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  2. So much dissinfo out on Blogs we see.

    Our teams are with key Elders now travelling between Seoul, Taipei, HK and Beijing.
    It's political and sensitive. Key questions such as how can they be paid before any notes or boxes leave, as there is zero trust to allow the US any credit ever again. No one is listening to US Treasury or Fed BS. Today is real world and zero trust for the US. The big questions are - show me how you are paying our and your taxes and paying us before a Dollar or Euro leaves here. No more defaulted credit agreements. Now it's US mouths bolted to the table before a deal is done. Now the US has to put up before a dollar leaves. No more credit ever! They brought this on themselves being arrogant, cheating, lying, thieving Bastards. Now broke, they are trying to get Funds first which is not happening. Heels are dug in. You want our cash, you bring new money. Hard ball. BS free.
    This is the corner these rats are in. Put up! The world is tired of their arrogant games. And of them. This is their last Hurrah. Blow that and it's over.

    Eurasia is emerging. China and Russia now control the Middle East and Africa. Also ever more South America. The US is corralled back into its own orders and broke.
    Trust has gone and obfuscating is met with vehemence. Like you pay before a dollar leaves you untrustworthy bastards. Welcome to reality. Or Fed hell. Or they show the door to another Fed whore.
    It's game on, and the US stand as Naked Emperors blustering faced down with hardball in response. No money go home! You pay to play now. A lot of permatans and wigs don't know what's hit them. This is their last stand. We are hands on, on site and travelling daily between key Elders cities. We have the key Presidents support and trust. Trust is key to all, and like Virginity, when it's gone it's gone. The US lost that 70 years ago. Now it's all in play,but the Asians say. Very complex procedure discussions are now in play. Gloves are off.

    1. I can't help but notice that just this week there have not been one, but three closed door meetings with the Fed. Reserve's Board of Governors this week. Coincidence?

  3. Constitutionalist,
    I bet it is no coincidence, the Fed is up to something. Jim Richards, dis-information agent, has placed multiple video's on the net recently.

    1. Interesting Tamny, I guess we will see shortly. Of course,as always radio silent from the bought and paid for MSM

  4. I find it interesting that Porter Stansberry just came out last week saying he was invited to dinner with a high level policy advisor, not Alan Greenspan, but like him and told about what they are calling the "Metropolitan Plan".

    Apparently, in Washington, they are talking about backing a new US Treasury note with the 8000 tons of Gold in various vaults around the US. To back the current level of printing of the Federal Notes would mean gold would go to between $10,000 and $13,000 an ounce.

    This advisor told him the gold was there, but probably forgot to tell him that it's actually tungsten filled blanks with about $50K in gold plating.

    Strange times. Stansberry Research is one of the world's most circulated financial writers, so I can't help but think that they are using him to let the world know what is coming.

    Plan accordingly as a devaluation will accompany this backing.

    1. That is interesting. And interesting times we are living in. Lol @ gold-plating, but sadly probably true

    2. Several bars with Fort Knox serial numbers have turned up in China in recent years. They were assayed and all found to have tungsten blanks in the core with about 1/8' of gold plating.

  5. We will advise you all soon on the reality of what is coming. It may come good, but not for the Cabal. Nor for the Fed.

    1. There won't be any tears here for whatever happens to FED and Cabal!

    2. John,

      Music to our ears.

      I was having dinner with friends the other night and told them that we should start a grass roots campaign that would probably scare the crap out of Washington elitists and politicians.

      I said "Why don't we all send our Congressmen a short taping of our voice singing "got along without you before I met you, gonna get along without you now!" They LOVED it! Of course, a short note saying the same thing just might get them to thinking as well. Tehee...

  6. Deutsche Bank fined for silver price fixing in private prosecution also involving HSBC, UBS and ScotiaBank.

    “In addition to valuable monetary consideration, Deutsche Bank has also agreed to provide cooperation to plaintiffs, including the production of instant messages, and other electronic communications, as part of the settlement. In Plaintiff’s estimation, the cooperation to be provided by Deutsche Bank will substantially assist Plaintiffs in the prosecution of their claims against the non-settling defendants.”

    Deutsche Bank Confirms Silver Market Manipulation In Legal Settlement, Agrees To Expose Other Banks

  7. In the interview Rickards said:

    A secret meeting occurred in Shanghai on Feb. 26th between Janet Yellen (US Fed), Christine Lagarde (IMF head), Mario Draghi (ECB head), Jack Lew (U.S. Secretary of the Treasury), and all their central bank and finance ministry counterparts from Japan, China, Brazil, Russia, India, and South Africa.

    During this meeting, a deal was struck — which he has named the Shanghai Accord — because of its similarities to the famous Plaza Accord of 1985, which was the last major central banker backed operation to detonate the US dollar.

    Keep eyes on upcoming central bankers meeting in Washington D.C. on April 13.

    A minimum of 10% assets in physical gold ownership is a great hedge against these emerging currency wars.

    Major US dollar devaluation will cause significant inflation for average Americans because of their dependency on imported goods.

    The IMF has begun enacting a 10-year plan, starting in 2010, for SDR’s to replace the US dollar as the main world reserve currency. A crisis could greatly accelerate this plan, which is published publicly — but hidden in economic jargon — on the IMF’s official website.

    In Dec. 2015 Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan secretly red stamped a provision in the omnibus budget deal which gave China more voting power in the IMF.

    The IMF votes were given in exchange for China’s support in allowing the SDR to be used as a global bail out fund in the next financial crisis.

    More negative interest rates to come across the globe.

    Central banks will eventually succeed in eliminating cash.

    When economic collapse comes, there will be “money riots”, people will burn down banks, governments will respond with a neo-fascist police state and martial law.



    Even the snakes know when it is time to withdraw

  9. Valdi, your Ted Cruz bad lip reading was hilarious:)

    1. "If there's one thing this country doesn't need more of, it's goose diarrhoea".

  10. Wow! Exciting times straight ahead? That would be wunderbar. I've only been able to come in and check up on all of you once or twice in the past month, but I think my timing is good this time around, as far as news is concerned. Happy to see so many familiar "faces" in the comments.

    Three cheers to the people in this world who have refused to give up on righting so many wrongs - can it be that 'flying straight' is truly on the horizon? Whether on the horizon, or just beyond, we are forever in your debt. Just one question John - is it time to make fresh popcorn and head back to the front row seats?? :)

  11. All , please understand, what is coming will bring real opportunities for those able to rise to it. Nothing is for nothing. Sad bastards sitting there clutching a wad of toilet paper whining - Make me rich will, just be systems bypassed. Those able to put back with new opportunities will take out and be enriched. But for the all too many Simpson types, your time is up. For those able, you will be able to be part of so much more. For those not, you will follow the Neanderthals. Evolution of the species.

    Hugely complex dynamics are now playing out, and DC is simply being phased out. The American people, overall a good and dynamic nation, need to delouse from the Cabal and Zio trash. Afterwards, a good all piled on Cabal Bush fire dealing with the criminal elites may be no bad thing. America will be force changed from the outside.

    But many good Americans still have a huge part to play in what's coming good. The Federal superstate is going to meet Global rejection. When you can't pay, you can't say. A world realignment is for 8 billion, not a Cabal or Zio feast. When most Zio major Banks fail the stress tests, big questions will be asked, who is fit for purpose, and who not? Like - why did YOU land the Bank in this mess? A lot will get hung out to dry, as their crimes and sloth comes home. They will have their own cross to bear, looking down screaming, Oh God, what a way to spend Easter! Did a species ever deserve it more?

  12. In lesser news, Theranos is back, courtesy again of Slashdot: According to the Wall Street Journal, health regulators have proposed pulling the federal license for the company's California laboratory and banning its founder and CEO, Elizabeth Holmes, and company president Sunny Balwani from the blood-testing business for two years. The letter which the WSJ cited in its report found that Theranos had not corrected problems at its lab in Newark, California, and faced possible sanctions as a result. In October 2015, the WSJ reported all but one of Theranos' analyzers in use were off the shelf, and that their tiny samples may not always have been accurate. The company was facing allegations of data manipulation in late December 2015. Earlier this year, U.S. regulators found serious deficiencies at Theranos' laboratory in Newark, California, putting the company's relationship with the Medicare program in danger. Theranos has said that The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has not imposed sanctions on its Newark Lab. "Due to the comprehensive nature of the corrective measures we've taken over the past several months, which has been affirmed by several experts, we are hopeful that CMS won't impose sanctions," the company said in an emailed statement. "But if they do, we will work with CMS to address all of their concerns."

  13. I found this and am wondering if it supports the claims that the "elitists" are bailing and heading out of town? Don't miss the part about "a 2,700-square underground shelter". hmmmm...heading for Paraguay?

    Hair care and tequila baron John Paul DeJoria and his wife Eloise are selling their Dripping Springs ranch — dubbed "Patron de Paz" — for $7,495,000. The 96-acre estate surrounding a serene stretch of Fitzhugh Creek includes a 7,540-square-foot main residence, a 2,700-square underground shelter, two barns with guest residences, a fully stocked pond, pecan orchard and the requisite pool and hot tub with expansive views of the Hill Country.

    The price includes a herd of more than 120 African exotic animals and all the home furnishings.

    1. Actually, there are 5 ranches for sale just in Dripping Springs area priced from over $5M-$25M. Same is true across the state. Many high end ranches/properties on the market. IMO, it has more to do with current oil price. We always drive through Dripping Springs on way to Austin appointments stopping at delightful little restaurant named "Rollin' In Thyme and Dough." Lol!

