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  2. Hanging around might have new meaning.

  3. OWON will be breaking new ground overnight when we release the new video Mission Statement on You Tube. It will go Global and rattle a few cages. For sure it will impale Politicos and skewer Hillary. We need to all step up and say No!
    It will come up on site overnight.

  4. From

    The EPA was never a lawful agency in the first place.
    It was created by executive order.

    Now look what they have been caught doing in California.

    Just another corporate mercenary entity masquerading as a government agency bullying and ripping off real Americans every day.

    EPA Caught BUYING It’s “Independent” Science Advisers

  5. If you are interested in helping keep another member of a known criminal family out of the White House, I hope you will share this far and wide.



    WASHINGTON – With the possibility fading of Barack Obama’s Justice Department prosecuting the inevitable Democratic Party presidential nominee, a new independent campaign has arisen to expose Hillary Clinton’s criminal actions and prosecute her at the state level.

    It’s called the Hillary Clinton Investigative Justice Project, and it was conceived by two veteran investigative journalists who plan to take their findings to state attorneys general in jurisdictions in which the nonprofit, tax-exempt Clinton Family Foundation does business.

    “The Clinton Family Foundation is effectively a criminal, money-laundering operation principally established to enrich the founders with political payoff money, including millions from foreign donors,” said Joseph Farah, founder and chief executive officer of WND. “It’s a racketeering enterprise protected by the Democratic Party dons – including the president of the United States and his attorney general.”

    Farah and WND senior staff writer Jerome Corsi, a two-time No. 1 New York Times bestselling author, have teamed up with the express purpose of bringing the Clintons to justice. Farah and Corsi have been investigating and reporting on the Clintons for 23 years.

    The project will be funded by contributions from ordinary Americans to accomplish three goals:

    expand the investigative reporting efforts into Hillary Clinton’s illegal activities;
    empower prosecutors at the state level to bring charges against her;
    prevent her from becoming the next president of the United States
    Farah was responsible for uncovering some of the facts that led directly to Bill Clinton’s impeachment in 1998. For his efforts, his news organization was targeted with politically motivated tax audits by the Internal Revenue Service at the direction of the Clinton White House. One of his cabinet officers threatened donors to the organization with loss of government contracts if he continued to make contributions to Farah’s news agency. Farah’s offices were broken into. His Post Office box was burglarized. He was threatened.


  6. The above is why America so needs a revolution. Once it had such a nation and Leaders.

  7. Message from Judge Anna:


    To All:

    I have been missing for a week and a half while hosting and attending and mopping up after a major conference here in Alaska. The attendees -- both those physically present and those chiming in via teleconference were all experts in either Common Law or Admiratly Law or in some cases, both, and they all had both real world experience and specific specialties to share. Best of all, everyone present was present for the right reasons, so we didn't have to deal with any egoes or pandering in our pursuit of truth and remedy. We all just came to the table and worked like madmen (and madwomen) for a week.

    The weather was glorious, the company inspired. The results are still filtering out--- with some being immediate and apparent, and others being spurred along to the next step. The discussions covered the following topics: identity theft, banking and foreclosure fraud, political status, Common Law Remedy and Process, Admiralty Law Remedy and Process---- not necessarily in that or any other order.

    Immediate Results:

    General Court Procedures: Anyone and everyone who has been railroaded (or is being railroaded) through an Admiralty Court process on the false presumption that you are acting as the agent or representative of any commercial PERSON needs to file a Notice of Withdrawal of Appearances (telling them that you are not an agent and withdrawing any action that presumes that you are) and a Notice of Non-Representative Capacity.

    These two Notices work in tandem--- one withdrawing any appearance that you were an agent of or acting as an agent for the DEFENDANT, the other clearly stating that you are a Third Party Intervenor. You identify your Third Party interest as Doe, Doug George (your Name in this form) doing business as Doug George Doe, an American Tradesman operating on the land jurisdiction of the ___________State.

    You can also issue a Notice of Non-Combatant Status in which you accept the sections of the Lieber Code one through thirty inclusive, identity yourself as a non-combatant Virginian, Ohioan or Texan or Wisconsinite, and relieve the judge of any obligation to enforce the Trading with the Enemy Act and accepting instead his Oath to protect and defend the Constitution.

    If you are at the beginning of a court action, you can also issue a Motion in Limine as a Third Party Intervenor making a Special Limited Appearance. In this Motion you require that anyone bringing charges against the DEFENDANT must prove the nature and identity of the DEFENDANT and provide their evidence of the DEFENDANT'S nature and identity to you prior to proceeding.

    Now, this is basic due process in all courts and all venues. How can a court proceed without establishing who or what the parties to an action are? Logically, they can't. If, however, the Judge denies your Motion in Limine he is caught during the defense measures and has to allow your evidence regarding the nature and identity of the DEFENDANT---- which neither he nor the prosecutor want revealed, because it will prove that they have been engaging in attempted personage and barratry and have been knowingly misaddressing their charges to you---a man who is exempt from their charges and alien to their jurisdiction.

    These simple Notices and provisions are deadly, like rat poison for a rat, and they have been 100% effective in all cases where they have been properly invoked. The risk to the judges and attorneys trespassing against you is simply too great for them to proceed so these cases are routinely dismissed and prior judgments voided.

    It took a week to develop these nuggets for you and it will take at least a week to convey them and probably another week to answer questions related to them. Please be patient with me. All my other work continues on at the same pace in addition to the work from the Alaska Conference.

    1. Judge Anna: Notice of Withdrawal of Appearance as Agent -- Example

      To: the (wo)man (Her Name (or His Name), sometimes acting as Court clerk: STATE OF ILLINOIS SUPERIOR COURT (or Montrose County Probate Court or whatever court)

      The court mailing address with zip code

      The United States of America

      From: john of the House Doe

      For John Quincy Doe

      Your mailing address with the name of the state spelled out: Illinois, Ohio, etc.

      and the postal code entered as a Rural Route, for example: RR60646

      re: Case# ______________________

      Dated: May 23, 2016

      notice of withdrawal of appearance as agent

      i, a living man, hereby withdraw any and all appearances of myself or anyone else acting as my attorney or guardian in the representative capacity as agent for the business organization known as “JOHN QUINCY DOE/JOHN Q. DOE/John Quincy Doe/ John Q. Doe/ John Q. Doe, Jr.” or any similar name that could be confused with mine subject to my receipt of your written, verifiable claim and proof of claim to the contrary—all within three days.

      Notice of Service of Process

      i hereby certify that i mailed a true and correct copy of the foregoing by first class US mail

      postage prepaid to:

      the man Their Lawyer

      His mailing address with zip code.

      this 23rd day of May, A.D. 2016.



    2. Judge Anna: Notice of Non-Representative Capacity --- Example

      Notice of Non-Representative Capacity

      To: the (wo)man (Her Name or His Name), sometimes acting as Court clerk: Cook County Circuit Court or STATE OF INDIANA SUPERIOR COURT or whatever court----

      Their mailing address with zip code and the “state” name spelled out: Illinois, Ohio, etc.

      The United States of America

      From: john of the House Doe

      For: John Q. Doe

      c/o Mailing Address with state name spelled out as above and the Postal Code entered as a Rural Route: [RR60646]

      re: Case# _____________

      Dated: May 23, 2016

      notice of non-representative capacity

      i, a living man, hereby appears by special limited appearance in a non-representative capacity as a third party intervenor—subject to my receipt of your written verifiable claim and proof of claim to the contrary—all within three days.

      Notice of Service of Process

      i hereby certify that i mailed a true and correct copy of the foregoing by first class US mail

      postage prepaid to:

      the man Their Lawyer

      His mailing address with the state spelled out and zip code

      this 23rd day of May, A.D. 2016.




  8. Amidst a global media blackout of Anonymous’ ongoing worldwide attacks on the “corrupt banking cartels,” the hacking collective has now taken down some of the most prestigious institutions in global governance. OpIcarus has recently taken offline the World Bank, the New York Stock Exchange, five U.S. Federal Reserve Banks and the Vatican.



  10. Zero Tolerance: Swiss Muslim Schoolboys Will Have to Shake Hands With Women:

    This example demonstrates nicely that 'freedom of religion' is incompatible with equality and it is a discussion that most politicians refuse to enter into. Maybe it would be better if it is declared that there is no equality as that would provide more realism and develop capabilities to level the playing field.

    In the context of solving problems the following article and comments with as title "Did the British create Wahhabism? is also interesting:

    Some remarks meant to counter the main perspective of the article are wholly erroneous. One does not control the farthest reaches of the world without controlling that which lies in between up to great extents. As I have indicated the whole region of Saudi Arabia was fully under the control of the British since 1763 and that certainly did not happen overnight. The foundations that were laid centuries ago are still 100% intact and lack all morality. So in that sense much of this is merely a Muppet show for those who do not understand history.

    If there is a real discarding of the Venetian agenda, let me know, but until then I expect more legitimacy and far more insight from those who indicate know what is going on. Blaming the usual highly visible and public suspects is cheap. Power always operates best in the shadows.

    Sunni Islam is largely controlled by means of Freemasonry. Where is Freemasonry if this form of Islam truly is a problem? Many pretend to care, but few truly always.

    All I have seen recently is an attack on one of my best sources. The thing however with information is that those who want it, will always get it, but it does indicate that matters are not getting any better. That source was receiving significant complications on British soil....all whilst the one man propaganda show called the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights can do whatever it likes on that same soil.

    Look....I do not particularly care about corruption. I do not appreciate it, but I expect it. I do have a problem when certain centres of the world pretend to be in a leading position and that might be the case, but it is then not in the sense of morality as is being marketed. Perhaps the problem is mine in the sense that I should also expect that. I would have liked to expect more or something better, but that seems impossible when there is little desire to understand history.

  11. The fact remains that nothing is truly transparent. Nobody looking in from the outside understands what is going on and that is being done purposefully as most are double and triple agents. Even many insiders hardly understand what is going on. Intelligence operatives being outmanoeuvred by other intelligence operatives. Patriots who turn out to not be patriots at all. So what is Bill Bonney going to do? I was informed long ago that he moved trillions of dollars between Europe and Asia for the Rothschilds. The Bush clan has also been helped handsomely. What can we expect? More flipflopping between sides? People have credibility or they do not.

    And where is that anti-derivatives regulation? Oh...wait...the City of London loves derivatives as much as the Queen's Wall Street. All we see instead are ways to remove cash currency.. The Bank of England is busy creating its own 'Bitcoin' instead. No moves against the Cestui Que Vie global slavery system. No moves against the House of Keswick, the House of Pallavicini or the House of Turn and Taxis or any other Houses. No moves against Keswick's HSBC criminality either? Practically nothing is being done and just about everyone in a position of responsibility in regards to this deserves to be fired.

    I only see this truly ending if Britain integrates itself fully and completely into the BRICS alliance, but that becomes rather difficult after so many intelligence plots have been undertaken against the BRICS alliance. France and Germany are pathetic colonies, so it is not as if they have a say, even though the people (except for its corrupt leaders) would love to join the BRICS alliance.

    1. There is some good development and that is that select people in my alliance are content with the position we are in. Also the situation in Syria seems to indicate a real possibility of a breakthrough in the stalemate in favour of the East. It remains to be seen what corrupt Merkel does who bows down to Anglo-American influences. Funding for Turkey would indicate an immediate increase in the strength of ISIS as could already be experienced recently.

  12. Saturnalia

    Bill has never acted on behalf of the Rothschild's. His transaction was on behalf of Chinese Elders bringing loan money in to help America, as well as cross indexing his own commission fees into an Insurance Bond which also helped the nation, all due for redemption after 30 years and all blatantly reneged on. Bill used only a Luxembourg Bank, a well known British Bank, and onwards routing via a well known US Bank. All above board and ethical. All correct until the US Treasury, CIA and Fed got involved.
    Bill has at no stage acted without full integrity. He and I go back a long way. This is a very committed, loyal and decent American Patriot. He has no Rothschild's associations, nor would. Just setting the record straight. Whoever gave alternative information is maligning a good man. There are many good Americans as concerned, and harmed by Cabal activities. Bill has neither Rothschild's nor Bush associations.
    He, like many,is fighting daily to recover what is his, and his clients rightful property, from a conniving, duplicitous, dishonest, corrupt Agency, Treasury, Fed and US Banking system. As are many others. Nations included.

    1. Well said, John.

      In the few brief times I have spoken to BB, I never got the impression he is a Rothchild man. Not even close.

      Whoever besmirched him as such, should be hogtied and lashed in the public square.

      I know he will succeed eventually.

    2. The trouble with hogtying is Bill is dealing with the Fed,Treasury, and Banks full of Zionist lying, thieving conniving Hogs,then cross compounded by the scurrilous Agency and Bush Crime Family games. It's hard being a straight man in an administration shaped like a corkscrew! Where does he start when the entire administration is corrupt?

      Bill does not merit or deserve insinuations of culpability as such.

      As for London and scurrilous duplicity, Hell, we invented it!

      Of course we will cross cover BRICS,and the RMB, and Euro, as well as USD.
      You don't get to be the most powerful Banking City in the word by being a naive Muppet.

      We are indeed only a small nation. We have a land mass less than a quarter of Texas, and a population less than 70 Million, but by God do we have Global reach and influence.
      For all our foibles, frustrating national naivety on occasions, there are still so many good qualities here, and a level of professional integrity which has built trust worldwide, as our Fiscal power shows.

      As for Intrigue, welcome to the real world. Are we culpable, Hell Yes, but we do it better, Lol

    3. So how does one then accidentally happen to live right next to Bush Sr. at Lake Tahoe and even know Bush Sr. relatively well? The Bush family is known to practically buy countries in South America and the purchase of large plots of lands are common to them, especially when they want privacy, so why was this then tolerated? Sources of quality indicate Bonney was originally high up in the hierarchy of Bush Sr. until matters changed and Bush Sr. put out hit contracts on Bonney & Co. A lot of parties have legitimately changed sides and some not. Regardless of whether it is legitimate or not, we cannot erase that past. It is what it is. I am not interested in playing intelligence games. Been there, done that with five star liar Leo Wanta to name but one example. I trusted your perceived expertise on Leo Wanta and that turned out to be a major mistake as it actually caused me to move against those whose interests are most closely aligned with my own (at that time).

