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  2. "This election was lost four and five and six years ago and not this year. They didn't start thinking of the poor old common fellow until they started out on the election tour.

    The money was all appropriated for the top in the hopes that it would trickle down to the needy. Mr. Hoover was an engineer. He knew that water trickled down. Put it uphill and let it go and it will reach the driest little spot.

    But he didn't know that money trickled up. Give it to the people at the bottom and the people at the top will have it before night anyhow. But it will at least have passed through some poor fellow’s hands.

    They saved the big banks, but the little ones went up the flue."

    Will Rogers, 5 December 1932

  3. News of the week: Hillary C was running a "pay for play" scheme out of the state department and sold weapons to countries that even Bush would not sell to. In order to get a release, foreign countries made donations to her charity or paid Bill to speak.

    Finding REAL Clinton scandals is like shooting fish in a barrel.

    "According to an expose´ by David Sirota of the International Business Times, the State Department under Hillary Clinton approved a number of arms sales to foreign nations, sometimes over the objections of other allies, at the same time that the buyers put millions into the Clinton Foundation’s coffers.

    The amounts involved are breathtaking. According to Sirota’s accounting from public records, the Clinton-led State Department authorized $165 billion in sales to 20 nations that donated to the foundation. State also authorized another $151 billion in “Pentagon-brokered deals” with 16 nations that coughed up cash for the family charity. Some of the defense contractors involved also donated to the foundation, and a few of them paid big money to Bill Clinton for speeches.

    The US routinely conducts arms sales to allies, but this wasn’t a case of business as usual. Comparing the three full fiscal years of Hillary’s tenure at State to the corresponding timeframe of the Bush administration’s second term, Sirota found that the State Department nearly doubled the sales to those nations, and increased the amount of Pentagon sales by 143 percent."

    "Despite claiming to have committed to extraordinary transparency, Hillary’s financial disclosures somehow omitted a shell company used to pay Bill’s consulting fees. The Delaware corporation WJC LLC was launched in 2008, moved to New York in 2009, and returned to Delaware in 2013. It exists as precisely the kind of “pass-through entity” that Democrats criticized when Mitt Romney turned out to have used one for nearly $2 million in capital-venture payments."

    "The legal requirement to prove corruption usually rests on finding explicit quid pro quo arrangements. With the Clintons, we have lots of quid, lots of quo, and two old pros in between it all. Bob McDonnell was convicted of corruption with less evidence of pay-for-play during his term as governor in Virginia. The Clintons sought millions of dollars in donations, speech fees, and consultancies from foreign countries and powerful industrialists and at the same time approved significant financial deals such as Uranium One and hundreds of billions in arms sales. They got rich off the nexus of power and federal authority. Now they want to get their hands on the highest authority in the US to extend their power and exploitation."


    GREAT QUOTE FROM THIS ARTICLE: "The common person may not understand all this, and the lessons from history. But the 'experts' most certainly should understand them, and quite frankly they do. They may not say so, they may never admit it, they may let themselves be convinced, and even convince themselves and quiet the nagging doubts, but at the end of the day they know exactly what they are doing, what they are abiding, what they are enabling if only by their silent acquiescence.

    Then why do they keep pursuing the same failing policies, and try to justify them with wildly inaccurate forecasts and flat out misstatements of fact? Why do the wealthy prosper while the country as a whole stagnates, and for years?

    Why do the politicians go all out to try and maintain things as they are, even though they can clearly see with their own eyes that they are failing the people whom they have pledged to serve by oath?

    Herein lies the credibility trap. They wish to keep things as they are because, at least for them and their friends and cronies, the times are good, and for some wildly so. Innovation is risky, but the wrongheaded consensus of the insiders is safe. Insider do not speak ill of other insiders, and therein can keep their sinecures, their connections, and the camaraderie of the fortunate few.

    They are caught between the age old Scylla and Charybdis of pride and profit. ===>They fancy themselves to be exceptional, a credentialed elite, but the sad truth is that their conceits and self-delusions are as old as Babylon, and evil as sin."<=====

    CAN YOU SAY, "Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankmind (sic), Hillary Clinton?"


    I wrote a book on Libertarians that I think I had better publish. The insistence on everybody else paying taxes by the 1 percent is crippling the world. I don't understand why more people do not understand the shell game. The highest levels of income have effectively shoved their tax burdens onto the rest of us while assuring that they(the elite) continue to suck money out of the system via government contracts and services which they do use.

    I BELIEVE IN PAY YOUR OWN WAY...IF THEY AREN'T GOING TO PAY TAXES, THEN THEY DON'T GET GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS OR SERVICES. period. Their idea that they take the system apart except for the parts that benefit them personally will not work. That should be obvious

  6. Good case Writeously Said.but the Clinton's are simply following the Bush/ Slick Willie slime trail under the auspices of a benevolent shapeshifter in the White House, and a totally compromised Justice system. The rot is total at every level.

    This is all Cabal modus operandi. Supported by corrupt Agencies and lard arsed Pentagon Generals lining their own Pension funds. All for one, and take it all.

  7. I didn't see this posted here, but then I might have missed it. Trouble for Deutsche Bank?

    In what appears to be a widespread problem, Germany's Spiegel reports that customers are unable to withdraw cash from Deutsche Bank ATMs due to a "technical glitch."

    Via Google Translate,

    A German bank spokeswoman declined to comment on the problem first.

    But the bank finally conceded a technical glitch in online banking.

    The deposits and withdrawals were partially displayed twice or not ready, the bank said.

    "None of these payments twice shown has taken place," it says in the statement.

    Apparently slipped some accounts due to the alleged double deduction into the red. "I could not pay by card. By double counting our account is in the red. Also withdraw money I could not, because our credit limit is not sufficient," wrote a user on a Facebook.
    With everything that is going on, one can only wonder if desperate times have led to desperate measures... or, of course, this could simply be a "technical glitch" which just happened to occur on a Friday evening - the busiest time for cash withdrawals.

  8. At least they are working for it and not on the welfare tit. Maybe OWON should sponsor a few!

  9. At least they are working for it and not on the welfare tit. Maybe OWON should sponsor a few!

    1. Trouble comes when you go to collect the sugar.

  10. Hey OWON,

    Just love your site.

    No censorship unless one becomes unruly.

    Thanks much!

    I rarely watch regular TV. But tonight I had on the free tube with Jimmy Kimmal live on with the Donald.

    He was making so much sense just talking to the people and I was tuned in and really listening to what he was saying and then a blue screen and the ABC network went to the tragic story of the passing of Mohammad Ali.

    Trump talked about Gay rights and the Transgender issue and the bath room issue that many are upset about.

    Donald said that the States should decide and that companies like his should decide and that it is a non issue for a Presidential campaign and how America faces such greater problems then a bathroom choice.

    And then boom...cut off...

    To a rerun of an earlier story.

    Mind you it is tragic that Ali died yet they will use his passing for their own advantage.

    And so Ali paid a price for his convictions.

    Refused to serve in an unjust American war

    Preached peace and understanding for his life

    My personal opinion is that all religion is a control mechanism and that we should move on from all of them and just have a basic humanity towards each other.

    Now, I belonged to a labor union for most of my working career and the term for any union was solidarity. Solidarity is the notion that if we stick together we can protect our basic humanity and force those who disagree to maybe if forced to to see things in a more humane way.

    The concept of a union is the concept of solidarity in that we can negotiate as equals with the owners of society.

    Owners? Yes if you did not already know you are owned.

    I worked for the Feds for three decades plus and never figured out who are owners were.

    I think a basic question to ask is who really is in charge?

    My conclusion is that we are on a grand planetary farm.

    Farmed for what purpose?

    Beats me if I know and as a federal pensioner put out to pasture I am allowed grand freedoms to wander that grand farm and admire its beauty.

    Just an observation and only an opinion the real owning class can not possibly be human based upon their behavior.

    I am here to entertain John while he runs to and fro trying to fix this mess.

    If I can give a laugh to keep it real than I say amen...


    1. KMB

      We do in stages give you answers to all of it.
      1. Replace current Religions, but the Pope is moving towards a unified One World Religion. Control the lot of mindless, non thinking gullible sheeple under one group, although how does he bring in the Muslims and unify their crap? And stop the Hymies circumcising poor boys.

      2. Clear out the US Cabal.

      3. Bring back the true Republic and Constitution,and rid the US of this Fed Hymies plague.

      4. Get to grips with immigration.

      5.Get the hell out of over 990 Global bases.

      6. Actually set up a Ministry for Economic recovery and make America great again.

      7. Fire at least 35% of all Federal workers now to balance the books.

      8. Jail Clinton, investigate the Bushes ,Romney, Cheney, Biden and Obama.

      9. Jail corrupt Bankers as Iceland did.

      10 No votes for long terms unemployed. You don't pay, you don't say. No more Bums voting more Bums into office.

      11. Will Trump expose Clinton in public for all her crimes?

      12. When will the FBI arrest Clinton? That alone will derail her campaign.

      13. A full Congressional committee to investigate under full Rico powers how the Bushes, Clintons, Bankers and all of them made so much and to charge each as merited.

      14.Stop all CIA illegal racketeering.

      15. Help you all challenge the reason and power of all. Unlock your minds and Souls. You are each and every one of you, a Free Sovereign Person Soul.Learn to say No!

  11. John,

    A glitch in your software since I see doubles of you

    that is a good thing since we all care for you so

    " 7. Fire at least 35% of all Federal workers now to balance the books."

    That is a great idea 'cept they will go voluntarily with a RIF

    take a few shekels back from our predator dogs to pay for that

    what is that you say

    a reduction in force

    I was riffed five years ago and it was the best thing to ever happen to me

    will it cost

    maybe only a few pennies when viewed in the big picture of things

    if you want American solidarity you must provide for our humanity

    you see my therapist says that I should write

    about what

    our combined humanity

    with Jefferson I prefer to hang together



    1. No glitch. On purpose. Once in a while he has a cookie issue and his comment fails to post. So he does them twice once in a while to make sure the cookie he has is functioning properly. When you are as long winded, it is a major piss off if it all goes bye bye... lol

  12. On to comment number one

    "1. Replace current Religions, but the Pope is moving towards a unified One World Religion. Control the lot of mindless, non thinking gullible sheeple under one group, although how does he bring in the Muslims and unify their crap? And stop the Hymies circumcising poor boys."

