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  2. It would seem that the Republican Party is running amuck at all levels.

  3. From


    The Washington DC subway is being shut down for more than an entire day because at one location an electrical fire broke out at the exit of a train station. This fire was put out quickly and caused no significant damage. But it was used as an excuse to shut the entire system down, while every single similar location is inspected to make sure the same problem is not elsewhere.
    I call BULLSHIT.

    Shutting down every route on an entire train system an entire city relies upon for an entire day just because a problem happened in one location is not rational when that system shuts down every single night for maintenance, when this problem can be checked for over a couple days if it is real at all. I'd like to give people a little hint here - THE PROBLEM IS PROBABLY NOT REAL.

    For some other reason this subway system is being shut down for a time frame approximately as long as it took to rig the WTC with explosives. Actually, the subway will be shut down for approximately 10 hours less all things considered, but placement of a false flag option would take a lot less time when the trains themselves can deliver it. And I'd bet the regular maintenance crew is not handling this particular "problem".

    How about THIS for an un-verified spook option: What if they are, at present, using this underground train system to smuggle a nuke past the sensors for a nice North Korean false flag terror option? Kim Jong has been getting preppy lately, and they obviously lost to Trump. They need option C to keep control of the power structure now, and in that context using the subway to smuggle a nuke so they can cancel the election would not be far fetched at all.

    1. And:

      Brokered convention no matter what

      Representatives of the Republican party have now stood up and said that even if Trump gets enough delegates to force an outcome, that they will hold a brokered convention anyway. So the vote does not matter.
      What this means then is that the U.S. has a one party political system and it does not matter at all if Hillary is appointed. The Republicans simply do not care if they lose, as long as an establishment figure gets in. If they get to choose who we vote for, and willingly choose an appointee against the outrage of the people, America is absolutely no different from Communist China.

      The people have to be able to choose who they can vote for, or there is no vote at all. You cannot just throw two people up and say vote for one or the other. Hopefully Trump will figure this out on time and run independent, and if he does, we are going to need to force 100 percent election accountability. Failure of the people to force accountability is now guaranteed to result in an appointment, rather than an election.

      I am additionally confident that Hillary lost the primaries by a margin of 80 percent. But she was the anointed one, will of the people be damned.

      There has been an obvious coup of the American government, Trump has laid that fact completely bare.
      One thing I would also like to make note of is the condemnation of Europe, China, and Japan against Trump. Why would they care who the American President is so much that they will issue condemnation of the choice of the people of another country? ANSWER: Because they are being run locally by the exact same cabal that is running America, the global government is already well in place and that entity does not want a disturbance anywhere within it.

      At this point it looks like the only answer will be for Trump to run independent, and for the American people to keep tabs on the election themselves, paying no attention to the "official" outcome, and enforce the true outcome with bullets. Sad to say, that is obviously where we are.

      Texian: Party bosses are close to letting slip that voters don't actually have anything to do with outcome of elections!

    2. And:

      The elite will try to appoint Hillary by flipping votes

      There are too many reports from people saying they were registered Republicans, yet at the polls were registered democrat. This cannot just happen by itself, this is proof of foul play. This will only work to skew primary results, because in the general election you can vote any way you want. However, the fact it happened at all is something that I see as a big problem because it proves the system is being messed with.
      Hillary cannot score more than 15 percent in a general election. This number is arrived upon by adding the Jewish population to the approximate number of Americans who are too rock stupid to ever see the light of day. All one has to do is take a look at her empty venues and it becomes obvious the American people hate her, and all she draws is elite maggots who pay her a pile for kickbacks later.

      Hillary cannot win. It is not possible. So if Trump is allowed to pass and goes against Hillary, who will be the elite's only shot at keeping Trump out, the only hope for them is to conceal a massively stolen election. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN.

      Democrats have a long history of busing people around in large numbers so they can be handed falsely identified ballots, often those of dead people, and vote multiple times. This can be busted. Efficiency is the order when trying to get one person to 10 different places to vote 10 times. And we can therefore use the necessity of efficiency to bust the Democrats stealing an election. Here is what can be done:
      We need countless people, (and there are plenty of unemployed people for this) to sit at the polls with their cell phones, and shoot video all day. Take video of any buses or large groups of people entering the polls. Then the videos can be posted by region of where they were shot. Then people can pick through all the videos and watch for the same people arriving on the same buses entering multiple polls. In this day and age, that is possible. I myself have multiple video recording devices spread across several gadgets, some abandoned. Bottom line is that there is so much ability just sitting around as trash to record everything, and so many productive people who are unemployed during this election who can get out and do it that there is no excuse for it to not happen.

      More importantly, we need someone doing exit polls at every single polling place, including a two place ballot and box, just in case they decide to fully electronically steal the election with a different method.

      We have time to organize this. With as censored as this web site ends up being, all I can do is make a suggestion and let the ball roll from elsewhere. But we need to record this next election, or the elite behind Hillary absolutely will steal it, it has been stolen already, I don't believe for a minute she won a single state. She is the anointed and will be appointed. We can stop that from happening.
      IMPORTANT: The NSA will be assigned to monitor our activities, and the CIA will be assigned to destroy them. So there can be NO ORGANIZED GROUPS. This has to take place as a meme, where enough people know this is going to be done for every poll to have someone there who arrived all by themselves, talking to NO ONE. Afterwards the video can be compiled online for people to dig through.

      I will bring this up many more times between now and the election, but for now, at least they let Trump take enough yesterday, though I think in reality he took it all.

      Texian: Much skullduggery underway!

    3. They are all on the same team. R's and D's. Corrupt to the core and has been from at least the election of Abraham Lincoln.
      That is why we will never get anything changed in this country without taking up arms.
      Hilary was promised the White House when she was forced to step down when running against Obama. The GOP is helping them put Hilary in. They cause havoc in the GOP race by ignoring what the people want. Then, even if Trump runs Independent, it causes the Republicans to lose the race, and presto.... you have Hilary. Please read this so you know just how evil it all is. and how they control the outcome.

    4. Godchild,
      You definitely get it! Absolutely no difference at all! It's all a Kabuki theater.


  5. Now you see our deep and genuine concern for Democracy and Global peace. Our fight is not with or against the American people. It never as been. We see the stark horror of what NWO, hidden inside a UN Charter will bring. The UN and IMF are Cabal operations.
    The Trump outcome is the last hope of American freedom. If lost so are the people. Truly you deserve better.

    1. John,
      That's why I've been harping on fact that 'we the people' do not elect a president...or probably anyone else. 'Party operatives' get their marching orders from the cabal and start the dog and pony show. It's a fact!

      Here's a clip where a party operative (perp) let's it slip that they're in total control of what happens...and he blames the media for making people think they have any say in the matter!


  6. I just love how they are doing everything in the power to discredit Trump or the various glitches when voting. Now they talk of a convention and how so many will try to get someone out from nowhere in. Even better the RNC says they pick the nominee and not us. What's the point of voting if we aren't allowed to pick? Surely there has to be some kind of fraud or manipulation where you could go after these people. Normally they say you need standing the sue. That usually means you need money for the attorneys. Good thing Trump will have standing and the army of attorneys to fight their bullshit

    1. Me and All Me,
      Suing won't help either. The courts are perhaps the most corrupt! They are incorporated, for profit. Cabal makes lots of money in a lawsuit because each case is monetized through the Cestui Que Vie Trust system. Judges haul in lots of extra dough too! Prisons are for profit and have to stay full to make those big profits. That's why US, Inc. has more people in prison than anywhere else on the planet. BAR attorneys are in on the charade also.

      We have to reinstate lawful common law courts. By starting at the local level with a Committee of Safety, electing a Constitutional Sheriff who can deputize as many people as he needs to take the county back. There will be a handbook very soon. Michigan Jural Society has one in production that will be shared from what I read.

  7. The people need to support those companies trying to serve healthy food. From

    Chipotle is going down

    Remember a while back when I said the E Coli outbreak at Chipotle restaurants wasplanted by workers who were hired by outsiders to do it, because Chipotle made a stand against GMO? About a week and a half after I said that, it was confirmed that the only possible source had to be planted, and even the CDC investigation proved it had to be planted via corporate sabotage.
    The problems have not stopped. First it was E-coli, now it is Norovirus. The pro-GMO saboteurs are hitting Chipotle again and again and again, to permanently destroy the chain. And there is nothing they can do to stop it (other than fire every single Jew) and even if they did that, some low life could be scraped up from somewhere to continue the sabotage. You just cannot secure a large food chain against sabotage of this type, the employee count is way too high and the turnover is way too high, and Therefore, I predict Chipotle is doomed. They might as well call it quits now, Kikedom will have its way, YOU WILL EAT GMO, LIKE IT OR NOT, and you can forget any real investigation that would ever lead to the perpetrators.

    Such an investigation would actually be easy. Here is how it would proceed: Find out who was working when the people were sickened. Do an extensive background investigation on each employee that was there. Find out which one was tied to people that could order the E-coli or Norovirus from a central stock somewhere, like a biological supply company. Figure out which biological supply company provided it (because the CDC proved it was not a known in the wild source, so it had to come from a supply company and there are only so many, which makes it easy to trace). Go through the customer list that ordered that strain. Then work both sides, from whoever made the purchase, to whoever was working at chipotle. You'd nail them for sure. However, that wont happen. Chipotle is going down. It is game over for them, they might as well close it now and I can tell you why:

    Because the entire investigative process has been infiltrated by the perpetrators. They own the show. And they will destroy and prosecute anyone they want. This is what a Trump victory would put a stop to. This is what a civil war would put a stop to. And if it does not happen, if this is not stopped, I can tell you that Chipotle is just one small symptom of what is going on, and the greater disease will eat ALL OF US.