    2. It's possible the oil industry is affecting some but what I posted is by someone in the hair products and tequila industries. As far as I know, sale in those two areas are still quite strong. Again, they are advertising a "2,700-square underground shelter". Doesn' this prove that many of the very rich are afraid of something? hmmm

  14. JP Morgan in trouble?

    1. SO it would seem. Here's the coverage on that topic from Wall Street on Parade:

  15. Really...aren't there more pressing issues like STEALING and LOOTING by banks and related financial institutions that should have the attention of States Attorney Generals?

    A USA Today article:

    Dear attorneys general, conspiring against free speech is a crime: Glenn Reynolds


    Federal law makes it a felony “for two or more persons to agree together to injure, threaten, or intimidate a person in any state, territory or district in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him/her by the Constitution or the laws of the Unites States, (or because of his/her having exercised the same).”

    I wonder if U.S. Virgin Islands Attorney General Claude Walker, or California Attorney General Kamala Harris, or New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman have read this federal statute. Because what they’re doing looks like a concerted scheme to restrict the First Amendment free speech rights of people they don’t agree with. They should look up 18 U.S.C. Sec. 241, I am sure they each have it somewhere in their offices.


    David Crayford’s latest posting regarding “Ghost Accounts” and the Panama Papers is a masterpiece. It resonates to the frequency of the cause of all human suffering worldwide, throughout real history. It explains why planet Earth continues to be destroyed at an unprecedented rate, why humanity struggles desperately to survive, and why every species of the plant and animal kingdoms suffer towards extinction. My contacts in the financial world tell me that David Crayford’s flow chart is so accurate and filled with such eye opening detail, that it describes exactly how the United States Government funds it’s thinly veiled attempts at total global domination and control. It explains with precision the roles the U.S government and the Federal Reserve (U.S. Treasury, IMF, BIS, World Bank, etc.) play in setting up illegal accounts all over the world, in the world’s largest banks, the funds of which are then made available to government members of targeted countries and help finance mercenary groups to commit war, civil insurrections, colour revolutions, genocide, the illegal Mainstream Media Monopoly and disinformation, and further theft of the Global Debt Facility Assets.

    The Global Debt Facility Accounts were created for the benefit of Humanity to alleviate its tremendous suffering by creating affordable financing to rebuild and redevelop the infrastructure of nations, and eliminating the middle man profits. The Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter of the Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, the International Treasury Controller, was appointed by the “Hierarchy” representing the Royal Families of the World to manage the accounts in an effort to back the currency of each nation on the planet with the gold necessary to attach that nations currency to the new global gold backed financial system. Yet the ITC, the first or the second one, have never been allowed to perform his / her responsibilities free of molestation from the American Government, its Agents, and
    its Allies.

    U.S. governmental agents removed the first ITC, Dr. Ray C. Dam, just like they did the previous M1, former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos. And then they financed decades worth of wars to steal the assets of the Global Debt Facility to facilitate the conquering of the Nations and Peoples of the World. And they haven’t stopped. The damage caused by those who steal the Collateral Accounts is staggering. Unless you were an insider you truly wouldn’t know the extent of the damage and the depth of the involvement of those who steal from the Global Debt Facility. Even many of those who work in the banking business worldwide don’t understand the tremendous lengths the U.S. Government and the Federal Reserve have gone to control the money flow, illegally, and divert it to secret “Ghost Accounts” for those who would wage war on humanity.

  17. (Continued) THE BANKS

    Unbeknownst to most, the International Treasury Controller actually holds legal jurisdiction over the Federal Reserve, the IMF, The World Bank, The Bank for International Settlements, and every single other Top 250 Rated Bank or otherwise on the planet. It’s the Supreme Law of the planet, regardless of what politicians or the military have to say about it. The reason for this is that in 1945/6, the assets and documents of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility were allocated to the aforementioned banks and all the world’s central banks to finance their operations from their beginnings. The Collateral Accounts were literally the start up funds for these financial institutions. Those assets are still allocated to said Banking Institutions, whether they’ve been stolen or not, and they remain Assets of the Collateral Accounts and still legally under ownership and control of the ITC.

    When a U.S. government agent or authority officially instructs the Federal Reserve(or the U.S. Treasury, BIS, World Bank, IMF, Swiss Federal Finance Commission) to set up a “Mirrored Account” in one of the Top 250 Rated Banks in the world (eg Barclays, HSBC), it affects the entire international community. In this case, sums from the Principle accounts held in the United States were transferred out into an account somewhere else in the world. That new account, in that new country, accrued all the interest from the “Mirror Account”, which goes toward buying war and Allies, while the Principle Account in the U.S. loses that interest, which belongs to the Global Debt Facility.

    That interest is used by the receiving Top 250 Bank to set up Panama Style hidden offshore accounts for Governmental Heads of State, their Agents, and their Allies, to buy them off so that their countries assets can ultimately be stolen by the Cabal. Mercenary groups and intelligence agencies get financed from the “Ghost Accounts” created in their names to commit Colour Revolution, Civil Wars, and genocide against certain ethnicities and bloodlines. Any country that gets attacked by U.S. Agents financed by stolen Collateral Assets gets financially raped, dominated, and controlled. They will be robbed of all their natural resources. Their Gold will be taken from them. Ukraine is one of the most recent examples of this.

  18. (Continued) Average American citizens have no idea about what’s taking place, or the fact that the assets that were stored in the main Central Bank on the planet, the Federal Reserve, on behalf of the People of the Nations of the World, is gone. U.S. Government officials refuse to follow the law and notify the People per International Treaty requirements. Americans have no clue that the assets in “Principle Accounts” were in their country to back a new U.S. currency, and the currencies of other countries, which has been blocked from usage by the People for generations by the Cabal controlling the banking system.

    They blocked it from us so they could steal it for themselves. It’s all Top Secret, and the truth is just now beginning to come out. Americans are going to have to pay it all back. Just like we’re going to have to pay off our twenty trillion dollar debt, all before the International Treasury Controller will ever meet with a United States President to sign a bilateral treaty that would enable America to gain enough Global Debt Facility Gold to back a new U.S. currency that the world would have confidence in and allow to by foreign made goods and conduct trade with.

    “Mirror Accounts” are used by the U.S. government to buy its Allies. This is how the Aquino family in the Philippines, for example, has been kept in power by the U.S. Government. They’re criminals starving their people and stealing the Divine Wealth that was left for People of the Nations of the World by the Royal Families of the World. This is how all the politicians are bought and paid for worldwide. What these global leaders like David Cameron, Tony Blair, Aquino, Clinton, both George Bushes, and thousands of others are guilty of is committing treason against their countries.

    This is why David Crayford’s flow chart is so important and timely. It lays down the truthful track of information that connects the accounts to the bought off agents, governmental and otherwise, that are involved in the destruction of nations. It goes hand in hand with the Panama Papers. David Crayford has all the answers and his flow chart reveals the ugly nature of U.S. global hegemony, but not enough people are listening. The reason is that the stolen assets of the Global Debt Facility have been used to buy up and monopolize global Mainstream Media, and form a single, unified source of global disinformation. The Mainstream Media is totally controlled and is utilized to cover the truth, and rewrite history. That’s what criminal governmental / Cabal agents like Karen Hudes, Neil Keenan, Barry Spergel, and Benjamin Fulford are there for. To misinform us, rewrite history, and steal the Collateral Assets and keep them from the People of the World to enslave Humanity.

    1. JV, A few years back I posted some ?'s to Crayford on RMN about the connections he and the IOTC had concerning the CA and he seemed very knowledgeable in his answers. I shared his answers here with John and while he agreed with a lot of what Crayford said he also told me that the Office of Treasury Control was an IMF creation and a front for the thievery that is going on. Just thought I would share that with you

    2. Sorry, I meant OITC (Office of International Treasury Control)

  19. This series also links to previous article about who owns military industrial complex and who REALLY owns military industrial complex...very enlightening.



    1. Texian, The article you linked "All Roads Lead to Armageddon" wasn't what I expected and I almost didn't read it because of the title. However, I'm glad I did. I like that it named "where" the elitists have hidden their wealth and, like they said, it makes it all the easier to claw it back when you know where it is. This excerpt is particularly interesting:

      Other Places the Criminal Rich Hide Money

      The City of London UK is now the money laundering capital of the world with UK firms aiding corrupt officials and criminals from across the globe to hide trillions of US dollars of ill-gotten gains. British-based banks have helped hide more than $6 trillion in nefarious payments and criminal proceeds since 2000 and warned that the City of London is now the epicenter of a global financial services racket.

      Cayman Islands benefit from the added support of being a territory of the United Kingdom. The Caymans offer a number of tax-free incentives and little financial regulation and oversight. Today the country is the world’s fifth largest financial services center, taking on business from the world’s biggest banks and corporations. It plays host to over 10,000 mutual funds (only Luxembourg has more), over 200 banks, over 90,000 companies, and 140 trust companies. It’s the world’s top home for hedge funds and captive health insurance companies.

    2. Responsible Offshore Banking is OK. It's an Industry and sure as hell we wont drop a century of development and see it move elsewhere. The US is the Drug Laundering Capital of the world. So for Tax evasion via London, so what? The responsible people earned it and the right. The hell with begrudgers, go out and make it. I work 100 hours a week to make my luck. Paper tigers are not taking it to waste it. It's mine!

    3. John, do you mind clarifying your post above? Are you saying that people who hide money off shore to keep from paying taxes should be condoned and an acceptable practice? That seemed to be the tone but it's hard to always understand people with the written word and without the benefit of their inflections and tones. Thank you.

