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OWON: Britain is now facing what is effectively a run in role play for NWO.
If the Brits through Political naivety vote to remain in the inept and Fraud ridden EU, it will be on a par with electing Clinton, and opening the unstoppable gates of the EU NWO. There simply are times when people can be declared as being too stupid to vote, we call it Democracy.

America voted in the Kenyan twice, and American women will vote in Clinton with her vast faults and criminality.


  1. Brits "Appalled, Disgusted" At Brexit Postal Ballot 'Fraud'

    "I am appalled by it. It should be neutral," exclaimed one angry Brit after seeing that Brexit voters are being sent postal ballots with a guide that strongly suggests they should vote for Britain to remain in the European Union.

    Damning letter from Lord Kilmuir, the Lord Chancellor to Edward Heath

    Lord Kilmuir made it clear that Edward Heath was committing Treason by signing away part of our sovereignty to the EU. Heath signed it anyway, probably because he was compromised because of his paedophila. There is a petition demanding that Parliament debate the contents of the letter which are still relevant today. By promoting the Remain vote in the coming referendum, David Cameron is no less guilty of treason than Edward Health.

    We require parliament to debate Lord Kilmuir's letter to Edward Heath


    Please would you persuade one of the MP's in the House of Commons to table a motion to discuss the contents of Lord Kilmuir's letter to Edward Heath. We can't afford to wait for the petition to have enough signatures. Thank you.

  2. Valdi

    The Commons is a compromised pack of Hyenas howling to order.
    Joe Public blew this dogshite out last time. I will hold my powder. If they don't get more than 45% we will force a legal challenge to our Sovereignty rights. No way is this a done deal. Lets see their cards and reject it. If we get the out vote, we are out. If we get the in vote, we will fight it. Cameron is gone after the election anyway. If Boris gets it, we will go for a re vote.


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