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  2. This is John's comment under Our Last Stand | Report #5 | Helping you all understand what is REAL!. It is being also placed here so as not to be missed. Also to stimulate debate;

    Our key real case is as follows:

    If a few good and highly articulate, capable Leaders operating in the most powerful Financial City in the world,can not orchestrate between us all a change so seismic as to change the entire view of how we operate Global Bank Platform Trading, and to re assess how such vast real profits are allocated to serve good, then we are all lost. My case, is how much is enough?

    I abhor truly unearned Bank Bond Traders offensive bonuses,as also Hedge Funds syphon offs. Money - Is made round to go around!

    I explain to the Elders we are all one. Every living human being goes back to one maternal DNA source meaning Man killing Man is Man killing true bloodline brothers. Political ignorance, greed and sleaze is our real enemy. Ignorance. From false and failed religions, to failed Political Pygmies in power. Where is the vision of the Soul of man? Religions are indoctrinated Crap! Thinking beings need to see and step beyond this! Each so called Religious Leader came with huge credibility questions. None were God sent, None! Nothing out there is real or true.

    Bar one thing, the very act of creation timeless as it is, conceived a flexible platform for life to re emerge, and the Cosmic game was on. That is reality.

    The very intelligence programmed into the DNA helix of the first cells is the key to unlocking all. The thinking Matrix of life. From where, or what?

    We need to grow up, wise up and man up. To say No!

    If negotiations are successful,we need to be the new Missionaries of Progress, not false religions,and to go out and spread the seeds of Star Seed people. Human consciousness to say we are more , and must give more. Our future is putting back, Not I'm all right Jack!

    To change anything and everything, we have to change. We take nothing with us. All we leave behind is all we are. So make it good. Wars don't. Sleaze and corruption travels with you. You will see. Non escape, nothing is missed. With your Book of Life, do you want to do life, for eternity? Higher ascended Souls will be your Judge Assembly of Peers. All knowing, and with retribution powers far beyond your consciousness. You don't get to Plea Bargain with the baggage of the Bushes, Clinton's and Cheney. Or the Zio Banking trash. Judgement is a level playing filed. You made yours, but was it badly? You will all see in time. What is beyond is beyond most of humanities consciousness, but those who experience and return know so much more. There is no fictional Jesus figure waiting, but so much more and no need. You will be returning home. But no 47 Vestal Wookies waiting for headbangers.

    This journey is a huge privilege. The chance to experience Carbon Life Form on a beautiful planet. You did - What?

    Millions of you competed for the chance to fertilise that egg. You won. Why be a loser now? Millions had to go back and compete again because you took the slot. So why waste the life you now have? Life is so, so much more.

    You came with nothing. You will go with nothing. What you put back is all. Human kindness to man and animals. Protecting the ecology. Giving love, safety and guidance to a child.Love is the real value of all. To feel, not steal. To live as consciousness. Your real reach is the gentle reach of care. To bond with all. Compassion has no price.


    1. continued.....

      We are trying for so much higher ideals. Temple Head Elders are wise and with deep convictions of Soul and Spirit. They empathise with real values, and see through the shallow posers. London has survived everything from invasions to the Blitzkreigs of Hitler. It has a deep Culture second to none. And tolerance.

      If we are to succeed, it has to be based on building a global network of hands across the oceans,and slowly changing from the cradle up, the consciousness of humanity. To be Humane to all. To educate truth. Changing man is a big ask. Ignorance is the key to nothing.

    2. If you are trying for higher ideals, why do you keep making it sound as only those that are currently rich have souls? WE ALL HAVE SOULS. Love and compassion are demonstrated every time that someone extends a hand to another in need of help. It is not compassionate to view those that have not and suggest that they be "culled" as unworthy.

    3. If you are trying for higher ideals, why do you keep making it sound as only those that are currently rich have souls? WE ALL HAVE SOULS. Love and compassion are demonstrated every time that someone extends a hand to another in need of help. It is not compassionate to view those that have not and suggest that they be "culled" as unworthy.

    4. That was not the message. All acts of kindness and compassion are equal.All matter. The point was made that good acts are wealth, the material version does not go with us. It also pointed out that the false material wealth of the Bushes and Clinton's acquired by corruption, crime and sleaze, will carry a price they can not even comprehend. Deservedly so. Simple acts of kindness are of great worth, yet cost nothing. Wealth is not Soul wealth. Clear? The poorest can have great Souls. The richness they have, is what they do for others.

    5. WS,
      If you're referring to something in above article, I can't find it. I don't see a statement that even alludes if you're not rich, you don't have a soul. That has never come across to me as the theme of collective articles either. Perhaps you should read it again. Compassion for others exists...or doesn't....across the socio-economic levels IMO.

    6. This is the inference from many many posts on this topic. You are most assuredly correct...compassion exists or doesn't exist...if someone states that people who aren't wealthy and need some assistance are "useless eaters," then I would infer that that particular person lacks in compassion. Even if the person used other terms such as people with "begging cups" in a disparaging manner, I would still have to conclude that compassion wasn't one of that person's qualities. Those statements HAVE been made on this blog many times. The fact is that it is relatively easy to condemn things that one has not experienced/doesn't know. Getting out of poverty is difficult. I know. I have had to do it. What I despise are statements from people who have not known deprivation and still think that they know what causes it. I did not make it out on my own, I had help. Not from the government, but from friends...for those that have no friends, I think that welfare, properly administered can be a great help and should not be discontinued.

    7. Madame Karnak,
      Each person who reads an article may take away a somewhat different perspective. What I have taken from the articles at OWoN is that welfare is over subscribed and must be reigned in to make budgets balance. Most have compassion for those with dire needs and want to support them. The problem is when welfare moves from a safety net to a hammock. That is the message I have received from the articles.

      You're so right that getting out of poverty is very difficult. Many never make it. Unfortunately many of the 'government' programs weren't really designed for a hand up...just handouts. Thankfully I haven't had to face that situation, but that doesn't mean that I'm not sympathetic to the struggles.

      On a generational basis, education is the only way out IMO. We need more charter schools where students who do want to learn will thrive. We also need many more trades education programs in high schools. Everyone is not a college prospect, but should be educated to learn something that will make them employable.

      We also have currently a critical jobless situation in US with jobs having been shipped overseas leaving something like over 25% currently unemployed. (according to shadow stats, not fraud gov'mnt numbers) The people who have been victimized by this situation also have needed help.

      Seems that if we could get big government monstrosity out of everyone's way, a vibrant economy could return. Currently all policies are DESIGNED to, families, morals...everything!

    8. Not to put too fine a point on this, but you should go research the current situation. I am a native Texan, 4th generation, who has seen my state go into the toilet following "austerity and Austrian economic policies" formulated by the Koch Brothers without any awareness that the Koch family made its fortune dealing with despots and they have NO interest in a "vibrant economy." There have been study after study that revealed that policies which strengthen the middle class and create better dispersions of wealth create more stability and prosperity. The current free trade policies have been employed at LEAST THREE TIMES IN THE LAST TWO HUNDRED YEARS and have always resulted in wide spread poverty, despair and an extreme concentration of wealth. Those policies are CONSERVATIVE POLICIES. Conservative policies have NOTHING to do with family, religion, saving babies or anything else. THey are engineered to CONSERVE wealth for those that already have it.

      What you call "Big Government" is not the problem That is Libertarian speak. The Libertarian party is funded by the Koch Brothers and its true focus is anarchy to the extent that it will permit the richest one percent to take over. Regulation can be helpful if properly used. Glass Steagall would have prevented 2008 as Lloyd Blankfein well knows.

      I have an education. I have a Master's degree and a certificate post graduate in my current field. I paid for these things myself which was possible before Bush Sr. PRIVATIZED MOST OF THE GOVERNMENT WITH EXECUTIVE ORDER 12803 (which everybody should read). It is not the government creating havoc in particular. It is, as Judge Anna has pointed out, ROGUE elements of a corporate fiction called the USA Inc and the privatized patchwork that this group and their friends substituted for government after 12803.

      The current policies aren't the product of "liberalism," they are the carefully created distractions of the conservatives intent on taking over the world. Study will reveal that the same policies, including highly sexualized media and entertainment, were used in Germany prior to Hitler, in the USA in the '20s and late 1800s.

      Please do a little more research and don't listen to Libertarians. I wrote a book on them (no, it is not published) and found them to be frightening. They don't care about your liberty--only their's and they are controlled by the Kochs.

    9. WS,
      What is it that you're proposing as the perfect system? From your statements, I know you don't like Libertarians or it socialism you're proposing? If so, you may want to research that even more. As far as I know, there is no Socialist system that has been successful. If so, where is it?

      I have an education also, my husband is educated, children are educated so we believe in education. I've been researching down many rabbit holes for quite a few years plus had my own business for 40 years so have seen many different theories in action. I'm confident Socialism is not the way to go or it would have succeeded somewhere!

      If you're not proposing Socialism, please lay out your theory describing how our country/state should be run.

      For me, I would like to see a restoration of our Republic with the Feds only having the enumerated powers and everything else left to state or down to local levels.

    10. Let's not react on the basis of "labels." I am pro-Liberty, but not Libertarians, because I spent 10 years listening to them and 4 years writing a book about them. Socialism, actually, is doing well in parts of Europe like Denmark. Forbes named Denmark as one of the best countries to do business and it has also garnered "the happiest citizens in the world" award twice. So, the statement that socialism cannot work is not exactly correct. Marxism is another thing altogether.

      Before I explain my theory of how the country should run, I would like to suggest that you read Matt Taibbi's book, "Griftopia" and "Perfectly Legal" by David Cay Johnston. Have you read Excecutive Order, 12803, as I suggested?

      The books that I mention will explain how the burden for the country has been shifted from those with the most money to everybody else. While that happened, these same individuals took portions of the government and privatized them--thus putting a profit burden layer over services that people CAN GET FROM NO ONE ELSE.

      In short, at every level, there have been thieves who took over the government, turned in into private business ALBEIT with enforcement powers and proceeded to squeeze the life out of people. This did not just happen at the federal level, it happened at the state level. This is why people who end up in the justice system in Texas end up paying fees on top of fees and fines on top of fines TO PRIVATE COMPANIES WHO USE THE ENFORCEMENT POWERS OF THE STATE TO LITERALLY DRAIN EVERY PENNY OUT OF THESE PEOPLE'S POCKETS.

      Whether we have a republic or a democracy won't matter if the same forces are permitted to run the show. I have seen counties with extreme local control and you would not want to live there.

      Before we discuss my theories, let's level the playing field a bit with some of the readings that I suggested. I have spent a lot of time listening to all points of view, lest you think that I only dance to a single note. I am highly sympathetic to what Judge Anna Von Reitz has said, but fixing the problem is going to take more than a simple change of organizational structure.

