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  2. By all means... Don't Quit!!!

    When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
    When the road you're traveling seems all uphill;
    When the funds are low and the debts are high--
    When you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
    When care is pressing you down a bit:
    Rest if you must, but don't you quit!

    Life is queer with its twists and turns,
    As everyone of us sometimes learns.
    And many a failure turns about
    When he might have won--had he stuck it out!
    Don't give up though the pace seems slow--
    You may succeed with another blow!

    Success is failure turned inside out--
    The silver tints of the clouds of doubt;
    And you can never tell how close you are--
    It may be near when it seems so far.
    So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit:
    It's when things seem worst that you mustn't quit!
    -- author unknown to me

  3. Non-Jews should not be allowed to live in Israel – Israel’s Chief Rabbi:

    Tolerance is a one way street as far as the Talmudists are concerned. Take, but never give anything back.


    Brazilian Unrest Sign of US Maintaining its Sphere of Influence:

    The attempted coup in Brazil has most significant UK backing which the article does not mention. This duplicity can also be seen in statements made by David Cameron. He does not want the SAS sent into Syria to kill ISIS leaders as his friends from the House of Keswick and the House of Campbell are major players in that, even though at a lower level many want to do the right thing and remove ISIS from the face of the earth. It would appear ISIS will in time cease to exist in northern Syria and thus they are now regrouping and sending in terrorists via Israel and Jordan in an attempt to outflank Syria, Russia, Iraq and Hezbollah in southern Syria.

  4. Saturnalia

    In the shadowy world of Intel intrigue, always look for the agenda guiding the hand of policy. Having been cross linked with the needless death of over 1 million poor Iraqis, for lying with slimy Blair, look at the Boards ex SIS John Scarlet has now joined or is an Advisor to. However great or scurrilous the crime, deviant Boards now queue for his time. Why does " Intelligence" show such a lack of it? As the Corporates now take over the nations, policy today is based on who you know, and what they know about you! 1984 is here.

  5. The Venetian agenda supports liberalism and minorities in order to remove all religions from the world and replace them by the Luciferian Doctrine. The idea is to make everyone think like groups such as the Sabbatean Frankists with their Zohar without realising it.


    US personnel has very recently been removed from Turkey. It could very well be that Erdogan will be removed from power. There could be a civil war in Turkey. The Zionist elements do not care. They do not want any winners except themselves, so if everyone else loses that is perfectly fine with them. Turkey might actually be pursuing a form of Turkish nationalism and that can be a threat to the Venetian Empire and especially its Zionists/Sabbatean Frankists.


    A new Jim Willie interview:

    Jim Willie indicates in this interview that the powers behind the US, the UK and Israel effectively are the axis of evil in this world. He also goes into the 'Global Currency Reset' which effectively is a return to the gold standard and goes into more detail in regards to the Chinese system which is to replace the SWIFT payment system and free of Federal Reserve Notes and interference by the Federal Reserve. Jim Willie also states that the aggression against Russia is due to Russia fighting against these global powers and is actively interrupting Western drug trade in which Bush is a major player. In his previous interview Jim Willie mentioned that he expects all Gulf monarchies to fall except for Oman which is more realistic than his previous stance in which he indicated that Qatar would likely survive too. Qatar is more crafty than its neighbours, but it also has made significant mistakes which likely will not be ignored.

  6. Reshore Now is an initiative to restore jobs to the United States. They just sent out their e-newsletter in time for the later primaries. They are pointing out that many business pubs are starting to realize that these "free trade" deals aren't free.

    QUOTE: " Trade Sanctions vs. Innovation and Skilled Workforce
    The primaries are boiling up a national debate on key issues that affect RESHORING. Articles in ===>The New Yorker, Forbes and other notable publications<=== are reconsidering the causes and effects of offshoring on the U.S. economy, through the lenses of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the primaries. In FORBES, Steve Denning suggests that the loss of innovation from offshoring is our biggest problem, and proposes the adoption of a new, agile business model that addresses the need to restore corporate and U.S. competitiveness by making things on U.S. soil. "

  7. There are many OPINIONS on this page--some from those that have actually done research and some from sources that appear to believe that their opinion is fact. I thought that this little article might be helpful.
    It is about where to find good data on actual people and trends.

  8. For Dan A at WHA

    Forget the Dinars its way too hairy.
    Dongs have revalued, but downwards to stay trade competitive, and China wont allow it to re inflate losing economic trade value for exports. This Santa Fantasy of an explosive upward GS is Blog Hype,just not matched by reality. The US is broke, no one else is bailing it so focus on real world reality, hard as it is.
    Sorry about the Dong, but a bike pump won't achieve it. Some stretching exercises work, but with assigned risk. Dolly can get your attention. Lol

    We are focused daily direct. GS is not even in sight yet. Via the Elders, we will be making direct regional investments cutting out the Politicos, and prioritising which nations. As the US Cabal has stolen and wasted vast blocks for decades, expect no goodwill from Asia. Cut the 990 bases, focus on the economy. While you still have one.
    America still has massive potential,but Skip Rats in charge.

  9. John how will Americans particpate in this new pradigm ? You have shared excellent educational information ! Thank You. I am not part of the politico .

  10. Those switched on will be helped become involved delivering projects and aid. Funded!
    Those in the Cuckoos nest thinking Santa is coming can dream on. Input will create output. Self help by being part of so much more and good.Those sitting on their Butts in Palookerville with hands out????? Good luck with that. We have to start a step at a time. Opportunities can help some.

  11. John just say go ! Ready and available . You can reach me when you are ready, let's see what develops.

  12. Who Owns and Controls the Military-Industrial Complex?
    Posted on March 31, 2016 by State of the Nation

    The Millennium Report Exclusive:
    The following exclusive report is quite lengthy and exhaustive. There is no other series of disclosures about the Military-Industrial Complex on the Internet as revealing and radioactive.

    The classified information and privileged data contained in this report are well worth downloading before they are disappeared forever from the World Wide Web.

    There are two other very important exposés that ought to be read in tandem with this one. They, too, disclose much secret information about The Highlands Forum. As follows:

    The Highlands Forum EXPOSED

    By Anonymous Patriots

    We are not only incensed that our elected officials are turning a blind eye to the transnational enemy within our country and around the world, we are disgusted with these warlords, both military and corporate, that send our sons and daughters to wars-for-profit to have their blood spilled for their own families’ profits. As citizens of the world, we are filled with anger when we see men, women, and children slaughtered and displaced so that the few at the top can earn profits from blood and guns. We are sick and tired of wars ad nauseam, from our fathers who were killed in Viet Nam, our neighbors on 9-11, displaced war refugees around the world, not to mention the millions of starving children around the world who could use the money we spend on DARPA and their war tools for clean water, food, and education.

    This anger has arisen in us to the point that we had to find out WHO IS IN CHARGE. Unlike many of our politicians, we know that naming our enemy is the first step towards identifying and disarming them.

  13. Re Dongs

    There still seems confusion. As the Dinar appeared to carry significant emerging risk,we suggested balancing portfolios perhaps including a higher Dong gearing for those inclined to risk these currencies. Especially with Vietnam's strong links with China, and any upswing in the Dong if China goes Gold backed. But factor in trade competitiveness and its a tough call. Our concern evolved around the higher Capital loss risk, and Dongs appeared to offer better capital safety.
    Each person must do their own research and swallow the risk. Or cease speculating. Still we seem to have parties aggrieved if Dongs do not lift off to order? All we can do is indicate risks. No one has to speculate. We still have strong reservations on Dinars. Who knows the real print size. Or Iraq's intention. No one is owed a profit, nor is speculation an obligation. Its a personal call, risk only what you can afford to lose. Helping many spread risk was as far as we could go. Reducing loss risk.
    Will Iraq even move this year? Or Vietnam? No signs yet. Metals need to balance portfolios. Gambling is a personal choice.

  14. What isn't a gamble these days? This metals back system has been tossed around for years and backing.

    If you bought gold at $1500, $1600, $1700 as I did a few years ago you are taking it in the hiney. Or in the early 80's you really took it in the hiney for 25 years.

    Or silver at $35,$ got bent over.

    Or if you bought stocks before the crash. Hineyville! Sun Microsystems at $100! Major Hineyville.

    It's not about what you invest in, it's about timing...low enter price, high exit price. Greed is not gets you everytime. Everything has cycles. The key is knowing when to get in and out. Tough call.

    Everyone has poo poo'd the dollar about it crashing for years and yet here it is skyrocketing. Ultimately it is still the reserve currency and the most liquid method of exchange on the planet. Is that changing...yes! But when will it be hammered down? Who knows?

    The world is uncontrollable. There are people that THINK they can control the cycles of this planet, but they can't.

    Best advice buy a whole bunch of crap in small amounts because no one knows what the hell is going to happen. You might want to throw a few cans of beans & franks in there too.

  15. And then you have press conferences like this....

    BEIJING—China’s central bank Governor Zhou Xiaochuan said the government will make efforts to expand the use of the International Monetary Fund’s basket of reserve currencies in its domestic economy.

    Mr. Zhou said China will use both the U.S. dollar and the special drawing rights when reporting the country’s reserves of foreign currencies in the near future, according to transcripts of his remarks posted on the central bank’s website Friday.

    The government will also consider issuing bonds denominated in SDR in China, he said at a briefing after meeting with officials of the Group of 20 major economies in Paris on Thursday.

    Is the IMF a paper tiger or not? If they are going gold backed why hold US dollar, a currency that is going to supposedly devalue 30%, then another 30%. And the SDR? Are they revolting against the Western Backed IMF with the AIIB?

    There are hidden hands rocking this cradle in ways most people do not understand.

  16. JV, just my own opinion: there is so much disinformation out there-
    even from legitimate, alternative news sites such as Greg Hunter.

    I read the facts here, and try to sort everything out for myself. The
    big players (not Owon), want the general public to remain clueless.

  17. Recent headline regarding Clinton:

    I wonder if the FBI will suspend their investigation as well?

  18. When State bans Truth, it's bad.

  19. The US Electoral process is failing to expand in open debate the biggest risk of all the Clinton war risk.

    As NATO continues its reckless expansion of USA tank supported base build up surrounding Russia, it's only time before that psychopath witch creates a situation and the gloves come off. We have a mad Military who showed their prowess in the Bay of Pigs and Vietnam.If they cant bully, they go screaming home to Mammie with a smacked arse.

    Surrounded by a Gung Ho bunch of Pentagon and Langley Doughnut and coffee guzzlers flying desk jockey fantasies,with dreams of territorial expansion to match burgeoning gut lines,the known unstable rug muncher will be coerced into a game play way beyond her capability facing Russian Grand Chess Masters. The next WW 111 will be the end game. Still DC fails to see, all out will be all dead.
    It's all about mind set, will Russia and China really go for broke? On balance of probabilities it has to be Yes. Russia and China know,planned and timed right, underground enough will survive, so its the big gamble. The key game play has to be a giant US tinder bowl, and all US Global bases and fleets in a mass onslaught. The Peon mentality of a geographically ignorant mass public has no concept of this. Hollywood has not released such a reality to their poor mind sets. Their worry is the welfare check not reality check.

    Be in no doubt if WW 111 erupts, whoever is left, America still loses. So does Europe.
    Probably timing will be between 02-00 to 05-00 hrs US time on a Sunday morning to catch the lot down. The satellites will be hit first, with all radar and electronics fried, and every base taken out in minutes. The US Asian fleets will face melt down and HAARP. A further mass HAARP Tsunami weapon will hit all US coastal bases. They may just chose to nuke the San Andreas fault line and sink the West Cost. A Chess Masters stroke. Russian Satellite weapons poised in place to strike will use lasers and nukes to follow. Impact will be awesome.
    Russia wont back off. No one ever fights on 2 fronts and wins. Clinton in the WH will be akin to Freddie from Elm Street. We look at televised surveys of the mass US electorate. Truly, en masse, is there a more stupefied lower level public Welfare grunt base? They vote? A worse thought, how many are also in Congress and the Senate?

