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  2. This is a prime example of why I would never want the 'government' in charge of my healthcare! Like many others before him, these doctors are being persecuted, prosecuted and murdered...all because they use alternative methods which do not make Big Pharma richer!

    Doctor Burzynski Trial Update with the Texas Medical Board & a Petition [video]

    1. Texian,

      Yes, it is a very bitter pill to swallow that doctors have actually been murdered for actually healing people using methods non-pharma approved. It is easier to believe that its just more conspiracy nutters. The AMA is a thug-squad started by Rockefeller.

  3. You either accept the crippling dehumanisation of One World Government, where you are expendable Sheeple, or you restore Democracy and make a difference. There is no alternative. You either serve the greater good, or serve as a Surf of sufferage where your value may be little more than body parts and an organ donor on call. Just like Churchill warning of the Nazis. Sheeple don't want to know. Until they are led terrified to the FEMA Camps, 2 Billion Hollow Head rounds and massive Civil restraint practices in readyness to strike to order. What other nation has such awesome weaponry focused on destroying its own as Cabal USA? Look at the HS armoury to use against you. The only way you cure stupid, is facing them down with a 9 mm hollow head, and for them, too late.
    Sorry folks, what you are facing looks to be end of days for most if not stopped. If Hillary gets in God help you all. Trump will be bad, Hittlery demonic. Very dark days for the Land of the No More Free? Truly, it is so sad. Having acted with Global Hegemony for a century, or more if counting Native American mass genocide,who will shed a tear if 200M now go into the night as the Tri Laterals wish. Where has goodwill been bought? Who helped the poor terrified Jews rounded up in WW11? German nationals rejoiced. Cattle Cars freighted humans to the Death Camps, as with the Red Zone FEMA Camps waiting. If you don't care, who will? Will the walk to the guillotines be when the lights go on? Or blindfolded you won't realise? Of course it won't happen. Ask 6M Jews. Ask 20 M Russians and the same again after Stalins purge. Ask Pol Pots victims in Cambodia. Ask 1M Iraqi dead. But they don't matter they are not Americans who live in a Reality TV world.
    Knock knock, whose there? We come- For YOU!

  4. Judge Jeanine goes nuclear. Good for her and good for us. You know, I was at a classic Washington party the other night. A birthday party for a Good Man where in attendance where typical Washington businessmen and typical politicians, including a State Governor. It was most enlightening to hear the rationalizations around the Hillary candidacy even while recognizing the corruption of the legal system involved and her 'Teflon' status. The tragedy is that if the same group publicly opposed Hillary by going equivalently nuclear as the Judge did, the candidacy would end overnight. But between 'not my problem', 'what can you do?', 'the fix is in','I make my money from the government','I would go to jail if I opposed'... nothing but Sheep.

    1. That Tino is how America got in this mess. Too many of the Gutless freeloaders with no moral conscience occupying too many spaces where a real human being could have been given life instead. All that's now left is the voices of the thinking people like you all, and free media sites trying to raise the bar.
      Unless these dumb assholes wake up, full One World Government will come in, then God help you all. It will be Governed by Bush/Clinton Crime types, with Bush judgements on just removing the useless eaters. If they can't tax you, why feed you? They will just sell you for organ parts. Or as fertilizer. Face it, if people can't defend their own rights to be,what use are they?
      Governments despise the masses behind the scenes. You said it, Sheeple.

  5. My definition of a sheeple: A living, walking and talking American Zombie with a blank face. The American Zombie can tell you immediately what Kim Kardashian is doing, what the latest football poll is running, how to find a fast food restaurant, or where to find freebies.

    Ask the American Zombie about the atrocities committed by the cabal against humanity- the blank look continues with a "Gee, is that a movie playing now?"

    1. Yes Tammy, and those are the ones in Congress.

  6. A comment for Tony at WHA. Re the Jakarta Guru

    When you have expended everyone else's capital, and you have run out of options, the moment it becomes clear you will never be allowed to participate in GS or Elders redemptions, and that there will be no pay out, pay off's or happy ending for you, the only way out is to save pride, as if, declare to the world you got out at the top, and disappear back down the Grunt hole under the stone you came from.

    That you will find is reality. The US has never redeemed a Bond in its history it did not demand first was used to renew a new Bond. Every Treaty it has reneged on. Ask poor Native Americans. Every promise made they reneged on, ask the Vietnamese.

    So did the unmade bed from the Pub in Jakarta get out where no man has gone before? Your head says- What? Not even in a Palookerville comic did that see a Dime.

    Nor will- ever.
    Markets are full of them. Pork Belly Traders, Brokers and one Shyster or another. It's game over for all of them. Waste drains and sewers keep spewing out more of them.

    Reno - think maybe later 2017 if then. But settle with what?

    Large PP's are different, Special Interest Groups get different treatment. That is not for Public disclosure. Nor for Public access.

    Public offerings, think Boiler Rooms games. It's a one way street.
    The guy with the $500 skin in the game thinking he's leaving with $5M, he may have to settle for a multi used Palookerville comic. I'm just not sure if that's before or after it also does its time in the Can. Lol

  7. Exit........Stage Left.

    300 CEO's agree.

  8. Calling all human Guinea pigs....

    "Dr. Baltimore says that he envisions that some people might be leery of a vaccination strategy that means altering their own DNA, even if it prevents a potentially fatal disease.”

    Yes, some people might be leery. If they have two or three working brain cells.

    Let’s take this further. Under the cover of preventing disease (and all good covert ops float a laudatory goal to conceal their true intent), vaccines are ideal carriers for all sorts of genes that would be permanently incorporated into the human structure.

    The enormous tonnage of propaganda about vaccines, and the resultant mandatory laws that enforce vaccination, create a powerful channel along which re-engineering is eminently possible.

    Synthetic genes injected into billions of humans would form a grand experiment to create an altered species."

    New vaccines will permanently alter human DNA

    1. An article all should read!

      Thanks for posting Texian. Wackadoodle world, indeed!

  9. Responses for Tony WHA re Swampfox.

    1. A major PP due to be settled this week for a good US Patriot who brought in vast valuable funds to help America 36 years ago,is being messed around yet again by more games, lies and obfuscation. He is OWED that money and it's for his Clients. That is a clear Debt Obligation those bastards in DC and Texas are reneging on yet again. Each year more lies. Bankers play games because no one hangs them. Why not, they betray humanity and are traitors to our species? Who would shed a tear if we hung 50 Fed and key US Bankers tomorrow? Watch how fast it cleans up. The system is only rotten because no one pays, apart from you.

    Other key PP Lenders are negotiating hard. Major players.

    As for Reno, Yes later 2017 is now looking the earliest for that, if then even. If we can't get the majors settled, no time for that lot. Sorry but?

    A lot is in hard and complicated play right now. Nations have a say, and want long overdue Bonds redeeming. There is a looming dogfight over the British Brexit. If they go, so does Europe. The UK has the same problem as the US. Too many people too stupid to vote - Do!

    Major AU allocations are in discussion, at a price. But most Elders live in countries run by vicious Military Juntas. There are savage demands, and life is cheap. So much care is needed. Real Diplomacy. Huge sensitivity for their safety. They owe no one, be clear. This is about the next 3 generations, not today's lost causes, and some losers.
    This is about making a planned difference with one last real shot. Defining how, defining when, and who? This is about 8 Billion real needing humans, not a welfare papered 330 M who had it and blew it. This is about taking stock. Planning new ways, and saying NO to the Cabal and Zios.If you can't feed your own, stop funding wars.

    Pre the coming end of Vietnam, we had conscious young Americans marching screaming, Hell No, we won't go! Stop renting yourselves out as Cabal Neo Nazi Stormtrooper Thugs.
    Re build America. Get the Homeland straight now. Why should we fund your war machines?

    1. The Leave campaign needs to be more aggressive, John. I'm putting up posters and explaining to people why Britain needs to leave the EU. I've also written to with some suggestions for their campaign, like broadcasting Vladimir Bukovsky's comparison between the EU and USSR:

    2. Wonder if #Texit would catch on?

    3. As regards the EU, Tossit sounds better.

    4. Valdi

      The EU vote problems we face are the brainless Unions voting to order from the Commie Czars above, the Bureau trash in State services, and the I'm owed Left plus the growing hoards of illegal Islamobaddies.

      We need to bring in IQ testing for Voters. Otherwise its giving morons a loaded gun to go play games with. The fact is too many are too stupid to
      vote, so follow to lead of their rabble rousers. How is that a valid vote? WE give them tests to drive a car. Is it really to much to test if they can think? Its a big issue, and a big power in the wrong hands.

      If we let the Scots go, we are rid of the Left for a century

      The hard fact is it costs us Billions more to be in than out. EU Trade Export is declining, they need us and our economy. If we stay in we will be more flooded with mass immigrants who currently costs us tens of billions and overload our schools and hospitals. The EU needs strong border fences and guards. A simple demand, if you come here you drop Islam and assimilate. We can not allow Barbarianism to cross mix with advanced civilisation. They don't!No 4 wives here and their multiple kids on Welfare. They can't pay to educate them, why should we?

      The mindless scale of needless EU legislation is crippling businesses. The bottomless subsidies to conniving French Farmers is a farce. The costs of MEPs and needless Strasburg defies belief. Brussels is the fattest Expense Account city on earth.

      If we dump the Scots we can swing Brexit.

      If we lose 55% to 45% which I expect, we can come at them again Within 10 years I can see the lot failing anyway. How long can idiots run a Zoo?

    5. It's not unreasonable to expect a test for competency to vote. US has situation that popular vote really doesn't count anyway...they just don't tell the people that. It has slipped out in this election cycle that 'The Party' chooses the nominee and the primary is just a beauty contest where the people can voice their preference. So the Demorats have 'super delegates' which means it doesn't matter how many delegates are awarded with popular vote, Hitlary lined up the super delegates before it started. Repubs change all the rules as they go along. They're now cooking up some scheme to run a 3rd party candidate in a few states. Enough chaos to deny either a win to throw election into House of Representatives to choose a President of the Corporation. It's all an illusion...smoke and mirrors.

