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  2. John,

    Have you seen this? Comments?

    Britain’s Fort Knox will be guarded by the firm that mishandled security at the 2012 London Olympics so badly that the military had to be called in to cover them.

    The news comes as it was announced the Ministry of Defence (MoD) Police, which has traditionally guarded the Royal Mint’s facility in Wales, are being pulled off the job.

    G4S told the Financial Times it has secured a five-year contract, plus a potential two-year extension.

    1. OMG! G4S...what could go wrong? :-0)

    2. Hah,

      If you saw Welsh road signs you would realize, the last time anyone attempted a robbery there it took them over 40 years to find their way out of the place. Lol

      G4S is what it is. Some Mutt in the Royal Mint has made a budget saving on paper. If they get hit there will be hell to pay, but its limited to coins, and the real thieves are Counterfeiting One Pound Coins anyway,with most of them nowadays used to pay Council Car Parking charges.
      The place is no Fort Knox, it's just a coin pressing unit. Counterfeiters can produce them cheaper. In the next efficiency drive the State may decide its cheaper to buy from the counterfeiters than produce your own.
      Not a lot to rob there. All mountains, sheep and sheep farmers with a dodgy reputation.

    3. Fulford:

      "There are also signs something unusual is about to happen in England, possibly related to the Rothschilds. According to Russia Today (most likely not a Russian site)

      the British military has been removed from the job of protecting the Royal Mint (where England’s gold is stored) and replaced with the private security company G4S. This is the scandal plagued company that botched the security for the London Olympics. It is also where the so-called shooter in Orlando used to work.

      Considering the closure of the Rothschild offices in England, Japan and elsewhere, it is a good guess they have absconded to Switzerland with England’s gold reserves. If that is the case it means that, for the first time since the Rothschilds made a fortune from insider trading after the Battle of Waterloo, the Rothschilds no longer control the Bank of England.

      This could also be related to a double digit lead in the polls in England favouring an exit from the European Union in the referendum due on June 23rd. If England leaves the EU it will become a truly independent country again for the first time since 1066. Events will tell."

  3. So good to see the Brexit vote rising. Everyone rooting for Britain keep going it's a marathon but it'll be such a relief at the end.

    1. AJ

      If we pull off the Brexit vote, and the current very delicate negotiations with the Elders succeed, watch this space. You have no idea of the size of what they have. But, watch again the video and you will realize who has the key calls then. Your site, is for a reason. A good one.

  4. Invisible Microparticles in Food can Deliver Vaccines, Drugs

    Biffie: Well this is certainly an eye opener. I feel like a lab experiment in a test tube.

    1. Biffie, they can also deliver population changers.

    2. Biffie,

      I listened to Jay Dyer's interview with Sophia Smallstorm last night in which they discuss covert mind-control, geoengineering, Morgellons, nano-tech in smart dust and alterations of the human genome without our consent. The stuff is in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat. It's in vaccines and pharmaceuticals and street drugs. Monsanto has even developed a GMO poppy for the heroin industry in Afganistan. There's no escape.

      Jay Dyer w/Sofia Smallstorm: Occult Metaphysics of Underground Bases

      Valdi: It's not the massive unnaddressed corruption in the United States that's to blame, although that's a major part of it. It's not the massive criminality, although that's a major part of it. It's the fundamental immorality of people not doing what is morally right or actually doing what is morally wrong, whether they have a conscience or not. It's not limited to America but is most apparent there with its having been the predominant technological superpower holding the world reserve currency.

    3. Valdi

      A massive new report is coming out covering all of your concerns, and far more. We expose the rot across the nations. But also how much more we can do now, and referring back to the Video, while we can not elaborate what is unfolding, think of how Cromwell dealt with Charles Stuart's presumed elitist powers, as will be possible with the Cabal. But this will need a full exponential multi-nations task force planned response to deal with a Cabal as entrenched as a dose of super crabs, akin to Pakkie illegals hunting down the nearest Social Security office,with his 4 wives and 27 dependent children and relatives waiting outside to multi claim and suck us dry. The Bush war cry is, I stole it first I'm keeping it now, it's mine. They see theft as property.

      Even Student Debt they see as property to enslave the next generation. They buy and own Govt Ministers and key Civil Servants. Serco, G4? And so many more. This is why we must bypass the system, its rot is infectious and corrosive.

    4. Biffie Wile E Coyote walked on air till he knew there was no ground beneath him. Consciousness, coherent and focused, determines its own experiences despite externals.

    5. Everything adapts to its environment over time. If indeed this is a simulated world, then what is in our hearts and minds shall overcome.

    6. Valdi,fascinating video, thanks for sharing.

  5. Ben Fulford just posted a VERY interesting update:

    Special update: The Rothschilds finally got in touch.
    This is what the Rothschilds had to say about the situation to a WDS member in Asia:
    “It is 0440 hrs here. I finally got in touch with them. Strange time for sure. I spoke with Nat’s personal secretary. I am sure the call was rerouted. This is what she told me, ‘ we are aware of what you and your contact in Tokyo desire. We do agree and are working with other members of the family to make this happen. We are also aware of what is currently taking place. The Golden Lily’s are ready to be harvested. The first of 3 is being prepared now. The group that thinks they will get it, will not. It will be integrated in the change-over to the new plan. Each new district will have their own reserves, for their new currency. Each district will be part of a basket of Asian currencies that are backed with various commodities. We will send our representative over to meet with you, as we know how to reach you. After that, you and your contact in Tokyo will be able to meet with Nat directly, should you desire. Please be on standby.’

    I have her name as well. At least the one she gave me… She sounds like she is British, as I can hear from the way she talks.

    I do not know what you should do with this information. Maybe release part of it, and hold the part about actually naming xxx back for now.
    It seems that your numbers were checked out and they are obviously aware of what you have been saying in your weekly updates…as well as our conversations?”
    So in other words, the Rothschilds have finally agreed to support a massive campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and trigger an exponential expansion of humanity into the universe.This is good new indeed for the planet. We will keep readers posted on any further developments.

  6. Just a thought...could the phrase in Ben's update above "The Golden Lily’s are ready to be harvested" be referring to a gold backed currency?

    1. I can't put at risk what is in real dialogue, nor forewarn the Rotts.
      The Japs have already requested access and for help from London. Declined!
      The rest are speculating from empty pockets. It's way, way too sensitive to discuss, and those who know are not saying.
      Let the real group play out. The rest are just being Fed mushroom data.

      Let the real negotiations conclude its hugely sensitive. I spent an hour on conference calls with the real parties today and our team fly back there at the week end. It will not start for real in under 4 weeks, and then small steps building up.
      Backing currencies is a huge step and needs real negotiations. This is not the primary short term agenda. The Rotts are not in our plans. Nor necessary. That is just speculation. It all comes down to trust. Understand?

    2. I did a bit of research regarding the term "golden lily" and found this...posted in three parts due to length:

      I did a bit of research regarding "golden lily" and found interesting! Thoughts?

      By David Dionisi
      August 1, 2007

      During World War II, Nazis raped Europe seizing everything from objects of art to the gold fillings of concentration camp victims. Systematic stripping of human life for wealth is a real side of every war. Rape occurs in many forms and current US wars highlight this as taxpayers are in the process of being stripped of over $1 trillion dollars and much more when deteriorated social uplift programs are considered. Unlike Germany’s $5 billion settlement for World War II victims announced in 2000, wealth stolen by Japan during World War II has never been returned.

      Understanding that much of this wealth was used for secret US operations opens a window into how the combination of wealth and secrecy is still threatening America’s democracy.
      Japan’s war elite once ran an efficient and ruthless operation that unfortunately is repeated by today’s US war elite. This part of War World II history, called Golden Lily, remains classified even after a half century. The reason is that understanding Golden Lily illuminates how presidents since Truman have funded black-bag intelligence operations without Congressional oversight.

      Lily’s roots go back to at least January 18, 1932 when five Japanese intelligence agents incited Chinese in Shanghai by singing offensive songs. The outraged Chinese lynched one of the Japanese on the spot. This false-flag provocation was staged to give Japan an excuse to protect its citizens and conduct a series of “rapes” across East and Southeast Asia. The most famous Japanese “rape” occurred on June 1, 1937 with the rape of Nanking where approximately 300,000 defenseless people were slaughtered.
      At about the same time as the rape of Nanking, prior Japanese plundering operations were formalized into Golden Lily. The purpose of Golden Lily was to steal treasure from twelve Asian countries. Prince Chichibu, Emperor Hirohito’s brother, founded and led the organization. To accelerate Golden Lily operations, over 35,000 kempeitai (undercover agents who wore a chrysanthemum on the underside of a lapel) were deployed throughout Asia. Detailed wealth inventories were produced by the kempeitai so that the military could quickly secure bank vaults and other high-value targets.