    Goading the Russian bear via NATA is cruising for a bruising. Clinton's not even a Homemaker, how can this be a Peacemaker? A US State visit to Russia will lead to an advance TV warning, hide the bases and cover those rugs, or delouse them afterwards. Lol.

  20. Not that we here didn't suspect that there was a longer term financial nuke aimed at Europe, it's just so angering to see the IMF shenanigans and the role of the Greece 'bailout'.

  21. This just in st "Unprecedented Leak" Exposes The Criminal Financial Dealings Of Some Of The World's Wealthiest People
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 04/03/2016 - 14:35
    An unprecedented leak of more than 11 million documents has revealed the hidden financial dealings of some of the world's wealthiest people, as well as 12 current and former world leaders and 128 more politicians and public officials around the world. The data allows a never-before-seen view inside the offshore world — providing a day-to-day, decade-by-decade look at how dark money flows through the global financial system, breeding crime and stripping national treasuries of tax revenues.

    1. The Bushes used to use Panama a great deal. I wonder if their little stashes are being uncovered. IF you see Ackerman on the list, remember that he and Papa were best buds.

  22. I just pray that Clinton does not make it into office. The US is
    already a powder keg without a warmonger as president.

    Are there any sane people left in government? Probably not.

  23. Unfortunately both the Welfare bunch and women voters will hand this psycho the White House ans with NWO so close,will end freedom forever in America leading to a mass surveillance society the likes of which the world has never seen before. Why can't the FBI indict the Bitch?

    1. John,
      The welfare bunch and women voters have little to no effect on the outcome of an 'election.' We all know the cabal has preselected Hilderbeast because they're in full control of her. The jackass party has already manipulated the vote in every 'contest' so far. If the welfare bunch had any control, the Socialist Sanders would be the nominee. He's going to give them everything free...whatever they want. No plan to pay for it other than some mention of a 90% income tax rate. The economists say that wouldn't even be enough to pay for his free programs. The students and welfare bunch don't care about that.

      When will the cabal be ring-fenced and taken down??? Why aren't the Rottenchilds, Rockyfellers, Scherfs, Clintons, Vatican and et all arrested for theft and crimes against humanity???? They still seem to be operating with impunity!

    2. Texian,
      The cabal control the military, the media, finance, etc. , and Joe Public
      is now too dumb to realize any of this mockery of justice.

  24. More from a follow up on the article I posted yesterday.

    Mossack Fonseca: The Nazi, CIA And Nevada Connections... And Why It's Now Rothschild's Turn
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 04/03/2016 - 23:38

    "Jurgen Mossack’s family landed here in the 1960s. During World War II, his father had served in the Nazi Party’s Waffen-SS, according to U.S. Army intelligence files obtained by the ICIJ. Once in Panama, the elder Mossack offered to spy on communists in Cuba for the CIA." And yes, Mossack Fonseca may now be history, and its countless uberwealthy clients exposed, but none other than Rothschild is now delighted to be able to fill its rather large shoe

    1. I would really appreciate if you posted the full link to that exact article instead of just he website. Is this possible?

    2. Propaganda, accusing Assad of the kind of war crimes perpetrated by the West in Syria and Iraq when it was the United States that was bombing hospitals and power stations and civilian infrastructure; just like their Saudi counterparts in Yemen.

      John 8:44 New International Version (NIV)

      "You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies."

      PANAMA PAPERS: A Bogus Sting Operation To Smear Putin And Assad

    3. Exactly! The BIG story is who was NOT on the list!

    4. Correct Texian! I haven't read about any American/British/Vatican elite being involved so far in this breaking story.

    5. The Bushes used Panama a great deal, yet their names apparently aren't on the list. Curiouser and curiouser. In the meantime, from Asia Times:

      As it happens, China’s exports to the US have barely grown since the 2008 crisis. The chart below shows annualized growth of US imports from China over a rolling five-year interval. Until the 2008 recession US imports from China were growing at annual rates of 15% to 30%. Growth during the past five years has been barely above 3%.

  25. Not sure if this has already been posted. I've been travelling and my brain is lost in transit:

    The Arch of the Temple of Baal Is About to Be Erected In Times Square In New York City and Trafalgar Square, London

    Valdi: False-flag blood-sacrifice coming on or around 19th April? How in-your-face do the Satanic elite have to be before people wake up?

    1. Hillary wrote in one of her emails:
      "With fingers crossed, the old rabbit's foot out of the box in the attic, I will be sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to Moloch . . ."

      Leaked Clinton Emails

      Valdi: Chicken (gay slang)

      Wouldn't surprise me.

    2. Heat is building in London over the Panama papers.
      This will become an issue soon for many. Tax Havens have had a good run. Nothing lasts.

    3. Gee, Mitt Romney is one of the biggest users of offshore sheltering of money. I'm wondering if this will ever go that high in the money food chain and stop the powerful people who are scamming us?

    4. John,

      Check out this website:

      When I sent the "leaks" article to her, she replied to me that this is the organization that got the Mossack and Fonseca files.

  26. Under the category "Well, I didn't know that"... (3 total posts to list all 50)

    The Human Body is a treasure trove of mysteries!

    The Human Body is a treasure trove of mysteries -- one that still confounds doctors and scientists about the details of its working. It's not an overstatement to say that every part of your body is a miracle. Here are 50 facts about your body, some of which may leave you stunned.

    1. It's possible for your body to survive without a surprisingly large fraction of its internal organs. Even if you lose your stomach, your spleen, 75% of your liver, 80% of your intestines, one kidney, one lung, and virtually every organ from your pelvic and groin area, you wouldn't be very healthy, but you would live.

    2. During your lifetime, you will produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools. Actually, saliva is more important than you realize. If your saliva cannot dissolve something, you cannot taste it.

    3. The largest cell in the human body is the female egg and the smallest is the male sperm. The egg is actually the only cell in the body that is visible by the naked eye.

    4. The strongest muscle in the human body is the tongue and the hardest bone is the jawbone.

    5. Human feet have 52 bones, accounting for one quarter of all the human body's bones.

    6. Feet have 500,000 sweat glands and can produce more than a pint of sweat a day.

    7. The acid in your stomach is strong enough to dissolve razor blades. The reason it doesn't eat away at your stomach is that the cells of your stomach wall renew themselves so frequently that you get a new stomach lining every three to four days.

    8. The human lungs contain approximately 2,400 kilometers (1,500 mi) of airways and 300 to 500 million hollow cavities, having a total surface area of about 70 square meters, roughly the same area as one side of a tennis court. Furthermore, if all of the capillaries that surround the lung cavities were unwound and laid end to end, they would extend for about 992 kilometers. Also, your left lung is smaller than your right lung to make room for your heart.

    9. Sneezes regularly exceed 100 mph, while coughs clock in at about 60 mph.

    10. Your body gives off enough heat in 30 minutes to bring half a gallon of water to a boil.

    11. Your body has enough iron in it to make a nail 3 inches long.

    12. Earwax production is necessary for good ear health. It protects the delicate inner ear from bacteria, fungus, dirt and even insects. It also cleans and lubricates the ear canal.

    13. Everyone has a unique smell, except for identical twins, who smell the same.

    14. Your teeth start growing 6 months before you are born. This is why one out of every 2,000 newborn infants has a tooth when they are born.

    15. A baby's head is one-quarter of its total length, but by the age of 25 will only be one-eighth of its total length. This is because people's heads grow at a much slower rate than the rest of their bodies.

    16. Babies are born with 300 bones, but by adulthood the number is reduced to 206. Some of the bones, like skull bones, get fused into each other, bringing down the total number.

  27. Cont...

    17. It's not possible to tickle yourself. This is because when you attempt to tickle yourself you are totally aware of the exact time and manner in which the tickling will occur, unlike when someone else tickles you.

    18. Less than one third of the human race has 20-20 vision. This means that two out of three people cannot see perfectly.

    19. Your nose can remember 50,000 different scents. But if you are a woman, you are a better smeller than men, and will remain a better smeller throughout your life.

    20. The human body is estimated to have 60,000 miles of blood vessels.

    21. The three things pregnant women dream most of during their first trimester are frogs, worms and potted plants. Scientists have no idea why this is so, but attribute it to the growing imbalance of hormones in the body during pregnancy.

    22. The life span of a human hair is 3 to 7 years on average. Every day the average person loses 60-100 strands of hair. But don't worry, you must lose over 50% of your scalp hairs before it is apparent to anyone.

    23. The human brain cell can hold 5 times as much information as an encyclopedia. Your brain uses 20% of the oxygen that enters your bloodstream, and is itself made up of 80% water. Though it interprets pain signals from the rest of the body, the brain itself cannot feel pain.

    24. The tooth is the only part of the human body that can't repair itself.

    25. Your eyes are always the same size from birth but your nose and ears never stop growing.

    26. By 60 years of age, 60% of men and 40% of women will snore.

    27. We are about 1 cm taller in the morning than in the evening, because during normal activities during the day, the cartilage in our knees and other areas slowly compress.

    28. The brain operates on the same amount of power as 10-watt light bulb, even while you are sleeping. In fact, the brain is much more active at night than during the day.

    29. Nerve impulses to and from the brain travel as fast as 170 miles per hour. Neurons continue to grow throughout human life. Information travels at different speeds within different types of neurons.

    30. It is a fact that people who dream more often and more vividly, on an average have a higher Intelligence Quotient.

  28. cont...last part

    31. The fastest growing nail is on the middle finger.

    32. Facial hair grows faster than any other hair on the body. This is true for women as well as men.

    33. There are as many hairs per square inch on your body as a chimpanzee .

    34. A human fetus acquires fingerprints at the age of three months.

    35. By the age of 60, most people will have lost about half their taste buds.

    36. About 32 million bacteria call every inch of your skin home. But don't worry, a majority of these are harmless or even helpful bacteria.

    37. The colder the room you sleep in, the higher the chances are that you'll have a bad dream.

    38. Human lips have a reddish color because of the great concentration of tiny capillaries just below the skin.

    39. Three hundred million cells die in the human body every minute.

    40. Like fingerprints, every individual has an unique tongue print that can be used for identification.

    41. A human head remains conscious for about 15 to 20 seconds after it has been decapitated. (I didn't need to know this)

    42. It takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 to frown.

    43. Humans can make do longer without food than sleep. Provided there is water, the average human could survive a month to two months without food depending on their body fat and other factors. Sleep deprived people, however, start experiencing radical personality and psychological changes after only a few sleepless days. The longest recorded time anyone has ever gone without sleep is 11 days, at the end of which the experimenter was awake, but stumbled over words, hallucinated and frequently forgot what he was doing.

    44. The most common blood type in the world is Type O. The rarest blood type, A-H or Bombay blood, due to the location of its discovery, has been found in less than hundred people since it was discovered.

    45. Every human spent about half an hour after being conceived, as a single cell. Shortly afterward, the cells begin rapidly dividing and begin forming the components of a tiny embryo.

    46. Right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people do.

    47. Your ears secrete more earwax when you are afraid than when you aren't.

    48. Koalas and primates are the only animals with unique fingerprints.

    49. Humans are the only animals to produce emotional tears.

    50. The human heart creates enough pressure to squirt blood 30 feet in the air.

    There comes a time in life, when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it.
    You surround yourself with people who make you laugh, forget the bad, and focus on good.

    So, love the people who treat you right!

    1. Item 50

      Not blood but I swear I once could. Oh for lost youth. Lol

    2. Now look at the consequences, LOl.

    3. MWP.

      Sorry about that, if that was you, you should have swerved it. Lol. Aaah youth. Once everything was possible. Now, it's just real. Life?

    4. 46. Right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people do.

      That's because we have to live in a world designed specifically for RH use - any rightie ever try to use a pair of scissors designed for a leftie? Try it, and then extrapolate that simple device into a machine 5, 10, 20 or 100 times the size - accident waiting for a place to happen. Thankfully I'm somewhat ambidextrous - not all lefties are so fortunate.