      By the way, Sweden is also a social democracy and they have virtually eliminated PROPERTY TAXES.

    11. WS,
      You may have mislabeled me....I'm not a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or member of any organized party. I do like conservative principles both fiscal and social for myself. If someone wants to do something else, great if they can pay for it. I don't want to support 'free for all' with my hard-earned money. All of the 'parties' are the same because they are all controlled by the cabal. It's just a smoke and mirrors illusion.

      I've been familiar with that executive order as well as the later Patriot Acts which further sold us down the river. Absolutely everything has been privitized down to every entity in your local town. It's all incorporated and mostly foreign owned. That's how I found Anna Von Reitz in researching what had happened to our Republic.

      They don't even teach Civics any longer and haven't for a long time. Back when I took the high school level Civics, it was all a bald faced lie anyway. We didn't have a Republic and have not since at least the 1860s. The courts and prisons are all privately controlled and FOR PROFIT. These elections are not for positions in our de jeur government. They're merely electing officers of their corporation. I doubt that anyone running for these offices will be doing anything other than tinkering around the edges, if anything, regardless of what their propaganda is now.

      We must restore our Republic by forming our own common law courts again starting at the county level. They were usurped by the sea pirates (admiralty law). But you know all this if you have read Anna's work. If the perfected commercial lien gets traction, along with the Trowbridge cases out of Houston and Lufkin, we may be on the road to getting rid of the admiralty court system and IRS. They don't have jurisdiction and have been pretending all these decades that they do.

      As for Denmark, I knew a couple who immigrated here from Copenhagen. They were home builders and didn't like the government control in Denmark over everything they did. Have no knowledge of what's going on in Sweden other than they're struggling with massive Muslim immigration.

      So I'm willing to agree with you on Liberty as a goal, but not interested in Socialism, Communism, Marxism or other isms.

    12. Leaving the labels aside, let's analyze what you're opposed to. The roads, bridges, rail lines (partly), post office and other elements of the world that you have become accustomed to--were built under a pooling of resources. Some consider that socialism. I consider it pragmatic.

      You are angry at people that you think are taking your think that it is the less fortunate. I know that it is the uber wealthy. That is why I suggested the books that I did. The tax code has been re-written to transfer wealth UP to the 1 percent.

      At least two very well known economists have pointed out that the current paradigm "socializes risk and privatizes gains" in favor of multi-nationals and uber-rich people. THAT IS SOMETHING THAT I OBJECT TO. We are not talking about millionaires, but trillionaires.

      Neither you, nor I, nor many middle class people can advance up the ladder because the steps have been cut out by the oligarchs.

      I have lived in counties where the highest level of power was the county judge and he ran the place like his fiefdom. While this is only anecdotal evidence, I suggest that merely going from where we are to common law won't cure all ills.

      I like common law. Many things that are currently being done by corporations are illegal under common law, but we have access to common law by requesting it during court proceedings.

      I agree that the courts are a problem. Under the 1933 Administrative Act, the courts were organized to be a revenue-producing entity under the state and federal governments. That is now--what they do. In that same county where I saw such terrible behavior, the county and muni courts siphoned money out of the poorest pockets and put it in their own. In a town where the average family made $30,000 a year, the judges were paid $100,000. There was a similar case in California where the town fathers ran everything and put all the gains into their own pockets via salaries. Had there not been a hierarchy with recourse, they would still be doing just that.

      It would be lovely to return to what we had at one time which is where multinationals paid their taxes (for the services that they definitely use), where tariffs paid for the majority of the government and where the native industries were protected as the job creators that they are.

      The issues are complex and the solutions will be complex.

    13. WS,
      Apparently it wasn't clear enough when I stated, "I would like to see a restoration of our Republic with the Feds only having enumerated powers and everything else left to state or down to local levels." How would you possibly construe that I'm opposed to collective funding of infrastructure? Those are some of the basic, legitimate functions of governments as listed in the Constitution under Article 1, Section 8.

      It's obvious we have a very different view of what government should be attempting to do. I'll be happy to agree to disagree on this. The Fascism that has been going on in this country for at least a century is not what I am proposing at all. We have not had a Constitutional Republic for much longer than that.

    14. No, you were clear. But, as I have suggested before, pooling resources to fund government is what the Neoliberals currently define as "socialism." I am very avid student of Jefferson who believed as I do, that societies pool their money to build structures for the entire society to share. Jefferson also wrote that when he left government, his proudest achievement was that he took no money under the table.

      FASCISM, which I do not agree with at all, holds that government and business should be one and the same.

      I agree that our government needs to return to its origins, but that means the Jeffersonian view of government which is that it exists to make the lives of its people better...not as a parasitic organism that sucks their lives away from them, sends their children off to war and gives them no room in which to live.

      Jefferson and Madison crafted the original tax basis which is in the book that I mentioned, "Perfectly Legal." They did not support FREE TRADE except within the states themselves.

      They did believe in taxes to CURB THE POWER OF THE ULTRA-RICH because they saw what too much power, particularly in the hands of banksters did to Europe.


    Bernie is getting a lot of endorsements...Hillary hasn't convinced anyone that a leopard can change its spots or its carnivorous ways.

  4. Replies
    1. I wonder if they will ever open the Tylenol poisoning thing again? That permitted Johnson & Johnson to take the company private again and it could only have happened with insider help.

  5. Priceless.

    Luke Rudkowski confronts John Podesta, Chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, Former Bill Clinton Chief of Staff and long time top Clinton advisor. John is asked about how important the LGBT community is for Hillary Clinton and of course gives a long winded answer, but when asked about Clinton’s role supporting the right wing Coup d’état of Honduras that targeted and assassinated LGBT activists he went silent and looked like he was choking on a banana…

    And this AssClown Podesta runs Hillary`s campaign. Ship of fools.

    1. Nice one J7 and there you have it, Politicos worldwide. But as a failing world leading nation, sad, the dross is still allowed respect. Clinton beyond belief belongs in as jail cell, but no less than the usurping fool incumbent now. We look, hear and see DC with despair. Naked Emperors. Ships of Fools.

  6. Happy St George's Day!

    "St George's Day in England remembers St George, England's patron saint. The anniversary of his death, which is on April 23, is seen as England's national day. According to legend, he was a soldier in the Roman army who killed a dragon and saved a princess."

    St. George's Day in United Kingdom

    1. As compared to an idiot Prince who destroyed his Princess and married a Horses Ass which has been ridden out by half of the males in the Home Counties. His Uncle Edward was as bad, idiots run in the Windsor family. When Wallace Simpson realised what she had got herself into it was too late for her to bail. I remembered her when talking of looking like a Horse Ass.The Windsor Wimps need Nannies or a Dominatrix. .

  7. Thank you, Google, for also commemorating the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare, even if Francis Bacon deserves credit as the true author:

    15 great William Shakespeare insults which are better than swearing

    Internet Trolls take note: wit is more devastating than vulgarity.

  8. I know y'all took it with grace, but on behalf of the sensible and normal red-blooded Citizens of the Republic, I apologize for the Zero In Chief's idiotic threatening statements regarding Brexit. Glad to see them worrying about Britain's actions. Y'all Brexit, it's a great idea.

    1. Second this motion! Just "to be clear" whatever Obozo recommends...the best course of action is always the opposite.

    2. Tino, regarding Zero's threatening comments; no one ever said he had a brain. He merely knows how to read and memorize what he is told to say. I don't think that he is or ever was and never will be a favorite of theirs. The big O insults and threatens our allies, and coddles our enemies which makes me at least wonder who's side he truly is on.

      A Brexit is NOT good for the cabal, that's the reason for threatening tone, and all the more reason that the clown should be completely ignored.

  9. UNESCO: The Western Wall is not Jewish

    Amusing...turns out the Wailing Wall is nothing but the remains of a Roman fortress which has nothing to do with Judaism. Then again, there never was any Israel. There only was Iudea which was a Roman province. The conflict that arose in Iudea as a result of Emperor Nero failing to appoint a new rector (governor) for Iudea after the previous one died, lead to select Iudean groups taking matters into their own hands in an attempt to seize power. That conflict lead to the creation of both Christianity and Judaism. It was an ordinary power struggle between more and less ethical elements and had nothing to do with any higher powers. Then again, Islam is not any better, especially when considering that Muhammad was the whitest man of the entire Middle East with Waraqah, the Nestorian priest (Christian) and Khadija the Christian......

  10. Goodbye Europe; it was nice knowing you:

    "The dream of the Maidan revolutionaries -for Ukrainians to be able to travel to Europe without visas, has moved one step closer to reality, with the European Commission proposing to lift visa restrictions on Ukrainians."

    Open Borders? EU Commission May Pave Path to Millions of Ukrainian Migrants

    "Turkish leaders have warned the EU to stick to a pledge for visa-free travel for Turkish citizens by June. Relaxation of the visa regime was part of 6 billion-euro deal for Turkey to accept refugees deported from Europe."

    Turkey warns EU to stick by visa-free travel promise

    Benefits (for the Zionists and NWO):

    Loss of more than a thousand years of culture and national European identities, influx of millions of Moslems to ensure Christian Europe does not ally with Christian Russia, with which it had more in common, lots of cheap labour, civil unrest and terrorism to justify a perpetual, mass-surveillance police state throughout Europe, thousands of immigrant and refugee children abducted to appease the appetites of the Satanist paedophiles in power, a massive increase in crime and Europe not opposing the expansion of Greater Israel.

    My hairdresser, a Turk, told me a month ago that Erdogan and Turkey will rule Europe. I didn't take him seriously....until now. I guess Satan will be laughing with delight, the day Christianity dies. The Brexit campaign may do better not to focus on what would happen to Britain if it leaves the EU but on what would happen if it doesn't leave.

  11. Here's one just for you John. Your hero !

  12. If any of you are among the 'tin foil hat' crowd (like me), you'll enjoy this! I can remember starting in 80s when we were being bombarded with telephone surveys on anything and everything, I respectfully always answered 'I don't participate in surveys.' My family asked why and I explained that there may be a computer where all of this random info is being put together and it's none of anyone's business. They put a tin foil hat on me then. :-0)

    8 Revelations From 2016 That Completely Vindicate “Conspiracy Theorists”

  13. Whistleblower Andrew Maguire – Massive Pressure For Gold Price Reset As China Checkmates The West In The Gold War

  14. Replies
    1. Well written article, thanks for posting Texian.

  15. Very shocking article to me. I don't understand how this goes on in UK since John says there aren't any 'no go' zones for police. How does this happen for 16 years? Up to 350,000 victims? Of course media isn't interested...political correctness rules.


  16. For all the fans of Prince, Sound Garden, Audio Slave and Chris Cornell. "Nothing Compares to U" sung by the hauntingly beautiful voice of Chris Cornell.

