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Archived Comment Section - 6 to 18 February 2016

One World of Nations
Archived Comment Section
6 to 18 February 2016

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  2. Of all the posts I have written on this platform, this will likely be my most important one and perhaps my last one. It would be unfortunate if this were my last post here as this platform contains many good people, but ‘many’ does not necessarily imply ‘only’. I will have to warn readers beforehand that this message might come across as the Great Wall of China in text format.

    I will explain what I agree with and what I do not and likely never will agree with as far as it concerns this platform.

    I most certainly agree with the anti-Zionist stance of this platform. Most prominent in the Jewish religion is a celebration called Kol Nidre which effectively allows Jews to declare all vows, oaths, promises, deals, etc. of the upcoming year as invalid and thus allows to break everything that might inspire trust….the very cornerstone of society. What might be less well known is that Eustace Mullins explains Jews were of two minds in regards to Israel. The Orthodox group insisted that all Jews were not to have a country of their own until the Messiah arose. The other group, the Zionists, insisted that it was certainly possible to have a country of their own before the Messiah arose. These Zionists whom I would also call Sabbatean Frankists effectively joined Hitler’s army and assisted in the prosecution and extermination of Orthodox Jews in order to create Israel. The atmosphere was already conditioned during WWI. Germany was winning that war, even though the costs were vast for all sides. No combat had taken place on German soil when Germany offered peace terms which effectively returned the borders to what they were before the war. British elements were keen on much more than merely declaring there to be no winner and Zionists offered them a deal they apparently could not refuse. The Zionists wanted the creation of Israel ultimately and in exchange for that the Zionists would bring the United States into WWI. The involvement of the United States caused Germany to lose WWI as a result of Zionist meddling and this was a matter never forgiven when no country in Europe treated Jews better than Germany up until that time. Zionists in that sense could be said to have many enemies, but also powerful friends. Masonry without the central role that the Temple of Solomon plays in all its aspects would no longer be Masonry and instead would cease to exist. Masonry and Jews effectively seek to rebuild the Temple of Solomon. Is it then such a strange thing to say that these groups are effectively one and the same? Masonry is extremely well connected to the royal families of Europe who often have key leadership positions within Masonry. Parties who truly want to make the world a better place need to acknowledge their role in the creation of these problems. I fail to see how it is possible to be 100% anti-Zionist and 100% pro-Masonry and 100% pro-royalty when these groups have worked hand in hand every step of the way. Some of the most dangerous mob groups in the world are Jewish. This is something not often talked about. The idea is instead created that it is an Italian creation and called the Mafia. Murder Inc. was a purely Jewish mob group.

    1. To understand the current world, no House should be more important than the Pierleoni dynasty. Pietro Leoni was the wealthiest individual in the world during the 11th century. Doges of Venice and Kings of Hungary are among the titles held by the House of Pierleoni, better known under the name of the House of Orseolo. Pietro Leoni was also known as “The Merchant from Venice”. The Pierleoni dynasty was Sephardic/Sarmatian Jewish and it is highly unlikely that they ever changed their belief system (which is very important for what follows). The unbridled desire for more power is what ultimately caused the Pierleoni dynasty to be thrown out of Venice and later out of Hungary after which Pietro Leoni was exiled to Ravenna. He moved to Rome and entered into alliance with the pagan Cult of Cybele, the Pontifex Maximus, whilst being the head of the Venetian Satanic Cult himself. Pietro Leoni effectively created and financed the creation of the Roman Cult which would take power away from Carolingian Christianity. This is what the conflict between the Popes and Anti-Popes was all about. ‘Pope Gregory VII’ was Pietro Leoni’s ‘puppet’. The Borgias were mercenaries hired by Pietro Leoni. Pietro Leoni effectively created the largest army ever financed by a single man. His wealth allowed for the creation of an army of 30,000 men which was enormous in those times. Pietro Leoni thus effectively created a new idea and supported it with military might. He is the man who financed the Holy See as a corporation and it seems this family still owns the Vatican lock, stock and barrel. So knowing this, it becomes clear why Jews/Zionists have so much power in this world in spite of their numbers. Knowing this, it becomes clear why there are images of Mithra/Cybele/Isis/Mary everywhere (which are one and the same). Knowing this, it becomes clear why the subtle influences of Satanism are almost everywhere in this world. Even Masonry can trace its origins from this direction as the checker board (and the pentagram) seem to have its origin from this region. That might become clearer via the following link (which I would not recommend to read due to its size, but you can skip through it to see checker board and pentagram pictures, even though it is most excellent research):

      The following image is also highly interesting in this regard as it can connect the pentagram, hexagram and the all seeing eye:

      To continue along this line, note that Rudolph I of the House of Habsburg entered into an alliance with Anti-Pope Gregory X of the Roman Cult in 1276 by declaring that usury was a sin for Christians. Simultaneously they pressganged wealthy Jewish merchants into working for them in Zurich. They effectively created the largest financial monopoly in history. If you wonder why Zurich is one of the great financial centres of the world, you should look no further than this event. The idea of usury did not exist before this time in spite of tales to the contrary! The House of Habsburg started out as commoners who played out anyone and anything against each other as long as they could benefit from it in order to accumulate ever greater power.

    2. To return from the detour I have taken and continue stating with what I agree with, I have to state that Jim Willie recently said that the United Kingdom was secretly supplying weapons to Germany and France which were destroying Daesh and thereby undermining NATO and Langley. I trust this man’s judgment and thus give credit where credit is due.

      I will also agree with the unsustainability of dictatorial European immigration policies which undermine the fabric of European society in every way.

      I was also told that some are protected by Knight Templars against certain North American miscreants and as I was informed that there are at least eight different groups of Knight Templars, then it would seem from this that it can be concluded that at least one of them is benevolent.

      Unfortunately there are a lot of things I do not agree with. It is not as if I am specifically calling the United Kingdom out, but when the idea is created that the United Kingdom is at the forefront of freedom and I see far more evidence of exactly the opposite being the case, I will call it out for what I consider it to be and offer extensive evidence for the most relevant issues.

      I do not agree with the United Kingdom’s statements in regards to its ‘war on paedophiles’. Not when a UK cop is furious about paedophiles being protected at the highest levels of power. This was a well-informed cop with more credibility than the politicians who talk too much and do too little. This ‘war on paedophiles’ seems to be merely a PR campaign which only prosecutes paedophiles who are no longer relevant to the system. Some of my sources indicate the BBC is riddled with paedophilia.

      I also do not agree with making drugs illegal. I am against drugs and especially hard drugs, but by making it scarce, it only strips the addicts of all their assets and makes them susceptible to crime and prostitution. Making drugs illegal only keeps the prices high for the largest drugs cartels which generally directly involve royalty, government, the army and intelligence agencies. You do not stop drugs by attempting to keep it out of a country…you keep it out by properly educating everyone about it and furthermore knowing that drugs is a social problem. People resort to drugs as a way to escape the world. How about making the world better so that escape mechanisms are no longer needed instead of hiding the escape mechanisms?

      I do not agree with the current idea of welfare. Years ago it was said to me that the plan was to let people work full time for merely their food. Effectively becoming slaves with no way out. Certain ideas promoted at OWoN go in exactly that direction. Yes, people must become responsible again, but I do not see the advantages being given that SHOULD go with accepting responsibility. In Common Law, responsibility is the foundation of society. A lack of responsibility is met with harsh punishments, but the rights are also greatly protected of those who are responsible. Even insurance is a lack of responsibility. The current system and especially the entire financial system knows nothing about responsibility.

    3. I do not agree with the perspectives on ‘Putin’s corruption’. Articles pass the revue in regards to Putin’s yachts and his ‘probable’ involvement in the murder of Litvinenko. ‘Probable’ is no evidence. Either one has evidence or one has no evidence. There are even indications that Litvinenko was an MI6 agent. At least that is what Eastern news agencies are stating and Litvinenko even stated himself that MI5 and MI6 tried to recruit him. It would have been as likely for MI6 to have assassinated Litvinenko in order to blame it on Putin. The double standards are remarkable when considering that Dr. David Kelly with ties to British intelligence was killed for revealing that the Iraqi ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ story was untrue. You are either for the BRICS alliance or for the Western establishment with the United States, the United Kingdom and the Vatican as its centres of power. One cannot attack the United States and the BRICS alliance simultaneously.

      I also do not agree with the extensive British involvement in the war in Yemen. The United Kingdom supplies the weapons and even military instructors to Saudi Arabia when it is obvious to everyone that Saudi Arabia attempts to steal Yemen’s oil as Saudi Arabia’s oil recovery rate at its largest oil field is now practically 2% oil and 98% water. Saudi Arabia still has some other oil fields, but its reserves are not nearly as fantastic as it pretends them to be. The United Kingdom is directly involved in the genocide of the population of Yemen and works together with the United States as a friend and close ally on this matter. Yet should this matter be surprising? According to my information the United Kingdom and the Inner City of London have controlled Saudi Arabia since 1763. Even recently the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia refused to disclose the nature of a secret agreement they made. Saudi Arabia is the last place on Earth that knows anything about justice, humanity and kindness and the United Kingdom is its close ally. Nay, it is its superior. It had a direct hand in making Saudi Arabia what it is today.

      And what about the following article called “Tory clampdown on ethical investments branded ‘assault on democracy’”:

      Effectively the government seeks to stifle local government decisions so that arms sales can continue and pro-Palestine decisions blocked.

      I also do not agree with a cashless society as long as it contains a central bank or allows fractional reserve banking. Asset backing of currency circumvents the need of a central bank.

      Let's have a look at the evidence from another angle, namely what Cottrell stated in an update on the 16th of January 2015 (these are excerpts):


      ¨Since it is now very apparent that President Obama is NOT willing to allow the Private Sector to secure and operate the needed Re-Funding of the United States Dollar without the Direct Involvement of The Department United States Treasury and Carlyle Group, and ARGO Trust, et al.¨



    4. My best source of all already stated that the Church of England was run entirely by Jesuits. Is there evidence to support this? Let’s look at the symbol of the Jesuits first:

      Now look at the symbol of the Inner Temple of the City of London:

      It has the same rays, but far more. In the centre Pegasus can be seen. Why Pegasus? The Inner Temple of City of London is an essential part of the Crown Temple which controls much of the law globally. Pegasus’ father is Poseidon, God of the Sea, whilst his mother is Medusa the Gorgon which is known to turn the living into stone. No symbol could have been more powerful than this as this is what happens globally. People have been turned into corporations and thus effectively ‘turned into stone’ and all this whilst under the jurisdiction of the sea. Pegasus has been known to stamp his hoof on the earth at times after which a spring would be created there….effectively turning the jurisdiction of the land into the jurisdiction of the water! Pegasus is the most perfect symbol of this system of global control. Note the number of rays originating from this sun….it seems to denote that this power is greater than that of the Jesuits. There are 81 rays here in contrast to the 32 rays of the Jesuits.

      If the Jesuits were enemies of the City of London, they would never be on the Committee of 300 and neither would they have a most important base of operations at 114 Mount street in London.

      Some might want to argue that the above shown symbols all mean nothing. Let’s have a look at the symbol of the Smithsonian Institution:

      The Smithsonian Institution has 16 rays. It is very important in the system of control and for that reason John Glover Roberts as Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court oversees it. The Smithsonian Institution is originally a British institution.

      Some assume that the New World Order is something that certain powers desire to implement. I say that the New World Order has always been here and that even groups such as the Illuminati can be traced back as far as the 5th century. The Whore of Babylon is commerce and the Mark of the Beast is the legal name.

    5. These powers even display the true facts for all to view in movies such as Fight Club, Stranger than Fiction, The Truman Show, The Matrix and K-PAX, but not one in 100,000 has realised their true meaning. Of the above, I consider Fight Club by far the best and K-PAX is the most difficult one to understand by far, but many elements hidden in Fight Club also will be missed without careful analysis. Even Peter Pan’s Never Never Land contains elements of the truth.

      These powers have applied alchemy to law to enslave everyone. The philosopher's stone is you in perfected form. Perfect means you with all true rights restored to you. It is not without reason that all prominent alchemists through the centuries were intelligence operatives, travelling across Europe. It is not without reason that Martinists and Rosicrucians and the highest realms of Freemasonry consist of mainly of alchemists and are of the highest standing within the Illuminati. The 'new' first edition of Black's Law Dictionary makes fun in plain sight of those who lack occult sight by its blatant display of the flag of the alchemists on its cover. Ignatius of Loyola sought to capture souls. This was the crown on the nefarious works of the Society of Jesus. Find your sulphur, mercury and salt within the realm of the law and unite them to become perfect.

