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Russia to build lethal PAK-DA stealth bomber—with hypersonic weapons?

OWON: This is the cost and consequence of US Hegemony. Russia and China will soon unleash Radar Blocking Hypersonic Bombers with Thermo-Nuclear weapons which will shut down radar, power and result in them arriving over target before you even know they are there. Then the scale of weaponry will be the end game. 

The Cabal will have caused this if it unleashes. Every European and Asian nation who allowed these damned bases will see them erased as part of a much needed Cabal Global vermin removal program. The bases will be wiped out before they they know the Russians are there and the total wipe out of Military is the consequence of conscienceless bastards taking their 4 squares a day as Hegemony drones, believing it is serving America. To die for a lie is reality. So, become a uniformed drone and become expendable. Be assured, no life form on the bases will be left alive. Local nationals will go with them. We need these bases shut down, No more EU wars for Cabal whores. The next they fight alone.

Russia and China were forced into this. Two highly intelligent nations just took a quantum leap and if pressed will finish it.

Russia to build lethal PAK-DA stealth bomber—with hypersonic weapons?

The National Interest
By David Majumdar
18 April 2016

Despite its economic struggles as oil price remain stubbornly low, Russia is pressing ahead with plans to develop its new PAK-DA stealth bomber while simultaneously resuming production of the Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack supersonic strategic bomber. However, Moscow will delay the PAK-DA effort in favor of the advanced Tu-160M2 derivative of the Blackjack, but the program will not be cancelled.

“We certainly are not going to stop the work on the development of PAK-DA,” Yuri Borisov, Russia’s deputy defense minister told the Moscow-based TASS news agency on April 15.

The PAK-DA is likely to leverage many of the technologies that are expected to be incorporated into the new Tu-160M2 variant. That would follow the previous practice established by the Su-35S Flanker-E and the Sukhoi PAK-FA fifth-generation fighter project—which share many key technologies. Indeed, while the Tu-160 will be an upgraded version of the Blackjack airframe, under the hood it is expected to be an almost completely new aircraft with brand new avionics.

“Tu-160M2 is an aircraft with new capabilities and flight and life characteristics. Its tactical employment level is considerably higher than that of its ancestor,” Borisov said. “All the innovations appearing at present should be embodied in the next model, which will replace the Tu-160.”

The PAK-DA—which is being developed by Tupolev—is expected to be a subsonic flying-wing aircraft that is roughly analogous to the Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit and the U.S. Air Force’s forthcoming Long Range Strike-Bomber. Flying wings lend themselves well to low observable characteristics—particularly against low frequency radars operating in the UHF and VHF bands. Meanwhile, the PAK-DA’s engines, which are being developed by the Kuznetsov design bureau, are an advanced derivative of the Tu-160’s NK-32 turbofans. It’s also likely make use of advanced electronic warfare capabilities.

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