    4. Let me be very clear.
      There needs to be a set and maximum anyone should pay and the rest is theirs. Damned right extremely hard working people who make huge sacrifices and take risks, should not have 50% of their life's work stolen from them by Political parasites to waste. The Channel Islands have a cap of c$100K tax paid by anyone as paying more than your share and the rest is yours to keep and spend. We earned it. Monaco is zero. Many of us work damned hard and have vast years of investing plus hard knocks. If taxes are unfair , sure as hell real earners will go Offshore. Damned if I should keep 100,000 layabouts on my back. Why? There has to be a cap. We can fund our own Charities and do. We don't need to lose 80% to creeps feeding off it. Max Tax and spend less. Earn it, earn the right to say. Top producers put back in good ways. Non are so stupid as to allow parasites to grab so much. We decide where our money goes. Offshore will just hide it deeper. We all use thief protection. Our money goes to creating jobs and boosting the economy. Tax funds wars, and parasites, Federal superstates and snoopers. Real people put back directly. The State stifles and wastes. We have the option to move to Switzerland, Luxembourg and Monaco and do. No one can spend my money, money I earn, better than me. No one voted to give these parasites the right to take it from us, ask us? Stop listening to them setting up begrudgers zones, let them go out and earn it themselves. They just waste it all. If Tax becomes onerous people get smart.

      What is fair? How much? Or people vote with their feet and go, then you get nothing. Wealth producers deserve a cap of taxes. None are so stupid as to allow a parasite to scalp so much and waste it. How much is enough? If I pay say $1M is that not more than enough fair share? Any of us leaving and it all comes down then. They all lose. I ask no one to keep me. So why keep armies of them, for what? I just say set a limit, or we will! Its our business not State snoopers stealing our hard earned money. No one stops the begrudgers trying. Try 100 hour weeks. 11-55 Saturday night and with respect, I reply to you. I work hard 24 x 7.
      I do put back a hell of a lot, direct. No thieving Bums in the middle. I've been up since 5. I work for all of it.

    5. Taxes support socialism do they not? With release of sequestered tech the need for taxing will drop dramatically anyway.

      I reckon this whole thing is a psyop to:
      1. Throw the shit at the cabal enemies
      2. Make people clamour for cashless monetary police state. The hegelian dialectic at work.

  20. More rats leaving the sinking ship:

  21. Uh oh! Scary stuff!

    Dollar Devaluation Clock About to Strike Midnight

    Greg Hunter interviews Rob Kirby Apr 14th, 30:09 length

    Rob Kirby-Dollar Devaluation Clock About to Strike Midnight
    Greg Hunter

    Could there be a dramatic and overnight reduction in the value of the dollar? Kirby contends, “I think this is coming in very short order now. The trail of bread crumbs is indicating this is what is afoot right now.”

    Does that mean dollar devaluation and a bank “holiday” coming soon? Kirby says, “How quickly this happens is open for conjecture, but that is clearly the direction we are heading. We are unmistakably headed in that direction. The only real question is how long these criminal central bankers can MacGyver the system together and keep it together with elastic bands, paperclips and bungie cords. This is going down. This is going to happen. I think it’s going down in the next two or three weeks. . . .We’ve all speculated that this would eventually happen. Now we are here, and the clock is about to strike midnight.”

    What have the President and the VP been told by the Fed Chairman in these emergency meetings this week? Kirby says, “My guess is they are probably explaining to them just how deep the pooh is that they are about to be thrown into. It’s deep, and it’s going to be over their heads. . . . Historically, when banks have nothing else they can do, they take us to war.”

  22. Cal Girl

    Don't worry, you don't need to add the extra L to keep the family fed. It's all conjecture from those not in the know. Nothing will fail so fast. Bloggers again.

    1. Hey John,

      I'm soooo relieved! Lol.

      I'm sure the devaluation is coming, but I was thinking more like late 2016 - one last gift from Obama and the gang.

  23. Also re WHA and others.
    Seriously ignore the fantasy and bile in these dinar blogs and loose cannon blogs who seem run by pure fantasists. Delusional. So, the world ends April 19th? Really?
    Stick a sandwich board on these Nutters and walk them around Times Square on a leash. Just lame brains.

  24. Just so we are all clear on the concept...I work very hard. I am taking two classes to improve my skills and get a new certification in my field. I ALSO PAY MY TAXES, DESPITE THE FACT THAT THEY ARE A BIG CHUNK OF MY INCOME. I have not taken any sort of government help and, with the help of good friends, have managed to stay afloat during very lean times. I've worked all kinds of jobs, not because I am not well-educated and unqualified, but because that's where the work was.

    I DO NOT USE OFFSHORE TAX HAVENS NOR WOULD I. I don't think that I am "better other people" by virtue of my genetic heritage--which is, at best, an accident anyway.

    Some of the attitudes expressed on this blog are rather off-putting in the manner that they describe a wide variety of people. While, I will grant that the Bushes and the Cabal are evil, treacherous miscreants who have done much to damage the planet, its resources and people in general...I don't feel that the mass of humanity is evil...just because they aren't from certain blood lines. IMHO, we are richer for all the diversity of humanity, not poorer. I think that the constant wars are wasteful and foolish. I think that apportioning several life times of money to certain groups simply because they are "investors" is idiotic and short-sighted.

    Better distributions of money within a society feeds greater prosperity as many studies of economic cycles have shown. Greater concentrations in the hands of a few always leads to scarcity, economic depression and widespread unrest and poverty. All these discussions about tv-watching wankers etc., do little to disprove the facts that I just wrote. I invite everybody to go do the research on economic cycles and income distributions. Every other discussion relating to "who deserves what" and "who has earned what by virtue of their hard work" is meaningless. I see people who work 60 hours bringing in the crops that keep us alive---probably one of the most IMPORTANT ACTIVITIES POSSIBLE TO THE SURVIVAL OF US AS A SPECIES--and they make far less than many. What is the sense in that?

    There are sports figures who do not sow, nor reap, nor build shelter who make
    many times what those who provide the very necessities of life do. I BELIEVE THAT OUR VALUES ARE COMPLETELY SCREWED UP when it comes to the priorities of allocating money currently. I have said this repeatedly.

    1. Writeously said

      Its much deeper than that in reality. Forget Bankers they are a minority. Why should incredibly hard working, real wealth creators, have a life time of effort stolen by some monkey in a suit as Tax? It IS robbery! Wealth creators, not Bond Traders, real Wealth creators, work inhuman hours under huge pressures. What gives a suited DC or any Revenue scumbag piece of shit the right to just enforce a tax grab of half for nothing? Let them go and work for it. A 20% flat tax is fair, no more! Then all are equal and Tax Havens are no longer needed. I see the vast waste of taxes stolen. Its gross and stupid! And still they waste more. The UK Government had a deficit of c $1.5T 18 months ago. Now its over $2.5T. They have to STOP F spending and say NO! No more spending. Sack departments who go over budget. Stop crippling us with taxes for Welfare Shite. Stop illegals dumping on us. Stop funding wars. Stop hiring Federal meddlers. Cut the State by 35% now. Stop crippling the economy with more taxes. Flat tax 20% and live within our means is all we need. Which means Single Mums,you the have them, YOU keep them. No more State housing and weekly welfare for single mums to sit smoking and flatulating with a meal ticket for life. In the US its even worse. Feed who we need. Free riders? How long? No jobs? Move or the street. Stop justifying Social ideologies out of other peoples pockets. Soon , cashless see how bad it will get. Now Banks are profiling their customers into types. They and the Revenue cross share everything to steal from everybody. Its not about a few inheritors, its about the millions of real wealth producers forced to go offshore. Dam right they should and will. No wealth creator will stand for OTT taxes. Why should anyone live off the back of others? Utopian systems are fine, but its not today's world. Stop State Spending and start from there. Stop funding wont work Welfare scroungers. Go to where the work is or starve. No one has the right to be kept. We are just herd animals. And over growing resources. Plus polluting the hell out of nature. Tri laterals want a cap at 500M. Then we dont have welfare problems. Changes are coming, and its either Tax caps or population caps. Offshore is growing. Force the wealth out and you all starve. They don't need you. You are playing into Tri lateral hands. There is no sense in any of it. Welfare costs are simply unsustainable. Who keeps them? If you keep one, why should I keep 500? What is fair? What is just? If the UK votes to leave the EU, we will mass deport millions back. So needed. Let those who make it take it. No more on the takers!

    2. Dear John,

      I am a wealth producer as are many people who work. Does not our labor produce goods and services worth value? Is not the fruits of our minds something that enriches? Who among us should be permitted to decide WHO IS and WHO IS NOT valuable? This seems to be the crux of our interchanges.

      We have very different opinions about a couple of things. Yet, we agree on a few key points. War is wasteful. How obscene to take the limited resources of this planet and squander them on destruction. How much better to begin to examine a better means of using those resources and implement that in lieu of wars.

      The amount of money given to war WHICH is, in the final analysis, WELFARE for multi-national machines of destruction is true waste at every conceivable level. Every level including the disposition of the money given to these enterprises and the expensive state-driven enterprises that facilitate wars.

      Money given to people for food, shelter and other expenses, by contrast, flows into the economic system and spins the wheels of the economy. It is not wasted, just as the water that flows through hydro-electric dams in not wasted.

      You do not know me, John, not at all. If you did, you probably would respect me a great deal. I'm a hard hard worker. I am well educated as my grammar evinces. I come from a long line of entrepreneurial people who, in large part, are quite successful. You and I simply do not see things in the same way. To paraphrase Kennedy, a brilliant man, "Some people see things as they are and ask, "Why?" I see the way that things are and ask, "Why not?"

      The Trilaterals, as the article in the Veterans Today pointed out, are diseased short-sighted old men who really should not be in charge of anything. At the present time, their minions have come to realize the level of insanity that infests their every waking, if extended drug-tinged somnabulence can be so categorised, thoughts and the minions don't want to live in that world.

      There is more than enough on this planet, properly utilized, to provide a good life for us all. There is no need for what it going on. If the new technologies were freely shared...the paradigm would shift dramatically and this conversation would become a moot point.