    Prince’s music is the soundtrack to the soulful and beautiful universe he created, and we have all been privileged to be part of that amazing world.

    I performed his song "Nothing Compares 2 U" for the first time a couple months ago. It has a timeless relevance for me and practically everyone I know.

    Sadly, now his own lyrics in this song could not be more relevant than at this moment, and I sing them now in reverence as I pay tribute to this unequaled artist who has given all of our lives so much inspiration and made the world so much more interesting.

    We will miss you Prince!!!

    -Chris Cornell

    1. His original version 7 months ago.

      Love his voice.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. The 'locals' in London decided to play Santa Clause for themselves:

    London Marathon Water Theft

    Hey John, which one in the video are you?

    Just joking....

    You would almost think this is happening on another continent if you look at the video. Multiculturalism can work in select cases, but it depends very much on the cultures involved. Some are compatible, others are not compatible at all.

  19. This is endemic of the standards of many bottom feeders. The worst of humanity. No standards, no class, no morality, no conscience. Scum often lacking education,not just opportunity, just trash.
    The State has failed to mass educate, and its part of the loose moral society we now have where family values are in decline, marriage in decline,divorces rising, and the alternative Grey Zone society now encroaches all. Soon wealthy families will dominate educational prominence, widening the opportunity gaps even more. Disadvantaged become the next carrion pack. Bottom feeders recognise no standards or bottom line. Beware of the monsters we rear and don't feed.
    What we are creating is a sub level society of low or no education, which becomes a predator sub nation lacking any culture and feeds from the entrails of a society where it has no standing or hope. We reap what we sow. Especially with uncontrolled and non selective immigration quotas where we are simply importing low genetic pond life trash which ravages the very DNA chain of its host.
    Education is a 4 generation commitment which we can neither fund nor train enough good teachers for. The price will be havoc, and if born poor, God help many. The reality is that family standing today will most likely determine the future of most children. Can your family help you make a bang with their buck,

    Or are you consigned to the notice scratched on the back of the public toilet door _

    Here I sit broken hearted,

    I paid out my last dime and only f ****!

    What an epitaph of a life. Lol

    1. "Education is a 4-generation commitment which we can neither fund nor train enough good teachers for"

      It need not be so. There was a time when teachers were guides, the students learned by themselves and the limit of the range of the teacher's voice was the limit of the students who could be taught.

      *That* is no longer true. If we weren't brain-damaged by Germanic models of education exported world-wide over the last 100 years that created the 12-yr horrible prisons we would realize by now it doesn't take 12 years and it's not drones we want. Not if we want the entelechy that John is proposing. ('Entelechy' isn't that a great word?)

      If I may be so bold as to suggest an up-scale of the Kahn Academy principle upscaled for integrated and civic thinking created by the best and brightest educators under a Renaissance not Germanic model. Make the access universal by giving away a proper tablet device with public access points. Push the whole thing into multiple cloud systems running on spare cycles and a generous tax deduction to both the cloud providers and any business supporting the system thru donations. Additionally, push the creative side and push the entrepreneurial side. Teach wide-scope thinking, wide-scope accounting, statistical thinking, and sound business principle for applied decision-making. Make it massively clear why dice is gambling while poker is skill tempered by chance.

      Also, if the AI is dangerous enough to wipe out the human race or good enough to replace most labor, it is also good enough to teach the young, the old and the infirm and all in-between. Educational chat-bots.

      Do it exponential as well. Teach how to teach. Make it the firm obligation, nay duty, of anyone using the system to help those who are slower or having trouble. Make it bootstrap. All will be teachers as well as students.

      As to the intellectual gap, the fact that an individual with an IQ of 85 cannot (not won't, CAN'T) acquire the skills of than an individual with an IQ of 135 can, let's bite the bullet and get the research programs for biological cognitive augmentation going *for the masses*. It doesn't matter that I can put chips in you to grant in-my-brain access to Google if I can't reason with the results. Even now a careful program of neuromodulation can give a 5-point IQ bump.... it's doable to grant 15-20 points to the low end of the curve.

      Just my two cents...

    2. Tino. Good points and the purpose of site debate.
      But still, we need to both re educate and educate. This is the price we pay for political misfits, non of which have secured seats by experience, intellect or by proven ability.
      Now see need to start redeveloping new models and putting back from sources external to central governments. What is coming otherwise is the tail end of Armageddon. Self help is the exit ticket from mediocrity.

    3. Tino,
      Love your post! Although no experience as an educator, I've seen dramatic results in some charter school programs. They seem to be the laboratories of innovation. The old model has clearly failed...much failure by design and on purpose. NWO crowd wants stupid, meek slaves and all facets of life have been designed around that goal.

      It's so exciting to imagine innovations as you suggest!

    4. Tino,

      Nicely done!

      As all of us here know, 'When the student is ready, the teacher will appear'. I believe the converse to be true as well.

      Perhaps we're finally all showing up at the same time!

    5. Tino, I love the way you think!

  20. One hot Russian chick!

    This video, released by Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister and head of defence industry, Dmitry Rogozin, shows a successful test of a new protective suit for the Russian military. The tester walks through huge explosions and bursts of flames, while being totally unaffected by them, thanks to the latest Russian Terminator suit. There is currently not much more known about this new secret Russian military invention with anti-explosive body armor characteristics.

    And it’s a woman!

    1. Jeez Valdi all that to collect a Welfare Cheque in Russia?
      Note I used the English version as the US could never spell it. The subtleties are lost.

  21. Herbert at WHA,

    A lovely message Herbert sincere, simple and cosmic thought. We need to become one family of man kind and to be kind. Man Kind is the key Herbert. When will we ever learn?

    I saw, I listened and I appreciated it. I may use it and credit you. Thank you.

  22. There is a little company that has created a means to capture electricity from plants. THEY ARE A WEALTH CREATOR, BUT OF THE BEST KIND...THEY WANT TO MAKE PLANET HEALTHIER AND GREENER AND BENEFIT ALL PEOPLE NOT JUST A FEW.

  23. I do not trust proceedings that take place in secret. I think that everybody should watch this short video--about TTIP, TTP and the rest of these corrupt treaties.


    Quite a few naturopathic doctors have died this year. There is a connection. An enzyme discovered in vaccines. An enzyme that predisposes the body to cancer.

  25. An important (IMO) video exposé of the Clintons!

    "Digging deep into Hillary's connections to Wall Street, Abby Martin reveals how the Clinton's multi-million-dollar political machine operates. This episode chronicles the Clinton's rise to power in the 90s on a right-wing agenda, the Clinton Foundation's revolving door with Gulf state monarchies, corporations and the world's biggest financial institutions, and the establishment of the hyper-aggressive "Hillary Doctrine" while Secretary of State. Learn the essential facts about the great danger she poses, and why she's the US Empire's choice for its next CEO."

    Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes What Hillary Clinton Really Represents

    1. Well, this is certainly revealing. Nice if this video would play on all phones automatically.

  26. Chamber of Commerces are fighting their own alleged constituencies...

  27. Key Benghazi email withheld by State Department , clearly to protect Hillary. As the body of the article shows, the email issue would have blown up 2 years prior if it had been released. Sigh... It's corruption everywhere one turns....

  28. Oh how foolish of us to even to begin to allow this to happen. Human-in-the-loop is not a bug on delivery-of-force issues, it's a feature...

  29. New incoming!

    Courtesy of Slashdot

    The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists said in an email that on May 9 it would "publish what will likely be the largest-ever release of information about secret offshore companies and the people behind them," based on data from the Panama Papers investigation. "The searchable database will include information about more than 200,000 companies, trusts, foundations, and funds incorporated in 21 tax havens, from Hong Kong to Nevada in the United States." The ICIJ said in the email, "The impact of Panama Papers has been epic." The investigation has caused Icelandic Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson to resign following revelations about his personal finances. It has caused Putin to point fingers at the West, accusing the U.S. of trying to weaken Russia. It has even created drama in the UK with calls for Prime Minister David Cameron to resign after his connections to offshore companies became evident. In addition, the ICIJ said, "[The Panama Papers investigation] sparked a new sense of urgency among lawmakers and regulators to close loopholes and make information about the owners of shell companies public."

  30. The hits keep on coming for Theranos. Now, given their Board, this seems like a little too much trouble... I'm having thoughts... suspicious thoughts...

  31. Get-R-Done London!

  32. Fascinating article on Hillary's misadventure...

  33. Well, well, Judicial Watch has uncovered a cache of exciting documents. Big Surprises as I had expected.

  34. For those that are wondering, I judge people by their ideas and the content of their character--not by their party affiliations.

    1. I appreciate your post lately. Thanks for posting them.

  35. Maybe this will help with perspective!

    Judge Anna: Which Is The Real American Government? --- Unanswered Letters 2 -- Reply to Pat Anderson

    There has been a LOT of confusion in this process, Pat---- unavoidably so, with the meanings of words being deliberately obscured and many facets of our history buried in reams of the most boring verbiage on Earth. is the skinny of it all, as delved out from the public records we have.

    The Forefathers established nation-states in each of the colonies. Nations are political entities composed of members of Jural Assemblies--- unincorporated associations of people who join together for the purpose of defining and enforcing local law--- and in our case, that means the Common Law of the land, because our nation-states and our jural assemblies are all land-based and this is the form of law that our Forefathers chose to operate the land jurisdiction.

    States are also political entities "standing for" those nations, created for the purpose of administration of public works and trusteeship of public resources. So you have the nation, a political entity structured as an unincorporated association of free people acting as a Jural Assembly to define and enforce the law, and you have the state, which is entrusted with providing public services and trusteeship of public property which is owned "in common".

    The word "state" has another meaning, too, which is the geographic territory in which the members of the state jural assembly lives and over which their authority extends.

    A "county" is similarly structured. The word can stand for the organization charged with administration of public works and trusteeship of public resources within the boundaries of the geographic territory, or it can mean the literal geographic territory in which the county jural assembly lives and over which their authority extends.

    In the American System, generally speaking, townships make up counties, counties make up states, and the political power vested in these organic states and their living people forming their jural assemblies flows upward---- from the bottom up, not the top down.

    These American nation-states which occupy the land mass of our country are all organized as--literally-- separate countries within the "perpetual" Union of States created by The Articles of Confederation (1781). This is how the nation-states on the land are organized and how they have always been organized. There has been no change in this basic concept and structure since 1781.

    Contrary to popular misinformation, the adoption of The Constitution(s) nearly a decade later had nothing to do with and did not destroy, amend, or replace The Articles of Confederation nor affect the Union of States created by The Articles of Confederation.

    The Constitution adopted by the States of America just described is called, appropriately enough, "The Constitution for the united States of America".