    I was an expiditor for the agency that I worked for and so I was like your Pope to do the bidding of the owners.

    I worked in the field

    trouble is is that the field has gone totally wild

    should we mow the lawn

    my dear significant other says that a happy person has a happy yard

    lets look at that yard as I reign them in

    I let them go for over five years

    it is well past time to mow the lawn

    yet love shall guide


  13. There is a deep flaw in the Brexit vote process.

    The Young, under 30's indicate sheeple disinterest, and even though its their future, won't vote.
    The growing number of Retirees, many who never even worked, are 80% likely to vote. The trouble is, as many are truly semi literate,and old Union Cannon fodder or never worked old wives, they will vote for fat EU pensions, unaffordable Health Care, and cheap EU holidays on SS budgets.

    So the non contributors, with no future bar dying at social leisure cost, will bugger up the future for the real contributors, and saddle the nation with an ever greater flow of illegals, wasting also $500m week subsiding this EU rat pack, which could build instead a new hospital every week for these geriatrics, and give us new laws free of the EU to fast track illegal deportation.

    No more tens of thousands of EU Poles, Romanian and Islamic trash coming in raping, stealing, drug running. Time to seal the borders. No papers, no access, straight to an Internment centre. Damned right it will be cold, wet and unwelcoming. All with one aim, your going back! No visa, no access!

    We need Brexit but those putting in nothing will vote to stay. For such voting rights, we need first to determine who has, and has earned the right. The rest deserve no vote or say. Socialist trash may swing this election. The under belly of free feeding bottom feeders. Voting needs to be limited to earners. Merit points for taxes paid. Give the English then a Referendum on Scotland, a No Brainer, it will be gone.At least 80% of English would vote to separate in a heartbeat. England needs to set Scotland, Ireland and Wales free. Let the EU have them. England, like Switzerland, needs to sit outside and be Bankers to the world. The UK is far too small to be a dumping ground for Islamic surpluses and African migrants.

    June 24th, wonderful if we vote out, if not try again. The EU is a scavengers paradise which will fail in its time anyway. Unelected Leaders, all Jesuit Socialists, all idiots. Riddled with Fraud, and have not filed accounts for 24 years. Smells?

  14. Mohammed Ali

    Whatever his faults, and by God he had many,he still became an Icon in Europe for his humour and humility. He endeared himself to the Brits over decades and was loved by all.
    Ali was welcome in any home in England. His humour was his greatest epitaph. When Henry Cooper put him flat on his back here, his corner tried every dirty trick in the book to both delay the count and next round. It worked.

    Ali said afterwards, Henry hit me so hard my head was so dazed I had no idea where I was, I thought I was back in Africa with my Ancestors. That was the way he got laughs from all. Everyone admired the man here. Whatever his faults, Islam at the top for sure, the man himself made Boxing, and touched the world. Outside of the ring, he could be such a humble and gentle Soul. He gave everyone so much, and most just took it. But this was Ali and no one took his Soul. Ali was revered for the best of the man. A gently Warrior and Gladiator Supreme. Its a sad day, may he go with his Gods, and sorry it wont be with the 74 or whatever. A good One is enough for anyone.

  15. One more to add to the Clinton body count:

    Mystery as husband of crusading anti-child sex trafficking assistant attorney general is shot dead while working as Lyft driver

    His wife, Camilla Wright, Georgia assistant attorney general, was allegedly investigating Bill Clinton for child sex abuse.

  16. Europe To Send Conspiracy Theorists To ‘Reeducation Camps’

    "Juveniles convicted of committing crimes listed in paragraph (a) will be required to undergo a rehabilitation programme designed to instill in them a culture of tolerance.

    The full section reads:
    Section 7. Penal Sanctions

    (a) The following acts will be regarded as criminal offences punishable as aggravated crimes:
    (i) Hate crimes as defined in Section 1(c).
    (ii) Incitement to violence against a group as defined in Section 1(a).
    (iii) Group libel as defined in Section 1(b).
    (iv) Overt approval of a totalitarian ideology, xenophobia or anti-Semitism.
    (v) Public approval or denial of the Holocaust.
    (vi) Public approval or denial of any other act of genocide the existence of which has been determined by an international criminal court or tribunal.
    (b)Juveniles convicted of committing crimes listed in paragraph (a) will be required to undergo a rehabilitation programme designed to instill in them a culture of tolerance.
    (iv) Overt approval of a totalitarian ideology, xenophobia or anti-Semitism.
    (v) Public approval or denial of the Holocaust.

    The law is proposed by The European Council of Tolerance and Reconciliation, whose Chairman is Tony Blair. It figures.

    1. Hey Tony,

      You left out lying to Parliament, waging illegal wars, mass murder, racketeering, drug running, terrorism, war crimes and crimes against humanity - or don't they count against you, the USA and Israel?

  17. Attention all, from Field McConnell of Abel Danger:

    "On 28 July, 2015 I reported Treason committed by a fellow who went to my high school, Barry Soetoro, Punahou '79. He was accommodated by my only sibling, Kristine Marcy, who created the United States Senior Executive Service in 1978. She also gave Barry Soetoro, Punahou '79 a passport in 1984 with another name, that name is Barack Hussein Obama. My sister has worked with Nicolas Soames since 1978 to enable cooperation between United States Senior Executive Service and Serco [ the biggest company you've never heard of ] with the intent of destroying what is left of the United States of America.

    Last year's warnings regarding Treason were sent to three men and three only: Dunford, Trump, Ben Carson. Dunford took it seriously, Ben Carson ended his campaign and that leaves Trump. I am 100% certain Trump will see this message and I am confident he is also aware of three 'landslide victory' issues. The murder of 256 Americans on Arrow Air 1285 in December, 1985. The murder of Colonel James Sabow USMC on 1-22-91, and the attack against the US on 9-11.

    Abel Danger is a private intel group that is the only intel group that was sought out by Malaysia to travel to Kuala Lumpur to explain to elements of the Malaysian government and department heads of MAS how their MH370 was commandeered and to where it went on the morning of 3-8-2014.

    We are confident that neither of the career politicians left to oppose Donald can win and we do not believe the Trump Campaign needs our services. But I am 100% certain they know what we know. And they have since February, 2016 when I explained FADEC and BHUAP to the Trump family and organization following the emergency divert to Nashville of Trump's B757."

    Abel Danger: Open Letter to General Joseph Dunford - Treason Against the United States - 18 U.S. Code § 2382 - Misprision of Treason - Government Drug Running - USMC Col. James Sabow's Assassination - US Military Members Are Being Threatened

  18. Valdi,

    Right back from Stan McCrystal, a General who went out on Ops and led his men in direct Clandestine Ops,anyone like Stan who stood up to the the Cabal and that Bum in the WH,was perceived a threat to the control of the network. They were removed by the multi layer SS units now running the US. Only Bums are left in place. Heroes my Ass.

    Butt kissing Wimps like Betray- Us, whose closest action was selling secrets to a journalist, then the winging Hymie had to please bargain his way out of time as the limp wrist Wimp the Shill is. Pathetic! . What a piece of shit.

    But aren't they all?

    The Pentagon is no place for heroes today. Only Butt kissers and Pervs hold their jobs, just Desk Jockeys and Slags. America has become a sad place even though so many good people are still there. But overseen by Slags, Usurpers like Barry, and the likes of Hittlery. The rot at the top needs to be cauterised out first.

    There is a saying in Russian which translates as- A dead fish rots from the head up.
    America in one.

    America can not recover until the top is gone. It needs decapitating at the top. Scraping off the scum which has surfaced.

  19. More fallout from Billy Boy's association with the underage sex traffic guy, Jeffrey Epstein? Are the Clintons at it again?


    A Lyft driver whose wife works as Georgia's first-ever human sex trafficking prosecutor was shot to death in his car while working in Atlanta early Wednesday morning, according to multiple reports.

  20. Ali had it right over 50 years ago...and still, the brainwashing is working and they are sending our young to kill in the name of profits for fat cats. Why does putting on a uniform allow you to commit murder?

    “My conscience won’t let me go shoot my brother, or some darker people, or some poor hungry people in the mud for big powerful America. And shoot them for what? They never called me nigger, they never lynched me, they didn’t put no dogs on me, they didn’t rob me of my nationality, rape and kill my mother and father.
    Shoot them for what? How can I shoot them poor people? Just take me to jail. Why should they ask me to put on a uniform and go 10,000 miles from home and drop bombs and bullets on brown people in Vietnam, while so-called Negro people in Louisville are treated like dogs and denied simple human rights.

    This is the day when such evils must come to an end. I have been warned that to take such a stand would cost me millions of dollars. But I have said it once and I will say it again. The real enemy of my people is here.

    I will not disgrace my religion, my people or myself by becoming a tool to enslave those who are fighting for their own justice, freedom and equality. If I thought the war was going to bring freedom and equality to 22 million of my people they wouldn’t have to draft me, I’d join tomorrow.

    I have nothing to lose by standing up for my beliefs. So I’ll go to jail, so what? We’ve been in jail for 400 years.”

    1. Watch the film 12 Years a Slave. It brutally explains the true, macabre and vile, ruthless character of the Plantation owners, staff and Slave Traders. It's about as inhumane as it gets and still only a century and a half ago. The same rotten. sub human mind set thrives,it's prevalent in the Cabal, the disgusting US Contractors still delivering mass genocide today,and the Zio Bankers who still enslave all. The mind set of the Bushes.

      OK, it's a film but a true portrayal of how life was, and why it needed a Civil War to smash this scum, and deliver humans from the perverse evil that has become part of the mind set of a section of America and still lives today. The Klan are living proof of Americas shame,and this is the Military stalking the earth today. The same sordid trash dropping weapons inciting mass murder and terrorism throughout Asia today. The world is at permanent war, funded and armed by the US Agency Cabal Whores!