    6. We had these tests. They were to prevent Blacks from voting. What makes any of you so sure that you would pass? This is a slippery slope, my friends, and one to be avoided. This is something that Hitler would approve of. Democracy is messy, but properly tended, it does work. What you're suggesting is exactly what the Republicans are busily doing right now.

  10. "After announcing a global call to arms against the “corrupt global banking cartel,” the hacker collective known as Anonymous, in conjunction with numerous other hacktivist groups, have taken over 20 central banks offline, including striking at the heart of the Western imperialist empire; the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, the Bank of England and the Bank of France."

    EXCLUSIVE: Anonymous Strikes the Heart of the Empire — Takes Down U.S. Federal Reserve Bank

    Valdi: Anonymous are probably NSA. Are there good guys in the NSA or is this another false-flag to blame hackers for bank shutdowns when the system collapses?

    1.'s the latter. "Dog ate it...that's why your money's gone, Mr and Mrs Stupid Depositor"

    2. There are some from the alphabet agencies that are part of these groups, i have read. I believe there are both Patriots and darkies in them.

  11. Even movies are talking about the stealing and crimes of bankers and wall street.

    I saw a movie today called Money Monster (in theatres-George Clooney and Julia Roberts star and Jodie Foster directed it)

    I thought it was excellent. Per Wikipedia:

    Plot: Cable financial guru Lee Gates (George Clooney) is in the midst of airing the latest edition of his show, "Money Monster." Less than 24 hours earlier, IBIS Global Capital's stock inexplicably cratered due to a glitch in a trading algorithm, costing investors $800 million. Lee planned to have IBIS CEO Walt Camby (Dominic West) appear for a softball interview about the crash, but Camby unexpectedly left for a business trip in Geneva.

    Midway through the show, a deliveryman ambles onto the set, pulls a gun and takes Gates hostage, forcing him to put on a vest laden with explosives.[4] The "deliveryman" is laborer Kyle Budwell (Jack O'Connell), who invested $60,000--his entire life savings, inherited from his deceased mother--in IBIS after Lee endorsed the company a month earlier on the show. Kyle was wiped out along with the other investors, and now wants answers.

  12. Representative democracy does not work as can be observed over and over again. I would not even want such a system and yet it is the only 'choice' given in the entire Western world. Democracy depends on people being properly informed to make the right decisions. Well, the problem is that most people are not informed at all! Mainstream media controlled by select corporations makes that problem even worse and effectively is a form of dictatorship by means of ignorance.

    What can work is either kritarchy, minarchy or a localised form of direct democracy. Centralisation always only leads to exploitation. It has no other purpose than that and never will.


    It does seem that we are getting somewhere slowly but surely. This weekend I talked to some relatives who knew about the Rothschilds, the CFR and realised something was wrong with 9/11. They still were numerous steps behind my own research, but they were genuinely interested in such matters and that is the key to further understanding. A few years ago I would have considered this impossible itself, but it seems alternative information platforms such as the internet are implanting new ideas. If this continues, it will change everything....a fact that has not gone unnoticed to the parasitical elite.

    1. Saturnalia S,

      Agreed. Democracy only works when electors make intelligent, informed choices; the actions of their chosen representatives are transparent and the representatives are held to account; otherwise it degenerates into mob rule. It will never work where there is no trust. Our MPs should face their electorate every month in town halls to explain what they are doing and why they are doing it. Pitchforks permitted. Democracy demands constant feedback; not just registering a vote at election times.

      How about Malarchy? Rule by Moral and natural Law? Might appeal to the Irish. Anyone not complying is shunned by the rest or exiled. (I know that's not how you spell it, you grammar Nazis).

  13. "The Clintons have sold you out for money"

  14. Response for Tony Stark and Swamp Fox WHA

    1. Certain named parties in Reno are better placed than others and far ahead of the Public. Any movement, they go first. The best, you have noted and appear to be in. They do have a live and real dialogue linked also to Chinese Finance Industry participation, but even they are struggling with constant moving targets.

    For this to succeed, nations have to re align and address the impact of new Forex levels against Exports. Vietnam for example has cut its Forex rate by 2% to halt declining exports. Imagine if it appreciated in a conversion by even 10%. Exports would tank , millions would become unemployed and homeless, and major Chinese Investors in Vietnam would lose Billions.

    So, not simple. It needs a balanced approach and coordinated action by all nations. It also needs new currencies. We cant just unleash a mindless knee jerk Forex switch which decimates nations trade so a few can make a fast buck and a nation sinks.

    2. We are trying to set up a special G20 meeting, late summer to address many key issues between the major Trading Nations. Until then the garbage you are seeing with telephone hypesters is just that. Ignore those sites, it's for the lunatic fringe.

    3. Those of you in the right groups will have your chance, the rest may be sewer bound as Chump Change. The Thinking parties organised. The bottom feeders just bought toilet paper and may have to be taught how to use it later. Arabs use their "Unclean" hand!

    4. But it is still possible that a conversion for a fast buck will only last a few days before the Forex world adjusts, and if so, really move those Butts when advised. Stampede to the I'm OK Corral. Don't expect a cogent thought out solution, but G20 will be trying. These are complex issues. Way too many mindless bottom feeders have a childlike view of reality. Otherwise how would Bankers and Politicos make out?

    5. Joe Public wont even be factored into a Forex fast fix. No need to worry about feeding mutant greed will be the policy. Politically no one cares. Those in the better groups have their chance. I can't name them, but for those who have, Yes, you are well placed!

    6. But timing, even God does not know. It IS slipping again.
    But Washington is not a good place to be when so many Generals and Agency Execs filled their greedy pockets with this paper and are getting stiffed. You are not without influence.

    7. There is a very real PP of high multi T value we are battling with for a good American Patriot who first brought the Funds in via Elders 36 years ago, and who once redeemed will help with many State and Global projects. He's a committed American but once paid back will move the lot to London for safety in future and help rebuild from there in safety. He has for too long been a victim of the Bush, Fed / Zio Banking Sewer Rats Cabal.

    He fights it hourly, not daily. He and I talk all hours and even 5 in the the morning each is not unusual. He knows we by then have the Beijing and London info in first. Also that we watch his back 24 x 7.

    This is a major battle of attrition which is Global. Huge focus.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Herbert, WHA

    A well orchestrated case and read. He gets it

  17. Ridicule. We have to ridicule them all.

    We're doing it wrong by reason and threat-of-consequence with the masses.

    We keep throwing logic against Hillary.

    We need to throw ridicule at her. In every way. In every manner. This isn't about dialectic. It's all rhetoric and emotion.

    "Hey Joe, want to read ALL of Hillary's email? I filed a Russian Freedom of Information Act and they just emailed me the file!"

    1. Correct,Expose them and watch them fold.

  18. Another example of a UK colony:

    1. Ouch Saturnalia. Smiling. I know Hamad and the Khalifa's. He's a good guy really far better than Saudis. Hamad has to keep Bahrain safe from extremists and does. If they don't cross the line, they have no problems. Manama is a friendly city. So are the people. But, Yes, its a Protectorate like Kuwait. Colonies heh? You had your share. The problem now is that most of them have moved in with you.

    2. Saturnalia,

      It's a pity Libya wasn't a British Protectorate; then maybe the UK and NATO wouldn't have bombed it back into the stone age, destroyed the man-made river with depleted uranium, disemboweled Gaddafi in the street, stolen the 4.6 million ounces of Libyan gold and used Benghazi as a staging post for supplying ISIS with weapons.

      It didn't help that Libya had the highest standard of living in N.Africa, a central bank not controlled by Rothschild and was planning to sell its oil for gold dinars.

      Libya: Ten Things About Gaddafi They Don’t Want You to Know

    3. Remember the kickbacks to Phony Tony Blair, had he still been in office Gaddafi would have been safe.

      It seems Oklahoma is now telling Obama to shove it and about to become its own Sovereign State. Will he now bomb or mass arrest them? It's long overdue time the US States faced down Washington. Does Leadership return by finding Governors with Guts and Integrity? How about Texas?

    4. Remember the kickbacks to Phony Tony Blair, had he still been in office Gaddafi would have been safe.

      It seems Oklahoma is now telling Obama to shove it and about to become its own Sovereign State. Will he now bomb or mass arrest them? It's long overdue time the US States faced down Washington. Does Leadership return by finding Governors with Guts and Integrity? How about Texas?

    5. Texas has been leading most of the fights against Obama administration. Current Governor was previously Attorney General and initiated 31 lawsuits against administration on various issues. Previous Governor wrote book "FED UP." However suing the cabal in the cabal's 'for profit' court system doesn't get you anywhere....judges are corrupt, everything is corrupt! Usually best defense is a good offense, but not in this case. Just relieves us of a lot of taxpayer $ to add to their coffers. We just need to get the hell out! #TEXIT Obozo will send his contract mercenaries (brown shirts) in tanks MWRAPS to roll over OK & TX. California, land of fruits and nuts, will never be part of this scenario. They are already communist occupied with militant illegals waving Mexican flags. If anything, Arizona and possibly New Mexico would be a strong coalition with OK and TX. We have some common border interests with AZ & NM. TX secession issue didn't quite make it on TX Republican platform...lost by 2 votes....but issue is far from dead.

      As Obama pushes agenda, Texas leads legal push-back

  19. 100x Reporting Limit Aluminum, 3x Barium in Sacramento Rain Tests: Chemtrails / Geoengineering

    Biffie: The chemtrails look almost that bad here. This article includes the lab test results for proof and a couple short videos.

    1. Biffie,

      The chemtrails are far worse in England but of course no-one mentions them in the media. There are plans for fracking to take place here in Cheshire; a beautiful, mostly agricultural county, even though it would not be economically-viable and would poison the water-table. Once TTIP is approved, I suspect our fields will be resplendent with GMO crops to complement the government-recommended fluoridated water, now supplied by foreign corporations since the water boards were privatised.

      Every day I thank the Lord our politicians are not as bad as yours......oh, wait.

    2. Valdi

      The Cheshire site is Osbourne's seat. Assume it will hit problems on planning ( OK?) Can't say more. Strong lobby group active. Ozzie can't lose face with the neighbours. Cheshire's water table will not be polluted and destroyed with this. Nor most of England. Fracking will be sent packing. With current low Oil costs Fracking costs are not viable.

