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Half of Germans Open to EU Exit, 2/3 for Ousting Merkel

OWON: FYI .. The glue holding the EU together is coming apart with the public. Let the Germans also have a Referendum and end this farce. Hopefully, if Morons in the UK fail to vote, that will help bring the lot down. If the UK leaves, Merkel will get run over by the Germans demanding out. The EU is a ridiculous Socialists incompetent scam. A Club no thinking person wants to be in.

Half of Germans Open to EU Exit, 2/3 for Ousting Merkel

Sputnik News
2 June 2016

German voters believe Chancellor Angela Merkel overcommitted national resources for the refugee crisis and are increasingly frustrated with bailing out the continued economic struggles of other EU member-states.

Just under a third of Germans answering a questionnaire call for their country to abandon the European Union, according to a YouGov poll released Wednesday, signaling a growing discontent within the bloc’s largest member-state. A majority of Germans have traditionally been fervent supporters of the EU, compared to other countries in the economic alliance.

The poll, commissioned by German newspaper Handelsblatt, found 29% of Germans in favor of leaving the EU if a referendum were to take place. Overall, only 54% of voters favor remaining in the EU, with the remainder undecided.

Analysts attribute growing political unrest in Berlin to voter frustration with EU-member Greece, as the country continues to require cash infusions at the expense of German and other member-state taxpayers, and an all-encompassing refugee crisis that has seen the country’s social services crippled by an influx of over 1.5 million Syrian immigrants.

The results come on the back of a separate survey conducted by polling firm Insa which showed 64% of those Germans participating in a survey opposing the once-popular Chancellor Angela Merkel. Discontent with the German leader spreads equally throughout the country, with 63.8% opposing Merkel in the west, and 64.8% in the east, illustrating widespread resentment likely to sabotage the chancellor’s hopes for reelection in 2017.

The poll also indicates growing support for the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (afD) party, a leading alternative to Merkel’s conservative Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU) party. A February poll identified the refugee crisis as the chancellor’s biggest challenge, with 81% of respondents saying that they did not believe that Merkel’s administration had the migrant situation under control.

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