    Some of what "Spengler" writes is tripe as history has proven...other parts are critical information.

    Donald Trump has tapped an ugly mood in America’s middle class, whose prospects have dimmed noticeably since the 2008 financial crisis. For the first time since the Great Depression Americans are losing ground that they cannot regain. Median household income fell by nearly 10% from 1999 through 2011 and remains fall below previous peaks. Home ownership is down from 69% in 2008 to just 64%. =====>The rate of participation in the labor force has fallen from 66.5% before the crisis to just 62.%, the lowest since the 1970s.<====== A generation of young people has graduated from college with mediocre earnings prospects and mountains of student debt.

    Again, check out Shadow Stats to learn the real rate of unemployment.


    2008 redux and some analysis


    Corporate America wanted nothing to do with Ronald Reagan in 1980. Not a single Fortune 500 CEO backed him–all of them supported George H. W. Bush or John Connally in the primaries. When informed of this (Jude Wanniski, who was at the meeting, told me), Reagan said that he didn’t need them–he would be the candidate of the entrepreneur, the small businessman, the farmer, the workingman. Cruz wants to be Reagan redux. The Establishment remembers Reagan; in particular, it remembers that the corporate powers-that-be of 1980 were dwarfed by the entrepreneurial newcomes whom the Reagan reforms unleashed. It didn’t like Reagan the first time, and the last thing it wants is a younger incarnation of him.

    ====>Without a return to entrepreneurship, America’s economy will stagnate and America’s middle class will continue to lose ground. Donald Trump represents the triumph of resentment over hope. I don’t know what American voters will do. But I’m frightened.<===

    1. And I am at least 10 times more frightened that Hitlery will be "selected".

  32. And the heads start rolling!
    The Panama secrecy leak claimed its first scalp after Icelandic Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson resigned following revelations about his personal finances. The decision was announced in parliament after the legislature had been the focus of street protests that attracted thousands of Icelanders angered by the alleged tax evasion of their leader. Gunnlaugsson, who will step down a year before his term was due to end, gave in to mounting pressure from the opposition and even from corners of his own party. The Panama documents leak, printed in newspapers around the world, showed that the 41-year-old premier and his wife had investments placed in the British Virgin Islands, which included debt in Iceland's three failed banks.

    1. Indeed, this article was on the front page of my local newspaper. I just hope people will realize what it means, but sadly, most won't even read it or do anything about it.

    2. Would love to see street interviews on this subject! Where is Panama? What does Panama have to do with me? I can see it! Sad.

      Two 7th grade girls, age 13, took off from local middle school at 1 pm yesterday. They were found cold & hungry in a ditch within a few blocks of the school. There was no abduction. Just stupid? But the neighborhood rallied yesterday afternoon, set up search parties at a local church, and literally hundreds of people searched parks, nature trails, and all conceivable hiding places including under construction and vacant homes, etc. There were people out all night searching. They were found this morning in a ditch behind a house by a couple whose dog started barking at 6:30 am. Is this how lacking in common sense the children have become? Perhaps there's much more to the story, but it's very disturbing on the face. We're talking about a middle to upper income neighborhood...not poverty.

  33. Names are mounting in London and Tax Officers are on bonuses to take them down. Now the Highway Robbers are all employed by Tax systems. Legalised Highway Robbery. Now Politicos are giving the impressions its OK to take all. Why should any of us give away 45% of our hard earned money to these thieving bastards to waste it? 20% is enough for any nation. Spend less and shut up! You Politico trash pay for it, but first, YOU earn it.Don't take ours by force. Once we hung Highway Robbers.

  34. Yes, John. I had heard that Highwaymen were often hung.

    1. Sometimes not even by the neck, but funny voices identified them afterwards.

    2. John,
      We could come up with a list pretty quick for your special lasso treatment.

    3. Could we use barbed wire instead? Just to make the point heard?

  35. It was disturbing enough when Senator Ted Cruz announced that Neil Bush, brother of Jeb and George W., would be a Finance Chairman of his campaign.

    Neil defrauded U.S. taxpayers out of $1.5 billion dollars in a savings and loan scam. Now however, Cruz has announced a key appointment that should disturb voters even more.

    Cruz named Former Texas Senator Phil Gramm as his economic guru. This guy virtually crashed the U.S. economy. Gramm is largely responsible for two bills which led to the speculative bubble which popped in September 2008. First was his Gramm-Leach-Bliley bill that repealed Glass Steagall, which separated investment banking from commercial banking. Its repeal — which was signed into law by President Clinton, with the backing of Robert Rubin and Larry Summers — opened the door for a flood of money, from commercial banks, to flow into mortgage-backed securities and other funny-money schemes, which blew up in 2008.

    The second bill was the Commodity Futures Modernization Act (CFMA), which totally freed derivative trading from any regulatory oversight. This was another Phil Gramm bill, and was central to the bubble creation from 2000 to 2008, and then again today.

    Following the crash of 2008, the Dodd Frank bill was backed by Obama and teams of Wall Street lobbyists, who mobilized to make sure that Glass Steagall was not restored, and that the CFMA was kept in place. As a result, when combined with bailouts and Quantitative Easing, a new bubble has grown, allowing Wall Street speculators to continue the Ponzi scheme, while depriving the real economy of credit.

    Phil Gramm is now an official at UBS, the Swiss bank which has been under fire for its protection of tax-cheating U.S. corporations and the upper echelon of financial speculators. Gramm would be the architect of the Cruz economic model, great for Wall Street but no so hot for American taxpayers.
    Special: How Melissa McCarthy Dropped 50 Pounds - It Wasn't Exercise

    As for Hillary, she has rejected a return to Glass Steagall, as she has become the darling of Wall Street speculators who are heavily funding her campaign. She vehemently defends Bill’s role in the repeal of Glass Steagall.

    And, of course, she shares with Cruz a fondness for Goldman Sachs. The bank bailed out by U.S. taxpayers paid Hillary $675,000 for a speech. They also made a secret sweetheart loan to Ted Cruz’s U.S. Senate campaign. So in a Clinton-Cruz race the folks on Wall Street win either way

    God help us.

  36. The story above came from this website:

    1. The Cruz Whorehouse Madam connection needs more time. If true, unfit for office. If not true, why the pics with her and why his numbers in her book?

    2. Cruz talks the conservative talk and has been a thorn in the Senate which is admirable. However, if he is the nominee, I expect he would be reduced to rubble in short order by the Clinton machine. He was born in Canada to a Cuban father and an American born mother. From what I've read, it appears that the father and mother both became Canadian citizens while living in Canada. Rumor is his college records have also been sealed like Obama's. So did he go to college here as a foreign student?

      As we know, anyone can become president of a mostly foreign-owned corporation. It's tough when they're trying to pretend to the American people that they're operating government under the founders' constitution. In which case Cruz is clearly not eligible...nor was Soetero/Obama...or other candidates this round named Rubio and Jindal.

  37. Could there be some stuff hitting the fan with these document revelations about Oregon?

    BOMBSHELL Malheur Wildlife Refuge Involved Officials Names Revealed

  38. Chemtrails are being unmasked.

  39. Another article that is bringing chemtrails to the fore and explaining them.

    Oh, and the movie, Vaxxed, is selling out in New York and is now headed to Colorado. It is revealing the fraud of vaccines.

  40. It would seem that the people are tired of carrying the burden for those that don't want to pay taxes, but do want to wage war and make fortunes froA such misery...which is the largest part of most government budgets these days.,9171,2144112,00.html
    Apple will face questions on its tax evasion and that is just the beginning of the crackdown

  41. If Governments were restricted by a Global law to a 20% flat tax, Tax Havens would go, Military waste would be shredded,and 90% of all State and Federal waste would be unfunded and stopped. No more funded busybodies.

    Tax is the problem. No one owes Taxes it's BS and funds only parasites. Many Tax Haven work from Zero to 20%. Tax unleashes the worst with Monarchs and Political trash. If they cant fund wars, they can't wage them. Simply announce a real new NWO Global death sentence against any more Cabal or Rothschilds types funding wars. Wars funded by Banking whores need to be stopped. Post the Napoleonic French wars had we hung the Rothschilds the world would have no Cabal. Rothschilds, Soros, Bush, the Clintons, Greenspan,and other known faces all need to go to a Nuremberg trial with publicised executions to follow. Humanity needs to clean up these faecal mucus beings. It worked for the Huns. Nothing will change until we clean out the trash.
    The system is reaching fiscal collapse. What then? Downsizing the herds will follow.

    It's coming.

    1. JOHN,

      There's nothing to stop you hanging them now for treason and all the crimes they have committed against humanity. No-one should be above the law. You don't need a completely pure system - just a few good men in the right places. I heard mention today of a meeting to be held in May on one of the Rothschild estates in Britain to decide when to crash the housing market here so they can buy up even more real estate for pennies on the pound. They will probably be sacrificing a chicken to Moloch to bring them good luck. lol.

    2. John,
      So that's what I've been asking for over a year now. What is stopping the Nuremberg type trial? There are enough perps to have hundreds of simultaneous trials. Why wait? You claim UK has kicked out Rottenchilds & others, but I still see online that cabal banks continue operating in your midst.

      So how do "Nuremberg type" trials start? The UN won't be doing it...nor IMF, nor World who has the 'clean hands' to get this underway???

      Call me Weary of Waiting

  42. Under the category "Another thing we've been groomed to believe"...

    A good friend sent me this most eye opening history of smallpox and the lies we've been taught about it's "iradication".

    I've come to believe that there is a very old plan in place to groom us into believing lies and not question self imposed "authority". Everyday I see more evidence that my belief is correct.

    1. Thanks for posting this MWP, I will forward it to my family to view. Good information.

    2. Excellent article! Many doctors know they don't work and even injure and kill, but are afraid to lose their medical license. It's always threatened. People have to wake up though and take charge of their health care. Get other opinions. Do your own research. No one will advocate for you or your family better than yourself.

      When people realize they've been lied to about almost everything, they will take charge and the wave will be a tsunami. Follow the vaccine $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ always tells the story.

  43. So, Paul Allen is behind a satellite company that will sell anyone a high resolution photo of most anywhere on earth taken up to 70 times a day for $100. Amazing.

    Interesting choice of names for this invader of privacy tool? Seems to me it can't be that hard anymore, at these prices, to track the purveyors of evil on this planet and share their dirty deeds with the world?

    John, do the elders have a few extra pennies to start tracking say...Kissinger, Bushes, Clintons, Rothchilds, high level bankers in general, etc. and bring this sad Matrix story to an end sooner? At $100 per day that's just $365,000 per year per person. Multiply that by say 50 of the worst and that would be an annual budget of $18,250,000. That's a "rounding error" to most elite and governments. Of course, we all know it won't take anywhere near a year to gather enough evidence to bury all of them in their own filth. Probably weeks or a few months will do.

    We have the technology to turn the tables back on the perpetrators of our misery. What fun it would be to see the picture evidence of their trips to slave dens, sacrificial rituals, clandestine meetings, etc. each night while we munch popcorn? This is an idea whose time has come!

    What do you think?

    1. MW&P,

      They probably have clones. It might be easier to re-program Jade Helm and the black goo AI to identify, locate and isolate all those who pose an extreme threat to earth and humanity. Good grief....what has this world come to? I never thought I'd be suggesting such a thing when life was simple and we didn't have the Internet.

      BTW - I'd like to thank everyone for all they have taught me and for enduring some of my comments, in case I have been put on a black list for a visit from Moloch or his minions and you never hear from me again (not a moment too soon, you may think). :-)

    2. Valdi,
      Surely you realize that all of us are on the "black list" by commenting here and perhaps other places from time to time. We are not the shoeple class that they want. I will state here in unequivocal terms that I am not suicidal, nor do I sleep with a pillow over my face. Just sayin'

    3. Valdi, I think it's best to deal with what we know and leave the clones, AI, and Goo stuff alone for now. It's best to deal with reality at this point, don't you think? There is viable technology that we can use now to thwart their plans and I think my idea is one to consider.