    All of us, or a few of them. It would only take a few of them made examples to turn the whole show around.

  8. John, what say you?

    "the zephyr winds of history can change, very, very rapidly, and carry nations in a very different direction! What was once thought impossible, can quickly become “inevitable”, and that alone, should teach us to hope!"

    Open the Exit Door!

  9. No end to chicanery! It would get their attention if most would simply turn off the 'boob tube'!!!

    Video Proof: BBC, CNN, and FOX News Staged Attacks To Get Us into War

  10. See the new article. We just gave you the Silver Bullet for your country back. If you want America saved, send it to Trump.
    Save America!

  11. See the new article. We just gave you the Silver Bullet for your country back. If you want America saved, send it to Trump.
    Save America!

    1. Please be specific which article you are referring to. When you go to the OWON home page, the articles are constantly scrolling with no date on them so I have no idea what is new, what is old, and what you are referring to...please clarify. Thank you.

    2. It's the article right below the comments. I don't get a 'constant scrolling' when I go to OWoN. The newer articles are almost always right below active comments.

    3. Thanks. Your link didn't work but I kept googling different combinations until I got the right one. Key words "OWON silver bullet" did it.

      I was able to read most of it but I have a problem maybe someone can help me with. I don't have a problem reading the entire comments page. However, when I try to read articles on this site, the article banners on the right cover up the last 2-4 words on each line so it's very hard to always understand what is being said.

      I've tried reducing the size from the usual 125% that I keep my screen for ease of reading. I've lowered it to 100% and even 80% but the problem doesn't go away.

      Any ideas on what I can do to read the entire article? This is the ONLY site this happens to me so it can't be my computer or settings. Any help or suggestions is appreciated.

    4. Mwp it sounds like a browser issue. My ipad does that kind of thing bc it uses safari. Chrome or firefox are good. Which one are you on?

    5. AJNAANDY, Using Internet explorer. Why would this be the only site that I have this issue on?

    6. If my assumption is correct, it's how the style code that goes with the site template is constructed, and then how your particular browser handles those styling instructions, so for example you may see some parts of the page overlapping others, or not aligning properly. I find IE to be clunky and so overdone that it's not flexible at times.

  12. Here's a link to send Donald Trump this article:


  13. Let's all send the article to that link to make sure it gets noticed amongst all the others he must get.

  14. When we asked WHA and the site to work together to help save Mike, you were brilliant, and you did. How about WHR also joins in and we all get the Silver Bullet Report mass mailed to Trump to save America together? This is the one real chance you have to take the lot down and save 330M Americans. To us you ARE worth it. Help us to have you.

  15. Sorry it should read help us to help save you.

  16. John, I would think that Trump is aware of the criminality of the Bushes, Clinton`s as well as the current regime. He has been interviewed on the Alex Jones show and was asked about the current and past regimes and said they were corrupt from top to bottom. I`m not a huge fan of Jones but I know his followers are familiar with the WHR`s

    1. Looks like he's already getting the criminal corruption ball rolling on Twitter.

      Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 14h14 hours ago

      Hillary Clinton has been involved in corruption for most of her professional life!


  17. I sent a link to the silver bullet article to Trump this morning. Here is what I said as a lead in:

    If you want to win this election and really make a difference in returniig our country to Americans and not the criminals running it now, then you MUST start talking about the mass corruption in our government that is practiced by, and condoned, by our elected offials and their appointees.

    This article is your "silver bullet" to kill the vampire squid that is sucking the very life from this world.

  18. Its people like you who can help make a difference.

  19. More info on this why she was 'dead broke'????


    1. Nice find Texian. Hitlery doing what she does best, lying to the world.

  20. All the WHA site readers need to see the Silver Bullet report. They can help America.

  21. All the WHA site readers need to see the Silver Bullet report. They can help America.

    1. Posted in our latest thread at WHA.

  22. Perhaps getting the article to Roger Stone or Alex Jones might be a way also seeing they both know him and are fighting the same cause

  23. Wow! Here's a wild animal to review...ESF....EXCHANGE STABILIZATION FUND....who knew? 5 rather short videos on history of this animal. Well spent time. Do not miss last one!

    *****What I have been afraid to blog about: THE ESF AND ITS HISTORY (Part 1-5)*****

    ESF videos were embedded in this article:


    1. Texian

      This is the Plunge Protection Team operated via the White House.

    2. Good grief! I've heard of "plunge protection team" which sounds rather innocuous with that name, but had no idea it was a monstrosity like this that has been operating with impunity for decades. It's ludicrous to think that most average Americans would understand the implications of this information. If they did, there wouldn't be any scalps left in DC.

    3. John,
      Further review by a research team member shows the ESF was modeled after the UK Version formed earlier!

      "Well, I would say that the "Plunge Protection Team" was put in place after attention was drawn to the ESF and they are the "front man" with a face. The PPT was established in the 80's and it's members are known, but the ESF has been operating in the shadows since 1934. Was it mentioned that the UK has it's own ESF, by another name, totally unaccountable, established before the ESF?

      The British Exchange Equalization Account (EEA) formally initiated in 1932. So it looks like they got their underhanded ideas from the Brits....LOL!


    4. You cant remain as the no one financial city unless you are "shielded". Would you drive though life uninsured?

  24. Replies
    1. Great Texian! At this juncture I think my favourite Reagan quote is applicable:

      "It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession. I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first." - Ronald Reagan

    2. AjnaAndy,
      Here's another quote along same lines from a recent VT article: President Truman identified politicians correctly using himself as the perfect example . . . “My choice early in life was either to be a piano player in a whorehouse or a politician. And to tell the truth, there’s hardly any difference.”

      How Harry Truman might look at Donald Trump

  25. Wow, can't wait till this comes out. I want to add this one to my truth library. The truth shall set us free.

  26. There's another film that Clintons didn't want to see the light of day. So Disney pulled it!

    "We now know (thanks to the book, 'Clinton in Exile') that it was Bill Clinton himself, among others, who called Iger and demanded that movie be edited or pulled. With the specter of a then nearly certain Hillary Clinton presidency staring them in the face (and with Iger and many others in the film's management hierarchy already financial contributors to the Clintons), Disney caved and committed perhaps the most blatant, under-reported, and significant act of censorship in modern American history."


    So let's get some exposure to that film found on YouTube in several parts....

    PATH TO 9/11

  27. Want to see your representative do the "Washington-two-step".
    Ask this question. . .

    Who died before they collected Social Security?








    Remember, not only did you and I contribute to Social Security but your employer did, too. It totaled 15% of your income before taxes.

    If you averaged only $30K over your working life, that's close to $220,500.

    Read that again.

    Did you see where the Government paid in one single penny?

    We are talking about the money you and your employer put in a Government bank to insure you and me that we would have a retirement check from the money we put in, not the Government.

    Now they are calling the money we put in an entitlement when we reach the age to take it back.

    If you calculate the future invested value of $4,500 per year (yours & your employer's contribution) at a simple 5% interest (less than what the Government pays on the money that it borrows).

    After 49 years of working you'd have $892,919.98. If you took out only 3% per year, you'd receive $26,787.60 per year and it would last better than 30 years (until you're 95 if you retire at age 65) and that's with no interest paid on that final amount on deposit!

    If you bought an annuity and it paid 4% per year, you'd have a lifetime income of $2,976.40 per month.




    Entitlement my foot; I paid cash for my social security insurance!

    Just because they borrowed the money for other government spending, doesn't make my benefits some kind of charity or handout!!

    Remember the benefits for members of Congress?

    + free healthcare,

    + outrageous retirement packages,

    + 67 paid holidays,

    + three weeks paid vacation,

    + unlimited paid sick days.

    Now that's welfare, and they have the nerve to call my social security retirement payments entitlements?

    They call Social Security and Medicare an entitlement even though most of us have been paying for it all our working lives, and now, when it's time for us to collect, the government is running out of money.

    Why did the government borrow from it in the first place? It was supposed to be in a locked box, not part of the general fund.

    Sad isn't it?

    99% of people won't have the guts to forward this.

    I'm in the 1%



    1. Thanks for posting this Scott. I am certainly going to copy and forward it. Seems like our social security that we paid in should go to our next of kin.

  28. ISIS Twitter Accounts Traced to British Government:

    Surprising? It should not be and neither the interaction between Saudi Arabia and the UK when the area of Saudi Arabia was effectively a British colony since 1763 whilst Great Britain in turn had become one of the greatest bases of operations for the alliance of Venetian, Genoese, Norman and Anglo-Saxon powers which rule over most of the world.

    Every country that has international banking and/or Jesuit outposts has the Cestui Que Vie Trusts/Foreign Situs Trust global slavery system in place. Only primitive tribes are not subjected to this as it offers no gains in terms of power until these societies acquire more wealth.

    1. One thing to keep in mind in regards to the above article is that Anonymous is a hostile government operation at the top level and thus not to be trusted at all which becomes clear by for example the viciousness of 'Anonymous' attacks on Trump as if Hillary Clinton is any better. Trump is a criminal, but Hillary Clinton is far worse than a mere criminal. Who ever one votes for does not matter that much as it is all a vote for the Washington DC corporation as opposed to the real republic, but if you must take your chances with this vote, I would recommend Trump. I expect him to take a piece of the pie, but he might do some good along the way as opposed to the rest.

    2. My question is who runs this UK Department of Work and Pensions? My money would be on SERCO..UK's vendor of choice for dirty deeds.

  29. The real golden age of propaganda is about to begin unless these nefarious elements are stopped dead in their tracks:

  30. I would like input if you have any knowledge of the truth of this matter...

    Word is all over the net that the DARK Act didn't pass by and 49-48 vote. This is the act that will keep us from knowing what is in our food and Monsanto is paying off our representatives big time!