    3. Part two:

      In 1943 the US navy successfully cut off Japan’s naval traffic from the Philippines. The devastation from US submarine torpedoes forced General Yamashita Tomoyuki to create secret treasure vaults. Vaults were constructed in the Philippines because Japan’s leadership was confident they would retain the Philippines in any post-war settlement. The vaults were intended to guarantee that if Japan lost the war militarily, it would not lose financially. In total, 175 imperial treasure vaults were constructed. To keep the operation secret, on June 1, 1945, all 175 chief vault engineers were gathered 220 feet underground and executed. General Yamashita, in a massive vault lined with gold bars, thanked the Japanese engineers before leaving for the surface. Soon after Yamashita left, dynamite explosives collapsed the access tunnels and the men were buried alive.
      At that time very few people remained with the knowledge of all 175 vaults and a few of them came into US custody. In September 1945 General Yamashita, receiving official notice that the emperor surrendered, presented his sword to a group of US Army officers. Edward G. Lansdale, a future Cold War general, had recently joined the US Army because President Truman shut down the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). To preserve US intelligence assets, General William Donovan assigned former OSS personnel to the military, media, and government. Lansdale’s role is highlighted because he interrogated Yamashita’s staff and in October 1945, Major Kojima Kashii revealed over a dozen vault locations.
      Lansdale briefed General MacArthur on the discovery and was sent to Washington to brief President Truman. Truman decided not to tell the American people and use the treasure to fight communism. One of the first funded operations was the US manipulation of the Italian elections in 1948. How the funds are used today to manipulate elections and fund other covert operations is highly classified.
      Occasionally the CIA will appear to be revealing the “family jewels” with documents that are declassified after 30 or 40 years. The true family jewels, like Golden Lily and the US program to manage these funds called the Black Eagle Trust, remain classified over a half century later. Americans almost caught a glimpse of this program when the 106th Congress passed Public Law 106-567 on December 27, 2000. This law was to declassify World War II documents and at the last minute a loophole was added allowing the CIA to continue to withhold documents.

    4. Part three:

      Today, fear and false-flag operations give the US an excuse to protect its citizens and conduct a series of “rapes” across the Middle East. On another parallel to the Golden Lily vaults, on September 11, 2001 a modern US vault was destroyed. In addition to the Twin Towers, World Trade Center Building 7 was pulverized at 5:20 p.m. which was 7 hours after the North Tower collapsed. The 47-story Building 7 is not even on the same block as the Towers and is separated by Building 6 and Vesey Street. So how does a building collapse even though it was not hit by an aircraft? My interviews in the Middle East and research confirm that Osama bin Laden is responsible for some of what happened on 9/11. At the same time even Osama bin Laden does not take credit for everything that happened that on 9/11. I am on the record that the US government magnified what happened on 9/11 and what happened at Building 7 is the smoking gun.
      The New York Times revealed in November 2001 that Building 7 was the location for a secret CIA office and Sensitive Compartmentalized Intelligence Facility (SCIF). SCIFs are where the most sensitive intelligence information is stored. These facilities are routinely swept for electronic listening devices. They may even have bullet proof windows, air filtration, and independent water supply. Operatives would routinely meet following a classified operation in a SCIF to debrief and identify loose ends to maintain program integrity. Explosives, designed to burn classified documents and equipment, are available if the facility is compromised.

    5. Sorry...part four...longer than I thought but so worth a read!

      Logic dictates the CIA building was destroyed for a reason. Fire alone cannot result in an all steel building falling at free-fall speed into its footprint. In a clear sign of a coverup, the 567-page 9/11 Commission Report does not explain why Building 7 collapsed. Page 305 does state some people remained in a bunker to “continue conducting operations, even though all civilians had been evacuated from 7 WTC.” Is it possible, like the experience of Japans’ vault engineers, CIA agents were killed from an intentional SCIF explosion which created the Building 7 fire and subsequent decision to pull the entire building? Such a question would appear beyond what is possible if it were not for declassified Top Secret documents like Operation Northwoods that reveal Americans can be targeted by their own government. Given what we already know about Vice President Dick Cheney, it is not hard to imagine his crimes could be on par with General Yamashita Tomoyuki.
      We do know some of what happened at Building 7 because the lease-holder, Larry Silverstein, gave an interview on PBS and admitted Building 7 was pulled and collapsed. James Risen of the New York Times revealed special CIA teams were dispatched immediately after the 9/11 attack. Whether the special teams recovered agents that were killed or secured materials is classified. We are left wondering if what happened at Building 7 is related to why the Bush administration resisted the formation of the 9/11 Commission for 441 days.

      Someday, under a different administration, a new 9/11 investigation will likely be commissioned. I will offer two questions to help determine if the crimes of the Bush administration far exceed those already visible. The first is “How many and who were the US intelligence agents killed on 9/11?” This inquiry may uncover teams with black-bag demolition backgrounds. The second question is, “Who were the people that elected not to collect millions of dollars in put trades and do they have connections to the CIA?” A put is a securities order when a stock price is expected to drop. The answer to this question may reveal that the put trades were an attempt to grow the CIA’s unaudited slush fund.

      In the last few years Congress has been asking many questions that the Bush administration refuses to answer. Their questions and the ones raised by millions of Americans should be answered. A democracy, to function successfully, needs transparency. If it is opaque, its citizens cannot participate intelligently, and their votes become irrelevant. History teaches us that secrecy and money are an explosive combination and nations do sometimes manufacture excuses of protecting their citizens to rape them.

    6. Pureheart was created and moved in panic when exposed.

    7. MWP

      Now do you see what I have to deal with and am out positioning? This is no Kindergarten Club. You see the down side to get it wrong? Joe Public sleeps in blind ignorance of reality. Truth is a heavy burden. Few can handle it.
      Good articles,and then not even 1% of the total picture.

      Bush, the CIA and Cohen Mafia have put this planet back 100 years. Leadership not Luciferian foot soldiers. So many lives lost because of this truly evil scourge of sub humans. Still the public eulogise them.
      We can but try. They need to be - Tried!
      But there is hope, all of you!

    8. John,

      There is strength in numbers. That is the only way to beat "The Brotherhood". This is why they fear the masses of people.

      Money can't stop inertia.

      That is the power of spirit. It has no use for money.

  7. Hello Everyone, I wanted to share something with you all, even though it is off topic. I dreamt last night I was dead, my body was in the hospital morgue, and I can recall walking around the hospital as a spirit. I thought it was real until I woke up. I looked up the definition of this type of dream and this is what I found.

    "To dream that you die in your dream symbolizes inner changes, transformation, self-discovery and positive development that is happening within you or your life. You are undergoing a transitional phase and are becoming more enlightened or spiritual. Although such a dream may bring about feelings of fear and anxiety, it is no cause for alarm as it is often considered a positive symbol. Dreams of experiencing your own death usually means that big changes are ahead for you. You are moving on to new beginnings and leaving the past behind. These changes does not necessarily imply a negative turn of events. Metaphorically, dying can be seen as an end or a termination to your old ways and habits. So, dying does not always mean a physical death, but an ending of something. If you dream that someone is telling you that you are going die, then it implies that you are being pressured to make an important change or choice. You are about to embark on some new life adventure."

    With the news coming from John as of late, it may be no coincidence that I had this dream, I never had it before. I guess your spirit knows things the physical doesn't. Anyone feel free to respond to this post.

  8. John it appears the new Muzzie mayor does not want to see hot chicks in ads. That's just the start what's next ? Time to shit can him!

  9. The main stream media is starting to report on the corruption of the political system.
    This is How Corrupt The Political System Is - YouTube

  10. Updates for WHA and the site.

    Ignore these distractions from ConeHeads, Dong Heads,and Day Dreamers.
    What's real is happening and we are not discussing it in the Blogosphere. Why would we?
    Those propounding have no access. To those who are hands on daily, most of these Turkeys are jibbering Jabberwocks. Han Solo go terminate. Too many suited Wookies with a keyboard.
    Suggest instead of issuing such elementary garbage they change hands and assume their normal day routine. See the Han Solo Google verbiage and smile. Humour is free.

    One very restrained indicator, good things are in real debate, so keep the faith.
    Keep Dodgy Daves off your Dong. Also Cannibals.

    1. Dodgy Daves, Cannibals......and Lorena Bobbitt!

  11. With Patrick Heningsen commenting on Orlando false flag and other issues including G4S and problem with 'government services' contractors


  12. Hillary Child Rapes Featured on Call 4 Investigation, Seattle TV!
    Truth Warriors
    June 14, 2016

    Stew Webb discusses the upcoming Hillary Clinton pedophile photo release! A foreign Intelligence agency is now in possession of photos that will mean the absolute end of Hillary's campaign! These shocking photos apparently show Hillary Clinton having sex with a 9 year old girl! Hillary is plainly recognizable in the photos according to sources.

    Stew was offered the photos to post but knew the government would arrest him so foreign Intelligence services are preparing to release these photos on overseas servers! Stew will announce the photos when they are released.

    This is the second confirmed child rape by Hillary Clinton. The first one reported by Cathy O'Brien who has written a book and posted numerous videos.

    1. Scott

      Russia is about to let it all go. We are dealing with it.

    2. Russia Is Reportedly Set To Release Clinton's Intercepted Emails

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Can't MI6 release the photos and emails, along with the black box recordings from MH17 and MH370? They surely don't want war with Russia or Crooked Hillary in power.
      Oh, wait.....

  13. Why can't the BBC broadcast such an interview? Oh, I forgot: MI6 wouldn't allow it. Paul Craig-Roberts following on from the Ambrose Evans-Pritchard article published earlier by OWoN:

    End the EU, a CIA Covert Operation

    BTW - Who controls the CIA?

  14. The great deception continues:

    The US media continues to report deception, no mention of this on the big channels.

  15. Phone hacks discover Black Lives Matter and Obama Administration I.E. Loretta Lynch conspire to institute Martial Law next month by causing riots at Republican and Democratic National conventions.

    Martial Law Is Locked and Cocked

    My colleague and friend, Paul Martin, of Revolution, has proven through the years to have quality sources and one of his best sources has made a revelation to Paul that is very disturbing. As the subtitle indicates, Paul’s source has said that martial law is “locked and cocked”. And once martial law is instituted , he has been told that where you are when martial law is rolled out, is where you will stay. Make your travel plans accordingly. Also, martial law will not be called martial law, it will officially be referred to as continuity of government.