    A "constitution" is by definition a "debt agreement or contract", and in this case, it memorialized a contract for services between the States and the new "Federal Government" they organized as means to provide these "services in common" and which acknowledged the debt that the original States incurred as a result.

    The States farmed out some of their work to the federal entity they created, and in exchange, those services were standardized within all the participating States. The agreement resulted in establishing a common defense, a common form of money, a common trade policy, and so on. ALL of the duties assigned to the new "federal government" were international in nature. The States retained all authority related to their land jurisdiction. Period.


    1. Cont'd....

      Please note that the "federal government" created was a voluntary association of independent nation-states and was never a sovereign government at all.

      Once this new association of the States of America was created and adopted--on top of and in addition to and not in any way competing with the Union of States created by The Articles of Confederation--- the service contract became operative and the "federal government" began providing the mutually agreed-upon "governmental services" the associated States contracted to receive and pay for.

      The Federal Government was and is a subcontractor of the States of America. It has no other business being here, and since we and our States of America created the "Federal Government" we retain the right to amend its service contract, renegotiate its service contract, or terminate its service contract at will.

      As part of its services contract, the Federal Government is required to protect and defend our National Trust, known as the United States Trust. This is set forth in the Preamble of The Constitution and was further elucidated by the Bill of Rights.

      The organization thus created and popularly known as the Federal Government has no duties related to the land jurisdiction of the United States, except the "Interstate Commerce Clause" provision which exists merely to "regulate" and expedite free trade between the independent nation-states in the same way that the Federal Government is supposed to regulate and expediate American free trade with and among all the other nations of the world.

      Please note that because the Federal Government's duties are all international in nature, it functions naturally in the international jurisdiction of the sea and under the Law of the Sea-----not the Law of the Land. The only form of "common law" available to the Federal Government is international Martial Common Law. When federal officials and agencies refer to The Constitution as the "Law of the Land" they mean that literally, as in the foreign law of our separate and natural jurisdiction on the land---- it's our Law that they have to respect when they come ashore on our soil. Please also note that the Federal Jurisdiction created by The Constitution is operated from the top down, not from the bottom up. It depends on executive power being exercised to direct all of its activities.

      What has occurred here has been a gradual usurpation by the Federal Government which is now operated via two huge international "governmental services corporations" ---- THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. fronted by the FEDERAL RESERVE, INC. and the UNITED STATES, INC., fronted by the IMF.

      Various semantic deceits based on similar or even identical names being used to promote fraud against the States of America and the American People have been employed by these corporations and their managers. Chief among these frauds have been the creation of "federated states, counties, and municipalities".

      The two giant federal service corporations made a successful bid to co-opt the organizations that were providing us with State and County level services. They promised the State and County organizations a cut of "federal revenue sharing" in exchange for all of them incorporating as franchises---- like Dairy Queen franchises. This was done as a "private business deal" without public announcement or permission or plebiscite, and it has had profound adverse results.

      The Checks and Balances upon which our lawful government depends have been eradicated. Instead of the "State" and "County" organizations representing the interests of the States of America and the American People, they have been commandeered to represent the interests of the parent "federal" corporations instead. This has been done via the simple act of incorporating.


    2. Cont'd.....

      Whenever you incorporate anything, you take it straight off the jurisdiction of the land and out from under the Law of the Land and set sail in the international jurisdiction of the sea. This is how our Constitution has been side-stepped by these organizations and the way that improper fraudulent claims have been exercised against the land and the people of the States of America.

      Now, finally getting to your question, Pat---- what about all these new organizations running around and claiming to "be" the legitimate government? We've got Tim Turner's "Republic of the united States of America (RuSA)" and we've got Russell Gould's "Unity States of the World" and we've got the French "Neu Republique" and it seems that absolutely everyone has "offered" to stand in for our government, but the fact remains that this is a government of the people, by the people and for the people---- and that means that we actually have to show up and do the work of governing ourselves.

      The last few years have been like that old television show---- "Will the real United States of America please stand up?"

      The problem with all the aforementioned groups is that they have all concentrated on seizing power from the criminally mismanaged governmental services corporations instead of concentrating on restoring the lawful government from the ground up. They all want to walk onto center stage, claim the baton, and continue to repeat the same mistakes with whatever variations. And that doesn't solve the real problem which is ignorance of who we are and how our government is supposed to work: from the bottom up.

      The fact of the matter is that under international law, each and every birthright American State National IS the government. We are all nation-states, sovereigns, and a law unto ourselves. That is the true brilliance of our Forefathers. As long as we know who we are, we call the shots. As long as there is even one American left standing to exercise The Constitution against these rats, the Last Man Standing Rule applies. So, here we are, exercising the Last Man Standing Rule and forcing all this crap to be dug out from under the rug and dealt with once and for all.

      Last November we entered a national crisis with hardly anyone being aware of it. Having failed to establish "exclusive legislative rule" and having no excuse for their fraudulent claims and criminal activities on our shores, the IMF doing business as the UNITED STATES, Inc. let the governmental services corporation go insolvent and prepared to liquidate its assets. They did this without naming any Successor to contract. That led to the "federal side" of The Constitution being "vacated" for the first time in over 200 years.

      They actually thought that they could pull this off. They thought they could come in here and "pull an FDR" and claim all the land and assets of the States of America and the American People as payment for their private corporate debts. They thought they could "dispense with" the actual Constitution and its guarantees and come in here and rape and pillage at will. The banks were in full hue and cry. Their operatives claimed before the UN Security Council and the UN Trust Committees that we no longer exist, that we no longer had "international representation", that we had no "national currency in circulation".

      The banks meant to kill our nation, void our Constitution, and seize our "abandoned" assets to enrich themselves.

      So, we formed a new contract agreement with the Native American Nations to represent the States of America and the American People in fulfillment of The Constitution for the united States of America. We issued new Sovereign Letters Patent in rebuttal of the banks and we issued a new Declaration of Joint Sovereignty.


    3. Cont'd.....

      That instantly put the resources and people of the Indigenous Nations on the playing board and on our side. These nations, the Athabascan Nation and the Lakota Nation, are recognized internationally, are members of the United Nations, have more than 15 million members, are competent to fulfill the "federal" side of The Constitution contract, and have agreed to do so.

      For the first time in more than three centuries, the American People as a whole have the opportunity to stand together and rule their own destiny on the land and on the sea. We stuck our fingers in the dyke, but it is up to everyone to now work to repair our lawful government and expose the fraud and mismanagement and breach of trust that landed our country in this situation.

      All of this is heading toward an inevitable national plebiscite in which the facts are all finally disclosed to everyone and in which each one of us decides the fate of our nation. Meantime, the necessary work of restoring the lawful government on the land has begun. In every corner, township and county, Jural Assemblies are forming and the county level governments owed to the land jurisdiction are booting up.

      This, finally, is our government coming from the bottom up, the government of the people, by the people and for the people. This is profoundly not an insurrection. It's a restoration.

      What about the "STATE" and "COUNTY" governments presently operating as franchises of these huge multi-national banking cartels? There's no need to fight with them. They are just franchises like Dairy Queen franchises of an insolvent parent corporation on one hand (UNITED STATES, Inc.) and another governmental services corporation (THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Inc.) that doesn't have a valid contract on the other.

      Are we supposed to fight with Dairy Queen? Over what? New flavors of ice cream?

      No, all that is necessary is that Americans wake up and remember who they are, and start operating their own government the way their government is supposed to work: unincorporated States and Counties operating the land jurisdiction of this nation as a check and a balance against the incorporated Federal Government charged with operations in the international jurisdiction of the sea.

      As part of this process we will have the opportunity to call a Continental Congress and review The Contract. We now know, for example, that allowing the United States Congress to have plenary control of the District of Columbia was a mistake. There are several such "holes" in The Constitution that need plugging. Ultimately, the People and their States of America may see fit to amend, rewrite, restructure, or even destroy the existing Constitution in favor of a new consolidated structure that better protects and enunciates the sacredness of each Man and Woman and which provides less leeway for public employees to go astray.

      Whatever happens, I know this much: the American People are now awake and thinking about all this like never before, and that process is not likely to reverse. God bless America.

  36. Message for Tony WHA

    Noted your morning tea habits while things are quiet. Try stirring it with a spoon like normal people. That's why your getting blisters. Rednecks!

    1. So true! Bad habit acquired from too many conversations with that Reno fella. LOL

  37. Protestors Storm Iraqi Parliament...Beat Politicians With Flags!

    Now if we could only do that in Washington

  38. I came across this term in my herbal studies recently; thought to share it with everyone:

    Who is Gaia?

    Gaia is the common term used to describe Earth as a living entity, replete with her own being and personality. Gaia is not an inert hunk of dirt and rock and minerals precariously hung in the middle of the universe. Gaia is alive. She dances in the night skies and wakens to the sunrise. She has her own destiny, her own path. And like every other form of life upon her, we are her children, part of the great web of life, here to do service to her and one another. Gaia is the ancient mother, embodying the spirit of longevity, as she herself is millions of years old.

    Excerpt from Rosemary Gladstar, 1999

    1. Tammy,

      This impassioned talk by Laura Eisenhower at the Free Your Mind Conference 2015 may interest you. She refers to the Divine Sophia, or Gaia, the feminine consciousness of the world.

      Laura Eisenhower - Free Your Mind 3 Conference 2015

    2. Thank you Valdi, I will listen to it.

  39. Important article....IMO.

    "In recent years we have seen more and more science-fiction-like nanotechnologies integrated into incredibly tiny RFIDs (Radio Frequency Identification Devices). These devices can be embedded into a person’s body to serve as a Global Power Master controlling mechanism as they increasingly encroach on civil liberties, political freedom and peoples’ sovereignty everywhere."

    ‘Chipping’ Humanity: The Global Power Elite’s ‘Product of the Future’

  40. Texian

    Correct, but don't forget the " Off Switch!" Left alone they will regulate the population and racial species. Plus with the trackers it leaves nowhere to hide. Drone terminators will finish the job.

    1. John,
      Sadly, most Americans probably think this information is conspiracy, fantasy. Do you have the 'off switch' about ready to deploy???

    2. Texian
      Sadly most people don't think and its not just in America. The scale of Global ignorance is a pandemic of indifference. Their sad little lives are based on soulless indifference until one day, the off switch will be activated for them. The mantra being, why feed who we don't need?
      The sheer scale now of Global cross linking information tracking is almost total.Soon, All lives will be IT controlled. Banks now profile and report on you. Your accounts and cards are credit and profile tracked. Your life is being profiled. Your emails and sms messages read. You are cross indexed and soon you will be life evaluated. Health Care will be budget controlled based on your value to the State or not. What is coming is truly light years ahead of what the masses contemplate. Or war, and few realise just how horrific it will be if unleashed. These are truly dangerous times because of the scale or retribution now.
      It need not be so, but the ignorant masses just don't want to know. They will be the most expendable. People are so sadly politically ignorant. Or why elect such trash to power?