      Waiting to see what John says...

    4. It was tongue-in-cheek, MW&P. I'm pretty sure there are decent people in the military, intelligence agencies, police, finance, media and government who would come up with the goods if given the go-ahead with enough resources, protection and honest judges who can't be nobbled or intimidated. Naval Intelligence was doing that in the Pentagon and WTC when the Bush/Cheney/Netanyahu gang put an end to it.

  44. "Another perfect display of priggish, pig-faced insolence, arrogance, top-down anachronistic neo-colonialist bilge from the one and only Philip Hammond from Essex, England, who thinks he decides who governs Syria... the British Foreign Secretary who under his own standards and those of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office he heads, simply has to go.

    Philip Hammond is at it again, making sh*t-headed barbed quips which underline the sinister nature of those who hold high offices controlled by the Lobbies (banking, finance, energy, pharmaceuticals, food and weapons) in the FUKUS Axis (France-UK-US). This week he hit the headlines once more with insinuations that Russia does not respect the rules of what he calls the "international system" and urged Moscow to do more towards creating a post-Assad Syria."

    Hammond, the British Foreign Secretary, has to go

    Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey, journalist, not holding back on what he thinks of the British Foreign Secretary.

  45. See what we release soon.
    All your points are noted, but a satellite Laser to me is key for vermin removal. Spot them, zap them, no trace just a poop patch left. Job done, that's fun.

    1. Ok...let's go with satellite Laser...whatever floats your boat. Lol!

    2. Or, we could build Roach Motels with mocked up images of helpless children as bait. They could check in but they CAN'T CHECK OUT! John, you are welcome to laser the roach hotels once they are full and have a "no vacancy" sign flashing :)

    3. If there was such a punishment as Superman's phantom zone, I would say place the cabal there for the next thousand years.

  46. On a lighter note....

    Donation Request

    Dear Friends:

    I have the distinguished honor of being a member of the Committee to raise $50,000,000 for a monument to Hillary R. Clinton.
    We originally wanted to put her on Mt. Rushmore until we discovered there was not enough room for her two faces.
    We then decided to erect a statue of Hillary in the Washington, D.C. Hall of Fame. We were in a quandary as to where the statue should be placed.

    It was not proper to place it beside the statue of George Washington, who never told a lie, or beside Barack Hussein Obama, who never told the truth, since Hillary could never tell the difference.

    We finally decided to place it beside Christopher Columbus, the greatest Democrat of them all. He left not knowing where he was going, and when he got there he did not know where he was. He returned not knowing where he had been, and did it all on someone else's money.
    Thank you,
    Hillary R. Clinton Monument Committee

  47. Interesting coverage from ATimes on the Panama Papers. I have already pointed out several times that the Bushes used Panama (and possibly Mossack Fonseca) for their secret stashes in the past, and yet...their names have not surfaced. How is that possible? It is just as possible as Daddy Bush saying that he was making a mere $100,000 a year (or thereabouts) and giving several million to Harvard.
    Putin is not as "tarred" as certain parties hoped that he would be. However, quite a few Brits and the British Virgin Islands, the Isle of Mann and other hidey-holes have surfaced in the Panama Papers.

  48. governmentium

    A major research institution has recently announced the discovery of the heaviest chemical element yet known to science.

    The new element has been named “Governmentium”. Governmentium has 1 neutron, 12 assistant neutrons, 75 deputy neutrons, and 11 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 312.

    These 312 particles are held together by forces called morons, which are surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons.

    Since governmentium has no electrons, it is inert. However, it can be detected as it impedes every reaction with which it comes into contact. A minute amount of governmentium causes one reaction to take over 4 days to complete when it would normally take less than a second.

    Governmentium has a normal half-life of 2 to 4 years; it does not decay, but instead undergoes a reorganization in which a portion of the assistant neutrons and deputy neutrons exchange places.

    In fact, governmentium’s mass will actually increase over time, since each reorganization causes some morons to become neutrons, forming isodopes.

    This characteristic of moron-promotion leads some scientists to speculate that governmentium is formed whenever morons reach a certain quantity in concentration. This hypothetical quantity is referred to as “Critical Morass”.

    You will know it when you see it.


    1. Great discovery, TEXIAN. William Banzai7 can add it to his Periodic Table of Wall Street Criminal Elements:

      Periodic Table of Wall Street Criminal Elements

  49. From Facebook:
    Yesterday at 6:30pm ·

    I've been logging data on girls who have suffered adverse effects from Gardasil for years, but the boys are presenting new physical and psychological problems. Some of these males cannot perform sexually, and are hesitant to discuss their problems with parents.. One of several male Gardasil recipients reports the inability to gain an erection within weeks of the Gardasil HPV vaccine, while other young men may simply tell their parents "something is wrong down there." All parents need to be aware of possible sexual problems in their male children, and open their hearts about a formerly taboo subject and help their male children through times of a dysfunctional male organ and/or a swollen or painful scrotum. If you think you are embarrassed, how do you think your male child feels? He may have no reference for the things that are happening to his body as he comes into puberty, or why things just don't work anymore. Their is also the embarrassment for the older teen, who looses his girlfriend because he can no longer achieve an erection. Please be aware that the Gardasil HPV vaccine has now been associated with impotence in males. These are your children, and they desperately need your help and understanding. If you are aware of a male child who is experiencing sexually related symptoms, either physically or emotionally, please contact me at

    1. Thank you! I have forwarded this information to friends and family with male children.

  50. MWP and Valdi

    During the next week we will release to you a deep overview with Pics showing the reality of what is developing.
    The Elders Temple Heads and supporting Lawyers and Accountants meeting the key London focal group says it all. That is how far it is all progressing so we just need to maintain the momentum. So far, the London group have it all, the lot.
    All this vacuous rhetoric in Blog articles of super pay outs next week is delusional, grunt level garbage suitable only for hillbillies or the Bible Belt who seem to buy anything.

    Clearly, we can not release details, but assume the London policy group has a very clear agenda, accepted by the Elders who continue returning, and are setting up the new Global HQ Representation Office in London,selected and run by us, to be the Corporate Think Tank and as stated, by our Elders, the Visionaries for all our plans.

    Which means a NO for Cabal game plays, a No for Zio Banks and a clear commitment to phase in these vast assets to establish Global recovery and harmony.
    Which in turn will mean Infrastructure projects, a review of Global educational needs, a Global review of how we deal with Wookie extremists,a serious review of how we persuade nations to rip out the 990 plus bases of this War Peddling Agency run regime, and how the world comes together harmonising Trade, Project sharing, and to discuss the reality of Cosmic empowerment.

    When I am discussing advanced thinking of Spiritual enlightenment with Buddhist Temple Heads, with core Elders listening and seeking the lead of the Temple Heads, it augurs well for your future. But, we still have a lot to do.
    That said, we have focus, passion, commitment,a few upset Lords as I trash the inept lack of Political accomplishment and the low bar which allows such Gorilla snot to accrue seats worldwide and so badly fail their nations, while we show the Elders the true scale of the mountain yet to be climbed. However, taking them all to walk up the multi hundred steps to reach the whispering gallery in the vast high dome of St Pauls Cathedral in London brought home this is a party who will move his Butt, reach for the stars, and should have bloody well used the lift! They loved it. One Temple Head told me this was a journey he will carry with him forever. They loved the catacombs, the tombs of the great Military Leaders, and the enormous opulence between the Lords and Cathedrals.What they really buy into , is a party with no illusions, who stops and gives to the homeless on the streets, but has a Global vision of us all being one family of man, not led by crap Political and dysfunctional,naive Religious leaders. Being told in the Great Halls all this is delusional, WE have change it, the new journey has to start with us, Moses buggered up the last one, and now we just have a world of kingdoms of the blind led by one eyed crocks. Slick Willie was proof, you know which eye led him. It even left Monica with a bad taste.

    These talks are very real, and progressing well because for the first time Elders, who are no fools,see and feel real empathy for our Global problems. Seeing Lords suffering in discomfort as J addresses shortcomings has empowered their belief, and helped Elders understand we have a truly moral obligation to think out man's future, because Politicos are just wombats on a greasy pole trying to grab a Buck and this again needs deep debate of how. We have to do Right, even if not Right Now!
    A small nation it may be in England, but it led the Industrial Revolution,and now may be leading the Conscious Thinking Revolution. Dam why should we pay for the Politicos hemorrhoid cream as we ram home enlightenment? Yes, MWP and Valdi, you have hope!

    1. Thank you John for giving us hope that true leaders do exist, to
      end the cabal's stranglehold on humanity.

      True leaders to bring peace and freedom to humanity.

    2. John, thank you for elaborating on events happening that we cannot know about otherwise.

      I would only correct one thing you said..."Moses buggered up the last one, and now we just have a world of kingdoms of the blind led by one eyed crocks. Slick Willie was proof, you know which eye led him."

      I would change that to "one eyed COCKS"...doesn't that seem more realistic? Of course, I don't mean roosters :)

    3. I used your intelligence to see the meaning.

    4. Have to admit I read it as 'cocks' in the first place. This made me go back and read it again.

  51. John, I hope i`m not stepping out of line but who governs the Lords is it Cameron, The Queen, Parliament or a collective of all or do you follow a strict code of conduct.

    The reason I ask is that with these delicate foregoing meetings with the Elders progressing with humanity at stake could there be someone in the upper hierarchy able to sabotage all that has been achieved these past couple of years.
    Thanks for the update.

  52. Scott

    The PM has an oversight but the Queen is focal. Yes, we have a strict code,one I constantly bend.
    There are many parties able to effect damage, and a part State owned Bank who have yet not released the access codes for a key Elder to transfer, is a nightmare with Compliance only a fool would seek. Banks truly are *******!!!!

  53. Breaking news!

    Panama Papers Reveal Clinton’s Kremlin Connection

    John and Tony Podesta aren’t fooling anyone

    (I'm posting here in two parts in case they try to remove it)

    The revelations of the so-called Panama Papers that are roiling the world’s political and financial elites this week include important facts about Team Clinton. This unprecedented trove of documents purloined from a shady Panama law firm that arranged tax havens, and perhaps money laundering, for the globe’s super-rich includes juicy insights into how Russia’s elite hides its ill-gotten wealth.

    Almost lost among the many revelations is the fact that Russia’s biggest bank uses The Podesta Group as its lobbyist in Washington, D.C. Though hardly a household name, this firm is well known inside the Beltway, not least because its CEO is Tony Podesta, one of the best-connected Democratic machers in the country. He founded the firm in 1998 with his brother John, formerly chief of staff to President Bill Clinton, then counselor to President Barack Obama, Mr. Podesta is the very definition of a Democratic insider. Outsiders engage the Podestas and their well-connected lobbying firm to improve their image and get access to Democratic bigwigs.

    Which is exactly what Sberbank, Russia’s biggest financial institution, did this spring. As reported at the end of March, the Podesta Group registered with the U.S. Government as a lobbyist for Sberbank, as required by law, naming three Podesta Group staffers: Tony Podesta plus Stephen Rademaker and David Adams, the last two former assistant secretaries of state. It should be noted that Tony Podesta is a big-money bundler for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign while his brother John is the chairman of that campaign, the chief architect of her plans to take the White House this November.

  54. part 2

    Sberbank (Savings Bank in Russian) engaged the Podesta Group to help its public image—leading Moscow financial institutions not exactly being known for their propriety and wholesomeness—and specifically to help lift some of the pain of sanctions placed on Russia in the aftermath of the Kremlin’s aggression against Ukraine, which has caused real pain to the country’s hard-hit financial sector.