    What Could Bring About Martial Law?

    The need for the criminal elite to roll out martial law is predicated on their need to institute Plan B. Plan A was to have Hillary march into the White House and promptly sell this country down the proverbial river. However, so many people are learning about the totality of Clinton’s criminality, she will not be able to get elect by November, even with the help of massive voter fraud. Subsequently, the need for Plan B is quickly arriving. And what exactly is Plan B?

    As I have stated in previous articles, I learned by accident about a huge George Soros presence at the Republican Convention through the implantation of such groups as and black live matter.

    Along these lines look at what is surfacing below.


      Video showing hacked texts between Black Lives Matter leaders talking about riots and communications directly with the Obama Administration.

  16. If this article on the function(s) on the 2nd CPU in all x86 processors turns out to be true, every machine manufactured in the last few years will be vulnerable. You can bet the NSA had a had in requesting this...

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.


  18. Do we even have a chance? Red blood cells in the chemtrails? We are being hybridized and don't even know it.

    "HOW CHEMTRAILS ARE AFFECTING YOU! From Chemtrails to Pseudo Life - Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology"

    1. Wow, this is definitely one to watch and share with anybody that has doubts about chemtrails and more. The real end game to the new world order. Stop making us and this planet a lab rat.I don't think that humanity should be a discontinued race, but perhaps let those who want to be transformed do so and leave the rest of us to clean up this earth and flourish. Sadly, I can see the writing on the wall with this type of intended outcome, but choose to keep seeing our world the way that it really should be...loving, kind, sharing, plenty for all, cleaned up, respect for mother earth. Again, the Venus Project is my choice and let those that want this type of world go off planet and do so.

  19. Report From Plains Montana: The Ryan Family with Jeanette Finicum
    June 8, 2016

    "I drove down to Plains, Montana, on June 04, 2016 to attend a rally which had been planned for the weekend. The purpose of the rally had initially been to apply public pressure to a judge to grant bail to Jake Ryan, a youth in his 20s who had been arrested for simply showing up at the Burns, Oregon protest in January, 2016.

    So the rally was to help Jake get out on bail instead of being cooped up in a cell with no bail. However, the day before the event at Plains was to happen, the judge, surprisingly, released Jake Ryan — so the event became, on Saturday, more of a celebration than a petition."

    Read More:

  20. There are numerous key issues in the big new article out today. Those able to use lap tops will see vibrant graphics and clear images. So many issues gives you a moore balanced overview of the sadness, badness and madness in play today. But also hope, all is not lost. But nothing will come from Politicians. All either dirty, incompetent or singing alone, They and the Zio Bankers have brought us to this.

  21. Just when you thought the world couldn't get any crazier, last year Facebook introduced 71 options for gender identity.

    "AfD politician Steffen Königer ridiculed the Greens in the Brandenburg Parliament for their proposal of a 'Campaign for Acceptance of Gender and Sexual diversity, Self-Determination and against Homo and Trans*-phobia in Brandenburg' as well as 'Giving equal rights and societal equality for LGBTTQQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Trans, Two-spirit, Queer, Questioning) people in Brandenburg' by quoting 60 of the Genders considered by Leftists to be actual identities - they're straight from Facebook's Gender option list."

    AfD Politician ridicules Green Party LGBTTQQ-Proposal by greeting Parliament in 60 different Genders

    Valdi: Wouldn't the term "Human Rights" have covered it? Or better still, Sentient Being Rights in anticipation of Monsanto-produced hybrids, aliens, transhumans, conscious AI life-forms and sundry other physical or non-physical sentient entities we may encounter?

    (OK, I admit I am a heterosexual adult man solely attracted to heterosexual adult women. I don't feel I need to parade down the streets bragging about it, nor am I ashamed of it)

    1. The link above didn't work, for some reason. Here it is:

  22. John,

    Is the CIPS system fully functional globally yet? I can't imagine huge sums of money being moved through the corrupt SWIFT system.

    1. Alternatives are in progress, and some will send a shock message to the Fed and BIS. Just watch this year.

  23. John,

    Can you elaborate on what happened?

    British lawmaker shot dead, EU referendum campaigns suspended

    1. Just a deranged loose cannon attention seeking topped a Politico to make his name and case.
      c800 to go? Lol

  24. A couple of excerpts I believe tells us "which side" she was on:

    A British member of parliament was shot dead in the street on Thursday, causing deep shock across Britain and the suspension of campaigning for next week's referendum on the country's EU membership.

    Jo Cox, 41, a lawmaker for the opposition Labour Party and a vocal advocate for Britain remaining in the European Union, was attacked while preparing to meet constituents in Birstall near Leeds in northern England.

    Cameron said the killing of the mother-of-two, who had worked on U.S. President Barack Obama's 2008 election campaign, was a tragedy.

  25. Seems Venezuela is getting fed up and taking matters into the hands of the populace at large. Could the US be next??

    I love the first quote below..."Media have the right to journalistically express a news event ... but these rights should not create anxiety and uncertainty in the population," the court said. ( government determines what causes anxiety and uncertainty? They could put that label on anything they want if this stands)

    I think the real reason for this judicial ban is that the government officials and rulers are getting afraid of the populace and don't want to have anything televised that will give them ideas that could affect the crappy thieving rulers.


    "Media have the right to journalistically express a news event ... but these rights should not create anxiety and uncertainty in the population," the court said.

    There is no official public data on lynchings in Venezuela. Leading non-governmental organizations say the phenomenon is on the rise, fueled by Venezuelans' sense of helplessness in the face of crime. Courts are slow, judges are sometimes on the take and criminals are frequently released right after arrest, according to non-profit groups.

    Venezuela's opposition, which is trying to remove Maduro via a recall referendum, scoffed at the ban.

    "Lynchings don't happen because of media, as the Supreme Court assumes, but rather because of impunity and the judicial system's inefficiency," tweeted Luis Izquiel, a lawyer and the opposition coalition's security coordinator.

  26. British lawmaker shot dead EU referendum suspended?

    1. If Cameron tried that hell would let loose. No question they are worried they will lose.
      But the big question, will Joe Public get off their ass to go vote out Brussels.
      This is no time to be politically indifferent, and worse, ignorant.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Switzerland has withdrawn its application to join the EU. Sensible people.

    1. Norway never joined fully I think... So just a couple key ones to bail might make it end.

  28. SIRIUS: from Dr. Steven Greer - Original Full-Length Documentary Film

    The Earth has been visited by advanced Inter-Stellar Civilizations that can travel through other dimensions faster than the speed of light. They use energy propulsion systems that can bring us to a new era. Humans have also developed these systems, but those in power have suppressed them in order to keep us at the mercy of fossil fuels. It is time for you to know…and this documentary will let you in. Please enjoy “Sirius” for FREE and share with your friends and family.

    AND … if you are as passionate about disclosure as we are, please consider supporting our next documentary entitled "Unacknowledged : An Expose of the Greatest Secret in Human History" . . . as Dr. Steven Greer, the father of the Global Disclosure Movement, is thrilled to announce the ultimate campaign that ends illegal UFO and Free Energy Technology secrecy once and for all and embraces the beginning of a new civilization on Earth.

  29. Hello everyone, I wanted to say that I was reading up on Brexit and I want to wish the UK the best of luck. I believe they will get their exit, I'm hoping they do. Keep up the good work John, we all are rooting for you and the Elders.

  30. The image at the top says all there is to say about the story surrounding Jo Cox:

    It seems there is little difference between the politics in banana republics and those so called 'civilised' countries.

    1. We raely get such incidents but even one is too many.
      Her kids are shattered. Let in the Muzzies and more will follow.

    2. The founder of Wahhabism seems to be a British intelligence operative and Wahhabism is the essence of radical Islam. It does not help when Western nations support this by means of Freemasonry as all those high ranking extremist Muslims are Freemasons. If one truly wants to stop this, it has to start there as many Muslims behave like drones.

      Do you know that one of the highly knowledgeable sources indicating that Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab was a British intelligence officer is actually a Muslim who is furious that Islam has been hijacked? This Muslim states that most Muslims do not even know anything about Islam anymore, even though they think they do. He might be right as the Middle East actually seems to be the place where Romanticism and poetry were first devised. One can hardly envisage that during these times, but that merely denotes how corrupted it all has become. Western nations are best friends with a long list of Middle Eastern dictators which they put in power in the first place.

      The British weakened the Ottoman Empire by having used the most powerful individual in the region of Saudi Arabia to fight the Ottoman Empire, only to stab that individual in the back for all his sacrifices and instead supported the House of Saud and its alliance with the British intelligence operative and founder of radical Islam Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab.

      There is more than enough room to truly solve problems, but the Venetian scheming is getting tiresome. Let us know when anyone is truly interested in solving problems. I do not see anything yet except the usual scheming.

    3. Here is but one article actually supporting some statements about the history of Islam:

      The article also mentions that the House of Saud actually consists of Jewish merchants from Iraq, so if this rise of Zionism and radical Islam are so much a problem, then it is time to reflect who brought these parties to power in the first place. This is reminiscent of a Masonic checker board where the white will be set up against the black, whilst the grey truly rules.

  31. On the US using the UK:

    “Among the foreign policy elites there’s a consensus that the special relationship with Britain would become less special from the United States’ perspective if Britain isn’t influencing Europe,” says Fred Kempe, president of the Atlantic Council, a prominent Washington thinktank. “No doubt there is still going to be a great military relationship and trade etc, but in terms of solving global problems together it’s far better [for the US] to have Britain in.”

  32. The drunken EU dictator Juncker in action:

    A loser with enough problems to be easily blackmailed......