      Spelling is spellcraft. It forms the basis of all ideas and thus can take control of the ideas of mankind. The Vatican claims you as their property. You are their land. Anything built upon that land is thus theirs. There is no fleeing. You must instead learn how they are able to make that claim and ensure that you have a superior claim. In truth they claim but a part of you and without being whole, you are no longer considered alive. You are but a restless spirit…. It is for that reason that you are ‘summoned’ to court. It is also why people say ‘good morning’ which in truth is ‘good mourning’ when you exchange life for death. It is also why the court starts with ‘all rise’ as the spirits of the dead are raised from their grave…. Black magic in its finest form…. Currency. Current-sea. Bank. Riverbank. Birth. Berth. Papacy. Paper-sea. Vessel. Vassal. Heaven. Haven. Port sounds like the Dutch ‘poort’ which means a gate…and a port literally is a gate between one jurisdiction and another. Guild. Guilt. Guilder. Words are not arbitrarily created. There is method behind the madness.
      The Vatican promises its members Heaven. Heaven is nothing but the realm of the living, whilst Hell is the realm of the dead. Within their system, everyone has been reduced to the living dead….zombies. It is the realm of the Venetian Mundi. Those who are freed from its grasp, do not need any promises of Heaven. They can be in Heaven without constraints. The true elite does not use the Anno Domini calendar. They use a different calendar which goes back much further in time. They consider the common people but fictitious characters in a time frame which is contained within their calendar….the Hebrew calendar. No matter that that Hebrew calendar is but a fictitious creation too…

    6. It is true that the United Kingdom’s military and political power decreased over time, but its financial power has greatly increased. To state that it is no longer an empire is nothing but deception. It rules over the law and finance via Venetian powers who went into an alliance with Anglo-Saxon, Norman and Genoese powers. The United Kingdom would be nothing if the ancient Venetian powers did not decide to make the United Kingdom and the City of London its main base of operations. It is for that reason that most blame is laid upon the United States (corporation) as a useful scapegoat to be sacrificed, whilst the real powers attempt to incur no damage. It is well known that these Venetian elements desire to start WWIII to reset their bankrupt financial system. They know they cannot compete economically with the BRICS alliance. The BRICS alliance will NEVER purposefully fire the first shot. It does not need to. It desires to win on an economical basis and distribute power more fairly in the world. Make no mistakes: The City of London might be at the top of the list of places to be targeted if WWIII breaks out as long as it remains a most critical component in corporate control over the world and the people of the world. It might come out ahead of the Vatican as a priority target and certainly is ahead of New York, Washington D.C., Dallas and Denver as major centres of power.

      To add further credence to what is stated above, I will provide a small selection of definitions from my Black’s Law Dictionary (5th edition). As this format does not allow me to easily underline essential parts of definitions, I would recommend careful reading, possibly in combination with the definitions located above or below it.

      Territory. A part of a country separated from the rest, and subject to a particular jurisdiction. Geographical area under the jurisdiction of another country or sovereign power.
      A portion of the United States, not within the limits of any state, which has not yet been admitted as a state of the Union, but is organized, with a separate legislature, and with executive and judicial officers appointed by the president. See Trust territory.
      An assigned geographical area of responsibility; e.g. salesman's territory.

      District of Columbia. A territory situated on the Potomac river, and being the seat of government of the United States. It was originally ten miles square, and was composed of portions of Maryland and Virginia ceded by those states to the United States; but in 1846 the tract coming from Virginia was retroceded. Legally it is neither a state nor territory, but is made subject, by the Constitution, to the exclusive jurisdiction of Congress.

      Comment: The above makes it clear that the District of Columbia is a territory which means that it is a geographical area under the jurisdiction of another country or sovereign power. What they state legally is trivial as anything can be stated 'legally'.

    7. Incorporate. To create a corporation; to confer a corporate franchise upon determinate persons. See Incorporation.

      Domestic, n. A household servant.

      Legal title. One cognizable or enforceable in court of law, or one which is complete and perfect so far as regards the apparent right of ownership and possession, but which carries no beneficial interest in the property, another person being equitably entitled thereto; in either case, the antithesis of "equitable title." It may also mean appearance of title as distinguished from complete title, Southern Carbon Co. v. State, 171 Misc. 566, 13 N.Y.S.2d 7, 9; full and absolute title or apparent right of ownership with beneficial or equitable title in another; not necessarily record title. Barnes v. Boyd, D.C.W.Va, 8 F.Supp. 584, 597. A tax title, which is prima facie valid, is a "legal title". Murray v. Holland, 108 Ind.App. 236, 27 N.E.2d 126, 129.

      Equitable ownership. The ownership interest of one who has equitable as contrasted with legal ownership of property as in the case of a trust beneficiary. Ownership rights which are protected in equity. See also Equitable interest.

      Passport. A document identifying a citizen, in effect requesting foreign powers to allow the bearer to enter and to pass freely and safely, recognizing the right of the bearer to the protection and good offices of the American diplomatic and consular offices. U. S. v. Laub, U.S.N.Y., 385 U.S. 475, 87 S.Ct. 574, 578, 17 L.Ed.2d 526. A passport is evidence of permission from sovereign to its citizen to travel to foreign countries and to return to land of his allegiance, as well as request to foreign powers that such citizen be allowed to pass freely and safely. Worthy v. U. S., C.A.Fla., 328 F.2d 386, 391.

    8. All in all I believe I have provided significant evidence to prove my point, although this in no way does justice to the true extent of my research. My four best sources also agree with my own perspective that living men and women have essentially been turned into corporations. Those who do not agree seem incapable of providing an alternative explanation for the well documented Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR) anomaly which uncovers hundreds of trillions of dollars in value all over the world and neither can it explain why the IRS is located in Puerto Rico. At this point I simply have to consider that those who disagree with living men and women having been turned into corporations either incompetent or with nefarious intent and I do not support ALL such parties. There is no other way to put it. Some of the mentioned parties have about a thousand lawyers. Show us evidence to the contrary. So far practically everything which has been given cannot be supported by hard evidence. Even behind the Rothschilds there are other powers such as the Cecils, the House of Pallavicini and the House of Turn und Taxis and yet we still only receive the relatively simplistic information which only blames parties such as the Bushes, Clintons, the Rockefellers and Rothschilds? The Clintons and the Rockefellers might just be one and the same family, whilst the Rockefellers are subject to Rothschild power. The rise to power of the Bush family started at the Jesuit Stonyhurst College. George H.W. Bush is a member of the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath. Heinz Kissinger is a Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire and Kissinger was a key party in the creation of the Petrodollar. The Petrodollar would never have been a possibility if the United Kingdom did not work together with Knights of Malta to change the landscape of the Middle East. The United Kingdom has controlled Saudi Arabia since 1763. It is time to stop the nonsense. Why still call the order the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire if one supposedly no longer has an Empire? We all know the Empire is alive and well. The question is: Will the empire stop pursuing its imperialistic aims and if so, will it do so by itself or should we give it no other option?

      To the architects behind the greatest scam in the history of the world:
      You Satanists, black magicians and alchemists operating in the field of law might consider yourselves so smart, but realise that your Golden Goose can be turned into impure lead at any moment. Nay, better said: billions of Golden Gooses can be turned into impure lead in a mere instant…..of course not meant literally, but for the purposes of power. There is a way out of the system, but that hardly softens what you have done to the world. Legally and even lawfully however everything you have done is ‘acceptable’, but in spite of that you are still the most treacherous and vile piece of work on the face of this planet. I will return home in peace, but that does not imply I will forgive or forget what you have done. Legally and lawfully you stand in your right, but as far as I am concerned you have still stolen a life from me: mine. I expect appropriate remedy. In the past such statements would have no force behind them… this point in time it is different……now there are those who can break free from this empire….and more than that….break the empire itself and wipe the grin of your faces if they decide to do so. The empire is nothing but a house of cards…..most people do not see this, but what would happen if they do? ALL your power over them would vanish in an instant. There would be no recourse to government or religion any longer to regain that power. It would be gone permanently and no castle or fortress would be able to protect the perpetrators. Of course ‘legally and lawfully’ you stand in your right and have done ‘nothing wrong’, but that will not withhold common people for exacting their own sense of ‘justice’, even if that would be punishable ‘lawfully’ at that point.

    9. It is a bit ironic, is it not? That fire is fought with fire….. Or said differently that that of a similar nature would ultimately be its undoing. That it takes a Jesuit to defeat a Jesuit….and the same is true for many other secret societies…..

      Look at the symbol of the Vatican:

      Two keys are necessary to enter Heaven. One you already have, even if you do not know it yet. The sol and luna of the alchemists. It is sol which you already have and though in many societies sol is assumed to be greater than luna, those societies consist of fools who do not realise sol is nothing without luna. If you seek treasure, know that X marks the spot. I have spoken truthfully, even if it can come across as cryptic. There is no need for alchemy either to find both keys to Heaven in truth, but it could help as long as you realise that the central topic of occultism is law…..the realm where spelling/spellcraft has free reign.

      I was informed that Jews in contrast to all other groups actually do receive these keys to real freedom via Bar Mitzvah. This could potentially also account for their ‘natural wealth’ upon reaching the age of majority. I cannot ascertain at this point in time whether that is true, but the description of Bar Mitzvah besides the first word being ‘Bar’ is rather uncanny when one truly understands what is going here. What I can state with certainty is that the financial instrument to which this relates in the case of US citizens is that it trades at 55 Waterstreet, New York in the Tower of Power and held by the DTC.

    10. Saturnalia S,

      Please don't go, having whetted our appetite for truth. Thank you for the latest meal which will take me some time to fully consume but no doubt leave me hungering for more.

      It isn't possible to understand why the world is in the state it's in and how that can be remedied without considering the occult as well as the covert, which your research is exposing. The enlightened teach and heal. Please don't stop teaching and enlightening us.

    11. Ooops, I meant overt, public or revealed - not covert. It's said worry shrinks the brain; in which case mine must be the size of a walnut by now even without Zika, DTaP, Gwen towers, chemtrailing, nanobots, the Daily Express or Big Brother...

  3. Saturnalia

    Excellent overview.

    However a number of key points.
    1. The Elders are in fact cross involved in deep Global restructuring with the only key and True Non Vatican Teutonic / Anglo Templers group in London, who in turn are Crown Protectors. They alone are the gateway to true democracy and the new prospective Financial ambiance. Also of independent and Democratic minds. True Soul Guardians.
    2. The vast Gold and Cash asset platforms are under negotiation to move to the UK. Albeit to a series of locations for safety. That of course imbues complex special interests, which we will protect by removing the control from State,but it also allows us the power to Gold back any currency, not the Euro however, as we are neither in it, and support BREXIT, the British Exit from the wasteful, woefully inept and incompetent mess of Brussels, and the immigration disaster that has become Europe.

    Britain, Yes is the worlds most powerful Financial City, soon to become even more so. We need, in fact must, cut the umbilical links to DC, and to become the Global Island Banking nation, removing the need and roles for Switzerland and Basle,and to focus on the creation of Eurasia as the worlds premier trading power base. High Speed trains spreading from China to Iran and London. A Trade communications Highway, the new Silk roads.We are looking now a Century ahead. London next will become the key Capital base for a Gold backed RMB, UK Pound and a central Eurasian currency when its time comes.
    We in turn are establishing new Refineries and Safekeeping underground warehouses under our control. Owned by us. The days of the US ruling nations is over. As is their brutal Hegemony.

    What is evolving is far beyond all historical failing concepts.As regards Argo etc. who do you think is the London Trustee to take it all forwards also when released? Who talks daily with BB? Argo all comes to London. As does so much more. But Non Zionist and key Banks are also under review for acquisition and removal from the Zionist and Rothschild influence belt. Changes are coming. Restructuring will follow.

    Saturnalia,credit the free voice of the site,its stance against Zionism and Imperialism,and its voice of reason promoting the Soul consciousness of man. It is the unique site promoting a free and long term strategy agenda,and one uniting the nations. Also the one, mass read worldwide, which gives you a voice.
    We all seek here to reason forwards the world we seek to achieve with all views heard. It is unparalleled, and one helping re shape history. Your view matter, are read and considered. The importance of that should not be lost. We are after all, the sole content of our creative thoughts.

    1. John,

      How long will it be before these gold backed currencies see the light of day?

      Are we talking in the next 1 to 2 years or is this a longer term 5, 10, 20 years in the future project?

    2. JV

      This is still be to finalized but it the key way for us to kill the Cabal and defeat the Zionists making all this scum has stolen worthless. Let it play out and we will try to change our world for the better for all people.

    3. You mean the Teutonic Knights? The remnants of the germanic tribes that fought for the Holy Roman Empire? Those people?