    It’s hardly surprising that Sberbank sought the help of Democratic insiders like the Podesta Group to aid them in this difficult hour, since they clearly understand how American politics work. The question is why the Podesta Group took Sberbank’s money. That financial institution isn’t exactly hiding in the shadows—it’s the biggest bank in Russia, and its reputation leaves a lot to be desired. Nobody acquainted with Russian finance was surprised that Sberbank wound up in the Panama Papers.

    Since the brothers are destined for very high-level jobs if the Democrats triumph in November, their relationship is something they—and Clinton—need to explain.

    Although Sberbank has its origins in the nineteenth century, it was functionally reborn after the Soviet collapse, and it the 1990s it grew to be the dominant bank in the country, today controlling nearly 30 percent of Russia’s aggregate banking assets and employing a quarter-million people. The majority stockholder in Sberbank is Russia’s Central Bank. In other words, Sberbank is functionally an arm of the Kremlin, although it’s ostensibly a private institution.

    Certainly Western intelligence is well acquainted with Sberbank, noting its close relationship with Vladimir Putin and his regime. Funds moving through Sberbank are regularly used to support clandestine Russian intelligence operations, while the bank uses its offices abroad as cover for the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service or SVR. A NATO counterintelligence official explained that Sberbank, which has outposts in almost two dozen foreign countries, “functions as a sort of arm of the SVR outside Russia, especially because many of its senior employees are ‘former’ Russian intelligence officers.” Inside the country, Sberbank has an equally cosy relationship with the Federal Security Service or FSB, Russia’s powerful domestic intelligence agency.

    Ukraine has pointed a finger at Sberbank as an instrument of Russia’s aggression against their country. In 2014, Ukraine’s Security Service charged Sberbank with “financing terrorism,” noting that its branches were distributing millions of dollars in illegal aid to Russian-backed separatists fighting in eastern Ukraine. Kyiv’s conclusion, that Sberbank is a witting supporter of Russian aggression against Ukraine, is broadly supported by Western intelligence. “Sberbank is the Kremlin, they don’t do anything major without Putin’s go-ahead, and they don’t tell him ‘no’ either,” explained a retired senior U.S. intelligence official with extensive experience in Eastern Europe.

  55. Part 3

    In addition, Ukrainian intelligence has alleged that the FSB collaborated with Sberbank in the bombings of two of the bank’s branches in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, in June 2015. The attacks caused no casualties but got major coverage in Russian state media as “proof” of Ukraine’s instability and violent anti-Russian nature. Although the notion that Russian spies would plant bombs as a provocation, what the Kremlin terms provokatsiya, may sound outlandish to those unacquainted with espionage, in fact Russian spies have been doing such things since tsarist times. What I’ve termed “fake terrorism” is a longstanding Kremlin core competency, and it can only be pulled off with logistical support, including with finances.

    Predictably, Sberbank has blown off the Panama Papers revelations as nothing of consequence, but the fact that they are an arm of the Kremlin and they do plenty of shady things in many countries is a matter of record. As is the fact that the Podesta Group is their lobbyist in America.

    Among the Sberbank subsidiaries that the Podesta Group also represents are the Cayman Islands-based Troika Dialog Group Limited, the Cyprus-based SBGB Cyprus Limited, and the Luxembourg-based SB International. As reported this week by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, a consortium of journalists exploring the Panama Papers leak, Sberbank and Troika Dialog are used by members of Mr. Putin’s inner circle to shift public funds into sometimes questionable private investments. In other words, this is top-level money laundering of a brazen kind. As the OCCRP stated plainly, “Some of these companies were initially connected to the Troika Dialog investment fund, which was controlled and run by Sberbank after the bank bought the Troika Dialog investment bank. Troika and Sberbank declined to comment.”

    Adding to shadiness of all this, the Podesta Group is playing along with the useful charade that Sberbank is simply a private financial institution, rather than the state-owned bank that it is, since that would require the lobbyists to register as agents of the Russian government under the Foreign Agent Registration Act.

    John and Tony Podesta aren’t fooling anyone with this ruse. They are lobbyists for Vladimir Putin’s personal bank of choice, an arm of his Kremlin and its intelligence services. Since the brothers Podesta are presumably destined for very high-level White House jobs next January if the Democrats triumph in November at the polls, their relationship with Sberbank is something they—and Hillary Clinton—need to explain to the public.

  56. From

    This web site is updated daily. Hit refresh if it looks the same as yesterday.

    The England hypothesis

    Permalink After looking at what is out there on the topic of vaccines intentionally creating autism, and the "England Hypothesis", the troll responses pretty much confirm that this nails it on the head precisely. No other vaccine topic gets such pointed and precise trollage. The woman who stated this hypothesis has completely slipped into oblivion. To have no follow ups strongly indicates she was either done away with or censored completely.
    I believe this is precisely what the newly formulated vaccines are for. The trolls are so afraid of this topic that they have even dragged the testimony of police officer Savage through the dirt over this, spewing obvious lies about his character, saying "he never made it through the Police Academy" despite the fact he was a 20 year veteran. Interesting they would connect him even though "The England Hypotheses" has nothing to do with him. That is a high level troll tactic, the England Hypothesis and Officer Savage have received special attention. Nail on the head . . . .

    The manner of trollage itself is strong evidence that "shaken baby syndrome" covering for vaccine deaths and "The England Hypothesis" are both BANG ON. The England Hypothesis follows:

    "According to the England Hypothesis, named after research journalist Christina England, vaccine-induced autism is an intentional chemical manipulation to create worker drones – sterile, docile, unable to question the conditions handed to them for their lives, content with boring, repetitive tasks, placid, disposable and interchangeable. In short, autists are the 'deltas' and 'epsilons' of the brave New World Order consistent with the genocidal aspirations of globalization via Agenda 21.

    Rima E. Laibow, MD, Medical Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation fears the England Hypothesis may be correct. She examined autism and vaccination data and now believes that autism is not just the tragic byproduct of vaccination, but the real reason behind its use.

    Laibow knows the concept is deeply shocking, which has helped hide the real nature of vaccination programs. She notes that as people susceptible to vaccine damage reproduce, their genetic susceptibility and cumulative genomic damage accumulates.

    Multinationals now actively seek autistic workers because they are easily controlled and value highly structured, routine lives and are frequently infertile.

    The irrational vigor with which vaccination is promoted by globalist organizations is predicted by the England Hypothesis since it results in a sharply escalating autistic population.

    Depopulation programs like the UN's Agenda 21 require technicians whose personality and skill profiles are well-matched by many autistic people.

    Take a look at what a doctor has to say in This related video, it lends strong credibility to this. It is sort of like something Grandma would make, but is incredibly solid despite that.

    Video at link:


  57. Everyday workers are starting to revolt and become whistle blowers because "it's the right thing to do ethically".

    Hoorah for this guy and others with a set of real B_LLS to do the same!


    Yaeger was working as an engineer in training “when he found a corroded band of lead connecting two pipes while helping replace a water main,” the report said.

    “I was disappointed in the decision of the director to, in my view, put the reputation of the city before the safety of the public,” Yaeger said, per the report. “I think what I did is ethically right.”

    The city’s termination letter to Yaeger said he portrayed the city “in a false light, which may be damaging to the reputation of the department. Your assertions were not accurate and lacked important context. You were not authorized to take the portion of the pipe joint nor provide this city property to a non-city employee,” according to the report.

    “Yaeger received a letter of termination March 23. Public Works Director Kishia Powell says Yaeger's actions contributed to false information being provided to the citizens of Jackson and possibly created unwarranted public fear,” MLBT reported.

    The city also argues that Yaeger violated ethical codes for engineers by disclosing information without consent of his employer, according to the Clarion-Ledger report.

    Yaeger’s response: “The nature of a whistle-blower is you’re unable to get the consent; therefore, you go beyond what is employee protocol. I think that as a public servant, my duty is to provide information that allows the public to make informed decisions, not to keep secrets for the sake of the city’s reputation.”

  58. So many things surfacing, I am waiting for the truth about the secret space program and where all that DoD money REALLY went.

    Another CDC whistleblower stepped forward about Vaccines.

    gO SIGN UP FOR THIS VIDEO. dR. TENNPENNY, an ardent activist against vaccination recommends it.

    1. Very worthwhile series! Viewed last time and highly recommend.

  60. Help for WHA

    Reality Check re Forex and Fantasists.

    Somewhere, somehow, a Global ambulance chase has built up among the great unwashed. It varies from the "I Am Owed Gobshites", to the naive, often decent but gullible deperados assuming spending 1K would make them millions because some loose broker tempted them to part with hard earned money for the most wild and feckless paper chase.
    The get out of jail ticket was understood,as the desperate needed hope and a lifeline. But funded by whom and for what? It was never real. Google up the South Sea Bubble.

    No one has to speculate. But if so, do it with applied research and care.
    Conference calls costing you premium rates while Gobshites waffle nonsense talking more money out of your pockets as they skim the premiums from those call lines. Suckers and money? All mumbo jumbo, but with the Jumbos paying premium rates to be told vacuous nonsense.

    Iraq has a finite economy. There is no Fairy Godmother, apart from Barney Frank, and no one is wasting Trillions bailing Iraq. Why?
    When Iraq is ready, it will return in a planned and orderly manner, IMF supported, and will rebuild in small but controlled steps. Multi thousand per cent pay offs for the gullible wont happen. Paid by who and why? Get - REAL!

    A solid country like Vietnam has a public Dong rate and it's gone down 20% to keep its exports competitive. What planet do these Drongos come from who think that Vietnam will be allowed to destroy all the Chinese investments in its economy, and to make millions jobless so a few scavengers may get rich from their misery? Funded by who? The Elders wont bail the speculators for sure, and end up with a range war with China. Forget it.
    America has no money nor will have. It's insolvent. China, the US and Elders are a No. Hello?

    So, who will lose their minds and enrich others buying toilet paper? Dongs have a quoted rate. Why change it?
    Iraq will only return under control.Small volumes, competitive rates.

    The US economy is in the toilet. The Wookie in charge has no experience, no competence, and no vision. He's got rich posing, doing as he's told, and collecting the Afro and Jewish votes. He was only ever a Ringer, and Gypsies Dog Ringers don't ever win the Kentucky Derby. He conned you - twice! So many, so stupid?

    Sorry, truly, and with humble respect,but no Free For All is coming. Any shape shifting rig to enrich a few, will be in a small window of opportunity, and then closed. If so, your sites will warn you fast to get in and out. For those needing a week to travel to a main bank, why buy? Get in, get out and track the sites. If it comes, it will be like Slack Alice with a Gusher. LOl.Then gone. Like Archie Bunker, come on Lil Fella?

    Seriously , take care out there.Ambulance chasing in a herd of Wannabes is no place to be. Where the breaks are coming is when we start the projects. The Employable will get breaks. We do understand the needs of so many, and do care.
    But there are reality obstacles to overcome with so many weaned in a Welfare bubble thinking State Freebies are a right and will continue. Reality is they are a herd of surplus ( Bush calls them useless eaters,) and culling is a very real option under strong Tri Lateral policy review. When the Muslim Wookie is gone, a whole new social view may develop of what to do with the herd surplus. Especially when the Petro Dollar tanks.
    America still has enormous latent talent and potential. Nothing can not be recovered with good Leadership, but there, like the Wookie and Clinton, it LIES!
    Good Leadership.
    That like the Currency fantasy, is not on offer for the foreseeable future.
    All indications are the Clintons will be railroaded in between rigged counting machines and a part population too stupid to be let loose in public without a leash and muzzle. In which case, Bush 41 owns you all again. Sad, mad and bad. Americas future right now? Cruz on Hooker files, Trump or Clinton? O- M- G! Emigration?

    1. Maybe not emigration: Balkanize the states, get rid of the monster
      Federal government whose tentacles expand everywhere taking freedoms
      with it. Just my thoughts.

      Throw out the lot of them, start over.