    1. Saturnalia,

      I really have no idea how the Brexit vote will go, it's a minefield right now. All the mindless spend other peoples money Socialists, our own vast Welfare wont work trash, and the Unions, push to stay for a free ride. Thinking voters want out. But we have no way to call it bar the vote. All vote,slobs included.

      If the UK votes Brexit,Germany and Holland will face pressure to vote. It may be the beginning, of the end, of the EU. All it ever needed, as a practical reality, was a closer state of cooperation, not Jesuit and Brussels Socialism.

      If Britain withdraws, while Eurocrats threaten us, think of the vast reverse costs if we close our doors to the German Car Industries, French wine and cars, Netherlands flowers, food and electronics. It will cripple EU nations.

      If we only had a strong PM, not a Wimp, he would be in the EU's face ramming home what it will cost if we stop subsidising the EU by $500M a week we can
      spend better at home. We can cut the endless, mindless red tape from Brussels,and send the illegals back.
      We don't need the EU, nor want it. All we need is cooperation.
      Britain can still play a role, but we are Global players also. As well as a huge market for EU nations to sell to. Lose us and good luck with that.
      In Cameron's role I would have faced down Merkel and the Jesuits long ago.

      Whichever way it goes Cameron will be gone now. If we do Brexit, Johnson may get it and go face on with the EU. The EU BS has to end.
      We had great cooperation with Holland during and after WW11. As real Allies. Why lose that? Next Friday may be Epoch day with the EU.

      I want out, but I can't call it. Morons have a vote.

  33. For whats its worth, all Intel is showing a c8% lead for Hillary, and for her a walk into power. Trump is a shallow, lying, sleazy trash person, but Clinton lower still. What a choice. Politics. The Demo Rats will get the female and Demo Rat votes.
    The GOP is too split and Bush will keep it split to get Hillary in and control the WH still. Stopping Trump keeps the Bushes out of jail. Not what is good for America.
    The Republicans will lose their chance. Trumps ego trip will end in tears. Then Clinton in the Oval Office will label him Donald ( F) uck and payback. The Statue of Liberty weeps for America. The rotten Cabal rules.

    1. John,
      If 'Intel' means polls, don't believe it. The polls are baloney designed to both match the PROGRAMMED machines when the vote is tallied and to make people feel it's a done deal so why bother to go vote. Everything is manipulated to a desired outcome. As far as Democrats and Republicans....they're merely two sides of same coin...all controlled by cabal. There is no legitimate government of the American people. Smoke and mirrors.

    2. Too soon to call it John, assuming there is any integrity in the election process, even as I agree with your analysis. Furthermore, Trump wasn't supposed to get this far to begin with. HC's lead is equivalent to what Dukakis had when he ran against Bush. Ducaca crashed and burned. Also, rhetoric plays a much greater part this way around. There is a clear populist surge and there is anger. What folks need to do to get a better picture of what is happening on the ground, is read the Comments sections of news articles. There anyone can see what both CNN and FoxNews are not reporting. (One of my investors is very politically active and owns one of the key prediction systems, and he can't call it, so this may very well go to the wire...)

    3. I still think it will come down to how much Trump exposes Hitlary.... He needs to repeatedly present her past records as well as all her criminal dealings.... I watched Trump talk about the millions Hitlary took from Saudis.... I would love to see him, calmly, expose it all, time and time again....

    4. Or Trump picks Sanders as Vice-President (if they can work out their differences) and then they are practically unstoppable. There are always cards to play. The predictive programming in The Simpsons in 2000 about the Trump presidency might have more relevance than perceived. Trump started out as the money laundering front for intelligence agencies and his ties to especially FBI Division 5 and the Knights of Malta do not make it any better. A better choice than Hillary Clinton, but a choice without real choice. Then again, who cares about the US Corporation pretending to be government?

    5. Well, so long as they can send armed agents of force to kill me or trigger WW3, one cares. The Trump+Sanders idea has merit. It would certainly bring it into the teeth of both parties. But what Trump MUST, MUST, MUST do is take it into the teeth of Hillary Clinton. With the recent, Judge Pirro - The Fix is In video the only way to make this work is cause a total loss of credibility in Clinton at the popular level. This can be done.

    6. Whatever happened to the Russians releasing the Clinton emails - much ado about nothing? One would think that for a story this big, if true, there's no time like the present.

  34. There's always evidence....nothing happens....worst case a drawn out 'investigation' that goes no where

    Busted! Document proves DNC, Clinton rigged election

  35. Lesbian Hillary Clinton's CIA Orlando PsyOp Unravels
    by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

    UNITED States of America - It can now be reported that it was the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that ordered the Orlando, Florida slaughter of 49 Americans aka a homosexual psyop that was designed to preempt a speech that was scheduled within 24 hours of the attack by presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump who was about to expose presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as a lesbian, a child rapist and a sociopath who violently attacked her own husband and other members of the then White House staff during the 1990s.

    We can now also divulge that the Nazi German Bush-CIA Crime Family is currently plotting to have presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump assassinated within the next thirty (30) days, which will preempt the need for a Republican Convention coup against Trump and pave the way for the nomination of year 2000 election stealer, major drug trafficker, and Lehman Brothers financial embezzler, Jeb Bush.

    We can now also reveal that former Vice President and year 2000 DULY ELECTED President Albert Gore Jr.’s family is once again receiving death threats from individuals inside the U.S. CIA.

    Note: The CIA “True Colors” assassination teams are headed by none other than 7th degree witch Barbara Bush aka “the bookkeeper”.

    Current TREASONOUS U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) and current Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) are aware of the plots being hatched by 7th degree witch Barbara Bush.

    It should be noted that the CIA employs and are using homosexuals as part of their “True Colors” assassination teams that will execute their dirty work.

    One must remember that Nazi German Chancellor Adolf Hitler (not elected but was appointed by the Reichstag) employed mainly homosexuals in the noted Ernst Roehm administered “Brown Shirts” that were used to blow up the Reichstag building and allow Hitler to declare martial law on German soil with his noted “Enabling Act”, which is exactly the same as junior George W. BushFRAUD’s treasonous and un-Constitutional Patriot Act.

    P.S. What we are dealing with here, folks, is simple.

    A Bush-Clinton-Obama-CIA Homosexual Mafia, which controls the organs of the U.S. government as well as the entire U.S. media.

    It is important to note that current un-Constitutional, illegal FOREIGN BORN White House occupant, Barack Hussein Obama-Soetoro aka Barry Bathhouse engaged in homosexual sex with his Chicago-based lover Larry Sinclair while they snorted cocaine in 1998 in the back of a limousine.

    Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is a known lesbian and child rapist.

    Last but not least, former year 2000 illegal White House occupant, junior George W. BushFRAUD, is also a noted homosexual whose lifelong lover was former Yale classmate Victor Ashe.

    JuniorFRAUD also engaged in hot homosexual sex during his illegal tenure in the White House with White House male prostitute, body builder Jeff Gannon, who made 35 visits to the White House while BushFRAUD illegally occupied the Office of U.S. President.

    Note: The Secret Service has photographs.

    P.P.S. It, once again, is important to remember that at least 50% of the CIA-controlled U.S. corporate media are either homosexuals or lesbians. The lynchpin for this homosexual mafioso is the Washington Post and General Electric owned MSNBC.

    Gatekeepers include noted closet homosexual David Ignatius of the Washington Post and now their fully employed pimp Joe Scarborough of MSNBC.

    Ignatius has been a lifelong CIA asset who helped coordinate with Bush Crime Family crony James Baker III death threats against then Vice President Albert Gore Jr.’s family after the overthrow of the year 2000 presidential election when then Vice President Gore, now year 2000 DULY ELECTED President, challenged junior George W. BushFRAUD to an Andrew Jackson style dual to the death involving Tennessee squirrel guns.


    By Tom Heneghan

    We can now divulge that James Wesley Howell of Indiana was on the payroll of British Intelligence linked G4S.

    Note: Omar Mateen the shooter who slaughtered 49 Americans in Orlando, Florida was also employed by British Intelligence linked G4S.

    We can also report that Kevin James Loibl of St. Petersburg, Florida, who killed Orlando singer Christine Grimme, on the Friday night before the Omar Mateen slaughter, was also employed by British Intelligence linked G4S.

    Both were also G4S “crisis actors” in the Terror Drill that took place in Tampa, Florida the end of May.

    DHS has contracted British Intelligence linked G4S to handle security at 90% of America’s nuclear plants.

    Finally, we can also reveal that the U.S.-French Joint Intelligence Task Force operating on American soil for over 200 years, along with the Military Games Division of CBS News, have discovered the locations of fifty-five (55) British Intelligence-linked G4S ISIS terrorist camps on American soil with the terrorists in possession of nuclear suitcase bombs that can be used to attack the American People at any time for political purposes.

  37. Interesting times. A minor UK political figure was needlessly murdered by a mentally disturbed radical. Of course I feel for her family, it's dreadful.

    But what is sickening is the scale of Political posing from Leaders down, eulogising a woman who few even knew,nor in life would have given the time of day to. Just watch these sickening Political creeps milking it for all it's worth for cheap sound bites. It's demeaning, disingenuous, and disrespectful for all she meant to her family as she is horse traded by political vermin for Brownie points with a gullible public. Not one truly gives a dam, and what they are doing is shameful. The lot are a sickening, devious sub species. Low creeps posing as Leaders. See through and beyond it. Politicos? Gutter trash.

    It is not working, and can't be fixed, but needs changing. We need, as a society, to dispense with these phony Slags. As was done with Tony Blair. Out!