    Interestingly enough, they pulled this oft-used card on Trump

  42. Dear Texian and others,

    The Lakota and other tribes have a special situation. Due to a case in Japan, indigenous people worldwide have been recognized as the original owners of the lands taken from them. I believe that the elite did this, in the mistaken belief that these peoples weren't smart enough to deal with the elite.

    What is worth mentioning is that among native peoples, they believe in taking care of their own people and sharing good fortune--except for those that have become too westernized. They also believe in the sanctity of the land.

    I would support their initiatives as they and I and Jefferson have common goals and beliefs regarding countries and peoples and prosperity.

    1. Hawaii has similar issues to the native Americans. The island chain was usurped by the US Corporation in about 1898. Navy personnel came off their ships and took over deposing Queen Liliokulani. However, the Kingdom of Hawaii has remained active under the radar, has a King, lawyer, and the native Hawaiians making a big effort to reinstate the Kingdom. It is recognized as a Kingdom in international circles. Most recently, it looks like they have defeated a proposal to build a 30 meter telescope on top of Diamond Head which was an affront to the Hawaiians who consider this sacred land and where many of their ancestors are buried. As with so much fraud everywhere we look, Hawaiians were not in favor of ever being a state or territory. They were taken over by armed force.

    2. I was in contact with one of the women who worked on the research to determine that the Royal Family of Hawaii still exists. Having an heir to the gold there is so inconvenient for the PTW.

  43. It would seem that the conservatives are on the run--literally--in Michigan where Mitch Snyder poisoned Flint.

  44. I would not take anything too seriously that Ambrose Evans-Pritchard states about the EU being a CIA project or the propaganda regarding Marine Le Pen, Putin or Russia. The fact is that Ambrose Evans-Pritchard is an agent for the Venetian Empire and works for MI6. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard has kept USA Presidents in line when they attempted to go their own way including Bill Clinton. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard was the mastermind behind the 'Monica Lewinsky plan' and taught Clinton his place in the hierarchy. The CIA is the intelligence agency which can always conveniently be blamed, even though there are far more powerful intelligence agencies around the world including within the USA of which Bill Cooper gives an example.

    Actions alone matter in contrast to all the propaganda. The City of London is and will be a critical part of the Venetian Empire until it truly shows that it desires to change. If the City of London cannot even properly come up with Glass-Steagall protection for the savings of the people against reckless derivatives bets, then it only proves that parties in London are complicit and deserve capital punishment for their crimes.

    1. Bravo.

      This sort of puts underscore on your point.

  45. Purely as a reminder, hopefully to be used soon against the more obvious folks and then against those in the shadows, there is something in the US Code, as a broad penalty clause. While precedents are slim, it is one of the obvious rungs to hang on the future Nuremburg 2 trials that are so desperately needed here in the United States.

    U.S. CODE, TITLE 18, SECTION 241

    "If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or

    If two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured—

    They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death."

    U.S. CODE, TITLE 18, SECTION 242

    "Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death."


    HuffPo is challenging Hillary saying that she may not have time to campaign, because her calandar might be filled by the FBI.

  47. Former Princeton physicist and DARPA researcher says that cell towers are being used for Synthetic telepathy:

    1. No one is developing the technology not to use it.

    2. Agreed. Fortunately, those who have lots of minerals in their bloodstream (i.e. alkaline blood) probably are NOT as susceptible...word to the wise.

  48. Here is a novel defense..."Those 28 pages that were so classified that nobody could see them, they were just FBI unreviewed stuff with no credibility." Well, which is it? They were too classified to see...or now that you've seen them and realize that they point the finger at high ranking officials...those pages are not to be believed.

    These are mutually exclusive conditions.

  49. It would seem that not everybody regards BANKSTERS as helpful to economies. Some see them as PARASITES.

  50. As to Iggie and the Rocks/Roth situation, here is an excellent book from the early days of the Rock Hegemony. They have not changed their goals only their methods from time-to-time.

  51. From the article on FIRE:
    HUDSON: Pretty much. The Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate sector is dominated by finance. 70 to 80% of bank loans in North America and Europe are mortgage loans against real estate. So instead of a landowner class owning property clean and clear, as they did in the 19th century, now you have a democratization of real estate. 2/3 or more of the population owns their own home. But the only way to buy a home, or commercial real estate, is on credit. So the loan-to-value ratio goes up steadily. Banks lend more and more money to the real estate sector. A home or piece of real estate, or a stock or bond, is worth whatever banks are willing to lend against it

    As banks loosen their credit terms, as they lower their interest rates, take lower down payments, and lower amortization rates – by making interest-only loans – they are going to lend more and more against property. So real estate is bid up on credit. All this rise in price is debt leverage. So a financialized economy is a debt-leveraged economy, whether it’s real estate or insurance, or buying an education, or just living. And debt leveraging means that a larger proportion of assets are represented by debt. So debt equity ratios rise. But financialization also means that more and more of people’s income and corporate and government tax revenue is paid to creditors. There’s a flow of revenue from the production-and-consumption economy to the financial sector.

    LONG: I don’t know if you know Richard Duncan. He was with the IMF, etc, and lives in Thailand. He argues right now that capitalism is no longer functioning, and really what he refers to what we have now is “creditism.” Because in capitalism we have savings that are reinvested into productive assets that create productivity, which leads to a higher level of living. We’re not doing that. We have no savings and investments. Credit is high in the financial sector, ===>but it’s not being applied to productive assets. Is he valid in that thinking?<====

  52. All the Credit in the world is useless unless you can use it to fund the creation of real wealth as hard assets, and pay it back. Which is why the real economy is failing for lack of funding, while fast Buck Bond traders chase Derivatives, producing nothing but Ponzi hype, and deny wealth creators seedcorn funding chasing fantasy spirals instead. Not IF, but WHEN Derivatives unravel, Banks will bail with what when collect calls fail? Capitalism is not creating sustainable Capital. Just bogus paper. Fiat shite! Economies have left the rails and thank the Fed and Zios for that. If the crash comes, you wont get paid, so get even?

    1. As to point two and three, completely agree. Derivatives are Tripe. Christopher Story used to call them "trashettes" and I would have to concur. The current and idiotic plan of attempting a "bail-in" will fail. There are more trashettes than actual hard assets. Rent-seeking has priced everything out of reach and is beginning to slowly cease forward momentum. THE ENTIRE MESS IS A HOUSE OF CARDS MADE OF TISSUE PAPER, AND AS SUCH, HAS NO WHERE TO GO, BUT DOWN.

      By the way, Bravo, England...

  53. Judge Anna:

    Regarding rumors of General Dunford acting as POTUS:

    I see absolutely NO evidence that any of this has happened. Just rumors that may be fueled by wishful thinking or disinformation spread to keep people at a standstill waiting for someone or something else to save them.

    This last possibility and the desirability of it in certain quarters has more to do with manipulating the cost of precious metals than anything else. Less than .05% of the American populace owns any gold and only about 1% own any silver.

    With the entire world heading toward a precious metals currency system the Americans remain in a stupor. The IMF has declared "war" against our estate assets and just as an after thought, that means that we as the "presumed" co-trustees (together with the insolvent and inoperable UNITED STATES) will be targeted for "legalized" murder, extortion, racketeering, etc.

    They intend to let loose their mercenary armies -- the "agencies" hidden in plain view---FEMA, FBI, BLM, etc.----which have been provided with billions of rounds of ammo and body bags and extermination centers known as FEMA camps on the unsuspecting American People and anyone including me who resists will be the first to be murdered.

    That is the reality, Richard.

    Feeding people fairy tales and placing your hope in General Dunford and the rest of the Joint Chiefs is pitifully naive. The entire history of the past 150 years could not have happened without the complicity of the Top Brass of the U.S. Military and that of NATO.

    They consider themselves employees of these rats, dependent on them for a paycheck and career benefits and advancements.

    Are they going to do their job and protect the American People or are they going to answer the Food Bell as they have for the past 150 years?

    I have dutifully written to the Joint Chiefs and the UN Secretary General and the U.S. Secretary of State and I have published this correspondence widely in hopes of alerting SOME of those who haven't "caught the drift" yet and who might be able to help prevent or soften the Blood Bath as these unpardonable criminals prepare to kill their creditors.

    I have also done it to make their crime visible to the world and keep them from having any "plausible deniability". None of them including the man who used to be my family lawyer will be able to stand there and shrug and say, "Nobody told me."

    I told you and them. I have made every official and satrap from Dunford and Kerry on down responsible for their acts. And while that may not prevent these vampires and zombies from attacking the people they owe money to, it will leave a clear accusation against these vile murderers and thieves pressed firmly into the public record and known by millions of people worldwide.

    That is the reality, Richard.

    I have no hope in General Dunford, nor any of the rest of the junta. They have lived as parasites and have carried out these heinous acts in other countries. There is no reason to think they won't do it here, especially in plain view of all their numerous preparations for "the Divestiture"--- by which they mean the murder and pillaging of their unsuspecting American Creditors and the criminal seizure of American assets.

    So long as people cling to their Normalcy Bias and listen to fairytales, these ruthless international criminals will continue to do whatever they please--- and let me point out that Ms. LeGarde has already tipped her hand and so has the "legislature" of the "state" of TENNESSEE".

  54. For John ~

    Take a break, you might find a few photos of Dolly here not in your album,
    she's coming to the Rocky Mountains this summer !

    Many thanks for your ongoing hours and hours of hard work, looking forward to manifestation
    for the sake of mankind.

    1. John....Red Rocks is a beautiful spot! Take a little vacay to that concert...

    2. Texian

      Dunford has accepted being stood down before, allowing his income and retirement package to prioritise his loyalties. He made his statement as another bought man.
      None of this Military lot are Patriots, those who were have been long since weeded out. You only have bought Weasels left in- situ,just a grovelling rat pack. Patriots- where?
      Sorry but for Leaders , it needs people of conscience and guts.Not the pack of Brown Nosers in DC and Foggy Bottom . These are just journeymen. There is only dross left at the top. No George Washington's among this sorry bunch of Butt kissing varmints.

    3. As East continues to divert away from the current West, and Eurasia develops, the Global market place reality will divert ever more assets and materials towards Eurasia depleting the US. Current sad Americans strategy is investing in fantasy paper, not the wealthy producing hard asset industries. Derivatives will damn the future until the bubble bursts, leaving the Dollar backed by what?
      Both Russia and China are now focusing on hyper sonic weapons delivery systems, negating the need for over 990 money wasting Foreign bases like the US flawed policies. No need, Russia and China will just nuke trouble from afar. With today's drones and Satellite tracking, smart money has become tech prioritised leaving the US with F35's which are totally flawed and flying coffins, Russia with silent subs and China with ever growing awesome technology backed by an economy which actually something and a Government which understand Global investment strategies and partnerships.