    2. John, I understand fully what you are stating and it makes perfect sense.
      I really am not that interested in the re-val as I am in destroying the control mechanism that these parasites use to enslave us.
      But if there is not going to be a re-val than what are the White Hats working so tirelessly on as they have confidently stated many times that the re-val is coming along with the release of the Collateral accounts.
      Has all there hard work been for nothing or have they shifted their attention to other pressing issues.


    3. One is not necessary for the other. Also what is mentioned is a "public free for all", which also does not apply. So NO, their efforts have not been wasted.

    4. The reval will not be a free for all, and funds will all be put to key use, not a Welfare blow out. There are 7B plus beings on this planet.They matter far more than c330M in the US who are destroying it. All beings are equal given equal education chances so why should we go on allowing this Cabal to take all? The US are less than 5% of humanity. Why allow more in a reval aid? America both had it all and blew it. London and China get ever closer. London and DC get ever more distanced. Asia will simply not allow the Cabal to gorge these funds now, nor will Russia. There is not a working day when we do not slam the Cabal with the Elders.We will have a big say on Elders funds, and while it is clear we have a balanced view towards the American people and help needed, our revulsion at the Cabal, Gutt rotten Politicos, and Zio Banking trash is well known. We keep it real, so they can not steal.
      I reminded the Elders 2 weeks ago these funds carry a moral obligation. So how can we justify funding thousands of dollars a month to 200 to 300 Lb wont work slobs on Welfare. Just look at reality TV trash. An Asian family can live for a year on that and are no less real, or human. 10 families can live on that in Africa. This is a Global dichotomy. We need to care for all.
      The American model is broken. Do we fix it, or let it go and rebuild fresh?
      We cant go on allowing Zio and Bush trash to deny humanity. We cant give to a nation with almost 1,000 bases terrifying the world. Why fund this monster mob?
      Will there be a free for all? Not a chance. We need to free the world from hegemony. Nothing for the Fed,or Federal parasites. Reval needs to remove the trash. The reason its taking time is because we are fighting tooth and nail to stop the Rat Pack at every turn. These funds need to service humanity, not greed. To service nations. To service need. There will be no free for all Jamboree, its about all people, not Me, Me. Me.

  61. John,
    Thanks for taking the time to keep us informed. I truly appreciate your desire to help all of us. I have a question about the "breaks" that you speak of. Will the employment opportunities be in the US, or will they be elsewhere?

    1. Terry

      The Global animosity towards the US will take a lot of work and time to overcome. We will try, people everywhere need help. Tammy raises a key point, getting rid of the Federal State would be an enormous help to all of humanity. .

    2. John,

      Getting rid of the federal state by restoring our common law and Constitution FOR the United States of America from local level on up is what Anna Von Reitz' articles are all about. We're in very slow process of kicking the admiralty (sea pirate) law back to the sea that usurped the Republic.

      As you must know, the Temple Crown City of London and BAR Associations are one bunch of sea pirates which are part of the history of "federal state" along with Rothschild & Rockefeller banks, Vatican, et al who have had a stranglehold on the people of this country and other countries.

      We could use your help to accomplish this.

    3. It is raised weekly with no favours we dont recognise borders, just need. You have a free say here. Your voices count.

    4. Free say? So you are looking to do good which is fine. Truly the US cannot be helped until the cabal is gone. It makes about as much sense as pouring water in a bucket that has a big hole at the bottom and expecting it to fill up. Help us get rid of them so things can move in a positive direction. With 300M here and possibly only 1% of the mat being aware it's more than an uphill battle. Mind as well give a shot at filling the bucket again. The US likes to mettle in everyone's affairs why can't other world leaders do the same and help put an end to the corruption by making their own arrests of the assholes here who are corrupt. I'm sure they've violated some law in about every country. Maybe money laundering or tax evasion who knows do what they do and make shit up. That's my rant for the day carry on all

  62. This one deals with some of the comments with everyone's indulgence...I'll post in its entirety.

    From Anna Von Reitz today....

    Comments About People's Awareness Coalition
    Several people have asked my opinion of the PAC and the organization's guru LB Bork.

    I first read the Red Amendment several years ago, and while the material was well-reasoned within the information the author had at the time, it was immediately apparent to me that LB Bork didn't have all the pieces.

    For example, not knowing that the United States has always been foreign with respect to the states, that the United States has always embraced dual citizenship--- and not just after the Civil War, that the United States Trust is what the United States of America was organized and tasked to protect, that the names of documents as well as the legal style of the name matters, that these things are meant to operate in completely different jurisdictions than the organic states--- that is, the reason that the Federales call us "non-resident aliens".

    There are a great many weird realities that result from the odd arrangements our Forefathers made. For example, the Federales, as James Thomas McBride observed, are not obligated to protect your body, but they are obligated to protect your property and not trespass on your rights. A sane man might say it is hard to protect one while violating the other....but that's the way it is and the reason that police are not obligated to protect you even though you pay their salaries and assume that that is their job.

    Bork is also one of the main sources of the theory that we "commoners" who owe our allegiance to the respective land-based organic nation-states where we were born as Californians, Texans, Wisconsinites and so on, are not members of the "People" of the United States. This assumption on Bork's part seems to stem from looking at it only from the perspective of the organic states, which never allowed dual citizenship at any time, and failing to look at it from the perspective of the United States which always has allowed and promoted and used dual citizenship.

    This is reiterated over and over in Federal Code and indeed, even by Bork, who refers to the language of the Fourteenth Amendment repeatedly and somehow fails to note that the Federales claim people born in their jurisdiction and anyone "subject to the jurisdiction thereof" as "citizens" but one may be one of the people without being a citizen so far as the Feds are concerned. And this has always been the case, too.

    Going back to the Definitive Treaty of Peace 1783 which was the official peace treaty ending hostilities between the British and the Americans at the end of the Revolutionary War, we see two different kinds of people present and mentioned---- the free, sovereign, and independent people of the United States and the "inhabitants" who are subjects of the King and the Crown who remain to provide "essential governmental services" as provided under Article IV, Section 3, Clause 2 of the much-later Constitution for the united States of America.

    From the Federal perspective--- that is, from the international jurisdiction of the sea--- one can be one of the "People" without being a citizen at all. This distinction comes from the fact that a "citizen" owes an obligation of service and the people do not. This is the same distinction one must make when realizing that "sovereign citizen" is an oxymoron, a conflict of terms, and that one cannot be a "citizen"---neither state nor federal--- and a "sovereign" at the same time.


    1. Cont'd...

      I am aware of that fact and the reasons for it and as nasty, duplicitous, self-serving, dishonest, and often in Breach of Trust as the British Crown has been in mischaracterizing us as "inhabitants" and "employees" and "volunteers" and "citizens" willingly and knowingly subjecting ourselves and our property to their tender mercies, I think that it is a great disservice to everyone concerned to advance any argument whatsoever disinheriting us from our natural status as one of the free, sovereign, and independent people and members of the People, collectively.

      To act upon this misunderstanding is to throw away our joint sovereignty and inheritance --- the assets of the United States Trust which we are all owed. One does not need to be or to claim to be a United States citizen of any stripe to be a Beneficiary of the United States Trust, the richest, largest, most powerful trust on the planet. Indeed, it is our standing as lawful beneficiaries of this Trust and its assets that is our most compelling source of empowerment, for in this capacity we act as the Equitable Title Holders and Holders in Due Course, and we are enabled to "take against" the Will of any other group of beneficiaries past or present.

      Those who wrote and adopted the evils of The Constitution of the United States of America, Inc. and its insanely and purposefully convoluted 14th Amendment back in 1868 have been rightfully caught in their deceits and skullduggery by Lysander Spooner and President Andrew Johnson and LB Bork and other great Americans. The rats responsible stand accused and self-evidently convicted of treason against the actual Constitution, revealed as criminals and con artists, intent on enslaving others and maintaining unlawful oppression by force of arms. They expressed their Will with the publication of their deceptively named corporate charter--- the Constitution of the United States of America--- but there isn't a thing in the world preventing any one of us from making different choices.

      We each have free will of our own. Just because a bunch of musty old robber barons and greedy, dishonest bankers worked a fraud against our great-grandparents and published a deceptively named corporate charter for themselves, deliberately seeking to confuse "the Constitution of the United States of America" with "The Constitution for the united States of America"---- it doesn't bind our hands today.

      We don't have to vote in their elections, which as LB Bork points out, identifies us as criminals acting against the actual Constitution. We are free to say, hey, wait a minute, I was misinformed and misled and made a mistake accordingly.

      We can revoke all "Voter Registrations" and we can act upon our own Will. We can act as Beneficiaries of the United States Trust and hold all these vermin feet first to the fire. We can hold our own elections and fill our vacated Land Jurisdiction Offices and operate our unincorporated States on the Land and we can even call a Continental Congress and rewrite their contract. We can, if we so desire, renegotiate the agreements reached 200-plus years ago and we can fire them. They are our employees on one hand, and their King is in violent Breach of Trust as our Trustee on the High Seas and Inland Waterways on the other. We can bring charges against the banks and their governmental services corporations and their corporate officers and agencies in international courts of record and fine them, confiscate their assets, and liquidate their corporations as known crime syndicates.


    2. Cont'd....

      Once you know who you are ---and really, truly know who you are--- it turns out that all the power actually does remain with us and with the choices we make. We are in fact beneficiaries of the United States Trust and all this wrangling over different kinds of "citizenship" is a Red Herring, because we are not obligated to be or to act as "citizens" of any kind. We can just stand on our little flat feet, revoke all registrations, rebut all presumptions of citizenship, and go from there.

      The inhabitants of the Federal United States who ARE Federal United States (C)itizens are indeed subject to the British Crown and they are here being employed to provide us with essential governmental services under contract; they are literally public servants and in that much-diminished capacity have contrived to benefit themselves, similar to the antics of a dishonest Butler. Still, at the end of the day, a Butler is still a Butler, and the Lord of the Manor is still a Lord.

      I don't share Bork's bleak and bitter view. I don't for a moment accept his view that we are in any kind of "limbo land" or statelessness. We are the beneficiaries of the United States Trust. We are the joint sovereigns of the land jurisdiction of the United States. Once we wake up and Declare ourselves, the rest is rather easy and self-evident. We are the sovereigns without subjects, in command of ourselves and our destiny; if we haven't called a Continental Congress together in 200 years it is nobody's business but our own. If we operate or don't operate our natural unincorporated state governments, that is also nobody's business but our own. I would merely observe to everyone that our failure to do so has enabled a great deal of theft, chicanery, and criminality and that the sooner we take our rightful places at the helm of our fifty ships of state, the better.

  63. Mossack Fonseca Breach – WordPress Revolution Slider Plugin Possible Cause


    Mossack Fonseca (MF), the Panamanian law firm at the center of the so called Panama Papers Breach may have been breached via a vulnerable version of Revolution Slider. The data breach has so far brought down the Prime Minister of Iceland and surrounded Russian President Putin and British Prime Minister David Cameron with controversy, among other famous public figures. It is the largest data breach to journalists in history, weighing in at 2.6 terabytes and 11.5 million documents.

    Forbes have reported that MF was giving their customers access to data via a web portal running a vulnerable version of Drupal. We performed an analysis on the MF website and have noted the following:

    The MF website runs WordPress and is currently running a version of Revolution Slider that is vulnerable to attack and will grant a remote attacker a shell on the web server.

  64. Something goes bumping in the night:

    And this as expected since the setup of Obamacare:

  65. For WHA and all

    The Projected money market collapse May 28th. It's B/S, all of it!