    1. JOHN,

      My heart goes out to the family, friends and colleagues of Jo Cox. Why do the good ones always get targeted, and not the psychopathic scum?

      Something doesn't sit right about this tragedy. It's too coincidental, coming a week before the EU Referendum when opinion polls were showing a surge in Brexit support. I suspect Thomas Mair was mind-controlled as a Manchurian candidate - something perfected by the Tavistock Institute and CIA. There was nothing in his past history, according to his brother and his neighbours, to show a tendency to violent, extremist behaviour. He was described as quiet and always helpful. Where did he get the gun? Recent reports suggest he may have made one and the bullets to go with it. I am not convinced. This smells of a set up by MI6.

      I would have Mr Mair examined by several, including non-British, forensic psychiatrists while hypnotically-regressed by a clinical psychologist. The damage to the EU vote has been done but justice demands we uncover the truth.

    2. So you suggest we help them refine their targeting?

    3. I suggest we disarm them and hold them accountable for their deeds; and other nations do likewise.

  38. The Russians Have Shot Down Numerous US Drones Violating Crimean Airspace

    US Drones shot down over the Crimea

    Valdi: Russia should make it clear that if they are driven to all-out war, none of the Elite will escape no matter where they are holed out in their underground or off-earth bases...and the Zionist bankers and neocons will be the first to be eliminated.

    1. We covered this and note how fast Israel suddenly, in total panic, invited Russia in as Israels new military Allie and supplier? Mossad reads OWON. Oh S***, they see through us, evasion mind swerves fast they are thinking. Kiss Soviet Butt before they erase ours. New Mossad strategy. Lie or die. Nothing changes, bar Zios alliances. Now they want to bed both sides? Two faced whores?

      As regards the rest, if it does break out, there is a window of opportunity where Russia, knowing all is coming anyway,perhaps needs to deliver a pre emptive of such awesome mass destruction in minutes, then hotline invite surrender or the lot comes. Also indicating, let anything fly back and in 5 minutes after those silos open America will be a giant total fireball and every base hit worldwide. Russia will then launch in seconds. Total extermination.

      Just taking out Israel will culture shock America. Making clear that the invasion force following will round up ever Zio and straight to the Stalag camps as organ donors. Watch influence change fast once that is known policy.
      None of the rats can make the bunkers, and any who do will be dug out and sanitised. It has to be spelled out to them, you will be given full Rodent treatment and all your kind will be removed.

      Only faced with the full consequences, will the horror of payback force a rethink. They may have to erase 50M to save the nation and world. What less will do it, and only the mass shock will show its game over? Not wanted or recommended, but if it comes, who blinks first and fast? Be sure, if a two way face off is looming anyway, a mass first round attack may force submission.
      Nothing to lose anyway.

      When Ali battered Sonny Liston, only then did the bully fail to come out of his corner. This is Global reality.
      Then, if submitting, come for the Zios and Neocons. As the Romans did.

      Versingettoricks was kept caged in Rome for years afterwards, then taken out in the Coliseum and publicly garroted for the crowd.
      A few of those given pre emptive TV exposure may save many.No shortage of deserving targets. Even 50 could save 50 M.

      Russia knows it has to strike first. How, with intelligence, can it save all?
      They know it is not the people.
      But how with real nation building can we all avoid all this? Where does it end,and how can this vile, incestuous Military Industrial Cabal be stopped?
      Do they have to see, for the first time, the mass destruction of their own to think? Be assured the Cabal is mankind's greatest common enemy. Funded by Zio Cabalists. Thieves never give back. So Mankind needs Payback!
      Russia needs to hit the underground Elites rat runs first then ask them you can run where now?

    2. It seems to me the cabal has been given plenty of time to 'straighten up and fly right.' It's not happening. They're pulling these false flags everywhere almost daily now. Do you know for sure that the MP was actually killed? Did you see the body? Or could it have been another psyop to affect the upcoming vote and she was complicit in a hoax? I don't believe anything that's reported by media any longer.

      Mr Putin has to know exactly where all the perps are. They undoubtedly have weapons to pinpoint what they want to pinpoint without causing mass destruction to humanity. Mr. Putin could do a big favor to the planet and pinpoint destroy the perps. It's time.

    3. Texian
      It is genuine. Hes a loose cannon sadly. No conspiracy theories just a crazy and really bad for her family. The rest is political hype. A one off freak.

    4. So sorry to hear it's real. I was hoping it was not...just dirty politics. :-(

  39. John if the Brexit is successful will the UK continue to be a member of NATO?

  40. Why are Western governments and NATO behaving in such a stupid, aggressive manner? Do our politicians want their own people as well as the rest of the world hating their guts and willing their annihilation? It looks that way. It is incomprehensible when peace and co-operation could solve most of the world's problems. Here's another example of the West trying to piss off Russia:

    NY Times: Russia’s Track and Field Team Barred From Rio Olympics

    Valdi: How about insisting on DNA analysis of the transgender Williams sisters? And another thing while I am venting - will the LGBT community please stop hijacking our language and symbols? The word gay used to mean happy; a fag was a cigarette and the rainbow was a sign purportedly given to Noah by God after the flood - not in celebration of sodomy and other sexual preferences. I can't look at a rainbow in the sky now without feeling pissed off. If you want tolerance and understanding, stop behaving like spoiled children having no consideration for others.

  41. For WHA and Currency trackers.

    Quietly a lot is in play. You really need to be in specialist groups right now.
    What is emerging is the probability of the main Reno groups getting done as simple focus groups, and the Public left aside as too much trouble to organise Forex Banking for.
    They can clear all the volumes they need via Reno. The rest are just time wasting, ambulance chasing. Banks won't have time or interest.

    Get into a good group if you still can fast. But not to be hustled by bad ones.
    You bought into this, you sort it. How is your problem. Not kindergarten. Your journey,no one is hand holding. Most groups are full. But they organised. Those who failed may be system bypassed. We tried to help before but the volume of response was too low. Right now it's looking like those in, will win, but those outside the tents? The camel train will move on. Watch the next few weeks. If you have access to Reno use it. But pick who with care. We can't give advice or guide. It's your dilemma. Your leg work. You all need to sort it. Or risk being bypassed.
    Good luck with it.

  42. Chemtrails Exposed: New Manhattan Project Conclusions

    Biffie: This article is a good history and summation on how the chemtrails, DARPA, HAARP, and the lies about global warming got started. What a dirty rabbit hole this is.

    From the end of the article:
    In closing

    Former United States President Dwight D. Eisenhower was famous for warning the American people in early 1961 about the rise of what he termed ‘the military/industrial complex.’ The first chief scientist of DARPA (then ARPA) Herb York asked Eisenhower what he meant by this. Annie Jacobsen recounts the story:

    In the mid-1960s, York went to visit Eisenhower at the former president’s winter home, in the California desert. ‘I asked him to explain more fully what he meant by the warnings, but he declined to do so,’ York said. ‘I pressed this line of questions further by asking him whether he had any particular people in mind when he warned us about “the danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.”‘ York was surprised when Eisenhower ‘answered without hesitation: “Wernher von Braun and (Edward) Teller [father of the hydrogen bomb].”

    Eisenhower warned us about the New Manhattan Project.

    It’s not the weather or the climate which need to be brought under our control. We need to bring the military/industrial complex under control and abolish the CIA. Thank you.

    1. Now you get if Biffie.

      Who bugs the WH and films all?
      Who bugs and spies on all the Politicos?
      Who money launders,Drug runs, weapons sells, terrorist trains, and plans Regime changes worldwide?
      Who runs a vast plethora of mind control, kinetic energy, cosmic studies dimensional projects, plus Black Ops?
      Who murders to order?

      Who lies to the Presidents? Who subverts America?
      Who runs 990 plus Global bases?
      Who controls NASA? Who has oversight on the NSA?
      Who makes vast Trillions from Bank Programs but declares nothing?
      C65 Million people are now displaced. Who caused this?

    2. Who controls everything? and pulls the strings of government puppets?

      1. Military industrial complex
      2. Wall street/corporations
      3. Banks, Zionists

      Control with threats, murders, wars, bribery, genocide, etc. The list
      goes on and on.

    3. Then we have the zombified, American public who wears blinders:

      See nothing, hear nothing, etc. But ask Joe Six Pack who won the NBA title last night, then you see the lights come on in the empty brain.

      Sorry, but I'm ranting this morning.

      Good morning to all.

  43. Zerohedge with Martin Armstrong:

    The cabal will try voter fraud, murder- anything to prevent the UK from leaving
    the EU.

  44. Agreed all the dirty tricks are in play to mind bend voters.
    My reading is the stay vote will win.

    1. My reading is whoever controls the machines wins....If Cameron controls machines, stay wins. Pretty simple actually. That's the way it works here...and there I expect. On local level, machines are 'maintained and serviced' by a union....usually SEIU....and they are typically Democrats. Should be interesting for upcoming elections since unions are pretty upset with Obozo.

    2. Persoanally, I think the brotherhood wants the collapse so my bet is on the BREXIT taking place.

  45. We don't have voting machines, it's hand here and rigorously scrutinised. All watched and overseen.
    I just think the Socialists, immigrants,welfare lot, and Unions, plus Scots!!!, will vote stay for hand outs. Those who contribute little can cripple our future.
    The Government has unfairly rigged media where possible, and the Leave campaign has not done enough. So it comes down to common sense. We just lost!