  20. "On May 18th, Britain’s Guardian headlined “West and Russia on course for war, says ex-Nato deputy commander” and reported that the former deputy commander of NATO, the former British general Sir Alexander Richard Shirreff (who was Supreme Allied Commander in Europe from 2011-2014), expressed outrage that Britain isn’t urgently preparing for war against Russia, and also reported that "He describes Russia as now the west’s most dangerous adversary and says Putin’s course can only be stopped if the west wakes up to the real possibility of war and takes urgent action." … In a chilling scenario, he predicts that Russia, in order to escape what it believes to be encirclement by Nato, will seize territory in eastern Ukraine.” (That’s the Donbass region, where there has been a civil war.)

    This encirclement by NATO is, apparently, about to be expanded: Shirreff will now be satisfied by NATO, even if not by its member the UK, of which Shirreff happens to be a citizen. New Europe bannered the same day, “NATO lays down the cards on its Russia policy”, and reported that, "In two distinct pre-ministerial press conferences on Wednesday [May 18th], the General Secretary of NATO Jens Stoltenberg and the US Ambassador to NATO, Daglas Lute, introduced the Russia agenda to be covered. Both NATO leaders said that the Accession Protocol Montenegro is signing on Thursday is a strong affirmation of NATO’s open door policy, mentioning explicitly Georgia. 'We will continue to defend Georgia’s right to make its own decisions,' Stoltenberg said.” Georgia is on Russia’s southwestern flank; so, it could be yet another a nuclear-missile base right on Russia’s borders, complementing Poland and the Baltics on Russia’s northwestern flank. (The U.S. itself has around 800 military bases in foreign countries, and so even Russia’s less-populous eastern regions would be able to be obliterated virtually in an instant, if the U.S. President so decides. And President Obama is already committed to the view that Russia is by far the world’s most “aggressive” enemy, more so even than international jihadists are.)"

    NATO Announces War Policy Against Russia

    Valdi: Every day I thank the Lord that our military commanders are not "just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy”, as Henry Kissinger described them.....oh, wait.

    1. I told my friend I am feeling rebellious this morning, not having had enough sleep, and I've been posting sarky comments about our leaders. She told me to say they are full of shit. So it's not just my opinion.

    2. Tell her she grossly over rates them based on what I see. Even shit has a value as fertilizer. Not so with them. None have the qualities or experience for office, so the fiasco unravels. Brussels is even worse, and the vacarious O will unleash Nuclear war it seems. A sad and mad world.

    3. I shall tell her what you said, John. It will make her laugh. How do we stop the insanity when some peoples' pay-cheques or back-handers depend upon it?

    4. Only by changing the system before its too late. With the speed and power of technology, and corruption of Banking and Political Snake Oil salesmen, this world is in a very dangerous place.

      When creatures like the Bushes and Clinton side-straddle America,and Jumbo Butt Blairs Mammie abuses her Judges standing for money,we are little better off. At least as Labour stand now they can forget power. A good thing.

      We can only continue negotiating with the Elders,for progressive thinking and safe steps testing specific community projects. Little acorns grow into giant Forests. Constantine took a myth and created a Billion believers. Mohammed took a 6 year old and created a dynasty of Peodophiles. People will follow any crap if it feeds them. America says it all. 55% voted Obumma twice!

      Adolf united a nation, albeit insane, and conquered Europe. All we want to conquer is corruption and to create alternative communities free to tell Federal bloodsuckers to shove it.

    5. We must all support the State of Oklahoma for rejecting Obamas edicts, telling him to shove it and preparing to secede from Washington. It only Texas and California follow its game on. 50 dis united States need to rethink cohesion, not unlike the EU. Obuma is living proof why we need to leave the EU. Among many other sound reasons. Remember Valdi,anything across that Channel is Wog territory.

    6. John, it breaks my heart what's happened to Sweden. I couldn't bear to see it happen to France, Germany, Italy, Spain or any of the other European nations. They may have differences, or nuances, but share a great deal of culture which is now under threat from the engineered mass invasion by mainly Moslim immigrants who are not refugees intending to return to their native countries.

      This is a deliberate genocide of white, predominantly Christian, Europeans; guaranteed to cause civil unrest and economic ruin to prevent Europe from forming a closer relationship with Russia and for the benefit of Israel. It is being orchestrated by people like George Soros. Why hasn't he been arrested and tried for his crimes?

      No system will work unless criminal laws are enforced, with no exceptions.

    7. He needs snatching and taking to Russia. As the Israelis did with Eichman.

  21. Comedy break:

    Boris Johnson wins ‘most offensive Erdogan poem’ contest

    "Former London Mayor Boris Johnson has won the “President Erdogan Offensive Poetry competition” held by the Spectator. The flamboyant Brexiteer, a former editor of the magazine, is to be awarded £1,000 for a limerick which alleges that Erdogan had sex with a goat."

    The winning limerick:

    “There was a young fellow from Ankara
    Who was a terrific wan****r
    Till he sowed his wild oats
    With the help of a goat
    But he didn’t even stop to thankera”

    Hahaha....Go Boris!

  22. Saudi is telling its Contractors they will have to be paid with IOU's. Good luck with that. No money honey, no action. Try telling a Saudi to move his Butt and work instead. No Oil for the wheels of commerce it seems.

    1. But isn't that what we've all been paid with? IOU's called the pound or dollar. No difference apart from some fancy artwork.

    2. A truer statement has never been made, Valdi :)

      A pig with lipstick on is STILL a pig!

  23. Theranos in the news again courtesy of Slashdot:

    Theranos, the company valued at $9 billion that promised to revolutionize the way blood testing is done, has just announced that it has withdrawn all of the test done using its Edison machine performed in 2014 and 2015. The company recently come under fire from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for the inaccuracy and unreliability of the machine, and threatened to revoke the company's license as well as ban CEO and founder Elizabeth Holmes, and its president and COO, Sunny Balwani, from blood testing.

  24. It gets worse.
    This latest mindless and moronic move from NATO, backed by DC, to hold exercises and war games right on on Russia's borders, is just asking to a retaliatory response. Russia lost 20M dead to the Nazis. Napoleon killed a million more. Russia is beyond weary of warmongering on its borders.
    If Russia retaliates be sure China will not stand aside. They know if they have to go for broke, they can not phase step it with the US. They know the awesome power now ringfencing them, so knowing they will lose,both nations may decide a full out pre emptive on the lot. In their place you would.
    Within 18 months if this crazy bunch push it,don't be surprised if they sky glows red as far are you can see. There is no partial option for Russia and China. They know they will go into the night. But not without the fight which totally eridicates America. What is their option, to die alone?
    Russia does not fear death, but America had better fear the cost because 90% of all Americans will die. The subs will surface to an irradiated earth, and this may well crack the planets core mantle. All life may go. All we need remove is the Cabal and Zio Bankers for man to find a way back. Educating humanity. This is no way to live or die. The greatest enemies of mankind are Governments.

    1. "The greatest enemies of mankind are Governments." .....Profound!

      Where are the snipers to take out the cabal which includes Rotts bankers?

  25. Don't believe Big Pharma when they claim they are "being charitable". Just another way to make REALLY BIG BUCKS!


    In August 2015, Turing Pharmaceuticals and its then-chief executive, Martin Shkreli, purchased a drug called Daraprim and immediately raised its price more than 5,000 percent. Within days, Turing contacted Patient Services Inc., or PSI, a charity that helps people meet the insurance copayments on costly drugs. Turing wanted PSI to create a fund for patients with toxoplasmosis, a parasitic infection that is most often treated with Daraprim.

    Having just made Daraprim much more costly, Turing was now offering to make it more affordable. But this is not a feel-good story. It’s a story about why expensive drugs keep getting more expensive, and how U.S. taxpayers support a billion-dollar system in which charitable giving is, in effect, a very profitable form of investing for drug companies—one that may also be tax-deductible.

    PSI, which runs similar programs for more than 20 diseases, jumped at Turing’s offer and suggested the company kick things off with a donation of $22 million, including $1.6 million for the charity’s costs. That got Turing’s attention. “Did you see the amounts??? $22MM!!!” wrote Tina Ghorban, Turing’s senior director of business analytics, in an e-mail to a colleague. (The document was obtained by congressional investigators looking into the company’s pricing.) Turing ultimately agreed to contribute $1 million for the patient fund, plus $80,000 for PSI’s costs.

  26. Britain's spies fly the flag for gay rights: MI6 hoists rainbow standard to mark its support for LBGT community

    Valdi: Well done, MI6. It's great to see your open support for the LBGT community. Now in the interests of fairness, how about a flag for the straight community, one for families with children and an ISIS flag for the support you've given them?

  27. MI6 and 5 have a long history of Gay Members, all Traitors who sent many to their deaths and sold our greatest secrets. .

  28. From

    Missile strike to the nose of Egypt aircraft, UPDATE: No wreckage found as reported earlier. Now it looks like it could be another MH370!

    Pardon me as I sift through the wreckage of news reports.
    The latest reports simply have the pilots going silent, no fire ball, no debris, just a sudden change of course and drop in altitude with de-activated transponder and silent pilots we saw with MH370. CONCLUSION: If this is true, the plane was diverted to Israel. It had no fuel to go elsewhere, and no one else could have done this. After showing a sudden turn towards Israel and sudden dive of the aircraft, the radar was blanked also. 66 people aboard. HMMMMMMMMM . . . 66 people aboard. Down from an originally reported 69. Yep. Time to find out if those 3 air marshals reported to be aboard were provided by Israeli security companies! THEY WOULD BE NEEDED TO THREATEN THE PASSENGERS INTO NOT TRYING TO MAKE PHONE CALLS AFTER THE PLANE WAS FORCED DOWN IN TEL AVIV. BINGO, I THINK WE MIGHT HAVE IT, DEBRIS TRAIL OR THAT IS THE STORY. WHY THREE AIR MARSHALS FOR 50 PASSENGERS? BINGO!!!!