    Were such a seismic event even tracking in reality,it would be picked up, and the panic buttons pressed as Zio Rats left the ship today.
    It has no foundation in fact. The US Fed, a far greater case, is Bankrupt beyond eternity,yet allowed to continue its fiscal meddling because no one wants to pull it down without an alternative, credible base funder. The majors are known to be way beyond basket cases,but pull one and it creates a chain reaction,so its going to be fudge and fantasy until one day Derivatives do bring home the perfect storm. There is no Insurer of Last Resort for Derivatives, so if these Skip Rats in Banking or Hedge Funds do lose control of their overgeared algorithms, it will start with a curve ball coming home, followed by cross market panic, and if multiple calls come home, you will have another Lehman's x 10,000! Be assured,Derivatives are a Tsunami of risks waiting that perfect storm with Bankers bonuses derailing all logistical safety memories. Derivatives are pure gambles with fictitious Insurance cover with tickets written by dubious ethical Insurers no one can cover. All in, all at it, bonus driven.
    Until Derivatives gambling is reduced by effective Regulatory Enforcement,that is your far greater risk.
    The rest, Bloggers hype.

    1. Most of those videos are about 3-4 years old. 1 was from 2013. One was when the Dow was 10,000.


    2. Brooksley Bourne tried to bring this up at the beginning and she was driven out of government. We need a bright line between commercial banking and investment banking reinstated and a controlled unrolling of this idiotic casino of risk.

  66. Thank you John for the updates.

  67. This comment has been removed by the author.


    Versus what for food stamps? It is clear who the freeloaders are.

  69. See what is coming in our next reports.

  70. Just Stop It Now!

    It has to be the US Military doing this; I can't believe the British would be so stupid. It has been going on for many years. I'm sick of seeing the chemtrails every day and the damage that is being done to people and the Earth's ecosystems. And don't tell me they are harmless contrails: I do know the difference.

    Greg Hunter USA Watchdog: All-Out Assault on All Life on Earth-Dane Wigington

    1. Valdi, I once accidentally ran across a DoD plan for total dominance on an embassy hacking, just careless handling. In this BID request, the DoD spelled out how they were planning to release a group of pathogens acquired from Africa/Australia that were lethal. They planned to use BINARY weapons. Binary weapons are two parts: an infection that lingers at a subclinical level which can be triggered by a secondary infectitious agent OR a toxin. The result of the encounter of these two stressors on the recipient was to be death. The same plan discussed making all fish, wild game and other forms of food toxic. WHO WOULD PLAN TO UNLEASH THIS SORT OF CRAP ON THEIR OWN PEOPLE??????

      The plan wasn't talking about putting this out on foreign countries, it was to be unleashed on Americans so that they could be corralled an incapable of surviving in the wild (that is why they wanted to poison the fish and game.) They planned to tell the pilots of the chemtrail plans that the bacteria etc. being sent via the con-trails were actually intended to HARDEN up the people against biological and toxilogical warfare.

      I lost the document in my many moves. When I first read it, I was completely horrified and disgusted. The pub date was sometime in 2007, I think. After reading it, I knew that whoever was in charge of the military was no longer HUMAN.

  71. Valdi

    Population control. Tri lateral ethos. Global population levels?

  72. Todays Fed meeting will be interesting. As key Banks become ever more stretched what latitude does a bankrupt Fed have? This is only the start of a series of unfolding events. Today will be a small Tsunami, the big ones may follow. The US is losing it, but so are the Banks. Where are we on the Roller Coaster? Banksters games have consequences.
    Are we seeing their incompetence again? Why keeping feeding failures?

  73. Replies
    1. “Some of you may have just heard about these disclosures about outrageous tax havens and loopholes that super-rich people across the world are exploiting in Panama and elsewhere,” said Clinton during a campaign event last Wednesday.

      Is it any wonder that scandal follows the Clintons like stink follows garbage?

  74. It would seem that the world is not sleeping. I have long said that the phrase "sheeple" is incorrect and offensive. Well, guess what? Despite what many think, there are MANY MANY people who are neither stupid, inert or unaware of what has been going on...and now--they are angry and it is well-justified. And the Cameron barbe-cue procedes apace.

  75. Correct and it needs all your voices to help force the changes you need. Your site is your voice.

  76. John, been awhile since I posted here, but curious...your thoughts on the Chinese Yuan reportedly being gold-backed later this month; truth or fiction?

    too bad some of the folks here are tapped out, if true, now that would be a good investment in my opinion.

    1. Constitutionalist

      We have way too sensitive a role in high level discussions right now to show these hands yet. There is only one source of such volume, all the US volumes stolen and defrauded have been squandered or cross stolen. The US can't compete. China needs supply of vast volumes. But it lacks the cash to fund it yet. So, understand the sensitivity now in play. It is all "Evolving" with any variations of outcomes with a myriad of Chess moves in play.
      China is a very articulate nation and no fools.

      The rest, time and events will be your answers. On this we have to stay in diplomatic mode. You can work it out. It's all " In play".

    2. Got it John, thanks for the quick reply.

  77. If a useless-eater is defined as someone who consumes without making a positive contribution to society, then a worse-than-useless-eater is someone who consumes whilst having a negative impact on society. One cannot define a person's value in purely economic terms determined predominantly by those who issue money out of thin-air and charge interest on it. Our value was established by our creator; not by the money-changers or their hirelings. A higher intelligence may well decide it would be better to rid the universe of those parasites who profit handsomely from spreading fear, falsehood, violence, inequality, disease, death and destruction. Was there not enough blood shed in the last century? We had access to technology that could have freed humanity from slavery, war, poverty, ignorance, pestilence and hunger; and we let it fall into the hands of psychopaths. They may have the technology to take ET home but they do not have the mindfulness to save their own or the conscience to know what they are doing is wrong, and at the root of it is a money system that serves the few at the expense of the many.

    I'm tired of the whole freak show.

    1. I love this, Valdi! Nicely done!

    2. Valdi,
      One paragraph that says so much! Thank you!!!

  78. Valdi, when you say "take ET home, did you mean to their homes?" I ask, because it apparent to me that those that speak of other human beings as though they were some foreign subspecies--may be suffering from a little genetic manipulation by ET...or perhaps they are no longer human. I cannot think of any other reason why some members of a species would want to slaughter other members--unless that subgroup is no longer a member of the same species.

    I liked what you wrote, Valdi. Ayn Rand, a meth head, who would write anything that she was paid to write, coined the useless eaters phrase, I think. Or perhaps it was Kissinger who advocated starving off the peoples of Latin America and Africa so that those continents could be take over.

    Regardless the source, the sentiment is repugnant to normal caring people.


      Yes. I was referring to a comment made by Ben Rich, the CEO of Lockheed Skunkworks.
      We Now Have the Technology to Take ET Home

      The entire universe is full of life. Why would that shock or surprise anyone? If you, like I, have no problem talking to your cat or dog or pet guinea-pig or local politician, recognising the sentience in their eyes, why would it be any more difficult to communicate with an extra-terrestial, even higher intelligence, that might or might not have a human-like form? People already have in well-documented cases.

      Did not God promise Abraham his descendants would be as numerous as the stars? The universe is a big club and we ARE in it, if only we'd grow up as a species. We are here to progress and help others progress: kings who stand on the bodies of those they have conquered will never rise as high as the people who help each other climb mountains.

      These are indeed exciting times if we don't fluff it.

  79. Evidently, a large crowd of people has assembled in Washington, D.C., to advocate for getting money out of politics. Hundreds have been arrested including a former NYC police captain. As if that weren't enough to worry the polls, Lindsay Graham is exposing 9/11 on 60 minutes. Shades of Edgar R. Murrow!!!!

    On Saturday, CBS News released a trailer for the episode and an accompanying article.
    “I think it’s implausible to believe that 19 people, most of whom didn’t speak English, most of whom had never been in the United States before, many didn’t have a high school education, could have carried out such a complicated task without some support from within the United States,” says Graham in the clip.

    Until now, anyone who questioned the highly suspect ‘official’ narrative on the 9/11 attacks has been labeled a conspiracy theorist or a kook. But when current and former members of Congress, U.S. officials, and the 9/11 Commissioners themselves call for the release of these 28-pages, which tells a different story of what happened that fateful day — people will listen.

    CBS reports, Graham and his Joint Inquiry co-chair in the House, former Representative Porter Goss (R-FL) — who went on to be director of the CIA — say the 28 pages were excised from their report by the Bush Administration in the interest of national security. Graham wouldn’t discuss the classified contents, but says the 28 pages outline a network of people he believes supported hijackers in the U.S. He tells Steve Kroft he believes the hijackers were “substantially” supported by Saudi Arabia. Asked if the support was from government, rich people or charities, the former senator replies, “all of the above.”


    1. It's NOT Lindsey's former Senator Bob Graham

    2. Here is a better article to that Bob Graham and 60 Minutes article:

    3. I realized that AFTER I posted. I should not post at night when I am tired. Apologies, all. More oddities surfacing about more oddities.

      Kepler has found an "alien megastructure"

  80. Valdi and all - re Useless Eaters.

    Your all on the right track.

    There are 2 sources of wealth which can change everything.

    1. The AU the US did not steal and squander all held by the Elders.
    2. The vast Quad T's of printed cash held in warehouses by the Elders from their shares of profits not wasted on Military Regime games and Agencies.

    To even survive the US needs access. Denied!
    Even this morning access was denied until we have clear agreements locking down use of profits. The Cabal is on its back foot screaming at moral obligations being imposed on Trading Platforms under our control, or starve if not.
    2 pots of assets. Our Elders own it, the Cabal share they have blown it.

    Now London says, and we say NO!

    We will only allow use fit for purpose use and that is causing real stress.
    These funds will ONLY be allowed into play for an ethical ethos.
    Useless eaters? How about Bankers bonuses? Derivatives trading and funds wasted? Program platforms funding 4 squares for mindless goons destroying nations? 90% of all Charitable funds lost in admin and bonuses for the fat cats?
    Layers of Government Advisory bodies and Quangos wasting billions?

    Or, as I explained to Elders this morning, WE select a catastrophy needing key help. In 48 hours we can have Cargo plans loaded with core needs and landing or parachuting down supplies. Admin cost c5%. Our Diplomatic services can clear flight slots and protected deliveries to stop theft. Our future Elders Representative HQ can determine real use and focus on who is who in the Zoo and who gets what, leaving the Cabal and Bankers with Gorilla snot.

    Have you seen the low flying Bar Flies in government? Who needs any of this trash?
    Self help. Self control.

    There are very hard negotiations in play right now, and Governments can not quantify how we dare tell them we don't need or want you. There is no role - for an Ass Hole. That impacts hard. How dare we? Because we can!
    Because we want to make a difference is stages. Because we need composite vision and to stand our ground. The future is not written, but ours is in blood.

    Our agenda is to feed need not greed. And we hold the AU and pallets of cash. Changes are coming, as we decline to go slumming, with Politicos. First we need to buy certain banks. It takes time, but its in motion.
    Valdi trust your Bolshy Brits with a vision. Our small nation changed the world with the Industrial revolution.
    Lets see if we can launch next an ethical and Cosmic consciousness revolution. Why not try? We get it- All!

    1. Useless eaters? <=====> That would be most of Bohemian Grove.

      =====>How about Bankers bonuses?<=====
      Particularly when those bonuses are taken from money that, had it been distributed to the grass roots, small businesses and building housing, would have STIMULATED the economy not some bankster's nose.

      Derivatives trading and funds wasted? <========= These need to be shut down promptly. They serve no useful purpose and completely distort the use of capital.

      Program platforms funding 4 squares for mindless goons destroying nations?

      90% of all Charitable funds lost in admin and bonuses for the fat cats?<===This does actually depend on the charity. I work with some fine charities that are actually funneling most of their money into services to those that need them.

      Layers of Government Advisory bodies and Quangos wasting billions? <===Billions? Try trillions. THe DoD has lost about $5 Trillion to date and that is only the money that is marginally accounted for. What is a Quango?

    2. Thousands of Government Advisory businesses run by assholes on the take. Useless eaters!

  81. On another note; So it appears that many Americans are waking up to this stranglehold that we know as the "establishment" and voting for Trump in the primaries. What is interesting but not surprising is that our voices are being ignored! Cruz won all 37 Colorado delegates without one vote being cast!