    4. Not the English version they are anti Vatican

  4. Sanders will be good for the US and its citizens in some ways. I think the rampant extreme individualism has been used and abused by the NWO to encourage an every man for himself mentality.

    There is nothing wrong and many things right with affordable education and healthcare, which all first world nations have achieved except the US.

    The use of the label 'socialist' is an indoctrinated attempt to silence these desirable policies in the same way as the 'anti-semitic' or 'conspiracy theory' labels also serve the NWO agenda.

    The fanatical bias towards individual freedom began virtuously and contra to state over-reach, but has gone too far in my opinion. The US itself grants itself freedom to do what it likes to others in the world, its citizens demand to do what they want as well. The result is a distortion of equity and not caring of the outcomes. Similarly, the obsession with guns is mirrorred by the country in its way over-the-top military and global bullying.

    The citizens cannot decry the individualistic gun toting government yet demand those qialities for themselves and retain credibility.

    The push to fanatical individualism has produced education debts of over 100,000k. The whoring of health to big business insurance companies and drs who brag about being rich (and need to be to pay off their loans) has decimated education and health standards.

    This isn't a dig, but a context for my invitation to drop the false association between the word 'socialism' and the concept of providing a few public services for the common good. Just like your siblings in Australia, New Zealand, UK and Canada have done.

    Pool your resources and fund a decent public education and health system. Those are material benefits. Saying 'I'm an individual I'm not contributing to the common good' is an intangible benefit, if that.

    If you think I'm talking outta my ass then just think that others do this easily and with little fuss. Only propaganda supports the every man for himself attitude. I just reckon Americans are shooting themselces in the foot.

    1. I like Bernie Sanders. His ideas are sound. Just creating a central single payer system will provide the following benefits:

      1. Money will flow to all corners of the USA that is currently being trapped in the stupid military-industrial complex (a tragic waste of money and a huge temptation to angry men with tiny willies who will want to use it.)

      2. It will create many many jobs servicing the various levels of the newly revitalized health care system

      3. It will create centralized databases that quickly trap statistics on what treatments are efficacious and which ones aren't. (I have no doubt that the truth about the folly of vaccines will quickly emerge from these databases.

      3. Bad drugs and bad procedures will quickly be ferreted out and not paid for--as will bad doctors, bad hospitals and questionable practices.

      4. Drugs that cause too many side effects will be sidelined and not covered up with additional drugs as palliatives.

      5. Marketing budgets won't be needed and that will reduce costs.

      6. Doctors will be paid on a different basis, probably salaried and, while they might not get rich, they also won't have to fight with insurance companies and can spend time with their families. This will lower costs as markups will be calculated intelligently and with an eye towards the overall health of the system.

      7. Healthcare CEOs who have been paying themselves hundreds of millions will now either resign or take drastic cuts in pay. (another reduction in the overall costs)

      8. With the reductions in drugs, obscene salaries and bad medicine costs, the hospital networks can afford to hire more nurses, orderlies and other staff to provide better care to the consumers.

      9. Drugs will be negotiated in pricing which will bring the pharma companies back under some control, particularly since they will be going through a centralized system that will determine what a reasonable cost will be. The SHREKLIS of the world will go begging.

      10. Employers, being freed of the burden of "benefits" will have a lot more disposable income to sink into a wide variety of investments, research, what have you and that will spin the economy's wheels.

      11. Employers will have workers that are healthy and kept that way by a system that benefits everybody and actually works well.

      What this will do is supercharge the economy AT THE ROOTS WHICH IS WHERE YOU WATER IF YOU WANT THE TREE TO GROW. Unlike the other stupid "stimulation" schemes (actually more akin to auto-eroticism) which primarily benefited the upper classes and banksters, this activity will rejuvenate the ground level, the lower and middle classes.

      Bernie is not crazy nor a fool. He is just much better at math than most Republicans and has a better grasp on how the system works which is more than I can say for a lot of people running for office right now.

      Building the roads in the USA during Rooseveldt's time, building the dams and the other public works projects that he launched STIMULATED the economy in the right way, by putting money in the pockets of workers. They had the saluatory side effect of creating enduring institutions and facilities that everybody could use. That is what Bernie's single payer would do.

      Writeous (a.k.a. Madame Karnak)

    2. Study: Sanders's Tax Plan Would Reduce Americans' Incomes by a Sixth

      Now that Bernie Sanders has routed Hillary Clinton by 22 points in New Hampshire, the American people might be curious to learn more about some of his specific policy proposals, starting with his tax plan. The nonpartisan Tax Foundation has scored Sanders's plan and has found it would cause the after-tax incomes of those in the middle of the income spectrum—those with incomes between the 40th and 60th percentiles—to drop by between 16.3 and 17 percent. In other words, Sanders's tax plan would reduce the typical American's income by a sixth.

      This would result partly from Sanders's raising of taxes on the middle class (and on everyone else), and partly from the ill-effects that his myriad tax hikes would have on the economy. In terms of tax increases for the middle class, Sanders would add a new 6.2 percent employer-side payroll tax that his campaign calls an "income-based health care premium paid by employers," which would be passed on to employees in the form of lower wages. He would also add a new 2.2 percent "income-based [health-care] premium paid by households," which the Tax Foundation writes "is equivalent to increasing all tax bracket rates by 2.2 percentage points." It turns out that government-run "single payer" health care requires a whole lot of payers.

      In all, the Tax Foundation finds that Sanders's tax plan would be a $13.6 trillion tax hike—27 times as large as Hillary Clinton's proposed $498 billion tax hike.

      Sanders's plan would also shrink the U.S. gross domestic product by 9.5 percent over ten years in relation to what it otherwise would have been, according to the scoring. That means it would decrease the size of the economy by about $2.6 trillion—or about $8,000 for every American, or $32,000 per family of four. If a rising tide lifts all boats, Sanders's plan seems designed to sink the whole American fleet.

      While middle-class Americans' incomes would fall by a sixth under Sanders's plan, the incomes of the top one percent would fall even more, dropping by a quarter. That might provide some solace for Sanders supports—if everyone is less prosperous, everyone should at least be more equal.

  5. Saturnalia, I too thank you for sharing your research and this education. As I have stated before, it is fascinating.

  6. Saturnalia, I for one really hope you do leave the site as your posts are enlightening, honest, and integral to what has been built here over the past few years which a quest for the truth which no other site does like this one.

  7. Sorry I meant to say do not leave, dam iPhone

  8. Saturnalia I thank you for your research and all that you have shared. Be Blessed !

  9. Saturnalia, your voice is needed. You give knowledge based on fact and through research. Your perspective is a blessing to all of us.

  10. p: Well put together synopsis of events that brought LaVoy into the fray and ultimately his death. The rancher he mentions here in NM is Kit Laney.

    The Tao of LaVoy Finicum
    Jan 30, 2016

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Saturnalia.... Stay, please!.... keep adding your research and insight.... I read this board and others many times daily.... and pass along many posts from here to others.... your post was passed and I hope it is read and forwarded around the globe(six degrees of separation).... you provide a great addition to opening eyes and minds here.... your intelligence along with your ability to put your thoughts into words on paper are tops!.... stay for folks like me who lack.... thanks.... and thanks to John, Canauzzie and all for an enlightening site!


  12. "In the video provided below a friend of humanity, Santos Bonacci tells the Pope, Jorge Borgoglio, aka Pope Francisco, to stop the Vatican’s greed. They turned everyone into decedents and slaves to steal their energy and Estate Trusts or Mortmain Credit Accounts. This is the reason for all the wars and tax slavery caused by the Vatican controlled Crown Banks, as explained in the text immediately below. The Vatican owns the Crown/CITY OF LONDON and so, of course, the Crown Temple B.A.R. They own YOU through the BIRTH CERTIFICATE. You mother abandoned you, her child, to the STATE.

    Since 1933, upon each new child being borne, the Executors or Administrators of the higher Estate willingly and knowingly convey the beneficial entitlements of the child as Beneficiary into the 1st Cestui Que (Vie) Trust in the form of a Registry Number by registering the Name, thereby creating the Corporate Person and denying the child any rights as an owner of Real Property."


    1. TEXIAN,

      Something happened to Santos when he was jailed last August. He hasn't been the same since. He appears to be more aggressive, intolerant and is now convinced the earth is flat. The "flat earth" meme has been put out to discredit the truth-seeking movement and have people wasting their time and energy on ridiculous argument. All part of the CIA's mission, according to William Casey.

      “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987

      Why do you tolerate having a criminal agency in your midst? An agency responsible for countless assassinations, extortion, death-squads, false-flags, drug-running; destabilisations of foreign governments, mind-control and other experiments on people without their consent; kidnapping, torture, embezzlement, theft..... the list goes on and on. They do not serve you; they serve evil.

    2. Correct and SIS plus 6, and GCHQ selling out to them is appalling.

    3. This is an informative historical account of Cestui Que Vie Trusts; how they were derived and their implications:

      Cestui Que Vie Trust

    4. Valdi,
      The link to Cestui Que Vie Trust won't open for me.

      We aren't tolerating these criminal agencies. That's what Judge Anna's work is all about! We're trying to restore a de jeur government and kick these foreign corporate entities back into the sea! The monsters created by Vatican and Crown Temple must go.

      "In 2009 a delegation of Americans had an audience with Pope Benedict XVI and all this dirty laundry got aired. The Americans complained about the mis-administration of the 'federal government' and the plundering of the individual public trusts. They got into the deep issue of the Law of the Sea being allowed to trespass on the Law of the Land---the Pope is the International Trustee. Our agreements clearly state that Americans live under the Law of the Land....

      Benedict XVI looked like he was ready to faint. It was the same look a man might have if his horse suddenly talked to him, or if he looked up and saw flying pigs in the sky overhead." Quotation by Judge Anna who was part of delegation.

      FRANCISCUS issued a Motu Proporia July 13, 2013 dissolving the BAR and ordering all corporations to come back within their charters by Jul 2016 or they're dissolved. Since we see no movement toward coming within charters and time is almost up, we're in a hurry to educate about the problem and get people on board to create the government structure we thought we had. It's a work in progress!

    5. Valdi,
      By the way, how are you so sure the earth is a globe?

    6. TEXIAN,

      Okay, we all know the earth is flat and it's supported by turtles all the way...haha.

      Seriously, I think we in Britain have to do a lot of house-cleaning too.

      Here's the link to the piece about Cestui Que Vie Trusts.

      "Canon 2045 (link)
      By 1815 and the bankruptcy of the Crown and Bank of England by the Rothschilds, for the 1st time, the Cestui Que Vie Trusts of the United Kingdom became assets placed in private banks effectively becoming "private trusts" or "Fide Commissary Trusts" administered by commissioners (guardians). From 1835 and the Wills Act, these private trusts have been also considered "Secret Trusts" whose existence does not need to be divulged."

      Valdi: I always thought the Crown represented the people and the land; and that it was placed on the head of the Queen during her coronation to demonstrate that she came under the authority of the Crown, only ruling with the consent of the people. It really should have been a public trust and not a corporation which is now in the private hands of European banking families.

      We are slaves, just like you. At least when monarchs misruled, everyone knew whom to guillotine!

    7. Valdi,
      Yes, indeed, we are all slaves. Most don't exactly realize it. We were told we had a Republic and the representatives to Congress were elected by us, President & VP elected by us. None of that is true on the national as well as State levels. In fact, down to city level, we don't even elect a mayor. They are all corporations and franchises of the FED. No representation at all! SELECTED...just like any corporation.

      As I recall my physics, the coreolis effect depends on a rotation? What if we aren't rotating after all?

    8. That's what I recall as well, and so having hurricanes, trade winds etc is evidence of Earth's rotation, and therefore being a sphere (or oblate spheroid). Also, the motion of planets as perceived form Earth demonstrates that the planets all orbit the Sun. Rotation even features in quantum physics, the spin of all of the particles determines some of the properties that make matter work the way it does. The science is quite deep. Planes fly round the world yet report no edge, and if the Earth were flat, then they fly off one edge and magically appear instantly on the other side.

      I think those who suspect a flat Earth are so distrustful of authority that not even basic science is trusted.

  13. Looks like I'm not only person convinced the Hampstead children were telling the truth! Why are Satanists being protected?


    1. And then on to least the dark secrets are coming out and being exposed to light. Why is it that Satanists have been thriving in the highest levels of so-called government?

      What kind of monsters abuse and murder children?

      “Candy Girl” Fiona Barrett Releases Documentary of her Satanic, Abusive Experiences at the Hands of the Powerful

    2. There's been much evidence of CIA in background of Satanic abuse and control of musicians to be used for this purpose!


