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Oklahoma Just Made A HUGE Move To Strip Obama Of All Power!

OWON: What is this, at last an American State sees sense and acts to say - No More Dam You!

Oklahoma Just Made A HUGE Move To Strip Obama Of All Power!

The Political Insider
By Kosar
18 May 2016

In fewer than 8 years, President Barack H. Obama has won many victories for his progressive agenda: Obamacare, higher taxes, and an expanded illegal immigration crisis caused by illegal executive order.

Obama has done so much damage to America, we may never recover.

But one state has had enough, and is fighting back! Oklahoma, a state where Obama didn’t win a single county in 2012, has taken swift action through their state legislature to to take away Obama’s tyrannical power on issues ranging from religious liberty, guns, immigration, and many others.

This is incredible!

For instance, officials in Oklahoma passed an amendment to place the Ten Commandments at the front entrance to the state capitol, despite loud objections from both the Obama administration and the ACLU.

Oklahoma legislators also took a courageous stand against Obama’s anti-gun policies by ruling that citizens in the “have the right to bear arms and transport them in their vehicles.”

Furthermore, officials passed a law to incarcerate illegal immigrants and deport them to their home countries. This bold decision flew in the face of Obama’s unconstitutional executive action on amnesty.

Legislators in Oklahoma also made it so that DNA samples from illegal immigrants were always stored in the Oklahoma database, which in turn made it easier to identify and thus deport criminals who illegally enter into our country.

Even more awesome was that Oklahoma passed a law mandating that all drivers’ license exams be printed in English and no other language. Some might call that law racist, but we call it common-sense.

Oklahoma has declared themselves a sovereign state, and they are willing to use their 10th Amendment powers to fight back against the Obama administration.

Now, it’s clear that Oklahoma is setting the example for how other states can stand up to the ever-growing Federal government. It’s time to fearlessly push back.

Obama is a President… Not a king.


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  1. Queue the music... You're looking fine Oklahoma, Oklahoma OK, OK, OK, OK etc. They should be expecting an influx of patriotic, 2nd Amendment loving, English speaking, deporting loving American citizens soon.


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