    Bodies found means no drill. UPDATE: IT IS POSSIBLE THE CAPTAIN DOES NOT EXIST. The same Greek web site that posted the "flaming plane" has a hoax photo posted of this.

    Possible hoax: A Greek ship captain has reported the location of two bodies from this probable shoot down. I can't link it because greek characters won't work on this server.
    QUESTION: How do you revise the number of passengers and crew to 66 after the plane took off? Common core boarding log math tabulators???? How does that type of number, which is set in stone at the boarding booth get changed later? ISRAELI SHOOT DOWN, that's how.

    Original early report follows:
    The lack of response from the pilots, and the flight pattern of the aircraft as it crashed strongly indicates a missile strike to the nose of the aircraft. If it was a bomb in the cargo hold or cabin, the pilots could have still talked as the plane broke up, and the breakup would have been faster. This breakup involved a 90 degree turn and a full 360 degree turn. This means the wings were still on the plane, and enough time passed for the pilots to radio a distress call. Lack of this proves a hit to the cockpit. Obviously "Islamic terrorists" are going to be blamed, (and already are) but this is most probably an Obama, Clinton and Nut Yahoo production due to the altitude and location of the event, and the difficulty of getting a missile as high as the plane was flying. Only a missile could have done this. Easily accomplished from Israeli airspace.

    And remember, it is still an "act of terror" if Israel does it. Trump could be totally right about the "terror" angle, and totally wrong about who actually did it.

    Hoax news sites are reporting ISIS responsibility and muddying the waters. Everything still points to missile strike by Israel. This is not a "bomb in the cabin" type incident, which would have given the pilots time to radio out. They were in contact with the ground when this happened, said nothing about anything, and vanished. That equals missile strike to the cockpit and in that area, only Israel or the Egyptian government could have done it and I seriously doubt Egypt doing this. Who was aboard this aircraft? Same old important question . . . . .

    1. So perhaps cabal has hijacked another airliner using Boeing Honeywell Uninterrruptible Auto Pilot (BUAP) and air tranquilizing (ATI)? When will people stop putting up with this?

    2. Flight Radar posted a short video of what could be Flight NS804 falling as a fireball from the sky near some Greek Islands:

      EgyptAir Flight MS804 Disappears Into Mediterranean Sea

      The passenger list included 30 Egyptian, 15 french, 2 Iraqis, 1 British,1 Belgian, 1 Kuwaiti, 1 Saudi, 1 Sudanese, 1 Chaldean, 1 Portugese, 1 Algerian and 1 Canadian.

      Egyptair confirms the finding of wreckage near Karpathos Island:

  29. In other news....wish I could post a photo....

    "A man followed a girl into a Target bathroom in Texas, saying he self-identified as a woman. The man's teeth were knocked out by the girl's father who says he self identifies as the Tooth Fairy."

    1. That's funny, TEXIAN. I wonder which bathroom Michelle (Michael Robinson) Obama uses? S/he's a dead-ringer for Baphomet, apart from the goat's head and that might be an improvement. S/he was even wearing a Baphomet dress at the White House Correspondents Dinner. Jonathan Kleck sussed it out:

    2. Valdi,
      Wow! That's really creepy. I can't handle watching those two so didn't see that dinner......and it's dress.

  30. Slick Willie got decked? Lol

  31. Speaking of another Willie...:)

    Jim Willie has written a brilliant piece about the financial system that is rotting from the inside out.

    As to the Cabal banking system...Like a tree that is dying, it may appear to have lovely "green leaves" hanging from it's "branches". However, the trunk is rotted which will result in a fast, and maybe instant collapse when it gives way.

    This analogy came to mind since we had a "lovely green leafed tree" split in half and fall to the ground last week because it had rotted from the inside out.

  32. Wahhabism and the Occult Conspiracy:

  33. Israel created Hamas to stall peace with Palestinians:

  34. Dilma Rousseff interview on the coup in Brazil:


  36. Amerigeddon: Are You Ready For The Chaos That Will Ensue When The Power Grid Is Brought Down?

    Biffie: There is a 1 1/2 minute trailer showing what this movie is about. It says it is coming to theaters May 13, 2016. They always show us what is going to happen first, so this will be a good one to see.

    Excerpt: A bold new movie released in theaters that portrays what the aftermath of such an event would look like in this country. It is entitled “AMERIGEDDON”, and it was directed by Mike Norris, the son of Chuck Norris.

    1. Excellent video Biffie thank you well worth watching.

    2. Biffie,
      Thanks for highlighting this! Congress has taken testimony from experts many times over MANY YEARS on the EMP issue and how it would be relatively inexpensive to stabilize the electrical grid. Have they ever addressed this serious issue? Of course not! They are committed to frittering away tax $ on things like studying shrimp on a treadmill and anything else they can get a kickback on!

    3. Seems to me maybe this will be what happens instead of nuclear. Still very devastating but not leaving the countryside so poisonous.

  37. Borrowed from Vin Suprynowicz, only because Trump does need to come out swinging and hit Clinton even harder:
    OK, let’s talk about Hillary Clinton — she a lying, crooked, arrogant, bribe-taking, far-left Commie totalitarian who tried to secretly engineer a complete government takeover of our health care and who left the American ambassador to Libya — a gay man — and three others to be raped and murdered by a Muslim mob in Benghazi in 2012 – when as Secretary of State she CALLED OFF THE RESCUE MISSION — after which she responded to questions about HER DECISION to CALL OFF THE RESCUE MISSION by saying ‘What difference does it make?’ (cue looped film clip of Hillary saying over and over again ‘What difference does it make?’)

    “The back-dated cattle futures trade in Arkansas? It was a bribe! We will present notarized statements from dozens of businessmen who tried to do business in Arkansas under the Clintons, swearing the Clintons demanded and received CASH BRIBES! Do you know how many millions in speaking fees she’s accepted from big corporations in the past 10 years? You think she doesn’t owe those big corporations — including the manufacturers of dangerous vaccines — some really big FAVORS?

    Meantime, some disabled kids got invited for an Easter Egg hunt on the lawn of the governor’s mansion in Little Rock and Hillary started screaming “Can’t we get these fucking retards out of here?!’ Oh, Little Miss Compassion; It Takes a Village . . . to help you get rid of the retards.


    Let's add of course, the Falcone matter and the $400 million bribe...

  38. ***New 'people funded' news media outlet called NEWSBUD.

    The modern medical system has been hijacked by a criminal cartel

    Newsbud will be a truly independent alternative because it will be one-hundred percent people funded. Plus, while it will share a similar spirit with the bloggers and citizen reporters, Newsbud will have the resources and staffing to make our outlet an easily accessed center stage for high-quality, independent reporting. Headed up by award-winning activist, publisher, and author, Sibel Edmonds, in partnership with a network of seasoned and international producers, editors, and independent investigative journalists, Newsbud will offer original stories and investigative reports, video-podcast productions, editorials, and discussion forums.


  39. Massive Kudos to Oklahoma for facing down this Kenyan usurping Con Man, Liar and Fraud.
    It needs Texan now to mount up and California plus Alaska to follow.

    If the UK votes for Brexit, that kills the EU and the Cabal follow. There will be no funds and fat expenses for NATO and no War Risk for Europe. Britains economy will boom, the nation can look outward, and UK Culture can make a huge difference easing tensions with China and India. That collectively will rip the Guts out of the NWO phsychos and maybe then some funded group can collect Soros, and a few Zio Bankers and deliver the lot to a Russian Gulag to have a discussion with Putins boys. Positive action planning. The US stood aside while Eichman was taken. No one will shed a tear for Soros, but he will weep buckets, and a few like Greenspan with him. Thinking like an American, lets throw in the Rockafellas, Bushes and Rotts as a pick and mix deal. Clinton can go as the Bag Woman carrying prosecution evidence so they have a fair trial- after execution! Real Justice.

    1. Don't forget Greenspan's wife, Andrea Mitchell, who beclowns herself every time she opens her mouth on ABC News. Now she's falling on her sword defending Hitlary against the way Hitlary attacked and threatened all of Slick Willie's rape victims through the years. If only Oxford had done the right thing, it could have saved many a lot of tyranny. Why didn't they slap that bugger in jail instead of just expelling him from school?

    2. California? LOL! They will NEVER say anything against a Communist/Socialist regime. That's what they are!

    3. John for that reason alone why not make a fast exit ? Why think about it, just do it!

    4. I have multi residency locations already so I'm safe.

    5. I didn't mean you as a person but meant the Brexit

    6. Because being a real Democracy we have to allow the people to vote, and here they do count. Unfortunately the stupid also. Even the stupid threw the Socialists and Liberals out last time and swept the Labour ( Democrats) right back into the gutter where they belong.

      Now, given an opportunity to be free of this EU rabble, they get to vote.

      If we stay in within 20 more years, our National Health Service will not be able to cope with the demand from the extra 2 M illegals who will swarm in, and the entire system, for all the tax paying Brits faces collapse.
      Social housing can not cope, nor schools.
      Its on a par with watching millions of Rodents invade your homes.
      It takes Millenia to build a nation, A decade can destroy it.
      This is an issue way too important to leave to Morons, or Self Interest Bankers and Unions.
      But even if we lose, as I expect 55% to 45%, we will regret it and be back within 10 years to force a new Referendum.

      If we only lose by a few %, it will cost the PM his seat, and the new Leader will look again.
      If we get a Brexit vote to get the hell out of this mess that is the slop ridden EU, it will unravel any hope for NWO and totally change Europe because then other immigrant ridden nations will demand a referendum and leave.
      So, they will impose tarrifs on us, too bad. We wont buy from them, and we sell more worldwide than to them. We will no longer have to subsidise them, and 3 M EU nationals can go home. Our homes and schools can breath again, and our NHS can survive. Crime will drop,so will SS cost. Win,win,win.

      The EU would not last 10 years then. 32 nations with no common language, run by unelected Socialists, what did they expect? Just ridding the nation of illegals is a huge step forwards. We need to pull out of the Human Rights nonsense and use sensible rights. Why do so called Islamists want to come here? Why not go to Islamic backward, dirty disease ridden, poverty slum nations? Oh, they want it both ways? So we trash our own economies?