      A lot of my information about Bonney (excluding the Rothschild info and how he is perceived by various parties) comes from someone part of Bonney's own group and someone who also used to work for the Bushes and the Clintons. Some would be very surprised when they know who this is. There has been a lot of talk about Bonney which is logical considering a position of influence, but there were elements which were far from positive and came from a variety of angles and once again if people knew all the sources and exactly what was stated they would once again be very surprised.

      I do appreciate the following quotes:

      "As for London and scurrilous duplicity, Hell, we invented it!"

      "You don't get to be the most powerful Banking City in the word by being a naive Muppet."

      "As for Intrigue, welcome to the real world. Are we culpable, Hell Yes, but we do it better, Lol"

      And I fully agree with those quotes. I fully understand that all agendas and in a greater sense empires make use of tools to accomplish their aims. I am not interested in being a replaceable tool on the chess board of someone else, but if others are, who am I to stop them? Experience will be the best teacher. Everyone has their weakness. Money, influence, status, etc. A promise of $80 million goes a long way. A promise of $2 trillion in off balance funds much further. Tools on the grand chess board who will be lead by carrots on sticks. Proper tools do not realise their own weaknesses or their own position on the chess board of another.

      What I am wondering is whether people on this website will finally receive the non-naive Muppet version of events? Real world events are never as simple. The grey area of life is much larger than the black and the white.

    4. Saturnalia,

      Sorry, but again Bill does not live either next door to Sr, nor even in Texas. Nor is he in any way connected with them.
      I have not contradicted you on London's grey sides, Empires are what they are. But do we roll over for Washington?

      The truth on Leo is as stated. Since then his life, and standing has changed. But be assured, both Bill Bonney and ourselves have a genuine vision and ethos. Be careful not to judge a man you do not know. I do.

      Bills funds WILL be used for good and ethical purposes. With his full backing. His is a good cause, as is his case. He is another Cabal victim. Someone who knows nothing is opining to you from an empty head.

    5. Like I said...many would be surprised who some of the sources are. All 'poison the well' intelligence tactics aside, there certainly seems more to it. In the case of Wanta we have seen enough inconsistencies and many of which are also well documented by others.

  13. John and Canauzzie, what a FANTASTIC video, the graphics and production just blew me away. The vision and context are so clear.


    1. Thank you. We all agreed it would be OWON Team only and no credit would be take. But that doesn't mean I can't give a compliment.

      Brazil of Brics was instrumental in this production. Without him this level could not have been accomplished. As this is all volunteer and each were responsible for the cost of what was needed for their part.

    2. I was just thinking of Brazil of BRICS just yesterday. Sending good wishes to him.

    3. Thanks AjnaAndy,I appreciate. Wish all the best to you too.

  14. Rumor has it that it was John behind the iron mask and like the Scot in their kilts, there was nothing on under that cloak

  15. Please transfer a copy of the new video to WHA.


  16. To All,

    If you all want our message to resonate further, to reach a wider audience, you will all have to like the video and subscribe to the channel. This is how it will be perceived by YouTube for relevancy and standing.

  17. Excellent, excellent video...I did subscribe and have been reading site in background for a year now. Still fighting the good fight! Stay inspired.


    1. Thank you. And we are working on custom subtitles and formatting the transcript for posting. We hope to have it up tomorrow. It is a lot of work though, but that is our goal.


    2. Don't forget to click the "thumbs up" button to register a "like" this video.

    3. I can do Portuguese subtitles if BoB is taking a bit of a breather. Also did you know you can paste in the script into youtube and it produces synced closed caption subtitles?


    4. YouTube CC are beyond garbage. We are doing a custom job. Once done in English it should be easy to do in a different language. We wanted to get the video out, so other support was not ready. But we are on it.

      Thank you for the offer AnjaAndy. It is appreciated.

  18. VAXXED: Proud To Have Seen It Twice

    Biffie: This is a three minute trailer to the movie Vaxxed. This needs to be shown around the world so we can warn people and expose this devastating evil for what it is.

  19. Hello everyone. I know this may be off topic, but I watched some videos on the Jonestown Massacre a month ago and it is still bothering me to this day. I know it happened 2 years before I was born, but something about it does not set right with me. How was Jim Jones able to acquire the land in Guyana? I really believe that there were more entities in play surrounding that whole ordeal. Here was an opportunity that Jim could have done something great with the Peoples Temple and he chose to use it for his own nefarious purposes and kill all those people. In the documentaries I watched, people reported that Jim was exhibiting sociopath-like behavior and doing other immoral things when he was in California and his followers ignored those giant red flags. I believe that the whole thing was a mind control experiment. If anyone who was alive when it happened remembers it being on the news or anything, I'd love to hear your guys opinion on it. Anyone can feel free to respond to this comment.

    1. It was a Jesuit operation. I believe it is mentioned in ex-Jesuit Alberto Rivera's 'comic books'. In case I am mistaken it is mentioned in his interviews somewhere. It takes a while to work through all that if you want to locate the exact spot, but what it came down to is that the operatives all knew each other and that is also how Alberto Rivera knew what was going on there. More is mentioned in regards to motives too. It has been a long time ago since I studied that material, so I cannot provide the exact specifics.

    2. Nice Jesuit safe haven in Guyana:

  20. John,

    I just love your account of things.

    Do you have a Netflix account?

    If you do please look at a documentary by uncle Noam.

    Noam is my favorite Jewish uncle.

    We need more like him.

    On Netflix its called Requiem for the American Dream.

    I pay to watch Netflix and so should you

    This is a brilliant film.

    Even the type writer is a divider from f in between j...

    one needs to be drunk to see that

    those who are divided are ruled.

    that is I believe the principal of survival.

    the American founders once said we shall hang

    together or separate

    better together

    Jefferson said revolution should happen every twenty years

    It has been awhile

    we should tweet that

    we shall hang if we don't


    1. KMB

      Laughing with you.
      Time is precious to me, I can't read them all. You should see my work load. As Canauzzie sees my work day starts at between 3 and 5 each day,and goes through until God know when. The world needs 24 x 7 cover.
      So, understand please my sometimes macabre and zany humour. I just see reality as is. But always with a smile, or one liner.

  21. John,

    Again I must thank you for letting me post.

    this was censored from another site that I post upon.

    "The Chinese use economics to wage war

    Selling and buying metals and bonds using their people is better than waging war with bullets and bombs

    economics is war

    which people are more humane how war is waged right now at this moment?

    The current American model is kill those who have what you want and take it

    I would prefer to be cannon fodder with the Chinese rather than with the Americans

    so what if the comix goes away

    win or lose its all duality

    so I listened to your video yet again

    and wait for money to go away

    what happens when the Chinese win?

    And the Americans produce and distribute

    I view them long term in a weaker position

    Your view of the current American rulers is spot on

    I am confidant Americans shall move on

    war is simply politics just using different methods"

    Americans shall move on john...


    1. KMB

      When I batter the US it is always only the Cabal and Zio weevils in Banking.I have no issues with either the American or Jewish people. I seek only to help free, unleash and re focus America, and to rid Judaism of the Zionist scurge which incurres so much wrath.Jewish citizens have contributed hugely to societies, but why let the Zios take it all away?

      America needs the help of its real allies to help it remove itself from the schackles of the Cabal, the Zio trash and the Bush/Clinton Crime families.

      Bush Sr, Diaper King!!, made the throat cutting gesture on Trump. If Clinton can be stopped and Trump wins, he needs to go after the Bush /Clintons with a Rico Grand Jury and clean out these vile families. Set America free to breath again. As regards Bush Srs Diaper waste,I hope he gets a taste for it because where he's going he's going to have to eat it!

    2. No US President can make that big a difference because the deep state corruption is firmly embedded in the beauracracy.

      Trump has done deals with the mafia and will undoubtedly degenerate if elected and would become more corrupt as time goes on, but it would take him more than four years to even approach the level of corruption Hillary has already achieved.

      Trump would be an improvement and Hillary a disaster, but not even Bernie can be a savior at this point. A century of corruption will take several painful decades to repair.


    3. Unknown,

      There is now subtitles, also the Transcript was added to the article post on site.

  22. That`s a new flavor for Bushes Beans John, Diaper Waste

  23. When, not if, we Nuremberg 2 in Nuremberg, PA (perfect location to try the treasonous bunch) I want the prosecuting attorneys to open with the following quote:

    A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero (42B.C)


    1. I am not one for long drawn out dramas. I would be happy with, "Ready... Aim...

  24. Breaking news in Asia shows that a 38 year old man using a squat toilet had his Todger grabbed and bitten by an 11 foot Python while he screamed blue murder for help and they tried to break it free. It would not let go of the Hot Dog it saw first. The blood loss was considerable so now poor Atthopoora Boenchkay will spend the rest of his life knowing when you really have to go, send the wife first.
    Poor Pappa dare not go to the Crapper.
    Jeez it must have been the shock of his life. It Texas it would have been the Bushes!

    1. In Texas probably a rattle snake...or maybe a coral!

  25. Lol, if it was Barbara Bush (AKA the Quacker Oats Man) who came across the python I'm sure she could have dealt with it she's been married to the biggest snake around for a long time

  26. John you the man. Happy wishes to all! Ya'll have a beautiful day/night depending where you are fill with much love, peace and much laughter!!! ;-)

  27. Judge Anna today:

    Dear Friends,

    Last night all Hell broke loose--- but in a good sense. For many years people have sought to determine the source, meaning, and implications of the use of all capital letter naming conventions. Why should such a name as "JOHN HENRY DOE" exist? How is it different from "John Henry Doe"? Or "john henry doe" for that matter?

    I have researched it and written memorandums on the results that show that the use of these different "stiles" were used in Ancient Roman Civil Law as a means of distinguishing between free men, bondservants, and slaves, with the "john henry doe" stile indicating a free man, and "John Henry Doe" indicating a bondservant, and "JOHN HENRY DOE" indicating a slave.

    The implications of this ancient history taken together with the circumstance surrounding the end of the Civil War (with millions of freed slaves representing "abandoned property" at least to some criminally minded members of the Congress) and the adoption of the 14th Amendment to the Corporate "Constitution" in 1868 and "corporate citizenship" with it----- are obvious without a degree in rocket science.

    And now, thanks to friends and fellow researchers in Australia we have the nails to this coffin and are enabled to issue the attached Judicial Notice of Fraud and Violation and Order to Cease and Desist.

    It is perhaps most fitting that this comes on the eve of the Memorial Day Weekend, when we remember all the good men and women who have fought and died for freedom, and our obligations to them to make sure that freedom for all men and women is secured against the schemes and crimes of perpetrators both foreign and domestic.

    God bless you all and may you be assured that your cause is just and your vision righteous as you continue the work of restoring America and putting an end to the crimes and the breaches of trust that have plagued the entire world.

    Judge Anna


    1. Cont'd....

      Hague Notice of Fraud, Order to Cease and Desist

      The notice is a photo so I can't post it yet until I get a link. Be back later.

    2. Cont'd....

      Hague Notice of Fraud, Order to Cease and Desist

      Immediate Order to Cease and Desist
      Issued to All United States District Courts and Federated State and County Courts Operating on American Soil and All Members of the American Bar Association and All Members of the International Bar Association and to the United States Congress
      Copy: World Court, The Hague
      Registration Number: RA 876 270 415 US
      Order Number: Republic 49Alaska 5272016-000101
      Judicial Notice of Fraud and Violation:
      GLOSSA, "American Sign language" Section 11:144 and 11:147: The Chicago Manual of Styles. [The use of all capital letters to express a name or other content.]
      GLOSSA (American Sign Language) Definition from Black’s Law Dictionary, Fourth Edition:
      11 Coke, 34. It is a poisonous gloss which corrupts the essence of the text.
      The use of the above described language convention invalidates by fraud every contract and every court proceeding that has been addressed via its employment in America and elsewhere for the past century and a half. All such proceedings employing this form of text at any point in their process and all resulting judgments are null and void, ab initio, for cause.
      All courts of all kinds, public and private, judicial and administrative, military, civilian and national existing within the borders of the organic states of the Union or operating upon American soil in any capacity whatsoever are hereby given Public Notice and Ordered to Cease and Desist the use of these fraudulent conventions immediately and to void all decisions tainted by its use.
      By my hand: ______________________________ Judge Anna Maria Riezinger, non-negotiable, all rights reserved, for, by, and on the record of the Alaska State Superior Court.

    3. So why did she sogn with Judge Anna Riezinger and not anna riezinger?

    4. Texian,

      Thanks so much for Judge anna's updates here. Can you provide some links? thnx.

    5. AJNAANDY...order issued as Judge of Alaska State Superior Court. Other things signed as Anna Maria Riezinger when filed as an individual or joined by husband.

      Darylluke....There is a website maintained for her articles by Paul Stramer where PDF links to her articles can be found when he posts them. Go to for a complete listing. I get an advance email copy of what will appear at the website so there is not a link at that time. Just bookmark her site and you have access to all in order they were written. In addition,, Arnie Rosner's site, also has some email correspondence with her where she often answers questions posed.

