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New blockbuster evidence, Clinton responsible for the death of ambassador Stevens

OWON: Evolution or Revolution.

This disclosure should worry the Clinton camp. Perhaps the immunity given this week is all a part of an evolving story. And there is no wonder why confidence in Government is falling as more disclosures surface. The worse people thought is being borne out shaking their belief in the status quo and they are asking what else is a lie. How about everything?

When is Clinton going to Jail?

New blockbuster evidence, Clinton responsible for the death of ambassador Stevens

The Common Sense Show
By Dave Hodges
3 March 2016

Aaron Klein recently wrote an investigative piece in which he claims that Hillary Clinton was providing the movements of Ambassador Stevens before his death and this information was disseminated on Clinton’s own personal computer. First of all, the movements of an ambassador are never transmitted in such a manner. However, Aaron Klein clearly has established that when it came to Clinton and Stevens, that was not the case (see the latter paragraphs in this article).

Secondly, these communiques would have been classified and as such, their revelation would have been illegal because private computers can NEVER be used to receive, review or transmit classified information. Also, Clinton’s revealing the future whereabouts of an ambassador who will be murdered, would make her an accomplice to criminally negligent manslaughter, at best, and Clinton could be found guilty for being an accomplice to the crime of the murder of Chris Stevens, at worst.

Insider Source Information

Before I get to the veracity of Klein’s claims, I need to review a few tidbits of history. In the aftermath of the Benghazi fiasco, I was provided information that Clinton, Obama, et al, were guilty of setting Stevens up to be assassinated and “they” indeed knew that he would be assassinated. I published this information (see They Came They Murdered, They Covered It up Parts 1 and 2, in which the link is provided below .

During the aftermath of the Benghazi Affair, I was given information about the details of the murder of Stevens and how his presumed rescue by senior military personnel in the region would have brought down the Obama administration. However, the rescue attempt was foiled by plants, from the CIA, designed to prevent such an interference as these plants were embedded into the executive command structure of senior military officers (e.g. General Hamm). This fact is also covered in the links below.

Late last year, I was told by the previously reliable informant, that Clinton was mostly responsible for Stevens death and that his murder was designed to prevent any revelations that Stevens, who was also working for the CIA to distribute assets to terrorist groups who were carrying out the work of the CIA which consisted of building ISIS through gun running, selling drugs and pimping children. I was told that Stevens activities were known to the commanders of the region (i.e. General Hamm, the commander of AFRICOM). The military had motivation to rescue Stevens at the first sign of trouble so they could flip him and bring down the Obama administration less than three months before the presidential election of 2012. And why would the military be so inclined? Because Obama was firing military leaders left and right and was degrading the overall effectiveness of the military as a whole. I published these accounts in October of 2012 (link below), minus the connections to Clinton’s emails.

In December of last year, I was requested by my informant to write about the connection between Benghazi and Stevens murder and Clinton’s emails, which I published on January 16, 2016. I was told it would be a set up piece for what was going to be revealed regarding Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the death of Stevens. Please click here to see the original article, published on January 16, which was six weeks before the Klein bombshell of this week.

Here is a relevant excerpt to the original January 2016 piece I published on this topic.


ISIS Involvement Brings Clinton Into the Story

The late Ambassador Chris Stevens, a CIA operative, was largely responsible for the take down of the Libyan government with the help of al-Qaeda who was being armed by Stevens on behalf of the CIA. At the time of Stevens death, he was doing the same in Syria. As word began to leak out in the months prior to the 2012 Presidential election, Stevens sloppiness had become a huge liability for the current administration and he had to be “dealt with”. Stevens sensed the danger and asked then Secretary of State Clinton for more bodyguards. She refused to honor the request. Further, the military attempted to capitalize on the fact that Stevens, if rescued from the attack that will end in his death, might offer public testimony about his illicit affairs which were sanctioned by the Obama administration in order to cut a deal to protect himself from prosecution. These affairs included gun running to al-Qaeda, drug, gun and sex trafficking of children to support the flow of arms to al-Qaeda. And of course, it was during this time that the CIA funded the rise of ISIS in order to take attention off of al-Qaeda.

All of these actions would have involved the Secretary of State, who at the time, was Hillary Clinton. Yet, these affairs would have to be kept off of the books. Hence, this is why Hillary put classified and top secret material on her private server. The content of Clinton’s emails will never see the light of day because ultimately she is protected by Obama’s executive privilege and Obama’s ultimate ability to pardon.


The late Carl Sagan once said that “extraordinary claims requires extraordinary proof. I have extensive documentation for the claims made in the previous paragraphs. I have prepared links which supports all claims and at the end of the day, it is clear that Hillary Clinton’s most damaging emails can only be about one thing.

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