  46. YES! 'Organizations and persons of interest' would certainly be interesting!

    "Along with this new ‘Conclusions’ chapter, Chemtrails Exposed contains two other new chapters titled ‘Organizations and Persons of Interest’ and ‘Solutions’ as well as a brief afterword. Coupled with the fact that the rest of the book has been extensively revised and updated, the reader should have a very informative reading experience. Now please enjoy an important chapter from the newly completed paperback and ebook Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project; available exclusively at the CreateSpace estore and Audiobook comi"


    1. Texian, I posted this above and would certainly like to get this book to read and add to my truth collection.

      Excerpt: As we have seen, the New Manhattan Project has been and continues to be a coordinated effort between many organizations from many different disciplines. The New Manhattan Project involves the world’s most prominent organizations: scientific, military, political, intelligence, industrial, media, and others. Who has the power to orchestrate all these seemingly disparate groups? What organization is capable of directing the New Manhattan Project from its origins to its advanced state today? It has obviously been a coordinated effort. For its coordination, somebody or something has to be responsible.

      Evidence suggests that a group called the Committee of 300, also known as The Network of Global Corporate Control is responsible.

    2. Biffie
      HM the Queen is Head of the Committee of 300. Global control.

    3. Biffie and all,
      Sorry for the repost. Didn't intend to step on your toes! I usually check before I post and didn't this time!

      Yes, The Queen is head of Committee of 300. This has been discussed here before so when you say The Queen is just a poor old lady without power, only ceremonial, I have to laugh out loud. :-0)

    4. Her Majesty is a shape-shifting reptilian...haha. I don't think I'm quite ready to go full David Icke but with Obama in the White House and Cameron at No 10, anything is possible:

      Queen Elizabeth ‘Shapeshifting’ On Live TV Goes Viral

  47. Another Big-Screen Movie Just Released Investigates Vaccines for Autism Implications

    Biffie: Another great 'reveal the truth about vaccines' movie. Vaxxed is out, and now this one. Keep up the exposure. Save our little babies from this awful situation. There are many natural and better ways to keep them safe and healthy besides vaccines.

    1. And it's not just babies! Vaccines have been found to contain many DNA altering substances that's detrimental to people of any age. The epidemic of dementia among seniors can be linked with flu and other vaccines. The same trash preservatives such as Mercury, aluminum and other substances go to the brain with same results as toddlers all of a sudden developing autism. Even some vaccines have been tested and nagalase was found which is a cancer causing agent. What's that doing in a vaccine? What are nanobots and biophlanges doing in vaccines? People, wake up! Vaccines are a depopulation agenda weapon!

    2. Vaccines manufactured using foetal nerve tissue, derived from aborted foetuses, can produce an auto-immune reaction against the child's own brain. The incidence of autism in the USA thirty years ago was 1 in 5000. It is now 1 in 68 and closely correlated to the vaccination schedule. The CDC has admitted it destroyed evidence. Planned Parenthood makes a fortune selling body-parts of aborted foetuses to pharmaceutical companies.

    3. Texian, I appreciate anything you post whether it is a repost or not, lol. My toes are still happy.

  48. "A new Food Bill is being brought in New Zealand. The new bill will make it a privilege and not a right to grow food."

    New food bill in New Zealand takes away human right to grow food

    Valdi: I just don't believe it! How could such a thing happen in New Zealand? The place has never been the same since they replaced the tree on One Tree Hill with a commemorative obelisk (aka satanic prick like the Washington Monument). That is how the ruling bloodline families demarcate their territory.

    The Kiwis would never stand for it, both Pakeha and Maori. The Ngapuhi tribe would do the Haka for real on any politician approving such legislation.

  49. From Drudge headline....

    MON JUNE 20 2016 19:47:25 ET

    Team Hillary is working overtime to block former Secret Service officer Gary Byrne from appearing on ANY broadcast network, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

    Byrne is set to reveal what he observed inside the White House while protecting the First Family in the 1990s.

    'What I saw sickened me,' Byrne explains. 'I want you to hear my story.'

    Byrne paints a picture of Hillary as a deranged madwoman running interference on Bill's sexploits.

    The book 'CRISIS OF CHARACTER' is finally set for release next Monday. It has already became the top seller at AMAZON for the month of June.

    And now Clinton's circle is preparing to hit back hard!

    POLITICO plans an early morning attack on Byrne's credibility, sources claim, despite his having served in federal law enforcement for nearly thirty years.

    Meanwhile, Hillary's campaign has won assurances that he will not be invited to spread 'lies' on any of the nation's broadcast networks.

    'It's trash for cash,' a campaign official warned one producer.

    FOXNEWS 'HANNITY' will have the first exclusive for cable news, DRUDGE has learned.


  50. Two different "time stamped" sources prove that Orlando was another false flag:

    1. There are so many facts that make Orlando a false flag! Media shows video of what have to be 'crisis actors' carrying 'wounded' TOWARD the Pulse nightclub you can clearly see across the street ahead of them a few yards! Anyway, what happened to ambulance procedure for wounded? There were no ambulances to be seen anywhere! Even the Muslim patsy was an actor who had some film credits as were the 'victims' being mourned by the nation. Another clue was the donation site that popped up immediately where they've fleeced the public for $millions!!!

  51. EXPOSED: How The Clintons Likely STOLE BILLIONS From The World’s Poorest — Charles Ortel

    by SGT, SGT

    Investor and financial crimes researcher Charles Ortel joins me to uncover what he is calling “the “largest unprosecuted charity fraud ever attempted.” Charles reports that the Clinton Foundation is part of an “international charity fraud network whose entire cumulative scale approaches and may even exceed $100 billion, measured from 1997 forward.” And the most shocking aspect of the Clinton Foundation’s missing Billions is that much of it was stolen from those who need it most, the world’s poorest of the poor. Along with the Bush crime family, the Clintons formed The Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund after the devastating 2010 Haiti earthquake. Charles says, “What the Clintons have done, is they are stealing the people’s physical gold in Haiti, as well as perhaps stealing or diverting massive sums that were sent towards Haiti and refusing to make an accounting for it.”

    This is a story of fraud and corruption so vast in scope that it should result in putting the Clintons in prison, not back in the White House.

    You can get the very latest research from Charles, including 40 soon-to-be-released research reports about Clinton Foundation fraud, by visiting him at his site

  52. Hello everyone. In light of the recent post by John, I wanted to share some positive feedback. The Camel Train I believe John was talking about was for the Dinar, remember John always said that the Dong was the better of the 2. I personally believe that the Dong will be allowed for a public exchange due to not as many people having it as much as the Dinar. Who knows John and the Elders may be able to work something out for us Dong holders in the next few weeks. So everyone try to remain positive if you have Dong, you never know a lot can change in a few weeks.

    1. Griffonred

      When times get tough and testing,it's an established fact that a lot of guys sit holding their Dongs to get them through it.

    2. Good one John, LOL!!!! But I do have faith that you and the Elders will work something out for us Dong holders. You always said that the Dong should be OK. So I believe Joe Public will be fine, in the next few weeks. You and the Elders keep up the good work you are doing, we are all in full support of you.

  53. Replies
    1. Correct, no one is reporting the sheer scale of madness of wild, vicious criminals queuing up to illegally enter our nation,with the crime wave many bring,and the crippling costs to our infrastructure.
      The is not Camerons nations to give away. Nor any F socialists. If they don't like our way of life, for Gods sake leave!

      How many of these total assholes house the illegals? Zero!
      They want what they deserve?

      How about stand in front of 100 linked Gatling guns and 50m of us will be pleased to deliver.

      Calais is a disgrace and the slimy French do nothing to send them back. If we pull out of the EU,once the French start their games, all we need do is stop French Whine imports, close the tunnel and Ferries, and let Germany invade them again once the German car industry faces collapse.

      Two can play and out Politicos are too stupid to learn how. Zero real world experience of anything, no track records, just sleazy little misfits.
      But then, sound familiar? Did I just describe the Bushes and Clinton's?

      Houston we have a problem. Permission to jettison into the void?
      No I did not mean the space between Obama and George W's ears.

  54. Jim Willie: Unintended Consequences & COLLAPSE

    He says that the US is destined to go the way of Venezuela.

  55. Discovered this site that regularly posts about what is really happening in the world. Thought I'd share if interested:

    1. Patrick Henningsen is great and so is UK Column...IMO.

  56. Somehow missed this exposé much evil...too little time.

    Bill Gates.....essence of evil?

    "Callaghan notes that wireless technology allows the remotely controlled chips to essentially activate a woman's ability to conceive, or prevent it, at will, which amounts to temporary sterilization (if a decision is made, say by an all-powerful government agency, to prevent a woman from bearing a child). Government in the U.S. would instantly transform itself from "pro-choice" (through the permission of abortion) to no choice.

    The writer also observed:

    Of course with remote technology funded by eugenics depopulation fanatics, the first questions should always be, "the ability to conceive by whose will?" This would be the complete antithesis of female empowerment or a "woman's right to choose" - would it not?

    What's more, the chips are encrypted, so no hacking - not by cyber criminals or by technologically clever souls who are simply trying to bypass a government's oppression.

    The microchip is implantable into arms, hips or somewhere on a woman's back. The development of the chip was kept under wraps while researchers and scientists worked to complete work the past couple of years. But the existence of the chip was finally confirmed publicly as beta testing of the technology is scheduled to begin towards the end of 2015, when volunteers will be sought."

    Bill Gates to roll out remote control microchip-based sterilization of women

    1. A developed consciousness, applied intent and e-motion will always trump 3d devices, vaccines and pollution.

    2. Ajnaandy, I love the way you think.

    3. Mygirl I think Neo from the Matrix taught us all we need. When I see all around me as a 3d matrix it is easy to actually feel my presence. Then what? OMG what am I doing with myself reacting to these things around me??? Taking yourself out of the matrix but still operating in it gives you control. I'm doing it on the train now. People blank or reacting, not 'being'. It's peaceful.

