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Train Attendant Recruitment Held in East China

OWON: As Eurasia comes, how will the under educated Western grunts compete?

And you wonder why we have a problem competing? Relative to the competition, our bar is not high enough. Every person will face this in their lifetime as will every business. This is the competition and the West has it's weaknesses exposed.

Train Attendant Recruitment Held in East China

People's Daily Online
21 February 2016

Candidates take part in an exam for high-speed train attendants in Jinan, eastern China’s Shandong Province on Saturday. More than 1,300 people have taken the exam but less than 10 percent of them will be selected. The participants, most around 18 years old, are required to compete by showing their skills with Mandarin and English, and participate in a talent show that includes dancing, singing, and playing a musical instrument. They must also undergo physical testing, doing movements such as squats.


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