      Ali called it right. This is a shame alive today,cross bred by the same low trash scrapings of Europe who came as bilge and a locust plague and who now sit in the Senate and Congress. Look at the Bushes and Clinton's. Cheney? Alabama will live forever in infamy. As will the South who excelled only in ignorance and the worst of human failings. This shame is now exported in mass genocide by the same kind who stalked America then. The War crimes in Iraq,Vietnam, the prostitution of the Children in Hanoi, and the sex trafficking today trafficking in Thailand funded by American tourism. This blights the earth.

      So, does it end when Russia and China co enjoin to say, No More? Encircling Russia like Plantation Masters, their Dogs are at Russia's feet. What happens if the provoked Bear attacks? For the first and last time. America will feel head on what it perpetrates on others. If those missiles come in, it will be Nuclear, followed by ICBM's. Bombers, then a vast Military sweep up enslaving all left. Will only then America reflect on its history revisited back as China and Russia open the US Gulags and Organ donor sites? No Anaesthetic as they just cut out live the organs they want from the terrified, screaming new Donor slaves. Be careful what others invoke which is paid for by all. Watch 12 years a Slave and think. What if it's our turn next? What if? For a nation where not even 5% have a passport, or have travelled,how can this mass ignorant understand Global awareness? Where is shame for its history? Who stops the Tourists returning from Thailand and asks why? Why are weapons dropping to ISIS in Asia when millions of Americans are out of work and hope?

      So now the Plantation Masters want the world?
      What happened to our consciousness and humanity? What became of morality? What became of the nation of the Founders? Why did the true Heroes of the Alamo die?

    2. John,

      The Elders called the West barbaric. I'm not holding the Russians up as a paradigm of virtue but at least they are trying: they have instigated the teaching of morality at school; they have parades celebrating the family and in politics they pay some respect to the rule of law. Putin called it the Dictatorship of Law.

      Civilisations fall when they become immoral with no respect for the lives of others and the rule of law - the basic, fundamental, absolute rules that hold them together and allow them to flourish. The West has declined because of a moral relativism that says it's wrong to lie, steal, cheat and murder unless you work for the government, corporations or the banks (and the distinction between them is disappearing). Applying moral exceptionalism to certain groups, religions or nations is destructive. The Laws of Creation apply absolutely and equally at all times, everywhere and to everyone. They are invariable. No excuses. The end does not justify the means, else the means become an end in themselves.

      Thomas Jefferson, by acknowledging our creation by God (whether you believe in Him or not), took away from government the power to arbitrarily determine what are or are not our rights and to whom they apply. We were all created equal under law with unalienable rights. He did not claim we were all created the same.

      God created Heaven and Earth. He created men and women. He gave them free will and did not revoke it even when they ignored His advice. If God Himself does not impose His Will upon us, what right has any man? Freedom comes from doing God's Will, not rebelling against it. If God's Will is to be done on earth as it is in Heaven, it's up to us to do it willingly and voluntarily. The cost of not doing His Will is painfully apparent, judging by human history and our own experiences. He will not impose His Will upon us. He is not a tyrant.

      We are all accountable for our actions; the elite no less than the common man though it's often the common man who is called upon to do the dirty work for the elite in exchange for worthless currency they conjure up out of thin air. A young man may join the armed forces to earn money to support his wife and children, even if it means being sent to a foreign country to kill someone else's wife and children. Sheer madness.

      The people in power have no conscience and we are reaching a stage where those who do have a conscience have no power: a man can be imprisoned for collecting rainwater off his own property while a psychopathic, criminal old hag can be nominated for the Presidency.

      The only solutions that will work are those where criminals are held to account and lawfulness prevails, without exception.

    3. Valdi

      Agreed on all, and more. But perhaps the only way to stop that psycopathic, criminal ( add degenerate) old hag, is to insist if you are so brain dead as to vote for it, you wake up to it each morning by your mindless side. Voting for the Presidency should be voting for the person, not party. Then its your bed to lie in it if so pathetically ignorant.
      Its not just a US problem, its Western also. The moral degeneracy and lost values, permeates right through.
      But yours is a good case, will be read and strike cords of hope.
      You are in such trouble now when your Partner asks you so why don't you live like this?

      But good case, and stop calling God Him. The vast ethereal power of all is not sexed. It is the vast collective consciousness of all,then for Cosmic humour some threw women into the mix.

      When you in time cross into what IS beyond, all will become so clear and wonderful. Only here is so screwed up, not your next Pit Stop of consciousness. That is for Real! And clear in its serenity.

      Joking on the women bit Ladies I did represent you with your share of God. Allow a Brit sound bite for fun.
      And an extra L for a Californian party so her Partners cup can overflow in fantasies.

    4. John,

      Thanks for reading my blurb. I know it's platitudinous and obvious but for some reason we lost the basics, expecting complexity. Yes, I know our Creator is not a He in the gender sense but I was using traditional terms familiar to the bibliophiles.

      People may not find it easy to accept that both Heaven and Earth are within them. They are states of mind and what we perceive is a reflection of that state. There is no separation between the Creator and the Creation: all are a unified wholeness (Holiness). There are no gaps or discontinuities: one either sees God everywhere or nowhere; or as Einstein phrased it, either everything is a miracle or nothing is a miracle.

      The universe of separate minds occupying separate bodies is an idea; it is the dream of separation. In reality separation is impossible or one would merely cease to be. The paradox is that we are eternal souls experiencing life in this realm through mortal bodies - but many of us forgot. Those who appear to have separated themselves to the extent of losing direct communication with God and who no longer have even a conscience to guide them feed off the loosh or spiritual energy of others, especially children who in their innocence are closer to God. Those people are in need of healing of their minds.

      So, when you're in Heaven don't expect to see our Creator sitting on a throne, issuing commands and hurling streaks of lightning at the wicked. I didn't see one on my extra-dimensional travels but if you insist on a bearded, male, authoritarian deity, here is a rendition that appeals to me:

      Monty Python - God

  21. Cartoon BRILLIANTLY explains the greatest THEFT in history!

    1. An excellent site, MWP ( The comments show more people are awake and aware of the truth. Very encouraging. Even Facebook has a positive side.

  22. Response for WHA as indicated.

    The Oily and collective misfits are what we scrape off our shoes in disgust.
    No comment of oxygen for any of it.

    But, and with great care now, we do NOT want this in Bloggerville, there are detailed discussions in play right now, so be prepared if the fast call comes. Won't say more, but the early bird - Needs to give me her number fast.

    1. So is Canauzzie collecting our early bird numbers? :-0)

    2. You may be missing the joke.

    3. You have my number I think 867-5309

    4. John,
      I got the joke having to do with an extra 'L'....just a pull of the leg :-0)

    5. Nope, for the little black book fast.

    6. Okay, here it is. 1-800-CAL-GIRL. Don't lose it! Lol.

      Cal L Girl

    7. Calgirl....hahaha...wonder how many guys are dialing that right now?

    8. I got you on speed dial Cal. Too bad for those across the pond and not in your back yard. ( T'd it up for you John)

    9. Happy to give you guys a laugh!

  23. A fascinating article on weather control which dovetails with the secret base article from way back. Very very interesting photographs. Which begs the question... is there any follow-up on that base? Any nation force the issue? I assume it is under surveillance at the very least....

    1. Incidentally, the post at the other website is authored by Dr. Paul LaViolette who has some most interesting physical theories. While somewhat off the beaten track, the math of his theories tracked and made some fascinating predictions of matter behavior at astrophysics level interactions that bore some fruit. I had to review his stuff for some curious folks long ago. So he's not a total fruitcake!

    2. Thanks, TINO. I hadn't heard of Dr Paul LaViolette or his theories before. I've seen similar microwave-striated cloud patterns over England. There must be a similar transmitter in this region. I was wondering if they had anything to do with the recent floods in France and Bavaria. When are people going to grow up and stop their stupid hybrid wars?

  24. From UN records Arab and Asian Nations vote against the US c 75% of the time. So what Dumb Ass keeps funding them and not Americans?

  25. But the masses are so dumb they will elect her. Bush will steer the GOP away from Trump because even with Clinton in the WH they can control the corrupt bitch and keep thieving.

    I think its 80% likely she will get in. Only arresting the Mutt will stop her.

  26. Will there be a new White Hats report anytime soon?

  27. Valdi, I like what you put over on WHA about a set pay for all. But I like the Venus Project concept better where everything is provided, no money needed, and everyone shares and enhances the planet for the better through the arts, science, teaching, environment, and enhances themselves for the better good of all.

    1. Biffie, bless you for saying so: I thought my words fell on deaf ears. My point was there are alternatives to a system where if people don't earn money, they don't eat - and it wouldn't necessitate depriving others of the fruits of their labours or raping the earth of its natural resources. The Venus Project concept you mentioned appeals to me.

    2. Valdi,
      I clicked over to WHA to see what you wrote and it sounds beautiful, but my mind boggles at trying to solve issues like this COMMON scenario:

      SOMBODY has to be accountable and pay

      Or this manipulator/fraudster

      Lobster eating food stamp recipient refuses job offer

      So how does a plan, yours, Venus project, or Bernie Sanders' utopia solve humanity's problems?

      Twitter's @iowahawkblog says "Bernie Sanders explaining where wealth comes from is like a 4 year old explaining where babies come from."

      Somehow when I put the realist hat on, I just don't see it working like that where people are not responsible for themselves.

    3. TEXIAN,

      God only knows how it could be done. I'll have to ask.:-)

      There must be a better way than what we have at present where most people need money for basic essentials, let alone luxuries. If you're Rothschild, you print it; a Rockefeller, you inherit it; a Wall Street banker, you steal it; a Bush or Clinton, you deal drugs; a Hollywood celeb or politician, you hock your soul; if you're lucky, you may win it - but most of us find we have to earn it. If you have no conscience, you go to work for the Military-Industrial-Security complex or Big Pharma or Monsanto; and if being a whore appeals to you, you sign up for the MSM.

      If you are blessed, you may get a job you love and get well paid for doing it. Many people, however, settle for unfilling jobs they hate just to get a pay-cheque: think about all those Chinese factory workers who threw themselves out of windows when they couldn't take it anymore. So now we have to make a distinction between "having a paid job" and making a positive contribution to society, often unrecognised and unpaid or underpaid. The ISIS head-choppers more likely do it for the pay and perks rather than out of any religious conviction; while a parent who wants to stay at home to raise a family or someone who takes care of a disabled relative or friend gets nothing or next to nothing.