    4. So true. I think another way to express it would be being grounded. When I am truly grounded I am connected in a way that cannot be mirrored or copied by any impostor system. I know when I'm there. Absolutely right - peaceful. Perhaps even blisssful. Thanks again. :)

  57. Texian, too freaky. That bill gates, his name should be mentioned with clintons and bushes every time.

  58. Replies
    1. The Money Quote:

      [[[Our country lost its way when we stopped putting the American people first.

      We got here because we switched from a policy of Americanism – focusing on what’s good for America’s middle class – to a policy of globalism, focusing on how to make money for large corporations who can move their wealth and workers to foreign countries all to the detriment of the American worker and the American economy.

      We reward companies for offshoring, and we punish companies for doing business in America and keeping our workers employed.

      This is not a rising tide that lifts all boats.

      This is a wave of globalization that wipes out our middle class and our jobs.

      We need to reform our economic system so that, once again, we can all succeed together, and America can become rich again.

      That’s what we mean by America First.

      Our country will be better off when we start making our own products again, bringing our once great manufacturing capabilities back to our shores.

      Our Founders understood this.

      One of the first major bills signed by George Washington called for “the encouragement and protection of manufactur[ing]” in America.]]]

  59. Hello John, I just wanted to step in and say that I wish the UK, you and the Elders good luck on the Brexit Vote tomorrow. I have butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. I hope it all goes well for everyone.

  60. It almost doesn't matter now, because the torch has been lit and other nations will now demand their own referendum and once any leave it all comes down. Thinking nations have hed enough. Its only when now.

  61. Replies
    1. If an indictment actually happens before the election, that will be the signal I've been waiting for showing us that the Bush/Clinton crime families are on the ropes.

    2. Texian, I believe that interview and article are from January, the comment section on this goes back that far.

    3. Yes, it does! Sorry for the OLD "late breaking"...can't call it "news." SO, FBI's been ready since JANUARY at least to indict. Wonder what's taking so long? :-0)

  62. UK Friends....good luck on your vote! Texans and Texians are rooting for you!

    1. As with Americans who voted twice for Obama, we also are saddled with our own stupid.Unfortunately many also too dumb to understand what it all means. Democracy is when Dummies get to vote and abuse it.

  63. Our ancestors have followed the messages of the stars, sun, moon and heavens for eons. Astrology may seem like bunk to many and, as it is printed in our "daily forecasts" in newspapers, it is bunk.

    However, there are great energies at work in our universe and always have been. On this note, if you have not read Carl Boudreau's monthly astrology, maybe check it out. I find him to be the best I've ever read.

    Here is a link to July's report and an excerpt below:

    Thus, during the Grand Squares in June, Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury each completed a Grand Square. Indeed, each made a rapid series of difficult aspects to each planet in the mutable T-Square.

    Among other things, these bodies in the inner solar system govern the patterns of our self-awareness and close interpersonal ties. June’s Grand Squares, then, were about the transformation of personal and interpersonal patterns at the deepest levels of our awareness.

    They brought choices about our identity - who we think we are, how we want others to think of us and behave toward us. They brought pressure to establish new, morally and ethically improved patterns of thought. They compelled us to seek improvement in feeling and actions related to ourselves and those we know - thoughts and feelings free of those lies and distortions that support the oligarchic societal structure and its grip on us.

    As July opens, we are already actualizing the intimate and intricate, largely inward decisions that June’s Grand Squares inspired. And we are doing so amid obstacles that continue to multiply and morph as issues become ever more subtle, urgent and widespread. These proliferating details and subtleties will only increase our awareness of the need to rectify the patterns that guide our lives. Not least because of July’s aspects.

  64. I just had to share a few more excerpts...if true, it is making me hopeful again:

    The Pluto/Capricorn ingress of 2008 badly damaged the economic and political power base of the oligarchic system then in power. These structures were further damaged between 2012 and 2015 during the peak years of the Uranus/Pluto square.

    The Uranus/Pluto square is about the quality of the relationship between government (Pluto) and the governed (Uranus). It initiated a reset of those relationships globally. The conflicts triggered by the Uranus/Pluto squares inspired actions that furthered the cause of equality and freedom and, thus, critically undermined the power of oligarchs and other varieties of tyrant.

    The cardinal and fixed energies of the Uranus/Pluto transits disrupted or destroyed oligarchic political and economic structures. However, they left the oligarchic worldview largely intact - still firm in the minds of the oligarchs and those they governed. The oligarch’s position remained strong.

    In response to June’s mutable Grand Squares, we are striving to supplant defective oligarchic patterns with new, inclusive, egalitarian patterns in our personal lives. In response to July’s cardinal T-Squares, we will try to establish patterns that resist the economic and political power of the oligarchs.

    In the process, people will attempt to establish progressive economic and political power bases from which to combat the oligarchs in thought and deed.

  65. “If I were a U.S. attorney today and this investigation was in my office, I would empanel a grand jury and I would seek charges. This is a no-brainer,” he said.

    “This is a locked case of minimally a violation of the classified information statutes,” he said. “There are people who have lost their jobs, lost their security clearances, have been convicted of crimes, for leaving a single document out on their desks overnight.

    “This case dwarfs, and I underscore dwarfs, the Petraeus case by multiples in the thousands.”


  66. Jim Stone doesn't seem to have much confidence in integrity of UK voting process



    British voting booths are now proven to be as useless in the political process as bathroom stalls.

    Two thirds of British voters have stated the vote will be rigged, and a full third of them believe British intelligence will do it. That's earth shattering and proves a complete lack of trust. Now, with the poll attendees providing only pencils, and as some have said they have made veiled threats against those who vote with pen, the writing is on the wall and I'd like to see even pen make a difference if MI5 is there to help. If two thirds believe the vote will be rigged, they will be the two thirds that voted for Brexit. That equals 66 percent, and the number is probably higher than even that. YET THE VOTE SURE DID NOT GO THAT WAY! DEAR (LIBERAL) BRITS: HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT YOUR GUN BAN NOW? GET ON THE FORUMS AND TROLL AMERICANS OVER HOW GREAT YOU HAVE IT THERE WITHOUT GUNS. YEAH, YOU DO, AND NOW YOU ARE ALL SUBJECTS OF YOUR GOVERNMENT, AND CANT DO JACK ABOUT IT. I'd like to see you fix that vote now that you have no hope of enforcing it, and have your will actually be heard.

    YOU OVERWHELMINGLY VOTED BREXIT and will now simply bow to the will of MERKEL as she rips the entirety of Europe apart, along with you. Amen to your heritage, it was good while it lasted. Should have kept those guns! It all started with the long bow, yes, only force can keep your criminal elite at bay. Seems that is true everywhere. How quickly you lost touch with history.

    AMERICA: A GUN BEHIND EVERY BLADE OF GRASS. BRITAIN: A SURVEILLANCE CAMERA IN EVERY BEDROOM. Things are definitely bad in America now, but at least America still has a chance.

    1. Texian

      There is a huge Public vote counting and watching process. Every vote is numbered and checked against the ID of the person signing in at the polling booth. Their ID is also checked and after a single vote the ID is crossed off as voting. One vote only. Vote counters are watched by masses of auditors checking the piles then they are re counted and checked again.

      We may lose by voter stupidity Yes, but not by conspiracy theory. Now the Brits forced a vote, other nations will, so one way or another, it's coming down.
      As for cant do Jack about it, last year we through out 35% of all of them. You have no say, and Clinton will come in and finish the job. No way could she even run here. The media publicised a Lord with a Hooker on a Sunday, he was gone Monday.

      Sadly I fear we may lose by idiots too thick to vote.
      The rest, none are facts, or real.
      Either way, we are showing the way for others to go for it.
      At least we can get ours out. No Bushes or Clinton's here. Phony Tony is ostracised. We are far from perfect, but on a scale of 0 to 10 I rate us a 7.5, but for yours a zero is way too high. Lol Joking!

    2. Is it true they're requiring voters to use pencil? If so, why?

    3. Agreed on our voting IS too high....sadly.

    4. Why use pencils? To use with a scantron? To prevent pre-printed ballots?

      Mr. Stone has some excellent observations but he is also goes over the edge with regularity.

    5. Who is Jim Stone, and do we care what he says? Apparently he was wrong on all counts other than "Brexit passed". I knew before midnight, so I guess they were telling people in the UK. And guns have what to do with this? Wait, maybe it's Jim Stoned.....

  67. Total BS on a pencil
    I used a pen, so do most. If we can read it we will accept it. All votes are checked and massive scrutiny on counting. All go in sealed boxes to the main stations, each flagged which station from and the no of boxes. Truly we do not have the US corruption here.
    As I said, a Lord exposed on a Sunday and out on Monday, his wife left him Tuesday and kicked him out of his house Wednesday. He lost his Lords job, income, status, wife, home and was shamed for life. Obama and Clinton would both be in jail here.

    There is no shame in the US. Clintons???? Bushes? Here we blacklist you for life. Neither Clinton nor Obama could even clear vetting to run here. And the Bushes are too stupid to pass a selection panel.
    If we lose Brexit , is it over? Hell no, now Holland ,Germany.France and Italy all want their own referendum.
    If we lose Brexit, we will come at it again, and I can see France getting their own leave verdict. The die is cast now. We win we leave. We lose we shout foul and lobby to try again. Poor losers, dam right we want our nation back. Immigration will force us out, now or later. The English Channel is to keep the Buggers out.