  14. Canadians take note and look after yourselves:

    Germany Shuts Down Canadian Bank Tied To Money Laundering

  15. I was wondering if anyone else saw the Super Bowl halftime show?

    It was a 180 from a few of the past year's shows that paid homage to Satanism (Madonna) and Ancient Egyptian power (Katy Perry).

    This year it was about flowers and love. A totally different vibe. To me, this is a significant about-face from the satanic energy that the cabal has been slathering on us for the past few years. Anyone else agree or disagree?

    Headline that popped up with a google search:

    Super Bowl 2016 halftime show review: Love, homage and flower power

  16. Is there more visible evidence of awakening to the mass lies and cheating? A scathing editorial that gives me hope.


    Hillary? Transparent? Surely you jest. Like cockroaches, the Clintons prefer to work in the dark, undermining the foundations of the country while demanding that we trust them.

  17. From Jeffrey Sachs: There's no doubt that Hillary is the candidate of Wall Street. Even more dangerous, though, is that she is the candidate of the military-industrial complex. The idea that she is bad on the corporate issues but good on national security has it wrong. Her so-called foreign policy "experience" has been to support every war demanded by the US deep security state run by the military and the CIA.
    She is bungling and violent:

    Hillary's record as Secretary of State is among the most militaristic, and disastrous, of modern US history. Some experience. Hilary was a staunch defender of the military-industrial-intelligence complex at every turn, helping to spread the Iraq mayhem over a swath of violence that now stretches from Mali to Afghanistan. Two disasters loom largest: Libya and Syria.

    Hillary has been much attacked for the deaths of US diplomats in Benghazi, but her tireless promotion of the overthrow Muammar Qaddafi by NATO bombing is the far graver disaster. Hillary strongly promoted NATO-led regime change in Libya, not only in violation of international law but counter to the most basic good judgment.

    Not to mention that she and Bill made $153 MILLION giving speeches to Wall Street.

  18. Is the world getting help from higher powers/sources?? Global warming...sure...we all believe this, right?

    Al Jazeera confirms snow in Saudi Arabia. January 15, 2016. First time in 85 years.

    Video .. snow coats the migration route.

    Hailstones falling heavily between Mecca and Medina covered various parts of the region, which has taken on in white.

    A researcher at the weather, climate and member of the Committee naming distinctive climatic conditions said “snow seen on the migration route between Medina and Mecca formed as a result provide good moisture for the layers of the upper atmosphere.

  19. A Big-Hearted Man and His Calling to Build Tiny Houses for Oakland's Homeless

    Published on May 5, 2015
    Gregory Kloehn builds miniature houses for homeless people in Oakland, California.


    Good overview for those that keep MISUSING these terms. Let me add something...a country that provides massive benefits to corporations and RICH individuals in the form of tax breaks, selectively NOT prosecuting them for tax avoidance, laws that permit their multinational corporations to obtain government contracts by making it impossible for smaller companies to compete...THIS IS A FORM OF SOCIALISM...IT IS CALLED "FASCISM" AND it is what the elite are advocating. They think it is a crime when poor people get help from the system, but it is LEVERAGE when they do.

  21. European Bank Bloodbath Crashes Bond, Stock Markets

    Just as we warned, not only is it time to panic but the panic is 'contagion'-ing over into the sovereign risk market. European banks are in freefall, down over 4.3% broadly, crashing to 2012's "whatever it takes" lows.

    European bank risk has gone vertical... Today's spike is the largest since April 2010

  22. This is a rather odd title for a Bloomberg article?

    Goldman Sachs Says It May Be Forced to Fundamentally Question How Capitalism Is Working

    The profit margins debate could lead to an unsettling conclusion

  23. Since the Baltic Dry Index is telling us that worldwide commerce has come to a virtual halt, this actually makes sense, yes? Why would you need trucks to move the world's products if the world's products aren't moving?

    U.S. January Class 8 truck orders fell 48 percent on the year, preliminary data from freight transportation forecaster FTR showed, indicating that 2016 could be another weak year for truck makers.

    FTR estimated that orders for the heavy trucks that move goods around America's highways totaled 18,062 units in January. This follows on from a full-year decline in 2015 of nearly 25 percent to 284,000 units from 276,000.

    "It is not looking to be a strong year," for the market, FTR chief operating officer Jonathan Starks said in a statement.

    Amid uncertainty over U.S. economic growth and a lackluster performance for retailers in the fourth quarter, trucking companies have been holding back on buying new models.

    As a reminder, unlike trains, which one can say are used to transport oil and coal, Class 8 trucks make up the backbone of U.S. trade infrastructure and logistics: what they represent is both domestic and global trade. Or in this the devastating collapse thereof.

    Should one be concerned by this precipitous drop? Absolutely not: as the Federal Reserve would certainly say "it's probably nothing" and blame it on the weather.

  24. Valdi,
    Yes, Anna is quite aware of Karen Hudes' non-position with the World Bank! More recently Hudes has claimed to be counsel of the 'Global Debt Facility' which must be a drop box somewhere. Check out this website and see what you think:


    Anna uses her attacks as a means of education on the issues. She knows Hudes is a distraction at best...most likely just representing herself or the Zionists for which she obviously carries a membership card.


    It would seem that yet another country has decided that "austerity" economics are crap.

  26. Replies
    1. Thanks for posting these two links, Texian. It seems there is always more to the story. I am getting disgusted with newspaper articles, and letters to the editor demonizing the Hammonds and Bundy's and calling them militia and terrorists. If these folks just knew the real facts. Oh how I wish folks would wake up!!!

  27. Potentially REALLY BIG REPORT… 2-7-16… “Putin: Western Governments Are Enslaving Humanity Through Vaccines”

    "An insider from the Ministry of Health in Russia has revealed that an explosive report is being prepared that will be presented to the Kremlin on Tuesday regarding the huge vaccination cover-up being perpetuated by the US government agencies and its regulatory bodies, which is having disastrous consequences around most of the world.

    It is understood President Putin personally requested the report. He instinctively mistrusts the vaccine agenda and wants the report to investigate the state of play regarding vaccines, Big Pharma, and Western governments, in order to formulate a solid, direct response that will stand his people in good stead for the future.

    According to the Ministry of Health insider, the report validates President Putin’s suspicions. There is a huge conflict of interests between the government agencies which regulate vaccines and the corporations that approve and implement the vaccines.

    This investigation, involving internationally respected scientists and leading medical professionals, won’t be a laughably corrupt affair involving a payroll of ‘scientists’ who are willing to say or do anything for a dollar or two. Considering the fact that leading scientists and doctors who have dared voice concern about state-enforced vaccinations have been dying under mysterious circumstances in the US in recent years, kudos must be given to those brave enough to continue speaking out.

    It is claimed the report will declare the situation a ‘self-perpetuating criminal racket.’ Educational institutions and scientific bodies are also ‘motivated by greed and generally corrupt.’ A recent study by the University of Bristol that declared diet soda to be healthier than water (a study covertly funded by the Coca Cola Company) is presented as an example of the absurd situation in the West at the moment, and is held up to ridicule."

  28. I like Bernie Sanders. His ideas are sound. Just creating a central single payer system will provide the following benefits:

    1. Money will flow to all corners of the USA that is currently being trapped in the stupid military-industrial complex (a tragic waste of money and a huge temptation to angry men with tiny willies who will want to use it.)

    2. It will create many many jobs servicing the various levels of the newly revitalized health care system 3. It will create centralized databases that quickly trap statistics on what treatments are efficacious and which ones aren't. (I have no doubt that the truth about the folly of vaccines will quickly emerge from these databases.

    3. Bad drugs and bad procedures will quickly be ferreted out and not paid for--as will bad doctors, bad hospitals and questionable practices. That will begin saving money right away.

    4. Drugs that cause too many side effects will be sidelined and not covered up with additional drugs as palliatives.

    5. Marketing budgets won't be needed and that will reduce costs.

    6. Doctors will be paid on a different basis, probably salaried and, while they might not get rich, they also won't have to fight with insurance companies and can spend time with their families. This will lower costs as markups will be calculated intelligently and with an eye towards the overall health of the system.

    7. Healthcare CEOs who have been paying themselves hundreds of millions will now either resign or take drastic cuts in pay. (another reduction in the overall costs)

    8. With the reductions in drugs, obscene salaries and bad medicine costs, the hospital networks can afford to hire more nurses, orderlies and other staff to provide better care to the consumers.

    9. Drugs will be negotiated in pricing which will bring the pharma companies back under some control, particularly since they will be going through a centralized system that will determine what a reasonable cost will be. The SHREKLIS of the world will go begging.

    10. Employers, being freed of the burden of "benefits" will have a lot more disposable income to sink into a wide variety of investments, research, what have you and that will spin the economy's wheels.

    11. Employers will have workers that are healthy and kept that way by a system that benefits everybody and actually works well.

    What this new system will do is supercharge the economy AT THE ROOTS WHICH IS WHERE YOU WATER IF YOU WANT THE TREE TO GROW. Unlike the other stupid "stimulation" schemes (actually more akin to auto-eroticism) which primarily benefited the upper classes and banksters, this activity will rejuvenate the ground level, the lower and middle classes. Bernie is not crazy nor a fool. He is just much better at math than most Republicans and has a better grasp on how the system works which is more than I can say for a lot of people running for office right now. Building the roads in the USA during Rooseveldt's time, building the dams and the other public works projects that he launched STIMULATED the economy in the right way, by putting money in the pockets of workers. They had the saluatory side effect of creating enduring institutions and facilities that everybody could use. That is what Bernie's single payer would do.

    Writeous (a.k.a. Madame Karnak)

    1. So correct MK. You've just described the Aus system. Our drives are all about patient flow through the hospital to keep costs down, and drs on salaries. A surgeon could be on say 250-350k a year. CEO about 300k. The focus is on effective patient care, not free enterprise.

      Alongside that the drs can set up private practice as well.

      As a patient, I had to see a sleep physician today. It cost $320 but I get $128 back from medicare (which is for all citizens not just poor). And my GP visits are free. All for 2% tax on top of my income tax. All hospital treatment is free no matter what it is.

      I hope America can achieve this.

    2. The Repulsikans are fighting it tooth and nail as are the health insurance companies, Big Pharma and a myriad of other bastards who currently benefit from the system quo.

  29. I received the following this morning from a friend who works for a major oil company:

    The administration is expected to propose a $10 per barrel tax on oil this week as part of its 2017 budget plan. The following captures the facts and commentary associated with this proposal to help you stay informed.

    What’s the tax?

    The tax is a $10 “fee” imposed on every barrel of oil that would be paid for by oil companies initially, but the cost would eventually be passed along to consumers in the form of higher prices for gasoline, diesel, and heating oil.

    The tax could add as much as 25 cents per gallon to the cost of gasoline.

    The tax is intended to fund the President’s budget request, which calls for more than $300 billion in investments over the next decade in mass transit, high-speed rail, self-driving cars, and other transportation programs with the goal of reducing carbon emissions.

    The White House explained the program in a statement: "By placing a fee on oil, the president’s plan creates a clear incentive for private-sector innovation to reduce our reliance on oil and at the same time invests in clean energy technologies that will power our future.”

  30. France to Pave 1,000 Km of Solar Power Road, Providing 5 Million With Power
    Feb 8, 2016

    France has unveiled plans to pave 1,000 Kilometres (621 Miles) of the country’s roads with solar panels over the next five years, which will ultimately supply power to millions of people.

    Read More:

  31. Just in case you experience a Bank electronic lock out, try to have part of your asset base in negotiable metals. Smart money is fallback planning also. Not just profit but a negotiable asset if cash fails. You can see market slips currently which, if not arrested soon, will activate electronic Sell failsafes risking meltdown. Panic sell reserve failsafes can trigger out of control cross market panic, activating more tier slips. Automated failsafes don't think. So you need to. In a Leaderless world, let your own head lead you to safety. No one else will think for you. Take care in these dangerous times. Think safety. Think- What if?

    1. After listening to your deeper message (be an investor not a get-rich-quickster) a couple of years back I have done that. Now sitting back with the popcorn. Many thanks John.

    2. AJ a hot chick beats popcorn any day. Much more rewarding end game.

  32. Mass Exodus — More Americans than Ever Before in History are Renouncing their Citizenship
    Feb 8, 2016

    “If you don’t like America, you can’t get out!” Okay.

    As Donald Trump and his ilk boast building a giant wall to keep immigrants out of the United States, more Americans than ever before are fleeing.

    According to a new analysis, the number of American citizens turning their backs on the United States has skyrocketed in the last decade, breaking records each year.

