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Boris accuses Obama of ‘blatant hypocrisy’ over Brexit

OWON: Is this Buffoon a complete moron? He screws up 7 years in the White House and dreams his opinion carries anything but Zilch in London and thinks he can fly in and lecture Brits. They will laugh in his face.

Zero credibility will send more for the Brexit door. It seems the Organ Grinder Soros is sending him out to play. The arrogance of this Poser.

Boris Johnson blasted by Sir Winston Churchill's grandson after launching blistering attack on Obama and accusing US president of 'blatant hypocrisy' for telling British voters to stay in the EU

  • Mayor of London under fire from fellow Tory MPs for criticising Obama
  • Sir Nicholas Soames says Boris is 'seriously adrift' in the EU debate
  • It is humiliating for Mr Johnson, who counts Sir Winston as his hero
  • The US President is expected to argue Britain should stay in EU on UK visit
  • Boris Johnson said US wouldn't 'subject itself to institution such as the EU'
  • But In campaigners hit out at Johnson's 'ridiculous attack' on Obama
  • White House snubs Boris Johnson by refusing to comment on his attack

Mail Online
By Matt Dathan
15 March 2016

Sir Winston Churchill's grandson blasted Boris Johnson today after the Mayor of London launched a blistering attack on Barack Obama and accused the US President of 'blatant and exorbitant hypocrisy' for telling British voters they must stay in the EU.

Sir Nicholas Soames, who is also a Tory MP, said Mr Johnson was 'seriously adrift in the argument' after he wrote a strongly-worded article criticising Mr Obama's expected intervention in the EU debate next month.

It is a humiliating blow for Mr Johnson, who counts Sir Winston as one of his greatest heroes and has written a biography on the war-time leader.

The US President is due to fly into Britain in late April to argue that the UK will have less influence in the world if it leaves the Brussels club.

But in a pre-emptive strike on Mr Obama, the London Mayor said the idea that the Americans 'submitting their democracy to the kind of regime that we have in the EU' was 'laughable and completely alien to American traditions'.

He said there was 'no way' the US would sign up to an institution like the EU.

The White House tonight delivered a pointed snub to Mr Johnson's by refusing to comment on his attack on the President - but coming out firmly in favour of Britain staying in Europe.

'Our position has been that the US deeply values a strong ally in the UK as a part of the European Union,' said White House spokesman Josh Earnest.

But in the House of Commons today the leading Brexit Cabinet minister Chris Grayling told foreign leaders to stay out of the EU debate.

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