    6. Here's an example of an email communication posted by in response to questions raised by Judge Anna order above:

      "The Cease and Desist is in regard to the use of the conventions of the Glossa and the Glossa itself, if this question is in regard to the Order I released. I don't pretend to know or speak to the other cease and desist that you advertised at the same time.
      Some questions about the exact text referenced and the grammar used in my Order have arisen so I will take the opportunity to respond to those known queries---
      There are two books (one is more like a booklet) -- the Chicago Manuel of Style and The Chicago Manuel of Styles both of which adequately describe the use and misuse of the Glossa -- all capital letters-- form of American Sign Language in court proceedings.
      The rest of the word may be a bit confusing and it may appear that verbs and subjects mismatch but in fact I am making a distinction in Legalese between the conventions that use the Glossa and the Glossa itself and making both subject to the Order.
      This means that if anyone uses all capital letter NAMES in a court case as a means of identifying a corporate "person" separate from but represented by a living man of the same name, this convention is prohibited along with the use of the Glossa itself.
      Both the practice and the object are grounds for claims of misrepresentation, non-disclosure, and fraud.
      Hope that clears things up for everyone."

    7. Judge Anna: How To Use The Glossa Judicial Notice and Order

      1. Realize that the "United States" is a federation of actual nation-states. The states of the land not the federal "government" are the actual sovereign nations. You receive your nationality at birth as a Nevadan, Californian, Virginian, etc. Your nationality and your sovereignty cannot be taken away from you or changed unless you willfully throw it away. The Founders knew this and protected your nationality

      The Naturalization Act of 1802, Seventh Congress, Session 1, Chapter 28, Sections 1-4, April 14, 1802 sets forth the exact requirements necessary for anyone born in an American state to become a United States Citizen. Period.

      While the "United States" has always allowed Dual Citizenship--- that is, has allowed its "Citizens" to claim both State and Federal Citizenship at the same time, the States of the Union make no such allowance. From the standpoint of the organic states, you are either out or you are in.

      So you have to make up your mind whether you are a man standing on your native land or a corporate fugitive merely "residing" here in a "Federal State of State" franchise existing only on paper.

      Most of us will agree that we are Virginians standing on the land of Virginia or Wisconsinites standing on the land of Wisconsin, and all of us can ask for proof that we ever completed the steps necessary to become United States Citizens?

      From the standpoint of the States of the Union, no such steps have been taken and no such "United States Citizenship" can be presumed absent such knowing and public declaration and action. Also from the standpoint of the States of the Union no such thing as a "citizen of the United States" exists --- This purely corporate political status was created by the 14th Amendment of the Corporate Charter of the United States of America, Inc.deceptively calling itself the "Constitution of the United States of America" and has nothing to do with us and our nationality.

      You must know this and give Judicial Notice along with an Affidavit affirming that your nativity occured on the land of whichever state and you must demand to see any proof otherwise demonstrating that you completed the steps required by the Naturalization Act of 1802.

      Of course no such evidence exists and they won't be able to produce it. Their claim after-the-fact that you agreed to become a corporate slave for them doesn't hold any water. And your Mother's unknowing signature on an Application for a Birth Certificate doesn't either.

      2. Once you have a grasp of who you are and how to prove and assert it, you are prepared to lodge further objections with the court and this is where the Glossa Judicial Notice and Order comes in.

      Ever heard anyone use the expression, "Put a gloss on it"----? It's a slang expression meaning to "sugar coat or otherwise apply a mask or other deliberate obfuscation of identity or fact". That's what the use of Glossa promotes--- a form of knowing misrepresentation of fact calculated to promote personage being practiced by attorneys to hide the identity of both plaintiffs and defendants.

      It is unlawful and illegal for any organization promoting itself as a "court" to use Glossa or any other form of knowing misrepresentation.

      So either the "court" has to admit it is a crime syndicate and a fraud, or it has to stop using Glossa and clearly identify the plaintiffs and defendants.


    8. Cont'd.....

      3. There are two reference books called similar names (sound familiar?) --- One is the Chicago Manuel of Style, a popular style guide used widely by newspapers and other publications to provide uniform guidelines and standards for reporters and other writers; it is a large reference book similar to a dictionary or thesaurus. The other is The Chicago Manuel of Styles, with an "s" which is a much smaller and more limited publication the size of a larger format paperback book, that deals with the subject of "styles" or "stiles"(British) exclusively. The most recent edition I can find is 1948, though there may be more recent editions.

      Both of these publications adequately explain what the Glossa is, as does Black's Law Dictionary. The earlier versions of the American Bar Association guides to legal style and usage also plainly state that the use of all capital letters denotes either a corporation or a dead man's estate.

      And as I explained, the use of Glossa goes back to Roman times, when the use of all capital letters was used to denote the name of a slave----so there is no excuse for anyone pretending that the use of Glossa is meaningless and no reason for anyone to scoff at your objections to its use with respect to your good name. If you aren't a slave, you must say so.

      If you don't object, the rats are free to "presume" whatever is advantageous to them.

      4. The authority for my Order is Article X of the actual Constitution, which the rats also adopted in their failed attempt to enclose and privatize our Organic Law--- the "undelegated powers" of the states and the people in the international jurisdiction of the sea. There is no delegation of power granted to Congress to create any corporate "persons" and name them after us --- which is an act of attempted identity theft and a trespass upon our private property--- nor was Congress ever enabled to use Glossa to denote corporations, estates or other corporate entities in any venue affecting us. Our Public Law requires all corporations to be clearly identified by suffixes attached to the name of the corporation, such as "John Deere, Incorporated." or "Hiriam Walker, LLC". This is required as a protection against exactly the kind of personage and barratry and other legal chicanery that has been practiced upon the innocent American People.

      Call the court on it. Issue Judicial Notice that there is no evidence that Congress was ever enpowered to name corporate persons after living American State Nationals, nor is there any provision for Congress to require or even request registration of any child born on American soil --- which is a repugnant and internationally forbidden activity resulting in involuntary servitude, press-ganging, and enslavement outlawed throughout the world since 1926. Any claim that a private contract can overcome the Public Law of this country or the International Law as a whole is in their favorite word, "frivolous"; while anyone might enter into such a contract, the contract itself is unlawful and null and void from inception.

      5. Every "court" public and private operating on American soil is required to take Judicial Notice and stop accepting claims using GLOSSA. Both the plaintiffs and defendants must be clearly, explicitly identified.

      I have the right under Article X of the actual Constitution and under the provisions of The Alaska Statehood Compact to require this correction and I have done so.

      If they want to argue that they are dry docked on American soil and acting under treaty, they had better start obeying the treaties they owe us including the Treaty of Ghent 1814 and start operating exclusively within their proper jurisdiction. When they trespass onto my jurisdiction and address my people under false presumptions they have to answer to me and my directives.


    9. Cont'd....

      6. It might appear that the wording of my Order is awkward and that the subjects and verbs mismatch. This is because the Order is stated in Legalese. It prohibits--separately-- both the conventions using Glossa and the Glossa (NAME) itself---- both the deed and the word. This may seem a fine distinction, but it is necessary to prevent any additional fudging and chicanery.

      The judges and lawyers reading it will grasp the meaning and implications readily enough.

      This is all background information for you to know and use.

      The Order has been forwarded via Registered Mail to the Hague and also via email to the Office of the Special Prosecutor. These outrages will not be allowed to continue in any event, but you can all assist by calling these courts and their personnel on the carpet. When they trespass on you and your name and address mail or anything else to you using Glossa--- feel free to stomp them flat with objections they cannot answer.

      7. And always remember that it is impossible to be "in contempt of court" with respect to a court that has no jurisdiction related to you. When they operate in disrespect of the actual Constitution and our Public Law, they are owed no treaty.

  28. From

    Thimerosal and autism?

    The CDC was forced to release evidence that thimerosal causes autism. OK, GOOD. BUT . . . . . . There has been NO thimerosal in American vaccines given to children since 2001. WHAT IS CAUSING AUTISM NOW? BETTER TECHNOLOGY. So you can hear all about thimerosal any place you go, and the truth is still secretly locked away.

    LET ME REPEAT THIS: There is a BIG reason why I have never jumped on the Thimerosal bandwagon, and that reason is because I do real work here and won't parrot bullshit. And I am being harsh here for a reason. Thimerosal is no longer in childhood vaccines, and therefore it cannot be what is causing ever higher rates of autism. But I know what is in the vaccines now that does cause autism, because I have studied this topic extensively and consulted real pharmacologists. Autism is caused by three vaccine related things now (and it is intentional.) THESE THINGS ARE, IN ORDER:
    1. The use of fetal cell lines to culture the vaccines. They cannot get all the human based tissue out, and that causes huge problems.

    2. The use of adjuvants in the vaccines that trigger an immune response against the nervous system.

    3. Live genetically programmed viruses in the vaccines, that are specifically designed to do damage.

    4. It is also possible that recombinant technology now often used in the manufacturing of vaccines derived from GMO yeast has yeast carriers which have been genetically programmed produce nervous system mimicking materials, that program the immune system to attack the nervous system. Recombinant vaccine technology using GMO yeast to produce proteins and DNA which trigger an immune response has become common. -and-

    5. The use of human albumin in modern vaccines definitely triggers organ problems and auto immune disorders.

    THEY REVEL IN THE THIMEROSAL / AUTISM IDIOCY, BECAUSE TO DEBUNK THE ANTI-VAXXERS IT IS JUST TOO EASY TO POINT TO THE YEAR THIMEROSAL WAS NO LONGER USED. That makes a joke out of anyone who pushes thimerosal as the cause of autism, and anyone who believes it. Anything stated about it causing autism (and it might have,) is over an ENTIRE DECADE out of date. 15 years out of date in fact. Yep, "they" will gladly let that go viral.
    Scroll down to the bottom of THIS PAGE and read.

    Continued ignorance on this topic will serve as a perfect green light for "them" to seek better and better ways to vaccinate our children into oblivion. And they will point to the "thimerosal" and laugh, because it is such a perfect debunk.

    1. Cont'd...

      Here's a good one: Big Pharma had outside firm ghost write hundreds of drug safety studies


      "In court, it turned out that many of the medical research papers had been ghostwritten by a commercial medical communications company called DesignWrite, whose website boasted that over twelve years they had "planned, created and/or managed hundreds of advisory boards, a thousand abstracts and posters, 500 clinical papers, over 10,000 speakers' bureau programmes, over 200 satellite symposia, 60 international programmes, dozens of websites, and a broad array of ancillary printed and electronic materials." As Ben Goldacre reported in the Guardian: DesignWrite wrote the first drafts and sent them to Wyeth, who advised on the creation of a second draft. Only then was the paper sent to the academic who would appear as the "author".
      This scandal involves the medical firms Wyeth and Pfizer, but you can bet that Merck and GSK, as well as others are equally guilty but just have not been caught yet.

      And in surfing out some side details to confirm this report by Natural News, I discovered that the reason why the "Zika" brain damage at birth happened badly in Latin America is because the same Tdap shot that is given to American women in the third trimester (which is still obviously bad news) is given to Latin American women during the first trimester. So it's damage to a developing baby is far more severe and noticeable.

  29. It seems some power has shifted in both the political AND media arenas. Firstly MSNBC came out saying Clinton seems to have lied, I think WaPo too. The State Dept is not doing her any favours.

    Now, the Guardian has been allowed this precis of her and slick willie's scandals. Somehow, the KM media control has been somewhat weakened.

  30. The coming US elections have worldwide importance. As Geo Political powers have changed in Military dominance of power,Americas ability to bully and threaten the likes of Russia and China have now diminished.

    Both nations have focused on new generation weapons developments, as with both R & D and weapons sharing, are more than a match now for the US. But both understand that while America as always will try to enforce its will by fighting for Hegemony supremacy in EU or Asian battlefields, the time has come now to respond to attacks on Eurasian borders by pulverising mainland US targets in instant retaliation for more US transgressions. Only when America feels the combined might of what is visited down on others, will the nation start to understand the actions of its grubby Military Industrial Cabal must cease,or America will simply be incinerated and toxic for Millenia.

    Unless there is a change of Leadership for the better, not the Clinton and Bush Crime families,the risks will escalate and a generally peaceful, giving and entrepreneurial American nation of good people, will loose vast millions needlessly in a war of attrition both China and Russia will be forced to invoke to bring home that consequential aggression stops now, or America ceases to exist.

    Clinton risks unleashing Armageddon on the people, and Putin has forewarned he is ready for conflict. The next would be an epoch of the end of the US. Russia knows it cannot win, but it will end America if pushed. China will back Russia, they have to.
    It would be a war beyond all imagination, and a war of no purpose or value.

    So why vote in Clinton and die for a mindless propaganda lie? Clinton is the biggest threat to to America. Forget your Welfare handouts,dead don't need feeding. Nor will the Zios, and be sure, if Russia slams into the US Israel will be atomized in total on day one. Neutron bombs will exterminate all life across Israel, and tough luck for bordering nations suffering collateral damage. Ensuring total sanitisation of Israel will be Russia's sole agenda. Followed by a purge across Russia. Clinton is the greatest threat to world peace. Trump won't take America to war. He's all mouth and ego head, but he knows the consequences of losing, he's done it enough.

    Neither are fit to lead America, but Trump offers the capability to dismantle the Bush /Clinton Crime families,and to open a door of opportunity for focused Americans to follow this Clown in the enlightened environment which can follow. Trump at least has singularly wrecked the GOP oligopoly of voting corruption, and if Clinton is stopped, a new truly able America can emerge for the better.

    He can them withdraw all media licences and take the Zios out of power. Clean up the Fed and banks, and deal with the corrupt Supreme's as they now deserve. Doing nothing has consequences. That is how WW11 started. Forewarned they sat on their laconic Butts and over 40M died. Now we have Nukes. Bottomless deaths. Will America vote for Armageddon?

    1. No we won't. We shall and will vote for Trump!!! That all was well said ; I couldn't have said it better myself, and agree with all that was stated in the last 2 paragraphs.

      Hi ya'll have a wonderful day/evening! Be at rest even if working be filled with peace and love. I hope for ya'll to have a day filled with many smiles and lots of laughter!!! Be in touch soon! :-)

  31. John, Anyone paying attention knows that Vanquard is a federal shill.

    What do you make of this?

    Take a notice of this change at Vanguard.