      Kind regards,


  25. The Veterans Today site used to never cover Alien Technology or the many interesting topics confined to the 21 levels of secrecy above the US President. Levels that SHOULD not exist under the original Constitution, but which developed AFTER certain arrogant nitwits in the American establishment met with a bunch of telepathic beings on the QT. Because posts by those of us who had been discovering that we had been LIED to...began to draw more attention than the articles in the VT, they began to cover these topics.
    An article on how the Vatican is preparing itself to announce that there is "life on other planets."

    Despite what many might think, there is life out there. Some of it is undoubtedly alien. Some of it is probably our ancestors. The US Government has been studying it and trying to figure out how to deal with telling the rest of us that they have had contact already and traded human lives for technology during that contact--if all the accounts are to be believed.
    Here is a proposal to STUDY what's out there.


    This has links to the original 1960 report that suggested the the US government should conceal the presence of extraterrestrial life because "primitive societies" have collapsed after coming into contact with more advanced civilizations. (By this, I think that they are talking about Western society meeting anybody and then conquering that society.)

    Fascinating stuff.

  27. John, I have a question for you. In light of the fact that some of the major economies in Europe are looking to pivot towards Asia, if things get messy, and Russia launches a first strike attack on the US only, is it possible that Europe would "Stand Down"?

  28. Terry

    It would not be just Russia it's highly likely it would be Russia and China combined.
    With the arrogant style of DC, creating so many conflict zones, and being the cause of most wars, look at what happened over Libya. The US tried to suck in the UK. our MPs went after the PM, told him NO, and said try this and we will vote it down and you out! He backed off fast.
    Europe is not going to allow the US to fight this war over EU soil and die for the US lie. We will not start it, nor be used as the killing fields for more US aggression.
    Start that one and the missiles reign down alone. There are way too many US bases in the EU, all of which will be hit. We need to boot them out. Russia has not started Wars, the US has started all of them.
    We should only have an economic relationship with the US, but boot the US bases. These are not shelters for us but front line attack bases for DC to shelter behind. If we boot the bases DC becomes the front line, then see how fast they stand down. Way too much is wasted on arms and wars.
    Boot the US out and our world has a new chance to look at cooperation, not confrontation. Why should the EU die for the big DC lie? The world needs to say No to DC, start this and you are on your own. How many wars has Russia started? None apart from taking down US funded and caused ISIS in Syria. Russia gave O the chance to go for it in Syria but the US ran away as Bullies do when faced with a victim fighting back hard. Start the big one and it will be payback time. For sure. If Russia attacks the US, aided by China for sure, will we launch if not attacked. Hopefully not. Will we launch if attacked, Hell Yes, 100% for sure. The EU and Asia will become one great Eurasia. We don't need wars to fund DC whores. A smart attack would be US weapons carrying bases only. Leave the civilian alone.
    The fact is Terry, hard facts,if DC causes this one Russia has so many Subs, as China does, within a 5 minutes strike reach of the US, first they will wipe out your Satellites, radar and all Electronics systems, fry the lot, and blind you to what is coming in. By the time you even start to check what is happening everything in hundreds of missile target areas will be wiped out. China and Russia will launch thousands of missiles and the ICBM's will come in 18 minutes behind. The entire US will become a tinder bowl. Your greatest enemy is not Russia, it's DC. Russia will only attack if DC causes it. Why attack, let it economically fail as is happening. They are attacking your currency, then trade. Stop feeding this HIV monster and watch it fade.
    Is the EU with you? No, not any more. Thinking nations are moving away. Eurasia will not be sucked in. Start this one and you fight alone. Be clear, not some but ALL of Europe will link to Eurasia as an economic block. That is what scares DC. Loss of DC control. The Roman Empire collapsed attacked by Vandals. DC are the Global Vandals.
    The enemy of the American people is not Russia it's DC! If they let fly, you all die. That is reality. So why try? The Elites bunkered underground while you all die?
    There is a small chance only so far lets keep it that way. Start it and the US will be erased for sure. Both Russia and China know its has to be the lot. The innocent US people gullibly live Reality TV or ball game fixated while the world has moved on. Look at Reality today - the US IS Billy No Mates. Why die for a DC lie? Washington is your enemy, not Russia. The Cabal are the enemies of mankind. No one seeks to kill 300M American people, but will if DC causes it. Look at the big picture. What if?
    But the reality is IF is very unlikely today. So do the EU a favour and get out. Europe by choice needs to stand down. No more front lines for DC to hide behind. The new front line needs to be the US in total them we see peace. It's as much to protect you all. The Cabal is the enemy of all of us. No one wishes a war with the US people.
    The Cabal are toxic. Taking them down is key. Look at what they are doing to you.

  29. John, Thanks for your reply. I don't believe Russia is the problem. I have a hard time believing the Bankers will give up control of the world's financial system without starting a war. They have started wars over much less. I hope for the best. Thanks also for making a difference.

  30. Did anyone else catch the latest, desperate ploy by the self proclaimed "NWO"?

    I just watched a piece on mainstream TV (which I seldom have on) where the Pope invited three Syrian refugee families aboard his luxury plane and took them back to the Vatican to "save them". What a crock imho!

    The message by the Pope, loud and clear, is that he "hopes the world will act as he has and welcome Syrian refugees into their countries".

    It looks like they are pulling out all the stops to get their plan in place now. Bringing out the Pope to do their dirty work shows their desperation.

    Here is what his "Popeness" didn't say...The damn Vatican has so much of the world's wealth, why doesn't the Pope take just a 1/4 of that wealth or less, and take care of ALL of the Syrian refugees? Maybe sell that luxury plane and take care of a thousand of them with that amount alone? Asking the countries of the world to take them in is hypocrisy at it's highest.

    If people fall for this ploy, they will be punished for their stupidity.

    I am so tired of these evil vermin playing on good and true human kindness to get their plan done. With their wealth, they don't need us to "help the poor refugees". IT'S A PLOY PEOPLE!

    Ok, rant over!

  31. Hard for me to believe that an entity designed to ensure the improvement of life on earth could be so inadequately designed as to allow anyone to steal from it ( ITC and Global debt facility).

    I don't think the cryptocracy plays on human kindness alone, it also plays on our violent nature as well and with great success. Listen to the thousands who echo Trump, who wanted war with Iraq on flimsy intel, who insist that the US must be in control of the planet. Neo-cons without knowing but then it's more instinct than politics I'm afraid.
    Once the presence and role of the aliens are revealed, everything will change. The major players have technology at their fingertips that we are totally ignorant of. We will be looking at global energy, mastery of diseases including cancer ( which has been partly manufactured anyway) a complete overhaul of how we learn, automation at dizzying levels and serious space flight. Much of this technology is under wraps for now although the secret space program has been hinted at in Interstellar. The new world of technology was revealed in Tomorrowland and the whole Stargate series and the present state of the world in the Hunger Games wherein it was explained that the good guys and the bad guys actually all want the same thing. It's all just a battle for domination and no matter what we do, the same mastermind(s) will prevail. Hopefully not. The GCR is the first step towards this new world and it will need to be global to succeed within a galactic federation. It's just not clear what part we will play as it seems the aliens are significantly more advanced than we are. Much of what's happening is revealed in our movies. The Cabal likes to play games with us through the sci-fi genre and if you notice many of the people involved are clearly Khazarian. The movies reveal some of what's true, some fantasy, some hope and plenty of psy-op. Phillip Seymour Hoffman died on the same day as Chris Kyle ( American sniper) and Phillip Marshall, the guy who wrote an expose of 9/11- executed with his children in his home.
    The Martian revealed that we are on Mars already. I saw a blurb recently that claimed that Mars had flipped it's rotation or orbit, very curious. We're sending probes to Alpha Centauri- really? NASA has announced that space travel IS possible after all, really? Many astronomy sites are now full acknowledging that our sun is part of a binary system which includes a brown dwarf that orbits it. We may be anxious for the demise of the Cabal, but what follows may lead us to regret it.

    1. All well and good IF true. I think our time is better spent on what WE KNOW and not what we THINK might be. When I am able to have a conversation with an "alien" from someplace other than earth, then I will get excited about the possibilities. Until then, to me anyway, this is just distraction and hopium.

      Like the old commercial said "show me the beef"...I say "show me the alien".


    Now, Pelosi has gotten on the "28 pages" bandwagon. Seems they are getting a bit worried about what we are finding out and want to get in front of this fast approaching bullet train of truth instead of being run over by it.

    This link also has the famed 60 minute video where the 28 pages were first brought out in mainstream.

  33. What to Expect on April 19, 2016, by Anna von Reitz

    "On Tuesday, 19 April 2016 (as the world headlines will read it) the gold-backed Chinese Yuan will become available for trading on a new trading platform and all the disgruntled, disgusted, and many fearful investors will rush in to drink Jacob Rothschild’s Kool-Aid.

    Many people will do this in the firm belief that they are getting away from the Rockerfeller/Rothschild/Rubenstein Cabal, but they will in fact be vastly profiting the Cabal which has simply moved the focus of its operations to China with the blessings of the Chinese Government."

    1. I found this article quite fascinating. It fits in with another article from Veterans Today (a purported CIA front). The article is LONG and varied, but if you get past the the end, you will find some very interesting information about China and money and the alleged reset.

      This VT article pulls a number of threads together in a way that rather makes sense.

      With respect to what Anna Von Reitz has said about gold etc. I believe her and had expected this play to occur.

      According to Dr. Peter Beter, a member of Kennedy's cabinet--Rockefeller stole the gold in Ft. Knox decades ago.

      Here's the article and it has everything: the Pope, the Chinese, Aliens, technology and financial shenanigans. Enjoy.