    This continues and I'm sure it will, a lot of Americans are going to be mighty ticked off as there is grumbling already. Maybe it's a good thing as it allows more eyes to be open to exactly what is going on for those that are still asleep!

    I personally have called the Republican Senate Committee and have told them that they have forgotten there is the fourth branch of the U.S. government, We The People, and we were watching. OF course, as always they didn't seem to care much.

    1. Why are Americans not marching in fury at this clear abuse and fraud? Its the nation being stolen. Americans do not deserve this. Cruz is Bush in sheeps clothing. The real tragedy for America is Bush, Clinton, Cruz and Trump are all shoddy goods. Not one fit for office. I use Bush because if Cruz gets in he is just a Bush monkey and no more. The Bush Neo Nazi Crime family, like the Clintons, are shabby disgrace.
      What a tragedy. Not one fit to run!

    2. I have to agree with John. Trump's financial advisor's plan to save the country is to sell off all US assets to PAY OFF the bankster debt. HOW IS THAT DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHER PARASITES? Most of the debt from the last three administrations has been ODIOUS DEBT spent on tamping down on Americans. It should be repudiated along with the Fed Reserve's 3% for nothing fee.

    3. John, I am along with my circle of associates, friends, fellow Americans a Trump supporter. Why? Not because he is the finest that the US has to offer, HOWEVER he in fact is exposing the establishment for what is really is, and trust me I engage with many, many people on a weekly basis, and they are starting to see the light. Trump isn't perfect, no one says he is, but he is our chance to release the stranglehold the cabal including Cruz has on this country. Our thinking is get him in office, at least we have 4 years to come up with a decent honorable CONSTITUTION President.

      As for marching, John, trust me when I say this, and I am not advocating nor do I support violence, but I have it on good belief that IF Trump gets the short end of the stick now or at the convention, there will be plenty of Americans that are ticked off, and they won't be quiet.

      I unlike so many have hope for my country. I spend a lot of time with people from all walks of life, from the various "parties" and have found that actually Trump might offer the best opportunity to wake up Americans that are still asleep.

  82. Americans ARE Marching as are the Brits, the French and the Icelanders. There are probably others, but the revolution is NOT being televised.

  83. JOHN,

    Thanks for the reassurance...and the laugh. The unique way in which you phrase things never fails to crack me up.

    Will the banks you acquire operate under Glass-Steagall-type rules? Will local branches focus mainly on local needs with investors kept aware of how their money is used? Will people be able to make deposits and withdrawals in precious metals or have their currency linked directly to bullion deposits, as with BitGold? Will retail customers have their deposits guaranteed with no risk of confiscation or bail-in? I realise the banks will have to conform to Basle III requirements but they could go even better to facilitate trust and confidence. I assume major branches will deal with currency exchange and gold-trade notes for commerce.

    Would the Elders be prepared to fund an independent press? It seems unfair that first-class journalists like John Pilger have to resort to public fund-raising to get their work produced and distributed. There can be no trust without truth. People should not have to lie or compromise their principles to earn a living.

    1. Your bottom line, - Politicians do!

      We will be making our Banks fed free, owned, and we will kill off Derivatives Grading. No high gamble bonus rackets, our Banks will serve the communities. 35% of Compliance will be sacked the first month. So will 30% of the board.

      Metals we will wait and see first. Something big is in play, can't say more.
      The UK does not need Glass Steagal or US Compliance BS! Lets see if we get get Brexit in. Or are too many too stupid to think straight?


  84. Someone listed David Cameron on EBay for sale...or giveaway...not sure. We'll see how it goes....may have a few to list as well.


    1. What about the returns policy when tried and tested and malfunctioning? Another mediocre Muppet.

    2. TEXIAN,

      God, that is so funny and a very British way of making a point. I was going to place a bid but the item has been delisted.

    3. John and Valdi,
      Rumor over here across the pond is high bid of £35 from a swine flu research facility...

    4. I suspect his wife bid with shipping instructions to outer Siberia with the address of a Yeti. Imagine waking up to that soft Welp every day. A Yupi gone off is limp.

    5. Too funny all of you. Lol x 10.


  85. Testing to see if I can post here

  86. Key info for all switched on.

    The delay on the big new article is because we are flat out on the big GS right now. We have been at it since 02-00 hrs. Our teams arrived in Seoul and Beijing this morning taking it forward. We are negotiating a colossal Currency and AU deal with China and it opens all recovery possibilities. The Fed will be faced down and it served up them face down. Depending how this goes anything good is possible. The numbers are staggering and the Elders via London acting through us hold the key. This is a Private not Political initiative. It opens all doors. We really are approaching a possible vast epoch resolution. Fronted by men of vision and with a Humanitarian ethos. But no soft touch. Genuine cases we can help but the Bums rush over the Abyss for won't work trash will follow. Eurasia will deal with the Islamics. Chinese style.

    You all have hope as we have bypassed the Political wasters. This is direct. All is changing. Political dogs will only be thrown a bone when we are finished. A whole new order will follow, and Not Theirs or NWO! Cabal trash will be exposed and the Fed, fed to the wolves. Once we show the pics and meetings it will all become clear. No Dreamers in Jakarta skip rat hotels, this is the real deal in the real Halls of Power and City. It's at least in real and full negotiation now. Game on.Good luck. You have real HOPE now!

    1. Tammy, I second your notion of "hurrah" I especially like the part "...A whole new order will follow, and Not Theirs or NWO!"

      Read more at:
      OWoN © All Rights Reserved

    2. Fantastic and encouraging update John, thanks to you, your team, and the Elders for fighting for us all.

    3. I tip my hat in awe,respect and gratitude for a better future. Time to learn Mandarin! May the wind be at your back John!

    4. John,
      Very encouraging news! Thanks for letting us know. It's great to hear good will come out of all the misery!

    5. Tino

      No way will the Brits learn Mandarin, we just teach them English and get away with it. Style travels.
      Unlike a certain dumb Yank who when asked how did he think the British spoke English and who stated "Well we must have taught it to them!" Yep they really are that stupid. And walk among us. Even worse sit in Congress, one dumb mutant even sat in the Oval Office for 8 years, because Daddie fixed it for the moron. It takes all sorts. But the Brits will have the world speaking English. You all do. Lol. Lets keep it simple.

    6. Oh which yank said that? Do tell

    7. Some clown interviewed a while back showing the cross educational malfunction lower down the totem pole. We have our own, usually chinless wonders of cross breeding Hurray Henry's. Smile at what humanity breeds today. Preppy boys are?????

    8. Incredible news, John!!! Looking forward to the article and the momentum building on this enormous undertaking. Just awesome!

      Cal L. Girl

  87. Sorry if this is out of line, but this is the way I feel: "Hurrah for the good guys!"

  88. John, very exciting news. To get to witness such good come out of all this mess is just wonderful. Thanks for the positive update.

  89. Cogent Slashdot comment: [[During an interview with Fox News, President Obama said "There's classified, and then there's classified" when trying to answer questions about an ongoing investigation about Hillary Clinton and her emails. Techdirt writes, "Clinton sent, received and stored classified info on a private email server. But some classified info is more equal than others. It all depends on who has it and how the current administration feels about that person. Clinton playing fast and loose with classified info is subject to an entirely different standard than the large number of whistleblowers the Obama administration has prosecuted over the years." President Obama said in an interview broadcast on Sunday that while Hillary Clinton had been careless in managing her emails as secretary of state, she would never intentionally do anything to endanger the country. Obama says, "There's stuff that is really top-secret, and there's stuff that is being presented to the president or the secretary of state that you might not want on the transom, or going out over the wire, but is basically stuff that you could get in open-source." Basically, classification means all things to all people, as long as it allows officials and agencies to control narratives and disrupt public accountability.]]

  90. John,

    It seems virtual currency is an inevitable part of our future. Would you agree?

    Here is an interesting piece on this topic I found this morning:

    1. IMO, you don't really own anything not in your physical possession. Those 'virtual' currencies have a history of being hacked. Same with metals. If you don't have it in your possession, you most likely don't have it. Same is true with bank deposits. Once you deposit funds into a bank, it all belongs to the're merely a creditor.

  91. MWP

    Look at how many times bitcoins got hacked and stolen, be careful. Daryluke was hacked and robbed. And he promoted the things. Physician first heal thyself. Lol.

    1. Thank you John. I have no interest in owning digital currency. I was just wondering if you knew if digital currency is a likely to be part of the new financial system?

  92. Gold and silver coins are yours. Safe. Real currency and soon, watch them move up.
    If after a lifetime, you cant afford a Gold coin, what's wrong with you?
    Teasing. LOl. I know many are struggling, but think about creating opportunities, of course they exist. Bums are a state of mind. Change - it.

    1. After searching for work for 5 months and savings low I sold my Ag to move to another city, buy a car and start over. It worked and now in a good job at a university. Despite no longer being in the metals game I have no regrets! Best wishes to all who have metals and will benefit. And John much appreciation for the amazing work you and your group are doing. Eyes on Apr 19 :)

    2. Well done AJ for biting the bullet and moving to where the breaks are. It works. We make our own luck and breaks. Fact! Welfare is the killer of innovation and sucks societies into their pit. Don't work, don't eat. Funny hows we emerged and grew as nations under such real world realities. Those who drop by the wayside society goes on without. We are herd animals, nothing more. Socialists become our scavenger packs. Hunger brings reality and motivation. Welfare brings 300 lb ers and weasel clauses of why they cant but sure as hell will if facing wont do consequences. Well done AJ,a new world is always there for those who will move it and go to where the breaks are. Self help is reality. We can't go on with this welfare madness.
      The US is Quad Ts in debt for living a giant lie, and raising gullible fools who all think - we are owed. Reach and find is the real mantra.

      Yes of course there are a myriad of changes needed, we are well aware. But we also see and know the reality books, and the cost of a Bums free ride.
      We will be looking to try to help educate each nation, starting with reality, and targeting Islamic kids in the schools to teach them that society has to think to thrive, and that forced marriage of 6 to 9 year old girls is a filthy and perverse cult which has no role in a modern society. We seek to educate the minds of the children so Islam will self destruct with the new society, and the existing ignorant Wookies if crossing the line, can find that no one asked them to come,and a one way ticket back,or the big stick, will sort their games. We want a caring and compassionate society, but not one of ignorance and child perversion. Nor a 6th century cult conceived in the addled brain of a madman. Prophet of perversion who married Ayesha at 6- Grow up! No less brain addled than Abraham. When you worship madness what society emerges? Start by using the brains you were born with, or be led by psychopaths. Clinton, can you believe it? But the Wookie ran twice. So many, so dumb?

  93. So true. Be very careful.

    As a BTC trader, miner, user, I understand the need for top rate security, and have seen the carnage that results when people use unprotected or poorly protected computers.

    One of the key errors many commit is trying to get protection on the cheap, by using a "free version" of antivirus products. Big mistake. Also, some think that "more is better", and install multiple redundant products. Big mistake as well.

    I use several virtual currency products and do so without fear. To do so, you must master two areas. One, you need a good password generator/manager. Next, you need to have installed on your computer a quality, full spectrum security package. This package would ideally be from ONE vendor, so you can get assistance from one source should you need tech support. Make sure it is properly configured and is set to update automatically.

    As full spectrum package would protect against all known threats; virus, keyloggers, rootkits, trojans, bots, spoofing, fishing, etc.

    Consult top rated computer trade journals for highest rated products. Do some research, especially if you are like me and run a high percentage of your financial life from on line. Install one integrated product, configure it, and do weekly scans as needed.

    Each time someone comes to me after a hacking, I review their computer arrangements and have never failed to spot the reasons they were easy pickings. They either had a cheap product, no product, too many products or a poorly configured product.

    It all starts with proper education. From there, operating safely is rather easy once you understand the basics.

    Carry on.

    1. Thank you Tony, when I saw Bitcoins I saw shark pits.

  94. This is hilarious...a very American way of making a point:

    "TED CRUZ" — A Bad Lip Reading


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