    Your settlement fund is changing—what you’ll need to do
    Later this summer, Vanguard Brokerage will change your settlement fund to Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund. Your new settlement fund will be held in your brokerage account and have a zero balance until you add money to it or sales proceeds sweep into it. The assets in your former settlement fund will remain invested in that fund and will continue to be held outside of your brokerage account. You can, however, move assets from your former settlement fund into your new settlement fund—and you should consider doing so to be sure you have enough in your new settlement fund to pay for any buy orders you place.

    1. Smell potential to money grab if needed.

  32. What the heck does this mean? Anyone? Found on

    Dear Mr. Chairman: (Dear Senator:) (Dear Representative:)

    I transmit herewith, in accordance with section 1613 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2016 (Public Law 114-92), the report and classified annex on an integrated policy to deter adversaries in space.

    The report is the result of an interagency process with the objectives to reduce risks to the United States and our allies in space; and to protect and preserve the rights, access, capabilities, use, and freedom of action of the United States in space. Success will require a multi-year effort and commitment across all departments and agencies, and I look forward to your continued support.



    1. Space warfare with the Russians and Chinese to stop their Satellites and Rockets bringing in EMP and Space weapons wiping out all of Americas satellite communications. Getting ready for what may be coming. Within just 18 months Russia will have full Russian territories Defence missiles in place so would be safe to launch a full out attack on America if provoked. Be assured, Russia will not allow America to provoke by stealth a NATO alliance pack attack to hide behind them. If NATO provoke Russia the Chinese Russian Alliance Pact will result in both smashing head on into America.
      Russia has just finished more Sub Marines weapon testing,results shared with China,so be assured,if conflict comes you will not get more than 5 minutes coastline cites warning,or 7 minutes inner cities or bases before the first missiles obliterate everything, and 18 minutes before the ICBM's follow. Hours behind will come the Bombers to mass saturate key targets after the first missile pounding.
      There is just an arrogant stupidity about the Pentagon,who simply do not get that war will finish them head on first. We saw their utter incompetence over 9/11.So did the world. Russia knows they can not win WW 111, but they know the only way to get even is to attack first, and to take the US out with them before US retaliation comes back.
      The Eurasian nations are uniting against US proliferating in Space and Eurasian territories. China is tired of US fleet presumptions in Chinese waters. More wasted Trillions while economies collapse.
      If war is to come, it will encircle the planet this time, and the first major mass attacks will obliterate America and Israel with no warning and at once. Be assured, if WW 111 comes Israel will be wiped from the face of the earth, and all dead within. So will all Global US bases. Nations housing them will pay a terrible price. If we can just avoid conflict over the next 5 years, Eurasia will emerge ever more, and new political alliances will remove US influence and impositions. Chinese money tasking will derail America.

    2. What's London doing to prevent war with Russia, John? Stationing British troops on Russian borders, engaging in anti-Russian NATO exercises, waging an unjustified economic and propaganda war against Russia, failing to disclose that MH17 was shot down by a Ukrainian fighter jet, vilifying Putin with scurrilous personal attacks; and so on. It's not called the Anglo-American-(Zionist) empire for nothing.

      How Russia is preparing for WWIII

      Don't think for a moment that the Den of Vipers in the City of London won't be on Russia's target list. Payback can be a bitch and will be well-deserved.

    3. Too many Oligarchs living in London, so its safe but Lakeneheath _ Norfolk and Filingdale Yorkshire and gone for sure plus key Military centres. London they will just walk in and take if it comes to it. The rest is Cameron being led like a puppy dog by the US and our own Military Hawks. He's only a clueless Preppy Muppet what more do you expect? If he fails to get a resounding vote overturning Brexit he will face a challenge in October.
      They wont waste a thousand years of cultural history in London, they will take it. How can I defend Political naivety?

  33. John,

    You must ban me for sure...

    I must talk about my yard

    I am recreating that yard in my image

    who are you as the Who once said

    I don't know till the destruction is done

    what I can say is that love abides here

    that is enough

    many say that to have everything is never enough

    I would say love will simply overcome

    Hey I wrote some poetry and its about my daughter

    "To respect your time I wrote this ahead of time

    I am a former member of the American Taliban

    You know those Christians that educate their children at home

    my daughter said that High School Musical was her high school experience

    fantasy football except it was her high school

    our school was little work and mostly play

    now shes at work and in school

    school is work as they say

    better to play than to work

    so when play ends work can begin"

    your last post for Americans was so grim but let it be so...

    There weapons came from America

    designed in America

    made in America

    and then given to our enemies for a price

    simply the truth of the matter

    as an american and as a matter of respect to our enemies

    tell them to go fock themselves.... should move here since the court set the gays free here....

    with all and due respect



  34. KMB

    Laughing with you. Time is precious to me, I can't read them all. You should see my work load. As Canauzzie sees my work day starts at between 3 and 5 each day,and goes through until God know when. The world needs 24 x 7 cover. So, understand please my sometimes macabre and zany humour. I just see reality as is. But always with a smile, or one liner."

    you should have a yard to sit in

    my yard is so foul

    you inspire me to create something from the destruction that I create

    but where I live love overcomes

    and when we get our humanity back that will be our call

    that is only poetry and it means absolutely nothing




    time to reign them in

    those foul things that grow

  35. They'll always be an England, sang Vera Lynn.

    Not the England I grew up in, where we could leave our doors unlocked without fear of being robbed; where honesty, hard work, integrity, justice, fairness and compassion were valued; where neighbours kept an eye out for one another and their children; where people from around the world would tune into the BBC World Service to hear the truth, not propaganda; where a poor boy born on a refugee camp could go to Cambridge to study medicine; where doctors and nurses worked insane hours for a relative pittance in the NHS because it was for the people, not to profit Private Finance Initiatives and corporations; an England with some of the oldest and finest Universities in the world; a people renowned for their inventiveness, creativity and industry; a respected military that defended the nation and was not just part of a hegemonic NATO killing machine; politicians who represented their electorate, not their big-business party donors.

    That England, if it ever really existed, is no more. Robert Browning would not recognise it, or this parody of his poem:

    OH, to be away from England now that fracking’s near
    And whomever wakes in England sees heavy chemtrails
    fill the air
    That the land is ruled by a money-changer thief,
    Rothschilds in the Temple spreading grief
    While the media lies and the Queen does bow
    In England----now!

    And after June, when Chaos follows
    And Europe explodes with false-flag sorrows
    Blamed on ISIS and Islam’s creed
    While NATO wages war
    Through bankers’ greed
    Greater Israel Zionists hunger for more
    Lest you should think they never could capture
    Control of the world and bring Biblical Rapture
    And though Europe looks rough with nuclear dew
    All will be gay for the criminal few
    The globalists and high priests of Satan
    Erect their New World Order on corpses of nations.

    1. Valdi

      I don't expect to win the Brexit vote, but if its not a large defeat we will be back for more.If we get 45% for sure we will not take it. Cameron also then will be gone for dividing the party, meaning George will not replace him. If out Boris gets it, and with him, a resurrected Brexit mark 2 vote, a crackdown on immigration, new dialogue with Russia, and with Boris, for sure a new Bonking day holiday.

      Agreed with above, so many losses.
      But God the women in London look ever better. Why do we have time for work?
      Nature calls us to do our Duty, and twice a day in Summer.

    2. John,

      I'm totally with you. All the more reason to call off the dogs of war. Sam Johnson said, ""Why, Sir, you find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford."

      I'm sure many people feel the same about Paris and New York and Prague and Barcelona and St. Petersburg and Hong Kong and Singapore and Melbourne get the picture. London has no monopoly on hot women, lol. Have they taken to wearing see-through burqas?

      A couple of points: the earth is not overpopulated and has enough resources to give everyone a decent, sustainable standard of living without wasting them on war. It is not a closed-system: we have the technology to reach the stars but first we must demonstrate an appropriate level of maturity and responsibility as a species. Knocking off millions of our brothers and sisters does not look good on our resume.

    3. Valdi

      Cameron has misused the British Governments funds and resources to mass mail UK homes pushing the Remain vote, and has done nothing to give a balanced perspective to educate the British public Mutts towards making an informed judgement call for a meaningful vote. Worse the faceless Mandarins of the Civil Service have also co engaged lobbying the Remain case simply because it propagates an endless stream of paper tiger edicts creating more jobs and more power for these chinless and useless Bastards who breed like bar flies around the shit heap of politics.

      The Public are as much to blame as all too often the stupefied masses who condone it, few realising the Politicos and State Suits hold them in personal low regard and perceive the lot as Tax bearing chumps there to be sheered at will. Unfortunately you get the Government you deserve, but Cameron faces a party revolt come July, so passing the power to George won't wash. George has the charisma of a limp wrist Nanny,and will find he's in a fight with Boris busy feeding him daily enemas come August. Whichever way it goes, Cameron looks likely to find his own ass very soon post Referendum. If he loses he's out. If he wins it will be contested, and the party smell blood now. This will not end well for him. It will end his Premiership one way or another, but he wont leave on good terms. Leave he will!

      Boris is watching his chance. If Leave could only organise its a hands down walk out for the UK. These pathetic road shows are run by geriatrics who've left their teeth at home.

      What a sad munch of misfits. The lot of them. Leaders?

    4. John,

      I like Boris 'cos he's weird but I'm not sure he has the gravitas to be Prime Minister. That may not be a bad thing because he is likely to get on well with all the world leaders except that young fellow from Ankara. He wasn't afraid to tell Erdogan where to shove it.

      I'm not giving up on the Brexit vote: the Leave Campaign has to make it clear that the EU is NOT Europe and has little respect for national sovereignties. Brexit will save Europe.

    5. Agreed because if England leaves the whole shit pack will crash and nations will just have to trade together with no subsidies and no Brussels intrusion, then we can protect our borders and transfer the illegals up to Scotland knowing after a single winter in a Highlands camp the Buggers will beg to go home. Play this right and we can demand they take 5 Pakkies and 3 Mo Ham Heads with them

    6. Bill Still is on our side. It makes sense: a nation that does not control its own borders (or issue its own currency) is not a nation. I am not against all immigration or giving assistance to genuine refugees and asylum seekers, but anyone accepted into this country must respect our culture, abide by our laws, assimilate into the community and make a positive contribution to our society.

      Still Report #901- David Cameron - Fight for British Sovereignty or Resign!

      Link to petition on calling on David Cameron to fight for British sovereignty or resign

  36. 9 Uses For Hemp You Won’t Learn From Mainstream Media

    Biffie: What a wonderfully useful and healthy product. A lot of jobs can be created farming hemp and processing it into so many things.

    Such as: Fuel, batteries, building materials, livestock feed, plastic production, food and beverages, nuclear waste cleanup, paper, and clothing to name just a few. Check out this don't want to miss seeing the happy cows eating in the hemp field, and the hemp gas station. Remember hemp is not marijuana, but a cousin.

    1. YES! And cannabis oil, which doesn't contain THC (hallucinogenic compound), will heal many things which is why it's not allowed or "illegal." Farming hemp and marijuana would put many Americans back to work and open factories again making various products from clothes to building materials and much more.

    2. Thanks Biffie. It was Nelson Rockefeller who engineered the banning of hemp as a competitor to his Standard Oil Company and pharmaceutical interests.

      The Rockefellers – From Drug And Oil Monopoly To War On Drugs And Hemp Prohibition

      Once hemp was banned, Henry Ford could no longer use it to make and run his hemp-based cars:

      Ford's Hemp powered Hemp made Car

      Do you ever think the world would have been a much happier place without the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Bushes and Clintons?

    3. Valdi, definitely so and it will be again!! Our little town here could use some much needed jobs. I would sure like to farm hemp and manufacture many products with it.

      I always thought it was Dupont and Randolph Hurst that started all the reefer madness crap so hemp wouldn't interfere with plastics and the wood products industry.

      Texian, I eat and use several hemp products and I pass every drug test at work. So everybody, don't be afraid to use this product now.

      Speaking of work, for the last three months, I have been doing my shift and most of another. It has been difficult to get my garden in and do everything else I need to. It has limited my time to post things that I am passionate about. It should be over soon.

    4. Biffie,
      I understand hemp is somewhat available. Cannabis oil, however, is from the marijuana plant itself not cousin hemp...I think. Marijuana can't be grown legally in most states to obtain cannabis oil so it is very much more expensive than hemp oil, but much more effective for healing. Texas has only approved cannabis oil for treatment of seizures at this point I believe. Cannabis oil does not contain THC the substance in "pot" that is hallucinogenic. The drug test you take is probably to detect THC.

    5. Biffie,

      I love your attitude and what you are doing. God willing, I'd like to do something similar in Northland, NZ; where the pot grows as high as an elephant's eye. And truffles - I'd like to grow truffles if they take to Kauri or Rimu roots like they do to oak.

      I think the war on drugs was because the government doesn't like competition.

  37. For your enjoyment....

    US war machine reserves the right to use Hillary Clinton in situations where all other options have failed...Cruel and unusual punishment

    Someone call the Geneva Convention

    As the refugee crisis worsens world wide, innocent women and children throughout Pakistan and elsewhere have been forced to stomach the presence of Hillary Clinton.

    Farmers, for example in Pakistan have been forced to endure not only the Hillary Clinton cackle, but have been harangued with her stories of farmers in this Third World nation that have inspired her, amongst others.

    A Pakistani spokesperson stated that, “It is beneath human dignity to unleash Hillary Clinton on the world!”

    Pakistan has installed Clinton ‘warning sirens’ to staunch further preemptive deployment.

    Video at: U.S. Condemned for Pre-Emptive Use of Hillary Clinton Against Pakistan

    1. Thanks, TEXIAN, I done near pee'd ma pants laughin'. OMG, pray DARPA is not developing a multi-Hillary re-entry vehicle. I like the way The Onion followed up the report with a cure for erectile dysfunction.

    2. LOL! Always enjoy The Onion. I wouldn't know, but have heard and can imagine some men think Hitlary would cause dysfunction...hardly a subliminal suggestion!