    Read more:

  33. Ever more Thinking Americans- Renounce! Why be Cabal slaves? Be free of this vermin.

  34. p:Meeting of California Sheriffs discussing problems in their communities relating to federal over reach.

    Constitutional Sheriffs message to Sheriff Ward - Burns, Oregon
    Feb 9, 2016

  35. Texian and Valdi are right in regards to the live birth records and the Cestui Que Vie Trusts. This is the essence of global slavery and also connects directly to the CAFR situation in which ALL Western governments are complicit. It is a fact that Cestui Que Vie Trusts were devised in England.

    John, I do not see what value the United Kingdom/England has to add to the BRICS alliance that makes it so essential. England expects to receive gold which comes from Taiwan/China AND then England takes up the Chinese Yuan to back it with the gold these parties supplied it with..... The gold is not yours. The currency is not yours. And all this whilst the BBC is taking every shot it can at Putin, apparently not realising that Russia is the greatest friend that China has by far. Take note of the following article and especially a quoted sentence from it that follows:

    "Many people across Europe suspect that most domestic state TV is under fairly direct control of politicians. The BBC, despite its mendacious cultivation of an image of fairness, is a pretty obvious example. It is governed by a Trust, wholly appointed by the Queen on the advice of government ministers of the day."

    Representative democracy as utilised in Western governments is far from the most perfect form of government and thus not a sign of greatness. First of all the average individual is incapable of making perfect decisions as they lack the knowledge whereby the best candidates are never picked and the best decisions are never made (whilst these individuals are easily influenced by the media at every step). Secondly democracy makes mob rule possible. Thirdly representation is impossible as individuals also can change their minds on a daily basis besides the fact that those elected tend to break every promise once they are elected. Furthermore representative democracy tends to lead to infighting between parties which only squander resources instead of being of benefit to the population. Direct democracy is superior in many ways especially if combined with the press being owned by the people and not any select group of corporations, but a properly functioning Republic which ensures that certain resources/services can never be owned privately could be just as good.

    Returning to the most important topic, namely the matter of the live birth records and the Cestui Que Vie Trusts, I have but two questions to John:

    1) Are any parties in the United Kingdom and/or the Inner City of London doing anything to address the slavery of living men and women globally by means of these live birth records which function as Cestui Que Vie Trusts?
    2) If they are doing anything to address the above, what are they doing?

    The instruments in question do not consist of bond paper without a reason. I ask the above as much of it has originated in England and if it is to end, then where is it to end but in the place it all started?

  36. Saturnalia

    Allow the time needed to conclude with the Elders. A huge and complex task. As regards the gold, agreed it is not ours, but when we sell part, the cash used will fund vast needs, both projects and humanitarian. We can influence policies, and have a close relationship of trust.
    The balances of AU will be credit lined once re assigned to us and will be credit lined for Non US controlled Platform Trading, under OUR control, with the vast profits dedicated to Global harmony and restructuring. And Yes, the profits ARE ours.
    OWON has a destiny and a will to serve the needs of fellow humanity.

    As regards, London, Yes the BBC has issues, and a sad agenda. It will be addressed, but as part of a yet to come enlightened new Political agenda.

    Saturnalia, look again at the site. How ethically radical often. The compassion as we challenge the treatment of children, the vile molestation of women, the coarse brutality towards the Palestinians, the Pedos, and the Cabal.
    But also how we DO encourage the true and vast Capability needing to be released again within the US.
    We do not disagree on the need to restructure society, and are vigilant of needs. But money talks. Only the Elders have the asset collateral needed to focus minds and re shape policies. Politicos and policies are bought. But we need to buy for an ethical agenda.
    You focus too often on the Queen. Again, she is mainly a Corporate figurehead. But a truly dedicated great Lady revered by the nation. She set the bar so high .
    For the issues of true Corporate Governance occasion her no blame but look behind. But the time to address that is after the Elders are structured before such a mass power play. It has Global connotations and vast seismic implications.
    First, we need the power building blocks of Elders assets under our joint control, then with aligned permission and agreement, we will develop the new policies and strategies to contest and remove quasi religious and Zionist enslavement of societies, and challenge new fundamental needs of the emergent society we conceive as needed. Societies are conceived in the minds of men. It needs dedicated Leaders able to re shape societies. But also with a deep political awareness and economic power. Money talks when challenging an ensconced Oligopoly. A titanic dog fight. This is destined to become a caged Snuff fight. Terminal loss for one.
    Yes, Cestui Que Vie Trusts are an agenda, but timing is everything. In the real world, David does not beat Goliath, let us challenge from a superior power.
    The Achilles Heel of the Cabal is Liquidity. Challenge and cause the withdrawal of that and see the consequences as their web disentangles in compounding debt. Its a Chess game. First accrue the power, then set the hour. But first understand and set the agenda.
    Who has ever achieved the trust of the Elders before? The US cheated them every time. Trust is low and they need to believe before trusting. A step at a time. It takes time. We have a Global pandemic of corruption. Worse, Global ignorance of the core enlightened purpose of being. Zionism, Religious intolerance and Banking sleaze\ corruption compounds the very structuring of society, and needs to change. But they won't willingly. Their demise needs to be orchestrated. First line up the asset power needed to challenge, but plan to win. This is the first time the use of money has been pre ordained to serve an ethical agenda. That- Is the edge. Build the power, be clear of the planned strategies, then chose the hour. Allow us the time to conclude complex discussions. We are aware of the obfuscated webs of deception, and vested interest controls. But we have an Ethereal agenda. They don't. Zionists won by educating their families. We need to educate the world. They enslave, we seek to free Souls to achieve a new sense of being.

  37. There’s Something Strange Happening Here…
    Feb 9, 2016

    About two years the Nation watched as Cliven Bundy stood in opposition against an unjust seizure of his ranch and grazing rights by the BLM. The event grew as patriotic Americans responded to his aid. The growing protest was ultimately successful in forcing the BLM to turn tail and retreat in face of the growing support that they could no longer control. Fast forward now to January 2, 2016 and we have a similar situation with the BLM is small town out west called Burns, Oregon. Since the start of this protest, the Main Stream Media (MSM) has been putting forth articles and news reports using such adjectives as “armed militants”, “right wing racists”, “terrorists” or “armed thugs”. Every story I read or listened to was basically the same, always one sided. I follow the belief that there are 3 sides to every story; you could call it her side, his side and the Truth. So when only one side is ever told, it is safe to assume that there is an agenda afoot. An agenda the MSM never speaks about.

  38. So now Donald Trumps Hillary at the Polls. GOP not even sighted. Are the people saying - Enough?

    Panic in the Crime Family camp. What now Slimy Willie? The new voice of America?

  39. Like a fish has no idea he is "in water" because that's all he has ever known, most have no idea what we are "in" right now...

    You Are Watching It!

    Posted February 7th, 2016 at 7:07 PM (CST) by Bill Holter & filed under Bill Holter.

    The most common question I hear is “when”. When does the system collapse? When will we experience a reset? I think this is a very odd question. Odd because if you stand back far enough you should be able to see “you are watching it”! We are all so close and watching day by day movements, we are missing the big picture. Don’t get me wrong, many know systemically we are a bust but the daily watch for the lights out moment goes on. My point is this, the collapse is happening right before your eyes, “when” is a process and you are watching history!

    The real global economy is in serious decline. You need no more evidence than declining trade and oil prices. If you would more evidence, Michael Snyder created a recent list for you. What is and has already happened is unprecedented. Again, why ask “when” if you can already see it happening?

  40. "Good News: Hookers Aren't Planning To Hike Rates"

    "Fun activities like boozing, gambling, and escort hiring. “Luxury good spending is sensitive to shifts in the economic winds, vice is even more so,” Andrew Zatlin reminds us. “A prostitute costs almost two days of after-tax wages [and] the consumer’s stack of money has to be a certain height before they can get on that ride.”

    That’s right. You don’t want to “get on that ride” if your funds are low and so, Zatlin likes to pitch the index as a leading indicator for consumer spending. Below, find his latest including an up to date reading on the Vice Index and the second annual Hookernomics Survey."

  41. 44 Reasons To NOT Elect Hillary Clinton

    Biffie: It seems like this should be enough reasons to not let another criminal back in the white house.

    1. Ok Canauzzie, I finally had a chance to follow your tutorial on posting a link, and it works great. Thanks

  42. Anyone hear what's up?

    Gold is up almost $40 in the aftermarkets.

  43. The realisation AU currency backing is coming in as vast amounts move to London for safety with a special group focused on a whole new Global monetary process completely annexing the US Cabal and Zionists right out. When the US lose control, they lose all power. No Fiat money to cause wars for Pentagon Whores. The world here is not to be sacrificed for US boys with toys feeding Cabal weapons industries. Millions have died for this virulent Cabal and its Zionist Bangsters. No doubt which need and deserve to die!We don't need a locust hoard of rednecks in jump suits dealing death to the innocent civilians. If the US military and Agencies really wants to have a mass altercation, do the world a giant favour, first divide up and mass kill each ether. Well overdue. Be sure, if WW111 does erupt, post war the occupying Russian and Chinese troops will round up and organ sequestrate the lot of them alive. Not a Zio will be left as a complete mass sanitisation program would follow. Russia and China know if conflict comes, the Zio virus must be erased. Total. Putin has seen their ugly footprint upon Russia. He knows what they are.

  44. p: Cliven Bundy was arrested last night when he flew into Portland, OR. There was two more arrests in NV related to Cliven and the Bundy Ranch situation two years ago.

    If that's not enough proof of what is being dealt with...

    Victims of the Federal Bootprint
    Tuesday, 09 February 2016

    America’s farmers and ranchers, the people who grow the food that magically appears on our grocery store shelves, are under siege. Like swarms of locusts, federal regulators from the EPA, BLM, USFS, etc. are driving these hardworking producers who feed America into the ground. A relentless bombardment of threats, fines, regulatory takings, lawsuits, and other means of perpetual harassment is killing what remains of our family-owned farms. It is not only America’s food supply that is imperiled by this onslaught; equally important (if not more so) is the threat that these rogue federal regulators pose to justice, to the rule of law, to the very idea of limited government, and to the freedom of each and every one of us. The profiles of the victims provided here represent only a tiny sample of the thousands of our fellow citizens who have heroically fought, or are currently fighting, against a federal leviathan that is trampling their rights and taking their property.

    Read More:

    1. Cliven Bundy Is In Multnomah County Jail
      The FBI detained Bundy and took him to the jail on a U.S. Marshal's hold.
      Feb 10, 2016 11:17 pm

      Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher whose sons seized an Eastern Oregon wildlife refuge last month, is being held in Multnomah County Jail after arriving at the Portland International Airport tonight.

      The FBI detained Bundy, 74, and took him to the jail on a U.S. Marshal's hold, according to the Multnomah County Jail's booking website. He was booked at 10:54 pm.
      Charges have not yet been announced. The Oregonian's Les Zaitz reports on Twitter that Bundy was arrested "on federal charges for the 2014 standoff in Nevada with federal agents."

      Read More:

      Found on face book
      The FBI has Victoria Sharp home surrounded. From what I have read they are trying to arrest her.

  45. Time for the people to mount up and Man Up. Time to take back America. A few Common Law Judges sentencing them to hang, fast tracked, will focus minds. 50 or so done the same day will challenge DC it may catch on.

  46. Judge Anna sends urgent email to Pope Francis last night.....


  47. How The Lawyers Destroyed American Society …
    Posted on February 10, 2016 by State of the Nation

    Excellent article everyone should read.

  48. Replies
    1. Hey, Rothschild; try shorting GLD some more to hammer down the price: people need real money to replace the ponzi fiat tp you foisted upon the world.

      Have a nice day!

  49. The 4 people that were still at the refuge in Oregon have all surrendered as of a little while ago. Not sure there is media coverage on this yet, sorry no link at this point either.

  50. About Governor Snyder in Michigan...

    There is a principle in law called "Odious debt." Odious debt is debt incurred by creating situations, or acquiring things (like weapons, computerized spying systems, etc.) that are used to keep people from rebelling against an unjust administration.

    To me, making people ill with toxic water renders them incapable of responding to tyranny, because they are too sick. This is the very definition of an "Odious Debt." In such a situation, the people SHOULD not, and WOULD not, under international law be required to pay for the tools of their oppression, because that would be ODIOUS DEBT.

    We have permitted other countries to shed the debts acquired while they were under tyrannical governance. Snyder, by taking away the people's rights via a Emergency Manager, is a tyrant. This makes the debts that he created by those actions--Odious Debt.

    Just a thought.


    Biffie: Here it is for those of you who missed it. Finally the truth said on national tv.