  34. Modus Operandi of Satanists – Recognizing the Hidden Hand, by: Anna von Reitz

    "Modus Operandi means literally the “Mode of Operation” — how do Satanists operate?
    First, we have to accept the fact that they exist and that they are here among us and that they have infiltrated every major religion, so that it is impossible to trust anyone based on what religion they profess.
    Instead, as Jesus, a Nazorean as well as a Nazarere, told us, we must look at their works and judge their fruits.
    Pay no attention to what people say or how they dress. Give no credence to how many times a day they pray nor how many fiery speeches they make or how pious their appear in observation of every tiny bit of dogma. None of that matters.
    Keep your eyes on what they do and the results of what they do."

    Valdi: No-one who has their eyes open by now will be in any doubt that what we are going through is a battle between good and evil; a battle for our souls.

    1. Valdi,
      Thanks for posting those articles! I've fallen down on my project today! Here's another "hot off the press":

      Repeat of What Anna Says About Contracts and Quantum Grammar

      Anna says all contracts created by men are bull. It's all hokum and fraud. We aren't competent to guarantee what we will be doing at ten o'clock tomorrow morning, much less thirty years from now when we are supposed to pay off a mortgage. That is the fact of the matter. And that means that nothing we promise to do has any binding force or true validity. It doesn't matter what language you use, or if it is grammatically correct or not. People have no control of their circumstance or life-span or any of the many, many contributing factors that go into whether or not a contract----even a contract made in "good faith"---can or will be kept.

      Ever tried to enforce a contract against someone truly down on their luck? Do the words "blood out of a turnip" have meaning for you?

      Therefore, all contracts made by men and even by our institutions--- governments, corporations, etc.,----are rendered ridiculous and void the moment they are signed. If that is not obvious to everyone on this planet by now, it surely should be. All that a contract can be and all that it can represent is a "good faith intention". That's why a "loan" is not the same thing as a "debt" and why the moral obligation to keep your promises if at all possible matters.

      Now, if it makes sense to you that Russell Gould somehow rules the world through the Post Office and that this is because certain keyholes and gates at the Vatican no longer line up with the constellations the way they used to, you don't need me. You need a psychologist. I don't think these guys -- Russell Gould and David-Wynn: Miller--- mean anything but good toward the world, but the fact is that they have gone down the rabbit hole and learned to think like most of the Pope's advisors and that is a real problem, because good intentions are no fit replacement for reality and a dictatorship based on one man that was bad before is unlikely to be any better just because you change the man in charge. I have the same problem with Frank O'Collins. He apparently means well, but he was a Jesuit and he learned to think like a Jesuit and he can't break out of the mold. He is still stuck. He is still creating his version of the same bad old template pattern, making the same assumptions, and therefore recreating the same problems he is trying to escape. And what does that get us? More of the same insanity.

      Let me hop up and down on one leg, substitute numbers for letters to make a new code language, start writing mathematically correct grammar rules, and declare myself Queen of the World and see how many people buy into that, either. There's a reason that people won't believe it.

      The entire rationale of the claim made by the Holy See back in 1302 was flawed to begin with and in responding to such a claim with new counter-claims all you do is build fraud upon fraud. You unavoidably bring forth a new fraud that is the derivative of the old fraud. Rabbits give birth to rabbits. Thus the Unity-States-of-Our-World Trust becomes Unam Sanctum 2.0.

      If you believe and give credence to the Bible at all, you have to admit that no man can breach the covenants of God and you have to realize that Pope Boniface VIII over-reached himself and trespassed against two Divine Trusts that were not his to breach when he created the Unam Sanctum Trust. Both the Adamic Trust and the Abramic Trust owed to all people descended from Adam and Eve and to all the Sons of Abraham, respectively, were breached by Boniface's actions.

      For fellows that advocate the adoption of mathematically correct grammar neither Russell nor David-Wynn appear to grasp the fact that if you start out with a breach of trust you end up with a breach of trust.


    2. Cont'd.....

      Similarly, replacing the current legal jargon which is aptly described as "legalese" with Quantum Grammar does not appear to be a net gain, because numbers can be manipulated and redefined as readily as letters and the use of such a language to try to construct valid contracts would be just as doomed to failure for the natural causes already cited and would be even less understandable for average people who would have to hire "experts" and then depend upon those "experts" to enforce and interpret and judge every aspect of any such agreements.

      That would give those experts ultimate power over the outcome of all disagreements and the corrupting affect of such power is already known.

      Just as we had the Big Fight known as the Protestant Reformation in part over the translation of the Bible from Latin to modern languages, we would have the Big Fight over translation of contracts into Quantum and then another Big Fight over their proper translation back into non-Quantum.

      And worst of all, it would all be a Big Fight over interpreting and enforcing contracts, which are impossible and null and void by definition anyway.

      Stop for five seconds and let abject craziness of all this sink in and let me repeat: All human contracts are void by nature. Why? Because we don't have what it takes to make contracts, and neither do our human institutions and corporations, which have life-spans and limitations just like we do.

      I know that Russell and David-Wynn think of Quantum as a way to overcome the Tower of Babel and reduce everything down to simple and irreducible terms and that is a noble enterprise so far as it goes, but neither one seems to have the scientific background to know and truly understand how prone mathematics can be to manipulation and misinterpretation. Mathematics is just another language. It has the same flaws. Is it a better tool for making contracts than German or English or Peruvian? Arguably so, but why are we engaged in doing something as dumb and as dishonest as making contracts in the first place? Once you give up assuming and believing that you can make contracts when you clearly can't, the whole underlying miasma of lies and pain and purgatory and owing and usury collapses.

      So, as Quantum is conceived as a better means of forming valid binding contracts, and as it is a literal impossibility to form valid binding contracts in the first place, let's just quit trying to do the impossible while we are ahead?

      Let your yes be yes and your no be no. Live in the moment of Now, because Now is your only time and sure possession. Live now, love now, give to each other now. Neither store up riches upon the Earth, nor speak of any Future as a certainty.

      Even the Great Writs and great documents like The Declaration of Independence and agreements like The Constitution for the united States of America are nothing more or less than expressions of Will and good faith intentions, so let us take our moral obligations to heart and question our commitments more deeply, understanding anew that they do not derive from some moldy bit of parchment, but from the hearts and minds of living men who give life and light and meaning to the words and principles of justice and compassion.

    3. TEXIAN,

      I've learned a lot from Judge Anna. Thank you for disseminating her articles to a wider audience. She makes sense in a language that's easy to understand by those of us who have been deceived and indoctrinated throughout our lives. I hadn't heard of Quantum Grammar or David-Wynn Miller and had to look them up. When there's time, I shall watch his seminar:


  35. Well Mom, Wife and Patriot. You're right to focus on the here and now even if it is all smoke and mirrors. If you believe that the declassified 9/11 files contain info that will prove that the government was in on the catastrophe and has been lying ever since, what makes you so sure the space stuff isn't true. You're right though, it won't matter much in the end. We'll all go up in smoke.

  36. Douteux,

    Yes, I agree, it's ALL smoke and mirrors, including the elusive aliens that they keep dangling in front of us. Why endless hopium stories blasted everywhere with not a speck of meat in the sandwich?

    Again, when I can talk to one, then I'll have something new to base my beliefs upon. Until then, I base my beliefs on what can actually be shown or surmised because of some type of evidence and not just stories many wish for. The Cabal are masters of trickery and illusion. Who is to say that the promise of "aliens" aren't part of that trickery? I am very open minded to changing my beliefs should evidence point me in that direction. Right now, I still see just Cabal and their laughter at how gullible we all are in believing the their fluff and bs.

    Have you ever talked to one or have any evidence that you have personally experienced? If so, please share.

  37. Well, the first incident in North Carolina relating to their new law has happened. I imagine that the victim will sue. Thank Goodness that Bea Arthur is already deceased or she might have suffered a similar fate in NC.

    1. Don't install it in Congress half of then don't know if they are Arthur or Martha.

    2. I can't stop laughing. John, you are so right!

  38. What is coming out on site with the new article will be the unique insight to who and what is real, and only here. Truth, not fiction and Free. What it takes, and why.
    Nothing is easy and complex dynamics are in play needing Diplomacy and serious Fiscal/ Project Management and Humanitarian knowledge and deep experience. No half hearted Chancers with fantasies and begging bowls. No names please, it is enough that we show you what is in real negotiation at the Top. It's complex and highly sensitive. But for you, real hope! Yes, we do CARE! 1,000 years of Culture is in play here. Real progress and focus. This is not Politically controlled, it is private families and Bloodline Dynasties. Still mountains to climb, but we set the path.

  39. John, you probably know this guy in the following video titled: We Want The Truth!
    It Took a British "dude" to say it? Regardless of how Trump comes across... I've shared it on Facebook and Twitter!! …


    After Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan took power, the rest of the package soon followed: massive tax cuts for the rich, the crushing of trade unions, deregulation, privatisation, outsourcing and competition in public services. Through the IMF, the World Bank, the Maastricht treaty and the World Trade Organisation, neoliberal policies were imposed – often without democratic consent – on much of the world. Most remarkable was its adoption among parties that once belonged to the left: Labour and the Democrats, for example. As Stedman Jones notes, “it is hard to think of another utopia to have been as fully realised.”


    It may seem strange that a doctrine promising choice and freedom should have been promoted with the slogan “there is no alternative”. But, as Hayek remarked on a visit to Pinochet’s Chile – one of the first nations in which the programme was comprehensively applied – “my personal preference leans toward a liberal dictatorship rather than toward a democratic government devoid of liberalism”. The freedom that neoliberalism offers, which sounds so beguiling when expressed in general terms, turns out to mean freedom for the pike, not for the minnows.

    Freedom from trade unions and collective bargaining means the freedom to suppress wages. Freedom from regulation means the freedom to poison rivers, endanger workers, charge iniquitous rates of interest and design exotic financial instruments. Freedom from tax means freedom from the distribution of wealth that lifts people out of poverty.