    The list of the senators that voted for and against this act has been published. Among those who voted in favor is my Senator Cornyn. So, I called his DC office and spoke to an aide to share my disgust that he is AGAINST the American people knowing what's in their food.

    I was told he did not vote for FOR the DARK ACT and that the vote was only for CLOTURE. I didn't know what this meant so I looked it up...Cloture is (in a legislative assembly) a procedure for ending a debate and taking a vote..."a cloture motion"

    I was told the "yea" vote he made was for cloture, not yea or nay for the DARK Act.

    This aide volunteered that this vote for the DARK Act is likely to come up again and said she would note my AGAINST wishes to the Senator.

    So, is Natural News reporting falsely or do you believe my Senator's office is lying to me?

    1. IMO, the cloture vote is the REAL vote. If a bill comes to the floor for a vote, lots of strange things can happen. So if a vote is to bring the bill to the floor for a vote, typically those who vote for cloture are also for the bill. Natural News is not reporting falsely. Interesting that Rubio & Cruz did not vote on this hot button issue. IMO, cloture is merely a smoke and mirrors mechanism to give cover (plausible denialbilty) to the rats in Congress. Be assured Monsanto will not let this rest. We must do all we can to defeat GMOs and bring truth to packaging. It is instructive to note that most countries ban import of food stuffs produced in US, Inc.

    2. Thank you for your input. It seems we have uncovered yet another means that our representatives pass the buck and do the will of the corporations under the veil of "cloture".

      Sickening psychopaths parading as our "reprentatives".

    3. POSING as our representatives. We don't have representatives. Congress members are officers of the foreign owned corporation and do their bidding.

  31. Replies
    1. Thanks for posting Texian. I still have a few family members who are slow to wake up and this excellent write up should help.

  32. I take back anything positive I said about Trump, even though I called him a criminal simultaneously. I already suspected he was a pathetic Zionist and he does not disappoint in that regard. Then again, what can be expected from Knights of Malta who were some of the principal agents in shaping the present day Middle East:

    There is only one way all this is going to change that is to globally and collectively confront the miscreants who created the Cestui Que Vie system or escape from this on an individual basis. There is no other way. A lack of real interest in such matters generally denotes ignorance or complicity.

    1. Agree with you on much of your statement. Until Americans can restore our Republic, there will be no wonderful candidates...if then. In the meantime, if there's a way to derail the cabal selection, let's hope that happens. These elections are for 'corporate officers.' Perhaps Donald Trump does not have the 'big picture'? I don't know him at all so can't peek into his heart. It's impressive that some who do know him are speaking out in positive ways from some who attended school, first wife, former and current employees, etc. If the Trump Train (as it's being called) can derail Hilderbeast, so be it. Pragmatically, even if not perfect, he may bring some sanity back. We've almost survived EIGHT LONG YEARS OF BARRY SOETERO SOEBARKAH (or whatever) so perhaps Donald Trump would be like a Knight in shining armor by comparison. It's clear Obozo has practically destroyed what remained of America after Bush and Clinton cabals. I have never seen such hate inciting rhetoric coming from a White House administration.

      Remains to be seen if Mr Trump will survive the primary....literally and figuratively. What is clear is that Americans are angry and looking for greener pastures.

  33. I also came across matters concerning Djinn. It would appear that it is actually Kabbalah based and connected to Samaria which was the precursor of Venice.

    I do not see how this can be untangled in a clean way. I do not think it can be just seems corrupted to the core. Whether it concerns Freemasonry, the above or other matters, at every turn there is direct Venetian/Zionist/Jesuit entanglement. Depending upon it worth retaining such an idea, religion or control mechanism? Can it provide (enough) good when Venice has given the world the worst that ever befell this planet?

    1. Saturnalia,
      IMO, nothing can be untangled until 'secret societies' are exposed for whatever they are! Why be secretive? If it's good, let everyone in on it! By the very nature of 'secrets,' one must conclude that they're up to no good.

      From Wikipedia 'Views on Secrecy": Excessive secrecy is often cited as a source of much human conflict. One may have to lie in order to hold a secret, which might lead to psychological repercussions. The alternative, declining to answer when asked something, may suggest the answer and may therefore not always be suitable for keeping a secret. Also, the other may insist that one answer the question. Nearly 2500 years ago, Sophocles wrote, "Do nothing secretly; for Time sees and hears all things, and discloses all." And Gautama Siddhartha, the Buddha, once said "Three things cannot long stay hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth". The Bible addresses this: "Be sure your sin will find you out." Numbers 32:23

  34. Under the category "I have hope that some new technologies will enhance our world"...

    New electricity power plant in LaPorte, Texas generating only electricity, water, and pure captured CO2. 50 megawatt capacity. Does not use steam, runs on co2 turbines, unique technology. Another example of not producing by products in the first place instead of trying to scrub them out later. Big players involved.

  35. I just learned there is a holiday on April 15th called Emancipation Day. I never heard of it but found out about it when I read that US taxes are not due until April 18th this year because April 15th, a Friday, is Emancipation Day.

    I read the link below and am hopeful that DC is sending us a message that they plan to finally release us from the slavery of their system? Sure, and they are also offering a bridge in Brooklyn for sale. No...wait a minute...if that were true, the Chinese would have already bought it and paid for it with our worthless government bonds :)

    1. MWP,
      This is interesting. I've never heard of an Emancipation holiday/celebration in April either. Lincoln signed the Emancipation on Jan 1, 1863.
      In Texas, "Juneteenth" is recognized as Emancipation Day in Texas....June 19, 1865. So what is April 15?

    2. Texian,

      We can only hope it is a message of the emancipation of our slavery to the IRS and cabal? I found it odd as well. Funny that it speaks of events being celebrated in DC but not elsewhere? hmmmm

  36. From today:


    Brussels bombings

    I am back. I am, at present, working via a spook's remote desktop, a fact I can see as plain as day but have no choice but to do it.

    This will help Trump, because he is the only candidate that is not soft on national invasions. Despite the fact that this is already a basically proven false flag, general public perception will not see it that way, which should be about as good for the other candidates as it was for Merkel. Merkel is in deep doo do and only the same secret societies that set this latest attack up will be capable of keeping her in power, against the open and adamant will of the German people. Ditto for what it will take to keep Trump out, but we have already seen plenty of Diebold work and will with little doubt see that work finalized.
    I have found the lynch pin in all of this, to prove it is a false flag. READ ON:

    INSERT: Trump has indeed already jumped on this by calling for increased border security, after absolutely chafing AIPAC (more on this below also) he did suck up a little but mostly left them to hang.

    Proven fake:

    "Isis claimed responsibility" which is just a translation that a secret society had this arranged, and possibly tricked a few idiots into doing their work. ISIS is an American asset, but to say that here is just preaching to the choior. This was Hillary's gig no ifs or buts, and when she is appointed to the Presidency there will be no end to this in sight.

    Here's a good one:

    I SAW THIS AHEAD OF TIME, IT IS LEGIT BUT I BLEW IT OFF BECAUSE I DO NOT DO PREDICTIONS. But this was indeed posted on the 16th, as stated here.

    1. Cont'd....
      David Chase Taylor
      March 16, 2016
      SWITZERLAND, Zurich — Based on breaking news and events, it appears that CIA Headquarters beneath Lake Geneva is plotting a wave of ISIS, asylum seeker and/or refugee-related Islamic terror in the Western European country of Belgium, most likely this week.

      The impending attacks will be used to: a) revoke or repeal the Schengen Agreement which allows free travel through Europe, namely in Switzerland; and/or b) revoke or repeal the Dublin Regulation which governs asylum law in Europe, namely in Switzerland. Consequently, one or more of the terrorists will allegedly be an asylum seeker or refugee.

      Exactly what type of terror is planned for Belgium is not known, but bio-attacks, domestic, Islamic and/or Neo-Nazi-related attacks on asylum seekers/refugees, terror attacks by Islamic terrorists posing as asylum seekers/refugees, and/or made-for-TV riots resulting in mass death due to fire now appears imminent.

      Exactly where the aforementioned attacks and riots will transpire is not known, but asylum seeker/refugee-related apartment buildings, buses, camps, government offices, housing, immigration centers and tents are the most likely to suffer a state-sponsored attack.

      That being said, Belgian airports, landmarks, nuclear reactors, trains, train stations, theaters and schools may also suffer attacks by Islamic terrorists posing as asylum seekers and/or refugees. Consequently, beheadings, firebombings, gun-related massacres and/or suicide bombings may be imminent.

      My comment: Who is David Chase Taylor? He definitely has insider contacts if he was able to publish this ahead of time in such a well defined manner.

      IMPORTANT PROOF THE MOSSAD OR AN ASSIGNED GROUP DID THIS: NO SUBSEQUENT EXPLOSIONS. They claimed to find additional suicide vests, bombs, the whole 9 yards. When such things are found, they are not touched, and are instead disposed of on the spot, very quickly by placing a different explosive close to them and setting it off. This produces additional blasts that the media will hear, and the fact there were none proves they never found suicide vests or additional explosives at all, yet they reported they did.
      This means that the only bombs present were the ones initially used, which were set off to destroy the evidence path at the same time they accomplished the false flag. The fact there were no additional blasts, which would have happened in the first hours after the attack proves they lied about additional explosives which virtually proves that they lied about everything.

      Yep. Still looking into this. The story line is that they got caught by airport security, so they blew them up where they were caught with them.
      Another one went off in a subway. Keep in mind here that one method is to have an innocent package carrier make a delivery, not knowing it is a bomb, which is then set off by remote and labeled a suicide bombing. Once that happens the story line can be whatever is wanted. I suspect that is what was done this time.