      I see the real world costs and consequences. Horrific. Joe Public by and large are economic Mutts whose awareness of reality is the TV version , but we let them vote. OMG! The West needs a rethink for nations on the Reality blink. If we stay in , there will be consequences. Far right groups across Europe ( Nazi League types) are emerging and growing again. Resistance is growing, and attacks on immigrants are growing. There will be blood.

    7. The EU is exemplary of the analogy I posted couple weeks ago regarding the group that always went to lunch together and paid according to a formula. Probably shouldn't post again since two other ladies really got their panties in a bunch over it. But UK is in the position like the guy who was picking up most of the tab. The others will turn on you with the mere suggestion that you can't be the deep pockets any longer. Socialists always run out of other people's money.

      Have a push to educate the masses before vote on what they will be care at a minimum...if unfettered immigration isn't stopped. I would think the women would be voting to protect themselves and their daughters in UK since they aren't able to have any weapons as equalizers. There was an article this week about a young woman who was raped near Cologne train station New Years' Eve by a Muslim immigrant. Since then, she learned kick boxing and had a chance to use it when she was attacked again walking to work. I'm too old to learn kick boxing, but do have ready access to equalizers!

  40. Saudi IOU's? I think they are trying to change the meaning of 'pound sand' to '£ sand'.

  41. From

    Report of debris found including two seat cushions, a body part and luggage, and now I am going to slay the liars.

    Pictures or it did not happen. And with photoshop available, I won't even believe debris photos anymore after they screwed the story line this badly, let me explain -
    This crash would have been an easy one to find if it was real, because it would have happened in a confined area a helicopter could get to easily. They are making it all look complicated by faking the search with boats. In a location like that, you don't use boats, you use helicopters. It is ALL FAKE. If numerous helicopters were not sent out in the first hours, it is ALL FAKE. Where are the reports of rescue helicopters being sent out, only 100 miles off shore where they could go easily?


    This was the bust I held onto yesterday, to nail them when they sprung the next lie. They were talking idiotic searches on boats, when the plane went down in a known location, IN THE WATER, where there would have been a high probability of survivors well within reach of the shortest of the short range rescue helicopters from 5 different countries. This would not have even needed a long range rescue helicopter. Not sending helicopters is a dead giveaway there was no crash, because sending helicopters was the only thing that would have been done if a plane really did go down. Boats would be sent later, to pick up the big pieces.

    What do you do in a real scenario with possible survivors? Send a 25 mph boat and spend 5 hours getting there and then spend 10 hours plodding along at water level looking for pieces within eyeshot at water level? NO. You send a helicopter, that can get there in 25 minutes and scan the entire area in a few more minutes. X 20 helicopters and the crash is found instantly and all survivors are pulled from the water in the FIRST HOUR. How about sending a fighter jet first, that can cover 100 miles in a few minutes to tell the helicopters right where it went down, so when they arrive 15 minutes later they go right to the crash? The story line, which only involved boats is CHILDISHLY STUPID, Giligan's island style, thank you common core, you make my job of debunking lies easy!


    The three people missing from the boarding log, that dropped the passenger count from 59 to 56, (for a total of 66 aboard) are probably what this is really all about. If it was possible to find out who was deleted from the boarding log, we would probably have the answer for why this plane was really taken.
    Here is another knock out bash of the official story which proves Israel has the plane:

    Supposedly, a plane went down in a "terror related incident" less than 100 miles off of Israel's coast, and ISRAEL DID NOT GO OUT AND SEE WHAT WAS GOING ON? They left it all up to an idiot on a fishing boat? Come on now, they left it ALL UP TO A "CAPTAIN" ON A SMALL BOAT, when it was according to the Israeli press, a "terror incident" that happened above waters Israel un officially claims? The story line is too stupid to buy, that is why I let them hang themselves with a "debris report" because there is no conceivable way this happened at all if Israel did not go out and check on anything.
    Israel did not go out and check, because ISRAEL HAS THE PLANE, why go out and check if you have the plane and know it is sitting in hangar 14?

    If this was real, Israel would have sent fighter jets, reconnaissance planes, helicopters, submarines, and naval vessels because it was, after all, a "terror related incident" that happened over their own turf, and they are persnickety about terror, RIGHT?. TOO LATE FOR THAT STORY NOW, THE ZIO PRESS BLEW IT.

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. Interesting...

    Donald Trump is starting all tweets about Hillary with the words "crooked Hillary". It's a start?

    1. Oops, sorry I missed this earlier post of yours, MWP.

  44. John,

    I understand your frustration but when the public are intentionally dumbed down with propaganda, indoctrination posing as education, fluoride in the water supply, heavy metals in the air and vaccines, pharmaceutical and street drugs, processed foods and societal stresses what do you expect?

    Every government gets the nation it deserves. A government of wolves will beget a nation of sheep.

  45. Valdi

    The UK is more cordial towards Global relationships, but Germany, Austria, France and even Holland are all starting to experience Right Wing extremist views and conduct. If a Right Wing movement were to unite and start again across Europe, it could become another Nazi League emerging, and if in such numbers, hard to stop. If the EU nations face impending Fiscal explosion, as is a growing reality,what are considered extremist views to us, will be reason to them. Germany is being swamped by illegals, as are France and Holland. Sweden is desperate for a solution, and that may well turn to organised Citizens Resistance across Europe if not stopped. Be assured, if organised mobs mounted Racially inspired attacks many would co enjoin. Remember the flash fire riots and looting even here? The gross majority of nationals, albeit being peace loving and respectable citizens in most nations,would soon uncloak to participate in a major league Pakkie Bashing mass surge if opportunities arose.
    As for Germany and Austria, they have form! Inside every German sits a Hun. Attila just needs scratching. Adolf was Austrian,and they are active right now.
    If it ever did break out in the UK, payback would be deep and attrition vengeful.
    It's not what humanity needs, but for a lot, is what they want. The surge of Islammabaddies has to be stopped. We need to tackle head on the Leadership of their nations. ISIS and like types need to be eradicated. More drones, more intel, better mass killing power unleashed. Every ISIS shithouse rat in Syria should be used for target practice daily, and every ISIS convoy straffed into oblivion. Every training camp needs bombing and drones waiting for target practice on any escapees.
    Dealing with these Third World Wookies, we need to kick ass, not kiss it.

    Real Leaders would defoliate the Afghan Poppy Fields in a heart beat,arrest the HSBC and other Bankers caught money laundering, and deal with Wookiedom in a manner befitting.If you want Empires, manage them or face the wrath of the Vandals within.
    If the EU collapses, the attrition unleashed will be inhumane against the Islamic Ghettos and more. Even here, we are under policed, and civil obedience is paper thin. We don't have, and can't afford the budgets for more. Civilisation, is not a right.

    1. Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. John F. Kennedy

      The people of Europe are waking up. Hopefully they aren't as dumbed down as the Americans. They are sick of being betrayed by their traitorous governments who serve the Zionist bankers, corporations and the military-industrial-security complex which has laid waste to countries around the world and created this mass invasion of Moslim immigrants. About bloody time.

  46. Are Globalists Evil Or Just Misunderstood?

    Biffie: This is a fascinating read. The author has a deep understanding of this topic. Here are two more of his articles also well worth the read:

    Global Elitism: The Character Traits Of Truly Evil People

    The Economic End Game Explained

    1. Thank you for posting this, Biffie - two excellent accounts by Brandon Smith. We have to be the conscience of the psychopaths and not let them get away with their crimes or they will never learn the difference between right and wrong. The problem is they already think they know it all and it may take having to use pitchforks, metaphorically-speaking. Or not.

    2. Three excellent articles! (I missed the last link)

    3. Biffie...thanks! Excellent articles and now bookmarked site!

  47. Clinton Foundation Bribes For Weapon Deals

    Biffie: Another juicy tell all. Like they say, follow the money.

    1. This morning it's "Heartless Hillary," but he says he actually prefers "Crooked Hillary." Why can't people see through her lies? She's actually not very good at it!

    2. Trump needs to also look for allies far and wide. Weave a net of crushing capture. One excellent ally which benefits would go both ways is Judicial Watch. Latest, May20th Judicial Watch update on the parade of folks required to testify under Oath.

    3. Running against hitlery should be easy for Trump, there is so much criminal dirt to choose from, so much!

  48. From today regarding Egypt Air 804:


    In an effort to back away from the terror angle on the Egypt air flight, at the same time they try to pacify the public with the missing black boxes, they hatched a "satellite telemetry" story that killed them. HERE GOES!

    If the satellite telemetry report just by odd chance happens to be real, ISRAEL IS SCREWED ANYWAY because it proves this plane was at least rendered unable to call out via external influence all the while all systems were working that would have been needed to call out, and no matter what happened to the plane after that, Israel is indicted because Israel is the only country in the area that could make a plane go "silent" and make a now proven powered and on transponder vanish.
    Here is the telemetry:

    00:26Z 3044 ANTI ICE R WINDOW
    00:27Z 2600 AVIONICS SMOKE
    00:28Z 561100 R FIXED WINDOW SENSOR
    00:29Z 2200 AUTO FLT FCU 2 FAULT
    00:29Z 2700 F/CTL SEC 3 FAULT
    no further ACARS messages were received

    Ok, so look at the time frame here - it spans 3 minutes. And NOWHERE in that 3 minutes is there the code CABIN DE-PRESSURIZATION. So that alone totally rules out any bomb or missile strike. It also rules out any possibility of the plane breaking up. But there is a LOT IT DOES SAY. It says that no matter what, the pilots had 3 minutes to radio out about any trouble. Trouble that did not destroy the airplane. If it did destroy the airplane, the cabin pressure code would have been sent. Also stuff like "oxygen mask deployment" would have been sent. And if the radio or transponder had a power outage, a message for that would have been sent. Here is the kicker (referred to next) - towards the end, the last two messages are for flight control computer failures. Now why would that be?