    Naomi Klein
    Facebook Twitter Pinterest
    Naomi Klein documented that neoliberals advocated the use of crises to impose unpopular policies while people were distracted. Photograph: Anya Chibis for the Guardian
    As Naomi Klein documents in The Shock Doctrine, neoliberal theorists advocated the use of crises to impose unpopular policies while people were distracted: for example, in the aftermath of Pinochet’s coup, the Iraq war and Hurricane Katrina, which Friedman described as “an opportunity to radically reform the educational system” in New Orleans.

  41. Writeously said.

    We are now moving towards robotics and automation. We don't need the labour or masses.
    We dont need to collective bargain with redundant needs.

    Sorry, but that is where it going. Tri Laterals want wars as an excuse to get the numbers down badly. The future is what's between your ears, and if not a lot, good luck with that. Never forget mankind are still just herd animals. Many with attitude beyond their value of needs of society.
    We are fighting for change, and the future, but looking at many, its a losing battle.
    Waking up the herd is key, or its a walk to the end game for many, If you cant pay, you can't play. I'm as sensitive to Social needs as the rest, but I also see the costs and abuses. We need to get the balance right, Feed true need and land the fill the wasters. We just have way too many serving zero purpose but being kept. Reward the contributors, be humane with the truly needy and trying, create the breaks for them, but waste the wasters. The latter is killing us. Wealth creators life their own way out of poverty, but its total dedication and a thankless journey. I've seen it all.
    We need to re educate the lot.

    1. From observations over several years, it seems there is not much work ethic instilled in younger generations with some exceptions. Perhaps it goes along with much diminished educational standards in public schools. Many youngsters seem to have no respect for anyone or anything. I don't have the solutions, but doesn't it have to start with more responsible family planning? Don't have more children than you can reasonably expect to take care of and educate? Now in US, abortion is used as birth control when much more viable methods are clearly available and plentiful with some planning. It's very sad to see.

      Automation has changed so many things and much more is coming. Fast food jobs will be filled with machines/robots at much less overall cost than paying minimum wage to a human. The populace is not preparing for this looming fact. The 'government' has to shoulder a large blame for much of the dumbing down of the population. It's happened by nefarious design. From vaccines to chemtrails to GMOs to fluoridated water and other assaults on human populations, it's a fact.

    2. Texian, I for one would welcome machines/robots. I am so tired of trying to communicate with order takers that either can't speak English, or were not schooled in proper use of the English language and pronunciation.

    3. John,

      I'd like to elaborate on a part of your post above...

      "Reward the contributors, be humane with the truly needy and trying, create the breaks for them, but waste the wasters. The latter is killing us. Wealth creators life their own way out of poverty, but its total dedication and a thankless journey. I've seen it all.
      We need to re educate the lot."

      It seems to me that the "re-education" you speak of is most definitely needed. However, if re-education was applied to the 1 per cent of the 1 per cent, that would have the greatest effect on this planet.

      Re-educate them that GREED is the beginning of the end. Re-educate them that being an elitist and taking it all is not good for the planet. Re-educate them that there is value in many human traits and deeds that have nothing to do with money and hoarding.

      Sadly, I have come to know that PSYCHOPATHS cannot be re-educated because they lack the very spark that makes us human. The only thing you can do is rid the planet of them and their ilk.

    4. I concur. Sociopaths, wildly over-represented in the bankster ranks, are siphoning off the life blood of society. It is they who are useless.

  42. Maybe automation will get my order right!

  43. Well just hope NWO is delayed because many may not be around to order anything if not. If Hillary gets in, WW 111 looms up.

    1. John, now you have me confused. Didn't you just last week say that what you were working on, and making significant progress would stop NWO? Perhaps I misunderstood as I thought this was going to be a non-issue?

    2. We are but until then NWO is still a threat as they regard the US as a Private Fiefdom to do as they wish. Also we still need to conclude with the Elders. Yes, our plans and hopes are high- but?

  44. John,
    Obama is headed to Saudi Arabia for a visit. Can you share any insight? It seems he is trying to keep the petro dollar in play.

    1. He is trying to stop the Saudis defecting to Russia and China and stop them cashing in and calling their T Bill's.

  45. April 19 th it was all forecast by Blogs to fall part. Well so much for the fantasist Bums who forecast that, here we are, nothing happened, as we predicted, and they all sit there looking complete fools.Time for them to quit Blogging hustling donations, and to pack up and go. Simply take the 19th morons off your check list. To be so wrong, we must assume they also vote for Hillary and O Bumma twice? 19 th what are their latest Weasel excuses? What losers. They live among us, but always with donation appeals. That's technology, that Bum on the street with his begging bowl, is also on his lap top with his Blog Site suckering more. Fools and money? Why work, rope a Mutt? So many out there. Only in America it seems. Why are the Media so poor in defending truth and Justice?

  46. I've noticed a lot of futuristic type movies lately are using the idea of healing through the use of frequency in their plots. I remember that the doctor on the original Star Trek series would wave a device over a body to heal it. We are all noticing that sci-fi movies often portend what is coming down the pipe in the way of technology.

    With all of this being said, I found this and would love thoughts and feedback.

    The first link is to the "science" of this frequency healing modality. The second link is to the testimonials.

  47. MWP

    We males have been offering our own magic flute pipes as a healing device to nubile maiden for centuries, and that seems to be working based on expanding waist lines and birth rates.

    1. I know you are trying to be witty and I can appreciate that. However, do you realize how sexist your comment sounds? Most men haven't a CLUE on how to use their self proclaimed "flute" to satisfy a woman and most are left without any perceivable "flute" music to warm their loins.

      As far as the "flute" being a healing are kidding, right?

      Impregnating is easy...satisfying takes talent!

    2. LOL! And the expanding waistlines and birthrates have zombified brains that consist of refried beans. Hmmh, hungry?

    3. MWP

      Try a month in the UK with new models. We run on Diesel propulsion. Spot 10 lookers, think Dese El Do and get a lubrication program going with a high fertilisation rate guaranteed. Humour MWP, just teasing. Lol

    4. Of course John. I said you were likely just trying to be witty. I couldn't miss the chance though of reminding many regarding the perceived belief that men know what to do with their "flute" except pee from it :)

    5. Heh MWP its not our fault if you failed to check what between their ears first as well. One runs the other you know. Smart money brings better Honey.

    6. "Smart money brings better Honey."

      If by "honey" you mean women...Only a desperate "bee" with absolutely no self esteem who thinks she must whore herself to get an old man to pay for it because she thinks she has no other worth... that I would agree with.

      Sadly, what this concept says about the old man who thinks his money makes him more attractive human being should try sharing his "flute" with a woman who doesn't need to whore herself out to get along in life.

      Let me ask you all just one question...if you can name one single couple where some old fart with NO money is with a gorgeous, young woman "because she loves him" then I'll take back everything I've said. I've never seen it happen and no one I talk to has either.

      This is part of the deluded belief of the 1% of the 1%. They may get to have the body of the "young nubile" woman, but they will never have their heart. A sad and perverted pairing if you ask me.

    7. The question is why so many of them swarm around money and power. The predatory species? No self respecting guy would touch them, so they get what they asked for. The US needs to stop giving them 50% of the pot post divorce. Just don't marry them. That keeps it on track. Wise guys don't marry twice, we know the costs and needless stress. Move them in, and at the first sign of trouble, move them straight out. That's progress. Risk assessment. Don't tolerate it. Return to sender.
      If the relationship works, good, if not you don't need to lose half your hard earned assets, let them graze elsewhere and keep themselves. Most end up putting it back as unwanted Cougars.
      Good relationships are mutual respect, as it needs to be. If the husbands a Bum, move on. But 50% shakedowns are nasty. Guys need to wise up. Work together, or both sides sod off and get jobs.
      As for Old Farts, believe me, how often do I see wives let themselves go post marriage. Nothing goes off faster than old meat.
      Both sides need to change. I'm all for good relationships, they are all valued. But bad ones need trashing, war zones are no place to be just leave. Its ugly. Way too many are alimony trash. That needs to stop. Marriage has no role in the 21st century unless with a cast iron pre nup. Strict limits. When its a cash rota its a check list for ?????? Simply advise guys don't marry. Then both work at it or walk if its no good.
      If guys had a break point of a walkfree option without cost bar the kids, after 3 or 5 years, 90% would go. It is that bad. I've seen both sides. 3 to 5 years is not a lifetime tickets to ride. It needs an option to break in case without Alimony trash. Equally don't stay with a bad guy. Male slobs or dim wits wont change. Can them and trade up.

      But the age thing I have seen working. Some women prefer maturity and confidence. It can work, good relationships don't fit a set pattern.
      As for the perverse pairing, Yes, but it takes 2 and what sort of females go for it? Jackie O did. As do many. Its just a chain from Street Hookers to Courtesans, Grace and Favour marriages, and any such are doomed. Guys need predator sensors,I've never been near a hooker or a user. Nor will.

      If its money, walk. There are good women out there and some in abusive relationships who also need a break. But as for Cheating Rats, it takes 2. Peter Stringfellow ( A UK Nightclub Owner) claims to have slept with over 3,000 women. Which says what? Its all out there offering.

      As for use, MWP, visit the UK for a few weeks. They know how to use the key tools. There's good and bad everywhere.
      Find the magic link together. If yours is not working swap the model. Life has moved on. Sounds to me you need a break possibly. Life is waiting. You sound alive, why settle for less?

    8. Oh, on the contrary John. I married an absolute prince 28 years ago this coming Sunday. What a joy he is to be married to. We share all money, even though I've always made more than him and he had a very high level corporate job for years. My point? You don't seem to give women with ability much credit. You talk a lot about the men not wanting to "share" what they believe to be their hard earned money. In my experience, good marriages grow BECAUSE BOTH people pull together and don't play the "it's mine, not yours" game.