      America has by far the greater talent pool, but the Cabal foot soldiers in government and the Zio Weasels Rat Pack are syphoning off the money. A logical move is to disinvest from costly bases, and to de louse the Zios out instead. Package the lot to Israel for a parachute landing, but swap them all to Bergan rucksacks before jumping. Cop that! Americas real enemy is within. Israel was created because no European nations wanted them back post WW11 and it was an arms length dumping ground to sanitise Europe and be rid of them. Even the US denied immigrant ships carrying them. Poor Palestine was divested of its Sovereign rights and land. A heinous act as the Balfour agreement. Had that lot stayed in the EU where would it be now? Almost all the key Oligarch Fraud in Russia is one bunch. As with Wall Street.
      China allowed in the Mongols, and Rome the Vandals.How did each end? Will we learn anything from history?
      As the world re divides its asset pool, Americas share will diminish. As its population grows, so will unemployment. Funded how? America is in a Global 300 mile car race with only 250 miles of gas in the tank. Even the village idiot looking on can see how its going to end. But the mass US voters seemingly not. A smart nation with a media blind sided blind spot.

      All the more reason for the people to re assert The Constitution,and restore Democracy to the people. Re track this great nation.


    Odious Debt and behavior

  56. The creation of Israel tangibly started in 1933 with the Haavara Agreement between Zionists and Germany:

    The Zionists did not mind killing the Orthodox Jews in order to create Israel who considered the creation of Israel impossible until their Messiah would arise. Na-Zi = National Zionist and not National Socialist. World War Two was merely a means to multiple confiscation and monopolisation being an another strategic aim of that war.

    1. A topic that is related to the above is the current purging of all members who are not unquestionably loyal to Israel in the Labour Party in least that is what select powers seek to accomplish. Undoubtedly similar moves take place in other countries. Germany also recently made it clear that Israel no longer has unequivocal support. Zionists do not know what diplomacy is, so they will attempt to muscle the West into submission which will backfire and will result only in Israel becoming a role model pariah state.

  57. The Syria White Helmets Exposed as US UK Agents Embedded with Al Nusra and ISIS:

    The in Britain located Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is not any better than the above and it STILL is allowed to operate in Britain which tells everyone exactly that the vast majority of Britain is still solidly on the side of the Venetian Empire as opposed to the BRICS alliance.

    We have heard enough feel good stories which go nowhere. Switch sides or die with the falling Venetian Empire. There will be no hard feelings if some Venetian agents turn on their former allies of the Empire in order to secure a future within the BRICS alliance. Most are made men anyway....incapable of truly manifesting success on their own. They'll join the winning side whenever they can. Those who hold out too long will not be able to jump ship.

  58. Lisa Simpson calls Donald Trump Presidency, Increased Debt:

    The clip above from March 19, 2000 seems to indicate that this is a FBI Division Five and Knights of Malta operation and probably the best one ever.

    The Simpsons also were involved with predictive programming involving Ebola, the death of Prince and the Twin Towers to name but a few incidents.

    1. Exactly on target. They always tell us what they're going to do! Predictive programming has also been used in UK through the Bugs TV series for example. This particular episode in 1995 foretold the remote capture of airliners such as ML370 and ML17 a few months later...same airplane. Same technology was used for World Trade Centers, Germanwings plane & several others.

      Bugs: All Under Control

  59. John, any truth to this or just more bloggers "fear porn"?

    From the article:
    On a recent Monday in April, more than 100 executives from some of the world’s largest financial institutions gathered for a private meeting at the Times Square office of Nasdaq Inc. They weren’t there to just talk about blockchain, the new technology some predict will transform finance, but to build and experiment with the software.
    By the end of the day, they had seen something revolutionary: U.S. dollars transformed into pure digital assets, able to be used to execute and settle a trade instantly. That’s the promise of a blockchain, where the cumbersome and error-prone system that takes days to move money across town or around the world is replaced with almost instant certainty. The event was created by Chain, one of many startups trying to rewire the financial industry, with representatives from Nasdaq, Citigroup Inc., Visa Inc., Fidelity, Fiserv Inc., Pfizer Inc. and others in the room.
    The event -- announced in a statement this Monday -- marked a key moment in the evolution of blockchain, notable both for what was achieved, as well as how many firms were involved. The technology’s potential has captivated Wall Street executives because it offers a way to free up billions of dollars by speeding transactions that currently can take days, tying up capital. But a huge piece of that puzzle is transforming cash into a digital form. And while some firms have conducted experiments, the Chain event showed a large number of them are now looking jointly at a potential solution.
    “We created a digital dollar” to show the group at Nasdaq an instant debit and credit on a blockchain, said Marc West, chief technology officer at Fiserv, a transaction and payments company with more than 13,000 clients across the financial industry. “This is the first time the money has moved.”

    1. This is one of a series of new esoteric options being floated for capital speed and enhanced use. The problem always is the safety, compliance control, and adherence to legislative and regulatory reporting.The Devil is in the detail, and its hackability. Be assured, as with Bitcoins, if you amass such wealth under an IT propagated system, the temptation to others is high. Simple transfers are simple to hack.
      In principle, if it saves and makes money, Dealers will go for it, but safety?

      How many Magic Black Box systems have failed before? Domain of course is also key. If key territories lose reporting control, Tax goes with it.

    2. Interesting re "If key territories lose reporting control, Tax goes with it."

      If social needs are unimportant then why tax? What else is legitimate gov for?

      Since gov is an *agency* of the population aka real people then anything that drains the commons must be ditched (interest bearing currency) and social infrastructure and service becomes the ONLY purview of government. In this way income tax is not needed. A general consumption tax on new goods only is all that is required. The fat cats need a diet.


  60. Donald Trump Is Globalism’s Worst Nightmare

    Biffie: I appreciate that Donald Trump is willing to say what needs to be said.

  61. Your collective views have a bearing on numerous key issues. There is a serious shortfall in realistic balanced understanding among the Public.

    Western Leaders are primarily simply not fit to lead. No vision, no awareness of realities.
    Economies are facing melt down with no valid development plans in place. There is a public concept that each currently insolvent State will bail them. How?
    Spending bares no link to income. You saw how that went fore Greece. Also Russia pre collapse.

    Central Banking has precipitated Western insolvency. The models are wrong and Debt fuelled State spending is out of control. We can not fund Bankers and Social needs. The pot is leaking. So who builds a new model and who retires Bankers and Federal Debts? Until that is sorted the Shylocks claws are in deep. Who breaks them?

    Who defines and launches a new economic model, based on replanning and funding communities, not bombing them. Who will stop Asian, African and Mexican uncontrolled immigration? Who will stop ISIS?

    Russia has then surrounded in Aleppo now. Kerry is trying to stop Assad wiping them out. Why? Let them free they attack a new city. How do you control a Roach? Even worse, a US Agency funded one. Why is Kerry helping ISIS, a beheading raping scum?

    Of course we are looking at alternative models, but Governments are not, and the Shylocks want debt to feed from. They loan you paper, backed by your assets only, and charge you for it. Hello? Who will remove the Fed and replace it with what? Have you any idea how many Banks are now in deep debt to the Fed? Including EU Banks. Why?

    Just issues for you to address. The US owes Quad Trillions plus stands behind the Derivatives time bomb. Why? Nothing we currently have is working, nor as it stands, can. Bankers fund Politicians. Bankers have lost the pot and plot.
    So who leads? Who is fit for purpose?

    1. Until the puppet masters meet their demise, how can any honest leaders emerge? I don't see it happening! That's why I asked if you have an 'off switch' ready to deploy? Somehow the puppet masters have to be removed.

    2. That is the Western dilemma and the answer, as with Russia once facing consequential reality, theirs will also come possible post collapse. The current system is unsustainable. Consequences will follow.

  62. Pretty dire thoughts, but necessary. Thanks to Judge Anna for telling the truth. I'm on the Fulford and it's loaded with happy talk about General Dunford, white hats, cosmic interference, etc. Some of the reporting is decent, but much of it sounds contrived. Difficult to know what to do when it all breaks loose. Almost sounds like it won't be worth surviving.

  63. Unfortunately, a true leader is attacked by the cabal. I thought that Herman Cain was possibly the answer to bring an anti-cabal president to rid America of these parasites. A scandal was created to demonize his presidential bid- which promptly
    disappeared when he dropped out of the race.

  64. Tony WHA

    The reason behind fast tracking the Balfour Agreement was historical fact. None of the nations wanted them back. Why? Why does it always end up this way for millennia? How about one group asking why?
    For what it's worth, I offered to go to fight to help defend them in the 1960's, with a view of never again after the German atrocities. I really felt for them. The lot on the line unpaid with one probable end, so I KNOW what it was to defend them then. With real heart and compassion. That was my Alamo. Now I look at the horror of Palestine and I am revolted. The expansion of land stolen, the Gaza camps and crimes against humanity. Always raise it and its contested as anti crap. No it's a statement of fact. The Balfour Treaty was fast tracked to rid Europe of numbers fast. Political Leaders wished it so. One race only. Why? Get real.
    All the major Financial crimes. Why?
    Germans are kept out of ever arming up again. How about we think about imposing a ban on Finance Industries for them as well deserved. Stick to being good members of society as Doctors, Scientists, Teachers and roles of value. Become the best of a people and become reabsorbed back with real respect again. Finance with them just triggers the worst. The Jekyll Island agreement and the Rots says it all. How far is too far? When do they get it? The Fed, is a criminal regime bank. And who has taken over the Treasury excluding all others? As with Palestine. Give them an inch and ?

    Of course they have rights, and many families are good, but the bad Buggers need really sorting. They need to stop the monopolies and integrate. Stop Zio Neo Con misconduct. Face up and shape up.

  65. Tony WHA

    Note please the parties reference to miss spelling sanitise.
    This is how the English spell it, not the dumbed down US version trying to tell us now we don't have correct vocabulary for our OWN language. The Z interjected was to help Americans pronounce it with no basic literacy levels. Why such confusion, just educate them, although that failed with the Bushes.
    No it is not spelled out with a z but with an s as correctly printed. A dictionary will help avoid such response in future. Help them at least try to speak and write English correctly,or invent their own. English does require mental faculties, but it serves the world well.

    For the record, I do have a lot of Jewish associates, and lively debates. Lol
    Good people too.

    1. For the record, American point of view on the language matter is that we've taken a basic old language and improved it with more intuitive spelling, pronunciation and definitions!

