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More than HALF the country views Trump and Clinton unfavorably

OWON: Only Half? What is wrong with the other half????

Trump and Clinton are the most unpopular frontrunners in history of primary race: More than HALF the country views both of them unfavorably

  • Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are historically unpopular says a new CBS News/New York Times poll
  • Right now 57 percent of registered voters view Trump unfavorably, while 52 percent view Clinton unfavorably
  • The last person to be elected president with double-digit net-negatives was Bill Clinton in 1992

Mail Online
By Nikki Schwab
22 March 2016

More than half the country holds unfavorable views of the two candidates the Democrats and Republicans are likely to nominate for the White House.

A new CBS/New York Times poll shows that 57 percent of respondents view Republican frontrunner Donald Trump negatively, while Democrat Hillary Clinton does only slightly better with 52 percent saying that they're not fans.

On the flip side, 24 percent of registered voters polled hold a favorable view of The Donald compared to 57 per cent who view him unfavorably.

Just 31 per cent view the the former secretary of state favorably, with a 52 per cent unfavorable ratings.

It means that Trump and Clinton are both viewed more unfavorably than any front-runner for either party since 1984, when this poll began.

Those numbers represent a departure for the major parties, who in past cycles have nominated candidates with higher favorability ratings.

For instance, while Trump's net rating is -31 and Clinton's is -21, when President Obama ran against Mitt Romney in 2012, his net rating was zero, with 41 percent of registered voters viewing the sitting president favorably and 41 percent viewing him unfavorably.

Romney, who lost the race to a sitting president, had a net negative of 7 points.

Moving back another four years, both the major candidates had net positives who ran in 2008, with Obama's numbers a little higher, he had a net score of 16 points, to Sen. John McCain's 7 percent positive rating.

Clinton, who ran against Obama in the Democratic primary, like now had a net rating on the negative side, but it was only at -2 percent.

While George W. Bush was rated higher than Democrats John Kerry and Al Gore and Bill Clinton had a net positive over 1996 Republican nominee Bob Dole, it's President Clinton who had the highest net negative in 1992 – and he still went on to win the race.

At that time, according to CBS, Bill Clinton was viewed by 24 percent of the American electorate favorably and 41 percent of the electorate unfavorably, giving him a net rating of -17 percent.

Clinton won with a plurality of 43 percent of the vote as he was up against both Republican Bush 41 and third-party hopeful Ross Perot – so strong feelings about a candidate don't necessarily spell trouble for their bid. When delving deeper into the new numbers, Democrats, CBS points out, have negative views of Trump and vise versa when it comes to Clinton and Republicans.

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