      The lobster-eating guy looks like he has a job on the side, working for Bush and Clinton at street level. Would he be better employed as a TSA agent touching children up at airports? The government is the biggest employer. How many of those jobs are really necessary or productive and not a waste of tax-dollars like Mr Lobster-eating foodstamp whopper?

      In 2008 the FED issued 23 TRILLION dollars at 0% to its best friends. Catherine Austin-Fitts has calculated that the breakaway civilisation has sucked over 43 Trillion out of the US economy. QE all around the world has not helped Main Street one tiny bit - it has all gone to Wall Street and their BFFs, with corporations buying back their own stock rather than investing it in expanded manufacturing and services.

      The private banking families who own the central banks can produce booms or busts by controlling the amount of credit at street level. The current bust in the world is by design. They are engineering a global economic collapse so they can present their NWO solutions.

      We have a demographic problem in the West (that includes Japan) with an ageing population, yet youth unemployment in the PIIGS nations (or should I say EU regions?) has never been higher. There are not enough jobs. This doesn't mean there is a lack of work that could be done - there isn't the money to pay for it because it sits in the pockets of the elite.

      OK - so how might a Universal Basic Income help? First of all, it's guaranteed and it goes straight to street level. People will be able to openly supplement it without losing it, as they would with means-tested or time-limited welfare benefits. There is immediately an incentive for them to generate more income, especially if government shrinks because no-one needs to work for it anymore to earn a living and tax rates are slashed. People might then do the work that really needs doing, like rebuilding infrastructure - work they would be proud of. Capitalism would really take off once the fundamentals of supply and demand replace wholesale rigging by Wall Street and the (privateer)banks.


    4. (continued)

      Now, this is where it gets sticky: make the basic income global and suddenly there is no incentive for companies to outsource to low-wage economies because there won't be any. Ta dah!

      We focus on what NEEDS to be done: food and water supplies, housing, communication, education, healthcare, infrastructure, the arts, etc. Manufacturing may once again return to quality rather than quantity - we can let the robots do that while people engage in crafts that give them pleasure such as weaving, pottery, furniture-making and so on.....even car design since unlike Elon Musk (or maybe not unlike Elon Musk)they will not have to rely on the income their handicrafts may fetch. Can you imagine how many natural resources would be spared when low-waged people no longer have to keep producing stuff to feed their families and the military don't have to keep blowing things up so Halliburton can rebuid it while the bankers get richer?

      Oddly enough, it may turn out to be a global solution which destroys globalism and restores the power of the individual.

      Every country should strive to be as self-sufficient as possible and have the power to print their own currency without interest. The debt owed to the private central banks is odious. You have a powerful military - tell the banksters to shove it. Every other country could do the same, or offer to repay the debt with their own currencies where they have set the exchange rate, like the banksters had rigged the Forex to their own profit. Either de-corporatise your nation and population or take the governmental services corporations into public hands. Break up the huge global banks and corporations - they should never have been allowed to become too big to fail or too big to gaol.

      That's enough thinking off the top of my head. I shall now go and ask God......

    5. Valdi,
      Many thanks for your well thought reply. Please reveal when God advises how to work this all out. In the meantime, I'm thinking we should have taken a page from Ray Stevens several years ago. If we all did it, they wouldn't have room to lock us up, right? I think the idea would have caught on certainly with 'government' as the role model.

      Obama Budget Plan

    6. Thanks, TEXIAN. That little snippet of humour made me smile. :-)

  28. John,

    I thank you for the insight to your peoples brexit vote.

    Of course the elderly look to their physical needs more than the young do

    lets talk

    like me to Trump

    Don let me ask you this


    excuse me it is "The Donald"

    he he

    Lets say I will vote

    have not voted in many years

    why bother

    Why should I vote for the GOP?

    Lets take a look at my Mum

    she is one hundred and one

    she is on comfort from social security

    my brother set it up

    she has the best care in the best facility anywhere all paid for by social security and my Dad's railroad pension

    anyway, if you are anything like my brother you will set things up

    first America then the world

    I shall address all of your last fifteen points

    I simply need more time to think

    and I can think because I have time since my retirement is paid up

    humans must unite and think together

    much thanx


  29. There is no money, there are no reserves, and the State or Federal Retirees are all living from a cross firing Ponzi game. Each successive President passes it forward to the next. But with fast evolving new Geo Political economic control changes, as the US can not meet Basle 111, what happens to your comfortable pot, when the US are told to reign it in, or face economic failure? What happens IF, they stop the lot? There are no reserves, no contingencies and you are living an unearned life which faces ever faster oncoming perdition. State Retirees have no pot, so what next if you lose the lot? Why should you be kept by this generation and the next? The world is becoming ever more integrated, and cross accountable. If Global sanctions are imposed on America under Basle 111?

    When China goes Gold backed on the RMB, T Bills will get called, Bond income will flood out, then America will hit the wall as did Germany Post WW 11.

    Then with no magic State delusional wall, what then? Standing there with a reduced pot, or you Diddly in your hand, you will be able pay for what? Do you think the next generation will care? Or vote to lose their income earned rewards,to carry you?

    What is tracking, out of site, or mind it seems,is a real world Armageddon for many Retirees. So with nothing in the Pot, we do what with the lot? Only mass ignorance thrives in the mind sets of Beneficiaries today. If that that income . with no money left, is taken away?
    China is taking our ever more of the collective Global income. War risk with Russia increases, with a war to get the numbers down, ever more attractive to the Elites. They don't need you, they don't want you, and they soon will run out of wriggle room to keep to paying the lot from a non existent pot. Retirement is not paid up, but for most a high risk disappearing fantasy. An illusion of Independence. Even paid funds will be raided by the Cabal next. When the illusion is hit by reality? If you don't control your own future,who else will, or care?

    1. John, many Americans have the illusion that wealth can be found in the stock markets, ETF's, etc,; or the illusion of fiat currency wealth that can be printed forever based on Keynesian economics.

      When the current system is changed/or dies of its ponderous weight: Americans will be left with NOTHING.

      I fear anarchy and chaos.

  30. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Zika virus a global health emergency on February 1st, 2016 without providing much detail on the disease. So here are some facts until we receive more information:

    This sexually-transmitted virus has been around for 69 years and is marketed by two companies: LGC Standards (headquartered in the UK) and ATCC (headquartered in the US).

    And who owns the patent on the virus? The Rockefeller Foundation!

    Lest we forget the words of David Rockefeller in an address to a Trilateral Commission meeting in June of 1991:

    “We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years. … It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supernational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

    Who Owns the Zika Virus?

  31. Scientific proof of entities beyond our perceptions...really interesting!

    This comment under this video is worth a ponder a well:

    Dr Santilli is a highly educated physicist, who just does not conform to the tight constraints of the mainstream. Most intelligent, highly educated people, are still easily manipulated by the system, to work inside the perimeters of the system, without really realizing that they are perimeters. And, not just for example, regarding the laws of physics, but in almost every career and way of thinking about our everyday lives. Growth and new discoveries are only made by men like Santilli, who are aware of the tethers. Because he is aware of them, they don't hold him, not personally, although perhaps the sharing of them is limited. I get the impression from a few sentences, that the entities are either sentient and controlled or manipulated. Or, perhaps I imagine, even manufactured by the M.I.C., or an outsourced company, and he can not be more specific because of the restrictions on probably top secret government info. It is what I am guessing. Just saying. If you think you would have heard about it by now, then think again. Knowledge is power and the few want to stay in control of the many. As it is unlikely to hit mainstream news (we all know why), I am still surprised that it hasn't rung up more views here and, that there are no comments about the military mention. I find it incredible.

  32. A little excerpt to share from a newsletter I receive...I know they are touting the "company line" BUT, if this is the company line, it must really be getting bad, agree?

    Review of Last Week
    VERY BAD JOBS... Just when people seemed to be getting used to this stubbornly slow economic recovery with its monthly parade of economic reports which are neither terrific nor terrible, out come the May jobs numbers on Friday and, wow, are they terrible. A mere 38,000 new Nonfarm Payrolls were added last month, the weakest level of hiring in more than five years. Including downward revisions of 59,000 jobs to the March and April reports, the U.S. saw a net loss of 21,000 jobs in May. Investors took solace in the fact this would delay a Fed rate hike, but sent stocks south, worrying about a slowdown in the pace of job creation.

    The Unemployment Rate dropped to 4.7%, but this was because almost half a million people stopped looking for work, sending the labor force participation rate back down to 62.6%. Those seeking a silver lining in the jobs report found it in the continued increase in hourly earnings, up 0.2% for the month, and 2.5% ahead of a year ago. Those with jobs are putting that extra money back into the economy, with Personal Spending up a hot 1.0% in April. Too bad Friday's very bad jobs report was followed by ISM Services falling to a two-year low, although it remains above 50, showing that this vital sector of our economy is still showing growth.

    1. The real unemployment rate must be closer to 20%. In many western nations.

  33. MWP, John Williams at has the unemployment number between 23 to 25 percent. During the Great Depression, I believe the reported number was 25% unemployment.

    1. Hi Tammy,

      Yes, I am aware of the much higher unemployment numbers. I mostly posted this excerpt to share how totally "report the company line" almost all avenues of information are following these days. They say if you hear the same lie enough, you not only believe it but you'll fight others to protect it's truth.

      Believe me, the excerpt is wrong on so many levels but I found it most interesting that even the "company line" is not touting all lollipops and rainbows anymore as well.

  34. Hello MWP,

    You're right about the PTB showing a poor jobs report. It's usually nice and rosy.

  35. Obama has now warned Putin to go for a first strike, because if there are any altercations he alleges he will annihilate all of Russia's defence forces. This narcissistic buffoon has no concept of the appalling impact on at least 150M innocent Americans lives which will be mass obliterated with no pre warning if WW 111 is invoked. Why die for this Wookies lie? He doesn't even know if he's Arthur or Martha, what would he know of truth?