    2. Crikey Tex are you comin the raw prawn with us? I do remind y'all that there is no t in second and that I'm wichyoo.

    3. Andy,
      Leave it to the Aussies to make that old language more colorful! lol!

    4. Just so your aware, Im smiling and amused by all of it.
      Over here, we call it as it is.
      To us anything dredged up from across the channel is viewed as a Wog ( Western Oriental Gentleman) and other names in humour for regional cross bred variations. Don't take it too seriously,its all " Not Said" with humour. A quiet low profile, low level presence is the key to succeed. Just don't take yourselves too seriously. We laugh at ourselves all the time. But some even more.
      London is actually a great melting pot of cultures. But cross the Natives and ?

  66. John,

    Is it true that London is destined to have a Muslim mayor soon?

    Elections In London


    On Thursday, May 5th 2016, Londoners go to the polls to elect their new mayor. Sadiq Khan is leading the polls by over 25% over the closest opponent. Unless something drastic happens in the polls, Mr. Khan will be sworn into office on May 6th.

    Mr. Khan was born the 5th child of 8. Mr. Khan is running as the Labor Party candidate; which has been the largest driver and supporter of mass non-European immigration into Britain.

    He is a Muslim and is not shy about it.

    Huge Implications

    If and when Sadiq Khan becomes the Mayor of London, he will be the first non-European to be a mayor of any major city in all of Europe.

    Think about it:

    You have a city (London) with a massive population of Muslims. British Whites are under 50% of the population.

    You now have a Muslim mayor running the city. So,

    Muslim population+Muslim mayor=?

    We have finally crossed the line in Europe where the Muslims have started to gain political power.

    And don’t kid yourself: Sadiq Khan will be sympathetic and do whatever he can to support his fellow Muslims in London at the expense of the native British residents.

    Things I suspect will happen under a Khan mayorship:

    1. Muslim residents will act out even more boldly

    This will be viewed by the Muslim residents as a major victory. They will see this as a sign that their conquest; their rule of London is solidified.

    Now that they have their guy in power, expect them to act more boldly in protests, criminal assaults and attacks, and also harassing the non-Muslim population

    2. Sadiq Khan will allow Islam to spread even further in London

    London is already a stronghold for Islam in Britain. He won’t admit it, but Sadiq Khan will be sympathetic and he will try to spread Islam or Islamic power through London.

    He will most likely encourage more ‘diversity’ into different parts (IE: non-Muslim) parts of London. He most likely will direct his police to crack down even further on any anti-Islamic or anti-Immigrant protesters in the city. Expect people with nationalistic and right wing views to be prosecuted and harassed even more.

  67. Sadly so, but watch the backlash. This is to " create " an environment to create a face off. He will fund the "Establishment" will block him on every move if elected.Like O, he may slide in, but not twice. He,s already being slammed by the media. It will only grow.

    1. With that election, they've reached 'critical mass.' Next thing will be Sharia. So long UK. That's what political correctness does. Muslims have no intention of assimilating...their ONLY goal is annihilation.

    2. Texian

      We have been invaded for over 2,000 years and each time prevailed. A bunch of Wookies from some Bong Land or another will see only one thing here over time and that's their ass.
      London is an open minded City as long as those allowed to remain in safety respect it and our Culture. Abuse our trust and watch the thrust. A 6th century Cult has no place here,and if conflict comes the Brits will waste the Bums. Heads down, or off. There are many good Islamist wookies living here in peace, and their own children are rebelling against the backward culture.
      The bad Wookies have abused our goodwill and many are now banged up. The UK has a series of Class culture layers, where a nod and a wink says all.
      Islamabaddies have no power here, and need to live in peace, or get a piece of our boots.

    3. John!
      Hopefully you're right. I've listened to quite a few former Muslims who say there is no such thing as peaceful Muslims. They say the jihadists are like their army so the rest can appear peaceful. Their stated goal is to take over the world and it's happening with their astounding birth rate.

    4. A DNA designed virus can sort that if needed.

  68. As another Bush Bag Man Cruizes into oblivion, now it comes down to a public face off between the Trump and the Trailer Trash.
    If Trump is serious, he needs to force feed her 2 or 3 of her criminal acts each day in public debates and demand answers she can't give without doing time. Name and shame the Bitch. Slam her each day on TV and bring her down. For the first time the mass morons will get it and Justice can Get Her! Public exposure is so well overdue. It's time she is brought to face the music. Is Trump up to it? No deal's, no restricted issues, No Mercy! Trash the Bitch and Slick Willie with her. Publicly expose her crimes, Treachery, Treason and Lies. Forget the White House, Clinton belongs in The Pen for life! Now is the Time- Trump! Publicly humiliate and flog the Dog.

    1. I sure hope he has the guts to do it. There is certainly no lack of evidence. And Donald Trump sure knows how to speak his mind. So live up to your name Trump!! And TRUMP her.

    2. You are so on the money John... we will find out now if Trump is part of the machine... lets see if he fires both fully loaded shotgun barrels or not... expose every bit of the clintons!...

    3. JD

      He IS part of the machine and is just staking out his turf for a price.
      Your not electing a Patriot, just another form of parasite.

  69. As I keep reminding, and I hope some lawyer out there in this mess gets it, in the email scandal - THE SERVER ITSELF is a FELONY. Forget the emails. The SERVER is an unavoidable felony that the law can drop on Hillary as the ton of legal bricks it is. With Guccifer now in custody in Alexandria, Virginia, the FBI should have more than enough to arrest and have State indict.

    1. Tino

      For the good of America, and Justice everywhere, we hope it unfolds, but the endemic rot and corruption at the top allows these Perps to walk free.
      So, will Trump just join the queue of takers taking more, or stand up for the real Americans? In a Televised Public debate she is exposed wide open. Will he take her down and wipe her out? Or is he part of the problem?

    2. I believe Trump will take the b*tech down. I remember him being unhappy about the direction of the country 25 years ago. Time will tell is my position

  70. As a round up for the week, a few reality check points for all readers.

    The Blogs seem to be awash with ever more fantasy stories of Dragon Family deals and new powers for selected nations.
    Total fantasy, all of it.
    Broker talk and Gimme a Dime Bloggers publishing nonsense for Bucks. There are NO Deals, nor Special Agreements. As for Dinar Land? What happened to April releases? They cant even hold a stable Government together yet. Bongo Land does not bail Billions.

    Military takeovers from doughnut dunking Generals? Get real. Their lack of backbones wont hold up. The only territorial expansion for that lot is in waist bands. Stop reading comics.

    But Trump says he will make America strong Again. Give him a chance.

    We say again America is not short of talent or good people.Unfortunately they are not in Government. If elected, one of Trumps first real jobs needs to be slashing Military and Agency spending. Fund America first. Stop the Pension Funds ambulance chasing Derivatives deals. Fund American innovation and create real wealth. Sack 35% of the Federal State. Close 35% of all bases. Fill FEMA camps with treacherous Zio Bankers, and Lobbyists.

    Deal with Islamists and stop building Mosques as sedition centres. Wookies who don't like it can leave. Stop Wookies having more than one wife. Again leave! No child care for more than one wife or her children. Stop funding their seed of mass population destruction.

    Get to grips with education. Train more teachers, encourage and manage them well. Switch this brainwashing Shite honouring rented Military thugs in boots, to honour Teachers instead, who are the foundation of knowledge and societies care.
    Teach America to believe again. Teach - Truth!

  71. While I agree with the closing of the federal reserve which is nothing but a gaping maw for banksters that puts 3% seniorage on all debt for doing absolutely NOTHING--closing the entire federal apparatus down would result in chaos. It would make more sense to close down the edifices built upon ODIOUS DEBT (i.e. institutions whose sole purpose is to control the populace on behalf of the banksters). This would include: DARPA, NSA, CIA, FBI, INTELLIGENCE SERVICES AT THE DOD, DOE (run by the Rocks), the intelligence NGOs run by Israel (a huge portion of the tentacles controlling), the chemtrails program, the sigint program (which is, I believe, linked to the fake cell phone towers that are pouring dumbing signals out), the FDA (federal department of atrocities), the fake health services (NIH and local health services) and their vaccination enforcement, the Department of Agriculture which holds a ton of scary patents offshore in WIPO and any part of any military service currently targeted on "civilian enforcement, FEMA, Drug enforcement Administration, FDIC (who clearly is not doing their job), the SEC (until it can be reformed) and fish and game and Department of Education (a spectacular mess).

    We have plenty of teachers, but few of them are teaching any more. Honestly, the best educations are coming out of the private schools not run by fringe religions. There are wonderful curricula from a wide variety of sources being used by home schoolers.

    I would like to comment a bit on the education issue. In read this site, I see a lot of grammar and punctuation errors. I am, as I have said, both American and Texan. I have always had very high scores in grammar and writing on all the standardized tests. To me, the ability to communicate, spell and write well is a key part of mental discipline. Children are not being taxed with much writing in school these days. In part, this is occurring because it is difficult to grade tests that are written, because it requires writing skills, grammar knowledge and spelling which "whole word" theories have largely destroyed.

    There a lot of people, 50 and older, who did receive a firm grounding in writing, spelling, grammar, geography, history, science, math and the fundamentals. Many need to work due to the debacle of 2008. Drafting them into the teaching service--even as aides--would be beneficial. The only reason that they aren't teaching now is due to the rules from the Department of Education and state departments. We need a return to basics with an emphasis on the fundamentals and to stop injecting our children with heavy metals and viruses that are causing proliferate encephelapathy. (sorry about the spelling on that word)

    I would also like to see Latin and Greek return as well as sentence diagramming and SPELLING. I cannot bear to read one more story on the Internet that states, "When I loose weight, I will be happy" or "their are many people with this same problem." AGGGGHHHH.

    With respect, there are people in the USA who are very literate, John. Some in more than one language.

    1. I agree with everything you said except one (notice I didn't say "accept":)

      The FED gets 6% on every phoney one or zero they put in the computer, not 3%. AND, it's a floor...It says "at least 6%". My husband researched the Federal Reserve's website and found that tidbit.

      As to your comment about grammar and spelling, I couldn't agree more. Most blogs appear to be frequented by seemingly illiterate, non-schooled persons or even worse, those who could care less about expressing themselves in a cogent manner. YES, "loose" means not tight. "Lose" means to have lost something. "There" is a place. "Their" has a possessive meaning.

      I could go on with many examples but hope I've made my point as well.

  72. MY case for education, was truly meant as constructive suggestions as part of rebuilding America's great potential for all its people to benefit.Funding the mental development of the society,not the hapless destruction of other poor nations. The greatest cause of wars, is the planning clandestine actions of the Washington whores.
    Democracy is based on fundamental rights, and respect.
    I agree on the literacy statement, but doesn't George W embarrass you? That in the Oval Office for 8 years? We all saw his message to Condi in split upper and lower case letters. What a low species he is. But so are many in power.

