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Gove and Boris EXPOSED in secret EU plot: Pair snapped at Johnson home

OWON: If the Brits vote to exit the corrupt, incompetent, inept, sleaze ridden useless EU, the world will change ever more. It leaves the door wide open for Eurasia to emerge. It also signals ever faster the end of US Hegemony to come.

What better time for open reflection, America has shown Bush the door. America needs to show Clinton the door, one way into her jail cell for life!

If Britain fails to leave the EU it faces a loss of border controls, and a fate subsidising 20 plus basket case parasite nations.

If limp Cameron loses the EU vote, he will be gone as Prime Minister, and an EU break up may follow.

Germans will demand the same rights.

America now faces 2 gruesome choice. Clinton or The Trump! A giant Yuk!

Gove and Boris EXPOSED in secret EU plot: Pair held four hour talks at Johnson's Islington home on eve of Cabinet rebel's 'exit' as London Mayor admits he's 'veering like a shopping trolley'

  • The pair are snapped at Johnson home on the even of Gove 'exit'
  • MoS poll reveals 15 per cent 'In' lead after PM calls referendum
  • At dinner, most prominent 'Out' Cabinet Minister has talks with Mayor
  • Summit fuels fevered speculation: Is dithering Johnson in - or out?

Mail Online
By Simon Walters
and Jaber Mohamed
20 February 2016

Boris Johnson had secret talks with Cabinet rebel Michael Gove last week on whether to defy David Cameron over the EU referendum, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

The two dined at the London Mayor’s home on Tuesday, where they agreed the Prime Minister’s new EU deal was ‘thin’.

Shortly afterwards, Justice Secretary Mr Gove shocked No 10 by joining the ‘Out’ campaign to cut Britain’s ties with Brussels.

The disclosure of the secret dinner – and the pair’s sharp criticism of the outcome of Mr Cameron’s negotiations – will fuel speculation about which side Mr Johnson will back in the forthcoming EU referendum.

He is said to have told a Westminster contact: 'I'm veering all over the place like a shopping trolley.'

According to Tim Shipman at The Sunday Times, one source close to Mr Johnson said: 'It’s a very difficult call for him. He is really conflicted. I think his heart is for out, but there is an enormous amount of pressure.'

Another Tory source said: 'Cameron is absolutely furious with Boris. He has had all the perks, visits to Downing Street and he still won't commit.'

Yesterday, Mr Gove and five fellow Ministers staged a dramatic revolt at a crisis Cabinet meeting on the referendum – the first time the Cabinet has assembled on a Saturday for more than half a century.

Friends of the Mayor said last night he was still ‘agonising’ over his stance on the issue.

He is said to be concerned that if he fails to back Mr Cameron it could hurt his chances of securing a big cabinet job, potentially as foreign secretary, after the EU referendum.

Today, Mr Johnson's sister said he was not 'milking' his decision over Britain's membership of the European Union for 'maximum publicity'.

Writer and broadcaster Rachel Johnson said her brother had to make a 'very, very hard' choice as there are good and bad arguments on both sides.

She added that Mr Johnson's presence in either the Remain or Leave campaign will be 'very significant' - which is why he is taking so long to decide.

The London mayor is expected to reveal his intentions at 10pm on Sunday.

Ms Johnson also dismissed suggestions from presenter June Sarpong, of Britain Stronger in Europe, that it would be the 'ultimate betrayal' to London if the city's mayor decides to support Britain's exit from the EU.

Ms Johnson told Murnaghan on Sky News: 'I think that June's absolutely wrong to talk about this being an ultimate betrayal, and this is not in any sense Boris milking his decision for maximum publicity.

'This is an enormously complicated decision for everybody, not just Boris... and his participation in either camp is going to be very significant, and this is why he's taking so long to decide.

'The deal came through on Friday and perhaps you can imagine it's a very, very hard choice that he has to make, and in fact it's a hard choice for everybody to make because there are good and bad arguments on both sides.'

When it was suggested Mr Johnson is 'on the horns of a dilemma', Ms Johnson replied: 'Of course he is, and it is agonising.'

No 10 aides fear that if Mr Johnson follows Mr Gove’s surprise ‘defection’ to the ‘Out’ camp, the two formidable politicians could inflict a humiliating defeat on Mr Cameron.

However, there is better news for the Prime Minister today as a new poll shows the ‘In’ campaign has surged into a 15-point lead.

According to the Survation poll for The Mail on Sunday, 48 per cent of voters want to stay in the EU, with 33 in favour of leaving, and 19 per cent undecided. The first survey conducted since Mr Cameron’s marathon talks in Brussels on Thursday and Friday also found that 35 per cent believe he did well in the negotiations, against 30 per cent who say he did badly.

Mr Gove’s meeting with Mr Johnson started after the Justice Secretary arrived at the Mayor’s home in Islington, North London, at 8pm on Tuesday. He did not leave until 11.30pm. A well-placed source said the two men agreed that they were both ‘disappointed’ by the outcome of Mr Cameron’s attempts to win back powers from Brussels.

In particular, they felt let down by the way that Mr Johnson’s call for the Prime Minister to find a way to enshrine the supremacy of the British Parliament over the EU had only achieved limited success.

Mr Cameron’s inclusion of the topic in the talks was seen by many as a ploy that could pave the way for Eurosceptic Mr Johnson to endorse the Prime Minister for having heeded his suggestion. But Mr Gove, the Minister tasked with making such moves legally watertight, privately admitted the plans were impractical: it was one of the main reasons he decided to back the ‘Out’ campaign.

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