    1. The only country that truly needs it is Belgium. Head of the squid. Now that would be a delicious irony.

  68. Why is Cameron a cheerleader to remain? Isn't a conservative position to leave? Surely Obozo's threats weren't the factor?

    1. Whichever way this plays it will be bad for him. He either tried to sell us out, or did. History will call next week. His role cant survive now.
      He's not the brightest and has not thought it out.
      The Piper will call.

  69. When will you know the results of the vote

  70. John,

    Elizabeth Hurley is with you! Check out her photo!!!


    Vote tomorrow-whatever your persuasion. I'm for #Brexit & promise to neither gloat nor whinge. But VOTE! ������������

    1. You have such great taste in ladies. (smiling)

      Cal L Girl

    2. I have something I've been wanting to give Liz for awhile ...can ya set that up for me

    3. Get in the queue- Long!
      And Gentleman who have, don't talk.

  71. The current Polls are suggesting a 52% vote to remain.

    If its that tight, be sure we wILL come back again. No way will we allow 2% to lock us in. But it could all be a mile out yet.
    Only by 6 in the morning will numbers be clear. The English could be locked in because of a subsidised Scots vote, who given a Free Vote about 85% of English voters would cut loose in heartbeat. A wonderful vote would be leave to win, and Scotland to sod off.

    1. Here they always manipulate 'polls' the rigged vote mirrors latest 'polls.' US Corp has it down to a science.

  72. Interesting to note, London, Muslim capital of England, is over 75% to remain! Guess they think UK's welfare benefits the best. :-0)

  73. 55 minutes ago..ABC NEWS Brexit update:

    A nervous United Kingdom is awaiting the results of the Brexit referendum -- deciding whether the country should leave the European Union -- after the polls closed at 10 p.m. local time, but the final tally won't be announced for hours.

    The first results from England have shown greater than expected support for leaving. Newcastle, which was the first to declare a result in the country, voted to remain in the EU but by a very small margin: 50.7 percent voted to stay while 49.3 percent voted to leave. Sunderland voted to leave at 61.3 percent while 38.7 percent voted to stay.

    In England, Kettering, Broxbourne and Swindon all voted to leave. "Leave" now has a small lead, but only nine out of 382 regions have been declared.

    Gibraltar, the UK's overseas territory on the southwest tip of Spain, voted to remain in the EU by a big margin -- and was the first area to declare a result. Voter turnout in Gibraltar, which has been a British territory since 1713, was high at 84 percent and the vast majority of voters -- 96 percent -- voted to remain in the EU, while 4 percent voted to leave.

    But Gibraltar is not representative of the rest of the UK because of the territory's small size and voter make-up.

    Nigel Farage, leader of the British right-wing party UKIP, who supports a Brexit, has already said that he thinks the "Remain" camp will win. "It looks like Remain will edge it," he told Sky News.

    The referendum is not legally binding and Parliament would still have to repeal the 1972 act that allowed the U.K. to join the E.U.

    Heavy rain, lightning and floods hit large parts of the U.K. as residents headed to the polls. London's Fire Brigade received up to 300 calls overnight in three hours, the kind of volume it usually receives in a day. Flooding has caused relocation of at least two polling stations in suburban London.

  74. Brexit Ballot Counting Computers Only Counted Remain Vote in Tests

    It would appear that there is just as much corruption in the UK as there is in the USA

  75. Some aren't convinced that reported story is true...


  76. Gold is up $42 per ounce in the overnight market...does someone know something we don't know??

  77. A lot of money was made tonight with these moves. Historic....Euro, pound and gold are getting crazy action.

  78. Remain
    Last update: Jun 23, 2016, 10:01 PM 330 of 382 voting areas declared

  79. I think the Elizabeth Hurley photo was key to Brexit! Lol.

  80. In that case, put her on a plane to Reno. LOL

  81. And the next Exit referendum will be ...

    BNO News ‏@BNONews 11m11 minutes ago

    BREAKING: Dutch Party for Freedom leader Geert Wilders calls for Dutch EU referendum after Brexit

    Scottish First Minister Sturgeon says sees its future "as part of the EU" - AFP
    BNO News ‏@BNONews 2m2 minutes ago

    Cal Girl: Music to John's ears about this comment re: Scotland

    Scottish First Minister Sturgeon says sees its future "as part of the EU" - AFP
    16 retweets 7 likes

    Scottish First Minister Sturgeon says sees its future "as part of the EU" - AFP

  82. Woohoo! Way to Go Britain! You gave a right royal two finger Churchill salute. The first lifeboat to leave the titanic.

  83. Beyond wonderful news to the Brits. The Scots out next. See how Gobby Sturgeon funds that lot alone.
    We now save $30B subsidising the EU,end the red tape and look at the real upside.
    Millions of EU nationals leave!
    Control of our borders. Illegals out!
    Schools safe, Hospitals freed up, Homes freed up, massive Welfare drains stopped, crime reduced. Housing stocks recovered.
    Next, with luck the Scots go- Please! Go! No more whining Scots subsidies.

    England can now restore its own future. What a smack in the nose for failed Politicos.
    The PM will be forced out now. His cronies with him. All the Butt kissers are known.
    Their careers just ended.

    Watch other EU nations follow.

    This was our Alamo and we won. Our Mexi's are going back. Democracy won- again! Rig that!


    1. Congrats UK. Not expected but very welcomed.

      Why would anyone want to give up their sovereignty to unelected overlords.

      The North American Union was stopped dead in its tracks. Politicos signed off (in secrecy of course) on it, but the people would never accept it.

    2. John,

      Thank you for giving a slap to Germany's Madhouse.

      We are feeling very proud of you.Today the blogs in Greece are saying:

      "We are all Brits"

      You are leading the dance,we are hoping we will be allowed to follow.

      From Greece,


    3. John, Alamo indeed! Hopefully the United States will have a peaceful
      election to vote out the "misfits." Wishing for it.

  84. Canauzzie,

    Thank you and everyone for keeping the blog up.
    I have been following you from the begining.
    You tried to help me post quite a long time ago,
    now as I see it is easy.

    I am so so happy for the British I could not resist
    popping in and saying a hello.

    From Greece,



    1. Thank you. We each must do our part.

      And ...paintbrushinsummer.... welcome!

  85. Bloody marvellous!

    (Liz Hurley did it for England: there couldn't have been any 'swinging voters' left after she tweeted that photo). I tell you, this morning I am proud to be British.

  86. Globally consciousness has risen to the point ordinary people see. In Britain. Brazil in political turmoil as the masses speek against corruption. USA - record numbers supporting 'outsiders'. And Australia, our general election is on July 2. 24% of the country now support someone besides the two major parties. That's a quarter for independents and greens. Europe, at least 4 countries putting their hand up to stick it up.

    This means one thing to me: the KM have lost. They cannot beat en-lightened/awakened human consciousness. As the old breaks apart, watch the new form. This is not part of the NWO plan.

  87. Congrats to the Brits! Now if only the rest of the countries wake up and make a stand as boldly!

  88. Gold now up $67 an ounce. I guess I was right...some knew that it was over last night. Halleluja! May sovereign beings unite and tell the cabal to BOHICA (bend over here it comes again) because this is just the beginning!

  89. From zero hedge. UK Prime Minister David Cameron To Resign -"Country Requires Fresh Leadership"
    by Tyler Durden
    Jun 24, 2016 3:32 AM

    Well that escalated quickly...Speaking from in front of 10 Downing Street, UK PM David Cameron just stated that he will step down as Prime Minister, explaining that "I think the country requires fresh leadership."

  90. Donald Trump just tweeted: "Self-determination is the sacred right of all free people's, and the people of the UK have exercised that right for all the world to see."

  91. Congratulations to John and Great Britain! Way to go!

  92. Carl Boudreau's July forecast is spot on...the energies of the universe are behind us and pushing us to glory!!!

    A GREAT excerpt:

    The Pluto/Capricorn ingress of 2008 badly damaged the economic and political power base of the oligarchic system then in power. These structures were further damaged between 2012 and 2015 during the peak years of the Uranus/Pluto square.

    The Uranus/Pluto square is about the quality of the relationship between government (Pluto) and the governed (Uranus). It initiated a reset of those relationships globally. The conflicts triggered by the Uranus/Pluto squares inspired actions that furthered the cause of equality and freedom and, thus, critically undermined the power of oligarchs and other varieties of tyrant.

    The cardinal and fixed energies of the Uranus/Pluto transits disrupted or destroyed oligarchic political and economic structures. However, they left the oligarchic worldview largely intact - still firm in the minds of the oligarchs and those they governed. The oligarch’s position remained strong.

    In response to June’s mutable Grand Squares, we are striving to supplant defective oligarchic patterns with new, inclusive, egalitarian patterns in our personal lives. In response to July’s cardinal T-Squares, we will try to establish patterns that resist the economic and political power of the oligarchs.

    In the process, people will attempt to establish progressive economic and political power bases from which to combat the oligarchs in thought and deed.

  93. More news:

  94. Excerpt from Cameron's speech:

    The will of the British people is an instruction that must be delivered.

    It was not a decision that was taken lightly, not least because so many things were said by so many different organisations about the significance of this decision.

    So there can be no doubt about the result.

    Across the world people have been watching the choice that Britain has made.

    I would reassure those markets and investors that Britain's economy is fundamentally strong and I would also reassure Britons living in European countries and European citizens living here there will be no immediate changes in your circumstances.

    There will be no initial change in the way our people can travel, in the way our goods can move or the way our services can be sold.

  95. The Highlight of the speech for me:

    "The will of the British people is an instruction that must be delivered."

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