    The zio press is hatching all kinds of stories about what these codes mean, when really everything they come up with sounds like a talking banana shoved up a monkey's behind. And I'll tell you why - because within the "official" story, they cannot state anything about these codes that makes any sense. Whoever hatched the "satellite telemetry" story wanted to set a scenario of a plane breaking up, and sending out random trash. But they screwed up, because NO CABIN PRESSURE CODE IS IN THERE. Absent that, the plane was totally intact, and the fact these codes were sent at all means the plane was at least in good enough condition to squawk about a loss of cabin pressure if it had happened.

    Let me tell you two scenarios the MSM will never state that actually make sense -

    1. When the plane was electronically hijacked, the hijacking procedure generated errors. I'd give this scenario a possibility of 3 out of 10. Here is what I really think happened:

    2. The pilots suddenly had the plane act up and start making turns, realized they could not call the tower, figured out they were remote hijacked, AND STARTED RIPPING WIRES OUT OF SOME OF THE AVIONICS IN THE RAW HOPE THEY'D RIP THE RIGHT ONES TO GET CONTROL BACK.

    The smoke alarm and window sensor errors were simply generated by random wires getting ripped. Finally they started bashing avionics CPU's to death, which generated the last two errors. Then telemetry cut due to jamming from the hijackers. Plane landed in Israel, PERIOD.

    The ziopress had to hatch a satellite telemetry story, to pacify the public as to why no black boxes will be found and why no credible debris path was found. And I have a perfect explanation for the "debris" that was supposedly found so far . . . . . read on . . . .


    1. Cont'd....

      CNN is all over the map with the lies. Now CNN is saying the plane was 180 miles out, to explain the slow emergency response. 180 miles is still within range of the most pathetic rescue helicopter. But the plane was NOT 180 miles out. This is because ALL the early reports said the plane vanished 10 minutes before it was supposed to land. An Airbus A320 cruises below 600 mph. That means, with 10 minutes left to land, it could not have been more than 100 miles away from the landing strip, which was definitely not on the ocean.
      An Airbus A320 has 7 flight control computers. 2 being deactivated (as showing in the codes) does not equal a crash. So they can't say the received telemetry errors resulted in a loss of flight control. None of this adds up to a transponder being switched off and no radio contact from the pilots. All of it adds up to:

      The plane was in 1 piece with totally functioning electronics which were feeding the telemetry system with codes that prove the plane was 100 percent powered. Yet the pilots did not radio out, despite telemetry stating they had the power to do so, and the transponder was lost, despite it having power.

      If either the radio or transponder lost power, it would have registered in the telemetry. There is no entry for any power outages. WHY DID BOTH GO SILENT? HELLO FLIGHT 370 Deja Vu! An electronic hijacking is the ONLY possibility now.

      HA HA HA, and the best part is - if the telemetry report just by odd chance happens to be real, ISRAEL IS SCREWED because it proves this plane was at least rendered unable to call out via external influence all the while all systems were working that would have been needed to do it, and no matter what happened to the plane after that, Israel is indicted because Israel is the only country in the area that could make a plane go "silent" and make a now proven powered and on transponder vanish.

      But you can bet Israel won't fry, in fact you can bank on that, because Jews will own the investigation, they own the media as well, and the answer will simply be what they want it to be, even if it means dead bodies and suitcases have to be planted in the water for rescuers to find.


      There certainly will not be a single plane piece found that is identifiable as from this plane with certainty, and not just a removable piece that can be taken out and planted for rescuers to find, or a non descript piece that could have been from a different crash and used as a front. There will be no black boxes recovered. NOTHING like that will be found. The fact that there were no search planes or helicopters sent out screws them to death on this one, and alone proves there was no crash and everyone knew it. The entire search consisted of whatever merchant ships happened to be passing through the area on their way to the Suez canal. Nothing else was ever mentioned, and if such stories do come out (now that I have mentioned that particular screw up,) too late, they are already screwed. They are going with the story that the plane broke up. TELEMETRY SAYS IT DID NOT, AS PROVEN BY NO REPORTS OF OXYGEN MASK DEPLOYMENT, CABIN PRESSURE LOSS, OR POWER OUTAGES ALL THE WAY TO THE END! They totally cornered themselves now, lied themselves into a situation they can't get back, so what will they say next? Certainly not the truth!

  49. America cant fund its own nations needs, but the Zio Nazis running America can waste vast hundreds of billions funding more weapons in Poland on an ex Nazi site to threaten Russia.

    The Bumma committed to withdraw from Afghanistan, and has now signed a new 15 year Military deal, mainly to protect the opium drug money it seems. Never mind what it cost the nation, they must protect CIA slush funds.

    Now the Bumma is visiting Vietnam stirring up trouble for China. Cant someone arrest the Kenyan Clown for carrying a bogus US passport obtained with a false birth cert?

    The world knows the Bum is a Ringer. How far in ridicule does America have to go with this son of Stanley clown?

    Born in Mombasa, a life as a Tosser!

    1. John, An alegence of nations need to come together supporting an international policing force and have him arrested for crimes against humanity. These nations leaders must apply pressure to the U.N. To do its job and start investigating these pricks, O, the Bushs, Clintons, and all the other pretend do good politicians who commit heinous atrocities daily. I thought there would have been a revolution here in America by now to stamp out these roaches, but the people are so ignorant to what is going on around them, and the ones who do know something is wrong are to scared and destitute they are waiting for someone to rescue them. This is going to have to be a global effort to vanquish these scum.

    2. Scott

      What you seek will only happen after fiscal collapse. These all too many Dumbutts,living in a Reality TV world of State handouts, mindless, totally irrelevant Ball games, are simply to seriously stupid to understand the reality of any of it. When programs have to be dumbed down as low as in the US, it says what?
      The Demo types will simply follow State directives, and the State is too corrupt to clean its own act up. The Zios run America. Only when they can't pay to say, will it come about. When the squawking dummies are whining - What about me, when the food chain for the bottom feeders stops, then the wake up call will come. But how many bottom feeders do we need as all too many are not low paid workers who truly deserve better,but Welfare Check scavengers who frankly, deserve a Fema Camp.

    3. I disagree that the people in America are any more ignorant than the rest of the world. I talk to many daily who KNOW what is going on. They say, short of grabbing guns, what are we supposed to do? Vote, sure, we all know how much difference that makes, not! You can only vote for who is running AND, who is running for office is who THEY put there. AND, they are PAID for with the money they stole from us. Believe me, there are more aware people than you can imagine.

      As to pressuring the UN? That's like pressuring the fox to leave the hens alone. Waiting for someone to rescue us? That isn't the case but we aren't stupid and having a few grab a gun and make a stand...well, we've been shown how that will turn out from the incidences with the Bundys.

      Please describe this "revolution" you have expected? Are you willing to lead it?

    4. Kenya was a British Protectorate (The British Protectorate of East Africa) until 12th December, 1963. Obama was allegedly born on 4th August 1961. His birth would have been registered with the British:


      It doesn't matter that he is not a natural-born US citizen as defined in the original, organic Constitution because he is President of a private corporation masquerading as the organic united states of America. He doesn't even have to be human as long as his position has been approved by the board and beneficial owners - who are not the American people. He is President in name only; a cut-out. I doubt he is allowed to make any important policy decisions himself.

    5. Oh but it does matter Valdi... The Corporation operates under Color of Law and Fraud ab initio. The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land regardless and guarantees a Republic. What other nations have to do is their part and call a spade a spade. There is guilt overseas as well. At some point post-WW2 but before the Kennedy assassination, other World Powers HAD to know that fraud was being perpetrated on us. They went along (hoping to benefit) and we are now at the dead end of the blind alley they walked into.

    6. TINO, yours is not the only nation that was sold out. Mine, too. Most people in Britain think the Crown represents Queen and Country, not a private corporation owned by the Rothschilds et al. The parasitic infestation has spread globally. MI6 will have known who assassinated JFK and who perpetrated 911. They kept quiet because they were involved is my guess. How else would the BBC have been able to report the collapse of Building 7 twenty minutes before it happened? Other countries may have feared economic or military retribution for speaking out. As far as I know, it was only the Italian President, Franscesco Cossiga, who exposed Operation Gladio and revealed that 911 was a CIA and Mossad operation.

      BTW - A spade in urban slang means an African-American.

    7. Nonsense on the spade bit. Political correctness gone amuck. has been the accepted meaning since I learned it in 5th grade english...

    8. I was joshing about the spade, TINO, considering you have one in the White House; shovelling political, economic, military and social manure on your country and the rest of the world. :-)

  50. Further insight into the Muslim problem...doesn't sound like more education will help in the short run....

    1400 Years of Inbreeding

  51. Texian

    With the Muzzies you first have to sort out which were born via the front door or back.
    The scale of genetic deformities due to family inbreeding is a huge issue. The poor children suffer dreadfully. But equally Jews, same stupid attitude within a restricted Gene pool, and the common cross ugliness of many shows with similar features and in need of new outcross bloodlines.

    Muzzies are a real headache Europe and America has to address. Have you seen a Muzzie army fight? Like the Italians with 9 reverse gears. Being born a Muzzie girl is a human tragedy. It may be easier to cross marry a Dog, but she just did. They have all too often dreadful lives, with an ignorant pig of low cultural standards, and no place in a 21st century world. A human runt society. Women with a chance need to opt out of marrying a Muzzie if possible. With education, why would they?

  52. Russia has not seen this size of weapons on its borders since 1941 pre Hitler invasion. That cost it 20 M dead! No way will Russia allow the US time to move its Butt into place for a territorial advantage attack. The Zio scum want this war. Rotts want this war. Turkey wants this way Japan wants this war.
    Russia is now powering up its space weapons and launching more.
    Russia is gearing up to fry all US radar and electronics. Be assured, if one US supplied, funded or backed weapon hits Russia, forget the EU theatre, for sure the Moscow Hawks will smash into the US cities and bases. China will flatten Japan.
    What DC moose brain thinks this can be controlled at arms length?
    Have they ever got it right? When?

    Be clear, if Russia is attacked, it's war. Forget the spin. Putin and the Politburo know that only a hard, fast tactical smashing of the US can force a truce. They know it will need 50M dead in an hour to force a white flag fast. They also know if not, the rest has to go. But no one tells you that. Worse, you think the Beltway works for you, Hello? What special kind of stupid are you?