      The language barrier is going to impede finding out what really went on because it makes it more difficult to discover mistakes in the story line. I think I found one but am waiting for them to blow it that last little bit before nailing them.

      Press TV reporting 23 dead. RT reporting 13 dead. New Zealand media reporting over 40 dead. And guess what? this happened on 3/22. Why can't anything of this nature happen on a date that does not somehow tie in with the secret societies?

      Ha ha ha, here is a great post someone put up:

      Time to get real....

      Those folk who not be benefitting from this Well-managed Fear event.

      1. The Victims and their families in Brussels today
      2. The Little Begium Taxpayers
      3. Whoever the MSM Corporate conglomorates decide to blame for this Mass Murder.


    2. Cont'd.....

      Those Folk who will be benefitting from this highly profitible Corporate Project.

      1. The privatley-owned International Corporate MSM and their Advertising Monopolies.
      2. The Privately-owned International Security/Intelligence Operations
      3. The Privately-owned International unelected Corporate political spokesfolk from the EU Inc.
      4. George Soros, and his global 'Public' Service operations: Open Society and Open Borders foundations.

      I could go on about the Real Cowardly Terrorists behind this...but it's time for You to connect the dots.

      Here is a major screw up in the story line:

      OK, here is one hole I found - PressTV reported that three suicide vests had been found in the Brussels air port. A calling card you know, like all those passports that miraculously show up everywhere. QUESTION: What idiot would leave suicide vests laying around to be discovered? I was going to wait for their final screw up with this before I nailed them, but they paused the Western media with the suicide vest lie, but the third world has this in abundance. And there is a problem with the suicide vest story that cannot be resolved -
      Whenever a suspected explosive device is found, they blow it up on the spot because it is considered too dangerous to touch, and they accept the damage. But with these "suicide vests", which have now been found for over four hours, nothing of the sort happened, no more blasts were reported, blasts which would have had to happen if they really did find these vests. No such story would have permeated the third world media, INCLUDING PRESSTV if someone in Brussels had not said it, which means this is a false flag with fakery being puffed, just like all those passports and ID cards they miraculously find when needed to prop up a story line.

      OK, THEY ARE IRREVOCABLY BUSTED: Here is the cookie! All media outlets are reporting that "other explosive devices have been found" which would include the "suicide vests" yet nothing has been done to deal with them. TIME IS UP, ALL OF THESE SHOULD HAVE BEEN BLOWN UP ON THE SPOT BY NOW, and the fact no more blasts were reported as police blew the additional explosive devices up where they sat, without touching them, for safety reasons, AS HAPPENS EVERYWERE ANY BOMB IS FOUND VERY QUICKLY EVERY TIME proves they never existed and were used to seed this story line, which is probably entirely false. I'll go with mine - Unwitting package carriers were unknowingly carrying bombs rather than Pizza and sushi, and when they got to the right place, the bombs were called via the cell network and set off.

      No subsequent "safety" blasts reported within 4 hours of the additional explosive devices being found proves this is yet another hoaked up false flag story line.

      And moments before this bombing in Brussels, Trump said this at AIPAC:

      "I'm a negotiator, like you folks," Trump said, before referencing his book "The Art of the Deal."
      "Is there anyone who does't renegotiate deals in this room?" Trump said. "Perhaps more than any room I've spoken to."

      The presidential candidate then predicted he would not gain the support of Jews in his bid for the White House because he is independently wealthy.

      "You're not going to support me because I don't want your money," he said, adding that, "you want to control your own politicians."


  37. A father told his 3 sons when he sent them to the university:
    "I feel it's my duty to provide you with the best possible
    education, and you do not owe me anything for that. However,
    I want you to appreciate it. As a token, please each put $1,000
    into my coffin when I die."

    And so it happened. His sons became a doctor, a lawyer and a
    financial planner, each very successful financially. When their
    father’s time had come and they saw their father in the coffin, they
    remembered his wish.

    First, it was the doctor who put 10 $100 bills onto the chest of the
    deceased. Then, came the financial planner, who also put $1,000 there.
    Finally, it was the heartbroken lawyer's turn. He dipped into his
    pocket, took out his checkbook, wrote a check for $3,000, put it into
    his father's coffin, and took the $2,000 cash.

    He later went on to become a member of Congress.

  38. Posting this particularly for Americans to wake up! Our situation is not quite this bad as yet in most areas, but soon will be if we don't push back on this insanity. Do you really want your country to look like Germany, Sweden or UK as outlined in this video? The New World Order is all concerned about overpopulation and yet is doing a fruit basket turnover of where all the savages live? Do you really want the Muslims with their many wives multiplying like rabbits or rats in your city? Do you really want one of them taking your daughter as one of the wives? Why go back to the Middle Ages? Just say NO MORE!

    Coming to YOUR neighborhood? The FORCED collective SUICIDE of European Nations With Open Gates

  39. Canauzzie,

    If you think this needs to be a highlighted piece, please feature.

    I felt like John F. Kennedy is talking to all of us from the grave and telling us what we ALL need to hear right now that he KNEW over 50 years ago!

    Just six minutes


    1. Thank you. If we don't post it on its own we will still continue to use it in some of our exclusive articles.

  40. Personally, I believe George Carlin is one of the GREATEST PROPHETS of our time and sadly, he was called a comedian instead.

    One of my favorite's from George Carlin is when he said "The United States was founded by white men seeking freedom who owned slaves". He had a rare gift for seeing, and saying, things as they really are.

    Here is one of his short pieces that I'll bet you've never heard:

    George Carlin's greatest speech...

  41. One more priceless piece from Carlin

    Life is Sacred...Kill for God!

    You believe in God?


    Bang, your dead

    You believe in my God?

    No...bang, you're dead because my God has a bigger D_ _K than your God

  42. Ted Cruz, A Bush By Another Name

    Neil Bush, the son of President George H. W. Bush, who defrauded U.S. taxpayers out of $1.5 billion dollars in the savings and loan scam, and later peddled influence for the Chinese government, (who plied him with Chinese prostitutes) has formally endorsed Senator Ted Cruz for president. You can’t make this stuff up.

    This endorsement says much. Since the other, more politically involved Bush men have a distinct dislike for Mr. Cruz, I suppose Neil Bush is better than no Bush. Let’s look at the wonderful memories that Neil Bush has left us with. First there is is that little banking charade he steered us into back in 1985.

    Ted Cruz, A Bush By Another Name

  43. Still Report #729 - Utah Vote Rigging 5:57

    Cal L. Girl: Below is an excerpt about the Utah voting experiment from yesterday's caucus posted with the YouTube.

    The Utah GOP paid more than 80,000 to purchase the equipment – not state election officials.
    It seems that the internet voting system came from Smartmatic Group, which is based in England. The Chairman of Smartmatic is Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, who is also on the board of George Soros’ Open Society and is a personal friend of Soros. Brown has served as a former #2 in the United Nations, currently sits in the House of Lords, and has served as vice-chairman of Soros’ Investment Funds.
    This would be the same Soros group, who, along with the Hillary Clinton campaign is suspected of funding something else – hundreds of paid thugs – known in polite circles as demonstrators – paid to follow the Trump Train across the nation to disrupt and destroy – if possible – the gigantic Trump rallies.

    1. Other annecodtal evidence from Utah:

      Man-in-the-Middle" Remote Attack on Diebold Touch-screen Voting Machine by Argonne National Lab


      Princeton researchers have shown how a criminal can steal an election undetected, using an actual Diebold voting machine.

      This project was created by Ariel J. Feldman, J. Alex Halderman, and Edward W. Felten, who write: "Anyone who has physical access to a voting machine, or to a memory card that will later be inserted into a machine, can install said malicious software using a simple method that takes as little as one minute. In practice, poll workers and others often have unsupervised access to the machines."

      Even more frightening, you only have to access one machine. A computer virus can be implanted in only one machine and spread undetected.

      UTAH!! the 1st state to allow VOTING ONLINE

      No need to pay voters...just program the election.
      We knew this, but this is a demonstration of how it is done.

    2. Just got back from my caucus... My head is still spinning.

      Check in was slow but reasonably controlled. Super-long lines. I've never seen turnout like this.
      Got my credentials, but no presidential ballot. They said those would be delivered to our caucus room.
      Got to my caucus room. I counted about 120 people there (no idea how many were actually registered and credentialed).

      We elected Precinct Officers, State Delegates, and County Delegates - the typical incompetence and ignorance of the rules you'd expect to see from volunteers, but all went somewhat smooth.
      ...Then came the Presidential Ballot.

      Someone shows up with a stack of probably 250 ballots. The precinct chair splits them up, and starts handing stacks of them out and tells people "take one and pass it down".

      No checking credentials, IDs, NOTHING.

      I'm sitting at the end of a row and people start handing me stacks of extras. I literally had over 50 ballots in my hand.

      We were told to mark our vote and place our ballot in a tin can. They then asked for a volunteer to hold the can. At this point, most people filed out the door.

      I cast ONE vote, then stuck around to see what would happen with the votes.

      About 15 minutes later, with only about 10 or so people milling around, someone walks in the room with an envelopes STUFFED full of "absentee" ballots - some envelopes having 2-5+ ballots.

      I raised a question and said, "isn't there an absentee process already in place? Didn't people have to register for that last week?" and was told "Oh no, this is completely normal".

      As I've mentioned in other threads, I was in Party leadership for 6 years and no, this is absolutely not normal.

      I then asked if I could observe the vote count, and I was told my observations were not needed and to leave the area while the ballots were being counted.

      I left the room (things were already a complete Charlie Foxtrot at this point) and wandered over to my friends precinct caucus to see if it was just as much a cluster.

