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Criminal Aliens Released by the Department of Homeland Security - Chairman Chaffetz

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OWON: How many times do we have to raise the reality of Illegals and mixing medieval ethnic Cult Barbarians with developed societies? It never works and just permeates through in a consequential increase in Crimes and Rapes. Now how is America handling it? Watch the video and wake up! It's her, and it's now, and you will put Clinton in charge of this?

At least Trump will give the lot the needle or chair. For sure executed Trash don't rape again. Although with BIll Clinton he may be the exception.

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  1. America far from it. We are not a conquered people we have not begun to bleed..
    only in fiction the corporate government think? as they daily address the fiction. and nothing they do pertains to the living breathing man upon the earth.
    only my our ignorance do we concede.


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