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Obama Ratchets Up to Invade Russia

OWON: So an ex Low Grade Union Organiser is goaded by his Cabal handlers to take Europe to a Nuclear war. What is Russia's options? Simply work out a deal with China and annihilate every US base on the planet outside of US Borders, then surrounding them with Subs, invite their next move. A single missile launches and 500 come in with only 5 minutes warning, or surrender right now. They lost the plot so lose the lot.

Only a fool goes where angels fear to dare to go.

China and Russia need to ram it right up them. Make it clear if they retaliate with a single US missile every base will be gone plus all the Fleets. Time the madness ends. Time the Public wakes up and man's up to say No! No more of these US Cabal whores. Don't kill the nations, kill this Cabal. Hang the lot! Rid the world of these vile Rodents. Lets see their courage with a rope around their necks.

Obama Ratchets Up to Invade Russia

Strategic Culture
By Eric Zuesse
18 May 2016

An article published May 7th by Andrei Akulov brings together mainly Western news sources, all solid, to make the case that US President Barack Obama is pushing even highly reluctant European populations to join America’s increasingly overt hostile military stance targeting Russia as the world’s chief source of alleged «aggression» that must be stopped.

One of those sources is a Reuters article that states: «Only 22 percent of Finns support joining NATO, while 55 percent are opposed, a recent poll by public broadcaster YLE showed. Finnish membership of NATO would double the length of the border between the alliance and Russia and increase the NATO presence in the Baltic Sea». Yet, still, according to that Reuters article, Finland will probably join NATO, regardless of what the Finnish population wants. This is supposedly how ‘democracy’ functions nowadays.

America is installing in Europe a new system that’s designed to block Russia’s ability to retaliate against a nuclear attack, but Obama sold it to European nations saying it will protect them against a nuclear attack from Iran. Now that Obama’s own agreement with Iran will assure that, for at least a decade, there won’t be any nuclear weapons in Iran, he continues this deception as if the public are mere fools – and he’s not being called to task for it (except by Russia’s President).

In US President Obama’s definitive statement on US military policy, his National Security Strategy 2015, he cited Russia on 17 of the 18 occasions where he used the term «aggression» or its equivalents. He even played upon the old Cold-War-era anti-communist, and sometimes even anti-Semitic, charges that the Soviet Union characteristically lied, when Obama strung together there a statement about Russia that sounded just the same as such «red-scare» literature, except only using this time the term «Russia», where American far-rightists back in the 1950s had referred to the USSR or Soviet Union. He said: «And we will continue to impose significant costs on Russia through sanctions and other means while countering Moscow’s deceptive propaganda with the unvarnished truth. We will deter Russian aggression, remain alert to its strategic capabilities, and help our allies and partners resist Russian coercion over the long term, if necessary».

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