    Do you think the Zios give a dam if 100m of you burn? To then you are negotiable Goyim. Expendable Pawns.

    Who gave a criminal Cabal the right to murder nations, and imperil the lives of 330 M Trusting Americans who never had any say in this? Why die for a Zio Cabal lie? Wiping out 50% of Americas Military and Agency Budgets would rebuild America. Remove Israel and watch Peace in the Middle East. Be sure, if war starts Israel will be wiped from the face of the earth. No warning, just nuked. Gone. Neutrons to make sure no living thing survives. Russia knows what to do. So does Iran. China and Russia will take out Israel. Be assured, if the Zios trigger war on Russia, Israel gets it in total. Its about time the playing field was levelled.
    There is an arrest warrant out for the Rothschild's in Switzerland, all for Fraud. Russia wants Soros.
    These are dangerous times.
    Foolish moves will trigger awesome retaliation. Russia is now planning its counter moves. Putin has a year to target and re task its nukes.

  53. Brexit the movie:

    The movie above offers some insight into how the EU truly operates. The more you know about the EU, the more you want it gone completely. For example:

    1)The EU parliament cannot propose laws. It is ONLY allowed to make amendments to laws or delay the implementation of new laws. Why have the EU parliament at all if it is powerless?
    2) Who then decides on laws? The EU Commission for one. It would appear that the EU has at least four presidents which makes it purposefully vague and unclear how it is run. The EU Commission is NOT elected. Well, they would beg to differ. They are elected, but they are the only candidate the EU parliament could vote on. So effectively a 'democracy without choice'. The unelected EU Commission is effectively the government of the EU.
    3) Laws decrease innovation which is needed to stimulate the economy. There is no more bureaucratic institution than the EU. It makes laws for everything. 75% of the laws made are on an EU level and only 25% on a national level which makes national elections almost trivial.
    4) Import tariffs, quotas, technical product specifications and subsidies are used to stifle competition in favour of those who lobby at the EU. This is only good for big European business as it does not allow for the creation of new competitors due to the high entry level barriers and also keeps international competitors at bay. The problem is that this also raises the cost structure for those in the EU which has to be transferred to businesses further up the chain and the end consumers. All in all it opposes optimum efficiency and thereby reduces the wealth of the people.
    5) No country in the EU can match Switzerland in wealth and yet the EU keeps telling the same lies over and over that it is a vital institution necessary to conduct trade. To the best of my knowledge no trade agreements have even been set up with China, so if they are not doing that, just what are they doing? Bureaucracy takes years and years to accomplish anything....every loser of a lobbyist needs to have his/her say first. In contrast Iceland with a population of 300,000 can set up its trade agreements just fine and it actually has a trade agreement with China to the best of my knowledge.
    6) There are 10,000 people working in the EU institution who earn more than David Cameron. Admittedly I do not think that David Cameron deserves any salary for his Venetian antics, but it obviously is wrong when 1 in 5 EU bureaucrats earn more than a Prime Minister of one of Europe's largest economies.

    1. Another bureaucratic organization needing to be controlled is the UN! IMO, it has outlived it's usefulness...not that it was ever very useful. That budget could be better used elsewhere.

    2. And what can we expect of Brexit? Probably absolutely nothing! The Venetian Empire needed more time to change people's perspective, so they delayed the referendum as initially more were in favour of Brexit. Genoese lapdog David Cameron has thus been spreading fear, fear and more unrational fear and now more are in favour of remaining in the EU with significant media support. Goebbels would have been proud!

    3. The entire West seems incapable of effecting any meaningful change. Real change apparently can only come from Russia and China as initiators of gold backed currency. The pen will be mightier than the sword.

      A friend of mine is moving up the hierarchy in Dutch politics and it seems more and more clear that most high ranking politicians actually believe mainstream media in its entirety. They clearly do not know what can make or break countries and they know very little about common forms of warfare and are completely oblivious to asymmetrical warfare and how to defend against it. Then again, how can one defend oneself against powers one does not understand?

    4. Tory EU referendum voters are switching to ​​remain, says poll:

  54. London Fuels 'Brutal War' in Yemen Supplying Riyadh With Cluster Bombs:

    Are these Venetian antics ever going to stop or is this charade just going to go on forever? Parties are either on the side of the BRICS alliance or on the side of the Venetian alliance. Nobody can pretend to be in support of the BRICS alliance, only to support the Venetian dictatorship in secret. We see right through it.

    Guess what was uncovered in the article I linked to above named "Wahhabism and the Occult Conspiracy"? It also links the creation of Wahhabism to the UK. Wahhabism and Salafism have replaced the more moderate versions of Islam and especially in the West where there was a natural vacuum in regards to Islam which was taken up by the Wahhabism and Salafism of Saudi Arabia which is fully backed and controlled by the Venetian Empire and its Genoese, Norman and Anglo-Saxon allies.

    1. Clearly the military industrial complex cabal controls the UK as well as US, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Belgium, Japan and several other countries. Cameron doesn't even attempt to hide the fact....or not very good at it. Letting Obozo, the puppet, push him around on Brexit issue was quite revealing.

    2. Texian it's telling that the 'Five Eyes' is a shared security pact between all the round eyes nations of Aus, UK, USA, NZ & Canada.

    3. Saturnalia,

      The predatory psychopathy existed long before Venice. Let's call it for what it is - Satanism.

  55. Tangential news to Snowden, courtesy of Slashdot:

    10 years before Edward Snowden's leak, an earlier whistle-blower on NSA spying "was fired, arrested at dawn by gun-wielding FBI agents, stripped of his security clearance, charged with crimes that could have sent him to prison for the rest of his life, and all but ruined financially and professionally," according to a new article in The Guardian. "The only job he could find afterwards was working in an Apple store in suburban Washington, where he remains today... The supreme irony? In their zeal to punish Drake, these Pentagon officials unwittingly taught Snowden how to evade their clutches when the 29-year-old NSA contract employee blew the whistle himself."

    But today The Guardian reveals a new story about John Crane, a senior official at the Department of Defense "who fought to provide fair treatment for whistleblowers such as Thomas Drake -- until Crane himself was forced out of his job and became a whistleblower as well..." Crane told me how senior Defense Department officials repeatedly broke the law to persecute whistleblower Thomas Drake. First, he alleged, they revealed Drake's identity to the Justice Department; then they withheld (and perhaps destroyed) evidence after Drake was indicted; finally, they lied about all this to a federal judge...

    Crane's failed battle to protect earlier whistleblowers should now make it very clear that Snowden had good reasons to go public with his revelations... if [Crane's] allegations are confirmed in court, they could put current and former senior Pentagon officials in jail. (Official investigations are quietly under way.)

    Meanwhile, George Maschke writes: In a presentation to a group of Texas law students, a polygraph examiner for the U.S. Department of Defense revealed that in the aftermath of Edward Snowden's revelations, the number of polygraphs conducted annually by the department tripled (to over 120,000). Morris also conceded that mental countermeasures to the polygraph are a "tough thing."

  56. "Hollywood is in the grip a child sexual abuse scandal similar to that of Jimmy Savile in Britain, Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood has claimed.

    The 35-year-old former child actor said paedophiles had been protected by powerful figures in the movie business and that abuse was probably still taking place."

    Still happening??? Oh yes and we just flock to the latest blockbuster, so we're entertaining ourselves on the products of this shite.

    If you ever needed an excuse to give Hollywood the flick...

  57. Hezbollah have captured a CIA officer commending Al Qaeda in Aleppo. The US have denied it but are frantically trying to buy him back behind the scenes.
    The Russian Spetznaz units almost got their hands hands on an American General recently ensconced in Syria controlling Al Qaeda forces. He was just rescued in time by a Delta snatch unit. Once they have 2, Russia needs to try and publicly castrate one as the nation Rapists they are, and hold a Public trial of the other for worldwide TV and expose this Cabal ruthless rot for what it is.
    As the US sends Delta units to snatch its own, its time Russia takes Soros and the Rothschild's. Now that would make mainstream news with each placed on trial for their lives, then executed. What a difference. What a real need.

  58. Dr. David Lewis Anderson...if you haven't heard of him, I'm not surprised.

    His field is "time control". This interview was conducted almost 7 years ago. He says, already at that time, the theory that nothing can move faster than the speed of light had been proven wrong and he gives examples of this fact.

    If time control or time travel intrigue you, this is a must listen interview.

  59. America is now a conquered nation, and the gullible inhabitants have no idea how big a sucker punch they have all taken. Americans are now little more than Serfs of the new Cabal and Zio Nazi order. Disposable Goyim. The coming nightmare has overtaken the dream. The US spends more then the whole world together on War and weapons.Why? A few Russian or Chine Nukes will flatten the lot, so shy waste real money? Why not wage war on want and disease? Starting with sanitising diseased Neocon and Zionist minds.

    1. John, can you share if anythings developed with the Patriot you referred to and the PPs? Any good news for Americans would be appreciated.

    2. Lydialasv

      The "Patriot" and I talk daily. Sometimes multiple times as needed. He is lawfully owed vast vast Capital sums for the amounts he brought in on behalf of original Elders to help America. That capital has been used propping up Cabal activities and still is today. In addition, Gut Rotten Traitors like the Bushes have had "licks" as do most of the deviants and sold out slimeballs at the top of the Political Theatre. Criminals.

      Those funds have been reneged on for Lawful redemption and the Law Office team pursuing it daily, are lied to at every turn. The Trust owners have been ruthlessly extorted, as have many good Global, including American causes.

      Those funds are due to be used by the Patriot alternatively for Education, Energy projects, Infrastructure, Ecology, and Community Financing.

      Instead a bunch of ruthless, conspiring Bar Stewards!,are propping up a vast Military and Contractor regime, protecting the Afghan Poppy Crop for the US Drugs Trade income, in conjunction with other grossly unacceptable Agency and Military Hegemony which has now displaced 60 Million poor Souls, and murdered millions. Europe is swamped with a never ending hoard of Islamists daily. Obumma is lobbying the Germans and Poles via NATO, to take in ever more US arms to threaten Russia. Now Russia has placed a colossal armoury across its own borders, and if further threatened by NATO, will just wipe the lot of them out. That is where good money , loaned only for peaceful co existence is being illegally misused funding Contract Agency killers, Agency Drug Traffickers, and other undesirables.