    This is a groomed dysfunctional, placed as a Usurper on a role to win the Afro vote, with no experience bar a part time mediocre Union organiser, funded by corrupt Racketeering sources in Chicago,whose only recorded evidence of doing anything twice, is the 2 Chicago Steam Bathhouse Homo Haunt Clubs he joined. His marriage, like his career, was "arranged" and like with his life, look what that got him.

    We recently saw the videos of him mentally disintegrating when heckled,and that pitiful visibly dysfunction Mutt will lead America to war? Or even worse,Clinton who will come behind.

    This is a tragic period for Americans. An election option of only 2 sub humans.
    Trump who half the GOP wont vote for, or most women either side.

    Opposed by a psychotic, lying, mentally unstable, ruthless and totally immoral, remorseless charlatan, who even Putin has indicated he feels she will become the trigger for WW 111. Either way, you elect a lie, who will pay for so many to needlessly die?

    China and America are in growing face off's in Asia. Russia and NATO as its US clone, are in growing escalation across Europe. Each a Tinder Box panacea.

    Unlike America, Russia has a totally Patriotic, well trained, well educated and hard drilled Military apparatus with vast and growing forces. Russia will sweep aside NATO in just 48 hours. Do you think for a minute the Russians, who will have lost millions in such a conflict, will allow Americans to sleep soundly in their beds immune to the consequences of electing this despotic Cabal?

    There will be no Russian sabre rattling. The first thing you will know, is when Russia totally erases the entire US electronic network, the phones TV, power and cars all gone. A dead line and no mobiles working for the panic calls as the skies light up across all horizons as payback comes home. NO warning as what is lighting up the horizon will not be a new dawning, but the consequences of ignoring Russia's warning.

    The theatre of consequences a dumbed down nation so badly misread,as Russia, backed by China,unleashes its fury as payback for its dead. You want this invoked by Obama Mutt or Clinton? If in the first day, you somehow do not die, how then will you live?
    The entire skies will be irradiated, as will water, crops and sea life. No water will flow and nowhere to go. How, walk? With any life left facing daily predators. All major cities, towns and bases will be annihilated. Also the Global 990 plus US bases. The US fleets will be atomised. Some subs will survive but to what? To surface and face an irradiated death? And Obama Mutt provokes Putin for this?

    Is this to become the epoch of our end? Is ignorance truth? Nations are building for war. But the next one will be the last one. With the same way the Mutt masses slid idly into WW11, payback for morose stupidity will be life ending for the innocent masses. How do we answer the Why, as the Children die? Because we elected this?

    Of course we hope to avoid all this, so why put either way, a Mutt on point duty in the WH? Never before has mankind had so much power, to destroy so much life in a single hour. Hopefully, we never use it. But what say have you, over the Clinton Shrew? Just look at the opaque moronic supporters clustered around her. So dumb? They vote?


    U.S. and Chinese officials agreed to give the yuan a foothold in America while sparring over how to address excess capacity in China’s steel and aluminum industries, illustrating both the progress being made and hurdles that remain in their economic relationship.
    Finishing two days of annual bilateral talks in Beijing on Tuesday, China said it will let foreign institutions raise 250 billion yuan ($38 billion) in the U.S. to be invested in Chinese markets. China will also allow an American bank to clear yuan transactions outside of the mainland, with U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew saying participation in the yuan market opens an “important door.”

    At the same time, progress was mixed on U.S. efforts to get China to reduce overcapacity that America complains is distorting global markets. Lew said there was a “good agreement” on steel and the outcome from the capacity talks was “quite strong,” with China restating commitments and agreeing to let market forces determine which facilities are creating excess production. He expressed disappointment on a lack of a similar conclusion on aluminum.
    “They made clear their commitment to action and we will stay very much on it,” Lew said at a press briefing. “If we don’t see progress we will raise the issue again.”
    The fitful progress on the economic side was mirrored in diplomatic discussions led by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. While the two sides pledged more cooperation on North Korea’s nuclear program, climate change and commercial fishing in the Arctic, they made no headway on resolving tensions over Chinese territorial claims in the South China Sea.
    More Trust
    American and Chinese officials used the talks to discuss a wide range of issues including the global economy, financial stability and regulatory cooperation as well as open trade and investment.
    Policy makers from both countries emphasized that communication between the U.S. and China continues to improve, though increased cooperation and trust is still needed.
    Lew reiterated the administration’s desire for China to press ahead with its reform agenda, especially with regard to the country’s transition to a market-based exchange rate. He praised China for committing “to continue market-oriented exchange-rate reform that allows for two-way flexibility, while stressing that there is no basis for sustained depreciation” of the yuan.
    Chinese officials pushed back on U.S. concerns over excess capacity, with Finance Minister Lou Jiwei saying in a press briefing that while the government is addressing the issue, the economy isn’t centrally planned and private firms would not take instructions from the government. China Vice Premier Wang Yang noted that in-depth discussions were needed to address overcapacity.

  37. Buggerburg time again. Much of same perps + a few new ones.... Lindsey Lightloafers Graham, David Betrayus, plus seems like way too many "journalists"

    "The secretive Bilderberg Group, which is set to meet in Dresden, Germany later this week, will discuss how to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president, the possibility of mass riots as a result of wealth inequality, the migrant crisis, as well as the United Kingdom’s vote on leaving the European Union.
    The influential meeting of bankers, politicians, media heads and business moguls has released its official participant list and agenda for 2016."


    List of Attendees

    1. The way to prevent trump is to indict clinton

    2. The Bushes, Clintons, and Obamas are a tag team. All working together for the good of the whole. But the word is that Barack and the fam are out of the WH and living quietly in DC. Anyone else hear that?

  38. What you should note from next weeks BB meeting is who is not attending.

    1. Pray tell who...Kissinger still on list!

    2. Oooohhhhh...maybe the crowd that starts with R and ends with d, another starts and ends with R?

    3. Kissinger will be there, but no Rothschild or Rockefeller:

      PARTICIPANTS 2016 BB (Big Boobies) Conference

  39. The Demo Rats knew Soetoro was a bogus Ringer and should never have cleared Security vetting. Yes the promoted the Bum twice.

    Now, with the latest revelations from her own SS team via the last White House residency period, all published in the new book out, how can this psychotic criminal ever be allowed to represent America again? Americans should be ashamed not flaunt it.

    1. John,
      What's to be expected when almost every TV channel is praising this witch and covering up all her murders, fraud and lies....and the mindless twits who vote for her get all their 'information' from the boob tube plus the Diebold 'programmers' are paid well for fraud?

  40. Right now Russia is testing its Satan 2 Stealth Nuclear Missile which is both unstoppable , undetectable and and so powerful it can wipe out entire nations. The Wookie provokes Putin who wont even give him 5 minutes warning before they implode America if pushed. The hard fact now is that Russia will soon be capable of wiping America off the map before the US even has time to respond and within 18 months Russia will have its own full any missile defence system capable of stopping any incoming response. Was there ever a time coming giving Russia such a clear window to go for it? Boys with Toys want to use them. We live in a very dangerous time. What a time to prove a bear, both Naked Emperors in the same cage.

  41. Can't wait for Trump's speech Monday on crooked Killery

  42. The philanthropy of Utopia is a nice aspirational ideology. But until then, as we live in the current real world,nations can not fund mass Social Security,and if non contributors cant be funded by the State, can you? Why saddle others with your aspirations? The State creates no money, but takes from all. Back to the Robber Barons.
    Evolution of the species towards cashless first is a current step. NWO gets ever closer. Stupefying the species is already mass visible. Culling the surplus a known CFR ideology. But their way, will the reduction also be you?
    Overstocked herds get culled, why are we different?
    It's only a matter of time before a targeted DNA virus is unleashed, and the Muzzies may be number one. Which will cross remove a lot of Zios.That will be some play.

    Russia may well create the Muzzie Mosquito solution.

    The problem is, in the meantime, we can spend mega Trillions on weapons and war, but nothing on developing humanity or re thinking people?

    Creating a human nest fit for a Soul to be hatched into? This is the dichotomy of Earth.

    1. If I may be so bold, the unintended consequences of targeted DNA virus due to mutation makes that a really bad idea. Frank Herbert explored this in the novel The White Plague.

    2. Yes, Tino, please be bold. This whole idea of bio targeting is repulsive. I expect most people aren't aware that many of the viruses were created on purpose and are patented as the ZIKA post I put up above...owned by Rockefeller. Other patented viruses are HIV, Ebola and almost anything else used as a pandemic to create a problem for a pharma solution (read big $€£¥). They're usually developed in University labs by CON-TRACT.

      Any suggestion that seniors will be forced on the streets to starve to death by taking away their meager social security pensions is also abhorrent. That is NOT welfare. Every person was forced to pay into that system their entire career plus a matching payment by employer. How John's Queen is in charge of social security for many countries has yet to be answered here. I have previously posted the documents as evidence.

      IMO, there are quite a few palaces, country homes, yachts, jewels and other holdings to be liquidated before we see any seniors booted to the streets.

    3. Tino

      The DNA viruses will be unleashed as Political strategies with no consideration of risks. Look at all failed Military ventures, same game.
      When it all goes wrong, we pay, and they get another medal. Look at the idiot Betrayus. A posturing Hymie caught with his pants down and plea bargaining like a Wimp for mercy. They made that ass kissing cretin a General?

      If others don't want their hard earned income taken from them as taxes to pay for Social needs, what right have we to take from them? Its their money. not ours. Sequestering it by force has created the mess we have now. Everyone loses.

      Redesign a new philanthropic order and you have my support when I see you can resource it.
      Until then robbing Peter to pay for non contributing Paul, leaves poor Peter with bugger all.
      How fair is that?
      The hard fact is the welfare burden can not be supported by the State, and soon hard decisions may have to be faced. Governments can not just print Ponzi money. Why?

      What right does anyone have to saddle the next generations for surplus crap we got wrong?
      Whatever the ethical aspirations, hard facts are that non can be afforded. We have to stop shifting powers to the State, we have to stop talking through other peoples pockets. If we can't pay- Don't.

    4. Thanks John, Got it- the sociopaths don't care, we are off all the rails, and running on empty.

      Which begs a related question... is it the fact that all assets are uber-leveraged at multiples why the cupboards are bare or is the money existing/stolen but sequestered out of reach?