  52. They’re Coming: With Standoff Over, FBI Initiates “Mass Arrests of 2014 Bundy Ranch Protesters”

    Editor’s Comment: This is outrageous. Apparently, the round up is upon us. If this report is correct, it now appears that the resolution of the occupation at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge is only a prelude, and that a major crackdown is underway to round up patriots. Cliven Bundy was arrested only a few hours ago, and now it appears they are going after everyone else who was involved. Provocateurs have now succeeded in misdirecting the patriot movement, and entrapping many well meaning patriots who did nothing but stand up to federal overreach.

    While the list of 86 individuals has not been produced, it is clear enough that few, if any of them, actually committed any crime. Instead, they will be punished retroactively for supporting a situation that dared to challenge federal authority.

    From a tactical standpoint, many freedom loving patriots are now being targeted as the result of escalation of a situation that was never going to end well at Malheur, appeared offensive on its face, and has resulted in a huge response by FBI and other federal authorities, the loss of one life, and a now a witch hunt for those who dared to stand up. After that, how far will they go in targeting dissenters? History shows a dark path from here.

    Read More:

  53. What has been perpetrated against other nations is now the Hydra Head turning on its own. As the world turns its back on the bloodsucking, predatory Cabal, and nations are deluged with tidal waves of illegals, America now can feed only of its own population who at last may experience first hand what a vicious and parasitic regime is emerging.
    All the Alamo stood for has been lost to these vermin. Shame on all of them, truly disgusting scum and Traitors to the nation. Its a sad time to be a thinking American. The Land of the Not Free Oppression. Run by an Illegal Usurping Con Man, directed by Soros and an Iranian Marxist, fleeced by Zionists, and hoping on Gutless Representatives who long since sold out integrity. We can only watch with sadness as it all implodes.
    No place to bring up a family, the older Settlers moved to try, now a whimping Welfare breed is left who need spoon feeding to go. Corralled Sheeple, for Gods sake - Go! Is this the future you saddle your children with, its becoming a Neo Nazi State?
    As Eurasia emerges the pot can not carry the US. Annexed from trade, it will fail as a wonky colony which lost the run of its head.


    Any time a state wants to ban Shariah law, Muslim groups — often led by the Council on American-Islamic Relations — cry Islamophobia, Conservative Tribune reported.

    These states decided to introduce legislations to ban any kind of Islamic Law.

    Alabama (two bills)
    • Arkansas
    • Florida (two bills)
    • Indiana (two bills)
    • Iowa
    • Kentucky
    • Mississippi (four bills)
    • Missouri (two bills)
    • North Carolina
    • Oklahoma (seven bills)
    • South Carolina (two bills)
    • Texas (six bills)
    • Virginia
    • Washington
    • West Virginia
    • Wyoming (two bills)

    Alabama was the last one to join. Hopefully by the end of 2016 all the states will participate in this.

    CAIR said that the motion was “virulently racist” and “outright hostility towards Muslims.” Alabamans apparently didn’t care what they said, Speisa reported.

    Voters don’t want America to become like the United Kingdom, where roving Islamic Tribunals and patrols control entire cities.

  55. Mo Ham Heads controlling British cities? Dream on. Someone's on crack. Not a chance.
    Islama Baddies trying it would be stomped fast. Totally untrue. Let them try and the population head count will go down fast.Most Muzzies keep their heads down here apart from Pakkies kiddie fiddling.A vile sub species filling our jails up.
    That apart there are many Muzzies peaceful and helping our economy. Again its only a handful of Nutters and we deal with them.

  56. Replies

    1. Valdi,

      Superstation95 is a satire site. No such radio station exists in NYC. All their articles are fabrications.

    2. Canauzzie,

      Thanks - I fell for it. The articles are better written than some I've seen in our national newspapers.

      I checked and Operation Northern Thunder was confirmed by several kosher (right word?) sites with 21 countries participating. The troop and equipment numbers seemed OTT and couldn't be verified. Satire or disinfo, like Sorcha Faal? Mixing some truth with wild speculation? The Zero Hedge article is bone fide.

      Doesn't change my opinion that the world is run by batshit crazy psychopaths, lol.

    3. Valdi

      Even worse by people too stupid NOT to elect them.

  57. 'Cyborg' spinal implant could help paralysed walk again
    Jan 8 2015

    It might seem like science fiction but a new implant which attaches directly to the spine could help paralysed people walk again

    Read More:

    1. P,

      Thanks for reminding us how human ingenuity can benefit society. I used to work in a spinal injuries unit and thought it would take a miracle to get my complete para patients walking again. Maybe miracles are not so rare after all.

      One wonders how many biomedical marvels have been withheld from the public by the breakaway civilisation, along with free energy, antigravitic drives, stargates, time travel, cloning, consciousness transfer, nano-tech, AI and, most of all, a cure for premenstrual tension.

      The elite consider billions of us to be disposable useless-eaters. Why, if they value themselves as superior, do they have to dumb down the masses with fluoride, drugs, GMO's, tainted vaccines, EMF's, stress, chemtrails, indoctrination passed off as education, mindless entertainment, lies, propaganda, porn, religion, terrorism, war and the Kardashians?

      I think they are scared of us. They are scared we will wake up and leave them all behind.

    2. You're welcome Valdi, we have something they don't, the capacity to love. You mentioned many things and many have dynamics behind them that the elite can't touch. They may have the technology, but will never be able to use it to its fullest extent.

      Think how limited the jump rooms are. Very two dimensional in comparison to a true time travel gate, that allows movement through the now, past, future, dimensionally, universally and so on. Star gates can be anywhere, found another and it's end is on the Irish coast. There's incredible things waiting to be discovered that even the cabal hasn't found yet nor can stop from being discovered.

      Love generates miracles. Somethings were missed like the ability to imprint (transfer of life experiences from one to another). Telepathy, empathy, the ability to heal, psychic surgery by touch or at distance, teleportation, etc ;found in people of higher consciousness or gifted with - that also can be developed.

      They use the lower based elements to distract us away from our true selves. They are afraid us for another reason, they can't exist in a world of enlightened people. They need populations distracted, sick, worried, warring, hating and so on for their own continued existence.

      We learn to love ourselves and create a new paradigm, as each one of takes that next step beyond, the ability for the Zionists, the cabal, etc diminishes. Have been experimenting with this and it didn't take long to find how quickly things changed for the better. The toughest part in all of this is just letting ourselves create something new, overwriting all the self hate, unnecessary patterns, etc as no longer needed.

    3. Beautifully expressed P. We're on the same wavelength. The Arc of the Covenant is within each of us, together with the ability to raise our consciousness ("ascend") to the level of the unitary or Christ Mind. It is the truth that will set us free; not technology or transhumanism.

      I'm fascinated by your explorations and would like to hear more about how you do it and what you've discovered....and whereabouts in Ireland? That I must visit, in mind if not in body.

    4. P so true. While the elite race to transhumanism as a cure for their shortcomings, they remain in the 3rd dimension of polarities and reliance on the external. In doing this, they deny themselves the development of the multidimensional mind which can heal and influence its reality. The multidimensional mind is a still-point, around which the universe changes when it realises it is outside of the matrix. This is the secret of changing one's timeline.

      The so-called 'poor' who realise their minds will be far richer than some multimillionaire who buys a nanobot to clean his alzheimers.

      This is the best time to build your multidimensional mind. So much grace is given at this changing of the cycle that won't come again until the next one. Choose now your level for the next 13,000 years..

    5. Valdi, in the very distant past this planet had very advanced cities globally. Then you have the many communities, also with advanced technology, places where people vacationed or visited for various reasons. With Earth a very rich in biodiversity it was a mecca for many scientists from around the universe, not just this one either. To make things easier, travel gates were installed. They are plentiful around the planet. These gates have a large number of capabilities and provided many services to their users. There in the UK, you might be surprised at what can be found. The Druids knew it.

      Look to what is in plain site, but unique. That one is closed down and has been for some time, but it links two continents with just a moments travel time if in operation. That one also allows for travel on/off planet for larger beings or transport of goods, technology, etc. Common in areas of mining and manufacture of goods.

    6. P,

      I'm sure there have been higher civilisations on Earth such as Atlantis and Lemuria. Ours seems to be regressing. It's sad and painful to see our ecosystems and biodiversity sick or dying under relentless attack. The sky here is heavy with chemtrails nearly every day, rippled with radio-waves.

      This is the price we pay for not complying with natural law, when even the Ten Commandments, which were originally part of the Egyptian moral code adopted by Moses (Akhenaten), are no longer taught at school. The seventh, You shall not commit adultery, is assumed to refer to marital sexual fidelity but I believe it is a broader exhortation to not adulterate; that is, to not debase, our mind, body, soul, character, environment or relationships.

      I am familiar with the Salisbury Plain Site. There are still active ones not far away. In the right frame of mind one is not necessary. Can you recommend any resource to learn about such things? Thanks.

    7. Valdi, P, and AJ, this is my favorite subject. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and information. So fascinating and uplifting.

    8. Valdi,
      As I recall, you're somewhere in UK. All of my contacts in UK report daily chemtrails also and we certainly have them most of the time. We have electronic filters throughout the house plus diffuse essential oils everyday to ease the damage. Even though our friend here says 'weather modification,' do what you can to ease the 'weather modification' damage to your brain and respiratory system.

      Here we have the double whammy of fluoride added to water systems....geez it costs a lot to filter out all that crud too!

    9. Mine too Biffie. I seem to recall what life is like in an advanced society and have a strong interest in astronomy, cosmology and flying. Perfect for a spaceman don't you think?

      If you haven't already, grab a selenite crystal. This immediately straightens any kinks in your energy systems. When you look at its structure you'll see why. This is simply technology that many use. All the best.

    10. Thanks for the tip AJ. I will search and get one.

    11. AJ - yes, I'm in the belly of the beast. Whatever the US can do, the Brits can do better. That's not a compliment. See


      Texian - thanks for the tip. I have a selenite mountain back at my flat and recently sent a selenite tea-light holder to Sophie, my youngest daughter. I had no idea selenite would straighten any kinks in my energy system and believe me, I'm very kinky! Ha.

      Biffie and P - are you familiar with the work of John Lash? It's fascinating:

      John Lash | Gnosticism, Sophia, & The Archon Control Matrix

    12. Valdi...very interesting articles. We know we're being sprayed like bugs, poisoned with chemicals and GMOs...but it's the hidden technologies to REALLY be worried about. They've eliminated incandescent lightbulbs in favor of others they've embedded with microphones, back doors into our computers, street lights with cameras to spy 24/7, vaccines to inject us full of bio crap...what else???

      First I've heard of the selenite crystals, although I've known about crystals in general. I looked it up and there are various sizes, shapes, etc. Does it matter? What do you do with it once you have one? What about orgone? I recall that my mother put orgone at the corners of her vegetable garden. Don't know what it did, but she did have spectacular vegetables. She was an organic gardener before it was in style. No pesticides...only lady bugs & other beneficial insects...also planted onion and garlic sets around borders to fend off intruders. :-0)

    13. Hey Texian, I got a 10cm rectangular rod and simply hold it in my hand whilst breathing and drawing up energy through my core and out the top. Its always best to choose the one that your intuition picks for you. That's cool re orgone, I'll remember if I get a garden thanks!

  58. Off topic.....but a welcome break. This was filmed on an S7 Siberian Airlines plane doing an antigravity loop. God, I love my fellow useless-eaters!

    OK Go - Upside Down & Inside Out

  59. Saudi Arabia and Turkey with tacit US support might be about to start World War 3 via their planned military invasion of Syria. Russia is already deploying tactical nuclear weapons in Syria. The world will not forget the grand architects behind this plan if this turns into World War 3, namely the Venetians along with their Genoese, Norman and Anglo-Saxon allies who decided to make the UK their main base of operations. There is a reason why we all speak English now, just as in the past everyone of importance spoke French and before that everyone spoke Latin. The Venetian elements control Zionism (and Freemasonry), the Jesuits, the Vatican, the Federal Reserve system and as crown on top of all that: the global Cestui Que Vie slavery system. These Venetian elements within the UK have controlled Saudi Arabia since 1763, it created Israel and in the Netherlands and the UK the Federal Reserve system was devised by means of which in coordination with the bar association control over the USA was regained. If any place on Earth is capable of stopping a Third World War it is the UK and the Inner City of London. Call back those Saudi puppets and allow Europe to move towards the BRICS alliance blackmailing, bribing or threatening any longer. Stop the blatant BBC propaganda against Russia and end the Cestui Que Vie global slavery system and the Inner City of London deserves to be one of the three greatest financial centres of the world, but if that is not done, the people of the world will not even allow it to be one of the 20 most important financial centres and instead will be shunned for the next hundred years. The UK and the Inner City of London can possibly decide whether the world will enter its darkest age yet or become a great centre for freedom. Either way, nobody will buy the illusion that the government and those behind the government such as the Queen and others cannot change the BBC propaganda to something more constructive for cooperation with the BRICS alliance if they truly wanted to. Some scheming parties think they think they can bring war to the world, but what they will accomplish above all else is bring war to their doorsteps if they press ahead. I know I might have been less diplomatic lately, but I consider it important to call parties out who apparently would otherwise think they could away with earth shattering schemes.