  38. Judge Anna: Letter to Pope Francis---Memorial Day 2016

    Most Beloved Francis,

    The lawyers have been bill collectors for the Roman Pontiff since the second century BC. Please redirect them with respect to their activities on American soil.

    As you can see from our attached Judicial Notice and Order to Cease and Desist forwarded to the World Court - the Hague and the Office of the Special Prosecutor, they have been running private corporate administrative tribunals as if they were lawful public courts, employing Glossa to misrepresent and mischaracterize living Americans as corporate "persons" and otherwise running amok on our soil.

    As the single largest employer of all lawyers and attorneys worldwide as well as inheritor of the copyrights and trademarks of the statutory law, you are uniquely responsible for this continuing situation and the related abuses.

    As has already been established by the Vatican Chancery Court, people born on the land of the American organic states are the lawful beneficiaries of the land and no one may claim otherwise.

    As has also been established by the Treaty of Westminster 1794 and the Treaty of Ghent 1814 we are also beneficiaries of the international jurisdiction of the sea "in perpetuity".

    As Pope Benedict XVI has fully admitted, the secret Treaty of Verona of 1822 was an egregious Breach of Trust, an illegal, unlawful, and immoral act by the then-Pope and the British Monarch, owed nothing but confession, repudiation and correction.

    We call upon you to exert your full empowerment as the ultimate comptroller of the statutory law creating all corporations on Earth and your office as the Roman Pontiff to correct the operations of the American Bar Association, the International Bar Association, the International Monetary Fund, the Federal Reserve, the UNITED STATES, (INC.), and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, (INC.), the UN Corporation, and all their franchises and affiliates including the corporation calling itself the GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES and the PENTAGON.

    These entities have functioned as crime syndicates on our shores and have been grossly misdirected by both the British and French Governments and various Vatican operatives in the past and present. This entire mess must be cleaned up, and it cannot be accomplished by pretending that the Creditors are Debtors, via the use of scapegoats, or the avoidance of the facts.

    Your efforts of the Motu Proprio of July 11, 2013 are much appreciated. Your decision to give the miscreants three years to clean up their acts and come into compliance with their charters has, as we feared, only encouraged them to redouble their acts of criminality, but we have nonetheless waited out the grace period.

    The American people are owed the guarantees of their actual Constitution--- what the Vatican calls our "Original Equity Contract"--- and we have acted properly to claim our property assets, have issued our Sovereign Letters Patent, have established our Joint Declaration of Sovereignty together with the Federal Indigenous Nations preserving our "Original Equity Contract" and have properly asked you in your capacity as Trustee to fascilitate the settlement of the so-called United States National Debt by application of our National Credit to balance the books. We have likewise directed the Board of Governors of the Bank for International Settlements regarding our Will.

    May we now consider these issues done and settled?


    1. Cont'd....

      We also understand the embarrassment of the British, French, Japanese, Germany, and many other national governments with respect to the debts owed to the American people. These debts arising out of the need to rebuild after the Second World War together with the interest accrued would indeed be insurmountable and would result in the enslavement of most of the world if we were to insist on repayment. We understand that this concern---the gross indebtedness of the world--- has been the entire motivation behind the apparent international collusion against our lawful government.

      Let us ask how much a life is worth and who will hazard to pay it back?

      While distracted by the chicanery of international bankers and the digits accruing on ledgers most of the world has been deluded into believing what we can only describe as "lies we have told ourselves". We have not succumbed to such silliness.

      We assert that we cannot give life and have no right to take it. We assert that the value of even one life is beyond the ability of the world to repay. We assert that the essence of a good life is to have all that we truly need, to possess some of the things we merely want, to love and to be loved, to serve a noble purpose, to have a home and to live at peace. We assert that this is well-within the ability of each of us to achieve and within the Earth's ability to sustain for a long time into the future.

      A higher law than any "law" of commerce is called for at this time, a law that requires each man of every faith and nation to come to terms with our actual nature and our actual needs.

      We assert that money is nothing but a tool, like a shovel or a rake, which everyone must have access to use to fulfill both their daily needs to pay for food, fuel, housing, water, safe sanitation and similar needs--- and their dreams. Depriving people of money so as to make it a false god is a crime that renders us all in the ridiculous position of worshiping something of our own creation, as if we baked a cupcake and then bowed down to it.

      The accummulation of debt and the holding of debt has to cease and the forgiveness of debt must commence. Let it begin with the American people and their lawful government. We didn't give in order to commit usury against everyone else--- as the "United States" defined as the "territories and District of Columbia" has done.

      We gave to give, to restore, to help. We gave of our bodies in war and in peace. We gave of our natural resources, too. We did it to assist other nations to rebuild and have all that they need to live good lives according to their own dreams and traditions---not to ensnare them in a web of insurmountable debt.

      Nobody can ever repay the sacrifices made at Dunkirk and Normandy and Hiroshima and Treblinka, but we can all certainly learn our lessons. The Americans have learned.

      No other nation has to worry about what they owe us, except the moral obligation to support us when we are right and to assist us now by fully recognizing the fact that the United States Congress has been operating a rogue secondary government and promoting a confusion between that government and our lawful government.

      The Federal United States composed of the "territories and District of Columbia" and doing business as the United States of America (Minor) is a separate entity from The United States of America (Major). The United States Congress has operated this kingdom made of paper (and a few stray islands) to defraud the American people and the entire rest of the world via deceit based on similar names.

      We are not the problem. We have been the victims of this mischaracterization and misrepresentation and we have suffered along with the rest of the world.


    2. Cont'd.....

      This deceit has been promoted by international banking cartels, corrupt politicians, and senior members of the American and International Bar Associations, some of whom have sought refuge in Mainland China when confronted with the severity of their criminality.

      This system was pioneered in China many centuries ago, so it has now come full circle and needs to be destroyed by the same people who first discerned the principle underlying it--- which is summed up by the Chinese proverb: "If you collect the money, you disperse the people. If you disperse the money, you collect the people".

      The American people are still provably the Priority Creditors of the entire planet. We have not abandoned our position nor our property assets. We have paid the piper and what we say has to hold, or all the laws of commerce and all the laws of nations fail. So what do we say?

      Neither we nor the rest of the world should suffer for the sake of greed, lies, and delusions. A cupcake is a cupcake and a crook is a crook.

      We call upon you and all world leaders to honor our contributions and inheritance--- our land, our homes, our lives, our public and organic law----as we have honored theirs, and draw the line between us and the Federal United States which has caused all the problems, racked up all the debts, and engaged in all these crimes against us and other nations.

  39. Replies
    1. Texian

      Good news is when the US actually cuts through its incestuous corruption and indictes this Bitch and Slick Willie together, for Fraud, Racketeering, money laundering,and Treason! It's shameful for America and inexcusable. Anyone else bar the Bushes and they would be banged up. If Clinton goes, it snares in the Bushes and Obaaaama, talking of mindless sheep!

      Be in no doubt we have hands on direct proof Obama received a Congressman's letter to him directly accusing Biden of Bribe taking, exposing the CIA for money laundering Bidens bribe money, linking in Clinton and Bush 41. Obama, a Public Official, covered it up and pre warned Biden, Clinton and Bush. Treason!. The entire snake pit is compromised. A Vipers nest.

      The world looks on in disgust. And America meanders on in La La Land.

    2. Americans are disgusted also! There are more 'awake' people than you think. Why do you suppose Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are the clear choices? I'll answer that for you. Massive numbers of Americans KNOW Democrats & Republicans are cabal puppets, but they're at least hopeful the other two can make a difference to restore our country to what it was intended to be---land of freedom from tyranny of a monarch in order to pursue a better life for family.

    3. Texian

      I hope so, but who will the sheeple vote for, and will enough concerned others get off their Butts to vote?
      Are there enough prepared to do more than talk to make a difference?
      Sometimes when I opine with a hard nosed stance, its strategy to culture shock and wake up otherwise good Americans,to realise your Liberty is being stolen. I'm not your enemy, but a pragmatic Allie truly helping.

    4. Who knows about the vote? Will the people's vote even be counted? Who knows if there will be anyone still alive in November? William Kristol, Khazar tool, today says there will be a 3rd party candidate....hmmm...would be 4th party by my calculation....Libertarians are already running Gary Johnson again.

  40. Judge Anna: Neu Republique - Unanswered Letters 19 - for Nina

    The so-called "New Republic" is a fraud sponsored by the French Government in an effort to paper over its liability for failure to control and maintain oversight of the IMF corporation which it chartered. That's why I call it the Neu Republique.

    The IMF was chartered by the French Government and allowed to spin off the UNITED STATES (INC.) which was in turn allowed to run rampant over the American people and the entire rest of the world. That is the fault of the French Government.

    Now the same guilty French Government has "offered" to create another "government" for us---- in reality, another governmental services corporation---and the only reason they are making this offer is so that they can suppress by force our demands that they be held accountable for their mismanagement of the IMF and the UNITED STATES.

    We have said, "Thanks, but no thanks. We have made other arrangements, but you are welcome to go home now and contemplate your sins and omissions."

    We have not been happy or well-served by the IMF or the now insolvent UNITED STATES acting as our governmental services corporation. Both organizations have been operated as criminal syndicates on our shores and have liberally abused us and run up odious debts in our names and terrorized other nations in our names, so we have cause to refuse any offer from the French Government to act as Successor to Contract and we have done so.

    Please help put the kabosh on their "feel good" propaganda. It's all just more self-interested crappola from international banking interests, all foreign, all unrelated to the actual American government.

    We have already provided our Sovereign Letters Patent and our Joint Declaration of Sovereignty making the Indigenous Nations our "federal" partners upholding our actual Constitution and the official Successor to Contract. Any organization offering such services otherwise is here merely on a for-hire basis and working without a contract and is required to honor every jot of our public and organic law while doing it.

    We are tired of meddling, criminality, and incompetence whether British or French---- and we have said so in terms clear enough to be understood by the UN Security Council, Pope Francis and Queen Bess.

    Judge Anna

    1. But looking on at the state and scale of US corruption, who cares? Clearly the sheeple don't.

    2. John, Did you ever realize the "sheeple don't care" because the sheeple don't KNOW to care? You can't care about that which you know nothing can you?

    3. John, is there any way that OWoN can create a system similar to the "Radio Free Europe" from years past? Only this time it should flood all american radio and television frequencies with truthful information and eye opening programs. The american sheeple could finally be properly awakened and educated.

    4. Larry

      You are right on OWON plans if the Elders fund major plans as in daily discussion.

  41. So Hillary is out of the running. In Ben Fulford's report he indicates thatcthe KM are banking on either a Trump or Sanders win:

    "The final Khazarian mob hold outs are trying to present WDS plans for the world economy as socialist or Stalinist. They are hoping to use either Vice President Joe Biden, Democratic Party hopeful Bernie Sanders or US Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump as people who will reform the existing system enough that they can avoid rebooting the system all together as the WDS proposes."

    On another note, the 'socialist' label that is applied with religious fervor to anything that helps other people, is being used to further the KM agenda of dog eat dog. I have never understood why Americans support that.

  42. Ben's post was encouraging but many of us are confused and a little incredulous since all the NATO activities in Europe seem to be moving ahead at breakneck speed. Poland will host US military, all of Scandinavia is apparently now involved in NATO exercises, India will host US military. Doesn't seem to support Ben's endless assertions that the CABAL are doomed. I also mentioned how the WDS and others are always extending deadlines. I won't be convinced that we are truly headed in the right until Hillary is indicted or deathly ill. They've got an army of clones standing in for her, and Trump now, constantly so it will be difficult to put her away for good.

  43. in the right direction- sorry.

  44. What no one understands, because there is a Global Plebeian ignorance of who controls the real Zoo,is that the old Seigal / Luciano Cohen Crime family, which funded Pureheart and its vast plethora of Global corporate investments, has upgraded its own Executive Command structure, but still has Murder Inc very much at its command, and will let nothing affect its own Corporate holdings. To them you are all disposable stock assets, and as with Lucian, they do own the Law as the Jewish Mafia now absolutely run the show. When the Wops stepped down they stepped in now nothing will break the Kazakh, Mossad stranglehold, bar ripping their claws off and totally sanitising them out. Law cant do it they own then. You don't reason with murdering Kazakhs,you can only detox the system,using pestilence extermination and nothing less. Like a vital cancer, leave the roots it will grow again.

    A great Ape in Cincinnati Zoo yesterday was shot. Albeit if you watch actually guarding and protecting a 4 year old child its moronic Pig Thick parents had allowed to get through 4 level of protective fencing, and the child was at real risk. Imagine had it been a Lion cage.

    Visibly the Ape scooped the child protectively from the water and with care, was actually sheltering it. It was actually a touching moment of an Ape bonding with a human child in need. It could have been shot any time in a heartbeat if needed, but instead, it was killed because of some Health and Safety ignoramus. It dies protecting the child and we were too thick to see it. The Ape had him for 10 minutes, more than long enough for bad intent of which none was shown. People are just sad. The only creature deserving to be shot were the Shite minding Piss ant apology for parents. So now the media will lie to cover these Morons lie.

    Had they safely rescued the child, what then in human understanding bonding wiht the Ape? If they needed a distraction, throw the half wit parents into the compound. The Ape merits more value.

    We could have waited, thrown it food 20 yards away, and used the dart guns instead. Sometimes people are beyond sad. If so F quick to use the guns, why not first target the Political and Zio trash? Yesterday was sad. We kill so needlessly. A bullet travel at 600 MPH. More than fast enough to stop it dead at any sign of harm.

    When will this dog shite parent be charged? Bull whipping is the right penalty. An innocent animal died for a mindless slob too stupid to be let in the Zoo. The parent need to be stripped of the child for a month while the moron is checked out for IQ.It takes a special kind of stupid to let a 4 year old get though 4 layers and not stop it.