      His caucus was just getting to the presidential ballot, and as I walked in the door I was handed ANOTHER BALLOT.

      Again, no credential check, no ID check, NOTHING.

      No, I didn't vote again...

      I went back to my precinct and they had the results: 74% Cruz 14% Trump 11% Kasich

      Now just imagine this kind of outright incompetence/manipulation happening in 2000 precincts across the state.

      As I left the building, I started overhearing results coming back from other precincts... Overwhelmingly numbers for Cruz... Like 70-90% or more. (In one precinct Cruz got around 100, Trump had 2, Kasich 0)
      Bottom line... They basically are going to post whatever the hell numbers they want.

      There were no apparent controls, no credential checks, no ID checks, and ballots being handed around like napkins.

      Read more:


    3. And let's not leave Arizona out of the mix! In their infinite wisdom yesterday during the presidential primary where millions more people than ever before are showing up to vote, they decide to cut in half the number of polling places they normally have open creating huge long lines taking 3-5 hours to vote. Suppose they were trying to CONTROL the number of voters?


    4. The GOP Establishment knows how to put in the fix regardless of the peoples wishes. Ron Paul is a prime example. They did it to him and his followers were all over the process. They already know who they want, the caucuses are just Kabuki Theatre to give the concept of democracy. But we all know democracy has nothing to do with it.


  44. I missed replying to a comment about Canada's healthcare system. There are many misconception about it, good or bad, and how it works. If anyone has questions about it I will gladly answer. I have extensive experience and let's say a unique access to its inner workings and how it functions. Most of what Americans know is inaccurate, but this goes both ways. It is not as peachy as Moore would have you believe, but is far from as broken as many are lead to believe.

  45. In a world full of ISIS travesties, as they now wreak upon us the same atrocities we daily drop on their cities and towns, all is not doomed.
    Intense highly structured Banking / AU negotiations and progress is currently evolving with the tremendous goodwill and core focus of each side. We suggested we remove the Political elements, and we instead, as a Collective of Elders, develop what we want, giving the politicos the options to accept it or lose it, this will be our best way forward. Reducing and removing the suits has accelerated progress. But in turn enhanced both harmony and commitment to do more ourselves.
    Walking 14 Elders up the narrow stairway to the inner upper floor spire Viewing Gallery in St Pauls Cathedral London 2 days ago had many of them washing they had sent Sherpa Tensing instead,but brought home to them the higher you go, the harder it goes.
    For them looking down from the inner majesty of this World Cathedral, with all its glory, was a memory which will live with them forever. A 79 year old Temple Elder understood why I failed to declare we had a lift if needed. The steps instead unified (and killed) us all.That's bonding.Share the pain, see the gain.
    Good things are coming. We discussed re housing 70 M needing people in China alone. We are looking at Global needs and solutions. We need no phony Politicos or Shysters.
    Removing Political shapeshifters has fast tracked us rapidly.
    We really need to rethink Politics. What is happening to Americas own people by this clear electoral fraud scam is endemic of the criminality of the Corporate State.
    Truly, as I explained, we need to fast track Eurasia and face down Washington. America must remove its bases and build its own nation. We want the good intellect and compassion of the American people. But first,Democracy needs to begin at home. Is Trump to be cheated by false Cruize votes? Where is the monitoring and ID check in system which is not happening. Why not? Who gives help to real Americans?

    1. Thanks for the important update John sounds like negotiations among the elders are progressing nicely.

      On another note Here is a article that I believe everyone should read from Political Vel Craft.

  46. Sorry typo should read wishing not washing above. Work Load.
    But all goes very well.

  47. Another crisis actor caught out:

    Teenager injured in Brussels terror attacks had previously survived Boston and Paris bombings

    Looking through the comments, more people are getting wise to the false-flags. If the nobheads in government, the MSM, finance, the military and religion ever tell the truth, no-one will believe them. They are becoming a laughing-stock.

  48. Most Unbelievably Scandalous Video Hillary Wishes Never Saw Daylight (VIDEO)

    Biffie: Here's twenty minutes of documented lies, deception, and illegal behavior by the hildebeast. If anyone wasn't sure before, this will help you make up your mind. Share this everywhere you can.

    1. I sent this link to Trump. I noticed just a day after I sent the "silver bullet" article to him, he used the words "corruption and Hilary" in his tweets!

      I think it would really help is a LOT of people who read this blog sent this link to him as well.

    2. Mom Wife and Patriot.

      Correct its your country and freedom we are fighting for. For you to have liberty, freedom from persecution, sound familiar? Yes to mass mailing Trump,if Americans wont help themselves, it's lost. As they seem to be mass rigging ballots now again, its looking like the Hilderbeast will be imposed.
      Then expect real conflict.

    3. Hello John and everyone!

      Hopefully the Hilderbeast will be indicted.

  49. Replies
    1. LOL! Microsoft obviously forgot to install the parental monitor 'political correctness' button!

    2. TEXIAN,

      What a hoot! Tay reminded me of fonestar and any number of real-life(?) trolls. Simulating human intelligence in IBM's Watson, for example, is relatively simple compared to making AI appear natural and emotional. If Skynet goes live, I'd rather be wiped out by someone who hates me than by a cold, heartless, calculating psychopath like Jacob Rothschild or David Rockefellor. Tay came closer to passing the Turing Test than even they would, lol.

    3. Ah, the possibilities! Now if only we could create...the right AI that has a conscience and observes universal law, we might be on the way to producing a wise AI - then it wouldn't really be artificial, would it? Perhaps humans may become the Soul in the Machine.

      More on Tay from the Daily Stormer

      Slightly off topic: it's my conviction that the most advanced technology should complement nature; not replace it and certainly not degrade or destroy it. I want to throw up every time I see chemtrails or read of yet another DARPA technology to destroy, subjugate or kill. Technology should become almost inconspicuous and always beneficial to all life - as should our leadership:

      "A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves". Lao Tzu

  50. Hello folks! I haven't posted in a long time, but I pop in and take a look at posts from time to time. Unfortunately, I've been too busy trying to scratch out a living to spend much time here.

    I wanted to share something that I found that I thought might be of help to john and canauzzie, or anyone else with the need.

    I found a cool site where you can easily collaborate with others on documents, webpages, videos, etc. I am just finishing a project where this would have been very handy, so I thought I'd share it with others here.

    This is the link:

    The basic account is free forever, and it looks simple to use, but very helpful when two or more people are trying to work on something together.

    Good to see that progress is being made behind the scenes. I hope everyone here is doing well and staying healthy.

    Take care everyone!

    1. Thanks Phoenix

      And if Male, may you also rise again each morning.
      If not go well, and thanks for the input.

    2. Hi, PHOENIX,

      Thank you for dropping in and posting the link to Proofme: it's a brilliant tool many would find useful. Wishing you all the best.


    3. Hi John, female here, so no rising, LOL!!!

      Hi Valdi, thanks for the feedback. Yes, I think it will be a good tool for people. Wishing you all the best too.


    4. Phoenix,

      Finally reviewed this link. Thank you for submitting, it is quite a useful tool. We will consider using this. It is helpful in a wide arrange of platforms.


  51. Palmyra might very well be liberated from the Western backed Saudi & Co. ISIS dogs within the next few hours. These terrorists are also fleeing Mosul, so it is only a matter of time before Iraq regains that city. Unfortunately that which has to pass for 'politicians' in the EU gave Erdogan 6.6 billion euro which could very well be used entirely to fund ISIS, so whilst it is now losing terrain quickly, it might grow stronger again due to this duplicity.

    The recent bombing in Brussels had an interesting element to it. A Mormon was present there when it happened who also happened to be present at the Boston Marathon Bombing and the terror attacks in Paris. Of course it could be said to be merely coincidental, but those odds are FAR too minute. Mormonism was created by the Jesuits. It was Pieter-Jan de Smet SJ who oversaw Brigham Young AND Albert Pike. Thus in essence this Mormon presence could very well be an indicator of the work of the Jesuits in these attacks.

    Keep in mind that so far no video material of those attacks seem to be available which is remarkable for an airport. Some sources indicate that bombs were located in the ceilings in which case it can practically only be the work of intelligence agencies and a certain Zionist organisation responsible for airport security.

    This is what some Talmudists think about the attacks in Brussels:

    Muslim terrorism did not exist 40 years ago. This is something created by intelligence agencies and specifically originates from Saudi Arabia with its Wahhabi/Takfiri terrorists which has been a Western colony since 1763. The Synagogue of Satan which is part of the Venetian, Genoese, Norman and Anglo-Saxon alliance is the greatest threat this world faces as it considers itself above all the rest. It will keep plotting against all other groups until it is absolutely victorious or until it is utterly destroyed. People are never a problem, only the ideas they carry with them can be a problem. The idea of 'the chosen ones' is completely incompatible with all other societies and therefore unacceptable.

    Child murders outrage Bangladeshis

  53. Just in case this hasn't been shared here: Breaking: New Trump Scandal, Devastating Info Released Published on Mar 18, 2016
    Alex Jones discusses a new scandal surrounding Republican frontrunner Donald Trump that will severely damage the establishment.

  54. Happy Easter, everyone. I don't like to say it on Good Friday, that being a commemoration of the crucifixion of Jesus. There was nothing good about it. No, the celebration comes tomorrow in recognition of new life with the passing of winter and the coming of spring, in whatever religious metaphor you may choose.

    1. Happy Easter Valdi! Have a wonderful day tomorrow...hopefully in company of your loved ones.

  55. Our thanks to all contributors assisting us with exposure. Lets all get the Truth - Out there!

  56. Valdi

    It is a new Spring for American voters whop are waking up to what was done against them by voracious banking interests and a deeply conspiratorial media who this time are becoming neutered by a public who will not go with the party flow. Its only endemic rot which allowed the Arizona votes to be stolen, and once investigated, will put Hillary in the headlights again. Roadkill with a forked tongue hissing to order.
    We have the odd Lords wives who match the profile!


