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EU referendum: Boris Johnson accuses Barack Obama of 'hypocrisy'

OWON: Since when does an Illegal, False Documented, Usurper like Barry Soetoro, with no Birth Certificate and criminally occupying the Oval Office by FRAUD!!!, have any right to open his mouth about British Sovereignty? Dam right, if the Brits vote to leave the inept EU, Cameron will be out and Johnson in, with slashing cuts to Welfare waste and costs.

The UK will then only spend what it earns, and no more free loaders. Welfare will be slashed and the Books will balance. You don't work, you don't eat, end of. Illegals with no papers will be kicked straight out. O can't even sort America who is he to lecture Britain? How about he sorts Kenya, his "Alleged" fathers country first?

EU referendum: Boris Johnson accuses Barack Obama of 'hypocrisy'

BBC News
16 April 2016

Boris Johnson has accused US President Barack Obama of "hypocrisy" over his support for the UK remaining in the EU.

The London mayor, who backs EU exit, told the BBC the Americans "wouldn't dream of sharing [their] sovereignty" as the UK had done.

The US president is expected to repeat his support for Britain's EU membership when he visits the UK next week.

Backers of Remain dismissed Mr Johnson's remarks as "nonsense", citing US membership of Nato and trade bodies.

The White House has indicated Mr Obama is ready to offer his view on the issue but will stress the decision is for UK voters.

Speaking in Washington, Chancellor George Osborne said it was the "overwhelming view" of foreign governments and international institutions such as the IMF and Nato that the UK should remain.

Backing from Mr Obama could boost Prime Minister David Cameron's efforts to persuade the country to vote to remain in the EU in the 23 June referendum.

Asked about the US president, the London mayor said everything about the history of the US suggested they would never share sovereignty.

"I don't know what he is going to say but, if that is the American argument then it is nakedly hypocritical. The Americans would never dream of it," he told the BBC.

'Absolutely bizarre'

"I think that President Obama has got a perfect right to make any intervention that he wants. Indeed I welcome the views of everybody in this debate.

"I just find it absolutely bizarre that we are being lectured by the Americans about giving up our sovereignty and giving up control when the Americans won't even sign up to the international convention on the law of the seas, let alone the International Criminal Court."

Labour MP Stephen Kinnock dismissed Mr Johnson's comments as "utter nonsense".

"The last time I checked, the United States was a member of Nato. You look at article five of Nato, it says any attack on a Nato member is an attack on all. You couldn't have a greater pooling of sovereignty than that," he said.

"The United States is a member of the WTO [World Trade Organization] and a range of other international organisations. We pool our sovereignty in order to make ourselves stronger."

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  1. Obama doesn't care about America's Sovereignty otherwise hr would not be pushing so hard and trying to sneak into law the TransPacificPartnerdhip.


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