      Those funds, when released by this shameful and disgusting regime,will be used, as always intended, to help Humanity, to re educate, to foster Regional Projects, create employment, and to help Americans. Not Wars for Cabal Whores. Not for Political kickbacks, and not to kill nations.

      The PPs are under the same Theatre of Operations. Who will allow out the Capital to redeem or stabilize economies? Look at the vast plethora of Agencies doing useless, society destroying and predatory tasks,and ask who pays for it?

      If money long since owed was redeemed, it will do so much good for all, not just Americans. It has been reneged on and is continuously under Criminal regime use. We will NOT support Military wasting, no worldwide confrontation.

      Lying to, cheating and treating old supportive nations with such disgusting treachery and disrespect, has built Global animosity,and leaves both Russia and China ever more aware that if the US creates actual conflict with China or Russia, they can not fight a protracted conflict and will have to go mass Nuclear with a pre emptive attack of such magnitude as to effect terminal damage upon America worldwide. Fear not just economic, but ever more real reprisal attacks. NATO is only a US attack dog, creating needless tensions with Russia, as is Japan with China.

      American Geo Political strategies are just arrogantly naive. The trouble is, fast tracked into mass Global melt down, the Elites will be Bunkered down while for you, it will just rain down. Your media fails to inform you, or lies to you about real consequential risks.

      Your Beltway Cabal Extortionists, usurp power and betray American national trust, renege on all Cultural debts and have lost control of the economy.

      If we can get partial PPs released, we can turn it around.
      The RV's for the Public look ever less likely in the near future. Such things as so called Prosperity Funds were simply a Con and have as good as Zero hope. Idiot rags keep heralding fantasy promises,but the cupboard is empty. No point in debating with idiots. Look at how that turned out in DC?

      How do we persuade an arrogant Criminal regime to cease? Why is Clinton not under arrest and indicated? Why is a Kenyon illegally occupying the White House? In the Land of Oz, where is Reality?

  60. I reckon Rick Astley should be President, he's never gonna
    Give you up
    Let you down
    Run around
    Desert you
    Make you cry
    Say goodbye
    Tell a lie, or
    Hurt you.

  61. It is Haiti’s good luck and surely the Clintons‘ misfortune, that Charles Ortel, one of the world’s finest financial analysts, has got the Clinton Foundation in his sights. Mr. Ortel is a graduate of the Harvard Business School with decades of Wall Street experience. He is currently a private investor. He began to release on his website and from his Twitter account (@charlesortel), in early May 2016, a series of detailed reports that are damning to the Clintons and their various supposed charitable initiatives. The Clintons are powerful, and they have squirmed their way out of many tight spots before, but what makes this particular case worthy of our utmost attention is that Ortel is not only outstanding at what he does, but also fearless and dogged in his pursuit of perceived financial malfeasance.

    If his analysis of General Electric, which is far more complex than the Clinton charities, successfully pegged GE as being overvalued before its stock plummeted in 2008, then we must hear out his case against the Clinton Foundation. I caught up with him earlier this week, and he graciously agreed to an interview.

    Dady Chery: Thank you Charles, for granting us this interview. You have been on the warpath against the Clinton Foundation in this presidential election year in the United States. Do you have anything to disclose about your motivations?

    Charles Ortel: I am not active in partisan politics. I fit in neither mainstream political party because I am conservative economically, open-minded socially, and passionate in my belief that America is truly an exceptional place, for all of the many faults evident since its founding, starting in 1492.

    As a son of a fiercely smart woman, and the parent of another, I do feel that Hillary Clinton has set a deplorable example by her actions and inactions throughout her life, for women and for all persons who seek to prosper and exist in our great country.

    My primary interest, now that I have almost completed an in-depth investigation of the Clinton Foundation is to expose what I see as a mammoth fraud and then prod government authorities in most US states and many foreign countries to punish trustees, executives, major donors, and those in position to exercise significant influence without mercy.

    The Clinton Foundation is a textbook case in how disaster relief charities should not be allowed to operate internationally, particularly by powerful, educated lawyers who must know better.

    More at link:

    Clinton Disaster Fundraising in Haiti: Predatory Humanitarianism?

    1. Texian,

      That was an amazing interview! Thanks for sharing it.

      Death to that evil hydra and it's day of reckoning cannot come soon enough!


    Clinton's charities exposed for the frauds that they are

  63. He learned this trick from the Bushes who also own a number of FAKE charities as well. Long past time for all this to be revealed.

  64. Trump is now going after Clinton for her protection of Rapist Bill and her betrayal of women. That's the way to do it Trump. A fight to the finish and finish her. Goad the FBI next. When will Clinton be arrested? Have the Dems no shame allowing her to run, but clearly not after the Wooke twice. For H banged up will be like a Cherry farm to pick and mix.

    1. Hi John,

      Did you see, Trump has also revived the mysterious ‘suicide’ of Vince Foster.

      Here are some excerpts from a Washington Post article published last night…

      ““The Clintons collectively have dodged many, many, many bullets. So much that was suppressed [by the media] is going to get re-analyzed. So many of the things that they slipped by on will get reexamined,” Trump confidant Roger Stone said Monday.”

      “Stone added, “What Trump is going to do only Trump knows. Trump is not scripted, he’s not programmed and he’s not handled, but he can read, and he does know the facts about the Clintons.””

      ““It’s the one thing with her, whether it’s Whitewater or whether it’s Vince or whether it’s Benghazi. It’s always a mess with Hillary,” Donald Trump said in a recent interview.”

    2. Hi always me.
      Seen and stirring it hard!

  65. Well, well, well, now we know what payroll Ken Star was on: <a href="> LINK </a>

    1. LOL! To borrow a word from a Southern belle friend....that's the biggest "shizzle" I've read today...spoken like a true BAR attorney! Ken Starr needs to retire!


    Facts about Social Security.

  67. This article contains a suggested Declaration of Political Status and Release and Discharge for Judge ________ for those people being abused by the admiralty court system.

    The Down and Dirty, by Anna von Reitz

  68. Replies
    1. Do I have ESP or what? Lol! This is next article across my desk....if true, a good move for Baylor. My kids graduated from Baylor and what has been happening there lately would not have been tolerated in the past whether they were athletes or not.

      Baylor refuses to respond to reports of President Kenneth Starr’s firing

  69. Millions were spent on the campaign saying "Say NO to drugs"...of course, they didn't mean the pharmaceutical kind.

    I read a peace today that inspired me ask why not a new phrase that, very soon, might roll easily off the tongues of all human beings. "Just say NO to WAR!!"

    Here is the piece I read:

    Is War the New Normal?
    This weekend is Memorial Day and for many it is the start of the summer and vacation season. There will be many thousands of picnics and visits to the beach all across America. There will be reminders that the real meaning of Memorial Day is to recognize those who were killed serving our country in the many wars we have fought throughout our history.

    Certainly as the world has evolved, so has the definition of war. In the past, wars had a defined start date and ending date. The impact on the economy was great as our defense spending went up significantly during war time and when wars ended, we had members of our armed services returning home and starting families. On the other hand, today, we seem to be in a state of war which is threatening to be perpetual. And these wars are not just by land, sea and air--but in the cyber world as well.

    How does a perpetual war with no definitive start date or ending date affect us today? Certainly, it is no less costly with regard to defense spending. But there are psychological costs to a continuing war as well, especially one in which combatants change over time. This type of war requires innovation, patience and perseverance. It can also be taxing to our economy as resources are spread thin --resources that could be put to use for many more positive purposes. Our current period of economic stagnation may not only be a result of the recovery from the Great Recession, but affected by this new normal we face as well.



    "In all, the agency [CIA] conducted 149 separate mind-control experiments, and as many as 25 involved unwitting subjects. At least one participant died, others went mad, and still others suffered psychological damage after participating in the project, known as MK Ultra. The C.I.A. ... deliberately destroyed most of the MKUltra records in 1973."
    ~~ New York Times article on CIA's secret behavior modification program

  71. Mind Games
    2007-01-14, Washington Post

    A community of people who believe the government is beaming voices into their minds ... may be crazy, but the Pentagon has pursued a weapon that can do just that. An academic paper written for the Air Force in the mid-1990s mentions the idea of [such] a weapon. "The signal can be a 'message from God' that can warn the enemy of impending doom, or encourage the enemy to surrender." In 2002, the Air Force Research Laboratory patented precisely such a technology: using microwaves to send words into someone's head. The patent was based on human experimentation in October 1994 at the Air Force lab, where scientists were able to transmit phrases into the heads of human subjects, albeit with marginal intelligibility. The official U.S. Air Force position is that there are no non-thermal effects of microwaves. Yet ... the military's use of weapons that employ electromagnetic radiation to create pain is well-known. In 2001, the Pentagon declassified one element of this research: the Active Denial System, a weapon that uses electromagnetic radiation to heat skin and create an intense burning sensation. While its exact range is classified, Doug Beason, an expert in directed-energy weapons, puts it at about 700 meters, and the beam cannot penetrate a number of materials, such as aluminum. Given the history of America's clandestine research, it's reasonable to assume that if the defense establishment could develop mind-control or long-distance ray weapons, it almost certainly would. And, once developed, the possibility that they might be tested on innocent civilians could not be categorically dismissed.

  72. So UK gives money to the EU which gives it to Greece to pay back the loans it already has to the EU. So why doesnt Downing St think Brexit is a good idea? What happened to British common sense?

    1. We allowed Political leadership. Look at the world. Same mantra.

  73. The new Mission Statement will be out and that for Worldwide use, will clarify issues for many. It will help other nations emerge with a clear view of reality and focus on core values. But it spotlights the Zio trash and exposes the Kazakh Mafia as expendable vermin. Also the Cabal traitors and Vatican Perps who have so much to answer for.

  74. Two investigators/activists dead in the Flint, Michigan water scandal (y'all remember O'zero going up to 'reassure').

    Read all about it. This might go national again.


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