  57. MWP,

    Sorry I took so long to reply to your posted comment about the site, recent articles and conflicts with Internet Explorer. So I will post it here separate as not to be missed.

    The scrolling articles you see are just most "Popular Posts", if you scroll down further you will see 9 articles/images that are stationary. These are the most recent articles. They will follow a pattern of Comment section and WHR in the first column, OWON Exclusives in the second column and news articles of interest in the third (note that if you choose to go to page 2 or older of "recent posts" they will be in chronological order and columns no longer apply).

    IE is not reading the margins correctly. It used to but with the upgraded edition it no longer does. I will look for a fix, but most are not supporting IE as the new Windows 10 version uses Edge. The site functions normally with Edge.

    One option is to use the mobile version instead. Do this by adding "?m=1" to the end of the site address like this IE reads the mobile version fine but will be in defferent format that what I described above. All articles will be in chronological order.

    The another suggestion is to use a different browser like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Opera. Your other choice would be the free upgrade to Windows 10 if eligible and use Edge.

    Ajna Andy,

    You are correct that it is a browser issue. However, I do not understand why you are having issues with the site using the Safari browser. It works fine for me on Mac or iPad also mobile. So I am confused with your issues.

    To everyone,

    Unless you are having issues, I never suggest using the mobile version. We have that there simply as an issue solver for slow internet speeds or unique user issues. We ALWAYS recommend using the desktop version. Even when using mobile (unless data restrictions or cost) request the desktop version on your mobile. Some older mobiles, specifically Blackberry have issues, the newest Blackberry uses Android and should have zero issues. Some service providers using poor bandwidth will have issues.

    I hope this helps you MWP or any others having issues. If anyone has any specific questions or issues, you can post them here in comments or (preferably) through our contact form.

    1. Thank you Canauzzie. I have chrome and will access from there from now on. So far I have avoided downloading Microsoft 10...they already spy on us enough. I don't plan to help them further!

      I wanted to let you know this because apparently the previous version of IE that I have has the margin issues as well.


    2. Thank you for replying. I have not checked the site for IE issues since just after switching over to the new format, so I will take your word on it about conflicts with the earlier version of IE.

      As far as spying there is NO defense. But yes, you can make it harder. The NSA has is embedded in firmware and has been found there by Kaspersky. For that there is no defence and any privacy software to date cannot find it, nor prevent it. But yes, by all means, make it harder on the Bastards. I urge all who can afford it to get a VPN service and use encryption wherever possible. We don't have to make it easy.

  58. Death by 1000 cuts? FBI sure is dragging this out!

    The FBI submitted a classified declaration to a federal court judge late Friday explaining details about the bureau's "pending investigation" into the use of a private email server by Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton. The declaration addresses why the FBI can't publicly release any records about its probe in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed by VICE News.

    In a separate public declaration, David Hardy, the chief of the FBI's FOIA office, said there are a number of documents exchanged between the FBI and the State Department relating to the FBI's ongoing investigation of Clinton's use of a private email server, which stored all of the official government emails Clinton sent and received during her tenure as Secretary of State. But the FBI, which consulted with attorneys within its Office of General Counsel "who are providing legal support to the pending investigation," cannot divulge any of them without "adversely affecting" the integrity of its investigation.

    Some of the documents at issue concern "server equipment and related devices obtained from former Secretary Clinton," Hardy said. The documents "consist of memoranda from the FBI to the Department of State regarding evidence. The purpose of these communications with the Department of State was to solicit assistance in furtherance of the FBI's investigation."

    VICE News sought a wide-range of records from the FBI last December related to Clinton's private email server. Specifically, we asked the FBI for any emails and other documents retrieved from her server, thumb drive, and any other electronic equipment that has not been publicly disclosed; any correspondence and other documents between the FBI and Clinton or her representatives; correspondence between the FBI and the State Department about Clinton's server; and any documents memorializing authorizations granted to the FBI to disclose to the media what the bureau seized from her server. In his declaration, Hardy said the FBI does not have any documents showing that the bureau communicated with Clinton or her aides nor does the FBI have any records about disclosures to the media. The FBI has asked US District Court Judge Randolph Moss to dismiss VICE News' FOIA lawsuit on grounds that the documents it does have about Clinton's private email server are located in files pertaining to a pending investigation that is exempt from disclosure because their release would interfere with active law enforcement proceedings.

    Related: There Are 1,800 Reasons Why the Controversy Over Hillary Clinton's Emails Is Far From Over

    "Materials that were retrieved from any server equipment and related devices obtained from former Secretary Clinton for the investigation, which would be responsive to [VICE News' FOIA request], are potential evidence in the FBI's investigation, or may provide leads to or context for potential evidence," Hardy wrote. "As this is an active and ongoing investigation, the FBI is continuing to assess the evidentiary value of any materials retrieved for the investigation from any such server equipment/related devices. Disclosure of evidence, potential evidence, or information that has not yet been assessed for evidentiary value while the investigation is active and ongoing could reasonably be expected to undermine the pending investigation by prematurely revealing its scope and focus."

    More at Scrib document


  59. Trump really needs a senior Female aid on his campaign who resonates with women or his character, with the pulling power of a Slug, will cost him 50% of the voters in the near future. Trump needs to wise up and realise, he is also the ugly face of America in bad need of a makeover.

  60. Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The OKC Bombing In Under 5 Minutes (VIDEO)

    Everything you ever wanted to know about the OKC bombing in under 5 minutes. This message has been brought to you by the friends of the FBI, ATF, DOJ, CIA, SPLC, MSM and the US Army.

  61. From Judge Anna today....

    What is in a NAME? An Appeal for Pesach (Passover)

    What is in a NAME?
    Let's begin with the Bible, the source of the Law of the Land throughout the Western World, and let's begin with the most important name of all, the name of God.
    God doesn't have a name. People have made up various excuses for this fact, but the scripture also quite clearly tells us the same. "I Am That I Am" is a four-letter description. There are 72 other three-letter descriptions known as "names of God" that each describe another defining characteristic of God, so that taken on the whole, we know far more about the nature and character of God than we could ever know from a name----but the fact remains that God does not have "a" name.
    Neither do God's children. This is on purpose. In Revelation we are told that we will be given names, but as such, we have no names now --- at least no names known to mortal man.
    What??? We have no names? That's right, we have no names. As children of God we are spirits inhabiting flesh, and like our Father, we have no names, only descriptions.
    This is why for many hundreds of years in all the venues of Law of the Land, people are described: "Anne of Green Gables", "Henry of Warwick", "Elizabeth of Ardennes", "George by the Battlements", "Eleanora of Bailford, Bickford, and Main" ---- or, "Anna Maria Wilhelmina Hanna Sophia Riezinger of (von) Reitzenstein of (von) Lettow before (Vor) Beck."
    So if we have no names, what are these things we use day to day to call each other to breakfast?
    They are the Mark of the Beast. Why are they the Mark of the Beast? Because only Beasts (animals) have names. Adam was not given the right nor the assignment to name people. He was tasked to name animals and things only. So when a man gives another man a name, he is implying that the man receiving the name is (a) an animal or (b) a thing--- like a corporation.
    Well, clearly, in some sense, a man is an animal, a mammal, and recognizable as such and as an animal he can be named. If he acts as a corporation--- a thing ---- he can also be named.
    So it is that under the Law of the Sea, men have been given names as animals and treated as such; until very recent times the Admiralty sections of the Public Law (notably Title 7) have freely admitted that men are considered "land assets" and "animals".
    Hence, a name applied to a man is literally "the mark of the Beast".
    For many centuries the convention of describing people instead of naming them kept confusion at a minimum, but toward the middle of the nineteenth century the age-old practice based on Biblical Law began to be undermined. Why?
    Administrative convenience.
    It was easier to standardize conventions and religious concerns were waived. The name John Brown is after all just an abbreviation of the lawful name "John of the House Brown" and John Henry Brown is just an abbreviation of the lawful name "John who has taken the name Henry of the House Brown". Why have to write all that out and explain what it means? Doesn't everyone know that already?

    Apparently not.


    1. Cont'd....

      Instead, the lawful description of living people became confused with the Trade Names they were accostumed to using in business transactions. "John Henry Brown" the foreshortened and standardized description of the living man was, at least visually, the same as John Henry Brown, the Trade Name of that same man.
      So the "descriptive name" and the "Trade Name" became distinguishable only by context or explicit definition, such as, "for the purposes of this document "John Henry Brown" means the living man making his home at Old Brown House in Devonshire...."
      In 1933 FDR took advantage of this confusion between the foreshortened descriptive name and the Trade Name and muddied the water still more----on purpose.
      His administration created millions of foreign situs trusts which just happened to be named after living Americans and which just happened to use all the same letters and Upper and Lower case style conventions as their abbreviated descriptive names and Trade Names already used.
      Thus the description of a living man was written as "John Henry Brown" and his Trade Name (unincorporated doing business name) was written "John Henry Brown" and now, without his knowledge or consent, the United States of America, Incorporated---- a for-profit governmental services corporation that was about to go bankrupt-- created a franchise for itself and named it "John Henry Brown", too.
      Of course, with a little mail fraud thrown in, when the living man "John Henry Brown" received a "statement" in the mail that was apparently addressed to him and which had all the outward appearances of a bill, he assumed it was his bill to pay. What other conclusion would be reasonable?
      And in this way we, our parents, and our grandparents have been tricked into "assuming" and paying for debts owed by others--- first by the United States of America, Incorporated, throughout its long bankruptcy reorganization from 1933 to 1999 when all its debts were finally discharged, and now, again, we are being dunned for payment of debts owed by other corporate entities merely named after us---- "JOHN HENRY BROWN" is a Cestui Que Vie Trust formed under the Municipal (independent foreign city state) Law of the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation operated out of Puerto Rico under Puerto Rican Commonwealth Law.
      The Treasurer of the United States, Rosa Gumataotao Rios, is holding all your property including your name in a public trust named after you and the leeches benefiting from this are pretending that it is all "abandoned property" belonging to "no one" and that the UNITED STATES, INC. and its "STATE OF_______" franchises are the beneficiaries of your name and your property both public and private.
      Doesn't that just warm the cockles of your heart?
      You have been entrapped and defrauded and press-ganged into the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea, all your assets including your name have been "seized upon" while you have been declared "legally dead" and had your ESTATE administered under the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico......
      In March of 2015 the UNITED STATES, INC. was declared insolvent by its creditors, with the result that its secondary creditors (we are obviously in line to be priority creditors of the whole shebang if we wake up) are now here claiming to own everything in sight.
      Thus the land grabs in Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and elsewhere.
      Thus the credit default swaps disguised as loans and "mortgages".
      Thus the false arrests and claims against JOHN HENRY BROWN, which is by DEFINITION is a foreigner, a debtor, and an "Enemy" of the State.