      As to the philanthropic order, as long as some see humanity as a herd, the only results one will get is those of herding. If the refocus was the unhindered development of the individual and by extension the family, the results would be wildly different. In the latter environment I would be most willing to accept an extra burden to keep family and elderly, including strangers, in some degree of material comfort.

    5. Tino
      It is the system which is flawed.
      States wasting way beyond their means encouraged by taxes.
      A rapacious Banking system stripping a nation bare within 15 years and owning the country.

      An under educated mass population which once served to fill the tills with Ponzi distribution,but a now surplus and unn affordable mass surplus who can only serve themselves from an unsustainable Welfare model.

      Fact, there is no alternative mass Beneficial model in process, and what is, will fail long before then. When it goes it will be ugly. Rights wont help when the masses divide, because the haves, wont share, when the cupboards are bare, and the retribution for protest, will be the 2 billion plus hollowhead rounds they have waiting to issue,and the Hardball the possible future Council of Foreign Relations may direct the puppet President to unleash

      You have to first understand the game, before you can game the system. Which is why the masses,always lose. Who controls the board, controls the hoard.

      Our role, is helping you understand the realities, false and real.

      Who pays for todays world,is the primary question. Tomorrows likewise.
      Sometimes playing the Devils Advocate for shock effect, helps you understand the cause and consequence.

      Right now the State Department is withholding hard evidence of Criminal conduct to assist a criminal be elected. There is neither Law nor Justice in the Cant, rotten system running America today.

      Where is hope when the Leaders deserve the rope?

      So, as stated, no objection to a truly philanthropic society, but funded how and by who? Until you cross that Rubicon line, you will remain the enslaved species, until you ORGANISE!

    6. John,
      You equate Social Security retirement with welfare. I don't know what the UK system is, but it was 'sold' in US (actually none of us had any choice in the matter) as a retirement plan. This is how it breaks out now:
      2016 FICA Taxes and Social Security Limits
      Social Security Tax Rate – 6.20% (employee) / 6.20% (employer)
      Self-employed Tax Rate: 12.4% of net self-employment income
      Social Security Income Limit – $118,500.00
      Medicare Tax Rate – 1.45% (for employees and employers)
      Maximum Social Security Contribution Amount – $7,347.00 (employee) / $7,347.00 (employer)

      As self-employed, I always had to pay in the max. I don't consider it welfare. If I could have deposited that same amount into ANYTHING else...even a passbook savings account....over the 40 years, I would have much more. So it's a net loss in my case.

      However, there are many seniors who made their contributions also over many years as did their employers so they would have a meager payout in retirement. This is also not 'welfare.' My definition of welfare is a monthly sum paid to people who contributed nothing. Perhaps because they were physically unable to work or perhaps more like my video situations above. I'm all in favor of cutting off welfare for anyone able-bodied who can work doing something. So lobster lovin man...boot him to the street! For the woman who says somebody needs to be accountable, somebody needs to pay for all of her 15 children, I can only suggest we get her a tubal ligation. She doesn't seem bright enough to be able to take a pill.

      We have a moral responsibility to live up to obligations that were made to people who are now 70 years old and retired. As far as I can see, assets that have been purloined from the working people must be reclaimed from wherever they exist. Therefore, the perp accounts that White Hats have traced and the assets of royalty, the Vatican and others who have lived on the public dole are up for confiscation also. When you think about it, what is the difference between royalty and other 'useless eaters' as you term it....they all live on the public dole and have for centuries!

      What is money? It's not fiat paper, it's not digits on a computer screen, it's not really gold or silver either except those have more intrinsic value to produce things. When you examine's only our labor and natural resources to produce those things we need to water, food, shelter. All of these things have been made scarce by design of the perps.

      Call this my early summer rant!

    7. Thank you John. Maybe I can draw some inspiration from Benjamin Rush...

  43. Clinton’s TPP Email Disclosure Blocked by State Department Until After Election

  44. The 2nd Amendment is a decent litmus test to understand whether or not to trust someone. Simply put, anyone who doesn't trust you with a weapon wants to do something to you or claim the right to do something, that they would never be able to get away with if you you had a weapon. Interestingly, anti-2nd politicians seem to go hand-in-hand with political corruption.

    Short, sweet article. Use the knowledge in the upcoming election.

  45. Texian

    The Capital you refer to has been taken, misused and is not behind the system. As Leo Wanta found for years with the Regan funds. Personal funds under your invested control would be OK, but they are not. When have you ever seen a Thief pay it back? That is the problem. As populations age, and need care, funded by what? Thank the Military for this. Or the Lockheed screw ups.

    1. JOHN,

      How about making the thieves an offer they can't refuse by putting an old nag's head in the bed beside them, like Don Corleone did to Jack Woltz in The Godfather? Oh, I forgot: Bill Clinton already sleeps with one.

    2. I don't think they do, and if so I'm sure he prefers it Butt on.
      Jeez imagine waking up to that without make up. What an unholy alliance. Hell on earth, then payback to follow. Hillary prefers Huma Abedi, and with Hillaries alleged multiple abortions, would you touch it? With anyone's?

    3. What a nightmare; I rather cut off my dong with a rusty penknife. Quick, we need some eye bleach

    4. John,
      Social Security payments for US have been going to Queen since at least 1970s according to the documents. So you're saying she or her minions have mismanaged this fund? I don't think the military has anything to do with SS.

      In fact, many purchases of aircraft and weapons systems have been foisted on the military that they neither asked for or even wanted and could not manage to cancel because of political oversight and the foreign-owned corporation known as United States, Inc and successive entities.

      Long before any contributing people are thrown to the street the ill gotten gains must be confiscated from the perps just like they did with Madoff and others. This has been a giant Ponzi scheme with culpability to spread around starting with City of London, Vatican, District of Columbia, shadow families. There is no statute of limitation on FRAUD. Fraud vitiates all.

    5. John,

      There is also no statute of limitations on murder or acts of terrorism. Take them to court. Take out international arrest warrants. Have them extradited. Or is the UK afraid of what may come out through full disclosure?


    6. To what court? The US does not recognize the ICC. So take them court in their own country? Good luck with that. Wanta went to court and won with a settlement and he has seen nothing......

    7. Forget court! That's all contrived and owned by same corporations. Follow their example! Just go take it back...White Hats reports wrote they had traced it all. Go to the vipers' nests with machine guns, drones. Or what do you do with vampires? I'm not very well versed on procedures. Some of them are at a hotel in Dresden...

    8. Texian

      Neither the UK nor Queen receives your Tax or SS money,not true. But after what was stolen from us post war loans I would sequestrate the lot in a heartbeat if so.
      Your Cabal takes the lot, not ours. Ours are not bright enough.
      The poor old Queen again. Not guilty.

    9. John,

      Here's a document of UK legislation just amending the social security agreement referenced back to 1984 agreement. It refers to "Her Majesty." Please enlighten us why Her Majesty is in charge of our United States of America Social Security. Is there another 'Her Majesty' we don't know about? There are many more documents. This is just first one that popped up.

      1997 No. 1778 Social Security

    10. You will find it refers to the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Of course under Sovereignty we still have title, but funds are US controlled. We only have responsibility if the Colony fails.

    11. John,
      It refers to Washington DC and Puerto Rico because that's the HQ of the foreign-owned corporation pirates that have parked themselves in America since late 1800s. That's one of the fraud situations. The US Corp has forced Americans to pay Social Security Tax and Income Tax fraudulently. There was no choice in the matter; they were both withheld from payroll checks...FOR EVERYONE. This is the main theme in the articles by Anna Von Reitz. We are residents of states, but have been captured at birth into a scheme of birth certificate fraud making us all corporations subject to DC jurisdiction.

      So let's dispense with the doublespeak and figure out a solution short of throwing seniors and other people who have been faithfully contributing to the 'scheme' the perps dreamed up. The City of London, DC & The Vatican being some of the main creators of this mess. Since SS is under the Queen's direction and/or oversight, how was it allowed to go off the rails to this point? Doesn't Her Majesty have a fiduciary duty to her 'subjects?'

    12. She is just a captive Title Signatory to issues for beyond her control. The "System of Provenance" is what you question. Who owns the money, and who, in this Global zoo.

    13. John,
      Exactly. I realize Her Majesty is just a figurehead in the scheme of things and part of the British culture and heritage. My questions always revolve around who or what entity is actually pulling the strings. All we have to examine are documents available. I trust I've made my point that contributors to society should not be abandoned in the planning for future.

  46. Thanks everyone. It's uplifting to read your contributions.

    This discussion between Leuren Moret and Professor Darrell Hamamoto of UC Davis covers a lot of material, revealing the hidden power of ancient Iranian bloodlines and the Jesuits. I was compelled to watch it to the end. It's now 3.40am!

    Who would have guessed that Fidel Castro is descended from Alessandro Farnese, Pope Paul III? Or that Prince Rainier of Monaco and Princess Grace were of Iranian descent?

    "UC, Davis, Katehi, Illuminati," Leuren Moret with Darrell Hamamoto

    1. Valdi,
      Just finished listening...spellbinding. Leuren Moret is very brave. She's been a pioneer in disclosure. Haven't heard Darrell Hamomoto before...he's very impressive as well.

  47. Guess we've all heard of 'highway robbery,' but this is a new twist that empties money out of bank accounts! Police are seizing cash all over country...mostly from innocent people who happen to have some cash with them. It never seems to find it's way back to them however once it's seized. The costs of going after it are astronomical thanks to the foreign owned corporate police, courts and prisons. From available reports, Kalifornia has been doing that for several years. This case is Oklahoma which is quite surprising!

    OHP Uses New Device To Seize Money Used During The Commission Of A Crime

  48. Replies
    1. TEXIAN,

      Thanks. I listened to the whole interview with William Lutz and was so impressed I ordered a copy of his book. The Quarterly Review of Doublespeak was discontinued in 2000, before a massive inundation of new expressions in the wake of 911 with terms such as The Patriot Act and Department of Homeland Security (which are anything but); 'regime change' for coup d'etat and 'collateral damage' for the murder of innocent civilians. We need it now more than ever with an updated online dictionary of doublespeak; although politicians have become so arrogant they now often lie outright without trying to disguise their language.