    I have 6 kids who have toured the African Bush with me hundreds of times on safaris. Night driving in pitch black with lights spotting hunts, us crashing through the thorn trees, keeping the kids tight and safe. Paddling in wooden Bokaros in the Okavango Swamp, kids on board watching for Crocks and Hippos. Similar to a trip through Wallmarts.
    If we can keep kids safe in the Jungle, what kind of Dog Shite cant control a child in a Zoo? That Ape died for their stupidity. 4 levels of fencing and too stupid to see it? They need Shambocking. Killing is the Last Resort! For those too stupid to see the Ape was only guarding the child, don't have kids! Life is precious! Apart from Demos, the Cabal and Zios.
    Who weeps for the Ape? While the Monkey of a parent walks free? There is a special kind of stupid. Look at society, and we still let them breed? I respect the wild, culture and life. Killing is the last resort. That Ape deserved a chance. The Parents were to blame. Culpable stupidity! They walk among us. We again show we are so unfit to be Custodians of this planet. Will the Moron be charged?

    1. Apologies for a few typos above. Work and time pressures. Flat out daily. But issues for you. With real justice we should have thrown Clinton over the barrier, or Bush Sr in his wheelchair. Peddle out of that you Bastard. Lol.

    2. That's corroboration enough for me that Ben's post has substance enough, the Cohens are the last stand. We're down to the last defence guys that's great news!

      Re the NATO stuff, its just a very few big boys rattling cages, a last desperate attempt that is showing all their cards. They have none left. They have to try this blatantly stupid move.

      Yesterday I passed a guy walking aling a rainy street in bare feet and a sleeping bag on his back. I had nice shoes and an umbrella. I didnt do anything near enough for him but i did a john and he had breakfast at least. Guys, do something nice for someone less fortunate today and forget the cohens. They're on the way out.

    3. Good for you! Everyone has to realize that you don't have to be wealthy to help a few others. When you see the need, do what you can then. Our favorite method...always.

    4. Video clearly shows that the gorilla was protecting the child, he was in no danger. The primate had over 10 minutes with the child, there was no overt aggression seen; clearly the parents of the 4 year should be charged for the murder of the primate. Just shows how many Americans are idiots.

  45. Not going to debate anything here, only ask if perhaps we can not rush to judgement on the parents of the child. Children can "disappear" in a heartbeat, as any parent knows. And if the child was determined to get closer to that ape, or whatever it was he was thinking, he very well could have made a point of taking off on his parent(s). You don't know what the parent was dealing with at the time - another crying child? Yes, could have been a phone distraction too - but let's not presume. Yes, he's a child. But a four year old. A thinking, walking, human being. Quite capable of disobeying 'direct orders'. Quite capable of 'devious' in order to get what he wants. And if you don't think so. Let me tell you a few stories about our youngest granddaughter at the age of 4. Or her mother, at age 3. Or her uncle, at about the same age. Was I always on top of the parenting game, never once making a mistake, always able to head trouble off at the pass? Hardly. Does that make a me a bad parent, or a useless eater, or a brain dead mother? Absolutely not.

    We all like to sit in judgement, that's a human 'quality' (foible would be a better word). We don't know all the facts. Until and unless we do, can we please give the benefit of the doubt. In all cases, not just this one. And no, I don't agree with the way it was handled. As you said, John - food and a tranquilizer may have been a much better option. A case in point of a rush to judgement - perhaps the zookeepers also were "too quick to judge". Just as we sit here now, judging them, judging the parent(s).

    My two cents worth, from the back seat. :)

    1. My Eldest was a monster from hell, needing watching every second. A complete head banger. But you know what they are and watch accordingly. You avoid Zoo deaths by planning for risk areas, and keeping the kids back, with a thick ear if needed. They learn fast. If the little rug rat is a runner put a leash on him. Its our job to know. 4 levels of fences and no one was watching. Its this kind of stupid I question. We all know we need eyes in our ass with kids.
      We know how to watch and cope before it hits.

      Like the screaming 5 year old brat on a plane from JFK to Cincinnati who was howling for 30 minutes because she could not sit at the window occupied by an otherwise innocent, embarrassed, decent American too respectful to say anything. Until a Brit in front, fed up to the back teeth with the none stop screaming and whining, stood up, leaned over and said, shut your whining mouth, if you were my daughter I would smack your backside so damned hard you would not sit down for a week. Be quiet you Brat, shut that mouth I've had enough of your bad behaviour, your a bloody disgrace of a child. Instant silence. Shock and awe. I then invited a Gob smacked father, gag the rat and if you want to make an issue of it, I'm happy to step outside at the Airport on landing and put some manners on you and your bitch. Man to Man.

      Kids are less harm than brain dead parents. As with people. If I had squaddies in the Regiments not manning up to order, all it needed was a Corporal or two, a chain and handcuffs, carbolic soap, a hard yard brush and off to the outside Martialling yard. Stripped naked under a strong cold shower, cuffed to the overhead unit, water blasted down, 2 squaddies applying carbolic soap with hard year brushes, and 2 squaddies smacking with the canes for 5 minutes. I woke up the wise guys, cut the crap from the wise asses,and when followed by 2 hours on parade with a full pack in just their pants and boots, with a Sergeant screaming at them every hundred yards to move it or off to the block for a week, they got the message. They were sore for a week after that. It put manners on them!

      We took the trash and we made men of them. We turned wasters into respectable servants of society,where they either assimilated fast, or we knocked in into them. We cant rely on Nancy Boys or artful dodgers in battle conditions.

      Families are a battle ground. Kids are animals. Some kind, some needing house training. Only America seems to need an army of Shrinks to teach so many assholes how to sort their heads out. In the rest of the word we sort it. So why is the US so neurotic and up itself? Have you worked with New Yorkers? Jeez, what a sub culture.

      The clapping of the passengers brought home to them, they had a monster, but Americans are too polite to remonstrate. Kick asses, save on Shrinks.
      Some poor guy would marry that later.

      If I can control 6, certainly no Angels, it's some kind of Dummie who cant control one or two.
      We all saw the Ape and the care it took of the child. Zoo keepers here all agree, it was visible the Child was not being abused,but cared for. But, this is a nation who elected Obama twice, Dummie Bush and Clinton next. We all look on and smile. Talking of Political Zoos like Congress.

      I know more than anyone about pulling that trigger. Many, many times. But now I prefer not to unless no other choice. Lives are precious so are animals. 4 layers of fencing and the Mutt did not check. How stupid is stupid? The child could have died,an Ape who saved it did. The Ape lifted it from the water. Then sheltered it like its own. How about we stick the Mutt parent in that compound for a month on Public show? From Military to Intel, to Industry and Commerce, I know people. I've no illusions. Life soon dispenses those. As do our own Kids. Lol. Bloody marvelous mongrels. I've seem too many Mutts mess up kids. One needs a dart in its Butt! And a good slap!

    2. They had to deal with the fact that a gorilla has a child.... a gorilla that has massive strength.... once the child is in the pit there is nothing else to consider at that time.... if I am holding the gun I pull the trigger.... would rather explain why I shot the gorilla than explain why I let something happen to the child.... it is a tragedy.... but it would have been a much bigger one if the child had died.... don't shoot me John!.... just my 2 cents worth.

    3. JD

      I'm only saying with an ounce of intelligence we could have tried to save both. They had 10 minutes messing around and too dumb to come up with a plan. 10 minutes when the Ape could at will have ripped the child apart while we did nothing. But didn't. It showed Humanity. But we, as usual couldn't. In battle, you get micro seconds, or minutes at best. In 10 whole minutes, it did not harm the child. Not even an attempt to distract it with food, Just shoot it because an asshole failed to take care of its child? If the Ape had wanted to kill the child it had 10 whole minutes,and no one was organised to stop it. Just like 9/11. Systematic failure. So when it was safe, they shot it? Hello?
      Again, life is cheap.

      Animals are life forces too. Ignorance is a killer. Did no one see how the Ape checked and cared for the child? How it lifted it from the water protecting it? Sometimes I wonder at our own humanity.

      We came from Apes, and still we have not ascended. I can think of many!
      We kill a million Iraqis because an Asshole from Texas wants to show his Dad he did better than the One Termer.

      Who thinks of the shattered nations,and now tens of millions of displaced Asians? We are such a flawed species.

      We need a Gorilla loose in Congress and the Pentagon. Its brother loose in the CIA. The family are already loose on Wall Street.

    4. Sir John.... the "don't shoot me" was in jest.... and, I really don't feel I am of the caliber(no pun intended) to debate with you.... most all of what you say is right on I believe.... from looking and thinking, without being here or having a history keeping gorillas, just saying I would have done the same.... 10 minutes is a lifetime in that situation.... most likely all scenarios were thought about I am sure.... if they chose to dart the animal what might have happened?.... it takes at least 5 minutes for the dart to take affect.... might the gorilla have freaked and flung the child or smashed him.... if they put out food the gorilla would have went for the food and still hung onto the child.... don't let me take any more of your time on this.... I understand your points!.... for the record, I don't like zoos and never have.... never been to one or wanted to.... seems cruel to me.... have been to Walmart lately though!....

    5. Good God man did she ever get a chance to get her clothes on? Those back seats must sure have some stories to tell !

    6. And watching the film at the same time? Lol.

    7. JD

      MY only case was just try first with food. Have you ever watched a Ghetto store riot? Or a Wallmart free feast? Like pigs to the trough they run. Just a tester.Try the food, if it moves fast for the food, the dart works. If not we then take the shot. Laser sights were locked on by then. A split second could have called it safely. That endangered species Great Ape deserved at least a chance. I hope the real dumb moron is prosecuted. If one kid plays up grab them both. Or too stupid to parent? They walk among us.

      We had choices. Zoos can be so cruel. But also in Africa, the greed of poachers has created genocide. I have seen the carcases of Elephants and Rhinos slaughtered for greed. For that I would not have hesitated to shoot the Poachers, but what of the Traffickers? Man can be the most depraved animal of all. Well just above a Plastic LA or NY gimme, gimme wife. Lol

      A Great Ape died. Why? Who cares for him? His poor life wasted.

  46. Really think the cabal has miscalculated appeal of Hitlary...


    1. Love it. Especially:

      "As for Hillary, Coulter says that when the Clintons retreat to Chappaqua…they’ll find that “the going rate for a guy whose wife is about to be president is much higher than for an aging rapist whose wife is facing criminal charges.”"


  47. UK ‘most corrupt country in the world’ – mafia expert:

    That is also what Jim Willie has been saying and also what I have said. Expecting salvation from the epicentre of the Venetian power structure is a religion in its own right. Belief is required for that as it is a certainty that proof will never see the light of day. Hedging bets was devised by the great financial centres of the world. People should ask themselves whether they are able to discern when bets are hedged and when such parties take definitive positions. Which parties here have truly excellent relations with Russia and mainland China? If that is difficult to say, are you then sure that the parties you think have your best interests in mind are truly on the side of the BRICS alliance? This is far from over....most will only figure out who their friends were and who their enemies are when the greatest battle is over. Do not listen to what people say, only observe their actions. Tales of actions are no valid substitute for actions. Anomalies reveal intelligence operations. White gloves conceal dirty hands.

    1. saturnalia,
      Sadly, I'm believing you're absolutely correct after posts of last few days.
      Those of us "without power" are now being bashed for trying to do something to wake people out of their slumber. Perhaps too many inconvenient truths are coming out?

    2. Re corruption. The 2nd scalp was claimed in Temer's 'government' when Brazil's anti corruption minister was stood down after another leak demonstrating his own. This will continue. I have a good feeling for Brasil. This is the cleanout and it will settle in a matter of months I think after the whole shebang comes out, forcing a reset there.

    3. PS The best thing: it is/will bring the two halves of the population together in unity. Expect 'Fora corupção!' protests soon. There will be one Brasil. The rest of the world will follow this lead.

  48. Help for WHA

    Viewing your last comments let us give you concise facts.
    1. Nothing is getting done until AFTER the Patriot is paid. Zero!
    2. Leo can ONLY be covered by and behind the Patriot. Not directly, not ever. Nor will he ever be allowed to receive such amounts. Real world, dream on. London are hands on by the hour. Hard facts, reality and truth. Talk is cheap.
    3. The Patriot operates via the London and US network covered by London. The Patriot and London have a very close and honourable working relationship together. All very close Allies. Trust! Totally united. But we will not disclose sensitive Patriot issues. Their Attorney ( A truly lovely and Spiritual individual, and ourselves, are very close) and we are all as one together.
    4. This M1 talk is frankly Disneyland for Mutts. As regards Judge Anna,much as I respect the hard and dedicated efforts, that constant verbose diatribe resourced and supported by nothing of power, has all the merits of success of a one legged woman in an Ass kicking contest. Too much waffle backed by nothing, which now gets filed in File 13 (The trash can!) Blog talk. The recipients just don't read it any more. It's out with the Fairies. No one in power takes it seriously,sorry. Much as I admire the intent and commitment, even the justification, an experienced Professional asks will it fly? A Judgement Call of Solomon. It would appear to have the wings of a Dodo.

    Now the M1 fantasy. From the person last heading into the sunset all done- Really? What happened?

    Why give it oxygen for publicity? It's not happening. Not ever! You seriously think in a cash starved , inner collapsing Global system, some hocus pocus Wannabes will be let loose with such national debt recovery options paid from Wonderland?

    Please, highlight the Sam Elliot poster- What kind of stupid are you?

    There is no fast access money. The coming G20 meeting is for a reason. Not G7, now cross containing the lot! There is NO Money. Play it again Sam.

    The depth of sensitivity appertaining to Real Elders is constant. We took no Public holiday yesterday but worked flat out. Real world, real focus. There is no valid dialogue via back street Pubs in Jakarta or Bongo Land. That is hype.
    Nothing is happening outside of a tightly controlled loop of the smartest, most experienced top echelon Professionals operating between London, Asia and Washington.

    The rest is just Wannabes dreaming. Like peeling an onions, they are not even at the outer layer, and already crying Wolf!
    Show me the money?

