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OWON: When the Whackos at the top lie about Everything, expect no less over Waco. Everybody dies, but it was ordered at Waco.

On April 19 in 2016, OWON reflects once again on Waco. This date marks the twenty-third anniversary of the end of one of the most cruel, insane, and diabolic actions ever perpetrated by the U.S. government upon its own populous. It is not the only cruel and insane event done by government to the governed, but it is one of the most horrendous.


  1. For those who died, while the sick Government lied, Rest in Peace. It was yet another American tragedy, and what poor Arab nations suffer daily from tooled up Rednecks out of control on 4 square meals a day for brainless morons, and a reality bypass. US guns ?

    1. John,
      Almost all of the irresponsible use of guns can be attributed to "government" or that corporation pretending to be. Rest of irresponsible use is from chronic criminal element. Most of the guns in US are owned by responsible people for their family defense against criminal elements and the rogue 'government.'

      Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oregon are some prime examples of 'government gone wild.'

      Our son was in his 3rd year of college in Waco when Mt Carmel Branch Davidian episode happened. His roommates' father was in town and the three of them went out there to watch what was going on for a while from a 'behind the lines' vantage point. Shortly after they arrived, the big fire started. He was devastated by the gross inhumanity and felt a need to come home that weekend. There is no explanation for any of the atrocities committed.


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