not one person in particular; but if people are looking for a candidate for Anti-Christ then Hillary might qualify. Whoever said it had to be a man?

    2. Wikileaks is mossad? Oy vay! Controlled disinfo. :/

    3. Makes sense.. i think zerohedge or RT said vlad was about to release them.

  61. Replies
    1. I listened to Ben, speaking from his modest, cluttered kitchen. His message cheered me up.

    2. Living Japanese style. Remember it well and even miss it a bit.

  62. Judge Jeanine: 'The Clintons Repeatedly Violate Our Standard of Truthfulness and Honesty'

    July 3 2016

  63. Khazarian mafia defeat certain as rebellion spreads in the EU the US and elsewhere - Fulford

    "The end of Khazarian mafia tyranny on the planet earth is getting very close indeed. The Rothschilds and other top Khazarian Mafiosi families like the Borgia, the Medici, the Del Banco (Warburg) the Rockefellers (including the Clintons) the Bushes (Pecce) have been given until July 10th to reach a peace agreement with the people of the planet. After that a bounty of $100 million each, payable in gold, will be handed over to anybody who can arrest, and if they resist arrest, kill, members of these genocidal families."


  64. The German press are reporting even more cases of child rape by immigrants. Its disgusting a child is ruined for life by this filth. Note none want to go to Muzzie countries.

  65. No movement on the HK or Beijing markets today. We will keep watch. Senior US parties are tracking it at even 03-00 hrs in the morning their time the stress is so high. Getting it ripped out of Cabal and Kazakh hands is the final frontier. A real bounty on their heads is so needed. For real justice it needs to be $5M alive and $100M dead. Let the Contractors hunt them down. Stop killing Asians go skin scum.

  66. No Roubles are Russian Roubles, nothing is showing yet for VND. Only Roubles had a private push, not free market. Private swaps are not reported to the Public markets.
    The large block RVs will be Sovereigns first, major groups next and when decided,public last.

  67. As we wait for the unfolding of GS/RV etc, for those in the United States a little primer on the Second Amendment treason presently being engaged in Congress. At the National Review no less.

    1. In related news, a 2nd Am treasonous proposal by Don Beyer. Please pay attention to his history, in light of present shenanigans in Virginia by Gov. McAuliffe.

    2. Message for Tony WHA

      Now Tony you are getting this wrong, no wonder you have insomnia.
      Its "her indoors" you need to leave sleeping with a full stomach and you will be out like a light guaranteed. You may also get breakfast with a smile.

  68. Judge Anna put out a call a few weeks ago for:
    To have an unimpeachable claim you must, according to the terms of the agreements and treaties in the time frame they were made, be able to prove that you are:

    (1) a male Caucasian above the age of 21 years;
    (2) that you were born on the soil of the state you are claiming;
    (3) that one or more of your Grandfathers was born either in the state you are claiming or in another state of the union prior to 1888.
    (4) a properly witnessed----that means three living men above the age of 21, a Common Law Justice, a Common Law Clerk of Court, or a public notary acting as a witness without claim of jurisdiction-----Act of Expatriation.

    Claimants and documentation for all 50 states have been completed and claim has been made. Now deliver it to the Members of Congress, the Courts, the politicians, the police, the military, and the US Trustees, Marshals, and others who need to know that the American claim on these united States of America still lives and breathes.


  69. The meeting Bubba Bill coerced in Reno to try to stop FBI progress is breaking in detail now. This is a piece of trash, who looks like the lying, scheming, devious rapist trash he is, where his face is collapsing,and his status may follow if she is arrested. This pare of Charlatans are a disgrace to America,and if only the FBI does its job as true Patriots, the Bushes will follow. Then America can breath again.

    Indicting Clinton is key to Americas future. At least if she goes down, Huma can go down with her, two for one? Next door cages, but no access or hands, glass screened. Payback will be watched Huma get paired up live. A front row seat, live meat and 35 years to life for the Clinton scammer. 5 to be spent as Big Bubba rella from the Kentucky hillbillies cell bitch. Moustache, 7 o clock shadow bristle,half toothless, and 300 lbs, all meat a real treat for Hilderbeast. Plus HPV and aids. What is life for Bubbarellas new wife? Justice?


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