  49. An overview of Buggerburgs meeting. If it has to be secret, you know they're up to no can imagine they're not just comparing castle, yacht and vacay pics.

    Bilderberg group meeting: What actually happens at the world’s most secretive gathering of global elites, and who is attending?

    1. Just a talk shop evolving new concepts and power talks, not grabs.Just a Think Tank no more. We run it!

    2. As a suggestion for a BB workshop: form them in groups and have them go through our comments at OWoN. Have each group choose an issue that they can work with. Their task is to come up with a viable workable solution to that issue. All solutions then to be presented at the closing plenary.

      I'm not being flippant. This is the kind of workability we need and want.

  50. Nothing to see here. Just keep moving folks.

  51. An interesting opinion that I think Trump could use:

    Here is a measure of the atrocious judgement Hillary Clinton displayed.

    A couple or three months ago on Fareed Zakaria’s CNN Sunday show, Michael Hayden, former director of both the NSA and then the CIA, provided a very interesting new twist on Hillary’s unsecure server. Hayden said that “if right now I was NSA director and someone told me that all of Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov's work emails were in an unsecure server my mouth would water. I would immediately want to get them. Forget whether there were any classified emails. Even if there weren’t any, imagine the insights we could get into the thinking of his government and how they operate. I would lose respect for any major intelligence agency if someone told me that right now they aren’t thumbing through Mrs. Clinton’s emails.”

    Do we want to trust her with the nuclear codes? Resoundingly NO!

  52. Let's hope this is not true because it means they are getting ready to drop the hammer.

    UNITED States of America - It can now be reported that, as of this hour, alleged ISIS aka the Israeli Secret Intelligence Services, along with the NAZI Paperclip Bush-Clinton-Obama-CIA-NSA Crime Family Syndicate, have activated forty-five (45) U.S. domestic assassination teams on American soil to coordinate the murders of thousands of patriotic American citizens who are described as "loud mouths" and who know too much and are opposed to the illegal, un-Constitutional occupation of the United States of America by this treasonous filth that began in earnest with the year 2000 election coup d'état against the American People.


  53. One of the most amazing UFO videos I have seen with a dimensional portal opening up and the UFO flying through it. You can hear the wind on the video.

    1. Good find JV. So much for Einstein's relativity heh? So back to the Cosmic Dimensional Goldfish bowl.

    2. JV

      TPTB appear to have blocked the video. I watched it now its gone.

    3. I just viewed it from JV's link. Amazing footage! So when are they going to tell us we actually live on a rather flat plane featuring a dome with portals in it?

    4. Interesting from a physics point of view. It implies that our 3D + linear time construct is a pocket and not universal. One needs to enter and exit via a dimensional portal. Reminds me of birth and death: each time does one not pass through a tunnel, one of blood and one of light? Einstein worked out the geometry of this dimensional bubble.

    5. In the Thioubba Prophecy, they said it is best to travel innerdimensionally as the dust of space would rip apart your craft.

      They used a process called transubstantiation.

    6. JV, I love that book. Am currently reading it for the third year in a row.

    7. Yes, I first read it about 15 years ago and have read it every year since.

      It's a bible for a moral, ethical and spiritual way to live.

      It should be required reading. Society would be 100 times better if our leaders would read it and follow their guidance for creating an advanced communal society.

      First order of business....GET RID OF MONEY! It stifles all creativity and hope of creating an advanced society.

      Instead it is creating a technological, robotic nightmare.

      Another point they EMPHASIZED emphatically.

      We are advanced spiritual being of light that don't die....not robots.

  54. Did I dream that I saw a post a few days back regarding an uptick in things being in play, and that perhaps there might be a chance of a major breakthrough, or sorts? Are we on heightened alert - to be checking daily? Or? Just wondering! Pressed for time these days, but will make time if daily checking is recommended. Wouldn't want to be seen as being impatient, whether I'm in the front row or the back seat. :)

    1. Turbulent times lets see daily.
      Many big issues in play, but some cross link to Cabal games in play.
      They cant block them all. Just watch for movement, it can come with no pre advice.

    2. Hello John. Sounds like good news to me. I just hope the green light comes in the morning when the banks first open. I hope you and the Elders are doing well, and I wish you all the best in this fight. Continue to give the Cabal the 2 piece.

    3. John your "Just watch for movement, it can come with no pre advice." comment gave me of bush sr in his nappies.

  55. Oh man. And some things you just can't "unsee". Lol.

    Thanks John. Thanks All, for the education I receive in here every time I'm able to tune in and spend more than 5 minutes. It would be great to have more time, but the other side of the 'not enough time' coin in that my business is starting to take flight, and I need to spend the time there. I just have to trust that the universe will guide me here at the right time, when the time comes. Blessings to all.

    1. My Girl

      There are intense discussions ongoing hourly not just daily. There are multi facet positions being explored. ( That should interest you as backseat traveller)
      Many very high level people of Global seniority are part of the multiple groups seeking redemption, but it gets better.
      The strategy we have in play with the Elders is not only Cabal free , but with London control we can and will keep it all Zio free,enabling us to allocate Global funding bypassing Federal and Fed special interests, and fund at source offering only 2 fingers to the many outstretched Fed,Cabal and Zio hands. We need non of them. We will carry and tolerate non of them.

      Irrespective of what the DC suits do with the cash paper chasing, if we move the AU into play it is the Global game changer. There are deep discussions ongoing to determine to full extent of consequences, and how to safely protect these vast amounts, but both acquiring the key Zio free Banks, and removing Fed hooks into each of them, cuts the tentacles from Cabal constraints. We are looking at a whole new,enlightened and self empowered infrastructure, weevil free,and staying that way. No US oversight, no US Banks, and no Fed oversight.
      Projects will be funded direct to regional banks, supported by State Governors,bypassing DC autocracy. We are already discussing ways to help Canada, clean up its pollution filth,and low cost energy help for the people, as with all nations. We can do so,so much. But, it takes time. Huge amounts are involved,and complex inter Elder family positioning as the human Zoo we are. 40 key families, all seeking positions, a Karma Sutra of minds MY GIRL 56.

    2. What encouraging news!!! There are so many Americans that have your same heart & interest to break free of this evil stronghold. I'm so thankful for you John & your commitment to change the world for the better. Please express how grateful us good hearted people are for the Elders willingness to help us inspite of our government. Light always dispels darkness!! You & the Elders & Patriots WILL prevail!

    3. John,

      Please promise me that you will discuss the abolishing of the "trans-humanism" agenda with the elders. You know this is not in the best interest of the human species and we will cease to exist as we are known in this life cycle.

      While there are some that we could well do without... most people are good and loving ... they are just asleep due to the lithium of the chemtrails and the fluoride placed in their h2o, etc.

      It is a cabal agenda to produce the robots of tomorrow in this manner.


    4. Its way too far forward now, we can only hope to shape it.Vast capital and time has been invested now and we can not allow other nations to get a quantum leap advantage.

    5. "a kama sutra of minds" Meaning they are open to all the possibilities... willing to try new things.... use techniques and moves that give pleasure and good things to all parties. Love it! Thanks much. :)

  56. Gen Betrayus literally runs away from reporter questions....German police arrest anyone holding a sign...even a blank piece of cardboard....reporters being beaten up by police....they are up to no good if it has to be this secret!

    Buggerberg 2016

    1. Hey TEXIAN, the BB's are being remote-viewed. The Faraday room, electronic counter-measures and SIS empaths are useless.

      Kissinger is wearing blue boxers with white dots. LOL.

    2. TEXIAN - not quite what you anticipated, perhaps....

      BREAKING: Peter Thiel Goes On The Record About Bilderberg

      Peter Thiel is a man who had to choose his words very carefully. He was too scared to say more. At least he had the courage to say something, unlike Betrayus who ran away like a girly boy.

      What did they discuss? War with Russia to distract the US Military while the TSA took care of disarming the American public following economic collapse and the imposition of martial law. False flag attacks in Europe as an aperitif. Execution centres....oops, I mean re-education centres....for useless eaters and those suffering from Oppositional Defiant Disorder. The usual kind of after-dinner chat one gets with Satan's Groom of the Stool. And whether Kissinger could still score while wearing blue boxers with white dots over his Depends.

    3. That's about what I was speculating they were discussing!

      Please refresh my memory about what's going to be good about proposed new economic plans. What's sticking in my mind currently is Americans, even the ones contributing to society, will be tossed to the curb when their retirement checks are terminated unless they have managed to maintain alternate assets even though interest rates have been 0 for several years and prices have skyrocketed, any who survive that will be made into robots and there will be no more God. Does that about sum it up?

    4. Seems ironic, doesn't it? That the generation which gave us computers, robotics, space travel, AI and the Internet would see themselves made useless and poor in their retirement by their own inventions. Where post-war technology could have transformed the earth to everyone's benefit, it was used instead to further the power and wealth of a ruling elite set on world domination. I agree people who work hard for a living should not have their wealth confiscated for those who could work but are too lazy. That's unfair, especially when the workers can't themselves benefit from the system when they need it.

      It's not a shortage of money, per se. It's mismanagement on a criminal scale; made worse by the fact the whole system is rigged from beginning to end so that study and hard work are no guarantee of success - especially if one's mother didn't shag the right guy or one's father doesn't belong to the right secret society. It never had to be like that and could have been very different if JFK hadn't been assassinated. That was a time-line changing event, like the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

      I would like to be optimistic but there has appeared a Tree of Stupidity and Wilful Ignorance next to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life, and many have eaten of its fruit.

      Don't give up, we don't know what God may up his sleeve. All we have to do to overcome evil is not to participate in it; and all we have to do to solve our problems is put our hearts and souls into it and ignore the arseholes.

    5. God has us up her/his sleeve! :) I do believe we need do more than 'not participate' - "all that is required for evil to triumph is that good people to do nothing" (with no apologies to Edmund Burke or whoever it was who said it first for ignoring the other gender). But by putting our hearts and souls into it, as you suggest, we are not doing nothing. I AM in God; God is in me; God and I are One.

      Have a great day everyone.

  57. Don't you just love the Internet? I used to dream as a child of having a world of knowledge at my fingertips and here it is. Sadly, it's also full of a lot of bunk - like life itself. Here is a tool that can unite and inform or surveil and stupify.