  60. Saturnalia

    At this point we can not say a lot. Just trust that when the Elders were exposed to the full Fiscal powers and influence of the key "Elder" Team Leader in the Lords 2 weeks ago, seismic changes in confidence occurred. Especially their realising how closely the Buddhist faith is interlinked to the knowledge and hereditary powers of one KT party. The permanency of Soul, valuing all life, human, animal, ecological, and the need to develop and enrich ethereal life.
    BRICS is becoming TRICS, with the evolution of the technical nations such as India, and with it the hightened awareness and Philosophies of Asia which need to be interjected into new social values. As Leadership changes, so do perceptions of emergent new societies.
    The "True Knights" have never lost their dimensional awareness, nor Ethereal values and knowledge, the power point of all. London, all accepted faults apart, is still the most powerful Cultural City on earth, and via long established British Colonial Values from the Commonwealth outwards, is best placed to engender and promote real change, but first, we need to deal with the viral vermin of the Cabal and Kazakh roach infestation in our Banking Industries. Also to dismantle the US Cabal influence and Hegemony.
    The new era being orchestrated via the unparalleled wealth of the Elders, if correctly martialled, will help herald in a new era focused of Cosmic enlightenment and Ethereal values as we lift the consciousness of the next generations and re shape the tasking and unleashing of human abilities. Money buys power, so allow us the time to achieve what is in play now. Remember, the key KT's while hidden, never left. Timing is everything and bloodlines need to stay off public radar. It works best.
    The BBC becomes ever less relevant as the Internet takes over. Where better for a voice than OWON. Also what it can become.
    There is unparalleled hope between current exchanges, and the emergence of a whole new Humanitarian and Compassionate evolved consciousness group now developing in London with full Global awareness and outreach. Only the mutual respect and trust of ancient families can achieve this, as becomes ever more obvious with each Dynasty Elders meeting. They know by "scanning" awareness who are true bloodlines and not. No details for debate but its very live and in play.
    London will change and for the better. We removed the Kazakh roach Sassoon, that says what? 40 years of Rothschild's strategy wiped out at a stroke. KT Glass Ceilings at work. Cestui Que Vie is as much a cross Vatican dependency and well on our radar.
    The emerging agenda for London must run its course. First the vast asset transfer. That has seismic implications and is Cabal shattering. To clean up we first have to clear out the trash. Let what is in play evolve. Look at how tenuous Cameron's power is even now. If he loses the EU vote he is gone. We need Eurasia not the failed, grubby and inept EU. Eurasia has no role for the Vatican. Nor the Zios. Aggressive roach sanitisation will follow. Modern man has no need for such secondary species.
    Saturnalia, what rocks the cradle of the British democracy is not the Zio Claw, but a small inner circle of sensitive awareness , great cultural history, and Crown Protectors. Monarchy is a privilege, one to be withdrawn, as vain King Charles 1st determined as we beheaded the arrogant bastard. They rule as figureheads only, within the confines of a remit not for the public. Hope is alive, your site shows you that.
    Watch this year play out. First we have to achieve certain political agendas. Then moves can follow. As regards Diplomacy, see what I unleash in group debates as part of a real Focus Group!
    Whose hand outed the $15T? And so much more. The Elders are here for a reason. Who stopped the recent 25,000 MT AU transfer to cripple the Cabal and bring it to London instead? So much more is in play.
    This week we will try to give you another exclusive to help. Very revealing.

    1. Most excellent. Now that's what I call a plan - a plan that all can benefit from, and implemented in the best way possible, from a position of strength and influence.

      Press on.

  61. Vivid demonstration of voting machine hack! This is how we end up with the likes of Barack Obama, Clintons Bushes and their ilk....


    1. Ihave been saying this for over a decade. There were a group of us that knew that the damn machines were hacked. Computer scientists were talking about it, Clint Curtis revealed that he had been asked to do it, there was a ton of evidence that HAVA was a front activity for the covert "deployment" of hacked voting machines.


  62. To all of you posting above, thanks. So much goodness and hope.

  63. John,

    Does this article have legs?

    100,000 say NO to the EU: Poll says Britons wants Brexit vote

    SUPPORT for Britain to quit the EU is gaining unstoppable momentum among British voters.

    Thank you.

  64. 100,000 is way too low about 20 million will say no. The others will be imbeciles, unemployed, too young or too old, Liberal idiots or Democrats!Same difference.

  65. Please watch the gazel chase you all need a laugh. Men are up for it.

  66. Here you go John

  67. Obumma even opening his silly mouth here is a joke. He's regarded on a par with a dog turd yet seems to have no concept of his status as a joke posing in a rented suit.
    We all expect him to leave the WH with a mop and bucket in his hand to get back to the day job he's capable of.

    1. I can't figure out who likes him more you or our mutual friend ....hmmmmm

  68. Thought this part from Fulford today was interesting. This whole thing with Scalia reminds me of the John Grisham book "The Pelican Brief" where they killed 2 supreme court justices to stack the deck in the favor of a big corporation environmental challenge ready to come before the court.

    Three separate US sources, one from the Pentagon and two from the CIA, say US Corporate government spokesman Barack Obama last week, facing the collapse of the US banking system, met in California with representatives of the Rothschild Family and with Chinese elders to ask for

    permission to devalue the US dollar. He was told no, because most US dollars are not owned by Americans and the rest of the world does not want to see their hard earned money lose its value. Obama was also denied access to any new funding for his corporate government.

    This refusal set of serious infighting inside the US power structure between a faction that wants to restore the Republic of the United States of America and one that wants to preserve the status quo. As a part of this struggle, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was murdered by means of a heart attack inducing dart, CIA sources say. Official news releases confirm no autopsy was performed and that his body has already been cremated.

    Pentagon sources say Scalia was killed because he was opposed to the Paris agreement “global warming” carbon tax and because he supported a return to the Republic and loyalty to the US constitution. Replacing Scalia with a more pliable judge will pack the supreme court with a 5 to 4 majority to support carbon taxes and such things as untrammeled immigration, gun control etc.

    The Catholic ethnic Italian Scalia died in Texas, home turf of the Bush clan, just as Pope Francis was in Mexico trying to ensure a cut-off of drug money to the Bush Khazarian Nazi faction. Several sources also claim that Chief Justice John Roberts, also a Catholic, himself narrowly survived a murder attempt last week.

  69. Mainstream News! ABC...I can hardly believe this is actually being reported in mainstream!

    Victims: Feds Hid 'Sweetheart' Deal for Sex Offender With Deep Political Ties


    Before any allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced in 2005, Trump and Bill Clinton spoke glowingly of Epstein, and court records have included documents and testimony suggesting both men flew with Epstein on his private jets.

    Court files document long-running ties between Epstein and the former president. Bill Clinton flew on at least six trips with Epstein and his entourage in 2002 and 2003 including to international destinations such as Paris, Bangkok and Brunei, according to logs kept by one of Epstein’s pilots.

  70. Replies
    1. Good find Texian, shared.

    2. Texian

      Well reported we may rerun it with the next exclusive.

    3. John,
      Thanks! MSM over here is promoting JEB! non-stop...although now seem to be switching to Rubio as their preferred puppet. Whoever is selected as President of this mostly foreign-owned corporation pretending to be a de jeur government is not representing Americans anyway and we refuse to be accountable for their actions.

  71. Recent Interview with Judge Anna on Restore the Republic Truth Media


  72. John, I find your latest perspective on London a lot more agreeable, although there is still truly much to do. Alternative media is indeed quickly gaining influence, but for most people the mainstream media is still their oracle. They will believe anything a man or woman in a suit on television tells them. As such I would not consider it trivial what media channels such as the BBC tell people. It would change the world if the United Kingdom would move closer towards Russia and if that change is to come, then it should start with mainstream media. If the United Kingdom completely aligns with China and Russia, then Germany and France will be given the breathing room they need to break away from Venetian/Jesuit control and join the BRICS alliance. Once they join all of Europe will also join which would leave those with different policies in an awkward position. Even Japan would then be given the space it needs to regain sovereignty and all parties in the Middle East would immediately change their tune. I'd say that the United Kingdom is not just an important place: It is the pivotal point about which it all revolves currently. If it honestly and completely changes sides, even the risk of WWIII should be completely averted.


    What seems to be going on in the Middle East can set the stage for one of the greatest back stabs in history. It could be a game of high stakes bluff poker, it could turn into WWIII or it set the stage for the US to take the Saudi out of Arabia and divide Turkey. If this happens, expect the US to release evidence of great Saudi involvement in 9/11. Saudi Arabia is practically the greatest creditor of the US....possibly amounting to $3 trillion. Taking out Saudi Arabia would give the US the greatest windfall in the last decade, even though that would also mean the end of Dollar as World Reserve Currency whose end is inevitable anyway. The US might even add Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates to the regime change list to greatly increase the financial windfall. The US has already stolen the Saudi gold located in Switzerland, so this could be a plausible scenario.

    1. Saturnalia

      Read the next exclusive coming out and between the lines.
      Now is not the time to unveil detailed plans, but you will realise quickly what is evolving behind the scenes. Trust, just trust a key KT is aware of all and active. Understand? The next report will give you an overview which a thinking being will realise is game on.
      Now is time to stay off radar,but if successful, factor in the likely KT moves. Just - Trust and watch. What if the asset transfer from the Elders is beyond all public concepts? Under key KT oversight and guidance? They are in London for a reason. Just watch. Money rules, and power outs fools.

    2. John,

      I get confused sometimes regarding terminology.

      Is this large gold distribution that you are trading in the platforms what is called the global settlements/collateral accounts or is this something else?

    3. No it will be using the awesome power of the Gold, vast cash bundles in the warehouses, and Bonds, to take the Bank Platforms away from the gruesome Agencies and Pentagon and refocus profits on life for all. We plan to assist refocus the meaning of human existence not feeding the pot of the Zio lot. Of the 2 lead banks currently under review for acquisition our first task will be the instant removal of Zios from the Board and Sr management,and the creation of Roach free zones. Withdrawing each Bank from Derivatives trading and closing the the US Dollar desks. Repaying Fed loans and removing the US from interfering with said banks, as well as re defining the level and limits of compliance. Reducing corporate suits and compliance nonsense. Introducing relationship banking and a bond with the clients.

    4. John, that sounds like Bendigo Bank in Australia. Regional, but with centres in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. For suburban branches, which can be set up by communities, the bank spends a substantial %age of profits on community needs such as a school playground etc. These are the guys who will say 'Hey John' when you walk into the branch after 6 months absence. I hope this is the kind of thing on the radar for wider deployment.

    5. AJ Thank you for sharing, remember a time some smaller banks were like that here in the US. It's been a while.

    6. P i have faith.. i reckon there is a huge broom coming for the derivatives guys. Hopefully the public will not take any bs this time and demand real banks to replace the casinos.

  73. Americans....if your day is going great, you may want to save this article for another day!

    From another judge - Anonymous Judge Blows The Whistle: U.S. Is A Plantation And ‘We The People’ Are Slaves

    One excerpt: "The Internal Revenue Code relies upon Title 18 to convict people of Tax Evasion, which (only applies to corporations). Look at all the people sitting in federal prisons who were convicted of this so-called crime? What makes it worse is the fact that the Queen of England, entered into a Treaty with the federal government for the taxing of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes sold in America. The Treaty is called The Stamp Act and in this Act, the Queen ordained that her subjects, the American people, are exonerated of all other federal taxes! So the federal income tax and the state incomes taxes levied against all American’s is contrary to an International Treaty and against the Sovereign Orders of the Queen! Like it or not, the Queen is our Monarch and Master! The Tax is illegal and still people have been prosecuted and imprisoned, contrary to law!"

