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As Donald Trump targets women, Republicans say he could cost the party everything

OWON: Now it seems any and every trick will be dredged up and used use to stop Trump. Clearly the voters don't want the rest at any price. With dam good reason! So much for Democracy in America. After all, if he's the best, God help - the rest. The world watches as this Election truly scrapes the barrel. Were ever such two truly unacceptable people opposed?

As Donald Trump targets women, Republicans say he could cost the party everything

By Emily Cahn
26 March 2016

Christine Matthews, a longtime Republican strategist whose work focuses on convincing other women to vote Republican, felt good about her party's progress with female voters after the 2014 midterm elections.

Republicans added women to their ranks in the House and Senate, and even defeated a Democratic senator in Colorado who had made the so-called "war on women" the hallmark issue of his campaign.

But two years later, as GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump continually makes misogynistic comments on the trail, Matthews said she feels any progress made with women has been erased.

"We were maybe on the 50-yard line," Matthews said of her party's efforts to woo women. "And now I feel like we’re back at the one."

Matthews' comments came as Trump was engaged in a high profile dust-up with rival Ted Cruz over comments he made about Cruz's wife, Heidi.

A day earlier, Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz traded insults over Twitter, some targeting Cruz's wife. Trump escalated the feud, retweeting an unflattering image of Cruz's wife, Heidi, side-by-side with a photo of his own wife, Melania.

"The images are worth a thousand words," the text on the images read. And in the accompanying tweet, Trump threatened "Lyin' Ted" that he would "spill the beans" on his wife.

Trump's attack on Heidi Cruz was condemned widely by Republican women, who said it was yet another example of Trump's history of disparaging and dismissing women. They fear it may drive away female voters in the 2016 general election, and could do lasting damage to the party.

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