    I came across a couple of gems yesterday:

    Ego and the Ruling Class

    "For better or worse this what the evolution of ruling class society has brought its masses. But there is a major defect inherent in the ruling class social organism (which demonstrates its unnaturalness). Even if the ruling class perfectly dominated its society and bred an overwhelming majority of its subjects into the herd mentality, even if it did everything exactly as a ruling class should, it will still destroy itself sooner rather than later due to the inability of the successfully bred masses to recognize when and by whom they are being brutalized and destroyed.

    But even well bred individuals have their limits. The hour fast approaches."

    That conclusion coming from a site hosting The Ruling Class Preservation Society!

    1. Here's the other: a blogger called crackerwv on YouTube. He doesn't have much to say but what he says is enough. It caught my eye after a friend told me her six year old daughter had been told at school that we descended from apes. No debate. Rockefeller indoctrination at its finest.

      crackerwv channel on YouTube

      "To the atheists out there that believe that some contrived definition of "god" that doesn't exist, I say this to you. The problem is with the definition, not the lack of existence. On creation, your public school taught theories are completely incorrect. Desperate preservation of illusory status quo, controlled and stagnant credibility does not a true scientist make. I guess 160 years wasn't enough to figure out Darwin was an idiot.

      Many people have been blinded by this primitive anthropomorphic idea of an authoritarian God when God is INFORMATION. PURE unadulterated information contained in the structure of the unified field and locked into the design behind sacred geometry and fractal morphic manifestation. God SPOKE and SPOKE means the cymatic template on which creation was made through frequency creating potentiality through a quantum wavefield. It's ALL about frequency and the information carried within it much in the same manner radio signals are frequency carrying information. Humans are the conduits or the antennas for "God's" (or whatever moniker you choose to call the creative force behind the UNI-VERSE) information. That entire collective compendium of all possible information is the source of all information extracted by the minds of human beings and manifested into forces that create the appearance of physical reality. WE observe therefore, WE shape the potentiality created in cymatic waveform (-e motion) into a collective morphic resonance through collapse of the quantum wave function. No big bang bullshit. No man cooked up fairy tale witch's brew primordial soup that we all magically crawled out of. No animals turning from one to another over "millions of years." That's just stupid. Utterly stupid. Hate to disappoint all those people suckered into believing evolution but hey, you learn from your mistakes, right? The biggest was believing what you were taught by people interested in dehumanizing you and convincing you to be their pets as long as they throw you a bone after eating the steak you paid for. It's time to grow up, people. You don't need people telling you what to believe. All you need is a sense of discernment. We have everything we need now along with the ability to communicate information instantly. We've outgrown primitive shit like Government which is why they are becoming more violent and interested in limiting people's ability to exercise their God given rights with these bullshit controlling law. Stop falling for the controlled and contrived information pushed by public schooling to maintain and shitty and self destructive system of planned obsolescence. Get back in tune with the infinite and dismiss this silly indoctrination. Like an infant that refuses to let go of the titty.

      Start thinking for yourself. Start respecting the rights of others. Start respecting free will and stop manipulating people and using force against others to fulfill some irrelevant and pointless material desires. There's so much more to us than what we have been made to believe by others claiming AUTHOR-ity when WE are the ones that CHOOSE to believe such nonsense. You will wake up one day and just think...WOW, I have a mind of my own and I am my OWN authority. Then you will know freedom."

    2. My opinion on the first article: Rulers get to where they are by bringing out the worst in people. Leaders get to where they are by bringing out the best in people. We have too many rulers, and not enough leaders.

    3. You will find a lot of common ground in the big new article coming out later. It gives you a depth of balanced knowledge. But it shows you what is in play, and why. But more important what we can do to fix it now.

  58. Replies
    1. Great cartoon, TINO. I'm going to post it on my window.

  59. So we turn on the news and what do we see....

    Orlando shooting.....Deadliest shooting in US history.....

    Obama speaking out about that.....

    The Queen speaking out about that.....

    ISIS claiming responsibility.....

    So what are we still missing here?

    1) John McCain and other Neocons acting like rabid dogs with an excuse to attack Syria under the pretence of punishing ISIS.
    2) A massive US invasion and attempted secession from Syria by Kurdish terrorists who are controlled by the Venetian Empire and even Turkey (strange as that might sound to many people) as Barzani is a traitor and terrorist who conspires with Erdogan.

    Each and every 'noble' house connected to this deserves to be stripped of everything they have, but that change will not come from any parties in the West. The same nonsense keeps happening over and over and over again. Just when is this going to stop?

    Oh, we do have one thing....Lisa Simpson calls Donald Trump Presidency:

    Well....we can be sure the world is in good hands with someone connected to the Knights of Malta and FBI Division 5......if you belong to the same club. He is the only candidate who could do something beneficial, but even that seems not all that likely.

    1. The Venetian Empire just doubled down on their bets against the BRICS alliance instead of accepting any offers of co-operation whatsoever.

    2. Thanks for Simpson's link. They always reveal what they're going to do either through movies, TV, video games, or cartoons like Simpsons.
      Noted that Obozo is cancelling a trip because of Orlando shooting. Or was it a shooting? Will we ever know? We usually find ads that appeared on Craig's List advertising for crisis actors for a drill at same time/place where a 'mass shooting' occurs. Interesting that he didn't cancel a fund raising trip to Las Vegas day after he and Killary left Ambassador and others in Benghazi to die without any support. Even ordered assets to stand down.
      Noted with interest that 'shooter' was employed as a security guard/agent with UK company G4S which doesn't seem to have a great track record.

      What an interesting guard.

    3. UNITED States of America - It can now be reported that the Islamic terrorist Omar Saddiqui Mateen was employed by a major global security company owned and administered by a foreign British company G4S, which is a direct arm of the treasonous, un-Constitutional Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which also employed Mateen as a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) informant.


    4. "In other words, Mateen who according to preliminary reports, had been on a terrorist watchlist, and who still managed to obtain weapons thanks to his various licenses and permits just last week, was employed by one of the world's largest security companies, where he may have had extensive clearances well above his pay grade, not to mention access to sophisticated military weapons and equipment.

      But where it gets more disturbing is that as Judicial Watch reported several days ago, in a post titled, "DHS Quietly Moving, Releasing Vanloads Of Illegal Aliens Away From Border", border patrol sources said that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was quietly transporting illegal immigrants from the Mexican border to Phoenix and releasing them without proper processing or issuing court appearance documents. As a reminder, the government classifies them as Other Than Mexican (OTM) and this week around 35 were transferred 116 miles north from Tucson to a Phoenix bus station where they went their separate way. Judicial Watch was present when one of the white vans carrying a group of OTMs arrived at the Phoenix Greyhound station on Buckeye Road."

      Orlando Killer Worked for Company Transporting Illegal Immigrants Inside US; Was Interviewed By FBI 3 Times

    5. Another false-flag by the Kenyan narcissist in the White House. Jim Stone has confirmed it:

      It was an obvious false flag and beyond that, who knows what the real truth is?

    6. Electoral Polls are always dubious but new ones are rattling EU cages showing a possible 18 points lead by Brits who want out of the EU swamp.

      If the Brits do in fact vote for Brexit, other nations will follow. Germans will riot for a Referendum after that and the whole pack will come down.Millions of thieving and Raping Romanian Gypsies, and Albanian Thieves Polish criminals and the scum of Europe can be sent back. The Islamic swarm can be deported. The National Heath Service can get a break, so can crime. Housing stocks will not be in crisis. Nor schools. We can only hope sense prevails.
      If so, it will force a face off with the Cabal and Banks will fail. So will the EU, the whole Socialist Jesuit fabrication will come apart.
      If Britain walks, chaos will follow the markets. Time to re think everything. That is no bad thing. Common sense can prevail.

    7. An update on Jim Stone's report:


      I came up with a major dig!
      G4S security is featured in a MAJOR WAY on! and that certainly does not look good. But wait, it gets better! SEE THIS: "a growing number are military specialists dispatched by the company into what are delicately known as "complex environments" to take on jobs that national armies lack the skill or the will to do" That certainly fits his ex-wife's description of him being evil and violent! yada bada bing! Hey, he worked for a featured "security firm" but where did he actually do his security work? I'd bet NO WHERE, and that he did gigs, and was the fall guy for this particular gig.


      Texian: well, well, well....looks like UK has their own terrorist mercenary organization. Think I smell SERCO stink in this also. US and Is Ra Hell have
      ISIS..... ISIS

    8. Wonder what the 'perp's' new identity is? Where is he hanging out now loaded with $$$$$$$ or £££££ ? Probably on a little vacation on some island....

  60. Craig's List add found (shown in video) advertising for recent false flag in Orlando plus other lies. You would think after all their practice on these mass shooting events, they would do better with details. G4S should be ashamed.

    Florida Shooting & Other Details; DAHB007 [video]

  61. Humans are not designed to live in a goldfish least not this one....give me the wide open spaces!

    Agenda 21 – How Would You Like to be Forced into a Human Habitat?


    Cathy O'Brien describes her sexual assault perpetrated in her book, “Trance Formation of America” at Siss Villa – Lampe Missouri, 1983

    “Hillary Clinton is the only female to become sexually aroused at the sight of my mutilated …”

    US Intelligence Told Stew, This Story Is Causing Chaos Now! Help It Go Viral!

  63. From Before Its News:
    This 1943 movie “Occult Forces” exposes the secret Illuminati long before any other movie that I know of. The film’s writer was imprisoned and the films producer and the director were executed! Lots of secrets of the satanic Freemasons are exposed here. If you have anybody in your family in freemasonry I hope you can show them this video where a top freemason admits that he loves Lucifer! Masons cannot be Christians because you can’t serve two masters! Masons are part of the Illuminati! That doesn’t mean all masons are evil, most are just ignorant of what their top leaders are doing.

    Clip from OCCULT FORCES, 1943, 13 minutes

  64. Remember Obama said at the White House Correspondents Dinner, "The end of the Republic has never looked so good". The Second Amendment and right to bear arms is about all that's left, and he's having another go at it before he leaves office. The BBC is running with the story the way it did with 911.



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