    1. lol "My M1 is more impotant than your M1". Well I had lunch with L2 yesterday and both of us think you're all nuts. Sorry I could not resist! But seriously, I have found over the years that anyone who feels the need to brag about who they know often know no one. Sometimes just reading about these people, because I have no idea who any of them are just makes me shake my head. Actually, it's quite sad that anyone invested or invest in something based on something they wrote about in a blog.

  49. Replies
    1. The game plan might be a bit of both. First the Empire seeks to keep the UK in, in order to keep the EU plantation uniformly directed against the East and Europe itself and then when the entire EU truly falls apart the Venetian elements of the UK and the City of London will distance themselves publicly from the EU. If elements in power truly wanted out already, they would not have played nice at all to achieve that and it would have been very doable.

  50. Saturnalia

    Right now no one can call the Brexit vote. Many of the immigrants will vote and they will think only of sinking us more with their infernal Dependent Relatives coming over.
    Clueless Retirees will vote to keep their Pensions. These Dummies actually thinks the EU gives a dam. If its for out and we get it, we are out. If its lost on a close vote we will be back again. Realistically this is not what we ever voted for.

    Closer cooperation Yes. But to be ruled by Brussels, never! We do NOT belong and if it takes 10 more years we will leave. If we leave with Brexit, the Germans will want the vote, and will also vote No! The EU is just a Socialist Pigs Breakfast. Inept, criminal and useless. Thinking Brits want out.


  51. Sorry Valdi, there will be no welcome back for DL. He burned that bridge long ago.

  52. While I agree with the notion that Clinton is another form of vampire squid just like Goldman Sachs, I think that cutting CORPORATE WELFARE is completely in order. The military industrial complex and the pharma medical complex cannot be afforded any longer in the United States. They have become so expensive and so involved in creating disease and death to feed their needs that they cannot be tolerated. Finally, banking has become a parasitic endeavor as the next article will reveal. Goldman Sachs isn't just a name, it has become a motto for this unscrupulous money-fleecing machine. ONLY NOW IT IS SUCKING THE MONEY OUT OF THE 1 PERCENT AND THAT IS THE ONLY REASON THAT THEY WILL FINALLY ACT. IT WAS OKAY WHEN THIS ROGUE OPERATION WAS TRAUMATIZING THE LOWER AND MIDDLE CLASSES WITH DERIVATIVES SOLD TO COUNTY, CITY AND COUNTRY GOVERNMENTS...but now it is stripping wealth from the upper 1 percent. That, naturally, under this internationally-screwed up system is verboten.

    On May 10, the New York Times gently dropped a bombshell on the hedge fund investing world of New York’s one-percenters. Hillary and Bill Clinton’s son-in-law, Marc Mezvinsky, who married their only child, Chelsea, in an opulent 2010 wedding, was shuttering the Eaglevale Hellenic Opportunity Fund after it had lost 90 percent of its value. That is a staggering loss for a hedge fund, which is, as its name implies, supposed to have hedges in place to prevent that kind of loss.

    The fund with the steep losses is part of a larger hedge fund firm run by Mezvinsky and two former colleagues at Goldman Sachs, Bennett Grau and Mark Mallon. The idea that a hedge fund should wait until it had only 10 percent of its clients’ assets remaining before shutting down is causing angst in billionaire circles, as are many other details surrounding this hedge fund. According to a 2015 article in the Wall Street Journal, the same fund had already lost 48 percent in 2014 – raising the question as to why it wasn’t shuttered then, when clients could have gotten a sizeable amount of their principal returned.

    Mezvinsky is not the top dog at the hedge fund, Eaglevale Partners LP, according to online data. That spot goes to Bennett Grau, who is listed as the Founding Partner, Chief Investment Officer, and Chief Risk Officer. Those designations make a lot of sense to veterans on Wall Street, since Grau is clearly the senior member of the team.

    Grau’s former tenure at Goldman Sachs spans 30 years, from 1981 to 2011 – a period during which he worked with Goldman’s now Chairman and CEO, Lloyd Blankfein, who started his career in the same trading area as Grau, the J. Aron & Co. subsidiary that Goldman bought in 1981. Both Blankfein and Grau were considered experts in foreign exchange and currency trading, with Grau heading up the J. Aron Foreign Exchange Trading Group beginning in 1977.

  53. When Nancy Pelosi endorsed Bernie Sanders, I knew that another shoe was to fall. Well, evidently, the Clinton Foundation and the son-in-law are both going to hit soon.

  54. Please would any fellow Brits reading this blog link this video on their social media sites; I don't belong to any. One commentator wrote, "As an American, I love the UK. Please, do the right thing and reclaim your sovereignty. You're better than this shit."

    The Moment of Truth

    As a Brit, I love the USA. Please do the right thing and reclaim your sovereignty. You too are better than this shit.

    1. Not a Brit, but done...Pat Condell is usually spot on!

  55. The media have now exposed the Rap Sheet past of the father in the Ape case. Of course,m with Drugs, burglaries and a long list of crimes, he was not with the child. The 300 lb momma could not get her butt out of her own way to shelter her child. The Poppa wears his shirt to his knees. The Momma wears her gut to hers. Maybe Walmart types? Dam right the thinking world wants them prosecuted. Wiring the Mutts jaw is a good start.

    This poor Ape sheltering the child from that bellowing mob above died for what? A real tragedy. Where was the rap sheet man in his Pyjama to his knees top? The pics and knives are out.

    1. And of course, still no mention of an expression of remorse, regret, or apology… just the typical tiresome entitled notion to run amuck while others pick up the pieces and pay the price.

      Sigh. My ‘public’ fatigue has reached an all time high.

    2. Now they are getting battered in the UK press for it. Dumb bitch, her " "Partner Player"!!!, with a rap sheet as long as your arm was no doubt sitting back with his joint, loose shoes and a warm lavatory seat, you know the profile. His dress style is pure street hussler. She herself would need the turning circle of an Oil tanker to even move that gut and Butt of hers around, so kids could go awol any time. Its tragic an Ape protecting the child died for them. So, the Zoo played safe for PR, but where was intelligence? Where was humanity?
      The world has seen the video and the Ape visible protecting the child. Maybe the right answer was to grab the " Partner" hitch his shirt inside his Players pants, throw him over the fence and say you go sort it. Dope dealer, thief, burglar, and all else. Read waste of space! Player!

      That poor Ape never had a chance. As for the Aaahhm a good mother, where's the bullwhip?
      Dumb , unfit piece of meat. They breed and Wallmart sit back collecting.

  56. Clintons don't have anything compared with Barry's trail of bodies...


  57. I predicted that the other shoes were going to fall. The truth about Hillary's tenure at the state department is NOW breaking.

  58. Hillary Clinton’s State Department Authorized Billions in Arms Sales to Foundation Donors

  59. John,

    I would like to write in support of Judge Anna, who is doing all she can to reveal the truth and educate people in what can be done to combat massive, global criminality and deceit. Isn't that what OWoN is trying to do?

    You wrote: "As regards Judge Anna, much as I respect the hard and dedicated efforts, that constant verbose diatribe resourced and supported by nothing of power, has all the merits of success of a one legged woman in an Ass kicking contest."

    What success has our own esteemed Parliament had, when it has at its disposal and in the supposed service of the nation some of the most professional military, judicial, police and intelligence agencies and institutions in the world? Lord James bravely exposed the crooked dealings of the Federal Reserve with some British banks and what happened? Nothing. What is the point of having natural, common, national and international laws and Courts of Law if the most evil criminals this world has ever seen are not held to account by those appointed to the task? They have had all the merits of success of a one-legged woman in an Ass kicking contest.

    Anna Von Reitz: The truth has come out finally and conclusively

    Judge Anna wrote, "The basics of what we have learned (at least to our satisfaction) is that the System [of Fraud] was introduced in England in 1867 by Benjamin D’israeli, with legislation
    resulting in the “enfranchisement” of English workers."

    Valdi: Benjamin Disraeli was a Rothschild agent. Did Queen Victoria dress in black and avoid public appearances for the remaining 40 years of her life because she was mourning the loss of her consort, Prince Albert, or the loss of her nation to the parasitic, Lucifarian money-changers?

  60. Valdi

    I told you we would bag the Pedos, and we did.

    We went for the throat on the Socialists. They got wasted.
    We stopped the US aggression sucking the UK into Libya.
    We, despite US pressure,are building a very viable role with China.

    Lets first wait and see how the brexit vote goes. If we only lose by a few per cent we will attack again. No way will we back off.

    We are splattering them for broken immigration promises. That alone may swing Brexit.
    Even Wogs here are voting for Brexit.

    My case on Judge Anna is her strategy is well meaning but naive. She is a one woman band issuing far too much paper, a good case, but yawn making. Way, way, way too much paper. An approach of 5 pages hits the can. She needs organised, coherent partnerships and strategic planning. Instead jaw dropping Paper Tigers are unleashed, intercepted by the minions, and canned. Where are her exit teams to hit the media and Courts? What is her strategy? Where is her power?

    1. John is precisely correct. Judge Anna is a valuable legal researcher and historian, not a revolutionary.

      Anna has successfully identified the indigenous nations and Hawaii as chinks in the federal government's legal armor. I suspect the state of Louisiana may be a possible weakness as well, as their law is based on the Napoleonic Code and not English common law. Promising entry points, but Anna lacks the crowbar and the leverage needed to crack the system open.

      Changing the way the world is ruled is not a job for one person or even one lifetime. Flying solo, Anna's work resembles the case of Jarndyce vs. Jarndyce in 'Bleak House'. It will require a Cabal sized organization to get Anna's case out of Chancery.

    2. since it appears we are voting on judge anna, i suggest people who want to read her go to her site, but stop posting her here. good concise informational writing is hard to accomplish, it needs a very disciplined approach.

    3. Let's be realistic here....all over the place are parties who lack the power or the legitimate agenda to get things done swiftly and definitely. Anna Riezinger has a broader alliance than might be expected. Merely because a large part of it remains unseen does not mean it is not there.

      The Indian nations are highly important in moving against the 'laws' of the corporation nations and Anna Riezinger is one of the few parties who gives a glimpse into this, but the exact mechanics of this all take place behind the scenes.

      There is reactivity versus pro-activity. What do you think the following is: "Lets first wait and see how the brexit vote goes."

      I would never just 'wait and see' how it would go IF I had power AND a well defined perspective. For a mere 10 million pounds and some lobbying and delaying the elite brought the people from a majority in favour of a Brexit to a majority against a Brexit. Apparently it is difficult enough to control the backyard and some expect the same influence to reach all over the globe? Let's be even more realistic here: People with power often make investments that protect or multiply their wealth. At this point in time there clearly was no financial incentive for those with power to pay 10 million pounds for an immediate Brexit. It would have been so easy to have gotten a Brexit and the elite of the UK and the City of London did not want it YET. I watched the BBC yesterday relentlessly attack Germany's right wing parties and their anti-immigrant agendas....the BBC is the same spy and paedophile nest trash it always was and the Monarch has significant influence over it and apparently fully approves of this agenda. I'd recommend observing actions, not words.

      Considering that a Brexit saves the UK money, the elite truly in favour of it could probably have made a deal to get their pro-Brexit campaign money back out of the savings that would have been realised....that would not even have been an unreasonable demand and this would not even have required intelligence operations the Jesuit way to get the desired results.

    4. Sharp as a tack as always.

    5. "Too much paper" and "stop posting her here" and supply a link instead - Agree 110%. But then I guess I should be agreeing - I asked for a Cole's Notes version of the postings months ago. Stopped visiting for weeks because there seemed to be little else here than Judge Anna, and I didn't have the time nor the inclination to hunt for nuggets on other topics. Not saying she's not right. Not saying there's no value in what she is doing and working on. But if all of us here had a special interest in one person's blogs, they posted every day and then we all brought those daily posts in to OWON, we'd kill this site in a matter of days. Just sayin'.


    6. Supplying links and, at most, a short quote is part of our TOS. We ask that of all. We just understand when someone is passionate about a topic it is hard to restrain. That is part of the reason we started a comment section on its own. Also starting anew anytime comments reach 100+.

  61. John, her power lays within the people, the more she awakens the more powerful she and we become. As far as to much paper everything that's been done to us by these criminals and their fraudulent contracts has been done through the use of paper documents the theft of our properties through our signatures. I realize sometimes her writings seem a bit long and over the top, but she is desperately trying to hammer home a point which is for all to wake up and stop letting these thieves steal our freedoms.

  62. All points on Anna are recognised, but timing is everything.

    Right now, we are focused on Brexit. Politicos are like children, they need single tasking. You all , truly, have no idea how limp and lethargic they are. It needs a focused attack, when they are receptive.

    Right now, all focus is on Brexit, and NO One can call it. It swings by the week. Banking wants to stay in, but they don't control the numbers. The Queen wants Brexit but cant go public. The EU erodes all she stands for. But she can't debate.

    The Unions want to stay because they get more pathetic EU power.
    Most businesses want Brexit to dump the never ending mind destroying EU paperwork.

    Retirees by and large are clueless.

    So far polls are swinging by the week.

    We need to see how the vote goes. That will determine how next to prioritise the system. One issue at a time. If we swing Brexit, it will create a Fiscal tsunami for those wasters in the EU. We will just stop sending them vast Billions. We lose over $500M a week better spent on our own nation, wasted on Brussels and illegals. If we exit we at last can control immigration and that may be the key vote swinger.

    If we exit, the German public will want their own Referendum and for sure will vote for out. The EU is a lunatic asylum helping no one but themselves.

    If Brexit succeeds, then it allows time to raise Annas issues. Remember, by and large they are Donkeys. One issue at a time. The SNP (Scots ) lot seem to focus their time and creativity fiddling their expense accounts. Wastes of space.

    Brexit will force new Alliances. That is Annas best shot. Timing. Just know when to hold them, know when to fold them. Anna has a valuable role, but needs Alliances. It shows. Her vitriol often misses key thinking.

    Our lot are often not truly so smart, mainly less dumb!