    2. Cont'd.....

      Now you know well in advance why the charges against AMMON BUNDY and CLIVEN BUNDY and other American heroes will stick and why they will be found guilty and why nothing that they or their attorneys say about the Law or the Facts will matter: they are already guilty BY DEFINITION. All that is left to argue is--- does the COURT really have jurisdiction? And how much will they be charged in terms of money and years of life lost?
      And you also know why the perverts responsible for these crimes of fraud and personage will be desperate to throw the book at them and make an example of them for standing up for their property and their rights. Their only hope of getting all of us to pay off their debts for them is by legal chicanery and preventing us from making our valid claims known.
      If Ammon and Cliven Bundy realize what has been done to them and go to the district Court of the United States and sue to change their name back from AMMON BUNDY and CLIVEN BUNDY to Ammon Bundy and Cliven Bundy respectively and reclaim also their actual nationality as natives of Nevada, the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT will have to let go of their prey like an exploding hot potato and all those responsible for this gargantuan fraud will have to search for rocks to crawl under to hide their public shame.
      And that, Dear Reader, is what is in a NAME.
      If you read House Joint Resolution 192 very closely you will see that while it offers apparent remedy for all this identity theft and credit fraud, it also imposes a gag order on those responsible for administering it. It's all supposed to be hush-hush, private, confidential. Only those "in the know" who are "competent" to bring claims---- and who know the secret handshake and the secret steps to take--- can reclaim their rightful estate and property stolen from them and their parents and grandparents by mostly foreign banks using "governmental services corporations" as storefronts to operate under color of law and perpetuate all these oppressions and acts of fraud.
      At the end of the day, what it amounts to is that these banks have pretended to be the lawful government, and via that illusion, have enjoyed our trust and obedience while they have stolen us blind.
      And now they want to talk about "depopulation" --- a euphemism for kiling your creditors to avoid paying them and to profit from the estates they leave behind and to bilk the life insurance policies these vermin have placed on each one of us.
      Law enforcement? Sheriffs? Pentagon? Members of Congress?Are you listening?
      This is what is in a NAME.
      Well, we Americans are awake. By the millions now. And so are the people in Brazil and Kuwait and Great Britain and Canada and Australia and Japan and Russia and China and India and all over this planet. We know and we are asking---- "Oh, so this is the "service" we've been paying you for all these years? To mischaracterize and enslave and defraud us?"
      And we are thinking---- if you are worth your salt, you've got one job now. Clean up this mess and clean out these banks and arrest these bankers and clear out their nests on Wall Street and Fleet Street and Paris and Rome and Tokyo. Nobody who has heard this news is in the mood for learning any secret handshakes. We don't believe that 390 million Americans are duty bound to go to court and change their names back, when their names should never have been infringed upon in the first place.
      We don't think we should have to pay for anything but the nineteen clearly enumerated services we agreed to pay for. And we think we have something to say about the quality of those services.


    3. Cont'd.....

      We want our good names restored to us and to our unique control, no questions asked. We want our property--both public and private--- restored to us, free and clear of all taxes, tithes, fees, encumbrances, liens, and indebtedness. We want all the credit and actual assets that have been extracted from us via "federal" racketeering, identity theft, and credit fraud returned to us, plus interest.
      We want the banks responsible placed under new management and then liquidated to pay their priority and secondary creditors. In those cases where it can be proven that bankers and lawyers knew full-well what was going on, we want the corporate veil pierced and all their ill-gotten gains seized and sold for the benefit of the victims of foreclosure fraud and other atrocities.
      The bankers and lawyers and the politicians who issued the gag orders and who have kept the people from obtaining remedy are guilty of the most heinous and venal felonies imaginable, including the theft and exploitation of children, the destruction of families, and the enslavement of entire nations.
      That is what is in a NAME.
      And now, let's return to where we began, and reflect with Solomon that there is nothing new under the sun. We have been here before. Read Jeremiah 34: 8-22. King Zedekiah and his ministers and the rich men of Jerusalem decided to do the right thing (mostly because they were under seige by the Babylonians) and agreed to follow God's rule and release the Hebrew slaves, both men and women. But then, they changed their minds and re-enslaved them, which sealed their own fate and destruction.
      Here are the names of the banks that make up the so-called "Federal Reserve"---
      Rothschild Bank of London
      Rothschild Bank of Berlin
      Warburg Bank of Hamburg
      Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
      Lazard Brothers of Paris
      Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
      Chase Manhattan Bank of New York
      Goldman, Sachs of New York
      Lehman Brothers of New York
      Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York
      These are Jewish banks and Jewish bankers, no getting around it. And they are principally responsible for this entire situation, though they have been helped (mightily) by the British Crown, the British Monarch, the various Bar Associations and their Members, and politicians both the corrupt and the clueless alike, to create this gigantic fraud and perpetuate this criminality.
      Jacob Rothschild stands in the shoes of King Zedekiah. God requires the slaves to be set free. And if they aren't. you all know the rest of the story.


  62. I've received this email message more times than I can count from so many people who I've known to be conservative, moderate and even liberal!

    "Does this express the Trump phenomenon?
    I received your questionnaire and request for money and strongly agree with every question you asked about eliminating Obama’s installed agenda. Unfortunately, the one question that was missing is “What have the Republicans done for the American people?” We gave you a majority in the House and Senate and you never listened to us. You allow unvetted Muslim into the US, also after years and years you still keep 11 million illegals in the US, you fund Planned Parenthood who sells aborted baby parts, you allow the Christian Religion to be decimated---- and now you want more of our money.

    Well guess what? “It ain’t gonna happen.” I tell you I'm for TRUMP and he hasn’t asked for a dime.

    Here’s why I want Trump...yes, he's a bit of an ass, yes he's an egomaniac, but we don't care. The country is a mess because politicians suck, the Republican Party is two-faced & gutless, and illegals are everywhere. We don't care that Trump is crude, we don't care that he insults people, we don't care that he had been friendly with Hillary, we don't care that he has changed positions, we don't care that he's been married 3 times, we don't care that he fights with Megyn Kelly and Rosie O'Donnell, we don't care that he doesn't know the name of some Muslim terrorist. This country is weak, bankrupt, our enemies are making fun of us, we are being invaded by unvetted illegal's, we are becoming a nation of victims where every Tom, Ricardo and Hasid is a special group with special rights (with our money) to a point where we don't even recognize the country we were born and raised in

    We're sick of politicians, sick of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. We just want things fixed. Trump may not be a saint, but he doesn't have lobbyist money holding him, he doesn't have political correctness restraining him, you know that he has been successful, and a good negotiator and built a lot of things. He's also not a politician -- or a cowardly politician and he says he'll fix it. And we believe him because he is too much of an egotist to be proven wrong or looked at and called a liar.


  63. I have a question I'm hoping Texian, anyone on the blog, or even Judge Anna herself can answer for me.

    I read all the time about our birth certificates being compromised and a straw man/woman being created by the "registering of our birth name" and subsequent insurance policies being created.

    So, here is my question...since almost every married woman I know has "legally" changed her name making it different from the name printed on the birth certificate AND many of these women have real property in their "new names", then how can the items/assets attained in this "new name" be stolen or considered part of what a straw man/woman with an entirely different name own?

    Also, when these women, or others who have changed their names die, how can an insuranc policy be collected upon unless all of this is NOT tied to a NAME but instead tied to a birth certificate NUMBER?

    Would love feedback.

    1. MWP,
      Anna vonReitz replies to your question:

      These "things" --- corporations ---- have different characters. A foreign situs trust is not the same as a Cestui Que Vie trust is not the same as public transmitting utility is not the same as a cooperative is not the same as a foundation is not the same as an LLC.....

      You see my point.

      So when they operate these different things under different names different functions and rules and even laws of different countries apply.

      The John Herbert Mills foreign situs trust operates under the laws of the (federal) State of Ohio. The JOHN HERBERT MILLS Cestui Que Vie Trust operates under the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

      And so on. This causes a lot of confusion, as do the sorts of name changes that take place when women marry.

      Under Admiralty a married woman belongs to her husband----literally. When you take his Name you take his ESTATE and he takes yours. A woman has standing and voice only insomuch as she acts and speaks with the authority of her husband supporting her. She has no separate identity of her own. A single woman may own land and other assets and may control them, so long as she adopts her proper descriptive name; even then, even after she is of majority age, she continues to operate in an auxilliary capacity to her Father until he dies and to any brothers she may have until they are deceased. Perhaps luckily for many women starting on the road to freedom, the government has already declared us all civilly dead and you must purposefully take against the Will established by the New Deal to assert otherwise.

