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Xi eyes British royal family's role in promoting China-UK friendship

OWON: Please note Britain's changing power role on the Global stage. Britain is now perceived as China's best friend in the West and the future focal point of both Investment and Forex trading. Britain alone has the common language and Royal cultural links China needs and seeks. It's all about Trust.

The Elders are meeting the Brits each few weeks for a cultural reason, and the strong bonds of the Trust levels growing secures not only its economic safety, but the Global empowerment which follows.

As America's demise continues, sadly, the US will realise how much it needs the support of its once closest Allie. Hubris is one way to start to rethink and recover its own shortcomings.

Britain's diplomatic skill and intellectual capacity has achieved so much and is valued by China and India. Respect is imbued. American Military and Political arrogance is leading to its own defeat as a Global player nation. Truly, that is sad. The concept of Hillary is frightening. As is Trump! What an end game?

Xi eyes British royal family's role in promoting China-UK friendship

By Zhang Duo
5 April 2016

BEIJING - President Xi Jinping said on Tuesday that he expects the British royal family to continue to play an active role in promoting mutual understanding and friendship between the Chinese and British people.

Xi told visiting British Prince Andrew that he was looking forward to a more solid foundation of public support for China-UK relations during their meeting at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

The president recalled the successful state visit he paid to Britain in October, saying he was impressed by the friendly interactions he had with Queen Elizabeth II and the wider royal family.

China appreciates the royal family's long-term contribution to the China-UK friendship, Xi said.

China is willing to make joint efforts with Britain in enhancing friendly exchanges at all levels and enriching cooperation as this year marks the first year of the "golden era" of China-UK relations, said the president.

The two sides should further increase high-level communications, run well the bilateral dialogue mechanisms, constantly deepen pragmatic cooperation in order to better benefit the two peoples, he said.

China and Britain are cultural power nations with long histories, Xi said, calling on both countries to improve people-to-people exchanges and cultural cooperation.

Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, said that he was willing to work with the Chinese side to increase people-to-people contact and make the "golden era" truly shine.


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