    Wiki Leaks are releasing papers which seriously expose Clintons lies and betrayals. She could be in a world of trouble soon. That Wookie upstart can only get away with covering so much up. When the Bell tolls?

    If the consensus with the Elders goes as hoped, it will take a year but could give you the media platform you need. There is real dialogue of Global truth. That voice can change nations and power. Once we had a BBC as a voice of truth. Now the world needs its own voice, and truth. A step at a time. Let cards in play, play out first.

    1. With deepest respect for your work and Queen, WHO OR WHAT IN GOD's GREEN EARTH is restraining her? If there was one key issue for her to weigh in on, the direction of Britain in a world at a brink, this would be it. Please tell me that we are not being restrained by playing by the rules when the other side is playing fast, loose, under-the-belt and over-the-top...?

    2. Tino

      She is totally restricted by the Mandate for the Monarchy never to interfere. Charles 1st was beheaded. We made it clear then, they can be tolerated as pampered token model people in a gilded cage,but interfere ever and its game over. They are a token monarchy, no power. Just a show. Charles tries occasionally and gets hammered for it. Too much nonsense is proliferated about the power of the monarchy here, they have none. Great Lady, great job, but all an illusion. It keeps the Plebs happy.


  64. Saturnalia

    Ten million pounds would not even scratch the surface to Lobby for Brexit. That is one weeks running money.
    Right now, the media is actually running a wide range of detailed exposures, and on balance of judgement, I would say they are credibly exposing the Brexit advantages. Much as Whitehall wants the media backing,they don't have it. If the Brits vote out, Cameron is gone. He failed to get this. Now it's too late. Even is he wins, the party is split and they will get him.

    This time Media Democracy is at work, and helping Brexit most. Why do supporters mouth off about 200,000 in the City Banks when 70 M real people lose being in. Immigration is a key issue here. Deeply resented. The media know and this carries votes. Far smarter than the Politicos they are pushing. This time the Free UK Media are giving Westminster heart attacks. Truly they are not following the party line. Its a fair chance for the Brexit camp to mount up and take it. If Brexit even get 45% of the vote, Cameron will be out, Johnson is likely to be in, and a second vote. A Yes to stay vote of 55% wont stand. Way too close. We don't have pre filled boxes here, nor electronic counting. If Brexit wins, the EU will tank. If we win, we will be out. If we lose, we will be back again. Immigration alone will force round two to leave Europe and the US influence. We don't need the EU. But we are a major Export market for the EU. If we stop importing Germans cars and French wines, see the economic chaos then. Hard nosed bargaining will get what we want. Starting with getting Germans a Brexit vote. Its only a few weeks lets wait and see. A small win to stay wont work. A re run will be forced. If we get the Brexit vote, watch the speed we then exit. UK media are not friends of the EU.We are not anti the nations, just the EU circus. We just need good trading relationships together, not the EU Zio/ Jesuit crap Interesting times. Only confusion rules here right now on this vote. The last election blew the polls apart. I've no idea how this vote will go. If we win, we blow the lot. If we don't we campaign again. Whichever way, Cameron will be gone. Pro Brexit will then be in.

    1. I get the trickle down effect for Europe. What's the by product of the exit for the US(eless eaters) LOL

    2. I can think of three crisis actor scripts that would absolutely sink the pro-EU campaign. Two would need well known and loved faces for maximum backlash. The third a 'purchased' EU official to say exactly 'what is needed'. The opposition uses similar tactics (such as for example the fact that Aylan Kurdi's father is a people smuggler), but directed in this way it would find far greater support. All in all that would still be relatively nice considering the full scale of weaponry already employed and what potentially could be deployed.

  65. Theranos in the news again. Courtesy of Slashdot:

    It wasn't long agon when Elizabeth Holmes, the founder and CEO of Theranos, was regarded as one of the U.S.'s most successful female entrepreneurs with Forbes estimating her net work to be $4.5 billion. Thanks to all the evidence that Theranos' technology is largely a gimmick and false advertising, the publication has revised that figure to essentially zero, reports Quartz. From the report: Last year, Forbes pegged its value at $9 billion, based on the sale of stakes to investors. Since that lofty estimate, Theranos has been battered by bad news (paywalled; alternate source), starting with reports in the Wall Street Journal in October that its tests were inaccurate. That triggered an inquiry from the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which proposed banning Holmes from the industry. Forbes went back to its slide rule and, after talking to venture capitalists and industry experts, recalculated Theranos' value at $900 million, based on its intellectual property and money it has already raised. "At such a low valuation, Holmes' stake is essentially worth nothing," Matt Herper writes. That's because Theranos' other investors own preferred shares, and since Holmes owns common shares, they would get paid first if the company were forced to liquidate.

  66. Looks like election fraud at Nigel Farage's expense:

    1. That is an issue hurting Cam right now. Loose check books. It will get knuckles slapped. Nothing major just loose expense accounts.Nothing like the scale of the US. And the media exposed it fast. Ours will and do!
      Politicos are cringing under media scrutiny over Brexit now. An interesting month. Who can call it?

  67. Just to weigh in on this controversy surrounding the Gorilla that was shot in the Cinncinati zoo.

    The average gorilla in the wild lives to be about 45 years old and can live up to 55 years in captivity.

    So I ask you...what is humane?

    Imprisoning a living creature in a 75' x 75' wide hole dug into the ground with 20 foot tall concrete walls.

    Or freeing the spirit from the physical body that is most likely causing this animal so much torture, anxiety and pain.

    Not one person has commented about the fact this animal was held against it's will in a concrete prison. And therein lies the problem with humanity.

    Flip side...It's spirit is now free to continue on with it's cycle of lives...lessons learned. Transported back to perfect bliss.

    Big picture reality...physical life is but a part in a neverending play.

  68. An important read for Americans. This warning echos strong comments John has made about pushing Russia to the brink of reaction.

    This article is written by Russians: Eugenia V Gurevich, PhD, Dmitri Orlov, A. Raevsky who all live and work in the U.S.

    A Russian warning

    We, the undersigned, are Russians living and working in the USA. We have been watching with increasing anxiety as the current US and NATO policies have set us on an extremely dangerous collision course with the Russian Federation, as well as with China. Many respected, patriotic Americans, such as Paul Craig Roberts, Stephen Cohen, Philip Giraldi, Ray McGovern and many others have been issuing warnings of a looming a Third World War. But their voices have been all but lost among the din of a mass media that is full of deceptive and inaccurate stories that characterize the Russian economy as being in shambles and the Russian military as weak—all based on no evidence. But we—knowing both Russian history and the current state of Russian society and the Russian military, cannot swallow these lies. We now feel that it is our duty, as Russians living in the US, to warn the American people that they are being lied to, and to tell them the truth. And the truth is simply this:

    If there is going to be a war with Russia, then the United States
    will most certainly be destroyed, and most of us will end up dead.

    More at site.

    1. Correct and I hope you get to use the extra L in the 5 minutes of incoming warning.

      Contrary to the complete Shite the Politicos and Zio Nazi media dissinfo Shills give you, Russia is NOT the enemy here. Only the scurrilous pack rats bringing nukes to its borders threatening its very survival.

      As we have, and will keep on warning, if Russia is attacked or over provoked, both they and China will be left with no alternative but to launch a pre emptive war of such ferocity as to annihilate the US and its Global bases.

      But somehow this does not seem to permeate through the skulls of American society. Dissinfo Shills have done their jobs. Subjugate, stupefy. Looking on, looking in, this is a war you just can't win.
      What is the point with only propaganda filling your head, if the costs of crap Washington Politicos is that you are all walking dead?

      With the current truly mad and viperous bastards building up missile sites encircling Russia,it needs only one wrong misread exercise, or one accidental launch,and the 5 minutes it will take for the Russian and Chinese Subs encircling the entire US coast, to launch hitting specified targets meaning every city and base will be gone, and the ICBM's coming in just 13 minutes later will turn the US into a cinder bowl. What they don't kill will be irradiated for 20,000 years. The Elites wont even get to their bunkers. Russia will give no time for the US to gets its arse into gear this time. If provoked, the Bear will attack. But so will China because it knows full well that if Russia goes they are next and that then, whatever the cost, it has no alternative but to go for total US annihilation supporting Russia. This is a war of no retreat because if those Subs launch, be sure so will the ICBMs and the hundreds of Bombers will already be in the skies coming in over the Arctic. The vast fleets coming in from China will already have atomised the US fleets, and they will use anything left in the US as Slaves or Organ donors.
      Any military left bunkered down, will be located and nuked out.
      Russia will smash through EU defences in 48 hours, and occupation will be vicious. All for US Hegemony madness. Any Zios left alive, good luck with what will follow. It wont just be Russian retribution. The rage of the civilians alone will turn on them.

      And again for sure,if Russia attacks the US, Israel will totally be atomised. Nothing will live.

      Why are these Pento Rats left free to create another Bay of Pigs?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  69. A lesson for Western leaders on how best to treat the Russian Bear:

    "Meet Stepan, a domesticated bear who lives with his humans Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko in Moscow, Russia. The Panteleenkos adopted Stepan when he was just a 3-month-old orphaned cub. He was found by hunters in a forest all alone and in a very bad condition, so Svetlana and Yuriy decided to give him a home.

    23 years later, Stepan has grown into a loving bear who helps around the house by watering plants and loves watching TV with his humans. “He absolutely loves people and is a really sociable bear – despite what people might think, he is not aggressive at all,” said Mrs Panteleenko. 'We have never been bitten by Stepan'.”

    Years Ago, And They Still Live Together

    Awwwwww...that's cute!

    1. Jeez,
      If only it worked with women Heh? Lol

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  70. A potentially useful site to track some threats to the US Understanding The Threat

  71. Valdi, loved Stephan the bear story! How amazing is that?

    John: "Correct and I hope you get to use the extra L in the 5 minutes of incoming warning." Lol, lol, lol.

    Putin Bans Rothschilds From Russia

    Putin played the New World Order game long enough to climb as high as the position of President - then he abruptly turned his back on them, prompting Jacob Rothschild to accuse him of being a "traitor to the New World Order."

    Brave Vladimir Putin has banned Jacob Rothschild and his New World Order banking cartel family from entering Russian territory “under any circumstances.”

    Putin recently reminded his cabinet that he paid off the Rothschild’s debt and “grabbed them by the scruff of the neck and kicked them out Russia’s back door.”

    This meeting featured the President pounding his fist on the table and vowing to destroy the New World Order, and according to a Kremlin source Putin is making great strides towards this goal.

    “They do not own the world, and they do not have carte blanch to do whatever they want. If we do not challenge them there will be other issues. We will not be bullied by them.”

    It is understood that the Rothschild banking racket was a noose tied around the neck of the Russian economy. Once the knot was tightened, the economy would struggle and choke.

    Early in his presidency he made a priority of uniting Russia socially, spiritually, and economically. He ordered the arrest of the Rothschild backed oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky who had made Rothschild, Henry Kissinger and Arthur Hartman directors of the Open Russia foundation.

    Short article, more at site.

    1. Cal L Girl

      Well for sure the Earth will move this time.

      Correct on Putin and Russia. The Oligarchs for sure are no Angels, nor Putin, but prepared to the Cohen and Bush and Rothschilds families?

      The next 2 years are key. If we can safely steer through that, Eurasia moves closer, and the US declines far enough for them to know, push it now, and they will go back to Star Dust,but dead.
      We need a peaceful world where the abundant capacity of the people in all nations can unite, and take the real fight to the Politicos. France beheaded theirs, which cleared out a lot of Elites, so hopefully the US can follow.
      There can and will be no peace until the Cabal is gone taking the Zios down with them. Eurasia once emerging will see off the Cabal. No one blames or seeks an altercation with the American people. Just the Cabal NWO trash.

      If the FBI take down Clinton its a start. Lets see how Trump goes.

      As the Partner says, no rush Honey, we still have 4 minutes left, time to finish and time to get dressed. Lol

    2. John,

      The next 2 years will seem like eternity, but soldier on we will.

      Only 4 minutes? Lol.

      Cal L Girl

    3. You get to go twice and dressed.
      With 5 mins tops, innovation.

  72. There is a quiet effort going on in the background to setup a Cruz nomination at the Convention by "unbinding the delegates to vote their conscience". As if no-one was watching. This will probably go viral soon in the #NeverTrump movement tomorrow. Which is silly, because, literally, the Trump support on the ground keeps building and none of us give a quantum of a damn what GOPe wants.

    1. In the 'other camp' there's a rumble also.....

      "Is John Kerry lurching into his polished loafers and getting ready to step into the breach as the Democratic nominee for President?"

      Is the CIA getting ready to dump the Clintons

    2. Well, the middle third is moving away from GOPe and DEMe, looking on in disgust. The alt-right is certainly contained in the viral phrase "of not giving a quantum of damn what the GOPe says" so it is clear an alt-left is moving into the Bern camp and also asking for better. Can it be co-opted? Who knows... certainly not the alt-right, more likely the alt-left. So if I was them, I would dump Clinton, and either support the Bern or move a new candidate in but Kerry? Aye-chihuahua , is the barrel that empty?

  73. WTF???

    Illuminati opening ceremony of Gotthard Base Tunnel

    Can anyone make sense of this Satanic ritual? I need Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis or Jonathan Kleck to do a break down of the symbolism. Gott = God in German. Was this the opening of another portal in Switzerland, where CERN is located?

    1. I didn't know what that ceremony was depicting, Valdi, but what I saw of it literally made my skin crawl. And your opening question was exactly mine when I saw it - WTF???

  74. Elon Musk: One in Billion Chance We AREN’T Living in a Computer Simulation

    Billionaire Tesla head Elon Musk recently told a tech conference in California that the chance is “one in billions” that we are not living in a simulated world.

    In other words, it’s almost a certainty that we’re all walking around in something akin to The Matrix — a computer-generated reality run by artificial intelligence — right this minute and the majority of us don’t even realize it.

    Biffie: Interesting...what if! Includes a couple short videos.


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