    U.S. Is A Plantation And ‘We The People’ Are Slaves


  74. Coast To Coast AM - February 14, 2016 Bank of Canada Controversy & Zika Virus Scam

    Published on Feb 16, 2016

    AM Radio - February 14, 2016 Bank of Canada Controversy & Zika Virus Scam

    First half guest, Canadian constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati joined guest host Richard Syrett to talk about his legal case against his government and its abandonment of the Bank Of Canada (the rough equivalent of America's Federal Reserve) to pay for government projects. The organization was incorporated in 1934 to allow the government to borrow money interest free for such things as public works projects and national healthcare. Galati says that from its inception, this is what it did and it worked very well. However, in 1974, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau was convinced that money for government projects should henceforth be borrowed from the Bank Of International Settlements, a private consortium based in Europe. Although he was told that this would stabilize world financial markets, Galati described the resulting situation as "being enslaved to international loan sharks."

    Galati reminded listeners that this is not simply a Canadian issue, as it concerns most western democracies giving up economic control to private interests who are not answerable to any government, and that this situation has gotten much worse since the end of WWII. There are only a few countries who have bypassed this system for varying reasons, including China, India, Argentina, and Iceland. Galati says the yearly interest owed on loans to the Canadian Government exceeds the national military budget and "the healthcare budgets of several provinces," to the tune of up to 40 billion Canadian dollars annually. In his legal case, Galati hopes to cast a spotlight on this issue and show how the situation is "a focused and indisputable case of how private interest can take away your government's power."

  75. p:A little humor

    Canada ‘enters’ US presidential race with hilarious video

    Meet the newest candidate for US president: It’s cold, snowy, and loves its beer and hockey.
    Canada “officially” entered the race for US president with one of its most successful exports – humor.
    A new video from Entrehub reveals all the reasons why the Canada is a contender in the... House race.

  76. Man arrested by U.S. Marshals for unpaid student loan

    I guess the government is so desperate for money at this point that they are having heavily armed marshal thugs show up and arrest people for unpaid student loans?

    I guess there really is a "debtors prison" again.

    I am speechless!

    1. Thank you for sharing Texian, it's a warning to others to pay. Not surprising, they crush business and industry here in the US, create a student loan system that at very best is usury in nature and begin use of "poor house or debtors prison" in a so called free nation.

      Speechless, no, sadly not surprised.

    2. Did Texian post this story about the arrest for an unpaid student loan as well?

    3. My apology MW& P, a giant me culpa on my part. Guess am working in two worlds/realities again. Need to do a better job at being in just one!)

  77. John, From past posts I understood that the new platforms being set up with Elder funds were not part of the Collateral Accounts. My ? is are the the accounts safe from Cabal clutches meaning are they physically draining the accounts, monetizing dept instruments against them or just blocking them from being used for there intended purpose. My understanding is that they control the grey screens that contain the accounts but cannot remove any of the accounts funds which means they would be monetizing debt instruments against it. Just my thoughts

  78. Scott

    There are many levels of Collateral assets. Vast amounts out of Cabal reach and we just stopped the US getting a 25,000 mt AU allocation for trading. Plus huge cash pallets, Bonds etc.
    We cant show our hands but assume what we are planning allows ZERO US interference or oversight. It becomes therefore our own Black Budgets project to turn around the century of Zio trash abuse, the Agency waste and to do what a truly philanthropic and enlightened group are capable of. Clearly there are still huge chasms of trust to achieve, but we are the only ones in this position under serious consideration,as the ethereal issues quantifying trust can only be achieved by truly elevated consciousness of spirit. Key senior Elders are deeply spiritual and will only respond to their own para psychological readings of parties involved where true consciousness is on a plane only available to those qualified to attain it. This is not for the public domain but just assume its very real and very now.
    If agreed, what we will build will reverse engineer fiscal dynamics and will be an epoch moment in the evolution of humanity.
    As is your site. Have faith in the human Soul, the dynamic of Cosmic energy and ethereal awakening. Early days, but abundant hope.

  79. I MUST comment further on the imprisonment of our children thru default on college loans.

    The following scenario and "chain of events" played through my mind this morning and the puzzle is solved!

    The plan is to first dumb down our children with common core while at the same time setting up the expectation that EVERYONE needs a college education.

    This leads to legions of our children entering the "university system" to get a "degree". (sounds like a Mason word to me) Most end up with a "degree" that teaches them NO SKILLS to actually contribute to the world in a meaningful way and often doesn't even give them a skill set to land a job period.

    Then, after 4-6 years, they emerge from this "Uni-verse city" (one verse). So, they graduate with one "degree" from "one verse" which is analygous to one "version" indebt and jobless. At this point, many are in debt between $40K-$150K.

    Meanwhile, almost all REAL jobs and employment has been shipped to other countries so what are these "one degree versions" supposed to do?

    Then the "cherry on the Cabal's Sundae" comes. Through legislation passed by their PAID FOR cronies, our children are now going to be imprisioned for that debt and, joila, the prison system will stay full ensuring that the private prison system contiues to make big money to pay off it's rich investors.

    Anyone else mad about this?

    1. MWP,

      Children and young people are being handicapped in many ways; vaccination being another:

      Weapons of Mass Vaccination? CDC intensifies childhood vaccine schedule to include 74 injections before age 17

      Yes, it does make me angry.

  80. John, thanks for the timely and enlightening reply, its very encouraging to know that the future of humanity can and will survive the atrocities that have been brought upon it thanks to you and the Elders. We on our end expose these rats criminality daily from this site as well as others helping as much as possible to rid ourselves of these parasites. Thanks again

  81. John,

    Will these banks you buy allow US citizens to have accounts and will you comply with the FATCA reporting rules and regulations?

  82. Yes we will but not in USD and No to FACTA demands they will be told to shove it. As long as we have no Fed dependency or USD desks, they are toothless. These Neo Thugs and Zio weevils have been given too much rope. Without the dollar hook they are empowered for nothing. Only cutting off their FIAT paper works. No USD, No Fed access. Many banks are now kicking US citizens out. Understandably. Time the world tells these contemptible Thugs to shove it.

  83. 350,000 soldiers, 20,000 tanks, 2,450 warplanes and 460 military helicopters are massing in northern Saudi Arabia for a military exercise that is being called “Northern Thunder”. According to the official announcement, forces are being contributed by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, Sudan, Kuwait, Morocco, Pakistan, Tunisia, Oman, Qatar, Malaysia and several other nations. This exercise will reportedly last for 18 days, and during that time the airspace over northern Saudi Arabia will be closed to air traffic.

    This will be the largest military exercise in the history of the region, and it comes amid rumors that Saudi Arabia and Turkey are preparing for a massive ground invasion of Syria.

    This could be the spark that sets off WW3 that Billy Meier wrote about in 1986. Here is an excerpt...

    200. However, the great war will hardly be avoidable because the human beings of Earth will probably not accept the directions towards the better, therewith towards true love, true freedom and real peace, striving instead only towards wealth, pleasure and riches and for all manner of material values and unrestricted power.

    201. Thus, huge and deadly formations of tanks will roll across the countries while fighter planes and rockets sweep through the air and bring death, ruin, destruction and annihilation to countries and people.

    202. And the bad time will come, during which also the militaries and armies will cause out-of-control, great, wild and evil devastations and unimaginable massacres of the people, who will be forced to watch the wild activities powerlessly.

    203. Your (Billy Meier) and our (Pleadians) warnings will be cast into the wind by the majority of Earth humanity, even though quite a bit could still be saved and the very worst could be prevented if your and our words of love, peace, freedom, and wisdom would be acted upon.

    204. But even that, unfortunately, is doubtful.

    205. If the Third World War will actually happen—as calculations and observations appear to indicate to be probable now and also during the approaching few decades—then, as now, the civilian population will above all have to bear the brunt of the enormous suffering in tremendous numbers in this entire catastrophe and, last but not least, the fault of the irresponsible scientists who by cloning will create human machines for military purposes, devoid of conscience and feelings, and will create immensely deadly and all-annihilating computer-like weapons.

    206. At the same time, the danger could become reality that the human combat machines, the military clones, will gain their independence and under their own management will bring death, devastation, destruction and annihilation to the human beings of Earth and to the planet.

    207. The entire planet will become an arena of unparalleled suffering, which will never have existed before on Earth up to that time.

    208. The cruel happenings will last about 888 days and cause civilisation to collapse.

  84. Big Campaign Cash For Clinton From Monsanto Lobbyist

    A Monsanto Co. lobbyist, who is seen as Hillary Clinton’s “main man” in Iowa, was among the top financial bundlers of contributions to benefit Hillary Clinton’s run for the White House in the most recent quarter, new Federal Election Commission reports show.

    Jerry Crawford of the Crawford & Mauro Law Firm in Des Moines, Iowa, bundled $151,727 for the campaign over the quarter ending Dec. 31, FEC documents show. Crawford is senior adviser to Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and was the Midwest Co-Chair of the Hillary Clinton for President Campaign in 2007-08. His firm listed Monsanto as a client in the most recent quarter, reporting $60,000 in lobbying income from Monsanto. Monsanto is known as one of the nation’s most powerful corporations, and is currently engaged in a range of public policy debates over regulation of its genetically modified crops and top herbicide product, Roundup.

    Another Monsanto lobbyist, Steve Elmendorf, bundled $20,295 in contributions for the Hillary for America organization during the quarter, FEC documents show. Elmendorf also does work for the Grocery Manufacturers Association, which has been battling against mandatory labeling laws for foods made with GMOs.

    The total of all bundlers for Clinton campaign over the quarter was $716,981, according to the FEC documents.

    Clinton is widely seen as a friend to genetically engineered crop technology and agrichemical interests, while her chief competitor for the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders, has been a supporter of mandatory GMO labeling.

    1. Clinton is coughing and hacking up so much her cloned body is breaking apart. Calling all reptiles! Casting call!

  85. Roundup Herbicide Toxic To Life In Parts Per Billion Range

    First, it is very important to understand how low a μg /L or parts per billion concentration is. One way to visualize it is to think of one drop in one billion drops of water, or what amounts to one drop of water in an entire swimming pool.[ii]

    Owing to the fact that glyphosate is now a ubiquitous contaminant in our environment, having been found in most U.S. air and rain samples tested,[iii] as well as being measured beyond the limit of quantification (higher than 2.5 ug/L) in 41% of 140 groundwater samples collected from Catalonia Spain, this new finding has profound implications for environmental and human health alike. With over 88,000 tons of the stuff used in the US in 2007, according to the USGS, and with an ever-expanding volume being applied to increasingly glyphosate-resistant GM crops, the problem of exposure is only going to get worse in the future – that is, if we continue to support the growth of glyphosate-dependent GM crop industries.

    Monsanto, the originator of glyphosate and its most popular branded formulation, Roundup®, once marketed their herbicide “as safe as table salt,” and claimed it was “highly biodegradable.” These claims have now been disproved. Like Agent Orange, another Monsanto co-creation (along with Dow Chemicals, and several other government contractors), this herbicide exhibits a broad range of biocidal (life-killing) properties. (Note: the concept of a “weedkiller” is absurd. These chemicals do not selectively kill only targeted plants. Also, a “weed” is simply a plant whose virtues we have yet discovered [Emerson], or which is encroaching on a plant we favor).

    Biffie: Glyphosate is spreading and making our planet toxic. Continual exposure of this poisonous product is needed to help educate so we can all avoid it.

  86. The Wealth Watchman writes:

    "In just 4 short months, Russian help has not only turned the tide of the war on ISIS, but has all but threatened to end the largest battle of the war: the fight for Aleppo. The Syrian people, who’ve been raped, shot, tortured, and who’ve lost hundreds of thousands of lives, and countless, ancient cultural treasures to these vile henchmen, are on the cusp of an amazing victory.

    I’m cheering for these people, as they fight the Jewish-backed, bankster forces of globalism. I’m also very thankful for Putin, a man, who has single-handedly stopped these sinister forces on at least 3 fronts(Syria, Ukraine, and the Caucasus). Without his courage and will to intervene, and his seemingly 6th sense for just the right moment to strike….many more terrible things would’ve happened in all those regions, and more.

    Let’s hope and pray that the worst actions of terrorist, rogue states will be kept in check, and that the worst case scenario, of a larger regional war(involving NATO) does not materialize. If it doesn’t, Aleppo could be freed within several weeks.

    Then….then Russian and Syrian jets will begin to pound Raqqa, the HQ of ISIS in Syria….and revenge will be sweet indeed.

    God bless those who are giving their lives to liberate their homeland, and the very brave folks who came to their aid, in Syria. I wish them the very best of success!"

    This Enormous VICTORY over ISIS, is Causing Sheer PANIC for Turkey and Saudi Arabia!

    Valdi: Looks like it will be goodbye ISIS and good riddance. I hope so.

  87. In a Tiny House Village, Portland's Homeless Find Dignity

    As cities search for solutions to homelessness, Portland’s Dignity Village offers 60 men and women community and safety.
    Jan 28 2016

    Read More:


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