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"Massive failures by the Church" - Cardinal gives evidence on child sexual abuse

OWON: We keep on looking for excuses not to take a hammer to this truly filthy institution full of deviants and smash it. No companies in Finance or Healthcare with such appalling travesties would keep their licences. They would be closed down.

The world has suffered 1700 years of their lies, depravity, cruelty and filth. No company deserves to be disbanded more than the perverts Vice-ican! Frock coated perverts, child rapists and child traffickers. The worst institution in the world. No God wants such a disgusting assembly of scum. Close the dam thing down and sort the lot of them. Size all the assets and repay to each nation. Force the release of all records, try and jail the lot found guilty. They will never change. It is Institutionally corrupt.

Like sending Clinton to run a Convent. Either of them!

Cardinal George Pell gives evidence in Rome to the royal commission into child sexual abuse

The Courier Mail
28 February 2016

Cardinal George Pell has admitted catastrophic failures by the Catholic Church in relation to child sexual abuse, a subject he says was on his radar from the early 1970s.

The cardinal appeared before the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse via videolink from Rome this morning.

In his third appearance before the commission he was probed for four hours, with just one 15 minute break, about his knowledge of child sexual abuse matters.

Four witnesses have told the royal commission they believed the cardinal was complicit in a widespread cover-up of abuse.

He today acknowledged there had been massive failings by the church to deal with the scourge, but said fault lay with individuals rather than the organisation.

Singling out former Ballarat bishop Ronald Mulkearns, Pell said he had failed to deal with the matter adequately.

He said he was aware the retired bishop, who has started giving his evidence to the commission in a separate hearing, destroyed church documents ahead of a Victorian parliamentary abuse inquiry.

He said the handling of Gerald Ridsdale, who has admitted abusing hundreds of children, was a catastrophe.

“I think the faults overwhelmingly have been more personal faults, personal failures, rather than structures,” he said.

Mulkearns regularly shuffled Ridsdale between parishes, and interstate, and sent him overseas for treatment. He offended almost everywhere he went.

“I think there was something of a pattern similar to what he used on Ridsdale with some others,” Cardinal Pell said.

“The way he was dealt with was a catastrophe, a catastrophe for the victims and a catastrophe for the church.

“If effective action had been taken earlier an enormous amount of suffering would have been avoided.”

The cardinal said too many victims of abuse were dismissed in “scandalous” circumstances, admitting the church had failed.

“Too many of them certainly were dismissed and sometimes they were dismissed in absolutely scandalous circumstances,” he said.

“They were very plausible allegations made by responsible people (that) were not followed up sufficiently.”

The cardinal said it was a general practice not to report allegations of abuse to police.

“The instinct was more to protect the institution, the community of the church from shame,” he said.

“The general community attitudes were different, within the police, within the government service, within the Catholic Church, were different from what they are now.”

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  1. Pell has been a stain on Australia's undies ever since he came to my attention in Melbourne when he refused Holy Communion (sic) to gay and lesbian Catholics. His stance has always been to support the power structure of the church, not to administer Christ's unconditional Love.

    In his carefully worded statements to the Royal Commission he has never admitted personal fault when he was in fact in charge, instead he says 'the church' made grave mistakes. In other words, him. Yet he has no trouble pointing his finger at others, not the church's fault there is it hey Pell?

    I wonder how powerful the Royal Commission is. Will Pell face any charges? He was an officer responsible and did everything to keep it within the Church by his own admission. He did not act when he knew.

  2. Direct quotes from Pell at the Royal Commission:

    'a sad story but it wasn't of much interest to me.'

    'I didn't know if it was common knowledge or not.'

    What a prick. HE KNEW.


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