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Boris Johnson calls David Cameron a 'merchant of gloom', says UK would 'thrive' outside EU

OWON: The pressure mounts on Cameron as Thinking Politicos call for the UK to leave. Many comparing life outside to Canada or Switzerland. As the world's 5th largest economy and Leading World Financial City, the UK can only gain by walking out of this sloppy and inept EU Jesuit's feeding pool. Who needs an unstoppable illegals flow devastating our economy? Who needs the Human Rights act, tank it. Who needs to subsidise East European and Mediterranean Losers? Who needs to pay out to the bottomless Brussels and French Con Man farming subsidy trough?

The average British family will be c $5,000 dollars a year better off out. That matters. Industry can junk the EU legislation. Brainless, senseless laws can be trashed. The problem is, c4 million noncontributing Scots looking only at their 'Welfare Pots' may tip the vote to stay and again trash the future of English voters. If the UK votes to leave, the Scots threaten to leave the UK. Please Go NOW and go soon!

Boris Johnson calls David Cameron a 'merchant of gloom', says UK would 'thrive' outside EU

David Cameron warns that a post Brexit trade agreement with the EU based on the Canadian model favoured by Boris Johnson would bring 'seven years of uncertainty'

The Telegraph
By Laura Hughes
and Kate McCann
11 March 2016

Our political correspondent Laura Hughes has provided this summary of Boris Johnson's speech this morning.

Boris Johnson has said he would like Britain to strike a new free trade deal with the EU, based on the one Canada has struck with Brussels.

This would be a deal based on trade and tariffs and would mean Britain would not be forced to allow the free movement of people.

Speaking at a factory in Dartford this morning he said: "I think we can strike a deal, as the Canadians have done, based on trade and getting rid of tariffs. It's a very, very bright future I see."

Asked to comment on the Archbishop of Canterbury's views on the EU, Mr Johnson joked that he wasn't sure what the bible says on the issue of Europe, but added that "prayer is all that's going to be left if we don't vote Leave."

The Mayor urged Brexiters to "hold our nerve and vote for freedom" and described the EU as an "anachronism" which "costs us a huge amount of money and subverts our democracy".

Mr Johnson said the In campaign think Britain "doesn't have the guts" to burst out of the "shackles" of the EU.

He said the remainers are "underestimating" Britain and what it can achieve, as he called on voters not to be "timid" and to resist the "gloomadom poppers."

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