    1. Education is everything! Currently, there is virtually no education in the public schools. Indoctrination is the better term. The parents are not even allowed to access the 'lessons.' One of first things to do is eliminate Department of Education giving education back to local jurisdiction.

      Charter schools, private schools and home schools are the answer. Those systems quickly eliminate 'underperforming' educators and schools. Many educators are frustrated with lack of real education in public schools, but are powerless to make changes on their own. Returning to local level will solve many of those problems...IMO.

    2. Education begins at home. I learned to read at 4 years old. My mother and brother taught me. Every Christmas, we received tons of books as gifts. We read to each other and our younger siblings. When I was quite little, most of the books in the house were my father's medical books. I learned torturous Latin names for a wide variety of diseases, all the bones and other things from my dad's books. Yes, the schools need help for all the reasons that everybody has stated, but the love of learning begins with the parents.

      I read to my son all the time. While he has some issues, literacy is not one of them.

  73. Centralized power and knowledge held in the hands of an evil few; what can possibly go wrong?

  74. Now, the bad news.
    All available current electoral forecasts predict Clinton will swamp Trump for the real WH battle. She is way too far ahead, unless he overturns her with shock and awe debate tactics. Even the Bushes won't back Trump, because they need a managed and owned Crook in the WH, to maintain the status quo and keep the Cabal out of jail. The potential for Trump to jail the Bushes is too high for them to risk. They will back Clinton to carve up America. Sad, but unless Trump is going to take it head on and demand in public the FBI arrest the Clinton's you wont get a result America needs.
    When a parasite like Clinton can even run where is Justice?

    The side shows are over. Now the Cabal are backing Clinton to maintain their rackets and protect their immunity. Truth is a lie.

  75. Canauzzie,

    Zero Hedge carries an article about the disastrous oil sand fires in Alberta, where over 80,000 people have had to be evacuated and had their lives turned upside down. Sad news. We hope you and those close to you are not in danger and have not been personally affected.

    Stunning Dash Cam Footage From Inside Alberta's 'Apocalyptic' Inferno


  76. Valdi,

    Thank you for your concern. It has been tragic for many, as 88K residence were forced to leave their homes. The mass exodus is the largest in our history. Emergency works should be commended for do an exceptional job under the circumstances and doing the impossible - no injuries or deaths of persons yet. We are opening our homes to evacuees, as well as supplying all forms of relief, be it food, shelter, gas or even necessities for pets. Officially this morning Alberta's Premier has called a State of Emergency. At least 1600 structures have been lost. Manpower and equipment is being sent from all over Alberta. It still rages.

    here are latest government reports: Update 2: Fort McMurray Wildfire (May 5 at 10 a.m.)

    From the air: Raw Video: An aerial look at Fort McMurray wildfires

    Local news and vidoe that lays it out: Fort McMurray wildfire: Fire grows to 85,000 hectares, no timeline on resident return

    1. My god, Canauzzie... it literally looks like hell. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

    2. Canauzzie...

      Crazy and so sorry to see what is happening there.

      Let me know if I can lend a hand with regards to sending supplies or monies to help.. Or if you have a legitimate organization that you know will get the supplies/monies to those that need it.


    3. Always Me

      Be careful with that sign in logo, Prince Charles will try to mate with it or marry it. Look at what he dropped Diana for. He even chose the rear end to marry.


    4. Thank you Get Real, but I am not hands on with any charity that I can vouch for. As most charitable organizations charge hefty administration fees, I am NOT a big fan of charities. As of yesterday morning there was already 11M of public donations.

      Other provinces have kicked in sending manpower and equipment. Donations of goods have been so overwhelming. Only specific things are being requested now. I must also thank our friends to the south as even at the NHL playoff game last night between St. Louis and Dallas, the proceed from the 50/50 draw was being donated.

      Many restaurants have opened their doors and have offered to feed anyone from Ft. McMurrary and area for FREE. Also all major attractions in our capitol city have free admission to all evacuees.

      Those who had to evacuate north have it the worst. They fled to the camps which house oil workers. Necessities have had to be rationed. Emergency worker have created a route through Ft. McMurray, blockaded on either side for those north to be escorted through by the RCMP. Also helicopter escort so to view any immediate threats. Reports say there are as many as 40K north. Getting them out is a priority because they have nowhere to go if the fire shifts. Many have been airlifted out and that continues around the clock.

      Some evacuations centers have now had to evacuate. Most now will be heading to my community, which is best prepared for them. We welcome all.

  77. Surely no one with a functioning brain would consider a vaccine for any reason, but just in case.... From

    May 5, 2016
    About the Nagalase excess and autism:

    The Nagalase story has been out there for quite a while now. Natural News just did a major piece on it. The Nagalase approach has a portion of truth to it, and though it is not everything with regard to autism, I see no reason why it would not be a part of it.
    The main key to the autism issue however is the presense of human fetal tissue in the vaccines that causes an immune response to that tissue, which is a match for tissues in a child's body. This kicks off an auto immune reaction against the child's own body. There are some vaccines that are now causing horrible reactions which have no fetal tissue in them. Nagalase is still a vaccine related topic.

    Here is how it would work (and I cannot be more specific because I do not have enough time right now),

    Nagalase is a component of complex processes in the body. And if you make a vaccine that has an ingredient that is part of a complex process in the body, and trigger an immune response against that process, the end result will be excess materials in the body that should have been part of a process, but were blocked from being part of a process because what they were supposed to react with was removed by the immune system. The end result is the sudden appearance of high levels of materials that should have been used, but were not. And that can cause all kinds of problems.

    I have no doubt that we live in an era where evil scientists are sitting at computer screens running software simulations of the immune system, and formulating ways to screw people up. We are truly in World War 3 now, and that war is being fought via the media, online trolls, and tainted vaccines (as well as a long list of other things, including GMO's.) They have taken the gloves off, and now absolutely anything is possible when it comes to a vaccine. AVOID AT ALL COSTS, like you would a bullet to the head.

  78. Trump is backing Britain for Brexit. Well done Trump.

    We told Obama to shove it trying to push Britain to stay in the EU. Now slimy Phony Tony Blair and Bill Clinton are trying to push for a Stay In vote. That is only a bankers game to corral the natives.

    At least Trump gets what a total crock it all is. However, as is also the case with him for the WH, with the sheer volume of Demo trash and Socialist hangers on, they will mainly vote for what's best for them in State handouts, and the hell with the economy or reality.
    So, our futures are cross tied. Coping with the mindless. Should we not IQ test to vote? Tax Payers only? Those who fund it all? Don't pay don't say?
    That is our collective weakness. Those who don't deserve a vote - Do.

    The Donald has the same problem next. He has to get the Ladies on side, and cover the socialists. He needs to mass appeal as the voice of Americans. It's him or the Cabal.

    It was good to see Rick Perry support him now and that will P off the bushes. Well done Rick. How about Perry on the ticket with a future role?
    Interesting times. We need to dump the EU and the US needs to de louse the Cabal.

    1. John,
      It is good to see Perry stand up to Bush faction. As for a role, maybe with something....not VP. Texas is conservative overall and usually votes Republican except for a few liberal hotbed cities. Trump will need the VP selection to attract some liberal states to make the electoral college numbers work.

      As for Brexit, Trump looks at the business model and staying doesn't make any any businessman says leave. The socialists in all EU countries of course want UK to stay until they run out of your money also.

      Rumors rumors....Bushes resigning from Republican Party and won't be going to convention. Is that because they'll be in Paraguay by then?

    2. I was amused today to be sent a Blog circulating telling us than an unmade bed character in Bongo Land has now taken over as Fiscal Emperor from next week and will divide up Global funds.

      My response was to ask, tongue in cheek, should I then advise the key Elders who I was talking to just 2 hours ago not to board the plane for London tomorrow and to cancel our Paris meetings next week, as it looks that Fantasy Freddie is Keen an raring to show us all how its done by a superior SH rodent coming fast out of trap one who will now become Fiscal overlord next week.
      Then I saw the photographs attached with the circulating Blogs.

      I suppose its pointless indicating Class assessment is a primary factor to even belong in the loop to these Sub Primates.

      Looking like that??????? I joked about it with our US associates today.
      Whatever gets them off, but gullible people believe this and send them money.
      That is so cruel. These people need those funds.
      Let me be clear. Global Financing will ONLY be undertaken by the highest echelons, strict Compliance, total Diligence and all under multi layer supervision of competent professionals. Back street Bars and Bongo Land dives will not even see which way it goes. On a need to know basis only, who qualifies? They seriously think sensitive, highly coordinated refinancing will be done via Jackass Jerks?

      Some need to go back on their Meds. Only dreams are free. Not lunches.

    3. Since there seems to be a big Keenan following, here's some info from a person who has researched a bit into Keenan's background...


    4. Good job Texian

      Please when you have time look into Keenan's roles in Switzerland. We met with his ex Attorney who was sucked into his fantasies , and no longer practices! His character statements were scathing.
      Poor Jean, who means well. has about 75,000 good reasons not to fall for his line again. How many more? The Swiss affair was a debacle and a half.

      Look at his pics. Look at the exclusive Lords shots of real Elders. Which is reality? No hands out via the Lords, or failed promises. No illusions there just damned hard, focused work dealing with complex realities.

      But not to worry next week, next week the new Overlord takes over with his Dong in his hand, as master B? , similar word sounds like Banker but is it with a W?

    5. John,
      What a maze of intrigue! There isn't a lot out there except blogs written by Keenan himself with his point of view. Here are a couple for everyone to absorb. Is this the story you're referring to?


      David P. Crayford (Whistleblower) Responds To Neil Keenan, OPPT, Drake..... The Drama Continues

  79. John,

    LOL (re. Prince Charles)... but rest assured, royalty be damned, my horses have much higher standards!

    Cheers, always!

  80. Well if you find him sniffing around the rear end of one carrying a step ladder be alarmed. Funny folks these Windsor's. Look at the weird Simpson hag his Uncle Edward married and abdicated for. Imagine meeting that at night. It needed freezing and mounting on the outer gate to scare off Burglers or Muggers. Most people laugh at an obvious horses Ass, but these weirdos marry them. Maybe it's being raised by hair lipped Nannies, limp wrist Uncles, and booze riddled Grannies which sets them off wrong. With a father who sends you a letter to tick you off within the same Palace,rather than tell you verbally, and sends you to cold shower prep schools, it was a blessing in disguise when Diana chose to raise her boys herself, while the right Charlie chose to chase after a mare who had been pre jumped in every field in the surrounding 3 counties by one rutting stag or another. I feel for the poor Queen surrounded by the lot of them, but William is a huge asset which will save the Monarchy from itself. We all hopes the Queen lives 10 more years, and William succeeds. No doubt Charlie spends every night on planning the road to success. Poor Cess keeps his door locked in terror. Lol

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


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