      So John, care to tone down some of your sexist remarks? It would be nice to know that you truly respect men AND women who are contributors to the good deeds on this planet. I know, I for one would love to hear more of this from you and less about Dolly's jugs, and "nubile young women".

      This is a very respected site for information and thought provoking ideas. Comments about "flutes" and name calling like "rats" and "scum" and "wasters" seems very out of place for such a great blog with so much potential to touch and inspire so many lives.

    9. John and MWP,
      I married the 'other prince' 51 years ago May 1. Marriage is a partnership that requires much work from both to succeed. We shared, childcare, decisions...and I would marry him again in a heartbeat. Although after a couple years of continuing working outside the home, I was at home with children for few years until they were in school. Then I started my business which required more help from husband to keep everything running smoothly at home. Each of us managed to cover everything the family was involved in. We didn't dwell on who made more, it was all 'family' income. Our children were raised with same values and fortunately have successful, long term marriages as well. The bottom line is I do believe in marriage and a commitment to family. Sans that...there is nothing IMO.

    10. MWP

      Smiling and well done to have a good marriage. See, it can work.
      God relationships are priceless, and if Alimony were restrained more would work at it. Licenses for almost everything need pre tests for suitability.
      If licenses were pre assessed 90% would never get approval. Less Ambulance chasing skid row attorneys, more focused relationships, and more Bums made to try harder. Both sexes. The Dolly jokes are admiration of her music and fun character. Yes, its a show but she does it well.

      But for the Rats and Wasters on both sides of the pond, I will never stop calling them as is. I have time for true needy folks, and heart for the real oppressed, but contempt for trash who chose not to work, Bum off all and run drugs as a job.
      We reach for the higher ground. Worms we expose, usually in politics.
      I give women with ability a lot of credit. And support. So does the site. A few jokes cut both ways. But as for Hillary?

    11. As for love lost on comments about her. Not because she is a woman of course but because she is a criminal, and wouldn't acknowledge the truth of anything even if it smacked her in the face. This same behavior can be seen in many men in power that we speak of often here. No sexist tone or implication in my comment.

      Now, smacking old Hitlery in the face is an assignment I would gladly accept if offered. :)

  48. Silver just hit $17 for the first time in a very long time.

  49. In other news this am:

  50. MWF,

    We do seem to have a small breakout in silver today. I'm hoping to buy some
    silver bracelets later today at a local auction (Before the price goes up).

    1. Tammy,

      What is particularly interesting to me about silver today is that the rise is actually being talked about in more mainstream arenas. The true value of an ounce of silver is unknown given the manipulation of this market. For that matter, we really don't know the REAL value of much anymore, do we?

      I'm hoping this is one tiny sign that they are losing control. Time will tell.

    2. MWF,

      With Deutsche Bank publicly admitting manipulation in the metals over the last 25 years, there will be a stampede of lawsuits. It might help to wake up the public.


  51. MWP,

    There is no adverts on OWON, nor will there ever be, even though we are literally hounded to monetize the site by advert companies constantly.

    What you saw was a simple spam advert that made it past the "spam blocker". The only way to prevent that is to back to using captcha for all comments. Considering we get two spam comments through every year, I don't think it is worth the added hassle. I am sure I am not alone when I say I hate captcha.

    Removing a comment will also remove any replies to that comment automatically. I have no control over that. So MWP, your reply asking, "is this an advert on OWON" was automatically deleted with the spam post.

    To everyone:

    Please ignore any spam in comments, never follow any links they provide and I will delete them when time allows.

    Thank you....

    1. Perfect Canauzzie and thanks for the feedback. I was hoping you would see my question and reply.

    2. The big new article is up and will bring you all up to date with what is real.

    3. Good work! Great pictures of you and the key Elders. We didn't see Keenan, Seminar Dave or ZAP standing there with you. Must have been in the WC.LOL

      I have posted the link at WHA and have asked our readers to share that link. Let's see how many sites allow it, and how many try to hide it.

      Press on!

    4. Thank you Tony your support is always welcome.
      What happened to the great 19th April melt down predicted by the Yahoos which we rubbished? Clearly most were back door birth delivery jobs. A future in Congress beckons.

    5. My pleasure. I wish I could do more.

      Yes, there isn't a week that goes by that some NESARA high priestess does not go cockahoop over some predicted event that ultimately does not happen. It's getting to the point that it becomes embarrassing to even watch it. You start to feel for the sanity of some of them.

  52. The new article we just issued is very much a work in progress, as is life, because our future is not yet written, and its up to us, or other vested interests, to determine it. Doing nothing begets nothing, but be assured, the Cabal are trying all to secure all there is left. They acted for profit and have almost a century now of applied corruption and Political control. Our dumbed down TV morons are the voting stock they planned. Even worse if Clinton is elected which has to be 70% likely. She failed entirely with her husbands free hand, she lied about Benghazi , Monicagate , Whitewater plus everything else. The Secret Service despise her, and she likewise to them. This is the Bitch no Agent will stop a bullet for.

    The article is designed to help you see how complex it all is, and to leave you thinking. That is a good start and awakens you to the journey for all of us. It helps informed readers gain a greater awareness,and gives hope to see that real action is playing out with the antibodies programmed to fight the Cabal. There is hope, and truly enlightened Souls are active daily working for a better future for all.

    Elders say they have waited 20 years for the right Western parties to come along they can trust. None are naive, they keep the West at bay for good reasons. But a bridge is being built now. Grifter free. No one can do more, and we all know what is at risk. We know the needs, and the tragedies. We know the suffering. We feel, for all. All we can do , for all of you, is try.

    If this succeeds,we will need all of you on board if we are to turn this mess around. Ours is not a trip of ego, but one of true humility to serve need, a greater power for all.

    1. Without you guys I'd wonder where is the positive in the world? In pockets.. back pockets where the wind blows.

      Re education, I'd like to be part of the team. How do we educate the millions of kids and adults in the slums of sth america for example? Let's get to it! I am an eLearning Advisor at an Aussie Uni now. Would love to be of global use. Cheers to you John!

    2. Again as I have told the Elders,change must be conceived, funded and implemented by the People. A total political bypass. None of their grease and slime. Focused, compassionate and caring people motivated to see it happen. We need the switched on minds who see the big picture and can help with projects.

  53. Replies
    1. Thanks for sharing this article Texian. It was a very good and important read.

  54. I found this article on a conspiracy forum:

    I thought it might be worth a read; especially the parts of remaining neutral, calm, and forward thinking during the turmoil of these times.

    We are in a period of transition, from darkness to light.

    A thank you to The Elders, John, and others who have shared this new article with the public.


  56. Replies
    1. Another important article and yes, Go Canada. Now if only all of the states here in the US would do the same.

    2. There are people in California who have done important research documenting the inexplicable accelerating levels of a variety of metals AND other compounds in the water and soil of Cali.

  57. My mother used to say in Polish, "Man makes plans and God crosses them out". Whatever matters may concern us now will not matter at all if the dangers revealed in this recent Suspicious Observers video come true:

    The #1 Risk To Earth

    Is the incessant stratospheric aerosol spraying intended to protect us or only making things worse?

    1. Valdi read the key new article that will show you real progress. The pics tell you all. I can't say more.

  58. We just left you a new detailed comment under the main new article which will explain far more and help many.
    Can someone kindly do a transfer for WHA also. There are many good people also on that site who need hope. To see more is unfolding. People are trying.

    1. Transfer accomplished, John. Awaiting WHA moderation.

    2. Thanks they have good people also who need to be advised and can help in time.

  59. Tammy and others,

    Gold and silver running up again this morning. Maybe the Chinese actions with their projects and currency is making a difference?

  60. Syrian PM Tells Sputnik Who’s Behind Arming of Terrorists in Country

    The Syrian PM states that Great Britain, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar all seek to destroy Syria and arm terrorists in order to do so.

    What else is interesting to discuss..... How about we talk some more about Prince Charles. Surely his vicious attacks against Putin could not have gone unnoticed. What would be the cause of that aggressiveness? The wife of Prince Charles is Camilla Parker Bowles. The Bowles family is connected to the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond and thus has a direct interest in the Federal Reserve Cartel. The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond is the bank by means of which all profits generated at the US slave plantation are funnelled to the City of London. So Prince Charles has a direct interest in the Federal Reserve cartel via his wife and that is one of the main reasons for his relentless attacks on Putin as Putin is one of the key architects capable of stopping the Venetian Empire. This should also put an end to all pretences of the British royal family having nothing to do with the Federal Reserve system. Bush Sr. would never be on his knees for Queen Elizabeth unless he knew his place in the hierarchy of those with power!

    The UK and the City of London have connections to the rise of Hitler. What would motivate the third most powerful man of Nazi Germany, Rudolph Hess, to alone parachute out of a plane over Scotland on May 10, 1941, only to be arrested by a pitch fork wielding farmer? Double dealing and backstabbing. The fake support of the UK to Germany in order to attack the Soviet Union, only to back out and let the two nations with the most progressive potential destroy one another. Before that, Poland was set up to provoke Nazi Germany in an attack by mistreating the Germans of the newly occupied lands after WWI and furthermore stating that the land all the way up to Berlin should belong to Poland. Hitler even stayed in Liverpool from 1912 to 1913 to receive some of his 'training' and also received funding in Switzerland in order for his Nazi party to rise to power. He was directly overseen by Jesuit Heinrich Himmler. Himmler was not a nobody. He was a Black Pope during the Jesuit schism. At Dunkirk Hitler could effectively have destroyed the British army, but he refused to do so. There is far more double dealing and backstabbing than the official narratives would like anyone to believe.