      As a result many of the men who might already make claims and cause trouble for women making claim against their own estates are "dead" on paper and that leaves women free to take control of their own names and estates in original jurisdiction.

    2. Today, Anna has also further explained her signature, autograph or byline on "What's in a Name?" article.

      Anu:hotep/anaroth - what does this mean.

      "Hotep" means "House of"
      "Anaroth" is the Title name of "Anathoth" the part of the land where the prophet Jeremiah's family came from, who were all of the Tribe of Benjamin. I am slowly word by word and name by name revealing an inescapable truth in the language of those who have trespassed against us. In this modern day they think they are immune and that they can get away with whatever they want and not be observed and held accountable for it. I am telling them in their own ancient language that this is not so, that they have been observed all along, and they will be held accountable and by whom.

      Only those who know the history and who speak the language of the Nazoreans are able to read and understand the message that is being spelled out for them. The hand that writes has written. Those that know the truth also know the Lie. There is nothing--- absolutely NOTHING hidden.

      Think about that for a moment. Why do people tell lies? Because they childishly believe that they CAN lie. They continue in the practice of deceit because they still believe that they can do such things and get away with it.

      But what happens when you know FOR SURE that your every word and move is known? That every motivation, every dilemma, every concern---- the "all of it" is known in an absolute and inescapable way?

      It's not possible to lie. It's not possible to cheat, to steal, to plot, to murder, or do any of these other vile things without it being known and without it coming straight back to you like a ball thrown against a wall.

      The perpetrators of these crimes actually know this truth--- they know, but they have "forgotten", grown dull and complacent and foolish and disrespectful of God. They think that because they have gotten away with this scheme and predation for 150 years they can just go ahead and continue on another 150 years.

      It's not going to be that way.

      They have also forgotten the words of Jeremiah and the meaning of them, but I have not, and I stand here as a witness against them for making the SAME mistakes over and over and not taking the lessons of the past to heart.

      So they have followed the foreign "Lord" Ba-El again. They have sacrificed millions upon millions of infants by declaring them legally and civilly dead. They have stolen the credit and the estates of the victims of this and fed upon our labor and substance like the vampires they serve.

      And once again the True God has stirred up the Chaldeans and the Babylonians against them and all their allies desert them--- and they don't know why!

      If they remember Jeremiah and the Freeing of the Slaves and the fate of Zedekiah they will not only know why they are in this mess they will know what they must do to get out of it.

      So I remind them and by addressing them in their own language I give proof that I know the Truth and that they are in fact being observed by the One Holy One and by Our Righteous Savior and none of their deceits or efforts to cover things up will help.

      The ONLY thing that can help is if they learn their lessons at last and stop doing what is heinous and evil and contemptible.

      They agreed to set the people of this world free and stop the use of Federal Reserve Notes and credit fraud. That is, they agreed to set the slaves free and return them to their ancestral lands.

      And just like Zedekiah, having agreed to do the right thing, they turned right around and proposed to issue "United States Notes" instead--- that is, to re-enslave the slaves.

      If any of them have a brain left they must recognize this as making the same mistake twice.


    3. Cont'd....

      And it is a mistake with known and certain consequences. You cannot cheat God. You cannot flaunt your disobedience in secret and think that it will not be shouted from the housetops--- because it is and it will be.

      It is beyond past time for these people to grow up and stop making the same mistakes over and over again. They must wake up and face facts and grow up.

      There ARE no secrets.

      There is no way to lie about anything.

      Their secret worship of idols, their selfishness, their cruelty, their usury, their communion with evil spirits, their crookedness, lack of faith and lack of honor, their endless "wagering" passed off as "insurance" when it is nothing but gambling, are all known. Everything. All of it.

      The failure of Zedekiah and his elite to keep their word and free the slaves was the final straw, the thing that sealed their fate and that of Jerusalem.

      Here we are again.

      And here I am in the name of the One Holy One, appointed to destroy from the foundations of the world until now--- basically saying, how stupid are you?

      Will you fight the House of God? Will you turn back from your word and right action again? Even when you KNOW the consequences? That you will be utterly overthrown, destroyed, scattered like chaff, left barren as a wasteland and have no part in the New Jerusalem?

      The next part of the message is this:


      Jeremiah is returning home to claim the land he bought so long ago and the woman he loved resurrected from the dust: but of those who were Zedekiah and his branches nothing will be remembered if they make the same mistakes now.

      They will be washed away from the Mind of God as if they never existed and with our sins they will dwell and not be remembered.

  64. Latest Kameran Faily post at Camelot

  65. Don't be so sure about Trump "being an outsider," evidently, he owes a lot of money to some of the very banks that are in bed with the Deutsche Bank


    I am opposed to restarting the merry-go-round with new players. We need to end this servitude once and for all.

  67. The latest Jim Willie interview exposes what has been obvious from 2:15 to 2:38:

    Jim Willie indicates there that the Russian, Chinese and Persian Empires are joining forces against the British Empire. If there was as much benevolence as is often pretended within the British aka New Venetian Empire, it would have ended the Cestui Que Vie Trust global slavery system and all that is related to it a long time ago. It has not and cheap words do not set any of this right. It is rather obvious that no change of direction is desired when observing the words of the likes such as Philip Hammond and David Cameron. Even Prince Philip is hard at work in an attempt to destroy South America and in particular Argentina and Brazil. Such actions only make the perfect case for the abolishment of all royalty in a best case scenario.

    What Jim Willie states in those first three minutes is the most interesting part. He does not state anything after that that he has not stated before as far as I am concerned. It is thus not worth it to listen to it entirely this time around if you have listened to numerous previous Jim Willie interviews.

    1. Thanks, Saturnalia. I really enjoy your posts.

    2. Thanks Saturnalia. While I don't know much to verify it's clear to me that there are efforts to control release of humanity from the various systems, and this is aligned with Goode's assertion that an elite faction are pushing for a 100 year delay in full disclosure, presumably so they can continue in their positions of leadership.

      To this I say that humanity is being severely underestimated. Many of the problems that we see (poverty, welfare etc) are directly due to the financial system itself, NOT the people.

      Full disclosure will free the people from these apparatuses of containment and eliminate welfare and socialism etc.

  68. Excellent quote from an article on Counter Punch: Adam Smith long ago remarked that profits often are highest in nations going fastest to ruin. There are many ways to create economic suicide on a national level. The major way through history has been through indebting the economy. Debt always expands to reach a point where it cannot be paid by a large swathe of the economy. This is the point where austerity is imposed and ownership of wealth polarizes between the One Percent and the 99 Percent. Today is not the first time this has occurred in history. But it is the first time that running into debt has occurred deliberately.” Applauded. “As if most debtors can get rich by borrowing, not reduced to a condition of debt peonage.”

  69. We have often talked about who does create wealth in this odd world that we now inhabit. I personally think that banksters are creating a lot of fluff mascuerading as wealth. Evidently, Stockman, having repented of his gulling of the public for Reagan's sake, agrees. Interesting article by him about why the banksters are about to get their just desert (coal with sugar frosting).

  70. BOMBSHELL: French Counter-Terror Boss: ‘I Have Proof Who Killed Litvinenko - It Wasn’t Russia’

    Paul Barril makes it clear that the assassination of Litvinenko was carried out under the auspices of the US and UK. A quote from the interview:

    “Russia has nothing to do with (the murder of Litvinenko). The case was fabricated from the beginning. Polonium was chosen as the poison because due to its production in Russia it would implicate Russia. The objective of the whole operation was to discredit president Putin and the FSB. It was done because Russia is blocking US interests around the world, especially in Syria. It was an attempt to weaken Putin’s hold on power, to destabilize Russia.”

  71. PM Viktor Orbán: "Brussels Must Be Stopped!"

    Viktor Orban is one of the few competent or uncorrupted politicians Europe has. He could be even far better by exposing deeper levels of fraud, but as far as politicians go he might be the best one Europe has currently. He knows the aims of select covert agendas and presents that information truthfully to the people.

    1. How refreshing to listen to a leader who obviously cares about his country! The US certainly doesn't have that and from what I have read of Cameron's positions, the U.K. doesn't either.

    2. A teacher asked her 6th grade class how many of them were Hillary Clinton fans.

      Not really knowing what a Hillary Clinton fan is, but wanting to be liked by the teacher, all the kids raised their hands except for Little Johnny…

      The teacher asked Little Johnny why he has decided to be different… again.

      Little Johnny said, “Because I’m not a Hillary Clinton fan.”

      The teacher asked, “Why aren’t you a fan of Hillary Clinton?”

      Johnny said, “Because I’m a Republican.”

      The teacher asked him why he’s a Republican.

      Little Johnny answered, “Well, my Mom’s a Republican and my Dad’s a Republican, so I’m a Republican.”

      Annoyed by this answer, the teacher asked, “If your mom was a moron and your dad was an idiot, what would that make you?”

      Little Johnny replied, “That would make me a Hillary Clinton fan.”

  72. Texian

    In most counties, by and large, Voters are a pretty naive, laconic and thick bunch. They get the odd issue, but mainly have the voting intellect of a tree trunk. As regards Leaders, sadly the world suffers the same dross. Who nowadays enters politics to give back? All varmints on ego trips or the take. Phony Tony Blair? Same road kill.
    I draw no Salary nor ever claim expenses and give 100% for free. To me, it's an honour to serve and a privilege never to abuse. Which is why, surrounded as we are by such dross, its a constant battle.


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