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OWON: We have warned many times about what may be coming if America collapses. America is bankrupt and the Lie is that it's not!

America is ONLY left in play because the world as yet has no alternative Global currency, although its coming fast. Then the US will accelerate in its demise. Once the crash comes it's close up shop time in America. Ugly. Mobs looting and anyone caught out on the streets will become victims fast. America is all about Dog eat Dog, and there are millions of ugly, armed Dogs out there.

Hopefully the spirit of right of the good communities will hold for a while giving the populations a chance, but there are very mean streets out there, and only a half wit moron will step onto them unarmed if collapse does come. If the crash comes, stores will be emptied and looted. Most will only have up to 3 days food. No water, no electricity, no TV, no Banks open or ATM's working. No soup kitchens as supplies will run out.

Few Police will be active as now unpaid, and most won't risk their Butts for what may come down. No hospitals, no schools. Feeding screaming kids, how? What price then and for how long? Gas will be beyond a premium and Yes, they will kill you for what's in the tank, and what else you are carrying.

Even if avoiding this, when that knock comes on the door, then what? When they start to kick it in you can do what? You will see their guns through the window. Lunch- it's YOU!

Do your bit for Justice - Show them where the Zios live, get even.

Wall Street Daily

Dear concerned citizen,

How scared are Americans?

Scared enough that business is booming for gun/ammunition manufacturers.

Smith & Wesson's (SWHC) profits have more than doubled, as a shocking number of Americans begin arming themselves.

Warning: You may find the following content extremely upsetting...

I'm going to share a short snippet of my exclusive interview with bestselling author and renowned financial expert, Peter Schiff.

Peter is warning Americans to begin stockpiling bullets.

Bullets are a lot like gold - they carry a tremendous amount of intrinsic value.

Peter believes that bullets and ammunition could soon be a means of currency. That is, in a scenario where the United States tips into lawlessness and chaos.

When the federal government collapses, police and firemen will likely abandon their posts. Perhaps for several weeks until order is restored.

I urge you to begin preparing for a potentially difficult situation.


Robert Williams
Publisher, Wall Street Daily


  1. OWON , why the fear porn ? Sure it could be an alternate reality for fear mongers and queens but I always felt this site had higher understandings and standards . I write this not in criticism but in observation as an avid reader . I will not boycott site nor carry this any further , just thoughts .
    Thank-You Tim Sutterby from Missouri

    1. Tim

      The site is a platform for selective articles of concern.Its all a wild card world right now. What if?

  2. I feel it is better to be prepared than not. My mind still sees the beauty in things, but I prefer to stay safe by using the 'what if'.


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