  61. The talk about welfare might not sound bad and being self sufficient is indeed the greatest gift anyone can give to society as in not being a burden to others. The irony of the situation is however that the greatest welfare recipients are first of all the royal families of Europe and secondly the most prominent politicians. So in this sense it is like the book "Animal Farm"....all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.....and certainly not because they worked for it....royals never had to do anything for it....they just happened to find themselves in those positions. How does that motto of "you do not work, you do not eat" apply to royals? They have exorbitant veto powers and not one of them has done something about the Cestui Que Vie system, so I frankly do not see any royal who has done any work except for maintaining the status quo of which they are part. Of course the purpose of absolute power is to ensure that all commoners view royal positions as earned and justified, whilst the commoners themselves accept their appointed positions in society without complaint.

    Most people have no understanding of how intelligence operations work and it will hurt them badly when they figure out who their real friends and enemies are. The CIA and Mossad are both run by British Intelligence services which created them in the first place. MI5 and MI6 in turn are directed by the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Kent through the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath. Once again, if these intelligence agencies cause chaos, we have to ask ourselves who directed them in the first place and once again royals enter the picture.

    It is the same in the Netherlands. Masons for example all ultimately serve King Willem-Alexander who is the head of Freemasonry in the Netherlands.

    1. Dear Saturnalia,

      THANKS. I could not agree more and it is a question long overdue. Genetics is a happy accident and not proof of really anything. It is what one does with those genes that needs to be valued, not the gametes per se. At least that is what I believe.

    2. WELFARE Indeed.....

      Last year, campaign group Republic published a report saying "each 'working royal' costs the taxpayer an average of 18.5 million pounds, making them the most expensive public officials in the country". ($1 = 0.6974 pounds)

    3. Saturnalia,
      Gives a whole new well-deserved meaning to welfare rolls! Profound! LOL!

    4. Last week the Queen's representative in Australia, the Governor-General recalled Parliament to force the House to vote on an issue it was not ready for. The result was that Turnbull got his hoped-for double dissolution.

      Translation: if a bill is declined twice by the Senate, the PM can call an election of both houses of Parliament. As the Aussie public have found Turnbull out as simply a mouthpiece for the fascist right wing nuts and his popularity therefore declines he realised he needed to cement his position as PM using an election as the tool. The Queen's man has power over Parliament and so intervened in the democratic process to give Turnbull his election.

      How's that for Royal neutrality? The cabal is running naked and scared.

  62. You over rate Camilla who was Andrews wife before. He is a employed servant of wealth holders, not one of them. Subserviant hands. As for poor Andrew, he laid down his wife for England!
    Camilla has no status and was well" Known" across 3 counties before marrying Andrew, and has a colourful past.

    Charles is capable of nothing, lacking in talent and grey matter.
    Yes, the Duke of Kent is head of the Masonic Lodges, but he is not a serious Player, more token roles.
    I think you are reading more in than is reality. Far more influential figures exist in London with real power. Much more powerful with Global powers also.

    1. Camilla's a bit old for Andrew??

    2. Andrew Parker Bowles her ex husband.

    3. And Yes from what we see he likes them under 16 with Jeffrey Epstein and Clinton.


    Greg Palast says that the empire has no clothes.

  64. All of this--the poor should eat cake stems from neoliberalistic economics and it is disastrous.

  65. Before you all storm off to get robots, perhaps I need to interject a little reality into this discussion. I spent 10 years writing about semiconductors and assorted electronics. I know what their capabilities are as well as their shortcomings. THERE WILL NOT BE ROBOTS AS CAPABLE AS YOU WANT ANY TIME SOON. Attempts at putting robots in the field have had highly mixed reviews. The high humidity and, frankly, toxics used in crop areas ERODE semiconductors even those sealed in cases. If you haven't noticed, robotic car factories have a relatively high rate of recalls.

    There are three problems with robotics and automation at present that humans don't have:

    1. They cannot create their own power.
    2. They do not have a sense of touch or smell to alert them to problems with food, crops, fire or toxics. Yes, those could be developed, but I don't want to begin to tell you how complicated that process would be.
    3. They have no judgement as to what constitutes a danger.

    In tests using robots as human caretakers, they failed because they injured their patients. While the robot companions developed in Japan to serve as sexual and social surrogates might be appropriate for those uses...those robots aren't really doing much if you think about it.

    Not to rain on your parade, but there is no effective replacement for humanity with machines at the present time regardless of what has been told to you.

  66. "Over the last thirty years, the United States has been taken over by an amoral financial oligarchy, and the American dream of opportunity, education, and upward mobility is now largely confined to the top few percent of the population.

    Federal policy is increasingly dictated by the wealthy, by the financial sector, and by powerful (though sometimes badly mismanaged) industries such as telecommunications, health care, automobiles, and energy. These policies are implemented and praised by these groups’ willing servants, namely the increasingly bought-and-paid-for leadership of America’s political parties, academia, and lobbying industry.

    If allowed to continue, this process will turn the United States into a declining, unfair society with an impoverished, angry, uneducated population under the control of a small, ultrawealthy elite. Such a society would be not only immoral but also eventually unstable, dangerously ripe for religious and political extremism."

    Charles Ferguson, Predator Nation, 2012

  67. "Over the last thirty years, the United States has been taken over by an amoral financial oligarchy, and the American dream of opportunity, education, and upward mobility is now largely confined to the top few percent of the population.

    Federal policy is increasingly dictated by the wealthy, by the financial sector, and by powerful (though sometimes badly mismanaged) industries such as telecommunications, health care, automobiles, and energy. These policies are implemented and praised by these groups’ willing servants, namely the increasingly bought-and-paid-for leadership of America’s political parties, academia, and lobbying industry.

    If allowed to continue, this process will turn the United States into a declining, unfair society with an impoverished, angry, uneducated population under the control of a small, ultrawealthy elite. Such a society would be not only immoral but also eventually unstable, dangerously ripe for religious and political extremism."

    Charles Ferguson, Predator Nation, 2012

  68. Tracking that pesky F35 debacle courtesy of CNN. Almost 2,500 of the world's most advanced warplanes, with a total price tag of $400 billion, and they may not have a "brain" in the bunch? That's the fear of federal watchdogs who say problems with the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter's complex logistics software system could lead to a grounding of the entire fleet, not to mention future cost increases and schedule delays. Documenting risks to the F-35's Autonomic Logistics Information System, which Department of Defense officials have described as the "brains" of the fifth-generation fighter, an April 14 Government Accountability Office report says a failure "could take the entire fleet offline," (PDF) in part, due to the lack of a backup system. The report also outlines concerns related to the lack of testing done to ensure the software will work properly by the time the Air Force plans to declare its version of the aircraft ready for deployment this August and the Navy reaches that milestone in 2018. The Marine Corps declared the first squadron of its F-35 variant ready for combat in July 2015, with the intention of upgrading and resolving the software issues before its first planned deployment in 2017.

    1. From what I've read and heard, the Air Force didn't order this aircraft and didn't want it! Whole deal was a monstrous fraud?

    2. It's the damn military-industrial complex. For $400 billion I could have probably delivered a superior aircraft and 10 times as many crafts. Instead, it's just a mess... only God Himself would be able to unsnarl the accounting...

    3. Tino / Texian

      Get away from the Military Industrial Cabal which only loots contracts and re build America. The new Migs will blow you out of the sky, so don't go looking for conflicts you will lose. Just get out of the Global hegemony business and try building trade relationships and trust. Now there's a first.
      Stop exporting wars and conflict.Stop funding and arming ISIS and stop killing people. Look at the US perpetrated death rate worldwide. Billy No Mates has earned it.
      So the Cabal failed you all again. All they want is a crooked Buck. They say you pay.
      Our sympathy is with you, and support. It's not the American people, but the Cabal we expose. We wish only good for the US people, but a viral plague for the Cabal. If only. The F35 is only part of the waste and failure. The Russians are laughing their socks off waiting for conflict. Face off with their carriers and see the F35s get electronically jammed before the missiles hit. There will be no US Top Guns now just body bags coming home.
      Re build America and not in Arms industries. Jobs to last and exports of value. Let's get America back on track.Huge potential still exists. The greatest source of Global conflict and terrorism is the Cabal!

    4. For Tony WHR re the Peon.

      There's always one.
      Is he even qualified to come past our outer guard posts, let alone past the GPMG and Glock guards? Real dialogue is extensive and complex. More important multi facet. The US has defaulted on redemptions for 40 years.
      We are hands on with daily key negotiations. Funny, I don't see a Perry Peon name in the chain of command of credible negotiators. Need I check the Janitor list? Sorry Tony, it may be latrines. Something smells funny with that source. Check stall one and set the traps.

      Sounds to me more like another Aaahh was promised Blog warrior?

      We have key Global negotiators, fully supported by Legals and Audit support, all cross engaged in multi party dialogue attempting to unscramble the Administrative disasters perpetrated by DC and the Zio crooks. Wiping cretinous backsides is an unsavoury task, educating their limp wrist offspring even worse. He brings what to the table? He funds what?
      Correct response , ejection chute to the disposal bin. Fortunately most are balanced and responsible folk. Ranting runts just need sifting and replanting in some turnip field or whacky backy section. No one has ever reached close to where we are. The scale of currency negotiations in place right now are fundamental to all we need.
      We can't give detail but watch for leaks. Be prepared to be surprised.
      Hope is building. Have you a spare, used Soother for Peon Perry? Lol

  69. Heads up for England...Obozo's being entertained by Queen for lunch and her grandsons at dinner today. Did you check his passport for clues? Please do us a favor and detain him for crimes against humanity.
    Your American cousins

    London Mayor Boris Johnson Slams Obama As ‘Part-Kenyan’ Hypocrite

    1. You sure he's not there to play Golf?

  70. John, to hell with that idiot, when things finally do break through let's see what smart ass comment he has then.


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